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#maybe i should have gone to work rip
nadjasgizmo · a month ago
anyway. that was a lot of posts huh
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itachiyama · 10 months ago
Hey! I hope your requests are still open (if not please ignore this I’m so sorry!)
Could you maybe do the big fight and the s/o faints one that you did for Iwa and Akaashi but with Sakusa and Tsukki? I really loved it (and all the rest of you writing)!! Thank you!!
(Again I’m so sorry to bother you if requests aren’t actually open)
Some warnings: there’s hyperventilating and passing out so keep that in mind!
Read Akaashi’s and Iwaizumi’s part here
Read Bokuto’s and Atsumu’s part here
Read Kita’s and Tendou’s part here
Read Osamu’s and Semi’s part here
Read Kuroo’s and Oikawa’s part here
Tumblr media
“What do you mean you can’t come? I’ve been telling you the date to this for weeks now y/n!” Sakusa could not believe the words that just came out of your mouth.
“I know Omi! And I’ve had it on my calendar for weeks too! I wouldn’t intentionally miss one of your games, especially an important one against your cousin. But what can I do if I have to go into work?” His eyes narrowed at you.
“You could call in sick!”
“Are you even hearing yourself right now? You can’t just call in sick and let that be the end of it. I already tried asking my boss and she said she needs me in. I’ve been dreaming about and working for this job for years and you know it!”
“And you can’t take one day off for me?”
“I’m new! I can’t just prance around and make demands, they’ll just replace me!”
“You’re being incredibly selfish right now,” he said to you, eyes cold and hard. The sentence was like a hard slap to your face and you couldn’t tell if you wanted to scream and rip your hair out or cry. Maybe both.
“You should talk Kiyoomi. You’re gone for days and days on end at places for games doing god knows what on your free time, while I patiently wait here for you making sure everything’s perfect for your return. I can handle you being gone for days, weeks even, for the sake of your dream and you can’t handle one day without me for mine?”
“You’re lucky I’m not out doing ‘god knows what’ when I easily could. At least my dreams are going places! Look how far yours has taken you so far!” The room became filled with an eerie silence. The words that came out of Sakusa’s mouth hit you in two places at once. Not only did he imply he could cheat if he wanted to, but he also invalidated your dreams and achievements. Suddenly your guts twisted and you felt sick. Wrapping your arms around yourself, you turned away from him. Sakusa just stood there, the aftermath of what he said becoming apparent. He tried to reach out for you.
“H-hey y/n, look, I didn’t mean-”
“Go away Kiyoomi!” You screamed at him, tears streaming down your face. “Go on then, do god knows what someone who’s dreams are worth it then!” He tried to pull you into his arms, but you thrashed around and struggled in his hold. “Don’t touch me!” Sakusa was taken aback, he’d never seen you worked up like this.
“I said go away! I don’t wanna see you right now!” You slowly slid to the ground, hands gripping your head. The thoughts spiraling in your head were overwhelming and you couldn’t get a hold of yourself. He knelt down to you and tried to tilt your head to look at him, but you only struggled against him further. Your breathing was becoming heavier as the moments passed, and Sakusa was determined to get passed your shoving. Everything was becoming too much as the room began to spin, and just like that, you closed your eyes and fell limp against him, his eyes practically popping out of his sockets.
Soon enough, you gained consciousness and slowly sat up. The memories of your earlier predicament flooding back as you looked around the room. Sakusa was not in the bedroom with you and you felt a sense of relief, not ready to face him quite yet. But as you were about to get out of bed, the door opened to reveal him walking in with a glass of water in hand. His eyes widened at the sight of you awake.
“Y/n?” He quickly started to make his way over to you, but before he could reach you, you put a hand out for him to stop.
“I don’t wanna be around you right now Kiyoomi.” You had never seen him deflate the way he did, a look of panic starting to set into his features.
“W-what do you mean?” You rubbed your temple.
“I mean exactly what I said. I can’t even look at you right now. I want to be left alone okay? Please just do at least that much for me.” His lips started to tremble.
“Y/n can we please talk about this,” but you cut him off.
“I don’t have anything to say to you right now. I don’t wanna talk.”
“Kiyoomi,” you started off sternly, but he cut you off.
“Please don’t leave me!” His eyes were glassy and he looked like a lost child. Your heart squeezed a bit at the sight, but you wanted to clear your head before discussing anything with him. You sighed deeply before speaking.
“I just need a little space from you. You can wait in the living room, you don’t have to leave the apartment. I’ll be in here and we can talk when I’m ready. Until then can you please leave me to myself for a bit?” He looked down at his feet for a bit before reluctantly nodding and turning to exit the room. You didn’t miss the little sniffles that started to escape him but you couldn’t bring yourself to focus on that right now. Remembering back to the argument you both had, you started to think about the things he said. Although they stung deeply, you could also tell Sakusa hadn’t meant them. He was loyal to a fault, that much you knew, so you didn’t have to worry about whether or not he had actually cheated. He had a habit of being a bit harsher than intended when he was upset, but it still took you by surprise that he would bring up your ambitions in such a negative light. But he was remorseful, and deep down you knew you couldn’t stay mad at him for long, especially if he looked at you with teary eyes like that. So, after a bit more of calming yourself down and telling yourself that your boyfriend just had a slip of judgment, you made your way out of the bedroom to talk it through with him. The second you had entered the living room, your eyes landed on your boyfriend’s large figure, curled up on the couch, looking at you with the expression of a kicked puppy. He looked uncharacteristically small compared to his usual towering appearance.
“You’re gonna leave me aren’t you?” His voice cracked in the middle of his sentence and you felt your stern resolve crumble.
“No, baby. I’m not,” you said softly, and made your way over to the couch. Setting his head on your lap, you looked down at him. “I’m not leaving okay?” He pressed his face into your stomach and cried quietly.
“I’m sorry. I’m really really sorry. I didn’t mean any of it. Please don’t be mad at me, I was being unfair I know, but I don’t wanna lose you!” You smoothed back his curls as he continued apologizing.
“I know sweetie, I know. I’m not mad anymore. You have to understand, I want nothing more than to go to your game. I wouldn’t miss any of them if it were up to me. But it’s not up to me this time. I have responsibilities. I can’t drop them all the time, no matter how badly I would like to, to support you at every game.” He sniffled and gripped your shirt.
“I know,” he started off quietly. “I’m just nervous for this one and I really wanted you there. It makes me feel better. It just got the best of me. But I took it too far, and I hurt you.” His voice was getting wobbly again, so you quickly shushed him and pressed a small kiss to his lips.
“Well it’s all over now. Dwelling on it’s just gonna make things worse. You’re gonna do wonderful Omi, you always do. And I’m proud of you. I’ll watch the whole thing on television once I’m out of work okay? And I’ll come pick you up too. Everything’s gonna be okay. I love you.”
“I Promise.”
“I love you too. So much.” He turned to press himself into your stomach once more and wrapped his arms around you. Settling into the couch, you continued stroking his hair, knowing he was going to want to stay like this for a while.
Tumblr media
“Y/n, you’re being dramatic right now, it’s not that big of a deal.”
“I just told you about how awful my day was Kei! And you said to just get over it! That’s not really what anyone wants to hear from their boyfriend you know.”
“That’s not what I said. I said there’s not much you can do but get over it and move on. Maybe your day’s not as bad as you’re thinking y/n, you always have a tendency to exaggerate everything.” You were sick of Tsukishima always undermining things that bothered you. Just because he wasn’t in tune with his emotions didn’t mean you weren’t too. Coming home after a long day of nothing going the way you planned, you wanted to curl up into his arms so you wouldn’t break into tears. But it seemed you would end up breaking into tears anyway with how Tsukishima was acting.
“I would appreciate if you were a bit more considerate Kei. Just because your robotic personality can’t comprehend what feelings are doesn’t mean everyone’s like that. Some of us actually process through our feelings you know,” that seemed to anger him. Standing up, he looked down at you with furrowed eyebrows.
“Oh so you’re saying I don’t have feelings? What, because I told you you’re days not as awful as your tryna sell it as? I’ve had a long day too y/n, you don’t see me whining about it to you like a baby!”
“You could if you wanted to! I wouldn’t make you feel bad like you’re doing with me. It’s my job to make sure my boyfriend feels better when he’s down, but it seems he can’t do the same!” What was once you both bickering about your day quickly turned into a full blown screaming match between the two of you.
“You know what y/n? I’m tired of you and you’re constant need to be self centered. Everything always has to go your way or you cry about it and I’m done! Good luck finding someone who caters to your ridiculous needs,” he screamed before grabbing his keys and marching out, slamming the door for good measure. The slam vibrated through the whole apartment and you sank back down into the couch, sobs racking your body. He walked out. He actually walked out. You felt helpless. You didn’t want Tsukishima to actually leave. The thought of him leaving you behind and moving on without you started to overtake your thoughts. Doubts about your personality and whether or not you were enough for him began to plague you and slowly you were losing control of your breathing. Hands gripping the couch, your nails dug into the fabric. Your sobs were beginning to escalate to hyperventilating and there was nothing you could do to stop it. Just as you collapsed against the couch, eyes closed shut, Tsukishima had re-entered the room, staring at your figure in pure horror.
You woke up cradled against a sturdy chest, fingers running over your cheek. When you opened your eyes, you were met face to face with Tsukishima.
“Good, you’re up. Are... are you okay? He asked, looking down at you guiltily.
“Yeah, I’m okay.” He nodded slowly at your answer. “Kei?” Your hand went up to curl around the fabric of his shirt.
“I’m here y/n, don’t worry. I wasn’t actually gonna leave.” You pressed your cheek into his chest, trying to figure out what had happened. He sighed before continuing. “I’m sorry okay? I know I’m not exactly the easiest to talk to sometimes and I say things a bit harsher than I should. I’m trying for you though, okay? Be a little patient with me.” You knew that last part was actually him trying to say ‘don’t replace me’ though, so you began to trail your hand up and down his chest. “You’re not over dramatic, and anyone would be lucky to have you. I don’t know how it’s me you ended up with. I should’ve cared more about your feelings.”
“It’s okay Kei. I never want it to be anyone but you. I should’ve realized you weren’t feeling the greatest either. And you’re not a robot. I feel the happiest when I’m around you. I love you, you know.” He buried his head into your neck and exhaled.
“I love you too,” he said, muffled into your neck.
“You owe me a Disney movie marathon for that whole episode though,” you said after some time.
“Shut up y/n, you’re so annoying, you know that?” But he pressed a kiss to your forehead and you giggled.
And that is that! I hope you liked it! I’m so behind on requests so please be patient with me 😭 but anyway I’m about to hit 200 followers pretty soon, which is crazy! Almost 100 of you followed me in one day and I’m astonished. Thank you all for reading my half assed writing it’s truly very sweet.
Update: we hit 200 followers!!
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worksby-d · 7 months ago
You and I Both Know
Pairing: dark!Andy Barber x Reader
Request from Anonymous: “Reader and her family just moved in next door to Andy. He becomes obsessed with the reader and watches her touch herself through his window.”
Tumblr media
Warnings: Major age gap (reader in her 20s + Andy in his 40s), voyeurism, smut - masturbation (f & m), oral (f receiving), fingering, unprotected sex, noncon/dubcon initially, consensual later, stalker vibes from Andy, dark!Reader too just to be safe, 18+
Word count: ~2,600
a/n: Oh my.
Tuning your parents out as you drive, your mind drifts off, dwelling on the fact you never imagined you'd be moving back in with them after college. Four years of hard word, and nothing to show for it except a piece of paper to hang on the wall and a 5-figure debt.
Instead of moving into your own place, you're hauling yours and your family’s belongings to their new house. “A fresh start for us all, I suppose,” your mom joked when you told them you'd be going with them.
Stepping out of the car when you get there, you let out a sigh as you take it in. The quiet suburban neighborhood is in stark contrast to the rowdy college town you resided in for the last four years. Just as you're about to make a smart-ass comment asking where the parties and hot guys are, as if on cue, a man pulls into the driveway next door, and waves as he gets out of the car.
A double take isn't even necessary to notice how attractive he is. He looks to be in his 40s, and he must have a nice job based on how he's dressed and the briefcase he's carrying.
“Hey Andy,” your dad calls out, offering the man a wave in return before walking toward him.
“You know the neighbors already?” you ask, giving your dad a curious look.
“He was around when we looked at the house,” he shrugs.
“He has a son your age,” your mom adds, not-so-subtly winking at you before walking with your dad toward Andy.
“Oh God,” you mutter, following behind them.
As you stand there listening to them make small talk, you have to keep yourself from smirking as you make a mental note of the fact he's not wearing a wedding ring.
Pulling you from your thoughts is your dad’s chuckle. “Sorry, I didn't even introduce you… This is our daughter, Y/N. She just graduated, so she's spending some time with us while she job hunts.”
“Nice to meet you,” he smiles, holding his hand out for you. “I have a son your age-”
“So I’ve heard,” you cut him off, causing everyone to laugh. And you can't tell in the moment, but you're sure his gaze lingers on you for longer than it should.
This is going to be fun.
It’s the first night when you notice his bedroom window is across from yours. You'll never forget laying in bed, and looking up from your phone at the same time that he walks into his room – your jaw literally dropping as he unbuttons and slips his shirt off, exposing his toned physique. You covertly keep an eye on him until he’s completely undressed, and turns to head toward his bathroom.
“What the fuck,” you whisper, resting a hand on your forehead. Heat spreads across the skin of your chest when you relax your body and realize you’ve been clenching your thighs together.
Less than one day in the suburbs and you're attracted to a middle-aged, divorced father. Nice, Y/N, you think to yourself before closing your eyes, and with a deep sigh, the hand on your forehead travels down to the waistline of your shorts.
An involuntary whimper falls from your lips when your fingers slip under the thin material and brush over your clit, prompting your other hand to fly over your mouth, not needing anyone to hear you.
As you lay there pleasuring yourself, you’re too caught up in the image of Andy between your legs – broad shoulders spreading them and thick fingers teasing you – to notice that he’s peering through his window at you. He truly hadn't meant to watch, but he entered his room again having forgotten something, and there you were with your curtains open just wide enough for him to get a peek. It instantly registers for him what you’re doing when he sees the hand over your mouth and your legs spread, and the sight is captivating.
Noticing your eyes are closed, he stands there watching, his hand reflexively wrapping around his hardening cock. It’s only when your back arches and your body jolts as you come that he quickly scurries back into his bathroom to finish up in the shower.
Once your breathing steadies and you’re able to sit up, you glance toward his window again. Unbeknown to you that he did watch you, a shiver runs down your spine at the thought of the possibility. You bite your lip and roll your eyes at yourself though before cleaning up and trying to sleep.
You’ve spent the last week now trying to shake the fantasy that's plagued your mind since that night – the thought of him catching a glimpse of you, seeing you touch yourself to the thought of him – but he makes it impossible when you begin noticing the way he watches you through his windows when you're outside the house during the day, not bothering to look away even when your eyes meet his.
If only he would do that at night.
The sheer desire gives you a burst of confidence, you choosing tonight to put on a new lacy shorts and cami set that you haven't been able to show off yet and light a few candles to set the mood. A couple minutes before you know he's due to enter his room, strip, shower, and go to bed, you pull your curtains all the way open and situate yourself on the bed.
Carefully watching him rid himself of his clothing piece by piece, you kick your shorts off and revel in the feeling of the cool air hitting your warm center. Any other time you’d be embarrassed by how worked up you are already, but between anticipating this for the last few hours, or days really, and watching him walk around his room, leaving nothing to the imagination, what’s a girl to do?
Reluctantly taking your eyes off him and laying your head back, you hone in on the daydream you’ve been perfecting the last few nights. Starting at your chest, you rest your hands on your breasts over the silky fabric of your shirt, kneading at them and teasing your nipples with your fingers, all while imagining what it would feel like having Andy’s larger hands on you.
Across the way, before he heads into his bathroom, he glances over like he does every night since the first and does a double take seeing that your curtains are open for a change. Furrowing his brow, his lips slowly turn into a smirk as he makes out what you’re doing in the dim light of your room.
Unashamedly, he takes a seat on the edge of his bed and keeps his eyes on your hand, practically growling as he watches it settle between your spread legs. He mimics your movement, running his hand up his thigh to wrap it around his already-hard cock. As your fingers tease along your slit and begin to circle your clit, he starts stroking himself, mirroring your slow rhythm at first.
The only sound in his room are the low hums of pleasure he lets out as his mind wanders, wondering what it would feel like for your hand to be the one jerking him off, or what noises you must be making right now. A louder groan of frustration rips from his throat when you pull your hand away from yourself and reach for something, him following suit by stilling his hand a moment.
“Come on,” he says quietly, keeping his eyes on you. “Keep going, Y/N.” But his eyes go wide when he sees you’ve grabbed a vibrator. “Oh, fuck.”
Pressing the vibrator to your clit, you thrust two fingers into your now-dripping cunt, chasing the release you know is so close. Watching you finally come undone pushes him over the edge too, his hips involuntarily bucking up toward his hand and stuttering as his release spurts onto his hand and lower abdomen.
Working yourself through your high, your breathing eventually levels out again, allowing you to lift your head up to look out the window. You break out into a cunning smile when your eyes fall on him – his head dropped back, eyes closed, chest heaving, and his hand still on his cock.
Got him.
By the time he opens his eyes, yours are closed again, but the smile is still there. It doesn’t cross his mind that it would be because you saw him watching you.
That whole routine happens a couple more times, but nothing comes of it. The way he watches you, you would have thought he’d have done something by now in attempt to get you alone. But maybe watching you through the window is enough for him, so you let it go for a few days figuring you’ve done your part.
Lucky for you though, while you’ve been frustratedly waiting for him to make a move, he’s just been waiting for the right time to. And seeing your parents’ car pull out of the driveway from where he’s sitting on his sofa working tonight, he’s found his chance.
Hearing the doorbell ring, you throw on a sweater and make your way there to answer. Slowly opening the door, you have to refrain from looking too excited when your eyes land on Andy.
“Mr. Barber, hi,” you smile.
“Please, call me Andy,” he kindly urges. “Uh, do you guys have any milk? I'm cooking and didn't realize mine had expired.”
“Um, yeah, we should,” you stammer a bit, finding it strange, but you open the door further for him. “Come in, I'll get it for you.”
Following you to the kitchen, he can't help but drop his gaze to your behind, your short pajama shorts not leaving a lot to the imagination. His eyes stay fixed there as he leans against the counter and watches you bend over to look in the fridge.
