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#may parker
wwprice1 · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Just read Spider-Man: Life Story. A solid (and at times emotional) read.
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irondadfics · 21 hours ago
Hey, I was wondering if you guys knew of a fic, I’m pretty sure I originally found. it in this account actually. It’s where Tony and May used to date, and Peter finds out by seeing an old photo of the two of them, I remember May had shorter hair in it, like Marissa Tomei in Only You! I think it was a one-shot as well. Thanks!
It's just that it's delicate by @frostysunflowers
''I’m dead,'' Peter moans, the shrillness of it muffled by the rug. ''I’m dead or dying and somehow I’ve ended up in hell.''
Something, probably the magazine, strikes him playfully on the back of the head. ''Oh, pipe down, Underoos,’’ Tony retorts, ''this isn’t a big deal.''
''Not a - '' Incredulous, Peter pushes himself up on his elbows to gape at Tony. ''Are you insane? You and my aunt used to date!''
Tony and May used to date. Looks like they might do it again. What could possibly go wrong?
Turns out, the events to come are far worse than any of them could ever have predicted.
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acearoteen · 21 hours ago
You know i love fics where may is dating an avenger I've mainly seen Tony/May Sam/May and Natasha/May but there's hardly any where peter give said avenger a truly terrifying shovel talk like I'm sorry but your dating on of the most powerful individuals on the planets aunt and hes not going to threaten your existence yeah right
I remember a really good Penny Parker story where the team were waiting for Penny to give Natasha the shovel talk. She ends up doing it silently, just glaring.
But like think. This precious child, after everything he has been through like his parent's, Skip and Ben, has his eyes grow icy and his hands wrapped around blades. Looking at them and saying:
"If you hurt May in any way, I will throw you out of the window, stab you and pull your guts from your body. And I will make sure they never find the body."
Tumblr media
And think that after a fight/argument, Peter is full on going to them and completing the threat.
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deadpoetsnightt · a day ago
An actual conversation between me and my best friend tonight about Peter Parker:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ablackwidowsbite · a day ago
Send “👋” to smack my muse on the butt. [Accepting] 
May was doing her usual yoga routine with Henry taking a snooze on the mat in front of her. She was too busy trying to focus on not getting in Henry’s way. She bent down before she sighed at the smack to her butt. “Rude. I am supposed to be doing without distraction. Between you and Henry.” 
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romanovacane · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
when they hug </3
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acearoteen · a day ago
Steve says some hurtful things to peter and peter for the first time in his life gets an adult because he's being bullied he gets May and pepper peter watching the scene before him with great glee because Steve Rogers is facing the wrath of May Parker and the fury of pepper potts
Thinking how much he deserves that after Siberia and like causally eating popcorn.
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anarchyduck · 2 days ago
Peas in a Pod
Day 20 Alt Prompt: De-Aged 
(posted it on AO3 yesterday, forgot to post it here oops) AO3
“So let me get this straight,” - Tony massages his temple in effort to soothe his growing headache - “There was a wizard.”
“Yeah,” Ned nods. “And he was shooting off fireballs, like real fireballs, and it was awesome and kinda scary and-”
“Ned. Ned. Find the shortcut to the point. Because nothing explains” - Tony gestures towards the couch - “that.” 
Ned blushes with embarrassment and nods . “Right! Sorry, sir. So, uhm, Pete was fighting the wizard guy and he was doing really good! Was totally kicking his ass! And then the wizard like, shot him with some kind of purplish black energy ray stuff? Like it shot right out of his hands. Then the wizard was gone and Pete was… like this.” 
Tony eyes the kid on the couch. Same curly brown hair. Same doe brown eyes. It’s everything else that’s wrong. Peter is sixteen, a teenager, and this kid looks like he’s no more than five years old. 
