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#mcu critical
rootbeergoddess · 2 days ago
So here’s my thing.
If Disney owned Spider-Man completely, I don’t think we would have gotten Into the Spiderverse?
Because the movie was a risk. We haven’t gotten a Spider-Man movie that didn’t focus on Peter Parker until Spiderverse. Yeah, Peter is in the movie but it’s not his story. It also introduced us to three lesser known Spider-Man characters and managed to make people like them. Not only that but the movie feels a lot edgier than what the MCU pops out of these days. Hell, even the art style was also a bit of a risk because it was a brand new style as well. The movie took a lot of risks and they all paid off.
Like to be honest, I don’t think Disney would do Miles justice and I’m glad that Spiderverse beat the to the punch.
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notoyax17 · a day ago
Don’t mind me, I’m just having a MOOD about Wanda Maximoff...
(Possibly) unpopular opinion: Wanda Maximoff is fundamentally a selfish person. Wanda is a bad person that only believes she’s a good person.
I’m going to work my way backwards on all the truly ridiculously shit she’s done that the writers have handwaved.
WandaVision - I think most people can agree she was not the hero of this story. She mind controlled dozens, if not hundreds of people for over a week and kept them enslaved for her own happiness. Initially, it was accidental. Fine, but by episode 4, she has realized (at least on some level) that this is fake. But by episode 6-7 she more or less knows exactly what she’s done and continues on anyway, even if she doesn’t know the extent of the pain she’s putting these people in.
The second half of that last sentence is actually irrelevant. It doesn’t matter if these people are not in pain. You don’t get to intentionally steal all of someone’s documents, keep them locked in your home for months and pretend you haven’t committed a crime just because you’re not also beating them on the regular.
Wanda didn’t stop in the end because she is a good person. She would have stopped much, much earlier if she were. She stopped because the way that the people were treating her completely removed her ability to pretend she wasn’t a bad person doing bad things all this time.
Let’s briefly go back to Captain America Civil War.
I’m not blaming her for the beginning of the movie (side note: that was Steve’s fault. Wanda clearly has only been vaguely trained on her powers and shouldn’t have been on the field at all). We’re actually starting from the middle of the movie. Where she “breaks” out of the compound. That she’s treating like a prison, when she had, at most, been grounded. Even calling it a grounding is debatable, considering she hadn’t even known about it for the several days between the bombing and when Clint came by. She was basically being advised to keep a low profile while things calmed down (probably due to VISA issues).
BUT the moment she decides she wants to leave and is told, “Maybe, don’t,” she sends VISION, who she supposedly loves through god knows how many floors of a building that was meant to handle super soldiers training in it. Did she know he would be okay after that? That he would survive it? She didn’t check. And then, during the airport battle, she chides Clint for holding back in his fight with Natasha. Like, she’d forgotten that some of these people were her friends (or at least friends of her friends). But for Wanda, once you’re no longer on her side, your life means pretty little.
Finally we move right on back to Age of Ultron. Let’s leave out any theories on whether it was even reasonable for her to blame Tony for the deaths of her parents (was it Stane? Were those even real SI bombs?), grief isn’t rational. So fair enough. She blames Tony for her parent’s death and wants revenge. And decides to join Hydra for the chance to get powers for this revenge. Wanda was 26 in AOU in 2015, and even assuming that she got her powers the minute Hydra/SHIELD got the scepter in 2012, she still would have been 23. An adult, not a kid. Combine that with her powers literally allowing her to read minds, there is no way that she didn’t know she was working with Hydra. After which she went on to work for Ultron.
Now, here’s the rub. There is no possible explanation for working with actual neo-nazi’s in the 21st century and a mad AI intent on destruction (because he was totally planning on retiring to be a nurse after destroying the world’s heroes, right?) and still believing that you’re on the right side. Never mind the fact that the rest of the Avengers literally had nothing to her beef with Tony. Never mind that she let Tony go in that state of panic, hoping he’d do something destructive (and joining up with said destructive AI) or setting off the goddamn HULK.
All of that was totally done with the belief that no one would be harmed. Of course.
Of course not.
