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incorrectmarvelquote · 2 days ago
Steve: Buck, there’s someone screaming outside shouldn’t we do something?
Bucky: Yes we should
Bucky: [gets up and closes the window]
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vampireinbusiness · 2 months ago
Science Says You Need It [p.p]
Pairing: Peter Parker x Touch Starved!Reader
Warnings: swearing but otherwise pretty clean (weird right)
Request: HEY YOU, can I request a Peter Parker x touch starved best friend. Peter and her are having a movie night at her place and Peters like laying in her lap and he moves so she jokes around about being touch starved to get him back and Peter being the sweet boy he is fixes that problem and it’s all cute, fluffy and junk 🙄💗💗
Synopsis: Peter decides to make sure you receive physical affection when you joke about being touch starved.
a/n: long time no see
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*Do not repost my work anywhere, reblogs are appreciated*
Tumblr media
You had never been one for physical affection. Expressing love and appreciation felt more normal through words. From you towards others and vice-versa. This need to deny most to all touching resulted in your yearning for it in the back of your mind.
Your best friend on the other hand was all over physical contact when you spent time together which was often. And never did anything that you were uncomfortable with because he was so soft and loving.
Peter didn’t neglect the thought of how special he must be for you to be okay with how much he would hold your hand when he was nervous or the number of times he wraps his arms around your waist.
He also paid attention to how you denied other cases of touching from others. The pretty boy who couldn’t go a minute without being consumed by his love for you. It made you feel safe and you honestly looked forward to it.
Maybe you’re both in need of someone to make you feel secure. But one of you is little more comfortable talking about it.
“You gonna watch the movie you got to pick or…,” you peered down at the boy laying with his head in your lap whose eyes had been focused on your features for the past twenty minutes.
He sputtered out an incoherent response you felt wasn’t in need of an explanation. Whenever you caught him staring at you, strings of “no I wasn’t” fell from his lips.
“Whatever you say,” you teased, your attention falling back on the bright screen.
When your hands found his hair, he was gone. Completely smitten. Relaxed and content. He likes when you play with his hair if you couldn’t tell.
“I’ll be back,” he told you as he got up to put the pizza in the oven that hand just dinged.
“Seriously?” You whined, narrowing your eyes at him when he looked back at you with a worried expression on his face.
“But I thought you wanted pizza?” He questioned, genuine concern in his voice and you couldn’t keep the laugh from escaping your lips.
He frowned as you shook your head at his obliviousness to your sarcasm.
“No, I do,” 

“Okay, you just seemed upset,”
“I was kidding- not like I'm touch starved or anything,” you rolled your eyes and focused on the movie again while Peter contemplated what you said on the way to the kitchen.
You just told him you were joking so he tried not to think much of it. He knew you really only showed affection to him and seemed to enjoy it when he initiated the contact. But you got Peter thinking; what if you are touch starved?
The thought spun around his mind throughout the rest of the night, even when he felt the sleep begin to pull his eyes shut with his head resting on your shoulder.
Your best friend had been more touchy over the past few weeks, that’s for sure. You definitely didn’t mind because he was normally was, but now he seemed to be going out of his way.
Out at lunch the other day, he insisted you sit on the same side of the booth. He held your hand in his during the whole time you were there, even while you were trying to eat. When you questioned it he just shrugged and gave you a shy smile.
Peter couldn’t deny this as an excuse to act as more of a couple in public. Others assumed you to be a couple anyway but now it is impossible to convince someone you didn’t have something going on.
How could he not have feelings for you when you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to him.
When you were hanging out in his room a couple of weeks ago, his hands wrapped around your waist while you were on your phone and pulled you close to him. It felt so nice to be held and feel protected.
Overall, Peter dedicated every opportunity possible to show you simple physical attention.
Now you’re back where you started. The two of you had cuddled up on the couch and you grew tired with your head laying on his warm chest.
“Y/n/n?” Peter whispered under you, “You just wanna sleepover?”
He only received a small hum from the body on him and took it as a yes. Carefully, he slid out from under you and picked you up to carry to his room. He gently set you in the bed, pulling blankets over you before placing a small kiss on your forehead.
“Night Y/n/n,” he told your sleeping figure, grabbing a pillow and blanket for himself.
He made an okay bed on the couch and shut the tv off. He too was quick to fall asleep once he got comfortable. As usual, images of you played in his mind while he drifted off.
You shifted a few times before realizing you were no longer within the toned arms of Peter Parker. It was a little off-putting but your eyes adjusted and you determined you were in his bed, minus him.
