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Tumblr media
— Mary Oliver, North Country
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relationship hcs
izuku midoriya x gn!reader
warnings: it's the first time i'm writing for a mha character, so i'm still trying to find a style that i feel comfortable with! hope you enjoy it :) aside from that, it's just fluffy and probably there are a few grammar mistakes, but nothing that could ruin the story :)
masterlist !!
Tumblr media
                                                  ~ ♡ ~
♡ - izuku who was so nervous to ask you out so the dekusquad had to help him with it;
♡ - izuku who writes you poetry but never shows you because he's too shy to;
♡ - izuku who makes playlists for you;
♡ - izuku who is a bit awkward at the beginning of your relationship because the only kind of affection he received before was from his mom, so he doesn't know how to make it all work;
♡ - izuku who quickly warms up to you and physical touch and can't keep his hands to himself anymore (not sexually, he just loves hugging you or holding your hand);
♡ - izuku who smiles so much when you're next to him to the point where his cheeks start to hurt;
♡ - izuku who sometimes gets insecure and thinks you deserve someone so much better than him;
♡ - izuku who tears up when you kiss his lips so tenderly and so gently, telling him he was the best thing that ever happened to you and you couldn't ask for anything better;
♡ - izuku who hugs you so tightly, his arms holding your waist while his fluffy hair tickled your neck;
♡ - izuku whose hugs feel like home;
♡ - izuku who never lets anyone even touch his all might merch, but would gladly give you everything if you ask;
♡ - izuku who always carries an extra hoodie for you because he remembered when you once mentioned how soft they were and how they smelt just like him and how much you loved them;
♡ - izuku who is so proud of being able to call you his partner;
♡ - izuku who adores you so much and literally worships you as if you were divine;
♡ - izuku who has a whole notebook dedicated to you and your quirk because you're so strong and so amazing;
♡ - izuku who was so nervous before your first kiss that he couldn't stop talking so you just gently kissed him to shut him up. his face was so hot you started panicking because you thought you almost broke the poor boy;
♡ - izuku who always talks about you to his mom and was so red when she suggested you could have dinner with them so she could finally meet you;
♡ - izuku who nervously told you his mom may or may not wanted to meet you and she invited you over for dinner with them;
♡ - izuku who is so happy when he sees his favorite and most important people in the whole world (aside from all might, of course) getting along and interacting with each other;
♡ - izuku who never fails to make you smile;
♡ - izuku who tells you he loves you every day;
♡ - izuku who feels confident when you're with him;
♡ - izuku who remembers every single detail of you and everything you like and dislike, and knows you even better than yourself;
♡ - izuku who introduced you to all might and was so happy to see that he approved you;
♡ - izuku who loves having picnic dates with you;
♡ - izuku who would risk his life without even thinking twice just to protect you and make sure you're safe;
♡ - izuku who always walked you home after school before you started living in the dorms;
♡ - izuku who buys you cute stuff that reminded him of you;
♡ - izuku who loves seeing you in his clothes even if they're too big or too small to fit you, it doesn't matter, he'll buy clothes your size so you could wear them comfortably!!;
♡ - izuku who starts liking his freckles because you love them so much and calls them his "tiny constellations";
♡ - izuku who melts in your touch;
♡ - izuku who still gets so shy and blushes really hard when you call him "pretty boy", even if you've been dating for years;
♡ - izuku who calls you "prince/ss", "baby" and "honey",
♡ - izuku who imagines what it'd be like to spend the rest of his life with you;
♡ - izuku who thinks you're the prettiest and the most perfect person he has ever laid his eyes on;
♡ - izuku midoriya who is just simply the best boyfriend ever <3
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Can I request izana and inui with a s/o who has a doctors appointment and gets nervous to go, so comfort her and tell her she’ll be okay.
I have an appointment tdy in a few hours and I’m kind of nervous…. Oh and I really like ur writing 🫶🏽💕
S/o being anxious about a doctor appointment
Characters: Izana, Inui
Type: Fluff
Note: oh sweetheart, it's gonna be okay and if you already did it I'm proud of you ♡  thank you sm !
Mia 🤝 writing longer and longer stuff. Also I'm so sorry for the other person who asked for things, I'm kinda busy and have been really down lately, I'm doing this as soon as I can ! 
Tumblr media
You couldn't help but be nervous about this. It might seems stupid to others but going to the doctor was a stressful thing to you. The fact that you'll probably have to take medicine after it makes you anxious, you never really was someone who likes to take it in the first place. But the worst was to be alone with someone you don't know. One of your past experiences didn't end well and it was now something that scares you. 
In fact, you never really go to the doctor because of this but, since you've been a bit sick the whole week, your boyfriend forces you to go. Izana was worried about you and insisted a lot before you accepted. It was for your own good, you knew it, but still didn't want to go.
"I feel better Izana, I swear we can cancel it !" You lied at first, trying to escape this. 
"Stop lying I literally live with you y/n," sighs the man with done eyes. "You're going, that's it." He added as he opens the car's door for you. Still a gentleman while forcing you, yes. You were seated in the car anyway, knowing too well that he would get you in by force if not. 
During the drive, you were looking through the window, and couldn't help but let your leg bounce rapidly because of the anxiousness. You felt ridiculous at this point, but you were praying for something to happen so you won't go. 
As Izana parks in front of the building, a heavy sigh leaves your lips and your hands cover your face. This is it, the end of it.
"Y/n look at me," Ask softly Izana, his hand now resting on your bouncing leg. You didn't move, feeling too childish. "I'm acting like a child. I'm so sorry Izana."
"Look at me," he said again, more strictly and taking your hands in his. His violet eyes met yours, intense but soft at the same time. You never understood how his gaze can be like this but felt for it anyway.
"You're not, it's okay. I'm coming with you," he assures you, stroking your hand with his thumbs. 
"Really ??" You may appear desperate but a weight was lifted from your shoulders as the words slipped out of his month. 
