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yuniblob · a year ago
The Season of Success
Why is it you still strive hard,
Into doing exhausting things,
That you’ll eventually discard,
When you’ve finally reached spring?
Ah, the reoccurring spring,
Where flowers are prettily blooming,
And birds that are gleefully chirping,
The season of success.
The season you longingly yearn for,
That you sadly can’t obtain,
Like a bottle of liquor,
Tis’ why you’re alive, feeling in vain.
Success cannot come so easily,
Since spring, summer, fall, and winter—
Follow one another regularly,
Thus patience is the trigger, so do let it linger.
It may be your winter right now,
So it’s alright to quiver and shout,
Your worries may make you say ciao,
But you’ll find a solution for it,
Without further of a doubt.
We don’t know what tomorrow may bring,
But I ensure you, everything has a reason.
So, patiently going through the seasons,
Will take you, to your long-awaited spring.
— a poem made by me
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extraintrovertedalien · a year ago
I should warn you that this was not proofread at all but I just had to post it cuz I said I was gonna do it but then I got distracted by a million other things so it took a long time and there's this au august by @/tsshipmonth2020 next month and I wanna do a few of the prompts there so have this poorly written oneshot that was based on this post by @aplethoraofquotes
Ship: Prinxiety(I mean what else do you expect from me) and a little bit of implied logicality
Word Count: 2017
cw: caps / mention of something on fire / tentacles mention / swearing (just one)
“WHAT IS UP EVERYBODY?” Thomas exclaims for the video intro.
“FINALLY!” Roman angrily but excitedly shouts after. The two other light sides pop up to also complain about the lack of videos in production in the past year, all the while attempting to calm down the royal side.
“Ok, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m doing it now, ok?” Thomas shouts over the complaining sides to divert the issue at hand. “It hasn’t been particularly easy. You know that guys, right?” He continues as he glances at the empty spot at the bottom of the stairs. They all silenced with a guilty look on their faces aside from the logical side, as he has been the one trying to compose the internal panic Thomas continuously endures within the past year. “Okaaaay! Let’s lighten things up a bit! I’m so glad you guys are here because we are having another Q&A!” Thomas excitedly announces to the three sides present.
"Not to put your siren to sleep but, you can't just repeat an episode, Thomas," Roman interrupted.
"I do concede with Roman's opinion here, Thomas. Haven't we talked about the originality of your videos before? Continuously repeating concepts not only bore viewers but also lessens the probability of their engagement to any or all of your future content," Logan discusses.
"I don't think 'all' would be possible, Logan. But, Thomas, isn't there anything else we could do today, maybe? We have been gone for a while, kiddo, so maybe there's other stuff we could do?" Patton adds.
"Calm down, guys. You're all starting to sound like Virgil. But, let me explain first. We're doing a Q&A because, as you said, it's been a long time since the last video AND even longer since the last Q&A, and so much has changed since then," All the sides present appear to be content with the explanation provided.
"Plus," Thomas adds. "This one has a twist," he says directly to the side to his right. Logan slightly nods in approval but remains skeptical. "And, what might that be?" asked Roman.
"The questions will be provided by each of us," Thomas states with pride seen on his face. Roman and Logan met eye to eye with worry and slight fear in their eyes. "I'm sorry. Can you elaborate more on that, Thomas?" Patton worriedly asks.
"Well, we have to think of a question that we want everyone to answer. For example, I think of a question and each of you has to answer it,"
Now, all three sides share glances with worry seen in their faces. "Why do you all seem worried?" Thomas asks with a nervous chuckle. "Roman has been bothering me with this idea for a few months now, I thought you all would be okay with it," All eyes were on the royal side. "I didn't think of that idea…" He trails off.
Realization falls to the four after a few seconds. "Ahh. I forgot. I'm not your only 'imagine dragon'," Roman confirms their suspicions.
"Which one of us scares you the most?" Thomas asks the four sides present.
They all agreed to the concept Thomas has presented and seem to be convinced that 'playing wouldn't hurt.' They eventually got the anxious side to play as well after a few minutes of convincing(and bribing).