Out of curiosity, you got up and made your way to the hall in the dark. Trying to stumble as little as possible with the help of the city lights beaming in, you got to the living room where Peter’s senses had woken him up about two soft curses falling from your lips ago.
“There you are,” you stated quietly as you approached the couch, “Why are you out here?”
Peter had wondered the same thing himself before he fell asleep. Obviously, he didn’t want you to be uncomfortable if you woke up in the middle of the night (even though you would be far from it).
But another reason was probably the not so simple fact that sharing a bed would be a little different than the last time you did it a couple of years ago when you actually were “just friends”.
Lol, you thought. Dumb ass, Peter Parker’s in love with you or some shit.
“I um…I figured you should just have your own space, I guess?” Hey answered quietly and you made out the nervousness across his features.
“You guessed very wrong,” you chuckled as a lazy smile came to your lips and you lifted the blanket from his body.
Without a word, you got back in your original position with your body on top of Peter’s, his heartbeat playing in your ear. His arms instinctively held you close and he silently celebrated you wanted him to hold you.
“Hey, Peter?” You spoke softly in case he was unconscious again.
“Why are you so touchy with me?”
Shit, you noticed. But how could you not?

“I uh- do you n- not like it?” He asked shyly and loosened his grip on your waist.
“No, don’t get me wrong I like it from you just not other people. I’m just wondering more why you’ve been doing it a lot these past few weeks,” you rested your chin on his sternum and saw his nose scrunch.
“Sorry I just thought- because of what you said- you would want me to do things more often but I’ll stop if-,”
“I said I like it so you can relax but I have no idea what you’re talking about,” you thought back to anything you had told him recently but nothing came to mind.
“Remember, you said that you were touch starved?” He let out a nervous laugh and your eyes widened with realization.
“Oh, I wasn’t really serious about that,”
“You sure?”
"You don’t need to worry, I’m all good,”
“Y/n/n, come on,”
“Okay maybe it was a little true,” you confessed, followed by a deep sigh.
His arms returned to your waist, squeezing a little as you laid your head back on his chest.
“Nothing wrong with liking human contact, science actually says you need it,” he reassured you, running his fingers up and down your spine.
“Still, I don’t need people knowing I want it. Especially since you're the only person I like it from,”
“I’ll take my job very seriously then,”
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colorscosmic · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🖇🏡★💤ꫤ 고양이 ◟𝘁𝗼𝗺 𝙷𝗼𝗹𝗹𝗮𝗻𝕕 𓍢/ 。゚( ゚இ‸இ゚+)゚。🍓%. . 𝗅𝗂𝗄𝖾 𝗈𝗋 𝗋𝖤𝖻𝗅♡𝗀 ◡̈ ✿ノ私\𓍊𓋼𓍊 {{𖡎೨쯦🦷﹅ 𝖼𝗋ә𝖽!𝗍꯴ ꦪ𝟥 ...ᰢ 沙子 🫓🪣🗝 ꈔ.
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nerds-worlds-blog · 3 months ago
The fact that the black widow end credits was not a Pre infitny war, Sam, Steve and Nat content but was instead NATS GRAVE, NO FUCKING WARNING, JUST NATS GRAVE AND NOW WE ARE KILLING CLINT... I WAS NOT PREPARED
Tumblr media
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sunriserose1023 · a month ago
One Last Time [Epilogue]
WORD COUNT: 2654 WARNINGS: Very slight angst, fluff SUMMARY: Three years into the future, Bucky’s got a new job.
Tumblr media
Bucky stepped into the house, closing the door behind him and leaning against it. He let his head rest against the wood as he closed his eyes, just breathing a few times. 
“Hey, Dad?”
Bucky’s eyes flew open, a smile coming to his lips when he saw Ollie standing in front of him, the boy’s recent growth spurt putting him almost to Bucky’s chest. 
“Hey, buddy. You okay?”
Ollie nodded. 
“Are you okay?”
Bucky sighed. 
“Long night.”
Ollie nodded, both of them looking to the stairs. After a moment, they both shook their heads, turning back to each other. 
“Is Mom okay?”
Bucky nodded. 
“Yeah, she’s okay. It’s just a lot right now, but it won’t be like this forever.”
Ollie nodded, and Bucky stepped forward, ruffling his hair. 
“How about you go check the mail, and I’ll go see about your mom?” “Didn’t you just check the mail?”
Bucky shook his head. 
“I made a lap around the perimeter.” “Why?” “Because your mom told me if I didn’t get out of her hair she’d suffocate me and make it look like an accident.”
