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popchoc · a month ago
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I was demoted. I made a decision on a call, as captain, that went against what my chief had ordered. So, insubordination. That is the official reason, yes. What was the unofficial reason? You know, I would say, unofficially, it was sexism. Possibly homophobia. The chief was threatened by me. And then the new chief, the female chief, had the opportunity to correct the mistake, but she declined, because she's doing it just like the boys did, which isn't really progress at all. It's just the same thing. 
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iwan-out · 5 months ago
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bananonbinary · 4 months ago
just once i want to read a fanfic where our jarchivist has the same attitude towards meat as jonny sims.
like theyre in the safehouse and martin’s like “i uh, mostly got vegetarian options, ever since the flesh attack i can’t look at meat the same way”
and jon just looks him dead in the eye like “damn i could really go for some ribs actually”
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toenailbeans · 5 days ago
of all things. of all things so far that they could’ve made baby colin robinson. they made him a fucking theatre kid.
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slushedpuppys · 2 months ago
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I'm so sorry, Hunter
(dont tag as ship)
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penandinkprincess · 6 months ago
okay but burn butcher burn becoming THE meme of kaer morhen whenever geralt does something even mildly irritating
took the last slice of bread at breakfast before eskel could grab it? “I hear you’re alive. how disappointing.”
won’t share his ale with jaskier? “BUUUUUUUUURN”
knocked lambert down too hard during sparring? “did i not bring you some glee?”
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sheepdraws · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
just thinking about jaskier as a manifestation of love in all its forms
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themthistles · 3 months ago
thinking about stede's father saying only peasants marry for love and how in the finale stede goes after the love of his life with only a shirt on his back, a boat and a dream
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clumpofglitter · 3 months ago
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thinking about them again
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theminecraftbee · a month ago
When Wels stops speaking, Xisuma is quiet for a while.
“Isn’t that from like, twelve-step programs? I’m not sure how it’s relevant,” Xisuma says, finally.
“X,” Wels says.
“I mean, and also, I don’t even know if I believe in any kind of god. I mean, I know the universe, and it says it loves us, but beyond that, who’s to say? It’s a philosophical question, mostly. I’ve thought about it a lot before. But really, does it apply if I don’t know any higher being? Other than us, I guess. We’re higher beings. We change the universe. Gosh, that’s a lot.”
“X,” Wels says again, a little more insistently.
“And besides, isn’t it - isn’t it all just an aphorism? A... no, that’s not the right word, a... a truism! Something that says a lot but sort of means nothing? A platitude. I mean -”
“X,” Wels says again, and Xisuma stops talking. He looks down. “X, I’m worried about you, and it’s helped me before. That’s all. I’m worried. I thought you could use... I don’t know, some serenity.”
“So you told me the serenity prayer.”
“I think... I think you could use reminding that sometimes, how someone treats you, that isn’t your fault. And you couldn’t have changed it. And you need to...”
“I mean, personally -” Xisuma starts, but he stops when he sees the pained, hopeless expression on Welsknight’s face.
“I just - you won’t say the words. I’m trying to give you them,” Wels says. “I can’t say that I - it’s different with me and him, but. I just.”
“The serenity to accept that which I can’t change,” Xisuma says, after a moment.
“The strength to change what you can. The wisdom to know the difference,” Wels finishes. “Just. Think about it. It wasn’t -”
“Okay. Okay, I’ll think about it,” Xisuma says easily. “Okay.”
“Alright. And talk to us slightly more than you have been.”
“I’m being social! Or at least, as much as I ever am?”
“I know, X. Just... humor me a little. It’s not the same, but I know...”
Xisuma sighs. “Okay. I will.” He’s not sure what words will be the right ones, or if he’ll be okay when he does, but he supposes he must, if Wels is really worried about him after everything that had happened in the Evil Empire. He supposes he must.
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the-apprentice-bebop · 5 months ago
Laszlo Cravensworth is such an incredibly interesting character to me because he's wildly intelligent and kind and does everything he does for a completely understandable reason and you know why he would never choose to do the things he does in any other way but he's also an incorrigible fuck up of a man and all of his choices are wrong
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miraculouscontent · 10 months ago
The “thrilling sequel” to this.
The grass is green, the sky is blue, and Alya constantly makes decisions for Marinette other people even when she’s they’re not comfortable with/ready for it.
