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Marvel really went NO HOMO!!!!11!! and then created skinny!Steve Rogers, the worlds fiercest power bottom
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marvelxs-universe · 5 months ago
okay but now with the introduction and confirmation of Nexus
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
there is no way that Pietro is just some random person. i repeat. THERE IS NO WAYYYY
Tumblr media
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mythical-fangirls · 2 years ago
Why the fuck is there no decent fan merch?!?!?
Like I just want to subtle tell someone, “hey, I’m a fan of this thing” but I don’t want to shout it like “HEY LOOK AT MY SHIRT!!! YEAH IT MEANS I’M A FAN OF THIS THING LOOK AT MY FUCKING SHIRT THAT’S ALL UP IN YOUR FUCKING FACE”
Like, I want to wear a Yuri On Ice shirt that has, like, small chibi Yuuri in the shirt pocket. Not a shirt that has a stock image from the show or official art for the anime pasted onto a shirt.
I want Midoriya Izuku’s stupid shirt that legit says “T-Shirt.” I want Bakugou Katsuki’s sick ass boots. I want VLD’s Lance’s hoodie.
What I don’t want is the logo of the series or something very vital to the series being slapped onto everything. Nor do I want the faces of the most iconic characters being slapped onto a piece of clothing and calling it a day.
Those aren’t what fans are looking for.
That isn’t subtle.
Most of us, while not ashamed of our fandoms, don’t want the whole world to know we’re a fan of that thing. Why? I guess because it just feels embarrassing. Like someone who isn’t a fan recognizing it because of someone else they know being a fan and the chance they might talk to you.
Personally, for me, it’s the off chance that someone dare tell me that I’m a fake fan or not as dedicated as them (that has never happened to me, but I can’t help but fear still) because I’m wearing such obvious merch.
I, and I think many, many other fans can agree, want subtle merch.
Merch that doesn’t go up in your face screaming, “I’m a fan of X!”
Merch that’s like a wink and a nod to fellow fan that says, “Hey, I’m a fan.”
I want subtle merch. Like the outfits the characters themselves wear. The many discarded outfits of Grey Fullbuster. The amount of stupid shirts Midoriya Izuku wears. Fucking Connie Maheswaran’s outfits (her fucking jacket!!!).
Companies would legit make so much more money on merch if they sold the outfits the characters wear.
I would legit throw my money at the chance to buy a Bakugou Katsuki or Uraraka Ochako tank top. Mind you, their tank tops are just plain fucking black. I would fucking buy it and wear it.
Give us good merch damn it.
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itsallavengers · 3 years ago
So anyway Tony is on this random talkshow and it’s all going well until one of the celebrities being interviewed alongside him makes a few subtle digs at ‘all those airy fairy whiny folk these days talking about how mentally disabled they are’ and Tony just straight up looks them dead in the eye and says ‘I have anxiety, PTSD and depression and receive therapy for all three. So if you think Iron Man is ‘whiny and airy fairy’, then I really don’t know what to fucking tell you, buddy’ and the room just goes. Dead Fucking Silent for two flat seconds before e r u p t i n g into cheers.
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okiedokieloki · a month ago
can’t wait for the homoerotic montage scene where loki finds out mobius’ backstory and/or runs into who he used to be on earth and, in turn, learns more about who mobius is and maybe learns how to love along the way and also takes him on a god damn jet ski date-
Tumblr media
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optimusveddieprime · 2 years ago
Theres a debate over @twitter and they've started to go awff.
Tumblr media
So imma say this:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The absolute fucking worst Spiderman is :
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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innytoes · 2 years ago
Bucky and Eliot sparring as well. Geez I'm overheating just thinking about that.
Lol, I saw your ‘I need Eliot and Steve to spar’ comment and honestly now I’m picturing the Avengers kind of… just taking on the Leverage crew, like, if they’re ever in town they can stay at the Tower, if they’re ever in Big Trouble and they’re stopping another plague they got Black Widow’s whatsapp, if they ever want to go flying (Parker), take your pick, you want Thor, Iron Man, War Machine, or Clint flying a quinjet (or just falling off buildings. It’s a nice change for him to do it with proper rigging some time). 
