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#mbaku x reader

Thank you for 400 followers truly appreciated

Sorry I was supposed to be posting cause I wasn’t in school or had a job.Now I have a job and paying for college (some how a school wanted my dumb Butt ) which wasn’t how I imagined my break from school but hey it’s my own fault. But hey fudge all that I’m still working on New BlooD so by December I should be able to get it together.

Goodbye for now and remember My fellow smut readers “you can’t brush your teeth without toothpaste”


Originally posted by bringmesomepie56

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Pairing: M’baku x Black plus sized reader

Summary: [Y/N] has been acting out of pocket since hitting her fifth month of pregnancy

Warning(s): language

Word count: 1,681

Picture(s) found on: Pinterest/Google


“Jesus, can’t a pregnant woman come home to a clean house?” you spat while glaring through the living room, the furry blanket M’baku gifted you a few months ago slowly sliding off the giant couch. Other than that, the palace was squeaky clean like always. The guards shut the giant doors behind you while you let out another huff and waltzed your way towards the couch, stepping over the furry blanket and sitting down in the very corner of it.

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New series in progress😈


Moodboard by @hmmmintriguing

Hey y’all I creating a new series and I’m trying to include every fandom characters in the story.

I want some suggestions on who should I add in the story it could be from Marvel , Dc , Vikings , Supernatural, “cough,cough” Riverdale (lol jk) etc but thing is they’ll may go by a different name too and If you want me to make character aesthetic boards I definitely will or if you would like make one and name them then @ me that’s fine.

I also wanna do tag list, ever since Tumblr almost shut me down not a lot people see post I might be hidden from the community soo if you want to be tagged reblog or like and if you want to suggest a character reblog or inbox me.

Goodbye and remember don’t take your animals for granted.


Originally posted by auroras-boreales

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Summary: Just a fun oneshot about a Dora Milaje-in-training who manages to slip up on the one day the Jabari Lord is in town. What is she going to have to do for redemption?

**Smut Warning**

M’Baku x Reader

“Now remember, all you need to do is stand still and follow the others around.” Your cousin Okoye hissed. “No funny business.”

“Yes yes I know I KNOW. Haven’t I proven myself by going through your rigorous training?”

“You may know the golden city, but you have no experience with the Jabari.”

“Oh come on. I made it into the Dora Milaje, I can make it through one ceremony.” You giggled, Okoye sighing and shaking her head with a grin she couldn’t hold back. You were a wild card who had managed to reign herself in enough to rise through the ranks and at 20 become one of the youngest recruits of all time.

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A/N: This is my entry to the WIP Festival! Hope you all enjoy!

Warnings: Angst, smut, mentions of death, dark thoughts. Italics are flashbacks

M’Baku looked through your doorway. It was gloomy outside, bringing a dim light into your room. You laid pregnant and in a sweat. You winced as you turned over. You placed at hand on your protruding stomach, trying to find some comfort in your sleep. M’Baku shuddered he couldn’t watch you like this. Was this how it was before? You fighting the pain, trying to give birth to Shola. How could he have ignored you then? Why wasn’t he there? He knows the answer to that but, he had to question himself.

M’Baku thrusted, kissing her neck and licking along her lips. Ayomide moaned and kept her hips bowled for him. “Faster.” She harped.

M’Baku loved when she begged. He loved her voice, hitting his ears and vibrating through him. Sweet, harmonic. M’Baku moved his hips at a quicker pace, driving into her. Giving her every rigid inch, making her cry and arch into him. Her nails sharply gliding across his back. He welcomed the sting as he pounded into her.

M’Baku would have Ayomide almost everyday and walk back to the palace a new man. This was routine. He’d sneak away to her house and come back, going unchecked. He would take a different entrance to avoid the gazes of guards and servants. You being pregnant there was more focus on you. However, he didn’t have the energy. M’Baku wanted a reprieve from his life, from you and his children. He just didn’t have room to care for much right now and Ayomide was the greatest stress reliever he could ask for.

M’Baku made it to side entrance of the palace, a door installed into the cave side. He turned down the hallway and stopped short when the doctor almost bumped into him.

“Lord M’Baku.” The doctor said. “I’ve been looking for you. We needed you earlier for Lady Y/N and the baby.”

“What about it?” M’Baku sighed.

“The Chieftess…isn’t doing well. The pregnancy is taking a toll on her body and we fear something may be wrong with the child.” He said.

“Okay.” M’Baku said, trying to piece things together.

“Sir…we can’t insure that the mother or baby will be of full health at the end of this pregnancy. We’re not sure if the child will make it to full term.” The doctor said.

M’Baku sighed. “So…what can be done?”

“We’ve placed doulas and guards with her. She’ll have to be monitored at all times. We were hoping you may talk her into bedrest.” The doctor said.

“I’ll speak with her.” M’Baku groaned. He continued down the hall. He found his way to your shared bedroom and saw you, sitting up in the bed and breathing along with a doula. “Y/N.” he said, walking in.

“M’Baku!” you said with a faint smile. “We’ve missed you the past few hours.”

“Hmm.” He responded. M’Baku sat at the end of the bed, leaning over to you. “I spoke with your doctor.”

“You’re worried?” you asked.

M’Baku opened his mouth to speak and sighed. “Let’s just follow the doctor’s advice. For your health and the baby’s.”

You hummed and settling back into your pillows. “I haven’t seen much of you lately. Can you have dinner with me tonight?”

“No.” M’Baku said.

Your head tilted at his tone. There was a sourness, like you had said something wrong. “Do you have something to do for the council?”

M’Baku frowned at you, pressing on. “Rest, Y/N. I’ll see to you later.” He got up and turned to the doula attending to you. “Watch over her.” He started walking towards the door, swiftly as if there was something driving him to leave.

“I love you.” You said.

M’Baku didn’t respond, turning out of your sight passed the door. You placed your hands on your stomach, sighing. You weren’t sure what to say or do. Baffled, you turned to your breathing exercises.

M’Baku fluffed another pillow and put it squarely with the other as you returned from the bathroom. You walked sluggishly and weighed down. With your swollen belly and your illness, you just didn’t have the energy anymore. M’Baku came to your side and walked patiently with you to the bed. You still didn’t like him touching you. However, you couldn’t deny help at this point.

“Your lunch will be arriving soon.” M’Baku said as he pulled the blanket up your legs. “The doctor wants to give you some type of tea. It might give you some of your strength back.”

You nodded as you rest back against the pillows. “The children?”

“They miss you. Mayowa is doing his best. Hopefully, we can have a family day. Whether it’s in here or maybe we take you outside for fresh air.” He said.

You looked around the room and thought about how just last month all of the kids were in the room, playing, drawing you pictures and showing what they learned in school. It seemed like so long ago. Happiness in general seemed so long ago.

“Is there anything else I can get you?” M’Baku said. “Anything at all, my love?”

You looked at him and wanted to growl. “Don’t call me that.” You said.

“Y/N, please.” M’Baku said beginning to reach for your hand.

“No.” you said snatching away. “You can’t try to be sweet with me after all this time! You don’t get to do that.” You started to cough as you got riled up.

M’Baku tried to hush you as you leaned up coughing. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” You leaned back into the pillows and took a deep breath. “I’m going to send someone else in here to sit with you for lunch. Give you a break.”

M’Baku tried not to hang his head as he left the room, admitting another defeat. He found himself in his office, trying to distract himself with work until there was a knock on his door.

“Come in.” he said.

M’Baku’s advisor, Masego, walked in. A solemn look plastered his face. M’Baku sat back in his seat as clearly there was going to be more bad news.

“I spoke to the Chieftess’ physician. Her condition has proceeded to worsen.” He said.

“They are trying whatever they can. My wife is strong. She will be fine as will my child.” M’Baku said.

“I know, sir. But there is something we must think about. I know we didn’t do it on the Lady’s last pregnancy, we should think of the worst case.” Masego said.

“It won’t come to that.” M’Baku said sternly.

“The Chieftess has been bedridden since she almost lost the child. Are we even sure if the child still lives?” he asked.

“My child still lives and will live among us soon. My wife will rise from her bed like before and keep her health.” M’Baku said in a low growl. “You will do your best to watch your mouth and speak positively over my wife and my children.”

Masego bowed, but just as quickly raised his head. “I just aim to speak truth to you, sir. No matter how harsh that may be.”

M’Baku watched the advisor leave and shut the door. He sighed as he rested his head in his hands.

Having dinner with the children was awkward. M’Baku didn’t like staring down at the other end of the table and not seeing his wife there. He said a silent prayer to Hanuman that you would make a full and speedy recovery. That’s all his prayers were now. Only for you and the child’s wellbeing. Every utterance to Hanuman was to make up for the lack of prayers from years ago. He wanted to the husband you needed.

You laid in bed, a sweat building on your forehead. A rag washed over your face, wiping it clean. You groggily looked over and saw M’Baku at your bed side. From what you could tell, it was late. He looked tired, but here he was, up with you. “Where are the kids?” you said.

“Asleep.” M’Baku said. “They wanted you at dinner.”

You looked at him and turned away, opting to glare at the ceiling again. You shut your eyes and gritted your teeth. One of the worse things about being bedridden was not being able to enjoy your family. Being stuck like you were years ago made you yearn for them more. Even Phelisa. “I miss them.” You whispered.

“I’ll bring them tomorrow. We can all come and be a family. We need it.” M’Baku said.

“I want my children.” You said. “Not you.”

“Y/N, please.” He said.

“Stop begging me for something I no longer have for you.” You said. “You sit here at my bedside and beg my forgiveness and adoration when I have none.”

“Y/N, please. I want us to reconcile and be together again.” M’Baku said. “Hold my hand to the fire, but forgive me and take me back.”

You would have rather watched him burn. In your state, no amount of accountability would make you his wife again. You were too detached. Your body was draining itself to nourish a child and there was no room for seeking to have relationship with this man. “No.” you said. “Get out.”

“Y/N, I am to care for you for the night.” He said. “I’m not leaving you. I’m going to right my wrongs. I will care for you and your child. I will be the husband I should’ve been.”

You scoffed. Your anger bringing more heat to your face. You shuddered as she tried to sit up. Your body ached and a cramp came over you. You winced and clutched your swollen belly. “Please, lay back.”

“No.” you said. You swat his hands away as he tried to reach for you. “Get away.”

“You are in no condition to getting up, Y/N.” M’Baku said. You swatted at me as you tried pulling your legs over. M’Baku stood like a brick wall in front of you, trying block you from standing. You tried kicking him as M’Baku did his best to restrain you without hurting you. “Y/N, stop this!”

You let out a frustrated grunt as you forced yourself to stand. You felt this rush like a massive tide taking you. You stumbled back on the bed, clutching your stomach. You cried at the tinge of pain in your abdomen. M’Baku saw the look of pain and horror on your face. Something made him rush and go to the door. He yelled for the guards on standby to find a doctor and some help. He looked back to you as you continued to whimper on the edge of the bed.

“Hold on, Y/N.” he said as he crossed the room. M’Baku fitted his hands beneath you and pushed you further into the bed. When he pulled his hand away, there was blood. He looked to find your gown with a growing stain of crimson.

“Sir, you need to help us make a decision.” The physician said.

The grave tone of the doctor called for M’Baku’s attention. He looked up from his work and daydream of having his mistress wrapped around him. “About?”

“The Chieftess’ condition worsens. We suspect that labor will earlier than expected. We must know, sir. If the situation becomes dire, do we save her and the offspring?” he said.

M’Baku took a deep breath. “The child. Save my child.”

The doctor almost looked taken aback by the decision. The Jabari watched how loving and doting M’Baku had been in the past over his wife and her pregnancies. She would be the center of attention. Somedays, no business could be done until the Chieftess was attended to. Now, it seemed as if the Lord of the Jabari could care less.