“So where are your parents?” he asks, breaking the silence.
“Gone,” you answer as you stand up straight, and turn to face him, no milk in your hand, but donning a smirk on your face. “And I think you and I both know that you already knew that.” The corner of his mouth twitches slightly as he looks at you skeptically, but you move closer to stand in front of him. “I've noticed the way you watch me… When I walk to my car, when I get the mail…” You pause before whispering, “Through my window at night.” He looks shocked, still not having known that you'd seen him, and you just chuckle, placing your hands on his chest. “Why do you think I leave my curtains open?”
“You dirty girl,” he rasps, gripping your hips and pulling you toward him so he can finally get his lips on yours. He kisses you roughly, tugging your sweater off you before turning you with him so you're the one against the counter.
“I've been waiting for you to do something about it,” you pant as he drops his face to your neck and hoists you up to sit on the counter.
“You think about me when you touch yourself?” He mumbles the question as his lips continue trailing down your neck.
“Maybe,” you tease, but gasp when he nips at your skin. “Fine, yes,” you sigh.
His lips are dragging across your collarbone when he slips a hand between your legs, pressing two fingers against your clit over your shorts.
“Please Andy,” you beg, breathless.
“Please what sweetheart?”
“I don't know, do something,” you whine. “Anything.”
All he does is laugh at your desperation as he kneels down on one knee, pulling your shorts off for you before situating himself between your legs.
“Oh princess,” he murmurs, kissing along your inner thigh. His thumb teases along your slit, bringing your wetness up to your clit. “You're even prettier up close.”
When he's had enough of teasing you with his fingers, he finally places his hands on your hips to keep you in place as his tongue dips between your folds, licking a few stripes from your entrance up to your clit before wrapping his lips around it.
“Shit,” you sigh, resting back on an elbow, and bringing your other hand to the back of his head, fingers twisting in his hair. As his tongue continues to work at you, you’re rapidly coming undone.
You pull at his hair, and grind your hips against his face, to which he responds by humming, “Nuh uh” and tightening his grip on your hips.
“But I’m close,” you breathe.
Just as you're about to come, he takes his mouth off of you, prompting you to let out an exasperated groan before opening your eyes to look down at him. But he's standing up, a smirk on his face as he pushes his pants down, exposing his erection. Speaking of things being prettier up close, you think to yourself.
One of his hands goes to his cock, stroking himself a few times as his other arm wraps around your middle, pulling you to sit up again. “The only way you're coming is around my cock and when I say,” he tells you through gritted teeth before capturing your lips with his again.
You whimper into his mouth feeling him begin to thrust into you, and let out a choked moan when he breaks the kiss, pressing his lips to your neck again. Once he sets a steady rhythm, his hand slips under one of your thighs and pushes your leg up to allow his thrusts to become even deeper.
“That feel good, huh?” He lifts his head and brings the hand that's on your back to the back of your neck to get you to look at him. “Feel better than that little pink vibrator you like to use?”
“God yes,” you sigh, rolling your eyes back. “I'm so close, please.”
“Yeah? You gonna come already?”
You just nod the best you can when his hand on your neck and repeatedly whisper, “Please.”
“Fuck,” he groans. feeling you clenching around him. “Do it then. Come for me, all over me.”
You hit your peak with a silent moan, eyes rolling back again and your thighs trembling. “That’s a good girl,” he coos, slowing his movements just a bit to work you through it, soothingly rubbing your leg and pulling your head onto his shoulder as you calm down.
You barely catch your breath before he's picking up the pace again, pounding into you harder than before even. Still sensitive, you whine, digging your nails into his back. “Fuck Andy,” you shake your head. “Too much.”
“Oh come on angel,” he teases, a mocking tone to his voice. “I think you've got at least one more for me. This is what you wanted isn't it? So you need to take it.”
“Oh- God, I'm gonna-” But your words are cut off by a high-pitched moan. He has you coming again, calling out his name as you do, and bringing him over the edge with you. He groans in your ear, and you can feel his cock twitch and spill inside of you as his hips finally begin to still.
Both breathing heavy, you stay like that. His hot breath against your neck is about all you can feel in your overstimulated state.
You don't know how much time passes before he speaks up, interrupting the silence you've fallen into. “That better than you imagined?”
“I don't know,” you hum, somehow having the energy to joke with him. “Might have to do it again before I can answer that."
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agentofbarnes · 6 months ago
Chris Imagine idea :
Chris wants a family. The reader loves to have a famil with Chris but not now. They get into a fight and Chris compare her with his ex girlfriend who has a child now. The reader gets hurt and gets the feeling that she is not good enough and Chris realized what he said....
not her
request | Chris wants a family. The reader loves to have a famil with Chris but not now. They get into a fight and Chris compare her with his ex girlfriend who has a child now. The reader gets hurt and gets the feeling that she is not good enough and Chris realized what he said....
summary | chris wants a family and you just aren’t ready yet, but that doesn’t mean he wants you any less.
warnings | angst, and then fluff
authors’s note | this is my first time writing something like this so i hope it’s okay.
Tumblr media
You knew it was gonna happen, you just didn’t realize it would happen so soon. You had married Chris Evans only three months ago and you knew he wanted kids. You figured you had time. You’re younger than him, you have plenty of time to pop out a few babies a couple years from now.
Just not now. Things were so hectic with both of you filming and even though you know you could still do that pregnant, you just weren’t ready. The idea of being a mom terrified you to your core and you always thought you’d have more time.
With that said, you wanted kids, you do. You love your husband and you want to start a family with him, but not at this point in your life.
Chris is different. He wants a family so bad and he’s ready for that step in his life, which lead you to where you are now.
You had told him that he needed to use a condom, that you missed a couple pills of your birth control and you didn’t want to risk it.
“Would it really be so bad if I didn’t?” Chris whispered against your neck, his hands rubbing up your thighs as you straddled him on the couch.
“Yes, it would,” You replied, furrowing your brows.”We don’t want to get pregnant right now.”
“You don’t want to get pregnant right now,”Chris corrected, pulling away from your jawline.”C’mon baby, it’s been three months since our wedding night, don’t you want to see a baby Evans running around.”
“I mean, eventually, yes,”You answered,”But not now.”
“Why?” He asked and you shook your head.
“Why does it matter? I don’t want to right now.”
“It matters to me,”Chris huffed,”I want this, I’m ready to start our lives.”
“I—“You took a deep breath, pushing yourself up from his lap to stand up.”I’m not, Chris. I don’t want this, not yet.
Chris frowned,”But why? Why don’t you want this? We’re in a good place, Y/N. Why not start now?”
“Because I like my life, Chris, and I should have to explain why. Can’t you just wait? Give me another year.”
Chris stood up, running a hand through his hair.”You said you wanted kids, you know that this is what I want. I’m not getting any younger, I’d like to have kids before I’m an old man.”
“We have time, Chris.”
“You always do this,” Chris rolled his eyes,”You have time, baby. I don’t, God. I thought we were in the same place in our relationship.”
“We are! I do want a family, but I want to live my life too. I’m not ready to give up my nights and my morning. I want to go to parties with our friends, I want to stay free and just enjoy our first year of marriage. If I got pregnant, everything would change. You still get to do things, it doesn’t impact your career like it will mine.”
“You act like having a baby is going to ruin your life,” Chris accused,”It’s not, I mean, have you seen Jen, she’s working and being a mom, and she’s killing it. I don’t understand why you can’t do that, why we can’t do that.”
“Did you seriously just bring up your ex? I don’t understand why you think bring her into this is gonna help you. I don’t care how she’s juggling her life, and you know what...I’m not her.”
“Yeah, I know that,”Chris spat,”If you were, we wouldn’t be doing this. We’d be taking care of child instead of fighting, but then again, Jen and I were always on the same page, we wanted the same thing, she actually wanted to start a life with me...” His voice trail off as he realizes the weight of his words and all the old insecurities he had just brought back into your heart.
As soon as the words leave his mouth, you went silent. Tears welled up in your eyes as you looked at him with so much pain that he thinks he might die. He regrets letting his anger get the best of him, but it’s too late now.
“And you would have had that life if you hadn’t met me,” Your voice quivered, a sob threatening to rip through you.
It was true. You had come into Chris’ life when he was dating his last girlfriend and he couldn’t help that he fell in love with you. But that was over four years ago and you thought you were past the insecurity of living up to the girl he left for you.
“Y/N...” The anger that once filled him was gone now and all that was left was a soft expression. Chris didn’t care about the fight anymore, he just wanted to make it up to you. It’s funny how taking things too far made him realize that the fight was ridiculous, that waiting another year or so wouldn’t be so bad as long as he still had you. That’s what he truly wanted.
“No, no, you don’t get to do that,”You tell him, shaking your head,”You just look at me and say my name like I’m everything to you when you know how long it took me to feel like I wasn’t holding you back, like I didn’t ruin your perfect fucking relationship—no, no, I can’t do this.”
The tears were coming now, rippling through you with no forgiveness as you stomped away into the bedroom. You took a deep breath, getting out a pair of pjs and disappeared into the guest room down the hall.
You locked the door instantly, not wanting Chris to come in and make it better. You wanted him to sit with what he said and really think about it.
You take a shower in the guest bathroom and maybe you cry your heart out in there where he can’t hear you. You can’t help all the ways you feel like you just aren’t doing enough, like he regrets not staying with Jen. You always felt like you messed things up for him, and he usually was the one to tell you that you made his life better. Chris never would have realized he didn’t truly click with Jen if it had been for you.
Still, you kept to yourself the rest of the night, not even coming out for dinner despite Chris’ pleas from behind the door. No, this was his punishment. Your silence would hurt him more than anything you could ever say.
You hated sleeping alone and you sorely wished you had grabbed one of his shirts so you could smell like him. The guest bed was too big and cold. You wanted nothing more than to be curled up to your husband, but you knew you needed time to yourself. So instead, you fell asleep with tears on your cheeks, wondering if he was sleeping well at all.
When you woke up the next morning, you decided that you have punished him enough. Honestly, you were just tired of fighting and you know he regrets his words. What you didn’t know was what was waiting for you on the other side of the door.
As you opened the door, you found Chris slumped against the wall beside the doorframe with Dodger laying his head in his lap. Your heart skipped a beat at the sight of your husband so worn out and waiting for you.
You knelt down, gently shaking him awake,”Chris, baby.”
“Hm,” He stirred, his eyes fluttering open to look at you. When he realized you were in front of him, he really woke up.”I’m sorry, you know I don’t regret leaving her. You’re...everything, and I don’t care if we wait another five years, as long as I have you, I’m the luckiest man—“
“It’s okay,”You whispered,”I know. Did you get any sleep?”
“I couldn’t, not when you were upset.”
“Wanna stay in bed today?” You asked and he nodded. You helped him up and dragged him to the bed. You got him out of his shirt and jeans, letting his lay down in his boxers before stripping yourself down. You put on the shirt he had discarded, wanting to smell like him because it brought you comfort. You crawled up in the bed with him, holding him close as he tiredly ran his hand over your back.
“I love you, Y/N. You’re my dream girl, you know that?”
“I love you too,” You kissed his lips ever so lightly,”Listen to me before you go to sleep, okay?”
“I’m listening.”
“One year, from today, mark it in your calendar, okay?”
“What for?”
“Because it’s the day we start trying for a baby,” You answered with a smile,” But you better be ready to live this year to the fullest cause when that baby comes...he’s gonna be a handful just like his Mama.”
“Or she,” Chris whispered, making you giggle.”
“Go to bed, you look exhausted.”
“You’ll stay with me?” He questioned quietly, his eyes already closed as he nuzzled into you.
“You’re stuck with me, Chris. I’m never going anywhere.”
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stellaricwriting · a month ago
Kinktober Day 1
Somno/Sleepy Sex with Argbur/Editor Wilbur
warnings for somnophilia, dubcon, unsafe sex
It wouldn’t be a stretch to say you’re used to sharing a bed with your roommate, at this point. Between the failing electricity your landlord never got around to replacing and the below zero temperatures the winter brought, you’re both desensitized to grabbing your blankets and crawling into the other’s bed for warmth. Maybe for comfort sometimes, too. 
He’s been gone more, lately. Out for days at a time, working on a project of his. You’re happy for him, in many ways, glad he has something to be passionate about, like this. But god, you wish he’d at least text you back and let you know he’s okay, especially on days like these when the already frigid temperature drops into the kind of cold that feels unreal. You check your phone as you double check the locks before bed, sighing at the lack of new notifications, and resign yourself to getting extra blankets out of storage to block out the cold.
You don’t really know when you fell asleep, your phone slipping out of your hand and falling under your pillows, but you become aware of it when you’re ripped from it by a loud noise. The room is pitch black, making you blink hard as your brain stutters, thinking you hadn’t opened your eyes yet, the absence of the lights of your electronics gone. Another blackout. 
You startle when your bedroom door opens, but you feel only relief when you see Wilbur, buried in blankets, his phone flashlight on as he staggers into the room. You scoot over in bed automatically, letting him collapse next to you. He groans dramatically as he does, burrowing closer to where you were asleep, leeching off the warmth there, and you huff a laugh. He’s always craved warmth, almost desperately.
You move his phone so it’s lighting up the room, and start helping him bundle in, frowning when you realize he’s still wearing his coat and shoes. It takes some convincing to pull his face out of your blankets, but you manage to bully him into taking off his outerwear, pulling him back into bed the moment he’s done.
His phone light turns off as the battery dies, and you’re left lying together in darkness, face to face, blankets pulled up over your heads to keep in the warmth.
There’s a moment of silence.
“I’m home, by the way.”
You hide your laugh in your pillow, “I never would have guessed! Welcome home, Wil.”
You ask him how his project is going, listening to him ramble about it as you doze off. He never goes into the details, tries to be vague about it in a way that tips you off that it’s probably more than a little creepy, but you’re long used to him. You let his voice lull you back into sleep, sighing contently as you register the smell of some kind of cologne, and your last amused thought is that he must have put some on before coming home.
When you wake up again, it’s still dark, and you’re unwilling to spend enough time outside the blankets to check the power. In your sleep, you’ve changed positions. Wilbur’s arms tight around your waist, dragging you back into his chest, his face tucked into the nape of your neck. It’s endearing, the way he always ends up clinging to you.
You almost slip back into sleep, your eyes heavy and your roommate comfortable, when he shifts in his sleep, the hot breath of a sigh against your skin making you shiver. Then you feel the press of his hips, and your cheeks flush hot. God, he’s so hard, his hips rocking gently into yours as his grip tightens momentarily. You breathe out shakily, a hand fisting in the sheets as you hide your hot face in the pillow. 
Your relationship with Wilbur has never gone there, before. He’s always been gorgeous, even when he’s a mess, and you can’t deny you’ve thought about it before, but you’ve never been brave enough to say something. You should pull away now, pretend it never happened, that you never guiltily basked in the way he pulled you close to grind against you in his sleep. 
But you don’t.
You don’t, instead taking a shaking breath and experimentally rocking back against him, savoring in the way his hands fist in your sleep shirt, in the quiet, low groan against the back of your neck. It feels like sin, and you almost want to cry, that this is all you’ll get, that you’re such a pervert you’ve resorted to this.
You’re so caught up in it, the feeling of his cock pressed against you, the thought of more with him, that you barely notice when he goes still behind you, your hips still rocking back lazily. You do notice, however, the sharp breath he takes, and the quiet curse he lets out. The drawn out fuuuuck in a voice heavy with sleep is intoxicating, and you whimper before you can register that you should be pretending to sleep, pretending you’re not- not this kind of creep.
Wilbur is still behind you, and you think he’s even stopped breathing with how quiet he’s gone. You can feel tears of embarrassment pricking at your eyes, making you squeeze them shut, biting your lip at the thought of the conversation you’ll be having. Your mind is running, spiraling into anxiety and worst case scenarios, images of Wilbur calling you names, demanding you move out.
Then, his hands are tight on your hips, and he’s rolling his hips deliberately into yours once, twice, experimental and hard. The sudden stimulation makes you choke, half gasp and half whine of his name. You barely have time to process how you’ve given yourself away, because he’s groaning, loud and needy, and then his face is buried in your neck, pressing soft kisses over your pulse point.
“You’re- god- you’re awake, fuck… You want this, don’t you sweetheart?” 
Your gasping reply is a needy whine of his name, a shy please as you tilt your head to give him better access to your throat, a squeak as he groans and nips at your skin. His hands slip up under your shirt, skimming over your stomach and up to grope your chest with greedy fingers. The way he squeezes your tits, pinching and rolling your nipples gently, has you squirming against him, torn between pressing back into him more and arching your chest into his hands.
You can barely think past your own desperation, barely comprehend the words Wil is saying, the steady stream of desperate filth spilling from his lips between harsh bites and soft kisses. All you know is he’s wanted this for ages and you have no idea why he’s not inside you already. When you voice this, he goes still for a moment. Then, you’re being flipped onto your back, his hands sturdy and firm as he squeezes your thighs, settling between them and thrusting against you, only a few layers of cloth keeping you apart. 
He stays like that for what feels like eternity, languidly grinding against you and listening to you whine, before he finally pulls away, just far enough to strip you down, abandoning your bottoms to the ocean of blankets but only shoving your shirt up enough to expose your chest. 
You’re half expecting him to fuck into you right away, desperation making both your hands shake, but instead he tucks his face into your neck to mouth at your skin as he slides a finger, then two inside you. You tangle your hands in his hair, accidentally pulling as he curls his fingers up and makes you moan, loud and pleading. He preps you methodically, working you into a soaking, needy mess as he does, compliments moaned into your ear the whole time.
When he finally presses the head of his cock against you, you nearly sob. You didn’t know you could get this wet, but when he pushes in it’s effortless, filling you so perfectly your mind shorts out. He bottoms out and you’re in nirvana, in heaven, in every form of paradise all at once. You’re so full and he’s so deep inside you, he’s everywhere, cold hands smoothing over your hips and his mouth on your chest, pressing wet kisses down towards your ribs.
He rocks into you, gentle and sweet, and god, if it isn’t everything you’ve ever needed. His breath is shaky, moans slipping out through his stuttered praise, and it’s so clear he’s trying to hold back, trying to be good for you, and it’s so sweet you could almost cry.
Instead, you hook your legs behind his back and beg him to fucking ruin you.
He sobs on a moan, and obliges you, quickly shifting the pace until he’s pounding into you, making you wail. He pushes you over the edge so fast, and when you come it’s to a snarled chorus of mine, mine, mine. 
