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Stoki Whumptober Day 20: Toto, We’re not in Kansas Anymore

There had been an invasion– Loki knew this much, though he didn’t know fully who the men were. 

All he knew was that they were there for the stone. He heard them say so, that that was the objective, and any deaths they caused on the way to it were permissible under their orders. 

Loki could think of at least one death he did not find ‘permissible’. 

And so he helped. He fought alongside the Avengers against a common foe, and it felt… surprisingly good, in the few moments he took between engagements. 

And then he saw it– grasped in the gloved hands of a metal mask wearing man in a cape, the time stone had been wrested free of Barnes’ no doubt much weaker human hand. 

Loki didn’t take the time to think; he launched himself forward and grabbed at it, surprised to encounter another body as they both closed their hands around the stone, and just as the surprised invader tried to use it. 

The resultant jarring trip landed Loki and the Captain in snow, on their own… but with the stone laying between them, sparkling innocently in the fading light. 

“Where are we?” Rogers asked, already shivering in his pajamas.

“I think it is a matter of when– the Time Stone does not move from place to place but time to time, so I would suspect we are precisely where we were…. But a very long time ago.” 

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Rock, Paper, Scissors, Magic

This is just asking for a Wanda-centric idea and I KNOW YOU ROSIE. So yes, something with Wanda - or possibly Billy actually that could also work. Maybe a modern urban fantasy kind of AU where Wanda casts small little charms with little gestures - and one is via games of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Just a small fluffy thing of her protecting (stone), preparing (paper) or actively defending (scissors) those who matter to her with small pieces of gesture-magic - and perhaps then building to Billy figuring it out and replicating it. 

Otherwise, maybe Pietro&Wanda study, where they rock-paper-scissors debates they can’t decide on and the magic enters the frame when they get powers and Wanda can see what decision he’s going to make before it happens and it throws their whole system out of whack.

Alternatively - and I’d need to read more comics with him - Billy dabbling into pop culture magic and doing the rock-paper-scissors thing of the first idea as a basis for some of his magic.

send me a made-up fic title and i’ll tell you what i would write to go with it

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Stoki Whumptober Day 19: Broken Hearts

All kinds of deep conversations happen at diners. Steve couldn’t even begin to count how many times he’d seen people crying into their coffee and eggs at 2 am, in the cheapest place in town that was open twenty four hours. 

It wasn’t even late now; they’d left the tower just around the time the dinner rush started tapering off, and had made it to the diner while there was a relative lull going on. Or as much of a lull as a New York City diner ever experienced. 

Which was good, Steve thought. Loki was still jumpy and still on high alert. 

He made a mental note to make sure that whatever Loki got to drink, it was decaf. 

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to all the boys i’ve loved before au series

tom holland x reader

summary: the letters are out. all 3 letters you wrote to the boys you were afraid to share your feelings with, but loved from afar. now, being quiet in the back of the class isn’t an option for you because tom holland has got his letter, and he doesn’t plan on giving it back.

word count: 2.2k

warnings: swearing and uhhh thats it? i think

*disclaimer!!!!! i wrote this with a black reader in mind. that does not mean that readers of other ethnicities cannot read, or that this is an OC, but i myself am black and want to bring the much needed representation into this place. with that being said, if you’re racist, fuck off.*

love, yours masterlist

general masterlist 

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Besides Stella and Dylan, you have one other best friend. His name was Davis, and you met when he danced with you at homecoming Freshman year. You had gone without a date, and the feeling of loneliness had become a bit much for you. Stella was whisked off with multiple boys throughout the night, and Brooke’s menacing stare kept you away from her and the other cheerleaders like bug repellant. You only noticed that she kept staring at you because she wasn’t the only one with a gaze set on you. Her date, her boyfriend, Tom, kept his eyes on you too. This was a bit weird seeing as though neither of them had associated with you since that weird night in 7th grade. Brooke only spoke to you when it was easy to make you feel bad about yourself, and Tom always had those one off comments that he gave to everyone with a wink. So why was he looking at you all night? You braved yourself enough to meet his eyes once, hopefully scaring him off and he’d leave you alone. But when you look across the decorated gym at him, he doesn’t back off. He only smiles, and gives you a little wave. You can’t help the twitch of your lip, but it quickly turns into irritation and you look back at the flare of your skirt. How does he always make you feel like you’re the only person in the room? You barely even know him, didn’t even know he stopped going by Tommy until last week. You were getting ready to call your dad to pick you up when Davis’ welcoming hand was extended to you. “A girl as beautiful as you shouldn’t be sitting alone. It’s a crime!” He had you come off the bleachers and on the dance floor, twirling you around in the frilly dress Camilla bought for you. Now, Davis was a really good dancer. Like taking the PE elective for fun level. Your inhibitions stopped you from grooving like he did, and he quickly shook your shoulders to get you to quite literally loosen up. 