“Very well.” The doctor said.

Later, M’Baku laid in the bed that belonged to his new fancy. He stared up at the ceiling and thought how good everything felt. How in this moment pleasure had taken over his body and mind. How there was need to care about a wife and children. A reprieve he wanted to last longer than him being aroused. To fill this bliss forever. Could he walk away from his wife and children for this? Trade in the life he had known for something fresher. Something more exciting. No more mundane. He would love it.

“Stay with me.” Ayomide said.

“I wish I could, my dear.” M’Baku said as he rose from the bed. “But, I must return.”

“Come back tonight. For dinner.” She said.

“Dessert as well?” he asked, leaning over to her.

Ayomide moaned and gave him a passionate kiss before answering. “Of course.” She said.

M’Baku promised her he would come back. He made his way back to the palace. As always taking a secret entrance and creeping back into the halls as if he never left. Everything was as usual. Until a guard rushed to him out of breath.

“Sir, we’ve been looking everywhere for you.” The guard said.

“What for? What has happened?” M’Baku asked.

The guard stood up straight. He took a deep breath and his face fell. “Lady Y/N went into labor.”

M’Baku sat on his knees in the shrine to Hanuman. The great wood statue stood towering over him. A chill ran over M’Baku. He sniffed as he wiped another tear from his eyes. “I come before you more humble than ever before. I know I have done wrong by my wife, my children and my people. I have fallen and while before I sought redemption, I now ask for you to save my wife. Save my wife and my child. I will hold myself accountable. My sins are mine and mine alone. Don’t let my penance be paid by loss. I will trade my life for theirs. Just don’t take them for me. Whether she lives the rest of her life with me or without me…just give her peace. Give her all. Bless my beloved wife. Bless my beautiful children. Smite me instead. Please, my life for hers.”

M’Baku gazed down upon Shola, small and precious in her blanket. He leaned in, kissing her forehead. His firstborn daughter, his little girl. He smiled. Another blessing. He looked over at you. Fresh sheets draped over you though you sweated through them. “How is she?”

“Lady Y/N is ill, very ill. It seems the complications from the pregnancy will continue. We have not seen patients like this before, but we are committed to doing our best. With praryer, medicine and rest, we hope she will make a full recovery.” The doctor said.

“And my daughter?” M’Baku said, using his finger to move the blanket from her face.

“Since she is early, we will monitor her. She appears to be healthy despite not being carried to term. But, things can take a turn.” The doctor said.

M’Baku watched you wince in your sleep. He pressed his lips together, a silent prayer to Hanuman for the both of you. He nodded and crossed over to your bedside. With sweat on your brow and your skin losing it’s vibrance, he was slightly frightened. You were rarely sick. To see you so weak did something to him and he didn’t like it. “Do your best.” M’Baku said.

The doctor bowed as M’Baku left the room. A chill remaining in the room as he retreated. M’Baku wiped tears from his eyes as he stalked down the hallway. He tried shaking the terrible thoughts from his mind. Though he found himself in Ayomide’s bed, he still had thoughts of you in his mind. In one hand, he prayed for you. In another, he was caught up burying himself in someone that wasn’t you.

“The infection is spreading. And she has been experiencing postpartum.” The doctor said.

“What?” M’Baku said.

“She isn’t healing. And she refuses to feed the child. She rambles as if she is close to death. Her mental and physical health are continuing to deteriorate. We aren’t sure what to do.” He said.

M’Baku had to see for himself. You were slumped in bed, a grayness to your skin, lips chapped. You looked weak, like you were already a corpse. “Y/N.” he called.

“I know now without a doubt…you have ended me.” You said.

“What?” M’Baku said.

“I lay here withering away because of you. You were my life and how fitting it would be for you to be my death.” You said.

“Y/N, my love.” He said.

“Love? What is love, but poison disguised as something sweet. A treat turned rotten. A cancer taking over a body in silence and in it’s last stages ripping through you so violently.” You said. The hysteria had set in. You weren’t here anymore. You had a blank look in your eye, your mind in a haze. “You’ve killed me. I gave you everything and you killed me.”

M’Baku listened to you, ramble. He was frightened. Was this a curse? Did Hanuman seek to take you from him in such fashion? To be tormented then fade away into insanity? M’Baku kneeled at her bed and reached to take her hand. “Please, Hanuman. Restore the health of my wife.”

“Now, you pray for me. Oh, joy. Maybe, I’m not so damned.” You said.

M’Baku rose and got into the bed, cupping your face. “Stop this.” M’Baku said. “You can’t talk like this. You are going to be fine.”

“Only when I’m rid of you.” You said.

M’Baku couldn’t bare it. He left in a huff. His chest began tight as he sob in his office. What did he have to give to have you again? What could he do?

You sat outside with your children, watching them play. Songezo laid in front of Phelisa encouraging her to crawl to him. Shola scrambled on paper as Uuka braided her hair. Mayowa sat next to you on the ground. “Mama, I’m glad you are feeling better.”

“As am I…” you said.

“Can I ask you something?” he said. You looked down at him, putting a hand on his head, caressing it. “Will you leave him now?”

“What?” you said.

“Mama, I heard you.” Mayowa said. “One night, you were arguing with him. You told him once you gave birth you would leave. Are you still going to? Will you take us with you?”

You sighed, looking at the other bunch of your children playing. “I’m not in the best state to make a decision like that. And your brother still needs much care before I can take him anywhere.”

“But when you are ready? Will you leave him…for all he has done?” Mayowa asked, looking up at you.

“Don’t worry about me and your father. You are 13. You have other things to think about. The only thing I need from you is to care for your siblings.” You said.

“But you know I can help, Mama. I’m old enough. If you need help moving or…” he said.

“Mayowa, my burden is not yours. Though you are more than capable and mature, I need you to remain a child in this situation. Stay out of it, my love.” You said.

Things became easier. You weren’t bedridden anymore. You just had to be escorted around with guards, nurses or Mayowa would tend to you. You held your newborn, Ajayi. He was growing and healthy. You thanked Hanuman for you to be so lucky. No doubt, this would be your last child. There was no need for your body to go through this strain again. Ajayi squirmed in your arms as he drifted off to sleep. You gently laid him in the crib in the center of your room. You smiled as he gave a soft moan.

You were about to walk away when you heard a light tap on your door. You looked to see M’Baku in the archway, looking timid and humble. “May I come in?” You nodded and waved him in. “How are you feeling today?”

“Fatigued.” You said. “But, I’m fine.”

“Thank you.” He said.

You looked up at him confused. “Thank me? For what?” You asked.

M’Baku stepped further into the room, almost dragging his feet. “Everything. I want you to know how much I really do appreciate you for everything you’ve given me.” M’Baku said. “I know now there is nothing I can do to make you love me. And I accept that. I have prayed to Hanuman for you and our children. To forsake me as long as He showed you favor.”

You saw the sincerity and sadness in his eyes. A softness that seemed to be all he wore now. His eyes were puffy as if he had been crying. His mouth drooped, causing wrinkles. He sighed as clasped his hands together.

“If you want this marriage dissolved, I am prepared to facilitate that. I see no point in forcing you to be with me in this union. It is clear I have nothing that you want nor do you have anything left to give me.” M’Baku said. “I can live with my guilt and shame. As long as you can find some happiness, be it with or without me, I will be content.”

You glared at M’Baku. Once a proud man who stood tall and was a beckon for you, now stood before you broken and defeated. You almost felt sorry for him. But alas, you were given your way out. What were you going to do with it?

“When I’m ready, we’ll talk.” You said.

M’Baku nodded then looked to the crib. “May I?” he asked.

You waved him forward. M’Baku walked over the crib and looked down at his son with a smile. “He looks like you.” M’Baku said. “Beautiful.”

You chuckled as M’Baku ran a finger along his cheek. “You can see him whenever you like.” You said. “Even after I leave. I’m not going to rob you of being a father.”

“How can you be so gracious? Even after all I have done to you.” He said.

“Well, what would you have me do?” you said. “I loved you. A part of me still might love you. I won’t deny you gave me the best years of my life. You’ve taught me a few things and made something I didn’t expect to be. For the best and worse. But despite everything, I do believe I can find it in my heart to forgive you. Maybe not now. Maybe not in a year. But I could. But, I also can’t do it still married to you. Not like this.”

M’Baku turned to you, nodding. A few tears rolled down his eyes. “If I could go back and change things I would.”

“But you can’t. We can’t do anything about it now.” You said. M’Baku sighed, fighting a sob. You wiped his tears and caress his cheek. He clutched your hand, keeping it to his face. The last time you put a hand to his face was for a slap. M’Baku missed your touch. He was savoring this, knowing he would never get it again. You neared him, closing the space between you. M’Baku looked at you, vulnerable. You searched his eyes. Before you would look at him and have a hate flow through you. Now, that hate was quiet. You only felt sorrow and pity.

M’Baku craned his head down into you. Your answer was to lean your head back, welcoming a kiss. The kiss was soft and gentle. Something neither of you felt in a long time. You knew what you were doing and you didn’t mind it. A last taste of each other.

M’Baku pulled away from you. He removed his hand from your wrists, trying to regain his composure. You watched him back away from you. “I’m sure the children told you they are excited to see you at dinner tonight. I hope you enjoy your time with them.”

Ajayi turned 1 before you and M’Baku finalized the divorce. It wasn’t messy or loud. Just a quiet departure. You kept your promise and let him have as much time with the children as you could. You co-parented in harmony. You still had an admiration for each other but, you were very clear that you could never love him again. He accepted that, gracefully. Your children understood in time. Phelisa only saw you as her mother and as you understood, she was your daughter. You remained close. As you forgave M’Baku, you thought Mayowa to do the same though it took him the longer than it did you. It became important to you to keep your family together. Something M’Baku was grateful for.

In the end, it was a shock to most when you opted to be buried next to M’Baku. You cared for him in life and up to his death. You saw him through everything, might as well keep doing it. After all between the both of you, there was still a dormant love.

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Originally posted by love-music-fashion-flawless

SUMMARY: Wakanda opens up its borders to international students to study abroad, you didn’t get accepted but M’baku pulls some strings.

WARNINGS: Agnst, sort of a slow burn into happiness.


A/N: The final installment of this mini series. ‘tear, tear’. I hoped you enjoyed the M’baku x Reader series, This series was mainly leading up to what I described in the Summary.


The kiss you shared with M’baku signified that you were really in a relationship with a man who ran his own tribe, and now he couldn’t stop kissing you. Every moment he got he kissed you, even when you didn’t want him to.

“Baku” You whined, pushing at his chest while he tried to kiss you again.

He frowned and just kissed the top pf your head, it wasn’t that you didn’t want the kisses anymore, you were just hungry and wanted to go to bed, Baku on the other hand wanted to spend time with you before going to a council meeting.

“Little one, you do not seem to be in the mood is there something wrong my love?”

There were a lot of things wrong, This was your first holiday away from home, your family fussed at you for not telling them about Baku, and you got an email stating you didn’t get accepted to be apart of the study abroad program. He watched you intently, he wanted you to be able to talk to him about anything and he wanted to be the one to fix all your worries and troubles.

“I didn’t get accepted for the study abroad program, something about my major not being meeting the requirements. I was told it’s mainly for science and math majors.”

M’baku had hoped you would get accepted for the program but didn’t think you would go for studying in the heart of Wakanda. He grabbed your hand in his and rubbed the top of it.

“Things will work out soon in your favor Y/N, Just please brighten your spirits, I hate to see you upset”

He was right, everything happened for a reason and you couldn’t let that bring you down. You only had three days left to spend with him before going back home to finish school and you wanted to make the best of it.