"If you want me to, I will. I'm not leaving you, don't worry, everything is gonna be fine," he smiles at you before kissing your forehead. "You'll be okay." 
The nervousness swoly left your body, you looked at him in awe before nodding and suddenly you were ready to go out and be done with it as soon as possible. 
"Seishuuuu," you whine as you get into your shared room, falling onto your - still in bed - boyfriend. It was his day off and he really hoped he could stay there all day to let his poor body rest for a day but there you were, rolled in a ball, half of your weight on him so he couldn't even move. "What's wrong y/nnnnn," he answers, matching your tone as he gently toss his hand over your hair. 
"I have to go to the hospital today..." You whispered, cuddling closer to him. Inui knows you don't really like hospitals, and to be honest he doesn't either cause it brings bad memories. But that doesn't mean that he will let you down. Turning around as he can, he holds you, squeezing you against him before kissing your head. 
"Well, we have to go to the hospital then," he comments while leaving you to sit up. His gaze falls on you, still laying down and smiled, fondness filling his eyes. You never felt so loved in your life before him, and for that you didn't want him to live this again. 
"I'll go alone, don't worry," you quickly said as you sit up too to embrace him but hiding in his neck. His arms flew immediately around you, stroking your back. That way, he could feel your body tense even if you didn't even leave your apartment yet. 
"But you're anxious aren't you ?" He asked softly, closing his eyes as he held you. You nod, not wanting to lie to him. "So I'll go with you and you're gonna be just fine angel. We can go out and eat something after," he added before kissing your lips. 
You weren't able to say anything. His kindness and smile got your heart beating so fast and feeling so warm that your brain couldn't manage it well. Inui chuckles when he sees you not moving at all, simply looking at him with big loving eyes like you fell again for just now. He was whipped too to be honest, he couldn't blame you. 
But for now, you two have to get ready so you can forget this soon. 
"Let's go or we'll be late, come on," he said before kissing your cheek and getting you up with him. 
In front of the hospital, you felt your hands shaking a bit, holding hard or sleeve before Inui's hand took your, flashing you a smile before walking first like he wasn't scared himself. And his courageous action makes you want to be as brave as him for once.
Tumblr media
I wrote this so fast I'm surprised 😂
I hope you liked it!
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❝ no rest for the wicked ❞
Tumblr media
┆ ° ♡ • ➵ ✩ ◛ ° synopsis witnessing something you wasn’t supposed to leaves you with an unusual stalker. ┆ ° ♡ • ➵ ✩ ◛ ° genre & tags fluff / vampire!jeonghan / human!reader / a little yandere vibes not gonna lie / fortunate turn of events / blood mentions / murder mention ┆ ° ♡ • ➵ ✩ ◛ ° pairing jeonghan x afab!reader ┆ ° ♡ • ➵ ✩ ◛ ° w.c 3.6k words
┆ ° ♡ • ➵ ✩ ◛ ° author’s note one of my longest so far.. aaa.. vampire hannie..
˚ ༘♡ ·˚꒰ now loading… enjoy! ꒱ ₊˚ˑ༄
The pale glow of moonlight painted the streets better than the dim streetlights the government had installed for the ‘safety of citizens.’ You tapped your fingers onto your bag straps as you held them, tunefully as you listened to your music in your earbuds. It was mid-June, meaning that evening had brought with it the beautiful sight of stars and also the welcoming warm hug of the air. The temperature was significantly cooler than during the day but not that you minded, you’d worked your ass off in a sweaty restaurant all day waitressing.
Your mind wandered to the relaxing bath you’d run yourself when you got home, the ramyeon you’d make yourself and then proceed to lay in bed to eat while watching your favourite show. Motivated somewhat by your evening plans after a long day of work, your feet sped up pace as you turned down an alley that lead behind your apartment complex - a shortcut you’d been taking for years. You should probably be scared of meeting strange men down here but after years of never even seeing a shadow down this alley other than your own, you had no queries.
That is until you heard the yell of pain from a presumably male person that faded into gurgles as silence began to draw across the alley when you stopped walking. You stared at the dumpsters in front of you, assuming what you thought was a murder was happening behind them - you may had spoke too soon about being scared of the alley way. There was a soft moan, very gentle and muffled by something and your brows knitted together. What the fuck was exactly happening right now? You didn’t exactly want an answer but curiosity killed the cat as you continued walking forward.
There was the heavy thud of a human body as you was passing the dumpsters, a male stepping out as if prepared to continue his daily life - you’d could almost assume he had no idea of you being there since he looked quite surprised when you almost bumped into each other. Both staring with wide eyes, you took in the pale blond male as he wiped his mouth cautiously, smearing blood on his face that he couldn’t have known was there. Then it hit you, the wave of familiarity you got from seeing his face - was he your neighbour? You couldn’t even flash a smile as you kept your head low, moving around him as you quickly continued to your apartment. What reality was you living in? Was this Twilight? The Walking Dead? Anything but something normal, that was for certain.
You locked your door in every way imaginable that night. You weren’t sure as to what your neighbour was - or what he identified as, rather - and you had no idea what kind of weird walking-through-walls bullshit he could do but you sure as hell knew the option of the front door was no longer available. The heavy sound of rushing water filled the apartment as you began to fill your bathtub, preparing for a relaxing night forgetting about the scene you’d just witnessed - and heard for that matter. Yet you knew you were far from forgetting it as you caught the sight of yourself in the bathroom mirror. You weren’t supposed to see that, that was for certain and now the safe alley shortcut you gloated to your friends about was most definitely not safe. If your neighbour had even remotely recognised you, you were not safe either.
The following days you had no knocks to your door, demanding that you opened up. Good, you ultimately thought. You’d called off sick from work, explaining that you weren’t sure when you’d be returning. Your boss wasn’t pleased with the news, you’d be fine a few days ago when you left the restaurant but you also didn’t care if he fired you by the end of it. You were looking for a new job anyway. Yet you hadn’t left your apartment at all, not even to check male.
