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je-say-pas · 27 days ago
I feel like we as a collective don't talk about Maya saying that marrying Carina was the happiest moment of her life nearly enough. This is someone who won numerous track competitions (earning her an Olympic gold medal) and was made the youngest female fire captain. I know some of these achievements might be tainted because of her father but the point is Maya is a very accomplished woman who has a lot to be proud of but marrying the love of her life was literally when she was at her happiest. Ever. I really do love their love.
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yasminbsts · 5 months ago
O gente elas são tão preciosas shippo tanto
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Foto honrosa pq achei uma graça
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alleditxxs · 5 months ago
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Maya & Carina headers
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hazebeandesigns · a month ago
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New Maya and Carina stickers available on my RedBubble in honor of the Station 19 season finale
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pechocha11 · a year ago
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All the problems in my life were solved with this scene
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okami-goddess · 5 months ago
Hello Marina fans!!
I am looking for a fiction where Maya get shot by accident during a fire call by Seattle police men. She get hit by 8 bullets and his driven to Grey Sloan hospital
Her brother Mason heard about the incident over a radio and goes to the hospital to try and get news about his sister and meet Station 19 family
Anyone know where I can found it? I read all 58 pages of the Maya Bishop & Carina DeLuca fiction on Ao3
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hemakesmelaugh · 3 months ago
carina talking about her concerns in her relationship to everyone but maya is actually a big sign that the writers have finally managed to integrate her into the show
the no communicating with your partner is their go to trope for some bizarre reason
just this episode we’ve had both vic and theo talk to others about their relationship and not talking to each other about it
and maya was talking to andy instead of carina during most of season 4
they finally have carina interact with other characters that aren’t maya so in a way this all no communication thing is the writers starting to write her as part of the gang and not just a love interest
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ygsunflower · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
(Carina’s face is my face when I see Station 19 puts out any Carina & Jack contents these days…)
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lost-in-my-head-jungle · 2 months ago
Ok so on Zaiver's takeover on station 19's account today, Stefania mentioned that they're shooting 5x17 now... so I'm hoping that they have been able to do some changes on the Jack storyline based on the fandom's feedback. I'm not sure what these would look like, but hopefully they can incorporate Emmett more into the clinic now that he and Travis are not together and something happens with Jack (something good, but that can steer him away from the Marina storyline).
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miniaturecreature18 · a month ago
I do know maya and carina are pretty much the uno supremo couple on station 19, but i think vic and theo are pretty close, love em
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mente-em-conflito · 7 months ago
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je-say-pas · a month ago
Interesting parallels.......
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We need to talk about how Maya smiles the hardest when she's around Carina. It's like being with Carina unlocked this new realm of happiness for her which I find so cute. I also love how in all of these moments, something profound concerning their relationship has happened or is about to happen.
1st, we have them spending their first morning together after moving in
2nd, we have them announcing to their station family that they're trying for kids
3rd, we have them doing the insemination to get Carina pregnant (let's pretend that they were alone in that scene)
4th, we have Carina teasing Maya while they talk about Carina getting a green card which would help keep her in the country
I really do love moments like these between them.
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thegaysidekick · a year ago
I just started this Maya/Carina fanfic. Maybe it will be good ..maybe it won’t. I will try my best ^^ 
I am always open for comments, request or recommendations. Just don’t be to hard on me, please.  It’s been years since i wrote.  Marina just seems to be a good motivation.  Have a great day :) 
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alleditxxs · 11 months ago
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Carina & Maya headers
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hazebeandesigns · 4 months ago
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A new Station 19 Pride Seattle Fire Badge in time for the show’s return
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lois--13 · a year ago
you like?
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delucabishop · 2 years ago
Carina calls Maya after Deluca’s breakdown at the hospital
“Hey babe, how are you?” Maya answers her phone.
“Hi bella, um my brother just had a breakdown in the middle of the hospital in front of everyone and he won’t let me touch him or comfort him and I just.. I don’t know what to do and I wanted to hear your voice. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have called, I know you’re at work.” Carina tearfully explains.
“No no no, it’s okay, I’m glad you called. My shift is almost over actually, can I come pick you up and we can go back to my place? I have ice cream and I’ll make you dinner.” Maya says concerned.
“Yes I would like that a lot.”
“Okay, I’m leaving the station in 20 minutes. I’ll text you when I’m at the hospital. And hey, your brother is going to be fine, we’ll figure it out love.”
“Thank you bella. See you soon.”
20 minutes later Maya is outside the hospital waiting for Carina. She gets out her car and waits for her, leaning against the passenger side door. When she spots her, she smiles and waves Carina over.
Once Carina spots Maya’s little wave, she starts walking quicker towards her and Maya envelopes her in a huge hug. Carina grabs the back of Maya’s head and brings her in for a kiss. They break apart and lean their foreheads against each other. Maya gives Carina a sad smile and Carina returns it.
Maya eventually pulls away and opens the car door and motions for Carina to get inside. Carina does and Maya runs to the other side and hops in. She takes Carina’s hand in hers and squeezes it, then brings it up to her mouth to kiss it. Carina smiles.
(My first one shot of Maya and Carina from Station 19 / Grey’s Anatomy. Let me know your thoughts or any prompts you’d like.)
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booksncleverness · 17 days ago
I scrolled by a post and can't trace it back, somebody saying they read everything there is in the universe of Marina/Stelle fanfics. I wrote something, well I'm still writing it, and need help to make sure my English is ok when it is done. Please show yourself, marina/stelle reader.
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ygsunflower · 3 months ago
Honestly if the writers really want Jack to be involved in Maya and Carina’s baby journey, I’d rather they wrote Maya pregnant after sleeping with Jack back then… so Carina just needed to feel the pain once and figure out she still loves Maya enough to want to be there for her and the baby. Instead, we are getting a rubbish storyline where Carina went through all the pain of being cheated on, then just when she made peace with that and married Maya, she had to ask for and accept the sperm from the man who her wife cheated on to make a baby… I’d find it humiliating (for lack of a better word) tbh… maybe I’m just not a “big” and “forgiven” enough person like the writers wrote Carina to be… 🙄
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lost-in-my-head-jungle · 2 months ago
Me seeing station 19's instagram account wishing Emmett the best of luck on his next adventure: 🤡🤡🤡
If this means Lachlan is leaving the show, then I guess they really are sticking with the storyline of Jack being the sperm donor.
I'm disappointed, but I'm finding myself starting to get used to the idea. I'm not in complete denial anymore... I think.
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