Wanda and her brother didn’t defect from Ultron because he wanted to kill a lot of people. They left because they and their country would die too. If it had just been America he was planning to destroy, they likely would have left him alone. She left Ultron because it benefited her to do so. She joined the Avengers because it benefitted her to do so. After all, what else was she going to do? Go on the run, living in poverty for the rest of her life? Remain in Sokovia and possibly be brought up on charges for her part in helping Ultron, Hydra and the disaster in Johannesburg? No.
Over and over again, innocent people get hurt or killed because of her. But these movies/shows treat her as if she is someone to sympathize with. Like it’s reasonable to intentionally cause the death and torture of people over and over… because she sad.
In all fairness, I can acknowledge that AOU soured me on her hard since they never actually showed feeling any sort of real remorse while she was doing all of that really evil shit.
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So I was reading this interview with Angelina Jolie, Gemma Chan, Lauren Ridloff, and Salma Hayek speaking about Eternals when this happened:
Tumblr media
I don't know if this is standard procedure but... what in the actual hell?
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rael-rider · 7 months ago
On May 3, Marvel Studios released a sizzle reel titled “Marvel Celebrates the Movies” to commemorate a return to theaters since the Covid-19 pandemic. The reel is also a chance for Marvel to promote its next slate of movies — including Eternals, Thor: Love and Thunder, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Eternals, and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (a movie Inverse reported Stan Lee wanted to produce).
Lee’s voice guides us through the reel:
“The world may change and evolve. But the one thing that will never change, we’re all part of one big family. That man next to you, he’s your brother. That woman over there, she’s your sister. We’re all part of one universe that moves ever upward and onward to greater glory.”
Where does this Lee speech come from? The origins of the speech come from a Marvel social media video released in October 2017. The video sees Lee delivering an anti-hate speech some weeks after the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, during which 32-year-old Heather Heyer was killed in a vehicular attack.
The full transcript of Lee’s speech is below, with the text in bold denoting what’s heard in the recent sizzle reel:
“Hi, heroes! This is Stan Lee coming at ya. Just want you to know, Marvel has always been and will be a reflection of the world outside your window. That world may change and evolve. But the one thing that will never change is the way we tell our stories of heroism. Those stories have room for everyone, regardless of their race, gender, religion, or color of their skin. The only things we don’t have room for are hatred, intolerance, and bigotry. That man next to you, he’s your brother. That woman over there, she’s your sister. And that kid walking by you, hey, who knows, he may have the proportionate strength of a spider. We’re all part of one big family, the human family. And we all come together in the body of Marvel. And you, you’re part of that family. You’re part of the Marvel Universe that moves ever upward and onward to greater glory. In other words, excelsior!”
For the purposes of its Phase Four hype-up video, Marvel Studios edited and condensed Lee’s original speech to the point that any trace of its anti-bigotry messaging has been scrubbed clean. It is now a more generic message that beckons (paying) audiences back to movie theaters.
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raifenlf · 28 days ago
Fake Reviews?
Okay, so I've heard all the speculation/rumors that there were a lot of fake good reviews for the Star Wars sequel movies. I have speculated as much about Marvel products.
But um, Marvel? If you are paying people to write your reviews, you might want to tell whoever you hired to maybe not just cut and paste the same damn review with very little changes.
Because I was looking at Loki IMDB reviews last night and something felt...I don't know, off about them? So I got curious and checked the user writing the reviews and was very surprised to see super similar reviews to another show. Like, way too similar of reviews for Loki and WandaVision.
Here is one user's Loki review.
Tumblr media
And then here is the WandaVision review.
Tumblr media
Here is another poster doing the same thing (and, interestingly enough, posting the Loki review and WandaVision the same dates as the other user).
Here is their Loki review
Tumblr media
And here is their WandaVision review.
Tumblr media
Oh, but I'm not done! Here are some other super similar reviews. But this time it's not WandaVision and Loki, it's Loki and the show Heels. Why is that interesting? Because Loki writer Michael Waldron created Heels, too! Don't know what this means. Is Waldron writing reviews for his own shows, LOL.
Anyway here is the Loki review
Tumblr media
And here is the Heels review.
Tumblr media
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tonystarkisadouchebag · 28 days ago
You cant make this up. "Man discovers that the weapons he manufactures is used to kill people."
