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#mcu clint barton
letstalkaboutfilmstuff · 2 months ago
You know, one of the funniest things about the MCU is the fact that they continually portray Clint Barton to be this slick, cunning, ruthless, master assassin. When in actual fact the clint Barton that I know and love does things like:
Pretends to be an idiot so he doesn’t have to think too hard.
Is a walking puddle of depression and sass.
Has a lot of money but would rather live in a shitty apartment complex than find something nicer, because effort.
Has legitimately made the winter soldier go on a chocolate milk run, and when Bucky returns with water Clint pouts about it.
Watches dog cops and great British bake-off for fun.
Has been described as being ‘appalling’ at undercover work. By Natasha Romanoff herself no less.
Once caused a road traffic accident because he’d wanted to destroy the wheel chair he’d been in for months.
Falls off of things frequently.
While fighting a bunch of little girl assassins in the red room said, “if they brake down this door I don’t know what I’m going to do, cry probably.”
Has tricked the worlds grumpiest super soldier into being his friend.
Has a bit of a crush on captain America.
REALLY likes petting dogs.
Once decided it was easier to cut the tangles out of the wires behind his TV.
Still calls his ex wife to ask how to spell things.
Refers to Natasha as “the work wife”.
Is deaf but would rather ignore you than put his hearing aids in.
Plugs his ears and shouts “ahhhhh no spoilers, shut up.” When Peter Parker almost spoils the end of dog cops for him.
Has had his teenage ward take off with his dog and instead of getting mad about it he lets her take him because he thinks he deserves it.
Once told Bucky that he is the way he is for attention.
Met a girl who had taken up the mantle of Hawkeye and basically just said “hey let’s both be Hawkeye”.
Is a general mess.
It just makes me laugh that in the films Clint is this smooth, wise cracking assassin who took the black widow under his wing and is one of shields most revered agents. Meanwhile comic book Clint sips coffee straight from the pot and is never not covered in bandages.
And I’ve got to say I love Renner but comicbook Clint Barton will always be my favourite superhero.
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Before the Hawkeye trailer premiered, I was picturing Yelena Belova as this angry stalker hunting Clint down. Like a Terminator who wants vengeance for Nat.
After the Hawkeye trailer, now I’m picturing her as that one character who is trying to come off as a big threat but the main characters are just too tired and annoyed to care. 
Clint trying to catch his breath after blowing up the Tracksuit Mafia’s headquarters: Yeah, yeah, so is everyone else.
Kate who has an ice pack on her head because she messed up her superhero landing: What he said, can’t you be a little more original with your villain motivations?
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echoabbey · a month ago
Tumblr media
Ok so I think I have an obsession.
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theurbanspaceboi · 2 months ago
exciting news everyone in light of all the fucking mcu clint barton slander i have decided to become a clint barton fan account. he is badass and has never done anything wrong ever.
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Clint being happily married makes you cringe?
Hi anon! Lol I was being more dramatic than I probably could’ve been, but yes, it does make me cringe a *little* bit. 
It’s nothing against MCU Clint Barton because I know it wasn’t his fault he ended up the way he did -- between Joss Whedon and a little bit on Jeremy Renner’s end -- he really just isn’t the Clint Barton that so many of us fell in love with. A lot of the time, when you hear comic book stans criticizing why Clint just isn’t “comic book accurate” (to use kind of a patronizing phrase, so please excuse me on that end because I don’t always think that comic book accuracy is entirely needed), it’s because most of us have read Matt Fraction and David Aja’s 2012 character defining, Eisner Award winning, New York Times best selling comic book, once-in-a-generation run on Hawkeye. Fraction’s inspiration for the character, making Clint delve into issues of depression, his disability with impaired hearing, the familial entanglements between him and his older brother, Barney, while simultaneously balancing the fact he’s 100% human compared to all of his superhero counterparts, is an incredible look into a very complex, kinda sorta sad, peak chaotic Avenger. Not to mention that Aja’s work in this comic book, with its simple line art, as well as Matt Hollingsworth’s colors, brings a sort of melancholic, cartoonish quality to the characters and the world they live in. Under Aja’s direction, it gives the viewer the effect that the characters Fraction is weaving into the story are all a little sad, or at least deal with something heavy, despite their basic inking. If nothing else, it makes the characters inherently human. All that to say, out of all the adapted Marvel characters in the “OG 6 Avengers,″ comic book Clint is the least likely person to get his life together and do the “family and kids” thing. 