Which leads to Sparring. Because put a bunch of strong bored people who punch stuff for a living together and you will eventually get sparring. 
Steve and Eliot spar first, probably when he’s visiting again in Portland. (They haven’t found Bucky yet, they’re just passing through, and they’d been driving all night so Sam pestered him into stopping at the brew pub because For Sure Eliot would feed them more chili.)
So they’re resting up, getting fed amazing things, going over intel with Hardison, maybe Sam relents and shows Parker how to use his wings, and the topic of Punching Things comes up, and some sass may be deployed, and all of a sudden they’re clearing away tables in the closed brew pub and grappling. (Hardison is Concerned, Parker is Delighted.) Eliot is happy not to have to pull his punches, Steve enjoys the Manly Bonding, afterwards they eat pie. 
When they find Bucky, of course they bring him by to meet the Leverage Crew. And of course Eliot feeds him. And of course they spar. (Hardison makes gleeful noises whenever The Arm Does The Noise.) It probably ends with them both on the floor, out of breath, discussing hair care routines. 
Then there’s that time Black Widow took down Eliot in 79 seconds and he thanked her.
That time Hawkeye and Parker got in a Bendy Competition because he’s former circus and she’s… Parker. Clint and Natasha are both delighted by her laser practice rigs and get Tony to make a Really Cool One at the tower. The inclusion of Ice Cream makes everything better. 
That time Tony offered Hardison some repulsor gloves that Eliot very loudly said NO at because he remembers what Hardison was like with a gun and NO.
(Parker tries it instead and is like: This is cool can you make me one that electrocutes people?)
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rewritefate · 2 years ago
“Thor would die for anyone he loves, why the fuck would that exclude Loki?”
Tumblr media
This is a short post in response to the question added by “//@afro-elf//” in some discussion about Thor and Loki relationship. Somehow this topic across my mind.
“Thor would die for anyone he loves, why the fuck would that exclude Loki, who he almost let kill him?”
A person who make this question clearly implying three assumption based on Thor character, first assumption is “Thor would die for anyone”, “Thor would die for Loki”, and the third is “Thor is willing to let Loki hurt/kill him”
Let’s just go into it:
1.    Thor would die for anyone.  
The only time Thor was willing to die for anyone (The act of selflessness) was in Thor (2011), when we see he is willing to save a town from Destroyer/Loki anger.
Tumblr media
And that’s it. Do we see Thor perform that selfless act again in another movies after that one? No right. Sure Thor character development has been good, the possibility of Thor character to do that selfless act again has been quite high, until Ragnarok take back some of Thor character development from earlier and somehow make Thor back into what his character has been in the earlier Thor movie, only a bit more manipulative. I give you a bit insight on this one.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Well …  
And don’t get me started with IW, as the Russo brothers never properly develop “Thor selflessness” trait in their movie either, those Russo make Thor too focused on his own thirst for revenge that resulting him to gloat in front of Thanos before he want to kill him.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Can we not go broad on our assumption that Thor still has the tendencies to “sacrificing himself for anyone he loves” now?
(By the way, “Thor character arc” is for another topic for another discussion, I will make a post about it when I have a time).
2.    Thor would die for Loki
Is Thor willing to die for his brother? That’s debatable. Let’s judging it by the record of Thor and Loki dsyfunctional relationship. In the entire of Thor character journey, the only closest person whom Thor never willing to understood was Loki.
With Hela , he tried to see the reason why Hela was angry and want to claimed the throne back to her.
““I understand why you’re angry and, while my sister and technically have a claim to the throne… believe me, I would love for someone else to rule, but it can’t be you.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
With Gamora, he is willing to understand Gamora “family” situation.
Thor to Gamora “Families can be tough”
And yet he never seems to willing to understood Loki reason and why did he became one of those people who follow the darkness path (like what Hela did).