Ollie made a face. 
Bucky laughed, ruffling Ollie’s hair again, then giving his shoulder a nudge. 
“Go. Take your time. See if that Amazon shit’s been delivered yet.” “Wasn't that supposed to be here yesterday?” “Yeah. And customer service got a tongue lashing from your mom, so it better be here today.” “I’ll track it down.
Bucky smiled as he watched the boy march out the front door. He tilted his neck to one side and turned away from the door, fighting his instincts to watch until Ollie was safely back with him, doing what you’d been pushing for and giving the kid some independence. 
He trudged up the stairs and walked down the hallway, past Oliver’s room and to the room across the hall from the one you and he share. Bucky gently pushed open the door to find you sitting in a rocking chair, slowly going back and forth, your head in your hand. 
You lifted your head, cheeks wet and red, tears still slipping from your lashes. 
“Babe, why are you crying?”
You shook your head, putting your forehead back in your palm. 
“I’m so mean to you.” “I’ve got a thick skin.” “I don’t mean it.” “I know you don’t.”
Bucky walked over, kneeling beside the chair. He ran his fingers up and down your arm, speaking softly. 
“Who you got there?”
You sniffled. 
“Sully. I thought he was hungry, but he was just fussy.” “Looks to me like he’s out.”
You nodded, adjusting the blanket. Bucky stood, taking the baby from your arms, placing him in the middle crib. He looked from left to right, a soft smile on his face before he turned to you. He offered his hands and you took them, wincing as he gently helped you to your feet, the two of you gingerly walking back to your bedroom. 
“We should’ve put a bed in the nursery.” “And then you’d never get any rest.” “How am I supposed to rest? When one gets full, another one’s hungry. One’s dry, another’s wet. It’s a vicious cycle.”
You stopped, gripping his arm. 
“I’m a horrible mother.”
Bucky smiled, turning to wrap you in his arms, your head on his shoulder, nails digging into his arms. 
“You’re not a horrible mother.” “I’m talking about my children and calling them ‘vicious.’” “They are vicious.”
You swatted his arm. 
“Don’t say that!” “What am I supposed to say? It’s the truth, babe. They’re demanding and selfish and they outnumber us.”
You whimpered, leaning into him. You closed your eyes, feeling tears welling up again. 
“I’m just so tired.” “I know. Why don’t you take a nap? Let me and Ollie do a tour of duty for an hour.”
You snorted. 
“Talk about the blind leading the blind.” “I resent that.”
You smiled, but it quickly faded as cries sounded from the room you’d just left. Your face crumpled as Bucky leaned to kiss your forehead, the door opening downstairs. You and Bucky both leaned over the railing. 
“Don't slam it!”
Ollie appeared at the bottom of the stairs, a wince on his face. 
“Sorry! But look what I found!”
You turned to Bucky. 
“Is it the Amazon packages? It better be the Amazon packages.”
The cries grew louder, and you groaned as you moved your hands to your chest. 
“I’m a goddamn dairy cow.”
Bucky laughed as thunder echoed from the stairs. 
“Never fear!”
Yours and Bucky’s eyes widened, and you turned to see Ollie with a huge grin on his face, two visitors behind him. 
“The cavalry has arrived.”
Steve and Clint had wide grins on their faces, and you burst into tears. The men’s happiness faded to shock and a bit of fear, but Bucky shook his head as he wrapped you in his arms again. 
“We’re fine. We’re hormonal and still adjusting and—“ “So happy you’re here!”
You sobbed into Bucky’s shoulder, and he made a face as his shirt grew damp where your chest was pressed against him. 
“Ollie, show them the nursery. We’ll join in just a minute.”
Ollie nodded, leading Steve and Clint away. Bucky ushered you into the bedroom, sitting you on the bed as he pulled his shirt off. 
“I’m sorry.”
He shook his head, digging through the dresser. 
“Do you want a baby or the pump?” “It’s Georgia’s turn. That’s why she was crying.” “Give me two minutes.”
You nodded, sighing as you went to work pulling your tank and nursing bra off. You didn’t bother trying to cover up, and Bucky walked back into the room with a pink blanket-wrapped bundle in his arms, pitiful whimpers barely audible. 
“That’s right, sweet girl. Daddy’s here.”
He smiled at you and you sniffled, holding out your arms. He shook his head. 
“Get comfortable.” “But I—“ “I’m going to be right here. If I have to hold her while she eats for you to get some sleep, that’s fine. You’re exhausted and we’ve got enough help here now that we can do a man-to-man offense and just bring you a baby when it’s feeding time.”
