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l3v1-m0rn1n95tar · a day ago
Obey Me! Incorrect Quotes Pt 14
MC: Okay okay stop asking me if I'm straight, gay, bi, whatever. I identify as a FUCKING THREAT.
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12am-motivation · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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mayawastaken · 4 months ago
Lucifer: *standing over a coughing and sneezing MC* Take the fucking medicine.
Mc: *running on half an hour of sleep and a piece of toast* fight me!
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anti-lucifer-league · 6 months ago
The Obey Me Bro’s If You Kissed Them on a Dare
Tumblr media
Lucifer doesn’t participate in your ‘stupid’ games with the brothers.
But he just so happens to be in the kitchen while you’re playing with the demon bros.
He heard laughter and giggling and all of a sudden you were running up to him, grabbing his shoulders and spinning him towards you
He blinks, confused, but only for a split second.
Because then your lips are on his, kissing him passionately
He’s really confused, but kind of pleased.
You run away, giggling
He’s left, standing in the kitchen with his eyes wide and face tinted red.
Truth or dare is Mammon’s game. I swear, he’s actually the luckiest boy. Like, how does he live through all the shit he pulls?
And then all of a sudden you’re dared to kiss him.
The brothers are all laughing, Levi snorting obnoxiously at Mammon’s red face.
Then you grab the back of his neck, pulling him against you.
He falls awkwardly into you, lips smashing into yours, eyes shut tightly
When you pull back, you place a kiss on his nose
Tsundere bun boy is blushing for weeks
This fucker invented truth or dare
The second you’re dared to kiss him, he’s launching away, blushing furiously, crying about how he’s a ‘yucky���, ‘gross’, ‘otaku’. The last ones true of course, but it’s how he says it.
You chase him around the room, finally managing to tackle him to the ground
He’s blushing and looking away, but everyone can see the way that he lets you do whatever you want.
He clearly wants you to kiss him. He’s not subtle…
Let’s you kiss him without trying to restrain you
In my opinion, Levi would like, subtly deepen the kiss, slipping his tongue down your throat and absolutely consuming you. Full on make out session
“Are you sure the dare isn’t just an excuse to kiss me?”
Very cocky
He initiates the kiss.
Hell he’s probably the one who dared you to do it in the first place
Definitely slips tongue in
Someone else has to grab you away from him because they’re just so uncomfortable about how long it’s been going for
Sits patiently and waits for you to kiss him
Smiles way too much.
Unlike Satan, although he’s confident too, he doesn’t want to give anyone the idea that he’s trying to take advantage of you
not that that’s what Satan’s doing, asmo Is just very insecure about his sin
Like a precious little doll, he lets you kiss him. After that, you sit in his lap for the rest of the game. He’s the sweetest boyo ever. <3
Screw what I just said, THIS IS THE SWEETEST BOYO EVER
very innocent, blushing and quiet
Leans into the kiss
Hugs you afterward as if he’s trying to prove its platonic
No one believes you Beel…
If Levi created the game, this is the son of a bitch who brought it up this particular time
Also probably dared you to kiss him/whoever
Tongue gradually? More like tongue from the get go. Like straight away.
Make out session in front of everyone
Gets a little too sensual..
The others are very confused and concerned. Mammon is literally about to cry or throw up. Maybe both. At the same time
And once again, Belphegor suggests group sex
Belphie please calm your farm <3
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mcshartyy · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Mine has a dead wife, what ab yours?😻
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bunnies-on-saturn · 4 months ago
Obey me incorrect quotes pt.6
MC: I sleep with my feet tucked in because what if a demon comes and grabs my foot??
The demon brothers: ……
MC: Not you guys, you guys don’t count.
The brothers: WHO ELSE IS THERE-
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7deadlymorons · 4 months ago
mc: I don't think we can mansplain or manipulate our way out of this-
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antiomnia · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The first karaoke MC went in the devildom got a little intense.
Sing it to the rhythm of Creep - Radiohead.