As for Peter, well, he looks content watching videos on Ned’s phone. Some children’s cartoon about dogs or something, Tony didn’t quite catch it. But the kid likes it and he isn’t crying anymore so Tony counts that as a win. Judging from the confused state the kid was in upon arrival, it’s safe to assume Peter’s memories are wiped. Or, rather, memories of his life in the present day which is a problem in and of itself.  
“So,” Ned’s drawl catches his attention. “What are we going to do?”
Tony raises an eyebrow. “We?” he shakes his head. “No, no, you are going home.” 
“What about Peter?” 
Yeah Stark, what about Peter? 
“He’ll go with his aunt.” Tony says simply. Easy enough solution. 
“You mean you can’t like, fix him?” Ned asks. “What if he ends up staying like this forever?” 
Tony waves off the teen’s concerns. “He won’t.” he assures. “Whatever the wizard guy hit him with will probably wear off in a couple hours. Easy peasy.” After all, the kid couldn’t stay like this forever, could he? That is just absurd. 
The effects don’t wear off. 
Two hours later and Peter is still a child. Ned is gone, reluctantly dragged out by Happy who also delivered clothes that fit the kid better so he’s no longer swimming in the Doctor Who shirt Tony assumed belonged to one of the boys. During that time, Tony contacts May to fill her in on what’s going on. The woman is stuck at work (“We’re incredibly short staffed today, it’s ridiculous.”) and unable to leave before her shift is over. 
It leaves Tony in charge of the kid which, while normally wouldn’t be an issue, he suddenly finds himself out of his depth. Teenagers, he can handle. No problem. They could be reasoned with. But small children? 
“Mr. Tony?” 
Tony jumps, spinning on hell with his hand pressed firmly against his heart. “Holy shit!” he gasps.
Peter flinches back, eyes wide and looking as startled as Tony feels. Then his bottom lip begins to quiver. 
“No no, don’t cry.” Tony says in a rush. “I didn’t mean to scare you, kid. You snuck up on me. Ought to put a bell on you someday.” 
That earns him a giggle which washes away the rising guilt. “Uncle Ben says that too.” Peter says. “Says I’m really good at sneaking.” 
“You are good at sneaking.” Tony affirms. “What are you doing down here anyway? Thought you were watching TV?” Least that’s where Tony left him. Kid was content with watching the cartoon with the dogs and he figured he could get some work done tracking down the wizard guy. 
“I was, but it’s over now.” Peter says dismissively, his eyes already wandering the workshop. Then he actually begins to wander. Tony watches him, contemplating on whether it’s a good idea to let a four year old wander his workshop. It isn’t exactly kid proof and if he knows anything about kids (which is very limited) it’s they like to touch everything. And put things in their mouths. 
“What’s that?” Peter asks and Tony leans to the side to look past the monitors and equipment to see what the boy is pointing at. 
“Oh that’s DUM-E.” 
The robot chirps in response, clicking it’s claw as it peers curiously at the boy. Tony takes a couple steps towards them, immediately thinking Peter might fear the robot. Much to his relief, the boy’s mouth is agape with wonder and eyes equally wide. 
“Wow!” he gasps. “Hi DUM-E. I’m Peter.” Peter reaches up to pet DUM-E’s extended arm, giggling as the robot chirps at him. “So is he a robot?”
“Yep. I made him.” 
“You made him?” Peter gives him the same look of wonder and amazement. “Wow. Are there other stuff you’ve made?” 
“I’ve made a lot of stuff.”
And so Tony gives the kid a proper tour of the workshop. Like his older self, Peter is sharp minded and incredibly smart. He asks questions Tony doesn’t think a four year old would know to ask and hangs onto every word Tony says. When he introduces Peter to FRIDAY, the kid is so ecstatic he can’t sit still. It warms his heart to know Peter keeps that same excitement as he aged. 
After the tour, Tony brings him into the kitchen to feed him a late lunch. The kid sits on the kitchen counter next to him, watching Tony’s every move. PB&J sandwiches are the easiest thing he can fix and turns out to be the kid’s favorite.
