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the RANGE with which i used to draw mccree…

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Mccree: where do you get your arrows from archer? You have, hundreds of them.

Hanzo: from your ass, that’s where.

Mccree: my ass should open a shop, apparently it’s quite prolific.

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I loved the platonic ask with Hanzo💙. Can we have Platonic love with Mccree please? [love your blog 💕✨]

A/N: I will never not love platonic requests, friends. Platonic stuff is just… so good.

Platonic Hanzo

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  • He is the chaotic dude-bro friend with a heart of gold that everyone needs in this life
  • McCree’s just a himbo, tbh,,,
  • Y’all doing stupid shit together and recording it to send to other people
  • Might be cool and stupid to you guys but it’s just stupid to everyone else
  • You have so many clips of him doing the goofiest shit while absolutely hammered on your phone
  • You’re either the designated driver or you’re both getting hammered and passing out in an alley to wake up cuddling each other the next morning
  • McCree sending you selfies while something very chaotic and probably dangerous is happening in the background, usually during serious missions
  • McCree sending you seven-second-long videos of him talking super chill like there’s not fighting happening all around him and like he’s not shooting at someone offscreen
  • The last two seconds are usually something exploding and the video cutting off
  • Not that this is relevant at all but somehow his phone always survives
  • You either learn to live with Jesse’s shit or you live in a constant state of anxiety that spikes slightly whenever you get a text from him
  • You and McCree texting during very important meetings, trying to make each other laugh
  • Jesse usually cracks first because he just keeps glancing and grinning at you; the grin eventually turns into a chuckle and then there’s no stopping it
  • Soldier having to place y’all on opposite sides of the room like some naughty school kids
  • McCree somehow being the best and worst wing-man ever
  • He starts out really well but it always goes south so quickly if you don’t shut him up
  • Starts talking about how great you are, then it moves into embarrassing story territory and you literally have to tackle him to make him stop
  • The person he was talking to is usually gone long before you stop pummeling him
  • Jesse just also casually flirts with you all the time
  • It’s up to you to decide whether you flirt back, but if you do, prepare for a flirting war
  • He is not afraid to kiss you
  • He’ll do it
  • Don’t test him
  • Or do, he doesn’t care
  • He’s hella protective of you
  • If anyone’s bullying you, he will throw hands
  • If someone’s in your space and making you uncomfortable, here comes McCree, pretending to be your partner who will definitely kick the creep’s ass
  • If you’re going on a first date, he’s chilling in the background wearing a terrible disguise but making sure you’re safe either way
  • He’s the type of friend who, if you ask him to call you with a fake emergency to break up a bad situation, he’s creating a whole storyline and just… keeps going
  • You being on the verge of laughing while listening to a supposed message of your mother dying in a super elaborate plane crash involving a UFO is not a good look, but he gets you out one way or another 
  • If you get stood up, he’s your date now, no ifs/ands/buts
  • And he’s paying, you put your money away gdi
  • If this is the case, he’s going all out
  • Super fancy
  • He cleans up very nicely when he wants to
  • Y’all cuddle, have a drawer at each other’s place, sleep in the same bed sometimes, change in front of each other, and it’s just chill
  • People who don’t know you guys well definitely think you’re dating and McCree will milk that shit for all it’s worth
  • Yet again, you probably have to tackle him to get him to shut up
  • Or you can go with it, fake a proposal, and get free cake
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Ok ok ok ok wait! Fuck I’m red In the face rn jfc😳😳😳😳😳🤤🤤🥺 I’m starting a blog with my friend rn to write primarily about McCree plz dm me privately so when I write it I can @ you!!


Originally posted by pastelalpacaz

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Witchy S/O: *writing a shopping list* Basil has an abundance of prosperity and joy. Tomato’s are for love and fertility, and cheese invokes wealth and grounding.

Mccree: so you’re saying, pizza is a prosperity spell?

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Tracer: it’s hard to believe Genji was essentially a prince. He’s so energetic and down to earth.

Mccree: You say that but he’s a lot more boujee than he lets on.

Tracer: What do you mean?

*flashback to genjis first night sharing a room with Mccree*

Mccree: *knocking on the bathroom door* Genji you almost done in ther- *pauses hearing crying on the other side* g-Genji?

Genji: *sobbing* My ass is too big! My Calvin Klein’s won’t fit anymore!!

Mccree: *trying so hard not to laugh*… *snorts*


Mccree: Just expensive tastes.

Tracer: ohhh that makes sense.

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  • No minors. None. I don’t give a fuck if you’re 17 and turn 18 in a day, stay the fuck off of my blog until you’re 18 and up.
  • Absolutely no rape/non-con, no sexual age play (platonic is fine), no scat, no extreme gore.
  • Literate partners ONLY.
  • Canon isn’t law for me, I’m happy to do AUs and make things a bit more OOC.
  • Mun has been in the RPC for around 4-5 years.
  • Message me before sending me a starter so that we can plot out what we’d like to do in our RP.
  • Asks are always welcome!!
  • If you send a rude or offensive ask, don’t be surprised if you get an angry response from mun or muse (unless it’s playful).
  • Feel free to interact with the mun at any time!!! I promise I don’t bite, and I’m always happy to have interactions here!
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Looking for a friendly, relaxed place to meet new people and make friends in the overwatch fandom (preferably without too many greasy gamer boys frothing at the mouth to call you a slur)?

