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#maybe I’ll do another queen later :3
ohajime · 4 months ago
When they neglect you for another girl Part 4 (Sakusa)
Tumblr media
Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five
Word Count: 2.6K
Genre: Angst to Fluff
AN: YES I DID PUT MYSELF IN THIS STORY! SUE ME. This is basically inspired by a random conversation i had w the great @teesumu, so this is basically for you doll <3
Tumblr media
You and Sakusa have been together for a around 10 years and love eachother immensly.    
However recently Sakusa has been busy and you havent really had much time together lately as he claims been busy doing loads of visits with his new agent.
But of course, being the loving partner you are you wanted to revive the spark in your relationship.
You have been seeing a lot of people on social media posting their aesthetic ‘picnic dates,’ and you knew that this was something that appealed to you before it was ‘on trend.’ Kiyoomi immediately came to your mind once you had the idea of going on a date. You knew that you haven’t be around each other lately, as Kiyoomi always had either a ‘meeting’ or some sort of ‘interview’ that his new agent “Empress” has set up for him.
You didn’t really know Empress that well, just that she was ‘good at her job,’ a ‘hard and dilligent worker,’ and a ‘raging hottie’ with Atsumu’s opinion being the last one. You weren’t suspecting her to have any malicious intent towards you or Kiyoomi, since you knew that he had a great judge of character. But it was just odd, that every time Kiyoomi was running late or having ‘super-secret’ conversations on the phone it was always because ‘my agent set up this,’ ‘my agent set up that,’ and that’s what left you a bit wary.
As you were scrolling through your phone you see a calendar updating saying : Next Week‘ A DECADE AGO WE FELL IN LOVE.’  
10 years. How could you forget? You and Omi have literally been together for a decade. You think back to the decade of madness and love you’ve been through together, smiling fondly to yourself but then you think about where you are now... barely even talking to each other, only mainly seeing him when he comes home from work.
You need to fix this. Or at least make an attempt to get you and Kiyoomi talking again. So, the only thing you can do, is plan that picnic.
You spent the rest of the day planning your anniversary picnic. ’It’s going to be great,’ you think to yourself, you have a list of all Omi’s favorite foods you're going to make him and bring and you are probably going to pick up a few board games and maybe even get some paint supplies. You and Kiyoomi used to paint a lot together, with the two of you not being the best of painters, but you enjoyed eachothers company non the less.  
Everything was sorted...for the most part. All you needed to do was get Omi there, and it’ll all be okay. Right? As you were bubbling and looking for more picnic inspo, you hear your front door open which made you even more excited to tell your boyfriend your plans.  
As you rush to go greet him, you see he’s on the phone making you roll your eyes. “No Empress it won’t work, we need this sorted by next week. Okay? Next week.” he says in an agitated way. He hangs up the phone and sighs, shoving off his duffel bag.
“Hey Omi, how was your day?” you say a bit hesitant, noticing his annoyed mood.  
“Fine” He said dismissively, aiming to walk past you aiming for your bedroom.
“Oh well I have something amazing planned for ne-” you try to say following after him.
“Can we not do this right now Y/N,” he says again turning too look at you making you frown a bit, all you wanted to do is surprise him with your plans and have a day out with him. After noticing your sad look he finishes with “it’s just that Empress she’s bee-”
“I don’t want to hear about her.” you say bitterly folding your arms, Empress is the last person you want to hear about right now “God Omi can’t you just care about me? For once.”
“I do I-”
“You don’t anymore,” you say, with all the emotions and feelings you’ve been just supressing from a while coming up. You don’t even know how you got from point A to B with this conversation, but there's no stopping now. “I feel that, for a while now we haven’t been how we were before when we were just Y/N and Kiyoomi. Instead of how we are now. Just Y/N. Then Kiyoomi and Empress.”
After hearing his agents name, Kiyoomi’s name contorts to confusion “Empress? What does she have to do with anything?”
“How can you not see? For the past month all it’s been is ‘Empress this’ ‘Empress that,’” you complain “Having your super secret conversations with her, like god Kiyoomi can’t you see a problem with this?”  
“It’s not like that Y/N, we’re just work partners” he says looking a bit annoyed “Just business.”
 “Just business? So Kiyoomi, what were you talking about on the phone earlier” you say with your voice slight accusingly.
“Umm I, I can’t really say?” he says more of a question then a fully assured statement. You squint your eyes at him and scoff.
“What is going on with you Omi?” you say “are you cheating on me with her is that it?”
“No, no of course not Y/N! How could you even ask that?” he frowned at your question making your chest hurt, since deep down you knew he could never do that to you. Could he?
“Well tell me then, what were you talking about?” you ask again.
“I can’t say..” he finishes  
“Well I can’t stay.” you say and his face goes back to confusion “Here. With you.”
“What do you mean Y/-”
“I need a break or something. I just can’t be here right now.” You start to rush and pack a big of things whilst Kiyoomi just stands there.
After you pack up your stuff, you look back and see Kiyoomi just there. Standing. You were upset, you kind of wanted him to rush after you and beg you not to leave, but he was just there. Standing. So you put the hand on the door and just before you leave you turn back and say “bye Sakusa, see you later?” to which you see him slightly nod at.
When the door shut, Kiyoomi starts to cry. After hearing you call him by his last name really twisted the knife that was already in his heart. You haven’t called him that since you were like 15. He knew what you wanted; he knew you wanted him to rush towards you and beg you not to leave, but he didn’t. He couldn’t. But what he could do is call the one person he only could call.
After a few rings, he hears “What do you need Saku?”  
“She’s gone, she left.”
“What do you mean she’s gone, did you tell her?”  
“No I didn’t tell her. And that’s the problem, Empress she think-”
“Saku, don’t worry about it. I’ll handle it.”
“You’ll handle it?”
“Don’t I always?”
He couldn’t argue with that, he just had to trust that Empress could sort it. “And also, don’t spend the week with your head up your ass crying, you’ve got a lot of grovelling to do kiddo.”
He nodded even though she couldn’t see him, as he knew that what just went down needed to be resolved, fast.
Meanwhile, on your end. You’re a mess. Sobbing all the time, tissues are your best friend, you’ve been waiting just waiting for a message or a call, or some form of communication. You just wanted to feel wanted by your boyfriend (can you even call him that now.)  
You spent the rest of the week at your parents, immersing yourself in your work and doing ‘self care’ things, trying to forget all about the argument you and Kiyoomi had.  
One day, you receive a letter, it wasn’t delivered by a mail man though. It was slid under your door, in a golden envelope sealed with a red hot wax seal. It read:
‘Dear Y/N,
My sweetheart, im sorry for how the week has been and I know a letter with only a fraction of how I feel won’t make up for how I acted that day. But im inviting you to join me at the Gardenia Botanical Gardens at 2 pm tommorow, to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.  
I know there is a big chance, you may not want to see me and I understand but please. I love you, so so much, that words can’t even describe. But I need you to see me apologise and I need to make it up to you.  
I hope to see you there, I’d wait the whole day for you. If you don’t show, I understand.
Sincerely, Sakusa Kiyoomi
P.S The theme is ‘summer hot day, tea with the queen’ - Atsumu’
You smile at the letter, but wonder if you should actually go or not. You did want to see him of course and get this all resolved, but you had your own plans for your anniversary which wouldn’t of been spoiled if he didn’t withhold his super-secret phone calls.
It took you hours to contemplate on what to do, but you decided to just sleep on it and see how you feel tomorrow. In the morning, you knew what you wanted to do. Of course, you had to go, at least to hear him out and see if he really did cheat on you or not. For all you know he’s inviting you to tell you that he’s going to run away with his agent and his secret kids they had together. You shook the negative thoughts from your head and just repeated your mantra ‘hope for the best and prepare for the worst.’
When you got there, you didn’t exactly know where he would be but he said ‘botanical gardens’ so of course you decided to just wander around there. It was nice walking around and just smelling the roses, and seeing the pretty scenery.  
“Excuse me ma’am,” you hear someone say tugging on your leg “um that mister over there told me to give you these.” Looking down, you see a small boy who looked about the age of four with a crumpled up bunch of roses handing them to you.
“Oh thank you,” you say giving the kid a head pat “where is this ‘mister’ might I ask?”
“He’s over there!” The kid pointed behind him and you look to see Kiyoomi sitting under a white gazebo which is surrounded in your favorite flowers and the table is filled with food.
You walk over to your ‘boyfriend,’ with him not noticing your present yet. When you reach him you say “I think she stood you up buddy,” you joke making him jump abit startled.
“Y/N!” he exclaimed, instantly beaming “You came you made it!” he stood up and pulled you into a hug, which you return before you remember why you came here in the first place.
“Oh I-” he says awkwardly
You decide to sit down pulling him down with you. You kind of sit there in uncomfortable silence, for a while until you both say.
“So I-”
“What are yo-”
You both laughed at your simultaneous comments, before Kiyoomi looks at you letting you speak. “What did you want to bring me here for?”
“I didn’t want, what happened last week to happen Y/N I-” he says looking a bit panicked “It wasn’t supposed to go this way.”
“Then how was it meant to go Sakusa.”
“Y/N, please don’t call me that, I know I made you upset but pleas-” he starts before getting distracted again “Y/N, I called you here to say a few things..”
“Them being.?” you ask a bit impatiently.
“I love you. I love you so much, you don’t even understand. Ever since I saw you at my volleyball game in our first year, in the stands just cheering us on. I knew that from that day, after I scored the winning point and our eyes met, that we were destined to be together. I just love you so much Y/N”
“Omi I don’t understand I-”
“Just let me finish please, It’s taken a while for me to say this. And trust me, there’s been so many times when I wanted to just say ‘hey Y/N let’s get married,’ but I couldn’t I was scared, and I wanted it to be perfect, so perfect. Because you deserve the world Y/N. That’s why I got Empress to help, I know that our conversations may seem odd, but I love you and she knows that she just wanted to help trust me. And she did, all this wouldn’t of been done if it wasn’t for her. But anyways Y/N what I waned to say was I love you and I love you and I-” he rambles on loosing track of his words.  
But in the midst of his speech, you hear all that you needed and responded with the only way you can.
“Yes.” you say simply, with a growing smile on your face.
“Yes?” he repeats confused “What do you meann ye- ohhh" Kiyoomi blushes embarrased that after all that he ended up ruining the thought out proposal he wanted to give you with his ramble.
“Im sorry Y/N, I didn’t mean to say it like that I wanted it to be perfect and I-”
You shut him up with a kiss making his eyes widen as he reciprocates it anyways.  
“What did she say?” you hear someone shout from a far, and you look over to see the MSBY Jackals all standing there with shit eating grins on their faces.
“I said yes!” you yell back, to which they all cheer and rush towards you guys giving you both hugs and slapping Kiyoomi on the back.  
As the boys celebrate Omi finnally do what he’s been planning for ages, you get approached by Empress who awkwardly walks up to you. “ I didn’t want to leave the impression that me and Saku were any sort of thing?” she says
“Yeah I think it was definitely a big misunderstanding, it’s just that Omi was never around and whenever he was he was just talking to you and you know how it is.”
“I definitely know, I’d feel the same way if my boyfriend did that to me.”
“Oooh boyfriend?” you ask her feeling nosey on her romantic life.  
“Yeah boyfriend. You know iwaizumi hajime... the trainer?” she says smiling a bit when she said his name.
“The trainer! Nice.”
The rest of the night was fun and was basically an engagement party for you and Omi all you and friends just partying and celebrating yours and Omi’s love for each other. “Omi” you say getting his attention “Happy ten year anniversary babe”
“Happy anniversary, I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”
After the party you spend your months now planning for a big fat wedding, with the help of your new found bestie, Empress (who you obviously misjudged from the start.) You and Omi could never be happier, every thing was back to how it was before, maybe even better. And you definitely spent at least two Saturdays a month going out for picnics and it was now a tradition in your relationship, so in the end you did get your ‘aesthetic picnic date.’
Tumblr media
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i-cant-sing · 5 months ago
The Sultana's favourite Pt 2
Yandere! Concubine Dabi x reader. Part 1 can be found here.
Yes, yes its here.
Check out my MASTERLIST for more!
Minors DNI.
The harem was full of clamour. Servants were rushing here and there, while the eunuchs were trying to maintain peace between the concubines who were fighting to get the clothes with the deepest cleavage, to get their hair done, get their turn at skin bleaching and waxing, anything to get the Sultana to look their way.
It’s a pity how stupid they are. To think that you’d ever need them when you already have Dabi.
The competition simply does not exist when Dabi is the clear winner.
No concubine, man or woman, can ever match Dabi’s intellect, beauty, loyalty, or obsession. No one ever dared to either. Not unless they had a death wish. That was the unspoken rule.
Challenge the Sultana’s favourite, and prepare to lose your head.
Although the harem was a mess, the royal garden where the feast would be taking place, wasn't much different either.
Momo Yaoyoruzu, one of the personal servants of the Valide Sultana, the queen mother, was overlooking the preparations in the garden. Your mother was responsible for your harem, and thus, she was also responsible for setting up all the festivities that involved you and the harem. Huge tents were being set up, the largest one being yours, of course. It was made of cotton and nylon, adorned with intricate embroidery and gems, surely speaking the skill of its maker. A large gilded ottoman with the softest cushion was placed for you. All the other tents had seat cushions for everyone else. Only the Sultana and her mother had their special ottomans.
Inside, Nemuri Kayama was making sure the new arrivals were presentable. She took them to the common bath and had the servants wash them and dress them, before calling a royal medic to check them for any maladies.
They can't have them plague the Palace... or you.
While the ground floor was full of clamour, the 3rd floor, the Sultana's floor, was all quiet.
The servants helped you get ready, dressing you in a dark blue dress that had a deep neck. The sleeves were long and fitted, accentuating your muscles. Your eyes were decorated with a sharp eyeliner that made your eyes look feline yet bold. Your cheeks had a natural blush and your lips were stained pink from the crushed peaches and strawberry sugar balm. Your hair was put up in an elegant bun, and it had a golden hair comb with sapphires. The servants were soaking your feet in roses and milk when the guards knocked at your door.
"Let him in." You already knew who it was.
Dabi walked in and bowed. "Sultana."
"Dabi."you motioned him to rise. He walked to you before taking your outstretched hand and kissing it.
"Looking magnificent, I see." You said as you took in his appearance.
Dabi was wearing a royal blue fitted kaftan, its collars perfectly wrapping around his neck and golden buttons trailing from the neck down to his stomach. The kaftan had dark blue and gold embroidery, and he was wearing matching blue trousers, and polished black boots. His hair was neatly combed back, and his ears were adorned in another set of golden earrings with sapphires that you had gifted him. The entire ensemble was showing off his muscular body, it made him look clean, strong and royal and all yours.
"Thank you, Sultana." He smiled.
One of the servants moved to clean your feet but Dabi suddenly pulled the small towel out of her hand, telling her that he'll do it. The servant looked at you, and they all immediately left as soon as you nodded at them to leave you both alone.
Dabi sat on his knees in front of you and set the towel rags aside. He dipped his hands in the bowl and instantly held each foot in his hands. He looked at you with pure adoration, like a worshipper as he began massaging your right foot. Rubbing and pulling and giving special attention to your toes as he twisted and turned them, putting just the right amount of pressure to your sole and heel that made you groan as all the tension left your foot... it all made Dabi grin.
His fingers were always magical.
"Dabi." You purred his name so beautifully. "Stop teasing."
Your loyal concubine looked at you innocently. "Teasing? My Sultana, I would never." He said before working on your other foot.
You playfully narrowed your eyes at him. "Lying to the Sultana? That is a serious offence."
Dabi smirked as dried your right foot before kissing it. "Well, then you must punish me, Sultana." He dried your other foot before kissing it as well. "My my, if the sultana permits, I should spend the entire night making it up to you." Dabi whispered as he began leaving a trail of kisses from your ankle up to your thigh, getting closer to your core before you gripped his chin and pulled him away.
"Maybe later." You said before letting go and standing up, but before you could walk away, Dabi pressed himself against you. His chest to your back as began kissing your neck. "Let me do it. Please. I'll be quick."
You tilted your head to the side and gave him more access as you groaned. "They are waiting for us down there."
Dabi wrapped his arms around you tightly and started nuzzling into your neck. "They can wait a bit more." You turned around and cupped his face and kissed him sweetly before pulling away.
"Hmm, something tells me that there's another reason you want to keep us here." You walked towards your vanity and applied the pink balm on your lips. "What? Are the new ones that pretty?" You looked at him through the mirror.
A dark look appeared on his face, but it was gone in the next moment."No..."
You chuckled at his tone. "Really?" You asked as you sprayed on your favourite cologne.
"Really." He nodded.
"Well, then why does it feel like you don't want me going down there?"
You quirked your eyebrow as he looked away. Caught you.
You sighed before walking to him. "Dabi. Look at me." He did. You cupped his face and looked into his eyes. "You have nothing to worry about. Do you understand?" Dabi hesitated for a moment before nodding. "Yes."
"Good." You patted his cheek before walking towards the door.
You extended your arm and glanced over your shoulder. "Now, come on. I don't want to go down there alone."
The royal garden looked breathtaking. The lanterns and torches were being lighted, as it was starting to get dark. The fountains were turned on and there was a light breeze in the air. The harem's best musicians were playing their instrument, setting the mood for the evening. Some concubines were dancing gracefully, keeping everyone entertained while they waited for you.
The ambassadors had been sat in the tent on your left, while the tent on your right was occupied by your mother and a few servants that sat by her feet.
Nemuri was warning the new concubines not to mess up, to bow down like this, to not look you in the eye and one wrong move and off with their heads. She made sure to teach them a basic routine to do when you came.
Just as your mother was about to ask for you, the eunuch announced your presence.
Everyone stood up and bowed as the Sultana walked in, looking powerful and magnificent as ever, and right behind her was the one person that everyone wanted to be: Dabi. Your guards followed you and took their places behind your ottoman when you reached your tent.
You stood tall and looked at your people.
As they did, your mother walked to you and curtsied before kissing your cheeks.
"My child... you look breathtaking. May God protect you from evil eyes." She smiled.
"Thank you, mother. I hope I didn't make you wait too long." You grinned.
"No, you did. I was told you were busy and I think I know why." She said, looking at Dabi with reprimanding eyes, making him smile sheepishly as he looked away.
You laughed before sitting down at your ottoman, while Dabi sat on a cushion near your feet.
The concubines previously dancing were now replaced by new faces, the slaves from Shie Hassaikai. There were 5 slaves; 3 men and 2 women all dressed in black and red. They all wore silk trousers and a silk blouses, all had little gold embroidery done on them.
The musicians started playing another melody, one that changed the mood from fun and amusing, to romantic, flirty and... seductive.
You glanced at Dabi, who instictevly looked at you. You winked.
Let's see what they're made of.
And so, the dance began.
The dance that would let them into your harem and... into your heart. The performance where if they failed, they would be sent back to Shie Hassaikai, where a worse fate probably awaits them.
They danced well, the ambassadors were quite entertained. Then again, it was about impressing you. They danced to the beat, moved their bodies attractively. Nemuri had done a good job teaching them on such a short notice.
Although they followed the steps perfectly, it wasn't enough to keep you interested. Your eyes drifted away and found Vizir Izuku's, who was standing in the shadows looking over the ambassadors, listening to what they were saying. He bowed before you nodded at him.
Keep observing, your eyes told him. He nodded.
By your feet, Dabi looked as serious as ever. He was glad at your disinterest in the slaves. You were right, he didn't have anything to worry about. These newbies had no idea what they were doing; their arms weren't moving with their bodies, and they weren't coordinated with each other either. They were sloppy, boring.
He couldn't wait for this to be over.
The sooner this feast comes to an end, the sooner he can go and make up for this wasted time.
If Dabi could, he would have them whipped for this dry, soulless act. How dare they waste your precious time? Being a slave won't excuse their lameness. They were told that they were going to be in front of the Sultana. They should've come up with something interesting-
He turned to look up to you. "Yes, Sultana?"
"Can you pass me the dates?"
Dabi looked at the giant spread the cooks had prepared. Dates, fruits, pilaf, lamb chops, and more. He looked at the silver platter that had a mountain of dates, full of variety. But Dabi knew which one was your favourite.
He picked out the dark black date, Ajwa, and sliced it open with his nail. He pulled out the pit and dropped it on a plate, before turning to you, his fingers holding the pit less date to your lips.
You smiled and you leaned forward to eat the date, your lips kissing his fingertips, making his heart race.
Dabi continued feeding you the dates, his fingertips now coated in its juices, and he couldn't help but lick them, making you chuckle.
"Teasing?" You quirked your eyebrow at him. He shook his head. "Servicing." He replied. You leaned towards him and whispered in his ear, "Then let's service me more, hm?"
You looked at Izuku and nodded, signalling him to come over.
Time to end this.
You hoped Kai wouldn't be cruel to them when you sent them back. Oh well.
"Sultana." Izuku bowed.
You called him forward. "Tell the ambassador we appreciate the thought but he can take the slaves back-"
You were cut off by a large gust of wind hitting in your direction. It made the chandelier above you swing, made the candles flicker, and made the leaves rustle. Everyone had gasped before going silent, waiting for your reaction.
You looked at the culprit.
A blonde haired man with giant red wings was levitating in the air 15 feet above the ground, smirking now that he finally had your attention.
Your guards, Izuku, even Dabi stood up and unsheathed his sword.
Such disrepect! And the audacity to not be ashamed and be begging for forgiveness. Off with his head-
But you held a hand up, stopping them all. It seemed like you knew something they didn't.
You looked at the wing man, and quirked an eyebrow.
Well, then, finish the performance.
The man floated for a few more seconds in the air, his arms moving slowly in a pattern, crossing and uncrossing, before twisting around each other. He twirled before doing a somersault all too gracefully. Then he started descending, swaying his hips languidly.
The real dance began once his feet touched the ground.
There was no music playing and the rest of the slaves had stopped dancing, they were all too stunned by the winged creature in front of them. Although the hybrid was a marvel, quirks weren't unheard of. They weren't very common, but they were still there, and fortunately, welcomed in your kingdom, unlike the Shie Hassaikai, where they weren't treated all too kindly.
The man began slowly, his feet tapping to a rhythm he had set. His body was coordinated with his limbs, his wings fluttering back and forth, all while looking grand, alluring and deadly. Taking long strides, he moved in a circle, making sure to never break eye contact with you, as if making sure you were ready for what was about to come.
And thats when he began singing.
"She is no man.
She is the Queen.
She is the saviour.
She is the Sun.
She is the moon.
And oh my stars, there is no beauty but her."
His voice... it sounded like liquid gold. It was so smooth, so melodious.
Then, like a peacock, he puffed his wings back and made exaggerated patterns with his hands. Jutting his hips to the right and then left, he jumped from side to side, light on his feet.
He picked up the rhythm again before he shot up into the sky, twirling around his own axis before descending a few feet away from you.
"I am half a man, half a bird
I wish to live in the sky free
But I have seen her smile
And I wish to live near her
To see her smile again
Be it from her feet
Or from a gilded cage."
He placed a hand over his heart and smiled charmingly.
"She is no man
She is the Queen
The Queen of my heart."
And with that, he bowed 90 degrees, his eyes cast downwards.
You could hear a pin drop. The Sultana just stared at him, her face free of any emotion. Everyone's breath hitched when you stood up, turning to Izuku as you whispered something.
So this is how the winged man dies. Everyone wondered.
You turned back and started walking away, Dabi and your guards following behind. Everyone quickly stood up and bowed as the Sultana left them.
Was she so angry that she didn't even bid them farewell?
Everyone looked at Vizir Izuku for answers. What did she say?
Izuku cleared his throat. "The Sultana has rejected the slaves." No one was surprised, you would almost always reject them- "All slaves but Keigo Takami. She gives her thanks to His Majesty Kai Chisaki of Shie Hassaiki for his very thoughtful gift."
The crowd erupted in cheers. Cordial relations have been established between the two nations. This called for a celebration!
The Ambassador, Hari Kuroono beamed with pride! He moved towards the winged slave, Keigo. But just as his hand was about to touch the man, the sharp blade of a crescent shaped sword suddenly rested on his wrist.
"What the-" Hari started, ready to kill whoever dared such disregard for his status, but stopped himself when he saw the Sultana's right hand.
It was Izuku's sword resting on his wrist, ready to slice his hand off. "My dear Ambassador, you are not permitted to touch the Sultana's property!" He said, his face holding the kindest smile he's ever seen.
Hari retracted his hand. "Sultana's property?"
"Why of course! You have gifted him to the Sultana, and you are not permitted to even talk to him, let alone touch him. He belongs to the Sultana, and if I catch you trying to talk to him again, I will be obligated to slice off your hand." Izuku said nonchalantly, a peaceful smile set on his face, as if he hadn't just threatened him.
Sheathing his sword back, Izuku spoke again. "But if you wish to say something to him, you can tell me. I'll pass your message." He stuck his hand out for the ambassador.
Hari put on a fake smile too. "No, but thank you Vizir Izuku." With that, they both shook hands, while everyone around them began drinking the night away.
Upstairs, in the Sultana's chambers, Dabi finally moved away from between your legs when you pulled on his hair, leaving a trail of kisses from your thighs all the way up to your neck where you had pushed him. He rested his head on your chest, sucking here and there as you played with his hair. Although he had gone down on you multiple times that night, making sure you were satisfied and completely blissed out, he wasn't happy, and you could feel that.
Your fingers scratched his head. "What's wrong?"
Dabi placed a peck on your breast. "Nothing."
You tugged at his hair.
He sighed. "Have I- was I not satisfactory tonight?"
You stopped playing with his hair. "What? Of course, you were."
He shook his head. "Then why is your mind is somewhere else?"
"My mind is always somewhere else. Its never really in one place."
Dabi locked eyes with you, his eyes swirling with some negative emotion. "That's not what I mean." He paused, almost not saying the next sentence. "You're thinking about him. The winged slave."
Ah, jealousy.
You nodded. "I am."
Dabi could feel his heart crack. "Why?"
"He has a beautiful voice. And wings. You're lying if you say he hadn't crossed your mind."
"Do you like him?" Dabi furrowed his eyebrows. "Do you want him as your bed mate? I could arrange-" But your laughter cut him off.
You pinched his cheek. "God, do you even hear yourself?" You chuckled again. "You're worried about someone else warming my bed, merely because I thought of him, when you're here in the Sultana's bed with her, right after you made her see stars."
Dabi was embarrased. Was he being ungrateful?
"I'm sorry, Sultana." He looked away from you, ashamed.
You chuckled, and lifted his chin back to you, before pushing the wine glass to his lips.
"I told you to call me Y/n in bed." You said before pulling the glass away from his lips.
"I'm sorry... Y/n."
Your thumb traced over his bottom lip. "Hmm, how many times should I forgive you? First, you teased me before the feast. Then, during the feast too. And now, your jealousy." You suddenly pushed him on his back, straddling his waist, making him suck in a breath harshly. You smirked before leaning to his face, your lips a few centimetres away from his. You looked into his eyes, your face glowing and your eyes full of desire.
"I should punish you, no?" You said, before kissing his jaw.
Dabi gulped, his voice both excited and scared. "Yes, you should."
"Good boy."
Tumblr media
Don't come for me for that lame song. Just don't.
Anyways, now that this is out, I can focus on some Todoroki Clan requests again.
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foli-vora · 4 months ago
more than words, pt.8
Tumblr media
masterlist / series masterlist
A/N: it has been a HOT MINUTE. I do apologise. I hope this is worth the wait. I’m still not 100% happy but maybe that’s just my head. I’m throwing this out there and leaving it. I know how I want to end this, and I’m thinking another 2, maybe 3, parts is all that’s left. I do have spin-offs from this series (eg. Benny meeting angel, random Benny/angel scenes because I love their friendship, a few fics set after MTW but AH SPOILERS—) so let me know if that’s something you guys would be interested in once it’s finished!
Pairing: Francisco “Catfish” Morales x f!reader, best friend!Benny Miller x f!reader
Word count: 3.4k
Warnings: more angst, heartbroken Frankie, sad Benny, swearing, brief alcohol mention
There was something special about being out in the wilderness. No priorities, no drama – just the never-ending woods and the soothing sounds of nature. He did miss his bed, though. A week in his sleeping bag on the hard ground was doing nothing for his fucking back. When did this shit get so hard? He could almost hear your teasing coo of old age in his ears.
Shit. He missed you, and should never have left without making peace. It felt like the right thing, at the time, to just… disappear. Space. That’s all everyone needed. Just to step back, take a breath, and sort it out when heads were more level. He missed Fish, too.
Oh well. It’s done now. Maybe he could shout dinner for you guys or something.
“Young lady, get your ass in the truck.”
A bark snaps back at him and he chuckles lowly, throwing the last of his things in the bed of the truck before turning to eye the German shepherd sitting next to him, tongue lolling out of her mouth.
“I hear you. Now move it.”
She obeys instantly, and he casts a final look at the small clearing before following her, sliding into the driver’s seat with a low groan. It takes a few hours to get back to somewhere with service, and he eyes his phone with a raised brow as it continuously beeps on the dash, signalling text, after text, with the occasional voicemail thrown in.
“Shit. We’ve been missed, girl.”
He ignores them, Will’s voice echoing in his head like a damned broken record. No phones while driving. Like they haven’t done worse in the past.
The constant shrill of notifications were easily drowned out by his music, and with his playlists blasting through the speakers, the drive felt shorter than what it usually was. He briefly wonders what he’s missed as he drives – no doubt Will would be on his ass the second he walks through his front door to drown him in the current events. He may deny it, but his brother was a damn gossip.
The house is thick with emptiness, the atmosphere stale when he gets home, dust dancing in the air highlighted by the sun shining through the gaps in his closed blinds. Delta runs ahead of him, sniffing along the floor and tail wagging when she picks up on something in the kitchen. He watches with vague interest as he opens his windows, eyes catching the treat left on the counter.
“Has someone left something for you, baby?” He grins. “Angel knows you well. And if that’s there, then that means…” he spins to the fridge, face brightening when his eyes land on the fresh six pack waiting for him. He cracks one instantly, humming lowly. “She got the good shit, too.”
Delta runs to one of her beds when she gets her treat, and he’s left to relish in the softness of his couch while the TV plays reruns of cartoons in the background. It’s not long until his front door is opening.
“Where the fuck have you been?”
His eyes stay closed but his lips twitch in amusement. “Hey bro, nice to see you, too.”
“I’m gonna beat the fucking shit out of you, Benny – what the fuck?”
“Alright, calm down. The fuck have I done now?” He sits up, frowning defensively as Will rounds the couch and swats at the hat on his head. “I told you where I was going!”
“You disappeared, you little shit!”
“Yeah, yeah. Sorry. What have I missed?”
Wills scoffs, eyes pinching shut as he lets himself drop into the armchair. “Well for starters… your favourite couple –”
Benny cuts him off with a harsh snort of amusement, “What – they engaged already?”
He wouldn’t put it past Fish – boy was head over heels and quick to jump the gun with women. And you were just as bad. Yeah, you could keep a cool façade about love and act all ice queen but he knew how much you watched ‘Pride and Prejudice’ like a lovesick idiot.
“They broke up.”
Come again?
Is he having a stroke? What the fuck?
“Excuse me?”
“They broke up, Benny – a couple of days ago. Fish is pretty fucking devastated.”
Benny rolls his eyes. “I leave for a week and the whole place turns to shit. What the fuck happened?”
Will exhales sharply, levelling his brother with a scowl. “Use your imagination.”
The high-pitched squeal had him wincing before his eyes even opened. He blinks blearily at the sudden sunlight streaming through his windows, eyes narrowed at the broad frame standing over him with a bright faced Mena perched lightly on his hip.
“I think you’re done now.” Santi says, thick brow raising.
Frankie grunts quietly, body protesting as he moves to sit on the edge of his bed while his hands rub at the sleep lingering in his eyes.
