f1incorrects · 2 days ago
Lance: Stressed.
Max: Depressed.
Lewis: Blessed.
Charles: Possessed.
Daniel: Obsessed.
Kevin: Unimpressed.
Mick: Chicken breast.
Mick: I don't know I just wanted to be included.
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ariesrain · a day ago
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what’s better than 2 chains?
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formulaoneisajoke · 2 days ago
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userleclerc · 2 days ago
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“That’s it” (x)
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dannyriccloverrr · 2 days ago
holy mac n cheese balls
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redemptionshoey · 2 days ago
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Patiently waiting for his next French lesson
📷: via danielricciardo on Instagram
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maxielonceagain · 2 days ago
Daniel and Lando with James Corden 😂😂
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landosfenestraz · a day ago
“i’m quicker.”
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sixdegreesofbali · 11 hours ago
Zak Brown’s thoughts on DTS and ‘drivers’ *cough Max cough* who don’t want to be in it. 
I get so angry when I see these kind of things. Max worked hard all his life to be a Formula 1 driver. He didn’t sign up to be a reality star of a shitty show and he doesn’t owe you guys shit except driving a car as fast as he can.
Max brought life and excitement back into F1 with his phenomenal driving. Be fucking grateful for that and leave him the fuck alone (that includes you Domenicali).
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mika-loverjoy · a day ago
Daniel: ☺🧡💫🥰💞😍💋🤩💕🧚‍♀️🌺🌷⚘🧚
the crew: 👁👄👁
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mclarenwin · 20 hours ago
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Lando Norris is a British-Belgian racing driver currently competing in Formula One with McLaren
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f1incorrects · a day ago
Daniel: I've been involved in a number of cults, both as a leader and a follower. You have more fun as a follower but make more money as a leader.
Valtteri: What the fuck.
Lando, with a notebook in hand: *in awe* There is so much I don't know about you.
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lqvesoph · a day ago
- daniel's confidence in the crop top >>>
- lando biting his lip
- james carrying daniel to his interview and lifting him up
- "can you say that in australian, daniel's australian"
- lando looked so lost when james talked to him during the interview
- james and lando doing a very specific track walk
- "we're gliding down the track"
- "put yourself at the level of the car"
- "looking forward to getting on top of you later"
"try not to sexualize the road"
- i didn't think I'd see them singing frozen...
- andreas holding his index up HAHAHA
- "PITSTOOOP, does Lando want a pitstop?" Plss he looked so excited
- james being daniel's engineer
"where can i go faster?" "i think you can go faster all over 'cause you're in p6"
"can i get some feedback?" "yeah. i mean, you dress pretty well"
daniel's singing was quite decent
- daniel and lando fist bumping at the end
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formulaoneisajoke · 2 days ago
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Lando Norris arriving at the paddock in Barcelona on Thursday ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix
Photo Credit: Jay Hirano
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ef-1 · a day ago
Number of upgrades as declared to the FIA
McLaren: 10
Aston Martin: 8
Alfa Romeo: 8
Mercedes: 4
Alpine: 4
Williams: 3
Ferrari: 3
Red Bull: 2
Alpha Tauri: 1
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dannyriccloverrr · 2 days ago
Who gave him permission to wear these rings 😳
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twitchbois · 17 hours ago
big mick energy
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extra-ricciardo · 17 hours ago
Mclaren still managed to disappoint me after Daniel made it to Q3 that has to be some sort of achievement
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dreamer-garage · a day ago
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McLaren 570s
by taylor.creations via instagram
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sixdegreesofbali · 10 hours ago
Another thing about the Max/DTS/Zak Brown/Stefan Domenicali thing:
These guys don’t give a shit about the drivers’ mental health. The amount of times I’ve seen people say that they hate Max because of DTS (just look at the Max Fewtrell speech the other day)... They don’t care at all if a driver gets heaps of abuse thrown at them because they’re being misrepresented by this shit show. All they care about is MONEY.
I hope so much that Max sticks to his guns and refuses to participate. The more they want him to do it the less I want him to be in it.
The song ‘Dance Monkey’ comes to mind btw when I think of F1.
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