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When you kiss me

I know you don’t give two fucks

But I still want that

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Female Reader.
Story Summary: A chance encounter with Steve Rogers, the leader of the local biker club, leads your life to take an unexpected turn to a dark world of pleasure.
Chapter Summary: True colors.
Story Warnings: NSFW, Smut, Dark!Steve, Dub-Con, Dom/sub.
Chapter Warnings: Threats.
Chapter 1

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To Walk the Path of Hope, Chapter Eight 

After the Snap, Thor goes back in time to change the future, by getting Loki’s help before the Battle of New York.

NOTE: I’m still not sure whether the story will continue as a separate fic in the series, or just another chapter (if you have strong feelings about this, let me know). But this is the final chapter of the Assemble! Arc, before the story moves into the AU of Phase Two. But now it’s a different fic’s turn to be finished.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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Stoki Whumptober Day 17: I did not see that coming

When Thor arrived, the sky announced his mood before the expression on his face did. Both could be described as stormy, and Loki whimpered a little and all but hid behind Steve. 

“That’s Thor?” He asked, voice hushed and a new fear taking root there. Steve swallowed– this whole situation was messed up, and this new version of Loki felt like something he shouldn’t be seeing. He knew the Loki they knew would never want to be seen like this. 

It had been a revelation, the expressions he was capable of, the openness that a younger Loki in this body was capable of. Even his bearing was looser, less restrictive, less uptight. 

Steve hadn’t really realized how rigidly Loki held himself, both figuratively and literally, until he had this version in comparison. And, for all that he seemed vulnerable and innocent and all of Steve wanted to protect him, he couldn’t help but want the Loki he knew back. Which was a confusion sensation, and one that didn’t need to be scrutinized too closely. 

He was more helpful as a fully grown adult, was all. 

“Loki.” Thor’s greeting sounded more like a warning, and Steve found himself raising his hand to keep Thor back a pace or two. 

“There’s been an accident, Thor. He’s not who you think he is.” Steve spoke quickly, then paused, aware he’d already messed it up. “Well, he is, he’s Loki but…” 

“Thor, I messed with a timestone, and the things they’re saying– none of it makes any sense. Mother dead and I’m banished and you– what happened to your eye?”

Loki sounded plaintive and young, and from his position between them, Steve could see the way his words hit Thor like a slap. 

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“Fandral,” Thor placed his hand on his shoulder while drunkenly swinging his stein of mead. “How goes, my friend?”

“It goes well,” he grinned broadly. “Any prospects or conquests on your plate for tonight?” he took a glance at all of the ladies standing around the bonfire.

“I have not found the one I want,” he looked around as well.

“Don’t be too picky, I might just pluck them all up before you make up your mind.”

“Have fun!” he grinned.

“I shall!” he laughed before walking off toward the ladies.

Thor took a drink of his mead and threw his head back, looking up at the stars. It was becoming increasingly difficult to keep his hands off of Finna, and tonight would be no different. He had felt an attraction to her since the moment she joined Sif’s Shieldmaiden Regiment. They had grown close in friendship and she flirted with him relentlessly, but now he wanted more.

He wanted her.

He laughed at the thought. He wondered what the feisty ginger woman would think of the Prince of Asgard finally making his move?

The breeze coming off of the ocean called to him and pulled him toward the waves as he slowly came upon the shadowy figure on the beach. It seemed like a boulder that was moving, but sounded like girls as he stopped and eavesdropped on them.

“Ow!” one yelled.

“Hold still!”

“Finna, make a glowy light thingie!”

“Oh, right. There.”