He fucks into you almost mercilessly, lost in pleasure, and all you can do is cling, squeezing tight around him, and when he finally chokes on a final moan and comes, it’s to your needy plea for him to come inside, Wil- please!
He presses his forehead to yours as he comes down from the high, collapsing on top of you, only to roll to the side so you’re held by him again, and you nuzzle into his neck as you breathe. 
You’ll have to talk, in the morning when you can both be clear headed adults, but for now you sink into his hold and savor the touch. He feels warm, a rarity for him, and you can feel his cum hot on your thigh as it leaks out of you. It’ll be gross later, but for now it just feels like another mark that proves you’re his.
You slip back into sleep quickly, but before you do, you could almost swear you hear a murmur of I love you.
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tomurasprincess · 7 months ago
Is This Really Wrong? (Shouto x Reader)
Tumblr media
✵彡 Title: Is This Really Wrong? 
✵彡 Pairing: Shouto Todoroki x Twin Sister Reader
✵彡 Word Count: 2.5k
✵彡 Warnings: Dubious consent, twincest, soulmate AU, A/B/O dynamics, heat cycles, orgasm denial, overstimulation, yandere
✵彡 Notes: This is my entry for the Sewer’s Soulmate collab! Super excited to be a part of this, and you can read the rest of the fics on the masterlist right here. And thank you to @escaping-explosions​ for beta reading this for me!
Tumblr media
It’s wrong.
Your words echo through Shouto’s head again and again. 
It’s wrong. 
If it’s so wrong for the two of you to be together, why were you born like this?
Twins are both omegas, both alphas, or both betas. 
And yet he is an alpha and you, his dear little twin sister is an omega. 
You are perfect for each other. Almost soulmates, in a way, although you don’t have the matching soulmate tattoo that usually happens in situations like this.
When two people are soulmates, they have an identical marking that is unique to the couple. Some people go their whole lives without ever discovering their soulmate, while some find them almost instantly. Some people develop their marks later in life and some are born with them. There’s no logic or reason behind the system, that’s simply how it is. 
So what is so wrong about this?
If he were a good brother, an understanding brother, he’d accept your no. Pick up the pieces of his broken heart and move on. 
But he’s not. 
And he won’t. 
If you think it’s wrong when you’re in your right mind, then maybe you’ll think differently when you’re deep in your heat, trying desperately to get yourself off with one of those toys designed with a knot for omegas. 
But those toys are nothing compared to a true alpha’s knot. He knows he can satisfy you so much better than those flimsy toys can. After all, who knows you better than your own twin? He’ll just have to prove to you that he is perfect for you in every way.
And he won’t have to wait much longer if his calculations are correct on when your next cycle is. 
✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧
The second he enters the house, the smell hits him full force. The smell of a needy omega in heat, of slick and sweat and desire. He goes rock hard almost instantly at the sheer amount of pheromones in the air, and then he hears it.
The whines and whimpers, the panting and groaning as you try to get yourself off. 
He walks through the house, wasting no time in shoving the door to your room open and entering. Your wild eyes meet his as you stare in shock at the disturbance, a look of fear crossing your face as he latches the lock behind him.
You’re crouched on the ground on all fours with a large toy buried deep inside of your dripping cunt. He can see the strings of slick running down the toy and soaking the floor, and your hair is plastered to the side of your face from sweat.
He watches in fascination as you lift yourself up off the toy before sliding back down, a whimper leaving the back of your throat.
“Shouto,” you whisper as you continue to bounce on your toy, eyes meeting his with savage desperation. “Please leave, you can’t - you can’t be here, this is wrong.”
There’s that word again. Wrong. That word he hates more than anything. He’ll just have to show you that this is the right thing, that the two of you belong together. 
He strides towards you with a swagger in his step, confidence brimming over as he leans over you. The look in his eyes causes a whine to rise from the back of your throat, your cunt clenching around the toy. 
You shake your head involuntarily, eyes darting to the floor as he takes a finger and places it under your chin, lifting up gently as he forces you to meet his eyes. 
“This isn’t wrong,” he growls, “and I intend to prove it to you.”
Then his lips are crashing onto yours, tongue diving into your mouth as he kisses you deeply. His hand tangles into your hair as he pulls you into him, tongue massaging yours as sharp teeth nibble at your lower lip. 
His cold hand trails down your body, tweaking a nipple into hardness. You gasp softly, allowing him even more access to your mouth. 
You can feel your own slick running down the toy, lifting your hips up and bouncing on it again. He snarls as he grabs the toy, ripping it out of you in one sharp movement that has you hissing with both pain and pleasure. 
“No more of these. You’ll only take my knot from here on out.”
“Shouto, please,” you whisper again, head falling back as the toy is replaced with several fingers that plunge deep into your soaked cunt. “Don’t do this -“
He ignores you in favor of curling his fingers up to hit a spot inside of you that has you moaning. You’re already so close, so unbearably close, and then his fingers are pulled out. 
You whimper in both relief and frustration, trying to move your hand to your clit to stroke yourself. He smacks your hand away with a smirk. “I don’t think so,” he muses as his fingers curl inside of you again. 
You focus hard on the sensations, trying to ignore who’s causing them. You think that maybe if you act like you’re not about to cum, you might be able to get away with it -
But he's your twin, the one who knows you best, above everyone else. And despite this being your first time doing anything like this with him, he already seems to know your body like it’s his own. 
There’s a snicker as his fingers are withdrawn again. “It’s not going to be that easy, sis.”
“Please, just leave,“ you shake your head as your body trembles. “I - I don’t know how long I can hold on- “
Shouto begins to slide down your body, pulling your legs apart as he settles in between them. “I don’t want you to hold on, I want you to give in to me.” A look of panic crosses your face as he gets closer and closer to your deep, dark secret, the thing you’ve been hiding for so long - 
“Shouto, no!” You exclaim too loudly, squirming as you try to close your legs. But blunt nails dig into the meat of your thighs and force your legs back open, a look of curiosity taking over Shouto’s features.
“What is it you’re trying to hide from me, sis?”
You know the moment that he sees it.
The mark on your inner thigh, the soulmate mark - the one that matches his own. 
“How long?” Shouto asks in a neutral tone that tells you nothing about his current mood. “How long have you known?” Shouto’s mark has always been visible, and you’ve tried your whole life to hide yours to prevent your twin from knowing that he was right all along, that the two of you belong with each other.
“I - “
“How. Long?” He practically snarls at you, eyes glaring down at you with fury in them. You know your twin would never hurt you, and so the anger only causes you to throb with arousal.
“For as long as I can remember,” you say quietly, and his expression closes off, goes cold in a millisecond.
“You knew we were soulmates and you hid it.” 
You try to glance away, but his nails dig hard into your chin, forcing you to meet his expression.
“Yes. Because it’s - “
But before you can get the word out, Shouto is sinking two fingers back into your dripping cunt, causing your sentence to trail off with a gasp. “No, it’s not wrong.” His movements are savage, driven by anger, and when he slides a third finger in, you can feel the painful stretch.
He slides further down to lap at your folds, parting them in order to reveal you fully to his gaze. Your clit is red and swollen with desire, and you flush with heat as he stares at your most intimate parts.
You don’t have long to be embarrassed however, as he takes your clit into his mouth and begins to suckle. A shout is pulled from your throat as your head falls back, hand flying up to tangle into Shouto’s hair.
You should be pulling him away, should be stopping him. But the pleasure is building up quickly, and you can’t bring yourself to do it. Everything feels sharp as you get closer and closer to that elusive edge, you’re right there - just one more second and -
You wail as he stops completely, your orgasm drifting away from you yet again. “Please, Shouto!”
“I think I really should punish you for hiding things from me,” he murmurs at you, “but that will have to come later. I want to be inside of you too badly.”
A tear runs down the side of your face out of frustration at having been denied again. Your willpower is almost gone, unable to hold out against the smell of your brother’s alpha pheromones. The room is completely saturated with his scent, and it’s only causing you to throb even more with arousal. “Shouto - “
“Beg me.”
“Please - “
“I need more than that, sis.”
“Nii-san, Shouto - please, I need you,” you whisper hesitantly, not being able to resist any longer. You tried, you really did, but you have wanted him for so long but hated yourself for it. Hated that your soulmate is your own brother, the one meant for you.
Now here he is, demanding that you give in to him. Telling you that it’s not wrong, what your desires are for each other. Would it really be so wrong to give in?
Shouto lifts himself up, almost tripping over his own legs in his haste to get his pants off. His shirt is next to go, revealing his toned chest and abs from countless hours of exercise and hero work. You glance further down before gasping slightly as you see his thick cock, standing fully erect already.
You involuntarily lick your lips at the sight of the bead of pre-cum at the tip, and Shouto chuckles a bit. He lines himself up with your entrance before meeting your eyes.
“Shouto,” you whisper, hand coming around to the back of his neck to steady yourself. “Shouto, please - I need you inside of me - “
At that, his hips surge forward, burying his cock inside you in one sharp thrust. “Fuck, Shouto!”
He groans deeply at how tight your walls are around him, and an idea strikes him. “Were you a virgin, sis?”
“Y-y-yes,” you murmur as you refuse to meet his eyes. 
He laughs, a deep masculine laugh of pride. “You were saving yourself for me.”
And then he begins to move, and you can’t even begin to find the words to answer him. 
At first you’re so tight that he finds it hard to move, but you begin to loosen up slowly due to the amount of slick that is running down your legs.
“Nii-san,” you whimper as you push back to meet his thrusts, “you feel so good.”
He groans at that, lifting your hips up to get even deeper inside of you. His balls smack against the curve of your ass with every sharp thrust and you can already feel the orgasm building back up inside of you.
“I need - “
“You need what?” He mocks you, taking pleasure in how submissive you’re being for him, how obedient. You should always be like this for him, all wet and needy for your twin brother, your soulmate.
“I need to cum,” you whisper in shame, barely able to meet his eyes as you utter the words.
“Then do it,” he snarls as his nails dig deeper into your skin, pace increasing as he bounces you up and down on his length. “Cum for me, sis.”
Almost as if on command, the tension in you snaps and you find yourself cumming hard, a scream leaving your throat as pleasure overwhelms your senses. You’ve gotten yourself off before, of course, but it’s never felt like this before. Never felt this strong, this satisfying. You can’t understand why you’ve let yourself be denied of this pleasure for so long.
“Shouto - it - oh fuck, it feels so good - “
He savagely fucks you through your orgasm, not giving you a second to breathe. His pace becomes stuttered as the knot at the base of his cock swells. He forces you further down as he humps up into you, forcing his knot past your tight outer ring of muscles.
The stretch burns in such a delicious way that you find yourself cumming again, mouth open in a silent scream as your body convulses. Finally, the widest part of the knot is inside of you, and he makes sharp shallow thrusts inside of you as he works it all the way up to your cervix.
And then he bites you. 
Sharp teeth pierce the skin at your pulse point where your scent gland is, marking you for his own forever. You feel blood drip down your front as his teeth dig deeper, and you wail as you cum again. Your vision blurs around the edges due to the strength of the orgasm, and you find yourself returning the favor as your blunt teeth bite into your mate’s neck.
He groans as your teeth sink in, reveling in the fact that his mate wants to mark him just as much as he wants to mark you.
And then he’s moving again, hips snapping up to continue to thrust inside of you. Part of his knot catches against a soft, spongy spot inside of you, and you feel yourself gush around his length as you scream.
Your exhausted body can’t handle anymore, and you collapse against his chest as he holds you close, continuing to use your body as a fleshlight as he seeks his own end. 
He cums with a snarl, hot ropes of cum spurting out against your cervix, so much cum that it slips past his knot and drips down his length. He holds you in place until he’s fully emptied his balls inside of you, cooing softly at you as he trails his hands down your bare, sweat drenched back.
“You did so well for me, sis.” 
You sniffle a bit as you meet his eyes. “I - I did? Are you not mad at me for hiding?”
He pauses a second, taking a finger to trail along the evidence of your mating, the bite mark so deep that it’s sure to leave a scar.
“You’re my twin,” he says softly, “I could never stay mad at you for too long. What matters is you’re mine now.”
You smile a bit, cuddling against his shoulder. “I love you, nii-san.”
“I love you too, my mate. My love.”
And as you drift into a deep sleep, you have one single thought that crosses your mind.
Maybe this wasn’t so wrong after all.
Tumblr media
✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ 
Taglist: @lildreamer93, @kittygonyan, @bat-eclecticwolfbouquet-love, @daedaep69, @groovydreamertrash, @hisoknen, @chou-maitresse, @togasknifes, @shigaraki-is-my-master, @kittycatkrissa, @dabilove27, @anxietyplusultra, @angmarwitch, @nereida19, @bakugos-cumsock, @iwaizumi-chan, @bakarinnie, @f4nficbaby, @bbyspiiice, @khemz1312, @drownedbytears, @aryjaa, @deathmemeiverse, @katsukis-sad-angel, @irvingka, @honey-bunii, @wattpad-reads, @bby-chloe1999, @ct-5445, @pumpumrins, @ineedmorefanfics, @sssjuico10, @yanderecon, @siphite, @slasher-cxm, @thirstyforthem2dmen, @jadequeen88, @chaos-night, @shinsotired, @frostywinterstrawberry, @toxicempath, @lalalemon101, @sweet-darling91, @luckybucky18, @shinsos-ho
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kingkatsuki · 3 months ago
stepdad katsuki’s expecting his food to be delivered, and picks up the bag. rips it open in the middle of the kitchen, and the vibrator is just sat there. you’ve completely forgot that you got your friend to order it, and now you have to face the consequences of a hangry stepdaddy katsuki wondering what his little girl gets up to.
Okay, you need to stop sending me thirsts that I wanna turn into a whole ass fic I swear.
Warnings: 18+, pseudo-incest, stepdad Bakugou.
Tumblr media
He’s confused at first. You’d always seemed so sweet and innocent when he’d gone into your room at night, poking around in your panty drawer when you’re out with your friends. You didn’t have anything like this in your room, so this must be your first one?
Then he starts thinking about how experienced you really are, are you sexually active without him knowing? He thought he’d successfully scared off your last few potential boyfriends but maybe there were more he didn’t know about? Maybe this was you preparing yourself for them.
Oh but now he’s fucking offended. How dare you even think about using a toy like this under his roof, letting it slide between those perfect puffy lips that should be his. Stretching you out on the pink silicone. You were his, it should be him stretching you out not this shitty piece of plastic.
Were you trying to gain experience was that it? Or were you just trying to get yourself off? Either way he can feel his cock stirring in his sweats as he thinks about you using the toy, crying out as you slowly turn the dial to increase the vibrations. Thinking about how pretty you’d sound crying out in pleasure. Wondering how long it would take you to come undone at the highest setting.
“Something you wanna tell your old man, Princess?” The way he held it up to you made it even more embarrassing. Willing the ground to swallow you whole as you watched your stepdad fist the toy in his palm.
Words couldn’t leave your lips, trying to work out what to say. How to explain this to your stepdad as his brows furrowed.
“Does your ma know what a little slut her daughter is?” He scoffed, leaning back on the counter as he waited for your explanation. Enjoying the way you squirmed for him. Holding onto the bottom of your shirt as you looked towards the toy in his hands.
“It wasn’t- I wasn’t-“ What were you supposed to say? “I just needed-“
Bakugou almost groaned at the words, “Needed what?”
“Something bigger.” You mumbled, looking down towards the ground.
Something bigger? What else had you had inside you? Bakugou was fuming as he felt rage boiling inside him at the insinuation that a spotty brat would have put his dick anywhere near his Princess.
“Bigger than what? You been screwin’ around?” Bakugou was ready for blood.
“No-“ You looked at him with wide-eyes, “I just meant… my fingers.” You mumbled.
You were sick of using your fingers, you couldn’t seem to hit the right spots and you’d leave yourself unsatisfied and horny. You needed something to help you get off.
Bakugou could’ve groaned at the mental image you gave him, thinking about you trying to get yourself off with those pretty fingers of yours. Rubbing circles around your little clit as you worked your body towards your climax.
A smug grin coming over his features as he realised that you needed more, and the toy you’d selected wasn’t as big as him.
“Do you even know how to use one of these?” He smirked at the way you worried your lower lip between your teeth, shaking your head no.
Cursing when the doorbell rang, signalling his food had arrived.
“Better take this upstairs, Princess.” He gave you a smirk when you took the toy off him without making eye contact. Hurrying up the stairs towards your bedroom as he watched the curve of your ass in those tiny shorts you liked to wear as you disappeared. The doorbell ringing again as he shouted “I’m fuckin’ coming,” towards the door. Hunger soon forgotten as he thought about something else—
Tumblr media
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sanctimonium · 7 months ago
𝐚𝐦𝐮𝐬𝐞 𝐦𝐞 ; 𝐟𝐨𝐮𝐥 𝐥𝐞𝐠𝐚𝐜𝐲 𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐝𝐞
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐟𝐨𝐮𝐥 𝐥𝐞𝐠𝐚𝐜𝐲 𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐝𝐞 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 𝐛𝐲 𝐧𝐢𝐱𝐢𝐞
Tumblr media
.𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐨𝐫𝐬 𝐝𝐨 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭.
𝐭𝐰 ; 𝐝𝐮𝐛𝐜𝐨𝐧, 𝐟𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬 𝐨𝐟 𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐝, 𝐢𝐦𝐩𝐚𝐜𝐭 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐲 (𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐮𝐥𝐚𝐫 𝐬𝐩𝐚𝐧𝐤), 𝐝𝐞𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐝𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧, 𝐡𝐮𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧, 𝐭𝐡𝐫𝐨𝐚𝐭 𝐟𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐬𝐢𝐳𝐞 𝐝𝐢𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞, 𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦𝐩𝐢𝐞, 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 𝐢𝐬 𝐟𝐢𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐲, 𝐧𝐨 𝐛𝐞𝐭𝐚 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝 𝐰𝐞 𝐝𝐢𝐞 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐦𝐞𝐧
𝐚/𝐧 ; 𝐡𝐨𝐩𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐠𝐮𝐲𝐬 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐨𝐧𝐞, 𝐞𝐱𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐩𝐩𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐛𝐲 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐩𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐫 𝐨𝐟 𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐫𝐠𝐲 𝐝𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐧𝐢𝐚! 𝐋𝐞𝐭 𝐦𝐞 𝐤𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐢𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮’𝐝 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐚𝐧𝐲𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐰𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐞!
Tumblr media
“Come on now, amuse me.”
The words coming from the Eleventh Harbinger spurred humiliation in the pit of your stomach. The events leading up to you being trapped under the Foul Legacy were blurry and insignificant now.