“I get it, man. I really do – but you’ve got other shit to deal with. You’ve had your moment, felt your pain, now it’s time to get shit done. Isn’t that right?” Santi looks at the little girl, grinning at her pigtails as they bounce with her eager nods.
“Yess! Up papa!”
“You heard your girl – up.”
“Alright, I’m up.” Frankie stands, his cheeks protesting as he smiles at his little girl, arms immediately opening to catch the little body suddenly flying at him. Mena nestles into his hold, face pressing up against his throat as her hands automatically wind around his neck. “Morning baby.” He murmurs against her forehead, smile coming a little easier when she giggles quietly.
Little fingers brush through the unusually long facial hair covering his chin and tugs at it softly. “Yucky.”
“’Yucky’? Thanks, princesa, I’ll take that on board.”
Santi hums as he follows the pair into the kitchen. “She’s right. You look like a –”
“Fuck off.”
The other man gasps playfully, head shaking in mock disapproval. “Papa said a bad word, Mena.”
She taps him sharply on the cheek with a little stern grunt and he whispers a quiet apology in her ear, scowling at his friend while he picks at the breakfast food crowding the benchtop.
“How are you feeling?” Pope questions softly when they each take a seat, Frankie choosing to keep Mena on his lap as she eats from his plate. He could tell his friend was still hurting, still feeling the sting of heartbreak what with it being so fresh.
Frankie shrugs, forcing the words out through a full mouth to hide the rough feeling in his throat. “I’m alright. Shit happens.”
Santi sees through the nonchalance instantly, but decides to leave it, choosing instead to swallow the words calling out the bullshit and eat quietly. He offers a small smile of support which widens when a pair of little wide eyes lined with thick lashes beam at him from across the table.
“You gonna be okay?” He asks it casually, fully prepared to spend another few days in the spare room if he needed to.
“I’m a big boy, Pope.” Frankie snorts quietly, gratefully accepting the strawberry being poked at his lips with a low hum of appreciation. “Thanks, baby. Eat your pancakes.”
Pope leaves shortly after breakfast, and Mena apparently senses that her papa doesn’t have the energy for their usual play. She pulls blanket after blanket from her bedroom and into the lounge, and Frankie doesn’t have the strength to stop her. She creates a comfortable looking nest on the floor before dragging him into it and politely requesting princesses by throwing the remote at him.
Her little body never strayed too far, and he was thankful. She was a calming presence, and unconsciously knew exactly what to do to keep him at peace. Hands comb through his bed knotted hair, applying an assortment of glittery clips and what feels like a tiara. It wasn’t long until she tired of the makeovers and cooking her play food, choosing instead to curl up with him and be lulled into a nap by his fingers softly stroking down her small nose.
He can’t help the small flicker of wonder. What were you doing? How were you doing?
Would it be wrong to text you?
Just to make sure you were okay?
Maybe he shouldn’t.
He shouldn’t have let you walk away. He should’ve run after you, should’ve spoken up, should’ve done something. It’s too fucking late now. Regret fills him and he wants to just fucking lose it at himself. What were you thinking?
Mena shifts in her sleep, and his attention falls back to her and the way she tries to snuggle deeper into his embrace. He welcomes it, the ache in his chest lessening under her sleepy affections.
Maybe this was just how it was meant to be. At least he wasn’t alone.
He hopes you weren’t alone.
What were you thinking?
What was Fish thinking?
How the fuck did everything turn to shit?
A week. A god damn week. That’s all he wanted. Okay, maybe he should’ve told a few more people about where he was going and his plans to just unwind, but fuck. He didn’t expect this.
He realises he had never given you the talk. Sure he had ranted at Fish, warned him about breaking your heart, but he never given you the same spiel and now look – you had broken his best friend’s heart and he couldn’t do a damn thing about it. Or could he?
No. That kind of thinking could come later. He just needs to see Fish, needs to be there for him – if he wanted him to, that is.
Fuck. What if he was still pissed?
Benny wouldn’t blame him. It’d hurt to be turned away, but he’d understand.
He doesn’t even notice the time on the dash when he eventually pulls up to Fish’s house after spending the afternoon bickering with Will, somewhat put off by the fact that no lamplight shines through any cracks in the blinds, but still exiting the truck and cradling the six pack gently as he walks up the porch and to the door.
His knock seems deafening. The street’s far too fucking quiet, still in the dark of night, and maybe it’s a lot fucking later than he had originally thought. Too late to turn back now – he can hear movement behind the door. It opens a slither, and then widens, Frankie frowning drowsily as he tries to focus his eyes.
He grunts, remembering the vivid flash of 2-fucking-something-AM when he heard the knock. “It’s late.”
Still angry, but not hitting him or slamming the door – a win.
Benny shrugs, “For you, maybe. Fuckin’ grandpa.”
Whatever calm agreeableness Benny was trying to win with the gentle tease works. Frankie’s lips twitch, and then he’s sighing, stepping aside and pulling the door away to let the younger Miller walk in. He’s quiet as he follows Benny to the kitchen, nodding his thanks as a beer slides towards him on the counter.
Benny stays silent, and Frankie lets him think as he sips from the chilled bottle, knowing he just needs a second to gather his thoughts. Sure enough, the Miller brother soon clears his throat and shifts on the bar stool.
“Listen, I uh… I heard about what happened. I’m sorry, man. I didn’t mean –”
Frankie sighs, dark eyes falling to the floor. He knew it was coming, knew the conversation would inevitably arise, he just wasn’t expecting it to still sting. You were still fresh in his mind, fresh in his soul – it would take a while to be free of this. He hopes you were doing better, and not stuck in a rut struggling with heartache. You deserve to be free from it.
“I know.”
Of course Benny didn’t mean for this to happen. The kid was kind, an idiot, but a fucking marshmallow – he would never intentionally set out to hurt the people he loves. What happened just… happened. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.
Benny falters, eyes falling to the peeling label on his bottle as he swallows nervously. “Are we… are we good, man?”
If Benjamin fucking Miller could do anything well, it was those fucking eyes. Those eyes could get him out of fucking anything and the asshole knew it. Truth be told, Frankie had forgiven him the second he left after their little disagreement. He had a soft spot for the little prick. He’s human, he makes mistakes. Frankie rolls his own eyes, reaching over to slap the other man softly.
“Of course we are – now stop looking at me like that. You wanna watch something? Seeing as you woke my ‘old’ ass up.”
It’s a long while later, with a stupid old Western playing quietly in the lounge while dawn peaks over the horizon and starts to shine through the blinds, that Benny turns to Fish, both sprawled over the couch with leftover crumbs dotting their chests from early morning snacks.
“I’ll fix this, man. I swear –”
“No.” Frankie smiles, albeit sadly, as his head rolls to look at his friend. No. He had made his peace with it. It still fucking hurt, but it was okay. “Don’t worry about us. Just work on you two. She adores you, Benny. Don’t let that go, man.”
The plant was fucking dying.
It was dying.
How was it dying?
It wasn’t thirsty, wasn’t overwatered. It was in filtered light, as the small label demanded. What the fuck was the tiny little beings’ problem? Google wasn’t helping. It wasn’t giving you any answers. You frown at the small potted plant in the centre of your table, fingers gently trailing over the soft leaves in distress.
Talk to me. What do you need?
Was it you? Was it the air of stuffy heartbreak that had fallen over your apartment in your self-pity and wallowing? Were you making your most treasured baby depressed?
What was he doing? Was he okay?
No. Enough of that.
God you missed him, though. Did he miss you? Did he… did he think about you?
Fuck. Stop it.
Maybe you should send a text… just a little one – just to make sure he’s okay. Your fingers hover over your screen, your eyes taking in the many bubbles of sweet texts you hadn’t gathered the strength to delete yet, and feel a pinch somewhere in your chest, the ever-present pull of regret at the back of your mind.
Breaking it off with Frankie had been a lot fucking harder than you anticipated. You knew you liked him, much more than you should for only dating him a few weeks, and the tightness in your chest only grew with each day that passed. Maybe you had been too rash. 
Your phone vibrating in your hand steals your attention, and your mind swirls with the vivid memories of him still so fucking painfully fresh in your mind.
Leave it to Benny to request a late lunch.
Wait –
Your eyes double check the sender, triple check that it really was him, after so much radio silence. It was definitely his name and contact info, the short lone message stark and outnumbered by the long stream of your texts, each and every one unanswered.
A part of you is angry. Where the fuck has he been? He ups and leaves, disappears for however long, but then sends a text like nothing even happened? He wants lunch?
But you’re mostly relieved, thankful he’s reaching out at all, and apparently open to spending some time with you. You both needed to talk – to air your feelings and sort whatever troubles that had developed during your short time with Frankie. Maybe everything would be okay.
And it’s that thought that fuels you to just leave the house and go straight to where Ben wants to meet, uncaring that you look like a fucking mess.
It’s… different.
Unnaturally awkward.
There’s no hug, no jokes. The air around you both lacks the usual vibrant feeling of playfulness. 
Benny’s unusually quiet, and you struggle to even think of a single sentence to open conversation. You both eat in silence, only speaking politely to the server whenever they stopped by the table, something that had never happened once before in your friendship. Was he still upset with you? Pissed that you had hurt Frankie? A mixture of both?
The longer he stays quiet, seemingly stuck on what to say, the more you start to feel anger build in your chest. Why did you feel so god damn guilty? You weren’t completely at fault here. Sure you might have pushed him aside momentarily for your new relationship, but that didn’t make you the fucking enemy. He could’ve handled it a lot better.
Yes, you were in the wrong, but so was he.
The silence lasts until you walk into the cool air of the parking lot, and then you snap. This is ridiculous.
“Are you serious? You don’t have one fucking thing to say to me?”
There it is. He was wondering how long it would be until you cracked. You looked like you were on the edge of your seat through the entirety of lunch. Too bad he’s not in the fucking mood.
His eyes roll before he can help it. “Don’t start on me –”
“No, I think I will. What’s your problem? Speak. Let’s do this now, before I lose my fucking mind. It’s been too fucking long and I’m done.”
Was it the heartache still curdling away in your chest that had you speaking so furiously? You don’t know. It wasn’t completely intentional, but the more he stood there, staring at you like you were a horrible fucking person… it just had you seeing red, and Benny was quick to jump on the defence.
“What is your problem?”
“I don’t have a fucking problem –”
“Oh please. Let’s be honest with ourselves here, Ben, your problem was that I had someone.”
Confusion melts into his body, mind whirling at your words, and he has to take a moment to process. Where the fuck did that come from? His face twists, a frown deepening between his brows. “What? No –”
“Yes. I wasn’t available to you, and you hated it. I wasn’t at home all the time, I wasn’t free to do whatever the fuck you wanted to do whenever you were bored – I’ve been your last resort for our entire friendship and the second I’m not at your beck and call, you throw a tantrum.”
Okay. So that just happened.
Sure, you thought in on the odd occasion, but you didn’t realise how much it actually hurt until you spoke it aloud. It had always been in the back of your mind, a prod of doubt just always poking in just the right spot, enough to slowly build a soul consuming irritation over it. Why wasn’t he ever available when you wanted to do things? Why did it always have to be you making the effort? Friendships were two-way streets, give and take.
So why was it always you?
He says nothing.
He stands there, eyes angrily darting between yours, saying nothing and it drives you mad.
Was he feeling your rage? Good. This was seemingly a long time coming by the way your chest jumps, your breath catching as you realise the entirety of what you’ve done.
“I had a good thing.” Tears automatically build behind your lids, and you mash your teeth to stop them from falling. “I had a good thing and I lost it.”
“Whoa, hold the fuck up. I never told you to break it off with him so don’t put that on me! You breakin’ it off with him was all you –”
“Yes, because I didn’t want to lose you.”
“Well, I guess that was all for nothin’ then, huh.”
It was a spur of the moment comment. Did he mean it? He doesn’t know. All he knows is that what you’re saying fucking stings.
You falter, panic flaring in your chest as you reach for him. “What? Ben –”
He shakes his head, own heart breaking as he feels the choke of emotion grip his throat. Was that really how you felt? Had he hurt you that much? Why had you never said anything? He had never realised. He had never realised, and that was all him.
“No. Get home safe, angel.”
And then he turning away. He’s turning away, leaving you cold and alone in the parking lot, tears streaming down your face. It hits you then, as you walk back to your car, desperate for some comfort and someone to coo that everything will be okay –
There’s no Frankie, no Benny.
There’s no one.
You watch the rain drops slowly hit your windshield, eyes following the small paths they make along the glass until they all blend in with the other as it slowly increases in heaviness. No one. Just you, in your cold, empty car. No one to call, no one to go to. No one to hold, just… no one.
You had never felt the chill from the rain more.
Tags: @anu-simps @seasonschange-butpeopledont @withasideofmeg @you-got-me-starry-eyed @mouthymandalorianalso @frannyzooey @wyn-dixie @intu-witch-tion @amneris21 @mad-girl-without-a-box @pinguinstudiert @sergeantbannerbarnes @betterthanbucky @kat-r-in @starlightmornings @randomness501 @antisocialthat70sshow @buttercup--bee @sleep-tight1 @spideysimpossiblegirl @greeneyedblondie44 @hope-for-the-best-98​@bunniwarrior @fangirl-316 @acourtofsnakes @leaiorganas @princess76179 @mamacitapascal @redriots @lv7867 @doin-stuff @magpie-to-the-morning @pedritoispunk @lestradeslover @missminkylove @simsiddy @christina-loves @pedro4ever @readsalot73 @dihra-vesa @julesorwhatever @emilykjh @peterhollandkait @sara-alonso @starlightsearches @bookishofalder @empress-palpat1ne @shadowolf993 @rosiefridayrogersunday @canyonmirrors @eoz-stuff @blackonemasie @layniapetrovnaaa @alberta-sunrise @goldielocks2004 @linkpk88 @afootnoteinyourhappiness @livilottie @hailmaryyramliah @kesskirata @blueeyesatnight @a-perfct-stranger @melaniermblt @dragcn-queen @gracie7209 @mrsparknuts @janebby @littlebopper96 @wardenparker @brandyllyn @littlemissoblivious @a-skov @mandorush @stargazingcarol @charnelhouse @mustbeaweasleyginger @sherala007 @absurdthirst @casssiopeia @pedritobalmando @the-witty-pen-name @pintsizemama @clydesducktape @bison-writes @andruxx @missredherring @strawberryperegrine @alwritey-aphrodite @itssmashedavo @asta-lily @rebellou @radioastronaut @klaine-92 @irredeemablecvnt @nakhudanyx​ @elegantduckturtle @rangeofshrimpcolours @dazedrhapsody @lavbeeros @sarahjkl82-blog @misswriter​ @hellovanessax​ @evildxad​ @bitchylittleredhead​ @skvatnavle​ @lorosette​ @januarystears​ @sberumenm​ @thou-creature-of-the-deep​ @carbonated-beverage​ @vghz82​ @ericasabe​ @tintinn16​ @originallaura​ @ericasabe​ @thewintersoldierswife​ @giggly-otter​ @faithkeeper-81​ @retrxbarnes​ @tanzthompson​ - I’m sorry if I’ve missed anyone! I need to triple check my tag lists when I’m not trying to juggle a gazillion things, also a few didn’t want to work, I’m so sorry! x
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If You Love Me Let Me Know [S.B.]
Character: Sirius Black
Word Count: 4050
Requested?: Yes/No
Summary: Y/n decides she isn’t going to wait forever for Sirius to make a move... maybe he needs a nudge in the right direction. In which Sirius gets extremely jealous over the prospect of Y/n going on a date with someone other than himself.
Tags: @gracemayhateyou @criminalyetminimal @lenalxvegood @iprobablyshipit91 @potterverseimagine @slytherineheir @kpopgirlbtssvt @rexorangecouny @awritingtree @hemmoporro @thisismysketchbook @acciotwinz @shadowsinger11 @aaannabbanana @lestersglitterglue @anyasthoughts @lxncelot @harrypotter289 @starlightweasley @slytherinsunrise @valwritesx @hufflrpuffforfred @cappsikle @kiwi-sloan @potter-redheads @pigwidgexn @twinkyjohnson @sarcasticallywitty15 @tyyyweasley @afriendlyneighborhoodhufflepuff @wonderful-writer @marauders-loving-queen @vogueweasley @marvelettesassemble @thisismynerdyself @gcdric @loony-loopy-lupinn @gloryekaterina @tinylumpiaa @girl-next-door-writes @locke-writes @susceptible-but-siriusexual @inkhearthes @sehunasbitch @nkjktk | message or send an ask to be removed! unfortunately, my taglist is closed until further notice due to hitting the max. amount allowed on one post!
A/n: is this me... writing for sirius? oof it’s been a while, huh? anyways this was a fun lil fic, hope you enjoy!!
Tumblr media
+ + + + +
“I just don’t understand how this could happen!” You wailed dramatically as you followed Lily into your potions class, “Why me? Why do bad things always happen to me? I just, I can’t deal with it anymore!”
Lily rolled her eyes good-naturedly at you as you fell gracefully across your shared desk, a hand over your heart as you mocked your heartache.
Your eyes were shut, a proven mistake as you heard your professor’s voice suddenly speak out in front of the class, “Miss Evans, could you please enlighten me with why Miss L/n is laying on the desk in such a fashion?”
You sat up on said desk, eyes wide now and mouth dropping open as you realised the students already in the room were staring at you.
“Someone ate the last piece of toast at breakfast, sir, and she’s being dramatic about it,” Lily replied monotonously as you scrambled to your assigned seat beside her.
“Well, Miss L/n, as much as we’re all devastated you missed out on your... toast... I would thank you to keep your eccentricities outside of my classroom, preferably far away from myself, do I make myself clear?”
The professor narrowed his eyes at you, and for a moment you wondered if he was going to take house points away, or give you detention - insolence, he usually told you off for. And speaking out of turn. Not particularly fair considering you didn’t think you’d said anything that bad half the time.
But then the professor’s attention - and much of the class’ - had moved to the group of Gryffindor boys who had ran into the room, out of breath.
They rushed to their seats, still laughing about something or other, ignoring the scolding of the professor, his requests for them to quieten down and take their seats falling on deaf ears.
Your eyes followed Sirius Black as he made his way to his desk - the one diagonally behind you - his long hair falling into his face, tie undone and shirt untucked, making your heart race as he shot a wink over at you when he noticed you looking.
Turning back down to your work, a smile growing on your face as you traced shapes on your parchment before you with the tip of your finger.
Sirius Black was both the bane of your existence and the love of your life. Dramatic? Perhaps. True? Most likely.
He was obnoxious, loud and extremely cocky. He also flirted with you - a lot. In fact, at a distant glance, you could be mistaken for dating, his arm constantly round your waist, his lips brushing against your ear as he whispered sweet nothings to you.
It wasn’t a secret you fancied him. He knew, Lily knew - practically the whole school knew. However, he never moved to make things official, never asked you out nor mentioned any feelings, and after a year of that, you were beginning to think he just enjoyed your attention, rather than liking you the way you wanted him to.
The lesson began soon after the class quietened, the professor’s voice lulling you into almost falling asleep when suddenly you felt your hair moving around you, making you jolt up and flatten it back down. You frowned as you scanned around the room, your eyes landing on a cheekily grinning Sirius, and suddenly you understood.
“Stop,” You mouthed, still attempting to keep your hair from flying about around you, shaking your head at him.
He shrugged, as if he weren’t doing anything, an amused smile on his face at your constant attempts to keep hold of your hair.
As you turned back to your work, Lily nudged you and raised an eyebrow, shaking your head, “He’s trying to get my attention, I’m not sure what for though-“
“Mr Black!”
You jumped as the professor yelled out his name, eyes widening as you looked over at Sirius, who had a crumpled ball of parchment in his hands and appeared to be mid-throw, James laughing at him from beside him.
The professor grabbed the parchment and shoved it into his cloak pocket, before pointing at the dark haired boy, “10 points from Gryffindor for disrupting the class.”
“And another 10 points for answering back,” the professor added on, his eyes darting around the class before landing on Lily, who was quietly continuing on with writing her notes, “Please change seats with Miss Evans - perhaps separating you from Mr Potter here will force you to concentrate on my class.”
Sirius’ eyes lit up as he realised he was moving to be sat next to you, “Not a problem at all, professor!”
Lily picked up her belongings and headed over to sit besides James, her seat quickly being taken by Sirius, who couldn’t help but grin as he caught your gaze.
The professor resumed his lesson, leaving Sirius free to lean over to look at your work, frowning as he saw all your notes, “As if you’re actually listening to that boring old fart.”
You rolled your eyes and pulled your parchment away from him, “Unlike you I want to pass my exams, even if he is a boring old fart.”
Sirius watched as you wrote, your eyebrows furrowing just a tad in concentration, gripping your quill as you moved elegantly across the page.
“Too bad you didn’t get the chance to read my note,” he spoke casually, watching the professor march up and down at the front of the class.
Curiosity got the better of you and you placed your quill down, “Why, what was on the parchment?”
He shrugged casually, shooting you a lazy grin as he leant back in his chair, “Might’ve been me asking you to come join me at the Black Lake later tonight.”
Your heart sped up and your breath caught in your throat as you turned to face him, bringing your bottom lip between your teeth. After a year of dragging it out, did he finally just ask you out?
“With you? Uh, sure,” you replied in what you hoped was a nonchalant way, hands nearly shaking as you picked your quill back up.
“Great! Should be good, Prongs is bringing Lily, and I’ve already asked Marlene and Dorcas...”
You didn’t hear the rest of his sentence as you felt your heart plummet at his words. You swallowed harshly, staring down at your parchment and willing yourself not to react.
He’d asked other girls too. Of course he wasn’t asking you out. He never was.
The end of the lesson finally arrived and you quickly grabbed your things, not bothering to say goodbye to Sirius, instead heading over to Lily, who linked you as you headed out of the classroom, leaving Sirius and his friends behind.
You were laughing at something she said when you heard your name being called from behind you.
You turned slowly, half expecting to find Sirius, however you instead were met with a rather attractive Ravenclaw - Zachary Bryant, if you recalled correctly - nervously biting his lip as he arrived just before you.
Lily squeezed your arm and whispered an “I’ll meet you in the library” before heading off down the hall, leaving you in the emptying hallway with the brunette boy.
“Zachary, right?”
“Yeah!” He nodded a tad too enthusiastically, almost in excitement over you knowing his name, and you smiled at him warmly.
“How can I help?” You asked with a small shrug.
Zachary opened and closed his mouth a couple of times, as if thinking what to say, as if he didn’t think he’d get this far, before finally speaking, “I was um... well, you’re really rather pretty, and of course smart and funny and- and I was wondering if maybe you’d like to... accompany me to Hogsmeade this weekend?”
He was extremely different to Sirius - a polar opposite in fact, shy, earnest, kind - but maybe that’s what you needed. If Sirius wasn’t going to ask you out any time soon, why not go on dates in the meantime? Zachary was sweet after all, and super cute with his curly dark brown hair and sincere smile.
“Sure!” You replied, making him breathe out in relief.
“That’s amazing! Thank you! I mean- I didn’t expect-“ Zachary stuttered, the tips of his ears turning red in embarrassment.
You laughed, enjoying how flustered he was getting, “Not at all, I’m looking forward to it!”
James slid into the chair beside Lily, pressing a kiss to her forehead before nodding over at you in greeting.
“Abandoned the rest of your entourage?” You asked with a grin and a raised eyebrow, wondering why the usual motley crew weren’t following behind him.
“Couldn’t find ‘em. And Padfoot has the map. Thought I’d find you two in here, so well, here I am,” he gestured to himself with a grin. To be fair, he was right - you and Lily could always be found in the library. Mostly because when you needed to get work done, the place was usually Marauder-free.
“Ahh, so you didn’t want to see me, you just couldn’t find your friends?” Lily asked with a smile, gently nudging him.
He threw an arm round her chair and nodded, “Yeah, that’s right, that.”
You shook your head at him, though couldn’t help but laugh at your best friend’s boyfriend.
“Did you set a day to go?” Lily asked, shaking her head at James and instead continuing your conversation from before he arrived.
“Well Zachary said he’d meet me outside the Great Hall on Saturday afternoon and we’re gonna go to The Three Broomsticks, have a nosy round some of the shops, maybe grab some food. Should be nice!” You grinned at her.
“Wait, you’re going on a date?” James raised an eyebrow, sitting up straighter in his chair and removing his arm from Lily’s in shock, “With Bryant?”
“Yes I am,” you nodded, clearing your throat and looking up at him, finding him narrowing his eyes at you, “Why are you looking at me like that?”
“Babe, you’re Padfoot’s girl, he kinda called dibs,” James shrugged as if it were no big deal, leaning back in his chair and kicking his feet up on the table. Lily nudged his legs, shaking her head at him and he reluctantly moved them back down again.
“What do you mean he ‘called dibs’? I’m a person not the last bloody chocolate biscuit!” You replied indignantly, crossing your arms over your chest and furrowing your eyebrows.
James widened his eyes a little, but continued with making his point. Besides adding the official labels, you and his best friend were... well you were together, right?
“He... well, he always says you’re his girl. Kinda made it extremely clear to the rest of the lads here. Or, well, most of them I guess, besides Whatshisface who’s asked you. You’re off limits to everyone else, unless they want a very angry Black to come after them,” he said it so casually, like it was common knowledge.
“Sirius Black, despite whatever he may have claimed, has never asked me out, nor made a move. As far as I’ve been made aware, he has no feelings towards me, none that he’s mentioned anyways, and that is why I have agreed to go on a date this weekend with Zachary,” you replied adamantly, anger seeping into your voice.
Lily reached out and grabbed the hand closest to her, giving it a squeeze. You offered her a small smile, before sighing.
“Look, I keep waiting for him to make a move... but if I’m waiting on him, I could be waiting forever. I don’t have forever. Zachary wants to date me now and, sometimes, a definite now is easier than a maybe later,” you shrugged, “Sirius... he knows how I feel about him. Everyone knows how I feel about him. I’ve made it clear. Very clear, in fact. He’s not done anything about it, which only makes me think he’s not really interested enough in making us more. I can’t just turn down other guys that are.”
You sighed, collecting your belongings from the table and shoving them into your bag. With a half-smile shot in James and Lily’s direction, you bid them goodbye, heading out of the library doors.
“You’re going on a date with bloody Bryant?”
You looked up from your place on the couch in front of the fire, where you were busy reading a book your mother had just sent you by owl, to find an angry Sirius, fists clenched, eyebrows furrowed as he practically glared down at you.
“Yes? Yes I am,” you replied simply, before looking down at your book, though you were no longer focused on reading.
Sirius collapsed on the couch across from you, elbows resting on his knees as he stared at you, not saying a word.
You sighed, closing the book slowly and placing it carefully beside you, “Can I help you?”
“Why would you choose Bryant? Of all people. He’s-“
“He’s sweet, he’s smart, and more than that, he actually asked me out. And I’m looking forward to going. Unless you can think of anyone else I should be going to Hogsmeade with?” You asked casually, yet pointedly, staring at him expectedly as he fumbled with his fingers, mouth gaping as if he didn’t know what to say.
“N-No... you should go. I’m sure Bryant will be a great date. Quiet, meek Bryant,” Sirius spat his name out as if it were poison, a snarl set on his features. He wasn’t happy, very obviously in fact, but since he didn’t say anything to make you not want to go on your date, you nodded.
“Well, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a book to read,” you faked a smile and grabbed your book, opening it to a random page and pretending to read, ignoring Sirius’ presence.
He had ample opportunity to stop you going, ample time to have you to himself.
Too bad that he didn’t take it - that he never took it.
Saturday arrived quickly, and you were looking forward to meeting up with Zachary. Lily had helped you choose the perfect outfit, and you’d spent slightly more time than usual doing your hair and makeup. You took a last look in the mirror before grabbing your bag and lipgloss, and exiting the door.
You headed down the stairs from your dorm, dressed and ready for your date, feeling nervous yet excited.
The common room was empty bar Sirius, who was sat on the couch nearest the door, and a couple of first years. You felt your heart beat a little faster as you took in the sight of him - black jeans, black t shirt, hair messy from the amount of times he’d ran his hand through it.
He stood up as his gaze caught yours and you smiled a little at him, mouth opening as if you were going to say something, before closing it again when you realised you didn’t know what to say.
“You’re still going on the date?” Sirius asked softly, hands clasped behind his back as he rocked back on his heels.
You smiled at him, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear as you replied, “I have no reason not to... do I?”
Perhaps it was foolish of you, to hope he would say yes. That you shouldn’t go because he didn’t want you to, because he wanted to be the one to take you on a date instead.
Sirius shoved his hands into his pockets and shook his head at you, though his mind was screaming at him to tell you to stay - with him.
“Have fun.”
You pressed your lips together and nodded, “Thank you, I will.”
With that, you turned on your heel and headed out of the common room, feeling like you wanted to cry out of frustration. You would’ve stayed in a heartbeat for him.
Sirius watched you walk away, staring at the door even after you’d long disappeared out of sight, before sighing angrily. He shook his head at himself, disappointed that he didn’t say anything, questions swirling around his mind.
Would you have stayed if he’d asked you to? Or would you have left him anyway?
He collapsed onto one of the empty nearby couches, letting out a loud, frustrated groan into a pillow and receiving a couple of looks from the first years, though he didn’t pay them any notice.
It was his fault, he knew, that he was feeling like this. Because he hadn’t said anything - because he never said anything. You’d given him the chance, and plenty of opportunity and he hadn’t taken it. From fear or something else, he wasn’t sure.
He stayed laying on the couch, face buried in the pillow, thoughts of you and this Bryant kid plaguing him. Would you kiss him whilst on your date? Sirius grimaced at the idea - he hoped not.
Time passed slowly, at least, in his mind, feeling like hours had passed by the time his friends arrived in the common room to join him, though at most it could’ve only been around half an hour.
He was pouting, arms crossed as he slouched in the armchair he’d moved to, grumbling things to himself every so often and completely ignoring half the things his friends were saying, not replying to James’ jokes or Remus’ witty remarks, and barely glancing at Peter when he offered out some of the sweets he’d picked up in Hogsmeade earlier in the day.
“Alright, what’s up with you, Padfoot?” James rolled his eyes, fed up of the lack of responses from his usual partner in crime.
“Nothing, I’m fine,” Sirius mumbled, though anyone could see from one glance that he was not, in fact, fine.
“He’s mad because his girlfriend is currently on a date with someone else,” Remus said with an almost smug smile, half enjoying how grumpy and jealous his friend was being over the girl he should’ve asked out a long time ago.
Sirius shot a glare over at him, “She’s not my girlfriend.”
“But you want to her to be, don’t you?” James grinned, moving to lie down across the couch he was on, arms resting behind his head.
“Yes... no... I don’t know!” Sirius sighed, sitting up and hugging a pillow to his chest, “I don’t know what I want, I just know I like her and I don’t want her out with anyone else. But I don’t know if I want a relationship.”
“Well... you couldn’t really expect her to wait around for you to make a decision on this, could you?” James said pointedly, nodding over to him, “As she said to me and Lily, she’s waited long enough. You’ve been stringing her along for over a year now. Either date the girl or let her date someone else.”
Sirius frowned at that. He wanted you more than anything, but was afraid he might hurt you accidentally, or let you down. What if he said something he didn’t mean and upset you? He couldn’t handle that. It was better to keep you as a friend, right? One that he flirted with a lot.
He sighed to himself, bringing his knees up to rest his chin on them. He wanted to be with you, all of his doubts be damned. Friends don’t wanna snog their other friend against a wall do they?
And that’s what Sirius wanted to do to you.
James words bounced around his head as he paced up and down the room later in the evening. His friends had retired to their dorm room, leaving him alone to wait up for you - you still weren’t back from your date and it was nearing curfew.
He pulled his bottom lip between his teeth as he paced, ideas of what you could be doing making his hands curl into fists and his heart pound.
Why didn’t he just stop you from going?
Why didn’t he just tell you how much he like you?