However a text from the neighbour to your left - the one you were now deeming the ‘sane’ neighbour - prompted you to head down to the letterboxes, after he informed you yours was filling up so much they were peeking out of the cracks. You could only imagine what spam mail you’d received, perhaps pamphlets for a local store or even mail from your family. The apartment complex was quiet, the stairway void of any other humans. Unfortunately, you were forced to take the stairs regardless of how many complaints you’d send to the office about the elevator not working. It was hardly accessible for others was your main thought. 
The lady at the front desk continued to type heavily onto her keyboard, making the keys echo in the empty entrance way. She didn’t need to be pressing them that hard, you scoffed as you headed to the rows of letterboxes. Your eyes landed on yours and it was in fact brimming full of envelopes and papers that were probably utterly useless to you. You crammed them all into your tote bag, deciding not to sift through them in the middle of the entranceway and instead back in the safety of your locked apartment. Pulling the key out of the letterbox’s lock, you turned on your heel however proceeded to freeze in place as your eyes fell to a pale blond hair male across the way. A soft curse word came from your lips as you kept your head low, praying to whatever was in the sky that he hadn’t noticed you as you hurried back to your apartment, skipping steps as you ascended them.
“You need to stop hiding in your apartment, y/n,” your friend sighed as you sipped your coffee from across the table to her, “are you even eating?”
“I’ve been getting my groceries delivered,” you reassured her, watching as she narrowed her eyes at you, “it would help if I didn’t have some supernatural stalker, Jiwoo.”
She rolled her eyes and you threw yourself back in your chair, turning your gaze to the outside world bustling even in the overcast weather. Nobody believed you that the man you’d witnessed was supernatural in the slightest - why should they? All you saw was some man supposedly kill someone. You had no evidence he was supernatural in any shape or form. 
“You saw a murder, y/n it’s okay to be spooked by it.” Jiwoo muttered and reluctantly, you nodded. Continuing to watch the people, you ignored as Jiwoo answered a work call. However your heart soon sank to the pits of your stomach as your wandering gaze landed on the blond once more, standing under the shelter of a store’s entrance. You choked on your oxygen, fumbling to get Jiwoo’s attention but she didn’t batter an eyelid in your direction as the coffee shop’s TV flickered to the news channel - displaying a breaking news case that a decaying body had been found. 
You couldn’t save your jaw from the way it had dropped open, watching as the news reporters discussed the situation in a small Seoul back alley and how the man had two piercing wounds to his neck. You scrabbled to collect your belongings, not even bidding Jiwoo farewell as you left the table hurriedly, leaving her to stare at your rushing form. You had no set destination, you wasn’t even sure if your apartment was a good choice right now. Possibly, you had just left the safety of being in Jiwoo’s presence. He wouldn’t attack you if you had been with her, surely? 
Your legs took you towards your apartment complex, approaching the street at a fast pace. You wouldn’t see him in your apartment, you knew that much. He couldn’t haunt you there. In spite of that, as you turned the corner to the street your eyes landed on the police tape as well as all of the officers, forensics team and vehicles. A lump formed in your throat and it suffocated you, making it hard to breathe as you leaned your tired body against the closest brick wall. You winced, attempting to clear your throat in a futile attempt to breathe once more.
“Maybe you’ll stop running now.” An unfamiliar male voice spoke up from behind you with a sigh. You whipped around on your heel to face him, eyes wide as you met eyes with him once more -  except perhaps you were the only one with wide eyes this time. 
“What the fuck do you want from me?” you panicked, searching quickly through your tote bag for a bottle of pepper spray, holding it up to him, “stay away from me!”
He tutted softly, raising his hands in a surrender as he let out a laugh.
“Firstly, you think I would attack in broad daylight let alone in public?” he rose a brow as your hand holding the pepper spray faltered a little, for he had a fair point, “secondly, why the hell would I want to attack you?”
“You’ve been following me fucking everywhere, that’s why.” You scoffed, lowering the pepper spray wearily. You didn’t let it go, prepared for in case he was leading you on. 
“Because I’ve been trying to check in on you,” the man sighed, his hands in his jean pockets as he looked at the police scene behind you, “you’re a human, seeing shit like that is going to be detrimental to your mind so I was trying to make sure you wasn’t going crazy.”
You paused, pursing your lips as you stared at him in doubt. There could be many reasons as to why some supernatural being would lie about such a thing - what if he was trying to lure you into a trap? Just another victim of some paranormal killing on the news?
“How do I know you’re telling me the truth?” You quirked a brow in his direction, glancing over him once as you awaited his answer. He clicked his tongue, looking at you in a little disgust.
“You think I’d kill my neighbour for food?” His words came out as a slight scoff, folding his arms across his chest as he shook his head, “I helped you move in all those months ago because you’re my neighbour... not prey.”
“I don’t even know your name.” Undoubtedly, you were beginning to believe him. You would say that he had no reason to lie yet he did and you were still hooked on the concept you were possibly prey to the man - you’d seen enough paranormal movies to claim that you were an expert, you were practically that couple from the Conjuring films. He stood a little prouder, flashing you a smile that showed his slight fangs in the sunlight.
“Jeonghan,” he introduced himself, clearing his throat somewhat, “am I trustworthy enough to get your name?”
Rolling your eyes, you exhaled as you let your shoulders relax. Perhaps it was simply another bad idea of yours to believe him - like it was to leave the safety of Jiwoo’s presence. Even if you were sucking in her sickly personality just to have a friend in the area, you had your suspicions Jeonghan wouldn’t have came near you if you were still with her. 
“Y/n,” you mumbled, looking away from him, “my name is y/n.”
He stayed in contact frequently with you, especially considering he lived next door. Sometimes he would bring food to your door, stating he was learning how to make dishes that the human race enjoyed. Jeonghan claimed you were the main reason for this sudden hobby gain, he wanted to assist you if times were rough and you had no food, for example. However one thing that the chatty vampire failed to mention was that he was mainly doing it in a futile attempt to impress you.
