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the-emo-asgardian · a day ago
A Month to Remember: A Flufftober Series
Day 25: Cuddling & Snuggling
Pairing: Loki x reader Series Summary: When you’re sure your adoptive fathers, Steve and Bucky, and the rest of the team wouldn’t approve of your new relationship with Loki, the two of you decide to keep it a secret. But how long can the charade last before everyone finds out? Chapter Warnings: fluff overload A/N: The prompt list is from @flufftober2021! Enjoy :)
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Tumblr media
Things were kind of odd now that your dad knew the truth. Not between you and Loki, really, but in your mind. That you’d told one of your fathers but not the other. You thought back to what Steve had said when you went pumpkin picking. How he confessed you and Bucky not telling him until the last minute made him feel as if you were conspiring against him. Were you now that Bucky did actually know? But then again, who could blame you when Steve so shamelessly and overtly did not approve of Loki?
Loki’s hand slipped under your shirt, and you hummed. At your sign of appreciation, he nuzzled your neck with his nose.
“You’re being extra cuddly today love,” you observed. “Not that it’s a bad thing. In fact, I like it.”
“Not cuddly. Snuggly,” he corrected, earning a chuckle from you. “Good. You looked like you needed it, my love.”
It touched you how well he knew you, your sweet prince. You continued to preen under his affections, cuddling further up against him. Or, snuggling, you supposed. The thought made you chuckle. You twisted until you could look at his gorgeous face. Loki took the opportunity to kiss your lips.
“I.” Kiss. “Love.” Kiss. “You.” Kiss. “So much.”
You laughed before he could get his final kiss in, so he opted to pepper them to your neck instead.
“Why, now you’re just being silly, you charmer you,” you teasingly declared in a flustered manner, his attention warming you head to toe.
“My darling! My heart! My soul!” He caressed your cheek. “My love for you is no joke, I assure you. I love you more than all the stars in the galaxy, all the grains of sand in the Nine, all the trifling words that cannot do justice compared to my true feelings for you. I adore you, and should ever a frown paint your sweet lips, I shall do everything in my power to coat them once more with a smile.”
Your heart soared. Oh, how could he always manage to leave you speechless with his sweet prose, every word like a poem all its own?
“Should you not leave me so flustered one of these days, I may be able to properly articulate how I feel about you. Which, I assure you, is much the same as what you have confessed to me.”
“Me? Leave you flustered?” he asked in wonder. “Do you not know it takes merely a glance at your face to leave me dumbstruck?”
“Oh, there you go again!” you cried. “You know the effect you have on me. You like it, Mischief.”
“True, but I do not lie, either.” He tilted your head, having looked away in bashfulness, back towards his. “I love you, my darling. Norns, I love you so much. But if I am making you uncomfortable, I can go back to just snuggling. Or just cuddling… Or I will leave you, if that’s what you desire. Anything for your happiness.”
You shook your head with a shaky breath of disbelief. “No. I never want you to go, Loki. I want to spend forever with you! Cuddle me, snuggle me, fluster me to no end! I shall love it all if it is you.”
“In that case I shall never stop.” The god held you closer. “But you must promise to do something for me as well.”
“That is?”
“You must not stop either. I was never one for snuggles and cuddles before, but with you?” He stole another kiss, savoring it this time. “With you it might just very well be my favorite thing in the universe.”
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romanoffscottage · a month ago
a sunflower in the shadows
Tumblr media
part 1 | part 2
a/n: thank you so much for 200 followers! I am planning on making this fic a series and I am very excited about it so I hope you all enjoy!
warnings: discussion of past child abuse (vague), mentions of injuries (stab wounds)
pairing: natasha romanoff x reader
summary: when the famous black widow defects to S.H.I.E.L.D, the reader sees the light in her. little do they know they will fall more and more in love with the redhead everyday. 
translations: tsvetok=flower
words: 3.4k | natasha x reader masterlist | navigation post
Your phone was ringing. It was 3 in the morning and your phone was ringing, which could only mean one thing. Fury needed you for a mission. You groaned and answered your phone, surprised when you heard Clint’s voice and not Fury’s. “Clint, what the hell?”
“Y/N I have a problem, Fury’s going to kill me.” You groaned thinking about what kind of trouble he got himself into this time. “What did you do?”
“I may or may not be taking the Black Widow back to S.H.I.E.L.D right now…” You took a moment to process what your friend just said. His mission was simple, eliminate the target, but no of course he did his own thing. “What the hell do you mean you're bringing her in?”
“You have to trust me, I’m doing the right thing.” If you trusted anyone, it was him. After all, he was your first friend at S.H.I.E.L.D. “Okay, okay I trust you, what do you need me to do?”
“Meet me at headquarters in 20?”
“Fine.” You got up and quickly threw on something slightly more presentable. God, you couldn’t believe you were about to back him up with this. You remember just last week Fury was going on and on about how this girl needed to be taken out ASAP. It took them a whole week until they could even get a potential location on this girl. From what you read about her she was dangerous, a master of manipulation, skilled in all trades. How does Clint know she isn’t going to infiltrate S.H.I.E.L.D and kill everyone at headquarters? You have no idea. But for some reason, you trust his judgment.
When you arrived at S.H.I.E.L.D, you waited for Clint in the parking lot. When his car finally pulled up, you watched as a small redheaded girl hopped out of the car with him. This couldn’t be the famous Black Widow you thought. She looked far too young to be the most dangerous assassin in the world. But you knew better than to underestimate anyone, so you kept your guard up. “This is Natalia,” Clint nudged the redhead to shake your hand. You extended your hand to her, but she wouldn’t even look you in the eyes. She seemed afraid, which confused you. Maybe it was an act? But you knew how to see through people and this? This did not seem like an act. You retracted your hand and introduced yourself, “I’m Y/N, nice to meet you,” you tried to sound friendly. The girl still refused to meet your gaze or even respond. Clint shrugged at you, not knowing why she refused to speak.
“Can I talk to you alone for a second?” you asked as you pulled Clint aside. “You need to tell me exactly what happened on this mission Barton?”
“I traced her down to what seemed like an abandoned run-down old house, the place looked like it was on the brink of falling apart. I went inside and I was ready to just complete the mission and go home but she was injured when I found her.” you glanced over at the girl to check for any signs of injury, “she doesn’t look injured?”
“She has a stab wound on her stomach, I wrapped it but she didn’t make any indication that she was in pain the entire time I’ve been with her. Y/N she didn’t even fight back, she was just going to let me kill her and it-it didn’t sit right with me.” Clint was a father of two, soon to be three so you knew he had a big heart. But even you were suspicious of the situation, why would she just readily accept death like that?
You approached the redhead once again and went to place a hand on her shoulder, but she flinched away from your touch. You and Clint exchanged a worried glance before telling the girl to follow you inside. “Fury isn’t going to be happy,” you whispered on the way to his office, “yeah I know.”
Despite it being almost 4 in the morning, you knew Fury would still be here, he always was. You didn’t even knock when you entered the room with Barton and the girl beside you. Fury immediately stood up, ready to yell at you, but you didn’t let him start. “Look I know you're probably pissed, but I’m not going to stand here and let you kill this girl.”
“Have you two lost your minds?” Fury practically screamed back.
“Fury she didn’t even try to fight me, she was just going to let me kill her. Isn’t that a little suspicious?” Clint said, trying to defend his decision. “She is a master manipulator, did you stop and think about the possibility that this is what she wanted? For you to bring her here?” You had thought about it and you knew that was not what was going on here. “Sir I know when I’m being played and I can guarantee that that is not what's going on here.” Fury was raging with anger and you could practically feel Natalia shaking from across the room. “I’ll take her home with me, she will be 100% my responsibility, I swear nothings going to happen, sir.”
Fury laughed and he never laughed. “That's cute Agent Y/L/N. You know what, fine, you wanna take her in, be my guest. But if anything happens, if anything goes south, that's on you. Are you really willing to bet your career, the lives of everyone here, and your own life on her?” He was not expecting you to drop it but you replied, “Yes.” Fury was so flabbergasted, he motioned for you all to exit his office so you quickly left.
“That could have gone worse,” Clint said, “you didn’t have to offer to take her in, you don’t have to put everything on the line for her, I never asked you to do that.”
“I know, but I see something in her. I know you didn’t ask me to, but I want to. I can’t explain it, but I-” Clint cut you off, “I trust you, if you say you see something in her, then I trust that you do.” And with that being said you took the redhead to your apartment.
Natalia was quiet the entire car ride to your apartment, she just stared out the window. You didn’t even try to make conversation, knowing she didn’t seem up to talking. You only spoke to announce that you arrived at your apartment. The redhead followed behind you, not beside you which gave you an eerie feeling. When you opened the door to your apartment she would not enter until you explicitly stated she could. Once again that icky feeling bubbles in your stomach.
You motioned for her to follow you to the guest bedroom, “Let me grab you some clothes, tomorrow we can go shopping and get you your own stuff.” When you returned to the room, you tossed Natalia one of your sweatshirts and a pair of your sweatpants. “I bet it's been a long day, you hungry?” The redhead finally met your eyes, but still didn’t respond. “You alright?” You asked, trying to get a response out of the girl. “Yes, sorry.”
“You don’t have to apologize, you did nothing wrong. Come on, let's eat.” You headed to the kitchen and started whipping up some noodles, “You want red sauce or pesto?” You asked which earned you a confused look from the girl, “I don’t know, I’ve never had either.”
“Oh, well then let's do red sauce, it's a classic.” The girl sat down at the table and you watched out of the corner of your eye as she twiddled with the end of her dutch braids. “I love your braids, I could never do them that good,” you watched as a small smile grew on the girl's face. “Thank you, someone taught me a long time ago.” You mentally patted yourself on the back since you finally got her to smile as you finished the noodles.
You placed a bowl of noodles in front of the girl as she quietly thanked you, “so I am assuming you have a lot of questions?” You knew she didn’t want to have this conversation just as much as you didn’t, but it was best to get it out of the way. “I’m just confused as to why I’m still alive.”
“Let me make one thing extremely clear, no one is going to kill you, you are safe here with us.”
“So then why am I here?” The girl looked confused. “I want to help you, that's why I want to give you a second chance at living a life. I don’t know anything about you, but from my observations, I’m going to guess you haven't done much living.”
“I’ve been training since I was four, I’m not sure what else there is to life.” Your eyes widened at the realization, you needed to call Fury. You two finished your dinners, you let Natalia head off to bed. Once you knew she was in her room for the night, you called Fury. “What do you want Y/N?” he said clearly, still pissed off about earlier. “I was right Nick, something was going on.”
“Care to elaborate, Agent?”
“She told me she started training when she was four years old.” Silence filled the space before you heard Fury deeply exhale. “Take today off, show her around the city, do whatever you need to do. Then tomorrow, I want you both in my office at 7 am sharp, do I make myself clear?”
“Yes, sir.”
Tumblr media
The next morning, you woke up early, hoping you would wake before the redhead. This was unsuccessful as you found the girl sitting on the couch. “Morning, here are some clothes for today, once you're ready we can head out?” she nodded and grabbed the clothes from you, and went to change.
It only took her like five minutes to get ready and re-braid her hair, which you found impressive, “You’re fast, alright let's go.” You decided you wanted to bring her to your favorite coffee shop so she could try pastries and get some much-needed coffee. When you headed into the coffee shop you asked her how she liked her coffee and she replied that she only ever drank black coffee. “I’ll just try whatever you're getting if that's ok,” you nodded and told her to find you a table. Once you got the food and drinks you headed to the table and placed them in front of the girl, “it's an iced vanilla latte and there's banana bread in the bag.” You watched as Natalia tried the coffee and food and were delighted when a small smile appeared on her face, “you like it?” she nodded with a smile.