As someone who studies adaptation as a grad student, I love depictions of characters who are different and I love it when directions go off book and shove it in the fandom’s face. That’s my favorite! However, and I’ll admit this is my own bias, Clint’s story is...not what I wanted. He’s a complex character for as simple as he seems in Fraction’s run. It’s what makes people love Clint -- he’s the guy with a million bandaids on his face, but despite his emotional disaster energy, he still gets up to be the hero, the Avenger, the Hawkeye. There are, of course, glimpses of this in the MCU (like when he has a funny rapport with Quicksilver in Age of Ultron), but nothing that’s entirely “Clint” as many of us know and love. 
This is mostly due to the fact that Clint has never been given a chance to be a “character,” so to speak. In the first Avengers movie, he’s brainwashed; you can’t exactly do character development when the guy has a space rock taking over his brainwaves. :) Age of Ultron, however, is the real heartbreaker for a lot of comic book fans because Clint was given his “family-man” plot point. Where, apparently, he has children and a wife and the whole 1950s suburban nuclear family thing goin’ on. That’s cool, but especially for that movie, it becomes more of a reference point for the other characters. You find out Natasha can’t have children and refers to her femininity as a “monstrous” (another shitty directorial decision on Whedon’s part), Bruce can’t have children because of his “Hulk-ness,” Steve doesn’t think he wants a family anymore, and Tony comes to believe that this is what he wants at the end of the day. So, even if it is a plot that works for the sake of the movie, it’s really only so the other characters can have a moment of self-reflection. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with Clint himself! 
Because of Whedon’s decision (as well as Jeremy Renner’s refusal to read any comics about the character), a lot of his further development in the MCU was hindered by Clint’s family plot point. We don’t ever get to see “disaster” Clint or the “human” Clint or the “almost got it, but not quite” Clint. We only see Clint as this white guy farmer who is married and has kids, which is more or less the diluted, heteronormative “1950s American dream.” The guy literally has a picket fence. To me, that’s not complicated enough. Whedon didn’t ask harder questions of this character, he didn’t care enough to, or maybe he did, but he just didn’t know how to. Either way, that’s not doing the character justice and that’s not giving Clint what he deserves. I’m all for doing something different with a character -- Clint can be married! Give em’ those kids! -- but make sure when you do it, that you’re not sacrificing the heart of the character for a one-off storyline that will hinder this cinematic depiction forever. After all, there’s a difference between preserving the “substance” of the character in the process of adapting comic book to film, and erasing their soul entirely in the process of trying to be different. 
So, in case you didn’t want to read ALL of that, which understandable because I wrote a lot, yes, Clint being happily married makes me cringe. :) 
Thanks for your question! :) 
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jemgirl86 · 26 days ago
I know y’all hate MCU Clint, I know okay? It’s not like he’s my favorite character either. But when he was practicing with his daughter and ‘bout to eat dinner with his family, and all of them, every single one of them, disappeared- I felt so bad for him. Like my heart broke. I’m not even gonna lie, that would’ve driven me crazy. I’d be a whole ass nut lol
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insomgl · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Clint ' can't cook for shit' ' Barton
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proseandpeonies · 8 days ago
i refuse to like MCU!Clint Barton but I will be watching hawkeye
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millaysmaeve · a month ago
disney really want us to buy the idea that mcu hawkeye would have fans making kate bishop his fangirl...
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letstalkaboutfilmstuff · 2 months ago
I’ve seen a few people bad mouthing Clint Barton, saying he should have died instead of Natasha and what have you and I kinda just wanted to throw my two cent in.
Do I like how the MCU has handled Clint’s story?
Do I like how the MCU has handled Natasha Romanoff’s story?
Big fat nope.
Do I think it was awful of them to kill off Natasha, having done so little with her story?
Yes. Yes I do.
Do I therefore think Clint should have died?