"I used to be scared of Janus' scales before but I'm fine with it now. Hmm... Oh! Remus' tentacles really creep me out," Patton answers and shivers a little with the mention of tentacles.
"I'm offended you're asking me! I AM A PRINCE! I have nothing to fear. And none of you can do actual harm to me as far as I'm concerned," The four give the royal side a 'refuse to take that answer' look. "Fine," he sighs in defeat. "Remus," he says with an unexplainable expression on his face. They all agreed before that they're allowed to not explain their answer if they aren't comfortable with it. So far, until the current question, only the anxious side's answers remained without explanation.
It's now Virgil's turn to answer and they wait for it even though they already seemed to know. "Roman," he stated. All the sides were taken aback but refused to ask him to elaborate. Roman's expression was unexplainable and distracted for the duration of the entire game.
After a few, they were now on the last question, and it was Patton's turn. He suggested that it should be a little personal but not too much, and they were still allowed to refuse to explain their answer. They were all skeptical, so they agreed that if the question Patton thought of was too personal for them, they'll just rethink another question and edit out that section for the final cut of the video.
"Okay, what was your worst romantic gesture?" Patton asked. They all nod to signal that they were all comfortable answering the question.
"Well, I am the romantic side so I don't think I even HAVE a bad romantic gesture..." Roman answers but continues to think of an incident. "Oh. One time, I had a crush on someone and I didn't know how to handle it, so I filled their room with heart-shaped confetti…" Roman answered while rubbing the back of his neck from embarrassment.
Virgil's head shot up to look at the royal side. "That was YOU?" He didn't mean it to be that loud. He immediately covered his mouth with his hand and lowered his head back down, avoiding the others' glances.
Roman blushed and froze in place. He forgot that Virgil was right next to him.
Thomas made a mental note to cut the video from after Roman's answer to before Virgil's answer.
"I left them flowers but I never told them it was from me" Virgil tried to make his answer as vague as possible to prevent any more mishaps. Thomas and the other two sides could almost hear the cogs turning inside Roman's head as they heard Virgil's answer.
After their recording session was finished, the four sides sank down to return to the mind palace. They all rose up in their living room except for Virgil as he is the only one allowed to rise up anywhere directly from the real world. An ability Logan plans to learn about soon when Virgil allows him to. Roman retreats to his room, still processing Virgil's answer earlier. While Patton asks Logan to help him prepare their dinner, he also processes Logan's answer to the last question of their game earlier.
*time skip brought to you by Roman's band references*
Virgil was, no surprise, wide awake in the middle of the night, still reading the little notes written on the "confetti." Apparently, Roman thinks that tons of pieces of paper, three inches in size, are considered confetti. Some of them have lines from song lyrics. Some with lines from poems. While some were just plain feelings. How Roman described Virgil's eyes and how beautiful he looked in his makeup that day in small letters written on the piece of paper (front and back) almost made him melt. And how Roman apologized for how he treated Virgil before made him regret not putting a note or not giving the flowers to Roman personally instead of leaving them on the royal side's bedside table.
*flashback brought to you by my hopeless romantic ass*
Virgil just finished his shoot with Thomas for his "80s-Glam-Virgil" look. At first, he wouldn't stop complaining about why he gets to have a glam look while Logan and Patton got the casual look. Eventually, he let it go cuz' he slowly was starting to like the look. After the shoot, he was so exhausted that he couldn't bring himself to rise up in his room directly so he rose up in the mind palace living room and dragged his limp body to his room.
As he opened his door, pieces of paper flooded a small portion of the hallway in front of his room. He looked inside and saw that his entire room was flooded too. He went inside and snapped his finger to close the door and to get the papers outside back into his room. He was too tired to deal with the suspected "prank" at hand so he snapped his finger once again to gather all of the papers into a giant box to keep in his closet for the time being.
The box remained untouched for months.