Once you finished up breakfast, you brought the girl to the mall with you. You headed into multiple stores trying to help the girl pick some clothes for herself, but making her own choices was proving difficult to her. “Sorry I/ve never done this before.”
“It's okay, you don't have to apologize, we can take our time, we got all day.” Slowly Natalia started to pick out some things. Plain tee shirts, plain long sleeves, some socks, a few jackets, leggings, jeans, and other undergarments started making their way into your cart. Then you went to get some other essentials like shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc. Once again the girl had no idea what to get or why there was more than one brand of these things. You combed your fingers through her soft hair to attempt to feel how the texture was so you could pick good products for her hair.
After hours and hours of shopping, you finally got everything you needed. You decided to take Natalia to your favorite park so you two could just walk around and relax a bit. As you two walked through the park, you noticed the girl was fascinated by all the colorful flowers. “Pretty aren't they?”
“Yeah, I’ve never really stared at them long enough to notice.” You reach down to pick a little white flower from the ground and go to place it in the girl's braid. “It's beautiful,” you said smiling.
The next morning you were up bright and early, not as early as Natalia, but still. You knew you needed to be exactly on time for your meeting with Fury. You told the redhead you two were going to meet with Fury today and her guard immediately was up. “Hey, it's okay, nothing bad is going to happen, I think he just wanted to discuss your potential future with S.H.I.E.L.D.”
When you two arrived, Fury was already waiting for you in the main lobby. He walked you two to his office where you saw Barton was already sitting. “Okay, we have two options here. One she trains here with you two and maybe she can work for S.H.I.E.L.D if and when she proves we can trust me. Or two, you two can work with her and the state to assimilate her to life while she is a longer a spy. It's up to her.”
“I want to work,” you were surprised she actually answered him. “Alright then it's settled, you two are in charge of her. She is to only train with you two and no weapons got it?”
“Got it,” you were about to exit his office before he stopped you, “but before any of that, Natalia you need to tell us where and who trained you.”
The four of you sat in Fury's office for what felt like hours as Natalia spilled all the secrets of a place called the red room. You had heard about it before, there was once an agent named Dottie that defected to S.H.I.E.L.D from them. Her story was heartbreaking. She had no memories of a family, she had no memories of anything besides fighting. When she said she was the only survivor of the twenty-eight girls in her class, you thought you were going to be sick.
“Ok I think I’ve heard enough,” Fury said, sounding like he too was going to be sick. The three of you hurried out of Fury’s office and you all headed to the training room.
“I should change my name if I am staying here,” Natalia said which caused you and Clint to turn around to face her. “Yeah that’s a good idea, you have a name you like?”
“Natasha Romanoff, the American version of my name works.”
“I love it,” you replied, earning you another smile from the girl, “can I call you Nat?”
“Sure,” she shrugged. Once you arrived at the training room you laid out the ground rules for training, “I know how you trained and sparred is different, that's how we train so let me just clarify, sparring is just for practice, we aren't killing or injuring anyone. First Nat sparred with Clint and you were blown away with just how good she was. When you sparred with her you kept up with her at the start, but she completely got you off guard. “You're really good.”
Tumblr media
1 month later
After you and Nat’s walk in the park, you started bringing flowers all the time since it made Nat smile. And God did you love to see her smile. Nat was adjusting to S.H.I.E.L.D well and Fury was starting to trust her more and more. You even saw Fury having lunch with Nat one day which made your heart happy. Maybe he would take her in as a daughter as he did with you.
“Tsvetok,” you also started calling Nat flower in Russian as a nickname, “Fury wants us to come in.” She nodded and grabbed her coat as you two hurried to his office. It was almost midnight, so you aren't sure why you are being called in. When you arrived Fury had a small file on his desk, “I have a trial mission for you two.” You were overjoyed, he was finally letting you take Nat into the field. “It's just a recon mission, but it is time sensitive so you need to leave now.”
Overjoyed with excitement you jumped up and hugged Fury, “thank you for this.” Fury sighed, but hugged you back, “alright alright get out of here,” you laughed as you excitedly dragged Nat to the jet.
“You seem very excited about this,” Nat said in a teasing manner, “I’ve been dying to take you into the field.” You threw a S.H.I.E.L.D uniform at her, telling her you would get one made for her soon, and boarded the jet. You made your way to the passenger seat and Nat sat beside you as she carefully read the file. “Don’t worry, this mission is easy, we just need to upload the information onto the hard drive.”
The mission ended up going flawlessly, proving to Fury just how helpful and good Nat was. After this mission, he granted Nat access to weaponry and officially declared her a S.H.I.E.L.D agent.
To celebrate you took Natasha to her favorite diner and surprised her with the most beautiful flower arrangement she had ever seen, “Y/N these are beautiful, thank you,” she brought them up to her face to smell them and smile. “Beautiful just like you.”
Tumblr media
2 months later
Nat had been going on more and more missions with you and officially became your new mission partner since Clint was preparing to retire to spend more time with his kids. Nat even got to go on solo missions now and you were just so proud of her. She was still adjusting to life, decisions were still hard to make, but you walked her through it all. You were her rock.
You were currently on your first solo mission in a while, but luckily you finished early. You had been gone for a few days and just wanted to go back to see Nat, you even skipped going to medical just to see her.
When you walked through the door you were met with Natasha practically running to give you a hug. You were so glad she was becoming more of a hugger because you adored hugs. She always gave the best ones. “Tsvetok, I missed you.”
“Ya skuchal po tebe bol'she (I missed you more).”
Quickly her happy expression faded into worry when she saw blood seeping through your shirt, you looked down realizing the fast stitching you did on the jet probably wasn’t tight enough and your wound burst open. Natasha ran to get a first aid kit and got you sat on the couch. “What happened?” She asked as she got to stitching you up properly. “Nothing just got stabbed a little,” you laughed. “A little? This doesn’t look little!”
“Oh relax I’m fine, plus I’ve got the best person in the world to take care of me.” Natasha finished patching you up with her gentle soft hands that you loved so much. When you first met the redhead you never expected to fall in love with her. But you have been living together for months now and you knew you were madly in love with her. You just couldn’t tell her, you were too scared that she wouldn’t feel the same.
“Nat I got you something,” you reached into your bag and pulled out a sunflower, “it's sort of crushed now, but it reminded me of you.”
“How?” the redhead laughed. “You are this light in the darkness, even on the darkest days you stand tall and find the sun.” Natasha stared into your eyes and the whole world faded away. She nervously grabbed your face and pulled you into a kiss, then pulled back and started muttering “I'm sorrys.”
“Don’t apologize,” you grabbed her chin so she looked at you, “I love you.”
“I love you too,” you leaned in to kiss her again and this time she didn’t pull away. She was forever going to be your sunflower. Your light in the dark.
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drvscarlett · a month ago
Call me by my name
Pairing: Shang chi x reader
A/N: this is probably the last time i will be utilizing shaun as his name, were focusing more and embracing on his name shang chi. Forgive me for the past misshaps. SPOILERS AHEAD.
Summary: As his girlfriend, he obviously needs to tell you everything that happened when he suddenly disappeared. But he might have forgotten a small detail that seems to be bothering him.
Tumblr media
It was weird how life changes in a simple snap.
The past few weeks feel like Shang chi’s life has been turned upside down. He didn’t know that his life would change when he fought off those henchmen. If he did, he wouldn’t have taken that bus ride and would just be late for work.
He was suddenly pulled back to the world that he has been running away from since he was 16. Nearly got killed by the dweller of the darkness, watch his father die, and rekindled with his sister. It felt like a blurry dream.
He gives out a small sigh as he listens to the sound of the city that seems to be awake even at the ungodly hours. It was quite peaceful to hear it though.
“My love why are you awake?” a sleepy figure emerged from the darkness.
There she was. The one that kept his life sane for the past few weeks and even years. Together with his bestfriend Katy, Y/N was a constant in his life. His girlfriend has always been there through thick and thin since they got together when he was 20.
She was the first person that Shaun contacted right after the whole fiasco. He remembered how he promised her that the minute that this whole thing finishes, he will sit down and tell her everything. He ends up giving her a brief summary of everything that happened and she listened through it all night long. Shang chi was glad to have such an understanding girlfriend like Y/N.
But there’s something that he has left out.
“Love why are you awake? You should be sleeping by now” he comes over to her and wrapped his arms around her.
“I know but the bed is too cold”she pouted “you weren’t there”
“Then I suppose that I should be there with you”
The two couple went back to the bed that they shared. It was not a bed too big nor it was too small, it was just right. They were perfect to fit the couple in a cuddle. It was one of the most peaceful place for the two of them with the soft pillows and their scents lingering in the sheets.
Shang Chi just loves the pure bliss that they are in right now. He just hated to ruin how things are if he told her the truth.
“Is there something on your mind?” Y/N breaks his train of thoughts.
She was always observant. The past few weeks have been a little dreadful for Shaun because of all the family fiasco, joining the avengers, and the ten rings. But she has this inkling that Shaun is hiding something that he was scared to tell.
“I need to tell you something” It was now or never.
Shifting from her position, she sit up straight because she knew that this is a serious conversation. His hands held her as if he was afraid that she would slip away the moment that he tells her the truth. He was nervous.
“Hey, you can tell me anything” she soothed.
“What if I am the person you think I am?” he breaks the news.
She was puzzled, “You’re not the person I think you are? What is this shaun?”
Shang chi cringed upon hearing the name being muttered. He feels like a fraud whenever he hears that name being uttered. It was like a betrayal straight to the face. He usually didn’t mind it but now that he has accepted who he is, he finds the name to be someone that he is not.
“I’m not shaun”
“Really funny” Y/N saw the serious look of his and realized that it was far from a joke “Then who are you?”
“Shaun is a nickname I crafted for myself.. Shang Chi is my real name”
And the sound of the bustling city seems louder than ever. Only this time, it felt uncomfortable for Shang Chi to hear.
“I know, I’m sorry that I haven’t told this to you but I just didn’t know how to break it that I am not Shaun and I didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable about the whole thing since its been years since we met and I haven’t told you. Frankly I used the name to escape who I am before but I’m not running away anymore and-” he rambles.
He literally thought that this was the end of the relationship and he was done for. Imagine his surprise when he felt lips that was stopping him from speaking. He felt the feeling of comfort and ease as he melts in the kiss.
“You know you don’t have to be scared to tell me the truth about who you are” she whispers “You really think that you can push me away after telling me about your adventures in Ta-Lo?”
Shang chi was happy to hear that from her. He wants to give himself a slight hit on the head for thinking that Y/N would leave him because of embracing his true name.
Together, the two of them snuggled in the comforts of their bed with the covers cocooning the two of them.
“Shang chi?” his heart raced upon hearing his name being called. There was a certain spark to hear her call him Shang chi, it was like everything fits in place.
“Yes Y/N”
 “I realized I haven’t told you I love you yet using your real name so I’m hoping this is the first of many.” she giggles “I love you Shang Chi”
And a sweet kiss sealed it. He is definitely looking forward to hear his name more. 