Tumblr media
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imposterogers · 2 months ago
the next episode of what if…? should be “what if the mcu wasn’t hellbent on character assassination and doing every one as dirty as possible”
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frosthetix · a month ago
Tumblr media
In times like this when big corporations *coughdisney* are either avoiding representation for fear of losing money or doing crappy representation, it’s just nice to see Andy Serkis and Tom Hardy out here giving us a happy queer movie (and even mentioning it in interviews too). When are the critics and dudebros going to realize that they are not the target audience for this film :)
|| link to this interview:
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oldgayseasoning · 2 months ago
What if...?
The Marvel writers and directors actually respected and understood the characters and cared about telling satisfying stories?
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gothamcitycentral · a month ago
Okay I’ll stop posting about Venom (for a bit) after this because I know this isn’t what people follow me for, but I wanted to say what I think makes the Venom movies different from the MCU.
They’re small. No, I obviously don’t mean the budget or the studio, but the movie itself. Every MCU film wants to the most important movie ever but Venom just feels like, a movie, a nice movie.
How many MCU films have the fate of earth or the universe at stake? But thing is both of the Venom movies have world ending stakes but whenever I see Eddie and Venom tearing up their big bad it stills feels like I’m watching two idiots in love defend their local block of Chicago.
MCU films are safe, made for general audiences to market to as many people as possible but Venom Let There Be Carnage feels made specially for the original’s fans
Most MCU films are commercialized fast food while Venom is a home cooked meal, to me at least.
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lucianalight · 4 days ago
Life has imitated art to the point that it's not even funny anymore. The way MCU treated Loki and his fans, both in-universe in case of how the character was treated and out-universe in case of how they handled his show, reminds me of how Loki was treated by everyone in the first Thor movie. Constantly silenced and mocked and disregarded. And when we are rightfully enraged and criticizing it, we're told we have "imagined slights". It has reached to a point where Odin MCU expects us to be grateful that they didn't let the character stay dead, and we're just asking them that for mercy's sake just swing the ax. It's not that we don't love their efforts to use the character to establish their next phase and in the meantime destroy the characterization completely and offend as many minorities as they can. It's just that we don't love them.
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afreauxheaux · 19 days ago
Been thinking about MCU Spider-Man and why he’s not my favorite. I’m not a huge comic buff or anything, but what I did enjoy about the Tobey and Andrew movies was how much Spidey meant to his community. We all know the iconic train scene from Spider-Man 2. TASM had the scene where the dad of the kid Peter saved early in the movie arranges for the cranes to go up to help him swing through the city. We’ve never really seen Tom Holland’s Spidey do something directly for the people of NY that would lead to them caring for him that much (all of his films have been about end of the world/international stakes). It even seems like they really hate him for what they think happened to Mysterio in the NWH trailers. It’s a strange Spider-Man/community dynamic to me.
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I watched an interview with Penelope Cruz this week when she was asked how did she prepare for the part in her latest movie (since it's a pretty emotional one) and she said it helped her a great deal to have read the whole script, to know everything that happens in the story, the hows and whys of her character and her co-actresses. She said she needed a full view from Almodovar (the director) so that she could act the whole thing the right way.
And as she was explaining that I couldn't help but think of Marvel. How they continuously make their actors work their parts when they don't know the full story or the situation they're in. They just say their words and call it a day. It's so utterly stupid and it ends with a sub-par quality work - how could it not!
The "no spoilers" craze is only making things worse. And it's so insulting to the actors and actresses as well. Penelope was so careful not to say anything about the movie, why does Marvel distrust their people so much that they risk losing quality just so they can keep it spoiler-free? It's still mind-blowing to me.
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ashdoesfandom · 6 months ago
who was right in civil war enlightened one what was justified and what wasn’t
(Note: I wrote this in 40 minutes after getting out of urgentcare because I am a madlad. If there are any misspellings, discrepancies, or plot errors, I apologize in advance.)
So the biggest problem with identifying who is actually wrong in Civil War is that the script is kinda...bad.
Okay, listen.
The dialogue is pretty fantastic and everyone is in character. (For the most part.) But the conflict is mediocre at best and there are like five different storylines going at once that are supposed to parallel each other but do a really shoddy job of it.
