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the assistant (pt 2) // tom holland

i spend the rest of my day running around set, gathering things tom will need for the rest of the day: scripts, bottled water, his costumes… i even make sure to snag the last piece of sushi for him. his favorite.

the director calls cut for lunch. my eyes widen as the stampede of people hurry over to the table, including tom.

“you guys! i NEED my sushi!” he groans. he sighs and walks away from the table.

his face lights up when our eyes meet and his heads towards me. i quickly pretend not to notice and look down at my work phone, pretending to be busy.

“hi, y/n! how’s your first d- is that the last piece of sushi?” he asks, directing his attention to the california roll on the small paper plate in my hand.

“it’s not A california roll, it’s MY california roll!” i narrow my eyes at him, smirking, “anyway, so i got your costumes ready for your last few hours of filming, tomorrow’s scripts (i’ll have them highlighted and annotated my tomorrow morning, don’t worry)…. and there was one more thing, but i just can’t put my finger on it,” i tap my chin with my free hand, “oh, yeah! this is for you! i ate earlier so i could do some work while you ate,” his face lights up as he practically tackles me for the sushi. i chuckle and hand him the water as well.

he sits down in a neerby chair and i start towards his dressing room, “where are you going?” he twists his face in confusion.

“i assumed you’d be sitting with your coworkers,” i chuckle turning around.

his face falls, “well, i don’t know him that well yet. we only just started filming and they’re all friends… it’s sorta awkward,” he chuckles sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck.

i sit down next to him and take a sip of my own bottle of water, enjoying his company. even if we don’t say anything, i feel like i could just sit here forever.

“so, what made you want to get into acting?” i ask.

“well, it’s pretty simple: i just wanna make people happy, you know?” he smiles taking another bite of sushi.

“yeah, i was the same way. i had always wanted to act, and i did all through college, but once i learned how stressful it was, i decided to change and go into the business side. if i could make someone’s chaotic life a little bit easier, i will have done what i set out to do,” i blush a little and divert my gaze from his.

he gently touches my chin, directing it upward and sending chills through my spine, “well, i appreciate you. you’re certainly making my life easier. my last assistant was only in it for the money and to be around me,” he sighs and runs a hand through his air, “sometimes, i wish people would want to know me for me and not for ‘the youngest spiderman,’ you know?”

“i do. and i would love to know more about you. sure, you sign my paychecks, but i would genuinely like to get to know you,” i reply, resting my hand on top of his reassuringly.

he looks into my eyes and gulps. is he nervous? just as he opens his mouth to say something, the director calls everyone back to set. he stands up and hands me his plate to throw away and quickly chuggs down the rest of the water, placing the empty bottle on top of the plate. his hand grazes mine for a split second causing me to tense up. i pray he doesn’t notice and mutter a quick goodbye before starting towards the trash.

“y/n, wait!” tom jogs to meet me. i raise my eyebrows at him. he stands in silence looking into my eyes, searching for something, anything to say, “u-um thank you for talking to me. i’d love to do it again. maybe it could be a regular thing?”

“it’s a date!” i exclaim, immediately regretting my words. his face flashes a quick glipse of excitement before he hands me his phone to hold and quickly jogs back to set.

i find my way back to his dressing room and through myself on his couch after kicking off my shoes. how could i have been so stupid?

i sit up and start highlighting his script to block out the memories of touching him and wanting even more.

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I think it’s time to START the Maliq Johnson as Miles Morales narrative!!!!


EVERYTIME I see a Miles Morales fancasting they have a cool young actor but they never seem to fit. Like their energy for the character is just a little off. When I first saw Maliq in the Netflix show Grand Army I IMMEDIATELY thought that is Miles Morales right there. He has so much natural charisma that fits extremely well with the MCU. And the show took place in New York he just fits so perfectly anyways he is the guy Maliq Johnson makes sense!!


SPREAD ON TWITTER he needs to be seen

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Daisy: Today I saw Simmons crying for 5-6 minutes and then an alarm went off and she just… stopped crying and went back to work.

Jemma: It’s called time management.

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Daisy: And if something epic happens, you say “wig.”

Coulson, listening attentively: Okay okay, got it, thanks.


May: That decision is made with the people who love you! And that’s me. I love you.

Coulson, utterly shell-shocked: Wig

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