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rodrikstark · 2 months ago
xu shang-chi x gn!reader
a/n from rodrikstark: this is not my work, just publishing it on behalf of this lovely, lovely nonnie! please reblog and leave comments to show your support 💕
a/n from the author: hello! i've been completely in my feelings about shang chi lately so i wrote this... we're in the middle of a brief cold spot and i've been sitting under the vent in some classes so this premise is real for me. i don't have too much experience writing self inserts/fics but i hope you like it! :)
By noon, it was becoming clear that the cold spell cast over the past few weeks was finally breaking, and Shang-Chi was glad for that. With the sun back in business, it was going to be just nice outside, the air bright and warm as he readied himself to head out and meet you after your morning class.
Something caught his eye just as his hand settled on the doorknob; your sweater was lying in a pile on top of the shoe cabinet. Clearly you'd set it down and then forgotten right as you rushed out, because you'd been complaining about the weather and the air conditioning in your college building and there was no way you'd have willingly left it behind. Shang-Chi picked it up, bundling the soft fabric under his arm—but then an idea struck him, and he reached for his own jacket instead, leaving your sweater draped across the back of the sofa.
"See you Tuesday!" your classmate called as you stepped out of the classroom. You tilted her chin at her in response, hands firmly clamped around your upper arms as you attempted to retain what little body heat you still had. Three hours in that room and your table under the air-conditioning vent had created your personal Arctic, and now all you could think about was getting to lunch with Shang-Chi. Maybe you could snag a booth and sit side by side and then you would lean into him and—
"Well, hey."
Shang-Chi fell into step beside you, touching your bare arm in greeting. The warmth of that brief contact created a shiver that rippled under your skin, and you managed a smile. "Hi."
You tried to press closer to him, but he moved his arm out of the way, reaching behind you. "How was class?" A hand tugged at the strap of your backpack, and you reluctantly let go of your upper arms, shrugging so that the backpack slid smoothly off your shoulders. Shang-Chi swung it upwards, slinging it over his shoulder. It was a perfectly normal, cute little backpack, just the right size for holding your notes and water bottle, but against your mountain of a boyfriend it looked positively tiny in his hands. "Got something for you."
"Oh?" you managed, trying to snuggle against his side again. You wished briefly that he would get the hint and put an arm around your shoulders. It's not fair that he gets to run so warm, it's like sharing a bed with a particularly muscular radiator at night.
"Noticed you left your sweater behind." There was no mistaking the smile in Shang-Chi's voice, but he didn't give you the chance to get irritated at him. Something soft and warm was placed around your shoulders, and you looked down in surprise. He'd pulled his jacket off and put it on you, and as you eagerly slipped your arms into the sleeves a pleasant shudder ran down your spine. The jacket, already cozy on the few occasions you had stolen it for yourself, had been warmed up by your boyfriend's body. Now you were completely surrounded by warmth, smelling vaguely of soap.
You hummed a short note gratefully, looking up into Shang-Chi's face. His smug smile said it all; he had totally anticipated this reaction. "Shut up," you whispered, although he hadn't said anything, and this time as you reached for his hand he let you grab it and press close to his side.
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bucksbestgirl · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: Bucky wants a little something to get him through a long mission.
Warnings: Nudity/photographed nudity, implications of smut and a sex tape/video (18+ older, please!), one bad language word, fluff
Word Count: Roughly 1680
A/N: This piece has got to be one of my favorites that I’ve ever done. Sweet and spicy at the same time! A big big thank you to Rose, @gogolucky13, for letting me bounce this idea off her and brainstorming with me! I really don’t think this piece would’ve reached its full potential without her help. She’s an amazing human and a fantastic writer, so go and check her out! Please forgive/ignore any mistakes you may find. Happy reading!
You offer a small hum in reply, your attention still stuck to the weathered paperback book in your hands. To your right, Bucky snaps his own book closed and sets it on his bedside table.
“You know how I have this two week mission coming up?” You look at him now, a mixture of anxiety and sadness settling within you, where they would inevitably make their home over the weeks to come. You force a wary smile. Despite your own feelings, you want Bucky to know that you’ll support him endlessly. This time is no different.
“Yeah, what about it?” Turning back to his bedside table, Bucky reaches for his phone before facing you again. You watch him fiddle with the device, noticing how he doesn’t meet your eyes when he speaks.
“I was...thinking,” he begins, and a entirely new wave of worry overtakes you. Thinking what? Surely he couldn’t be ending things with you over a lengthy mission. The two of you have been together for three years, for God’s sake. Does he want to opt out of the operation? You don’t know the details, but do the risks outweigh benefits this time around? The thought sends you into another round of panic, and even though you’re good at hiding it, Bucky is quick to notice the shift in your mood.
“I was just thinking that I want of us. Of you...just to have while I’m away.” A pink flush colors his cheeks. You quirk a confused eyebrow at him.
“We have lots of pictures together, Buck,” you say, and as if on cue, his phone lights up, revealing a selfie the two of you had taken on your date to Central Park. You’re laughing, a smudge of chocolate ice cream smeared on your cheek. Bucky is laughing, too, his own cup of mint chocolate chip clutched in his free hand. Even in a photo, the immense amount of love he holds for you is evident in the way he’s looking at you.
“I know,” Bucky cracks a coy smile, but it fades when he continues to speak. “I meant the kinds of pictures of you...that I can’t show anyone else.” Now, he’s pulling at a loose thread on the comforter. Still not quite following him, you cock your head to the side. He huffs. “Pictures of you...naked,” he all but mumbles. Now it registers.
“James Buchanan Barnes,” you muse, a mischievous smirk playing at your lips. “Do you want to take my nudes?” The flush on his cheeks deepens and he finally chances a glance at you. Your reaction noticeably eases his nerves a little.
“If that’s what they’re called these days, then yes.” He reaches a hand to scratch at the back if his neck. “If it’s okay with you, of course.” Your heart flutters. Always the gentleman. Closing your book and depositing it on your own bedside table, you waste no time in stripping yourself of your (his) t-shirt. Bucky watches with wide eyes, ogling at you as if it’s the first time he’s ever seen you bare.
“What’d you have in mind?” you ask eagerly. He chuckles, opening his phone and selecting the camera. Before you can even register it, he’s snapping a photo of you cross-legged and bare-chested on the bed. “Hey! I wasn’t even ready!”
“Don’t worry, babydoll,” he smirks. “Just a quick test. You look beautiful, anyways.” You can tell by the way his smirk widens at his phone screen that he’s admiring his work.
“You should probably make a separate album for these, just to be safe. I don’t need Sam or Steve seeing my boobs.” You cringe at the thought. “Do you need me to show you how?” Bucky chuckles again, turning his phone to you. On the screen, the candid photo of you is displayed in an album labeled “My Best Girl”. Butterflies fill your stomach, and it’s your turn to blush a deep pinky-red. If you weren’t so flattered and in love with this teddy bear of a man, you’d be worrying about who taught him how to create a new photo album...and if they knew what it was for.
“Alright, come over here,” Bucky instructs, rising from the bed and padding over to the full-length mirror in the corner of your shared bedroom. You follow him eagerly, shimming out of your panties once you’re standing beside him. Again, he watches you, his smirk wide and his eyes hooded with desire. Still, though, the rosey blush hasn’t left his cheeks. You can tell that he’s nervous from they way he watches you, gauging your every move and reaction. This is new territory for him, and while you’re the only one he’d ever want to explore it with, he’d be damned if he upset you in any way.
“Gotta be nude for the nudes,” you giggle, taking in your naked reflection and Bucky’s half naked one beside you. His grey sweatpants are low on his hips, but his upper half is bare and muscular and absolutely perfect. Something about being completely exposed and vulnerable while he’s still somewhat clothed sends a chill up your spine and an aching desire straight to your core.
“Okay, will you hold this? And please, let me know if you want to stop at all.” You nod. Bucky hands you his phone and moves to stand behind you. He hesitates for a moment, and then his right arm comes around your body and across your breasts, positioning himself in such a way that only your nipples are covered. His vibranium arm snakes it way down your left side, cool fingers ticking soft skin, his hand coming to rest against the most intimate part of your body, shielding you from the camera lens. If you were turned on before, it doesn’t compare to the feeling that floods your body now. His large frame wrapped around you, his hands, both calloused and smooth, concealing the parts of you that are only his to see and’s enough to make you feral. You rest your left hand on his metallic forearm, leaning back into his warm chest. Bucky nuzzles his nose into your neck, his lips finding the spot where your neck and your shoulder meet. Raising his phone to the mirror, you snap the picture.
“Perfect,” Bucky whispers against your skin, and it’s obviously that he isn’t referring to the picture, though you’re positive that came out just as well. Gently, he guides your body to turn around in his arms, taking the phone from your hand. Now chest to chest, he drapes your arm over his shoulder. You follow suit with your other arm, reaching up on your toes and wrapping them around the back of his neck. Something between a squeal and a giggle escapes you when his vibranium hand grips your ass cheek, giving it a playful squeeze. Bucky laughs. “Stay still, sweetheart.” The camera clicks again.
“You’ve really thought this through, huh?” you quip, pulling back to look at him. Your arms still rest around his neck, your fingers tangling in his long brown locks. “You should be a photographer after you’re done avenging.”
“Only if you get to be my model.” He steals a soft kiss.
You continue to allow him to do what he wants, molding your body into whatever position he likes. Slowly, he sheds his nervousness and lets his guard down. Sweet nothings are whispered and giggles are shared. The level of trust and comfort the two of you have been able to find in each other never ceases to amaze you, or him, for that matter. Never did Bucky think that he’d ever get to a place like this. But now that he’s here, now that he’s with you, nothing else seems to matter.
Now he’s leading you back to the bed and laying you back among the messy sheets. He settles between your legs, his phone camera at the ready as you tuck your hands behind your head. “Wait,” he says, seemingly more to himself than to you. Your brows knit together in wonder as he reaches over and pulls open one of the drawers in his bedside table. A soft metallic jingle has you pushing yourself up on to your elbows. Your eyes go wide once you see what Bucky pulls from the drawer.
“Will you put these on?” He looks at you innocently, expectantly. You hesitate, eyes wide as your gaze flicks between Bucky and his dog tags that dangle from his hand.
“Buck...are you sure?”
“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life, sweetheart,” he smiles, the meaning of his words reaching far beyond the idea of someone else wearing his dog tags. He drapes the cold chain over your head and gingerly pulls your hair from underneath it. The two silver tags that bare his name come to rest perfectly in the valley of your breasts. “Perfect.”
Smiling, you lay back again as a warmth blooms in your chest. You’re fully convinced your heart will burst one day because you can’t contain how much you love your super soldier. Until then, you’ll spend every moment showing him just how much he means to you. Resting your head on your hands, you give him your best flirty smile. Bucky snaps a few pictures this time. Sitting back on his haunches, he scrolls through the latest pictures, pinching his bottom lip between his teeth.
“These are too good not to set as my screensaver, babydoll,” he almost whines. You giggle, poking your toe playfully into his abdomen.
“Fine,” you relent. “But only as your home screen. Keep your lock screen PG.”
“Deal.” You watch him as he fiddles with his phone, noticing his growing arousal that his sweatpants do nothing to hide. An idea pops into your head.
“’ve got my nudes now,” you purr, sitting up and grabbing the drawstring of his sweatpants. “How about a video to match?” Bucky’s eyes go wide, his pupils blowing, the task of switching his screensaver forgotten now.
“Are you sure?” His previous nerves make a small reappearance.
“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life, Buck.”
That’s all the confirmation he needs.
Read part 2 here!
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blanketbarnes · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
summary: Wanda needs someone to babysit her kids while she's out and luckily, you have some (okay, a lot) help.
pairing: biker!bucky barnes x reader
warnings: fluff, mentions of going to a hospital
"There's my favourite customer!" Marlene yells excitedly as she walks over to the six-foot hunk of muscle to give him a bear hug. Under different circumstances, you'd be jealous but Marlene was a 60-year old woman with a heart of gold.