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alexglitches · 5 months ago
Mammon's Crows Are Gremlins
things that mammon's crows have done to the brothers
stole Lucifer's necklace once (the necklace that matches with MC)
messes up Asmo's hair
annoys the shit out of everyone
bit Satan
decided to make a nest on Belphie who was sleeping outside
pecks on Levi's door then flies away when he goes to answer
eats Beel's food
tripped everyone at least once
managed to sneak into Levi's room and hide his figurines
trashed Asmo's room and used his bathtub as a bird fountain
screamed in Lucifer's ear while he was finally asleep
attempted to eat Henry 2.0
picks fights with peacocks
probably attempted to scratch Diavolo
plants rats in the kitchen to scare Barbs
enjoys chasing after Luke
tried to pants Simeon once but failed miserably
screws with Solomon to mess up his magic circles
goes to Purgatory Hall and screeches at 3 in the morning
decided that their second room was MC's room
leaves feathers everywhere
spooks the crap out of other students
the only nice thing they do is gift MC little trinkets they find while outside
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acesmadnessworld · a month ago
One For Sorrow
"I know that you don't really care about me, so thank you for trying to pretend that you do."
Sorrow- noun [a feeling of deep distress caused by loss, disappointment, or other misfortune suffered by oneself or others]
Devildom sky was always rather dark, whether it be morning or night, it always seemed to retain the murky colors swirling amongst one another. Hues of blue and purple dwindling overhead everything, demons rummaging throughout the kingdom of the Devildom, only far and few between the demons that differed. Dull lulls of music carried itself through the study room, where the first born layed awake along with another.
The House of Lamentations was never a dull place, not at all, but there were the rare moments when one could hear the soft notes from the study, a scribble of an inked pen and the tired and strained sigh from the first born as he stayed up longer and longer. Quiet scratches of a quill meeting the wooden surface of the desk as the eldest continued on with seemingly endless papers stacked against his desk.
Another resided amongst the room, staying against the corner of the armchair. Words never spoken between the two unless necessary, there was never much of a good relationship between the exchange student and the demon brother. Many situations having occurred, resulting on a multitude of threats to be hung from the ceiling- ranging down to being scolded and lectured for the 'idiotic misbehavior that was done. I mean really, it's to be expected with Mammon but to continue to act-'. The demon's words ignored as the first born chastised the human exchange student. Glower never lowered from the cold eyes.
The words were quiet at first, breaking the cold silence between the two as the record continued to play in the background.
"What did you say?"
Underlying strict tone never breaking itself as the demon raised an eyebrow, hearing the words stated from the other resident.
"I know that you don't really care about me, so thank you for trying to pretend that you do." The words once again stated with the same original state, of seeming boredom and tiredness as the human focused on the work in front of them.
Silence once again filled the room as the quiet music droned on from the record player. Was that what the human really thought of him? That he hated them? That couldn't possibly be true- Yes he was a bit stricter to them but that's only to help Lord Diavolo's vision come to light. He was trying to do what was best for everyone involved.
So why would mc believe that he hated them?
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l3v1-m0rn1n95tar · 21 hours ago
Obey Me! Incorrect Quotes Pt 24
MC: Dumbest scar stories, go!
Satan: I burned my tongue once drinking tea.
Asmo: I dropped a hair dryer on my leg once and burned it.
Mammon: I have a piece of graphite in my leg for accidentally stabbing myself with a pencil in the first grade.
Beel: I was taking a cup of noodles out of the microwave and spilled it on my hand and I got a really bad burn.
Belphie: I have emotional scars.
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certified-sloth · 4 months ago
Lucifer:Give me my brother back
MC:*holding Mammon like a toddler* you assigned him to me, he's not your brother anymore
Mammon:*feels overwhelmed with MC's love* now wait a minute-
MC:*stuffs his mouth with a sandwich* hush, the adults are talking
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jiyi-jiyi · 4 months ago
Mammon: *loses MC in a crowd*
Mammon: Drastic times call for drastic measures.
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cookierin-simp · a month ago
Lucifer : you're right
MC : that's an unusual phrase coming from you, did you just learn that?
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wannabe-amateur-writer · 2 months ago
Lucifer X Reader: Oops, Sorry (28)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I kinda wanna round it off with two extra filler parts, you know just all of them being their random selves. What do you guys think? If so, are there any loose ends from previous parts that you'd like me to cover?
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mammons-best-boi · 2 months ago
If request are open. Can I get Diavolo who thinks his s/o is cheating. Like he says and does a bunch of terrible shit in the moment and then finds out he was mistaken. That Mc was just doing something like planning a surprise party for him or something? Feel free to do whatever. I just like agnst.
Your anniversary is a week away and there's still so much to do! The moving fake ceiling had just arrived that night, so you had Asmo drag the Prince away for the day. Unfortunately, you had said "I don't care where you take him, just get him out of the palace for the day!"
"Asmodeus, I don't think Y/n would be okay with me being here.." Diavolo says, voice unsure, as he and Asmo walk into the club.