I can't really say who was right, but I can for sure say who's side I would have been on.
Tony Stark's.
(I promise this isn't just because he's my favorite.)
So there are two main storylines that involve Tony Stark. Plot A) the Accords, and B) Bucky's whole thing. These two plotlines intertwine at certain intervals, especially the ending, but let's put a pin in that. Let's talk about the Accords first.
This is where a lot of the bad writing comes in. If you go to the MCU Wiki, it cites regulations such as wearing tracking bracelets and being thrown into prison without a trial. Here's the thing CA:CW they don't mention any of these regulations even once. There is half the Avengers being thrown into the raft (which Tony breaks them out of), but the movie doesn't once cite a single regulation beyond the fact that 117 countries are trying to keep superheroes with potentially dangerous powers in check.
If they really wanted me to side with Steve on this one, they would have at least thrown something in there. At most, they just bring Thaddus Ross on screen as a kind of shorthand to prove that the Accords are corrupt, but this doesn't really hold any weight for someone who hasn't seen The Hulk or read the comics.
So the only argument they've got going is government bad=Accords bad, which...fair enough. But this movie is placed literally directly after Age of Ultron (which is another nightmare of a movie script), where it is firmly established that the Avengers making decisions on their own, without input from any higher officials, is historically a bad move.
Actually, let's back up, let's talk about the Avengers.
I don't really understand why they're still a thing after S.H.I.E.L.D. was disbanded. They aren't owned by any organization, they don't work for any organization, and they're not affiliated with any official government. Which means they can be viewed as vigilantes or terrorists, depending on how badly they botch up a mission. And considering how amazingly well Age of Ultron goes, I'm honestly not surprised that the United Nations wanted to put restrictions on them.
So -much to my chagrin-I'm actually on the government's side here.
What about the Avengers as a team?
Okay, so you have a Billionaire supergenius, a soldier from WWII with superpowers, two ex-S.H.E.I.L.D. agents, an Alien who sometimes shows up, and a scientist who turns into an uncontrollable rage creature. Adding onto that, they recruit two military veterans, a sentient robot, and the ex-nazi responsible for their last fuck-up.
If we take a look at their actual team dynamics, we have a group of people who are already split down the middle. Half the team is looking to Steve Rogers for leadership and the other half is trusting Tony Stark. These two men not only do not get along, but they don't get along to the extent that it affects how they work in a crisis. On top of this, said ex-nazi hates Tony Stark so hard that it- again- destroys an entire city and they decide to put her on the same team.
The Avengers have only had one successful onscreen mission (Avengers 2012) and that was more down to sheer luck than actually being capable of working together and carrying out a mission. They mention other missions they've been on at the beginning of Age of Ultron, but it's also noted that the collateral damage they've left in their wake was what spurred the UN into creating the Accords.
Not a great team.
So when people chalk Steve's entire argument down to the safest hands are our own, are they actually right? Should the world be entrusting their lives unquestionably in a team whose members should have been in therapy 6 movies ago (except for Rhodey and Sam, they get a pass).
Yeah hard pass, to be honest, I would have retired the team and restarted from scratch even before putting the Accords on the table. Which is why I am entirely on Tony's side because he is the more accountable between him and Steve. He tried it Steve's way in Age of Ultron, and it ultimately failed (that's another meta post for a different time). So now he's trying to keep the team together within the parameters that 117 different governments are clamoring for.
So my opinion on who was right? I lean more onto Tony's side.
Now what was justified?
Steve was justified in helping Bucky. I absolutely do not condone some of the things he did to protect him, but I can understand trying to help your best friend. It's a choice that I would make. I'm not one for saying the end justifies the means, but it's clear that Bucky was in trouble and that turning him in was a bad move. This is the one choice Steve made in Civil War that I absolutely approve of.
Tony was justified in his anger at Steve and Bucky and Bucky was not at fault for the death of Tony's parents. These two statements can and should coexist. I see a lot of people flipping out over Tony's reaction, but honestly? He's 100% justified. He just watched an incredibly traumatic tape of his mother dying with her murderer standing next to him. But that ain't what it was all about.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
That's what this is about. Steve was the last person Tony could have even comprehended lying to him about something like this. It wasn't about whether or not Bucky was the killer (although that had to be upsetting). It was about Steve breaking his trust. His reaction is absolutely understandable and completely justified with this in mind.