“So you’re a superhero?” Peter asks curiously. 
“Sometimes.” Tony replies as he spreads the peanut butter onto the bread. 
“Like Batman?” 
“Kiddo, I am way cooler and richer than Batman.”
Peter giggles and Tony thinks it might be the cutest goddamn thing he’s heard all day.
“My daddy is like you.” the kid says suddenly.
“Oh yeah? How so?” Tony asks, finding himself equally curious. He knows through his early research into Peter Parker that the boy’s parents are deceased. Father worked for OsCorp, mother worked for some type of law firm. Aside from the atrocious choice of working at OsCorp, both of them seemed relatively normal. 
“Because he makes stuff. B-But not robots like you do. He makes other stuff and-and he white wears a coat and he helps people.” Peter gives a long, wistful sigh then and adds, “I want my daddy and mommy.” 
Tony freezes, butter knife stuck in the jar of jelly. Quite suddenly he remembers something else about Peter’s parents. 
They both died in a plane crash. 
When Peter was four years old.
The man internally panics, mind going blank on what to do, what to say because what can you say? 
“Mr. Tony?” Peter’s little voice draws him from his internal crisis. He tilts his head, looking at him curiously and, dare Tony say it, concern. “Are you okay?” 
“Yeah.” Tony sniffs and finishes up the kid’s sandwich. “Yeah, totally fine kiddo. A-OK. So you want this cut up?”
“Yes.” Peter replies, apparently moved on from the incident. Yet, as Tony puts the knife to bread in order to cut, the kid shouts, “No! No no, not like that! You have’ta make the X.” 
“Huh?” Tony looks a little helplessly from the kid to the bread.
“The X!” Peter leans over and traces an X on the sandwich. “Like that!” 
Tony cuts it up according to the kid’s desire and it’s only then that he sees what the kid means. “Yeah, guess it does look like an X when you cut it, huh? Well, here you go kiddo. Eat up.” He slides the plate to the boy’s side. 
Peter takes a large bite and hums with approval as he chews. “‘Ood yob!” he says around his mouthful. It’s the additional thumbs up that makes Tony chuckle. He grabs a juice box from the fridge for the kid, something teenage Peter would have rolled his eyes and grumbled about. Toddler Peter says a polite ‘thank you’ and picks it up with fingers covered in grape jelly. 
He decides to capture the moment for May and pulls out his phone. “Heads up, kiddo.” he says and takes a picture. Peter is caught in a half smile, peanut butter smeared on the corner of his mouth. There’s a glob of jelly on his shirt that’s run down the image of Thor’s hammer. 
“I wanna see! I wanna see!” Peter instantly demands. 
Tony moves to stand next to him and flips the phone for the kid to see the picture. Peter grins and immediately reaches for the phone. “Uh uh, sticky fingers.” Tony says, which gets the kid giggling about being called ‘sticky fingers’. He moves the phone out of reach and sends the image off to May. 
“So,” Tony says. “What do you want to do after lunch? TV? Go play with DUM-E? Whatever that wannabe Merlin did to you took away your powers, or maybe just suppressed them. Maybe we ought to run some tests to figure that out.” 
On second thought, maybe not. Teenager Peter detests needles; he imagines little Peter hates them just as much. 
“DUM-E!” Peter says excitedly. 
“You’re going to spoil that bot, kid.” 
“Thank you so much, Happy.” May says as she steps into the Tower’s elevator. “You really didn’t have to pick me up. I could have drove.”
Happy directs FRIDAY to take them to the penthouse then shakes his head. “It’s no problem.” he says. “Boss wanted to make sure you got here quickly and with that guy who attacked Peter still running around-”
“Right.” May sighs. “Well, guess he could have done worse things than turn Peter younger. At least him and Tony seem to be hitting it off.” She smiles fondly as she recalls the image Tony sent her. She only hopes Peter has been good while they wait for her.
