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First Kiss with...
Wanda Maximoff
Watching TV shows with Wanda is your favorite way to relax. You find yourself lying on a couch with Wanda, watching Bewitched. She wraps her arms around you.
“I like you. A lot. Do you like me?”
“No.” She starts to get up when you pull her close, you whisper in her ear, “I love you.”
She giggles before pulling you into a kiss. She then smacks your arm playfully. “That’s for scaring me.”
She pulls you into another kiss, “I love you too.”
Tumblr media
Natasha Romanoff
Training with Natasha is always fun. Until she starts placing bets.
“Pin me and I’ll buy you a burger,” she states as she grabs her batons.
“And if you win?” You smirk.
“You’ll see,” she smirks back.
She pinned you in ten seconds. You huff.
“Alright what do I owe you?” You ask.
She pecks your lips, “follow me. We both need a shower.” She winks before leading you out of the training room.
Tumblr media
Carol Danvers
Looking up at the stars with Carol is always fun.
“I wanna try something,” you tell her as you watch the stars. “Do you trust me?”
She smiles, “always.”
You tell her to close her eyes. She obliges and you kiss her cheek.
“You missed,” she states before pulling you into a kiss.
Tumblr media
Yelena Belova
It was a covert op. Yelena kissed you for part of her cover. Kisses do make people tailing you uncomfortable.
“Lena?” You ask with a smirk.
“Hmm?” Yelena says with a half dazed smile.
“They stopped following us.”
“I do not care,” Yelena shrugs as she pulls you into another fiery kiss. She never stopped since.
Tumblr media
Kate Bishop
Kate kissed you after ice skating one Christmas Eve. You were left smiling like a fool.
“Did that feel as good to you as I did to me?” Kate says as a blush makes its way across her face.
All you could do was nod.
Tumblr media
Her lab was your favorite hang out. Shuri kissed you after a successful test of her latest invention.
“It just felt right,” she shrugged.
Tumblr media
America Chavez
You took her out for the usual hangout at the local pizzeria. She was uneasy for most of the time.
“What’s wrong?” You asked her.
She leaps into your arms, kissing you.
“I-I think I love you,” she whispers.
“Well I think I love you too.”
Tumblr media
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hiii, i've been binge reading your blog for a while now and its AMAZING, really, anyways, i've finally gathered the courage to make a request and I was wondering if you could do something, like, drabble, hc, idrk, writers choice, with Bucky dating a Widow, I think it would be a pretty interesting dinamic :)))
The Widow
a/n: omg thank you for requesting !! I think this idea lended really well to a headcanon post (it’s like a ramble of thoughts, vague plots and such) so I hope that’s okay! I’m so so glad you’ve enjoyed my work, that means the world to me !!!! I love writing and im so glad others like reading it. Hope you enjoy this as well :) I hope it's not too short or anything idk it was kind of all over the place but that's what HCs can be sometimes lmao
When you and Bucky first met he hadn’t realized you were anything but a normal, average woman living a normal, average life
You two had met at a little coffee shop just around the block from Bucky’s apartment. He saw you there often and finally, one day, the stars aligned —
Well, actually, what happened was you had accidentally spilled your iced coffee on Bucky because you were distracted by your cell phone.
Little did Bucky know at the time, you were engrossed in your phone because you just never had one before, you never had anything of your own, and technology immediately pulled you in.
But, anyways, after spilling your coffee and apologizing profusely nonstop for a good minute or so, Bucky assured you it was okay and even offered to buy you another drink. You agreed after some protest.
He then invited you to chat for a bit.
And that was that. A couple months and many dates later, you two were officially a couple
All was going pretty well until you got to the stage where you two really opened up about life and family and friends and everything.
It hadn’t taken Bucky long to realize that you were incredibly vague about your past.
On top of it, you held a keen fascination for certain things in a way that reminded Bucky of, well, himself.
Technology was a big one.
You enjoyed your phone and laptop and were very protective over them. They were encrypted just so, along with your smart home devices, which scared Bucky the first time he visited your place.
There was also the thing you had for fashion and decorating.
Much like technology, you were protective of your style and tweaked everything so it was just so. You appreciated it all, everything the shops had to offer. Bucky never missed how your eyes would move and your hands would glide.
Bucky couldn’t help but notice how you two could be so similar in that way. Things just seemed to surprise you both
Bucky found this a bit peculiar. He understood his situation but with you he couldn’t help but wonder what happened? What laid beneath the surface for you?
The answer was finally revealed one night when you two were out at a bar. You had had one too many vodka martinis and Bucky made a teasing remark about how you’d need assistance getting back to your apartment.
"I was a Widow, Buck, I think I can hold my own just fine," you had shot back. "Tipsy or not."
Once you made your comment, you went back to sipping your drink like nothing happened.
But Bucky had a hard time getting past this little factoid your tipsy brain decided to drop on him.
A Widow. You had been a goddamn Widow.
The lightbulb suddenly went off in his head. It explained…everything. The reason for your fascinations. The technology, the protectiveness, the indescribable past, the fashion. You were just starting to figure out your life.
Hell — you probably never even dated someone before him.
Bucky kept all these thoughts to himself for the rest of the night and for the next few days. You were oblivious to what you had let slip and Bucky, being a trained assassin himself, had no trouble keeping it a secret.
At least, that was until he was ready to confront you about it.
In hindsight, it was kind of a stupid, maybe cheesy idea, but Bucky had one day suggest you two work out together. Have a little gym date. You weren’t shy about the fact you worked out and neither was Bucky so the idea wasn’t weird. In fact, at the time, you wondered why you hadn’t suggested it before.
But when you arrived at the gym you realized it wasn’t going to be a normal workout full of cardio and weights.
Bucky had taken you to a boxing ring.
You looked at him weirdly. "We’re boxing?" You asked.
Bucky hopped in the ring and shrugged. "A little sparring."
"Oh, Buck… I—I’m not really—,"
"Humor me," he said with a smirk.
And you did. You didn’t hold back no matter how confused you were about this situation. You used your fight, pulling up moves from the deep depths of your brain. It was like riding a bike. You were surprised — and a little scared — to see that you still had it in you. But why would Bucky suggest this, you thought you had done well…
It wasn’t until you had Bucky pinned to the ground did it click for you. He muttered out a little, "I knew it" and all the puzzle pieces came together.
You rolled off him to catch your breath. You sat beside him in the ring. "I told you I was a Widow, huh?"
Bucky nodded. Your face went red with embarrassment as the memory finally came back to you. You could never be trusted around vodka.
You apologized for telling him that way but Bucky didn’t mind. In fact, he apologized for bringing you to a boxing ring but admitted he was greatly curious about whether you were telling the truth or just letting out drunken lies.
You said you weren’t lying and went into some vague version about how you were freed and struggled to begin a life that wasn’t about…your skills.
When you told him you haven’t done anything like that in years, he apologized profusely again, but you assured him it was okay. It was…interesting to see what was still up there, what you still possessed. Frankly, you didn’t think you still had it in you.
From then on, you became Bucky’s workout buddy. You two regularly sparred together, helping you keep sharp and helping to keep Bucky on his toes. The sparring actually became very therapeutic. You were able to release your training in a safe, positive environment. Much different to the…facility.
You didn’t feel like someone’s weapon. You felt like a girlfriend working out with her boyfriend. And that was great, that was something you hadn’t realized you had been craving.
But it wasn’t just your fighting moves that intrigued Bucky — it was your mind, too.
Your interest in technology ran deep, having likely begun during your time as a Widow. There was…a lot of revolutionary technology you came across in your time and you had subconsciously formed an interest that was finally able to bloom in your newly discovered freedom.
This allowed you to assist Bucky with any missions he was assigned to. You didn’t formally work for anyone and instead operated as his independent contractor.
"Jesus," Bucky swore as he watched you work, "what else lives in that brain? Can you tell me the lottery numbers for next week?"
You just laughed. "Bucky, if I knew the lottery numbers, I wouldn’t be living in an apartment, would I?"
But sometimes it wasn’t always good. You could suffer from nightmares from time to time as memories never seemed to want to leave you alone. Bucky understood this very well and had no problem comforting you in the night. Often you both would be awake and need to lean on one another.
"I got you, doll," Bucky would mutter as he held in bed.
"I got you, too," you’d respond, placing a kiss on his cheek, making him blush.
Sparring with him, for as safe as you usually felt, could also be triggering and you’d have to walk away for a while. Bucky knew to leave you alone during times likes these as you could get quite intense. But he was always happy to welcome you back a couple of days later and you’d pick up like nothing happened.
"Ready to kick my ass today, sweetheart?" Bucky would teasingly ask.
You’d have to muster up a smile but wouldn’t be shy to respond. "Always, honey."