*end of flashback*
Roman sat on his bed, staring at the red roses he kept in a vase on his dresser. It was made of red heart-shaped pieces of paper glued together to the shape of a rose. Something about it seemed familiar yet mysterious. Roman could sense it was made with the magic from the imagination, but it wasn’t his. And, it definitely wasn’t Remus’, for obvious reasons. There was a bit of dark but endearing and comfortable aura. Roman laid his back on the bed in defeat. Covering his face with his hands as he blushes and groans at the same time. He tried to get some sleep but couldn’t keep his suspicions off his mind.
His knuckles hover on the purple door for a few moments before fully knocking, knowing the side behind it was also wide awake. He heard some paper shuffling and a sliding door closing after, presumably a closet door. A few moments pass before the door opens just enough for a part of Virgil’s face to peer out. “Please tell me this is as important as something burning on fire or I am slamming this door on your face,”
“Uh… Not really but-” Virgil resumes to close the door only for Roman to grab the door frame at the last second. “Ah, shit!” Roman whisper-shouted.
Virgil returned to his bed, leaving Roman in his current state, not even bothering to close the door anymore. Eventually, Roman let himself in, clutching his hand. He sat down on the beanbag in the corner, glaring at the other, while Virgil stayed on his bed with a blank expression. Virgil, then, gestured to Roman expectantly as if to let him continue what he was going to say.
Roman, then, slowly lowered his hand but continued to glare at Virgil. “Was it me that you gave the flowers to?” Roman asked skeptically. Virgil seems to have lost his confidence and slowly lowered his head, unable to look at Roman. “I'm gonna take that as a yes. You know, you could have easily gotten away with giving me flowers if you told me that you also gave the others flowers, seeing that it was Valentines that day,” Roman, amused, grinned smugly.
“Still not as sappy as your stunt,” Virgil snickered, glancing at his closet door. “Yeah, about that… I’m actually glad you didn’t bring it up anymore cuz’ it was actually a spur in-moment kind of thing,” Roman confessed, averting the other’s gaze. Virgil admitted it was actually kind of sweet and that he hasn’t finished reading each of the notes.
“Sooo…” The anxious side trailed off. The tension was so thick that both of the sides were staring at the floor as if it was a fireworks display. “Sooo…? You like me too…?” Roman started. “I mean, I thought I made that pretty clear when I answered the question about our worst romantic gesture,” Virgil chuckled and blushed as he attempted to catch the other’s eye. “Well, I like you too,” Roman blushed, and the two fell in comfortable silence before Virgil patted the spot beside him to invite Roman to sit with him.
Virgil’s smile fell suddenly as he looked at the taller side next to him and asked “So, what now?” Roman looked back at him with a small smile and gently reached for the other’s hand, “You tell me. I’m down with anything you’re comfortable with,” Virgil laid his head on the other’s shoulder with a sad smile, “Can you just stay here for a while?”
“I can do that, Mr. Darkside,” Roman replied with a quiet voice.
Yeah sorry this has "written at 2 am" vibes. Cuz half of it is. Also I just found out that I don't know how to write dialogue by Patton or from his perspective at least. And I am very proud of the band references my 2 am brain thought of
Also thank you to @thethreeunity for the last-minute comments before my sorry ass posts this without giving it a second thought XD love you lots Trin <3
“What is it with you and your band references today?”
“I was hoping you’d notice,” Roman answered with a chuckle.
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zoequeenz · 2 years ago
Plain Sight (Part 1)
Tumblr media
3rd Person POV at Brenda Samms’s Home
The powerful vocals of Aretha Franklin are all Brenda Samms could hear as she danced her way through her workout of the day. While the woman was distracted she didn't hear the arrival of an unknown man coming through her downstairs window. He stalked the kitchen, observing the china and decor of his victims house. As he ascended the stairs the sound of the music and workout video grew louder. Brenda continued to dance as the man opened her bedroom door. She turned right into the hands of her attacker. Hours later she was found by her children. The police were quick to the scene. There was a mess of silverware on the floor and a message on the mirror. This person wanted to be known.
“Get a good shot of her face.” the lead detective said.
The photographer did. Brenda’s eyes were glued open.