Why not?
Because regardless of what happened and how it went down, Clint was Natasha’s best friend and, I firmly believe, the man she loved. No, Natasha did not deserve to die but neither does Clint. To say it should have been clint raises questions to me about people’s moral consciences.
If you want to talk about the fact that Clint went on a retribution rampage then let’s also address the fact that Natasha blew up an innocent little girl for her freedom.
Let’s talk about the fact that Tony Stark flew into an active war zone and blew up a village in revenge because he naively believed that the weapons industry didn’t make money off both sides of the war.
Let’s talk about the fact that Bruce Banner worked closely with the US government to recreate the super soldier serum and never once questioned where they were getting their samples or data from.
Let’s talk about the fact that Carol Danvers blindly murdered on behalf of the Kree and never questioned her orders until it was almost too late.
Let’s talk about the fact that Peggy Carter knowingly let a hydra scientist into shield to play house so that they could “better protect” the county. Effectively ensuring the resurgence of hydra and solidifying the uprising of Nazi’s in America.
Let’s talk about the fact that Bucky Barnes let a mass murdering psychopath out of jail without telling his partner and then promptly LOST HIM. Not just letting Sam down in a big way, but endangering lives and betraying the wakandans.
Let’s talk about how Thor almost caused an Actual war all because he wanted to fight something.
Or how Valkyrie was in the slave business on sakar for a few centuries and legitimately sold people to the grand master for him to set his “champion” (*cough* glorified green attack dog *cough*) on.
In fact let’s talk about how everybody’s favourite, Loki, has literally betrayed, lied and maimed his way through life all for the sake of ‘being seen’. Because I’ve got to be honest, I love Loki but I’m not blind enough to believe that everything he’s done has had a reasonable explanation that excuses him from the consequences of his own actions.
Let’s talk about STEVE FUCKING ROGERS going on his own retribution rampage through a hydra base and “not stopping until all of hydra is either dead or captured.” After he swore he “didn’t want to hurt anyone.”
Most hero’s in the MCU have, at one point or another, done something that can be classed as morally reprehensible in some way, shape, or form. Regardless of why or how or the severity of those actions, it doesn’t mean they deserve to die.
Clint Barton has been done dirty by the MCU and sometimes I think he’s done dirty by the fans who don’t see past the films.
Clint Barton is and will always be my favourite comic book superhero…
So, Will I be watching Hawkeye?
Will I be enjoying the hell out of Hawkeye?
Also yes.
Do I maintain my love for both Black widow and Hawkeye and don’t want either of them to be dead?
Absolutely I do.
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Kate and Clint: On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me-
Shang-Chi: ...
Kate and Clint: ...
Shang-Chi: ...
Kate Bishop: Bro, it's your line!
Shang-Chi: Huh? I'm the tenth day. You know, because ten rings.
Clint Barton: Damn it, you ruined it man.
Kate Bishop: Thanks a lot dude. Christmas is over!
Shang-Chi: ...well I'm SORRY that my dad's ancient dragon ring things happened to have more rings than what's required in the damn Twelve Days of Christmas song!
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theribbonmarkedroom · a month ago
Avengers plushies I designed a couple months ago.
The idea is that Clint (assemble Clint) collects avengers plushies and tries to win them at carnivals and stuff on his days off.
(Nat’s outfit is a mix of her assemble outfit and her outfit from black widow and the punisher)
Tumblr media
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echoabbey · a month ago
Tumblr media
How is he not more of a fan favorite?
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theurbanspaceboi · 2 months ago
clint barton supremacy
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vampiresdontsleep · 2 months ago
I love Clint Barton with my entire heart. But that just doesn’t really extend to mcu clint as much. He just isn’t as good/interesting/funny/etc. a character, and that’s really fucking sad
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insomgl · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
beginning to redraw old things because I was feeling nostalgic and also cringed at my old style.
↑ 2021 || 2019↓
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fireflylies · 8 days ago
I’m interested to see how the Hawkeye show changes Clint’s character. The MCU has shown a very different version of Clint from the Matt Fraction comic run, but they’re obviously heavily relying on that same comic run for the show. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it does move the character some degrees off course.
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