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#mcu fic

request: “I’m in an angsty mood lol so could you please write a Peter Parker imagine where the reader finds Peter kissing MJ even though he kissed her the day before and she makes him choose between herself and MJ. He chooses MJ but realizes a few weeks later after the Far From Home trip that he likes the reader.”

A/N: i’m sorry this took so long, but i hope it meets your expectations!! i added supporting characters of my own as well. thank you for such a juicy request!! NOT PROOF READ YET.

word count: 2342

WARNINGS: angst. cursing, and heartbreaking in my opinion.


You didn’t understand.

You definitely weren’t the ‘go-getter’ type, nor were you the kind of girl who just says what’s on their mind or heart. When the cook at a restaurant got your order wrong, you would smile and say ‘thank you’ instead of letting them know. You’re the kind of person that would stick around with whoever you were with until they were ready to go instead of finding a comfortable place to be by yourself. So when you had feelings for a boy, a boy like Peter Parker, it would be almost instinctive to either deny or hide those feelings as best as you could.

But you didn’t do either.

Instead, when the class got back to the hotel in Prague, you marched up to his hotel room with your hand curled into a fist, ready to confess your feelings for him when his door was yanked open. He was staring at you in shock while you gaped at him before nervously smiling and asking to talk. When his eyes moved away from yours and onto something ahead, you didn’t think much of it — but god, you wished you did.

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i have this urge to read (nonexistent) fanfic of mcu gang watching one piece’ luffys adventure, from childhood up to marineford,, im curious as to how they would react to the whole marines are good and pirates are bad BS, after all they’re heroes


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for the prompt: Steve/Tony, sharing a drink: Last Call - Marvel [Archive of Our Own] (T, 1.3k, complete)


“Still,” Steve said softly. “You should let me buy you a drink, one of these days.”

Tony glanced up at him, puzzled, tense, trying to figure out what that meant, what Steve meant, trying to look past the thing he… wanted it, so desperately, to mean. “Yeah?”

Steve slanted a glance at him, from underneath his lashes. His mouth gleamed from the cognac, shiny and wet, and his eyes were dark, fathomless, stunning. “Yeah.”

send me a prompt and i’ll write you a fic!

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Things In Common

Althea was an Avenger. Well, an Avenger in training, as Tony had been quick to point out. She mulled over her circumstances as she made her way to her room for the night. Training, missions, saving the world; she struggled to imagine herself amongst the elite heroes she had come to share her life with. They didn’t expect her to fight, but from what Steve had told her, she would be expected to learn some self-defense and basic maneuvering at the very least. She didn’t have to actively participate in combat, but she couldn’t get in the others’ way, either.

Thor had, of course, immediately offered to take up Althea’s training, always eager for a good fight. The blood drained from her face as she considered the idea of squaring off against the god of thunder and all his might. Thankfully, he was dismissed out of hand, and ultimately Natasha was designated as her instructor. She was the more logical choice: though vastly more agile and skilled in combat, she was close to Althea’s size and could teach her how to make the most of her meager strength. More importantly, Nat didn’t possess superhuman strength or harness the power of lighting.

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Because I Am

Description: Worth and the heart are very fragile things. Sometimes it’s good to know when to walk away.

Pairing: Dr. Stephen Strange x reader

Word count: 2,136 

Warnings: break-ups, implied cheating

A/n: This was written for @angelinathebook‘s 300 follower writing challenge, congrats on 1,000 followers babe! The prompt I chose was “You’re not worth it,” it will be in bold. Enjoy!



Late, again.

I checked my watch, seeing the minute hand tick past the hour mark. I sat in the cafe only a couple streets away from my flat with my favorite drink and scone. It had been nice to take the morning off, but I was hoping my boyfriend would join me like I asked him to.

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SUMMARY: When Ava agreed to be a part of Peggy’s wedding she didn’t expect to be paired up with Bucky Barnes, Peggy’s soon-to-be husband’s longtime friend. Or let alone have to share a bed with him for an entire week in paradise.


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↞ tom holland masterlist ↠

a master list dedicated to tom holland and his marvel character, peter parker!



nothing yet!



Light Sleeper

In which your boyfriend Peter tries to sneak into your room, unaware that he’s going to receive a rather brutal welcome.

Science Partners

You have a thing for science equations, and when you’re assigned to be Peter’s lab partner for the day, it comes quite in handy when he runs into trouble on getting his web fluid formula right.