Persephone Chase’s POV
Today was a very exciting day. It is Spency’s birthday. Yes, my best friend is 24. I couldn’t wait. I actually was itching to go to work. I had his gift for months now and I knew he would love it. It was a box set of Star Trek. Sure, we could just watch reruns but every Friday Spency and I would have movie nights and he always likes to focus on the facts. I loved whenever he added some little detail and I knew that he wanted to do it with Star Trek. I excitedly walked into work. JJ and I had a little surprise planned. I had the trick candles and a stupid hat while she brought in a cake. As soon as I got out of the elevator I bolted to her office.
“Okay, Spencer should be here in about three minutes, do you have everything?” I ask not even greeting the blonde.
“Well hello to you to P. Yes, I have everything. Breathe, he’s going to love this.” JJ tells me putting a comforting hand on my shoulder.
I let out a sigh.
“I hope so. What kind of best friend would I be if he didn’t.” I say.
I check my watch again and see that the three minutes had passed and Spencer would be here now.
“Okay, it’s go time.” I say walking out of JJ’s office.
I make my way to the bullpen and just like I said, there he was. I sneak around so he won’t see me. I am right behind his desk now and I walk up behind him and cover his eyes.
“Guess who?” I say teasingly.
“Hmm...Hotch?” he replies jokingly.
I laugh and lean over his shoulder.
“Happy Birthday Spency.”
“Thanks Percy.” he says with a small smile.
“I got a surprise for you.” I say putting the hat on his head.
“Oh wow, thanks.” he shyly replies.
“I meant this.” I say handing him the small bag.
He digs out the present and looks at it for a bit. I grow nervous, maybe I was wrong.
“I love it.” Spency says getting up to hug me.
“Yay! But there’s more.” I tell him as Derek, JJ, and Elle walk towards us with the cake.
I put the candles on and light them.
“Make a wish!” JJ says.
Spency begins to blow at the candles. But once they go out they come back on.
“Come on, man. Blow, baby! Blow!” Derek encourages.
Spencer keeps trying.
“I thought you were full of hot air, Reid.” Elle jokes.
‘Come on, Reid.” Morgan says.
“They’re trick candles, Spence. OK? They’re gonna come back on every time.” JJ finally tells him.
I giggle as he turns to give me a fake glare.
“Oh. Mommy to the rescue.” Morgan teases.
“Mommy?” Spencer asks.
I walk up to him and hug him around the shoulders.
“Happy birthday Spency.” I tell him again planting a kiss on his cheek.
He blushes, what a cutie.
JJ then begins cutting the cake.
“Hope you like chocolate.” she says.
I grew kinda uncomfortable with their flirty nature but know that JJ would never do that to me. We all crowded around the cake as Spencer got up to talk to Gideon. Derek nudged me.
“Happy birthday Spency.” he mocks dramatically scooping me into a hug.
“Stop, it’s not like that.” I brush him off. It was exactly like that.
“Whatever you say, Percy.” Derek replies.
“Hey, Spence, first piece for the birthday boy.” JJ tells him holding out a plate.
Morgan then calls him over and he accepts the plate. We all stood around eating.
“So, not that I don’t love the gift but why the Star Trek box set?” Spencer asks me.
“Well, on movie nights you like to give little facts or corrections. You mentioned one night that you wanted to do it with Star Trek so I got you the box set instead of just reruns.” I explained.
“Aww you actually listen to me.” he says pulling me into his side.
I nod. If I try to say words I will only fail.
“Sorry, guys, the party’s over.” Hotch announces hanging up the phone.
Shoot we had a case.
“Sorry Spency.” I say.
“It’s okay.” he smiles as we walk to the board room.
“We’re going to San Diego.” Hotch says entering the room with JJ.
“Not for surfing, huh?” Derek asks, already knowing the answer.
“They’re calling him the Tommy Killer.” JJ says as she sets down the files.
“Six women raped and murdered in their homes in the last three weeks.” Hotch adds.
“Six in three weeks?” Elle asks.
“Seems Tommy moves quick.” I say.
“That’s a short fuse.” Gideon puts out there.
“And getting shorter. The first two were eight days apart, then the next four in two weeks.” Hotch explains.