This is Thor respons to Loki “pain” in the Avenger (2012)
Tumblr media
Which is ironic, considering they both has been together for a century until the event of Thor 1 and Loki had been Thor subordinate all the time. I think this has to do with Thor mindset for Loki position.
Tumblr media
Thor to Loki : “Know your place, brother !”
He thought Loki as beneath him. It’s usually hard for people, and in this case, Thor, to changed his own mindset even after some character growth he has in the Earth or Midgard in a span of a few days. He can changed his attitude towards Loki, but unconsciously he still cannot value Loki as equal. The brotherly game “Get Help” in Ragnarok Elevator scene, that Thor usually do with Loki in their childhood, is showing a hint about their brotherly relationship that Thor unconsciously still didn’t value Loki as much as he value others and himself. 
Loki : “It’s humiliating” (after he done get help)
Thor : “No, for me, It’s not.”
Thor certainly didn’t care much about Loki feeling as long as the act benefit himself. And the narrative never fix this. 
I honestly very much doubt a person who cannot even respect his own brother as an individual (with their own perspective and motive) to sacrifice his life for his brother. Thor in the MCU (especially Ragnarok, followed by Infinity War version of Thor ) didn’t have that quality (valuing his own brother the same way he valuing himself) for now, not yet. We will see that in Avenger 4 if we get a chance.
In respons to your claims that “Thor is willing to let Loki killed him for Loki sake”. He never willing to.
And this is Thor response when Loki stabbed him in the Stark Tower (Avenger 2012).
Tumblr media
I think some people maybe confusing Thor with Steve Roger.
Tumblr media
I’m posting this short response kinda late (Has been busy for a whole months, no internet connection). I’m open a discussion for this topic, maybe some people would like to elaborate their thought on it.
@whitedaydream @shine-of-asgard @seiramili7 @small-potato-of-defiance @kaori04 @lokiloveforever @lucianalight @yume-no-fantasy @juliabohemian
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iamnmbr3 · 19 days ago
i’m literally waiting in the lgbt rep in the loki show & the “visibility” of black women in pivotal roles on it as advertised in interviews cause rn i’m just seeing white lady better than everyone syndrome show
This is a great ask and I have several thoughts on this so buckle up guys, gals, and pals bc this is going to get long. Here’s the thing. Visibility does not equal good representation. Disney seems to have forgotten that the FRAMING matters the most of all. And boy oh boy does the show fail on that front.
“The Birth of a Nation” is a famous pro-KKK film from 1915 which is still influential today in some white nationalist circles. This film actually has a lot of black characters. Many of those black characters are portrayed by white actors in blackface, but let’s ignore that issue for a second and pretend that they hired only black actors for those roles. Guess what? That still wouldn’t make the film progressive or have it count as good representation in any way. Why? Well because the film is repugnant, racist propaganda. The point of having black characters is to demonstrate to audiences that they are inherently inferior, unintelligent, sexually aggressive and violent and that the “heroic” KKK is needed to defend against them. This is one of the most famous racist films of all time and a lot of the ideas represented in it are still problems today. Just having black characters in the film doesn’t mean that it counts as good representation or is some victory of progressivism. 
Similarly Jewish characters figure very prominently in a lot of Nazi films. These characters aren’t implied to be Jewish or Jewish coded or whatever. They are explicitly Jewish. Diversity win right? Not so much! Because again, FRAMING MATTERS. The Nazis put Jewish characters into their films in order to portray them as greedy, conniving, cowardly, selfish, violent, and dangerous and to show why they were supposedly a blight on German society and needed to be exterminated. So again. Just having Jewish characters who are “visible” doesn’t mean the films aren’t horrifically bigoted and harmful and the very opposite of good representation. 
Now let’s get back to the Loki Series and the way it claims to be progressive and throws around “representation” like a buzzword when it has absolutely no right to be doing so. There are several black women in the cast whose characters are in positions of power. That’s true. However, their characters are not granted much focus. They don’t have much depth or complexity. We don’t really know much about their flaws or vulnerabilities. Why does that matter? Because that’s what HUMANIZES a character. These characters are treated more as cardboard cutouts than as humans. 