He looked up immediately, eyes widening as he watched you enter the common room through the portrait door, a concerned look on your face as you watched his frantic pacing.
All thoughts of what he wanted to say left his head, all he could do was stare at you blankly, glad you were back, and hoping your date didn’t go well.
“What are you doing still up?” You asked, your eyes taking in his dishevelled appearance, “Were you- were you waiting for me?”
Sirius swallowed, wondering how to answer, before words began tumbling from his lips, unable to stop himself, “Um... uh, yeah. Yeah I was. I’ve been waiting for you ever since you left. I shouldn’t have let you go on the date, I didn’t want you to go. I was just too much of a coward to say anything at the time. But I kept thinking about... what if he kissed you? Or touched you? I didn’t like those thoughts. So yeah, I’ve been waiting here like you’ve been waiting for me because I’m an idiot and didn’t do anything to show you how I feel.”
Your heart was racing. You’d wanted to hear those words for over a year now, waiting through flirty conversations and near-kisses, hoping he’d give a sign he wanted to be with you.
“And how do you feel, Sirius?” You asked tentatively, dropping your gaze to your feet.
“I love you. I’m in love with you. And I’m sorry for not telling you sooner. I should’ve- I should’ve. And I don’t know if your date went well, or if you’re planning on going out again, but if you still feel anything for me, please don’t. Just... be with me instead.”
He ran a hand through his hair, swallowing again and he stood in silence before you. He’d finally said it - admitted to you that he loved you. His heart was pounding, waiting for your response.
“I’ve waited and waited and you never said or did anything. Why now?”
“Because I’ve realised that anyone could come along and take you from me and I don’t want that,” he admitted, his voice dropping to barely a whisper, “I wanna be the one that takes you on dates. That kisses you and touches you. Please let me be that guy. Please.”
You stared at him for a couple of seconds, shaking your head, then broke out in a smile and stepped towards him, “It’s a good job my date was just mediocre then, huh?”
His eyes shone as he stared at you, disbelief and relief running across his face as he watched you walk closer to him, stopping just in front of him.
“You know I love you Sirius. If I’d have known all it would take was going on a date with another guy to make you admit your feelings, I would’ve done it a whole lot sooner,” you grinned.
Sirius hesitantly reached out to grab your waist, pulling you gently towards his chest and holding you there for a moment, as if he couldn’t believe he had you in his arms.
He looked at you, eyes darting across your face, taking in your features as the corner of his mouth curled up into a smile, “Does this mean I can kiss you?”
“Yes,” you nodded, the word barely escaping before his lips were on yours, pulling you into a desperate kiss, one you’d waited a year to feel, pouring all the feelings he’d kept hidden into the kiss, as you ran your hand through his dark locks.
“Guess you’ve got official dibs on me now, huh?” You laughed as you pulled away a little, Sirius still chasing your lips, “Guess I really am your girl.”
“Damn right, and I’ll make sure everyone knows it. Especially that git who took you out. You’re mine,” his grip tightened on your hips as he rested his forehead against yours, smiling at you lovingly.
It may have taken him a year, but he was finally yours, and you were his. And as he pressed his lips to yours again, you smiled into the kiss.
This was definitely worth the wait.
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alluringjae · 5 months ago
queen of hearts - sjn
Tumblr media
summary: for the first time, one of your star students hasn’t been fetched right after class. but when she finally does, you weren’t expecting such a fine man to be her father.
pairing: johnny x female reader
word count: 5.5k
genre: fluff, romance, comedy | ceo and single dad!johnny + ballerina!reader + modern day!au
warnings: mentions of an absent parent, johnny being an overthinker, sexual innuendos (ten saying dilf hehe), slight explicit language, technical terms of ballet, a mini reference to mean girls
author’s note: sooo i came in touch with my former dance life, which led me to write this. there are links for the variations i used; their names are underlined when they’re mentioned. i am going to get technical with ballet terms here (even when my ballet knowledge decreased), so to any dancers reading, i really did my best, so please don’t come for me or do correct me for any mistakes.
although one character and her dance background, plus the name of the setting, are real, everything else about it is still a work of fiction.
i miss dancing, no cap.
leave me some feedback, constructive criticism or hellos!
Tumblr media
Ballet student and teacher by day, a soloist of the Korean National Ballet at night.
This was your daily routine, and it wasn’t the typical 8-5. But it’s debatable whether or not it was worse, because you’re always going overtime. That’s the thing when you’re an overachiever. Nonetheless, you loved what you do. It’s the lifestyle you gradually built since your preschool days.
Mornings on the weekdays were mostly vacant since all the kids were still in school. You’d start at 10 am for a warm-up class for the company. Before you delved into teaching and assisting, you’d train right after your lunch break. Partnering class, en pointe class, 1-on-1 sessions with choreographers, self-practice, then the company night class, that’s the organization of your week.
Now adding the teacher title, you mostly handled kindergartners to 5th graders in the academy aspect of the company. Your first teaching class would start at 1 pm. It’s when the younger students who finished their morning classes zoom into your assigned dance studio. One class would last an hour and a half, then you have a 30-minute break in between another class with the older kids. Their lesson repertoire was more strenuous due to the added across-the-floor lessons and jumps. Water was always your best friend, water refilling stations located everywhere in the company building.
You wouldn’t say you’re a strict teacher, but you weren’t shy to correct anyone from wherever you stood. You’d lightly align their arms or back properly so your students were working on the correct body parts. Compared to the other teachers, a lot of students enjoyed your kind yet frank approaches. Your former students, who’ve already gone to the higher levels, missed your lively presence and wished repeatedly that they want you back as their teacher.
“Teacher (Y/N), I miss you so much! Teacher Ten is so intense. I get the jitters especially when we’re en pointe on the floor.”
“Teacher (Y/N), Teacher Sicheng and Teacher Seulgi scare the heck out of me during partnering class. Especially when I tried to lift my partner, I keep losing focus because of Teacher Sicheng’s never-ending comments!”
Not to be sadistic, but you’d simply laugh at their minuscule complaints. Even if they’re struggling in the academy, those comments were directed to fix their techniques if they wanted to breakthrough.
“Kids, you’re going to be fine! They wouldn’t say or do those things just because they wanted to. They’re here to push you to the next level, like how I used to do with you. It’s a cut-throat industry after all.”
This was always your reply, bittersweet and truthful. Not everyone makes it, unfortunately, so if you’re really striving, you’d do whatever it takes. Throughout your career, you’re relatively impressed with how far you’ve come.
Trainee at 17, Corps de Ballet at 18, Demi-Soloist at 21, and Soloist at 23.
You’ve been a soloist for 4 years. The final stage, which was to become a principal dancer, is your running goal. Becoming a soloist was praiseworthy enough because you’ve seen so many give up in the Corps, but claiming a spot as a principal dancer has been the ultimate dream. Since you’ve watched Swan Lake for the first time at 4 years old with your parents, that’s where you found a passion for dancing and the stage. Here you are years later, practicing numerous variations daily, performing in opera houses, and mentoring all these gifted kids.
Your last class with elementary kids, which began around 5 pm, reached its end once all the students curtsied in front of you and scurried to their mothers or their nannies. The remaining plan on your agenda today was the company class at 7:30 pm, which exceeds the average hour and a half. It’s worse during show season. There have been times everyone went beyond midnight to polish every scene from head to toe.
Currently, there’s no upcoming show for the public, though the annual summer recital for the students was around the corner. Selected members of the company were chosen to perform individually in it, which was both exciting and intense. It’s also because it’s an evaluation on whether you’d get promoted in status or staying put. You’ve partaken in 3 recitals in the past, two of which elevated you from the corps and demi-soloist ranks. The recent one, however, didn’t change your soloist ranking.
It was a major first in your career in ballet, and after finding out the result of the latter, it emotionally pained you. Recalling how much soul you put into that piece, the rejection from your artistic director clenched your heart. Though in time, you moved on from it and viewed it as a stepping stone. Also, Sicheng and Ten personally stormed your apartment to pull yourself together with wine and pizza after going on a short leave.
Since you were trainees, Sicheng and Ten were your best friends in and outside the company. Working daily to occasional barhopping, that’s your youth summed up. It wasn’t because you didn’t like the girls you’ve worked with (though a lot of them were fake and bitchy), but these two were frank and humorous as hell. Together, you’d help each other with your goals rather than be competitive. Over time, Ten leveled up to a principal dancer for 2 years running while you and Sicheng were still soloists. The way you’d watch Ten take all the big roles, that’s where you want to be one day.
Back in your last teaching class, the entire dance room was vacant. Since it’s mainly used for ballet classes, you’d either run through anything you’ve practiced from the company classes and polish it or warm up a little bit more.
Except for today, this was the only free time to sew a new pair of pointe shoes because your current ones were dead. Dead in a sense that the hard shell turned soft, which won’t be able to support you when you’re up on your toes. You’re not taking any risks of minor injuries especially when you’re in the current lineup of company members performing for this upcoming recital again. You have to prove to everyone that you deserve a position as a principal dancer.
As your legs sprawled in a half middle split, your sewing equipment laid in front of you like you’re about to perform surgery, a tiny girl stood by the ajar studio doors. In her neat bun and holding on to her small duffel bag, you’re convinced everyone has gone home already since it’s quite late.
You may have your priorities as a company member, but she was still your student.
“Minji!” You shouted her name, speedily waving your hand. You’re not one to have favorites, though you couldn’t help wonder how extraordinary she was. She’s always taking charge in demonstrating the lessons to everyone and improving every session in the 3 years she’s joined the academy. “Come in! Come in!”
At age 7, she’s gotten taller through the years, above the average from how you see it. She must have amazing genetics. Her legs sauntered in seconds to you. Sitting down across you, she marveled at your setup. Specifically, at the fresh pointe shoes.
“Are those yours, Teacher (Y/N)?” She perked up, caressing its soft fabric and playing with the mini bows of the drawstrings.
“Yes, it is, Minji!” You answered while trying to insert the thin thread through the small eye of the needle. “Why are you still here? Is your nanny stuck in traffic or something?”
“My nanny went on sudden leave, so my dad’s the one fetching me. But I think he’s running late from his job.”
Oh, this was a first to know about her father. In all the years she’s been your student, you rarely caught sight of him, even in recitals. Maybe he sat in an unknown section, but you’re pretty much acquainted with all the parents of your students. Even if some were snobbier than the rest because they wanted their child to have more stage time, you still got to know them out of respect. Quite odd, if you said so yourself.
After deep concentration, the thread triumphantly passed through the eye so you tied the two ends of the thread in a double knot. Seeing as Minji attentively watched you, you tasked her to cut the ribbons of your shoes according to the trail of pencil marks. This was so she wouldn’t cut it too short or too long. While she did that, you hammered your shoes against the floor to soften the hard front, bending the shank back and forth so the arch of your feet could move without difficulty later.
Minji wasn’t expecting such loud sounds, her entire body shaken awake. Her facial expression was priceless, explaining to her, “Once you get your first pointe shoes in a few years, this is one of the basic things you need to do so your feet won’t hurt too much while dancing.”
“Will you be there to teach me how to make my pointe shoes?”
“Absolutely! Come to me first then I’ll mentor you all that I know.”
The process of sewing and breaking new pointe shoes engraved your mind since your adolescent years, with changes along the way. Inspired by some tricks from your former teachers, but there were some differing rituals you followed. There’s no definite process of it, just as long you’re comfortable to dance after.
With your feet, you stepped on the hard boxes of the shoes to soften it more, creating a popping sound. Followed by sewing your elastic bands in. For your ribbons, you liked to burn the edges with a lighter so the thread of it won’t run. Kindly asking your cute assistant for the lighter beside her, you scanned the edges back and forth the flame. In seconds, the edges had a distinct mark, fully closed. From there, you slid your feet to your shoes to make final sewing adjustments. Sewing your ribbons took you another few minutes, plus adding superglue inside the shoe so the shoe won’t collapse when it unstiffens and scratching the shank with a cutter so you won’t slip later while dancing.
Voila, the final product is done! Hopefully, it can last you a week at least.
“Wow, Teacher (Y/N), it looks pretty!” Minji applauded, collecting the mess you’ve both made to dispose of later. You, on the other hand, gave her your thanks once you applied some bandages on your big toes and put on your toe pads. Slipping inside the shoes and tying them, you rose up back to your feet and headed to the bar to break them in. From plies-relevésto forced arches, the shoes gave you the sensation that they were an extension of your feet. The ease flowed through, meaning you were ready to practice your variations.
While you stepped your shoes in rosin for friction, your curious student moved to the front where the mirror lied to watch what you’ve prepared.
“What variation are you dancing to?”
“This is the Gamzatti variation from La Bayadere.” You replied, tapping the play button on your phone and racing to your position on the side. Talking a short ballet walk, you strongly prepared your arms before the music of the orchestra takes off.
This variation consisted of a lot of jumps and turns. Grand jetés, attitude turns, chaîné turns, you needed a lot of core control and proper spotting so you won’t get dizzy. The thrilling music lessened your nerves because you enjoyed learning this piece from one of the principal dancers, smiling and letting the music guide your legs. Once you nailed 3 consecutive grand jetés, the variation ended with a sus-sous and the wrists of your hands flicking upwards.
Holding it for 5 more seconds, you landed back on your feet with heavy breathing and a need for water. But before you could, small claps and cheers from Minji in front erupted. Momentarily, you’ve forgotten her presence because dancing solo puts you in your own space. You’d never let anyone take you away from it.
“Teacher (Y/N), that was wonderful! Are you performing that in the summer recital?”
Yikes, she’s right but she wasn’t meant to see it yet. Solo performances from the company members for the recital were top secret, only unveiled during the production rehearsal. Well, you didn’t think this through, but you didn’t mind.
“Can you keep a secret?”
Time ticked a lot faster today, only 10 minutes left until the company class on the ground floor whereas you were in the second. Just a few steps down the stairs away, yet Minji was still here. You only presumed that within your hour break, her father could’ve made it already. But maybe he’s stuck in traffic or at work.
“Minji, my class starts soon. Have you contacted your father?”
“I already texted him earlier, but he hasn’t responded. This happens often, he’s a busy man.” She bowed in front of you suddenly. “I’m sorry, Teacher (Y/N) for the hassle.”
“Oh no, please!” You shook your hands so she’d stop. Because this situation was relatively new, you were unsure of how to handle it. Or that was until you remembered what Ten texted you earlier. “Minji, the blinds of the main studio are going to be lifted so anyone from the outside can view us practicing. Would you like to watch until your dad gets here?”
With her insistent nodding, she situated herself in one of the seats in the front row. When you entered the main studio, your two close companions already carried a metal barre to the center and leaned towards it while observing you walking to them in your flat shoes.
“I see we have a bit of an audience here.” Ten glimpsed at the young girl, astonished by the many dancers prepping and chatting away with their cliques from the glass barrier.
“Her dad isn’t here yet, and you did say the blinds were up today. Might as well give her a show while she waits, you know.” You lifted your right leg to the top barre, stretching it with your arms.
“Hmmm, shouldn’t her dad be more cautious though? It’s getting late and it’s a Thursday. Doesn’t she have school or something?” Sicheng pointed out, discarding his muscle tee to straighten out his leotard.
“That’s not my business though. She’s just my student, and since she’s still here, I have to entertain her while she waits.”
Before your friends said anything back, the artistic director of the ballet company strutted her way to the center of the room. It’s a common rule here that once she entered, everyone must be silent to listen and race to any free spot in the numerous barres spread out if they haven’t.
“Alright, everyone. We’ll do the typical barre, then before doing across the floor exercises, I’ll be requesting those performing solos already in the recital to dance any variation tonight as another evaluation on who deserves to perform twice.” She eyed the pianist directly beside her. “Proceed first with two demi-pliés then one grand plié. Don’t forget to do the port de bras of each position.”
As the live piano music played, your focus was divided. Partly properly executing the exercise while your artistic director roamed each barre area, partly thinking about what variation to perform. This was a first for the company, and everyone was just stunned to hear the breaking news. It’d be nice to get an extra opportunity to showcase to people your potential.
30-40 minutes flew by quickly. As the guys carried the bars to the side to clear out the floor and the girls changed to their pointe shoes, the artistic director ordered all the performers of the recitals to stand in a line in front of her. Everyone else was seated around the room, so the interested eyes of everyone were on you. There were 10 performers, half are from the corps and the other half are either demi-soloists or soloists. You and Sicheng stood beside each other, internally shaking with nerves under the intimidating eyes of the artistic director. She used to be a principal dancer for the Stuttgart Ballet in Germany before moving back to Seoul, making her undeniably capable of leading all of you.
“Okay,” From her seated position observing the 10 performers, her finger pointed at you directly. “Ms. (Y/L/N) (Y/N), you perform first.”
Your nerves intensified and more sweat streamed out your upper body. Even if going first felt more relieving, no one was ever brave enough to perform individually in front of the esteemed artistic director. Principal dancers aside from Ten that you’re close with were intimidated when they have 1-on-1 or partnering sessions with her. But anyhow, in less than 2 minutes, you’d be done. This wasn’t the first time she’s had your full attention either, so you’ll treat it like the other individual performances you’ve had.
You smiled to yourself when the other soloists left you alone, while you gave the name of the variation you’re dancing to the pianist. Running to the side to put on a practice tutu, the artistic director asked, “What will you be dancing for us tonight, (Y/N)?”
“I’ll be dancing Queen of the Dryads from Don Quixote.”
The last time you did this variation was 3 years ago during the recital that didn’t change your position as a soloist. Even if this variation hurt to think about for a while, it was still one of your favorites to watch and do. Moving on, you could only muse how powerful and beautiful you felt at that time. This isn’t an easy piece to perform in your opinion. Yet according to the members of the company, this was their favorite solo of yours.
As the starting notes unfolded, you took a deep breath and elegantly walked into the frame. You only wished you wore your fake crown again for this. Minimal smiling and light arms, you imagined yourself as an actual queen who captured the eyes of many. In this case, your fellow seniors and juniors held their breaths at the captivating sight of you.
Off you go into a series of glissade jeté developpé on relevé at elevating heights, then a fouetté arabesque and another arabesque on relevé before ballet walking again to the side to dance across the stage. Sissonne to the front, right developpé to the front on relevé, pique to prepare for a single pirouette, you gracefully did a chassé to the front twice and stood on your toes with a sus-sous.
Doing it a few more times, the climax of the entire variation was nearing. Returning to the center, you took another deep breath and lifted your left leg for the Italian fouettés. Spotting to the front and back while maintaining your balance, the variation approached its end with lame duck turns, posing with your arms were positioned at a 45-degree angle, your back slightly arched and your left leg doing a tendu derriére. Your eyes reflected at the mirror in front, surveying your alignment. Once your 5-second hold was finished, you properly put your arms down and closed your back leg into 5th position.
The applause from everyone in the room roared, Ten and Sicheng wolf-whistling even for more support. It’s a usual thing every time any of you perform individually, and no one minded it. The artistic director grinned, giving a quiet clap from the front before calling out the next performer, who was from the corps. Bowing to everyone hastily, you paid more attention to spot your student by the window. She was smiling ear to ear, waving both hands at you.
“You did amazing, Teacher!” She mouthed. Hearing words of praise from members was one thing, but hearing them from students was another. You’re so used to watching them and giving them your compliments that you often forget that you’re a dancer first before a teacher. Seeing them all delighted, saying that it motivates them more, showed that you’re doing a great job teaching them. You’re a reflection of what you pass down, and all you want was for them to be the best they could be.
From her jolly expression, a tall masculine silhouette hovered a part of the window. Her instinct of giving a brighter smile when the hand of said silhouette patted her head then carried her duffel bag again, that could only mean one thing. Excusing yourself to the artistic director, you stepped out to bid your goodbye and maybe meet her father. Minji and the tall man were about to leave the building if it weren’t for your breathy voice calling them out.
“Seo Minji and Mr. Seo?”
They stopped their tracks. Minji was fast to react, familiar with your voice and racing towards you for a sweaty hug. Meanwhile, your focus shifted once the masculine silhouette came into full view. You finally understood why Minji’s growth spurt spiked up, noticing that he was taller than Sicheng.
The top buttons of his shirt were off, yet he kept his formal blazer on. His hair was a bit tousled, some strands falling in front of his forehead. He must’ve run here. Peeking through were some roots of his scruff growing. His eyebags were almost as dark as his brown hair. Yet by the way his Rolex remained spotless, you blatantly assumed that he was more than well-off. Especially when the ballet academy was one of the most prestigious ones in Seoul.
Out of all the parents you’ve met, none of them appeared youthful like him.
“Teacher (Y/N)?” Thanks to Minji, you moved your staring eyes away from him. This was another first, since meeting only the fathers of your students wasn’t your norm. Meeting young-looking fathers, to be specific.
“O-Oh,” You ate your words, suddenly blanking out. “You’re leaving me without saying goodbye, Minji? Not polite of you.”
“My father was rushing right after watching your performance, and I don’t know why.” She responded, her finger scratching the top of her head in confusion. Speaking of said father, his strong presence appeared right in front of you. The wrinkles of his forehead creased while his eyes barely looked at yours.
“Uhm,” His fingers toyed with his Rolex. “I apologize for my tardiness. I got caught up in work and all, plus her nanny le-”
“Mr. Seo.” You halted his rambling, already aware of the situation. Like father, like daughter. “It’s fine. Minji loved watching us practice while waiting, and she wasn’t a bother either. You have nothing to worry about.”
“Phew.” He swiped an imaginative bead of sweat from his forehead, displaying his relief with his playful nature.
At age 23, Johnny Seo started his own company in the fashion scene and it grew internationally in the coming years. Then when Minji unexpectedly joined the picture, he’s been multi-tasking to make ends meet. Lately, as a CEO, he has had meetings and conferences on a daily. So, his position as a single father was always tested. It worsened when he rarely has proper time to spend any time with Minji unless it’s the weekend or late in the evening. Breaking it down, it wasn’t because he didn’t want to meet you. It was more like he couldn’t when his schedules were packed from head to toe.
Having the guilt of taking your precious time, “Seriously though, I am sorry for being late. Her nanny resigned suddenly, and I have no time to find her replacement.”
“Mr. Seo, again, don’t worry about it. As her teacher and a company member, I am practically here 24/7 so it won’t be a nuisance at all if this happens again.”
“Thank you so much, Teacher (Y/N). That is your name, right?” He planted his palm on his forehead, stressed. “Being a single parent is hard. I am always forgetting things.”
A part of you couldn’t restrain from feeling sorry for his struggle. Taking care of a child should be the work of both the mother and father, not one of them being absent. You’ve feared this would harm Minji, but she’s a strong girl.
“The fact you didn’t forget to fetch Minji despite the late time is still something to be happy over. I’m not a parent or anything, but parenting, in general, is a challenge.” You added an insight, patting the head of the young girl beside you. “Cut yourself some slack, Mr. Seo. I’m sure Minji still loves you, right?”
Minji shouted a big yes, now clinging to the leg of her father. “It’s okay, dad. Really.”
Over the years, Johnny has been doubtful of his parenting skills. He was an only child, and he struggled to ask for guidance from his own parents due to the shame of having a kid at a young age. So, he’d ask for help from his other friends and co-workers. No matter how many times they’ve reassured him that he’s doing well, he’s an overthinker who always reflected on the bad scenarios. There’s also that pressure to find someone who can fill that absent position not just for Minji, but for himself too. No matter how many girls he’s asked out or been set up with, he failed in the love department badly.
It’s the soothing way you voiced out your truth that made all these negative thoughts running through his head freeze briefly. Over the past 3 years since Minji started ballet, she always had a great story about you to share. One of them was how ballet made her a lot happier because of your influence. If he had at least an hour of his day to meet any of his daughter’s mentors, it would’ve been you.
“Do feel free to call me Johnny instead.” He casually introduced himself, taking his hand out for you to shake. “Mr. Seo makes me feel like I’m at work right now.”
Despite his informal approach, you understood his intentions and returned the action with a promising smile. “Pleasure to finally meet you, Johnny.”
“Pleasure is all mine, Teacher (Y/N).”
Earlier, the nerves from performing in front of the artistic director died down fast. But for some reason, they rose back up when you’ve spoken to this man in a matter of minutes. As someone whose feelings don’t flourish in a single glance, why did this man specifically deliver you such a strong effect?
If it weren’t for Ten calling for your name by the door, you would’ve held on to Johnny’s hand longer, which would’ve been inappropriate. Letting go first, this was your cue to return to your class.
“I must head back inside, Johnny. Don’t sweat on fetching your daughter late, though she is still a student with school the following day. Right, Minji?”
Minji nodded as Johnny kept that mind, knowing where he has to improve next.  “Yes, Teacher (Y/N). Thank you again, sincerely. I’ll definitely see you again in the coming days until Minji has a new nanny.”
“That’s no problem with me at all, Johnny.”
Soon as Johnny held his daughter’s hand to exit the studio and you were re-entering the studio with an impatient Ten, he swerved swiftly as if he forgot something.
“Oh by the way Teacher (Y/N), I saw your whole performance awhile ago. I was blown away, you deserved the applause.”
Although you could only distinguish his silhouette, you didn’t suppose he watched you from head to toe. Most parents or nannies would’ve dragged their kids out of the studio once they find them like they were on a tight schedule, so this was novel to experience. That performance showed your prime too.
“Thank you, Johnny. See you again soon.”
Giving a final nod, you led yourself back to the studio, not bothering to acknowledge the erupting heat on your cheeks and entire body. Not to sound narcissistic, but compliments weren’t foreign to you. You’re conscious of the hard work that you put in your talent and if they pointed out your greatness, why would you deny it? However, receiving one from Johnny was like gearing your engine with new fuel.
Before you could try to reject these harboring feelings, Ten was fast to pick up on it. You cannot hide anything from this man at all because body language was like another language he’s fluent in (aside from the other 5). Unlucky for you, the saga continued.
“You’re so into dilfs, (Y/N)!” He shrieked in your ear, nudging your shoulder repetitively. He placed things in his own way, yet they always shocked you because it was so inappropriate. Typical Ten for you.
“Shut up, Ten!” You objected, watching the other performers. You’ve improved in ignoring his remarks over time. That was until Sicheng sat down beside you after his solo and got up in your business. That placed you in the middle of boys from the water sign clan of astrology. They just loved getting down to your love life, going raunchy and whatnot.
“Who’s into dilfs, Ten?”
“A Miss (Y/N) beside you, who met Minji’s dad awhile ago, was basically eye-fucking him.” Ten elaborated, planting his elbows on your leg and gave you a sneaky glare. “Minji’s dad is fine as fuck, guys! I’m telling you, like a literal god! I’m surprised this is the first time he showed up here after 2-3 years?”
“How come (Y/N) is always getting students with good-looking parents? Especially the single moms.” Sicheng slumped his shoulders, attempting to get your attention too. “Is he that hot, (Y/N)?”
“Yah.” Sighing with annoyance, you’ve given up trying to appreciate one of the corps dancers with her rendition of Dulcinea from Don Quixote. “Don’t speak of Johnny like that. You barely know the man, yet you talk about him so unprofessionally."
“Oh, Johnny is his name, huh?” Sicheng sing-songed, bobbing his head. He’s certainly going to stalk him later on social media, you felt it in your chest. Like it was ESPN or something.
“Talking about being unprofessional, yet you’re here referring him as Johnny, not Mr. Seo.” Ten barked back, his lips pursed and one eyebrow lifted.
Just as soon as you could retaliate, the artistic director’s velvety voice boomed the room.
“Alright, thank you to the performers. I will deliberate with the staff and principal dancers over the weekend, and let you know the results on Monday. Now please, let’s proceed to the center.”
Everyone began to spread out on the wide floor, snatching a good position so they could monitor themselves in the mirror. Maybe you’ll defend yourself later after class because now, you needed to beat everyone else and have a crystal-clear view of yourself doing these following exercises.
In the meantime, Johnny was in the middle of driving Minji home. He had a designated chauffeur, but he gave him the night off because he wanted to spend time with Minji. Around this time, she’d be sleeping soundly, but instead, she’s boosting with so much life. She hasn’t even eaten dinner yet, which was the first thing on Johnny’s agenda now.
Playing Coldplay in the car, Minji belted some lyrics from her favorite songs while Johnny smiled to himself while listening to her attentively. Taking a breath, her thoughts reverted to her fantastic ballet teacher and shared them with her father.
“Dad! Don’t you just think Teacher (Y/N) is so cool? Ugh, I want to be just like her when I grow up.”
“Oh, to become a ballerina like her, you have to work hard every day and memorize lessons fast. Are you up for it, Minji?”
“Absolutely, dad! I want to pull off perfect jumps and turns like her one day!”
In the other after-school activities Johnny enrolled Minji in the past, none of them compared to the passion she had for ballet. Her work ethic was alike to Johnny’s: if they want something, they’ll do whatever it takes to make it possible.
Aside from being a star student in her school, she’s aiming to be a star ballerina. Being the supportive father he is, Johnny was on board to do what it takes to make it happen. Unlike his parents trying to mold him into the next heir of their company, he’s all ears to the dreams of his daughter. His only dream for her was to be live long and happy, not to merely pass on anything.
Johnny lost so much in his young life, so he doesn’t want to lose Minji in any way. As much as he loves his profession, he wanted to be an active father as much as time allowed it. He mostly received complaints from others that he’s not prioritizing his time well, but after hearing your kind words, this heavy weight on his shoulders decreased. All this doubt started to vanish after meeting you for the first time.
“Dad! Isn’t Teacher (Y/N) so beautiful?” Minji honored whilst gazing at the twinkling night sky. “She loves what she does and shines at it.”
Johnny was accustomed to his female co-workers throwing themselves at him due to his attractiveness, more than flattered even to have them feeling weak for him. Yes, there were times he used it to his advantage, some he frankly turned down. 
However, the radiance you carried whether you’re dancing or not was something Johnny couldn’t cease wondering about. Unknown to him, he’s the one getting weak. Behold, an unlocked first for the confident CEO.
“Yes, Minji. I do think Teacher (Y/N) is absolutely beautiful.”
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velvetcardiganbucky · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
VelvetCardiganBucky’s Recommendations 2021: Week 14 | March 28th – April 3rd
Welcome to week 14 of my recommendations, if you would like to be featured on a future list, I follow the hashtag #VelvetCardiganBucky, message me, tag me in your future works, or reblog this post and link to your story, one-shot, Masterlist, writing challenge, etc.
Be aware some if not most stories and writers on this list are meant to be consumed by an audience of those 18+. My blog is also an 18+ blog.
✨Page breaks are made @firefly-graphics✨
«Last Week
Week 15»
My Masterlist
My Fic Rec List of Mafia/Mob Bucky/Sebastian & Steve/Chris/Andy
Stuff I Posted This Week:
Forever & Always » Bucky Barnes x Witch!Reader “Birdy” & Platonic Avengers x Reader — Y/N “Birdy” (nicknamed by her family), comes from a long line of witches and warlocks, lives her days at the New Avengers Compound, alongside her friends. The Avengers are part of her family and her family is always welcome to the compound. Things for once seemed to be going well now that all was right from the attack on Thanos, everyone was alive, all was forgiven, friendships were thriving, that all ended when Birdy’s brother came calling with sad news, their mother had suddenly passed. These are the stages of grief Birdy faces, through the loss of her best friend, her protector, her mother.
Tumblr media
Lee Bodecker
What Lies Beneath by @river-soul » Lee Bodecker x Reader — When your father, the former Sheriff dies, Officer Bodecker is there to help pick up the pieces. Sweet and gentlemanly, you’re all too happy to accept his marriage proposal months later, unaware of what kind of man your husband to be really is until your wedding night. [Noncon and explicit sex, 18+] | This was so realistic if I’m being honest, and I really enjoyed reading it.
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes
Come Taste The Rainbow by @sweetkingdomstarlight-blog » Bucky Barnes x Reader — After teaching new recruits with Bucky, stretches turn into something heated. | Sorry my summary doesn’t do this justice, but I the smut in this is so good.