“Rapid escalation. Do you think he’s regressing to a psychopathic frenzy?” Spencer asks.
“No, he’s too controlled for that.” Hotch answers.
“See you on the plane.”
“Why the Tommy Killer?” Derek asks.
“You know the rock opera?” Hotch asks turning from leaving.
“Well, this unsub glues his victims’ eyes wide open.”
We all looked down in disgust. These unsubs just keep getting weirder and weirder. The photos are haunting. The women’s faces are pale and expressionless but their eyes give off a frozen state of fear.
“He wants them to see him.” Spencer says.
“And feel him.” Gideon adds.
I cringe. That is vile. Unsubs like this deserve to rot.
I quietly get up and collect my go bag. I needed a minute. This case was gonna be difficult. These poor women. I know how they feel. It may sound bad but I’m glad they won’t have to live the rest of their lives scarred. As I get on the plane I sit across from Spencer. I smile at him as I get situated. We lift off and once it was safe enough Hotch began debriefing us.
“Brenda Samms was found yesterday by her children when they got home from school. She had been strangled with a thin ligature, possibly a wire.” he explains.
“No weapon left at the scene?” Elle asks.
“Residue on the wrist and mouth indicate that duct tape was used and then removed.” Spencer adds.
“Also not found at the scene.” Hotch says.
“So he’s smart enough to not leave anything behind.” I say.
“Brought it with him, took it with him.” Elle says.
“He also started leaving messages at the fourth scene. This was on the mirror.” Hotch says showing a photo of the message to everyone. He then begins to read it. Spencer, of course, finishes it.
“It’s a ballad from the late 1600s. A dialogue betwixt death and a lady.” he explains.
“A 17th century ballad.” Elle states.
“Yeah, essentially, a woman begging death to live.” Spencer adds.
“What kind of person knows this ballad? Are we looking for a literature professor?” she asks.
“Anyone with an internet connection, actually. You should see what comes in when you type the word “death” into a search engine.” he geeks out.
“Reid, no wonder you can’t get a date.” Derek says. I glare at him. Sure, it’s only a joke but Spencer didn’t take it that way. The poor boy is so socially awkward but there is no reason he can’t get a date. Women practically throw themselves at him whenever we got to lunch or something. I rub his arm to comfort him in a way. He gives me a fake smile. His pride was hurt.
“Reid, you stay on the messages. See if there’s a deeper meaning.” Gideon tells the genius.
“Well, it definitely looks like he ransacked the crime scene pretty well.” Derek points out showing us a photo.
“A lot of damage, nothing taken.” Hotch adds.
“Maybe he still had some rage he needed to blow off, these things might remind him of a life he once had or one he could never have.” I suggest.
“The eyes are the thing, the signature. The behavior that isn’t necessary for the murder, but necessary for the emotional release. That’s what he’s there for.” Gideon says.
“There used to be a widely held belief that the eyes record a snapshot of the last thing a person sees before they die.” Spencer says.
“Yeah, that’s right. People used to write poems about talking to death.” Derek adds on.
“Ballads.” Spencer interjects.
“Whatever.” Derek replies.
“You think they’ll ever run out of new things to do to their victims?” Elle solemnly asks.
“Well, finding new ways to hurt each other is what we’re good at.” Gideon answers.
Persephone Chase’s POV
We had arrived at the police station in San Diego. We all went our separate ways ready to work. I guess Hotch and JJ met with the Chief because I walked in straight to the boards with all the victims and scenes on it. The photos are chilling, some of the women, others of the messages, and even photos of their families.I was looking to see if I could see any mistakes or evidence he may have left behind when Derek started speaking.
“He strikes during the day in upper middle class neighborhoods. Extremely high risk victims at high risk times.” Gideon adds.
“He’s confident in his ability.”
“Looks to be about a five square mile radius.” Derek informs.
“So he probably has a vehicle.” Gideon says.
“And one that isn’t too out of the ordinary in these neighborhoods.” I say.
“You wanna see that crime scene?” Detective Martin asks us. “It’s still taped off. The husband won’t go back inside.”