But it gets A LOT worse than that. My biggest issue is that these characters are extremely complicit in the actions of the TVA - a violent, genocidal, fascistic, policing organization that regularly commits acts of torture, enslavement, and violation of due process and that is trying to eliminate free will. Now I’m not saying you cannot have black characters who are villains. Of course you can. No group of people are a monolith and acting like any group is just uniformly pure and perfect is very insulting and infantilizing. However, if you had a movie with all black female characters and the only white males were members of a fascistic policing organization it would certainly feel like the narrative was saying something with that, and the opposite is also true. 
But it still gets EVEN WORSE. Because the TVA despite being objectively evil (yes they are. there is no excuse for torture and slavery and anybody coming into my replies to defend such heinous acts needs to go study their history bc I shouldn’t have to argue with you about this) is hero coded. We’re supposed to laugh at their treatment of Loki and think it’s justified. It’s not. Full stop. They torture him and they enslave him. THAT ISN’T OK. But it’s treated as a joke. And the characters who are complicit in it are absolved of their involvement. 
Even the ones who later turn against the TVA somewhat don’t feel any guilt about what they have been involved in, because according to the narrative they never did anything so terrible. B-15 gets her memories back and her focus is on herself - “I was happy” rather than on all the people she victimized while she wasn’t in her right mind. Because the narrative wants us to forget about that and think the TVA is mostly alright really. We know this because Loki views Mobius as a friend despite the fact that Mobius has never treated him as a friend - he has tortured him, mocked him, humiliated him, and enslaved him. And the narrative says it’s ok.
And I can’t help feel that the writer - Mike Waldron - is using these black characters to try to insulate the TVA from criticism and push his vile pro authoritarian narrative. It is worth noting that Mike Waldron is white and male. Now I am not at ALL saying that white men cannot write characters who are female or black or any other group they don’t belong to so no one put words in my mouth. They can and they should. But they should do so responsibly (just like writers should depict trauma responsibly etc). And Mike doesn’t seem to be doing so responsibly. 
Now I don’t know whether Mike has sympathies with rightwing ideologies, but one of the things I study irl is rightwing extremism, and some things he has said certainly make me think that he might. The way he writes “representation” in his stories also feels like a bigot’s idea of “what liberals want.” Like how the women are these empty badasses with no personality who demean and mistreat the male characters. 
Mike once made a very telling comment about how the show is great because Loki spends a lot of time “under the thumb of strong black women” and to me that is indicative of his world view. He seems to view the idea of racial justice and racial equality as inherently violent and oppressive. When that isn’t the point at all. Equality, whether between genders or races etc isn’t about supremacy. It’s about...EQUALITY! Making sure that everyone is treated fairly. It’s not about switching who the oppressor is. It’s about liberating everyone. It’s like when people say “Well don’t all lives matter?” in response to “Black Lives Matter.” Of course they do. That’s the point of Black Lives Matter. It’s to make sure that all lives do matter - including black lives! It’s not about saying that only black lives matter. It’s about making sure that black and brown lives matter too. Mike’s viewpoint seems to be consistent with rightwing scare tactics about how diversity and racial equality will lead to “white replacement” or “white genocide” or various other conspiracies where white people end up being killed or oppressed. And that seems to have carried over into his work. The black characters are all in positions of power and use that power in ways that are abusive. 
But more pernicious still is the fact that I feel like he’s using black characters to prop up his fascistic policing organization and insulate it from criticism. I feel like he’s the conservative who thinks he can “outsmart” the the liberals by being like ‘see. I made the fascistic police black so no one can criticize them now haha im so clever.’ And no Mike. It doesn’t work like that because this is fiction and YOU ARE THE ONE WHO WROTE IT THAT WAY. You are the one who chose to have the only black women characters be abusive authority figures. And guess what? Someone who uses their power to abuse and enslave and torture is evil no matter what race they are. And as I said before it’s fine to have villains who aren’t white, but why are these the only prominent black female characters? “People complicit in police brutality and enslavement of others” is not good representation and it’s also really tone deaf. And it doesn’t at all excuse the pro-abuse, pro-torture, pro-authoritarian messaging of the show. It just makes it worse because he is trying to call it good representation and using the inclusion of these black characters to try to achieve his agenda.   