“I’m sorry Baku, I’m in the motions and I’m forgetting that I only have three days left with you before I leave.”

“No worries my little one, after this council meeting, I have canceled all prior engagements to spend time with you” He kissed your head.

You grinned. “I will find Raziya to come with me to the towns then.”

“Take Lajos and Valerian with you, also a few more soldiers, knowing Raziya she will come back gifts.”

You nodded with a giggle, he kissed your cheek and headed on his way to his council meetings. You decided to get ready. You were dressed in a long-sleeved white turtleneck tucked into a pair of jeans with some thigh high fur boots that he had especially made for you. You had your own furs, but Baku’s were bigger and warmer. He wouldn’t mind if you borrowed them. You found a set that matched your outfit and you seemed to struggle with how to put it on. His were made a certain way to clasp at the shoulders, but with how wide it was, you were going to clasp them at the collar. You hadn’t notice M’baku leaning in the doorway with a small smile on his face.

“Little one, it seems to me you need help?”

“Baku, I thought you had a council meeting” You were surprised to see him back so soon. He walked over to you, taking his furs to slide them on your shoulders.

“I did, this is not important, What is important, is getting you home safely.” He couldn’t tell you the real reason why he was back so soon, he would fear you would try to stay and end up hurt even more in the long run. You questioned his reasoning.

“What why?”

He was silent as he clipped the furs together around her neck, his hands moving to rub your shoulders, He looked everywhere but at you. He was visibly upset and you noticed it. His silence was killing you.

“M’baku, what’s going on?”

He cupped your face in his large ones and placed a lingering kiss to your lips. “Masego and a few of my warriors will take you home” He stepped back and turned to walk away. You called after him “M’baku!” he just ignored you, tears threatening to spill from his eyes. He muttered to himself 

“goodbye Y/N”

Raziya helped you pack, she was told not to tell you why you were really leaving, and it hurt her to the core, she loved you like a sister and wanted you to stay, but everything has to come to an end. Your face was stoned, you knew all to good to be true, you knew he would get tired of you and you let your guard down only for it to leave you vulnerable.

He was just like any other guy, sweet talks his way in only, to break your heart in the end, and you weren’t going to let it happen again.

“Ms. Y/N are you ready?” one of the servants spoke. She had a slight smirk to her face, but you were to upset and angry to let it notice. Raziya stood next to you, pulling you into a hug.

“I’m going to miss you Y/N” you hugged her back.

“Me too Raziya”

You let her go and dragged your belongings out of the bed chambers. A few warriors gave you longing looks knowing sadness that was building up between you and M’baku. It was heartbreaking to see true love die. They knew the palace that was once filled with your laughter of him chasing you down the halls were going to turn into a quiet place. He was going to return to his brutal ways, maybe even worse and they couldn’t do anything about it.

Masego noticed this and was angry not only with himself, but everything around him, he had to find a way to fix this. He decided to let the warriors escort you back home and deal with this matter himself, but he was going to need help.


You entered your dorm with a huff, classes were starting back in a few days and you had to get back to work. You were slowly becoming depressed and having his furs didn’t help. You tore them off your bed and tore of his furs from around your shoulders, knocking off the journals from your desk in the process. This was the first time you cried since the day your grandfather died. You were heart broken and didn’t know how to handle the pain. The crying turned to hyperventilation and now you were having a panic attack, you couldn’t calm down no matter how hard you tried.

Tia was entering the room when she saw you on the floor, having an attack. She rushed to you.

“Hey, Hey, look at me” She said softly. “Breath with me”

You looked her in the eyes and followed her breathing patterns, you were slowly calming down, but the pain was still there. “It’s okay” she whispered.

But things weren’t okay. You were hurting on the inside and the pain wasn’t going away, no time soon.

The Jabari Tribe was running smoothly, but things weren’t the same, Their leader wasn’t his normally rambunctious self, he was angry all the time. He worked his staff and warriors to death, the elders and council members noticed, but they just figured he was going through a rut and would get over it. But he wouldn’t unless he had you.

“your highness, we must go over the invite list for the annual Jabari warrior ceremony” one of the council members spoke.

M’baku’s mind was else where “Speak with Masego about it.”

“Lord, your mind is occupied, may we ask what is troubling you?”

He pinched his nose, they knew why he was upset yet they still ask, it was there fault anyway. It was them who said you had to leave.

“My love hates me because of you all,”

“Your highness, she is not Jabari, we said it was okay to court of your choosing, but not some filthy American women who probably knows – “

“You will not speak of her that way” He barked, scaring them all. “I broke one tradition and it’s like the end of the world to you all, this meeting is over, I will be heading to my chambers”

He left before they could protest, some wondered what they have done, others stood by what they decided, Either he marries within the tribe or he will be exiled for life.

Masego traveled down to the Golden City in hopes of receiving help. The tribe was going to fall into shambles if he didn’t fix it.  But he didn’t travel alone. On his side he had Raziya and her mother who was one of the Elders.

“Masego, Raziya, Elder, For what do I owe you this great visit?” King T’challa spoke greeting them at the entrance.

“Your highness, we seem to have bit of a problem with the tribe” Raziya spoke.

“I’m sure M’baku can han-?

“It is about M’baku, your highness” Masego spoke.

T’challa was now perplexed and was unsure of he can be of help, The Jabari were still and isolation tribe, and follow strictly tradition, He has no power over them.

It had been a few weeks since your episode, and you were now majorly depressed. All you did was work and go to school. You ate here and there, some days you went with out eating and your friends noticed. They figured you were being overdramatic, but Kelsey and Tia knew better, so when you finally came back from class, they were both sitting on the couch.

“We need to talk Y/N”

“I don’t feel like it” you went to go to your room, but they pulled you back and made you sit down on the couch.

You were to weak to fight back as you haven’t eaten in days.

“This is serious, I can’t stand seeing you like this “Tia said.

“She’s right, we know you’re upset, and you miss him, but you can’t waste your life away over some man, you have your whole life ahead of you.” Kelsey added.

You shook your head not wanting to cry thinking about him. “please don’t guys, I just want to go to bed and be alone”

“You’ve had enough alone time, look this weekend, me and some friends are going to a semester kick off party, you’re going to come and cheer up okay, I’m not taking no for an answer.”

You sighed knowing if you agree, they would leave you alone for the time being. “Okay,”

“Atta girl, look we got to get to class, try not to upset yourself even more”

You watched them leave, it was nice to have friends that cared about you, and they were right, you couldn’t let your self become this nonchalant person, yes things were still hard and it still hurts, life still goes one, and you had to take one step at a time and the first step was cleaning your room, you hadn’t cleaned it in days and then getting some food in your belly.

You took one step in your room and was easily shocked at the amount of mess you had accumulated over time. Starting with your clothes you separated the clean from the dirty, opting to wash later in the day.  You instantly made your bed, as you fixed the sheets something fell on the floor.

“What was that?’

You bent down to pick up the mysterious object only to realize it was the ring he gave you. You looked at it with a soft smile, tracing your fingers along the ring band. You placed it in the window pane and finished up your room getting it cleaner than ever. It doesn’t look like a tornado blew right through it anymore.

“One Step at a time” You whispered



The Elders that could no longer be apart of the council called a meeting, These elder consisted of those who were alongside M’baku’s parents that ruled the tribe. They were disappointed in the new set of council members. They were all filled with grumpy old men that didn’t understand true love simply because they were forced in arrangements, they didn’t agree with but had to do.

They were hoping to have M’baku change these traditions, but it seemed to be too hard for him. T’challa had come to be of help, but even he knew he could only do some much for the isolationist tribe. Queen Mother had also decided to tag along, maybe her input would be of use.

M’baku was nowhere to be found though.

“What is this meeting for” One of the council members spoke.

“It is for the unjust reasoning you have imposed on your highness M’baku” Masego spoke entering the throne room.

“The reasoning was not unjust, it was tradition!”

“A tradition, that is silly if I may add” T’challa said taking a step forward from the shadows.

“With all due respect King, what say do you have in these matters? For you have lost the throne almost twice and propose to open the borders to these Americans.”

“That was not respect, that was simply a jab at me for something you have no knowledge about, Did M’baku tell you?” T’challa countered.

“Tell us what?”

“We are not here for that T’challa, we are here to get M’baku’s happiness back” Queen mother scolded.

He nodded and took a step back, and carefully thought of his next words.

“M’baku was told to leave the girl be or become exiled from the tribe, for what reasoning other than tradition would you have o propose this” The Elder, Makani spoke. He was M’baku’s father, he was becoming to old to rule over the tribe and immediately passed it on too his oldest son.

The council members were whispering to each other. The warriors had located M’baku in the library, standing in the same spot where you to shared laughs. He was informed of the meeting. Begrudgingly he made his way to the throne room. The staff were doing everything in their power to be the one the council chose for him to marry, and it disgusted the warriors, even Kayapo was missing you and his American snacks.

“Tell, what was your reasoning?” Makani demanded again, coughing at the end.

“Baba, you must rest” Masego spoke making him sit down. “You do not need to strain yourself.”

“If I may? Times are changing, and we have a new generation of children being brought up, Traditions will change, if not now, but in the future as well, I was against it at first, but I will never let my children be exiled because of who they decide to love, It not only brings them regret but builds up resentment and we’ve seen first hand what resentment does to a child,” Queen Mother spoke.

“We stand by our decision” the council spoke.

“Then we as elders overrule your decision, I will not have my son suffer day in and day out” Makani shouted.

“Baba” M’baku spoke “please you are not well”

The eyes turned to M’baku who was making his entrance. “T’challa, Queen Mother” he greeted them, but his focus was on his father.

“Unyana wam (my son)” Makani spoke, putting his hand on his cheek. “You are upset, please sit”

M’baku, even if he was king never sat on the throne in the presence of his father, instead he sat to the side next to him, It was his sign of respect to the elders. Makani smiled and just rubbed his sons head feeling the sadness radiating off him.

“Elders, please tradition is tradition and- “

“If you read the Jabari traditions, it does not state any where that the king has to marry within the tribe or the other five tribes, The betroth just has to be of African descent. Which in this case, Lady Y/N is of African descent, she comes from a line of ancestors who lived outside of Wakanda and her Great-Great-Great grandmother was a slave on her maternal side” Raziya spoke.

“What are you saying Raziya?” M’baku stood.

“What she is saying, you have the right to marry who you please as long as she is of African descent.” Makani spoke.

The council members were quiet now, They knew they had really messed things up for him, They had better hope he could fix things.

“You can also vote for a new council if you please, Traditions can change, and the council does not have to always be an elder. “T’challa added his two cents.

“That will be discussed later, Masego, Raziya come with me” M’baku spoke. “Also thank you Baba”

“Your happiness is all I want my son. Bring her home.” He smiled.

A light went off in his head, he quickly turned to around. “T’challa, I need a favor”

The weekend had come by to quickly and you were dreading this semester party, Kelsey was dragging you to. She was now in your room finding you to something wear. Which was hard since you loved hoodies, jeans and sneakers.

“Your closet selection is horrible”

“Sorry, It’s still cold.” You twirled the ring around your finger.

“This is cute, put it on” She tossed it at you.

“Do I really have to go?” you said looking at the outfit which consisted of some black ripped jeans, a white shirt with a long black sweater.

“Yes, now get dressed”

You sighed and went to get dressed. There was no way you could back out of this so you might as well enjoy it. You finished getting ready and styled your hair to where your curls were flowing. Kelsey was now waiting for you.