Derek looks back towards Gideon and I.
“Let’s go.” Gideon says.
3rd Person POV at San Diego Police Headquarters
After Agents Gideon, Morgan, and Chase left. Hotch and Elle discuss what they need to figure out.
“Alright, so we need answers to these questions.” Hotch begins.
“What does the evidence tell you about the sexual aspect? What kind of rapist is he independent of the homicides?”
“I’m on it.” Elle replies.
“It looks like what he’s written at the scenes are most of the first three verses of the same ballad.” Spencer starts as he walks over to the pair. “Most of?” Hotch asks.
“Yeah, it’s only one part of the conversation. There’s no “betwixt.”” Spencer answers. Both Hotch and Elle look at him confused.
“Uh, death speaks, but the lady never answers.” Spencer clarifies.
“Maybe he feels like their bodies are answer enough.” Elle suggests.
A/N: AHHH the second part of June!! I really like this two parts a month thing. Maybe it will be a forever thing. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it!! A reader gave me some constructive criticism saying she wanted more of Percy and her own lines and thoughts. I tried my best to do my girl some justice and also make the story as how I usually write them. I have been waiting for this episode because this is a big Spencer episode because of his birthday!!! It's also my birthday so yay all around!! Love, Zoe!!
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burrymyloveinthemoondust · 3 years ago
Warning: SPOILERS I’m going to be talking about ALL THE SIDES (Please take time to read this, you wont regret it I promise.)
Though they may be Thomas’s sides, he’s addressing issues that some people might have or everyone might have, and I know some sides can be triggering to others but why exactly would they trigger others? The only way I can think they would trigger others is if they are not accepting that part of Thomas or more importantly that part of themselves.
My Opinion
I don’t think it’s healthy to ignore or push down anything you internally feel or think, I grew up learning about self expression and I always welcomed every thought just as it is.
So let us go on to my theory.
All the dark sides, (so far) they act up, and I think that’s extremely accurate to how the mind works, if you don’t face the thought, if you push it down for some reason or you just want to pretend it’s not there, it grows larger and more out of control.
Anxiety (Virgil) worked the same way, so I’m happy Thomas talked about how important it is to accept anxiety and now it has a place at the discussion table with the other sides.
A Little Problem
I have only one problem with Thomas’s new video, in the latest video Logic (Logan) compared Duke (Remus) to a screaming child on an airplane, only- what he said was a bit silly, basically saying “just let it scream, It’ll eventually stop.”
And to that I say NO, that seems like a horrible way to go about things, and while that was a logical solution, it was not the right logical solution. When A child is screaming you ask them “Why are you screaming?” You get to the bottom of their tantrum, and most children do it for attention, or because they want something.
Important Note
Thomas’s Sides, or just our own sides, think of them like your children, they’re created by you all throughout your life, you give birth to your personality as you grow and every thought shapes you.
Before Virgil,
became good, what did he use to get a hold on Thomas? Fear. (He was basically Thomas’s boogie man and another screaming child? hmm…) but anxiety wanted to be heard and listened to, so he got out of control and put up this scary facade because he thought it was the best way to get Thomas to acknowledge him. (That’s canon, he said it in that song) Virgil was once the Bully.
For Deceit,
he wants attention too, so he pretends to be the other sides just so he could get a word in and be heard, he is a part of Thomas, he wants to be acknowledged as a part of Thomas. Sometimes people (especially children) will try to blend in with society or their friends to be accepted into the group, they’ll pretend to be someone they are not. Deceit disguises himself to have a place at the discussion table, any lie almost always has to be justified first. Deceit is the Deceiver.
For Roman,
he too puts on a facade, when in reality he is very insecure, (very accurate too because with creativity comes insecurity about what you make, never thinking it’s good enough or It could always be better.) Roman is very insecure deep down,
He puts up a wall of pride and ‘ooh look at me I’m perfect, I’m the better side here.” to get attention, (usually negative attention) when he’s not being listened to. Roman the Attention Seeker.