Now what wasn't justified?
Every scene with Wanda in it, Sam putting blame on Tony for the raft situation (edit: I think it actually may have been Barton who did this, but it's been a while since I've seen the film), and Steve's worst apology ever letter. I could literally write separate metas on each of these, so all I'm gonna say is the narrative used Tony as a cope out to cause problems for other people. All of Wanda's problems (sans her parents' death, which actually wasn't Tony's fault) are caused by her own doing. All of Sam's problems were caused by his own doing. And Steve's letter was the shittiest apology I've ever read and makes me turn into a rage monster every time I think about it.
None of those things we're justified and I sigh every time I think about them.
Anyway, long story short, this movie is a dumpster fire trainwreck that either needed to go through several more drafts or should've just been tossed in the bin. Tony's motivations are far more reasonable and sympathetic, and I'm still mad at them for putting him and Bucky on opposite sides.
(Please feel free to shoot me more questions or to disagree. I love talking meta/analysis with others, and would be thrilled to hear y'all's opinions.)
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bridoesotherjunk · 5 days ago
people who bitch about venom 2 not being R rated but then immediately say Sony should just let Marvel make all these movies now fucking BLOW MY MIND
do you honestly think that Marvel, Disney's newest fucking moneymaker, is going to make an R rated movie?????
do you honestly think????
absolutely fuckin not
stop clowning yourselves
-- ryan reynolds has been fighting for his life to keep deadpool rated R now that Disney got their grubby hands on him
no fucking WAY disney would let carnage murder a man with his tongue, fuck outta here
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madroxitsme · 2 months ago
i feel like mcu fans losing their shit over wv not winning [xyz] emmy just showcases a complete lack of a diverse media palette and by that i mean, they consume primarily mcu shit and practically nothing else. not to go all pretentious film student on everyone but wv just isn’t the masterpiece you think it is; olsen’s performance isn’t as great as you think it is, it’s not this incredible story relating to love that you think it is. its not even the best show the mcu has given the world (daredevil still remains the best thing the mcu has ever done in terms of television while cloak and dagger is severely underrated imo)
want some movies about the complexities of love? check out wong-kar wai, i’d personally recommend in the mood for love, happy together and chungking express. i’d also recommend del toro’s shape of water which explores love relating to marginalised people through a classic monster horror framework.
want a movie that deals with grief through an asshole protagonist that the narrative actually acknowledges is an asshole? check out inside llewyn davis by the coen brothers. llewyn is an asshole but you really do feel for him in how he’s struggling with grief and depression.
want a good movie about mental health? perfect blue by satoshi kon is a masterpiece in how it deals with the protagonist‘s mental health issues and psychosis, using the medium of animation to its fullest extent.
you know how people often tell harry potter fans to read another book, yeah if you primarily or only consume mcu content, please venture away from that bubble and watch more movies. get a letterboxd account and browse through there, idk man, i cant tell you what to do, just don’t limit the media you consume to whatever the mouse plops on your plate.
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liminal-augury · 2 months ago
I finally put together a review of Loki (TV Series). I've always been a huge Marvel fan, a huge MCU fan, but this show was horrific to me. Especially since I saw the show through to the end, I wanted to write a review for the main reviewing websites. I want this side to be heard. All it took was an immense amount of rage to get me to write reviews!
I’m planning on posting it on imdb, Rotten Tomatoes, and google reviews. So far I’ve gotten errors and issues with RT and google, and I’m hoping it doesn’t get lost on imdb. Any other places to leave reviews?
It took me a while to write this. I had to calm down a lot to make it coherent. Then I had to figure out how to condense it. I felt like a review should be my main points, but it took a lot of editing to get it down this much. (Then I had to make an edited version because google has much smaller word limits).
Thanks a lot @iamnmbr3. Your blog was the first one I found on the topic and it was a huge help. The show felt off from the first episode, but I couldn’t figure out why. Your analysis on the show really helped me to verbalize what I was feeling.