Rude Interruption by @blackvelvetbarnes » Bucky Barnes x Reader — Reader is enjoying some much-needed alone time when Bucky interrupts. He decides to help her out. | Jenna for your first time writing fanfiction and smut you did a damn good hot job! Thank you for sharing this with us!
*Seven Drinks by @doctor187 » Bucky Barnes x F!Reader — There’s a reason Y/N has never had more than 3 drinks around the other avengers, and they’re about to find out. | This reminded me of me but I’m more like four drinks, but still I felt understood for a moment and this is just written so perfectly.
Erase Every Trace by @angrythingstarlight » Bucky Barnes x Reader — Bucky had to sit back and watch another man touch you, but now that the ruse is over, he’s going to erase every trace of him off your skin. | You will laugh and but by the end you will need a cold shower.
(Mini) Series:
Run To You 🪙 Pt. 13 by @bestofbucky » Mob Boss! Bucky Barnes x Bodyguard!Reader — Mob boss Bucky Barnes hires you to be his bodyguard. | This was the perfect way to the series, Jenny didn’t let us readers down. I never felt the series was rushed and I look forward to reading future works. 💗
*Of Arranged Marriages and Unrequited Love by @s-tarksintern » Bucky Barnes x Reader — Y/N Stark was always set to marry James Buchanan Barnes as part of a deal made years before her. James and Y/N were stuck together whether they liked and those two seriously didn’t like being stuck together. | I honestly love this story so much, I should have gone to bed but now I read the first 3 chapters, then I binged the rest in the morning. I really look forward to more . That's how much I love it. The emotions just come off so beautifully and I don’t think I’ll ever get over how well written it is.
Prodigal Son Pt.1 by @syntheticavenger » Dark Werewolf!Bucky Barnes x Reader — It’s been years since Bucky Barnes called a place home. Putting down roots in a new town doesn’t seem like a challenge, not with his best friend as the newly minted Mayor. Maybe he’ll follow in Steve’s footsteps and start a pack of his own. | The links to the series this is connected is down below but I can tell this is going to be really good.
The Art of Self-Defense Pt.1 🥊 Pt.2 by @river-soul » Bucky Barnes x Reader — When you accepted the job as head of PR for the new Avengers Initiative there was no mention of the need to pass some insane fitness and self-defense test, especially not one conducted by the Black Widow herself. What happens when Natasha is unexpectedly called away on an urgent mission and Bucky steps in to become your new trainer? | Pt. 2 was so very hot. 🥵
Tumblr media
Mob!Sugar Daddy!Stucky Moodboard by @brattycherubwrites » Mob!Stucky x Reader | I requested this and it came out so good. Rosie is pretty amazing and really talented.
Baby Mama by @fuel-joy » Dark!Stucky x Reader — after going to a show to see the avengers. Bucky and Steve take a liking to you. The two of them decide to kidnap you and give you the role of being their baby mama, lover all in one. | I so badly want to read more dark!stuck/stuck x reader done by @fuel-joy because this was so good!
Laced Around Your Throat by @angrythingstarlight » Mafia!Steve x Reader, Mafia!Bucky x Reader — Your Mob boyfriend knows that the only thing that looks even better than his hand around your throat is his custom made necklace. You’re his girl and the world needs to know it. | If you are looking for something hot to read look no more this is it!
(Mini) Series:
Your Majesty 👑 Pt.1 by @common-sense-tpaine » Stucky x Reader — It has been more than a decade since the Kingdom of Ultron lost their princess. (Y/n) was just a 16 year old that didn’t know much about her past. Realizations happen and lives are crossed. How will (Y/n) handle the new pressure? | Even though it’s just getting started, the writing is spectacular, leaving you at the edge of the seating awaiting what’s to happen next.
Betrayal Pt.1 💔 Pt.2 by @ghostsstoriess » Bucky Barnes x Reader & Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers — After a 3 day business trip, y/n comes back home to her boyfriend Bucky. Only to have her world crashing down in front of her. | Your emotions will go all over the place.
*Twice Mine ⚰️ Sequel to Twice Bitten ⚰️ Twice Burned by @cherienymphe » Vampire!Stuck x Reader — King Steve has the reputation of the kindest king in all the land. How sad it is that such a man always seems to be burying a wife, leaving him lonely and searching for another. Seeing how Queen Margaret’s death affected you, the king hopes to raise your spirits by marrying you off to the handsome Duke, James Barnes, unbeknownst to you, sealing your fate. | The finale to this series is so good and you feel so many emotions as you read this. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better ending.
Office Hours by @senoritastucky » Cop!Bucky Barnes x Student!Reader x Art!Professor!Steve Rogers — Reader fails one of classes and is now further behind from graduating, so take take her mind off it her roommate and best friend Wanda Maximoff takes her to NYC for the holidays. A one nightstand to go out with a bang, turns out to be her Art!Professor, who gave a night she can’t remember. The new neighbor is Sergeant Bucky Barnes and man is he really good looking. Just how is the reader supposed to handle this all plus school? | (The summary is by me so don’t base it off that.) I think back on this story every few months and I was so glad to find it again and reposted. I’m so excited to see what happens next.
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers
Blame it on the Rain by @mashep23 » Steve Rogers x Reader — Modern!AU. A surprise rainstorm changes the course of your day. | So fluffy and cute, left me feeling fuzzy inside.
(Mini) Series:
*Yuánfèn by @writerwrites » Steve Rogers x Reader — When you’ve lost everything and try to run away from your problems, you keep finding a way back to the one person who completely understands. Can you make another person happy with a broken heart? | With two chapters only written for this story so far, I find this story to be so beautiful and therapeutic as I’ve felt loss in the past few months. Completely look forward to future chapters.
So Close & Man or Monster by @syntheticavenger » Dark Werewolf!Steve Rogers x Reader — Reader survives an attack by the local State Trooper Steve Rogers, but is she really surviving? | Take my summary with a grain of salt, it’s way better than I how I summarized it, very thrilling and it has Bucky connective series for it, called Prodigal Son
Hidden Gems by @jtargaryen18 » Mob!Steve Rogers x Mob!Daughter Reader — Your father is the head of one of the most powerful crime families in Boston but he’s protected you from that life. In your quiet home outside the city, you’ve been cared for and protected. When the desires of a more powerful man with the will to dominate bursts into your life, all your illusions are shattered as he comes to claim what is his. | @jtargaryen18 has done it again and made me excited for yet another series by them! I can’t already tell it’s going to be a good one!
Tumblr media
Sam Wilson
Back To You by @bitchassbucky » Sam Wilson x F!Reader — A video call, horrible off key singing, and a letter left at the end of college all lead to this very moment in time. | This is so fluffy and I just want more Sam in my life please!
I licked it, it’s mine by @whisperlullaby » Sam Wilson x Reader — You and Sam have a secret relationship. After taking Bucky out for his birthday you get jealous when someone flirts with Sam. | Read for the intriguing title, stay for the smut and fluffiness.
(Mini) Series:
Walk Me Home by @whisperlullaby » Sam Wilson x Reader — You’re walking home and you realized you’re being followed. Your phone is dead and you’re pretty far away from home. | I could 10000% picture Sam Wilson doing this and I was so glad there was a second part to it, Take Me Home.
Take Me Home by @whisperlullaby » Sam Wilson x Reader — You’re walking to Sam’s house after a late night shift when you’re jumped. Sam comes to the rescue and you thank him for keeping you safe. | The feels you get when you read this on top of the smut it’s just.. *chefs kiss*
Tumblr media
Seal Team
I Thought I’d Lost You by @rebelwrites » Clay Spenser x Reader — Clay getting a phone call to say reader is in hospital after being stabbed. | I’ve been a fan of Seal Team since the show first came out, it’s a show my Dad and I watch together. Needless to say Clay is one is my favorites and I never thought to look up stories for Clay, I’m so glad to see stories for him. This was fluffy and sweet.
You’ve Got A Friend In Me by @rebelwrites » Ray Perry x Reader — Ray and Reader with the help of Sonny put on a little show for Clay. | I sang horribly off key while reading this and this just had me with a big smile on my face. *plays Disney playlist.*
It’s Just A Scratch by @rebelwrites » Jason Hayes x Reader — Reader is part of Bravo and dating Jason Hayes, getting hurt while on an OP leaves Jason worried about the condition of reader. | So fluffy and sweet.
Crashed The Wedding by @chibsytelford » Sonny Quinn x Reader — Sonny just can’t let the one go, so the team has a plan to help him get her back. | So freaking adorable and just what I needed.
You, Me And The Car by @rebelwrites » Clay Spenser x Reader — Some say you love your car just as much if not more than Clay, but really you love him more and you show him. | This is hot and so fluffy at the same time.
Love Is Fire by @rebelwrites » Jason Hayes x Reader — Jason is in love with the reader but he’s not sure he has it in him to tell the reader. | So beautiful.
Your Love Is My Drug by @rebelwrites » Clay Spenser x Reader — Reader attends girls night and comes by drunk and proves Clay will always take care of her, while she serenades the team. | This was so freaking adorable!
(Mini) Series:
Family & Friends Pt.1 👫🏼 Pt. 2 by @mrsmarvelous1995 » Clay Spenser x Reader — Reader is an NCIS Trainee agent, best friends with Clay Spenser since kids, sent on a mission with Agent Smith. Things go south, can Clay and the team save you and Agents Smith before time runs out? | Julia I really hope I did the summary justice for your two parter, because it was so good. It was just what I needed to start of my Tuesday morning.
After Action Argument Pt.1 ⚓️ Pt.2 by @disasterfandoms & @bravo-four-seal-team » Scott Carter “Full Metal” & Trent Saywer “Bravo Four” — Missing scenes from 2x21 and 2x22 encasing Metal’s concern for his brother’s mental health and sanity. Aka Metal and Trent argue for eternity with some fluff at the end. | Sometimes I just want to wrap characters in blankets even if I know it would just annoy them, this makes me want to do that.
One More Chance Pt.1 🖤 Pt.2 by @rebelwrites » Clay Spenser x Reader — Jayson’s sister comes home to surprise him and meet the newest member of the team. Surprisingly they have a past history. | I wanted to protect the reader at first than I was like nah, because she’s Jayson sister she’ll be okay.
Tumblr media
Bite My Tongue (Bide My Time) by @syntheticavenger » Tony Stark x Sugar Baby!Reader; dark!Steve Rogers x Reader — Tony Stark really loves to spoil his Sugar Baby. While Steve, he has an obsession with her. | So dark and juicy.
Through the Sun by @fallenangelbb » Henry Cavil x Reader — He caused you to drown in him once more; every touch, every whisper adding to the flood. Will he finally allow you to overflow and bask in the sun? | Do not read in public, do not pass go, take a cold shower, and enjoy some really good smutty Henry Cavill goodness.
(Mini) Series:
Homebound Pt.4 🏡 Pt.1 🏡 Pt.2 🏡 Pt.3 by @fuel-joy » dark!Andy Barber x Reader — You witness your neighbor kill his wife. You try to gather evidence all from the comfort of your home. | Pt. 4 is the perfect ending to a thriller of a story, leaves you asking so many questions and second guessing what you think happened.
Fiery Friends Pt. 5 by @wanderinglunarnights » Johnny Storm x OFC!Sophia Jones — Johnny invites his best friend Sophia to stay with him in his penthouse during quarantine. | What happens in quarantine doesn’t stay in quarantine/best friends to lovers in the form of a great story.
305 notes · View notes
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perfect now - a close reading
only pure and true love for this one. it’s soft and sweet because the one he wrote it for is and needs cheesy uncool romcom soundtrack-worthy affirmations and it’s the most wonderful thing oh my the flurries 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
some album booklet art for your viewing pleasure
((just a warning for below: while the lyric analysis was kept fairly neutral and close to the words and their meaning, more and more parallels did ensure me larrying out by the time the analysis kicked off so if you’re not into that, you can skip this one!))
⟼ check out @bluewinnerangel​ ‘s magnificent post with all the parallels to 1d/h&l bc it’s exhaustive and was a source for mine <3 thank you again for your service <3 bc this song really is a fanpiece of every song that has been important to them throughout their career so far, whether they wrote it or not, and it’s honestly kinda impressive
you’re sad and i love you so much i will do anything to make that undone but while you’re sad know that i sill very much love you and you’re also strong enough to conquer all of this on your own but i’ll be by your side anyway
lyric breakdown ft. the many parallels, incl. little things, through the dark and wmyb
what this says about louis, his partner and the relationship he is in
never gonna dance again frenzy
louis is a marvellous majestic sonofabitch basically <3
Tumblr media
walls, track 10
~ little things “you still have to squeeze into your jeans, but you’re perfect to me”
You don’t feel pretty and it’s hard to miss
You don’t feel pretty and it’s hard to miss
later lyric: “like a neon sign” - i see through you trying to hide away your insecurities
I wish that you could see my point of view As someone staring back at you
“you” is also staring at him, but perhaps is too insecure to realise how mutual the adoration is
i wish i could get you out of your own negative spiral and give you a look at yourself from my perspective
~ wmyb “everyone else in the room can see it, everyone else but you” 
~ wmyb “right now i’m looking at you and i can’t believe you don’t know you’re beautiful”
~ little things “you never love yourself half as much as I love you, and you’ll never treat yourself right darling but I want you to. If I let you know, I’m here for you, maybe you’ll love yourself like I love you”
On Friday night when we’re all out I turn to you and you’re looking down And you don’t wanna dance I know you love to dance You never stop given half the chance
heavy echoes of kmm again, but the opposite: the “nightmare on the dance floor” doesn’t want to dance
when “you” is confident rlly not being subtle with who i think that is, they love to dance <-> tpwk “feeling good in my skin, i just keep on dancing”
“i know you love to dance” = i know what you love bc i love you
“given half the chance” 
~ tpwk “giving/given second chances”
given a chance tattoo, making another appearance (see below for more tattoo meltdowns)
Just keep your head up, love, keep your head up
term of endearment <3 
~ dlibyh
this album is full of encouragement to keep going and as much as it gives me life it ruins me 
Don’t hide away, don’t ever change
“be happy, proud”
~ “just hold on”
“pick someone who’s supportive”
Keep your head up, love, keep your head up Don’t look away, don’t look away
don’t look away from me
~ through the dark “and I can see your head is held in shame”
Cause everybody’s looking at you now, my, oh my
they have the stage to themselves / new career paths they’re doing on their own
could also mean ppl they’re going out with are looking at them, which “you” interprets as sth negative, which makes them self-conscious, while they’re actually admiring them bc they steal the scene
~ wmyb “you’re turning heads when you walk through the door”
I guess some queens don’t need a crown And I know why Even when your tears are falling down Still, somehow, you’re perfect now
“you” is royalty to louis, to put it simply 
they don’t need something on their head to make it known to everyone else - they’re a queen and everyone knows it
gendered: female - also used in drag contexts - the only time L has used any gendered word to identify his partner on the entire album (more on this below)
~ steal my girl "she's been my queen since we were sixteen" can't believe i forgot this one thank you @mortalenemiestolovers for reminding me!!!
~ falling
~ through the dark “you tell me that your tears are here to stay”
You never do, but if you asked me to I’ll tell the truth lying next to you
“you” never asks for affirmations directly, but by saying shit like their pants are too tight make it clear enough to L that they do need to hear once in a while that it’s not true
Cause you’re the only one when it’s said and done You make me feel like being someone 
Good to you even at your worst
~ always you
i love you so much you are a force of life to me, and even when you hate me i want more
~ drag me down “If I didn’t have you there would be nothing left, the shell of a man who could never be his best. If I didn’t have you, I’d never see the sun. You taught me how to be someone” (sung by louis first, harry second) 
~ through the dark “even if you scream and shout, it’ll come back to you and I’ll be here for you
You steal the scene and it’s unrehearsed
reference to working on a stage - their natural presence wins everyone over - that charisma is never manufactured
Don’t you wanna dance? Just a little dance I’ll never stop given half the chance
L keeps encouraging them, will also not pass by any chance to dance with them
Every insecurity, like a neon sign, as bright as day If you knew what you were to me You would never try to hide away
“it’s hard to miss”
L sees through them trying to hide their insecurities, pretend to be strong
~ through the dark “but I know you were only hiding”
Perfect Now is not a fan favorite and I am so not here for that discourse, so please do not pester me with negativity about this chocolate drop of a song. 
As others have pointed out, the parallels with other songs written by Louis, Harry or for One Direction are extremely present. Especially Little Things is echoed loudly, but there’s so much more to be read, as you’ve seen. These are songs that are clearly near and dear to Louis, bc he wrote them or bc performing them was special, like with Little Things and What Makes You Beautiful. A lot of the same emotions come back in Louis’s writing, so much so that you can’t help but see the larger story behind it all. Throughout Walls you can hear him singing about not giving up and holding your head high despite hardships, and if you look back at his earlier writing, it’s always been there. Through the Dark is an early and striking example of this style of Louis song: you’re sad and i love you so much i will do anything to make that undone but while you’re sad know that i sill very much love you and you’re also strong enough to conquer all of this on your own but i’ll be by your side anyway 
basically through the dark’s chorus:
Oh, I will carry you over Fire and water for your love And I will hold you closer Hope your heart is strong enough When the night is coming down on you We will find a way Through the dark
It is very clear that Louis is faced with a partner - I can freely say it’s Harry now right? are the antis gone by now? i think so - that struggles with his body, with his identity, with how he wants to present himself vs how opinions on that might push him down and dampen his spirit. Louis, always the supportive boyfriend, then tries his best to make him see the light, while keeping that space for his sadness, his struggles, or their joint struggles. Accept the sadness but don’t lose your heart to it.
I’ve linked @bluewinnerangel​ ‘s post at the start of this post, but I need to stress how good it is once more as I also shamelessly insert a screenshot from it here bc it makes me feel a lot and summarizes perfectly just how deeply Perfect Now is woven into the history of their lives, relationship and especially “you”s/Harry’s personal struggle with their identity/body/confidence...
Tumblr media
Because yes, i absolutely think these tattoos are being echoed in the song. “Never gonna dance again” as a lyric and then as a tattoo on Harry’s legs like shackles around his ankles represents the sensation of shame, of being stuck, bc of your desires, bc of your sexuality. Obviously we can never know why Harry got the tattoo, as in what experience pushed him to choose those lyrics or what exactly he recognizes in himself, but it’s safe to say it’s about the struggles of being queer and navigating relationships with that identity and with others.
Most importantly, the sense of shamelessly dancing, dancing like no one’s watching, dancing together with your lover, as a celebration of self, life, love, is the key here. Harry got that tattoo ages ago, at a time when he undoubtedly felt way more stuck. When he couldn’t dance freely the way he wanted to and with whom he wanted to. Perfect Now is a reminder to him, an encouragement to still dance if he wants to, no matter what people say or think. Significantly, then, Harry’s own Treat People With Kindness heavily features that same sentiment, but in an extremely positive light: i have found a place (in life and in myself) where i feel like i have given and was given second chances and now i dance bc i finally feel good in my skin.
Louis has obviously been there from the start, or at least from when or before Harry properly started experimenting with/questioning how he likes to present and how he identifies as. Before he ever dared to consider pulling on a pair of women’s skinny jeans, never mind a ball gown. Louis has seen him limit himself as well as being limited by others ofc and has always seemed to have been there, with a secure hand on Harry’s back, to encourage him. Even at a time when boys wearing nail polish or skirts was unthinkable. Just remember how much encouragement Harry needed when growing out his hair; Louis literally joined him. yes this might make me cry okay i need to stop bc i’m going off track and this is just becoming a larry breakdown while i was trying to hype up this beautiful song. 
What I’m trying to say is: Louis has always seen all of Harry. He’s always had his back, no matter what. He’s loved every part of him. And now, on a completely gender neutral album, in the sweetest, softest song off of the entire thing, Louis puts in the word “queen”, and that is so very deliberate it makes me want to scream. It’s Louis confirming his love again and again while affirming the multitudes contained by Harry, including everything involving his gender journey. brb crying
It’s a raw Louis, an honest, sweet, kind, loving partner, and both of them are fucking lucky to have each other, and I also wish that all of us end up in a caring and wholesome relationship like that. I truly do.
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Falling like the stars✨
Pairing: Alive! Luke Patterson x Fem Reader
Summary: Luke and Y/N never got to be a thing. Whatever they had ended abruptly when she settled on someone with far more status than the aspiring guitarist. Months later, now single, Luke entangles her in a scheme to make Sunset Curve more popular. The only thing she needs to do is fake date him for 2 weeks.
Songs used: Holy Ground by Taylor Swift, Loved You First by One Direction and Falling Like The Stars by James Arthur.
Tumblr media
High school is a world by itself. It has its own system and everyone moves through it. It is something that although it is not discussed, everyone knows. Including the three members of Sunset Curve, who are lying in the yard trying to find a solution to their latest problem.
"We need more people to support our music. If we can't get this little school to support us, how are we going to fill clubs or sign with a label?” Reggie wonders aloud to himself, no matter how hard they try, they can't get the Los Feliz student body to listen to their band.
“We should have thought about it before, Reg. Now we're just the problem kids who most likely won't finish school. Why would they come to see us at those seedy little clubs when they can go show off at football games.” Luke stands up suddenly after Alex words, one of those huge smiles that comes out when he has a really bad idea on his face.
“Well it seems that the solution is easy, boys. We have to make them see us on the same level as those jocks.”
“Oh yeah, and how are we going to do that, genius?” Alex fiddles with his hands as he rests his head on Reggie, both tired of not being able to come even close to fulfilling their dream.
Luke points to the nearest post, on which there are at least 5 posters to support the homecoming king and queen.
“Really? Do you think someone would vote for you? Before all those star athletes who also have a cheerleader to back them up? You basically have just us and I don't think I can do one of those tricks.”
“We’ll think of something. Winning that stupid thing would put us directly in the top of the pyramid. We’ll find a way, we always do.” Before anyone can respond, some screaming and commotion can be heard.
“Savannah is accusing Y/N to mess with her man! Run, they are in the hall!" students mention as they start running to watch the discussion.
“Oh god, Y/N. I’ll better go and see if I can help her somehow.” Alex gets up and Reggie begins to follow him, but not before turning to make sure Luke is following too. The guitarist makes an irritated face but ends up walking behind his friends.
From the moment they enter the main hall they can hear the screeches of probably the most popular girl in school, Savannah Miller. One of those typical unbearable girls who for some reason always reach the top of the elite in schools despite treating everyone badly.
Y/N Y/L is on the other side of the discussion, she looks calm and even bored. The first thing Luke digests from Savannah's words is that she thinks Y/N was making out with her idiot of a boyfriend during third period. What's interesting about the situation is that Diego cheated on Y/N with Savannah maybe a week and a half ago and had been dating her ever since.
But that's not Y/N's style, no matter how angry she is.
Luke knows her well enough, or so he wants to believe. She was always good friends with Alex and Reggie, and her relationship with them remained strong over the years despite how unstable and fleeting her relationship with the guitarist was.
He's never going to admit how deeply he felt for her. How much it screwed him up that just when he finally began to believe they could be something else, she completely walked away from his life so she could date the man that would end up cheating on her just because he looked more promising at the time. Rich, popular, the quarterback of the football team, the ‘perfect guy’ she said to the boys.
But hey, that's past.
Luke looks up to meet Y/N's eyes on him. In the moment she realizes she was caught, she sneakily turns to Alex, who is just inches from the guitarist and smiles at him.
“Are you actually smiling? You think this is funny?” The girl looks furious, but she's smart enough not to make this a battle of strength.
“I already told you, Savannah. It wasn’t me.”
“I can count, Y/N. Neither you nor Diego were in class."
And that’s when it hits him. The possibility of getting to the top of the pyramid in front of him. Because maybe Y/N is not the most popular, but it is undoubtedly one of the most loved by everyone. Intelligent, caring, beautiful, talented. And she certainly has the status after dating Diego Hernandez for one semester. No one had managed more than 3 months with him and the guitarist thinks that was a good sign that that idiot is not a good idea but well, it wasn’t his choice.
Luke begins to walk towards the center of the circle, Alex tries to stop him but cannot catch his arm in time. Both girls turn to see him surprised, but neither says anything.
"You can go find culprits elsewhere, Y/N was busy with me at the time. You can ask whoever you want and they'll tell you that I wasn't in class during third period either."
Of course, he wasn't there because the trio got into Reggie's old truck to get some hotdogs but no one has to know that.
His hand goes to take her firmly by the hip, just like all those nights that now only remain as memories. He is looking at every inch of her face, searching for her reaction, and is surprised by the naturalness with which the girl accepts the gesture. As if his hand belongs there. And maybe, just maybe, it does.
“Do you really want me to believe this?” Savannah asks, clearly annoyed.
“Y/N and Patterson? There’s just no way in hell. C’mon babe, he’s just pathetic, you could do better.” Diego says out loud as he approaches the scene in the middle of Y/N and Savannah.
There's something about the disgruntled way they both said it that makes Luke want to prove that a girl like her could want him. He doesn’t know how to distinguish if it is pride or insecurity but at the moment he is not interested.
He's barely going to open his mouth to defend himself when Y/N starts talking. "No. You can speak as badly as you want of me but you're not going to bring Luke into this."
Luke lets go of her so he can step back a few inches and see her from a better angle. She’s definitely not calm anymore. Her face looks altered and she is undoubtedly in protective mode. She turns to see him when she feels his hand leave her body but he offers her his hand and she intertwines it between her fingers without hesitation. At this rate she is taking control of the situation so he is going to let her continue and try to achieve his goal along the way.
“I know you need a partner to have any hope of winning the crown, but choosing Patterson is a desperate move.”
And that’s his cue. "If my baby wants that crown I will get it for her. It's that easy.”
“What? I do-” At that moment Luke panics and pulls her by the hand that they have intertwined and with the other holds her face while bringing their lips together. When he reacts to what he is doing he is afraid that Y/N will push him in front of everyone but to his surprise she kisses him back instantly, releasing his hand to bring him closer to the neck.
The kiss is passionate and almost desperate, but it only lasts a few seconds since a voice brings them back.
"This feels like deja vu." Reggie whispers to Alex, they both walked during the discussion towards the circle and are so close that Luke and Y/N heard him clearly.
“Well, we already clarified that she was not with your boyfriend so, I’ll take my girl. It was a pleasure, we should repeat this another day... said no one ever." Luke takes her hand and leads her to the nearest empty living room, Reggie and Alex locking the door behind him.
“What the hell was that crown bullshit? Why did you even cover for me? What are you up to? At least tell me is fun... or that includes you shirtless.” She jokes, a cheeky smile spreads in Luke’s face.
“I need a favor and thought you’ll appreciate an alibi.” She raises her eyebrow in reflex.
“Why would I help you, Lucas?” Luke can only think of how she makes a name as simple and boring as Lucas sound so sexy when she says it. Is incredible.
“Cut the act, beautiful. We both know you've never been able to resist me.” Y/N laughs amused at the boy’s sassiness. She won't admit it but she missed his eyes on her. She missed the way he uses that cocky stupid voice that melts her when he wants something. How he gets closer with each sentence, or his lips on her mouth.
Before she can counter attack, Alex stands in front of the guitarist raising his hands. “I know he’s an idiot, but we really need your help, Y/N. If we want Sunset Curve to gain popularity we have to start here, and this is our last year. Gaining popularity among the elite of the school would help us a lot.”
“We are getting desparate.” Reggie adds, a sad smile on his face.
“And pretending I made out with Luke in third period and getting to be homecoming dance queen and king helps you... why?”
“That crown is literally a test of popularity and status. It would put Luke on the same level as the popular kids like Savannah and Diego. People would be more interested in Sunset Curve after that. For now, for them we are only three good for nothing that one day will not appear around here again. You heard yourself that those two didn't think Luke was good enough."
Her face flushes with anger as soon as she remembers the contemptuous tone of voice they used to refer to Luke. If they hadn't been in the middle of the hall, she probably would have said a lot more than she did. That single comment is enough to make her decide, so without thinking Y/N asks “What do you need me to do?”
“Just play perfect couple with Luke until homecoming dance. Then you are queen and king, Sunset Curve gets the fans we deserve, you get to laugh at Savannah’s face and you can separate next day if you want to.”
“I’m not sure If someone is going to believe it.” She blurts out loud as she glances at the guitarist.
“Oh please, you know each others mouth better than your own names.” Reggie says without thinking, Luke snorted with laughter and Y/N blushes like crazy.
“Yeah, and you used to spend a lot of time together too, two weeks shouldn’t be that hard.” Alex tries to recover the seriousness of the situation to close the deal.
“Okay then. If I can help Sunset Curve and get that smirk of superiority off Savannah's face then sounds good to me. Are you willing to date me, Patterson?”
Their eyes meet again and without a sign of hesitation her now officially boyfriend for the next two weeks, answers.
“Beautiful, you have no idea.”
Tumblr media
There is something about relationships that never get to happen that make the heart weigh more, that nostalgia to be stronger, the person more difficult to forget. Luke can't help but remember during the last periods of the day just how good it felt to taste the girl's lips again. Feelings of desire, of familiarity, of belonging. All colliding and going deep into his bones.
He decided a long time ago he didn't do relationships, but if he did, it would have been with her. He was willing to break that rule for her, but she had the final decision and it wasn't him. He accidentally put himself in the perfect situation though. All those what if’s will finally have an answer.
For two weeks he can test what it would have been if Y/N Y/L had chosen him. And when he finally tries the experience he will be free. Free from all the what if’s, free from her, from her memory. And there's also the part of how much the band will benefit. The main objective of doing this, obviously.
The last hour is finally over and Luke sped off toward Reggie's truck. In front of it is Alex already waiting and he can see Reggie and Y/N also walking in the same direction. The four of them regroup and Y/N starts to discuss game plan.
“If we are going to do this, we are going to do it well. There will be a party at Finch's house this Saturday and the three of you are coming with me."
The three members of Sunset Curve make an annoyed face at the words of their friend. "That's exactly why no one supports you. You think you are too cool to hang out with the people but then you want everyone to happily buy your shirts and listen to your music."
“She has a point there.” Alex agrees, and puts his arm around her shoulder.
“Okay, let’s do this. If you all come with me, we can leave early and crash one of those places you usually play. Maybe even have some people of the party to come with us and hear you rock the shit out of that place.” All three smile with bright eyes In response.
“You got yourself a deal, pretty lady.” Reggie says in a flirting tone and winks at her. Luke gives him a light punch on the arm.
"I'll see you on Saturday in my house then, at nine. Goodbye boys." She winks at Luke and walks over to her car, making sure to do a perfect walk because she knows pretty well that the guitarist isn't going to stop watching her until she pulls out of the parking lot.
Luke gives her a perfect smile one last time before Y/N leaves school. These two weeks are going to be weird.
Tumblr media
The four members of the band are in the truck, Bobby decided to get out of school recently but a party and a gig sounds like a rad Saturday. Luke gets out and walks to the door to wait for Y/N to come out. When she finally comes down he feels like all the air is coming out of his lungs.
She's wearing the black Sunset Curve t-shirt that he forgot one of the many times he climbed up to the second floor of the house to see her. A short black skirt and one of his red flannels that he probably left there several months ago as well. Black fishnets stockings which he can't help but imagine ripping out with his teeth, her lips in that tone of red that drives him crazy, and her classic black boots that he hadn't seen since she started dating the cheating idiot.
“Genius huh? Is there anything that says more ‘Luke Patterson’s property’ than this? I don’t think so." She smiles proudly and blushes when she notices Luke's gaze locked on her legs. Fishnets may have been included in the outfit due to a certain weakness that the musician has towards them.
The hair that the guitarist is used to seeing in a perfect bun lately, is now loose and tousled. As rebellious as the day he met her, moving in harmonious tune to the rhythm of Now or Never.
