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#mcu incorrect quotes

Because of Winter Solider, we know Nat knows how to drive. However, the Red Room sure as hell didn’t teach her …

Clint: Okay, you see Hill and Coulson in the road, what do you hit?

Natasha: Coulson, definitely. Can’t hurt Maria.


Clint: The breaks, Nat. You hit the breaks.

- Bonus -

Coulson: Romanoff would really hit me???

Maria: Ha.

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Daniel: Peggy, do you like Angie?

Peggy: What? No! What on earth gave you that idea?

Daniel: Well, for starters you have P+A carved into your desk and scribbled on that report.

Peggy: It stands for pain and anxiety.

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Ned: Why do you have a fake ID? You’re old enough to vote, and you don’t drink. There is literally no point. 
MJ: I don’t have to explain myself to you.
Peter: *not looking up from his phone* She wanted another ID so she could borrow twice as many books from the library at once.

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Tony: Okay listen, I know about your diabolical plan. 
Loki: What? Diabolical plan? I wouldn’t even know how to begin–
Tony: *holds up a fifty-page booklet titled “My Diabolical Plan by Loki* 
Loki: …
Loki: Never seen that before in my life.

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Peter: You know, my sarcasm’s probably gonna get me killed someday. Someone’ll be holding a knife in my general vicinity and I’m gonna say something stupid like “What are you gonna do? Stab me?”
Tony: …
Tony: The scariest part is that I completely believe that.

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Clint: What are you talking about! I’m the backbone of this group. 
Nat: I love you, but no. 
Bruce: You’re more like the appendix of this group. 
Tony: No one knows what you’re here for. 
Steve: Prone to explode at any moment. 
Thor: And a bit of a pain to remove. 
Clint: …
Clint: Well fuck you all too.

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Sam: Ok, does anyone want a snack before we start the movie?
Steve: Popcorn.
Bucky: Popcorn.
Y/N: Loki.
Sam, Steve, Bucky: What?
Y/N: Uh, I mean popcorn.
Sam: Ok then. Loki? You want anything?
Loki: (Y/n). And no, I did not mean to say popcorn. *suggestively wiggles eyebrows*
Sam, Steve, Bucky: *facepalms*
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