Review (except shorter on google):
As a huge MCU fan, I found the show to be intolerable. The plot was slow with way too much filler for the length of the show, and much of the filler felt purposeless. They could have deleted entire scenes or plot points without changing much if any of the story. The creators deliberately made the aesthetic average and mundane, which didn’t pair well with the underwhelming plot. The show relied heavily on slapstick humor, almost all of which was directed at the title character in a manner that encouraged laughter at his pain and stupidity. It would have been better suited for a cartoon, but it would be a cruel cartoon.
The TVA was presented as the better of two evils despite it being a totalitarian organization utilizing genocide and torture, both physical and mental. It felt very reminiscent of the book 1984 with the Thought Police, but the TVA was never truly represented as evil. Not one character opposed them as a hero or from a moral standpoint. All opposition came from a personal or self-serving motive. I’m not wanting every character to be brilliantly moralistic. That would be boring. But you don’t set up an organization like the TVA and say that they are providing a good and needed service, which was the idea the series was based on and ended on.
Mobius has a personality that is very easy to like, but he is very much complicit with the TVA. He happily 'does his job' of genocide and torture. He is Loki's captor, but we are informed he is his friend. When he isn't actively using physical or mental manipulation and torture, he is deriding and mocking him. There was nothing to indicate that they were friends outside of being told that is true. Mobius was never used as a villain by the show despite him fitting the mold well, but he also never has a redemption arc that would have made him a good hero. His reason for working against the TVA is because they lied to him, not because there is any moral reason. His change in alliances happened without much buildup, no gradual discovery throughout the series.
Sylvie felt like a caricature of a character, with very little to her personality other than grit. I was very bored with her. She was a tough, strong, and perfect character that lacked any other depth or nuance. She was called “terrifying” for being female, which felt horrifyingly sexist. She was yet another source of derision and mocking towards Loki.
Loki, the character, was very poorly written. He has always had a great deal of emotional depth that makes him interesting. He was acted with a range from extreme subtlety to riveting explosions of emotion in previous movies. His past is filled with good and bad choices, made with good and bad intentions. He was the villain who tried to be a hero and the hero who tried to be a villain. They took all that away and made him a side character in his own show who had little to no effect on the plot.
For abilities, he lacked his usual physical fighting prowess. He did very little magic, seeming awed when others used magic. His personality and mannerisms changed drastically. His gestures and expressions in this show were over the top and felt clownish, especially for a character that is known for his subtlety. He felt hyperactive and painfully eager to please everyone. His character is known for his manipulations, but his method of 'manipulation' here is to inform others that he is 'ten steps ahead' of them and is going to trick them. I don’t think that’s a good method of manipulation? Plus, the only effect he had on the plot was to slow down the other characters through his bumbling failures.
In addition, Loki was almost always the target of cruelty. This entire show felt like it was made to mock this character. They used every opportunity to tell us, and Loki, how terrible Loki is. How he is irredeemable and incapable of change. That he is a narcissist, which is inaccurate, and that any Loki is inherently untrustworthy. From birth, I suppose. Physical attacks, such as the slow-motion punch and the time loop where he was repeatedly kicked in the crotch, made me cringe. This show encouraged the enjoyment of cruelty.
As a last point, the show used the idea of representation to draw in viewers while avoiding having actual representation. The show was lauded as being good for bisexual and genderfluid representation. From what I’ve heard, the genderfluid representation was a mark on Loki’s paperwork, which you would need to pause at just the right moment to see. Plus, that makes the “terror” at a female Loki make even less sense. The bisexual representation was shown through a single word, and the character was only shown to be so when they made an entire show to mock and belittle him. That is not good representation.
I was very excited for this show, as well as for the next phase of the MCU. This has left me very disappointed and disheartened. I may not be entirely finished with the MCU, but this is the first part of the series that has killed my excitement for future releases. I get a sinking feeling when I hear about future projects now. I have enjoyed debating creative choices before, but this is not simply creative choices. It is too much cruelty, combined with poor writing and a lack of continuity.
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hatchetfield-scarecrow · a month ago
Can’t believe the Chucky series has more genderfluid rep than the Loki series.
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