You shook your head. 
“I don’t know what that means, but I’m too tired to argue.” “Get comfortable, Princess. Baby Princess is about to let loose.”
You sighed. 
“At least she’s not as loud as Mia.” “And doesn’t grunt like a pig like Sully.”
You chuckled as you crawled into the bed, sweatpants puddled on the floor. You propped yourself up on the mountain of pillows and Bucky handed one of your daughters to you. You sighed when Georgia had latched on, and you ran a finger down her silky cheek. 
“Did you know they were coming?”
Bucky smiled as he sat beside you, one hand resting on your thigh. 
“I didn’t think Steve was going to get the time off. But he said it’s why they couldn’t be here when they were born.” “We need them more now anyway.”
You felt tears well up in your eyes again, closing your eyes when Bucky leaned over and kissed your temple. 
“You’re okay.”
You nodded, leaning against him. 
“I’m sorry I’m like this.” “I’m not. Besides the fact that you just gave birth to three babies at one time— a traumatic experience if I ever heard one— I get to take care of you.”
You lifted your head, smiling at him. 
“You’ve always taken care of me.” “Hey, it’s my job.”
You leaned forward, closing your eyes as your lips met his. He pulled back and moved to sit where he could hold you, taking the sleeping baby from your arms when she was done. He got you to lay down, smiling when you took his pillow and held it, drifting to sleep faster than he’d ever seen. 
Bucky smiled as he crept out of the room, closing the door behind him, making his way across the hall. He stopped outside the nursery, listening to Ollie. 
“Dad came up with Sully. Sullivan Barton Barnes.” “Jesus, kid sounds like a law firm.”
Steve laughed at Clint’s mutter, and Ollie spoke again. 
“Mia kicked Mom all the time, and Mom said she was going to grow up and be a soccer star. I said ‘Like Mia Hamm?’ and we decided to name her Mia.”
Bucky could hear Clint murmuring, figuring Clint must be holding Mia and Steve must have Sully. Steve’s quiet voice sounded as Bucky fixed Georgia’s blanket. 
“What’s Mia’s middle name?” “Rebecca.”
Bucky peeked around the door to see the sad smile on Steve’s face. 
“Did you know Dad’s sister, Uncle Steve?”
Steve nodded. 
“Yeah, and she would have loved her namesake. She’d have loved all you knuckleheads.”
Steve ruffled Ollie’s hair, and Ollie beamed. The grin on his face grew as Bucky walked into the room, and Ollie went over to him. 
“This is Georgia James. She always moved when she heard me or Dad, and she’s definitely a daddy’s girl.”
Bucky shrugged, smiling as he shifted the baby to his shoulder. Clint shook his head, gently bouncing the baby in his arms. 
“Lord, this is a lot of Barneses.”
Ollie looked to Bucky, who smiled and nodded. Ollie cleared his throat, then spoke softly. 
“There’s about to be one more.”
Clint and Steve looked to Bucky, who just raised an eyebrow and shook his head. Clint looked back to Ollie. 
“What’re you talking about, kid?”
Ollie’s smile seemed to light up the room as he looked to Bucky. 
“Dad’s going to adopt me and we’re going to change my name.”
Clint and Steve both looked to Bucky, eyes wide. Bucky smiled as he adjusted the pink blanket, gently touching Georgia’s face as the sleeping baby snuggled closer to him. He lifted his gaze to the still wide-eyed men with his babies in their arms and he laughed. Ollie walked to Bucky, going up on his toes to look at the baby in Bucky’s arms. 
“Can I have a Coke?” “Have you had one today?”
Ollie shook his head. 
“Not yet.” “Go ahead.”
Ollie kissed his sister’s cheek, then ran out of the room, thundering down the stairs as Bucky shook his head. He looked back to Steve and Clint, then sighed. 
“Yeah, you should have been here when he asked.”
Bucky moved to the closest crib, gently setting Georgia down, patting her tummy when she squirmed a bit. Steve walked to him, laying Sully in the middle crib, adjusting the blue blanket. They both looked to Clint, who shook his head, shifting Mia to his shoulder and gently patting her bottom. Bucky smiled, walking to one of the gliders and slowly rocking. 
“It was when Y/N was still on bed rest.”
“What if we switched the names?”
You raised an eyebrow at Ollie, one hand going to your mountain of a belly. 
“Like how?” “Mia Rebecca is good. But what about Georgia James? It’s kind of popular to give girls boy names these days.”
You nodded. 
“That’s true. And it is different.”
You looked to Bucky, who nodded, then held out a hand. 