Jeonghan may have lived for decades, perhaps centuries but he lacked any concept on what humans enjoyed, entailing his stress when he suddenly developed these odd emotions. He hadn’t got many words to describe what he was feeling but Jeonghan knew they were foreign to him and that ultimately meant that they were human - of course, they must be. These mysterious situations where his head would feel light or suddenly he’d get a temperature despite the fact that he was always cold bubbled down to you, the human he’d let live. He’d only experienced such moments since he’d become acquainted with you. 
“You know, vampires daydream a lot.” You stated with a lingering teasing tone in your voice as you glanced at where Jeonghan was staring out of your living room window. He scoffed as he suddenly jolted back to movement, looking over his shoulder at you.
“I’ve seen too many realities for anything to be exciting anymore,” he lied through his teeth as he seated himself on your other couch, “I might as well make my own in my head, no?”
You couldn’t fault him there, even if he had been lying. He may have been the first vampire you’d ever encountered but you’d already established with yourself that vampires must clearly have boundaries too. Due to this, you held your tongue when you became curious about how long Jeonghan had been in this state - or even how he came to be like this. You wasn’t entirely sure if it could be classified as sensitive to the man. 
“Fair enough.” You mumbled, sipping your glass of Coke as your eyes fell back to your TV. It was rarely used when Jeonghan was over, sometimes he’d speak for ages on topics he was passionate about however recently he’d became quiet. Once more, you didn’t want to press him on it. What if he was becoming hungry after the last victim? You certainly didn’t want to become his next meal after you so foolishly let him so close to you.
Never had you expected for a loud banging noise to echo from your front door in a panic during the late hours of the night - perhaps while Jeonghan was still your so-called stalker you would have, however not anymore. Sleepily, you stumbled through your dark apartment, unlocking the door with furrowed brows. In the light of the apartment complex’s corridor stood Jeonghan, with eyes wide like a deer in headlights and smeared blood on his pale cheeks.
“Can I come in?” Jeonghan asked quickly, his words barely forming as recognisable words as you tried to process it, “quickly, y/n please!”
You stepped aside, barely understanding the situation as you shut the door behind you. He headed for your kitchen, cursing multiple times under his breath as he navigated your pitch black apartment effortlessly. Scowling, you rubbed your eyes a little before following the vampire.
“Jeonghan?” You called out, following the sound of the kitchen sink and his barely audible panicked swears, “what’s going on? It’s like.. three in the morning.”
Needless to the say, the bright light of the kitchen definitely blinded you with no warning as you stepped around the corner - eliciting a curse from your mouth this time as you admired the tall male hunched over your kitchen sink, washing blood off vigorously.  
“Someone caught me feeding,” you’d never heard his voice crack so much in a sentence before as you stared at him in concern, “I don’t think they followed me all the way home.”
Exhaling, you walked to stand beside him, rubbing your hand on his back as he caught his breath. He was mumbling quietly to himself in what sounded like scolding words.
“Why didn’t you go to your apartment?” You questioned, eyes scanning his face as he dried his skin with a nearby tea towel. He let out a loud sigh, squeezing his eyes shut.
“Because for some reason, I feel safer with you, y/n,” Jeonghan mumbled, refusing to look in your direction, “if I went to my own apartment, I’d be chewing my own skin and pacing like a maniac - when I’m with you, I just get the strong urge to calm down.”
A smile crept onto your face as the male finally took slower breaths, turning so he was leaning back against your kitchen counter. You’d most definitely noticed the changing patterns in his behaviour since that day he confronted you when you had left Jiwoo suddenly. Weeks had passed since then, almost a full two months and you could no longer claim you were like the couple from the Conjuring movies. You were far from them since you’d discovered vampires were a lot more complex than the Twilight franchise portrayed - and Jeonghan certainly didn’t glitter. He was however very confused when you asked him if he could. 
“Think of it this way, you checked in on me in case I went crazy, right?” You awaited his nod of agreement before you continued, “they might have gone crazy, Han. Even if they didn’t, imagine them rocking up to the police station claiming they saw a vampire - they’d be labelled as crazy that’s for certain.”
Jeonghan sighed once more, nodding as he raised a hand to run it through his hair, tilting his head back as you admired his jawline and the shape of his nose, not to mention the tint of colour in his oddly pale lips or the way sometimes his fangs would poke into the plump flesh of his lips. Wetting your lips with your tongue, you looked away quickly with flushed cheeks, clearing your throat a little.
“Can I stay on your couch tonight? I promise I’ll be gone in the morning.” Jeonghan begged slightly, his voice still dripping with desperation as if your words had centred him down to earth for merely a few moments. You nodded, grimacing with a smile. 
“I-uh-yeah,” you nodded and Jeonghan sighed in deep relief as he stretched his shoulders. You watched, barely seeing the muscle movement through his shirt, “kiss me.”
Jeonghan faltered, his eyes suddenly falling to your smaller frame beside him. Your eyes widened, a hand flying up to clasp over your mouth at your own bold statement. You choked on your words, quickly trying to spurt out an apology to the already stressed vampire. He chuckled, somewhat lowly as his hand grasped your wrist, pulling your hand away from your mouth.
“Say it again,” he hummed, eyeing you a little, “I didn’t hear you.”
Swallowing your dignity, you let your gaze fall to the kitchen floor as your stomach did a continuous chain of backflips inside your body. 
“Kiss me.” There was barely a second gap between the end of your sentence as a pair of cold lips found yours, his hand still holding your wrist away from your face. 
You had no concept of time anymore, you’d decided as you completed a word search book you’d picked up from the local convenience store. The past couple of months had been a blur and yet you remember it all starting with you virtually witnessing a murder. Somehow, that unfortunate moment led to you ending up with a boyfriend - a vampire at that. 
Hands fell to your shoulders, gently massaging you as he peered over your shoulder at your ongoing word search. You wasn’t rushing it but it seemed ultimately a little too easy. Jeonghan had joked that perhaps you’d picked up a children’s version.