“That looks horrible!

“Shhhhh!” multiple girls hissed.

“Stop pulling your foot away!”

“It hurts!”

“Would someone please hold her…”


“Got it!”

“Ladies?” Thor staggered toward them.

Three young ladies looked up at him from standing around a blonde that was sitting in the sand. Finna held up her right hand, which was glowing white as blood dripped from her left hand. The two others were holding their friend’s leg and ankle.

“May I be of assistance?” he slurred.

“We’ve got it, now!” one hiccuped.

“Nina!” Finna scolded her. “Use your manners!”

“There’s no need,” Thor swayed drunkenly. “Intoxication negates the need for curtsey.”

“Well then, Prince Fancy Pants, could you please put those strong arms to work and carry Bryn to the water? She needs to rinse out her wound.”

“As you wish, Captain Finna,” he placed his stein onto the sand and whipped Bryn up into his arms.

Finna giggled as she stole Thor’s drink and headed to a rock to sit and watch him.

“Oh my stars, that’s Prince Thor!” Nina screamed into her ear.

“How very perceptive of you, darling,” she grinned.

“He really is everything my sister described,” she mumbled.

“He does have a reputation with the ladies,” Finna dropped her eyes away from him.

“So does Fandral,” she giggled as Finna smiled. They both quieted as Thor approached them and reached for his stein.

“Thank you for helping Bryn,” Finna pulled her hand away playfully.

“It was my pleasure,” he reached over her, pushing his hips between her legs as he looked down at her. He wrapped his fingers around the cup as his heart beat against his chest. “Captain Finna.”

“Prince Fancy Pants,” she grinned.

“Now that would be my brother,” he grinned. “Loki’s trousers are much fancier than mine.”

She giggled against him. “Fine then. Prince Muscles it is.”

“I like that better,” he tipped his head back as Bryn hopped over to them with the help of Gita.

“Would you like a bit of help in getting to your tent, my darlin’?” Finna slid off of the rock and wrapped her arms around her friend.

“Aye,” she sighed. “Stupid sharp shells,” she pouted.

“You poor thing,” Nina looked over at Thor. “Thank you for your assistance tonight, My Prince.”

“Would you care for an escort?” he couldn’t look away from Finna.

Bryn cocked her eyebrow before breaking into a wide grin. “Please.”

He chuckled before handing his stein off to Finna and whipping the girl up into his arms. He carried her in from the beach and through the festivities as Bryn led them to her tent. Walking in, he gently placed her onto a hammock and  kissed her forehead. “There you go, sleep well.”

“She’ll have sweet dreams, I’m sure,” Gita giggled as she and Nina helped prepare their friend for bed.

Thor stepped out of the tent to find Finna swirling the empty stein around on her finger. He grabbed the mug and her hand and pulled her back to where the ale was being poured. Once his stein was filled, he again pulled her off to his tent.

“Thor,” she stopped at the entrance.

“I’m tired of the endless flirting, Finna,” he turned to her.

“I…” the air escaped her chest as he crushed his lips against hers and pulled her inside. They undressed one another, letting their clothes fall where they might before pulling closer.

She wrapped her legs around him as he carried her to his bed and gently lay her down without removing his lips from hers. 

She closed her eyes and pushed her head back; giving him welcomed access to her neck. Carefully, slowly, he kissed her neck, letting her scent and taste intoxicate him.

Her mind whirled as his scent filled her head. It was like a drug, overwhelming her senses and utterly addictive combined with the electricity bolting through her body. 

He kissed her deeply as he slowly pushed his way inside her, realizing for the first time that she had remained a maiden until that very moment. “Finna,” he whispered as she hushed him with her mouth, her fingers digging into his shoulders as she let out an excited sigh. She opened her eyes as he kissed her, smiling at the fact that she seemed to be enjoying herself immensely. 

The electricity spiked through her body, sending it alight with pulses that she had never felt before. Her body enjoyed the feelings of his against her and him buried inside her, a feeling she had been yearning to feel for over forty years.

Hours seemed like minutes as they worshiped one another, declaring their love and devotion repeatedly, their souls tangled into a web of unreserved bliss. He rolled onto his back, bringing her with him while sitting up and kissing her. As she struggled to catch her breath, he took the opportunity to taste the skin of her shoulder, dampened with sweat and saturated with heat.