Heartbreaks in Decision Making

After finally telling Peter how you feel, he does something you’d least expect — kiss you. But when finding him lip locking with someone else, you leave him to choose. Will it be you?

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Originally posted by demisepsd

Series summary: You help Steve go through time and return the infinity stones.

Chapter summary: You return the Reality Stone, then stop for a pit stop

Word count: 3,496 words 💎 Contents: Cursing, food, Only One Bed, discussion of loneliness, mild angst

A/N: This chapter is so much longer than the last two because it turns out organizing this by stone was maybe not the best plan but whatever. Enjoy!

As usual, I will reblog with my taglist, linking my masterlist and the series masterlist, and citing the header gif and divider.

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A/N: Gah I’m sorry this is so bad. I love the idea but I’ve had no inspirtation however, I’m aware I haven’t posted any content in a while and since it’s Peter’s birthday I wanted to do something. Also, Wanda’s appearance in this fic was completely unplanned but I love the idea of college!Wanda. I would’ve made it Shuri but lets be honest, she’d have been the one teaching the lecturers.

Prompt: College soulamte au. You find the items that your soulmate loses. Idea from @suremeg on TikTok, go follow her!

From the day you had turned sixteen up until now, you’d gathered up a pretty decent collection of lost belongings. The occasional Lego brick, some shirt buttons, more stationary than one kid could ever need and once an entire collection of avengers trading cards. That last one you had made sure to keep safe, there was no way your soulmate wasn’t gonna want that one back. Over the past year or so, the items that your soulmate had lost were becoming increasingly peculiar. Pieces of technology and once a vial of some suspicious mixture labelled ‘web fluid 2.3’ were strange enough, but the backpacks? There were at least four shoved into the back of your closet. So far they hadn’t held many clues to the identity of whoever your stars aligned with. School books with no names, the usual stationary and a sweater from Midtown High were the only evidence that at least your soulmate wasn’t some old recluse. You did manage to find one gold nugget, quite recently in fact. The sweater had the initials P.B.P penned in the label. You wondered what that stood for. Patrick? Percy? Phoebe?

“Y/N, come on! The car’s loaded up.” Your father called out.

You grinned and zipped your suitcase closed. This was it, the beginning of the rest of your life. College awaited. You were excited to finally have some independence but also a little nervous. You’d chosen a college in New York because it had the perfect course for you, but were you also leaving your one chance at true love behind? Or was this all part of fate’s plan to bring two lovers together? Shaking those conflicting thoughts away, you grabbed one more pair of socks from your draw and heaved it shut, but the wood caught and the entire chest of draws shook, sending your stationary and tidbits sprawling across the floor.

“Shit!” You huffed and sunk down to your knees, reaching under the unit to grab at the various pens. Your soulmate would welcome the replacement, you were sure, but now you would need to make a pit stop to the local shop.

“Dude this is awesome. I can’t believe Ms Stark was able to persuade them to make us roomies.”

Peter smiled at his best friend as he continued to fill his sock draw. “Yeah, well, I can’t exactly be climbing in and out of the window in the suit and scaring the crap out of some poor guy. And restricting the amount of people who know my identity restricts the amount of people in danger for their association with me. Can you unplug that charge wire?”

Ned nodded as he helped Peter pack. “And nobody else would be able to work as hard as your guy in the chair. Don’t forget that.”

The brunette smiled at Ned’s enthusiasm. “Are you kidding? Nobody could ever replace you.” His eyes performed one more sweep of the room. It appeared tidier than it had ever been since he’d moved in after his parents’ death now that most of his belongings were boxed up. It was surely going to make Aunt May cry when she came in to check on them. In true Ned fashion, he had already packed about a week in advance, Peter was pretty sure he was bringing more videogames than clothes. He noticed a thin shape rolling out from under the chest of draws and picked it up as it hit his foot. “Hey, check this out.” He held up the pen, decorated in various Spider-Man illustrations. “She loves me already.”

You were pretty sure the lobby of the library was just as big as the library itself, and it was packed. Freshers week was the biggest event of the year and there were a LOT of freshers. Unlike at high school, you were going to be in classes with students of all ages. Some of them were probably old enough to be your grandparent and you admired them for still chasing their dreams. What made you feel most out of place was the amount of people who had friends here. You’d chosen the university that felt right for you, but that also meant leaving all your friends behind. How could you make a whole new friend group and expect it to be just as great as the one you’d left at home?

