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#mcu fanart
writing-wh0re · a day ago
Can i request what would druig’s reaction be to having a secret love child with a fellow eternal?
Druig x Reader
Headcannon for your Monday morning.
- It had been years since I saw all of the other Eternals.
- Not that I was hiding from them or anything, we had all just gone our seperate ways.
- Although I was keeping a tiny, little, secret from everyone.
- Especially Druig.
- "Mum! Some of your collage friends are here."
- The sentence that made me freeze on the spot.
- They were here.
- He was here.
- Fuck.
- "Hey, it's great to see you all." I flick my eyes from all of them, landing on Druig, his sly smug smirk present on his lips, his eyes wandering over my body.
- "Adpoted a kid?" Ikaris asks, pointing to my son now sitting on the bar stood in the kitchen, scrolling on his phone.
- "Adpoted, that's nice coming from your uncle."
- "Alistair." I warn causing him to roll his eyes.
- Be anymore like your father.
- "Uncle?"
- "He's basically a copy and paste of you." Kingo laughs cupping Druigs shoulder.
- I feel my cheeks heat up, all of them looking between Druig and I, slowly piecing it together.
- "How old are you?"
- "I look 16 but I stopped aging what, fourteen years ago?"
- I sigh, this isn't how I planned on it going.
- "So he's been in your life for 30 years now?"
- "When did you and Druig last see each other?"
- "When were you and Druig even together?"
- "Why keep this a secret?"
- "Can everyone just stop for a moment?" My voice booms off the walls of my living room, the only sound following is Alistair's chair scraping against the ground.
- "Follow me, let's leave them to figure this out." Alistair smiles, almost a mirror image of his father. All of them look at each other before deciding to follow behind the teenager.
- "I can't believe we have another Druig to put up with." Phastos mumbles.
- Druig sighs, sitting down on the couch, his hand rubbing down his face.
- I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared.
- I slowly sit down beside him, unsure of how to approach this.
- "30 years."
- His accent sends a wave of butterflies inside of me.
- "You'll love him."
- Druig chuckles, his hand brushing my knee.
- "Why didn't you tell me? I would of dropped everything."
- "I didn't know until you had disappeared."
- Druig's hand searches for mine, our fingers lacing together as he turns his body towards me.
- "I have done nothing but think about you for years, I should have come back."
- I shake my head, moving closer to him.
- "We were both wanting to figure out this world, I don't blame you, Alistair doesn't blame you."
- "We're dumb for wanting to be without each other."
- "Stay with me."
- My heart flutters at his words, our eyes locking together, his flicking down to my lips. I nod softly, silently begging for his touch.
- Druig's hand falls to the back of my neck, his lips pressing against mine, softly at first, so gentle as if I could break under pressure. Before turning into a hungry kiss, years of need pouring through.
- Our kiss is broken due to someone clearing their throat. I quickly turn to look at the person, a slight pink taking over my cheeks as my eyes land on Alistair.
- "Good to see you and dad are on good terms."
- I flick my eyes to Druig, a smile on his face and as a chuckle rumbles through his chest, hes proud.
- "Ikaris, is he always a dick?"
- I snort, my head falling back as I laugh, Druig also laughing before we both get up and walk to Alistair.
- "Only to us, you and I have some catching up to do." Druig smiles, hugging Alistair and walking out the back to join the others. I watch them both tourment and laugh at Ikaris, everyone smiling at them.
- Finally, my heart is full.
- My family is whole.
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blackburrie · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
People who draw Stephen and Tony with big boobah….. thank you 🙏
Instagram 😳
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thesunwillart · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
happy bday sam!!! love is stored in the sam and he deserves all of it
making it at last minute for sam wilson appreciation week <3
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idontcareaboutcanon · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
A doodle of happy, free boys bc episode 4 didn't happen.
They found a fuggin jetski guys-
@the-amazing-meow @whatisandisnotachair
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meg-ikarp · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
walk through the decades with wanda maximoff!
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muffinshark · a month ago
Tumblr media
finally drew Steve in that all-black civil war concept art suit
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daisyann-jpg · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
"kate bishop. i'm pretty much an avenger. at your service."
🏹 style inspiration:  hawkeye (2012) by matt fraction & david aja
🔍 p.s.  try to find all easter eggs іn the posters
*click on the picture for better quality*
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