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Wade: Yeah, I guess I can be sort of sweet. Sometimes. But, those are very cute names!! I like Liho, it sounds mysterious


Peter: They sound adorable!! I love their names so much! It’s okay that you don’t know the breeds, though, I was just curious! They sound delightful to have around, though! Also, Wade is the sweetest but he never really shows it around anyone besides me. He makes super cute date nights doing simple things because I get a bit overstimulated sometimes and it helps to just stay in and watch a movie in the dark.


Wade: I just want to make Peter happy, that’s all. No matter what that may take. I may or may not steal—


Peter: I’m gonna go ahead and stop you there, Wade, cause that’s illegal

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“Look up there, it’s a big strong MAN in need of recusing”  Is my favorite Rapunzel quote…..   Wreck it Ralph 2 really went out of it’s way to show the Princesses are more than just ‘Damsels’ 

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Okay I watched the new ep…

Honestly? Wasn’t too bad? I mean.. I was squinting at the screen a bit but that was also because I binged the webtoon in 2 weeks so all the plots blur and I was trying to make sense of what was happening and what was different..

Maybe I need to go reread the first season of the webtoon to really understand why everyone’s upset…

My thoughts?

  • Rachel scene? - unnecessary. If they wanted us to like Rachel they could’ve started earlier, she’s like, 2 episodes until betrayal and I’m salty that we lost Khun development to a Rachel scene
  • Khun was hecking um… Hands on this episode? Like literally. Did… Did we ever see Khun put his hand on Bam’s shoulder in the webtoon? No? That’s fine.. It’s cute really. Another thing that’s gonna hurt after the finale but…
  • Khun just needed more time this episode. Every scene felt slightly rushed.. Dumb Rachel your scene was like over a minute that’s valuable time
  • Drunk scene was good but they were cowards to make Khun sleep
  • Tiny Rak is good
  • Khun’s “acting” scene? That felt like they forgot about it and had to throw it in at the end. Khun literally just fooled everyone 2 episodes ago with his whole “making team A fail” thing. It’s not like they’ve all gotten that much closer in that time there’s no reason for them to catch on so quickly. Unless we’re going with the fact that Khun is obviously whipped for Bam and everyone who’s known them for 10 minutes know it. Which I mean.. Could be valid in anime land. Maybe that’s it. Anime Khun is too whipped to ditch Bam so no one believed him. Sounds legit

I did enjoy this episode but.. Definitely would’ve been better if they had decided to make this season 13 episodes long and broke it into two episodes instead.

Also catch me being kinda emo because I know that we’ll be heading into finale territory next week and I… Imma cry so hard

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   is it the sight of blood that makes you happy ?  ❜  SURELY THAT CAN’T BE SO,   blood is so easy to spill when the right dams are burst.  amongst a cherry picked garden of blue and purple veins,  she neither frolics nor hums.  she is all too used to the sight of red.  sometimes she wears it.  sometimes she forgets.  sometimes she cannot stand the sight of the sun.  another mote of silence washes forth,  until,  suddenly,  it evaporates    what else is there to take  ❜  

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vampire the masquerade au brainstorm:  in life jhin was a fairly well known local painter but behind the scenes he was a serial killer who carved up his victims into grotesque displays of art.  time passes,  and he eventually gets caught and thrown into prison,  until he is eventually embraced by a volgirre toreador who was so entranced by jhin’s macabre mind they could not stand to see such artistic genius rot away in a cell. 

now he roams the modern nights as a glorified killer still,  but an articulate one.  sometimes he chooses not to feed from those who he eventually kills,  sometimes he does.  he wields extremely potent dark magics and will not hesitate to use vampiric disciplines against anyone who gets in his way. 

he cares little for the squabbles between the sabbat and the camarilla. 

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