Really, you two would make such a good couple. You had more understanding for each other than any regular person could ever have. It wasn’t all smooth sailing and you would need different support from one another at different times but humor and some bit of optimism kept it all going.
Because every day was a reminder that you both were out of your situations. Free to make a life, especially together.
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Sambucky headcanons part 5
When Bucky’s had a bad dream and Sam’s not awake, he leaves the house. Sometimes he walks. Sometimes he drives. On very rare occasions he takes his motorcycle. He just can’t stand to stay in the house. Sam didn’t catch on at first, but when he did he was incredibly concerned because Bucky wasn’t leaving a note or a text or anything. Now that they’ve talked about it, Bucky knows to either leave a note or wake Sam up depending on the severity of the nightmare. 
On rainy days when they’re feeling particularly bored, they’ll cuddle on the sofa and write poetry together. 
Now that they’ve fixed the boat, the pair sometimes take it downstream a bit so that they can sit on the roof and watch the sunset and admire the stars with a bottle of beer each. Sometimes it’s purely romantic. Other times, one ends up pushing the other off the roof and into the chilling waters below. 
Sam and Bucky’s newest addition to their joint hobbies is bullying homophobes anonymously online.  
Bucky absolutely spoils AJ and Cass. 
But Sam has warmed up to Alpine and spoils her.
Sam has made it his personal mission to blast Marvin Gaye whenever any of his songs play. This just ends up annoying Bucky. He likes Marvin Gaye, but Sam refuses to leave the subject alone. Unfortunately, that grin Sam wears whenever he cranks up the volume suggests he never will.
(Sam also bought Bucky Troubleman for Christmas)
As per popular belief, Sam definitely has a collection of Bucky talking to Redwing about absolutely nothing of importance. He just can’t help watching them over and over again and smiling. 
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sincka · a month ago
Here's a little headcanon 🙌
*Marc and Steven as they look at the sarcophagus*
Steven : Do you have any idea what's inside ?
Marc : I don't know. But the thing seems angry.
Steven : Wait, it stopped screaming...
Marc : ...
Marc : I'm gonna open it.
Steven : please no
*Marc opens the sarcophagus*
Jake, with his arms crossed over his chest, his eyes closed : ...
Marc : It's us ?
Steven : It looks dead
Steven : Poke him
Marc : You, poke him--
Jake, raising his hands to them : FEAR MEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marc and Steven, holding on to each other : AAAAAAAAAHHH !!!!!!!!!!
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Dating Headcanons With Michael Morbius
Pairing: Michael Morbius x Reader
Tags: developing relationship, dating, first kiss, crushes, cuddling, slightly suggestive content
A/N: I love an actor who played a Batman villain became a vampire character and an actor who played a vampire became the Batman.
Tumblr media
Has a lot of charm but prefers to keep his distance at first
He's a little protective both while you're friends and even more so when you begin dating
His apartment is a complete mess of books and files so he likes to have a little heads up before you arrive so he can clean up a little
Since he doesn't need sleep he works mostly at night so he can have the free time to spend with you during the day
He can zone in on you from anywhere and can pick up on your voice or heartbeat no matter where you are
If he takes you on a flight with him he always holds you tight
Morbius likes it when you play with his hair, he'll always lean into your touch, much like a cat
When he kisses you he uses a little bit of fang, just to give you a taste of what he can do
Given his super hearing he knows exactly when you get more excited for him by the way your heart beats and your breath hitches
Always makes sure he has blood to drink if things get a little hot and heavy, he doesn't want his lust and his bloodlust to get mixed up and hurt you by accident
He will however nibble on your neck just a bit, his fangs ghosting over your neck before he plants hot, heavy, open mouthed kisses over the spot he nibbled on
Morbius loves to lay on your chest and listen to your heart beat. even though he doesn't sleep it helps him relax
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plxviofiles · 4 months ago
you can stay.
Tumblr media
#wanda maximoff x fem!reader, fluff <3 (requests are open!)
WARNINGS: none, not proofread because it's 4 am and I'm extremely sleep deprived 😭
→ aggressively google searches 'how to deny girlfriend when she throws pebbles on your window and gives you puppy eyes'
! word count: 1.3K
A/N: straying away from requests to write a short comfort wanda fic !! <33 i honestly dont remember what ive been doing i just remember watching encanto an unhealthy amount of times and crying over it 😕 i referenced a song (reference me is back 😇) and its one that i love v much so i hope you enjoy and also kinda referencing that one tasm gwenter scene !! ALSO IDK WHAT IS PLINK PLINK OKAY IDK HOW IT SOUNDS LIKE DONT ATTACK ME 🙄
Tumblr media
your eye twiches.
you pull your blanket closer.
you refuse to get up, the day having been exhausting enough.
you clutch your book tighter in one hand, your other hand that circled the mug following in suit.
"I don't get paid enough to live," you mutter tiredly, going to check the window.
"WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM AND WHO-? wands? wands, is that you?"
the brunette smiles shyly, waving up to you excitedly, "hello, my love!"
your cheeks heat up immediately upon hearing the term of endearment, but then you put your hands on your hips, "wanda maximoff, what are you doing here? it's dark out!"
she shrugs cutely, kicking at the grass on the ground.
that's when you notice how adorable this entire situation was.
your girlfriend, who had the strictest parents and nosiest brother, was standing in your front yard, hair a lttle disheveled, a pillow held in one arm, and her hands fiddling, gazing up with your favorite puppy eyes in existence.
god, you were whipped. your arms drop to your side, and you sigh fondly.
she mutters something incoherent and you raise a brow, "sorry, angel, could you repeat that?"
her blush is visible even in the dark, "I can't sleep."
"why not?" you decide to tease her, "you have no problem sleeping during our movie nights."
she groans in protest, "love, it's not my fault I have tiring days and you love documentaries!"
you scoff playfully, placing a hand on the window sill and shaking your head at your girlfriend, "very nice, maximoff."
"I like your documentaries! they're interesting. I just-"
"I know, angel, I was kidding," you reassure her kindly, perking up slightly when you notice her shoulders relax, "why not just ring the doorbell?"
"your parents wouldn't let me in this late, you know that," she whispers, using her powers to lift herself up to your window sill.
"did i say you could come in?" you jive further, and wanda pouts.
POUTS. you hated her pouts.
she knows you're defeated when you gesture for her to come, turning around and walking back into your room.
"you can stay, but you have to be quiet, because my parents are always up late-"
like you jinxed it, you hear a knock.
"hide!" you whisper shouted to your girlfriend who franctically nods before deciding to hide in your closet that was barely big enough for your clothes and her.
"yes mom?" you ask as you open the door, a suspicious smile creeping on your face, "what is it?"
"just wanted to ask if your hot chocolate tasted good?" your mother queried good-naturedly, and you grin, "of course! whatever you make tastes good."
"good, good, well it's getting late," she leans in for a hug and you hug her tightly, "you should go to sleep."
"of course," you kiss her on the cheek, "good night, mom."
you close the door and that's when wanda bursts out of your closet, littering your room floor with clothes.
you stand there and a laugh escapes, wanda's shocked face making the whole situation funnier.
wanda laughs along and you start picking your clothes up, "you really bring the party with you, don't you?"
"good that you're starting to notice," wanda chirps, standing up with your help and brushing herself off.
"it was that ONE time like years ago," you argue gamesomely, "let it go!"
and another knock.
your eyes widen and wanda doesn't need you to talk to dive behind your curtains.
"yes?" you attempt to keep your facade up to your sister, who looks at you confusedly, "you seem....skittish."
"oh, it's nothing," you wave dismissively, "just had too much coffee, that's all!"
she still appears to be onto you but either didn't care or was too tired to question more (you don't even drink coffee but nevermind), "can i borrow your yellow sweater?"
wanda cringes behind the curtains when she remembers she put it on just now when you were cleaning up, and like you knew what she was thinking, you cringe as well.
you pretend to think, looking in your closet, "give me a sec!"
your sister taps her foot, looking around your room, although not entering, "hey, your curtain-"
"UM, I CAN'T FIND IT!" you suddenly exclaim, "pretty sure I threw it into the washing machine yesterday!"
"no buts!" you interrupt, shooing her away, "I'll give it to you when I find it okay? Enjoy your night out!"
when she opens her mouth again, you shut the door for the second time.
wanda ungracefully untangles herself from the curtains and gives you a clumsy thumbs up, which you respond to with a weak smile.
"you okay?" wanda asks, approaching you and cupping your face gently with her hands.
"yeah, i just," you start, when you hear ANOTHER KNOCK.
steam pours out of your ears as wanda whispers soothing words before crawling underneath your bed, causing you to giggle at the ridiculous actions she took just to make sure you don't get in trouble.
