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Dororo: Hey, I’m going to McDonald’s, do you want anything?

Hyakkimaru: I want my sanity back. I want back the peacefulness I felt for the split second I was alive before everything went to shit. I want the life I could’ve had if my father hadn’t screwed me over. I want back the man that never gave up on me growing up, and I want back the mother that prayed for my safety everyday, not knowing if I was truly alive or not.

Dororo: Holy fucking shit dude, I only have $13

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Back in Sept. 21st, 2020 and at 12:46 P.M, I had another McDonald’s meal from my family gave me; just I was in work in progress on my Autumn 2020 artwork Link Here

It’s my 20 pieces of chicken nuggets, medium sized fries, two sour and sweet sauces, and a medium sized orange soda drink. (from Fanta)

It was a good combo meal that I had like pervious times, especially the 20 piece nuggets that worth dipping to. ^^

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Dzisiaj był nawet spoko dzionek. Poszłam sobie sama ze sobą na randewu do maka haha dodatkowo miałam okienko na polskim, wiec ez ale za to mam sporo zadania z maty i jutro 3 kartkówki, więc proszę życzyć mi powodzenia w dniu jutrzejszym. Miłej reszty dnia🥰

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✨ Lizzie Mcguire PARTY CD’s !! (2004) 6 CDs & 6 different accessories! @mcdonalds really had something going here ! This year i’m having a Lizzie Mcguire Party myself 😉 can’t wait for y’all to see it ✨

♡。゚.(*♡´◡` 人´◡` ♡*)゚♡ °・♡*♡´◡`

🤪 Follow Depop for updates @gracefulgiselle ✨😝💕Follow Etsy For updates @glittersthrift💕😝

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