Tartaglia pushed himself off of your body, stopping to look at what he had done to you. You were beaten, bruises starting to form and blood dripping from the corner of your mouth.
This was supposed to be a simple training session with Childe, something you had actually been looking forward to as the Fatui’s newest weapons master. It was an opportunity to show your strength and how you could serve the Tsaritsa’s organization.
Of course, those plans were derailed when the harbinger’s touches started lingering at your waist during your private sparring matches. You should have known you were in over your head when he had said, “Lets make a bet. Winner chooses what the other does.”
You had heard of Tartaglia’s competitiveness and fiery spirit, but you were too proud to shy away from a challenge. That’s what led you to this predicament, being beaten multiple times by the harbinger.
Afterall, you were in the city of contracts and the conditions surrounding your agreement were important. It didn’t occur to you just how far Childe would go to ensure his victory.
“Don’t disappoint me.”
You struggle to your feet, chest rising and falling with exhaustion. You’d hit your head more times than you can count, your cryo vision had cracked after a particularly harsh slash from your opponent, leaving you essentially unarmed.
You didn’t think he would go as far as activating his electro delusion, much less changing into the Foul Legacy form that towered several feet over you.
“Wouldn’t dream of it,” you managed to spit out, wiping the blood from your face with the back of your hand.
Maybe this was why you had been paired to train the notoriously fiery harbinger. Neither of you knew when to quit, much less have the sense to admit defeat.
That was exactly what drew him to you. It’s exactly why he had arranged to have you as his personal trainer. He needed someone to push him to his limits before he could dominate you with his considerable power advantage.
He liked it when they fought back.
A blur flashed across his vision as you swirled your polearm at him, shards of ice following in suit as they flew at him. It was almost laughable how defeated you already were.
All it took was one move of his hydroblade and he cut down your attack right before it landed on him. Then a second move launched you against the wall in the far back of the empty training facility.
You hit your head against the wall and felt blood start to trickle out of your nose as you struggled to recuperate the breath that had been knocked out of you.
It felt like a blink to you, but Childe watched as you blinked in and out of consciousness, pride swelling in his chest.
“Surrender is a valid option, I promise I’ll be gentle,” his voice boomed, shaking you back into reality.
Within seconds he had you on your feet, trapped between him and the wall. “I’ll win next time,” you huffed, leaning your head against the wall.
“I’ll be collecting my reward now,” he said through his imposing mask.
Tartaglia’s clawed hands ran over the curve of your ass, the tips of his fingers digging into your skin through the material of your training pants. His hands pressed into the back of your thighs, lifting you up and wrapping your legs around his waist.
“I-This isn’t can’t choose this,” you panicked, beating your bruised fists against the chest of his enlarged form.
“This was our agreement.”
Tartaglia didn’t seem at all concerned with your comfort, the mask dehumanizing him even more than his actions. He kept you trapped against the wall with his hips as his hands made quick work of shredding your top, exposing your breasts to the cool air.
You gasped and shivered as his sharp fingertips circled one of the buds teasingly. He took a moment to admire how small you were compared to him and how at his mercy you were.
“I’ll make sure you have fun too,” he laughed darkly, using one hand to pull the mask off and throw it to the side. “Come on.”
He gripped your jaw with one large hand, bringing your lips to his. Childe kissed with enough force to nearly suffocate you, his tongue licking at your lips and tongue before trailing kisses down your throat.
The harbinger dropped you suddenly, landing on your knees with a sharp wince as he put force on your shoulder, keeping you on your knees.
“Well then. Amuse me.”
His hand tangled itself in your hair, forcing your nose against the crotch of his pants when he got impatient.
You knew what you were expected to do. With a racing heart, you undid his pants, exposing his enlarged cock.
The sheer size of him took any confidence you had left. It was obvious that he was larger than any man due to his Foul Legacy transformation and the smirk on his lips told you that he knew it too.
“I can’t...It’s too big,” you swallowed, taking note that your hand didn’t even wrap around him all the way.
The fiery glare adorned his eyes again. “You can and you will.” You opened your mouth to object but all he saw was an opportunity and he took it.
Tartaglia pushed his length past your lips, hand tightly gripping your hair as he sheathed himself in your throat, causing you to sputter and gag. The stretch of your jaw was nearly painful and tears stung your eyes as you focused all your willpower on not grazing him with your teeth.
“You’re much prettier when you do what I tell you to.”
Something about the tears trailing from the corner of your eyes and the drool slipping past your lips each time he pulled out of your mouth snapped what little control he had left, pushing and pulling your head as his cock invaded your throat, making you gag.
“You thought you could win,” he panted, his head tilting back as your tongue swiped across the sensitive underside of his cock. “Fuckin’ pathetic.”
When he finally pulled you off of him, your lips were swollen and you were sniffling, vision blurry from the tears and voice nearly gone from how abused your throat was. Childe’s boot planted itself on your bare chest, sending you backwards onto the floor.
The cold floor was unwelcome as the towering figure situated itself over you.
“Turn over,” was all he said as he stroked himself, spreading your drool and his pre-cum across his cock.
You did as told, barely registering that somehow, he was going to try to fit that in you. Childe took his place behind you, his legs keeping yours open as you lay on your stomach.
You felt a claw trail up your thighs and ghost over the fabric that covered your core. “You’re so wet already. Did my little whore enjoy choking on my cock that much?”
You hid your face in your arms, embarrassed by the truth behind his statement.
A scream left your lips as he brought it hand down hard on your ass, the claws digging into your skin and threatening to rip into it. “Answer me.” “Y-Yes,” you whimpered, shifting under him and trying to get some friction on your neglected cunt. “Please, Tartaglia...need you.”
You heard a chuckle leave his chest before the sound ripping fabric filled the room. Childe had ripped your pants at the crotch as though it was nothing to him, exposing you to him.
One hand held onto your hair once more as the other one pulled your hips up, maneuvering you onto your knees with your cheek pressed to the ground.
Your eyes widened as you felt the head of his cock rub up and down your folds, tapping on your clit a couple of times before teasing your entrance.
“No! Wait, it won’t fit-” you started, only to be cut off by a throaty scream as he pushed into you excruciatingly slowly. Tartaglia pulled your hips back to meet his, the tip of his cock driving into your spongy walls and against your cervix.
Head spinning, your vision went white as a wave of heat washed over your body, causing your back to arch and your knees to wobble.
“Such a fucking whore, cumming on my cock the second I put it in,” the harbinger groaned, your cunt tightening around him as he watched a sheen of white cover his length as he pulled out of your stretched hole and snapped his hips back, causing your body to jolt.
At this point, the only thing keeping you from collapsing was the strong grip on your waist that was bruising. It was a painful stretch but you couldn’t help salivating at the delicious way that he dragged deep into you.
The harbinger had your eyes rolling back and your high-pitched whines and moans echoing off the walls.
“Fuck, when was the last time a man made you cum? You’re so whiny,” he growled, his chest pressing into your back as his hips continued to harshly meet your ass with each thrust.
His sheer size enveloped you, caging you in under him as he continued to drive into your abused cunt. You felt yourself slipping into another orgasm, warmth starting to grow once more at your core.
Childe knew too, the way your walls squeezed him so tightly he was nearly unable to move shoving him closer to the edge. “Come on, cum on my cock-” he moaned out, his hips stuttered slightly.
The hand in your hair ran its sharp claws down your spine and under you, using the pad of his finger to rub your swollen clit. In an instant, you were coming undone again, your raspy moans and fluttering pussy sending him over the edge.
Tartaglia harshly thrusted into you, pulling you onto his cock as much as possible before his warm cum flooded your insides.
You were both breathless as he pulled out and used his fingers to spread your folds, watching the lewd way his load seeped out of you with a smirk.
“I won’t hold back next time.”
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baroquebucky · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
bucky comes to you to patch him up
word count: 1.1k
a/n: hello hello !! i hope u all enjoy this soft drabble, working on another one shot rn inspired by another love song pls don’t fight me
“You should really get it checked out bucky, you were bleeding pretty badly” sam spoke, concerned for the super soldier as he waved him off, already heading for the exit.
“I’ll be fine, it’ll be healed by tomorrow anyway” Bucky spoke, ignoring the way his side ached and the bruise on his cheek pulsed. He just had to get to you, you would help him.
Bucky hopped into his car, driving to your apartment complex and quickly getting out of his car, head pounding.
He stumbled into the building, going up the stairs and turning right once he reached the second floor, searching for your apartment number. His eyes landed on your door and he knocked, trying to stand up straight.
You opened the door with a smile, but it quickly turned into a frown as you saw your boyfriends state.
“Buck what happened? oh my god c’mere” you ushered him in quickly, throwing his arm over your shoulder and helping him to your restroom. You motioned for him to sit atop your counter, rushing to get the first aid kit you had and some towels.
“how was your day” Bucky smiled, wincing as you dabbed some disinfectant on a cut on his cheek. You looked at him, rolling your eyes at how casual he was being.
“‘t was okay, tiring” you replied, focusing your attention on the small cuts on his face, giving him an ice pack to hold on his bruised cheek.
“I don’t need an ice pack doll” he protested, laughing as you held it out for him. You raised your eyebrow, setting the ice pack down and poking his bruise softly with your finger. He winced slightly and you held the ice pack out once again.
Bucky huffed, reluctantly taking the ice pack and holding it to his cheek.
“take your shirt off” you told him, throwing away some of the dirty alcohol wipes while you waited.
“no dinner first?” he joked and you chuckled, rolling your eyes as he smiled brightly at your reaction. Bucky slowly took his shirt off, sucking in a breath as he felt the shirt unstick from his already healing wound.
“james!” you gasped, seeing the dried blood on his side, taking note of the other bruises that littered his torso
“okay so maybe they got me a couple times” he began, leaning his back against the wall slowly to get more comfortable, “you should see the other guy” he winked and you couldn’t help your stomach turning.
You smiled at him and started to clean his torso up, cleaning up the wound on his side, making sure to pay extra attention so it wouldn’t get infected.
“I’m sure he looks worse than this” you giggled, not being able to picture your sweet boyfriend beating someone up. The thought sent a shiver down your spine, god, he probably looked so hot when he-
“ah, careful doll im not all vibranium” he joked and your eyes went wide, not realizing you had pressed on his cut too hard.
“I’m sorry angel i got distracted” you apologized, focusing on the cut again before starting to stitch him up. Bucky held his breath as you worked quickly, he smiled softly as he focused his eyes on you, letting himself relax.
Your eyebrows were furrowed, eyes focused and hands working carefully, smiling as you tied up the end and finished.
“done” you sighed, looking up at bucky, smiling as your eyes met.
“what?” you asked, a smile on his face as he shook his head.
“just thinking about how you’re the love of my life” he spoke casually, sliding off the counter easily and kissing your forehead.
“be careful buck” you scolded him, not wanting him to rip his stitches, smiling as he placed the gentle kiss on your forehead, leading him to your bed so he could lay down.
You let him change into some clean clothes you had taken from him, he smiled at the way his t shirt now smelled like your perfume.
The two of you slid into bed quickly, letting him cuddle up to you and lay his head in your lap, his breathing steadying and the pounding in his head already subsiding in your presence. You ran your fingers up and down his back, drawing pictures with your index finger to relax him.
“what got you distracted earlier” he questioned softly, a small smirk on his face as he heard your heart rate speed up.
“nothing” you replied, a little too quick for his liking. Bucky turned to face you, a playful smirk on his lips as he saw the way you avoided his gaze.
“doll” he spoke firmly, your eyes meeting his and a shy smile playing on your lips.
“i was” you hesitated, “i was just thinking about you fighting” you finished, focusing your eyes on his hair, fingers cascading through it and slightly scratching his scalp.
“you don’t have to worry bout me doll, I’ll always come back to you” he spoke softly, moving his head a little to kiss the side of your hand.
“not worried, i was thinking of how hot you looked” you let out a breathy laugh as his eyes went wide, caught off guard by your comment. He looked like a deer in headlights and didn’t know what to say.
“i- well” he spoke, clearing his throat and sitting up slowly. You laughed at his reaction, causing him to turn red, kissing him on the cheek, flustering him even more.
“cat got your tongue?” you whispered, teasing him as you placed another kiss on his jawline.
Bucky swallowed harshly, mind short circuiting at your actions. His breathing grew heavy as you placed open mouthed kisses along his jawline, moving to place another kiss on his lips. He leaned into the kiss slightly, whining when you pulled away, smiling at him.
“did you forget i just stitched you up?” you questioned, causing him to groan. You shook your head as he pouted at you, giving up and leaning on your shoulder instead. You lifted your arm, letting him nuzzle into your side and rest on your stomach, moving you hand to play with his hair.
“i love you so much y/n” Bucky whispered, eyes fluttering closed as you continued to play with his hair. Bucky focused on the steady beating on your heart, the sound lulling him to sleep.
“i love you more bucky” you spoke softly, smiling as the super soldier fell asleep, not daring to move so he wouldn’t wake.
Bucky knew he could have gone straight back to his apartment, everything healed come morning. But why do that when he could be patched up by you, and fall asleep in your lap?
He wanted to be safe at home, and to him that was in your lap, with your fingers playing with his hair and drawing gentle pictures on his back.
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mvttsvn · 8 months ago
Good Little, Liar
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Literal sadist😳Toji Fushiguro x bratty fem!reader
warnings: 18+ smut, ABSOLUTE FILTH,  cussing, reader is a masochist, dacryphilia, manhandling, choking, pain kink, daddy kink, impact play, degrading pet names “whore, slut”, use of “princess”, Toji threatens to kill you like once👩🏻‍🦯, no prep, mentions of blood, stomach bulge, size kink, mind break, dumbification, no aftercare :/, angsty at the end.
authors note: 2k words, UNEDITED holy fuck this was supposed to be a short drabble but I got carried away. this is completely self indulgent, it so nasty literally how did I even think of this??? I cannot get this shitty ass dad out of my head... literally just ib this one pic🤒
Tumblr media
You convinced him alright. Convinced him so much that he whole heartedly believed he picked up and took home a totally different person tonight. You and Toji and been together a couple of times prior, nothing too serious, went out for a drink, maybe kissed, probably rode him in his backseat. Each and every time you put on your good girl façade, always so sweet, and submissive. Following his each every command. Taking exactly what he gives and thanking him for it every time.
He thought you were sent from the gods, how could he have found someone like you, who fit just perfect under his thumb, so willing to do anything just for his attention. Yet here you were, same pretty little girl, same pretty little face, telling him “no” ???.
You were straddling his lap, on his rough leather couch, the tv lowly played a old movie which by now has left both of your minds. The dim light from the kitchen buzzing due to the bulbs starting to burn out, which completely unfazed Toji, but left you slightly annoyed.
“No?” He scoffed.
You adjusted your hands to fit onto his built shoulders had his began gripping you hips tighter and tighter.
“Nope, I don’t want my jaw to hurt in the morning” you gave him a coy smile, while tilting your head down to stare at him through your lashes.
His right hand came up and  roughly gripping your jaw. “Does it look like I fucking care?” He practically growled in your face. In all honesty he was more confused than pissed, of course he was going to immediately put you in your place, but you had him genuinely concerned, we’re you always like this? Did he do something wrong?? You tried to shake you head but due to his grip you could only move so far.
“Now, on. your. knees.” He released his grip only for his hand to move to the back of you neck waiting for you to comply. You slowly leaned in kissing the scar on his lip to kiss down to his jaw then leaning back up to whisper two little words that could make or break your night, probably both.
“Make me”
the millisecond your breathy whisper hit his ear it was over, you were done for. Say goodbye to you legs you’re probably never walking again.
The force in which he pulled you hair made you shriek. He stood up tossing you over his shoulder furiously stomping into the bedroom. He threw you onto his mattress, you couldn’t help but giggle, this is exactly what you wanted it only added to his rage. He threw off his shirt, then gripped your ankles pulling you to the edge of the bed. He was immediately on top of you, his knees digging into your calves holding down your legs, has one hand gripped both of your wrists and the other tightly around your throat. You were already breathing hard due to anticipation but now he practically had you life in his hands.
“What the fuck did you do with my good little girl hmm?” His voice darkened by lust.
“I don’t know who your talking about” you laughed again, his grip tightening around your throat.
Before you could make another comment his knee was pushed up between your thighs has the hand holding your wrist bunched your shirt up exposing your bra. He ripped the right strap off  making you choke out a gasp, then he slid the rest of garment out from under you to throw it across the room. Toji mouth immediately on your breast teasing you to no avail.
“M..m..more” you choked out, you were in no right to be making demands but you really wanted to see how angry you could make him. His only reply was catching you nipple on a canine and biting down hard. You almost screamed, you thought he probably wanted to see you bleed.
He continued his teasing, you wanted to keep this game up for longer but your vision was starting to get hazy from the lack of oxygen. You started pawing at his shoulders, while wrapping you legs around his waist, quietly pleading, “I’m.. I’m sorry... T...oji..I’m...” the hand on your throat let go to harshly slap your thigh making you yelp in pain once again.
“That’s not my name. C’mon what is it?”... you met his harsh gaze, maybe just a little longer... “Toj-“ he slapped you across the face. You didn’t make a single sound but the tears pricking your eyes said enough. Lucky for you, Toji’s into that.
He met your lips in a sloppy kiss shoving his tongue down your throat. You tapped his collar bone silently signaling you needed to breathe, once he moved away he removed his pants and helped you wiggled out of yours.
“Who knew you’re such a fucking brat” he slapped your thigh again watching you squirm. His hand hovered over your already drenched cunt, as he starred right into your eyes. The flush on your chest started moving to you face. Why were suddenly getting all worked up now??
“Are you gonna give in already?, gonna be my good little whore again?”, you wanted to answer no again because he looked so hot when he was angry. The words got caught in your throat and all you could do was nod.
He lightly slapped your clit “Hmm need to hear it little girl, tell me who owns you?”
“you do....daddy” you admitted, you tilted your down, you couldn’t meet his eyes.
His calloused palm came up and caressed your jaw leaning in closer. “Are you sorry? Tell daddy your sorry for being such a brat.” He mocked making a fake pout. “M’sorry daddy, j..just wanted to make you angry.”
“I know you did princess...” He reeled his hand back to full on slap your cunt, squirming up the bed you let out a pathetic whine.
He slapped three, four more times now, and the tears started running down your face. He moved to tuck his face in the nape of your neck, leaving deep red bruises as he moved down your torso.
The muscles in his back rippled as he held himself up but the palms of his hands. God he looked so..big... not sure if he would ever explicitly admit the he liked how he overpowered you in almost every single way...but you liked it too.