"Hey Marlene, how's my best girl?" he asks with his signature boyish smile.
She smacks his chest and lets out a laugh. "You flatter me, James, but you and I both know that your best girl ain't me," she says motioning at you standing behind the counter, plating an order.
"Marlene, Marlene, Marlene," Bucky huffs, his cheeks red.
"Go sit down, James, I'll have her bring your usual."
Marlene saunters over to you and wiggles her eyebrows playfully. "Would you look at that, y/'s our favourite customer!"
"Oh please, Marlene, don't you mean your favourite customer?" you retort sarcastically.
"Don't lie to me now, sugar, I've seen the eyes you two make at each other. Reminds me of how my husband and I met,"
"Marlene, as much as I love that story, I see you're trying to prove a point and I'm on the clock so...." you say with a smile.
"Go on now, sugar," she says with a smirk as you walk away with your orders and finally bring Bucky his.
You arrive at his table and begin pouring his coffee and give him a wide smile which he promptly returned.
"So, doll, I noticed Marlene's tryin' to set us up," oh no, the nickname that made you weak in the knees.
"I wouldn't pay much attention to her, she says a lot of things," you say, trying to hide how flustered you were. You gently set his plate down and turned around to walk away when he cleared his throat.
"She's not wrong, y'know....I would like to take you out sometime if it's okay with you,"
you were not expecting that in the least and your heart did a little happy dance. You smiled at him warmly before telling him that you'd absolutely love to go out with him.
"Tonight then, seven?"
"A little eager, are we, Barnes?" you say playfully.
"What can I say doll, I'm an impatient man,"
"Sure, Bucky, you can pick me up at seven," you say as you walk away with the biggest smile on your face which suddenly turns into a playful glare as you see Marlene smirking at you.
It was around 6:30 pm and you had thrown out all your clothes onto your bed in an attempt to choose an outfit. Suddenly, the phone rang and Wanda's caller ID flashed across the screen.
"Hey, Wan," you say pulling a pretty flowery dress over your body.
"y/n, I'm so so sorry to do this to you, but I need to take Vis to the hospital and my babysitter isn't in town and you're the only person I trust with my kids,"
'Wan, calm down, is Vis alright?" you ask worriedly.
"Yeah yeah it's just his do you think you could come over and watch Tommy and Billy for a few hours?"
"Sure, sure, I'll be right over,"
"Thank you, y/n, you're a lifesaver!" she says, relieved.
You were disappointed that you were going to miss your date with Bucky but you knew you couldn't turn your back on Wanda like that. She was, after all, your best friend.
You walked over to their quaint little home and made your way in with the spare key Wanda had given you. You took one look around and knew you were in for a long, long night. There were toys, strewn all over the floor, the TV was on a and two five-year-olds were grinning at you devilishly.
"Auntie y/n!" they shouted as they hugged your legs.
"Hi, boys!" you say as you give each one a kiss on the cheek. They ran off immediately and you set your bag down on the counter.
Just then your phone rang. It was Bucky. Oh crap! I didn't cancel and now the poor guy's at my door!
You picked up and immediately started apologizing. "Bucky, I'm so so sorry I didn't call friend called and had to take her husband to the hospital and now I'm at her place watching her kids...Bucky I'm so sorry,"
"Doll, you don't need to apologize at all, i just hope her husband's doing alright,"
Your heart melted at how understanding he was.
*loud crash*
"Billy, no! Tommy, not the vase!" your voice echoed through the phone.
"Doll you okay?"
"Yeah I'm fine, it's just that five-year-olds are really hard to take care of sometimes,"
"Text me the address, I'll be right over,"
You heard the loud roar of his bike outside and breathe a sigh of relief as you hold one toddler on each side in an attempt to keep them from fighting. Tommy suddenly gets distracted and you run to open the door before they can begin wrestling again.
"Wow, doll, you look beautiful," he says handing you a bouquet of daisies.
"Not too bad yourself, Barnes," you say, giving a quick peck on his cheek, before running off to clear the toys all over the floor.
The boys are back at it again and abruptly stop when they hear a shrill whistle. You turn around to see them staring at Bucky, clearly in awe of the man.
"Hi boys, I'm James. I'm a friend of your auntie's...Aaaannd, I've got a mean bike that I know you'd love. But, I'll only show it to you if you promise to be good,"
Tommy and Billy nod vigorously, going as far as to put a finger on their lips.
"You're kind of a hypocrite y'know? telling the boys to be good when you aren't one yourself," you whisper seductively into his ear.
"That so, doll?" he smirks.
The boys quickly take both of your hands as Bucky leads you to his motorcycle. "Oh my god, that's so cool!" they both yell in unison. Bucky picks them up and puts them on the bike, one by one. You went inside and quickly cleared up all the toys before heading back out. They were clearly having the time of their life. You grinned at the interaction before going to Bucky.
"How are you so good with kids?" you inquire curiously.
"Had three kid sisters growin' up," he responds, hoisting the tired boys off the motorcycle.
"Thank you for coming over, I promise I'll make it up to you," you say kissing his cheek again, lingering for a while.
Wanda was back by then and she thanked you and Bucky profusely. She even invited the two of you to dinner next week.
"Is he the guy?" she asks, biting her lip.
"Yep, he is," you reply with a smile.
"I like him, he's good for you."
"I know," you say giving her a tight hug and saying bye, not before prying her kids away from hugging Bucky's legs like little koalas.
"Come on doll, I'll drop ya home,"
"No, I want you to take me on a ride, James," you say inching close to him.
"Yes, Marlene's favourite customer," you say pulling him into a deep, breathtaking kiss, making the two of you grin against each other's lips.
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rowyn-writes · 3 months ago
Misunderstanding (Wanda x Fem!Reader)
Warnings: Angst, fluff, smut, oral sex, (reader giving) Bottom!Wanda, Bratty!Wanda, Jeaslous!Wanda, mentions of cheating, slightly unhealthy relationship dynamic
Pairings: Wanda x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 2k
Summary: After a huge misunderstanding, you make make Wanda pay for her attitude. 
A/N: I wrote this in one day and I’m very surprised with myself. I honestly thought this was going to take at least a week to write. But anyways, happy reading!
Tumblr media
Wanda glowered from across the room as she watched you talking to Sam. You had been talking to everyone else but her for the entire night. The only reason she had decided to go to Tony Stark's party was because you wanted her to go. But it seemed like that was a lie. You were talking to people in hushed tones, a large smile plastered on your face as you did so.
Wanda was very secure in your relationship. You two always talked about everything you were feeling and what would upset you. She was in love with you, and she never got jealous. That was, until recently. You had been very secretive as of late. You would quietly whisper to Natasha and Maria and then go radio silent whenever Wanda got closer. You were getting phone calls from unknown numbers and you would disappear without saying a word. And when Wanda questioned you about it, you just brushed it off.
She was becoming increasingly frustrated. She didn't know what had gotten into you lately. It hurt that you were pulling away, and it hurt that you were talking to other people and not her.
"You think she'll like it?" You asked Sam, showing him a picture of the engagement ring you picked out.
"Of course she will. It's beautiful." He smiled as he looks at the picture of the golden band with a red ruby sitting in the middle. "I'm so happy for you, Y/N. You and Wanda really deserve each other."
"Thanks, Sam." You said, a giddy expression on your face. "I know that I'm getting ahead of myself, and this is a lot to ask of you, but would you walk me down the aisle? You guys are the only family I have, and you're like a big brother to me-"
Sam laughed happily as he took you into his arms. "I would love to."  
Wanda watched with clenched teeth as you threw your arms around Sam. She threw back a shot, slamming it on the table. Wanda approached as you pulled away from your friend.
"I want to go home." She demanded.
"Okay, just give me a second to say goodbye-" You began, only to have Wanda cut you off.
"No, I want to go now!" She insisted. At Sam's look, she added, "I don't feel good."
"Yeah, of course, baby. Let's go." You kissed her head, taking her hand in yours. "I'll see you later, Sam."
Once you were in the car, Wanda stared out the window, refusing to look at you. You let out a soft sigh as you drove to your shared apartment. You were worried about Wanda, as she wasn't acting like herself lately. Granted, you weren't acting like yourself either, but that was because you were trying to hide the fact that you were proposing. You had it all planned out, you were taking her to dinner next week for your three-year anniversary, and afterwards, you wanted to take her to the park where you first confessed your feelings to her a propose.  
"Wanda, are you okay?" You asked gently.
"I'm fine." She snapped. "Why wouldn't I be?"
"Just. . . Don't. I don't feel like talking to you." You swallowed thickly as tears stung your eyes.
"Okay," You mumbled, gripping the steering wheel tightly. "Message received." Wanda looked over at you, guilt flashing in her eyes as she looked at your pained face. As soon as you parked the car in front of your house, Wanda got out, slamming the door behind her. You let out a shaky breath as you watched her enter the house. She was upset. That much you gathered. And you think you finally figured out why.
"Wanda, we need to talk." You said, walking inside to find her curled up on the couch with your dog, Muffin.
"I told you, I don't want to-"
"Well, I don't give a damn!" You growled. "You've acted like a brat all night, and I think I know why. So you're going to sit here and listen to me."
"If you know so much, then enlighten me, Y/N."
"You think I'm cheating on you, don't you?" She said nothing as she looked down at her hands. "Jesus, Wan. Do you really think so low of me?"
"Well, what was I supposed to think?! You've been so secretive lately and you've been disappearing with no excuse as to why!" She cried, causing Muffin to jump down and go hide in your room.
"You should have said something, Wanda!"
"Why? So you could come up with a good excuse as to why you've been acting like I'm not important enough for your time?"
"Not important enough? Wanda, are you kidding me?" You scoffed, going to sit next to her. "You are the most important person in my life, baby."
"Well, you haven't been acting like it lately." She sniffed.
"I know, and I'm sorry. It's just. . . I didn't want to have to do it like this." You admitted.
"Oh gods, you're breaking up with me, aren't you?" She wailed.
"No!" You shook your head furiously. "Let me talk, woman!" You closed your eyes as you gained your composure. "Wanda, you are the best thing to ever happen to me. I was lost before I met you, I was scared and I didn't have a family. And then I meet you, and I have everything I've ever wanted. I've got a gorgeous girlfriend, an amazing family, and a home to call my own. I look in your eyes and I feel comfort. I feel safe and loved. And I am so incredibly lucky to call you my girlfriend." You slid off the couch and got on one knee, pulling out a velvet black box from your jacket. Wanda gasped as she realized what was happening. "Now, I wanted to take you to dinner and then to that little park uptown, but this works too." You gently opened the box to reveal the golden band you had previously showed Sam. "Wanda Maximoff, will you make me the happiest woman alive, and agree to be my wife?"
Wanda sat there speechless as she nodded her head, a light mist shining in her eyes. You laughed happily as you got up and pressed a kiss to her lips. You pulled away, sliding the ring on her finger.
“I’m so sorry!” Wanda sniffed. “I never should have accused you of cheating! I should have just trusted you, and I ruined your plan. I’m the worst girlfriend ever.”
“Don’t say that, Wanda.” You scolded. “You didn’t ruin anything. And you are not the worst girlfriend ever. . . You’re the worst fiancé ever.” At the look on Wanda’s face, you hurriedly said, “I’m kidding, babe! I’m kidding!” You pulled her into your arms, stroking her hair softly. “You’re a great fiancé, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”
“I don’t deserve you.” She whispered.