“But now Sully doesn’t have a middle name.”
Ollie swallowed before he spoke again. 
“What if his middle name was Barton? Or like … Barton Sullivan? It could be after Mom. And Uncle Clint, I guess.” “And you.”
You poked Ollie’s side and he lifted his eyes to you. You tilted your head and your eyes widened when you noticed the question in his eyes, something he’d talked to you about often since you’d told him you were pregnant. You nodded and Ollie looked back to your belly. 
“I just … I was thinking …” “What, buddy?”
Ollie flicked his eyes to Bucky, then back to your belly. 
“Maybe I wouldn’t be a Barton anymore.” “Why not?” “Maybe I could be a Barnes, too.”
You watched Bucky's face go slack, his eyes widening as Ollie continued. 
“If you … if you’d adopt me. If that’s okay.”
Bucky just blinked, and you poked Ollie’s side again. You watched him lift his head, eyes widening at the tears in Bucky’s eyes. Somehow, Bucky managed to speak.
Ollie smiled. 
“Yeah, Dad. But only if you want to.”
Bucky rounded the bed and grabbed Ollie up in his arms, holding him tightly. You bit your lips to keep the sobs from breaking free, unable to stop the tears when you saw the pure joy on Ollie’s face as Bucky swung him around. Ollie laughed when Bucky kissed the top of his head.
“That’s so sweet I’ve got a tear.” “Shut up, Clint.”
Clint smiled as he rubbed Mia’s back, and Steve lifted a hand to clasp Bucky’s shoulder. 
“You good with that?” “Going from no kids to four? Oh, sure. Why not?”
They all laughed quietly, and Bucky lifted a hand to his chest, rubbing gently, barely bypassing the scars on his chest. 
“I never thought Ollie would ask me that. Y/N said he’d been talking about it with her since we got married. It started really weighing on him before the babies came. He waited because he wasn’t sure if I’d say yes, and he was worried about what his grandparents might say.”
Clint’s eyebrows furrowed and Bucky shook his head. 
“Y/N talked with them. They’re fine with it. You know they’re all ‘out of sight, out of mind,’ when it comes to Ollie.” “Stupid.”
Bucky sighed, propping his feet on the footrest. 
“Y/N says it just hurts them to be reminded of Loki. And I get it, I guess. But to miss out on that kid…”
Bucky shook his head. Steve looked to Clint, winking at him. 
“Give a guy triplets and he goes so soft so quick.” “Screw you.”
Bucky lifted his middle finger and Steve laughed. Clint walked past Steve, setting a sleeping Mia in her crib. Steve turned to look at her, laying a hand on Clint’s back and rubbing gently as they watched the babies sleep. Clint leaned closer. 
“They’re really cute.” “They are. Take after their uncles.” “Yep. Want me to sneak one out for us?”
Steve gave a quiet chuckle. 
“They’re bound not to notice if we just take one, right?” “They’re not noticing anything right now. Look.”
Steve looked to the glider, which had gone still. Bucky was sound asleep, arms crossed, chin to his chest. Steve chuckled again, leaning to kiss Clint’s cheek. 
“Five bucks says the kid’s asleep downstairs.” “I’ll take that bet. I think he gets his rest while these two run themselves ragged.”
Steve nodded. 
“You’re probably right.” “Thank God the cavalry arrived when we did.” “Keep that in mind at three A.M. when one of them’s woken up the other two.”
Clint smiled, taking Steve’s hand and leading him from the room. 
“I’m thinking we should treat them to dinner. A pizza smorgasbord.” “Your sister’s never going to let us leave.” “Would that be the worst thing?”
Steve shook his head, laughing softly when they got to the living room. Clint blew out a breath, reaching into his back pocket and pulling out his wallet, fishing out a five and handing it to Steve. They stared down at the couch, where Ollie was sprawled with his mouth wide open, an unopened can of Coke at the floor beside him. Steve slid the five into the pocket of his shirt. 
“We can use this for the delivery tip.”
Clint rolled his eyes before tapping Steve on the shoulder. Steve glanced back, eyebrows raised as he backed down the stairs. Clint smiled, lifting his hands. 
Hey. I love you.
Steve smiled, lifting hands still unsure, but getting better with signing. 
I love you too, Uncle Clint.
Clint smiled. 
“Good job.” “I’m getting better.” “Better all the time, Cap.”
Steve held out a hand, and Clint took it as Steve led him into the kitchen. 