There was no way you could’ve played you act for any longer, he would’ve choked you out. And would’ve done it with ease since his hand was bigger than your actual face. You knew how dangerous this was, yet still tilled wanted to play fire, but alas here you were once again, bowing to his every command.
“Aw there she is” he lifted his face from you chest giving you one of his sickening grins. “I thought he wanted to play the little bitchy brat huh? What happened?” His voice dripping with mockery.
“How princess, you know daddy can’t help if you don-“
“please, PLEASE! need daddy’s cock! ….” you were getting impatient now, was this the most he was going to? you expected at lea-.
The scream ripped from you chest was silenced by the strong hand around your throat in a death like grip. He shoved his whole cock inside your tight little cunt, there was no prep not even when you were on the couch, he didn’t he stuff his fingers in your little cunt to stretch you out. You knew he was big, since the time he shoved his entire cock down your throat but feeling it twitch inside you making you feel like your being absolutely split open on Toji’s cock.
He gave a deep throaty chuckle, you knew how much he was enjoying this. New tears pricked from your eyes, wetting your cheeks, he moved his free hand pinching your clit between his fore finger and thumb, watching your eyes roll to the back of your head. The hand on your throat gripped your hair moving so his face was flushed with yours, spatting in your ear, “You don’t cum until I say, understand?” All you could do was whine in response.
“I give you rules for a reason break them and I’ll kill you where you lay.” A threat, empty of not, it had you clenching hard around his dick. You glanced down to where you were connect, to be met with a indescribable bulge in your lower stomach.
Dear god, bless your poor cervix, he hasn’t even started moving yet  and you could feel the intrusion all the same. He started rocking his hips slight against yours, at least he was giving you sometime to adjust, all while staring two lust filled hole into your head as you writhed and whimpered underneath him. He pulled his hips back to pull out but when he’s met with the slightest sign of blood mixed with the milky white arousal coating his dick, he could’ve came right there.
He gripped your hips sinking right back into you making you scream once again. “DA-DADDY..fuck..shit..” the tears running down you face only egged him on.
“So god damn tight, maybe I should never prep you again, if you’re gonna feel like this every time” he groaned. “Such dirty little words, I would’ve punished you if you didn’t already dig yourself a grave”.
The pained moans falling from your lips were music to ears. Profanities fell from his as he continued a rough pace, your tits bouncing with every thrust. He had fucked you completely and utterly dumb, no coherent thought where making their way to you consciousness. Only daddy, Toji, and cock.
You have gotten numb to the pain but right now you were putting all you effort into not focusing on the way his dick was bruising you cervix, trying so hard not to come just from the way his pelvic bone catches your clit. You didn’t realize he was speaking to you till he lightly slapped your cheek. “Aw look at you, you’ve gone all stupid. Too bad, if you played nice I would’ve let you cum by now.” The malice in his voice made you clench around his cock, squeezing more of your arousal on his thighs. “ at least you’re taking me so well.” His breath hitched as his thrust stared getting sloppy.
“Holy fuck, keep squeezing just like that-“ you saw his abs clench, “remember you don’t cum till I say” his eyes flicked right back into yours you nodded, more like messily rolled your head around. “Holy fuck princess...” he was practically already using your cunt like a toy. With a last few harsh thrust he filled you cunt to the brim with hot, thick cum.
The groans falling from his mouth sounded almost angelic. All you could let out was a low whine met with heavy breathing. The sweat dripping down his toned chest shone from the dim light of the lamp on the corner the side table. He pulled out watching his cum drip out of you down to your asshole and onto his dark sheets.
Your body laid motionless barely opening your eyes to see him move away from edge and walk to his discarded pants. Your brain couldn’t even process this as you licked you’re tongue to wet your now dry lips.
Then it dawned that he didn’t let you cum... that fucker. You couldn’t do a single thing about it.
Because here you were unsatisfied, speechless, practically crippled, staring blankly at the ceiling. As he sat and lit a cigarette on the opposite end of the bed.
Tumblr media
Notes: I am so sorry. There’s just something about Toji Fushiguro that I just forget how to function correctly. Um I hope you enjoyed! And that I didn’t rot ur brain too much<3
ps: ppp..ppart 2??? fluff???😏
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river-soul · a month ago
For ADKOL Kinktober Reader would ask about free use and Jensen and Andy would go nuts over it lol
This ask made me FERAL so you're getting a mix of headcanon and drabbles below.
Warnings for A/B/O dynamics and semi-public sex, reference to anal sex and explicit sex, 18+ only. This is part of my A Different Kind of Love Verse. Thank you @whisperlullaby for beta’ing this hot mess express.
Tumblr media
It pops up in one of her smutty books and she's always been low-key interested in trying it out but never found the right moment to bring it up. Jake and Andy are always so respectful of her wants and needs that the idea of them just taking her at a time and place of their choosing has her hot under the collar. Neither of them are familiar with that kink so she tells them to google it but Andy makes her explain it to them, loving the way she stutters nervously the whole time.
Jake immediately yells “free use” and play tackles her. She giggles and swats at him. After he settles down, they all come to an agreement and set any needed boundaries. Reader says they can use her separately or together at a time of their choosing. Andy and Jake privately agree to exercise it on their own. Jake isn’t able to wait long to spring it on her, catching her while she's doing Yoga one morning a few days later. He takes her right there on her mat, ripping her yoga pants halfway down her legs and working himself inside while she enjoys this new side of him. 
“Jake,” you gasp, pushing back to meet each thrust, eager for more of his cock. You’re a little sweaty from the session he interrupted but he doesn’t seem to mind, biting at the skin of your neck and rutting into you relentlessly. The rough grip of the mat rubs the skin of your cheek as you struggle to breathe with his weight laid over you. It’s a little awkward but it feels good with Jake hitting that place deep inside you with each stroke. 
“Was watching you baby and fuck, why didn’t you tell me yoga was so sexy, huh?” You grin, a bubble of amusement trickling through the bond. This was exactly why you normally waited until he was gone for work to do your stretches. “Thought yoga was supposed to make you lose but you’re fucking tight around my cock.”
You moan as he speeds up and forces a hand under your body to search blindly for your clit. You keen and tense in his arms when he finds it, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger. “Ah, that’s it, fuck,” he groans, lifting off you. “God, maybe I should have taken your ass,” he notes, using his hands to spread your cheeks and teases your hole with his thumb.
You clench around him at the thought and come after a particularly deep thrust from Jake, bringing him over the edge with you. He pumps into you twice more before finally stilling. When he pulls out he collapses beside you, panting as he tries to catch his breath. You turn on your side, legs tangling in the pants he didn’t bother to remove all the way when he surprised you during downward dog earlier. 
“You ruined my mat.”
“I’ll buy you another one. Dozens even,” he says, throwing an arm over his face as you giggle. "Just promise to let me do that again."
Andy plays it cool but he secretly loves the idea. Since he's more crafty he bides his time and uses it when she least expects it. Maybe they have guests over for dinner one night and he surprises her when she's cleaning up in the kitchen, elbow-deep washing dishes. He pulls her dress up and presses into her from behind, dipping his hand between her thighs to get her wet enough to take him. She might protest but it's halfhearted at best. Unbeknownst to Reader, Jake’s already moved the guests out to the patio to give Andy the privacy he needed. 
"Don't want to disappoint your Alpha, do you?" Andy asks, caressing your bud with the pad of his thumb. "You promised me and Jake. Anytime. Anywhere. You're not going back on your word are you?"
"N-no," you stutter, rising up on your tiptoes as he curls two fingers inside you roughly. "But someone might hear us."
"Guess you'll have to be quiet, Omega," he purrs, replacing his fingers with the head of his cock. He inches inside your wet heat slowly, groaning in your ear as you swallow him greedily. You gasp, gripping the edge of the counter with soapy hands when he bottoms out. You close your eyes and concentrate on being quiet but don’t succeed for long. All it takes is one hard thrust from him and you’re moaning a little too loud. Andy’s forced to slap a hand over your mouth, muffling your cries.
"Fuck, honey. Gotta be quiet. Be quick," he pants, speeding up and fucking into you hard enough to skirt the line between pleasure and pain. You know you won’t last long when he rubs furiously at your clit and bites gently on your earlobe. “Come for me,” he commands and you do, mewling against his palm. The feel of you squeezing him is all it takes to make him come. He pulls out far enough so his knot won’t catch, but he’s still in deep enough that you can feel the warmth of his cum. 
“Such a good girl for me,” he praises, kissing his bonding mark before tucking himself away. He pulls your underwear back into place and you can already feel his cum and your own pooling against the fabric. “Now, hurry up and finish,” he says with a light swat to your backside. “Our guests are waiting for their dessert.”
“Wait,” you say, biting your lip as you watch his face carefully for a reaction to your next words. “Now that you’ve had your turn, that means it’s mine, right?” You can tell you’ve caught Andy by surprise. When the three of you talked about incorporating this kink you kept purposely quiet, letting them discuss how they might want to surprise you. 
“I suppose that’s fair,” Andy agrees after a moment, clearing his throat. 
“Good. I look forward to surprising you at work one day soon, Alpha.”
“What about Jake?” Andy asks.
“Oh, I thought we could do that together. You know he’s a handful.”
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kaiparker-avengerssmut · 8 months ago
Two Years and Counting
Pairings | Bucky Barnes x f!reader, Steve Rogers x f!reader, Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers
Warnings | swearing, dirty talk, smut, mm smut, anal fingering, anal sex, vaginal sex, oral (m and f receiving), slight degradation, kinda dub-con at one point but not really?, implied pregnancy, unprotected sex, sort of breeding kink I think,
Word count | 3.2k
Summary | Steve gets Bucky a present for their second wedding anniversary: you and a little something extra
A/n | so loads of people wanted more Stucky x you go
Tumblr media
"So you want me to...sleep with you? Both of you?" You reiterated what Steve had just asked you, and the blonde man nodded.
"If you don't want to, please don't feel pressured to accept. It's just- we're very open, and Buck's been sayin' for a while how much he adores you." Steve admitted sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck. "And I more than agree with him." Steve added quickly after, a smile spreading over his perfect lips.
So that's how you ended up here, your back pressed you Steve's chest, his lips at your ear and a cerulean-eyed super soldier lapping relentlessly at your core.
"That's it, Buck, right there. I want your face to be shiny with her cum by the time you've finished." Steve cooed, voice thick and heavy with lust as his teeth nipped playfully at your earlobe.
You couldn't take your eyes away from the sight between your legs; the brunet super soldier's head buried between your thighs as he relentlessly lapped at your clit. A sharp gasp accompanied your fluttering eyelids when Bucky placed a finger at your entrance, slowly pushing it inside you.
"You like his tongue, hm? Those fingers feel real good, don't they?" Steve purred at your ear again, breath hot on your skin as your head dropped back into his shoulder.
Your legs were pulled painfully wide over his knees, hips aching from the stretch as his firm arms looped around you: one at your waist and the other over your chest, pinning you to him with the ghost of a choke around your neck.
"Wait 'til you see what his cock can do, sweetheart. You won't be walking tomorrow by the time we're done with you." Steve smirked, but you were so far gone by this point the words barely graced your senses.
"Fuck!" You squealed, Bucky's teeth giving a little nip to your clit as your back arched away from Steve's chest. The man chuckled, bringing his tongue down and tracing your slit before pushing in.
With his tongue stroking your walls and his nose bumping up against your clit, it didn't take long for Bucky to make you cum. Steve's large hand still rested against your throat as you came down from your high, his plump lips pressing wet kisses behind your ear.
"You good, doll?" Bucky bummed, hands resting heavily on your thighs, rubbing up and down soothingly. You nodded, a dopey smile crossing your lips as you were brought back to reality. Bucky chuckled again, low and melodic as Steve's voice filled your ears.
"Maybe we should give the dame a break...get on the bed, Buck. I want you naked and on your back." You never would be thought Steve to be so controlling in the bedroom. Sure, he barked orders all day long but you'd always assumed that he'd want to let go for a while. That and you'd always thought Bucky gave you raging Dom vibes.
Bucky was quick to comply, kneeling up and pressing a quick peck to your cheek and then Steve's lips before he was scrambling over to the bed, tearing his clothes off on the way.
Steve helped you up, setting you down on the bed beside Bucky and pressing and lingering kiss to your forehead. He offered you a quick, small smile before his attention was on Bucky.
Steve's lips spread wider when he saw the bottle of lube in Bucky's hand, the blonde's own hand moving up to brush the hair out of his husband's face.
"You're such good boy for me, baby. Now let's get you nice and open, hm?" Steve cooed, leaning down for a kiss. You expected it to be sweet, and it was anything but that. The kiss was almost nasty, with tongues mingling and teeth clashing.
Steve grabbed the bottle of lube from Bucky when he pulled away, slowly kissing down the man's body. Bucky whined - like actually whined - as Steve took his time, taking a moment to let his tongue smooth over one of Bucky's nipples before moving on.
When he reached his cock - which you hadn't let yourself look at until now - Steve took the swollen and leaking tip in his mouth, suckling lightly and causing Bucky's hips to jerk up.
"Please, Stevie! Just - just fuck me already!" Bucky whined, hips wriggling as Steve tried to hold him still. A whimper bled through Bucky's lips when Steve's hand came down on his thing in a small slap.
"Don't tell me what to do. You'll take what I give you." Steve's voice was suddenly stern; it was his Captain America voice. Bucky whined, but settled down, his head tilted up as he watched his husband with hooded eyes.
Steve hummed to himself, leaving a trail of wet kisses down the length of Bucky's cock until he reached the base. It was then that he pulled away, nimble fingers flipping the cap off the lube and squirting a generous amount onto the fingers of his other hand.
"Relax for me, Buck." Steve mumbled, his free hand coaxing Bucky's thighs a little wider until he could clearly see the man's tight rim. You watched without blinking as Steve's pink tongue ran over his lips, his eyes solely focused on the sight between the older man's legs.
He circled Bucky's tight hole with the tips of his fingers, a smirk gracing his lips when an breathy moan slipped through Bucky's slightly parted lips.
"That's it." Steve was pushing a finger in then, slow and controlled and the digit worked itself passed the resisting muscle. "Good boy." Steve's voice was a low purr, wrist rolling to make Bucky moan as his fingertip glided over his prostate.
Bucky could already see stars, and he'd barley begun. You watched intently, feeling yourself get even wetter as you watched the way Steve played Bucky's body like an instrument he'd mastered over years of practice. And, in a way, Steve had.
Two years into their marriage and both boys knew each other inside out, the ways their body's worked and responded committed to memory. Your bottom lip found itself tucked between your teeth, hands pushing you up so you could get a better view.
Bucky's head was thrown back now, eyes disappearing into his skull and Steve rolled his wrist a little faster. The sight was heavenly, hair falling into his face and mouth parted as Bucky attempted not to squirm, his hands fisted so tightly into the sheets they looked as if they may rip.
"Do you want to try?" It was Steve's voice again, real soft and tempting as he peered up at you through thick lashed. You swallowed thickly, blinking away the sight of Bucky as you directed your gaze to the blonde.
"Huh?" Your voice was probably timid, arguably sheepish as the sound of question formed on your tongue.
"Would you like a go? At fingering him?" Steve repeated, a gently charming look in his blue eyes. You gulped, but ultimately nodded as the words in your mouth seemed to dry up. Steve offered a wide smile, slowly slipping his finger from Bucky - the resulting whimper making Steve chuckle - before moving to the side to give you some room.
"I- I don't know what I'm doing." You admitted as you placed yourself between Bucky's legs, hands on your thighs as your eyes slid over the sight before you. Steve breathed something of a laugh, leaning in close and picking up your right hand with his.
"I'll tell you how." Steve murmured near your ear, his other hand quick to pick up the bottle of lube again before squirting a good amount onto your fingers. "You need 'em nice and wet, it feels much nicer when they can slide right in." Steve explained, rubbing the substance around your skin to make sure they were saturated enough.
"Then what?" You breathed, unable to tear your eyes from the beautiful sight before you. Steve smiled, guiding your fingers to Bucky's little hole. Once the tip of your middle finger was lined up, Steve urged you to being pushing in. It met a bit of resistance, but the muscle quickly gave way again and your finger slid in fairly smoothly after that. Bucky moaned, long and loud.
"That feel good, huh? Does she feel good?" Steve cooed at Bucky, who could only seem to muster a nod as you begin to roll your wrist, just as Steve had. "That's it, take it real slow. You can build up the speed a little more in a moment." Steve mumbled beside you, eyes alight with lust.
"Can I- can I add another finger?" You tentatively asked, giving Steve a nervous glance.
"Yes, I think he's ready. Are you ready, Buck?" Steve replied, looking up at his husband.
"Yes! Feels s' good, so so good!" Bucky moaned, attempting to squirm but Steve placed a firm hand on his hip and tutted.
"Ask nicely." Steve chided, that hint of harshness back to his tone. You couldn't help but think that having sex with Steve would give you whiplash with how quickly his tone could change.
"Please can I have another finger? It feels real good!" Bucky stuttered out through breathy moans and whimpers. Steve smiled coyly, nodding to you when you gave him a look in question.
You let Steve squirt some more lube onto your index finger before pushing it in along side your middle one, a pang of arousal clenching your gut and the completely debauched sound that it pulled from the writhing super soldier.
"Good girl." Steve murmured near your ear, his eyes glued to your fingers slowly pumping in and out of Bucky's tight hole. "Why don't you give his pretty little cock a kiss, huh? It looks a little needy." Steve purred, eyes sliding over the swollen tip of Bucky's cock.
You nodded, wetting your lips with your tongue as you leant forwards. Buck's back arched so high you thought you could fit a goddamn pillow under there when your lips brushed the head of his cock, precum smearing over them.
"That's it. You gettin' close now, baby?" Steve cooed and Bucky whined. You let your tongue lap at his skin, Bucky's musk coating your tastebuds as you felt the warmth of him against you.
Steve hovered over you, his hand now palming at his own dick through his jeans as he watched you pleasuring his husband.
"Curl your fingers a little, doll. You'll know when you find the spot." So you did, and you definitely hit the 'spot'. Your fingers pressed into Bucky's prostate, pulling an dirty moan from the man as his back arched even higher and the sheets actually ripped in his hands.
"S-should I keep going?" You mumbled nervously, pulling away from Bucky's cock and looking up at steve through fanned lashes. He gave you a nod, but stopped you before your lips could meet the shaft of Bucky's dick in a wet kiss.
