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MCR asks

⏳: How long have you been a fan?

🔂: Which song is currently your most repeated?

🥰: Who is your favourite member?

💖: Which song is your favourite?

💔: Which song is your least favourite?

🐀: What’s your favourite fandom in-joke?

💃: Which song do you like to dance to?

🎤: Which song do you sing loudest to?

💿: Which album is your favourite?

🤑: What merch do you own?

🎃: Were you a fan pre or post reuinion?

🔫: What is your favourite bullets song?

🥀: What is your favourite revenge song?

💀: What is your favourite black parade song?

☀️: What is your favourite danger days song?

💇: Which hairstyle is your favourite?

🛌: Which song makes you relax?

🤼: Which song makes you want to fight?

🗣️: What is your favourite quote from any of the members?

🌾: Which solo project is your favourite?

🔇: You can only listen to one MCR song for the rest of time! What do you choose?

👯: Do you talk to your friends/family about them?

🧠: What is the first MCR song that comes to your mind?

🐝: Which b-side is your favourite?

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