"hello, how was your day?" it was your father.
horrible. tiring. you just want a good evening with your girlfriend. why are we still here. just to suffer?
"good," you laugh nervously, sounding strained, "very good. amazing. wonderful."
"I can tell when you're being sarcastic, you know," your father worridly places a hand on your shoulder, "you could come to me whenever?"
"I know, whenever I feel bad," you recite the same thing he's told you since you were little, "I know dad, and it's the same for you okay? how was your day?"
"better after this little chat and one of your mother's cups of hot chocolate," he chuckles joyfully, squeezing your shoulder, "well, I'll-"
"yes, I'll see you later, make sure you sleep, I'll sleep now too! good night!"
you slam the door after he walks away and you let yourself slide down until you're sitting on the floor.
wanda crawls out of her hiding place with a concerned gaze, but you lift up an awkward thumbs up, mirroring hers a while ago, to show that you were okay.
"I love my family so much, it's just," you sigh heavily, "everyone knows I had a long day and do not enter is written on the doorway! why can't everyone just go away!"
wanda nods in understanding, but doubt is clearly in her eyes before you oppose it, "except you. you can stay."
the happiness in her eyes at those five words makes you sigh again, but this time in relief. she chose to be here and you chose to let her in. she could make you feel better about anything.
you dramatically lift yourself up from the floor and flop on your bed, and wanda plops in the bed next to you, positioning her head to lay on your chest.
she hums beautifully while you weave your hand through her hair.
it was one of your favorite actions to do, it just reminded you that she was there. present with you.
"sorry you had such a long day, love," wanda whispers, fingers dancing along your torso and then your neck, pulling you closer.
"it's not your fault," you mumble, burying your face into her hair that always somehow smelt like cinnamon, "i'm just glad you're here."
"so am I," she places kisses up your neck and eventually her soft lips land on yours.
"how was your day?" you inquire, remembering to check on her too.
she looks into your eyes and your vision is flooded with your favorite shade of green.
"way less tiring than yours," she giggles when you frown, knowing that you wanted to jump and tell her that it still matters to you, "I got a new book."
"that's wonderful, what's it about?" your eagerness never fails to make wanda's heart warm.
and there, tucked in bed with the love of your life, with her breath fanning your face, and your hand set on the small of her back, you thank the universe that wanda maximoff was yours.
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xcatnapsx · 6 days ago
When it comes to saying they are in love with you for the first time,
Which moon boi is most likely to blurt out they love you during an argument and who would say it by accident falling asleep and who would say it during sex
I’m a huge simpy slut for accidental admissions of love that are all funny or fluffy or even a lil angsty like “i love you but you’re a fucking idiot” vibes
Hope you’ve drunk some water you fabulous and hopefully hydrated yeewhore🤠
A/N: I love it I love it love it, marry me 😭🤍
L Word Headcanons 🤍🌙
With: Steven Grant, Jake Lockley, Marc Spector
CW: Angst, fluff, smut (18+, minors DNI), mentions of abusive relationship (not detailed)
Tumblr media
You're laying on the couch with the windows open, as a heavy rain storm lets in a cool draft and the sounds of distant thunder. A book in your hand, a sleepy Steven laying his head in your lap, with your other hand nestled deeply in his soft, ebony curls.
"I still think you should be the one reading, I can't pronounce half of these words," you say softly as Steven nuzzles his head against your thigh with a hum.
"That's the best part, love... hearing you try." He murmurs with a heavy, sleep-covered voice and a goofy grin.
"Are you making fun of me, Steven Grant?" You ask sarcastically, pulling his head back to look at you with a gentle tug of his locks. A soft chuckle resonates through his chest as his eyes sparkle up at you.
"'Course not, silly girl" he says as you massage his scalp, causing his eyes to flutter closed again. "You're doing great."
You smiled, clearing your throat so you could continue reading about Queen Nefertari and Ramses II.
"It says here that Ramses was incredibly devoted to Nefertari and was obsessed with her beauty. I love that," you said thoughtfully as you studied the picture of Nefertari's beautiful tomb.
"I love you," Steven murmured softly, causing you to do a double take.
You craned your neck forward in an attempt to see his face, smiling when you noticed his eyes were closed. Silly man had been talking in his sleep again, you thought to yourself as you leaned back slowly.
"'M still awake... And yes, I meant it." He whispers as he lifts his arms over his head, wrapping them securely around your waist.
"Come back, mi amor... You know I didn't mean it." Jake huffed as he caught the door you tried to slam, quickly following you into the flat.
"Then why say it?" You shout, turning on your heels to face him with fire behind your eyes.
Jake's jaw clenched as he swallowed back your words. He watched you carefully with a knowing look plastered on his face.
"Don't raise your voice at me, cariña," Jake warns you with a low growl as his eyes darken.
"Don't tell me what to do," you huff as you roll your eyes, walking away from him once again. You go into the bedroom and begin to take off your jewelry, getting unready from the evening.
Jake lingers back for a few moments, until you hear something slam in the other room. You flinch as your heart pounds in your chest, memories of a past relationship swirling around your brain and into your senses.
Jake rounds the corner, anger and hurt brimming his voice as he mutters Spanish explicitives.
"You always do this, you always walk away from me. I love you but you're being an asshole!" He snaps as his eyes come up to meet yours, causing both of you to freeze.
Jake stops in his tracks, recognizing the familiar fear behind your eyes that he's seen too many times from others, just before their demise. His chest aches as he remembers what Marc had told him about your ex-boyfriend and how badly he wanted to kill him for what he did to you.
"Hermosa, I..." Jake stutters as he backs away, holding onto the edge of the door frame while his own fear begins to sink in.
You're stunned, but for a completely different reason.
Images of you packing a bag and leaving in the middle of the night flash through Jake's head, as if you'd finally seen what a monster he is. He wouldn't blame you, because he knew. He just never wanted to scare you.
"... You love me?" You ask with a soft voice as you stand there, small and perfect, with his oversized t-shirt hanging down your thighs.
Jake exhales as if he's been holding his breath for ages, a small smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth as he places a hand over his chest in relief.
"Yes, mi vida... And you're an asshole." He adds with a grin, causing you to giggle as you close the space between you two and cling to him like a koala on a tree.
"I love you" you whisper as you inhale his scent, sighing into his body as he holds you the way no one else can. In his arms, you've never felt safer.
"Siempre.." Jake sighs into your hair.
Marc was lost in his own head tonight as he thrusted so deeply into you, pulling moans and sounds from you that could make a grown man cry.
He had a hard time concentrating on not spilling his load as your walls squeezed around him, the sight of you writhing with pleasure beneath him almost too much to take.
His eyes devoured you, taking in every curve and line on your face as it twisted in pleasure from his movements. He loved to watch your body respond to his.
Marc had been with many other sexual partners, it was no secret. The man was well versed and it showed. But to him, they were only small encounters. One and dones, no kind of attachment ever made because it couldn't be made. You were something different to him. Something special. He found himself unable to leave you when it was over, prompting 3 or 4-day sleep overs that turned into a week, then 2, and now you'd been practically living together.
And he still couldn't get enough of you. Your voice, your laugh, the way your eyes lit up when he talked. The way you touched him, cared for him, and reached for him in the middle of the night. It was all too much for him, in the most unfamiliar and intoxicating way.
His emotions rocked through him as his hips rocked into you, your orgasms both racing to the finish at an alarming speed. He snakes his arms under your back to hold you close as he rests his forehead on your shoulder, his own moans drowning yours out as he grows closer to his release.
You wrap your arms around him as he begins to tremble above you, kissing into his damp hair as you coax him to cum.
You moan as he bucks his hips upward in that way that drives you mad as you cling to him, crying out his name.
He glances up to see you absolutely wrecked with bliss, a beautiful display of ecstacy. And he realizes he could never feel this way for anyone else.
You open your eyes to try and hold his gaze as the coil in your core tightens almost painfully, and you notice a strange, thoughtful look on your lover's face.
As he stars into your eyes, he can't stop the words from falling out of his mouth any longer.
"God, Y/N... I love you.." he says as his eyes threaten to water.
His words send you over the edge, which prompts his orgasm to follow immediately as you both lose yourselves to your releases.
He looks up once he catches his breath, still buried inside of you to find you looking down at him with adoring eyes.
"You okay?" He asks as he raises himself up on his elbows, a single curl falling over his forehead.
You nod with a sweet smile as you study his face.
"I love you too, Marc." You say hesitantly, worrying for a second that maybe you imagined his words in your state of coming undone.
He beams at you, his own smile so big that it causes his eyes to squint as he leans down to take your lips in his.
He pulls back after a moment to nuzzle his nose against yours, humming softly. And in this moment, you knew he meant it.
