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Stargate Atlantis | The Storm 1x10
For @rodneymckays who once upon a time took some of her time to help me with some gif making tips, and who was the first person with whom I dared interacting when I joined the SGA fandom.
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rodneymckays a month ago
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Rodney McKay鈥檚 terribly excellent fashion choices: (3/?) Stargate Atlantis | 3x08 McKay and Mrs. Miller
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sparrowsarus 2 months ago
Malp on a stick!
Poor Teyla.
Rodney, don't be mean to Ronon.
Maybe, you should have had someone translate first? You fucking morons? Did Teyla leave the braincell at home?
I might...skip a lot of this episode. It makes me really sad. They should have sent someone through with him!
John Flanigan with a beard, uh...really does it for me.
"Very clever Rodney!"
"It was Zelenka's idea"
"I am now"
You go, little girl.
The horror on his face when he finds out Teer undressed him though.
Ye olde Uggs.
Hypercompetent Rodney is so my jam.
"Least I thought they did" aw, John, bby.
"We are not afraid of anything"
Girl...you are very forward!
Poor John. No one has shot at him in months! What's a lad to do!
Oof, Teer nearly got her man, eh.
"I'm starting to develop some serious abandonment issues!"
Honey, I bet.
"What the hell is the matter with you people"
"Good Thinking" Aw, Rodney giving a compliment!
See! See, they didn't forget you!
"Oh" lol
John's so freaked out. "The one what?"
Oh boy, John's getting lucky tonight!
"We may even get a ZPM out of this" Buddy has one thing on his mind.
I love Rodney and Elizabeth being friends though.
John....don't offend your hosts at the dinner table, come on now. This is a discussion for after dinner.
It's been 6 months for him, and John is just so happy.
"I have a date" Carson ilu.
Yeah fucking Teyla! "Bitch I'll cut you!"
Okay, but AR-1 approaching the beast, while Carson and Elizabeth don't? Team! I love them!
And the cloister finds their spines!
Oh, and John doesn't even consider leaving his friends.
Don't break my house Dr. McKay!
I love how he backs down from Elizabeth.
Aww! They care! John looks like he's gonna cry!
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mckaytriarchy-1 5 years ago
馃懀 (because why not? also, feel better, ilu)
Send Me 馃懀 For My Muse鈥檚 Reaction To Holding Mine And Your Muse鈥檚 Child For The First Time - @classicwolvie - Accepting
[Note: This is 90s Wolvie so no Daken, Raze, etc. are kicking about. 鈥 Also, Beast probably wouldn鈥檛 be the one to do this, but fuck it. This is memeland. Also, this didn鈥檛 turn out anything聽like I intended. Oh well.]
If anyone managed to get her pregnant鈥揟ess, with her once-in-a-blue-moon ovulation schedule鈥搃t came as no surprise that man was James 鈥淟ogan鈥 Howlett. All it took was too many beers on a warm April evening, an expired condom, and Wolverine鈥檚 swimmers being hardier than expected.聽(Fertile bastard.) She woke up the next morning with his head on her boobs, the taste of roadkill in her mouth, and decided that if her own fertility cycle didn鈥檛 keep them out of the woods, the liberal amount of spermicide in the condom was more than enough.聽
When the Clear Blue pregnancy test pronounced her Knocked Up, all Tess could think was聽鈥榮tupid, stupid, stupid鈥撯 before vomiting into the nearest trash can. (Nerves, not morning sickness.) What followed was entirely too much soul searching: if she wanted a kid, was it worth聽the risk of passing on her particular聽mutation? (Oh, it wasn鈥檛, but selfishness聽won out over mercy, just that once鈥)聽
Turner (after Tina) Mitchell (after Joni) McKay came into the world the exact way Hank McCoy claimed he would: via caesarean and with 鈥淲oolf鈥 under general anesthesia so that her body didn鈥檛 kill the baby during the extended labor process. Apart from missing her son鈥檚 first cries, Tess had no complaints鈥攏ot with the alternative. Besides, chances were any son of Logan鈥檚 would wind up having 鈥渉is big goddamn head!鈥澛燼nd no birth canal deserved that.
She woke up numb and somehow empty聽all at the same time, the taste of roadkill back in her mouth and a mumble of,聽鈥淲hersh m鈥檅aby?鈥 on her lips.聽
Tess drifted about in a haze on the hospital bed, the fingers of her free hand skimming along her stomach and the prettily-stitched incision Logan told her not to touch. She spoke nonsense to him from time to time, things like聽鈥淲hat if he doesn鈥檛 like me?鈥 and聽鈥淒oes he have a big head?鈥
As McCoy returned and settled the infant in her heavy arms, she stared in silence, not聽stunned聽so much as struck by the warm聽realness聽of him: the unexpected mouthful of teeth with the tiniest聽white fangs; his little claws and pale, bristly hair that hinted the father鈥檚聽mutation won out over the mother鈥檚. (鈥橳hank God. Oh, thank God.鈥)
With a completely irrelevant, 鈥淏ut he鈥檚 blond!鈥澛爐hat was all drugs and聽no actual disappointment, Tess burst into tears of relief. She planted countless kisses on top of his tiny head as Logan sat down on the bed, baffled聽by her outburst. (Her son was squirming and crying by then, and really, she wouldn鈥檛 have noticed if Logan sprouted a second set of arms.) 鈥淗ey, baby. Hey; I love you. I love you, I love you. You can be blond鈥撯
(Tess spent the next month listening to every smartass who ever set foot in Xavier鈥檚 tell her how聽sorry they were that聽her kid was blond.)
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Stargate Atlantis | Common Ground 3x07 鈥︶槢鈦愄め晲釔封︶槢鈦愄め晲釔封︶槢鈦愄め晲釔
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