Tumblr media
AUTHOR’S NOTE: And that’s it! I’ve finally finished this story, and I want to say a big THANK YOU for everyone who’s stuck around until the end. I hope you enjoyed this story. My inbox is always open, if you’d like to drop a line anytime. ;)
TAGS:  @i-have-no-life-charlie, @jillybeaner13, @notyourtypicalrose, @sea040561, @fallenoutofrose, @geeksareunique, @distractedgemini, @buckybarneshairpullingkink, @isaxhorror, @scentedsongrebel, @paige-sais-rawr, @beardburnsupersoldiers, @absolukeyrh, @elatedmarvel, @shadowsof-thenight, @sarcasm-myfriend, @our-marvel-universe, @shinycupcakebaker, @victoriavickens, @not-another-fangirl, @ellaenchanted91, @soccer-100000, @redbarn1995, @livelaughlovesmilekiss
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pietrostits19 · 6 months ago
I feel like Loki would steal Thor’s homework when he was asleep.
He wouldn’t copy it or throw it away or anything.
No, Loki would take it to his room and check it against his own homework and adjust Thor’s answer so they’re right.
He writes it as close to Thor’s messy scrawl as he can, abandoning his looping letters for jagged ones and his perfect numbers for rushed ones.
He does it so Thor won’t get embarrassed because he doesn’t want Thor to feel embarrassed in front of his friends and classmates.
Thor doesn’t notice at first but when he does, he doesn’t say anything to Loki, instead he goes a little easier on him when they’re duelling, he still wins but he makes it seem like more of a struggle.
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Pepper: We have to pick a new charity for Stark Industries to endorse
Peter: I like this one? It provides music classes for at-risk kids?
Pepper: Sounds good Pete! Nat?
Natasha: [not paying attention] This one?
Tony: The Clean Sheet?
Natasha: Yup
Tony: It provides legal help for the KKK
Natasha: [still not paying attention] Sounds great
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vampireinbusiness · 3 months ago
What Good Boys Do [p.p]
Pairing: sub!peter parker x fem!dom!reader
Warnings: swearing, oral;fem receiving
Request: Can you do one about shy peter and his love for readers short skirts like he gets so flustered seeing her in them but he always touches her and him going down on his knees to eat her out with them on
Synopsis: Peter can barely handle you in the short skirt you're wearing during dinner so you let him show how much he loves them later.
a/n: I just know he gives good head.
Want to request something? Click Here
*Do not repost my work anywhere, reblogs are appreciated*
Tumblr media
You sat down at the dinner table, a mini skirt and t-shirt being your current articles of clothing. Maybe it was a little cruel to wear this when all the Avengers were around because now Peter would have to keep his touching to a minimum.
Something about you in them just made him excited. Most hugged your body and he didn’t need his imagination for much. His hands always found their way to your bare thighs, kneading at your skin because he thinks you look so hot in them.
“I thought we were ordering Thai?” You asked, looking at the several pizza boxes laid out.
“Closed,” Tony told you, grabbing a few pieces.
“What do you want?” You asked Peter as he sat down next to you.
“Pepperoni, please,” he gave you a small smile and thanked you when you put them on his plate.
After everyone had started eating you felt a warm hand on your thigh. You eyed Peter who just kept innocently working on his pizza. Conversation continued around the table. And Peter continued rubbing your thighs, your hand stopping his when he got a little too far up.
“Sorry,” he said under his breath, worried he went too far.
“It’s alright, just not right now,” you whispered in his ear and kissed his cheek, “I’m gonna get a glass of water, okay?”
You got up from the table and could feel Peter’s eyes all over you. The lower portion of you to be specific. You raised your brows at him and he snapped out of it, a nervous smile coming across his face.
Filling up your water glass, your boyfriend’s arms wrapped around your waist and started dropping lower and lower. His fingers fiddled with the hem of your skirt until you turned around, eyes narrowed.
“Please- please you look so pretty,” his eyes looked like he just got broken up with.
“Aww, baby you can’t do this in the kitchen when everyone’s out there,” you cupped his cheeks, pressing your lips to his, “After dinner, if you behave then we’ll see,”
By the end of dinner, his hand had resided in the crevice between your legs “because it’s warm”. And he had taken as many glances under the table as possible without being noticed by the others.
You didn’t say anything, just grabbed Peter’s hand and led him to your room in the compound. You shut the door and locked it behind you.
“You’re so needy, aren’t you?” You held his chin with your index and thumb.
He nodded, his hands running over your upper thighs, begging to touch you.
“You know what good boys do?” You tilted your head, waiting for an adorable response.
“What?” He asked, your thumb pulling down his bottom lip.