You pulled back again, pumping your fingers even faster when you saw Steve lower his own lips to Bucky's cock. They spread over the tip, saliva dripping from them as Steve spat onto Bucky's skin. The brunet groaned, loud, as Steve bobbed down, his nose brushing the patch of curls at the base.
He clearly did this a lot.
The other thing that surprised you, but sent a tingle of need up for spine nonetheless, was when Steve reached up Bucky's body, his fingers pinching the older man's nipple before rolling the bud between them.
The sight made you let out your own small moan, your hips unintentionally winding down against the covers as you felt yourself growing hotter again.
But a loud whine pulled you from your haze, Steve's warm hand over your wrist as he pulled your touch away from Bucky. You felt bad, the man was squirming under your heavy gazes; denied of his release.
"Ah, ah. We don't whine. Now get up; I'm itching to see you buried in our girl." You shivered, like visibly shivered, the words echoing about your mind. Our girl.
Bucky crawling across the bed pulled you out of your trance yet again, his hands of your waist to guide you so your back was flush against the now-sweaty sheets a delicious contrast of cool and warm.
"Good boy, now make me proud." Steve murmured into Bucky's ear, perfect teeth nipping at the man's lobe before Steve gave Bucky's ass a quick spank and pulled away. Bucky squeaked, but pulled his lip between his teeth anyway.
"Please, Bucky," you croaked, voice nothing but a breathy whine, "Wan' to feel you inside me." You were growing impatient now, witnessing the lovers' little interactions making you slick with want.
Bucky couldn't deny you that, the doe eyes you were flashing him making the man's cock ache with need. Wrapping a firm hand around his throbbing cock, Bucky glided the tip between you puffy folds, Steve chuckling as you bucked up at Bucky, hips jumping.
"Fuck, doll." Bucky growled as he sheathed himself inside you in one, slow thrust. You sucked him in, the walls of your cunt pulsating around his thickness as you groaned, hair sticking to your face as your toes curled and hands cling to Bucky's broad shoulders.
"Bucky!" You cried out, soon joined by the super soldier himself as he felt Steve's tip judge his tight opening.
"Ready, baby?" Steve cooed, almost mockingly. The strained nod Bucky gave him seemed to be enough for Steve, the super soldier the tip of his slick cock breaching the barrier of Bucky's stretched ass. A smirk widely spread in his pink lips at the sinfully loud moan he pulled from his husband's lips.
"S'tight. Always so fuckin' tight for me, doll." Steve purred against Bucky's skin as he pushed in, only stopping once he'd bottomed out. Bucky's eyes were wide now, a dirty moan spilling through his lips at the feeling of Steve's thick head massaging his prostate. Your own moans accompanied Bucky's, a filthy harmony of pleasure ringing through the sex-scented room.
Steve begun a punishing rhythm, one that Bucky was quick to match on his own, thighs smacking against yours. Your eyes were threatening to disappear into your skull and your back was beginning to arch, breaking away from the bed, but the thin sheen of sweat caused the covers to lift with you.
Bucky's balls were slapping lewdly against your ass, still wet from Steve's saliva. Steve grasped Bucky's hips to ground himself, his grasp on his husband so tight that all three of them only knew there'd be pretty purple bruises decorating his beautiful skin tomorrow.
Bucky grabbed for something to hold onto, his flesh hand pulling at your wrists until he managed to pin them over your head, the metal appendage cupping your flushed-hot cheek in a cooling grip. He smashed his lips against yours - messy and desperate as his tongue sought yours.
"You like that, huh? You like shoving your tongue down our girl's throat?" Steve rasped from behind, a smirk evident in his derisive tone. There it was again: our girl. The words truly made you tingle, but also made you hope that the name would be permanent. Our girl.
Bucky's moan was strained as he attempted to nod, his pace picking up even more as his lost release came back in sight.
"Filthy fuckin' boy. Look like such fuckin' whores when you kiss like that." Steve chided, hand grasping and palming the flesh of Bucky's ass. "Remember your manners, baby. Make her cum before you whore out and fill 'er up." Steve gritted, teeth nipping at Bucky's neck until it tingled with that glorious pleasure-pain.
Bucky nodded again, just as strained as the last time as his metal hand shakily reached down to rub circles over your clit.
"G-gonna cum!" You screamed, and Bucky smirked this time, a proud glance crossing his cerulean eyes. "'M gonna cum!" You cried, walls fluttering, spasming, clenching, clawing at Bucky's cock.
When it hit you properly it was white-hot pleasure, blooming in your core and spread throughout your body. You shook, bones vibrating as you felt your vision clouding with the intensity.
A harsh, rippling smack from Steve to Bucky's ass sending him over the edge with you, the brunet collapsing forward to cover your body with his as he emptied himself inside you.
Steve stilled his hips, heavy pants washing over them as he let out a dirty string of moans and grunts. He filled Bucky's ass perfectly, the sticky, white substance leaking around his cock before Steve carefully pulled out.
It was only in that moment that you realised it, the wince that escaped you when Bucky pulled out more from the feeling of his cum seeping from your hole that anything else.
"Wha- I'm not in anything." You suddenly gasped, eyes wide. Steve smirked after he ushered Bucky out the room, his large form bending over your and he cupped your face in his hands.
"That's the point sweetheart. Did you really think my gift would just be you? You're having our baby, doll." Steve grinned. You should be discussed by his words. He tricked you. But if anything, you were overjoyed. You'd discussed surrogacy before with the super soldiers, but had eventually ruled out the idea because you couldn't comprehend giving up your baby - even if it wasn't really yours in the first place.
"You mean-?" You couldn't find your words, the syllables scattered around the room as your mouth opened and closed a few times. Steve nodded, tears glistening across his eyes and most likely yours.
"You're going to be a mother, y/n. You're going to be ours." Steve mumbled, nose bumping yours as he leant in for a sweet kiss.
"What?" Bucky's voice drawled from the door, a little damp rag clutched in his hand as he returned - cleaned up.
"Shit." Steve muttered in a hiss as he pulled away, eyes flickering to yours before he stood up. "Buck, I can-" Steve began to explain but the completely overjoyed look on Bucky's face stopped him.
"We're having a baby?" Bucky mumbled, eyes widened with hope.
"Yes." Steve smiled, his arms open as Bucky crashed into them, head buried against Steve's chest.
"Thank you. I love you, so much." Bucky squealed, pulling away enough to connect his lips with Steve's before he was looking to you over his husband's shoulder. "And thank you, too, doll. Really. I can't wait to have you as ours."
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers One-shots, Drabbles and Headcannons | @buckysgirl101 @quxxnxfhxll @anakinsslag @marvelhoesworld @macylawz @zaphdekota @bval-1 @ihavemajordaddyissues @theoldermanswhore @addriaenne @thegirlwiththeimpala @turkish276 @lilpopizzle @ohmy-fandoms @harrysthiccthighss @partiesandblurrypolaroids @tenaciousperfectionunknown @prettysbliss @Chamorritaluv @white-wolf1940 @henrythickcavill @dpaccione @tenaciousperfectionunknown @loveyou5everr
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rukunas · 9 months ago
Love Hate Me (part 4)
Tumblr media
levi ackerman x f!reader
enemies to lovers. reader hates levi, levi hates reader
18+ content: blood, gore, violence, name-calling, smut
SPOILER WARNING: i wrote this scene to take place during season 3 part 1. a lot of the content in this chapter contains spoilers
part 1 is found here; part two is found here; part three is found here.
anyways, enjoy :)
Tumblr media
2 weeks later.
There’s blood gushing from his forehead, dripping over his eyelid and down his cheek. The sight of him hurt makes you dizzy, your stomach twists when you see him wince as his fingers hesitantly touch the cut. When his gaze lands on you, though, you look away, embarrassed.
“So what do we do now?” Connie pipes up.
The Levi Squad was forced to retreat after being ambushed by Kenny and the Military Police. Eren and Historia were taken, God knows by who, and the rest of you are hiding out in an abandoned factory.
There hasn’t been much “alone” time spent with you and Levi. You were avoiding him ever since the forest, unsure on how to feel about him, or honestly, of the entire situation. Besides, the current circumstances are more of a priority, providing a perfect distraction from your emotions.
“Well, we still have that piece of shit merchant to question,” Levi sneers, turning to look at Dimo Reeves, tied and gagged a few feet away from the rest of them. He gets up, along with Mikasa. The two take off Reeve’s gag and begin to question him.
You turn to Jean, concern painted on your features. “You alright? You almost died today.”
Jean pales, as if taken back to the very moment he was staring into the barrel of a gun. “It was ... awful. I don’t know, I—. If it wasn’t for Armin ...”.
You reach out for Jean’s hand. “Hey, you’re fine now. You don’t get to die before I do.”
The corner of his mouth lifts the slightest, you mirroring him by giving a smile of your own.
You are too lost in your relief of your best friend still being alive that you don’t notice how Levi neglects interest in Dima Reeves, how he’s instead surveying how your palm rests on top of Jean’s, how you’re grinning back at him. Seeing you like that with someone else stings Levi worse than the deep cut on his forehead. When your gaze lands on him, though, he looks away, embarrassed.
“We’ll stay here for the night, then we’ll need to hide in the forest,” Hange announces when Levi and Mikasa walk back towards the group.
When everyone scatters to find blankets and a place on the floor to sleep, you grab Levi’s wrist without thinking. He turns to face you, a hint of surprise lingering in his dull eyes when he sees that you stopped him.
“I, um ...” you start. “Your cut. Let me clean it out for you.”
You can tell he’s about to refuse, so you quickly talk before he gets the chance. “Don’t say no. Just follow me.”
Grabbing your satchel, you weave through the various boxes stacked around the factory, managing to find a little door labeled with “Washroom”. When you walk in first, he pauses for a second, as if he doesn’t know if being in such close-quarters with you is a good idea.
Reading his mind, you roll his eyes. “I won’t touch you without permission, Captain.”
With a “tch” and a scowl, he walks inside, closing the door. Not locking it. Because there should be no need to lock it.
“Sit.” You jut your chin out at the counter while you look in your bag for cotton and alcohol. He does as you say, leaning on the counter and spreading his legs so that you can get between them. When you find your supplies, you have to remind yourself not to be look directly into his eyes. Don’t grab his collar, don’t run your fingers through his hair that you know feels like silk, don’t let your mouth slant over his and taste his cherry lips. None of that.
Holding your breath (as if that would stop your lust-filled thoughts), you lean in, holding a cotton pad in your right hand. You raise your left hand as well, slowly grabbing his chin so that you can angle his head just right. With measured swipes, you wipe away the blood that drips down his face.
“You need to be careful,” you mumble.
“Hmm?” He’s peering too closely at you, as if studying your every feature and flaw. You try not to pay attention, but it makes your cheeks light on fire.
“You can’t let yourself get killed, y’know. Not that I give a shit about you.”
He laughs at that. Astonished that you can feel the indent of a dimple in the hand that cups his jaw, you quickly flick your gaze to his eyes. Big mistake. The greys are bright, not at all stormy and dull like before, the blue fires flickering vibrantly. Just like the last time you were this close to him.
All of it is gone in an instant, his face becoming impassive once again, eyes bored. He’s pulling up his walls, not that you blame him, but you can’t help feeling annoyed. You roll your eyes once again.
“You’re a brat and a shitty liar,” he scoffs.
“I’m telling the truth.”
You pluck the alcohol-doused cotton pad, pushing it directly onto his cut. You wish you could find some pleasure in seeing your Captain flinch at the burn, but it feels like there’s a knife twisting in your guts when he does. What happened to me? It makes you panic.
“Hold that there, okay? I’m going to go now.”
With that, you turn on your heel, leaving the cramped room and finally feeling as though you can breathe.
Levi sits on the counter, his hand subconsciously rubbing his jaw where you had grasped him. He wishes he had locked the door. He regrets the choice then, and then again, mere 14 days later.
Tumblr media
2 weeks later.
You move inside first, hiding behind the smoke of the bombs that Sasha set off. You can hear the ODMs whirring on both sides of you— Jean to your left, Mikasa to your right. The shimmering, crystal walls captivate your attention, your eyes almost widening in awe before you remind yourself that you cannot get distracted. Not now, not when your friends’ lives are in danger.
A gunshot goes off. You hear it bounce behind you against the crystals.
“Thirty-five of them!” Levi barks above you. “Continue with the plan!”
The smoke clears enough to expose a woman— one of Kenny’s followers. Gritting your teeth, you propel yourself towards them, grabbing your blade and slashing through her torso. Blood splatters like rain, droplets sticking to your skin. You ignore that guilt in your heart, moving back to hide in the fog.
After your first kill, it gets easier. You fall back into the same motions of working together with your team, immediately swinging your sword whenever you see someone you don’t recognize. There’s awful close calls— Connie nearly has his head blown off by a man, but Sasha plants an arrow in his heart; Jean almost gets tangled in his gear, but Mikasa is quick to get him back on his feet. But the rest is going well, you think. Maybe we can actually pull this off.
That is until you hear an uncanny cackle, sending shivers up your spine. To your left, you see a flash of a man wearing a cowboy’s hat, holding up a gun. Your blood runs cold. Kenny.
He’s aiming right at Levi.
Levi’s not looking, too busy chasing after a blond woman, swords at the ready. He’s not going to move away from the trajectory of the bullet in time, at least not from this angle. It’s nearly impossible, he’ll get shot right in the head and bleed out and no longer be humanity’s strongest. Levi Ackerman will just be another name on a tombstone, another Scout lost forever.
No thinking involved, you fly towards him. “Levi!”
His eyes widen at your voice, you calling his name, not “Captain”. He veers just in time to see the pure shock on your face, the way your eyebrows scrunch, how your mouth drops into an O, but, more importantly, the deep crimson blooming on the front of your shirt, growing bigger and bigger, but then seemingly smaller and smaller as you begin to fall.
No thinking involved, he rushes after you, diving just in time to gather your limp body in his arms.
He doesn’t think. He just sees red— the red of your lips, the red of the blood staining your skin, the red of his vision when he slashes at Kenny ruthlessly, even with your body slung over his shoulder.
“Don’t let me die here.” You suddenly gasp in his ear. He ignores the way your fingers curl into his hair as he maneuvers his way through smoke, hoping to bring your body to Armin and Sasha who are helping in the sidelines. He pretends he can’t feel your heart slowing, he pretends that he doesn’t care about how you whimper in pain, he pretends that he’s just angry when he feels hot tears brim his lashes.
“If you die, I’ll hate you forever, shitty fucking brat,” he hisses, ducking as a bullet barely misses the both of you.
“Don’t you already hate me?” You giggle, sounding so far away, voice just barely above a whisper.
The green smoke begins to turn to black. The yells and shouts and booms of gunfire hush down into muffled murmurs, and all you can really feel is Levi’s arm wrapped around your torso in a vise-like grip, as if he’s determined to stop the bleeding all by himself. You feel free, so relaxed that you almost miss it, how his lips move to form just a few words.
“No, Y/N. I don’t.”
Tumblr media
part 5 is here.
please please please, check out this amazing fanart by @mioni-sora that goes along with part 3 !!!
@katsuhera @christina-mj-stan @roayaloveslife @sunascumslut @kc-braun @dear-hao  @iwantnewhorizons @thecaptainsbride  @thefuckupoftoday @levisbebe @lilichan123 @vedjagames @justanotherlifeff @awkwardangelthings @thegirlofhaydn @vinishsama @hawksbff @pasteldaze @lottie289   @margaritas-en-la-montania  @pachnetequila @itzgabz22  @nefelimalfoy @latenightdreamss @bakubae @definitetrashlord @ed3n-nn @rip-arson @beakami @d-2-moonlight @batakprincess @watanabeyours @bohica160
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masnmounts · 2 months ago
no.11 with mason from the prompt list?
enjoy a little bit of jealous sexual tension mase! also ive written two versions of this since more than one person requested it, the second version should be up some time tomorrow
tension - mason mount
Tumblr media
"(Y/N), you barely even know the guy." Mason's grumble of complain travels through the wall between you bedroom and bathroom and you find yourself rolling your eyes as you finish blotting your lipstick.
"That's the whole point of dates, Mase. You go on them so you can get to know people. Surely you're not that far out of the game yet." You drop the piece of tissue you'd been using into the bin by the sink, checking your reflection in the mirror again.
"I'm not out of the game. I just think it's weird that you met him on Tinder and now you're going to some random club with him. Do you know how many women die because of their Tinder dates?" You pull open the bathroom door, gaze landing immediately on your best friend. Mason is sprawled out across the centre your bed, your old tatty Donald Duck teddy clutched to his chest. He's glaring up at the ceiling, brows pulled together in an angry line.
"I'm not going to die. He's really nice."
"Ted Bundy was really nice." You hear him mumble as you slide open your wardrobe. He watches you from his place on the bed, fingers clenching and unclenching in the fabric of the duck plush toy while you flick through your dresses trying to decide which to wear.
Mason thinks you're an idiot. Not in the grand scheme of things just in the fact that you're even going on a date with this guy. He doesn't really think you're going to get murdered and he knows how Tinder dates work, he'd attempted his fair share in the past but he was pissed. Pissed that you were going on a date in the first place. A date with a guy who wasn't him. How many more hints did he need to drop before you realised how devastatingly in love with you he is?
"Are you seriously comparing my date to Ted Bundy? That's a new one, even for you." You tug two dresses from the their hangers. You feel as though you're playing a dangerous game with Mason. Its like an extra sexually tense game of tug of war, you see the way he looks at you when he thinks you can't see and the way his hands linger on your waist a lot longer than they need to. But he's not making any move and you certainly won't be the one to do it. You've been doing this dance with him for almost two years and if he wants it he's just going to have to take it for himself.
But is he doing that? No. He's acting like a child comparing a guy you find relatively attractive to a fucking serial killer.
"I'm just saying, his profile might say one thing and you might think he's nice but then you meet him and you find out he goes to furry conventions or has dead people in his freezer." You send him a deadpan expression when you finally turn back around, two dresses held in either hand, one black, one red.
"Stop talking. Okay which one should I wear?" Mason doesn't care because he's not going sit and tell you which dress is going to make some random prick want to rip your underwear off. But now he's thinking about that black, spaghetti strap dress and the way it clings to all your curves and his mouth has gone sandpaper dry and he wants to strangle whoever this Tinder guy is that thinks he's worth even a second of your time. You wiggle the dresses impatiently. "Mason." God, do you have to say his name like that?
"The black one." His voice is rough and you send him a concerned glance as you throw your red dress at him, grinning at the glare he sends you when he pulls the material off his face.
"Hang that back up for me."
