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kaereth · a day ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I finished watching Arcane the other day and so ofc it’s learning-how-to-draw-my-favs o’clock starting with Jinx, my beloved ;----;
Also since I know some people watch shows based off my recc I feel the need to say this show is really violent and depressing and I would trigger warn for Animal, child, and character d/eath, b/lood and g/ore, and other mature themes. The show is extremely good, but only check it out if you’re mentally prepared for some really dark stuff!
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penandinkprincess · 2 days ago
LOVE the idea of eskel and lambert teaming up with jaskier against geralt in arguments
“lambert! eskel! my only true allies! your cruel brother is refusing to share his ale with me.”
“geralt, don’t be so fucking selfish.”
“yeah, he sings songs about you all year and makes you famous, and you can’t even share some measly ale with him?”
“he can get his own! it’s right there!”
jaskier, turning the puppy eyes up to 11: “but i want to share yours.”
eskel and lambert: *gesture wildly at The Puppy Face*
geralt: *sighs deeply enough to rattle some stones but hands it over*
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Tumblr media
for everyone dealing with jerks today: you are doing great, choose your own path, don’t listen to them. i love you.
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timsforeverhome · a day ago
My sister Dizzy and her family have been unable to visit with all the pandemic stuff and all, and I really wanted to surprise her in person with Tim's existence, but I finally broke down and told her all about him the other day.
When I mentioned he'd been captured trying to kill and eat a chicken, her response was
"Well, I can't blame him. Chickens ARE delicious."
And I mean. She kind of has a point
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alphynix · a day ago
Tumblr media
Cambrian Explosion #57: Tuzoiida
What were tuzoiids?
We don't know.
Despite hundreds of specimens having been found, and around 20 different species being described, these arthropods are an ongoing puzzle.
They're known from between about 518 and 505 million years ago, in deposits associated with tropical and subtropical regions all around the world. They had large spiny bivalved carapaces up to 18cm long (7"), shaped like an upside-down domed taco shell, with a distinctive reticulated net-like surface ornamentation – but the rest of their ecology and anatomy is very unclear.
Most fossils are just empty carapaces, which appear to have been made of unmineralized chitin. Rare examples of soft-part preservation show they had a pair of stalked eyes sticking out the front, and a pair of short simple antennae, but impressions of the rest of their bodies are fragmentary and indistinct enough to not be particularly helpful.
They may have been related to the similar-looking isoxyids, or they might have closer affinities to the pancrustaceans or possibly even the equally enigmatic thylacocephalans. 
Unless we find some better fossils with clearer anatomy, they're going to remain a mystery.
Tuzoia canadensis was one of the pointier-looking tuzoiids, known from the Canadian Burgess Shale deposits (~508 million years ago). About 10cm long (4"), its carapace was lined with many long spines, with a more prominent spiky side frill than most other species.
Its reticulated ornamentation had fairly large polygonal facets, and like in other tuzoiids this is thought to have had a strengthening function – allowing it to create a large but very thin carapace with enough structural integrity to hold its shape.
Nix Illustration | Tumblr | Twitter | Patreon
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maxladcomics · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Birthday Gift to @ask-ufpapyrus of Static! 
A very cool and probably not evil character
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onenicebugperday · a day ago
Tumblr media
@emotionaltree submitted: Hello! My friend found this spider, about the size of a quarter. We were trying to figure out what type it was. Location is Florida, any help is appreciated!
Looks like a fishing spider, maybe a white-banded fishing spider? The markings on the very end of the butt are a bit strange, but their patterns can be pretty varied between individuals.
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supermeh-krishnah · 2 days ago
Face reveal?
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sterekpromptz · 2 days ago
Prompt: Stiles doesn't know how he can tell. If it's because he never trusts a word Peter says, or because he's usually smarter than the older, jagged loser, but when Peter tells him and Cora the story of Paige.. By the end, he's digging his nails into his palm.
"I don't believe you," Stiles bites out, moving closer despite his heart beating all too quickly. Derek wasn't—he wouldn't do that to someone he loved; not when he was struggling within his own self, trying to keep his wolf down. He says as much, and Cora puts a hand on his shoulder, but he shrugs it off.
Peter smiles; in a sickening, cruel way, and says all too simply, "Oh, but he would. He's not your nephew, is he, Stiles? I was there." He tilts his head, curious. "You weren't. And might I add a question, here? Why do you care so much?"
Stiles frowns angrily, his eyebrows raised. "That doesn't matter," he says, as he shakes his head, then adds, "I know it was your doing. You did it on purpose! And if he probably blames you, like you said, then you deserve it, you piece of shit! Only you would want to ruin his life like that. I bet you were all too eager."
That does nothing if not make Peter tilt his head even farther—it's fucking infuriating—and he hums, stepping around the loft's table. "I see, now," Peter looks directly into Stiles. Knowingly. "You're not very subtle."
The eye contact makes Stiles stand a little taller. He runs a hand through his hair. "What the fuck do you mean by that, Peter? Fuck you." He knows he's shaky now.
Cora's eyes widen in realization. She scoffs. "You can't possibly be serious, Uncle. There's no way," her eyes run over Stiles. As if in disbelief, she crosses her arms.
"There's no way Stiles is in love with Derek." And there it is, Stiles supposes; words that make his knees buckle. Words that he hadn't wanted to acknowledge, but felt deep in his bones.
Stiles was in love. With Derek. Derek fucking Hale.
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bladez-mad · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tom: I'm sorry if i bother you too much.....
-i just don't want you to get hurt again
//angst on tha whiteboard :)//
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onstoryladders · 23 hours ago
guess who's got two thumbs and has just rewatched the scene™ for a last time before going to sleep
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latinobipercy · 2 days ago
grover meeting percy for the first time and getting nostalgic, because he's unpredictable and untameable and grover, a satyr and child of pan, has always naturally been drawn to the wild.
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elceetheporcupine · 2 days ago
Warning: Possible Sing 2 Spoilers
My reaction to seeing Buster and Porsche possibly bonding:
Tumblr media
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nunyabizni · 6 months ago
You're gonna want the sound on
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