“They get on their knees,” you gestured to the floor, your back leaning against the door.
His eyes lit up, immediately kneeling in front of you and eager to make you feel good.
“Go on, if you’re gonna act so deprived then show me how bad you want it- need it,”
“Wanna taste you so bad,” he licked his lips and his hands ran up your legs to the bottom of your skirt.
He bunched it up to your hips to reveal your lace underwear which you wore especially for him. It was no secret how this night would end.
Peter placed an open mouth kiss on the material before bringing them down your legs. You let out a small moan as he ran his finger down your folds.
“So pretty,” he did the same with his tongue a few times, landing on your clit.
Your hands held his hair, pulling every time he sucked on it, making him moan against you. The vibrations went through your body and you were glad he had strength to keep you up right now.
“Fuck Peter,”
You grinded your hips towards him, his tongue flattening on your core. He was pretty sure he would come in his pants right now just from eating you out. His lips and tongue were all over and you felt the coil in your stomach ready to break, breathing heavy.
“Feels so good,” you praised, finally releasing all over over his pretty mouth.
He lapped up your cum while you came down from your high and he softly kissed your thighs. You pulled him away by his curls, a lazy smile on his face with your satisfaction coating his lips and chin.
“I love when you wear skirts,” he told you as you leaned down and kissed his forehead.
“I had no idea,”
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Tumblr media
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💢🥛★﹏𖦹# 𝗻𝙴𝗐 ᖘ꩜𝗌ᩚꫫ 我\☆ˤˤ🌀⌇ 𝙻𝕚𝗸ᦸᩚ 𖦹̫𝗋 𝗋ә𝖻𝗟⌾𝗴 ୬ ︵ 画㍿ֵ᯼々 💭🖇 ⏖ 𝖼𝗋𝖾𝖽𝗂𝗍𝗌 𝗺𝗲 <\3 ⋆𖥾 ★☆ 𝗰𝗼𝗌𝙼𝕚𝖼╰╮
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jimmy woo: *spent ages perfecting the card trick that scott must have taught him* *using it to his advantages because he's proud of himself* *meaning that he wasn't blipped*
mcu fans, when he performs said trick in wandavision:
Tumblr media
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Tony * on the edge of a cardiac arrest *: Get down from there! You’re gonna fall
Peter: nO way, im trying to see if I’ll survive doing a backflip off of the building
Tony: I’m gonna call Aunt May
Peter: ᵒʰ ⁿᵒ
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champagne (peter parker)
pairing: peter parker x reader
summary: was the bottle of champagne a going away present or a plead to stay?
wc: 1.4k
warnings: alcohol (no drinking but like intention to drink?), one curse word
a/n: hey y'all ! this is based on the song "champagne" from in the heights. i really love the song, it's so beautiful and climactic but also really sad so i tried to turn it into something! as always, please send me stuff like feedback and requests!
your best friend. he was your best friend and now he was going to go work at stark industries, just like you guys always talked about. you were so proud of peter for getting that internship with tony stark, and you knew how excited he was for it, so why did your heart sink whenever you thought about it? childhood best friends did separate things all the time, what was one summer of peter in another city? it's not like it was one of the last summers you guys had together before real life took over. it's not like you had been waiting all year to spend this summer together and had made a list of things to do. it wasn't like that at all. except it was. but regardless of how it was, you had to be the person that supported him, because you knew he would've done the same to you. so there you stood, outside his place with a bottle of cheap champagne you had gotten your cousin to buy for you. you practiced your most genuine small once more and knocked, hearing shuffling inside.
the door swung open to reveal peter, with disheveled hair and a t-shirt that was just a little bit too small. he smiled at you. "is that the science fair t-shirt from freshman year?" he looked down at the ratty shirt, like he forgot he was wearing something that fit him like a tight crop top. "oh yeah..." he chuckled, "you know when you're packing and you can't decide if you should bring something so you try it on to see if you could picture yourself wearing it? i guess i got carried away." you walked past him into his apartment, looking around at your second home. "while it makes your muscles look huge, i'm not sure that will follow an engineering internship's dress code," you turn back to him so you can admire the smile he offered to your joke. you were careful to keep the bottle out of his line of vision, "I brought you something," you wiggled your eyebrows. "got any plans for the rest of the night?"
"just finishing my packing, i have an early morning tomorrow." he pulled his tiny shirt off and reached for another that was sitting on a box.
"come on, be done. it's your last night." you watched as he pulled the new, fitting, t-shirt over his head and down his torso.
"i know, but..."