“Please, darling, you deserve way better than me.” You mumbled, kissing the top of her head. “I’m sorry I made you think I was cheating. I should have communicated with you better, and that’s on me.”
“I don’t want to talk about that right now.” Wanda said breathlessly, her fingers pulling at the hem of your shirt.
“Hmm,” You hummed, a grin tugging at your lips. “I see.” You pulled away from her, making her whine. “Ah, ah, whiny girls don’t get what they want so easily. And you’ve been very whiny tonight.” You scooped Wanda up in your arms, making her squeal. She wrapped her arms around your neck as you carried her through the house and into your shared room. You gently tossed her down on the bed, her red hair falling into her face. You pulled off her boots, followed by her jeans. She was frustrated, and you loved every second of it. You slowly began to unbutton your shirt, followed by your pants.  
“Y/N, please hurry.” She begged.
“Be patient, darling.”
You straddled Wanda, your hair creating a curtain around your face. You began kissing her neck, making sure to leave bruises that would show in morning light. Her breathing was becoming heavy, and her body needy. You pressed your knee against her clit, making her whimper at the pressure. “Mm, I can feel how wet you are through my jeans. You’re soaked babygirl.” Wanda began grinding against your leg, looking for a release. “Naughty girl.” You chastised her, pulling away. You continued to pepper her neck with soft kisses before unbuttoning her blouse and throwing it on the floor. You smirked as you realized she wasn’t wearing a bra.
You took Wanda’s breast in your mouth, your tongue swirling around her nipple. She dug her nails into your back, causing you to moan in pleasure. “Y/N,” She whined. “Please.”  
“Oh, no, sweetheart. You weren’t very kind tonight. You have to wait.” Wanda huffed as you trailed your fingers down her body, leaving trails of fire in their wake. You kissed Wanda’s thighs, getting closer to where she wanted you to be. She knew not to beg, otherwise she wouldn’t get what she was craving. “Are you going to be a good girl?” You hummed against her skin. “Hm?”  
“Yes, I’ll be a good girl.” She whimpered.
“Do you promise?”  
“Yes, I promise!” She damn near cried. You decided that she had enough teasing and finally deserved a little something. You slid her panties down her legs and tossed them on the floor to join the rest of your clothes. You ran a finger through her folds, slick covering your digit.  
“So wet for me.” You purred.
“Yes,” Wanda breathed. “Just for you.” She spread her legs wider, giving you better access. You put your mouth on her clit, sucking gently. Wanda let out a high-pitched moan. You began to kitten-lick her pussy, enjoy the sweet taste of her cunt.
“So good.” You mumbled. “Such a good girl for me.” You reached your hand up and began twisting her nipple in between your thumb and forefinger. “Let me hear you, babygirl.”
“Oh fuck!” Wanda moaned, gripping your hair in a vice lock. “Ngh! Just like that!” You slipped a finger into her pussy, pumping in and out while you licked her clit. You could feel her walls clench around your digit as you curled it inside of her. She was a whimpering mess beneath you, begging for a release. “Please,” She pleaded. “Let me cum!”
“Not yet, darling.” You growled. “You don’t cum until I say you can.” You slowly added two more digits, making Wanda scream in pleasure. Her breathing was labored and her eyes were dilated, signaling that she was ready. “There you go,” You praised. “Good girl. You’re almost there.”
“Oh, fuck! Don’t stop, please!” She begged. You removed your fingers, only to be replaced by your tongue. “Fuck!” You toyed with her clit, trying to get her to cum on your tongue.
“Cum for me Wanda. Right on my tongue.” You demanded. With your permission and a shuddering moan, she came in your mouth. Her thighs clenched around your head as her body spasmed under your touch.
You pulled away, licking the slick off your lips. “You did such a wonderful job, baby.” You climbed up on the bed, covering Wanda’s body with yours. Her cheeks were flushed red and there was a sheen a sweat covering her forehead. You gently kissed her, letting her taste herself on your lips.
You laid down beside Wanda, pulling her close to your chest, tucking her hair behind her ear. “I love you.” You whispered into her ear.
“I love you more.”
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quantum-widow · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Loki, I’ve study almost every moment of your entire life, you’ve literally stabbed people in the back like fifty times.
Well I’d never do it again
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starshipsofstarlord · 6 months ago
2k followers blurb: hi, first of all congratulations on 2k, you deserve it!!! For the blurb i would like to request some dad!Seb reacting to his son's first word being dada, or something like that, if it is not possible, then I understand 😊
thankyou sm hun, and ofc id never pass up a request for Seb. Here ya go hun, thankyou for all the support for my work xxx
Pairing | dad!Sebastian Stan x mum!reader
Summary | based on the request
Warnings | fluff, swearing, nappy changing, brief mention of sex at the end
2K blurb masterlist
Quick link to my masterlist, if you’re interested in reading more of my crap 😬
Tumblr media
His oceanic pools stared, his chin resting on his hand, as he seated himself on the floor, as y/s/n was on his play mat, playing with the colourful rings that were strewn across the floor.
He put one in his mouth, looking up at his father innocently, as he suddenly threw the toy in his father’s face.
But Sebastian did not yield, instead he remained on the child’s level, patiently... waiting.
“He’s not going to say anything if you’re giving him an intense gaze all day long. Y/s/n needs space and patience if you want him to say anything.” You cocked your hand upon your hip as you rushed in from the kitchen, a hand towel laid over your shoulder.
“I can’t miss it.” Seb spoke, reaching down to grasp the red ring, handing it back to his son, who fiddled with the plastic item. “I have to be alert, otherwise when I’m walking around the house, it could slip out. Both of us could miss it!”
“Then we wouldn’t even know he had his first word. So technically in our eyes and ears, it wouldn’t be.”
Crouching down beside him, you ruffled his brunette locks, pressing a kiss upon his temple, before reaching for the child that you made together, watching as he crawled towards you, soon after picking him up in your arms.
“Where are you taking my little man?” Seb pouted, lines forming upon his forehead, as he trailed after you and your precious cargo. “Gimme.” He held out his hands, watching adorably at you as he stared helpfully at you.
“Gimme?” You laughed, humoured by his child like vocabulary. Though, you gently put him in your husband’s arms, fixing him in a firm look. “Stop pressuring our son.” You pointedly ordered, your eyes crinkling at the vivid image of your two boys.
Seb rubbed his nose against y/s/n’s, cooing lightly at the wideness of the infant’s eyes. “I’m not pressuring you, am I? Mummy’s just being critical... of everything.”
“Are you wanting to end up on the couch tonight?” Sebastian gaped at you, rubbing his son’s head as he poked his tongue out of his mouth as he tried to decide on a response.
You continued on with your task concerning your hydration, grabbing a glass from one of the cupboards, and filling it half with water, bringing the edge to your lips.
“Mmh.” Your husband grunted, returning his attention back to your son, bouncing him softly in his encircling arms, as he reached out to graze his minuscule fingers against Seb’s scruff.
“That’s what I thought.” You laughed, throwing the kitchen towel down onto the side, as you pulled out a juice bottle for your little one, fixing up a simple concoction for him to drink.
Y/s/n began to squirm. Small sobs emitted from his infant mouth as Seb wrinkled his nose, patting him softly on the bum as he walked back towards his bedroom, laying him down on the changing mat.
“Daddy is just gonna put a new diaper on you, and take the dirty one off, ‘Kay?” He spoke lightly, well aware that the child most likely had difficulty understanding him, but he recognised the voice of his father.
Sebastian pulled out a clean nappy, putting it beside his son, as he unbuttoned his clothing, so that he had access to the soiled, disposable catcher of waste.
“Dadda loves you very much y/s/n. And I’m only doing this for your own health and hygiene.” He cooed, as he pulled off the diaper, as his son kicked his legs about, clearly not enjoying the situation. He never did.
As soon as he removed the nappy, and put it in a scent covering plastic bag, Seb quickly put the fresh one on, after wiping y/s/n down. When he finished, he picked his child up once more, returning to the kitchen, where you were washing some dirty dishes.
Though, whence you heard them enter the room, you removed your hands out from the soapy water, drying them, as you shook the bottle, earning y/s/n’s attention.
“Look what mummy has baby boy.” Seb spoke, watching as his son’s gaze flickered slowly between him and the bottle. “Come on, go to mumma.” He encouraged, about to pass him over to you.
But y/s/n gripped onto his shirt, and squealed a noise that was far from just random syllables strung together. “Daa-daa.” Seb froze, his azure eyes widening.
You too tensed up, your mouth dropping open, as you moved closer to the pair, peppering kisses over y/s/n’s face. He giggled, as Seb rubbed his back, joining you in on your praise of him.
“Clever boy.’ You gently spoke, your voice raising into a baby positive tone, as you allowed him to wrap his small hand around your index finger. “Is that your dada? Is it?”
“Do I actually have to sleep on the couch?” He asked, as blew a small raspberry onto y/s/n’s neck. If he wasn’t holding something so precious to you, you would’ve hit him for ruining the moment.
“No.” You sighed, grasping the juice bottle, which he now eagerly reached for. “How’d you do it? Get him to speak, was it the intense stare that i told you would give him nightmares?’
Seb lowered his head, taking the bottle from you as he popped the lid off one handedly, and held it towards his son, whom eagerly began to grab the sides and drink the contents.
“No. I was patient.” Saying so was like admitting defeat, he lowered his head, knowing without looking that there was definitely a boastful smirk aboard your face.
“What’d i tell you bubs?” You asked, stalking closer so that your mouth was beside his ear. “Maybe tonight calls for a celebration; you know, you and me, and a whole lot of sweet loving.”
“Y/n!” He lightly covered y/s/n’s ears looked at you shocked for your bluntness. “There is a child within hearing distance. You can’t say stuff like that!”
“Fine, we don’t have to celebrate.” You took the bottle from y/s/n who had finished guzzling, placing it and the leftovers on the side, as he began to tiredly snuggle his face into Seb’s chest.
“Now I didn’t say that...”
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thegayyywriter · 2 months ago
Mac & Cheese (Yelena Belova x Reader)
Tumblr media
Warnings: Bad descriptions of dancing, vests and pasta. that's it.
You found it funny how a full grown woman - not just any woman, an assassin - was obsessed with Kraft Mac & Cheese.
So, here you were, at three AM, squinting at the bright yellow box of pasta.
Yelena rested her chin on your shoulder. You didn't even know she was behind you, but you kind of got used to her sneaking around like that. She naturally was a very quiet walker. The same couldn't be said for her personality.
"When will it be done, detka?" Yelena murmured.
You tapped the cardboard box, now damp from the steam.
"It has to cook for... uh, '7 to 8 minutes, stirring occasionally,'" you said, rotating the wooden spoon. Turning around, noticed the shirt she had on. Well, not quite shirt. You had gotten her a vest, but a softer one. A pajama vest, but not quite a vest. You just called it a vest, a now Yelena wore it to bed every night. It was adorable.
"I'll make the sacrifice and spend seven minutes with you," Yelena sighed sarcastically. She placed your hands on her shoulders, and then hers on your waist. You both began to sway.
The faint clicking of the stove and the bubbling of the water provided enough music for you both. You leaned into her shoulder and drank in her scent.
She smelled like lemons with the faint aroma of coffee.
Yelena began to hum. It took a second but soon enough, you recognized the tune. You started to sing out loud.
"I can't remember if I cried
When I read about his widowed bride..."
Yelena continued.
"But something touched me deep inside
The day the music died."
You both didn't care how you sounded.
"So bye-bye, miss american pie,
Drove my chevy to the levee,
But the levee was dry," you sang together.