Taglist: @love-on-the-murder-scene @shirukitsune @rosaren2498 @kindnonny23 @booksandbenbarnes @scarlettmoon98 @sunnysidesidra @xcastawayherosx @buginktsworld @rand0m--fangirl @raging-trash-of-mind @natisren @irethepotato
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jetsnsharks · a month ago
[A.G.] 𝐩𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐤𝐞𝐫 𝐟𝐥𝐮𝐟𝐟 𝐚𝐥𝐩𝐡𝐚𝐛𝐞𝐭
A/N: my first post! hopefully you all like this thing i cooked up in my noggin /╲/\( •̀ ω •́ )/\╱\
TW: mentions of Gwen dying, a few swear words, one thing that could sound like a dirty joke?? and talking about panic attacks/fighting.
Tumblr media
A ctivities - What do they like to do with their s/o? How do they spend their free time with them?
He loves to cook with you (Especially breakfast). He really just likes doing domestic things with you because it comforts him.
B eauty - What do they admire about their s/o? What do they think is beautiful about them?
he loves everything about you, but his favorite thing is your smile. He's always doing little things to make you laugh so he can see it.
C uriosity - Whats one thing they want to ask their s/o but haven't yet?
He really wants to know why you're with him. He knows he's a nice dude, but he still has his doubts. He really can't wrap his head around your love for him.
D reams - How do they picture their future with their s/o?
He really wants to retire as spiderman and start a family with you, but he doesn't want to leave New York in the hands of bad people. It's definitely an internal battle with himself.
E qual - Are they the dominant one in the relationship, or rather passive?
Peter's definetly the dominant one, but after fighting all night he likes it when you take care of him *wink wink*
F ight - Would they be easy to forgive their s/o? How are they fighting?
He would say something dumb without thinking and apologize right away. He would make sure you woke up the next morning with breakfast in bed and some flowers *sob*
it would be very easy to forgive whoever it was who hurt the other person because you two never fight over anything serious :')
G ratitude - How grateful are they in general? Are they aware of what their s/o is doing for them?
he's so incredibly grateful for you. Aunt May raised him to be thankful, so he's always very polite and lets you know how much he appreciates the things you do.
H onesty - Do they have secrets they hide from their s/o? Or do they share everything?
After telling you about him being Spiderman, there were no more secrets. Besides the occasional surprise party and gifts, you two knew everything about each other.
I nspiration - Did their s/o change them somehow, or the other way around? Like trying out new things or helped them overcome personal problems?
Being with you fuels him to do better in the world. After Gwen, Peter lost hope in the world. When he met you, you sparked the need to save New York again.
J ealousy - Do they get jealous easily? How do they deal with it?
He notices the people who look at you, but he knows your his and that he is yours. Although, one time he got a little dramatic and scared a guy in his spiderman costume because he got a little touchy with you.
K iss - Are they a good kisser? What was the first kiss like?
He's an intense kisser. He kisses with passion and intent. Your first kiss with him was when he confessed how he felt. You two were drunk, so it was a little sloppy, but it was perfect.
L ove Confession - How would they confess to their s/o?
You and him were watching a movie that had come out a few weeks ago. Peter was sipping on some wine (he's a wine drinker, fight me.) and got the courage to open up about how he felt. He probably talked for 30 mins about how he loved you, and he was so happy to know that you loved him back.
M arriage - Do they want to get married? How do they propose? What would the marriage be like?
This boy wants nothing more than to get down on one knee and marry you on the spot. He's so whipped- He would definitely do the spiderwebs on the bridge thing like he did with Gwen (For story sake, pretend like he didn't do that with Gwen). Being married to Peter would be magic, too. He would get a second job (Photography doesn't pay that well *sob*), save up and buy a nice house, and raise a family with you.
N icknames - What do they call their s/o?
He likes the classics like baby, darling, and angel. One time he tried to call you weird nicknames to see if you noticed ("my little toe fungus <3), but it didn't last long.
O n Cloud Nine - What are they like when they are in love? Is it obvious for others? How do they express their feelings?
His love language is gifts. Expect 3 different bouquets of flowers, shiny new books, and other misc. items at your doorstep. (He'd never tell you where he got all the things from, but he got them from people who he had saved.)
P DA - Are they upfront about their relationship? Do they brag with their s/o in front of others? Or are they rather shy to kiss etc. when others are watching?
Peter loves bragging about you any chance he gets. He loves PDA as well because he's proud to be with you, but if you don't dig it as much, he'll tone it down to a simple kiss on the cheek or holding your hand.
Q uirk - Some random ability they have that’s beneficial in a relationship.
One quirk Peter has is being able to make anything into a joke or a pun. It definitely helps lighten the mood, especially when you've had a bad day.
R omance - How romantic are they? What would they do to make their s/o happy? Cliché or rather creative?
He's in between cliche & creative! He loves watching movies with you, but you'll end up watching them somewhere like on the empire state building. He makes it work.
S upport - Are they helping their s/o achieve their goals? Do they believe in them?
He's your number one fan no matter what. He'll leave sticky notes on your bathroom mirror every few days with motivational sayings (you got this lovebug! <3), and cute doodles of you two. He loves helping you with anything and everything.
T hrill - Do they need to try out new things to spice out your relationship? Or do they prefer a certain routine?
Peter likes routine. Since his nights are always unexpected, he likes being able to be in control of his days. You two have a pretty flexible routine though, so if a sporadic shopping spree happens, you guys can work around it.
U nderstanding - How good do they know their partner? Are they empathetic?
There's some things he isn't as good at, but he knows you pretty damn well. He can always tell if your upset or hungry. He can usually make you feel better super quick as well.
V alue - How important is the relationship to them? What is it’s worth in comparison to other things in their life?
You mean the world to Peter. If he lost you, he probably wouldn't make it. He would rather lose all this limbs and chop his nose off than lose you.
W ild Card - A random Fluff Headcanon.
Peter is actually a really good singer! He loves singing with you, whether it be singing you to sleep, in the car, in the shower. He just loves singing with you :')
X OXO - Are they very affectionate? Do they love to kiss and cuddle?
When you guys are home, you're the tree to his sloth. He's always got his hands around you somehow. He loves giving you forehead kisses and giving you all the love he can (totally not because he's scared of losing you </3).
Y earning - How will they cope when they’re missing their partner?
Facetiming every night, constantly blowing up your phone, learning new things to show you when you get back from trips.
Z eal - Are they willing to go to great lenghts for the relationship? If so, what kind of?
If you asked him to jump out of an airplane to prove that he loved you, he would. If you asked him to burn in a big fat glob of lava to prove how much he cares about you he would. The point is, HE WOULD DO ANYTHING! Sometimes you have to hold peter back and remind him being peter is enough.