“You taste so good,” he whispered happily.

“As do you,” she pulled his bottom lip into her mouth with a wicked grin. She then moved her hips against him until she threw her head back with a scream of pleasure.

He turned them to lay her again on the bed, pushing her into the soft mattress as she wrapped her legs around him once more. Raking her nails down his back, she brought her knees up and encouraged him to thrust deeper as he moaned. 

He began to breathe harder as her third and final orgasm began to tighten around him. She threw her head back and gasped for air as her feet encouraged his thrusting by guiding him on the backs of his thighs.

He laced his fingers though those of her right hand as he kept his body hovered over hers with his right, his eyes intense, yet gentle as everything exploded.

She screamed out her release as his came in the form of a groan, their bodies damp and limp as they lay together on the bed.

“Please tell me why we didn’t do this sooner,” he kissed her fingers.

“You will be crowned King of Asgard shortly, and I am betrothed,” she let out a sad sigh.

“Tell me you wanted this as much as I,” he looked down into her eyes.

“More,” she smiled, but the sadness in her big, brown eyes was evident. “Nothing will ever come of it.”

“I will be King, I’ll… give you a title…”

“No one in Asgard will want to see a Van Witch on your arm, and you know it.”

“I don’t care!” he raised his voice as thunder began to roll all around them.

She placed her hand on his chest. “Calm your storm,” she kissed him. “We will return home to Asgard. You will begin preparations for your coronation. We must relax and just… see what the Ancients have in store for us.”

“Once you’re married…”

“As King, you have the power to deny all betrothals. It’s a stupid and archaic practice that should have been outlawed ages ago. If you really want me, you will find a way to make it so.”

He grinned before pushing his body into hers and taking her again.

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Dýrfinna, daughter of Grimm, fired off her bow until she was out of arrows before swinging it around and hitting two Fire Giants upside the head with it. One of them looked up at her as she angered. “Stay… Down!” she growled as she kicked him across the face, rendering him unconscious.

“Remind me to never make you angry,” Prince Thor of Asgard grunted from behind her before swinging his mighty hammer Mjolnir and striking three Fire Giants with one blow.

“Nice to see you haven’t lost your touch… Captain,” Sif arrived at her flank.

“You wish,” she goaded her with a smirk.

“I really do,” she smiled at her. “Come here, I found what they were guarding.

She glanced over the battlefield to find Fandral and Balder cleaning up the rest of the rebels before nodding and following her off into the woods.

Thor watched the two Shieldmaidens for a moment before following them.

They climbed up a hill before sliding down to a ravine. 

"How in the Nine Realms did you find this?”

“I was drawn to the light,” she pointed to a circle of stones as the air caught in Finna’s chest.

“Careful. That’s a powerful relic. I can feel the magic radiating off of it.”

“I can tell,” Thor pointed to the fact that her blue markings began to dance all over her skin, the inheritance of her Vanja blood. Truth be told, it was quite a turn-on as well.

“What does it do?” Sif asked.

"I’m not sure,” she slowly approached the circle, wary of any traps or protective spells. “Why would someone leave a very powerful relic out here in the open on a remote planet of Nidavellir?”

“Unprotected at that?” Thor suggested.

“Oh, it’s protected,” Finna waved her hand to enlighten her non-magical friends of the energy surrounding the entire area.

“We need to bring this to Father’s attention as soon as possible,” Thor looked around and let out a sigh.

“There you are!” Fandral called out. “I suppose we’re to do all the hard work now, are we?” he goaded the warriors.

“Why not? All you did was stand around while we did the hard bits,” Finna teased back before offering him a grin.

“Not true, Captain Finna! I took a sword to the leg,” he showed her.

“You poor dear,” she reached her hand up and offered him blue energy that healed his wound quickly. “There, all better.”

“Are you sure your services as a healer would be more useful than your sword?” Thor joined in on ribbing her.

“Perhaps next time I should let the arrows pass right by me?” she flashed her eyes up to his, sending a shiver that shot straight down his spine. Oh, how he adored that feisty redheaded woman.

Once the Giants were bound and prepared for transport to the Asgardian prisons, the Herd gathered for a pep talk from their Prince. He praised them. He commended them. And he thanked them.