“Yeah, well, the kid’s grown on him.” 
“I feel a little jealous, honestly.” May admits. “Peter was so cute when he was little.” 
The elevator comes to a stop, the doors slide open to the entrance of the penthouse. It’s oddly quiet inside and the lights are dimmed. “Tony?” Happy calls out as he and May walk through the foyer into the living room. 
It looks like a tornado hit it. There are papers thrown about with childish drawings covering them. A sheet covers the kitchen table which has been pulled away from the dining area and there are mini marshmallows covering the floor with some sticking to the large windows that overlook the city. A device that looks like a mini catapult sits on top of the table next to a pile of marshmallows and markers. 
May follows the chaos, finding the TV on with the Incredibles playing on a low volume and both Tony and Peter fast asleep on the couch. Peter is still a toddler in every way May remembers, sleeping with his head on Tony’s chest. There are stickers on their faces and she spots marker smears not only on Peter’s arm but also on the hand that’s resting on Peter’s back. 
“Did you find-” Happy starts, quietened as May shushes him. He comes to her side, expression softening at the sight. “Least they kept each other busy.” he remarks. 
May nods in agreement as she pulls out her phone to take a quick picture of the two. “Like two peas in a pod.” 
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shititbe · 2 days ago
Anyway, Peter Parker is Bi, and I Won’t Be Convinced Otherwise.
Firstly, we have to get our bases covered. What exactly is Bi-sexuality? What is sexuality? 
Sexuality is defined as a persons identity in relation to gender(s) they are attracted to. Why is this important? Peter’s sexuality has never been specifically stated in the comics, nor in any other form of media. It’s assumed that he is straight because of his popular relationship with Mary Jane Watson in the comics, and the movies. 
Now that we have a bases for what exactly sexuality is and how it’s defined, let’s go over Peter’s partners. 
Tumblr media
Obviously Peter and Mary Jane are a piece of comic book history. They eventually get married, though sadly, during the events of Civil War II (I think, don’t quote me) Peter and Mary Jane sell their marriage to Mephisto in order to save Aunt May
Tumblr media
They later had their memories of their marriage restored, they have yet to get back together and it’s been a few issues if I remember correctly. Next we have Peter’s first, and most unfortunate love, Gwen Stacy. 
Tumblr media
They dated in high school where she later died. Of course, Peter has dated other people (namely, Black Cat, Betty Brant, Carol Danvers, Anna Maria, Cindy Moon, Lian Tang, and so on). Since we have his known history of heterosexuality out there, we need to move onto another important part of Peter’s Bi-sexuality. An important implication in any media, especially queer media though, and that is the homoerotic subtext. 
Homoerotic subtext is important part of queer culture, a lot of the time it’s used to portray a characters queerness without saying it out (see: Dorian Gray by Oscar Wild or Great Gatsby By Fitz). In current decade, homoerotic subtext is often used for queer baiting or creating more realistic male friendships. 
So what’s the difference between someone creating a health male friendship (or a character comfortable in their heterosexuality) and implying a character is queer? 
Here are some examples of a healthy male character, both with himself and his friendships.  
Tumblr media
Clearly he’s just taking the shit, and messing around with Reed. He’s comfortable enough (or as I like to see it, so traumatized because good god this guy has been Spider-Man since he was 15 good god that’s awful. He probably doesn’t care anymore). Here are some examples of Peter a little more than just a straight man shooting the shit. 
Tumblr media
This has three meanings. Two of which I will take, one of which is just deeply embarrassing. Despite Peter’s history with humiliating events, I don’t think he would get his own spunk in his eyes. Leaving the other two options, he has experience getting spunk of - some kind - in his eyes, and/or he’s taking the shit again. Which is very likely. 
Tumblr media
Kissing a cop? reason? A little not so hetero of you Peter. 
Tumblr media
You can practically hear his disappointment in his voice. Also could be read as taking the shit, but why would you. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Making out with The Thing? Gay. 
