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#maybe it was during school

It’s been a million years since I’ve sat down and tried to draw something and lordy it shows. My hands refuse to listen to my brain and keep spasming across the paper. I’ve only gotten 30 minutes of a rough sketch done and my hand is KILLING me. How I use to do this shit for 8-10 hours at a time is beyond me. When did drawing a bird become such a fucking challenge?

Today I learned that if you don’t use it, you really will lose it.

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ok yeah i’m just gonna rant in the tags

#maybe this is quarantine but i’ve just been so unmotivated lately, #it feels like i’m barely scraping by and that makes no sense because on paper everything is great. and i have so much to be thankful for!!, #but i’m just not getting that rewarding feeling anymore??, #like school for instance my lowest grade in a class is a b+ but it feels like i’m failing everything, #and i know this is because i procrastinate and get anxious and whatnot but i just don’t really know what to do with this feeling, #i’ve been kinda sick lately and just really tired so i’ve been copying assignments and stuff and as an Overachiever thats been weighing onme, #like i hate not understanding the material and not earning success it makes me feel gross but, #i always feel so sick during class i can’t focus, #and idk we’ll figure out what’s going on as in why my physical health is so shit but i’m just so stressed right now my chest hurts a lil, #like it’ll all be fine this will pass but god it feels like every day is the same and my joys are short lasting, #and i’m trying my best but my best pales in comparison to who i used to be, #i need to stop romanticizing the past and work on my toxic habits, #but god life is just... mundane and difficult but i’m living one day at a time and that’s all i can ask for ig, #if anyone has advice or anything... i’d appreciate it a lot, #just wanted to rant, #shut up annie, #god if i could stop procrastinating and wasting time and shit i could actually have time to enjoy myself. half of this boils down, #to time management like JESUS GO TO SLEEP YOU WILL FEEL BETTER, #but it’s so hard to change your lifestyle. i’m overwhelmed and it’s all in my mind but it’s :))))))), #it’s like there’s a blue tinge underneath everything. light blue ish gray but not in a pretty way it’s just dull and cold, #idk yeehaw sorry if this brings you down :/
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I keep listening to kinda sad music and it is putting sooo many angst ideas in my head-

For example, a Baku idea:

He let his anger get the best of him again. He stared and your face, eyes glossy as you took in everything he’d said. You turned your back to him. He wished he could forget that face you had made. He wished he could forget he’d been the cause. Wished he wasn’t the cause. Wished he could forget the horrible words he’d said to you. “I don’t need anyone. I don’t need you.”

“Idiot…” His voice was quiet, hoarse… He clutched tightly to the fabric of your jacket. The last thing you’d left at his apartment. “Idiot!” He screamed, flinging the jacket across the room. His throat burned with his increasing volume.

It smelled like you. It was warm like you. Your favorite jacket- one he’d gotten you ages ago. It hurt to look at now.

Everything hurt. Everything reminded him of you.

The words replayed in his head over and over.

“I’m sorry, Katsuki. There were so many losses… They- I’m sorry.”

That was it. That’s all Midoriya had been able to say to him. The message had been clear.

You were gone.

“Why am I such an idiot…?” Tears rolled down his cheeks.

It’d been one week and the only thing Katsuki Bakugou knew now, was that he had never been more wrong.

Because he needed you more than anything.

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