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repression · 2 days ago
im breaking my silence: the whole "hopper would be fine with will liking boys until he realizes that means mike because he hates mike" is so unoriginal and not really true.
hopper and mike had a good relationship throughout season two. hopper saw how much mike cared for will (and he also saw it in season one, due to mike's annoying-but-persistent search for him) and how he stuck by him through his entire possession. he was even there for the shed scene where mike proclaimed that becoming will's friend was the best thing he's ever done. hopper knows how much will means to mike. he's seen how gently he treats him. he's witnessed their relationship for himself, and how devoted mike is to him.
when el returned, and mike learned that hopper had his her and lied to them, he confronts him. hopper says that it's fine if mike is upset with him, but to not blame el. ultimately, hopper just wants what's best for el. here, we begin to see that he isn't sure if mike is. in addition to this, we see their raw emotion and how he quiets mike by pulling into a hug and telling him "you're okay". he's displaying an almost fatherly comfort to this boy who is calling him a liar & a piece of shit and attacking him. nothing about this scene or this season insinuates that hopper hates mike. if anything, it shows that he cares for him.
season three is when their relationship changes. mike changes too. he's more of an asshole, not abiding by the rules hopper set for him and el, influencing her. hopper does not like how he's acting. he's doesn't approve of his relationship with el. it's nothing like how he used to be. their relationship is nothing like how he was with will. 
at the end of the season, when he says goodbye to el, hopper calls mike back and tells him to "be careful", somewhat reluctantly. mike nods. I viewed this as a reconciliation of sorts. I haven't watched season three for a bit, so correct me if I'm wrong about this.
​​​​​​​in summary, I feel like hopper knows how much mike cares for will and how it's completely unlike his relationship with el. hopper's main concern with mike was of his daughter. he would most definitely approve of will and mike. upon hearing about them and that he was gay, everything would make more sense to hopper. their relationship may return to that in season two.
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popping-greenbean · a year ago
i am sharing more venti!! to the surprise of no one here (・・;)
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i like bullying him for brush testing and also at this point i have given in to the obsession and im gonna keep drawing him until im satisfied which currently seems to be around never
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ersatzangel · 7 months ago
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Here’s one I prepared earlier
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gh0rb · a month ago
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steve is matt’s brother so now i will draw matt with a horn, ty
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rain-bow-donkey · a month ago
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We’re heroes! It’s what we do!
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redwinterroses · 6 months ago
I am thinking about Chestmonsters. I am thinking about piles of supplies, assembled projects built of ambition and love but put aside by circumstance, now untouched for weeks. I am thinking about shulkers opened several times in minutes, belongings tossed every which way in a desperate search for precious few things. I am thinking about shulker boxes packed early to be brought along and chests made just before the end, sitting near launch pads, stuffed full of beloved gear and random junk.
So... one of the things I both love and hate about exploring the world downloads for Hermitcraft is the weird -- hmmmm. What's the word. It feels... suspended. Paused. Like they'll be back any second.
You're wandering around this empty world -- and you know it's empty, even beyond the logic of "it's a world download on my computer, of course it's just me in here," it just feels empty -- and it's like a cross between getting to see behind the scenes at a theme park, and exploring the abandoned city of a lost civilization. It's eerie, and it's lonely, and it's directly responsible for the first line in chapter 7 of another hero, another mindless crime.
There’s a certain feeling to living in a singleplayer world.... There’s a certain echo to the sky in singleplayer worlds. A muted quality to the light that shines only for your eyes and illuminates no other path but your own. The very air tastes different when there’s no one else to breathe it with you.
It's haunted.
One of the moments that stands out to me most is exploring the s6 world and coming across Ren's area. There's an enormous shulker beast laid out, full of materials for a build that just... never happened. Will never happen. He just... left it behind and moved on.
So add onto that the frenzy of packing in a hurry, desperate to get out before it's too late? Thrown up against a deadline you didn't see coming?
Yeah. Lonely. Haunting. Sad, in a very odd, very specific-to-minecraft way.
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spaghetti4u · 11 months ago
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You shouldn't point a knife at people
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rayalahon · 2 months ago
Btw, the fact that the hermits are showing some of their hiding spots for the Easter egg hunt ON CAMERA and saying "hmmm.... maybe i trust you guys not to tell 🤫😏" is SUCH A GOOD SIGN for the fanbase?!? They haven't trusted us with secrets for so long.... I've lost count of how many times they had to give us the "I'm not mad, just disappointed" speech whenever they catch someone snitching in the comments. That era of hermitcraft is coming to an end, it means we're finally maturing y'all 😭
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