Luke reaches out to to entwine his hand in her hair and whispers slowly into her ear “You look... fucking hell, you are not playing fair, baby.” Lightly biting her lobe when he’s done speaking.
They both linger in a trance for a few seconds, considering whether they should just walk in and lock the door. But before they can decide, the boys that already know this story pretty well and are sick of waiting for them while they flirt, get out of the truck. Reggie carries Y/N like a sack of potatoes and between Bobby and Alex take Luke by the arms, putting them in the vehicle so they can finally get to the lame party and then, the gig.
When they finally arrive, the eyes of almost all the girls go to the members of the band, who are definitely dressed for the occasion. Y/N can't help but notice how most of the cheerleaders wink at her boyfriend. Yeah, it’s not real and will last two weeks, but for now she justs wants to forget that part and enjoy the feeling of him being hers.
So she makes a small, harmless gesture to mark territory and puts her hand in the guitarist's back pocket.
Luke turns to see her, an amused smirk on his face. “Jealousy looks so hot on you, I wouldn't mind if you marked my lips with that red lipstick too."
That statement resonates in Y/N’s head. All the times Diego refused to kiss her so as not to stain himself and even forbade her to use that lipstick that for her was part of her brand returning to her head. Followed quickly by every night Luke came down after finishing playing and instantly attacked her lips with his, caring for nothing more than the feel of their tongues fighting for control.
“Not jealousy, just a quick reminder to everyone. You are all mine tonight.” She puts a little more pressure on the hand in his pocket and stands on her tiptoes to kiss the corner of his lips.
“Dance with me?” She asks innocently while giving him a flirtatious smile.
“With you, always beautiful.” He smiles back, winking charmingly.
His hands find hers and she begins to dance and jump gracefully to the rhythm of the music as he spins her around, both singing the lyrics to each other with unmatched energy, happy to be together.
“Tonight I'm gonna dance, for all that we've been through.” She sings with a determined voice, taking the musician by the hair and bringing their faces closer.
“But I don't wanna dance, If I'm not dancing with you.” Luke returns the verse with the same passion, just inches separating their lips. His beautiful and trained voice tends to sound like a more country vibe when he gets carried away and especially in more pop melodies like this, and honestly drives her crazy.
The fact that the rocker at heart gave in to listen to other genres for her and even remembered the lyrics was enough to melt her heart. The last time she was able to let herself go and sing at the top of her lungs like this was with him, listening to a mix of their favorite songs in his car while going for their favorite icecream. Whatever they had was a lot more deeper than what they are willing to admit.
“Did we really just see Luke sing and dance to a pop-country song?” Reggie asks the band, Alex and Bobby behind him laughing at the guitarist who blushes and kisses his date's forehead. “I am not going to discuss this. I'll go get us something to drink." He winks at her and dissapears into the crowd.
“I’ll go too, be right back.” Bobby announces leaving Y/N with Alex and Reggie, who smirk at her.
“It seems that pretending is easier than you thought.” Alex can't stop smiling, Reggie playfully itches the girl's ribs who grins from ear to ear.
"Everything always fits when I'm with him. I ruined my chance. I'm totally aware, and I'm not expecting anything from him, because I honestly don't deserve it. But I plan to enjoy every second of these two weeks that came from heaven to the fullest.”
“You should explain hi-” Before Reggie can finish speaking, Diego appears behind Y/N and tries to forcefully pull her by the arm.
The guys manage to react quickly and release her arm while stepping in front of her. But right away his teammates get behind him.
“Save yourselves the pain, she is going with me.” Diego says confidently, his face showing arrogance.
“Guys, ple-” She tries to stop them from getting hurt, but both step a little forward, determined to protect her no matter the cost.
“You are not taking her, Diego. But you are more than welcome to try.” Alex's voice sounds cool and calm, but Y/N can see how much his hands are shaking and her heart hurts at the sight.
They are all so into their own business that nobody notices the guitarist's return until his lips collide with his girl, who is surprised for a few seconds but immediately recognizes him and gives him space for his tongue to taste her mouth.
They both lose themselves in the kiss for a few seconds longer than necessary and then slowly separate. Y/N grinning from ear to ear as she tries to wipe some of her lipstick off Luke's mouth. He just smirks, as happy as ever.
"Sorry guys, do you need something?" He plays the innocent card. After that kiss, most of the people at the party are watching the scene, so Diego, who looks furious, chooses to leave without saying anything. Right away they can hear a long restrained breath from Reggie and Alex.
“You are a cocky genius, I'm not sure we could have won that one.”
“I’m not sure? Did you seriously think we had a chance?” Alex asks, clearly anxious after what had just happened.
Y/N stands in front of them and throws herself into their arms, whispering how many thanks she can say in a row. They return the hug and begin to relax in each others arms. Bobby and Luke join in the hug, and Luke whispers his own thanks to his friends.
The band decides that it’s time to go and to their surprise, when they let people know that they are going to play at a small club in the center of the city, some decide to follow them. On the way, Y/N spends her time wiping her lipstick off Luke’s face with some wipes she had in her bag, struggling not to press her lips against his every time he made her an adorable grimace or a flirtatious smile.
“You know the drill, beautiful.” Luke turns to see her directly in the eyes, concern on his face just like every time before.
“Front row, not a second out of your sight, so if I need something better wait for you guys to finish performing to get it. Better safe than sorry." She recites, proud to remember every word.
“Thank you, baby.” He smiles a little more calmly, gives her a light kiss on the cheek and starts to help take out the instruments.
They are only doing a few songs from their repertoire, but the energy they transmit drives everyone in the little club crazy. The Sunset Curve members look at a Luke they haven't seen in a long time. The energy and passion in his voice dedicated entirely to the little woman in the front row who sings with all her strength every word and melody, imitating Luke's guitar solos or Alex's drums with her arms.
The 15 students who decided to attend are close to Y/N, trying to get her attention from time to time but nothing can take her eyes off her friends. Not even she knew how much she had missed seeing them play. The look of maximum happiness on their faces.
The last song is one that the little club seems quite familiar with, but she had never heard it before. So it must have been written in the last six months.
“Had my chances, could've been where he is standing.
That's what hurts the most, girl, I came so close
But now you'll never know. Baby, I loved you first.”
The lyrics leave her breathless. Luke, who had made contact with her practically all night, now seems to avoid her eyes like a plague. She definitely has to ask Alex about this song before getting any ideas.
The four bow and get off the stage, Luke launches immediately for Y/N, some of the girls try to get his attention and even try to grab him by the arm or waist but he remains firm until his hands meet his girl's hip.
“What do you think?” Luke's fingers shaking in the grip on her waist tell her he's nervous. The fact that her opinion of them matters so much to him that it makes him feel insecure makes her heart skip a beat.
“It was amazing as always, rockstar.” A huge smile appears on the guitarist's face, who gently takes her face with his hands and kisses her nose. After all, he has to remember that they are only pretending to date and for now he has no good reason to push his lips against hers. It doesn't matter how much he needs her.
The way home is uneventful, Y/N sleeping in Luke's arms while Alex puts the guitarist's red flannel over her.
“Will they ever stop pretending they're ridiculously in love with each other?” Bobby asks Reggie as he turns his head to see the couple.
“They are both stubborn and allergic to real feelings. Especially love. They are so terrified that they have to sabotage themselves somehow.” Alex answers for Reggie who just nods without taking his eyes off the road.
"Do you really have to talk like I'm not here?" Luke asks, resting his chin delicately on the head of the woman in his arms.
Tonight felt unreal. Felt practically like one of the many dreams he has had with the girl throughout these months. Seeing her in his clothes was enough to make the night special, but without a doubt dancing in her arms, savoring every inch of her mouth and seeing her energetically sing each of his songs to end the night with her in his arms is just perfect. Reggie parks at Y/N’s after dropping Alex and Bobby, and as Luke decides how to get her to bed without waking her she sinks deeper into his chest.
"Carry me to the door hotstuff, I like to be in your sexy arms." Luke lets out a cheeky laugh in surprise, another laugh coming from Reggie.
“She’s so asleep, I can’t. Adorable though.” Luke agrees and takes her bag before walking down with her in his arms and carrying her effortlessly to the door.
“Thank you for tonight. I didn’t think I could ever feel this happy and complete again.” She murmurs in his ear before giving him a sweet peck in the lips and enter the house.
What the two of them took from tonight is that indisputably, they are both still head over heels for each other. But it was like that the first time and it just wasn't enough.
Days go by with the couple being the school's favorite gossip. People talking in the hallways about the special way Luke looks at his girlfriend, comparisons about the dry way Y/N used to be with Diego compared to how she is with the guitarist, always touching him somehow and spending all the time with him as possible, visibly much happier. Some also talking about how good the band sounds and wondering why they hadn't heard it before. Everything going according to plan.
On Thursday afternoon, Luke arranged to pick her up for the two of them to find him something formal enough for the dance. When Y/N opened the door she met his beautiful greenish hazel eyes, and swears that for a second she forgot how to breathe.
She knows this scene. He smiles sweetly at her, takes her hand and opens the door of the car for her. Multiple interesting memories inside this car coming back to her mind. His firm hands on her legs, his tongue testing her mouth, his hot moans after biting his lower lip...
“Beautiful? Whatcha thinking?” Luke's voice brings her back to the present, his hand goes directly to her thigh as all that many midnight drives and without saying anything he plays the girl's favorite album.
That’s it. If she wants a chance with him, she needs to make this right. “I- We really need to talk.” Hearing the tone of her voice, Luke senses what is coming. He was here before. So he turns off the car that hadn't even started to move yet and turns to look at her.
"I know we've been putting it off, but we have to talk about how it all ended, I-"
Luke interrupts her before she can finish, his voice sounds broken, sad, angry. "I really don't want to talk about how you preferred an idiot for whom you don't feel the remotest thing just because he'll get a football scholarship and this perfect future.”
She spends a few seconds processing his words. Did he really say what she thinks he said? "It wasn't like that, Luke."
"I know it looks like I can't compete with him, but I would have done anything for you. And I thought you knew that.”
She doesn't know what to do or say. She was so unconscious, so selfish, so heartless, that she didn't even think about how he could have understood the situation. In how much he must have suffered these months watching her with Diego, believing he wasn’t good enough. Believing that she chose someone who wasn’t him, because he wasn’t good enough.
He stays quiet, examining the girl who seems about to cling to tears. The anger evaporates instantly and he leans into her seat to wrap his arms tightly around her. She starts sobbing, but seems determined to talk.
“R- Remember the night we met? It was the first Sunset Curve presentation. I had just entered the little club, but your voice dragged me to the front row like a magnet. And when I was finally in front of the stage, I knew it. It was you. The butterflies that everyone talks about for the first time in my stomach. I knew I could never feel again something even close to what I was feeling at that moment.
I got carried away in your voice, dancing to the rhythm of the melody and recording every sound in my head. And when I opened my eyes again, yours were staring at me. And I understood that you felt it too. It was me, and you knew it. It was so natural, powerful, magnetic, deep. I loved you since the first day, Luke. How is that not going to scare me?
When the feelings started to get so strong they burned, I knew I had to run. You always made it very clear that relationships were not your thing, I could not continue to wait for something that from the beginning you made it clear you could not give.
Then Diego arrived at the right time to give me an exit, and I took it. I knew he just wanted to have me around to raise his good boy status, and feeling nothing was safer than feeling too much. So I lied. I lied to you, to me, to everyone. And I’m sorry, but I was so scared. I was a coward who should have done things differently.”
When she finally finishes pulling out what she's been saving for months, she pulls away from Luke to see his face. His eyes look crystal clear, his cheeks red. But his beautiful white smile lights up his face.
"Next time you love me so much that you can't bear it, let me know, please? I can step on your foot or sneeze in your face. I was literally going to ask you to be my girlfriend that weekend. I even wrote you a song."
“You were? The one you sang the other night?”
“Okay, I wrote you a lot of songs. Maybe too many. But the one I'm talking about is different. Maybe I'll let you listen to it one day. If you stick around long enough this time.”
She smirks and kiss him lightly on the lips, enjoying the feeling of being able to. He knows he reacted way too chill. But he also understands her feelings. What is the point of reproaching her for something they can no longer change? A bad decision made by a love so immense that it left her blind. He is simply not willing to waste any more time. They are finally going to do things right. Neither of them is going to self-sabotage it this time, and since he doesn't trust it, he'll put Alex and Reggie in charge to make sure.
The night of the dance arrives. Y/N is wearing a beautiful black dress and her classic red lips. Luke tried his best to look fancy and he's wearing a pretty cool suit but in a sleeveless version. His still fake girlfriend couldn't stop smiling when she saw him. Just perfect.
Dancing in his arms, letting him go only once in a while to dance with the other three members of Sunset Curve made the night amazing. The rest of these two weeks they spent it talking, laughing... making out. Enjoying the most of the time they lost. Even completely forgetting why they were faking it in the first place, until they ask the candidates to take the stage.
"And your king are queen are... Y/N Y/L and Diego Hernandez!"
They all turn to see Luke in shock. Just hearing their names together is enough to make him frustrated, but there's not much he can do right now. And that's when he remembers what he asked the boys to play for the king and queen's first dance. Great, now dance they’ll dance to his song together. Just his damn luck. He sabotaged himself again without imagining it.
They are crowned and Diego offers her his hand, not without first throwing a face of superiority to the guitarist. She walks but continues straight until she is in front of her lover.
Luke looks at her strangely, she smiles at him.
“But I don't wanna dance, If I'm not dancing with you. Remember?” She sings happily in his ear, and offers her hand.
“Dance with me?” He looks at her adoringly and takes her hand.
“Always, beautiful.”
They walk to the center of the floor, Alex begins to sing the first verse. Y/N rests her head on Luke's chest, her hands around his neck, as he presses her against him by the hip, wrapping her in his arms. His head bent to sing the song in her ear.
“I swear to God, I can see... you're still the girl in the club.”
Tears of happiness begin to flow from Y/N, the words that she never had the opportunity to know, finally getting revealed. Luke's sweet, soft voice in her ear. The perfect melody and the beautiful voice of Reggie and Alex in the background.
“And I need you to know that we're fallin' so fast
We're fallin' like the stars, fallin' in love.”
The moment he sings in love, Y/N lifts her head to meet his eyes. He lifts his hands to her cheeks to wipe her tears, gently holding her face to make sure she sees him recite every word.
“And I'm not scared to say those words. With you, I'm safe.
We're fallin' like the stars, we're fallin' in love.”
The second Luke finishes singing, Y/N stands on tiptoe and pushes her lips against his. Tears of happiness continue to fall from her face, wrapped in a passionate, slow, deep kiss. He's all she wants. Her heart chose him since the very first day.
Tumblr media
“I can’t believe one of Luke’s random ideas it's what made them find their way back to each other. Reg, we tried for 6 months and we were never even close. Two weeks ‘pretending’ and bam! they are just fine.”
Both watch the happy couple dance now that they are official.
"You know what they say, Fake it till you make it.” Reggie smirks while watching Luke happily kiss Y/N.
“Fair. At least everything was fixed before we shoved Luke into the pool to see if Y/N would rescue him with a mouth-to-mouth kiss."
“We still could try, you know... for science.”
“Cool. Monday works for me. Do you think that even though he didn't win, we still have a chance to win some more fans?”
Reggie raises his head before answering, a smile appears when he sees the bunch of girls and boys who are spying on them just a few meters away. Probably waiting for them to finish talking to get closer.
“I think Sunset Curve will be just fine too, Alex.”
Thank you for reading✨
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agustdakasuga · 4 months ago
Reflection Of You | Chapter 10
Genre: Historical!AU, Timetraveller!AU/ Different Dimension, Romance
Pairing: SUGA x Reader, Yoongi x Reader
Characters: Normal!Reader, Idol!Suga, King!Yoongi, Guard!Seokjin, Guard!Jungkook, RoyalAdvisor!Namjoon, Servant!Jimin, Servant!Hoseok, Prince!Taehyung
Summary: Confirming you were dating the famous Min Suga of BTS, you knew you were bound to make some enemies. But what you didn’t expect was to be cursed, leading you to meet a cold-hearted, arrogant king that shares the same face as your rapper lover.  
Maybe this is your first shared moment with Yoongi where you don’t want to kill each other. But of course, the constant reminder of being away from home and your Yoongi hurts. 
Tumblr media
Yoongi had made sure to keep an eye on you for the next following days after you regained consciousness. He didn’t really let you do much or ask you to follow him around. He mostly stayed in the throne room to do his work, where he had set up a cushioned area for you to sit. 
“Yoongi, I told you. I don’t need all this. I’m feeling a lot better.” You sighed. You just wanted to do what you usually did, walk around, view the lake by the pavilion. 
“You’re still injured.” Yoongi grunted as he read the scroll in front of him. You crossed your arms with a huff. 
“Go.” Yoongi said. You were about to stand. 
“Not you. The court.” Yoongi waved them off. You sat back down, with Jimin patting your shoulder in comfort. He refilled your tea cup and you took a sip before opening your book to read again. 
“I wanna go into the garden for a walk.” You decided enough was enough, slamming your book down. You were going to let him stop you. 
“(y/n).” Yoongi called. You marched towards the doors. 
“(y/n) nim... Please...” Jimin whimpered, not sure if he should be convincing you to listen to the king or just follow your wishes. Although, this time, he sided with the king only because he wanted you to rest to allow your body to recover fully. But judging by the look of determination on your face and your clenched fists by your side, you weren’t giving in. 
“(y/n). Stop.” 
“Listen, you-” You turned to scold him but a zap of pain shot through your ribs, making you choke out and crumble. Jimin was quick to hold you gently before you could hit the ground. 
“Aish, can you just listen to me? For God’s sake.” Yoongi had crossed the room and held you. You slapped his hands away. 
“I’m okay.” You straightened up. 
“Stop being so stubborn. Jimin, take her back to her room to rest.” Yoongi ordered and Jimin nodded with a bow, putting your arm over his shoulder to support you. 
“No, I’m going for a walk and that’s final. Only after that, then I’ll rest.” You said firmly, even pulling away from Jimin, whose face fell. Yoongi closed his eyes, annoyed. He tried to calm himself down, pinching the bridge of his nose and letting out a long breath. 
“Fine. We’ll go for a walk. Namjoon, I’m postponing all other court events until tomorrow.” Yoongi said to his advisor. 
“Yes, jeonha.” Namjoon bowed. 
“You don’t have to come with me and leave poor Namjoon to deal with all your appointments.” You said. Yoongi didn’t reply. He merely rolled his eyes and pushed open the double doors. 
“Didn’t you say you wanted to go for a walk? You’re still standing here.” Yoongi pointed out. 
“Alright, Mr Passive Aggressive.” You scoffed and slowly made your way out. Yoongi strolled beside you, waiting patiently without a single complaint. Jimin kept close behind, ready to catch you if you fell. You limped beside the blonde king. Only at the stone steps, did Yoongi hold his hand out for you, not wanting you to trip over the unsteady step. 
“I got it.” You said. 
“Ugh, sometimes you just-” He grasped your hand and continued walking. When you saw the garden, your glare at Yoongi had turned to a bright smile. It felt good to be surrounded by nature again. 
“Ah, I missed this place.” You sighed blissfully. Yoongi turned to look at you, moving to stand at the edge of the lake. 
“Talk about dramatic. It’s only been a few days.” He snorted. 
“Well, with the way you’ve been imprisoning me, it feels like it’s been years.” You hissed. Jimin stifled a laugh, everyone had grown to love the banter you had with Yoongi, you being the only one that ever got away with that. 
“Yoongi, I haven’t seen your harem around. What did you do to them?” You turned to look up at him. 
“You make it sound like you were great friends and you miss them. I already told you that I took care of the situation.” Yoongi looked at you fondly, with a sigh. You pursed your lips, a sign that you were not convinced but you didn’t really want to question him further. 
“Are you hungry? We got some special treats delivered today.” Yoongi was quick to change the subject. 
“Only if we get to eat at the pavilion.” You said. Yoongi nodded his head and the two of you made your way across the garden to sit at the pavilion that overlooked the lake. 
“Jeonha, (y/n) nim.” Hoseok placed the trays in front of you. There was an array of different sweets on each tiny dish. Jimin poured some hot tea for you. 
“How are you finding life here, (y/n)?” Yoongi asked. 
“I mean, I haven’t even been here that long so I’m still adjusting a little. But it’s been okay. Everyone’s been really fun to be around.” You shrugged. Yoongi nodded his head. 
“That’s good. I’m glad you’ve accommodated to the way of living here... or at least, tried to.” He commented with raised eyebrows. 
“Pff, oh please, we all know that you like having me around. I’m the highlight of your day.” You scoffed but grinned teasingly. Yoongi snorted, taking a sip of his tea. The sweets were nothing like you’ve ever had before. You especially liked the chewy rice cake one that reminded you of the Japanese daifuku you ate with the boys back home when they toured in Japan. 
“Here. You can have it.” Yoongi pushed the plate of his rice cake over to you. You blinked up at him. 
“You don’t want it?” 
“You like it more than me. I’m not really a fan. I like the tangerine jelly. It’s a new fruit that just came in from Nippon.” Yoongi pointed. You choked on your laugh. Yoongi loves tangerines, even the Yoongi here. 
“What’s so funny?” He glared. 
“Nothing.” You smiled innocently at him. Picking up your tangerine jelly, you placed it onto his tray. 
“You like it more than me. Consider it a trade.” You giggled, cutting into your rice cake and eating it happily. Jimin smiled as he topped up Yoongi and your tea cup. 
“Would you like to try some? It’s really good.” You turned to Hoseok and Jimin as you pointed to your tray of sweets. The two’s eyes widened as they shook their heads with a bow. Yoongi tilted his head as he stared at you, you were the first to be so nice to the servants and workers here. 
“Don’t worry, they’ll have some later. Seokjin and Jungkook too. And Namjoon.” Yoongi assured with a roll of his eyes, knowing you won’t let the matter rest if the others didn’t get to try the sweets.
“What about Taehyung?” 
“Taehyung gun had his tea earlier.” Hoseok informed. You nodded your head. When you finished, you leaned back on your hands comfortably. 
“That was good. Thank you.” You smiled at Yoongi. 
“I’m glad you liked it.” Yoongi nodded. Hoseok and Jimin cleared the area for you. 
“Jungkook, Seokjin, go have your tea. Have it with Hoseok and Jimin first. You can always come back later.” You waved off the two guards that were standing at the entrance of the pavilion with a smile. The two guards looked uneasily at each other before turning to the king. Yoongi subtly nodded his head in approval. 
“Hurry back.” He said. The two nodded their heads with a deep bow before walking off, to the direction where the two servants had disappeared to with your used cutlery. 
“Ah, I can just sleep here.” You yawned. 
“You giving them orders makes it look like they’re your guards, not mine.” Yoongi raised an eyebrow, looking at you. 
“Well, they could use a little kindness every now and then.” You shrugged. Yoongi shook his head and stared out at the shimmering water of the lake with you. You closed your eyes, feeling the light breeze.
“Do you leave the palace often? Like the other day when you were gone for the whole day.” You asked. 
“Sometimes I have to. If we have some new merchants coming in or I have to head into the village with Namjoon. But unless it’s a full expedition, I’m mostly gone for just the day.” He explained. 
“Have you ever... wanted to do something normal?” 
“What do you mean by normal?” 
“Like, doing what normal people do. The only thing in common that we do now is wake up and do work then go to bed. Some people don’t even get 3 meals a day. But I mean normal in that... you do what you want to do, not because you’re the king.” You shrugged. 
“Do things to have fun. Or just blend into the crowd so you’re not always being stared at by someone.” You continued. 
“I was born into royalty. My mother was the queen consort, which was why I inherited the throne. Taehyung was born to another concubine after. But ever since I was a kid I was always treated like this.” He sighed.
“Did it suck as a kid?” 
“It did at first. I used to be able to play with other kids but when I was of age, my mother and I moved into the king’s quarters.” He said. 
“It must have been lonely...” You said empathetically. 
“I was separated from the rest of the world. I only knew the palace walls. I was the crown prince. Kids looked at me differently, adults looked at me differently. There were expectations to fulfil.” He shrugged. 
“Do you want to do something normal then? With me?” You offered. Yoongi blinked at you in confusion. 
“We don’t have to go into the public with disguises, that might serve to be a little dangerous. But we can go to that forest the others brought me to, play in the water or just watch the waterfall. Just forget for one day, that you are the king. Become a normal person called Min Yoongi. It’ll be fun, trust me.” You giggled. Yoongi shot you a skeptical look. 
“Fine. But only when you’re better.” He said in defeat. 
“Pinky promise?” You held your pinky out. Yoongi just stared at your raised pinky, unsure of what to do. Chuckling, you grabbed his hand and stuck his pinky out, hooking it with yours and stamping your thumbs. 
“What was that?” 
“It’s called a pinky promise. You do that and stamp to seal the deal! That means, you can’t break the promise.” You chided. 
“Alright, alright.” Yoongi chuckled. 
As you both continued your conversation, you didn’t even realise that you were falling asleep. Yoongi noticed first, stopping mid sentence to see your head bobbing up and down, your eyes lidded. With a soft sigh, he pulled you closer, letting you lay your head in his lap. 
“You’re really so different.” He commented, patting your hair gently. Those who finished their tea came over to see you sleeping in Yoongi’s lap. Yet Yoongi didn’t look like he minded at all. 
“Jeonha.” Jimin bowed. 
“Quiet, you’ll wake her.” Yoongi hissed softly and Jimin bowed his head apologetically. 
“Shall I bring her to her room?” Jimin offered. 
“No. Just let her rest here.” Yoongi waved him off. He nodded his head with a bow and moved with Hoseok to stand where the two guards were at the entrance of the pavilion. 
“Jeonha didn’t let me take her. He just wants her to rest there.” Jimin explained. The two guards looked at their king’s back. 
“That’s new.” Seokjin noted and the other 3 nodded their heads. Namjoon came, his book tucked under his hand. Before he could approach Yoongi, the 4 that were already there shushed him, pulling him aside. Jungkook pointed to where Yoongi sat, with your head in his lap as you slept peacefully. Namjoon’s eyes widened in disbelief. 
“We know.” The 4 said in unison. 
“Well, maybe the traveller is good for one thing then.” Namjoon smiled, his dimple popping through. 
“I thought jeonha cancelled the rest of his meetings for the day?” Hoseok asked. Namjoon looked perplexed, a deep frown setting onto his face as he rubbed his forehead. 
“The royal physician was looking for him.” He sighed. 
“It’s about Mirae...?” Jimin asked. He hadn’t left your side since you woke up, even sleeping on the floor of your room, so he knew you didn’t know what happened to the concubines that attacked you. 
“She keeps trying to ask him what happened to them but... he doesn’t give anything away. She doesn’t know about Mirae too.” Jimin said sadly. 
“I don’t know for sure. We can only be sure after the royal physician speaks to jeonha himself.” Namjoon said. Mirae was always clinging to Yoongi and was nasty to the staff of the temple. She thought of herself as Yoongi’s favourite and the queen consort. It was safe to say the others didn’t like her.
“Let’s just wait then.” Jungkook said. It was the first time in a while that the 5 saw their king so peaceful. None of them had the heart to bother him now and just wanted him to relax. 
“Where’s Taehyung gun?” 
“The same place as always.” Jimin informed. They all nodded their heads, only they knew where Taehyung had been disappearing to. Even Yoongi didn’t know, or rather, Yoongi just didn’t care where his half brother disappeared to. 
When you woke up, you were immediately looking up at Yoongi’s sleeping face. His head hung down, eyes closed, mouth opened very slightly. 
*Still the same Yoongi.* You smiled to yourself. 
“Are you staring at me in my sleep?” He suddenly spoke, making you yelp and jump up. You crashed your forehead into his, making him curse and you wince in pain. 
“Why did you do that?” He groaned, rubbing his forehead. 
“You scared me!” You whined. 
“Well, you were staring at me like a pervert! If I knew I was going to come out hurt, I wouldn’t have let you rest in my lap.” Yoongi accused. The both of you stared at each other before bursting out into a fit of laughter. Your laughter, however, was interrupted by someone clearing their throat. Namjoon stood at the entrance of the pavilion. 
“Good evening, jeonha, (y/n) nim. I hope you had a good rest here.” He bowed his head. You turned to him and you bowed your head back while Yoongi nodded. 
“What do you need?” The blond asked. 
“Jeonha, the royal physician wishes to speak to you.” Namjoon informed. Yoongi’s expression suddenly grew dark. 
“Royal physician? Are you sick? Injured?” You asked him with wide eyes. 
“I’m fine. It’s other business you don’t need to concern yourself with. You can head back to your room and continue resting.” He said to you, not even looking at you. He stood up first, hoisting you up so it wouldn’t be so painful for you. 
“(y/n) nim. I hope you had a good rest.” Jimin came to get you. You nodded your head and waved to Yoongi before heading off with Jimin. The two of you walked to your side of the palace. Having been outside for more than half the day, you took a bath, with help from Jimin, of course. 
“Ah, how did I end up sleeping in his lap?” You placed your hands over your reddened, warm cheeks. 
“Jeonha saw you falling asleep and let you rest on him. He seemed to have rested well too so I don’t think he minded. I offered to take you back here but he didn’t want to disturb you.” Jimin giggled. 
“Hey, are you making fun of me?” 
“Never.” Jimin replied. Once you were done, he helped you out of the tub and dressed you. As he combed your hair, your body ached. 
“I guess sleeping in the pavilion like that isn’t good for an injured body like mine, huh?” You joked, rubbing your ribs slightly. When he was done, Jimin guided you to sit in bed. 
“Are you hungry? I can fetch your dinner for you to have in bed.” 
“I’m still full from tea. Maybe later?” You smiled. For some reason you couldn’t get Yoongi’s conflicted face out of your head from earlier. 
“Jimin?” He hummed at the call of his name. 
“Never mind.” You shook your head with a small smile. Reaching over to your nightstand, you grabbed your book and opened it to read. When you opened it, the handkerchief that you bought at the market a few days ago dropped out. Honestly, you didn’t even remember putting it here. You had bought it because of the hand sewn tangerine. 
“You like tangerines too?” Jimin asked. 
“Nope. But my Yoongi does. It just reminded me of him. He always said the perfect thing to do when winter comes was to lay under the heated blanket and eat tangerines.” You smiled at the memory. 
“You really loved him.” 
“Of course. I still do. There’s not a day that goes by that he doesn’t cross my mind. I miss him a lot.” You looked up at Jimin with watery eyes. 
“Don’t cry, (y/n). I promise we’ll find a way to get you home.” Jimin reached out to wipe your tears. You leaned forward, wrapping your arms around him to hug him. Jimin sighed softly, gently putting his arms around you, careful not to hug too tight on your injuries. 
“This place has been amazing and you’ve all been nothing but kind to me. But home is still where my heart is.” You whispered. 
“I know.” He nodded, comforting you. Taehyung had come back from his day, jumping off his horse and handing it to the stable owner. He crossed your room, seeing you cry in Jimin’s arms. 
“Hey.” He rested against the window. You pulled away, sniffling and wiping your tears. 
“I had to come, after seeing an angel cry.” Taehyung smiled softly. 
“You’re back. How was your day?” You greeted. Taehyung shrugged at your question and climbed into your room through the window. He landed on the ground and dusted his clothes. 
“Where have you been disappearing to? I’ve hardly seen you in the palace grounds. Even if I do, you’re either going out or coming back from the day.” You chuckled. 
“You’re saying you miss me?” He teased. You rolled your eyes. 
“Well, I’ve just been exploring around the area, finding new things to do and learn. I never liked staying in one place for too long, which is why I’m never around much, even before you came. But don’t worry about me. I’m always sure that I’m safe.” He ruffled your hair. Jimin clicked his tongue and shook his head at your now messed up hair. 
“As long as you’re safe. Take me exploring with you one day. It’ll be fun.” You smiled at him. 