I could say a lot more about this but I also want to talk about the queer representation. Because wow, is it not good. Again, framing matters. Just like “The Birth of a Nation” isn’t progressive just because not all the characters are white, the Loki Series isn’t progressive just because not all the characters are straight. In fact it’s the opposite of progressive. The queer “representation” feels straight out of bigoted propaganda. It’s honestly frightening how viciously cruel it is. Loki’s personality traits have been retconned to map onto harmful stereotypes about queer men. He is overly expressive, makes grand gestures, is flamboyant, cowardly, dishonest, weak, bad at fighting, lazy, spineless, meek, unused to exercise etc. Now a person could be all these things and also happen to be queer. However, Loki was never like this before. His character was retconned to be this way only in this series where he is confirmed to be queer. 
Furthermore, the entire premise of the series seems to be that it is funny and entertaining and justified when Loki is dehumanized, mocked, humiliated, hurt, tortured, beaten, assaulted, and/or robbed of his dignity. That’s the premise. That’s the whole show. HOW THE FUCK IS THAT PROGRESSIVE?!?! No really. I want Mike to explain the joke to me. Because the joke can’t be “it’s funny when people get hit in the face” because that sort of thing isn’t routinely happening to Mobius or to other characters. It’s only happening to Loki who is coded as the Other in many different ways and who has been confirmed to be a queer man. 
So why is it ok when it happens to him? Why is it funny? Why is the point of him being stripped naked not that this is a horrible violation but that it’s funny that he’s scared? Why is him being repeatedly kicked in the groin (and btw that kind of sexual violence has commonly been used against queer men) supposed to be funny? Why are we supposed to jeer and glory in his degradation and think he deserves it? Because I'm not getting it Mike. Explain the joke to me. I dare you. 
In fact I dare Mike to explain how any of the show is progressive or counts as good representation. Yes sure the show has female characters and black female characters and queer characters. But that’s not enough. The FRAMING matters. So c’mon Mike. Don't just tell me what kinds of identities you included in your show. Explain to me why they occupy the roles they do.
I dare you. 
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dendrite-blues · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
For a relatively short exchange, this scene is jam packed with characterization for Loki. 
It’s also our first reliable look into what Loki was like before Thor 1. Not as described by others, but first hand and from his own mouth. I think that deserves a closer look, to see what we can learn about Loki and how he thinks.
This scene is significant because it tells us what Loki’s personality is like when he’s not running for his life. It tells us who he was before his trauma and what his core beliefs are underneath those layers of humor and bravado.
Better yet, since he’s alone we can assume that every line in this scene is presumably true, or at least Loki believes it to be true since he has no audience but himself. 
The dialogue centers mostly around the statement “You deserve to be alone, and you always will be.” I’m not going to focus too much on the “alone” motif since I already dedicated an entire meta post to it.
What I think is more interesting about this scene is actually the looping, and the stages Loki goes through in trying to deal with it. There’s a lot of really interesting character traits on display in that progression.
Loop 1: A Warm Bath and Glass of Wine
The first loop entails Sif lecturing Loki about cutting her hair, kicking him in the balls, and storming away. Loki kneels on the floor and he gives us this great line:
“A bad memory prison? How quaint. Some punishment. I remember exactly what I did after that. I went and had a nice, hot bath and a glass of wine, and I never thought about it again. Because it was just a bit of fun.”
So we can take this to be Loki’s default reaction to pain and criticism. When put into an unexpected conflict without any forethought or outside influence, this is what he says/does.
1) Downplay the damage/threat. How quaint. 2) Dispel/soothe the emotion. Nice hot bath. 3) Minimize the impact. Never thought about it again. 4) Deflect responsibility. Just a bit of fun.