“We will spend one last night here in camp to wind down and prepare our stories for our friends and family back home! Let the mead flow, my friends! You deserve it!”

Cheers were heard everywhere as the battalions split up to enter their tents and wash up for the night’s festivities.

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Stoki Whumptober Day 16: A Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

When Loki woke, he was stretched out on the floor, and he couldn’t remember what he’d been doing before this.

More pressingly, he didn’t know any of the faces peering down at him. 

“So, did it work?” Asked the dirtiest looking of the three. 

“Are you alright?” Asked the fair haired one, shooting the other a fondly reproachful glare. 

The one with the foppishly shaped facial hair frowned. 

“What the hell happened, there, shimmers?” 

Loki blinked and frowned. 

“Do I… know you?” He asked slowly, reaching up to grasp his aching temple as he sat up. He took the opportunity to look around, and it did not help him to determine where he was at all. 

A faint sense of wrong began to make itself known as the three men traded looks. 

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to all the boys i’ve loved before au series

tom holland x reader

summary: the letters are out. all 3 letters you wrote to the boys you were afraid to share your feelings with, but loved from afar. now, being quiet in the back of the class isn’t an option for you because tom holland has got his letter, and he doesn’t plan on giving it back.

word count: 2.3k

warnings: swearing, angst (unrequited love)

*disclaimer!!!!! i wrote this with a black reader in mind. that does not mean that readers of other ethnicities cannot read, or that this is an OC, but i myself am black and want to bring the much needed representation into this place. with that being said, if you’re racist, fuck off.*

love, yours masterlist

general masterlist

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The basswood tree in your front yard always shook a car rolled by. It had low hanging branches and leaves, and the whizzing of any vehicle had it rattling. That used to bother you greatly, especially since your perpetually open window was right in front of the tree. Now, it lets you know when Dylan gets home. 

Dylan Masterson, AKA your best friend and next door neighbor, drove a slightly broken down Jeep that he and his dad tried to revamp. He had never decided on a name of the Jeep, so you just called it “Zombie.” It sounded like one, at least. It made a weird creaky sound when the engine turned over, and made the tree rattle more than usual due to the obnoxious lack of a muffler. That’s how you knew when he got home from soccer practice, and you would be waiting at the window to say greet him. You’re not sure how that started either. Maybe he noticed that you were always sitting in your windowsill, trying to suck up some fresh air. Maybe he finally caught you staring one day but was oblivious, like always. Regardless, you were going on year 5 of this habit.

“Long day?” you ask him when he finally pokes his head out.

“Longest. Coach made us run extra today because Adams was late, again,” Dylan groans. 

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Stoki Whumptober Day 14: Is Something Burning?

Loki returned to his cell, docile as you please, once he’d seen to the Captain and made sure he would be well. 

He was tired; it had been a long day with many ups and downs, not to mention the power expenditure that went into something like the destruction of a large building and the healing of an unknown ailment. 

And he’d had to mend his own cheekbone; self-healing was always more demanding. 

So when Loki readied himself to sleep, he was actually looking forward to it, and though he would never say as much, was somewhat glad for the Avengers’ security. At least it meant he could rest easy, even on a night like tonight where he could not erect his own spells for safety and magical warnings against attacks. 

“Jarvis, keep an eye on Loki, hey? We don’t need him going through anything similar to what Steve did.” Stark instructed. 

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Got somewhere else you need to be? (34k words) by spaceshipdear

Chapters: 3/3

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

Relationships: James “Bucky” Barnes/Clint Barton

Series: Part 2 of Best vacations ever


“You wanted to carry me back to my bed, huh?” There is some mischief in Clint’s smile when he says that. Bucky shakes his head, he doesn’t want to go down that road because he knows very well where it’s leading and Clint is way too drunk for Bucky to do anything. He’s not the type of guy to take advantage like that.

“Bridal style, huh? Imma right? That how y’wanted to carry me?” Clint turns fully to face him and wiggles his brows. He looks ridiculous and extremely kissable. Bucky’s eyes drop to his lips.

“What’s the problem with bridal style?”