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rowema-ravenclaw · 5 months ago
tongue piercings & eyeliner || g.w
***this is completely and 100% inspired by @weasleyyy ‘s emo george headcanon (and blurb that i reread like once a day)!***
summary: george weasley, the emo who can’t do his own eyeliner. fortunately for him, you’re there to help
word count: 3.8k
warnings: underage smoking (weed), lots of teasing and playful insults, swearing, kissing/making out, prob some grammar mistakes or weirdly worded phrases cause this is very lightly edited, uhh idk mostly fluff because friends to lovers makes me soft<3
RETURNING TO HOGWARTS for your sixth year had come with some surprises. Way more classwork than you could have imagined, a new, very unnerving DADA teacher, Mad-Eye Moody, the Triwizard Tournament, etcetera, etcetera. But, the biggest surprise had been George goddamn Weasley.
Emo George Weasley.
Apparently, a full summer abroad in Romania can really change a guy.
He had the full package.
Piercings all over (had Molly really let him get all of those?), all black clothes, black nail polish, he’d even died his hair for God’s sake--he must have done it himself because the shade of dark brown--almost black--was too light and you could still see the brighter red undertones in some areas.
The only thing he was missing was the eyeliner.
He turned around, strangely colored hair flopping carelessly on his forehead. George spotted you right away, seeing as he could see over everyone in the over crowded train station.
Once he found you he waved and smiled, a complete contrast to his appearance. When you finally managed to squeeze through a confused looking family, you gave him a short hug and then back up to get a closer look at him.
“You changed a lot over summer, huh?”
George’s cheeks turned a faint pink. “Yeah, I guess.”
You put your hands on your hips and smirked at him. “You guess?”
He regained his normal Weasley twin composure and shoved your shoulder. “You changed, too, nosy!”
You looked down at yourself. Old band t-shirt (Queen, to Fred’s dismay. Music snob), new pair of shorts, and your worn down sneakers.
“Yeah, real big changes here,” you snorted.
George scoffed and waved his hands around you, looking for something he could point out.
“You got taller!”
“So did you, dipshit.”
“Piss off, I grow an inch a day.”
“Are those real?”
You reached up to touch a piercing on his nose. It was just a simple stud, but it didn’t look terrible on him. Not at all.
Really, the whole look almost suited him. Almost. It’d take some getting used to, but even this wasn’t enough to make you lose interest in your best friend.
Cheesy right? Best friends since they were kids, girl starts crushing on boy, boy is oblivious, girl goes on to pine after him for years until she dies alone and miserable and he lives happily ever after with the girl of his dreams. A girl that isn’t her.
Okay, maybe it was a tad bit existentialist, but it sure felt like that was bound to happen sometimes. For all of George’s mediocre girl skills, he really was a stupid, oblivious, little sod.
You decided you definitely liked the piercings when George bought a lolly from the trolley. You were about to open your cauldron cake when you caught the moment George stuck out his tongue to lick the candy. A tongue piercing. It was like he was trying to give you a heart attack.
George continued his emo phase throughout the first few weeks back, ignoring any strange looks or whispers he got. He was quieter this year, you noticed. He read more--less of the adventure stories from years prior and more classics, all muggle. He smoked, too. Watching George’s nimble fingers roll a spliff, his nice pink lips close around the paper, and blow rings of smoke out the open window in the common room or into the fresh air above him was definitely attractive, no doubt about it. You were, however, reminded of the fact that George was still George when he would occasionally cough and splutter around a blunt until his eyes watered.
Speaking of his eyes, you also noticed he never wore eyeliner. You found it strange that he’d go the whole nine yards to go full emo and then miss such an important step.
Lucky for you, you found out a few weeks later at one in the morning on the Gryffindor common room couch.
“Finished Wuthering Heights have you?”
George looked up, startled. The common room was usually empty in the middle of the night, so it was a surprise to see you standing at the bottom of the girls’ dormitories’ stairs. You were looking at him expectantly, leaning on the doorframe with your hands on your hips.
“Oh yeah, moved on to The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. Have you heard of it?”
You laughed and pushed yourself off the wall.
“Yeah, ‘ve heard of it. It’s pretty well known in the muggle world.”
George looked disappointed.
“Oh. Well, Fred didn’t know what it was. He hates reading, though, so he’s probably not a reliable source.”
“Fred’s never a reliable source.”
George laughed as you finally sat down next to him. The couch was a two-seater that was tilted a bit diagonally from the fireplace so the heat could still be felt.
“What are you doing up?” George asked, dog-earing the page and setting the paperback down on the cushion on his other side.
“Just couldn’t sleep and it was too stuffy up there. Dorm doesn’t have a lot of ventilation y’know?”
He shrugged. “My dorm’s fine.”
“Then why are you down here?”
“Couldn’t sleep either. Happens a lot, so I just come down here to smoke so it doesn’t stink up the dorm. Fred hates the smell.”
You noticed, for the first time, that George’s right hand held a relatively newly lit spliff.
“Been down here long?”
George shook his head and leaned back against the couch casually. His legs were spread and, even in the dim lighting, you could tell his pajama pants fit him very well. He had a Nirvana t-shirt on, too, that fit him just as perfectly. He didn’t have all of his piercings in--though you still didn’t know if they were fake or not--but you guessed the tongue one rarely came out. 
Fuck! Don’t think about his tongue.
“Sorry, d’you want some?” George asked suddenly. He’d noticed your staring, but, thankfully, taken it as a sign that you wanted him to share.
“Oh, well, I’ve only smoked a couple times... but sure, why not.”
George held out the spliff between his fingers. When you took it your fingers brushed.
You passed the spliff back and forth in comfortable silence for a while. A slight, happy buzz began to fill your body with every breath. You couldn’t tell if it was the weed or being so close to George Weasley--your knee kept brushing up against his thigh because you’d folded your legs underneath yourself--at midnight.
“I get why you’re always smoking this stuff now,” you sighed, finally breaking the silence. “Feel so... mm, nice. Dreamy almost.”
“Yeah,” George agreed, handing over the dwindling blunt for one last puff. “Relaxes me most of the time. Sometimes two makes me sleepy.”
You stubbed out the spliff on the table next to you.
“Y’know how you’re well... all emo now?”
“You’ve got all the piercings and the clothes and the books, but how come you never wear eyeliner?”
George gave you a sheepish look and rubbed the back of his neck. It was flushed, from the heat of the fireplace or the weed, you didn’t know.
“Honestly, ‘ve no clue how to do it. I tried it once and gave up after almost poking my eye out.”
“Yeah it took me like two years to figure out how to get eyeliner right,” you laughed. “It’s really tricky.”
George stared at you for a moment, looking thoughtful, then said,
“Maybe you could teach me.”
“Teach me how to do it,” he repeated and then grinned. “Don’t want everyone thinking I’m a fraud, do I?”
You laughed again--you tended to do that a lot when George was around--and shook your head.
“No, definitely wouldn’t want that.”
“Perfect, you’ll show me how, then!”
You sighed and shrugged. “Sure, Georgie.”
George’s eyes stayed on you as you leaned back against the pillows. He had an expectant look on his face.
You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion. “Well what?”
“Are you going to teach me?”
“No time like the present!” George nodded matter-of-factly.
You glanced up at the clock above the fireplace.
“George, it’s nearly one in the morning! Can’t you wait until tomorrow after classes or something?”
George put a hand to his chest and pretended to look hurt. “You can’t possibly let me go another day without knowing the inner workings of eyeliner! That’d be a crime, Y/n/n!”
You snorted and gave him an annoyed look that was really just you trying to hide your smile.
“You whinge too much.”
George made a show of jutting out his bottom lip. “Pleeeease?”
You groaned, though you were secretly smiling like a madwoman on the inside. “Alright, fine, we’ll do it now, you big baby. I’ll be right back.”
George gave you one of his toothy, boyish grins that made your heart beat in double time. You hurried up the stairs back to your dorm before your knees gave out.
It took a bit longer than normal, trying to find your eyeliner, because you didn’t want to wake up any of your dorm mates. Which meant rummaging around your part of the sink in your shared bathroom in the pitch black darkness while also trying not to make any noise.
Finally, you made your way back down to the common room and let out a relieved sigh.
“Sorry, took forever trying to find it in the dark.”
“S’alright,” George said, waving his left hand distractedly. He was busy rolling a second spliff, concentrating intensely rolling the paper tightly around the marijuana.
“Another one?”
“Still pretty wired up,” he shrugged.
You sat down beside him, entranced by the way his long, nimble fingers moved so effortlessly. You only snapped out of your daze when George brought the blunt to his mouth and licked the end of the paper. You were right--his tongue piercing did stay in all the time. The metal glinted slightly from the firelight. He sealed it tightly and then rummaged around in his pajama pants pocket for a lighter.
“Damn, must’ve forgotten it upstairs,” George grumbled.
“Let me try,” you offered.
He gave you a curious look but placed the spliff in your outstretched hand. You took it and placed it between your lips. Your eyes almost crossed as you concentrated on the end of the paper, willing it to ignite like Professor Flitwick had said in Charms a week prior. You’d been practicing nonverbal spells as soon as you’d heard about them and gotten much farther than any of your other classmates.
A few seconds of nothing went by and then suddenly a small, bright orange flame appeared on the end of the spliff and slowly started to sizzle at the paper.
“Wow!” George said, giving you an impressed look. “That’s awesome, can you teach me that, too?”
You smirked and handed his blunt back to him while exhaling the smoke. “One lesson at a time, Georgie.”
“Right, right, sorry,” George said, putting on a serious face.
You giggled and pulled the eyeliner out of your pajama shorts pocket. Then, you got up to turn on the lamps on the tables on either side of the couch. The space where you and George sat instantly grew brighter and his face was no longer a hazy sort of blur of features. He looked good. Really good. Especially for one in the morning. Perfectly messy hair, sharp nose, bright, kind brown eyes. He was too good to be true.
“Good lighting always helps,” you explained, coming to sit back down next to him.
George nodded his agreement.
“Shit, I should have brought a mirror,” you said suddenly. “How will you be able to see what you’re doing?”
George tapped his chin and passed you the spliff at the same time.
“You should just do it for me and I’ll learn by, er, feel.”
You breathed in the smoke thoughtfully and then blew a ring into the air.
“Hm, I s’pose, but you’ll have to try it on your own eventually.”
“We’ll worry about all that later,” George said dismissively. “Now c’mon and get going before this stuff puts me to sleep like a baby.”
You laughed quietly while uncapping the eyeliner. You realized you’d have to be much closer to George for this to work, so you scooted closer until your knees brushed. Then, you flipped around so your knees were to the back of the couch and your hip brushed George’s thigh.
“Lean your head down a bit you beanstalk.”
George huffed a breathy laugh and tilted his head down so your faces were just inches apart.
“Now don’t move, ‘m going to put my hand on your forehead so it’s easier to do, alright?”
George nodded quietly and took another hit.
“Okay,” you breathed, quieting your voice to just above a whisper and bringing the eyeliner tip to hover over his eye. “I thought an eyeshadow sort of material would be easier to start with than liquid. So, for this type, the way I like to start is lining the bottom first. I do my lash line and then fill in the waterline later, yeah? Keep your eyes open for this part.”
He hummed his acknowledgment.
You took a few moments to run the kohl through his lower lash line until a dark line appeared.
“Did that feel okay?”
“S’fine. Kinda scary having that thing so close to my eyeball, though.”
“I promise I won’t stab your eye out,” you said seriously.
It was George’s turn to laugh. He had such a nice laugh, you thought. His shoulders would shake because he always laughed so heartily, full of joy. And his crooked smile would make his eyes squint and crinkle at the corners.
“How kind of you.”
You smirked and brushed your thumb over his eyelid, silently telling him to close it. George complied, still smiling widely.
“I know. You really don’t deserve me.”
That was a lie. He deserved the entire world.
George just kept smiling and took another drag of his spliff. You tried to start the wing on his eye, but your hand was in an awkward position and you were still too far away and his eyelids kept fluttering every time you tried to start again.
“Fuck, this isn’t working,” you grumbled. “S’not the right angle.”
“D’you want me to face you?” George asked, opening his eyes again.
“No, then your freakishly long legs will just get in my way,” you frowned. “I’m just used to doing it straight on...”
And then two large hands were suddenly gripping your waist and pulling you closer to George until you were on top of him. It was like a natural instinct to part your legs and straddle his hips.
“There, is that better?”
You looked down at the space--which was really no space at all--between your hips and then back up at George’s relaxed face. Better? Was he insane? Did he want you to pass out?
“I--don--I and you--uh--”
“Are you having a stroke?”
You blinked hard once, then twice, and shook your head. “No--no, sorry. This is fine. Much better, er, angle.”
George gave you a satisfied smile. “Cool.”
“Yeah,” you mumbled as he closed his eyes again. “Cool.”
You continued working on George’s right eye until it looked decent enough for the middle of the night. It didn’t look as good as it normally would have because you couldn’t stop thinking about George’s left hand resting on your lower back, keeping you stable, because you were sitting on his lap.
When you pulled away, George brought the spliff back to his lips as if he’d been waiting for a lifetime to get another hit.
“You’re becoming an addict,” you observed with a smirk.
George shrugged and smirked, too. “Never been one for impulse control.”
You swallowed at the double meaning--a meaning he probably didn’t even think of. Though, you weren’t so sure that was true, what with the way he’d so readily pulled you onto his lap. Then again, George often did things just because, he was like Fred in that sense--he rarely thought about the meaning behind small things, although his new persona tried desperately to deny that aspect.
“So, how do I look?” George asked after a few moments of silence.
“Funny,” you said, scrunching up your face as if you were studying him intently.
He gave you a disappointed look. “Really? You don’t think eyeliner suits me?”
“Oh, we were talking about the eyeliner?” You asked, eyes wide and lips hiding a mischievous grin. “I thought you meant your face.”
George scoffed, poorly hiding his own smile. “Yeah, yeah, alright--you got me.”
“It was just too easy,” you winked, ruffling his hair. “My handiwork does look very nice, though.”
George looked pleased. “Cool.”
You gave him a small smile and then leaned back in to do the other eye. While you worked, George kept trying to discreetly hit his blunt.
“Will you stop that?” You grumbled, giving him a sideways glance. “You keep moving and it’s messing me up.”
“Sorry, do you want some?” George asked and then pursed his lips around the rolled paper again.
You pulled away from his eye with a sigh. “Sure.”
You expected him to hand over the spliff, but, instead, his unoccupied hand slipped under your hair and onto the back of your neck.
“George, what are you--?”
And then, very suddenly, your face was being pulled towards his and his lips were opening and yours instinctively did the same. The smoke curled from his mouth into yours and your lips brushed his when you pursed them. You breathed the smoke back out onto George’s mouth, too elated to move away and risk never being this close to him ever again.
“Did you just shotgun me?” You murmured. In retrospect, it was a pretty lame thing to say.
“Yeah.” He sounded casual, but you knew him too well to know that he was nervous by the way he was blinking faster than usual and his long fingers were tapping gently on the back of your neck. It felt nice.
“Do it again.”
And he did.
You felt dreamy and like you weren’t in total control of your body. Maybe it was the buzz of marijuana, but you couldn’t will yourself to pull away from him. It was like kissing, but not quite. Like both of you were too scared to go in for the real thing, but this boundary had already been crossed so what was the harm in continuing to do it? Only, with every blow of smoke into the other’s mouth, both of you were getting more and more desperate for the real thing.
“Georgie,” you finally murmured. The smoke curled past your lips and into the sliver of air between the two of you.
You didn’t reply. Instead, you pushed forward that extra centimeter and kissed him like you’d never imagined was possible. It was like finally being able to taste the thing you’d been craving for months, only instead of tasting like a donut, he tasted like cinnamon and apples and peppermint toothpaste. The tang of metal met your tastebuds when he ran his tongue over yours every couple of seconds.
George must have stubbed out the spliff because his other hand came to slowly rub your hip up and down while his fingers curled up into your hair. You also had one hand in his darkened hair while the other lay on his chest, bunching the fabric of his t-shirt.
It seemed like years before either of you pulled away and then another decade until one of you spoke.
“Y/n/n, I...” George, for once, seemed at a loss for words.
“It’s alright, Georgie,” you whispered, rubbing your thumb over his cheekbone. You had no idea where your nerves had gone. “You don’t have to say anything.”
“I don’t know what to say,” George replied, a small chuckle escaping his slightly swollen lips. “What are you supposed to say to the girl you’ve fancied since you were fourteen?”
You blinked at him in surprise. “Fourteen? You mean--since fourth year, really?”
George nodded, looking a bit sheepish.
“Me, too,” you smiled.
“Really? I wasn’t even that good looking yet!”
“I still had braces in fourth year!” You laughed.
George shrugged. He was acutely aware of his cheeks hurting because he was smiling so widely. “Didn’t bother me. You have nice teeth.”
“I think you’re supposed to start with complimenting my hair before my teeth, weirdo.”
“Well, I like your hair, too. Very nice and, er, shiny,” George nodded seriously. “There, how was that?”
“Wonderful, very heartfelt I could really feel the emotions pouring out of you,” you teased.
“Are you teasing me?”
“Shut up.”
George actually listened for once, obediently closing his mouth and pursing his lips against yours. You kissed each other for what could have been minutes or hours or even weeks, you didn’t care. Only when your eyelids began to droop did you pull away completely to rest your head on George’s shoulder. He pulled you into his chest, fingers still running through your hair.
“‘m gonna fall asleep if you keep doing that,” you mumbled into his neck. You wanted to kiss every freckle on the pale skin, but you could barely keep your eyes open to see them. Maybe tomorrow.
“It’s three in the morning, I don’t think that’d be such a bad thing,” George murmured.
“Don’t wanna go back up. Wanna stay with you,” you sighed, wrapping your arms around his shoulders tighter.
“We can sleep here,” George said quietly. You could hear nerves in his tone. “Only if you want to, though.”
“Yeah,” you nodded, smiling against his neck. “That’d be nice.”
George let out a quiet breath. “Alright.”
Carefully, George moved the two of you so he could lay down with you tucked into his side. He shifted so you could face each other and pulled you into him by your waist.
“Weed really does make you sleepy,” you yawned.
George smiled and rubbed your back slowly. “Told you.”
A few silent moments filled the common room.
“Your eyeliner’s gonna get all messed up,” you frowned, opening your eyes just a bit to peer up at him from where your head was tucked into his chest.
“S’alright. You can do it for me again another time, yeah?”
Another short silence passed.
George chuckled and you could feel his chest rumble. “Yeah?”
“I know you’re exploring yourself and who you want to be and everything,” you said softly, reaching up to rub a strand of his dyed hair between your fingers. “But, I’d love you no matter what you do with your hair or what clothes you wear or what hobbies you like. Because you’ll always be Georgie, yeah?”
You felt George sigh and hoped he was smiling in the darkness.
“Also,” you added with a sudden thought. “The tongue piercing is really hot.”
He laughed and kissed your forehead. “It hurt like a bitch, but I’m glad you like it.”
“I like you.”
bye i literally forgot to do my taglist for the first time since i made it that’s awkward. anyways here it is like an hour after i posted this shit!
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gojology · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
𝑨𝒖𝒕𝒉𝒐𝒓'𝒔 𝑵𝒐𝒕𝒆 |  omg this is my first request. ilysm anon, im now feelin super cool. also, i just realized i put recc (as in recommended) instead of requests. i’m super stupid LOL. anyways, im touch starved too dw bby, i’m servin u up a long one since i rlly like this request and after all u r my first! 𝑷𝒂𝒊𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒈 | Gojo x Wife! Reader 𝑾𝒐𝒓𝒅 𝑪𝒐𝒖𝒏𝒕 | 2307 𝑾𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒔 | None! 𝑺𝒖𝒎𝒎𝒂𝒓𝒚 | Coming home from a long mission in America, precisely 1 year, you’re excited to catch up on Gojo’s students, Nanami, and just Gojo in general.   Leaning out of the car window, resting your arm against your purse, you sighed. A humid wind brushed against your skin, tickling you. It had been quite a while since you had been in Japan, spending almost a year on a huge mission in America. You had killed a battalion worthy amount of special grades.   You spent most of your time in America in mostly horribly rundown places, equally as infested with curses. Although you found yourself enjoying America’s natural beauty, further away from the city life that many of the Americans found themselves enjoying, you much preferred Japan. after all, it was your home, and where you met Gojo Satoru. It would be another day until you could return, and you had gone through hundreds of scenarios of finally being in his arms again, but nonetheless, you were ecstatic at the thought of your husband’s touch.   Your phone’s notification chimed loudly, you threw your phone onto the other seat, heart jumping up to a high rate. It was a recording of Satoru loudly yelling, “OPEN YOUR FUCKING PHONE!” with a flurry of giggles afterwards.    Ijichi jumped, turning left and right. Whispering under his breath, he let out an exasperated sigh, switching the music channel.    The recording was mostly because of the time you had to ghost him due to work. Gojo had snuck on and recorded it, doing some magical tech stuff and giving you the custom notification sound. You had kept it that way ever since, since secretly, you enjoyed that you were so badly wanted by Gojo, that, and you had no idea how to change it back.    But the custom notification was sweet as well.   You smiled to yourself every time you heard it, a familiar twinge of pain flashing inside of you whenever you realized you wouldn’t be able to see him for a while.   Well, today, and the days after that would be different. You’d be able to finally see Gojo again, and his new students that he always frantically texted you about. Nanami, an old friend of Gojo, and also an old friend of yours, would also be there to welcome you back, you found yourself reminiscing about them.   You had heard so much about them, one of the kids being Sukuna’s vessel, you wondered how Gojo could contain such a fear, being around the kid at all times, he always told you about how the kid was actually energetic and happy and an overall great kid, you had heard about Nanami, finally coming back into the jujutsu sorcerer field of work, even though you always found that he still had a thing for finances.   You shook your head, “Save that shit for later, (Y/N).” muttering to yourself, you didn’t want to think of anything but Gojo, after all, it had been one fucking year of being deprived of the man you loved most. You were practically starving for the guy, in more ways than one.   Ijichi gulped, facing towards you, one hand on his steering wheel, “Forgive me Mrs. Satoru, but um.. Forgive me if I misheard, but I think I heard your phones notification go off.. Due to the ah- incredibly loud profanity.”   Now just realizing that you had completely forgotten about the phone notification, you nodded your thanks to Ijichi, a warmth rushing to your cheeks before opening up your phone.    In the small, rounded box containing Gojo’s message, he wrote in all caps, “SUGAR, MY BELOVED, MY QUEEN, HOW CLOSE ARE YOU? I CAN’T FUCKING WAIT I’M LITERALLY BOUNCING UP AND DOWN IN OUR BED.”   Smiling to yourself, you furiously texted back, “Calm down honeybun, I’ll be there in like, 24 hours, I’m not even fucking close.”   You almost instantly got a DM back, making you jump a bit in your seat. Even with the 5 years of friendship, and the 3 years of relationship, and the 2 years of marriage, he still almost always texted you back as quickly as possible.   “God I can’t fucking wait for you to meet the kids! We’ll keep it a surprise, yeah? We have a bunch of treats, and we also got the kids to get some gifts for you! How thoughtful aren’t they? They’re MY offspring by the way, so like, you know, whenever you want a kid, it’s your call ;)”   You snorted to yourself, smiling. He genuinely seemed so excited, and it was all shining through even though it was from a screen.    “Maybe in a few years, I don’t even wanna imagine a little you.”   Despite the excited, bubbling feeling brewing bigger and bigger in your stomach, you figured it’d be best to sleep before the chaos. Happily sighing, you laid down, using your purse as a pillow, drifting into a blissful sleep.  ‧₊˚✩彡.   You awoke to a sudden halt, Looking around your surroundings, you figured you were home. Ijichi looked like he was damn near about to fall asleep on the steering wheel.   Well, maybe that’s what 24 hours of constant driving did to you. You fished around in your purse, silently cursing looking for a water bottle.   “Here, Ijichi, looks like you ran a marathon.” you grinned, handing the slightly crumped water bottle to him.   He beamed as if a guardian angel had descended down and gave him a trillion dollars.   “Mrs. Satoru! You really mean it? The ride was nothing, I was merely instructed to do so and I would’ve done it happily regardless.”   You waved your hand, as a dismissal of the conversation. “You overwork yourself Ijichi, go catch a break, on me. If Gojo tears you apart, tell him he won’t be getting any pussy from me for another year.”   Ichiji nodded vigorously, before dashing off, probably towards a massage center, God that guy needed it. ‧₊˚✩彡.    Gojo frantically hopped up and down, it had been a day, now he was just waiting for you to bust through the door in your wild hair, his legs sprawled onto the whole of a couch, he stared at the ceiling, a dopey smile spread across his face.     “Satoru. (Y/N) will not even want to be associated with you, looking at your current state.” he remarked, staring at the sorcerer with his strikingly dead eyes.     “Nanami, how the fuck am I supposed to act calm?! I’ve waited for this moment for ONE YEAR! Does my hair look normal?!”    “Your hair looks just like an albino porcupine, just as usual.” Flipping the page of his newspaper, he sighed, rubbing his temples. “I will never understand how someone like (Y/N) would be.. Interested in you, Satoru.”     Gojo paid no attention to the insult Nanami had so clearly made, his ears were perked up, eavesdropping on a distant conversation coming closer and closer.     “Gojo-Senpai was telling me about this movie while training my cursed energy! He basically spoiled the whole thing but he told me that the main character was super annoying but apparently she dies in the end in the most gruesome way possible! It’s worth the watch, your soul will feel cleansed as soon as you see her lifeless body!”     “Yuuji, you literally spoiled the whole thing to me just now.” Fushiguro calmly stated, looking bored out of his mind.     “Oh, oops.” Yuuji rubbed the back of his neck. He smiled coyly, tightly hugging his present.    “What’s with the decorations, Gojo-Sensei?” inquired Nobara, stroking her warm toned brown hair. She had figured it was something about the presents that Gojo had forced the trio to get, but he never told them who it was for.    The room had been decorated with various balloons and confetti, scattered about, on the table and the ground. A cake box wrapped with a gigantic bow limply guarded whoever was brave enough to get their hands on something that Gojo seemed to be protecting with his life.    A pink table cover with a crudely drawn Gojo and what would seem to be a girl, a heart in the middle of the pair. In a horrible font with an even awfuller text, the text on top and at the bottom of the drawing proudly stated:    “WELCOME BACK QT”    “-YOU’RE HUSBAND AND THE CREW”    Nobara stood in distaste, trying to disguise the face she made. The drawing, the misused you’re, and the overall poor design choice was enough to almost make her vomit.     Nobara, about to make her distasteful statements about the whole mess, was suddenly shut up as Gojo started hopping up and down, looking directly at his phone.   “SHE’S COMING! SHE’S COMING! EVERYONE IN YOUR PLACES!”    Now, seeing Gojo freak out wasn’t outside of the ordinary, but it was to see him freak out to this extent. He was hopping up and down, blabbering about a certain woman named (Y/N). Nobara was pretty sure that if a curse attacked right now, even a special grade comparable to the one with the uncomplete domain could completely crush Gojo, the guy seemed completely unaware of the example he was setting to the kids. Even Yuuji stood in disbelief, and he had seen multiple tantrums by Gojo.   Nanami, however, licked his finger and flipped the newspaper page. A face of boredom obviously displayed.     Nobara, preparing herself to chew Gojo out about how utterly stupid and embarrassing he made the whole class of jujutsu sorcerers look like, stopped wide eyed as she looked at the doors slide wide open. ‧₊˚✩彡.    You stood, shyly, looking at the ground. Gojo dove headfirst into your arms, laughing like a maniac and digging his face into your shoulder. You breathed in his scent, scanning the room.     Three teens, sat wide-eyed, backs straight as they looked at you with eyes you couldn’t quite read. All three of them held presents.     The one with eyelids underneath his eyes (which you assumed was Yuuji, the vessel of Sukuna) eyed you curiously, his eye twitched.     The other boy, one with wild black-blue hair, sat mouth agape, before closing it. He looked like he was about to say something, before stopping entirely and hugging his present closer to his chest.    The warm haired girl darted her eyes between you two, seemingly trying to put the puzzle together.     Nanami put the newspaper down, glancing over to you two.    “This is obviously Gojo-Senpai’s wife. He hasn’t seen her in many months, and as you can see, really really misses her.” he paused, a small smile spreading on his face, a rare sight.     “I don’t even know why myself, but what can you do with lovebirds?” he thought aloud, his attention now focused to the two of you furiously making out, hands in places Yuuji and the crew didn’t need to see.    “Satoru, (Y/N), leave the kissing for later. Don’t you see the kids?”     You detached yourself from his mouth, panting for breath. The air being exhaled out of his nose fanned over your face, you had just now realized the kids again.     “Satoru, lets sit down. I bet the kids are surprised. “ you motioned to the couch. Gojo whined.     “What? They’re not that dumb, they can tell you’re my wife or at least, you’re my girlfriend, just by the way we kiss right? Isn’t this telling enough?”     “You didn’t tell them about me, ever did you?”     He sighed in defeat, holding tightly onto your arm as you dragged him over and sat down on the comfortable couch, opposite of Yuuji and the crew. Nanami scooched over, before finally getting up to pull another chair from somewhere else. Grunting, he excused himself from the room.     “YOU HAD A GIRLFRIEND, GOJO-SENPAI? AND DIDN’T TELL US?” Yuuji questioned, looking like he was about to faint.    Gojo laughed, snuggling deeper onto you, almost like a koala.     “She’s my wife, aren’t you, sugar? Did you even pay attention to anything Nanami said? He literally said she was my wife.”     Megumi made an obvious gagging sound, but even he didn’t seem as bored as he was usually. He actually looked intrigued.     “Why didn’t you tell us, Gojo-Senpai?” the girl nagged, slamming her fist down on the table.     Gojo smiled, “Uh, well, I wanted it to be a surprise when she came back.”     “Couldn’t you have told us that you had a wife or something?” Megumi butt in.    The door slid open, Nanami coming in with a wooden stool.     “Knowing Gojo-Senpai, that probably went over his head.” grunting as he placed the wooden stool down and sat, he opened his newspaper again.     “Where do you guys know eachother?”    “Was Gojo-Senpai handsome back in highschool too?”    “Do you know what lipgloss Gojo-Senpai wears?”    “Gojo-Senpai, how did you know you loved her?”     “Gojo-Senpai, can we eat now?”     “Do you know why Gojo has such a horrible sweet tooth?”      Before you could even respond, Nanami put his hand up.     “Now, now, lets let the happy couple settle down.” he cleard his throat, not even making eye contact with anyone but the newspaper.     An audible chorus of groans sounded, “What do you expect us to do? We literally just met her!” moaned Yuuji.    “Weren’t you the one that literally asked if we could eat yet?”    Yuuji immediately shut up afterwards.     “Yuuji, she just came back from a 1 day trip. She should be laying down comfortably with Gojo-Senpai and they should be catching up. You’ll have the opportunity to talk to her and learn about her later. Right now she needs space.”    “But-” Nobara whined, clasping her hands together.    Nanami turned to Fushiguro, but even he had his mind set. “I didn’t even begin to think that Gojo had a wife. I really want to know more about her, if you think about it, this is all Gojo-Sensei’s fault.”    Nanami rubbed his temples, staring at the two of you for backup, realizing that you two were making out again.    Nanami sighed, 10 years later and you two were still the same.    
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clambuoyance · 6 days ago
Deltarune Ch 3 Theory (Spoilers!)
This will be sort of a ramble, and I’ll do my best to include screenshots, but this is my personal theory and thoughts on what’s happening and where Ch 3 is headed. Most of this stuff has probably been said by others, so this is mostly for me to come back to!
1. Kris
So there are a lot of moments that seems to hint to Kris’ homelife and I’ll just sort of go through them here. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When you look through the room Queen trapped you in, there’s a calendar with a vacation date circled from a search query about when college has summer break. Given how close Asriel and Kris seem to be, I’m pretty sure Kris is really anxious to see Asriel and have his support back. 