Keep those in mind as we move forward, since we’ll be using them to make sense of what else Loki says in this scene.
Loops 2 and 3: Okay, Sif, Hang On
This bit is about Loki realizing just how bad his predicament is.
L: Okay. Okay, Sif. Hang on. S: No, you hear this. You deserve to be alone... And I always will be. L: Alright, I get it. Listen. You are a reconstruction of a past event created by the organization that controls all of time. So you need to trust me and you need to help me escape. Yeah? S: Pathetic. (she kicks him again) L: (winces and groans)
As we all would expect from him, Loki’s first impulse is to try and talk his way out of it. What he says to achieve that goal is pretty revealing though. Because he doesn’t try to ease Sif’s upset by apologizing or explaining or offering to magic her hair back. 
Any of these would have been more likely to save his nads in the given circumstance, right? The present threat is Sif, and she’s mad about what Loki did to her hair. But Loki doesn’t really see that. Rather, he treats her as a means to an end.
“So you need to trust me and you need to help me escape. Yeah?”
To me, that choice reveals something of a blind spot Loki has to the feelings of others. Even if he doesn’t actively like hurting people, he does prioritize their problems below his, and quite shamelessly. And at least on his first impulse, he doesn’t seem to feel much remorse or empathy for them.
Tumblr media
Usually in fanon we attribute this callousness to his trauma. He’s learned that no one can be trusted and no one cares, and so he doesn’t allow himself to care for others. 
But between his Loop 1 sentiment of “It was just a bit of fun” for an event which caused real hurt to Sif, and his Loop 2/3 behavior of “you, stop being mad and help ME” I think it’s reasonable to say that selfishness/low empathy are traits Loki possessed pre-trauma.
Loop 4-????: Happens Off Screen
It’s unclear how many times Loki loops while the camera is following Mobius, but the implication is clear that it was been many, many repetitions. Somewhere in this his denial and deflection must break, because we come back to a much humbler, more pleading Loki.
The Final Loop: I Crave Attention
S: You conniving, craven... L: Sif. Sif. S: ...pathetic worm. L: Please, please, no more. Please, I beg you. I'm a horrible person. I get it. I really am. I cut off your hair because I thought it'd be funny. And it's not. Uh... I crave attention... because I'm... a narcissist. And I suppose it's... It's because I'm scared of being alone.
HOOO BOY, so this is quite a tough bit to analyze. There’s a lot of interpretations you could make, and a lot of topics to delve into. For the sake of focus, I’m going to ignore the narcissism question. That one really needs an entire post, and I want to focus on something else here.
That being, Loki’s way of processing conflict/punishment.
I’ve always found it strange how Loki takes such pride in being called a liar and cheat when he simultaneously has this chip on his shoulder about how nobody likes him. 
Those two traits don’t seem to play well together, and I always scratched my head over how they coexist in his character. If he wants people to be nicer to him, maybe he should stop antagonizing them? Yeah?
Well, here we’re finally given a clear reason. Loki craves attention, he hates being alone. So how does he avoid it? Pranks and mischief. 
Fair enough.
But then, if all his pranks lead to this outcome--outrage, retaliation, insult--why doesn’t he ever learn? How is it that after 1000 years of this behavior, he hasn’t found a better way to get the attention he craves? 
Loop 1: Downplay, dispel, minimize, deflect. He accepts zero accountability for the impact of his actions, and doesn’t think at all about how they affect other people. Just a bit of fun. I had a hot bath and a glass of wine, and never thought about it again. 
The only reason he reaches the level of self awareness on display in the Final Loop is because the looping forces him to contemplate his actions and the impulses within him that lead to that behavior.
This is projection on my part, but to me he acts as though this kind of deep reflection is a new thing for him. He sounds like someone sharing a revelation that he’s just had about himself. We’re being shown that Loki is a man of action. He will always move forward if he can, possibly because looking back to so painful that he can’t bring himself to do it.
Circling back around to the pride Loki has for his knavery, let’s suppose that he’s been on this negative reinforcement cycle since childhood. He’s always acted out to get attention, then received retaliation and insults for it, and then pushed the bad feelings out of his mind with creature comforts and mental gymnastics.
