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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#mcu fanart

I have a question.



Hi i am a young self taught artist trying to estabilish a small income. Now to the question : what art you would pay 1 dollar a month for?

Ex. A specific ship, a specific genre of drawings, etc.

I just Opened a Patreon and i want to draw in people by doing something they actually really care about. My own tastes are very far from mainstream so i need your help to figure out what it is!

If you read everything a huge thank you

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“Cause it’s 3AM and I’m calling everybody that I know” - 3AM By Halsey

(Another) Sad Tony Stark Doodle

again trying a new style, another warm up that turned out good in my opinion

I just think Halsey’s songs fit Tony really well

I might make this a series of drawings???

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I’ve been meaning to post this for about… two weeks now.  It’s just been one of those fortnights/months/years.  

The insanely talented @hundredthousands-art​ blew me away with this gorgeous picture of Alpine in all her snide glory, complete with the infamous Christmas hat, mug and ribbon (that found a deliciously hot second purpose in life…)  Just like fic!Bucky, I don’t know how to feel.  Part of my wants to snuggle the cute cat, and another part of me is just endlessly distrusting of her. 


For anyone who hasn’t read it, you can check the series out here on Ao3.  

Part 1:

My fuckbuddy is nice to my cat, and other serious problems (that Bucky has at 1 in the morning)

“Hey, girl,” Steve said, crouching down low to scratch Alpine behind the ears. “How’s it going?” Alpine was a fluffy mess under Steve’s hands, rubbing and pressing and meowing like she was the one with a hard-on trapped in jeans that were already far too tight.

Bucky watched with a combination of amusement and mild displeasure at being ignored.


When his frequent booty call is nice to his insufferable cat, Bucky starts to worry that his blood is rushing back up to his head.

& Part 2:

My fuckbuddy is Captain America and other reality-shattering revelations (that keep Bucky awake at night)

“Late night infomercial Cap performer?” Bucky asked in one last, ditch-all effort to force this insanity to make sense. “Documentary reenactor?”

Steve didn’t look amused, so Bucky took that as a no.


When Bucky’s fuckbuddy (who is inexplicably nice to Bucky’s asshole of a cat) wants to attach strings to their relationship, a whole world of secrets trickle into the light of day. Including, but not limited to, Bucky’s love of vodka.

Be sure to check them out, and send HT all the love for the amazing art. 

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“Pining idiot”

Yeah, bucky is so smitten he doesn’t even realize Tony is half way naked, he is just too obsessed with Tony’s hands at the moment, just give him a minute and he’ll look up and start drooling.

Meanwhile Tony has just spent 48 hours working, he is literally dead inside and he’s just wondering why Nat is smiling like the chesire cat. Dude he needs more coffee.

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