You pulled away from Yelena's embrace before entertwining your fingers with hers.
The tune was combined with yelps and laughter and you both stumbled over each others feet, each word punctuated with a hop or one of your spinning the other.
"And them good old boys were drinkin' whiskey and rye
Singin', "this'll be the day that I die.
this'll be the day that I die."
You giggled, wrapping your arm around Yelena's waist, pulling her closer. You turned to the pot. The macaroni was soggy, but you didn't care. You poured in the cheese packet, then spooning it into a bowl.
Yelena took the steaming bowl eagerly, grabbing a spoon from the drawer. You took some pasta yourself and sat next to her at the kitchen counter.
Both of you sang softly as you ate.
Miss american pie,
Drove my chevy to the levee but the levee was dry.
Them good old boys
were drinking whiskey and rye,
singing this'll be the day that I die
this'll be the day that I die.
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the-emo-asgardian · 20 hours ago
A Month to Remember: A Flufftober Series
Day 26: New Hobby Together
Pairing: Loki x reader Series Summary: When you’re sure your adoptive fathers, Steve and Bucky, and the rest of the team wouldn’t approve of your new relationship with Loki, the two of you decide to keep it a secret. But how long can the charade last before everyone finds out? Chapter Warnings: not proofread A/N: Y’all though the lat chapter was fluffy? Just read this one. The prompt list is from @flufftober2021​​​​​​! Enjoy :)
Permanent Tag List: @lucywrites02 @lunarmoon8 @twhiddlestonsstuff @lokistan @lowkeyorloki @gaitwae @whatafuckingdumbass @castiels-majestic-wings @kozkaboi @cozy-the-overlord @birdgirl90 @myraiswack @mythicalgarlicknot @what-a-flammable-heart @marvelouslovely @laurenandloki @fallinallinmendes @sophlubbwriting @mooncat163 @lokislittlesigyn @wolfish-trickster @electroma89 @jgun2001 @toe-vind-ek-jou @i-beg-your-pardon-laufeyson @theaudacitytowrite @patches-of-mist @nicoistrying @geminiwolves @funnyexel @nectav @50svibes @dryyoursaltyoceantears @bison-writes @magicandheaven​ @keepingitlokiii​ @captain-asguard​ @laufeyiison​ @lostgreekgod​ @essence-stealer​ @competitive-dust​ @i-reblog-fics-i-like​ @melinaflynn1982 @darkacademicfrom2021​ @whatevenisthisxxxxx​ @funsized-mimi​ @tristansaurusrex​ @lokistoriesblog​ @fandoms4life-always​ @high-functioning-lokipath​
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🍁 Masterlist 🍁
Tumblr media
“Hand me the blue, please,” Loki requested, squeezing some green onto his palate.
Putting down your pencil, you handed him the paint. Looking back at your own work, you grimaced, and began erasing furiously.
“What are you doing, my love?” Loki asked, peering over your shoulder. “Why, all your hard work! You’ve erased so much.”
“It wasn’t good enough,” you frowned.
Both you and your boyfriends had been artists at some point, but life had gotten in the way, keeping you from practicing. Eventually, it fell by the wayside. Now, you’d decided to take the hobby up together.
“You are a work of art yourself. I can hardly imagine you could create anything less then.”
“Well that’s the thing,” you huffed. “I’m drawing the greatest work of art of all. It has to be perfect.”
“Oh?” he asked, eyebrow raised. “And what exactly are you drawing then.”
You smirked. “You.”
You laughed at his scarlet blush. “Come on, you had to have known that was coming.”
“But I didn’t! See, I forget you spoil me rotten.” He chuckled, taking your hand without the pencil in it to kiss. “Anyway, I rather think you stole my compliment.”
“Something that cheesy is fair game,” you declared in mock annoyance.
“Regardless, what’s mine is yours.” He smiled, having gained the upper hand in making you flustered once again. “Now, I think it important to say you could draw a stick figure of me and it would still be a work of art. And do you know why?”
You pondered for a moment, shaking your head. No doubt it was something sweeter than any confection, yet you didn’t want to be presumptuous.
“Because it will have come from you, my beloved.”
“Thank you,” you voiced softly. Then after a minute of pleasant silence spent working on your projects, you continued, “What are you making?”
“Ah, well I admit, you are my muse, too.” He let you see his work. “It is the night of our first unofficial date, at the carnival. See that’ll be the Ferris Wheel in the distance. And that’ll be the balloon darts booth. And that right there will be our son,” he explained, pointing at each of the spots, a twinkle in his eye.
“Hot Chocolate!” you cried in excitement.  “Indeed,” he chuckled, cupping your cheek, slowly leaning in to kiss you.
“Mhm?” he hummed against your lips.
“Marry me.”
“Pardon?” he replied, pulling away, just ever so slightly. “Do you… Do you mean it?”
You nodded shyly. Yes, you very much had meant it, but you hadn’t quite meant to blurt it out like that. Yet, a part of you was glad you had. Or, well, it would be so long as he says-
“Wait, really?” you squeaked in excitement. “We don’t even have to do it right away, if you don’t want to, but... Someday?”
“Someday. And someday soon is more than fine with me, I must admit. Whenever you want to, I am ready. True, we have not been dating for very long, but we were friends-”
“Best friends,” you interjected.
“Best friends,” he chuckled in agreement, “for long before that. There is not a doubt in my mind that I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”
“And I’m sure too, my love.”
In a small flash of green, Loki produced two rings, sliding one of the bands onto your finger and allowing you to do the same for him. “Now everyone shall know we are promised to each other… At least they will once we reveal the true nature of our relationship,” Loki amended.
“And we already talked about doing that. Wanda, Peter, and my dad all know. I think… I think it’s time.”
Loki nodded in agreement. “Yes. Let us tell my brother tomorrow, for I feel bad having concealed it from him this long. As for the rest, we should come up with a plan tonight. Ah, but I fear I have interrupted the time set aside for our hobby. After all, I should probably finish the piece before my muse leaves me.”
You kissed your now-fiancé once more, smiling against his lips as you remembered just who his muse was.
“Don’t worry, my love. I’m not going anywhere.”
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lanawinterscigarettes · 11 days ago
You're Not A Monster (Natasha Romanoff x reader)
Description: After Natasha learns how much you enjoyed spending time with Clint's kids, she grows self conscious over the fact she can't give you a family of your own
Tumblr media
A/N: I don't see many fics where Natasha is the one being comforted, so I thought it would be a good idea to write one. I hope you guys like it even though it's short. Enjoy <3
Warnings: self depreciating thoughts, hurt/comfort
You had spent the entire day taking care of Clint's kids while him and Laura were out celebrating their anniversary.
You were glad to do it, but chasing after three different kids all day long was exhausting. That's why you were happy when you were finally able to go back home to your fiance, Natasha.
Stepping in the front door, you set your keys on the counter as you took off your coat. "Honey, I'm home!" You called out, alerting her of your presence.
"Okay, I'm in here," she responded.
You followed her voice to the kitchen where she was cooking dinner.
"Did you have fun with the kids?" She asked.
"Yeah, but I had to convince them to eat real food for lunch and not just sweets, the little rascals." You kiss her on the cheek as you wrap your arms around her from behind.
You didn't hear it, but you could feel her tense up and sigh.
"Hey, what's wrong?" You asked as you gently brushed her hair away from her face.
"It's nothing. I just-" she paused for a moment as tears started to form in her eyes. "I just wish I could give you what they have."
"Oh, baby," you said as you pulled her into a hug.
The Red Room had taken away a lot of things from her, but one of the long lasting effects was them taking away her ability to give birth.
"I'm a monster," she whispered as tears started slipping down her cheeks.
"No, no you're not. I don't ever want you to think that, okay?" You said as you wiped away her tears. "You're not a monster. We can always adopt, or get a surrogate. I know it won't be the same, but I don't ever want you think you're less than any other person, alright?"
She slowly nodded. "I love you. And thank you, for everything."
"Of course baby," you said as you rubbed small circles on her back, holding her close. "And I love you too."
Taglist: @langdonsreign @anxiously-sad @iloveentrapta @ghot-girl
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hey-there-angels · 5 months ago
want a taste?
pairing: wanda maximoff x reader
summary: an afternoon cooking with wanda leads to a certain confession
a/n: this is for @chokemepansy ‘s 4k writing challenge. congrats asteria <3. also, i wasn't planning on ever writing for marvel, but wanda's cute little smile has convinced me, so expect more marvel content in the future
word count: 1.0k
warnings: kissing?, and i think like one swear word
Tumblr media
46. “nothing else matters except for you”
26. “my lip gloss is all over your lips”
the smell of something cooking made its way through the compound, along with you. the smell confused you. you hadn't thought that anyone was actually in the tower. with these damn sokovia accords, every one of the avengers had been off trying to find a solution to accommodate everyone's very divided views on the situation. as you entered the kitchen you were met with the sight of wanda adding a few types of spices to a pot that was boiling on the stove. you leaned against the doorway, admiring the way her brown hair lined her face, and the way her nose, rosy from the heat, scrunched up as she read the recipe.
"what's cooking?" you spoke up to get her attention. her head snapped up, hand hovering right above the cooking pot. her expression looked shocked as if, like you, she had thought she was the only one here.
"i thought you were with the rest of the team," wanda said as she set the bottle of spice she was holding down and leaned over the counter to look at you.
"i had thought the same" you smiled as you walked closer to where she was leaning. "government meetings aren't really my thing, what's your excuse?" you teased her.
her smile on her face dropped into more of an ashamed frown. "stark thought it best if, after the lagos incident, i 'make myself scarce in public'" wanda quoted tony's words with a grimace on her face. you watched her face fall as she reminisced about what she was told. you looked down to see that she was fiddling with the silver rings on her fingers. you slowly reached over the counter to stop the nervous movement.
"wanda," you spoke softly as her eyes bore into yours "you're beautiful. every part of you. even this" you ran your thumb across her fingertips where the red magic usually drifts from her hands. wanda’s face turned slightly red from your words and the added feeling of your skin against her's.
"thank you y/n" she half-whispered as a single tear slid down her cheek. as she looked down to where your hands were intertwined, she gave a little squeeze and let a sigh fall from her glossed lips.
"now," you said, standing up and reaching over to wipe the tear from wanda’s cheek "have you made enough for two?" you gestured to the pot that was still simmering on the stove.
"oh you don't have to eat with me just because i'm all sad" wanda gave a sad smile before turning back to the pot. "i'm sure there are other things that matter that you'd rather be doing."
"wanda," you said softly as you walk around her to her other side. you slid your hand over her's that was stirring the food "nothing else matters except for you"
wanda gave a little giggle and slightly tilted her head down, cheeks pink from your words "i'm sure that's not true" she said.
"i'm sure it is" you countered, faintly jutting your hip into her's.
“the accords, steve’s friend, the well-being of the world” wanda listed as she counted on her fingers with a grin on her face.
“ok ok, I get the point” you laughed along with her. you took a moment to look back at wanda’s face. she looked almost radiant with a smile; a smile that lit up the room. after a few seconds, you looked away, not wanting to stare too much. pointing to the pot that was still simmering on the stove you asked, “is it done?”
“maybe,” wanda said, turning to the countertop behind her to grab a wooden spoon. “want a taste?” when you had nodded yes, she dipped the spoon into the pot and lifted it back up, now with a red, soup-like liquid atop it. wanda blew on the spoon a few times making sure the food wouldn’t burn your tongue before raising it up for you to taste.
the moment the soup hit your tongue flavors exploded on your taste buds. You could feel wanda looking at you, searching for an opinion. “mmm, that's good” you hummed, “where’d you learn to cook like that?”