“look at you, looking all fine and stuff”

You shook your head and grabbed your phone and dorm key. “Let’s go before I change my mind”

The ride to the party wasn’t long but it was already packed with people and you knew it was going to be a long night. She parked farther away to avoid possible mishaps, plus her friends were meeting her here.

“I know you didn’t want to come out, but at least try to have fun.”

“I’ll trying, but I’m not getting drunk, I want to be alive the next morning.”

“Deal, the other girls are making their way over”

You nodded and adjusted your pants, tonight you were going to keep your mind off him and have fun. You weren’t looking for any new relationships, your guard was still up, but you will enjoy yourself.

“Hey Kelsey!” The girls shouted.

“Hey girls! You remember Y/N right?”

“Of course, the girl you said was anti-social”

You frowned, what was her problem.  “I’m sorry, I didn’t get your names?”

“I’m Lexi, and that’s Anaise” she pointed to the girl who called you anti-social. You weren’t you were just going through a tough time and was protecting your peace and vibes.

You nodded “We should probably head in, I want a drink”

They agreed with you and walked alongside you to the house party, the closer you got, the louder the music blared through the streets. Chris Brown, Indigo album was being played and you swayed to the music. Anaise had quickly made her way to the dance floor to be dance on by some dude and Kelsey went to go get you guys some drinks, leaving you and Lexi together.

“I’m sorry bout Anaise, she’s one of those types.”

“What types?”

“If you haven’t noticed she’s smaller than me and you, she lost her boyfriend to a girl like us, plus sized and curry, something she doesn’t have. She hates girls like us”

“Then why is she friends with you or the other way around”

“Family reasons, I’m stuck with her” Lexi sighed.

“I got drinks!” Kelsey yelled over the music handing you a cup. You took a sip letting the white liquor burn your throat.

This went on for hours, you stopped drinking after your first drink realizing that you had become a designated driver, Kelsey wasn’t drunk, but she was tipsy, and should is not driving you both home. Anaise was white girl wasted.

Lexi had become close with you as she didn’t want to come to the party either but didn’t want anything bad to happen to her friend. So, you both decided to lean on a nearby wall and keep an eye on your friends.

M’baku was now on an aircraft with Masego, T’challa and Raziya to your location. He had hoped you would still want to be with you after everything happened, if not he just had to convince you otherwise.

“M’baku, settle down, will get to her. In the meantime, you need to change” T’challa spoke.

“Why? you know how I feel about American clothing” He countered.

“You are heading to a place in America, it’s only appropriate.” Masego said.

“Fine, Fine, only this once”

“There are clothes for you to choose from in the bath, take your time” Raziya spoke

He nodded and entered the bathroom. He didn’t understand American clothing, and only wore it on occasions, like going to America for events, not when he is trying to win the love of his life back. He sighed and looked at his options. He settled for a pair of darks jeans and a black sweater and jacket combo. It felt like he was suffocating, but he was only going to be wearing it for a few hours’ tops.

“your highness, the aircraft has landed, Masego and I will be taking you to Y/N’s location and T’challa will be heading for to do your favor.” Raziya spoke.

He stepped out of the bathroom in a hurry “What are we waiting for let’s go.”

“You’re sure she’s here?” M’baku looked around at all the American bodies dancing on each other, he couldn’t believe you were here. You were his innocent little one. He knew you didn’t like parties and would rather be at home reading a book.

“Yes, I am sure, she must be inside” Masego spoke. He was able to get the engineers to track your phone and find you and this is where it led them. He watched M’baku make his way through the crowd to go inside, Two of the warriors followed him to make sure no harm was brought to him. Masego decided he and Raziya should stay outside incase you left before he got to you.

Anaise was having herself a good time when she spotted M’baku, he was just her type, but she didn’t realize she wasn’t his, she downed the rest of her drink before stalking over to him.

“Hi big daddy, want to dance?”  she purred running a finger down his chest.

He shivered not liking that he was being touch by here. “I am looking for someone, please move”

“Awe, why should I, I just want to dance.”

You had saw him as soon as he walked in and thought your eyes were deceiving you, but they weren’t when Anaise went up to him. Your blood was boiling, you weren’t jealous, more so angry and upset that he made you leave only to come back and probably find another girl to toy with and he was doing just that.

You turned to Lexi. “Hey, I’m going outside for a minute.”

She nodded and kept her eyes on Kelsey since she lost Anaise. You left the wall and headed outside, M’baku had spotted you and now was trying to go after you in hopes that you didn’t see this drunken girl throwing herself at him.

“Come on papa, lets dance” She turned her back to him and started to grind. That’s when Lajos and Valerian stepped in and moved her giving Baku time to run back outside. “OO you guys so strong” She purred

“And married “Lajos spoke as they set her down and left her standing there. She pouted and followed loosely behind them wanting to see this mystery girl he was looking for and was upset too see that he was gone from her sight line.

You had finally made it outside. You didn’t see Masego or Raziya standing there, but they did see you and definitely saw M’baku coming up behind you. You didn’t notice his presence until your name was called.


He stood behind you and you finally turned around to see him. Up-close you noticed the outfit and masked the slight smile. You were angry with him. His good looks and deep voice was not about to pull you in.

“What M’baku.”

“Little one, I am sorry” He reached for your hand, but you yanked it back. He was not getting the benefit of touching you, after no calls or explanations.

“What, you came all the way here just to tell me your married to my face?”

He shook his head. “I came all the way here for you my love.”

“I wasn’t your love when you told me to leave, or when that girl was dancing all over you. I wasn’t your love then!”

“It was either let you go or be exiled from my tribe sithandwa sam (my love)”

“Then why didn’t you just tell me that? Why didn’t you make me believe I wasn’t worthy enough to be loved by you” you bit your lip fighting back the tears. You were doing just fine before he showed up and now, he was bringing out the emotions you tucked away. He cupped your face in his hands and wiped away the tears with his thumbs, letting them stroke your cheek.

“I was afraid little one, I was afraid if I told you, you would leave me emotionally before I can fix it, I wanted to be able to win you back”

You held his wrist looking him in the eyes, his own tears threatening to spill, You noticed the emptiness within him, and you knew only you could fill it. Yet you were afraid to get your heart broken again and you didn’t want to go through that, not ever.

“How do I know this time is different M’baku? What makes now so different.”

He places his forehead on yours “This time, I can officially make you my queen, this time the council will accept you as Jabari, This time, I won’t let you leave Wakanda again. Come back to Jabari and live with me, you can finish your studies there.”

“I have family and school here, I didn’t get accepted to the program, I know you can’t wait that long for me”

“It has already been settled with T’challa that you will finish out your college career in Wakanda.”

“My Family”

“Will be moving to Wakanda with you, they will stay with us in the Palace, we have enough room, Just say yes.”

“Am I really going to be accepted this time around?”

“Yes, you will, For I will make sure of it”

You closed your eyes, you afraid to say yes, but something in your gut was telling you this time was different. This time he was serious, and he wasn’t leaving with out you. You opened your eyes back up and he was just watching you with hopeful eyes.

Instead of giving him a verbal answer, you just kissed him, missing the feel of his lips against yours, He kissed back hungrily holding you by the waist, your arms encircling his neck or well what you could reach, It seemed like he got taller since the last time you seen him.

“So that is a yes?” he hummed against your lips.

“Yes Baku it is” you giggled.

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PAIRING: M’baku + Black!Plus Sized!Reader

SUMMARY: Wakanda opens up its borders to international students to study abroad, you didn’t get accepted but M’baku pulls some strings.

WARNINGS: More fluffiness, I think I’m obsessed with it


A/N: So the Last part may or may not come tonight and I’ve thought revamping my page to included Erik and M’baku, I have way too many ideas for them separately and together. This may be a little rushed but its only four parts, I may do little side one shots, for this as well, we shall see.

Part 1 Part 2


“How’s it going with M’baku?” Tia asked

You grinned as you twisted the ring around your finger, any time his name was brought up, it brought a smile to your face.

“Pretty good” you looked down at the ring, looking at each detail of its carving. Whoever he had make it for you put a lot of time and detailing in it and made it fit your finger perfectly, This was your favorite gift you received aside from the bundles of journals you had stacked on your desk.

“I’m glad, you seem to come out of your room more because of him.”

This was true, but the main reason you come out of your room is to greet his delivery warriors. You recently learned that he has a specific warrior to travel back and forth with your gifts and you learned his name was Kayapo, He was the same age as you and honestly, he was considered a friend to you, but you would never tell M’baku that.

A knock came to the door, halting the conversation between you and her, you instantly knew who it was and opened it too greet Kayapo with a smile.

“Lady Y/N” Kayapo spoke as he entered your dorm bearing more gifts from M’baku

“Why the formalities Kayapo?” You questioned, leading him to the table to set down the abnormally large box down.

“Your highness has insisted that his followers, call you Lady Y/N as you are someone important to him”

You blushed at the thought of having the honor to have all the royal formalities, but you weren’t used to it and you knew if you try to stop it, M’baku himself would not have it. You looked at the box. Tia was in awe of how good Kayapo looked and you noticed with a smile. This was her first time seeing him as she was never around when you got delieveries.

“Let’s see what Baku sent this time.” You opened the large box with a smile, pushing back the flaps to see something brown and furry with a little red note, you picked up to read it”

‘Hello little one, The winter months are approaching, I hope this would be of use on the cold nights.’

Your brows furrowed as you pulled out the fur blanket, It was soft and instantly the warmth reminded you of his embrace. You held it close to your body. It was perfect and it would fit your bed nicely. You thanked Kayapo and sent him on his way so he can return before nightfall but not before sending him off with little american snacks you made him try and he seemed to love.

“It’s so pretty.” Tia said, slightly jealous that you had a man who treated you like his queen, spoiling you with love and gifts.

“It’s not enough though” you said softly, the blanket couldn’t replace the feel of his arms around you or the fact that he is a whole time zone away, yes you have phone calls and he sometimes make day visits, but you wanted to see him every day. The relationship was one-sided on your part, he makes all the effort, yet you don’t do much to ensure its successful.

“Have you thought about visiting him for Christmas break?”

You have, but you weren’t sure on how welcomed you would be to his tribe. He would want you there, but how would the women who wanted to be betrothed to him feel that an American girl has stolen his heart and didn’t really understand traditions. This was something you had to think about, and you had two weeks to decide.

The study abroad application process had ended, and you were unsure if you would get accepted or not, it was something you really wanted to do. Kelsey on the other hand was pushing you to spend Christmas break with your man, and if you slipped up, she was going to call him and tell him for you.

“Just go, you’re grown ass woman and shouldn’t have to tell your mom what you are doing” Kelsey scolded.

“But- “

“No buts, you finally have a man, who is breaking his traditions to be with you, and you playing, go and have fun.”

You sighed knowing it was no use to fight against her, and you knew she was right, here you are with a great man and you playing with his emotions and yours especially, you’re working yourself up for no reason, He didn’t care about the members of his tribe not liking you, It only mattered if he liked you.

M’baku on the other hand was having a stressful month, The harvest was coming to an end and he had to make sure his tribe would be well fed during the winter months. He was missing you way too much and it was starting to show to the warriors.

“M’baku, the harvest is coming to an end and elders are worried we may not have enough food to feed the tribe.” Masego his adviser spoke.

“Assure them that there will be enough food as the threat to our harvest has been resolved.” He spoke not paying any attention to him as he was imagining you here, sitting on throne, looking like the queen you are and deserved to be.

Masego nodded and excused himself, he noticed Lord’s shift in mood and wanted find a way to fix it as he was not only his adviser but also his younger brother. He made his way to the warriors headquarters in search of Kayapo. He located him patrolling the entrance of the palace


“Adviser.” He halted his movements and stood up straight.

