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#maybe I should make a FAQ .

skjaskjdfg i feel like i’ve been getting a lot of asks like this recently so imma just use this one to answer them all lmao

there really isn’t a *specific* way to become mutuals/friends with me tbh !! i’ve met most of my mutuals here in a whole variety of ways dfhjdsnsdkjfg

sometimes i meet my friends on discord first, find out they have a writing blog, and then we end up following each other; sometimes i find someone’s blog through the tags, fall in love with their works and follow them, only to freak out when i realize they’ve already been following me for about a month LMFAO (sometimes this is vice versa dkjsdkjfg)

sometimes it takes a little while to build up a friendship, and sometimes it feels like we just click in like two seconds, but generally speaking, my closest mutuals/friends tend to be the ones i can naturally hold a conversation the longest with !!

that being said, i can’t really tell you how to become friends with me because there are so many ways lmao, but you can never go wrong with popping in and saying hi to start !!

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