“my mom taught me,” wanda said, as her eyes ran over your features, taking in every little thing that made you you. she let a little laugh escape her lips when she noticed a small spot of soup that had remained on your chin.
“what?” you chuckled as you saw the way she was looking at you. “do i have something on my face?”
wanda giggled along with you while slightly tilting over the counter to pick a paper towel from the roll across from you. she stepped closer to you, lifting the paper towel so it was just centimeters from your face. “this okay?” she whispered.
“uh-huh,” you breathed out. wanda brought up the towel and lightly swiped it along your chin, taking the food with it. “did you get a taste?” you uttered in a quiet voice. wanda just shook her head in response, and you could see as she swallowed roughly and softly bit her bottom lip. “want one?” your faces were almost touching, the line of tension between you so close to snapping.
“yes” the moment that one word fell off wanda’s tongue, your lips were on her’s. it was blissful and dizzying and everything you could have asked for. you brought your fingers up to tangle in her red locks as she pulled your body closer. you could taste her strawberry lipgloss, inviting you to sink deeper into the kiss. when finally oxygen was becoming a problem for you both, you pulled away, immediately missing the feeling.
wanda let out a deep breath and looked up at you with a glow in her eyes. “that was-” she couldn't find the words to describe what the kiss made her feel. all she could do was look at you with all the love she felt and hope that you understood. “my lip gloss is all over your lips,” wanda said warmly, making a movement to wipe it off.
“leave it” you stopped her, grabbing her hand in yours. “i think it suits me” wanda’s nose scrunched up and she laughed once more and she leaned in the give you another quick kiss on your cheek.
“me too”
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rodrikstark · 2 months ago
I love your writing so much!! For your follower celebration, maybe Bucky helping the reader through childbirth?
bucky barnes x f!reader (fluff)
a/n: thank you bb!!!! this reader is frankly, ridiculous, but also, i love her
Tumblr media
you squeeze bucky’s hand as tight as you can. the cold, hardened metal pressing into your palm is a welcome distraction from everything else currently ripping apart in your body. “do you think teddy roosevelt will have a full head of hair? or be bald?”
bucky’s forehead furrows at you in disbelief. “seriously?”
you had kept this bit up for months, poking fun at bucky’s name, insisting that you maintain the tradition by naming your child after a US president. all in good fun, but it astounds him that not even the pain of childbirth could distract you from cracking jokes.
“theo could be a cute nickname.”
he rolls his eyes. "we are not naming our kid teddy roosevelt."
“if we have a second one, he could be franklin.”
bucky sighs. “focus, doll.”
you frown deeply at him, a pained whine at the back of your throat. “i am!”
after another twenty minutes of your gritted teeth, drawn-out exhales, and terrible jokes—what kind of name is woodrow, anyway?—bucky hears the piercing cry of a newborn baby. he rushes to the nurses, though he realizes he has not the faintest idea what he’s supposed to do as the father.
a father. of that beautiful, squirmy little thing.
you heave rapidly, staring at the ceiling. “what’s the hair situation?”
as the nurse places your impossibly tiny baby against your bare chest, bucky sighs, breathlessly happy. “it’s a girl.”
“oh.” you touch her soft, tiny arm. "hi." tears spring to your eyes. “bucky?"
"you okay?"
"she's so beautiful."
“yeah." bucky grins, alternating between kissing your forehead and hers. “yeah, she is.”
— — —
part of my 1.5k follower celebration!
— — —
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slutforstucky · 5 months ago
invitation only
Tumblr media
a/n: i wrote this whole thing while listening too another love by tom odell & i cried but it’s ok.
summary|| it’s yours and sebastians wedding day and everything goes as planned!!
pairing|| fiancé!husband!sebastian stan x reader
warnings|| fluff. that’s it. (i cried sooo) um if you don’t have any parents or family figures you can imagine anyone you want(be comfortable with whatever) and i most def copied and pasted what the pastors says.
‎ ✪
you stare at your mom through your eyelashes as she fixes your hair, “you look beautiful hun.” she mumbles and kisses your cheek. the wedding venues is private, mostly because seb knows you hate paparazzi.
it’s finally the day, you get to marry the love of your life and there’s nothing stopping you. your best friend is at the door of your room telling chris evans, and anthony mackie that they can’t come in nor let seb come in.
“just let him see her.” you hear chris say and you can hear your best friend sigh and smile, “not until y/n walks down the aisle.”
the door slams and you look at yourself once again in the mirror. you look great and you feel so happy. “we have to get you in your clothes.” your mom exclaims and you stand quickly walking towards the hanger on the bathroom door.
you slip into your clothes and look down flattening out your front. tears begin to brim through your eyes but you hold them back; to not mess up your makeup.
“y/n, are you ready too show us?” you hear your best friend say and you step out. both your mom and your best friends jaws drop and you smile.
“you look so gorgeous.” you hear from the door and turn too see your dad.
“hi dad.” you whisper and hug him. you can feel his tears on your back and you laugh a bit, “i didn’t cry so neither can you.” you joked and he sniffles, laughing.
a loud bell rings signaling its time five minutes before the ceremony starts. your best friend and mom bid their goodbyes and walk out.
leaving you and your dad. you guys begins too walk into the hallway of the venue “you know, i always wished for this sweets. i want you too be as happy as ever.”
“i love you dad.” you mumble and he smiles. “i love you too baby… god i can’t believe you’re getting married!” he stuttered and you feel tears again.
“dad you’re gonna make me cry!” you laugh and he grabs your hand as soon as the last bell rings. you look at him and nod.
“it’s time.” he exclaims and you look forward and see all your family and friends. you see sebastian standing at the end of the alter and your stomach fills with butterflies. he looks great.
“flightless bird” begins too play. the song you and seb have always loved to sing too each other. everyone stands and faces where you’ll be entering.
your dad hooks his arm around yours and begins walking. all eyes are on you, and yours are glued too sebastians. you see familiar faces; chris, anthony, scarlett johansonn, elizabeth olsen, robert downey jr. and a bunch more.
when you get too him, you hand your best friend your flowers and seb grabs your hands. “you look incredible angel.” he whispers so only you can hear it and he kisses the top of your head.
“dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in the presence of these witnesses, to join y/n y/l/n and sebastian stan in matrimony commended to be honorable among all and therefore is not to be entered into lightly but reverently, passionately, lovingly and solemnly. into this these two persons present now come to be joined. If any person can show just cause why they may not be joined together let them speak now or forever hold their peace.” the pastor says and looks around wide eyed.
you and seb look around hoping now one will speak and no one does. all smiles, “let us be grateful for the capacity to see, feel, hear, and understand. let us be grateful for this incredible gift of life. let us be especially grateful for the ties of love which bind us together, giving dignity, meaning, worth and joy to all our days. this is indeed a day which the lord has made. let us rejoice in it and be glad, and let us count our many blessings. vows can be officiated at this moment.”
“i, sebastian, take you y/n to be my wife to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish from this day forward until death do us part. since i met you, it’s been the best. you have taught me that two people joined together with respect, trust, and open communication can be far stronger and happier than each could ever be alone. you are the strength i didn’t know I needed, and the joy that i didn’t know i lacked. today, i choose to spend the rest of my life with you. you have made me the happiest man on the world today by agreeing to share your life with me. i promise to cherish and respect you. i promise to care for you and protect you. i promise to comfort you and encourage you. i promise to be with you for all of eternity. yeah, i was kinda stressing about what too say so i just let it out.” sebastian says and your begin to cry, he wipes your tears away and you giggle slightly. turning to your best friend, they hand you the paper with your vows written on them.
“i, y/n, take you sebastian to be my husband to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish from this day forward until death do us part. i choose you and promise to choose you as my husband every day we wake. i will love you in word and deed. i will laugh with you, cry with you, scream with you, grow with you, and craft with you. to be your kin and your partner in all of life’s adventures is all i could hope for in the world. loving what i know of you and trusting what I don’t yet know, i give you my hand. i give you my love. i give you myself, the good, the bad, and the yet to come. you love me in love and complete me in ways i never knew possible. from this day forth, i promise to listen to you and learn from you, to support you and accept your support. i will celebrate your successes and mourn your losses as though they were my own. i will love you, my husband, and rejoice in your love for me for all of the years of our lives.” sniffles come from your friends and family and you giggle slightly. sebastian is staring at you, “what?” you question
“i love you so fucking much.” he mumbles. the plaster begins too speak again,”the rings?”
out of your surprise, dodger; chris’ dog comes waddling down the aisle with a small pillow in his mouth. laughs and chuckles come from the audience, you and sebastian. dodger stops at you and your fiancé tilting the pillow up.
sebastian squats and takes the pillow from dodger, scratching behind his ears; as he begins to waddle over too chris. you grab sebs ring and grab his hand. “i, y/n give you sebastian this ring as an eternal symbol of my love for you.” you speak and slip the ring on his finger
“i,sebastian give you y/n this ring as an eternal symbol of my love for you.” he mumbles and slips the ring in you and holds your hands close.
“y/n and sebastian, you have expressed your love to one another through the commitment and promises you have just made. It is with these in mind that I pronounce you husband and wife.” the pastor begins and looks at sebastian, “you know what to do son, kiss her.”
sebs lips meet your and yours and you can feel all your happiness rise and your worries fall. everyone in the crowd stands, clapping, and howling.
you smile in the kiss as sebastian slightly dips you and brings you back up slowly.
“hi mrs. stan” he mumbles breaking the kisses and gives you a big smile.
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awesomerextyphoon · 3 months ago
Summary: You and Bucky spend a splendid evening together
Pairing: Chubby Beefy!Bucky x Plus-Sized Baker!Reader
Word Count: 770
Rating: 18+ / Mature
Warning: Sensual Massaging, Body Worship, Fluff, and Implied Smut
A/N: I’m trying my luck with drabbles in order to get myself back into a writing mood. Enjoy!
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Tumblr media
“Uh, I’m stuffed!” Bucky exclaimed as he dumped himself onto the couch. His unforgiving paprika long-sleeved Henley riding up his overworked belly.
“Well, you did overdo yourself, love,” you gently chided as you gave him a kiss while you rubbed his distended belly.
“I can’t help it. Your food is too delicious.” He wasn’t lying. Your food puts Stark’s Michelin star chefs to shame in his opinion. Tonight’s menu was an incredibly decadent 100-hr lasagna with Lemon Ricotta Cake and Homemade Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato. Fuck. Could you really blame him if he may have eight servings of dinner and five servings of dessert?
Well, his stomach could.
“Oh, you poor baby.” You cooed as you placed a kiss onto his belly right below the exposure line of his Henley.
Bucky hummed happily at the gesture. He loved the attention and care you gave him. You always welcomed him with open arms never caring about his past or his vibranium arm.
He smiled to himself remembering the day he saw you.
He was taking a walk out of Tower one morning after yet another nightmare when he heard a light, acute laugh that sounded like the clear tinkling of bells. Luckily, he was able to discern that the source was from a bakery across the street.
He saw you handing a customer and their child a bag of cookies and almond croissants. You patted the child on the head as they went in for a hug. Waving your customers goodbye, you turned your head slightly and saw him, really saw him in a way that only Steve did. You smiled and waved at him as he entered the bakery savoring the rich, heavenly aromas feeling welcome for the first time in decades.
It didn’t take long for you to warm his heart and everyone in the Tower noticed. Though it did take Bucky five months for him to make his way into yours. Both Sam and Steve ribbed him for ‘losing his 40s charm’.
