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vmutie · 23 hours ago
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in honor of bullets 19th birthday... happy anniversary to the album of all time ❤️
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the-ria · 22 hours ago
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A pit stop 🚐
This album is so near and dear to my heart, I couldn't resist drawing something today. Happy 19th birthday, bullets!
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theopteryx · an hour ago
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a long long time ago, on an lj community far away, i drew a deeply cracky bandom comic called 'the adventures of gerard, boy princess of the ocean, and frank, the italian gentleman's son who loves him' (affectionately called 'the gay starfish comic'). the picture links all broke years ago when the hosting went behind a paywall but i've continued to get questions over the years about where to find it, so i'm trying something new to hopefully give it a more permanent home. i hope you enjoy rereading it after all this time. i'm posting it chapter by chapter (mostly to make sure i don't fuck up the coding) so the first book should be complete by next week. moop!
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diebythrs · 17 hours ago
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Happy birthday I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love, July 23, 2002 ~ Photo by Patrick Mcormack
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woundthatswallows · 21 hours ago
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the double image by anne sexton / all the angels by my chemical romance
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pyroxenik · 2 hours ago
MCC? i love that band. my chemical clowns yeah
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emoqueervampire · 17 hours ago
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[ID - a digital painting in a cartoonish style of bullets era my chemical romance, appearing from left to right: frank iero, in profile facing right and looking down; mikey way looking forward; gerard way, looking forward with his tumb on the corner of his open mouth; and ray toro, behind gerard looking down to the rigth. the background is a dark brown and theres "I brought you my bullets you brought me your love" written on it. around the drawing there is a black border and the artist signature on the bottom right corner "naná". - end ID]
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BULLETS!!!! I cant even express how much I love this album!!!! (click for better quality)
(also yes i changed my pfp and I think I'll keep it like that at least for today)
art taglist: @boywizard, @enricoputin, @arospacecase, @space-bones-official, @mythicalmarks (if anyone else wants to be added just let me know :))
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bo0zey · 16 hours ago
ok the part in “i never told you what i did for a living” when gerard sings “well never again, and never again, they gave us two shots to the back of the head…” yeah that part well um it’s literally one of the most beautiful melodies ive ever heard and his voice is so pretty and that song is extremely underrated ok that’s it ttyl
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ieroism · 20 hours ago
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Ray: [About The Ghost of You] ‘Howard pushed for another chorus after the heavy part and we all hated having that chorus in the song. We thought that the song was done. Not into it at all. So me and Gerard were listening to the version that Howard had suggested with that chorus after the heavy part, you know, the bridge plays and the heavy part comes in and then that last chorus kicked in and we just both, like our eyes lit up and we just said ‘fuck he’s right’, like it had such a great great impact.’
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wkil-109-fmx-radio · an hour ago
it's Switchblade again, we started driving south and came across another crew who was goin' north who had a medic with them. they were in a real hurry and couldn't do much but they left some supplies for me to finish the job. apparently they came straight from the nest and were on a mission to save some people in the far north.
we also found a group of youngsters who somehow made it all the way out here. felt generous and left them with our backup radio and directions to the nest.
but still, no luck with reaching our crew. it's been almost a week and i'm expecting the worst. Could you maybe like, ask around for three 'joys named Thriller, Golden Rain and Sour Patch?
but now that it's pretty safe t' say that Cyanide's gonna make it, we're gonna drive back to our hideout.
thanks for any help you might be able to give
This is Cherri Cola, live from the Zones.
We've got some callers in distress today. Don't worry; you guys haven't been the only ones rattled by some pigs the last few days.
This is an official announcement for all our listeners to be on the lookout for some joys goin' by the names of Thriller, Golden Rain, and Sour Patch.
If it isn't too much trouble for our caller, maybe we can get some descriptions of 'em, at some point, to help our listeners help you.
Some other quick announcements. The Dracs from this morning seem to have been mostly dusted over in Zone 5. 94 and completely cloudless, still. Roads are busier, today. Races are still happening! Tonight at 9:15!
A quick poem for you all this morning. Real quick.
"and as the sun rose,
he realized.
nothing was more beautiful
then the way she looked at the colors"
Hope you find your crew, Switch. Our listeners will be on the lookout. Keep running.
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lankyledlights · 17 hours ago
i think that the new mcr merch drop should be their own line of revenge oreos filled with red jelly but every 1,000,000th oreo is filled with actual real blood just to shake things up a bit
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