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lokianddruigsbitch · 5 months ago
while my creative mind is flowing here’s some things i think abt with makkari, druig, and loki with you
tw// death, angst, fluff, smut, generally just a lot of things that can be triggering like mental illness stuff so just beware
•imagine getting drunk and accidentally confessing to makkari you’re in love with her
•imagine makkari not being fast enough to save you from a Deviant
•imagine makkari making you cum as many times as you can and then some just because she likes the way you sloppily sign that ‘it’s too much’ and ‘please, i cant cum anymore’ while you writhe underneath her touch
•imagine makkari walking with her hand in yours at a slow pace even though you both know she’s desperate to go faster
•imagine makkari making you breakfast and eating with you so you can feel better about eating
•imagine having a secret relationship with makkari
•imagine makkari fucking you hard and fast with a strap-on
•imagine makkari speedily signing to you about how she loves this girl and she gets lost in her thoughts and forgets she’s not talking to sersi and let’s the name of the girl slip, and the girl is you
•imagine makkari cuddling with you at night and waiting to make sure you’re asleep before she sleeps
•imagine druig finding you having a panic attack and for the first time his powers didn’t work on you and he just had to sit and try his best to soothe you
•imagine druig getting protective over you when he sees people eyeing you
•imagine druig using his powers to show an innocent!reader how to masturbate
•imagine druig waking you up with a cup of tea (or coffee) and then crawling back into bed with you to snuggle up
•imagine druig comforting you after a nightmare
•imagine druig braiding flowers into your hair
•imagine how much it hurt when druig left you alone and you didn’t know what to do without him
•imagine druig wrapping his jacket or sweater around you shoulders when you’re cold
•imagine druig waking you up by eating you out
•imagine druig giving you a wet dream
•imagine druig putting his forehead against yours to say goodbye when you’re dying
•imagine druig desperately trying to bring your memories back after they were wiped because of them causing you to fall ill
•imagine druig spanking you after you teased him in public
•imagine druig eating you out while makkari rides your face
•druig and makkari coming to comfort you in the middle of the night because druig can feel your sadness and anxiety and makkari can feel the vibrating of you leg bouncing up and down off the floor
•imagine watching druig and makkari and loving them both but never having the chance to confess to them until you’re on your last breath
•imagine being human but falling in love with druig and makkari
•imagine druig and makkari obsessively tending to you when you’ve been injured and (despite trying very hard) they wouldn’t let you do anything on your own cause they’re worried
•imagine druig and makkari pulling you from a depressive episode
•imagine druig and makkari worshipping your body
•imagine druig and makkari see you often centuries but youre not the sweet and innocent person that you used to be
•imagine makkari playing with your nipples and sucking hickies on your neck while druig fucks you
•imagine getting rejected by them when you tell them you love them
•imagine druig walking in on you and makkari fucking and you were nervous cause you were making and he just caught you getting fucked by his girlfriend, but he just says “i cant believe you got her before i did” and they end up explaining how they’ve both been wanting to have sex with you and have you join their relationship for a while
•imagine loki reading poetry to you- after you’ve had a nightmare- so you can fall back asleep
•imagine loki tucking you close to his side and combing his fingers through your hair while he talks to you about stupid, unimportant things
•imagine sucking loki’s dick while he’s on the throne
•imagine loki using his “silver-tongue” on you and making you cum all night
•imagine watching loki die and mourning him before finding out it’s all fake
•imagine loki dancing with you in a huge ballroom that is only occupied by the two of you as you spin around in your pajamas
•imagine loki riding a horse with you
•imagine loki being the enemy that you fall for and end up leaving your family for
•imagine loki helping you calm down from a panic attack
•imagine loki finding you using his cape as a blanket and he can’t help but fall even more in love with you
•imagine loki introducing you the frigga because he wants you to meet his mother
•imagine loki pulling you into his lap
•imagine loki playing with your hair as you lay your head in his lap and watch tv
•imagine being enemies with loki and then one day you’re fighting and he ends up pushing you against the wall and holding your throat and he (consensually) puts you in your place by forcing you to beg to cum
•imagine loki teasing you all day
•imagine playing with loki’s fingers when your nervous
•imagine loki reading you old asgardian stories
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imgonnaragnorockurshit · 26 days ago
Konshu: Some of you may die, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make
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that-bi-multifandom-mess · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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siempre-bucky · 6 months ago
Your First Kiss With Druig Would Include
Druig x GN!Reader | Headcanon
A/N: I got a request for a gn neutral reader and a first kiss! I'm so sorry I accidentally deleted your request in my inbox so I don't think I got everything! Enjoy!
Tumblr media
Your first kiss with Druig was unexpected, at least in his mind.
he stood high above the wall of Babylon, looking down at the people working with the new tools Phastos came up with
a soft smile forms on his face
he liked it here
he liked them
"Don't fall," you joke as you come up behind him, your arms placed behind your back
he turns around and rolls his eyes "I like living close to the edge," he quips.
moving away from the fall he saunters over to you
he took in the big knowing grin on your face
he lifts his chin
you match his movements
"What do you have there, Y/N?" he asks
You beam and present the wrapped item in your hands. "Happy birthday... or at least that's what everyone's saying now."
did Eternals have birthdays?
"Birthday?" He questions you tauntingly
"They're celebrating the day of their birth. I thought we could celebrate the day we arrived here. So I got you something."
He took the wrapped handkerchief out of your hand
it was firm and round
his dark eyebrow raised
unwrapping it he unveiled a brown bowl his and your name engraved at the bottom
"I made it," you tell him shyly
Druig had never felt this emotion before
it wasn't love...he already felt that
it was giddiness
his lips were spread thin as he grinned
those soft blue eyes crinkling
then he did something unexpected
he grabbed the back of your head and pulled you into a kiss
your hands were on his chest, you could feel his rapid heartbeat pounding
then you slid your arms around his neck, pulling him in deeper
"I'm sorry," he laughs as he pulls away, "I really love the present."
you shake your head "Don't be sorry, just kiss me again."
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tom-whore-dleston · 7 months ago
How would _______ react to you writing smut for their characters
Pairing: Tom Hiddleston x fem!reader, Simu Liu x fem!reader, Tom Holland x fem!reader
Genre: smut-ish headcanon
*18+ only; please do not consume if you are younger than 18 years old*
Warnings: mention of smut (explicit and non explicit), implied smut, sexual tension, a lil bit of fluff, reactions vary between the three guys
*Please note that you are responsible for your own media consumption. If any of these warnings trigger you or make you uncomfortable, please do not read!*
Summary: You are dating one of Jordan’s Top 3 daddies and they find out you write smut for their Marvel characters.
Word Count: 1743
Notes: Thought I would let out some uncensored thoughts I had about my Top 3 finding out reader writes smut. I may be in the middle of midterm szn but that ain't gonna stop me from being my usual w word self 😂😂Thank you to the lovely and magical @magicxc for beta reading! I was literally brainfarting over simple things but I am grateful for your insight 🥰😘 also can we talk real quick about how gd fine these men look lol they really do be my muses :') i forgot to watermark my collage so don't steal or I'll cry
Tumblr media
Tom Hiddleston
Tom finding the smut you have written about Loki was a total accident. While your laptop was getting repaired, you were forced to use Tom’s over the next few days. During that time, you casually browsed Tumblr and other websites alike. You oftentimes forgot that Tom’s laptop was not your own. Without thinking much about it, you closed his laptop before hopping into the shower.
While you showered, Tom jumped onto the bed belly first and opened up his laptop. His original intent was to check and respond to his emails. That was until he found something that was only meant for your eyes. He was puzzled to find a document that looked like a short story. Curious, he continued reading what you have written so far.
Twenty minutes later, you walked into the bedroom, freshly cleaned and only in your towel, when you stumbled upon Tom lying on the bed, his blue eyes fixated on the laptop in front of his face. That was when you remembered you forgot to exit out of your doc of the President Loki and TVA Loki threesome fic you were in the middle of writing.
You were ready to pounce on the bed to yank the laptop out of his reach. Sure it was his laptop, but he was also looking at your smut about his characters. That all changed when your eyes laid upon Tom, realizing his typically sweet face was glossed over with mischief.
“Tom,” you began, “let me explain-” Tom shook his head and shushed you with a calloused finger.
“Well, darling, I knew you really enjoyed the show, but I had no idea you enjoyed it this much,” Tom chuckled. “Is that why you were upset that I cut my hair and dyed it back to brown?”
Your mouth fell agape and sweat trickled from your body even after showering. Tom took note of your reaction, a laugh bubbling from his chest. He scooted closer to you at the edge of the bed, wrapping his hands around your towel covered body.
Tom pushed you onto the bed gracefully, switching positions with you. You bit your lip as he towered over you and trapped your wrists above your head with one of his strong hands. His other hand gently stroked your cheek, his hard knuckles contrasting against your silky skin.
All of a sudden, the towel unraveled from your body, revealing your naked form. Your legs naturally spread open for him, revealing your already wet cunt to him. Tom licked his lips, the bulge in his pants becoming more apparent through his jeans.
“Such a dirty girl,” he growled as if Tom had completely immersed himself into Loki. “Can’t decide which of me she wants.” At that point, all traces of Tom had left in his face, voice, or body language. It was all Loki. Not that it bothered you one bit.
“Would you prefer the TVA variant? Or the President variant?” he inquired before grazing his teeth against your earlobe. You couldn’t bring yourself to answer him. Only a faint moan escaped your lips. His signature Loki laugh filled the room, his blue eyes darkening into an ocean storm.
“No matter, I will still have you writhing for your god,” your boyfriend hissed before drinking up your famous last words with a fiery kiss.
That night, he managed to incorporate both TVA Loki and President Loki in bed. At one point, you may have accidentally screamed for Loki rather than Tom. Fortunately, that didn’t stop Tom from pounding into you over and over acting as the two Lokis. You were also able to finally finish the threesome fic the next morning, thanks to Tom’s hands on inspiration.
Simu Liu
The keys of your laptop clicked away as you typed away at your newest work. You had spent the last three hours working on a Shang-Chi smut. An extremely dirty thought randomly popped into your head after watching the movie. You had no one to discuss it with so writing was your best outlet to unleash those ideas.
You were so laser focused on wrapping up the sex scene that you didn’t hear heavy footsteps trail into the kitchen. Simu just woke up from a nap and comes into the kitchen wearing only a pair of gym shorts
Writing your fics while Simu napped was the best time for you to write because he wouldn’t know about the filthy thoughts you had about his character. Even though you and Simu had pretty open communication, writing smut was one thing you preferred to keep to yourself. Especially since that smut was about his character.
The corner of your lips curved upward and you giggled to yourself as you finished writing the climax of your piece. No pun intended.
