miceenscene · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
inside you are two wolves. they are both Justin McElroy
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goodluckillustration · 3 months ago
pov u r greg grimaldis
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tiabwwtws-art · 6 months ago
He had a case of the Monday's
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catgirl-kaiju · a year ago
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pepsibateman · a year ago
Tumblr media
bringing back this image by popular demand 
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kattmeithmath · 8 months ago
Griffin McElroy and Charlie Slimecicle(mcyt Griffin McElroy) have both read the ostrich wiki how. What timeline is this
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neednothavehappenedtobetrue · 8 months ago
does anyone who listens to mbmbam have either excellent Google skills or an encyclopedic memory for which bits were in which episode?
I started listening to the podcast around either 200 or 250 and I think it was pretty early in my listening experience when a guy wrote in like “I have a crush on this grocery store cashier, if I buy flowers for her is that cool and smooth or should I use my words,”
and they were like “you should do neither of those things, buddy, you should in no way hit on people at their workplace! you are a customer! do not do that! we are not joking, do not do this”
I feel like the phrase “human zoo,” was used but remember nothing else verbatim.
(context for this is that I definitely had a small crush on the queer cashier at the grocery store I used to go to. they often complimented my clothes or, like, keychain/phone case type accessories and they were very cute, however, I was raised in society not in a barn by wolves, so I never like, flirted with them, and if I had the barn wolves would have been ashamed of me!)
anyway, I would like to locate this bit! thanks for your help, Tumblr
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drawendo · a year ago
Tumblr media
The mood 
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eroticlizardfiction · 8 months ago
I told my mom about the mbmbam bit where Justin says uploading berries and cream to tiktok is his most well known work but will have no benefit to him and now "berries and cream" is slang in our house for getting a pointlessly popular post on social media
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gerblinarts · a year ago
TAZ au where instead of writing her name in fire, Lup writes I.C.U.P and makes Taako look like an idiot infront of Angus
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spockvarietyhour · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Shrimpin’. ain’t. easy.
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mywaysoons · 6 months ago
Josh: Y’know, I’m single. No prospects!
Danny: And he shampoos everyday.
Sam: Here ladies! Shampoo-with-soap Josh Kiszka is on the market!
Josh: At 12:30 I wanted to have a hot dog and a soda, but we didn’t have buns. We had some leftover brats that my brother made last night on the grill, and I cut it up and put it in-
Danny: That were already a week old, important to note.
Josh: I put it in ramen and I didn’t have soda so I drank beer, and it was 12. It was 12 o’clock. So you don’t need- If you have someone, they could tell you not to do that.
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descendingfrost · a year ago
I know why resident evil big vampire lady seems so familiar to me. She carries the same power and devastation as The Final Pam.
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clownflower · a year ago
Tumblr media
I’m sobbing this was meant to be Justin Mcelroy as King K. Rool.
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ryahwolfe-new · a year ago
I was looking at my podcast library and I realized something. I started with these four:
Tumblr media
Welcome To Nightvale. The Adventure Zone, Lore & My Brothe, My The Brother and Me
But then I took a break from podcasts and when I got back into them, it seems I drived headfirst into horror/mystery/sci-fi and LGBTQ podcast, also this was when I came out as asexual and Bisexual
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Magnus Archives, Wolf 359, Kings Fall AM, The Penumbra, Tanis, Mission to Zyxx, Kaleidotrope, Death by Dying, and Tanis.
These last four I’m planing to start listening too.
Tumblr media
Stella Firma, Outliers, I Am In Eskew and The Blood Crow Stories
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mintystea · a year ago
pov: you work at chipotle and someone just called in to ask about the ““tony hawk burrito””??? you have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about but you recognise the voice and
Tumblr media
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omnicactus · a year ago
this bean dad discourse is so insane because at first I couldn’t see exactly how a dad being kind of a jerk in an attempt to teach his kid how to figure out a can opener was so bad that the mcelroys took his song off of their podcast after 9 years
but then I saw those fucking tweets and now I’m wondering how a can of fucking beans was the reason they removed this guy from their brand
I mean I love the mcelroys but holy shit,,, they weren’t aware of any of those tweets until now? it took people getting mad about the bean thing and actually FINDING the racist and anti-semite stuff for them to make this change? it’s been nine years and they’ve been thanking him for his song in every episode of their podcast for nearly a decade and only remove him from their brand when their audience finds out he’s a piece of shit? someone please explain this for me because I really really want to know that this is because they are good people and not just content creators trying to protect their brand
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internet-m0m · 17 days ago
you know what two groups of people I want to see interact are?
Watcher entertainment and the McElroy Brothers
Imagine the stupid bits, the chaos that could come of these people meeting
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giraffesarecoolio · 28 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Still good good boys
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inuleeli · a year ago
The Animaniacs/MBMBAM comparisons prove that the oldest/middle/youngest sibling dynamic is universal
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