“How long until you need to feed again?” You hummed, not taking your eyes off the paper in front of you. Jeonghan chuckled, his hands moving to play with your hair. 
“Already thinking about my next victim?” He mused, eliciting a scoff from you below him, “I don’t think I’ll be needing to hunt much longer.”
Raising a brow, you placed your pen down as you twisted your body, looking up at him. He smiled, his fangs poking his lower lip as usual. 
“Are you not going to explain that last part?” You quipped and Jeonghan chuckled, shrugging.
“I made an acquaintance today who has sticky fingers for blood bags.” He said it so calmly, as if there was no issue - but to him there wasn’t. In fact, the situation was a huge relief. Hunting live prey was difficult enough as it was and after being caught by both yourself and someone else a few weeks later, Jeonghan no longer wanted to risk hunting anymore.
“So... a blood thief?” You mumbled in bewilderment. Jeonghan looked at you with a quirked brow, humming a little.
“Isn’t that what us vampires are anyway?” He mused once more and you scoffed in response, turning back around to continue your word search. 
“Why can you not lay still for more than five minutes?” Jeonghan muttered from where he laid behind you, pressed against your back as he kissed your bare shoulder. His particularly sharp teeth tapped against your skin, to which Jeonghan was always careful they’d never poke you intentionally - he claimed it would feel like a bee sting if they ever caught you. 
“I can’t get comfy.” You whispered, your eyes staring around the dark bedroom trying to make out objects in your boredom. Jeonghan hummed, brushing your hair from your shoulder as he leaned over to kiss your cheek.
“Should I put a movie on to give you background sound?” He offered and you made a soft noise, nodding a little, “only one though, you need to sleep.”
“I’d love to when my brain finally lets me,” you replied sarcastically as Jeonghan pulled away from your back, reaching for the TV remote, “thank you Hannie.”
In the light of the TV screen as it illuminated your bedroom, you caught Jeonghan giving you a small, comforting smile as you rolled over to face him.
“Of course, Sweetheart. Now come here.”
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Hello!! May I request some relationship hc's for Mori Nagayoshi from fgo with a female master s/o who's soft and sweet and short please!!
Hello, thank you for waiting so long, I appreciate it. Sure, that's fine! I'll write a combination of both relationship/ domestic headcanons for Mori and a sweet/smol master.
Mori Nagayoshi x Sweet, Small Fem Master Relationship Headcanons
Prelude (Confession)
♡ At first, it was an unknown whether the two of you would get along well, with his tendency for destructive violence; and your warm-hearted nature. However, the two of you make for a wonderful equilibrium of personalities, with his wild nature enabling you to stand up more for yourself with the support of a loyal ally by your side; whilst your compassionate nature gives him a place to express himself freely, making for a rather tender bond.
♡ Despite his rather simple-minded exterior, Mori Nagayoshi is an extremely perceptive and intelligent character, so he would be able to pick up rather quickly on how you feel. However, out of a concern for your wellbeing; he may initially hesitate at first from entering a relationship. "...Look, you...you're still alive, whilst I'm like this. You're better off not associating with the dead."
♡ Regarding your confession with the utmost of sincerity, he warns you to stay away from him-because he cares that much for you, wishing you the very best in life. He doesn't want you to suffer with the impermanence of his existence as a heroic spirit. If a living human can support you and stand by your side when he isn't able to do so...then that would put him at peace.
♡ However, when you kindly thank him for his concern, strongly emphasising that you want to be by his side regardless- even if he is a shadow of this world- leaves him feeling so deeply awed that he's at a loss for words. As he gazes at your passionate display of care, as your reassuring words soothe the doubts gnawing at his mind, he finally relaxes again.
♡ Laughing to himself, he exhales a deeply held breath; almost as if your words finally helped to relieve the pressure hammering down on his chest. "...You're right. Hahaha, you really are one hell of a great master!! Who gives a damn about convention when we have each other, right?!" Cradling your petite figure within his warm arms, Mori flashes you an extremely toothy grin, slight heat burning within his cheeks. "Ah man, I really like you, master. From this day on, I'm all yours. Use me as you wish!"
♡ To commemorate the occasion, he treated you both to a very special tea ceremony together; using only the finest of tea leaves. His art brings you back to the true essence of the Rikyu tea school.
Relationship Headcanons
♡ One thing is for certain- Mori is an incredibly dedicated and passionate partner, swearing absolute fealty to you. He may struggle quite a bit to separate his loyalty to you as a master from his dedication to you as a lover, but he's got the spirit!
♡ Your sweet and kind personality is the perfect counterbalance to his more rough and violent nature, with you having to hold him back from indiscriminately obliterating your foes. But if you asked, he'd definitely kill for you. He really appreciates how you accept him for who he is, yet aren't afraid to tell him when to hold back on murder either. "Ah man...well, if that's what you want, I understand. But make sure to call on me as soon as you crave for violence, master. I'll spill as many guts as you so desire!!"
♡ Because Mori is so unabashed about his nature, there's no need to be perfect around him either! He likes you just the way you are. Actually, he really appreciates the new perspective on things that you provide. It intrigues him whenever you suggest alternate means to deal with a situation rather than jumping straight to bloodshed.
♡ The way in which you cherish life despite its challenges and tribulations is so utterly enchanting for him. It's a kind of strength that is different to his, yet similar in terms of its scale and power. "If she poured that love into battle, I'm sure we'd have a bloodbath like no other!" His means of understanding your strengths and weaknesses is very Mori-like, but it's adorable how he tries to grasp your character in his own way.
♡ It's a relationship blossoming full of affection from all sides, with hugs, mutual support and reassurance. You can expect many cheerful days by his side, and even when you're sad his feelings will never waver. Because you're small, he loves picking you up and enveloping you within rather long bear hugs (sometimes by complete surprise!) When you flush at the sudden gesture, he can't help but think, 'damn, how cute!'.