“Look at these cupcakes. Do they not realise how obvious it is that they’re trying too hard? We already chose to go here.”

You turned to follow the accent and instantly froze when you saw the tall brunette, dressed in various shades of reds and maroons and looking iconic, just for a welcome event. She wore a baseball cap but her face had been in the papers enough times. Sure enough, she held a cupcake in her hand and the clumsy icing was enough to show they were homecooked.

“You’re the Scarlet Witch.”

Wanda hardly seemed fazed and shrugged. “Yes, I heard that’s what they’re calling me now. I assume they didn’t mean for it to seem so offensive. You looked like a scared puppy. I know what it’s like to find yourself all alone somewhere you’re now expected to call home.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, if you’d please make your way through these doors. The welcome talk will commence in ten minutes and seats are limited.”

Wanda barely paid attention to the over-excited student ambassador’s announcement and made no move to follow the crowd.

“I don’t think I can stand that much more enthusiasm. I’m going to find some better coffee and real cake. Let me know if there’s anything exciting, pup.”

“Oh, it’s Y/N.”

Wanda cracked a smile and something about her posture seemed to relax a little. “I’ll see you around, Y/N. Don’t worry too much about not making friends. You’ve got me now.”

You could barely process what had just happened. Were you friends with an Avenger now? There wasn’t much time to complicate the implications, as you were swept into the auditorium the seats were already filling and you needed to grab one fast. These talks always took longer than necessary and the writing on the projected powerpoint showed note taking would be a good idea.

Once settled, you searched through your bag and cursed.


This really was a terrible start to the first semester of college. So much for that pit stop to the store. You could probably get away with just taking pictures of the board but that wasn’t going to be as effective as writing your own notes so you tapped the shoulder of the guy in front of you.

“Hey. Do you have a pen?”

Peter sighed and shook his head as he caught sight of Wanda leaving the lobby. He would have joined her but Ned was insistent that this talk was too important to miss. He followed his best friend into the auditorium, sitting in one of the middle rows. The projector was already set up with some contact info and more photos of campus than needed. They’d seen it all on the way in.

“Shit!” Peter jumped a little as his senses picked up on the rustling and frustration behind him. Someone wasn’t very organised.

He turned his head to talk to Ned but discreetly glanced behind him to see a girl rummaging through her bag. And could he just say…damn. He smiled at the girl when she finally gave up the fight looking for something that clearly wasn’t there and nodded. “Yeah course, one sec.” he looked through his backpack and picked up the Spider-Man pen before deciding against it. It was a cute sentiment for him and although this girl seemed trustworthy, he didn’t want to risk not getting it back. Instead he handed her a plain black biro. “Here.”

You sighed in relief and took the pen from the brunette curly haired boy. “Thanks. You just saved me from the worst first day ever. I’m Y/N. Do you have a name or shall I just call you my hero?”

His ears reddened as his friend tried not to laugh and just shook his head. “No. I mean- I have a name- but I’m not a superhero. Not that that’s what you meant but- I just- I’m Peter. Parker. Peter Parker.”

You smiled and nodded. “Hey, Peter Parker.”

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Taglist (just tagging those I think will like it): @oceanggirl @insidiousslut @whattheheckparker @chloecreatesfictions @taciturnspidey @sad-thinker-over @spideyyeet @beverlyparkerr @witchyartemis @just-a-littlebit-of-everything @cazslaughter @hazforpresident @purpleskiesstorm @worldoftom @capricorn12-26 @andycanbeemotional @spideysquackson13

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Originally posted by akamatthewmurdock

Series Summary: Navi walks out of the shower one day and right into Avengers: Age of Ultron. What!? Suddenly immersed in the MCU with the forbidden knowledge of future movies, they make it their mission to change the future

Chapter Summary: Navi awakes in the compound, and has an informative discussion with the Ancient One and Wong.

Contents: Discussion of body image and fitness, curse words 🔮WC: 1,507

A/N: And chapter 2 is now live! I’m trying to post more regularly so I can get all my challenges, open series’ and bingos done. But we all know how bad I am about posting schedules so we’ll see how this goes. Enjoy!

I’ll reblog with my tag list, links to my masterlist and a masterlist post for this series, citing the header and linking my tag list (which is open!)

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Everything about today sucked. It was too hot, way too humid, Tony hadn’t slept in the last whatever hours and by now the dehydration made him dizzy. At least he wasn’t hungry anymore. It is a good sign if you stop feeling it, right?