Because Toriel and Asgore seem to have divorced fairly recently? Or at the very least, I think it’s still definitely taking a toll on Kris, and Asriel leaving does NOT help at all. It makes me wonder if there’s more to him leaving for college. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There’s another curious thing where if you  decide to look through Asriel’s room, Kris shuts their eyes and seems to not want to see what’s inside, despite what the Player might want. Why? Afraid of what they’ll see? What could Asriel possibly be searching for that Kris would be afraid of the truth?
I think some incident happened in the past, one that’s related to the Dreemurr and the Holiday family growing apart, Noelle’s sister “Dess”, and Asgore apparently being removed from the police force. (If maybe he was powerless or cowardly to do something, this could have led to a divorce and Asriel leaving? I’m not sure, but I think Dess has died or its related tot he incident, and Asriel seemed close with them too so I’m sure it was also hard on him.)
(i didnt take a screenshot of the newsclipping with this info but ill put it here later lol)
Circling back to Kris, there’s several details that hint to Kris’ mindset, and basically, I think Kris doesn’t want to grow up because when you grow up you grow apart and don’t live out fun fantasies anymore. Maybe.
If you go to the flyer in the librarby,  and read the one about the ICE-E event that says “Where teens can still be Kids!” Kris is relieved, for some reason. Probably because they’re glad to hear they still technically count as a kid. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Not directly related but if you go up to the upperright room and read the book about humans, Kris quickly shuts it. Given the similarities and hints to Chara from Undertale, it seems like Kris wanted to get away from other humans or humanity in general. Which also aligns maybe with Kris being fearful of the bunker. I really don’t know what to make it past this though. Crack theory was that the world of Undertale was just a Dark World Kris made as a kid or something. Or that when “Chara” fell, it was a fall similar to how Kris and Susie fall when entering a Dark World. Lmao probably unrelated though.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
2. Dark Worlds and Escapism
The Dark Worlds seem to function as some sort of escapism, and it’s interesting that they’re all based on real life things. In Chapter 1, the Dark World was based on the classrooms various toys like checkers, chess, cards, dolls,etc. In Chapter 2, it seems even more so with Noelle. Queen actually wants the best for Noelle and is very nosy and always chasing after her, in contrast to Noelle’s real mom who is always busy being a mayor. After all, Queen does know how sad Noelle’s search history probably is. (Mainly from this post!)
(screenshots to be added lol)
Kris probably feels the same way, as both Noelle and Kris grew up together and seem to be suffering from dysfunctional families or some sort of drama.
And Queen directly says in the boss fight with Berdly that the internet and the screens provide comfort for many people, and she is well-intentioned in wanting to help make people happy. Maybe for Kris it’s video games or roleplaying or toys or silly things, kind of like how many people in the real world do similar things. I wonder if the next chapters will each focus on a different character and other forms of escapism or storytelling. 
3. The Knight
So at the end of Chapter 2, Kris rips out the Player Soul and slashes the tires to Toriel’s car. Then later Susie talks about how cool it would be if they could bring Ralsei and Lancer and everyone to their world and hang out with them. Then Kris takes the Player out once again and pulls out a knife, fills the “Blade” with their “Will”, aka Determination, and creates a new dark fountain that encompasses their whole home (and maybe even the whole town). 
(screenshot laterrrr)
It seems that the tires were to ensure Toriel stays inside the house though, so maybe it’s just the house. If that’s the case, and Kris really is the knight, I think Kris wants to envision a better home where things are better. Escapism right inside your own home.
If it’s the whole town, then maybe Kris already had Susie’s idea and really is going to take everyone in a new Dark World so everyone can be together. That or Susie inadvertently gave Kris the makes me wonder if we’ll see Toriel in her outfit from Undertale, or something like that. The other reason I could see it being a town-wide thing is because now Kris has the knowledge of the Roaring (thanks to Ralsei).  I’m not too sure what their stance would be, but maybe they see a benefit to it?
After creating a fountain, a smile flashes on the tv, so I think the next chapter will be television based and feature a tv villain (though it does look like flowey...). Again, i wonder if each chapter will be some form of escape for some people. or maybe it’ll be a different theme.
Also, I just want to add that I really don’t see Kris as malicious or doing thing for a sinister reason. Or maybe it’s still fucked up and selfish, but not the evil people imagine. If you do the snowgrave route, Noelle doesn’t even recognize it as Kris’ voice. The sinister voice in that route seems to be the Player rather, being cruel and making Noelle make these traumatizing choices. Which is why I wonder if Kris is the Knight, or if it’s a red herring. Not sure. 
There’s a lot to unpack. Too much to unpack, like there’s a whole thing I could say about Big Shot and Jevil and Gaster. The way maybe Kris also knows the world is just a game (maybe thats why they hate humans?? were just like go puppet go lol). But i have no idea so this was just focused on Kris mostly, and Maybe i’ll talk more but I finished the game a few hours ago and I just had to get these thoughts out even if others probably already figured it out or think its obvious. It’s just really cool! Again, most of this comes from this theory, cus i havent looked much at others (YET) since i just finished today. Anyways, FUN GAME! 
If anyone has useful screenshots or whatever please feel free to add lol
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lovetenya · 9 months ago
𝐬𝐥𝐞𝐞𝐩𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐢𝐧 𝐝𝐨𝐫𝐦𝐬.
pairings: class 1-a boys x gender neutral reader
warnings: none other than swearing, otherwise just softness.
author’s note: this came to me because i’m feeling shitty and want a little love. when i say sleeping, i literally just mean sleeping. please don’t be gross, it’s against school rules.
Tumblr media
according to the UA student handbook, sleeping anywhere other than your assigned room is strictly off-limits. especially if that place is the dorm room of another student that you have your eyes on. however, there’s something about your boyfriend’s twin sized bed, with blankets that smell like him, that’s just so comfortable.
maybe it’s the way that a twin sized bed fits two only if you’re completely wrapped up in each other, violating any laws of personal space. your legs tangle with his, and your face fits in the crook of his neck because it has to so that you don’t fall off.
or maybe it’s how sharing a twin bed encapsulates young love, so much love held in such a small place, begging for more room to spread and flourish. it’s all so intimate, so loving, so vulnerable. and honestly, there’s nobody else you’d rather be that person with, lying underneath his covers and waking with puffy eyes.
enjoy your night, and have sweet dreams as you doze off with...
tenya iida:
if you somehow convinced him to allow this, you've already won in my mind.
i mean, first of all, you’re sleeping with tenya iida. second of all, you get to be held in those big, strong arms.....................
you’re pretty lucky to catch him on a day where he’s feeling generous (or lonely) enough to let you break the rules and come to his room to cuddle, only to eventually fall asleep
i think he would sleep on his side, and hold you close so you’re chest to chest.
he’d hold the back of your head in one hand and place the other on your lower back
whatever you prefer, he will do
if you hog the blanket, he lets you, because he can't sleep with his legs under the blanket anyway! you can have his share of it and keep him warm, too
Tumblr media
mashirao ojiro:
not at all hard to convince him to let you sleep in his room (or to get him to come to yours) bc he misses you a lot when you’re not around :(
you’re his comfort and he’s very shy (even around you)
you’d have to be the little spoon bc his tail can’t be squished and needs room to be free (it moves involuntarily sometimes, and he’d hate to accidentally whack you with it!)(he might cry)
HE’S a blanket hog and he knows it so he keeps an extra one for you
he also has stuffed animals on his bed that koda got for him hehe
Tumblr media
denki kaminari:
he’d ask you to come to his room to help him study, but he ends up needing a lot more help than either of you expected, so you end up staying much later
he’s very cuddly but he’s also very energetic so it takes a while for him to calm down enough to actually lay down and sleep
you’d get tired before he did, and have to ask him to come lay down once he finishes that last problem
he finally does, and he tosses and turns a little before he gets comfy and finally relaxes into your arms
he holds you like a koala bear (even if you’re shorter than him, he loves clinging onto someone and feeling them)
or he sleeps like a starfish and drools everywhere. i can’t tell which one.
or he also likes being the little spoon cuz it’s cozy!!!
Tumblr media
eijirou kirishima:
alexa, play love of my life by queen.
kiri doesn’t need any convincing to get his ass over to your room and would beg you to come to his whenever he felt lonely or like he needed a cuddle buddy
your phone pings with several texts from eijirou <3
eijirou <3: can you come over???
⤷ y/n: it’s a school night, ei.
eijirou <3: just for ten minutes???
⤷ y/n: it’s not because i don’t wanna, it’s cuz i can’t. if aizawa catches me, i’ll be in deep shit, and i do NOT (!!!) feel like cleaning with bakugo again
eijirou <3: bakugo isn’t that bad. come on!!!
eijirou <3: please?
⤷ y/n: [Read 10:37 PM]
eijirou <3: babe... i’m shivering.......
eijirou <3: i think shoto did something to me... i’m so cold..... please help
⤷ y/n: what’s wrong? do you need me to get recovery girl? or aizawa?
eijirou <3: no. i need YOU TO COME AND CUDDLE ME BEFORE I DIE FROM A LACK OF LOVE <///3 so much pain... no cuddles...
eventually, you cave and go to his room to cuddle, but not without cursing yourself for submitting to his relentlessness in capturing your full attention
he would lay directly on top of you while trying not to crush you, but has no shame in how content he is while snuggled into your neck and smushing you under the blanket
he would pepper your face in kisses and do even more once you tell him how gross his morning breath is <3!!!
Tumblr media
mezo shoji:
he would be so sweet and so soft with you because he’s used to people being afraid of him for his looks and doesn’t want to scare you away :(
even getting him to remove his mask was hard at first, but once he trusts you and knows you don’t think he’s hideous, the curtain falls and he’s just such a love bug
he’s gonna lay down on his back and have you lay on his chest so he can hold you, and you’ll wake up just like that, feeling his chest rise and fall with every breath
& when he wakes up with you in his (many) arms? he’s never been happier.
Tumblr media
hanta sero:
sero... sabes cómo guapo eres?
i love that everyone thinks he’s latino that’s so cute to me
anyway, i think that sero would lay his head on your chest. he’d have his arms wrapped around your torso and his head on your chest and he’d just snuggle right in.
you could pet his hair and he’d love that so much, humming contently until you eventually put him to sleep completely
you’d be more likely to be convincing him that he can’t stay in your room tonight rather than convincing him to come over, this man never leaves your room and will sprint there if you even send him a “:(“ text
he’s fine with blankets, cuz he doesn’t really get cold and he has more than one and he’ll just pull another over the two of you if you ever need it!
Tumblr media
shoto todoroki:
i know that what i’m about to write is basic but i literally could not possibly care less. shoto is cute and we all know it so i’m gonna indulge what you already know and add my own too
also if you’re anti-shoto please unfollow me <3 i won’t miss you, stupid bastard!
shoto is touch starved in all the worst ways, and often flinches away from contact without meaning to, only to apologize for his behavior (even if he can’t control it)
he needs soothing, calming touches to remind him that he’s loved and that you care about him for who he is, not who he will be.
and also to remind him that he isn’t hideous because of his scar. he’s still quite beautiful, actually.
although he loves his dorm room and how calm it is, sometimes it reminds him too much of home and he needs a break from it.
when he needs to escape, he’ll send a simple text saying, “can i come to your room?” he won’t play games or pretend like he’s fine when he isn’t.
he just wants you, and to be comforted by you.
he’s your personal space heater or air conditioner, so whatever extreme your body decides to run on, he’ll regulate you.
he likes the comfort of a weighted blanket and loves sharing blankets even more. that level of trust and intimacy—that neither of you are going anywhere—is so comforting to shoto
he’ll never want to let you go
Tumblr media
katsuki bakugo:
this sleepover is BYOB. (bring your own blanket.)
he’s the biggest blanket hog, and will wrap his entire body in the blanket and not leave a single shred of it for you. you could be shivering, and he’d tell you to shut up and go to sleep bc you both have class tomorrow.
he won’t admit that he was lonely and wanted attention, but the way he hold you tightly lets you know how he really feels
or if he had a nightmare, he’d call you and ask if he could come to your room to cool off before falling sleep all wrapped up with you.
and he would buy a huge blanket to go over your two individual blankets so that you’re comfortable but still sharing and close to each other <3
be prepared to sleep early and wake up early too, cuz he goes to sleep by 9 and isn’t interested in funny business. he gets up for his pre-workout run by 5, and can’t really be quiet about it cuz he needs to eat before he goes. he’s sorry for waking you, but only a little.
if you’re a talker, and like to babble about your dreams of the future before falling asleep, he’ll listen for a little bit before losing his patience and saying, “no more talking, just cuddle me and go to sleep already.”
Tumblr media
izuku midoriya:
baby love <3!!!
he’s less likely to ask you to come over as he is to dutifully race to your room to comfort you
no matter what’s planned for tomorrow or how late it is
and he’s not scared to get caught, he really doesn’t mind cleaning duty if it means he was there to be the for you when you needed him
he’s so sweet and outwardly loving, i think he’d either lay directly on top of you or lay by your side and tangle all his limbs with yours
so many kisses on knuckles and on faded (or recent) scars (you are so loved)
his blanket is big and cozy enough for the two of you and you wake up warm underneath it, still snuggled up to izuku <3
Tumblr media
⤷ back to my masterlist.
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firewoodfigs · 2 months ago
for the only one bed prompts......... "and only one pillow so a used b's chest or stomach" 🥺
EMMA, MY LOVE. FOR YOU I WOULD GIVE THE WORLD AND MORE <3 I hope you enjoy, friend!!! <3
also on ao3 - i like it when you sleep (for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it)
She falls asleep on the car ride back.
It’s unusual, such behaviour. Ordinarily, she’d be keeping watch or the one driving, but throwing herself at wolves and flirting with married men (and tolerating her commanding officer’s unwarranted jealousy) is indescribably wearying. It’s even worse than military training, having to put up all these fake niceties and pretenses. She wonders how Roy does this every day. Maybe that’s why he’s so tired all the time, Riza thinks. Now she knows why.
She startles awake briefly when the car jerks. Riza mutters, unintelligibly, something about safety and watching the road. She dimly registers the sound of a murmured apology from the driver’s seat.
Riza nods, and drifts back uneasily to sleep.
(In her sleep, Riza dreams of a dimly-lit courtroom and of Lady Justice, so white and pure and glorious even in the shadows. It is a recurring dream of hers, but it still leaves her palms clammy and her heart racing, like she’s just pulled the trigger on someone for the very first time.)
“We’re here,” Roy announces.
Riza groans as she rouses from her nap. There’s an ache that’s starting to crawl into her head, and she wonders if she’s just had too much to drink earlier (she thinks she’s done a pretty good job of turning down the offers of free, expensive wine though). She rubs at her temples wearily, blinking hard in an attempt to dispel some of the lingering fatigue.
“Are you alright, Lieutenant?”
“Yes,” she answers, without hesitation. Riza straightens in her seat, smoothing out the creases in her outfit. It’s a fitting, champagne-coloured number that is as meddlesome as it is pretty. (Riza hasn’t worn something like this in a while, simply because there hadn’t been any occasion to. She thinks she’ll probably have a hard time getting out of it later.) She opens the door and stretches her legs out. “Let’s go, sir.”
The motel is just like any other motel, Riza thinks. It’s old and musty and right in the middle of nowhere, managed by a receptionist who’s clearly half-asleep at their workstation. They check in under the guise of a civilian, childless couple, as usual. Elizabeth and Andrew Ditlev, yes, a room for two. We won’t be needing anything else, thank you. There’s the sound of keys jangling and paper notes rustling, and then she’s dragging her feet up the creaking stairs towards their room on the second floor, Roy’s hand hovering uncertainly over her back.
Riza nudges it away and reassures him that she’s just fine. (He continues fretting, anyway.)
It’s only after she’s taken a shower that Riza notes the irregularity in their room.
“Sorry,” Roy says. There’s a sheepish edge to his voice, but the way he’s grinning tells her that he’s not altogether unhappy about their current predicament. “I tried asking for another pillow, but reception said they’ve none left.”
Riza frowns. She moves to sit on the edge of the queen-sized bed, drying her hair with a thin towel. It’s not uncommon for them to share a bed; going on these undercover operations as a loving, married couple meant that it was only logical for them to do so. It’s not like she has anything against it, either, but she’s always maintained a distance from him, even while on the same bed. They usually sleep with their backs turned (although Roy has a peculiar habit of snaking his arm around her waist just before daybreak).
“Sorry,” Roy repeats, stifling a yawn. He’s already taken the liberty of going shirtless, while she was bathing. “You can take the pillow, if you’d like. I can go without.”
Riza shakes her head and gestures towards the shower.
“No, it’s fine. I’ll figure something out.”
He yawns again, dragging himself to the shower.
“Really, Lieutenant. It’s no hassle at all.”
Water starts running again, from the shower. Riza shifts towards the nightstand and picks up the phone. There’s a little note beside — press ‘0’ for reception and/or room service.
She does exactly that.
“Hello,” Riza greets in response. “I’m calling from Room 204. We were wondering if you happened to have a spare pillow —”
“I already told you we have no more pillows,” the receptionist interrupts, groggily. Riza picks up on the poorly-concealed hint of annoyance and, somewhat annoyed herself, apologises insincerely for the apparent inconvenience caused. “Goodnight.”
The phone line goes dead.
Riza huffs. She puts the phone down and mutters something to herself about cheap motels and their stinginess. Resignedly, she fluffs the lone pillow and moves to lie down once her hair’s dry. (She thinks she’ll continue to keep her hair in a manageable bob like this, just for convenience’s sake — even if Roy prefers it otherwise.)
“Lieutenant,” he calls, sounding scandalised. Riza cracks an eyelid open and stares at him, as if to say, what? (She still has no idea how men do this so quickly, even after all these years in the military. It barely takes more than a minute for them to finish their ablutions, even though their bodies are nearly twice the size of hers. Thrice, if she’s including people like Major Armstrong in the count.) “What are you doing?”
“Sleeping. Or trying to.”
Roy makes a sound of disapproval as he dries himself (Riza turns away respectfully at this) and puts on his pajamas. She feels his weight on the mattress once he’s done, and when she refuses to budge from a spot he starts poking her from behind, like a needy child badgering their parents for an impossible gift (she doesn’t even remember behaving like this as a young girl).
Riza groans and rolls her shoulders. “What?”
“I told you to take the pillow, Lieutenant.”
“I told you it was fine.”
He clucks his tongue. Roy rolls her around to face him, and she bites her lips to stifle another groan.
“Stubborn as always, aren’t you?”
“Pot, kettle,” Riza murmurs wearily. She can barely keep her eyes open at this point, much less keep up with his nonsensical, baseless arguments. “Go to sleep, sir.”
Roy tries, vainly, to slip the pillow under her head a few minutes later, but Riza elbows him in the ribs and pulls the blanket over them, effectively ceasing the argument. He huffs petulantly and closes his eyes.
“Trouble sleeping?”
“No,” Riza mumbles, but it’s a lie. She knows that he knows it’s one. (It’s no secret that both of them have had trouble sleeping since the war.)
“You’re lying,” he says, though not accusingly.
Riza ignores him and clutches a handful of the motel’s standard-issue white blanket. She covers her eyes with them and tries to sleep, again, but she fails spectacularly at this otherwise simple task. There’s just something about motels and their pastel walls and background music that tends to set her on edge. Maybe it’s because it’s so unlike what she’s used to. (She’s fallen asleep to the sound of gunshots and explosions, more times than she has to Debussy.) Or maybe it’s the fact that she’s no longer sleeping on a single-sized bed, by herself.
“Are you sure you don’t want the pillow?”
“Stubborn as ever,” he mutters. She thinks he’s given up on fighting a losing battle, when she feels his arms pulling her close.
“With all due respect —”
“Nothing inappropriate, Lieutenant. I promise you.” She struggles to free herself from his grip, but clearly, all the work he’s been putting at the gym lately has paid off. Riza glares at him, murderously. He simply grins. “Since they ran out of pillows, we’ll simply have to make one.”
“What, with alchemy?”
“Actually, that doesn’t sound entirely implausible.” Riza is about to push herself off his chest, when he tightens his grip around her. “But it’s late, and I’m tired, and besides, we’re supposed to be an ordinary couple, nothing else.”
The word rolls off his tongue infuriatingly. Riza gets the peculiar feeling that he’s enjoying this far more than he should be. She frowns, glancing at him from beneath her lashes.
“I do tend to move around a lot in my sleep, sir.”
“I know.” He shrugs against her, positioning her head so that it’s resting comfortably on his chest. Then Roy wraps his arms around her again, almost gleefully, uncaringly, as if there’s nothing inappropriate about their shared embrace. Riza huffs. “But it’s fine. Anything to help my favourite subordinate sleep.”
“How very kind of you, sir,” Riza mutters drily. She attempts, somewhat furtively, to tickle him - she knows all his weak spots by now - but Roy dodges it with surprising agility, like he would a bullet.
“Of course. Please make sure to give me a good performance review when the time comes,” he says, smirking in a way she can only describe as insufferable.
“Only if you stop drooling all over your desk.”
“For the record, I do not,” he says, with an injured sniff.
Riza rolls her eyes, but she doesn’t protest further. She won’t admit it aloud, but it’s nice, being held like this. Roy is unusually sweet in a way that he isn’t anywhere else. He hasn’t been this way since they were kids.
“Yes, you do,” Riza retorts softly, ignoring the lump in her throat.
(This scene is achingly familiar, like a vignetted memory, like an excerpt of a film she already knows the ending to. The ending is always the same in her dreams.)
Laughter rumbles from his chest. It is a lovely sound to hear, after a long day of work, but it rubs against her cheek ingratiatingly, and Riza makes a mental note to write a letter to the hotel when they’re back in the city — a not-too-gentle reminder to stock up on pillows and other necessities.
“We can save this argument for another time, Lieutenant. It’s two in the morning.”
Riza relents, because it is two in the morning. She thinks sleep should claim her now, rather than later; she’s been trying to cut down on her caffeine intake lately. But Roy starts stroking her hair, and then her back, like he’s trying to lull a child to sleep, and Riza has to swallow the satisfied hum lurking in her throat (she refuses to give him any satisfaction of knowing that she is, in fact, enjoying this, far more than she has any right to).
Riza clears her throat. She pushes his arm away.
“I’m not a cat, you know.”
Laughter, again. The caressing stops. She feels him pressing a kiss to the top of her head, and then he’s hugging her again, one arm resting languidly on her side like she’s some sort of a replacement bolster.
“I know. Goodnight, Riza,” he says, softly.
She doesn’t have the heart to remind him that they’re still on a mission.
“Goodnight,” Riza whispers. There’s a part of her that aches, yearns for this moment to be something more than a(nother) fleeting, stippled memory, but her bliss is abruptly broken by the commotion coming from upstairs — something about an adulterous affair and impecuniosity.
Riza shifts uneasily and tries to drown it all out by focusing on his heartbeat instead. It’s audible beneath her cheek — not quite like a lullaby, but close enough — just a gentle hum of life, enough to quell her frazzled nerves and lull her back into peace.
When she falls asleep at last, Riza dreams of something different, something that stems from her deepest desires.
(In her dreams, she’s in a white dress, and Roy is radiantly alive in a sunlit attic.)
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zodiyack · 11 months ago
Requested by anon: Omg hi again may I request a Sherlock Holmes x reader were they get married and have kids! Thank you <3
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes x Female!Reader
Warnings: One smut-indication?, funny angst, fluffity fluff, no proof-reading
Words: 1,953
Summary: (See Request)
Note: I’m making this a continuation of Reminders if that’s ok with you-
Tumblr media
Taglist: @matth1w, @redspaceace-writes, @fandom-puff, @darling-i-read-it, @simonsbluee, @thewarriorprincessxo, @sebastianstanslefteyebrow, @missihart23, @beckster07890, @maan24
Masterlist | Henry Cavill Masterlist
Tumblr media
Tears were shed, laughs were scattered, cheers were shouted. Sherlock had made good on his promise and married the lovely beautiful artist. He couldn’t stray his eyes from hers the entire wedding. It was difficult to even form words with how breathtaking the angel in front of him looked. Did they really expect him to say vows with this gift from the heavens standing right before him?!
Although Sherlock found it hard, he managed to spit out the words that caught in his throat. You’d hardly be able to tell he was a nervous wreck; the loving words that should bind them in mere moments came from his lips like poetry.
As soon as they were wed, Sherlock was eager to have his wife to himself. The entire after-party, he sat beside her with his leg bouncing impatiently, and that night he’d made love to her more times than they’d ever done in a week. A new record. He made it known that his promise was good.
What was to come after, though, was surely to be expected.
Tumblr media
“Rin, stop moving sweetie.” She begged calmly for what felt like the thousandth time. Her youngest daughter fidgeted in the chair. She looked like a baby-doll propped up in an adults’ chair with how small she was. Painting her children was not uncommon for Y/n. They loved to model for their mother but most of the time her children could just barely stay still.
Their oldest, Eddie, a nickname for Edward, was goofy and had a heart like his aunt’s, both Enola and Eddie more child-like than times would prefer. Second oldest, Will Claud, short for William Claud, was determined, like his father, but had a habit of over doing it. He was the strict and ...well, the nerd brother. Will Claud just wanted to impress his father and mother, but he seemed to listen to his uncle Mycroft too much.
Next born was Alice. She had her mother’s skill in art as well as her father’s skill in mystery. She and Will Claud were born not too long from each other, so it was no surprise that they were constantly wrestling for the spotlight. Alice didn’t try to outwit her brother as much as he did her, but she wasn’t new to winning.
Finally, the twins; Clayton and Catherine. Clayton was mischievous and didn’t hesitate to make it known, but Catherine, sitting in that chair across her mother as her soft skin is replicated by paint onto a canvas of color, was practically an angel.
While the other children would hurdle over each other to get to their father every time he stepped through the front doors, Cathy would wait beside her mother politely before walking to her father slowly. Her siblings would part, forming a walkway in the middle as if she were royalty.
So then the joke was made and the chair painting was currently underway. They had to find the right chair, and they did. It looked so elegant, so royally distinguished. It looked perfect. Fit for a queen.
And that was what the joke was. That Catherine was the “queen”. Not a very funny one without context, Cathy’s siblings later found out, but a good one to tease her with. However, queen Cathy didn’t mind it. In fact, she was quick to drop into character, the smoothest transition known to man-kind. 
While, yes, Catherine’s character was rather humorous, it still held some concerns. Would she become the lordly queen her siblings tried to paint her as? Would she ever realize it was all a joke her siblings made up? Growing up was never something she forced on her children, but she didn’t want to have them growing too used to a title like that. Y/n joked to her husband one night in bed as they held the sleeping majesty, whom had crawled into their bed without reason.
“I’m highly aware she’s ‘the queen’ and all, but I really hope she doesn’t decide she’d like to adopt the complete role. I wouldn’t be able to stand it if my baby became my nightmare. The other four are already so much work.” She chuckled as she brushed some of Catherine’s hair behind her ear.
Sherlock looked at his sleeping daughter. She looked so at peace, just as she always did, and he nodded yet noted his disagreement. “I doubt she’d ever become such a hassle. She’s been so patient and kind, I can’t see her actually devolving a bad side. Clayton, sure, but his sister?” Their eyes flicked up to meet each others. A beat later and they were in hushed snickers.
“When will daddy be returning home?” She had relaxed her facial muscles, if only she’d done so with her limbs- make it easier for her mother, and held a casual tone of voice. Another thing with Catherine; she was harder to read than most.
“I’m not sure, my dear. He should be back before supper...” Y/n lifted her head to peak over the easel and watch her three older kids as they played with Clayton. He was a tough kid, but always overestimated how tough he really was. Y/n felt concern fill her gut when he first begged to play with his older siblings, but she let him anyways, Sherlock being the one to thank for that decision.
“Good. I want to sit next to him tonight. And you. I want to sit next to both of you, mummy.” She gave her mother a small smile, which she returned, before adjusting to her original pose.
Y/n paused after she finished the details involving the chair and Cathy. “Catherine, you do realize that I sit next to your father at dinner, right? And Eddie sits on his other side...that is, if Willy loses their fight tonight...I wonder why they don’t just take turns...” She muttered the last few sentences to herself in heavy contemplation.
“Mhm! You can sit next to him too!” The little girl watched her mother process her question with wide eyes of anticipation. She realized Y/n still didn’t quite understand and was quick to explain. “I can sit on your lap, mummy! Like when I was this big!” Catherine held up her hands to show an overexaggerated space between her small hands that supposedly represented her only one or two years ago.
“Well... Daddy and I can talk about it when he gets home. Is that alright with you?”
“Mhm! But I don’t want to crush the new me, so don’t be afraid to tell me no, mummy, okay?!” Her innocence was adorable, but not more than the grin that sat upon her lips.
Clayton rushed in, causing Y/n to instinctively reach for her easel protectively. He chortled to himself before announcing what was on his mind. “It’s not a new you, Cathy, it’s a new me! I’ll bet you on it, I’m shore I have the funs!”
“Clayton Luther Holmes!” Y/n’s eyes doubled in size. “Who taught you about betting?”
Her son ignored her question and continued, “Besides, what if I want to sit on mother’s lap?!”
“We can’t both sit on mummy- what about the baby?”
“Uhh, it can move, no doy?! It can move just like Will Claud tells me to. It doesn’t need to be shell-fish!” Clayton muttered bitterly. “If Will Claud really wants to call someone his funny names, he should call the baby them.” His time with the older kids was undoubtfully the reasoning behind the failed attempts of words he didn’t fully understand.
“Do you mean ‘selfish?’“
“Yeah, that’s what I said. Don’t you agree, mummy? See, she agrees!” Clayton tried to argue with his twin, but his words had no effect on her. Catherine stared at him blankly, confused like her mother.
“Mummy didn’t say anything, Clayton. She said we can talk about it when daddy gets home, so you can wait here with me.” She scooted over a bit in the chair and pat beside her. Clayton shot her a look of distaste and ran back out into the yard.
“That was...odd.” Y/n blinked. 
“He did remind me though, mummy... The baby can’t move... maybe I could sit with daddy instead?” Catherine sounded reassuring, her feathery voice calming her mother.
Which she really needed. She could hardly focus on her painting now. Her heart was begging for Sherlock to walk through the front doors already, spare her from another interruption that would throw her off-course for the fifth time that evening.
Like magic, her wish was granted and a knock sounded on the study door. Both Catherine and Y/n’s heads snapped toward Sherlock entering the room. “How’s her-majesty doing?” He smirked at Cathy as he set down his case. “I heard from two little competitive detectives that mummy is creating a masterpiece of her masterpiece! Are the rumors true?”
“That they are, detective. Seems you’ve found out the surprise before it could surprise you.” Catherine giggled as her father lifted her from the soft red chair and spun her around before planting a kiss on her forehead.
“So, my little queen, how are you?”
“Good.” She smiled brightly. “How are you? Did mummy ask you yet?”
Sherlock turned to face Y/n, who looked away as fast as she could- wide eyes and all. “Did mummy ask me what, Rin?”
“If I could sit with you or her during supper? I would sit on mummy’s lap, but I don’t want to hurt the baby, and even if I could, Clay wants to sit on her too. I don’t want to make it unfair!” Catherine frowned. “I told him he could wait with me until you were here to talk about it but he didn’t want to.”
“I’ll tell you what. Since mummy has the baby, you can sit with her and I’ll have Clayton sit with me.”
“Yeah! He moves around a lot and we want to be extra careful with mummy and mini-baby, right?” Sherlock nodded, Y/n still trying to figure out what her daughter was saying, and sent Cathy off to play with her siblings until Alice finished supper. It wasn’t intended for Y/n’s pregnancy, but it certainly helped. A system in which the kids could claim nights to help out with meals. Alice loved to make dinners while Edward loved to bake. The smell of a delicious homecooked meal was never lacking in the Holmes house.
“Hear that? Mini-baby gets to sit next to the queen tonight.”