♡ However, when it comes to romance, things may be quite difficult at first due to Mori Nagayoshi being used to the rather hardcore conventions of his era. It may take him some time to adjust to the more 'modern' conventions of a relationship, but he really appreciates your patient and helpful guidance through these hurdles. Knowing that you're there every step of the way fills him with pride!
♡ He will also ensure that he doesn't cross any boundaries of yours, as he places great value on your autonomy in the relationship. So don't worry about telling him if he messes up, because he will certainly devote himself to meeting your needs.
♡ Because the two of you love so freely and openly, this relationship is a comfortable and relaxing space for both of you to just be yourselves, thanks to how deeply you trust one another.
♡ His words may be crude, but they're from the heart. His love is like no other, because it is expressed in a way that only he can accomplish.
Domestic Headcanons
♡ Mori sure as hell loves to squish his little spoon into the biggest hugs at nighttime. You'll likely wake up entangled between his arms and legs, but it means he makes for a very warm partner to sleep besides!
♡ When you're sad and hurt, he will comfort you, wanting to prove that he's there for you by any means possible- which means that he may threaten to kill that which harms you; even if it's something metaphysical, such as having a bad day!! With a heart burning with the utmost sincerity, it may often translate as him being possessive over you in regards to how he cannot stand to see you treated unfairly by others.
♡ Despite being overprotective, as he would hate to betray your trust; he will listen if you say that he's going too far.
♡ Whether it's by taking a walk by the lakeside, a relaxed time reading books together, a wild day of adventure, joining him as he practices his drills, or casually just hanging out together; Mori makes for a rather fun date partner!
♡ You need help with any chores? Mori's your guy. If you're living together, he would ensure that he completes his share of the duties. He is serving you, after all!
♡ Look forward to a daily lifestyle filled to the brim with warm hugs and touches. However, if you're to catch him off guard with one of your own, he'll be over the moon with joy.
♡ Overall, it's a very stable and solid relationship with strong foundations, trust and an unwavering allegiance between you both.
"I'm glad I met ya, master! This is the most fun I've had by somebody's side in a long time! Hahaha!!!"
He lives every day with you to the fullest, enjoying every moment as if it's the last; desperately storing memories so that if the two of you part, he can leave with no regrets.
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rosesarerosii · 6 months ago
- you as nct's makeup artist
part 1; nct dream version
Tumblr media
(never posted anything on tumblr before, please be kind lol)
- - - - ——— jaemin
Tumblr media
꒰ really enjoys getting his makeup done
꒰ but mostly for the fact that he can rest peacefully during that
꒰ I seriously feel like this bub would start being sleepy
꒰ the best 'asmr' for him
꒰ 'can you please add some foundation on my left cheek?'
'and you ask for it cuz you need more coverage or more tapping?'
'...no comment'
꒰ he may even fall asleep if he's very tired
꒰ makeup session for him is simply a moment of relax
꒰ and a way to chill out before his next activity
꒰ you two just silently vibe y'know
- - - - ——— mark
Tumblr media
꒰ your best hype man
꒰ would encourage you to try new looks on him all the time
꒰ lots of 'waah' and 'ooh'
꒰ my confident king would have nothing against trying new things
꒰ he probably would encourage you to try something more 'crazier' on him from time to time
꒰ 'can we add some red, shiny gems?!'
'i- what?'
'can we please?'
'...yeah, sure haha'
꒰ big fan of glitter!
꒰ cuz it shines just like he does
꒰ you two are just living your best life in the 'makeup world'
- - - - ——— renjun
Tumblr media
꒰ asks loTs of questions
꒰ he's super curious about your job and details of it
꒰ 'omg, what's that and how does it work?'
'oh, it's just this special eyelash curler'
꒰ probably messing up your whole station by moving your stuff around
꒰ probably does his own searching in free time
꒰ and then brings you photos that he found so you can do something similar for him
꒰ pretty excited to try new things
꒰ but also appreciates classics
- - - - ——— haechan
Tumblr media
꒰ sO playful
꒰ like, you would try to do something that requires precision and he would move just to mess with you
꒰ fan of using fun colors
꒰ 'can we use green or purple?'
'a whAt?!'
꒰ colors like this aren't really stage ones
꒰ but you'd definitely do some creative makeup for him in free time
꒰ lowkey would probably break a thing or two-
꒰ but who wouldn't forgive such a sweetheart?
꒰ also, he would probably buy you new ones so don't worry
- - - - ——— jeno
Tumblr media
꒰ kind of careful
꒰ doesn't want you to give him too 'hardcore' makeup
꒰ maybeee from time to time would go for something more risky/extravagant
꒰ probably more into skincare then makeup
꒰ 'gotta make the base flawless before adding makeup' type of person
꒰ doesn't have much to worry about (like, did you see this man's skin?!)
꒰ likes the feeling of the brush
꒰ it's so soft and fluffy!
꒰ also works as a perfect wand for joking around with the rest of dreamies-
- - - - ——— jisung
Tumblr media
꒰ very shy when it comes to compliments
꒰ 'ahh this eyeshadow looks so good on you'
'nah, stop... really?'
'of course!'
꒰ wants to ask questions but isn't confident enough
꒰ uses most if not all the makeup/skincare you recommend to him
꒰ after getting to know you better, more open to giving and receiving compliments
꒰ always leaves positive comments about your work
꒰ and probably gives good feedback later on
꒰ 'I don't really like this mascara; it made my eyes feel kinda, heavy? I don't know, I just don't really want to use it again please'
꒰ and, of course, you fulfill his wishes BECAUSE HE DESERVES IT
- - - - ——— chenle
Tumblr media
꒰ headache creator!!!