What happens over time, when you’re being constantly told that you’re a pain in the ass and no one likes you? Most of us would take it to heart, but Loki doesn’t. He has a big ego, big enough to resist that constant barrage of hate coming at him.
So how does he marry these two conflicting realities? 
He turns it into an identity, the God of Mischief. 
Tumblr media
In his head, Loki excuses himself of blame by shifting the culpability to his moniker. It’s not that he’s immature and petty, he’s just a “trickster.” It’s in his nature to cause trouble, so he can’t help it. You wouldn’t dangle a steak in front of a tiger and blame the tiger for striking, would you? And if other people can’t take a “joke” then that’s not his fault, that’s on them for not having a sense of humor. It was just a bit of fun.
Here we see the union of these two halves of Loki, the lonely ice runt and the mischievous scamp. (And a little bit of the original Loki who Thor accused of being incapable of growth!) 
By refusing to think about others, and excusing himself from responsibility, Loki successfully preserves his self worth and insulates himself to most of the negative emotions he experiences.
Pain, embarrassment, and grief aren’t pointless emotions though. They are vital feelings that serve to regulate our behavior, and that push us to conform to the ways of our social circles. Without them, we annoy and upset others. Be annoying for long enough and you will eventually find yourself, well, alone. As Loki is.
Thus “Mischief” is a self-defeating loop, and Loki is just as caught in it as the cell Mobius trapped him in.
In order to be free of both traps, Loki has to stop running. He has to take a deeper look at himself and realize how much he is getting in his own way. The entire scene is one big parallel between these two “loops.” Pretty neat, huh?
Sadly these kinds of thought loops are really difficult to break, they’re buried so deeply in our personalities and habits that we usually don’t notice them until life forces us to address them.
The cell is Loki’s wake up call, and thankfully he does seem to rise to the occasion. He tells Sif quite clearly what his problem is, and he does it with beautiful, painful honesty.
Which is why it’s so fucking awesome for Mobius to acknowledge that, and to finally give Loki a taste of positive attention. 
You don’t deserve to be alone. I believe you can be anything, even something good. Whatever you two did, it was powerful enough to bring this whole place down.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It’s a beautiful scene. Well written, meticulously acted. The clarity of vision in the pacing and shot selection, it’s really something special.
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samwontshare · a month ago
The Wakanda Files: Sam Wilson
So here is what I found in The Wakanda Files (canon tie in book) on Sam Wilson. I’m including image descriptions so most things will be behind a cut. 
What’s included? Specs on the flight suit and redwing and an email from Sam to Stark Industries requesting all the bells and whistles on his Avengers suit. Also an Avengers’ memo about Rhodey’s fall that mentions Sam. :(
And of course: Sam Wilson and Riley were VOLUNTEERS
Tumblr media
Image 1: Schematics of the EXO-7 “Falcon” Flight Program. Image 1 is a frontal diagram of the flight suit featuring a person approximate (not Sam).
(Shield logo) Text: X0-7 Falcon Experimental Winged Harness
Carbon-polymer reinforced Mylar Vanes (points to upper plates of wings)
Protective Shoulder Coverings (points to shoulders)
Mechanized Collapsible Wings (points to wings)
Air Inlets (points to wings where ‘feather’ plating connects)
Redwing Gauntlet Interface (points to right wrist)
Redwing Drone Dock and Deployment Area (points to right ankle????)
Three Point Harness (points to chest)
Protective Knee Coverings (points to knees)
Tumblr media
Image Two: Back diagram of flight suit, same human approximate in image. Text says:
Emergency Parachute System (points to jetpack on left)
Jet-Propelled Engine Pack (3x Turbines) with Three-Point Harness (points to jet pack on right)
Fuel Tanks (points to jetpack just under where you’d expect to see flames when active)
Yaw Control System (points to back of calf)
Air Exhausts (points to edge of wings)
Speed Control System (points to right wrist)
For some reason doesn’t explain the other gauntlet on the left wrist
Tumblr media
Image 3: two emails.