"Yes, your majesty, anything else you want doing?"
"Yeah, you can find my nude heels for me, you know the ones you bought me for my birthday?" You saunter into the bathroom before he can answer but you can almost feel the feet of his gaze through the door. Maybe telling him you're going to wear a gift from him on your first date with a potential murderer will finally put a battery into him.
You shuffle out of your joggers and shirt, throwing them down into the hamper before wiggling your dress on, it's tight and sticks to your body like a second skin but even you have to admit it makes you look hot. The only problem is the zipper you can't reach at the back. You huff out a sigh, yanking the bathroom door back open and stepping out, hand clutched over your boobs to ensure they don't fall out.
Mason is still rifling through your wardrobe but he stops dead when he sees you, eyes latching on to the bare skin of your legs. You stand in silence as his gaze sweeps over you, agonising seconds of waiting for his eyes to meet yours and when they finally do the look in them has you wondering why he hasn't just ripped your clothes off yet.
"Zip me up? I can't reach the back." Mason nods almost numbly as he pushes himself up, wiping his palms down the front of his joggers. He thought you were trying to kill him by telling him you'd wear the heels he bought for some other guy but it's clear that this was the big finale.
You turn yourself around, swiping your hair over one shoulder and wait for him, your body tensing when you feel him stop not even a hairs breadth away from you. You can feel the heat from his body burning into your skin but you still shiver when you feel his breath brush over the top of your ear. His fingers clasp the little black zipper and his free hand moves to rest on your waist, a branded mark against your skin almost as if he's wanting to leave his hand print behind when you're with another man. But you can't think about any other man when you feel the soft feather light brush of his fingers along your spine.
His fingers are cold but they spread a fire out on your body from every point of contact, his knuckles purposefully dragging along your skin in a way that has your knees going weak. He’s being slow, tauntingly slow and you know he’s teasing you just don’t know whether he’s finally going to make a move.
“This is my favourite dress, y’know. You always look stunning when you wear it.” Your breath hitches in your throat, your heart slamming into your rib cage. He’s still only halfway done with your zipper, the hand on your waist, sliding to span his fingers along your stomach. “Don’t go on that date.” His words are brushed against your neck, his lips hovering over the sensitive skin.
You hear the low sound in the back of your throat as you slide your own hand over the one he’s resting on your stomach. His lips press a single kiss to your bare shoulder, fingers toying with the zipper that’s just millimetres away from the top.
“Mase,” Your voice is breathless and you sound as though you’ve run a mile, you can feel your palms slicking with sweat when Mason drops another kiss to the back of your neck, finally pulling the zipper up fully.
“Don’t go on that date, (Y/N).” He repeats, voice a low command. You spin in his arms, head tilting back so you can catch his gaze and your heart fumbles even more.
“Why?” His thumb traces the corner of your mouth.
“You know why.” He’s drawing closer to you, the backs of his fingers brushing over your collarbone.
“I already told you he’s not going to murder me.” Mason narrows his eyes at you, lifting his hands to your jaw, cupping it softly and bringing your mouth close to his. His breath fans against your lips and your entire body feels like it’s encased in flames. He’s staring straight at you, eyes blazing a fire right through to your heart.
“You know that’s not why.” He’s so close that his lips brush yours, the soft tease of a kiss and it has you shivering in anticipation, fingers wrapping in the material of his shirt.
“Say it then.” You whisper, bumping your nose once with his as your eyes drop closed. His lips brush yours again but firmer this time before he’s full blown kissing you, hands threading into your hair while he pushes you back against the bedroom wall.
His mouth is hot and feverish, everything you’d always imagined it to be and more. He lightly nips at your bottom lip and slides his tongue against yours, groaning low in the back of his throat when you push up and against him. His delayed reply is pressed into your throat, right where he can feel your pulse pounding.
“Because you’re supposed to be mine.”
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edenmemes · 6 months ago
resident evil village starters
❝ oh, keep growing! one day your head might actually fit your ego. ❞   ❝ running will get you nowhere. ❞     ❝ you don’t have to trust my words, but do you have any better options? ❞   ❝ you shouldn’t be out here. it’s not safe. ❞   ❝ i know you don’t like to talk about it, but can we really just forget everything and pretend it didn’t happen? ❞   ❝ well, what do you think? it’s hopeless, right? ❞ ❝ i wish it could stay like this forever. ❞   ❝ oh, such a disappointment. i thought we could join forces.  ❞ ❝ i don’t have time for this bullshit. out of my way. ❞   ❝ i don’t give a damn about your personal issues. ❞   ❝ it’s a pleasure to see you safe. ❞   ❝ just give up. flesh and blood will never win against me. ❞ ❝ quit acting so full of yourself. ❞ ❝ the clock is ticking. playtime’s over! ❞ ❝ ohhh, don’t give up! ❞ ❝ you think you can take me on? ❞ ❝ you should have never refused me.  ❞ ❝ these are the fruits of my power.  ❞ ❝ leave it alone. you are out of your depth. ❞   ❝ i’ve learned all i can from you. your worth as a lab rat has run out. ❞   ❝ no, no, this can’t be the end for me! ❞   ❝ i can’t escape from here... i can’t do anything! ❞ ❝ what are you talking about? you think this is a game? ❞   ❝ don’t get cocky. i’d kill you if you weren’t the trouble. ❞   ❝ hey, do you know anything about what’s going on around here? ❞   ❝ i’m not used to relying on other people. ❞   ❝ you’re the real deal. well done.  ❞ ❝ i gotta...keep going. ❞   ❝ i think it’s time you left things in my hands. ❞   ❝ my power is leaving me! ❞   ❝ do me a favor... try to stay under the radar. ❞ ❝ you don’t get it. you don’t stand a chance by yourself. ❞ ❝ alright, alright. i guess i owe you an explanation. ❞ ❝ you must be pretty tough, huh? ❞   ❝ all your power’s done is drive you nuts. ❞   ❝ i gotta say, i’m surprised you made it this far. it’d be a shame if something happened to you now. ❞   ❝ so you finally came to see me! everyone falls for me in time. ❞   ❝ it’s all i can spare. take it, take it! ❞   ❝ you’ve got fight, i’ll give you that. ❞   ❝ i didn’t want to keep it from you. i didn’t want to lose you again. ❞   ❝ i’d kill you if you weren’t worth the trouble. ❞   ❝ is there something you’re not telling me? come on, talk to me. ❞   ❝ you can hear it, can’t you? someone’s waiting for you. ❞   ❝ oh, careful what you wish for. ❞   ❝ i don’t want to die. oh, it hurts so much. ❞   ❝ don’t look at me that way. ❞   ❝ i told you to sit down. ❞   ❝ you’re the reason ___ doesn’t love me. ❞   ❝ hey, kiss me? ❞   ❝ if it’s for you, i would do anything. ❞   ❝ come on, it’s not that much further! ❞   ❝ you’re the only one to see me in this form. ❞   ❝ ugh, my temper got away from me. ❞   ❝ play with me some more. ❞   ❝ trying to get on my good side? ❞   ❝ i don’t know if it’s the scent of the flowers, but i feel light headed. ❞   ❝ in all my years, i’ve never been this overjoyed. ❞   ❝ look forward to what i have in store for you. ❞   ❝ mmm, that smells good. what’s that? ❞   ❝ you really should have taken my deal. ❞ ❝ truth hurts, don’t it?  ❞ ❝ i’ve waited so long. but dreams really can come true. ❞   ❝ you coward! come out and face me. ❞   ❝ quit hiding, asshole. i’m not letting you get out of this.  ❞ ❝ i won’t let you have it. even if you beg. ❞   ❝ this is my territory, and i won’t let you leave. ❞   ❝ damn, i’m so cold. my legs won’t work. ❞   ❝ local wine, too. but if you’re going to keep sulking all evening, maybe you shouldn’t have any. ❞ ❝ it’s not paranoia if they’re really out to get you. ❞   ❝ you’re the last asshole in my way, aren’t you? ❞   ❝ well, at least we’re together. ❞   ❝ hey, now. think positively, all right? we talked about this. ❞   ❝ come now, don’t be shy. show me your terror. ❞   ❝ i would’ve sliced you to ribbons if they hadn’t stopped me. ❞   ❝ it’s only a riddle if you don’t know the answer. ❞   ❝ shouldn’t we face what happened there so we can live our lives without it hanging over our heads? ❞   ❝ rest while you can, because i will hunt you, and i will break you. ❞   ❝ this village is full of monsters. we can’t fight them! there’s too many. ❞   ❝ a dead body? wait...there’s more... ❞   ❝ you’re a lot like your father, you know. ❞   ❝ it barely flinched when i shot it. i feel like it’s toying with me. ❞   ❝ it’ll be fine. it’ll be fine. it’ll be fine. ❞   ❝ listen. you’re being played.  ❞ ❝ too bad you’ll pay for it...with your life. ❞   ❝ please won’t you stay with me? forever? ❞   ❝ you are lucky to die before your child. ❞   ❝ quiet now, child! adults are talking. ❞   ❝ there’s nothing wrong with my memory. you’re just being paranoid. ❞   ❝ this is...this is just too much. ❞   ❝ awww, you’re blushing. ❞   ❝ how can a man be ‘almost’ dead? that’s a question for the wise. ❞   ❝ what kind of sick medieval shit is this? ❞   ❝ i’ve spent a lifetime creating this moment...and you try to take it away from me? ❞   ❝ i’m sick of fighting you! ❞   ❝ why didn’t you fucking tell me right away? ❞ ❝ shut your damn hole and don’t be a sore loser! ❞   ❝ but i’m not paranoid, i’m just cautious. ❞   ❝ don’t get close to me when i’m cooking, babe. ❞   ❝ anyone who is anyone has heard of the likes of you. ❞   ❝ i haven’t cut open a man in a while. ❞   ❝ we moved here so that you wouldn’t have to deal with any of that, remember? ❞   ❝ why? why would you do this? ❞   ❝ i knew you would want to be involved. and this job is hard enough without civilians getting in the way. ❞ ❝ oh? you have something to say? ❞   ❝ tell me what’s out there! ❞   ❝ you’re still alive...? impressive. ❞   ❝ hey, are you listening? hey! ❞   ❝ exactly how much do you plan on annoying me? ❞   ❝ oh, no. they’re coming! ❞   ❝ do you have a gun? please tell me you have a gun. ❞   ❝ it’s not---nevermind. i’m sorry. ❞   ❝ drunk or not, you are welcome---and safe---in here. ❞   ❝ you know how to push my buttons. ❞   ❝ hey, don’t i get a say in this? ❞   ❝ you wouldn’t know proper manners if it slapped you in the face. ❞   ❝ i won’t forgive you, you bastard! ❞   ❝ why...why do you treat me the same as them? am i not your favourite? am i not special? ❞   ❝ at night, i hear wailing, as if ghosts roam the halls. ❞   ❝ quit your whining; we’re almost there! ❞   ❝ i’m afraid you can’t return to your old world any longer. ❞   ❝ how dare you bare your teeth at me. ❞   ❝ you couldn’t save them. they were already gone. ❞   ❝ in life and death, we give glory. ❞   ❝ can you even understand that humiliation?  ❞ ❝ even i can get angry. ❞   ❝ what the hell is that thing? ❞ ❝ we will meet again soon. ❞ ❝ let’s just say parts of the human imagination are better left alone. ❞ ❝ some treasures still lurk in this village. ❞ ❝ my decision is final. there will be no argument. ❞   ❝ everyone leaves me. even you. ❞   ❝ there is no safe! every sorry bastard out there has been ripped in half! ❞   ❝ come inside. the others are waiting. ❞   ❝ come with me. there’s something i have to tell you. ❞   ❝ what the hell is wrong with this place? ❞   ❝ the strong will destroy the weak. that’s the way of the world. ❞   ❝ no, we’re getting out of here --- together. ❞   ❝ but what i saw was...frightful. ❞ ❝ i suppose it’s what they call ‘the beauty of the grotesque’. ❞   ❝ you taught me so much and for that i will be forever in your debt. ❞   ❝ it is my curiosity that ties me to this place. ❞   ❝ please let me know if you’d like to strengthen your weapons. ❞ ❝ you’ll pay if i find out this is a lie. ❞ ❝ speaking of foolish questions, who --- what are you? ❞   ❝ if i don’t kill them then my life will never be my own. ❞   ❝ you are abominable. your deceit knows no bound. ❞   ❝ quit holding out, and get to the damn point! ❞ ❝ you’re the one who’s cursed. ❞ ❝ i hope you will be able to achieve your goal someday, too. ❞   ❝ that is why i had to leave you. i will regret never telling you goodbye. ❞   ❝ if i had but a little more time, i know i might be able to turn the tides of this battle. ❞   ❝ i can hear it shuffling about outside. ❞   ❝ and now you even try to steal my property? how dare you? ❞   ❝ ugh, just another simple little manthing. ❞   ❝ oh, good. i was just thinking of ways to pass the time. ❞ ❝ nowhere to go but up. ❞   ❝ where are you? show yourself! ❞ ❝ not without me, it’s too dangerous. ❞ ❝ shit, that was close. ❞   ❝ i heard explosions. what happened? ❞ ❝ you’ve dirtied my dress! ❞   ❝ you’re my act like it! ❞   ❝ i don’t think we will make it through winter at this rate. ❞   ❝ the wounds are severe. i won’t last much longer. ❞   ❝ will you please stop talking in riddles? ❞   ❝ goddamn. it really is you. ❞ ❝ you sure of this? your body is, well, falling apart. ❞       ❝ how long have i been out? ❞   ❝ keep your distance. do not move until i give the order. ❞   ❝ i’ve got a tough guy here, i need some back-up! ❞   ❝ if my mom saw this shit, she’d think she’d died and gone to hell. ❞   ❝ shut your fucking hole! ...sorry about that. ❞   ❝ who are you? who sent you? ❞   ❝ please, be well. ❞   ❝ there’s more than we thought. watch out. ❞ ❝ to to be alive. ❞   ❝ goddammit! why is everyone dying on me? ❞   ❝ hey! hey. don’t talk like that. ❞   ❝ my word, you truly are as strong as they say! ❞   ❝ don’t you love me? ❞   ❝ oh, you didn’t think i’d let you get away, did you? ❞   ❝ taken alive? dead? which would you prefer? ❞  
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j0succ · 7 months ago
I propose slow loving sex with Gojo thank u for ur time
propose and you may receive
prince charming - gojo x reader (2.5k)
[comments and reblogs are much appreciated! // my jjk masterlist] 
warnings: afab reader, no pronouns. not sfw. minors dni! light fingering, piv sex, coming inside, soft. . . soft . . .
Most people who know Satoru Gojo would tell you that the man has two modes. Two ways of being. There is the way that he is from day to day; the laugh, the shovelling of sweets into his mouth, the constant stream of upbeat nonsense and jokes that few people are able to keep a proper track of. This is the Satoru Gojo he is with his students, you think – when the weight of being the strongest does not weigh so heavy on his shoulders.
Then, there is the Satoru Gojo in battle. There is the lift of his blindfold, the way that his blue eyes bore into his enemies – the self-assured way of talking, the ruthless precision with which he deploys his skills. This is the Satoru Gojo that does bear the weight of all of his strength; but his lips still quirk at the corners, he still cracks a joke sometimes though his tone is steely. They have shades of one another, those two personalities - but still, they are the two personalities that he chooses to show the world.
You, however, are permitted to see a different side than most people do.
You see Gojo now, with his body over yours, his soft lips brushing your jawline. You see him with his big hands, cupping your face so he has more access to your neck and your ear, the kisses coming slow and soft and relaxed. He is a large man, despite the fact that he is tall, lithe muscle as opposed to pure brawn – he cages you beneath him like he never wants you to be able to escape him.
You do not want to escape him. Not least when you finally manage to capture those lips in your own and you taste sugar on his tongue. As his teeth nip gently at your lower lip and a breathy sigh is transferred into his mouth; as his long fingers run down your body, appreciating you with a soft hum.
“I’d ask what I did to get so lucky,” he murmurs, voice low and throaty, “but I think I deserve you.”
Some things do not change; Gojo’s arrogance is always there, beneath the surface. He is lucky you find his self-confidence charming, your lips sliding into a smile as your own hands gently push up the shirt he’s wearing. His skin is warm and soft beneath it (you dread to think how expensive it was; Gojo spends money like it’s going out of style, and you have a myriad of gifts to prove it).
“You don’t shut up, do you?” You ask him, mildly, your smile not leaving your face. He laughs softly, and it feels like wind blowing through a field of flowers.
“You love me for it,” he says, all fondness, and he’s right. His shirt is parted from his top half and you admire him; unmarked skin (you suppose his technique means he’s free from the scars so many other jujutsu sorcerers learn to live with), the lean but taut muscles of his abdomen and shoulders. You run your fingers over him and he sighs, leaning into your touch like a cat. Your thumb brushes the hollow of his throat as you take a handful of his pale hair and drag him down into another kiss.
If nothing else, it occupies his mouth.
You can feel his hardness straining in his ripped jeans (pre-ripped for his convenience, with an eye-watering price tag, but even you have to admit that they make his ass look rounder and cling to his thighs and crotch in a way that makes you needy and heated if you stare for too long) as he moves his body against you, half-grinding.
You’re on the couch. You really should move to the bed – heaven knows Gojo’s is big enough for both of you – but there’s something domestic and sweet about Gojo kissing you here, amongst the remains of the sweets he’d been feeding you and with a romantic comedy neither of you are watching any more playing on the screen.
It’s so easy to feel like everything with Gojo is a life-or-death situation – to ascribe more meaning to a brush of his fingers on your shoulder or a murmur of ‘I’ll be home later tonight’ than you really need to.
This, though - this is simple, and easy. It lets you forget the world outside, just for the moments in which Gojo’s body is pressed against yours – lets you think of yourself as a normal couple.
There is nothing more romantic to you than the thought of you and Gojo being able to be just anybody.
So you spread your legs further apart so he can settle between them, sighing as his mouth moves from your own to brush kisses over your cheeks and the bridge of your nose instead.
“You’re wearing too many clothes,” he tells you, as he pulls back and tugs on your own shirt – you allow it to be removed, thrown onto the ground where you may never see it again. Much more interesting than the lost shirt are Gojo’s hands, large and warm, sliding up the expanse of your stomach and to your breasts, squeezing the soft flesh. He undoes the catch of your bra as if the motion is as easy as breathing – and maybe to him, it is. Upon your flesh being newly bared, he sighs, leaning down to kiss the swell of the curve. To find your nipple with the warmth of his tongue and tease it to hardness as he flattens his tongue against it and laps at you, the motion sending little electric shocks of pleasure to the place between your thighs. You sigh and squirm, and he gives the hardened bud a gentle graze of his teeth as he pulls back to look at you.
