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one time (when I was working at McDonalds) this father and son came in, and the son showed us his platinum card (proves you work at McDonalds and that you get 50% off your food). So I’m like okay cool what are you having. And he tells me, and I call the manager over to punch in the code (because you need a manager when you’re dropping the price on something like that) and the dad’s like. I’m going to order too. So my manager explains to him that the discount is only for the employee, not for anyone with them

and the kid looks at his dad and he asks if he can still get a meal. Like. How/why is that question? 

it just hurt a lot and I haven’t forgotten it even though it was years ago

And like the dad said Yeah of course you can

so like idk what was going on but.just. the look on the kid’s face?

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I almost missed the cherish celebration of McRib Season with Willow. Almost.

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I don’t know anything about anything and I never will. I promise. 

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Hindi ko alam kung ano ang nararamdaman ko ngayon, kung ito ba’y sakit ng kahapon o pagmumulto ng nakaraang hindi ko na gustong maramdaman pang muli.
Kanina nakita ko sa Mcdonalds and first kiss ko, hindi ko alam kung sino ang nag udyok sa’kin para pasukin ang kainang iyon, ganoong madalas ako sa Jollibee kumakain.
Pagpasok ko sa  pinto nakita ko s’ya, hindi ko alam ang gagawin ko kung babatiin…


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new peta add pissed me right off mate so after I finished rapi shaggin’ me wife I went down maccies n ordered the usual 4 quorta pownders, 6 large frys n 3 boxes of selects mate.

went down pub ate it all then got a few pints to wash it down mate, saw these couple bints at the till so I took em home kicked my wife down the stairs then got all 3 pregnant 😂

fuck you peta you cunts

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McDonald’s customer calls cops after missing breakfast menu

McDonald’s customer calls cops after missing breakfast menu

A woman in the UK called the cops after she arrived at a McDonald’s drive-thru window — and found the restaurant had stopped serving breakfast, according to local authorities.
The breakfast-loving Brit was so incensed about having to order off the lunch menu, instead of having her choice of bacon and hash browns, she demanded officers pursue legal action, according to a tweet from the Mid Sussex…


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the unabomber had it all wrong- i know the way to restart human progress. start putting rudimentary ass toys in happy meals. stick and ball for the masses

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yeah also sometimes i make them grab my tummy like a burger and chomp down so we can pretend we are in a fancy mcdonalds commercial

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Tanker Talk “SUNDAY” issue for 24 January 2021 (6 pages)

To be able to read the page clearly: Click on photo, then “right click” the image and select “view image”, then you can click on the page and enlarge it to be able to read better.   Like always, you can go to the following page to read this most recent issue of Tanker Talk: Facebook link:

And don’t forget to visit:

Twitter link:

And like always, Tanker Talk is a satire paper and please do not take anything printed within it as real news…. even though some of it.

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ok. but do ppl realistically think mcdonalds could even turn a profit off of a population making $15 dollars an hour if they made their shitty disgusting big mac outlandishly expensive.

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