“Lady Y/N, where does she stay?” He asked.


The semester had come to an end and you were still undecided about spending Christmas break with Baku, It was tempting, but you had a job and couldn’t miss any days at work. You were getting ready for a shift at target when a knock came to your door, your brows furrowed, you weren’t expecting company and Tia was out with her friends, so you wondered who it could be.

You opened the door to see and unidentified man and Kayapo. You rose a brow unsure of the reasoning of their visit.

“Lady Y/N, I am Masego, Lord M’baku’s brother and adviser may we come in?” he asked.

You looked to Kayapo who stood behind him, he smiled briefly assuring you it was okay, and no harm would be brought to you. You stepped to the side opening the door fully so he could come in. You watched him look around in interest. You study him closely. He was exactly like Baku, he had the height, but he didn’t have the massive bulk and muscles, he was more toned in the arms and that was probably because he was an adviser and not a warrior. He made Kayapo look like a giant.

“How can I help you Masego?”

“Lady Y/N, our lord has been in a mood lately and Kayapo has notified me that it has begun after he saw you last.”

You nodded, you didn’t think you would have that much of an affect on him. He probably missed you more than you can think. It would also explain the abundance of gifts you have been receiving lately.

“Kayapo has also notified me that your semester here has ended and you have a Christmas break of what four weeks?”

You mentally cursed Kayapo for telling your business, but you knew what was coming next.

“Lord M’baku would be grateful to have you in his presence for the time being and maybe is mood will shift.”

“I don’t know” you muttered softly.

“I’m not coming to you as his adviser, I’m coming to you as his brother, I would be internally grateful if you join us, otherwise we will suffer the wrath of his anger.”

You looked back at Kayapo, who you knew would be suffering the wrath of Baku’s anger not Masego, you felt bad that you had him distracted that much but also it made you smile. You looked from Kayapo back to Masego, you sighed.

“I have work, I- “

“Already covered Lady Y/N”

You chuckled, this man was persistent. You bite your lip “Does he know I’m coming?”

Masego smiled and shook his head with a smile, signaling that this was a surprise not only for the tribe but also for him and you hoped that he like surprises.

“Have a seat, I need to pack”

You rushed around the room throwing clothes and anything warm that could fit in the suitcases, while on face time with Kelsey. “So, you’re telling me his brother is asking you to go and you just up and said yes? Girl!?”

“I’m telling you this man, is like Baku’s adviser as well, then Kayapo is here to, I trust him, his brother not so much.”

“So, you’re wiling to go with a stranger to your man?”

You bit your lip, crazy right? You looked at the furs that covered your bed completely and smiled “If it means more time with him? Yeah.”

“Gone head girl and call me when you get there.”

You nodded and finished your packing, tugging your heavy suitcase and travel bag out the room. Kayapo quickly grabbed it from you, You honestly forgot that M’baku told you when you were in the presence of him or his warriors you weren’t allowed to touch or carry anything.

The more you thought about him, the more you got excited, the nerves hadn’t kicked in yet.

Masego showed you around the aircraft and where you could rest, This was your first time in a Wakandan style Aircraft and you were in awe, It was styled with a variety of things, but you noticed all the furs and all the gorilla figurines

“We should be arriving to Wakanda in a few hours, please get comfortable.”

You nodded and got comfortable on of the couches while the warriors piloted the aircraft. You were instantly distracted on your phone and watching the sunset. The calming of watching the sun set brought you to a quiet slumber, Masego watched you sleep peacefully as you curled up in a ball, he smiled and pulled to furs over your body. He now realized why his brother was so smitten with you.

The time you awoke from your peaceful nap, the aircraft had just landed, and warriors were outside greeting you with furs to keep you warm and to collect your luggage, However some of the female warriors held looks that questioned why you even came and who you were.

You instantly spotted the two warriors that accompanies Baku every time he visits you. You smiled, instantly feeling the relief that you knew some of the people here.

“Lady Y/N” Lajos bowed, You still weren’t sure about the bowing every time someone saw you, but you knew it was Baku’s doing.

“Lajos, and I will be escorting you to Lord himself, and your belongings will be taken to his quarters.”

You nodded and watched as some of the other warriors gather your things and went opposite ways of where you were going.

“You will be needing this” Masego spoke sliding some furs on your shoulders and fastening it at the collar and pulling the hood over your head.

You wondered why but understood when a wave of snow was hurled at the warriors, the breeze itself had you shivering, you looked at the direction of where came from and smiled when you saw a group of children taunting the warriors. It made you remember your childhood when you experienced snow for the first time.

“The children love to tease some of the warriors, as they know not to let them work in peace” Masego laughed, he himself remembered he and Baku taunting the warriors when they were as young as them and getting scolded by their baba.

You loved children and hoped to write children books specifically made for children of color that made them feel like the were atop of the world. Right now though you felt like you were on top of the world, this hike was killing you, and it got colder with each step. You regretted not wearing your sweats instead of the pair of jeans. You hoped you would get there faster.

“My lady, you seem to be still cold, did you need another set of furs?” Lajos spoke.

You nodded and let him remove his furs and put them on you, you wanted to protest but he declined saying he was used to the cold weather and he wanted you to be warm and also, he didn’t want to hear M’baku yell about why his lady was freezing. The palace was coming into view and you were in awe at the gorilla carved entrance, you returned Lajos his furs once inside the warm palace.

The palace was something out of a fairy tale, but your focus was more on seeing him, seeing him in his natural habitat, dressed in his traditional clothing, you knew he had a distaste for American clothing. As your eyes roamed the wood carved walls, some of the women inside were whispering to themselves. You knew they had never seen and American up close, an African American for that matter.

“M’baku is in his throne room, but I’m sure he would accept you gracefully. Follow me?’

You nodded and slid the hood off to see your surroundings better, you followed Masego to a set of double doors made of pure wood, you could see the hints of vibranium. On the other side of these doors was the man you’ve grown to love, and your nerves started to bubble up. What if he turned you away in front of his tribe and only wanted to love you in private?

“This is not acceptable!”

You jumped at the sound of him yelling, He was angry that the warriors couldn’t locate you, He was informed that you weren’t back home for break, or even at school, but you didn’t know that. He wanted to send gifts. You thought he was angry for other reasons.

“Where is she!” He shouted to whoever was in his sight line.

“is he talking about me?” You looked to Masego and he nodded, grimacing, he surely forgot that M’baku sends a shipment to you every Friday. “Go ahead, enter” He stood behind you not wanted to be butt of any more yelling. He knew he would never yell at you. 

You took a deep breath and slowly pushed the doors open, His back was turned but he senses where heightened when angry. His back was turned to you as he pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes. He wanted to know who had the audacity to interrupt his meeting.

“Who dares come in unannounced!”

You jumped taking your bottom lip between your teeth, the warriors were shocked to see you, but also were scared to gain his attention, He was agitated that he didn’t get a response and was turned around ready to yell at whoever it was, but stopped when his eyes landed on you, they softened, noticing your trembling figure.

“Little one” he held his hand out to you. You ignored the eyes on you and slowly made your way to him, he took your hand and pulled you into a warm hug. Your arms hugged his torso, you bit back the tears, It was really happening, you were really in Wakanda with the man of your dreams. His other hand waved of his warriors, it left only you two in the throne room. He tried to move back to look at you, but you just held him closer. He chuckled.

“Little one, I missed you too, but I want to see your face”

You looked up at him with a smile, He kissed your nose. “This is a surprise; how did you get here?”

“Masego and Kayapo, they think I’m the reason you are on a rampage.”

“Ah, my adviser and trusty delivery boy, no wondered we couldn’t find them or you. Nonetheless, I am glad to have you here.”

You noticed his mood shift, he wasn’t angry, he was content and maybe even happier. You enjoyed seeing him in his traditional wear. He sat on the throne behind him and pulled you on his lap. He beckoned for his warriors to come back in along with some of his female servants who were completely jealous.

“Lord M’baku, Lady Y/N” they all kneeled.

“You may stand” Your attention wasn’t on them as the women watched you, it more so focused on the large hand that found a place on your thigh, your fingers ran along his. However, he was more so focused on you and how you would be treated when not in his presence.

“Lady Y/N is my guest and will be treated with respect, If she wishes to travel, a warrior will accompany her at all times when I am not able to.” He turned to the opposite of the room where the ladies stood. He knew some of them personally as he grew up with them in the palace and he knew some had liked him, he shut that down the first time he saw you and he didn’t want you to be the butt of their rage and emotions.

“You will wait on her hand and foot, she should be treated as if she were my queen” Your eyes widened at the word Queen. Others were shocked as well.

“If she asks for it, she gets it and you will do it with no problems, and if I hear that any of you treated her wrongly you will face the consequences, understood?” He barked.

They all agreed before they were sent back to their duties, this was going to be and interesting trip for you.

The first week of being in Jabari gave you a little culture shock, and required a lot of adjusting too, Masego’s wife was a lot of help, Raziya. She was a sweet heart  She showed you around the palace, minus the rooms she didn’t have access to. She also enjoyed learning about your African American culture, and you enjoyed the stories of M’baku in his teen years.

She had become your best-friend, and you knew Kelsey would love her if the two ever met. You were enjoying her presence and a simply lunch of veggie wraps inside the kitchen. You heard little chatters.

“This woman is not Jabari, what will the elders think, I wonder if they had the first kiss yet, if so it signifies that she is indeed the future Queen, and will bear his children”

“This cannot happen, Iya was to betroth to Lord, but he cut all ties with her and for who this American who is not warrior built.”

“What will the council do once they learn of this situation.”

You couldn’t finish the food, you decided to excuse yourself and make your way elsewhere. Raziya noticed and glared at the women who finally looked her way and noticed her anger. M’baku was in love with you and she wasn’t going to let some jealous women ruin yours or his happiness. Tradition be damned its okay to break a few of them.

“Nothing, he is the King, his decisions are final, and it would be a shame for him to find out your talking so poorly of her and his decisions” Iya spoke. Raziya was stunned to see her coming from the shadows. She honestly forgot she was a help in the kitchen, she hadn’t seen her since M’baku cut all ties to women that were in line to be betroth to him.

“But, Iya, the elders have chosen you for him to- “

She held up her hand “For it does not matter what the elders want, but what he wants, and it is her, so I would advise you to refrain from speaking her name in vain so you won’t lose your job, what would your ancestors think? Hm.” Iya was indeed upset Lord ended things, but was happy nonetheless, she was able to marry her true love and bear his first child. She was content and was happy he was breaking some traditions.

Raziya had left long before Iya scolded them to search for you, she wasn’t sure where you would be and had to find you before Baku became suspicious, but that was short lived when he was standing in front of her.

“Raziya?” he questioned.

“Your highness”

“Where Is Y/N, I want to show her the gardens.”

“Uhm, uhm” she stuttered

He sighed, he didn’t want her roaming the palace alone in case she got lost. “You lost her, didn’t you?”

Raziya couldn’t tell him why she lost you, He would be angry, but knew if she didn’t, he would still be angry, so she told him about some of the servants talking down on you and his decisions which led to you wandering off on your own. M’baku sighed.

“I will find her, gather the staff and have them in the throne room in 30 minutes” He muttered, he knew you were like a little cat, quick on your toes and quiet like a mouse, it would take a while to find you, he checked the bed chambers, no you, the gardens, the warrior lounge where you seemed to go to speak with Kayapo. He was your friend, he recently found out, not fond of it, but he was happy you were bonding with his tribe. but you weren’t there, he checked the kitchens again. nope. He was running out of options, He decided to check one last place before calling his warriors to find you.

He watched you struggle to reach for a book on the top shelf and chuckled to himself. He eyed you down in the leggings and long blue sweater and the fur covered boots. He slowly stood behind you and reached his hand above you, grabbing the book.