“I prefer when I climb you like a koala bear,” Clint answers.

aka Bucky Barnes finds himself tasked to look after Clint Barton the day after the battle of New York. A story of coming together, accepting trauma and cooking. A lot of cooking.

Read on AO3

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That I can! A little Nat x Reader a day keeps the doctor away.

Tour Guide

Summary: Cap takes his protégée, who’s soon to join the Avengers, to the Avengers Tower and enlists Natasha Romanoff to show her around.

Trigger Warning/Disclaimer: Y/N has an upsetting memory (of a poorly kept room that she slept in when being experimented on) but it’s not PSTD. I’ve written this based off how I, someone with anxiety, would react when I’m reminded of something upsetting.


Originally posted by tdbw2

It was often that the Avengers would get a new teammate. However, when Captain America told you something, you didn’t say no. Word got back to him about a young woman who had been given a super solider serum like Steve’s. The serum had clashed with her unknown-at-the-time Inhuman powers, and S.H.I.E.L.D. was at a lost of how to handle her powers and what the serum was doing to her. After Captain America met Y/N Y/L/N while she was in S.H.I.E.L.D. Med, he insisted she join the team.

Well, it was now time for Y/N to visit the Avengers Tower before she became an official member. Y/N and Steve Rogers now stood in the elevator, after Y/N had been successfully spooked by J.A.R.V.I.S. A couple moments later, the elevator dinged, and Y/N followed Steve out - in awe of where she was.

“Wow,” Y/N whispered. She never thought she’d be standing in the Avengers Tower.

“Steve!” Y/N looked up to see Iron Man running their way, but he wasn’t concerned with her. He was focused on the blonde solider. “Fury needs you for a meeting.”

Y/N looked in-between Iron Man and Steve, who had bit his lip. “Right now?” Steve asked, and Iron Man nodded.

Steve gave a small tut and looked around. “I’m supposed to give Y/N here a tour of the Tower,” he mumbled.

“Don’t worry, Rogers. I got this,” a new voice said. The three looked over to see Black Widow entering the room, smiling at Steve.

Steve smiled in relief. “Thank you, Romanoff,” he said with a nod, and then turned to Y/N.

“Sorry, Y/L/N. I’ve gotta go to a meeting,” Steve apologized, sparing a glance at Iron Man who was now tugging at his arm. “However, Natasha Romanoff - one of the Avengers - will show you around the Tower. Is that okay?”

Y/N nodded, knowing that nothing would really change if she shook her head no. Steve smiled again, bid her and Natasha goodbye, and then left down the hallway with Tony.

“I’m Natasha Romanoff, as Steve said,” Natasha said, making Y/N spin around. “I know your name, but introduce yourself anyway.”

“I’m Y/N Y/L/N,” Y/N said, doing her best to give a small smile.

“Well, Y/N, welcome to the team. I’ll show you around this floor first,” Natasha said. Y/N then followed Natasha as they went into a different room.

“This,” Natasha said, gesturing around the room. “Is the kitchen, dining room, and living room.”

Y/N stepped forward, taking it all in. She slowly walked around each section of the room indivually. However, the silence was too … Silent. “It’s very nice,” Y/N complimented, glancing at Natasha, unsure of what else to say.

Natasha smiled. “You can thank Stark for that. Come on, I’ll show you some other rooms, and your bedroom will be last.”

Y/N nodded and followed Natasha as they toured a couple more floors. When they got to the bedroom floor, things got a little different.

“And this is your bedroom, next to mine,” Natasha said, before opening a door and flicking on the light switch.

Y/N stared. The room was plain, but she wasn’t expecting more than that. It had nothing in it but a mattress, though, which caught her off guard because it reminded Y/N of her bedroom when she was being experimented on. It was much like this. An old and dirty mattress in the middle of a small and cramped room. As her brain made the connection, memories flooded back.

Natasha cursed under her breath. “I guess the bed hadn’t come yet. At least you’re not staying here tonight. Oh, and you can tell Stark what you want your room to look-” the spy cut herself off when she looked back at Y/N, and saw the other woman standing in place, staring at the mattress.

There was something wrong. Something told Natasha that.

“Y/N,” the redhead said, first in a calm voice, and placed her hands on Y/N’s shoulder. Y/N didn’t budge. “Y/N!”

