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#mcu cast

‘You can really be riding a horse, and really riding into battle.  There’s no off stage drums and colours.  You’re in an actual battle.’

Tom Hiddleston on the benefits of being able to interpret Shakespeare’s Henriad on screen

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hi so i can’t believe i didn’t make this post last night but Chris Evans was on Graham Norton and he showed us Dodger and 🥺🥺🥺 it was everything i dreamed it’d be

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POV Paddy

“What do you know about what happened a week after your school started? I believe that was the week of the 8th of September. I’m particularly interested in yours and Ms. Barnes ‘study date’ on the 9th and your families’ reactions to you letting her into your home.”

“PATRICK! WHY THE HELL DID YOU INVITE A BARNES INTO OUR HOUSE!” My father yelled at me in his English classroom while Finn watched from the doorway.

“Because we need somewhere to work on the project you gave us. And anyway what does her last name have to do with anything?” I asked him.

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‘I had a very interesting experience going to Cannes. An airplane in Heathrow caught fire and they shut down the whole airport. There were no tickets on Eurostar. All the flights from Gatwick were booked. So I got in a taxi and drove to Dover. I got on the ferry at 2am, with people on the booze cruise, and students going on hockey tours, got to Calais at 5am, another taxi to Paris airport, flew to Nice, landed about 11.30am, went through customs, got in another cab and drove straight to THAT photo call, where THAT picture was taken, having changed in the car on the way there. So I think I look all right, for someone who’s been up all night.’

ELLE Magazine: ‘You look great. [Long pause] It’s just a shame no one’s looking at your face.’

Tom Hiddleston attends the 66th Cannes Film Festival, 25th May 2013 after an epic overnight journey which started with this tweet:

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a list of criminally underappreciated marvel characters :

  • 1- Peggy Carter
  • 3- Jane Foster
  • 4- Maria Hill
  • 5- Shuri
  • 6- Loki
  • 7- Phil Coulson
  • 8- Mantis
  • 9- James Rhodey
  • 10- MJ
  • 11- Lady Sif
  • 12- Sam Wilson
  • 13- Melinda May
  • 14- The Ancient One
  • 15- The Grandmaster
  • 16- Sharon Carter
  • 17- Darcy Lewis (!!!)
  • 18- Daisy Johnson/Quake
  • 19- M'Baku
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this could be us

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pairing: elizabeth olsen x reader

summary: you’re casted as a new agent in the avengers movies, some interactions with elizabeth’s characters leads to people shipping the both of you.

Your laugh is loud and clear, some of your coworkers laugh too as this question was obviously going to be made and you had even discussed the possibility beforehand. Elizabeth’s gaze is warm when she turns to look at you expecting your answer, she’s sat far away from you as requested by the producers so it would tone down the theories of it being a real possibility, you have Chris, Robert and Scarlett between the two of you. “I mean… you would look good together…” The young girl holding the microphone says matter of factly, all around her there’s noises of agreement from the other people in the crowd. Everyone is waiting for your answer, this question was specifically for you because apparently you’re the tiniest bit worst than Elizabeth when keeping secrets and they decided to make use of this knowledge.

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