To: 58th Special Operations Wing, Arlington
SUBJECT: Commissioning Of The Exo-7 Program
CONSTRUCT: Advanced wing suit prototype design for use in remote and hostile emergencies to assist in the aid and rescue of our troops.
SYSTEMS: Shoulder-harness-worn flight system. Three miniature jet engines located at the bottom of the pack device. Retractable composite extensions with a wingspan of four meters collapse into the pack for storage and quick deployment. Equipped with an emergency parachute should system fail or sustain wing damage. Capable of carrying an additional human along with the pilot.
VOLUNTEERS: We have identified two candidates who have demonstrated the physical resilience and flight skill for the program.
My addition: SAM WILSON VOLUNTEERED FOR THIS YALL. Not surprised at all. Of course he volunteered.
TO: Tech Dev
FROM: Wilson, Sam
My old flight pack from Fort Meade did the trick temporarily, but the tech is outdated and outmatched. It’s time for an upgrade.
Let’s start with the wings. When those things get shot to pieces midair, I’m cooked. They need to be able to withstand a little more firepower. Maybe carbon-polymer fiber like Cap’s suit? I hear that might keep the rigidity and flexibility ratio. The flight goggles from the prototype don’t do much more than keep the sun and wind out of my eyes. Based on the last few missions, I need AR goggles with a built-in comms system. I need something to give me a wider view of the battlefield. How about adding enhanced optics for isolating and differentiating targets at greater distances? It would be nice to have some sort of surveillance device that I could send into battle before I jump in. The minute I swoop in, I’m vulnerable. Unlike all the bulletproof, enhanced people on the team, I’m just a dude.  
I could use a little more firepower too. Maybe upgrade the control gauntlet, add some targeting computers, a grenade launcher or two in the pack. Let me strike from afar so that I don’t have to always engage within arm’s reach.
If any testing or fitting is needed, let me know how I can assist.
Sam Wilson
My add: Love Sam asking for all the bells and whistles. You get that tech, Sam! Looks like he picked up something from Peter’s assessment of his suit in Civil War - nice callback, hah. Except this email probably would’ve been written pre Civil War since he’s talking about his original suit. Author might have confused timelines.
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image 4: AVENGERS HQ
The upgraded wing suit is complete. Per Wilson’s request, the Falcon Redwing suit is capable of video and audio surveillance and target tracking. 
ADVANCED RECON: The device, while in flight, can run visual analysis including x-ray, infared, and thermal scans. All data and analysis will be fed back into Falcon’s augmented goggles or wrist gauntlet’s control screen, which can also serve as a remote control device. 
STRATEGIC APPLICATIONS: DNA and facial recognition targeting systems have been added along with a tow cable and stun missile dart. If needed, the Redwing pack can be deployed as a projectile missile, good for impacting an enemy at a high velocity. 
Two pictures - picture 1 is of Sam in the new Falcon suit with wings extended. Picture 2 is Sam from behind - redwing deploying from Sam’s jetpack.
Tumblr media
Image 5: okay this is mostly about Rhodey but it includes Sam. 
Berlin, Germany
The War Machine suit suffered a catastrophic failure following the skirmish with those that opposed the Sokovia Accords. An inadvertant collision with a beam from Vision’s Mind Stone, which was intended to disable Sam Wilson’s EXO-7 flight pack, sliced through the War Machine arc reactor, cutting all flight system power. The armor fell from the sky, and Col. Rhodes was unable to regain control. All backup systems did not activate. Hitting speeds of about 9 Gs, Rhodes passed out before surface impact. A medical evaluation is underway for Rhodes, but laceration of his spinal cord from the fall is probably. Injuries will be severe. 
My add: Wow, poor Rhodes. But it seems the explanation was that Vision was hoping to disable Sam’s wing pack, forcing him (presumably) to deploy his emergency parachute and ground him. But that blast easily could have been fatal if it hit Sam because just look at what happened to poor Rhodey. 
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