꒰ tries to talk to you all the time even if he literally can't
꒰ like, hun? please let them put your lip glosses in peace
꒰ 'steals' and hides your makeup around the room
꒰ definitely laughs at your confused face
꒰ him + haechan getting their makeup done at the same times is lowkey like a nightmare
꒰ despite all the teasing, he cares about you and all the other staff a lot
꒰ shares his snacks as well
꒰ you make him wash his hands immediately after tho because you are scared he might mess up his makeup-
lots of love, rosie ♡
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ari-burr · 11 months ago
𝐟𝐥𝐮𝐟𝐟 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐬.
Tumblr media
⁀➷ Featuring ~ [ Matthew Williams // Dominion of Canada ]
This guy loves you. I mean he really loves you.
The fact you notice him daily already blew his mind. 
But now that both of you are dating. . . he’s beginning to wonder if you were just an amazing dream his mind created for his lonely heart
That is, until you kiss him on the cheek and reassure him that you are 100% real. 
Cuddles with him are fucking the best!
He has the scent of maple syrup with a dash of cinnamon, and trust me, it smells better than it sounds. 
His arms are toned like America’s, though it has a more gentle approach when he’s holding you close. And when he builds up enough courage, he’ll surprise you with a few warm pecks on the lips. 
He’ll casually take you out on hikes through a nearby forest. And during the journey, Canada can easily immerse you in old-folk tales to keep your mind going. 
And if your too tired, he’ll offer you a piggy-back ride home. 
Even with his soft, kind, and bashful exterior. He isn’t afraid to stand up to some asshole who’s giving you trouble.
His tone of voice would become way more assertive. And he may or may not be willing to throw hands with the guy if he refuses to back down. 
Really goes to show to not mess with the nice people. 
Especially they’re lovers. 
Kumajirou is now attached to the hip with you. Almost as much as Canada. 
The sweet little polar bear loves taking up your time with cuddles and random conversations whilst Canada would just stand there, and watch in the background with a cute miffed blush. 
You find it adorable so. . . I guess it’s a win?
Other than that, he takes charge of making breakfast for everyone. 
It’s usually pancakes topped with maple syrup and whipped cream. And he’s a God when it comes to pancakes.
Sometimes, he allows you help him by mixing the batter and taste testing. But only if you woke up at the same time as him. 
Food fights may or may not occur during the mixing part. 
As calm as Canada is, he can be playful when the time comes.
With you, he can be his real self with no chains tying him down to self-consciousness. 
Overall, you make his life 10x better. And he couldn’t imagine living life this amazing, without you ♡
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cloverjoyed · a year ago
Fic Masterpost
♡- Fluff ♢- Angst ♧- Mulitchaptered ☆- Au ✎- Series
Fics are sorted newest to oldest, there's more on my ao3 i simply do not interact with the fandoms they are part of anymore and as such will not be linking them
Exit Music (For A Film) ♢; tw: major character death, corpses, suicidal ideation (check tags for more)
Sing us a song A song to keep us warm There's such a chill, such a chill
Tubbo mourns. Spoilers for lore streams 11.28.2021
Me and My Husband ♡♢;
Me and my husband   We're doing better
Little Beast ♢; tw: implied child death, unrequieted love
I know history. There are many names in history but none of them are ours.
george aches, and sleeps a lot.
eye for an eye ♢♧; tw: implied child death
(quackity nd tubbo angst)
Mars ♢♡♧ ; We were amateurs at war/Strangers to suffering
Rot ♢♧ ; rot's my favorite word so i wrote smthn inspired by it
(ranboo & tubbo)
At long last, love has arrived ♡ ; And I thank God I'm alive/You're just too good to be true/Can't take my eyes off of you
beeduo enderwalk fluff :)
'Cause we could stay home and watch the sunset ♡♢ ; But I can't help from asking, "Are you bored yet?"/And if you're feeling lonely you should tell me/Before this ends up as another memory
tubbo and tommy talk
Before you cross the street ♡ ; Take my hand/Life is what happens to you/While you're busy making other plans
tubbo tells michael about l'manberg
You and me need never be lonely again ♡ ; Spin with me endlessly or at least until the end/Please never fall in love again
ranboo monologues about tubbo ig idk man
I still wanna be your favorite boy ♡ ; I wanna be the one/I might just be the one
bro idk they're just being soft platonic husbands, i wrote this as a gift NFHDSKJL love u cherry ur pog
'Cause I don't think that wasting (A second of this time) ♡♢ ; Would benefit the outcome/Of the life I had in mind/I'll refer to you as my special love/The one that set me free
Michael gets sick, Ranboo and Tubbo realize family life is harder than it seems
I can't be the only one who hears you ♡♢ ; Tears falling down at the party/Saddest little baby in the room/Fears, tell me fears, don't get me started
tubbo from ranboo's perspective
Life's too short to worry about things that we got wrong ♡ ; So hug all your friends and let them know/You're not letting go
sam helps tommy make a gift for tubbo :D
I will wait for this to end ♡♢ ; The back and forth; the battery/For you at last to comprehend/The kind of love of which I speak.
spoilers for the finale 1.20.21
we didn't start the fire ✎ ; Canon divergent au with semi-canon sbi family dynamic (Techno's relationship with it is. Complicated.) No L'manburg exploding, and Niki is here bc I love Niki :) It also starts at the first festival, nothing after that is connected to canon in any way.
tell me, atlas. what is heavier? ♢♡ ; the world or its people's hearts?
And if I could, I'd get you the moon c ; And give it to you/And if death was coming for you/I'd give my life for you
takes place a week after the first fic in the series, but can be read as a standalone piece!
Wasn't it love as soon as we knew each other properly? ♡ ; Livin' 'bout half right 'til a certain person got to me/Nothin' is secret, everythin's sacred, how it ought to be/Under the moonlight on a clear night
merlin and lancelot being gay gay homosexual gay
Lungs ♡♢ ; He tried to push through, to make his aching lungs take in more air and keep going, he couldn’t.