“I’m jealous, quite frankly.” Sherlock’s grin never ceased to bring Y/n’s to her face. Though she was exhausted, her husband made her feel calm and peaceful. “So, our five little reminders never cease to remind you, do they?”
“No...and don’t forget the sixth, Mr. Holmes.”
“Believe me, I haven’t, Mrs. Holmes. I’m simply awaiting their arrival. Perhaps a few more before I needn’t anymore reminders?”
“Mayhaps...however- Let’s talk about it when I’m no longer expecting, please. I’m already resisting the urge to collapse.” Sherlock chuckled to himself, shaking his head as he watched his wife struggle to the doors before helping her. His arms scoop her up and carry her to their room. They passed the paintings that hung upon the walls, portraits of Sherlock, portraits of their children, a portrait by her mother in law of their wedding day. The wall was home to their present and past, providing room for their future as well.
They were in their room for only a few minutes before a loud chatter followed them. Both adults closed their eyes and prepared themselves for their little ones who would burst through their doors at any moment. His promise was good, and they had five, almost six, reminders to show for proof.
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iwaishiteru · a year ago
Oikawa Tooru x f!reader
Tumblr media
— social media au
[ SCENARIO ] when she was studying in Kitagawa Daiichi’s middle school, yn met Oikawa Tooru. She fell in love with him but things didn’t went well. Years later, as she is in the same high school than him, they meet again.
genre — exes to lovers ; fluff ; maybe angst?
disclaimer — I do not own any of the images used for this social media au and all the characters belong to Haruichi Furudate
if you wanna be in the taglist please ask <3
status // completed
— — — — — — ۵ — — — — — —
zero | meet the squads one | it’s the past
two | idiot girl three | nothing will stop me
four | been a long time five | it doesn’t matter
six | i miss you seven | love ; hate
eight | shittykawa nine | lets do this
ten | i’ll come eleven | another
twelve | unfollow me thirteen | keep it secret
fourteen | regrets fifteen | happy birthday
sixteen | stay seventeen | great queen
eighteen | no one knows nineteen | shiratorizawa
twenty [end] | may we meet again
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serenheist · 5 months ago
What Jungkook is like in a relationship/ Jungkook as a boyfriend Tarot reading
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I was gonna put Jin up first but I finished Jungkook quicker so oops but I’m finally back after 200 years of adulting things
1. How long does it take Jungkook to get into a relationship? 8 of pentacles, 2 of cups, the world Do he prefer long or short term relationships 7 of swords, ace of wands Nelys the alchemist 27 reversed, 5 of swords, 9 of cups reversed 
For an actual relationship and not just dating I think he can take a while if not a long ass time because he’s too much of a perfectionist and will work hard at making sure everything is right before getting into a relationship. I don't know why I’m getting like before things would get “steamy” he would never let them see his body until he worked out enough for his own standards like everything has to be perfected and mastered beforehand. There’s also a reoccurring theme of work getting in the way and even in the beginning stages it’s like he meets up with them does whatever then has to hurry and run back to work and is like “hey I gotta go but I’ll text you later” type of shit. Big focus mostly on career though so it’s hard to tell. But I still think he’s not just sleeping around with just anyone I mean they have to be important if the 2 of cups pops up. I don’t think he’ll get into an actual relationship with someone unless there’s a strong connection. Or at least to him it seems like an important connection.
I gotta say too that the 7 of swords usually screams fuckboi to me but in this case I think the lying and trickery aspect of the card can be taken literally to mean of course he has to lie and sneak around when fans would legit doxx and slit his partners throat if they knew they were together. But anyway in a relationship there’s definitely gonna be extremely strong sexual chemistry I don’t know why this keeps popping up but alright. But one annoying thing is that in a relationship jungkook seems to like fighting in a way. He doesn’t like to lose to anything and will want to win an argument even if it’s petty. There’s also a kind of energy of the other person feeling inadequate sometimes with how much praise he gets from the entire world. It makes the other person feel as exposed since they’re not doing as “well” in the grand scheme of things. And will sometimes not want to compliment him on things because he gets compliments from the entire world this is just day to day petty shit. Another thing is getting into a relationship thinking this person is the one but then realizing over time and all the work you put in was useless cause this is emotionally unfulfilling.
2. Past and present love life king of pentacles, wheel of fortune reversed, queen of pentacles 
Past: bruh his love life in the past is similar to the present. He was mostly focused on building his own career and wealth and love was on the back burner tbh. I think since he has huge goals for himself there was really no time to even do other things. But his love life right now seems like it’s a external long term problem affecting it. And I think he’s learning how to balance his love life and work life right now and just letting things happen and trying to take care of his body and mind.
3. What is he like in a relationship Tobaira of the waters 37 reversed, The glanconer 62 reversed, mother of dawn, knight of pentacles, flashover 11, 6 of swords reversed, addiction 11, envious gluttony 9, is this me? 4
When Jungkook is in a relationship he doesn’t fully feel like he can be emotionally vulnerable and instead will act mischievous and play around to hide behind vulnerability. It can tend to make the other person mad because they never know when he’ll actually be serious because he plays too much sometimes. There’s also playing up to peoples ideas of him. It’s not outwardly tricking people but allowing them to believe what they want and project their fantasies on him. It’s like a weird energy of wanting to rebel but also you feel stuck and want to please them so you don’t let them down. I think he overthinks legit everything and makes things a bigger deal in his mind than what it really is.
Another thing is he could have a tendency to stay with someone even if it’s toxic because of a mix of remembering the good times and also insecurities. There are big vibes of being emotionally stunted like I feel that he’s mentally a teenager still and even though he’s physically different and projects something different. When he’s in a relationship; he still feels like that insecure kid in his head and he can’t escape it. It’s like a false bravado thing going on. There’s a hole that leads to darkness and from that another one that leads to even more darkness. That's dramatic but that’s what it’s like for him. It’s like this emotionally starved monster in his head but in reality the monster is this scrawny young boy who wants to let go and open up but is blocked by himself and running away from his shadow aspects. I do see him though slowly moving towards becoming more open, honest allowing his vulnerable and passionate side out in a healthier way but it might take a while (unless he’s already been working on this) since the knight of pentacles is the slowest knight but he’s also the most stable and loyal.
4. What is his "type" the sage 19 reversed, knight of cups reversed, Jeanne the maid, golden empress, the lovers reversed, 3 of cups reversed 
His ideal type is someone who can come across as aloof, cold, excessively critical. Hey I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt but when I pulled a clarifier I got the knight of cups reversed lolll. Dude likes toxic people apparently. On the surface they might look “normal” but on the inside their inner world is overflowing and they have an abundance of charisma and sexual energy. Honestly that could be a big reason why he likes that. There’s a big dualistic energy in them and appearing the best on surface level but underneath is really unpredictable and has the energy of unrequited love. I think he likes those types of people who don’t fawn over him like he’s the second coming of Jesus tbh. This person doesn’t give 2 fucks and they don’t tell everything up front they’re mysterious and it’s more of a challenge for him. They’re really good at appearing humble and maybe innocent even but that’s just because they know how to woo people really. They’re confident and can convince people of almost anything especially around those in power they know how to present their best self to get what they want.
At first I was confused why your ideal type would be someone that seems manipulative af but it makes sense when Jungkook has a lot of deep dark shit he needs to work on from the other cards. I think it’s a big codependency thing and excitement that someone toxic can bring also the fact that this person is down for anything in the bedroom they’re not ashamed or shy about it. His idea of love is pretty distorted he thinks he needs someone who is as intense as he is but really it would be a bad combination especially with the lovers reversed. I’m getting especially that as long as he keeps going after these types of people, he’s never going to be with his “true love” for a lack of a better term. Basically not be with someone who is actually good for him. There could be third party bs but I’m getting more of an overindulged and addiction energy between both of them. Even if he knows they’re no good it’s just so intoxicating it’s like a damn drug to him and it feeds into his more animalistic side (I have no idea how to articulate this lmao) it’s like possessive nature. This reminds me a lot of the attachment types since there’s a lot of people like this who love a more avoidant person and I feel that Jungkook is probably avoidant himself so this is like home sweet home to him. It puts him in the cat chasing mouse position instead of the other way around. That emotionally unavailable energy is very appealing to a lot of people I guess especially when you’re used to everyone bending over backwards for you.
5. What is his love language: Ta’Om the poet 29 reversed, the bodacious Bodach 59 reversed 
He likes when someone actually does helpful things for him that is useful and not like the annoying meddling energy of just doing stuff for him that he doesn’t want you to do. He also does this for others. So acts of service mostly but you already knew that.
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smol-and-grumpy · 7 months ago
Legally Yours - Ch. 09
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Summary: Dean Winchester tops the list of hottest entrepreneurs 2020 and yet, there’s still something he wants but can’t have because, in order to get that, he would have to settle down and get married. She agrees too quickly because she wants to secure a more comfortable life for her and her daughter. Will she be able to help Dean get what he wants without losing herself in the fake story they spin up to deceive his father and the world?
Chapter Warnings: A little angst, a little fluff
WC: 2942
Beta’d by: @deanwanddamons​​​​​​​​​ <3
Series Masterlist ~ SPN Masterlist
Tumblr media
“Rise and shine, sleepyhead!” Pamela comes into her room, pulls all the curtains aside and Y/N stirs, has to blink to get her eyes to adjust to the light spilling into the room. 
A glance over to the clock confirms that it’s almost 4 PM. 
She didn’t exactly sleep that long. In fact, she went up in the morning, but her mind wouldn’t stop racing around Jimmy, and then, when Liv’s teacher arrived, she went into her room to take a nap because her head’s been pounding non stop since she woke up.
“How are you feeling?” Pamela asks as she sits down on the edge of her bed, “Here, you should take this. Bobby told me you’d gone to have a lie down because your head was hurting,” The woman holds out aspirin for her and bottled water.
“Thanks,” She says, “Doing better already,”
It’s not a lie. She still feels a little exhausted, but her head’s not hammering so hard anymore. Progress, she thinks. Hopes that with the aspirin, it’ll go away until she has to go to that charity event with Dean.
And that’s exactly why Pamela is here. She’s in the process of laying out more dresses at the foot of Y/N’s bed. Even though Y/N thinks that she has enough of those.
After swallowing her pill, she gets out of bed to give Pamela more room to work with. 
“What about this one?” The brown-haired woman asks, holding out a dress that’s really short and shows way too much cleavage. It’s barely a real dress, Y/N thinks, because the cleavage goes way down to the middle of her stomach. “We can pair it with necklaces that go down the front,”
Y/N thinks that her face gives it away that she doesn’t really like the dress. She has no problem with showing some legs, but a cleavage that goes way down to her stomach? She’s never been too confident with her own body, and especially not after giving birth to Olivia. There are some stretch marks here and there, not really something the public needs to see.
“Or, this one,” 
Pamela goes on and picks up another form-fitting dress, it’s strapless and navy blue and it has some kind of glittery fiber woven into it. Plus, it’s not that short either, at least a couple of inches longer than the other one she showed her. She absolutely hates to have her ass on display when she tries to sit down.
“Yeah, I like this one better,” Y/N says. 
“Well, I’ll leave you the two options. I don’t like the red one, to be honest,” Pamela looks back at the third and last dress, “I’ll leave you some necklaces and earrings for you to choose from,”
“Oh, I should also mention that Dean has picked out the navy blue dress,” The woman winks at her and there’s really nothing she can say, so she ignores the suspicious wink.
“Speaking of,” Y/N says instead, “Dean’s still at work, right? Do you know when I should be ready to meet him?”
Pamela lays out necklaces, compares them to the dresses as she answers, “He’s already here, he actually gave Bobby aspirin and asked if you’re okay,”
“Do you know where Olivia is?”
“I think she’s playing in her room. The teacher left two hours ago,”
“Right,” Y/N nods her head, “Do you need me right now because I want to go see my daughter.”
“No,” Pamela says absent-mindedly, “I’ll be back to put on finishing touches later after you showered and got dressed,”
“‘K,” She says and walks to the door.
It’s just a couple of steps to reach Liv’s room and as soon as she’s out of hers, Y/N can hear laughter coming out of it. There’s also male laughter and it doesn’t sound like it’s Bobby’s. 
The door’s open so she peeks in. As soon as she sees them, she starts to frown and there are just too many feelings inside and she doesn’t know how to sort them and pick out which feelings are right and which ones are wrong. 
Dean’s sitting in one of the small chairs at the table, a crown on his head and a couple of pink beaded necklaces around his neck. His suit jacket lays discarded on the floor, the sleeves of his white dress shirt are folded back and his tie hangs loosely around his neck. 
Olivia’s dressed up too. She wears a pink tutu over her normal jeans and she has a tiara balancing on her head that looks like it’s new, and she doesn’t think she’s seen the tutu before either. There are more beaded necklaces around her neck and some pink diamond bracelets around both her wrists. A couple of princess costumes are hanging from the castle and she wonders if Dean had bought Liv all this stuff. 
“Hey,” She slowly makes her way into the room, feeling like she’s intruding. 
“Mommy!” Liv squeals and runs towards her, hugs her around her waist.
“What are you guys doing?” She looks from her daughter to Dean who’s now sitting up a little straighter, but still on that ridiculously small chair. She smirks and thinks that she should take a picture, send it to all the glamour magazines, let the people see how Dean Winchester, the hottest entrepreneur of the year 2020, really is.
“I’m having a tea party with the King!” Olivia says excitedly as she jumps up and down, “Do you want to join, Mommy?” 
“Uh, I don’t know? I don’t want to intrude,” 
“You not, you’re the Queen so you can sit next to the King!” Olivia shouts out and already pulls her towards the little table, “Right, King?”
Dean grins as he sips on his imaginary tea, sticking his pinky out as he does. He sets the cup down, nodding his head, “That’s right, princess,”
Reluctantly, Y/N sits down and Liv is pouring her the imaginary tea. She takes a sip as Dean watches her. He looks absolutely comical with the beads around his neck and the crown on his head, but he doesn’t seem to mind. It blows her mind.
They sip their tea as Olivia dances around and performs a dance for the King and Queen of her little kingdom.
When her daughter is in her element, she tilts her head just slightly, whispers to Dean, “What are you doing?”
He cocks an eyebrow, “I’m having tea?” And to emphasize his words, he lifts up his miniature teacup and takes a sip.
“Seriously,” She starts, “Why are you here in my daughter’s room having imaginary tea on a Friday afternoon?”
He frowns, “Because I like tea?” He holds up his cup and smirks, “And besides, she calls me handsome King. I must say it’s much better than icy King,”
“You know about your nickname?” She has to chuckle.
“There’s nothing I don’t know,”
“Do you know about the tabloids? I mean, have they found out about Liv?” God, she hopes she doesn’t sound too paranoid. He’s just really afraid that it has already leaked and Jimmy would somehow find out about them being here. Jesus, she’s an idiot, she doesn’t even know if Dean’s place is known to the tabloids? Do people know where he lives? If yes, would Jimmy come knocking? He wouldn’t get past security she supposes, but he would get into the building. 
The music stops in the background and Olivia bows. They both tear their eyes away from each other to clap their hands for the princess. The music starts again and the little girl slips into her next performance.
“Nothing leaked, Y/N. And really, I just want to get to know her, is all,” Dean whispers. 
She sends him a glare, “Why? You know you don’t have to. It’s not in our agreement,”
“I’m trying to figure you out, Y/N,” He says, it’s louder than a whisper, “I want to get to know you and by getting to know you past the things I already know, it’s also by getting to know your daughter because you come as a package deal.”
Tumblr media
  And that’s the truth. He fucking knows that they come as a package deal and honest to god, he thinks that he sometimes has trouble reading Y/N, and maybe, just maybe, Dean thinks, if he understands Olivia, he might get a better understanding of Y/N as well. Because she’s been sending him mixed signals since last night where she got all sweet and friendly towards him but also, she seems so distant as if something’s troubling her. 
He also has such a fucking hard time to keep his hand off of her and needed all his fucking willpower not to just pulled her into his lap last night, make her dance on it and make her come more times than she ever has. 
Suffice to say, he was pretty hard after that kiss on the cheek she left him with. And it’s fucking embarrassing! A kiss. On the fucking cheek! He’s no fucking teen anymore goddammit. Kisses on the cheek shouldn’t turn him on and yet it fucking did. He had to beat himself off in his bed while he thought about all the kisses he shared with her, spilled his sticky seed all over his fucking stomach and coated his half pulled down underwear with his warm cum.
But somehow, after Dean said that he wanted to figure her out, she storms out of the room, and Dean scrambles after her, holds her back with his hand around her wrist and makes her turn around as he crowds her against the wall. 
“There’s clearly something upsetting you, Y/N,” Dean hisses, “You think I don’t notice, but I do. You’ve got to tell me, and let me help fix it. Is it because I took my time to watch a movie with Olivia? Or that I enjoy being a guest at her tea party? Did I overstep an invisible boundary?”
Her eyes are wide and he can see that she’s fighting with her tears, tries not to let them come out, it makes him feel uneasy. 
“It’s not you,”
“Then tell me what it is! Obviously, something’s troubling you and I can’t help fix it if I don’t know what there is to fix!”
“Y/N,” Dean says a little softer, as he holds her chin between his thumb and forefinger, tilting her head up to look at him. Her eyes are glassy and Dean has to swallow before he speaks with concern in his voice, “I just want to help, okay? And I have the feeling that you’re holding something back,”
“I can’t,” She shakes her head, “Dean, it’s not something that concerns you or our deal, so don’t worry about it,”
“Forget the deal, alright?”
“Why should I forget it when I’m constantly reminded of it?” She fights back. 
He sighs, feeling somewhat defeated, “You know that’s not true,” 
“Dean,” She says again, “Don’t you think that I know that if your lawyers give you the green light to end our agreement tomorrow, you wouldn’t do it? You wouldn't need me anymore, therefore we would have to leave. I can’t let myself get attached to you, to this life, and I can’t let myself be dependent on you. And most of all, I can’t let Olivia get attached to it either,”
Wow. That kind of hurt. Dean can’t lie about it.
He drops his hand to his sides, feeling even more defeated, but he looks at her and the eyes that look back at him reflect his pain. 
“I would still help you, you know, despite the damn fucking contract,” His voice is soft. 
“Why would you?” She asks, the frown etches deeper in her face.
And Dean doesn’t know. He knows as well as her that the only reason he would help her is if it would benefit his company and everything beyond that, he would do it because he likes her, but he can’t let himself go there. Can’t really let himself admit it. Well, he knows why he would help her despite the contact, his fucking heart knows it, his mind not so much. Instead of saying anything at all, he stays mum and he just knows that he’ll beat himself for it later.
“Right,” She says meekly, “What time should I meet you?”
He nods. It’s back to pretending. 
“Meet me at 6 PM at the front door.”
“‘K,” She says meekly and makes her way to her room. 
Dean returns back to the tea party, lets Olivia pour him another cup of imaginary tea and he watches as the little girl pours her stuffed animal tea as well. Dean watches her some more, taking a sip of his pretend tea every now and then. The girl is happy. She’s carefree. He doesn’t know, but he thinks that she is probably the happiest she’s ever been with having her mom to herself so often, even though Dean needs to steal her mom away for a couple of hours every other day, Dean still guesses that it’s better than having her mom working late hours five days a week. 
God, he wants to protect that. He feels the need to protect the child’s happiness, even if it’s not his child, and even if it is not his fucking concern. 
Dean waits nervously by the front door. He doesn’t even know why he’s so nervous. Thinks it’s because he doesn’t know if she’ll really show up, even though it’s in the contract, but the way she was so sad and disappointed today, he wasn’t sure if she’ll be up for it. 
He was also so close to telling her that she doesn’t have to come when she doesn’t feel like it, but he thought that maybe she would take that the wrong way and end up being madder than she already is.
So that brings him back to being nervous when he shouldn’t really be. 
There’s the clicking of heels in the distance and he sees her appearing from the guest living room where Liv and Bobby are probably in there watching TV. 
She wears his dress. Well, at least the dress he’s chosen for her and there’s a strange clenching of his heart when she walks towards him. There’s a hint of a smirk at the corner of her lips. Maybe she isn’t sad or mad anymore after all. Maybe she just needed time to get into the mood of going out. 
His breathing is a little uneven when she comes to a halt in front of him.
“You look lovely, Y/N,” He says, hoping she doesn’t hear how his voice comes out a little shaky. 
“You look sharp, loverboy,” She chuckles, and then she looks down on herself before she twirls around. He can’t take his eyes off her either, also not from her tits that almost want to escape, “It’s the dress you chose,”
“I can see that,” Dean smiles, “It looks great on you like I thought it would.”
She gets a little flustered. He thinks it’s cute.
Pulling her lips between her teeth, she bites down and it’s not fair because he knows how they feel and he fucking wants to bite down on them himself. 
“How long do we have to stay?” She asks and Dean has to laugh, loud and sharp. 
“We’re not even there and you already want to leave,” He teases and gets serious, “Seriously, we stay for the press to take a couple of pictures and I have to make sure the charity gets my cheque,”
Well, he thinks she’s really a girl after his taste because he hates those events too. Normally he’d just hand over his cheque, sit at the open bar while people would come to shake his hand and he’d leave drunk.
“I will have to kiss you, you know that, right?” He asks, and he doesn’t know why he asks because she also knows that as it’s the whole reason they are going out in the first place.
“I know, I’m okay with it,” She smiles, “Also, I wouldn’t mind if you want to practice beforehand,” There’s a wink, and god, how can she be so fucking cute.
Dean has to hold himself back, wants to really keep it strictly business, for her sake, maybe more for his own sake. So he kills the mood a little, “We’ll see about that, sweetheart,”
“Ugh,” She lets out a playful groan. Dean thinks it’s somehow to demonstrate that it’s no big deal for her. And is it weird that he feels bad that she’s not disappointed more? It probably is. He doesn’t really know.
“Would it lift your spirit if I told you there’s an open bar?”
“Go on, I wanna hear more,” She whispers seductively and Dean has to grin.
He drops his voice, and says it more huskily, “Trays of hors d’oeuvres,” 
“Mmmhh,” She hums.
Dean leans close to whisper into her ear, making his voice extra low and gravelly, “Chocolate fountain,” 
“Oh my god, Dean,” She gasps, and they both start to laugh, “Is that true?”
Shrugging, he says, “I hope so. They usually have one,”
“Can we maybe stand around that chocolate fountain the whole night?” She jokes as she weaves her hand into his hooked arm as Dean opens the door for them. 
“We can do whatever you want, Y/N,” Dean says, the only difference is that he’s not joking at all.
Tumblr media
Ch. 10
Please share your thoughts with me, I’d love to hear your feedback.
Tumblr media
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stellocchia · 5 months ago
This is part 3 of the Comprehensive Analysis of c!Tommy and c!Dream’s relationship during the Exile Arc
Part 1 -  Part 2
Here we go again! When I started this I did NOT think it would be this long or take this much time, that said the Exile Arc is very nice to rewatch. There are a lot of little moments I didn’t notice on first watch. 
Anyway, as always from here on out it’ll all be about the characters and we will be discussing some heavy topics so do keep that in mind!
We are now onte the 4th proper Exile stream: Tommy Is Holding It Together in Exile with Dream
This one peculiarly enough does not start with Tommy drowning. Also I want to mention that this is the second time during exile where Tommy mentions that he thinks he is allucinating. The first time it was in regard to seeing a group of mobs, this time it was in regard to Tubbo being on-line. Also at the beginning of the stream he finds a present left from HBomb consisting of 1 fire resistance potion 1 strenght II potion, Wait and a photo of the Queen, Tubbo and Vikkstar.
“We need to do something and quick today. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but every single day at the start of my stream Dream logs on uh... and I’m starting... *sigh* he said that Technoblade was over there” (moment when he decides to go scout out Techno’s cabin)
“Okay, what if- just- just to investigate it because I know- I know that big man Dream wouldn’t be too happy if he knew so...” (the manipulation is turning out to be quite effective)
By the way, the reason Tommy states for wanting to see Techno at this point is literally just too feel again like there was someone near (he did say “to smell” someone near, which does tie in with him saying he could “almost smell” Dream when he was searching Techno’s cabin when only Ghostbur and Tommy were there, which I’m sure we could analize further, but I won’t), not to team with him. Once again, :t no point was it Tommy’s intention for them to team up. 
“I’m very lonely out here heh, I’m very lonely back home” (casual use of “home” to referr to Logstedshire)
“I wanna go back, I wanna go back. I don’t like this no I don’t like this now we’ve been away for too long” (panicked speach patterns get worse the longer he is away)
“Friend??? No, horse” (Lmao)
“Dream wouldn’t want me going in here...” “Dream wouldn’t like it if I was here! Dream wouldn’t like it if I stole! He’d loose his shit, he’d loose his shit. Surely not...” *Dream joins the game* “oh Oh OH NO! I’m in deep fried shit!”
I want to point out that I personally think a bit of time has passed since last stream, mainly because of this progression. At this point it’s not only fear of physical pain prompting him to act a certain way, it’s also Dream’s conditioning: suddenly what Dream wants it’s extremely important and the same goes with what he would and wouldn’t approve of. And, if I remember correctly, this particular scene was quite the eye opener for a lot of the audience at the time. 
“Okay we run back we run back we run back we run back *screams* okay which way’s back? which way’s back? which way’s back? He [Dream] can’t know he can’t know” (panicked speach patterns once again, getting worse)
“I knew I shouldn’t have gone there, that was stupid that was stupid that was stupid” (self-loathing)
“Now how do I get home?” “No no, chat, we should just get home!” “We should probably get home quick” “Is anyone at home? Maybe Wilbur came home” (Logsteshire has now the title of “home”, but it’s definitely not safe)
“No!” *creeper blows up* “*sigh* I deserve that” (self-loathing)
“You know let’s clean up our land. What we need to do before... before He arrives. Maybe we should make a little safe spot, nah, there isn’t enough time today. You know I reckon after last night He is gonna be okay with us, He is gonna be much more...” (hard time speaking or thinking about Dream)
Tommy proceeds to seat down with the compass listening to Far and looking towards L’Manburg for a while. Then Tubbo (hallucination, which is quite worrying) comes out of the portal with the compass in hand and they stare at each other for a bit, after that he keeps seeing Tubbo (always hallucination) throughout the stream. 
“I actually just woke up Tommy and I came straight here, to visit you” “Why would you go stra- straight here?” “Because I wanted to see you~” “Why?” “Uh, because we’re friends” “Oh yeah... hi Dream!” “Hello”
Dream arrives and blows up Tommy’s armour and weapons (I actually did not remember about Dream taking the weapons every time as well, but it does make sense in Dream’s f*cked up way considering that his intent was leaving Tommy entirely defenceless so that he would be more dependent on him). This time though, Dream makes Tommy light up the tnt, with minimal resistance from Tommy at this point (he just says: “I don’t really want to”, but he can’t bring himself to resist more then that). 
I do find quite interesting that every time they seem to have the blowing up and insecurities part of the conversation at first and then basically re-start all over. It happened last stream as well. Also, Dream keeps accentuating 2 points to Tommy: how everything back in L’Manburg is better without him there and how, while it is basically effortless to come visit Tommy, he is the only one making the effort (even going as far as going to visit first thing in the morning). 
“I’ve had a little idea by the way, I want to know what you think” “Okay” “And also if I’m allowed” “Okay” “*sigh* Basically, I’ve been thinking, you know how we made our Big Path to get home?” “Yes, it’s been a little while” “Yeah yeah, I’m thinking: I throw a party!”
So, couple of things to talk about here: Tommy feels the need to constantly ask Dream for permission (because Dream just puts so many rules to this supposed “exile”), another indication of some time having passed since the last stream for them, considering that the last stream was literally the day before irl (I’m talking about the “it’s been a little while” part) and also this is when we are introduced to the idea of the party.
“I’m allowed? I’m allowed?” “Yeah, can I come?” “Of co- uh- yeah” “Okay, they’re allowed to come” (talking about the party)
“Well Dream, is it me or is it you that’s been left by themselves for about 13 days now?” (irl it’s been 4-5 days, though at least now we have a bit of a timeframe for them as well)
Ghostbur arrives with Phil (who gifts Tommy the Tommy Slippers, which are a pair of diamond boots, a stack of black wool, 8 iron blocks and a Friendship Emerald) 
“Guys are you- are you real?” “Am I real?” “Because I keep fucking seeing... I keep seeing Tubbo” (Tommy finally mentioning the hallucination to others, also Ghostbur pretends to see him, though it was confirmed later on that he wasn’t there)
“Dream’s here by the way, Dream’s always here” (now that’s kinda ominous)
“Dream, Dream I swear to Christ I think I just kept seeing Tubbo” “I didn’t see him, I never saw him once. Phil didn’t see him either, it was only you and Wilbur. Pretty sure he wasn’t here~” “My eyes are not the most reliable, I see lots of things” 
I’d say from here on out is when Tommy starts trusting Dream over his and Ghostbur’s perceptions of reality. After all, as I said at the start, this is not the first, nor the last time where he questions his own perception of reality and, as we talked about in the last analysis, it’s not the first time that Dream tries to assert himself as his main source of information (callback to him negating having ever destroyed any of Tommy’s belongings). Also Fundy came to visit giving Tommy an efficiency II fortune I diamond axe (may I point out now how Fundy is literally the one person, aside from Dream and Ghostbur, visiting the most and how he is the only one aside from Ghostbur always saying “hi” whenever Tommy logs on? Their friendship is so underrated). 
“I’m going- I’m going crackers...” “Hi Tommy! I think- I think I saw Tubbo as well” “Dream was Tubbo here?” “I did not ever see Tubbo, but I don’t know, I haven’t seen him” (confirmation of what I said before)
“Dream, now that you showed up everyone started to visit me again!” “Well I think it’s just because the- well, to be fair, are they here with you right now? They’re just running around, like, I don’t think they are here visiting you, they’re just visiting Logstedshire” “Oh” (Dream enhancing Tommy’s feeling of loneliness)
“He [Tubbo] told me he missed you” “Really?” “Well-” “Yeah! I gave him a compass that pointed towards you at all times and he siad ‘I really miss him'“ “Really?” “Yeah” (...) “I thought I saw the compass in a chest, like he threw it in a chest in the Community House, but I’m not- maybe it was a different compass, I’m not sure”
Ghostbur was actually a great support during Tommy’s exile. From pointing out the holes in Dream’s rules, to trying and reassure and support Tommy when he is feeling down, often going directly against Dream’s narrative, even going as far as creating a physical connection between Tommy and Tubbo through the compasses. It’s no surprise then that Dream tried to get rid of him right after this stream. Tommy builds his first girlfrend, “hot girl”.
“Hey Tommy, don’t you worry, I’ll be at the beach party!” (Ghostbur said, like a liar...)
“Wilbur did you burn my hit novel?” “No!” “I heard you did” “No!” “Did you know that that was the only book in history that sold better then the Bible?” “No! No! No! Didn’t do it!” (Ghostbur said again, like a liar...)
“Wilbur we need a chest room” “No I don’t really need one, I just go to L’manburg” “Low blow ghost” (Ghost [derogatory])
“I’m sleep deprived” (we’re back into character after the 20 minutes of them bullying Brand)
“I have a gift for you Tommy” *gives Tommy iron helmet, chestplate and pants* “Armour? For me?” “Yeah” “Oh thank you, thank you!” “You’re welcome”
Remember this part because Dream will use this as a point against Tommy when destroying Logstedshire, just like Techno does later on. In case anyone was wondering: if you give something freely to someone as a gift you have literally no right to then hold it over their head at a later date. That’s just manipulative as shit. 
This neds with Phil, Dream and Tommy making a cake for the beach party and deciding on the last few details, and:
“We’re getting better everyone. We’re getting- are we- we’re getting better. I guess- I guess we’re bonding... *sigh* I guess...”
I’ll leave this off by reminding everyone that Dream and Tommy called Dream blowing up Tommy’s armour and weapons “bonding”. 
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