Y/N finally snapped out of it, and flickered her eyes over to Natasha, freaked out. She breathed quickly, and wiped a couple tears from her eyes. “It reminds me of my bedroom when I was being experimented on. It was like this. I’m-I’m sorry,” Y/N said.

Natasha shook her head quickly. “No, no. Don’t apologize. Nothing to apologize for. Come here,” she said, and then directed Y/N into her bedroom, closing the door behind her.

Y/N didn’t have time to look around the room, because she immediately sat on Natasha’s bed, taking some deep breaths. “I’ll be right back,” Natasha said.

Black Widow was true to her word. She returned a couple minutes later, carrying a glass of water as well as some movie dvds.

Y/N gratefully took the water and took a long sip, before spotting the dvds. “What are those for?” She asked.

Natasha glanced down at the dvds, seeming a little hesitant. “I thought a movie might take your mind off it, will it?” she asked softly.

Natasha sat down on the other side of the bed and Y/N looked through all of the movies. “Yeah. I don’t have PSTD, so when I do get reminded of it … I try and distract myself. Thank you,” Y/N said, before picking “Moana”.

Natasha smiled. “Good choice,” she said, before getting up and setting up the movie.

As the Disney theme started to play, Natasha sat back on her bed. She put her arm around Y/N in a comforting manner, but Y/N’s heart couldn’t help but flutter at the touch. She blushed.

Natasha laughed. “Are-are you blushing?” She asked, amused.

“Well, you’re very pretty,” Y/N tried to defend herself, nervously chuckling. “And kind.”

It turned out that “Moana” wasn’t needed. The two ladies just chatted and laughed the rest of the day away.

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to all the boys i’ve loved before au series

tom holland x reader

summary: the letters are out. all 3 letters you wrote to the boys you were afraid to share your feelings with, but loved from afar. now, being quiet in the back of the class isn’t an option for you because tom holland has got his letter, and he doesn’t plan on giving it back.

status: in progress (last updated 10/15)

total word count: TBA

warnings: fluff, swearing, fake dating, angst, suggestive situations (but no smut), pining i guess. lol

*disclaimer!!!!! i wrote this with a black reader in mind. that does not mean that readers of other ethnicities cannot read, or that this is an OC, but i myself am black and want to bring the much needed representation into this place. with that being said, if you’re racist, fuck off.*

✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿

prologue ✿ “fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.”

one ✿ “the one you love and the one who loves you are never, ever the same person.”

two ✿ “you know how they say you only hurt the ones you love? well, it works both ways.”

three ✿ “declarations of love amuse me. especially when unrequited.”

four ✿ “look after my heart - i’ve left it with you.”

five ✿ “be careful of love. It’ll twist your brain around and leave you thinking up is down and right is wrong.”

six ✿ “if you remember me, then I don’t care if everyone else forgets.”

seven ✿ “the only thing worse than a boy who hates you: a boy that loves you.”

eight ✿ “this is a good sign, having a broken heart. It means we have tried for something.”

nine ✿  “love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”

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to all the boys i’ve loved before au series

tom holland x reader

summary: the letters are out. all 3 letters you wrote to the boys you were afraid to share your feelings with, but loved from afar. now, being quiet in the back of the class isn’t an option for you because tom holland has got his letter, and he doesn’t plan on giving it back.

warnings: swearing, pining, being a 13 year old in love bc wow that sucks

word count: 3.4k

*disclaimer!!!!! i wrote this with a black reader in mind. that does not mean that readers of other ethnicities cannot read, or that this is an OC, but i myself am black and want to bring the much needed representation into this place. with that being said, if you’re racist, fuck off.*

✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿

The general consensus is that unrequited love is a painful curse. It’s a harsh sentencing by an evil judge to watch the object of your affection be happy with someone else. Love rips your heart out, stomps on it, all that. But to you? Not so much. Sure, it stung a little bit to have to see your crushes ask another girl, who was usually white, out but the scenarios you made up in your head were comfortable enough. In your imagination, you were the one being picked and cherished, adored and desired. It was to the point where you weren’t even sure if you had a crush on the boy, or the idea of the boy you had in your head. Either way, it didn’t matter. They didn’t have a crush on you, a cold hard fact. 

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