Tumblr media
This one is the most important. Peter is clearly tired, annoyed by his teammates (see wolverine being wolverine in the corner). Shits on fire, its mid battle, and Peter has the audacity to mutter “I hate men” to himself. The only people I have every heard say this in that was are lgbt and straight women, and lgbt men. This kind of expression only comes from people who date, or deal with men in a completely different world than straight men. Straight men use this phrase as an endearment, “Oh have you seen Bill today, I hate that guy.” “Man Jerry can do so many push-ups, I hate that guy.” Very different language, and implications (I also, obviously don’t know how straight men speak). 
 Now that we’ve gone over our bases, and homoerotic subtext. How else could we gather that Peter Parker is Bi? There are many tropes in media - queer media - that allure to a characters queerness. Like homoerotic subtext, there are ways to tell an audience something without specifically saying it. 
Tumblr media
This is a gay wedding Peter went to in the recent comics. I don’t know if any of you have been to a gay wedding recently, but Peters face (the first panel above the wedding) is the same exact face I made at my first gay wedding. It’s the face of excitement for not only the couple, but for yourself. The hope that maybe, you too can actually be in a same-sex relationship. 
I’m also going to allure to queer tropes as stated previously. Such as the real, and fictional trope of lgbt people sticking together. Thousands of years of belittlement and oppression will make groups of people not want to wonder out, and subconsciously look for others like them. 
Tumblr media
Johnny Storm (and Wade Wilson since he comes in later but I couldn’t find a picture of the confirmation) is cannon Bi-sexual (Pan-sexual). 
Tumblr media
Their friendship is deeply homoerotic as most queer friendships in media and real life are. Johnny flirts with Peter on many occasions (saying his ideal women is a female version of Peter, inviting him over to watch is sex tape, and so on) and of course oh my god they were roommates. 
Some other popular queer tropes are: Found Family, Soulmates, and Enemies to lovers. Because it’s superhero related, this includes the Identity Porn tag as well.  
Peter Parker and Wade Wilson have a famous Love/Hate relationship. I mean, how could you expect anything less when your first meeting with this known mercenary is him throwing your civilian persona out the window of a car. Now, Wade still doesn’t know Peter is Spider-Man in the current run of comics, but that doesn’t make anything about them any less gay. 
For the Found Family Trope: 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Because it’s Peter and Wade, their whole development can be read as Enemies to Friends to Lovers, so I wont bother backing that up because, uh, it speaks for itself. One panel really does to add that cause though 
Tumblr media
I’m not going to explain what a free-pass list is.
The Soulmates part I know I have to back up. 
For SoulMates:  
Tumblr media
Now this panel requires a little explanation. Wade kills Peter, not knowing he’s Spider-Man. Weasel takes over for Peter (they don’t know its him) so no one suspects he’s dead. Deadpool begins to feel guilty he killed his best buds best bud, so he tries to bring Peter back to life. Losing his stunning good looks (switching back to how he looked before Weapon X making his wife Shiklah estranged (then she married Dracula but thats beside the point)). Spider-Man is Peter’s “true self” or patronus for Harry Potter fans. Wade is stupid and hasn’t connected the dots yet, effectively making him the biggest simp in history. Seriously, who destroys their marriage for the c h a n c e for getting some with their idol? A Simp, that’s who.
Tumblr media
Peter forgives Wade for killing him (and for saving him from killing their genetic daughter itsy-bitsy). If someone killed me they better be hot as fuck before I even thing about forgiving them. Ignoring Peter’s super sexy forgiving nature, uh, he’s kinda simping. 
Tumblr media
Died in each others arms. Nothing else is needed. 
Tumblr media
They’re heartmates. From what I read, the feeling has to be mutual in order for it to work. The witches (long story, comics are hard to explain) that captured deadpool were expecting his wife so they could get the headmistress back. Instead, they got Peter. Basically Heartmates = soulmates but chosen for you instead of chosen by you. 