“Hello little one”

“Hi Baku, can have the book please?”

He shook his head and set it behind him and sat on the desk. You frowned, you were interested in the book and not him at the moment. He pulled you in between his broad thighs, large hands holding your waist.

“Baku” You whined reaching for the book.

“My love, Raziya has told me what you heard. Tell me, are you okay”?

You nodded “I’m fine, can I continue the book please, you know I am in library heaven.”

He chuckled and gave you the book watching your eyes light in excitement. He enjoyed seeing you smile, you instantly turned around and leaned against his chest to read the book. His chin placed in shoulder, his hands slid up your shirt and rubbed the bare skin. You were comfortable and didn’t want him to move.

“Come little one, I have matters to tend to and I want you beside me.” Moving you forward so he can stand. You frowned, sad you had to leave library heaven. You kept the book in hand as he held your other one leading you to the throne room. He currently had a new throne being created to fit both of you as he didn’t want you not near him.

Entering the throne room, the staff stood, He sat you in his throne and it was way to big for you, you easily crossed your legs and continued the book, He noticed you were content, and turned his attention to the staff before.

“I was informed that some of you have been talking down on my queen, and my decisions as king. Can one explain why?”

You looked up from a page in the book and turned your head to the side.He loved calling you his Queen, you didn’t stop him, you liked how it rolled off his tongue

“My king, we do not mean to disrespect you as king, its just tradition, does not call for a non-Jabari member to reign on your side.”

“Traditions can be broken, and I chose to break this particular tradition, she is still African at heart just born in America.”

“Yes, your highness,” she stood down.

“Any other problems with my decisions?”

The room was quiet as you silently watched him be king, but your focus was also focused on his arms and the veins that where showing, His voice deepening had you clenching your thighs together. Raziya noticed your state and smirked.

“If no objections, you will be reduced to working for and providing for the warriors, and I will be looking for a new staff to personally help me and my love, you are dismissed.” He waved them off and turned to you. Raziya made sure everyone left before following behind.

“Little one, you seem too comfortable there” He smiled lifting you with ease to sit himself down, placing you in his lap. You grinned liking this position, you closed the book, bookmarking the page you were on and gave him all your attention.

“This position is more comfortable” His hand rubbed your thigh, enjoying the position as well, you leaned forward, wanting to kiss him and something inside you gave the confidence to initiate the first move.

He moved back, causing you to frown thinking you did something wrong. “Little one, it’s not that I don’t want to kiss you, cause surely I do, but traditions, call that once the first kiss is given, you are officially in a relationship and plan to marry in the future.”

“Traditions are made to be broken, No?” you looked at him in curiosity. He smiled and pinched your chin between his fingers.

“Once, I do, there is no going back, once you kiss me you- “

You pressed your lips against his, they were soft and molded perfectly with yours, you kissed him cause he was talking to much, His hand cupped your neck taking your lower lip between his sucking on it softly. You waited to damn long to kiss him and you’d be damned if you leave without a kiss. You pulled away and your foreheads touched, he rubbed your cheek with a smile.


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Pre-Read: M’Baku chooses to indulge in the mysterious arts and intimate healing offered by Queen Jacinda of the Rain tribe.

Suggested Listening: “Black Love” by Masego or “Summertime Magic” by Childish Gambino 

Part 1: Queen Things  and Part 2: Body Work  and Part 3: The Spell is suggested pre-reading (or start in the middle…up to you.)

Jacinda suddenly awoke in her chambers. She ached for the touch of a man. It had been so long since she and the maidens enjoyed the touch of warriors. She knew that all around, her handmaidens were having fun with the Jabari. 

They were practicing on them, but being very careful not to use any artistic musings to make them forget their responsibilities. Sometimes the outside world described her as a Wakandan Siren. She had the power but didn’t need to use it. Men were easy for her.


M’Baku had been surprisingly easy to get into. The way he responded when she touched him made her cheeks feel warm and her eyes twinkle. 

She was looking forward to tonight. She had worked his body, then his mind, and he had unleashed her inner temptress. After she tiptoed out of his cabin last night, he had visited her in her dreams -silent, but present. In her dream, he had hugged her tightly and she could almost feel the warmth of his body on hers.

Beyond the pain she had relieved him of, M’Baku unleashed her fantasies. When she inter-laced her body with his and their heart and mind chakras were aligned she felt their spirits intertwine. Then, she felt a desire in her body to take him. It had happened to her before, but not in a way where she could feel his aura this strongly. As a healer, she could usually bury her urges, but not around this man.

M’Baku brought a bad-boy reputation. He was a Jabari man who liked his women curvy, fancy, and dainty. He was a warrior on the battlefield and could populate entire countries if he wanted to, just based on his prowess. Despite all the attention, he had not taken a Queen. He had concubines, but not one he considered an equal or someone to be his companion. She was not looking to be a concubine…queen only, she told herself. “Don’t conquer him, he can’t handle it,” she told herself.


M’Baku awoke on the other side of the gardens. He was still in his white pants. He slowly recalled the ritual of last night and felt a tingle throughout his entire body. Some lingering scented smoke was still in the air. His normal neck and back pain were gone and he stretched and yawned. As he rubbed his rippled stomach, he felt amazing. He hadn’t been with one (or multiple) women last night, so this feeling was very new. 


M’Baku breathed in clarity…a breath as pure as the scent of an afternoon rain shower. As he arose, he remembered the soft, supple curves on Jacinda, his healer. He had a semi-erotic memory of her, but they hadn’t been intimate. He couldn’t recall being this tempted. Was she in a sheer robe last night? Were there candles? What exactly happened? He tried to brush away any inappropriate thoughts. 

At that moment, a door opened. Two more beautiful maidens in long robes bowed to him. “No need,” he said, with a smile, implying that they were there to fulfill his lustful desires. We are here for your daily exercise. Of the clean sort. Our track is open and we invite you to run and spar with your tribesmen today.

M’Baku enjoyed his day of activity. He had the chance to spar with his tribesmen. They all seemed to be in a similar state of joy, but not in a way that betrayed their vows to their wives. It was a great day. Nothing beat Jabari sparring. He was grateful that Jacinda ensured they had time for recreation. His tribesmen noted that M’Baku had a new glow and youthfulness. “What have you been up to, Lord M’Baku?”

“Nothing, just some new rituals and my thoughts”

“Ok” they nodded jokingly…


After a few hours, a maiden approached Lord M’Baku. “The Queen requests you join her for dinner.” Please pick the robe of your choice. M’Baku’s smile grew very wide. “I would be honored.” 

After several more laps in the pool, M’Baku returned to his chambers to get ready for dinner. He was famished and had lost a few pounds in his stay, simply from taking time to savor each meal. He was feeling like his old self again.

He changed, oiled his body, and prepared for dinner. As he walked to Jacinda’s private quarters, he was amazed at the gorgeous view leading to her chambers. He walked confidently to her small house, remembering the intimacy of last night. His walk had some extra bounce in anticipation of seeing her. He remembered her shape in the sheer robe of the last night and his breath became shallow and his shoulders briefly tensed. He wondered what the mystical woman had in store for him tonight. 

When he reached her house, she had a spread of fruits and vegetables arrayed for his health. He was pleased with her thoughtfulness and smiled at her with appreciation. Her house smelled of the finest blend of scents and he felt strangely enticed. ‘A man could stay here forever,’ he thought to himself. 

“Please partake, as you wish,” a sultry voice said. Jacinda appeared from behind a wall in the expansive kitchen. “I hope you are enjoying yourself on this journey so far.” M’Baku looked at her hungrily. His eyes betrayed his lust for her as he bit his lip.


He was curious about her and the other elements she had in store for him that evening. She joined him in a floor-length robe that was linen, but slightly sheer. His eyes widened, but he looked at the floor to not stare. 

As she grabbed her plate of mangoes, pineapple, and light vegetables, she sat next to M’Baku, nibbling on each one with her luscious full lips, the juices of the mango dripping down her chin. “Oh, I’m sorry.” M’Baku was properly enticed. 

“How do you feel, Lord M’Baku”? “I feel so good, M’Baku said. I’m almost back to my old self. “Are you sure?” she asked. “Of course,” his voice rumbled. “I think you are still able to be tempted, my king. 

‘I can resist any temptation.” he said. I’m mentally strong.”

She laughed gently and not mockingly, but it wasn’t her first time hearing the bravado of kings. She dismissed it with the flick of her hand.

She took his hand in hers. She closed her eyes and he recoiled from a shock. “What did you do?” M’Baku asked. Jacinda said, “I have a hotline to the ancestors and the Orishas.” My healing powers are part Vibranium, but also something I was born with. It’s why you can’t control yourself around me. Maybe I am a part goddess,” she shrugged.

M’Baku felt a warm sensation begin in his cheeks and course through his body. He sudden desire to conquer this goddess/healer/woman was uncontrollable. She left and came back in another sheer robe. It was too much for M’Baku. “I have to have you, Jacinda.” “Was it the mango,?” she said. 

He didn’t answer, but picked her up again and pressed her against the wall. “What have you done to me? It may have been a spell pushing you to take what is rightfully yours.”

“Is this rightfully mine”? he growled at her.

“My king. only you know the answer.” she purred back

“What about now”? he said, pushing her closer.

“Perhaps,” she said with a flirty smile

“Is this mine?” he asked, putting a hand between her legs.”

“That’s the entryway to heaven,” she said, with a broad smile.

He kissed her, hungrily, passionately, and deeply. He couldn’t understand why his hunger for her was so desperate and so sudden. It was like he had never been with a woman before and he couldn’t control his urges. He heard a voice say, “join with me” in a whispery tone in his ear. 

She was so warm and soft beneath his hard body. He felt like he was holding the softest air in his hands as Jacinda squirmed playfully beneath him. 

Suddenly, he felt intoxicated as she kissed him back. Instead of his usual need to conquer, he left something different. He felt as if she inhaled him. She was a mistress of the dark arts and sexual healing was clearly one of her skills.

She took his hand and led him to her private quarters. He saw a giant bed, a small warm tub, and balcony. “Join me,” she said, beckoning him with her outstretched hand.

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Headcannon: The reader tries to avoid M’baku after a wild night 💋

Avoiding M’baku after getting down and dirty with him includes:

 -The giant being so hurt because he thought that you felt the same connection, he felt during the nasty love making

 -You having felt the same connection, but your fear of getting your heart broken again got the best of you so you slipped back into your clothes and yeeted yourself out of the palace the second the sun came up

 -M’baku leaving you tons of text messages, asking if he did something wrong and calling you

 -You not reacting to his text messages and calls because you’re not sure if he’s being serious

 -You making sure that no one knew about your hookup with him because you have to sort your feelings out

 -M’baku then appearing at your doorsteps but you avoiding him, not even wanting to open the door because you’ve realized that you want to be with him but don’t know if he wants the same thing

 -Him then snapping and appearing in the middle of a morning walk, pulling you to a quiet corner and confronting you

 -“Why are you avoiding me [Y/N]? Did I do something that hurt your feelings?”

 -You not being able to look him in the eyes because you realized that you really were acting rude

 -“I like you [Y/N] and I am not one of those people who fuck and then leave you. We only had one night together but it didn’t feel like a meaningless hookup. I want to get to know all of you and be with you”

 -M’baku’s confession making your heart flutter in your chest as you didn’t know that he felt that wat

 -Now you’re feeling stupid for having avoided him instead of straight up asking him how he felt about you

 -“I-I feel the same way” is all you’re able to say before he smashes his luscious lips against yours, whispering how much he missed you while wrapping his strong arms around your thick waist


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-Emmanuelle 💋❤️

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Headcannon: M’baku giving his nerdy BFF a makeover and then gets jealous of how other giys react to her & then the relationship blossoms into something more.

