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#maybe I’m stressed
hotsharkgirl2000 · 7 minutes ago
sorry I’m the weakest link because I love my special people they hold my heart so softly and speak so nicely to me I think they know that all they have to do is to be sweet to me…and they can do the absolute most stupidest bullshit to me and I’m like “but they said those super sweet things to me 🥺” and it’s like I’m always in a love hate relationship with all these people hurting myself over and over again….I just want to keep them close don’t they realise I need them to do more than just say sweet things I guess I need to be less naive
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soupmarb · 13 hours ago
someone in the comments of that post i just reblogged said smth about words not coming mario easily is the greatest thing ever??
like maybe he’s just always had trouble finding the right words to say to someone, so luigi just kind of talks for him. he just knows what mario wants to say bc twin telepathy or something like that. on the off chance that luigi isn’t around he just communicates in nods, grunts, or very short sentences.
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galar-trainer-blake · 2 days ago
so I’m on generation 2 of my red sky pack on Wolfquest 3, and Clarity (daughter of Rogue) keeps getting attacked by other wolves (idk why she has a big territory that’s pretty strong?), last time she had a really bad attack from Prospect Peak and they were refusing to give up for a good while, one of them came right to the entrance of the den and my pup Hurricane wandered out while we were fighting and just barely managed to run back in gosh
Then Clarity chased them away and killed one of them and badly injured the other but MAN it was terrifying I rlly thought I was about to lose Hurricane :(
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t4tklapollo · 4 days ago
it is only FRIDAY but i am EXCITED for UPDATE DAY (also i have NO IDEA how time WORKS anymore so i'm only about 69% sure that update day is monday and if that AIN'T TRUE then i'm STUPID) also please IGNORE how WEIRD this ask is i have NO IDEA why i'm CAPITALIZING SHIT all i wanted to SAY was that i'm EXCITED (also i'm EXHAUSTED so maybe that's why i'm so WEIRD right NOW)
Tumblr media
Ch11 was surprisingly easy to get done & I’m really really hoping you’ll like it once it’s out!!
………..just bcus I wanna be nice I’ll share a leetle tiny snippet of it bcus. Goddammit I have just had an Awful week & this ask really really lifted my spirits so it’s well deserved I think
Tumblr media
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angededesespoir · 6 days ago
Wish I could remember some details of what my recovery process was like back during that rough spell when I was 18 & had the flare-up that spiraled into me hardly being able to eat for months. Because I know I need to eat, but I am struggling. Even on a ‘good day,’ I have a very narrow frame of time of feeling well enough to eat and even then I have to be careful and I can only eat a few different things and in small amounts. And then I feel ill for the rest of the day, which only increases my anxiety which in turn makes me feel worse. 😔
I am exhausted with the stress of living. Oof.
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heart-of-komeiji · 7 days ago
It’s amazing what a year of therapy with a therapist you actually click with and finally finding the right medication can do for a person. All that is to say, I think I’m on track to start living my best life.
I actually feel more positive and like I have some hope going forward. I’ve looked back on my past self and had some epiphanies about my biggest flaws and what I can do to better myself. And I’ve recognized ways I can treat the people I care about better and ways to form better habits for myself. In general I have more energy and an all-around better attitude most days.
That doesn’t negate that I still have stressors and things in my life that make me sad but now I think I’m starting to look at it as the colorful tapestry of my life. Everyone has hardships, and I don’t want to add any more negativity to the world than there already is. I don’t want my negative experiences to affect me to the point where I treat others in a negative way.
Even though I’ve never been the sort of person to really snap and yell much at other people I realize that I still managed to hurt people. Keeping things bottled up and not allowing myself to show my vulnerabilities to others, pushing people away to hide all that pain, what was the point? That only further hurt myself and hurt the people who cared about me. No matter how under control I thought I held my emotions, they would bubble over and influence my decision-making negatively.
By pushing people away so they didn’t see my pain, I wasn’t able to be there for the people I care about in their vulnerable moments. Maybe I even ended up adding to their pain when I would mentally shut down and run away. Definitely a mistake on my part. A repeating pattern of behavior I maybe sorta recognized in myself in the past but really hit me like a ton of bricks recently.
So maybe it’s a little cheesy, but I wanted to post about it here. Sharing such personal feelings and thoughts online isn’t something I normally do, but I realize maybe one of my followers out there needs to hear the message that I did.
Allowing yourself to be vulnerable in front of others is really scary, but very important to healing emotional pain and connecting with others. I was so ashamed to be struggling and didn’t want others to know about it. So I pulled away from the people I cared about whenever I didn’t want them to see that. I would fake being ok and tell myself that I had already healed from my traumas when I hadn’t actually put in enough care towards myself to do that. And pretending to myself that I was over everything that’s ever happened to me when I truly wasn’t over anything was SO much more damaging in the long run. To myself and my relationships.
At times I could manage to be supportive of other people going through hardship but I could never turn any kindness inwards toward myself. And being mean to myself always came full circle and hurt other people when I definitely never wanted that.
Anyway, if any of my followers here are going through a hard time I hope you guys manage to find the help you need in whatever way you might need it. Don’t try pushing yourself to bear all your burdens alone. Please seek out help for yourself. Even if you’re in a place where you hate yourself too much to think you deserve any sort of help I promise you that you DO deserve help
You DESERVE love and help. Seeking out the support you need will only make it so that you’re able to properly appreciate and support others in turn. And if you think there’s nobody out there who cares about you or ever will care about you, I can also promise that you’re wrong about that too. There are some truly wonderful people in this world for you to meet. It would be such a shame if you didn’t keep moving forward in order to meet the people who want to love you. And I’m also sure that there are people that you are meant to be a positive influence for as well.
So maybe take this post as a reminder to yourself to do just one thing that you think could be beneficial to you. It doesn’t matter what that is. Everyone has unique struggles and unique solutions to those struggles. Something I’m personally knowledgeable of and experienced with for example, is how the Deaf community needs different accommodations than people who are blind. Some of you might think this is obvious, but I’ve actually met someone who thought I should be able to read Braille because my parents are deaf.
Now of course this is an example of people who need different physical accommodations, but you can apply this concept of everyone needing help in different ways to mental health as well. Either way, I implore you to seek out help in whatever form you think would be most beneficial. Take care and good luck to you all!
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lovereadinghockeyy · 7 days ago
what is going on? Montreal? What is this?
Qu’est-ce que c’est?. Je ne veux pas que Nick et Cole soient malheureux, ils sont trop précieux. Alors S'IL VOUS PLAÎT, gagnez ou je vais venir vous crier dessus.
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kjmsupremacist · 9 days ago
God, I'm in the collab. I should know that.
And Kuntent? Yeah, we need more of that.
Honestly, I'm in several collars and I'm writing for him in like four of them and he's either a brooding badass or a snarky badass or a softie with a snarky side.
AJLAKSND it’s ok I joined REALLY early on so ppl prob just skim past my name on the post. I’m so excited tho !!
But yeah that’s very kun. He may endure so much from literally everyone but at least he has the sardonic wherewithal to deal with it. Snarky sounds right (and so does softie that boy is a sweetheart !!)
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