The worst – aside from having to admit that the cooling system in this mark of the Ironman suit was not good enough for the 112 degrees summer heat. It didn’t even help that it was 44,444 degrees Celsius converted. As he was saying, the worst was their stupid fight. The villain of the day had the brilliant idea to build a penguin-robot-army. And he probably tried and failed to build them an AI – Tony wasn’t surprised. He was fighting these robots for hours now and knew 37 design flaws, 16 material errors, 54 workmanship mistakes and that wasn’t even scratching on the terrible welds. Also, he made them fly. Penguins couldn’t fly!

All in all, the flying abominations shouldn’t stop them. That they did was an insult in and of itself, even if their numbers had to be in the 10.000. At least the Hulk had fun, smashing them left, right and center.


“Penguins can’t fly.”

“We know, Hawkeye. Status.”

“I hate magic.”

“Yes, we know, Iron Man.” Desperation started to color Steve’s voice, even though he still clung to the commanding tone. “Status.”

“No, you don’t understand Cap, they used magic to destroy something pure and beautiful.”

“You just bitched about their crappy materials and-”

“Shut up, birdbrain, these flying shits aren’t worth anything, but the principle stands!”

“The principle? You-”

“Widow, status?”

“My ears are going to bleed if I have to hear Iron Man’s speech about the purity of technology one more time.”

Tony’s lips twitched and wasn’t that a statement about how bad off he was?

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@norelica @aimaim94

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Y/n: No pain. No gain

Peter: yes but that doesn’t mean that I have to go to the ER room every god damn time we train!

Y/n: No pain! No gain!

Peter: I have had enough ER to last a life time!


Peter: would you Shut up!!

*really fast speaking*

Y/n: no pain no gain

Tony: Stop harassing my son!

Peter: am- am out man!

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The Bookstore


A/N: HELLO this part is a bit shorter because I am trying to play catch up due to the fact that while I was not posting I was also… not writing lol and otherwise it was going to be upwards 4k words SO here u go :D and again a kind reminder that this takes place in an AU after Spiderman: Homecoming where the Avengers have reassembled in the Tower (in the city, not upstate) and the following all live in the Avengers tower: Tony, Pepper, Steve, Bucky, Natasha, Wanda, and Vision. Peter Parker’s identity is still intact and he spends his free time training at the Avengers tower under his ‘Stark internship’. 

Word Count: 1534

Warnings: fluff, mild angst, and slow burn (baby burn) 

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Description: Tony is gearing up for an incoming altercation with those that refuse to sign the Sokovia Accords. How will this affect the woman he loves, though, when she doesn’t get a say in any of it?

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

A/N: civil war-based fics are always my fav bc they always have an angst element and are always kind of the same but in wonderfully different ways i literally can’t get enough. anyways hopefully y’all like this one, i’m gonna link my steve civil war fic down by the taglist too in case y’all are like me and could read endless amounts of these things lol


Originally posted by ohh-bloodyhell

I paced back and forth in our bedroom, waiting for him to burst in the door and tell me everything was fine. But a team meeting with General Ross didn’t sound like it’d be all fine and dandy. I sat on a chair we kept near the window and stared out, hoping something down in the street would distract me from what was happening a few floors below. No luck. I sighed, closing my eyes and leaning back into the cushion. A few minutes passed, and then I heard a notification on my phone. I rushed to the nightstand, grabbing it and checking the message. Tony. Thank goodness. I rushed to where he asked me to meet him, hopping in the elevator and slamming the button for the right floor. Ding!

I got off, noticing him standing by a window, much like how I had been moments earlier.

“Tony.” I said, approaching him.

He turned around, a tired smile on his face. “C’mere.”

I walked into his arms, accepting a hug.

“This might get rough, babydoll.” Tony said, barely above a whisper.

I pulled back, just enough to see his face. “What happened?”

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Pairing: Loki x fem!Reader

Chapter Summary: Some serious stuff happens up in space. 

Warnings: Lotta angst and pain, sorry my friends 

Word Count: 1.9k 

A/N: So….yeah….all I’m going to say is that this is not a long chapter, but a lot happens. Hope you enjoy! Always love to hear what you think! <3 


Originally posted by lestargento

Chapter Twelve 

Swearing was the first thing you were conscious of. It was in a language you didn’t know, and you could barely hear it over the ringing in your ears, but you knew it was swearing. Loki was swearing - that was something you’d never heard before and you knew that whatever was happening wasn’t good.

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