It took another six months for Bucky to realize he was packing on the pounds. Having a super-soldier metabolism makes these things easy to forget. It didn’t matter in the end because he liked what he saw. He was truly happy for the first time since 1943. He no longer looked like HYDRA’s Fist, a being of destruction and agony. Instead, he looked like his own person again and he was eternally grateful to you for making it possible.
Plus, he felt a rush of ecstasy whenever you gave his tummy some love every chance you got.
“Hmm, if you’d like, I could give you a belly massage.” You offered grinning at the pleased moan that escaped his lips, “I’ll take that as a yes.”
You loved seeing his relaxed face. Bucky was everything you wanted in a boyfriend. He was kind, a great listener, funny (been having some self-doubt about that), and witty. It didn’t hurt that he was drop-dead gorgeous. You could’ve sworn your panties dropped every time he moaned from the taste of your food.
Also, you wanted to return the favor for the phenomenal neck and back rub he gave you the other night.
“Alright, Bucky. Let’s get started, okay?” You smiled giving his taut tum a placating pat giggling when he let out a loud belch ending in a gratified groan.
“Fuck, that hit the spot, doll.”
“I’m glad I could be of service.”
You pulled off his Henley biting your lower lip at the somewhat softened planes of muscle gracing your vision. Carefully, you poured some oil over his belly and began to tenderly massage his softening midsection.
Whatever tension he held throughout the day melted off his face. You lived for the moments of peace you could give him.
You made sure to apply extra pressure to the spots he guided you to while also making sure to give his belly a kiss now and then.
“You’re so beautiful, Bucky.” you praised. Every model in the fitness magazines and in movies had nothing on him. You wanted to make sure he knew it, too.
Bucky could only moan in response, but that could also be the knot you loosened near his right pectoral.
You were about to move onto his shoulders when picked you up bridal so quickly that you felt a little disoriented. Damn super soldier reflexes.
“Thanks for the dinner and massage, doll. Now it’s time to return the favor.” Bucky growled with a devilish grin.
You laughed as he carried you to the bedroom with both of you wondering happily what you did to deserve each other.
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yellowvxbes · a month ago
Late At Night
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Summary: You can’t sleep and want to watch cartoons, while Natasha just wants to sleep.
Word Count: 512
Warnings: Age regression.
A/N: We all need more fluffy mommy nat in our lives. So I provided! Enjoy <3
“No, I can’t ‘leep!” You pouted, sitting up in bed. It had been a couple hours now, and you still were restless. Natasha was exhausted, but she fought the comfort sleep tried to provide her. If her baby needed her, she was not going to sleep.
She sighed and looked over at the clock, accepting her defeat. It was well past midnight, and there was no way she was going to get you asleep. “Well pumpkin, I suppose it is too late for bedtime…” She remarked, and you happily squealed.
“Toons! Toons! Toons mommy, toons!” You exclaimed. Natasha rubbed her need for rest out of her eyes and scooped you up. “C’mon mommy, we needs to watch ‘ome toons!” You impatiently giggled.
Natasha rolled her eyes, “Yes my silly duckling, we’re headed there.” She teased as she gently placed you down on the couch and put on some mindless kids show on. “Mommy’s going to get a drink.” She told you as she went over to the kitchen to grab a Bang energy drink for herself and a sippy cup of apple juice for you.
“Mommy, whatcha drinkin?” You asked, reaching a hand over to the can of caffeine, which was easily swatted away.
“A drink that's too big for you. Now here, have some apple juice.” You quickly forgot about her drink, and sipped happily on your apple juice while you watched your cartoons.
After an hour had passed, the show began to end. You shifted in Natasha’s lap, and turned to face her. “Mommy, fix the toons!” But she didn’t reply. In fact, her eyes were closed and you could hear a light snore come from her.
You frowned, “Mommy, ‘ake up! The toons!” You heard Natasha groan in response, but she forced her eyes open anyways.
“Sorry baby, what do you need?” She yawned, grabbing the remote.
“More toons!” You babbled, pointing up at the television. You heard a loud yawn come from the redhead, but nevertheless, she turned on another show. “Mommy, you tired?” You inquired, looking up at her with big, curious eyes.
“Yeah baby, just a little. But don’t worry, you can still watch your cartoons love.” She mumbled, letting her head fall ungraciously onto the couch cushion.
You let your fingers float to your mouth, and your face scrunched up in thought. Mommy ‘s tired but I not. But mommy need sleep. Your brows furrowed as your train of thought finally got to the right idea.
You grabbed the remote and turned the TV off, and shook Natasha. “Mommy, bedtime! Mommy, bed, bed!” You yelled, shaking her awake.
“Oh, we’re going to bed now angel?” She softly smiled as your head nodded vigorously. “Okay, let’s go then little dove.” She scooped you up in her arms, and finally got to lay back down in bed. “Goodnight honey, I love you.” She mumbled as she fell into a deep sleep with her arms secured around you.
“I ‘ove you toos, mommy.”
And you both fell asleep in each other’s embrace, not waking until the sun did.
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samdeancass · 7 days ago
Wrong Conclusion
Requested by: Anonymous
Pairing: Peter Parker x fem!reader
Genre: Fluff
Characters: Peter, Y/N
Description: Y/N is having really bad stomach cramps. When Peter discovers this, he jumps to the wrong conclusion.
Tumblr media
You groaned as you turned over in bed, curling into yourself and clutching your stomach. “Godammit!” Tears began to form in your eyes as the pain was beginning to much for you to handle. 
You heard faint footsteps coming up the stairs and immediately uncurled yourself, grimacing as you did. As much as you loved Peter, you didn’t want him to know about your stomach cramps. Whenever something’s wrong, he always jumps to the wrong conclusions and you knew that would happen if he found out. 
The door opened and revealed a smiling Peter carrying a tray full of different foods for breakfast. You smiled widely at him but inside you really didn’t want to eat anything. You squeezed your eyes closed and took a sharp breath as you sat up with a pillow behind you. 
Peters’ facial expression changed when he noticed and sat on the bed beside you, cradling your cheek in his hand. “Are you ok, baby? Why did you do that just then?” 
You tried your best to keep your poker face even though your stomach felt like it was on fire. “Why did I do what? I didn’t do anything.” Giving you his best “I know you’re lying face”, Peter leaned back and folded his arms across his chest. “C’mon, Y/N. I always know when something’s wrong. Spill.” 
You shook your head. “Honestly, nothing’s wrong. I’m just a little sore, is all.” Peter nodded but he still looked as if he didn’t believe you. Leaning over, he grabbed the tray and placed it onto your lap, placing a sweet kiss to your forehead. 
You smiled gratefully at him and looked down at your food, waiting for him to leave. After a few seconds, he slipped out to go to the bathroom and that’s when you began to cry. 
You had never experienced stomach cramps like this before, they were becoming unbearable. When you heard the toilet flush, you quickly wiped your eyes dry and picked up your knife and fork but stopped when you noticed Peter standing in the doorway staring at you.
“Why are you staring at me?” He raised his eyebrows at you before walking over to the bed and sitting beside you again. “You’ve been crying, I can tell. Now please, tell me what’s wrong.”
A small twinge rumbled your stomach which made you grimace a little. “I’ve got really bad stomach cramps, they’re the worst that I’ve ever felt. I can barely move, it’s unbearable.”
His eyes widened as you carried on explaining what the matter was. All of a sudden, he rushed around the room desperately trying to find something. “Peter, what the hell are you doing?!” 
“I need to get you to a hospital, baby. You might have appendicitis or something worse.” He continued to look frantically for his phone until he noticed you laughing. “Why the hell are you laughing?! This is serious!” You wiped tears from your eyes, trying to calm yourself down.
“Yeah it would be if it was appendicitis babe, but it’s not.” Peter tilted his head in confusion. “What do you mean? How do you know it’s not?” You leaned forward a little in bed. “Because it’s my time of the month.” He still looked confused, like a lost puppy. Rolling your eyes, you placed a hand on his shoulder.
“I’m on my period, Peter. I don’t need to go to hospital.” In that moment, Peters’ face turned bright red and he hid his face in his hands. “Oh my god. I can’t believe I overreacted. Again. Why do I always do that?” You pulled him into your chest, running your fingers through his hair.
“Because you care so much. Because you don’t want anything to happen to me. Because you love me.” He turned his head to look up at you, placing a hand on the back of your head and bringing you down to meet his lips. “Of course I love you, I always will.”
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canumoveurseatup-no · a month ago
omg omg omg may we please get a blurb about Plum's first ride with papa and mama??? 👀🥺
AAAAHH AWWWH once again she’s aged up a bit
“We’re not taking her out on a ride, Bucky. End of discussion!“
“Why not? She’s always asking. She wants to be like her mama and papa. We can go on the back roads”
You stare at him and see the scar on his forehead from the accident. Heart dropping to the soles of your, you haven’t even been able to get over your own fear to ride your own.
“She’s going to be safe. We got her the cart to go on the side. You know Stephen hooked it up real good so she’s secure,”
“I’m not putting my daughter’s life at risk,”
“Y/N, she’s safe with me,”
“I thought the same thing when you were out on your own and the accident happened!”
“It wasn’t even my fault,”
“I know,” you whine. You were just so scared of something happening. You weren’t sure how he was able to bounce back from any of this, “I know it wasn’t,”
“Plum come tell your mama everything is gonna be okay,”
Plum comes running down the hallway, hair up in her coily puffs and leather jacket and mini combat boots. She had one of her dad’s bandanas around her head and stuck up the ‘rock on’ sign.
“Look mama! I’m a Winter Widow just like y’all!” She walked behind you to grab her helmet, buckling it on.
“Baby I don’t think you’re ready just yet,”
“I was born fo dis!!” She runs to the door and waves you to the door, “you welcomed me into the world of cruisin’”
You gnaw at your lip, debating if this was a good idea. But if he was taking you on the back roads then maybe you would be fine.
No, you will be fine.
“Get mama’s helmet”
“Right on!” Plum shouted, jumping in excitement. She’s been asking to go on a ride for as long as she could talk. You let your anxiety dissipate as you lace up your riding boots and walk out with them to the garage where his bike was sitting, looking shiny and pretty. Bucky took good care of his bike, that was his other baby.
“All right, let’s get you in here and buckle you right up,”
Plum was listening attentively as Bucky was explaining what to do and what not to do while they were riding. The side car that was added was big enough to avoid any issues of people not seeing her.
You said a quick prayer, positive affirmation or whatever you needed to to keep your mind in a positive space. You missed being on the back of his bike though to be honest. Bucky put the hood up on Plum’s side car and put some ear plugs in her ears to avoid her little sensitive ears from getting hurt by the sound.
“You ready?” Bucky called to her over the beautiful sound of him revving up.
“Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!!” She shouted, clapping her hands.
Bucky kicked his kickstand up and balanced you yo on it.
“Hold on tight, baby,” he said to you.
“I’ll never let go,” you kiss his cheek before he starts moving out of the garage, closing the door with the clicker on his bike and soon y’all are on the road and Plum is just awing at the scenery. It’s the same scenery she’s seen before but it’s different for her on the bike.
“Faster, papa. Faster!!” Plum screamed, bursting at the seams.
“Only a bit, okay?” You said to him.
“I got us, baby”
Bucky picked up the speed just a bit and when you got on the back roads is when he revved up loudly just so she could hear the sound. She was definitely y’all’s kid.
You smile at her, listening to her squeal filled your heart with joy. It was when she was crying in happiness that made you realize this wasn’t a bad idea after all.
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