"peter, please? you owe me one date before you go." he blushed and his eyes widened. peter had always been a bashful kid, you could remember an incident in elementary school when the woman serving them lunch had called him sugar, and he turned as pink as his strawberry milk.
"um yeah, yeah okay."
you revealed the bottle from behind your back, "to officially celebrate you. i thought it'd be very grown up of us. it's a little cheesy in hindsight i guess." you handed it to him.
"no," peter said a little too quickly, "thank you. i'm gonna open it."
"you're going to have so much fun this summer. it's just like we used to dream about, inventing things. and with tony stark? that's huge peter."
he chuckled nervously, "yeah, i'm lucky i was accepted. it will be good experience." he was focused on trying to get the foil off the neck of the bottle that was covered in condensation.
"lucky? don't pretend it was luck that got you that," peter's eyes shot to yours, "it's obvious why stark thought you were special." he looked down at the bottle again, moving slowly as to listen to what you might say next. "you're the smartest kid in our class, and the smartest person i know, which is saying something because i know myself." peter exhaled, and you got the feeling he had been holding that breath in for a few seconds.
"i just can't get this stupid thing open," his hands grabbed at the cork.
"here, let me help," you reached out your hand to take the bottle.
"no i got it, i can do it," his words came out harsh, but not in an angry way, in a desperate way. like he was trying to convince himself and not you.
"hey, it's okay," you placed your hands over his as they finally stilled.
"i'm just scared. what if i let someone down?" you realized how tired peter looked, and you suddenly felt bad for pestering him into plans. "what if i can't do my job well and i disappoint everyone?" you were slightly confused about why peter thought his unpaid internship was so high stakes, but when you saw how anxious you looked you pushed it aside. you pulled the champagne completely from his grasp and placed it on the table. then you returned to him and pulled a chair next to his, putting one arm around one of his shoulders and placing your chin on the other.
"that's not going to happen, peter. i know i said you're the smartest person i know, and you are. but more importantly, you're the most hardworking and passionate person i know. i've never seen you do anything half-assed." you both stayed silent for a few moments and listened to each other breathing, thinking about what to say next. "can i say something selfish?" you ask, your face still close to his, but not facing him.
"don't go."
"what?" he turned towards you, prompting you to pull away from his shoulder and look at him.
"stay here. you could easily find an internship here, especially since you have iron man's recommendation."
"usually you have to work for someone before they write you a recommendation," he says, his brow furrowed in confusion.
"you know what i mean."
"no, i don't."
"i'm trying to say you don't need this crazy far away job yet. plenty of people don't get internships like that for another two years."
"you're working this summer too remember?" you can hear a slight change in tone in peter's voice. it went from ignorant confusion to growing frustration in his confusion.
"please, i'm working in manhattan. i'm living at home, you're moving away. it's our last summer together for god knows how long, and you're leaving." it was true. you also had an internship, but you knew that this wasn't about work, and you thought peter might know that too.
"i can't just quit now, mr. stark is counting on me. i told you." you started to wish you hadn't said anything. not only was peter leaving but now you're last conversation you two was going to be an argument.
"i know but–" he cut you off.
"you told me to take the opportunity, i don't know why you're mad at me!"
"i'm not mad, i just–" this time you stopped yourself. you weren't mad. you were hurt. you were disappointed, in yourself, both for not saying anything earlier, and for saying anything at all. you were sad. you were heartbroken. so you did what you thought might give you some closure. you felt your legs carry you straight in front of peter and you kissed him.
the world felt like it stopped. it wasn't like fireworks like the movies always said. because while it was a first kiss, it was a goodbye kiss. the moment your lips touched his, you knew it was just one more thing for him to take with him when he left. the kiss was practically perfect. peter's arms went around your waist in a gentle but reassuring way. it wasn't hungry or lustful, it was textbook girl-gets-the-guy and they kiss in the rain at the end of the movie. it's like he had been waiting for you to do this. and it was all for nothing. you pulled away, after a beat you opened your eyes and met his, which were searching for an answer. "i'm just too late," you said, you tried to offer a small smile but you felt a lump form in your throat. you turned and walked towards the door. before turning the handle of the knob, you took a deep breath and looked back at him, your best friend. "i'm really proud of you peter," you waited a second and continued, "and i love you." you had both said these words before but now you both knew they meant something different. you closed the door behind you and walked down the hall, thinking about how peter would be saving the world this summer while you would be picking up the pieces to yours.
a/n part 2: ok so honestly i wrote this with a happy ending originally but i hated it so much so i stuck with angst. sorry about it. anyway, happy summer y'all. see you when i see you.
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