At the edges of my fingers ♡♧ ; Never quite closing ‘round it/Oh, that peace like a river/Always going, but never getting
Merlin and Arthur but there's only one bed(roll)
A narrative waste of patches and light ♡♢ ; We grew up in the suburbs then we cut all our ties/Now just take a look at this through Gwyllian eyes/You're wrong my friend, the road, it bends a bit to the right
Slice of life merthur, i guess?
May their carbon given ♡♧ ; Be an echoing hymn/That goes on and on and on again/So long as I live
Am I still speaking? ♢♧ ; Yeah I’m long in the wind/I’ll go on and on and on again/If my chest don’t cave in
We've got younger faces ♡♢ ; Than our hearts are letting on
Oc ficlet :]
Hanahaki ♢♡♧ ; ‘Anemone: Forsaken, forgotten love, affection.’
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roselise · 9 months ago
Hello! I am so glad you are feeling better, and that you have found some safety in God. You are a very sweet and sensitive person, living in a harsh world. I only hope you find sensitive and caring people in your life, and never settle for any less. You deserve good things and good people. I hope you can remember that. Hope you have a good day.
Hello there, my lovely!
How are you? I hope you’re having as wonderful a day as I am now with your kind words and concern. c:
Because this really did bring a smile to my face! This was so sweet!!
To think anyone ever notices me here — let alone if I’m sad or doing well — it makes me feel so cared for since I really don’t expect it!
I guess it is true though! God made me pretty soft inside lol!
Yet I know He looks at me as a precious treasure.
I’m exactly as I should be. I know that I am loved by Him, and He is there, so it’s never that bad. ♡
Goodness though! I deserve good things?!?
I can’t believe someone would tell me such a thing?!? This is so . . . kind. Thank you! I can’t tell you how much that means to me! :D
This was such a truly beautiful ask. ❀
These words are absolutely precious, and I’ll cherish these sentiments forever.
Thank you again for everything! You’re a beautiful soul and a true gift to this world for spreading such warmth and consideration.
May your day be abundantly blessed and bright! Hugs, happiness, and more hugs to you! Take care, and I’m wishing you allllll the best! ~ x o x o
⊹ 🌸
  ·   ˚   .   ‧✧̣̇‧
‧✧̣̇‧ .  *  💖   . 🌸
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pawjamas · a month ago
You dont know me but I am a longtime follower of this blog. Its just to say your blog is like my comfort blanket and gives me hope things will get better. I am a cis femalebut think I might be ace. I have learning difficulty's and anxiety/social anxiety, as well as waiting for a assessment for autism/ ADHD.
I live at home with a parent. They are not an abuser but they can be abusive. They say they can't cope and threaten to throw me out and then backtrack before saying it again. They get angry and impatient when I can't understand things right away etc. But they support me financially because I have a very small independent income and they pay for things like food/travel expenses/and other stuff if I run out of money. I have a number of much older half sisters who I dont interact with much. One of them was threatening to me before and she is violent The one closest to my age is either abusive or kind to me sometimes, buying or giving me things, which is very confusing. But its like I have to pay a price for it all
I like drawing, thrifting, writing stories, dresses, dolls, pretty clothes, plushes, romance books, Beatrix potter, cottagecore, cats, calico critters, princesscore, fairies, delicate pretty things, stars, flowers, Edwardian era etc. I have my room which I tried to make pretty with stuff I thrifted or found dumped, and some new stuff. But my parent doesn't like me sitting in there by myself and 'hiding away', and wants me to socialise etc. I have quite long hair and they keep saying I should get it cut shorter because they dont like it. My parent also keeps making remarks that I'm lucky they let me collect 'junk' and that they could stop me collecting dolls/plushes etc. Its like an unspoken threat. But I keep my collections organized. I keep everything clean and neat. I often clear out my collections and donate what I no longer want. But my sister says I hoard and I need to get rid of stuff. She visits the house and goes in my room without permission, criticizing. I also live in a bad area. My aesthetic and interests are very different to my family and everyone else there. Outside I get bullied sometimes for being 'soft' and I hide my mental issues etc to protect myself. I would ideally like to be a housewife and stay at home housekeeping with an independant income to support myself and buy nice things. I'd like to live in a small house by the sea in a quiet seaside town and I would feel safe. I wouldn't worry about money etc
I miss my cat who died at Christmas and nobody understands how much pain because he was my baby. He thought he was my baby. We were very close. My family miss him very much but dismiss how I feel because its not how they feel .
I am sorry for writing such a rambling letter. Your blog gives me hope for a better future and to also have a standard to live by saying its okay to dress pretty and be soft and gentle.
hello lovely, let me first say i am honored to have you as a longtime follower of mine. you sound like you have such a kind heart and are very sweet and care so deeply, please, despite all of which in your life may hurt or make you feel bad - continue to be this sincere and softhearted person, and hold onto the hope both my blog gives you and you also have within yourself. there is so much bravery in being who you are and continuing to love what you do despite having others who try to convince you otherwise and guilt you for it.
i am so sorry you have dealt with and are still currently dealing with so many misfortunes in your life but the passion you have for such beautiful things should not be diminished by those who aren’t willing to understand you and your interests. there are a lot of others who adore the things you like! myself included 💕 and you sound like someone who would be a great friend to have. (if you ever felt comfortable enough to, i would love to talk to you more via dm’s, they’re always open for new friends and i’d love nothing more than to become one of yours ♡)
i wish to reply to your sweet letter more in depth however have had very little energy lately regarding talking to others. but please, please know what you’ve sent truly warmed my heart and i am wishing the absolute best for you - and it means a lot to me to know my blog makes you want to be unapologetically yourself, as you should! you should definitely have hope for a future to be with people who give you unconditional love, who love every part of you - interests and hobbies, everything included. and my offer always stands that if you ever want to become friends, you may send me a message once you feel comfortable to. we share practically the exact same interests as well as plans for the future. despite how many that are currently in your life may make you feel loved insincerely or not at all, you are loved, and will meet others in your future who adore everything about you, there is always hope and i’m happy to be here to provide some for you. ♡ ♡ ♡
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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