The sight of his blue eyes concentrated wholly on you and all of the distilled starshine contained within always makes you lose your senses for a moment. It should be unfair, you think, for him to look like that. For those wide blue eyes to seem so innocent when you know that he is not--
“You’re so beautiful,” he tells you. You know that he’s telling you the truth; Gojo is not the kind to mince his words. His hands rest on your waist, curving down over your hips to tug at your bottoms and make short work of those too. You lift yourself slightly to allow it, Gojo wriggling so that he can get them off without ever having to really move from between your legs. The bottoms go the same way as your shirt, and you are below him now in nothing but your underwear--
Though that’s barely covering anything. Gojo sighs to see the pale white of the piece you’re wearing has gone translucent from the gush of your slick, clinging to the outline of your folds and showing him just how needy the kissing and the touching and the groping has gotten. He trails a finger down and brushes your mound through the fabric, ghosting over your clit.
“This is for me, doll?” He asks you, a smirk on his face that you want to kiss off.
“You know it is,” you breathe, lifting your hips – and the smirk softens into a smile.
“Maybe I like hearing you say it,” he murmurs, increasing the pressure of his touch so he is rubbing you through the cotton; his big fingers pressing against your clit, making your hips jerk. You don’t know if you want to jerk away from the sensation of the fabric pressing against your swollen nub, or jerk into the pressure that you want so badly – so you settle for circling your hips, panting soft little noises.
Gojo smiles at you and the expression on his face is dazzling. Your heart skips a beat; he’s so beautiful. You’re so unbelievably, amazingly lucky--
“Don’t look at me like that,” he says, leaning and kissing your cheek, burying his face in the crook of your neck to kiss and lick and suck at the skin there. Your back arches as his attentions send yet more shivers down your spine, set you aflame even further. If you didn’t know better, you’d swear his face was warm – is he blushing? “If you could see yourself, you’d understand--”
“If you could see yourself,” you tell him, through the pounding need in your chest, “you’d understand exactly why I’m looking at you like that--”
“Oh, I know,” he preens, though his face is still warm. He hooks his fingers into the wet underwear and pulls them over your thighs. “I know why you’re looking at me like that! I’m gorgeous-- but . . .” He seems to stumble over his words before he manages to get a good hold on them again, before he pulls back and the flush on his cheeks is only barely there. “You don’t know how gorgeous you are, and . . .” He places a hand to his chest. Your underwear is dangling from his thumb, though you’re not entirely sure how he fully tangled you out of him in the position the two of you are still in. “It breaks my heart!”
You smile despite yourself.
“You’re being too romantic,” you tell him, though your insides are secretly all aflame and bubbling. “It’s not like you.”
“I’m wounded,” he says. One hand lands on your thigh, drawing circles and patterns on the slick skin – his middle finger gently nudges the very outside of your sex, teasing the puffy lips apart so he can brush your clit. Your gasp dies in your throat. “I’ll have you know I’m an absolute Prince Charming, baby--”
And he’s giving you that charming smile, even as that same finger presses deep inside you in one swift movement and your knuckles clench on the couch cushion. You groan aloud, lifting your hips to allow him deeper, to make you feel fuller--
Your eyelashes flutter, eyelids somewhere between open and closed, but you still see that Gojo’s own gaze is fixed on you. It’s tender. Loving. You feel strangely exposed beneath it – but at the same time, you feel warm and comfortable and right as he adds another finger and stretches you out on it, scissoring them apart. He brushes the spongy spot of your walls that always hits different and you sigh, murmuring out his name--
“Satoru,” you’re practically whining. “Satoru, faster, please—”
“Prince Satoru,” he corrects you, with a grin that’s slightly crooked to one side and more charming than it has any right to be. He pumps his fingers in and out of you a few more times, until they are thoroughly coated in your wetness, until the fire inside you has been suitably kindled and your breath is uneven and your face is hot – and then he pulls them out.
You don’t have time to whine.
Not with the sound of his zipper, the sound of him kicking off his expensive jeans – the heat of him settling over you on his knees and taking your hips to slide you easily onto his cock.
He groans out your name like it’s all he ever wants to say.
“You feel like you were made for me,” he says, and you reach up and grab a handful of his hair again. He lets it be pulled with only the softest sigh – lets you bend him over you so the two of you are cheek to cheek, chest to chest, so close that you can feel his heart beating. “Fuck, doll--”
He’s right. He fits inside of you like the missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle; warm and tight and perfect.
It’s a triumph, for Satoru Gojo to be lost for words – but he stops speaking as he fucks you slow and soft. It’s not that you and he only usually fuck hard and rough – but his job is stressful, and he is teasing and smug, and it’s more usual for you to be bent over on his bed as he pulls your hair and runs his mouth than it is for anything like this to happen.
He doesn’t seem to have any complaints about it, though – and neither do you. How can you complain when he holds you so gently? When he kisses you like he’s savouring the taste of you instead of devouring you?
He’s not speaking, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t noisy – he’s panting, groaning, moaning. He’s always loud in bed – he has almost no self-control when it comes to pleasure, you don’t think – but the noises also go right through you in only the best of ways, making you shiver and shudder. It’s unfair that his voice should sound so good. It’s unfair that he should have almost no flaws--
Some people might say his personality is a flaw, you suppose, but you unfortunately find him charming.
You wrap your legs about his waist and his cock hits deeper, brushes that same spot inside of you – but you find you do not care so much about the orgasm as you care about having Gojo in this embrace.
Not caring about it, though, doesn’t mean that is not going to happen – not with the slow thrusts of his hips, or with the sight of him with his lip bitten and his hair all mussed up from your tangling.
You’re not sure if Gojo has ever found something that he isn’t good at, and fucking you is no exception. His cock hits every spot inside of you and seems to find new nerves you didn’t know would feel so good when stimulated; your entire abdomen (hell, your entire body) feels like it’s on fire. You were slick enough before he’d entered you, but now you can feel your own arousal pooling on the couch cushions beneath you – you can hear how wet Gojo’s cock must be, on the push-pull of him fucking into you. The glide is slick and silky and searing, and your fingers flex on his back, as the tight string inside of you readies to snap.
“Sat-- I’m-- ‘m gonna--”
Your words are lost to the feel of him, to the haze that seems to descend around you whenever you and Gojo are together. You see the curve of his smile, hear him softly whisper;
“S’alright, baby--”
A stroke of his hips that has the flat plane of his pelvis pressing against your clit and you let yourself go, tumbling into the bright lights of your oblivion, your thighs tightening reflexively about him as if you want him to drown inside of you. Gojo sighs, groans, moans out your name as your cunt milks him for all he is worth, squeezing around him – and, he, too, lets go. Heat. Warmth. Gojo’s cock, twitching, heavy and perfect and right inside of you.
“I love you,” you whisper, against his collarbone, in time with the beating of his heart – and Gojo looks at you as his hips continue to roll slow and leisurely, eking out the final drops of his release as it settles inside of you like a claim, and he smiles slow and soft like honey or syrup.
“I know,” he says, quietly. “I love you too.”
He stays inside of you, on top of you, in the embrace, even as his cock begins to soften. Enjoying your warmth, your presence, your closeness.
Maybe he is a Prince Charming.
You’re not going to say that aloud to him, though.
He’d never let it go.
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Kinktober Day 29: Predator/Prey (Cat and Mouse)
Tumblr media
Day 29: Predator/Prey Title: Cat and Mouse Pairing: Aizawa x Reader Word Count: 2.2k  Warnings: Noncon, predator/prey, forced orgasms, bondage, attempted assault (at the beginning, not Aizawa), overstimulation, stalking, yandere Notes: Directing this at my three Aizawa loving friends, @thewheezingwyvern, @vixen-scribbles, and @lemonlordleah-shinzawa-kitten. 
Kinktober Masterlist
Tumblr media
You are walking down the same alleyway you’ve walked down a thousand times when it finally happens.
Your luck runs out.
You find yourself surrounded by four villains, two behind you and two in front of you, all with identical smirks like the cat that caught the canary. You’re completely trapped, and without a strong quirk, you have no way of making it out of this. 
You think they intend to rob and kill you until one of the men in front pulls you against him and you feel something hard nudging at your body. A chill of fear runs up your spine as he trails a finger down your cheek.
“Look what we’ve found,” one of the men laughs, as another one locks your arms in place behind you. “A stupid little girl walking alone at night.”
“At least she’s a pretty one this time.” You see the glint of steel as what seems to be the leader produces a sharp looking knife, and tears dot your vision at what is about to happen. 
“Exactly what’s going on here?” A stern voice rises up from behind you, and the leader scoffs at the interruption.
The man steps forward and you think you recognize him for a second before you disregard it. He’s wearing black clothes and a light colored scarf around his neck. Messy black hair frames his face and his eyes are bloodshot, as if they’re constantly dry. Overall he looks worn out, and you don’t think his chances of fighting off four men at once are good.
Until you see him begin to move. His eyes flash a dangerous red, and the scarf around his neck moves as if it has a life of its own. It shoots towards the leader first, wrapping around his ankle as it slams him against the wall. It knocks him out cold, and with that, two of the other villains try to run while the other one charges at the man.
The two running don’t get very far before the tendrils of the scarf reach them, pulling them off balance and knocking them onto the dirty alleyway floor. The one attacking directly gets summarily knocked out with a punch to the face. 
You can barely believe what you saw. It felt like it all happened in seconds. You meet the eyes of your rescuer, absolutely grateful at this hero who saved you.
Until you see his eyes are still flashing red, staring directly at you. Your blood runs cold as you begin to wonder where this man looks familiar.
“I - “, you take a gulp of air, “I thank you for helping me.” 
“Helpless little civilians like you should really know better than to walk alone in this area,” the man muses quietly. His voice is deep and strong, and it sends a shiver up your spine. “Were you asking for something to happen?”
“No, of course not! This is the route I always take home.”
The man chuckles. “I know.”
You slowly begin to back away, heading for the end of the alleyway that leads to the main streets. “I - I appreciate you saving me, but I have to get home now.”
You go to use your quirk, reaching for it instinctively only to find it not respond to you. You glance back at the man, seeing his eyes flashing red again, and you realize something.
This must be the villain Aizawa, otherwise known as Eraser Head. The one who can negate quirks as long as he stares at someone, the same villain who has terrorized the city for months.. And you’re in a tight alleyway, one where you can’t hide and can barely run.
The rumors said that he used to be a hero until something happened to two of his closest friends. One was said to have had something horrific happen to him, while the other was killed by another hero in what was thought to be deliberate.  Aizawa was thrown into grief so strong that he turned to the side of the villains, denouncing hero society as worthless and vowing to help bring it down for good.
And now he is staring at you like he intended to devour you. 
“You won’t be going home anytime soon, so you might as well stop inching away from me.” 
You freeze in your tracks before finally springing into action, turning on your heel as you begin to run. You hear laughter from behind you as the villain starts to pursue you, but you don’t turn around to see how close he is.
You run out into the main street, only to see absolutely no one around. In the distance, there seems to be another villain attack, one with loud explosions, fire, and ice that has drawn the attention of everyone in the area.
You don’t want to run towards the attack but the other direction is just empty, twisting alleyways so you make a split second decision and run towards the chaos.
You continue to make quick turns, trying to evade your pursuer that you’re not even sure is still following you. You’re too afraid to look back to see him still chasing, or even worse, see that he’s gone and not know where he is. If he’s still lying in wait to grab you.
But your worst fear comes true when your run is interrupted by a coiling scarf that pulls you back to its owner.
“Found you,” the villain murmurs, smirking at your desperate look. “The chase really got my blood pumping.” The scarf twists around your limbs, binding you in place as you’re lifted upwards, only your toes scraping the ground.
A piece of the fabric wraps between your legs, pushing upwards and drawing a gasp from your throat.
“Please no, just - just let me go,” you plead with the villain, and his smirk only gets wider.
“I’ve waited too long for this, kitten.” 
And then his mouth is on yours, dominating the kiss as he forces your lips open with his tongue before diving in. It’s carnal and forceful, with teeth biting at your lip as he leaves you unable to even breathe. When he pulls away, you take a short gasp of air. “Please -”
“Don’t worry, I’ll give you something you can really beg for,” he chuckles as you hear the sound of a zipper being lowered, echoing lowly through the cramped corners of the alley.
“No no no,” you shake your head back and forth, “I don’t want this.”
“You will.”
And then you hear ripping as he rips your clothes, not even bothering to unbutton or remove them from you. Your panties are exposed to his gaze, a simple white pair with polka dots and a little pink bow.
“So innocent, aren’t we?” He murmurs to you as his fingers slide up your slit. He spreads you open with two fingers as his thumb finds your clit, working you skillfully as his other hand slides a finger into your core.
“Or maybe not, given how wet you already are,” he grins evilly, rubbing tight circles along your quickly throbbing bead as you writhe in your restraints. 
“Does it feel good, kitten?” You shake your head no, and the pressure on your clit only increases.
You can’t stop the moan from leaving your throat, or the dripping of your pussy along his fingers as he slides another one in. Your head falls backwards as you tremble from the stimulation, directing all your focus on being somewhere else, somewhere where you aren’t about to cum from a villain’s fingers in a dirty back alley.
But he knows exactly what you’re doing, and a hand comes down hard on your ass. You let out a squeal as your attention focuses directly on the heat radiating out from your stinging ass cheek. 
“Pay attention to me,” he growls, “no distractions.” He slips another finger into your pussy, and your head falls back as he begins to grind your clit with the palm of his hand as he pumps his fingers inside of you. 
“Shit, please stop,” you plead with him, “stop stop stop!” 
But of course he doesn’t stop, choosing to mock you instead. “Are you about to get off, kitten? Do it. Cum on a villain’s fingers in a back alley like the good girl I know you are.”
Almost as if on command, the tension in you snaps. You squeal as you clamp down on his fingers, body shaking as you pull against your restraints. He continues to finger fuck you through your orgasm, overstimulating you. “Oh fuck, too much!” 
“I think you have another one for me,” he muses darkly, “but I’d rather you cum around my cock this time.”
You hear the rustling of clothes as he unzips and unbuttons his cock, revealing a lack of underwear as his cock pops out of his pants. He’s so large, thick with a curve of his dick that looks like it’ll hit you just right.
You try to shake the thought off, the feeling of both dread and excitement that surges through your body. Something that the villain notices.
“You do want this,” he laughs, “I can see the anticipation on your face. And I’m going to make you admit it.”
And with that, he lines himself up and begins to push into you. He takes it slow, but the stretch still hurts as he impales you on his length. 
“Hurts,” you whine a bit, and he smirks. 
“Oh, it will feel good soon enough, kitten.”
 Soon, he’s balls deep inside of you, leaving you feeling impossibly full. You can feel evey ridge and vein along his cock pressing against your inner walls, and when he begins to move, you see stars as he immediately looks for that sensitive spot inside of you that he knows will make you lose control.
“Please,” you whimper, “please don’t, I don’t want to - “
“Don’t want to what, kitten? Don’t want to cum around this cock?”
You shake your head no before you can think better of it, and he laughs at your answer.
“Liar. I can feel how well you’re squeezing me. You’re already close.” 
You want to deny it, want to say that the tension in you isn’t building back up embarrassingly quick. Want to deny that your pussy is leaking juices around his cock, dripping down onto his balls as they smack against your skin.
But you really would be a liar.
He reaches down to find your clit, rubbing circles with his thumb along the throbbing bead. You can’t stop the shout that leaves your throat, or the fluttering of your pussy around his cock as you cum. “Fuck fuck fuck,” you groan, leaving red marks on your wrists as you pull and strain against his capture weapon.
The pain barely registers however, replaced with the blinding pleasure of him finding your g-spot as he aims for it over and over again. He doesn’t stop even as you scream, fucking you hard through your orgasm and rapidly causing another one to rise up in you. 
With one particularly sharp thrust, you feel yourself begin to gush, eyes rolling back into your head as you squirt all over him.
Your face is hot with embarrassment as you hear him chuckle darkly to himself, refusing to look him in the eyes. But his fingers grip the skin of your face as he turns you to meet his eyes. “Admit it. Admit that you love this cock, kitten. Your tight little pussy is clamping down on me so damned well.”
“I don’t - no I don’t want to - “
He smacks your ass again, increasing his speed and the force he uses against your inner walls. You scream as you’re forced into another orgasm, the pleasure borderline painful as this point. “Admit it, kitten - “
“I - I want it!” You finally wail out, “I love your cock!”
He grunts, cock twitching from the satisfaction of your will finally breaking. He presses himself against your cervix as he cums, shooting ropes of cum into you that has you whimpering at the warmth.
“You came inside - “ 
“Of course I did,” he laughs a bit. “You just felt so damned good, kitten.”
He pulls out of you and you wince in sheer humiliation at the gush of fluids that leak from you all at once. You can hear the dripping of it onto the pavement, leaving a messy puddle underneath you. 
His capture weapon releases you, twining back around his neck all at once and causing your knees to buckle and almost fall. The villain grabs a hold of you before you hit the pavement, steadying you as he rests you against the wall. 
You meet his eyes briefly, timidly asking the main question on your mind. “Are you going to let me go now?”
“Of course I am,” he scoffs at you, and relief washes over you at this nightmare finally being over. Until you hear his next words.
“For now, at least.” He plants a kiss on your forehead before stepping away, turning to leave the alley the way he had come from. “You are just too fun to stay away from.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll be seeing you again soon, kitten.” 
Tumblr media
✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ 
Kinktober: @hisoknen, @trafalgar-temptress, @wings-flames-and-ashes,  @bakugotrashpanda, @unmeiii, @kittycatkrissa, @reinawritesbnha, @dabilove27, @anxietyplusultra, @angmarwitch, @nereida19, @babayaga67, @fromsunnywithlove, @bakugos-cumsock, @yumeneji, @the-grimm-writer, @iwaizumi-chan, @slashersheart, @bunnyywritings, @bakarinnie, @angie-1306, @lalalemon101, @videogameboiwhowins, @f4nficbaby, @bbyspiiice,  @thirstyforthem2dmen, @blissfulignorance2000, @bluecookies02-main, @aryjaa, @theodora3022, @raekah​, @ineedmorefanfics, @serosmissingtoe, @deathmemeiverse, @miscellaneous-bnha​, @chaos-night, @slasher-cxm
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