With Patton,
It’s the opposite, when he feels deeply about something that may be bad or harmful to Thomas, he suppresses that feeling and he hides it, he masks it with laughter or jokes or a good memory. Patton is the Deceiver Of Himself ( Which would explain if Deceit is the bad side of Patton, after all, what part of Thomas’s mind did Deceit take side of first? Patton’s. )
For Logan,
He just uses rhyme or reason to be heard and express himself, he believes his intellect alone is enough to persuade Thomas, he sees no need to be too extreme, though when he is not being listened to he gets very frustrated and angry, he wants to be included like any of the other side and does not like it when they don’t want him around, he also sometimes screams to get his point across. Logan is the Know It All And The Loud Mouth.
The Duke,
Is a part of Thomas’s creative thoughts, though they may be something ‘intrusive’, bad, inappropriate or scary, the creative process is all something unexpected, you get ideas that pop into your head, no warning, but with Roman those thoughts are welcomed and good, with Duke those thoughts are seen as obscene and bad, unless you fully learn about self expression, your morals might get in the way, or maybe religious beliefs might make them sound like a bad thing, something evil and unwanted, but just like any side, if they are not acknowledged and seen as a part of you/Thomas, if they do not get validation and are instead shoved into the back of his/your mind, It’s going to get louder, and louder, and louder, that’s why It makes sense that Duke was so incredibly chaotic because this is an instance where Thomas ignores this part of himself and pushes it down, he thinks that it’s so evil and bad he wants nothing to do with it, so that results in Duke being unpredictable and chaotic, THE DUDE WANTS ATTENTION SO BAD HE SITS THERE AND BITES INTO DEODORANT STICKS, THIS CHILD IS SCREAMING REALLY LOUD. Duke is another Attention Seeker(just like his brother, surprise surprise)
So all together Thomas’s sides have dealt with their issues or problems or tried to get their sides heard by
Fighting / Bullying
Deceiving / Manipulating
Seeking Attention / Bullying
Deceiving Oneself / Suppressing
Being Smart / Being Loud
Seeking Negative Attention / Being Chaotic
BUT if you appease the thoughts by listening, ( just like Thomas With Virgil ) accept it as a part of yourself, it is not so bad, much more tolerable and you’ll see it’ll work with you, not against you, just like any part of the creativity process, your mind only works against you if there’s a part you try to block it out and pretend it doesn’t exist, every part of you and every part of Thomas is a development of his character, his thought process and expression.
Thomas’s anxiety was once a dark side and Thomas let anxiety have a place and accepts him, now anxiety can work with him, not against him, he now strives to help Thomas (It works the same for Anxiety in general) and is more relaxed, if Thomas did the same thing with Deceit and Duke, they’d just become another Anxiety in an instance and they’d calm down, it would only be a thought once in awhile, not all the time, not so chaotic and deceit would see no need to disguise himself just to be heard, as crazy as it sounds, all the sides, even the dark ones can contribute in life, some beauty is created from chaos and every thought should be expressed, even the bad ones, it teaches you to have a level head, and I don’t mean express it as in go and commit it in your street, I mean express it with art, a poem, in writing, scream it out, there’s many ways to deal with your troubles or use self expression without causing harm to yourself or others, all of Thomas’s sides want him to understand- well- Their side. And it can be very inspiring to have you create, a lot of art, poetry and stories can be created when you let your mind just do what it wants to do. Duke and Roman are both 2 parts of a whole creative process.
A joyous mood will spark a Roman
A troubling or disturbed mood will spark a Duke.
But both can be expressed beautifully in art and creation, they’re both just parts of your imagination.
Every Side or Thomas and you is just a screaming child who is chaotic and unless you take time to get to the bottom of why they’re screaming at you, help and accept it, acknowledging it is a part of your creative process or thought expression or decision making, if it’s not being listened to, It’s going to grow more chaotic and uncontrollable. Every part of you is beautiful and self expression is so very important, There’s so many ways to express it without causing harm to yourself or others and It’s healthy too, if you fog up a window, something can still break it and get inside, something can still push though. Work with what you have, your mind and body love you, just like Thomas’s mind and body love him. You’re both beautiful and valid.
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