“What’s got my pretty girl smiling like that?” Simu interrogated while trying to read your face from behind the laptop.
“Huh, what?” you muttered with a puzzled expression. Simu chuckled softly when you met his gaze.
“Is there another meme of me? I wanna see-”
You slammed your laptop shut, trying to hide your expression. Simu jumped in surprise and confusion.
“Oh it’s nothing,” you lied, shrugging off his wonder. “Just work stuff.”
“Yeah, you were smiling over your editing job that you were complaining about hours ago. C’mon, babe, I’ve seen a lot of memes about me and it only makes my skin thicker. Just lemme see.” You tried to protest but he snatched the laptop from your grasp with ease. Damn his strong arms and fast instincts.
He opened the laptop and the screen blinked, displaying the white screen with the words of your x-rated Shang-Chi piece. Simu balanced the laptop in one hand while angling the screen for easier reading.
You wanted to be upset that he was reading something that was only meant for your eyes, along with the eyes of many strangers from your blog. The thing was, you couldn’t even bring yourself to stop him. You just watched everything unfold. Your eyebrows tightened into a thin line as you chewed on your lip, questioning if you were ready to let him into your secret world of fanfiction writing.
His eyes scanned over the written work, widening at how it progressively got filthier. He smirked deviously, rereading a particularly nasty part of the fic. Was he actually liking what you wrote about his character? You tried to reach for your laptop but he scooted away from you, sitting in the chair across from you.
“This one is my favorite part,” he cleared his throat, “‘Shang-Chi yanked your panties off with his teeth, your arousal still sticking to the fabric even as it slid down your legs.’” Both yours and Simu’s cheeks warmed up as he read that line aloud. He hummed in satisfaction and lowered the top of the laptop so he could get a better look at you.
“Well, it looks like I did a good job as Shang-Chi if you’re all hot and bothered by him,” Simu taunted, licking his lips. You knew the gears in his head were turning and you tried to avoid his gaze, which only egged him on, a smug smirk plastered on his face.
His arms extended out as if preparing to give you a hug. “Come here, baby. There’s nothing to be shy about.” You reluctantly walked to the other side of the table. The first thing you notice is the apparent bulge poking through Simu’s shorts.
Your pussy clenches around nothing, staring at his package through the thin material. Simu pat his thigh, motioning you to sit on his lap. As you did, your breath hitched as your now wet slit brushed against his hardening cock. His lips hovered over the shell of your ear, his next words causing you to shudder.
“How about you show me more of what is on that dirty, little mind of yours. I want to know all the things that turn my pretty girl on.”
Tom Holland
“Hey, love, you know the site Tumblr right?” Tom asked randomly during Sunday brunch. This caused you to choke on your mimosa, thankfully not causing a scene in the middle of the restaurant. When Tom asked if you were okay, you just heaved a giant breath and nodded.
“Yeah, I know what Tumblr is,” you responded, taking another sip of your mimosa to ease your anxiety. “Why do you ask?”
“So one of the mates sent me one of the blogs on there. This one blog in particular writes these fun little stories about me...well, actually, my characters. I believe they’re called fanfiction, right? Anyways, some of the stories they write are really...ummm what’s the word...graphic. In a sexual way.”
His rambling only increased your anxiety. Luckily, it was a bottomless mimosa so you refilled your glass with the pitcher of juice and champagne.
“Really?” you paused nervously, your heart pumping outside your chest. “What’s the blog?”
Tom showed you the screen of his phone.
The blog he was referring to was your own. You had the blog way before you started dating Tom. In fact, you were one of the most popular fanfic writer blogs on the site. Once you started dating Tom, you made it your mission to hide all traces of your blog from him. How could one of his friends have found it?
“Oh, cool!” was all you could muster up as your blood ran cold.
“Yeah, actually, it’s quite flattering. No offense, love, but I do receive a lot of sexual comments, but to write a story- I mean, fanfiction- about me. It’s interesting. I should read it to you and we can-”
“No, no, that’s okay.” You chugged the rest of your mimosa. You proceeded to refill it and take another sip. Meanwhile, Tom was oblivious to your nervousness.
“You know what, if it’s alright with you, I should write to this blog. Tell them that their writing is so good that it has inspired me to be better in bed-”
You slammed your palm flat on the table. Tom jumped in his seat at the loud noise.
“Tom, stop talking.”
“I’m sorry, love, did I go too far?”
“Tom, that’s my blog! I wrote those fanfictions about you!” Tom stared at you in disbelief. You sighed, sinking into your seat.
“I had that blog years before I met you. When we started dating, I didn’t want you to know about it because I thought I would scare you away. I didn’t want you to think I was just another fan.”
Tom reached his hand out for you to grab. You eased against his touch, warmth flooding to your cheeks.
“Seeing that you liked the stories so much, I guess I had nothing to be ashamed of.” You laughed, setting down your glass.
“Of course, you have nothing to be ashamed of. I love them even more knowing that you wrote them for me. And now, I know exactly how to please you.” He motioned your waiter over to your table, requesting the bill.
“Think you and I should reenact some of your works when we get back to the flat, yeah?”
*Thanks for reading :) Reblogs and comments are greatly appreciated. Your responses are what keep me motivated to write. However, please do not repost or translate my work anywhere.*
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Dating Wanda Maximoff would include…
A/N: Pietro will be following shortly ;) (also, her smile is so pretty in this gif!!)
Tumblr media
She loves using her powers around you. Not only are you one of the only people who isn’t afraid of them; you actually love seeing them because that’s real, actual fucking magic. She loves the look of childlike wonder on your face when she uses them.(the only other person who looks at her powers like that, is Peter).
She also loves making you laugh. She likes hearing how different a laugh can be depending on the person, and yours happens to be her favourite.
Steals your jackets all the time. Just your jackets. And your scarves. And maybe your sweaters. But she insists she only steals your jackets.
Not that you mind, you think it all looks way better on her anyway.
And for the record: she doesn’t mind if you retaliate by stealing her clothes. She thinks exactly the same.
She has a tendency to start humming whenever the room is silent. It’s adorable.
On that note: she can sing really well, but she doesn’t do it often. If you catch her, she gets embarrassed, and if you try to compliment her, she insists she isn’t that good. (She totally is.)
She remembers every single thing you tell her. Say you were talking about lord of the rings, assuming she hasn’t seen or read it. If you bring it up two months later, she’ll just go “oh yeah, with the evil wizard and the dude eating the tomatoes”. It’s impressive.
Seeing how happy you are when she remembers those little things, actually makes her happy.
Wanda is a total badass. If the two of you are out together and someone gets a little too close to you, she’ll just stare them down, eyes glowing bright red.
She doesn’t have a favourite type of date, it all depends on her mood. Sometimes she prefers to just go for a walk in the park together, others she likes going to fairs or carnivals with you.
She also loves organising dates. She has as much fun planning it as she has actually going on it. Later on, you jokingly ask her if she read your mind because this is your dream date. She just winks and laughs, but the truth is that she didn’t. She just knows you so well.
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sincka · a month ago
Khonshu : Thank you, Marc, for saving me. I am forever grateful.
Jake : You're welcome papa bird
Khonshu : ???
Jake : nice to meet you by the way.
Khonshu : MARC ?
Jake : no need to yell
Khonshu, screaming louder : MARC, WHO THE HELL IS THIS RAT ?!
Jake : I'm literally right here
Jake : you're stressed. I'm gonna hug you.
Khonshu : p l e a s e.
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plxviofiles · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
this is a repost bc my dumbass deleted the original post I'm obsessed with her too dw 😭, also fun fact I didn't see the lighting bolt and initially wrote the reader with ice powers, but I changed it when I noticed I got it wrong 🧍‍♀️. I hope I did this prompt justice !! I just kinda wrote this really quickly bc I liked the prompt but I think I liked the way it turned out <3
Stupid Cupid (if you know this song ilysm *princess diaries flashbacks*)
#kate bishop x fem!reader, ft. yelena, clint, and natasha (my besties) (requests are open!!) WARNINGS: a swear word, reader is really clumsy with her lightning powers lmao 😭, bad jokes (you're welcome) A/N: italics are flashbacks! I AM BACK WITH ANOTHER KATE FIC as i should tbh #girlboss. I actually wanted to have 5 fics of her by now bc hawkeye- 5 eps- yk? ANYWAY. Idk what I wrote and I hope you like it <3. my dickinson reference 😋 (I keep referencing things I need to stop). also i'm gonna go watch nwh soon 😈 ! word count: 2.5K (so unlike me I know idk what's going on either) --- “Y/N!!” You ungracefully fall off your chair at the sudden shout from what sounded like your mentor. “Nat, it’s a Sunday!” you complain, yelling so she could hear you, “It’s technically an off day!” “And technically, as your mentor, I can kick your ass if you don’t come outside right now, so help me.” You sigh loudly, closing your book, leaving your phone on the bed, and you open the door. Natasha, with a very unamused glare was standing next to Yelena, your best friend, who was failing to hide her amused expression. “You’re such a mom,” you whine playfully, making Natasha glare even harder (if that was remotely possible). “Why are you disturbing me?” and when you see steam coming out of Natasha’s ears, you immediately correct yourself, “Is there something you need me to do?” “We’re meeting someone new,” Natasha said simply, and Yelena nodded, taking a random grape out of her vest and eating it, “I think you’d really like her.”