Well aren’t you in luck! @bee-nie and I have just created an overwatch fandom discord to come hang out in!

The link is in the reblogs - looking very much forward to seeing ya’ll there!

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Mccree: *on the phone* okay baby I’m at the McDonald’s drive through do you want anything?

S/O: no I’ll be okay.

Mccree: Are you sure?

S/O: Yeah I’m sure~

Mccree: okay then. *hangs up and places his order* Oh yeah and I’ll grab a large fries, a large serve of chicken nuggets and a McFlurry.

*A few moments later*

Mccree: *hands s/o a separate bag filled with food he ordered for them*

S/O: Oh thank god I was so hungry.

Mccree: Yep I figured as much.

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((Shimada coffee with extra fluffy bebes?? ~Bambi))


Sojiro: *drawing a bunch of different small objects on a few pieces of paper, all things that can be found on the farm with a line underneath to write what they are* All done. *hands one each to Hanzo, Mccree, and Olivia*

Mccree: what’s this??

Sojiro: a treasure hunt. You have to find one of everything on this page and bring it back. Extra points if you write down what it is too. Whoever wins gets a surprise.

All three kids: *sparkly eyed* a surprise??

Sojiro: Mhm, go on now, you have until lunch time!


Mccree: I Found 3 acorns!!

Hanzo: donguri! (Acorn,どんぐり) *starts writing it down on his page*

Olivia: I thought we had to find it ourselves??

Mccree: but if we all work together than we can all get the surprise!

Olivia: ohhh that’s a great idea!

Hanzo: *nods* mm!

*a few hours later*

Sojiro: *preparing lunch only to hear panicked screaming from outside* Nani?! KIDS!!! *runs out as Olivia and Mccree run to him crying and screaming* What’s wrong?! What happened?! Where’s Hanzo?!

Hanzo: tou-san!

Sojiro: *looks up to see Hanzo sitting on the back of a very docile grizzly bear* …Nani?…

Hanzo: *points down at the bear then to the picture on his page* kuma. (Bear,くま)

Sojiro: *carefully takes Hanzo off of the wild animal* …I meant teddy bear Hanzo.

The bear: *grumbles and shuffles back off into the woods*

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*In the middle of a battle*

McCree: We’re halfway there!

Genji, in the middle of stabbing someone and responding without hesitation: *Completely monotone* Living on a prayer.


Genji: Why are McCree and Lucio crying?

Mercy, holding back tears as she pats his back: At least it wasn’t Wonderwall


McCree, sobbing to Lucio: I love my boyfriend so goddamn much

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So It’s 5am, I’m exhausted, up early to drive to work then to uni then back to work. And whilst eating my buttered toast I had an idea that I’ll have to add to the huge pile of fics and requests still in my drafts.

What if Sojiro didn’t die? But instead he was replaced by his brother?

Okay so hear me out. Hanzos 3years old, and Sojiro and his wife are expecting Genji. Genjis born, his wife dies, wife’s last wish is for him to get out of the life of crime and turn the criminal empire into a legit business. Sojiro fully intends to honour her wish but the clan won’t stand for it. And instead swap him with his brother, Hanzos too young to remember but from that day on never felt a true connection to his ‘father’.

Sojiro on the other hand is kept imprisoned at the bottom of the castle, only behaving out of fear they’ll hurt his sons if he misbehaves.

Jump forward 25 years. Genji leads Overwatch and blackwatch through the castle on a raid against the clan for their betrayal. When suddenly over the com Genji hears Mccree, “hold on y’all we got a civilian imprisoned h- Aw, Aw he’s not lookin g- WHAT THE FUC-” followed by a strange shadow disappearing from the castle into the night.

Cut forward another 10 years. Overwatch is back in business, and both Shimada brothers are together again, at peace. When a strange figure arrives on base, tall, handsome, sharp eyes just like Hanzo and Genji, ninja like apparel, two razor sharp blades, and oni like horns protruding out of his forehead. The lower half of his face obscured by an oni jaw mask.

Sojiro lost almost all his humanity in that cell, he lost his spirit and in a desperate attempt to save him he became one with his dragon. Hellbent on revenge and finding his children he spent all his time during his escape killing off yakuza and following any leads towards his boys.

So, thoughts? ~Bambi

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late night sketches

To answer question - i use Photoshop to clean some of the mess i’ve made while drawing, but ofc i am not perfect and thus i like to leave traces of my sketchiness here n there ;))

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Mccree: *looking at genjis legs* are… are you naked?

Genji: Pants are an illusion and so is death.

Mccree: *wraps his serape around the smol cyborg*

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Nothing beats skin contests on Overwatch where the theme is ‘McCree’ and everyone just makes it a competition to spam “I’m your huckleberry!” as much as possible to win over the judge.

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Hanzo, about his new skin: It’s athleisure! Very en vogue right now. I’m hip and cool.

Mccree *clutching his cowboy hat*: Baby, you are always so trendy. Looks really good on you. Now for myself, I stick to more classical pieces. Jeans, a dress shirt, that sort of thing. 

Genji: You both dress like you live in a Party city store.

Hanzo and Mccree in unison: And you are not even wearing any clothes.

…and that’s why Genji has a new outfit in the Overwatch 2 announcement cinematic.

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