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So my most recent Hollow Knight drawing got me thinking about the game, and I might have accidentally come up with a whole pre-game backstory for Ghost (The Knight) in the shower. If I were to write this (or draw for it) at some point, would you guys wanna see it?

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when your sci fi gateway opens to a dimension where it’s raining pretty hard

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Apparently asks on my blog were disabled and i didnt know. Strange.

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<div> —  Me </div><span>I’m sorry kids but sometimes you just see things too late or you accept them for what they are.</span>
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If I were to start writing again (after not writing for 3 years oof) what type of fic would you like me to do? Basically I am here begging for Geralt-centric fic prompts

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Oil Panic: *whistles

Cop: *stares at Oil Panic with suspicion

Oil Panic: *keeps whistling

Cop: *keeps staring

Oil Panic: *eyed on the rope that is on Cop’s belt while whistling

Cop: *blinks and realized that Oil Panic is staring at the rope on his belt

Oil Panic: *smirks while whistling

Cop: *blushes

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Maybe Intsys should just… stop making new special banners

The picnic banner can stay though

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👉👉👉👈👈👈 I’m sorry for spiking ur curiosity,.,.,,, gosh I. wanna say but brain is ghhhhgg,.,.,iuhm,., he,,,himb,.,h,hHHHh🥺🥺😳💕💕💘💘💕💘💗💕 dumb. Big dumie. Like, verie big dummie.

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Random thought but… I really enjoyed this moment today when me and parents were watching ‘Last Christmas’ and Freedom came on and me and dad started singing with mum humming… just because…

They piss me off daily but the moments like this are worth it. Even if they don’t understand how deeply this song resonates with me these days

‘I think there’s something you should know

I think it’s time I told you so

There’s something deep inside of me

There’s someone else I’ve got to be’

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