It’s like your puppy mode was activated, your ears twitching, eyes sparkling, and adrenaline pumping, “A GIRL?”
Natasha looks like she regretted saying so, “A girl. Now come on, you’re delaying everyone.”
You burst out of the room and jog to the avengers’ compound entrance, Yelena and Natasha following you from behind.
“She’s like a puppy,” Natasha mumbles, taking a packet of m&ms out of Yelena’s vest, and Yelena nods, “She IS a puppy.”
You see the new girl already surrounded by the boys, no doubt interrogating her (Tony, Steve, and Clint), flirting with her (Bucky and Sam), or just being excited to see her (Thor and Peter).
Sam notices you trying to catch a glimpse of the girl, “Hey, guys move away, y/n wants to greet her.”
The sea of men parts for you and you got a bunch of ruffling of hair, pats on the back, and hellos, before finally being face-to-face with the girl.
She was facing her back towards you, talking to Clint.
Clint sees you and tells Kate to turn around.
Both of you lock gazes and your smile widens. She’s really pretty.
Kate’s smile mirrors your own when Clint introduces you.
“Kate, this is y/n, Natasha’s mentee, and y/n, this is Kate, my-“
“Partner slash best friend,” Kate intervenes, not looking away from you.
“Mentee,” Clint corrects, shaking his head, “She’s around your age too.”
“Hi!” you hold out your hand, and Kate shakes it vigorously, “I like your bow.”
“Oh my god, thank you,” Kate responds enthusiastically, “What’s with the burnt patch on your clothes? It looks new. Did you burn yourself?”
She was referring to your shirt, now partly burnt to a crisp, and you shake your head, “Well yes, but no, I mean- I’m an electrokinetic meaning I have electrical-based powers, so.”
Kate nods, “So you’re kinda like Zeus.”
You laugh vociferously, “Exactly! Except I don’t sleep around as much as he does,” you joke, making her laugh.
The avengers watch your interaction with a smile, already knowing that the both of you put together would be instant chaos.
And they were right.
Within a day, you and Kate were practically best friends (which Yelena complained about, but you constantly reassured her that she was like a sister to you).
Clint and Natasha had a blast, since both of you liked each other, they decided to train the both of you together, which saved a lot of time (and more time for the two to go drinking together).
Days, weeks, months, passed, and Yelena, Kate, and you were like the chaotic trio NO one asked for.
A million stupid activities, like acting you were married to try wedding cake samples for free, playing laser tag with actual lasers, balancing apples on people’s heads for Kate to shoot them off with arrows (there were many complaints for that one), accidentally adopting 5 cats (don’t ask).
It was all fun and games, but it usually ended with you and Kate getting “grounded,” and Yelena getting away because she ALWAYS has a way out.
You didn’t mind though, it just meant spending more time with Kate, who never failed to make your day better.
You were chasing Kate across the compound, the brunette screaming bloody murder, and you trying to avoid using your powers.
You raised your hand, summoning your powers, and a minor bolt of lightning struck one of Kate’s feet, making her fall flat on the ground.
“Fuck,” Kate groans, and you stalk over to her patting her on the head and smugly smirking, “Thanks for playing.”
“What are you guys doing now,” Yelena complains, her room door opening as she yawns, “You dimwits woke me up from my nap.”
Then Yelena takes one look at your hair, and bursts out laughing, so loud, that Natasha and Clint came running.
“What’s wrong?” Natasha looks around hastily before spotting the two of you on the ground, “Oh.”
Clint just tries not to laugh, and Yelena gestures between you and Natasha, “She looks just like you when you were a kid, sestra!”
Natasha smiles crookedly, ruffling your hair and sighing, “Clean up guys, training in 10.”
Kate and you prepare to complain before Clint shot you pointed looks, “Yes, Natasha.”
They leave and so does Yelena, claiming she needed more “beauty sleep” and you pick up the strands of your hair, frowning.
“I’m sorry.”
Kate looked genuinely afraid that you were upset with her, “It’s nothing.”
“You seemed angry though.”
“But I’m not. I could never stay angry with you for long.”
“Really?” Her eyes shot up to look into yours, and it felt like déjà vu was slapping you in the face.
“Yeah,” your voice is weak, straining.
“You look pretty, by the way.”
Tumblr media
You hear her mission went wrong.
You don’t even pay attention to anyone else, as you ignored the calls from the rest of the team, rushing to your friend’s room.
You knocked frantically.
A few seconds later, the door opens, and you meet her sad expression.
“My poor baby,” you joke lightheartedly, wrapping your arms around her body, pulling her close, and using your foot to push the door closed.
Kate buries her face in your shoulder, breathing heavily, and you rub her back in calming circles.
“I messed up.”
You hate hearing her sound this vulnerable. So different from the bubbly girl she always was.
One thing some people failed to see, was that Kate Bishop, was not always the joker, the one who can take everyone and everything on with a confident smile.
She was just like everyone else, with feelings, worries, insecurities.
You pull her closer.
“Everyone messes up. You’re not alone.”
Kate shuts her eyes tightly.
You feel like you’re the only one who gets to see her this way.
“What if I always mess up?”
You contemplate your next words, knowing that there’s no right way to comfort someone.
Especially when it’s someone you love.
“Then I’ll be there to help you clean up. Every single time.”
Kate’s ragged breaths slowly stabilise, and she detaches herself from your, her arms still around your neck.
“You really are my favourite person in the world.”
Maybe it’s the way she looks at you.
The way her touch makes more goosebumps appear on your skin more than any lightning bolt.
The way she words things.
“I love you more than words can say.”
Tumblr media
“They SO like each other.”
“Clint, there’s no way,” Natasha replies exasperatedly.
“Look, can you just accept that I’m right and you’re wrong for once?”
“Fine,” Clint pulls his best friend’s arm and leads her to the kitchen, “I’ll prove it to you.”
He looks around like he’s in a mission, and Natasha rolls her eyes.
He gestures for her to follow his movements, peeking in the kitchen.
Natasha places her head below his, peeking as well.
It seems normal at first, just you and Kate in the kitchen, in your usual morning routine.
But then it’s like you were unconsciously making each other’s light breakfast before training, like you knew exactly what the other wanted, and silently at that.
You grabbed the bowl and slid it towards Kate, who took a cup out and slid it towards you. You grabbed two spoons and she grabbed the sugar and cereal. You placed a spoon in her bowl and a spoon in your teacup, while Kate dropped tea bags into it. You poured cereal into her bowl as Kate fills your cup with hot water.
Natasha watches the whole exchange with a surprised expression, while Clint just smugly smiles from above her.
“See? I’m right,” he whispers, near to Natasha’s ear.
“Stop breathing down my neck,” Natasha grits her teeth, slapping the man’s leg.
“No, you stop breathing down my neck.”
“That doesn’t even make sense!”
“No, you don’t make sense.”
Soon, they start bickering, and when Clint starts getting a little too loud, Natasha grabs him away from the entrance.
You sip your cup of tea, and look around, thinking you heard something.
“Did you hear that?” you ask Kate, who smiles at you and shakes her head, “Nope.”
“I thought I heard like, really loud whispering,” you murmur, and Kate snorts, “You’re just tripping.”
“You’re so annoying.”
“You’re annoying -er.”
“That isn’t even a word.”
Kate sticks her tongue out at you, and you reciprocate childishly.
Natasha hears everything and sighs in relief, “They didn’t hear us.”
Clint nods seriously, “No, they didn’t.”
Then, he jumps in front of Natasha and starts doing a ridiculous victory dance, “I was right, you were wrong. I was right, you were wrong.”
Natasha curses him in Russian, “So what now?”
Clint’s brows furrow, “What?”
“We can’t just leave them like that,” Natasha places a hand on her chin, thinking, “We have to do something.”
“Oh, so now we’re matchmakers.”
“Shut up and help me think.”
Clint agrees to work on Kate, and Natasha agrees to work on you.
They both have different approaches, determined to make this work.
Tumblr media
“You know, you and y/n are meant to be together.”
Kate freezes in the mario kart game, looking to Clint in awe, as he continues racing.
“I’m sorry, what?”