Getting a makeover from M’baku includes:

  -Him making sure that you’re comfortable with everything he wants to “spice up”

 -Him hyping you up as you look even more beautiful than before, already knowing that you’ll love your new look and wardrobe

 -You loving the new look and wardrobe, feeling your confidence shoot through the roof. You feel ready to conquer the dating world and see what’s in store for you

 -You and M’baku then spending less and less time with each other because so many people are asking and taking you out on dates with the hopes of getting together with you

 -M’baku getting low key jealous and constantly having an attitude when you meet up to hang out

 -Your phone constantly blowing up and only adding more bitterness to his attitude because he wants to have all of your attention

 -The two of you fighting, you not realizing that your best friend has fallen in love with you and can’t stand the thought of someone else being lucky enough to call you theirs

 -M’baku surprising you while you’re in the middle of another date, he just walks up to you and starts confessing his love for you, not caring about the death glares he’s getting from your date

 -You surprising yourself by smashing your lips against M’baku’s, your body tingling in joy and happiness while he picks you up and carries you away from your date

 -The two of you spending the rest of the day together, talking laughing and kissing like crazy before he surprises you a romantic dinner that ends with some passionate and rough love making


Tag list: @jamesbarnesappreciationsociety  l @pleasantdreamqueen l @disneymarina l @koizorahana l l @harleycativy l @itik-angsa l @sparklemichele l @melaninmarvel l @amethyst09 l @the-force-of-imagines l @bossyboyd03 l @enigmaticaphrodite l @pebblesz892 l @stars8melanin l @brittyevans l @toc1985 l @janeyboo l @badassbaker l @earthtocynthia l @lafayettes-baguettes-1 l @winters-beauty l @cannonindeez  l @ilovefanfic86 l @foureyedsiopao l @adorablespecialsnowflakes l @brittanyovens l @kanupps06 l @jazmynejack l @oliviajmarvel l @thebookwormslytherin l @theunsweetenedtruth l @talannalew l @littlexmissxfandomxlover l @amethyst-dreams-and-candy-canes l @dedebebe13 l @challaxkillmonger l @crimsonash330 l @booklover2929 l @aranelgrey l @panda-duuu l @thisismysecrethappyplace l @killmonsgyal l @lokislilcaribbeanprincess l @titty-teetee l @honey-anon l @queenxchallaxkillamonger l @princess-evans-addict l @hp-hogwartsexpress l @malindacath l @supernaturaltrashy l @letsdisneythings l @scorpionchild81 l @shado-raven l @chaneajoyyy

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A/N: Hi guys! It’s been a minute. I’ve been sitting on this fic for a long time. I wanted to revisit the AU and just do something fun. It was an idea I had bouncing in my head about what if the reader and M’Baku could feel one another’s longing. Enjoy. The reader is black and plussized as always.

Warnings: Smut, smut, smut. Aftercare

M’Baku groaned as someone else walked into his office to discuss another seemingly pressing matter. He watched as they rambled to him about something he tried to deal with a month ago but, the situation kept rearing its ugly head. After he gave his advice and the council member left, M’Baku let his chin drop to his chest as he wondered what you were doing at this moment.

You gasped as one of the elders yanked your arm, pulling you to look at something. Your day had an early start and it seemed to be dragging for a long time. It was well past lunchtime and the only break you had was to feed Tuma. You were tired and hoped you get a nap in at some point today but, your Chieftess duties kept you on your toes.

After you and M’Baku’s honeymoon, you had been submerged in tasks for the Jabari. Sometimes, you had to be left to run everything while M’Baku went to the Golden City to help T’Challa on various things. You both had been tired for weeks. Usually, you’d both would go to bed and wake up at the same time. Recently had been the opposite. By the time M’Baku made it to your room, you were fast asleep and when you woke up, he was gone for the morning. Sometimes, you’d see each other in passing through the halls and you couldn’t remember when you last had dinner together.

You missed the warm feeling you gave each other. You only got it when you thought about each other. How could you go so long without each other? Though that was often, it was nothing compared to actually being together. You missed all of it. No soft kisses, no longing hugs, no words of admiration and definitely no lovemaking.

You had been so deprived of each other that you were sure you’d fall apart in M’Baku’s arms after just one kiss. You wanted a day to be in bed with him. Just lounging around, barely dressed and not having to worry about attending to anything in the village. Just you and him, pretending like you were the only two in the world at the time.

M’Baku grumbled as he sat back in his chair after an impromptu meeting with two elders. He bidded them a good day. He found himself thinking of you again and instantly there was a warmth in his chest. He closed his eyes for a moment, biting his lip. He envisioned you underneath him and arms wrapped around him. He wanted to hear his name on your lips. He wanted to bury deep inside you that he wasn’t sure he’d come out. M’Baku wanted you on top of him, your hips gliding against his. He wanted to massage your breasts and be the reason you’d wake up disheveled the next day. He wanted you in every position he could put you in.

You whimpered, clutching your thighs. You felt this pool forming in your core. You felt this urge that you knew was coming from M’Baku. Like an animal, you wanted to seek him out and display yourself for him. You couldn’t concentrate anymore as you sat down as one of the female elders rambled. You had a mighty need for your husband.

“Alright Lady Y/N. I think we’re done for the day.” The elder said.

Your ears perked up and suddenly she had your attention again. “Yes?”

“Yes, madam. Thank you for your patience with me today.” She said.

“Oh, no. Thank you.” You said as you escorted her out. You watched her walk down the hallway. You waved one of your maidens toward you. “If anyone asks, I’m not available for the rest of the day. No exceptions.”

The young girl nodded. You quickly took off, your dress whipping around you as you made your way to M’Baku’s office. Your need got greater and the heat in your chest seemed to drop to your lower stomach. You couldn’t walk fast enough to get to the double doors.

M’Baku’s head dropped back as he palmed himself through his skirt. He bit his lip but, jolted up. He was ready to be embarrassed but, found himself surprised as you walked in. You immediately shut the doors before going to his desk. He leaned forward, kissing you and cupping your face. You moved one of the chairs out of the way, getting on top of the desk. You placed your hands on M’Baku’s chest as you settled on your heels.

M’Baku broke the kiss to fumble with his belt. You swung your legs over, pulling up your dress and struggling to get your panties off. “I need you.” You said. “We need to make this quick.”

“Oh, but I want to savor this.” He said. M’Baku grabbed the back of your knees. You were already so wet for him. He hummed as he lapped at your folds. You let out a hushed moan as he circled your clit.

“M’Baku, I need you.” You said. M’Baku quickly came up his member free. He stroked himself twice before sliding inside you. You both fought not to grunt. M’Baku laid you on his desk as he slowly started to stroke. You kissed him as you wrapped your legs around him.

You began to hear knocking on the door. “Lord M’Baku, sir. May I speak with you for a moment?” an elder said.

M’Baku mouthed a curse as he slowed his movements. “Busy.” He said.

“M’Baku, keep going.” You whispered.

“Sir?” they said again knocking on the door.

“Come back later.” He said as he tried picking up the pace. You gave out a breathy moan. M’Baku tried to hush you as his member dragged along your walls.

“Sir, I believe we could take care of this now.” They said.

M’Baku growled both at the elder and the pleasure he was getting from being inside you. The elder began to knock again. “It has to wait!” M’Baku said. He leaned in kissing you before having to pull away.

“Lord M’Baku, it’s a tad urgent.” They said.

You grimaced as you tried to keep M’Baku focused on you. Their knocking persisted and with a shaking of the door handle, M’Baku was prompted to slide out of you. You gasped as you pulled off the desk. Your dress fell over your legs and M’Baku fixed his clothing. He picked your panties off the floor, putting them in a nearby drawer. The elder opened the door and began to step in. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know the Chieftess was in.”

“You were asked to wait.” You said with a snarl.

“My apologies but, I need to speak with the Chief. I’m afraid it’s important.” They said. M’Baku took a deep breath. A hand touched the small of your back as he kissed your forehead. You looked at him, still wanting for him. The affectionate gesture did nothing to quell any of your desires.

“I’ll be sure to get in early tonight, my love.” He said. You didn’t want to leave the office but, the look in his eye and this wanting feeling told you all you needed to know.

You leaned up to give a kiss to M’Baku that went a tad bit longer than intended. As you left the room, giving a glare to the elder before shutting the doors behind you.

M’Baku walked out of the throne room where the last meeting of the day was held with Kaseko giving him updates. “And that’s all.”

“Good. Do me a favor. Pass a message along. I and my wife are not to be disturbed at all tonight. Unless it is an extreme emergency, no one and absolutely no one should come by our chambers tonight.” He said in a stern voice.

Kaseko chuckled. “Sure, brother.”

M’Baku turned the corner to get your room and found the doors closed. He opened them slowly and found you on the bed, completely naked. M’Baku shut the doors behind him as he marveled at you. You laid across the bed, your eyes enticing him. He shed each article of clothing as he got further into the room, not breaking eye contact from you.

“I intend to finish what I started.” He said. M’Baku was left in his shorts. You sat on your knees to meet him. He immediately pulled you into a kiss. You moaned in his mouth as his hands gripped your ass. He pulled away. “And I intend to take my time. We are going to make up for all the lost moments.”

You gasped as M’Baku forced your down. Your legs automatically spread for him as he leaned on the bed. You watched him, biting your lip. You moaned as M’Baku’s tongue made a long drag against you. You clutched the sheets as M’Baku flicked and sucked tenderly on your clit. M’Baku hummed into you, making you gasp.

“M’Baku!” you moaned.

“I know you’ve needed me, yam ivu.” He said. “I’ve needed you, too.” Your eyes fluttered as his tongue explored your folds. Your fingers pulled on his hair, pushing his face into you. His hands gripped your thighs like a hungry man gripped a plate of food. You yelped as you felt a finger creep inside you. It curved and hooked, grazing your g-spot. M’Baku pumped his finger in and out of you. You began to squirm, your back arching as you twisted. M’Baku planted wet kisses on your clit as he looked up at you. Your walls clenched and squeezed around his thick digit as you felt your undoing. You shuddered as you came. M’Baku pulled away but, kept your lips spread to see his good work.

Your arms wrapped around M’Baku’s neck as he got on top of you. You hummed as you brought into a kiss. You wrapped your legs around him as your hands roamed his chest. “I need you inside me.” You moaned. “Please, M’Baku.”

“My wife never has to beg.” He said. M’Baku prepared to enter you until there was a knock at the door. His nostrils flared as he looked up. He got off you, fishing his shorts from the floor and messily, putting them on, but his erection was very much prominent through the thin fabric.

The guard stood at the door and was startled when it opened so violently. His eyes widened at the look on his Lord’s face. M’Baku’s eyes had frustration in them, his jaw clenched and his breath heavy. The guard’s eyes traveled down and his face grew warm as M’Baku’s shorts left little to the imagination.

“Sir, I’m sorry.” The guard said.

“I’m trying to please my wife. Something I haven’t done in a long time. She has been without me for too long and vice versa. Now you come to our chambers and interrupt us? Even after the order was given for us to not be disturbed. You’d have me leave my wife and fail at my duties as a husband? Why are you here?” M’Baku said.

“Sir, I was just…” he started.

“Leaving.” M’Baku said.

The guard nodded leaving from the doorway and bidded the other guards standing watch a good night. You crept up behind M’Baku as he shut the door. He whipped around and picked you up. M’Baku walked you from the door and back to the bed.