"Oh! Don't worry, Lord Diavolo! Y/n said it was ok!" Asmo smiles sweetly, completely unaware that the Prince had taken it to mean that you didn't want him anymore.
"Oh Barbatos! Thank you so much for helping me!" You smile at the fake ceiling above the ballroom. "He's going to be so surprised!!" You do a little celebratory dance, making Barbatos and the little D's laugh.
It's finally the day of your anniversary, the tables are all arranged, all of the food has been prepared and arranged, and everyone was hiding -except Lucifer.
"C'mon Luci! You gotta hide! Dia's gonna be here any second!" You pull on his arm, slowly leading him towards a draping that touched the floor.
"This is undignified, Mc." He grouches, letting you drag him away.
"Don't bother." Dia speaks up, shocking the two of you. "I'm already here." Dia can feel his emotions trying to take him over, but he fights them away. "And now that I know, we're done."
Stunned silence stretches through the ballroom.
"What?" You whisper, heart breaking as Diavolo glares at you.
"Didn't think I'd notice? All week, you've been pushing me away. Doing everything in your power to spend all of your time with someone else. I didn't want to believe it, but when you told Asmodeus that he could take me clubbing, I suspected you'd grown tired of me. What I least expected, however, was that Lucifer would be the one who cought your attention."
"Dia"/"Lord Diavolo," you and Lucifer start, "I would never do that to you!"/"I think you're getting ahead of yourself."
"Mc, do not lie to me. What else could you possibly have been doing?"
You press the button to open the fake ceiling and balloons and confetti start raining from above. "happy anniversary." You say, tearing up, and you make your way out of ballroom as the others emerge from their hiding places.
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anti-lucifer-league · 2 months ago
Obey Me Bro’s As K-Drama Troupes
Tumblr media
My New Assistant Is A Complete Dumbass But Damn They’re Kinda Cute
He’s the ‘strict rich kid’ CEO’s Son, with a lot of baggage
kiss in episode 3
Lucifer definitely catches you from falling at least once
You’re Too In Love With Your Crush Or Whatever To Notice Me
Definitely the ‘second lead’
However, your love story unfolds differently
You fall in love with the clutzy, loud and stingy guy
He protects you from getting hurt or something and he injures himself. Definitely lies in the hospital, eyes closed listening to you confess
We Knew Each Other In Highschool When I was Kinda Ugly So Why Are We Roomates?
the roommate troupe
Hundred percent he falls first
In high school he buys you a gift to confess his love with, only to see you kiss someone else, and never confesses cuz of it
But after you kiss a few frogs in highschool you realise you like him.
It’s too late, he’s already transferred schools
Until you see him again, 7 years later.
I’m Just Your Upper Classman, So I Wont Make A Move
Definitely the highschool crush, to highschool friends to best friends thing
He’s the silent brooding type who comes to pick you up when your wasted
You’re drunk and confess you like him and he’s torn
Should he keep being friends or risk it all?
I’m A Son Of A Rich Guy And I’m Supper Snobby, Who Are You To Stand Up To Me?
You’re 100% the poor collage student, just trying to get by and he’s harassing you because you threw away his 8 million dollar toy or whatever it is
He slowly realises how kind you are, and how stressed you are
Quits being so snobbish just to help you
But he definitely first tries to flirt with you by buying you something like omega expensive. You’re like “how the fuck will I use it?”
You’re The Guy Who Always Comes To My Café And I’m Really Sorry But I’m Going Out Of Business Despite You Always Ordering The Whole Menu
He doesn’t make the first move
He sits and thinks about you while eating, watching you make food and serve customers
You definitely have to confess to him first, after he helps you close shop a few times, and even offers to work there part time (you would’ve said yes but you have no money to pay him)
After you confess, he doesn’t respond so you run off and he runs after you, asks if he can kiss you and then DOES
I Thought You Were In A Gang Or Something When We First Met But You’re Actually My Best Friends Twin Brother
He’s a grumpy little asshole who’s got emotional issues and is never able to be real with you
But then his brother confesses he’s going to ask you out and it snaps Belphie to his senses
I don’t like it but *wrist grab*
Definitely kisses you against a wall
Fast and passionate romance, with big climax that involves him punching literally anyone
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mayawastaken · 3 months ago
Random person: Do you have a pet?
Me: *looking around room* uhh I havvve Mammon.
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bananamilkcow · a month ago
MC: What’s up? I’m back.
BELPHEGOR: I literally saw you die. You died. You were dead
MC: Death is a social construct.
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yolkylemon · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
giving him my credit card info ASAP
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