“You and y/n would be great together.”
Kate chokes on air, and Clint glances at her knowingly.
“N-No, I’m pretty sure you got it wrong,” Kate chuckles awkwardly, “We’re just friends.”
“So, friends just sleepover at each other’s room every day, makes each other breakfast and knows exactly what the person wants without asking, excessively touches the other person and exchanges hugs and kisses randomly, gets a little grumpy whenever the other person gets a date-“
Kate pauses the game, “FINE. Fine, you’re right,” she confirms miserably.
Clint puts his controller down, “Then why do you sound so sad about it?”
“I just don’t think she likes me that way,” Kate fiddles with the joystick, “She’s always so good to me, and I can’t help but feel like whatever this is, is all in my head.”
Clint nods in understanding, “I think you’re wrong though.”
“About what?”
“She does like you that way.”
Tumblr media
Natasha opens your door without a knock, and you were on your bed, reading a book, and not bothering to look up, “Natasha.”
Natasha smirks, “You’re getting more alert, that’s good.”
“No, it’s just that you’re the only one who opens my room door without knocking,” you correct her, closing your book, “Well, you and Yelena, but she makes sure to pounce on my bed the second she comes in and is always asleep during this time of day.”
Natasha narrows her eyes, “Touche.”
“I learned from the best.”
She holds out two tickets to the movies.
“You want to watch a movie with me?” you seem confused, “Look, I’m all for milfs, and you are really pretty, but-“
“God, you really are an idiot,” Natasha pinches her nose bridge, “Clint and I wanted to go, but we both happened to be busy so.”
She places the tickets in your hands, and you stare at them blankly.
“You can bring whoever you want,” Natasha emphasizes each word without sounding too suspicious.
“Right,” you mutter, already knowing who you wanted to bring.
Natasha crosses her fingers, hoping you wouldn’t be a dumbass and just make a move, “Enjoy.”
Tumblr media
You make your way to Kate’s room, rehearsing in your mind how you wanted to ask her out. This was so much harder than you imagined it to be. Kate was just this perfect girl.
You didn’t notice Kate heading in your direction, also focused on something else.
Before you knew it, you bumped into her, and managed to grab her arms before she fell.
“Sorry,” you wince, and she just brushes herself off, her cheeks flushing for no apparent reason, “It’s no problem.”
Then the awkward silence. Something was definitely wrong. Silence was never awkward between you two.
“Was there anything you wanted to tell me?” you spoke up, hiding the tickets behind your back, “You looked pretty determined and you seemed to be heading to my room.”
Kate blinks, “Yeah! Yeah, I just wanted to, uh-“
You gather up enough courage to suddenly hold the tickets in front of you, right in her face.
Kate stares at it.
“Do you wanna go out with me?” you ask quickly, “Like on a date. God, I’m embarrassing myself aren’t I?”
At first glance, you might not have appeared that nervous, but Kate notices the electric sparks on your fingers, the air smelling slightly of ozone.
“Y-You’re asking me?” Kate stutters characteristically.
“Yes,” you weakly respond, “We don’t have to talk about this right now but, I just really like you and I want to take you out on a date.”
Kate’s knees felt like they were about to give out, and a grin slowly appears on her face, “I would love to.”
“Great! Great, yeah, um, I’ll pick you up at 7?”
“If you mean you’ll meet me at my door at 7, then yes.”
Tumblr media
The movie date goes well, and you come back with matching smiles, holding each other’s hands.
Clint and Natasha were already waiting at the entrance, and she whispers to him, “Do you think it worked?”
“I mean, they’re holding hands.”
“They’re always holding hands.”
“Good point.”
The happy couple approaches them, and the mentors hold their breath.
“They played cupid didn’t they?” Kate asks you once you reached them.
“I mean, I probably wouldn’t have had the guts to ask you out if it weren’t for Natasha.”
“And I probably wouldn’t have acknowledged my feelings for you if it weren’t for Clint.”
“Which means you should be thanking us,” Clint says excitedly, nudging Natasha as if she weren’t standing next to him and seeing exactly what was happening, “We worked very hard you know.”
“I did the thinking,” Natasha cuts in with very important information.
“Thank you, I guess,” you rub the back of your neck, and Kate snorts.
“What’s so funny, Bishop?”
“Want me to tell them about how you summoned lightning and burnt our chairs because you were so nervous when I kis-“
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parkvcrs · 13 days ago
Hi! May I please request some headcanons for yandere!Charles Xavier finally marrying his darling fem!Reader (Reader loves Charles as well, though sometimes she can be stubborn)?
Tumblr media
• You, as luck would have it, joined “Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngers” shortly after its grand opening and your mutation earned yourself an immediate popular reputation.
— Granted, being born with a botanical-related mutation is both terrifying yet fascinating since you can bloom the most beautiful of flowers.
• Charles’ first reaction of you was bottled up initially, to keep things professional, but as time went on, his feelings for you grew.
• There would be times throughout the year where you’d gift him the most magnificent of plants that ever did grow. Roses, succulents, orchids, and so much more. This was a way for you to show him your appreciation for allowing you to be accepted into his school whilst not-so-subtly show your affection toward him.
— Needless to say, it worked like a charm.
• Charles was always protective over you. He’d use his abilities to make people stay far from you at times if he thought that they had feelings for you.
— There was an instance where he butted into the conversation you were having with Hank. It won’t be noticeable at first, but as the years went on, he became much more impatient.
• He does use his powers occasionally to read your mind, but immediately stops if and when you catch on.
• Charles will always be considerate of your space and comfort. He realizes that he is being selfish but he does find joy whenever you have to come over to talk to him.
• While you do love him, you are also known to be incredibly stubborn which is why you felt conflicted when Charles initially asked you to be his girlfriend and then later wife.
— As your relationship advanced, so did his obsession with you.
• He wants you by his side almost every minute of the day or at least to be holding you to show that you were his. No one else. This includes but is not limited to having an arm wrapped around your waist, holding your hand, hugging, or kissing your temple.
• Given that you’re stubborn, you always try to do things on your own since it can be a little exhausting not having any alone time. This rightfully upsets Charles.
— Don’t upset him. He’s terrifying when he’s angry. I mean, who are you to say “no” to him?
author’s note: dang, i haven’t done headcanons in years 0-0;; sorry if i am still a little rusty. i hope this is okay.
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historicallymercurial · 3 months ago
okay, listen.
i'm obsessed with the idea of thor settling down and taking up witchcraft as a way to reconnect with his family and throw a big fuck you to his people's old belief that you can either be a strong warrior or a magic user, not both, and that being the later is unbecoming for the royal family of odin the allfather, responsible for setting an example for their people. he remembers the weird looks and disappointed stares loki used to deal with for that exact reason, remembers frigga starting to tie her hair up and only use her abilities in front of her children, when no one else was around.
except he's on midgard now and wants to also honour his love for this realm, so instead of studying the illusions and the elaborate spellwork of asgardian magic, he takes up earth magic. and i don't mean the ancient sorcery of doctor strange and the other masters of the mystic arts. i mean actual earth human magic, with plants and oils and balms and incenses and crystals.
he grows his herbs with the utmost love and care in the backyard of his and bruce's cottage in new asgard, uses them for tea and smoke cleasing and healing.
he keeps dozens of little crystals on their bedside, gives them the purpose of helping with sleep and nightmares and depression and anxiety.
he, too, was raised by a witch, so he, too, can see with more than eyes, even if he doesn't know the technicalities of what he's doing or how he knows that stuff, so divination and intuition and dream work are particularly easy for him.
he times his appointments with the placements of stars and planets and dives deep back into his love for astronomy.
he uses the water from his storms to water the plants and make baths to that bring strength.
i don't know, i just love the mental image of this norse god bigger than a fridge painting his nails with colours that match his intent for the week, fussing over his small scientist husband with lavender and chamomile tea because "you are stressed and anxious, my love, i brewed this for you, my herbs were fresh", walking around his beloved little cottage burning dried rosemary to clean the energy, getting excited about the phases of the midgardian moon, when wanda shows up ultra powerful with her chaos magic and goes "i'm a witch" he answers "oh norns, me too!!!", leaving everyone else completely confused.
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giodoodless · 8 months ago
Okay but Wade Wilson would definitely go around saying he's married to captain america. Why? 'cause they share the same last name. Dude would be walking around with Sam, telling EVERY SINGLE PERSON around: “hey did you know captain america and i are married?? ha ha we have the same last name,,,, because we're married 😳🤭😘” and Sam would roll his eyes so goddamn hard. It's just been a day with Wade and he's already dying.
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imgonnaragnorockurshit · 2 months ago
Matt: (Kicks the door down looking panicked)
Foggy: What did you do?
Matt: Nobody died.
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