You brought him into a kiss as you pushed his shorts down. M’Baku wrapped your legs around him before sliding inside you. You moaned in his mouth as he started to stroke inside you. You wanted to mesh into the covers as M’Baku rolled his hips into you.

M’Baku kissed along your neck, whispering in your ear. You scratched along his back making him hiss. Your walls clenched around him, spasmodically. “M’Baku, I’ve missed you.” You said in between moans.

“I know, yam ivu. We have all night.” He said.

Both of you moaned and cried through M’Baku’s strokes. You fixated your sight on the ceiling as M’Baku clutched the sheets as he plowed into you. You were left to do nothing but hold on. Your walls squeezed around him and soon you were shuddering. “M’Baku, I’m about to cum.” You cried.

“For me, my love. Cum for me.” He groaned. You bit your lip and a muffled scream let you as you came. M’Baku continued to stroke, his own member twitching. You gave high pitched squeaks as M’Baku’s hips were beating against you. M’Baku went stiff as he shot inside you.

You kept M’Baku on top of you for a moment as you both came down. M’Baku sat up, pulling out of you. His member coated in the product of the both of you. You rolled on your side, trying to collect yourself. M’Baku cupped your face to kiss you. You pulled away, a slight giggle leaving your lips.

“I said, we had all night, my love.” M’Baku hummed. “And I meant it.”

You screamed as you pushed your face into the mattress. You didn’t understand why you didn’t believe M’Baku when he said all night. You lost count of the number of orgasms you had and you had no idea what time it was. All you knew was that M’Baku was draining you while draining himself. You had no idea what time it was. You grunted as M’Baku held your hips up as he plowed into you. You could easily hear the squish as he entered and pulled out of you.

“M’Baku, fuck.” You cried.

His response was a groan that sounded like it belonged to an animal. Your eyes rolled the back of your head as he reached around, drawing circles on your clit. Your feet curled and you started to lose the arch in your back. M’Baku paused, pressing a hand down on the small of your back. You whimpered, regaining your form and letting him plow into you.

M’Baku’s head lifted to the ceiling. You groaned and gasped as you felt the pressure tightening in your stomach. Your legs spasmed and you gripped the blanket so hard, you’d tear it. You screamed as you came. M’Baku collapsed on top of you as he came. He kissed your shoulder as you came out to be a whining mess. You were both coated in cum and sweat. M’Baku felt that you were weak. You needed rest.

M’Baku pulled out of you and quickly ran you a warm bath added salts for relaxation and fragrance, plus something to take the soreness away. He came back to retrieve you. You tried to stand yourself but, your legs gave out, letting you drop. M’Baku caught you with a chuckle.

“Don’t laugh.” You whined jokily.

“It’s fine, yam ivu.” He said. M’Baku lifted you up and carried you to the bath, setting you in and getting in behind you. You rested your head on his chest, slouching a bit. M’Baku used the sponge to clean you off and you returned the favor, twist to help him bathe. Your eyes were low with lust and exhaustion. The warmth that resonated in you both seemed to be stuck.

M’Baku laid you on the bed, draping the blankets over you. He cuddled in next to you. You found the energy to push yourself against him. Sleep came easy as your eyes closed once.

You stirred as there was a knock on the door. M’Baku opened his eyes and gave an exasperated groan. You both waited and there was a knock again. “Let’s keep pretending, yam ivu.” He said.

“M’Baku, just answer it.” You said.

M’Baku growled as he struggled to get out of the bed. He pulled shorts from the drawer, hurriedly putting them on. The knock hit the door again. “Alright! Alright, damn it.” He said. M’Baku shuffled to the door. He opened it a tad, careful to not show you. “Yes?”

“Good morning, sir.” The aide said. “I was sent to tell you that council has canceled for the day and there is nothing else on your schedule today.”

M’Baku fought to not smile. “So nothing at this time?”

“No, Lord M’Baku.” The aide said. He looked over his shoulder at you. You both smiled at each other. There was tickle in your chest, mischief and whimsy.

“Do us two favors. Send for my son and have him brought to us. Tell the kitchen we’ll be having breakfast in here for the morning.” M’Baku said.

“As you wish.” The aide said, bowing and leaving.

M’Baku shut the door and dashed over to the bed. You laughed as M’Baku jumped on the bed and on top of you, kissing your forehead. “M’Baku, stop.” You laughed as he kissed your neck.

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|| Characters || Intro || Ch 1 || Ch 2 || Ch 3

A/N: Hey everybody!! So here’s the next installment of Brown Sugah Baby. The events in this story are complete imagination, and I don’t own the characters of BP. Nor do I own the Divine Nine; Southern University or the Fabulous Dancing Dolls, I only own the OCs. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more!

Word Count: 2,506 [had to get in the details hunny]

Warnings: nothing really besides harsh banter.

Tag Squad: @maddiestundentwritergaines || @destinio1 (I need extra help so gotta tag my girls) @designerwriterchic @terrablaze514

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I Wouldn’t Mind

M'Baku x Black PlusSized Reader

Another #supersizedfic short. In an AU where the reader is a healer and M'Baku is trying to catch her eye. Enjoy!


The double doors of the master bathroom were opened wide. Allowing heat to flow from the bedroom into the spacious area. Sharp inhales filled the air as the Jabari royal winced. His large hands rested on either side of tub, holding onto the edge as he was submerged into the warm water. Filled with calming salts and healing flower petals. You chuckled as M'Baku groaned from the alcohol you dabbed on his wound.

“I’m sorry, my Lord, but I had to disinfect the area..” You giggled lightly, rubbing a small amount of a healing herbal ointment onto the gash that adorned the right cheek of his face. “Was today not meant for rest?” You rose an eyebrow, teasingly. He gave a small smile, chuckling as you tended to the cut on his shoulder.

“Eh. It is, but you know how stubborn I can be.” He relaxed against the tub, laying his head back and closing his eyes. He was right about that. The man was as stubborn as a mule, aside from the occasional moments with you.

Though you were his personal healer, he’d yearned for a deeper relationship.

You sat the wooden bowl of ointment aside, moving to grab a sponge. Your steps were soft against the tiled floors, yet he’d heard them. He turned his head to watch the switch of your hips, his head still resting against the tub. A lazy smirk in his lips. When you turned back to him, a sponge in hand, you caught his gaze.

“What?” You chuckled as you walked back to the tub, gifting him a smile. The small trail of your dress dragging behind you. He licked his lips as you’d gathered the dress up enough that you could rest on your knees at the tub’s side. The water sounded through the room as you dunked the sponge into the bath.

“Can I not take the time to admire the beauty that Hanuman is so gracious to allow me to witness?” His soothing voice spoke in his native tongue. The dampness of his fingertips tainted your skin, caressing along your jaw. “I thank him for you everyday..”

You found yourself smiling shyly, focusing on washing away the impurities of the outside world from his skin. Thanking him softly. He chuckled as you focused on cleaning him, feeling the gentle scrub you were giving him.

“Have I made my sweet chieftess nervous?” He ignored the dwindling ache of his side, focusing on the features of your face. Every curve and detail. “There’s no need to be shy with me, my love.”

“There’s those sweet names again..” You chuckled, sparing him a glance. “You’re very persistent, you know..” Amusement dripped from your words, making him grin. You stood from your knees, ringing the sponge free of soap and water.

Turning away to put the sponge in its appropriate place, you listened to him laugh. Full and genuine. “There’s nothing wrong with having a little hope, usana..” The swishing around of water sounded with his words. If you turned to him now, you’d be met by him in all his glory. “Maybe one day you’ll awaken and open your eyes to see my charm un-resisting. Possibly even allow me to treat you to a proper date, and treat you as the queen you are.”

You couldn’t help the smirk that teased your lips. “That isn’t the problem at all, my Lord. I am very aware that you are quite the charmer.” Looking over your shoulder, you watched as he secured his towel. Though it didn’t hide the print of him against the cotton towel, not that you didn’t enjoy the sight. “But I am not one for being in the public eye. And you sir, are very to the public.”

He took a slow stride to reach you, licking his lips once again. You turned to him fully as he looked down at you. Water droplets rolling down his chest and arms. “You need not worry of the public eye..” Before you could protest, he’d engulfed you in a hug. “..they have no say so in my love life.” His muscular arms held you close in a bear hug.

“Bakuu..” You groaned playfully, rolling your eyes as you laid your head on his chest. Giving in to his affection, as you often did. “You’re getting me and my clothes wet. I can’t walk around like this. What will everyone think?” Workers of the palace already suspected that the royal had taken liking to you. Bringing about assumptions of a relationship between you and M'Baku.

He buried his nose into your coils, smiling as he spoke. Taking in the faint scent of the oils he’d imprinted into memory. “I’ll send your clothes off to be tended to and you can lounge with me and wear one of my sweaters until they’re finished.” He pressed a kiss to your forehead. “& Let them think what they choose, usana. Though I wouldn’t mind having you as mine..”


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We are getting extra Wakandan stories today. (You’re welcome). I had not planned on doing any Valentine Day themed fics as A. I didn’t know if I’d have any ideas and more importantly B. If I felt like writing them but apparently it worked itself out.

This is the first one is an M’Baku themed Valentine which is a two parter followed by an T’Challa Valentine’s themed oneshot. No, I don’t have any Erik themed Valentines because honestly, everyday is Valentine’s around here for him. Lol

I actually started this story late last week and I didn’t even plan to finish it as I had no idea where this came from as it started with looking at something I saw on Tumblr. 

At first I didn’t know if I particularly like this story until I kept going. Plus, it’s M’baku, we know we need more M’Baku and T’Challa fanfics. So now I rather like this two-parter….especially the 2nd part….

So without further ado….

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Part 2

Ever since M'Baku announced that you two were celebrating Valentine’s Day, he went into stealth mode. You saw him frequently directing and whispering to those in confidence around him and you left him to it. You figured you’d stay out his way while he planned whatever he was planning.

The night before Valentine’s Day, M'Baku was all smiles, grinning all over his self. You teased him and asked him what he had planned. He only bopped you on the nose before promptly turning over to go to sleep. You muttered before turning over back to him but you couldn’t help the excitement that blossomed in your heart. 

After all this was your first time celebrating Valentine’s…..

The next morning, M'Baku was positively glowing and that’s when it started and continued throughout the day. There were extra kisses, lingering touches and gazes that made your heart flutter.  It made you feel like a little schoolgirl with a crush. You were beginning to see what you missed out on by not telling him about Valentine’s Day. Business continued as usual in JabariLand but the closer it got to evening the more excited you became.  

Dinner was a private affair that evening, where the touches and gazes continued longer this time. You couldn’t help but to gush finding it hard to keep M'Baku’s smoldering gaze. Until finally as the last of the food was finished, he stood up and came around to your chair. He leaned on the back of it, his palms resting on the armrests. He kissed you on the cheek, his lips lingering. You felt your temperature rise.

“Ife mi, I expect you in our bedroom any time after 8 o'clock. Not one moment sooner. Do you understand?”

His voice was husky and low and all you could do was nod as words got stuck in your throat.

He kissed you on the cheek again, “Good girl.”

And then he was gone.

And it was only a little after 7.

You had a whole hour to kill. You killed it in the library although you found that you couldn’t even see the words on the page. Your mind was elsewhere wondering what he was planning. 

You giggled.

Eventually you wandered into the bedroom at 8:15, giving M'Baku an extra 15 minutes. And this was only because you found you didn’t want to wait any longer.  

You poked your head in and hooted like an owl. No sound returned to you so you eased into the room.

“M'Baaaaku?” you sung.

You meandered into the room, shutting the door behind you softly. You had barely taken three steps before you got a whiff of something. You turned. It seemed like it was coming from the bathroom, so you followed your nose there.


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