To conclude my point: 
Tumblr media
Thank you for coming to my TED Talk. 
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tonystarkisaslut · 2 days ago
Peter/happy - jealousy
Peter is not usually one to experience jealousy.
When people are better than him at something, that doesn’t make him feel jealous. He’s happy for them.
When someone gets something he wants, like a car, he doesn’t feel jealous. He gets motivated to save up for the car.
When Ned got student of the month in his grade, Peter was ecstatic for his best friend, not jealous of him.
He really only felt jealous once, when MJ was talking to Brad, and Peter knew Brad liked her.
But lately... he’s been... agitated. Agitated is a good word.
May is so happy, now that she’s dating. And at first, Peter was just happy to see her happy again. She had been so sad after Ben died, so lonely.
But slowly, Happy Hogan started becoming more and more a part of Peter’s life.
It started off with Happy being there the mornings when he would stay the night. And then it turned into Happy always being there for dinner nights—rare, because May works the night shift more often than not. Then it turned into movie dates being alone in a chair, while May and Happy cuddled on the couch. And the final straw for Peter, really, was when May completely blew off plans with Peter to go on a date with Happy.
That was when Peter could finally admit to himself: he’s jealous of the attention Happy is stealing from him.
And he knows it’s stupid and unfair! May is allowed to spend her time however she wants to, and demanding she be at his Beck and call whenever he wanted is selfish and rude. But at the same time...
He really needs his aunt. He really needs her to be there for him, to listen to him and love him and support him no matter what.
And god, does he miss her...
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tr3kster · 2 days ago
Anyone needing a MCU HGTV thing after TFATWS episode 5? Where post-battles the Avengers go in and fix up houses? Bucky and Sam argue over counter tops, Tony creates a custom toilet paper dispenser with twenty different functions, Stephen goes out to bargain for the best deals on materials, Thor gets put in charge of landscaping and the sudden frog infestation, Wanda takes over interior decorating and Steve cries every time the homeowners see the house for the first time.
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azulafrost · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I cannot get over this cuteness
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rulesxunbroken · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
May: That was Peter calling from college!
Agatha: Oh? How is the itsy bitsy spider?
May: He said he misses you, too!
May Parker & Agatha Harkness ( feat. Peter Parker ) AU
In which May is an empty nester and Agatha tries to be the supportive girlfriend.
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rulesxunbroken · 2 days ago
It’s 2AM and I’m cursing your name (May)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“That’s an over dramatic way of saying: Agatha, sweetheart, please read elsewhere, I can’t sleep with the light on.” Agatha pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose as she glanced over at the other woman. “Unless that’s not why I’m in trouble?” She raised a brow. “Why are we cursing at 2AM?”
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shadowwingtronix · 2 days ago
"Yesterday's" Comic> Amazing Spider-Man Family #3
BW's "Yesterday's" Comic> Amazing Spider-Man Family #3
At least somebody’s buying Spider-Man comics lately. Spider-Man Family #3 Marvel Comics (February, 2009) “The Punch” WRITER: J.M. DeMatteis PENCILER: Val Semeiks INKERS: Lanning/Olazaba/Justice COLORISTS: Mossa & Crossley LETTERER: Dave Sharpe ASSISTANT EDITOR: Tom Brennan EDITOR: Stephen Wacker Mr. & Mrs. Spider-Man: “Common Ground” WRITER: Tom DeFalco ARTIST: Todd Nauck COLORIST: Rain…
Tumblr media
View On WordPress
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Peter: Can you check under the bed for monsters?
May: Listen, I appreciate your confidence in me, but if there really is something under the bed, it's going to kill us both
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gentle-horrors · 3 days ago
green and blue. smh Tumblr cancelling you rn. (-Parker)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You're absolutely right this is the worst offense thus far 😭😭😤
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