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I know I rave about Steven a lot, but. Marc Spector. Marc Spector who, asked by Gods themselves if he's hurting, he answers yes, yes he's hurting, but his feelings don't matter next to a maniac he wants to protect the world from, and what harm he can cause to humanity.
Marc Spector who wanted to give Steven, a version of himself that he cares about tremendously, the normal, happy life he never got to live, and constantly promising he won't burden it by being there.
Marc Spector who lost his baby brother when he was just a child and suffered cruel, unjust, damaging abuse from his mother who made him feel responsible for it.
Marc Spector who kills only "the worst of the worst" and still, the guilt of that is so crushing that he remembers each and every one of them. Where they come from, their faces, in vivid detai, and only responds with " you try taking a life"
Marc Spector feeling so guilty over his brother that he pictures him in a room with other people he's killed.
Marc Spector who sobbed and mourned for his mother even after she emotionally and physically abused him and robbed him of self-esteem, self-worth, and joy.
Marc Spector, who was willing to sacrifice his relationship with Leyla, the one person in his life who ever made him feel heard and seen and like he belonged, who made him feel just a bit less alone, because the deity he sold his soul to wanted her as his replacement and he wanted to spare her the pain.
Marc Spector, who rejected a peaceful paradise in favour of dying with Steven.
Marc Spector, who had the man that was willing to eradicate millions of people for a self-righteous cause at his feet and could've landed the killing blow, and chose to give mercy instead.
Marc Spector.
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i'm really not a needy person but I NEED TO SEE JAKE LOCKLEY'S MOON SUIT
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He looks so good in this color, and no one can tell me otherwise.
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baby scarab || 25
@impossiblealice - My brain keeps asking how pissed Layla's going to be when she finds out what happened and she never got a phone call.
Does Marc want more trouble?
because she knows he'll heal and he has not even text'd her.
And Layla cares.
It's a oh I'm not mad at you little scarab, but him, yeah he should run.
@rjwinterfell - hello! for the baby scarab series - I think an interesting concept could be around the character not knowing their own strength after being bit by the spider? nothing graphic probably, but if the character got exceedingly angry and accidentally broke a stone kitchen counter or something dramatic like that I think it could be really cool!!
I believe there's a comic out there where a villain takes over peter Parkers body, goes to mess up spidermans reputation, and realizes that Peter has been pulling his punches (after going full force on someone's jaw, which they no longer had.....yeah). that's where the idea came from.
loving the series so far!! if you decide not to use this, I totally get it 🙂👍
anon - Holy shit you’re a great writer! Could you write something where reader gets hurt doing spidey stuff but doesn’t tell the MK boys cause they told her to not sneak out and she’s once again scared they’re gonna be angry, but somehow they find out anyways
A/N : thank you all for the compliments!! im happy so many people like my writing <3
another action filled chapter :)
Tumblr media
masterlist - marvel masterlist - series masterlist
A/N : layla mad lol
please enjoy, and don't be shy if you want to be in the taglist, just ask <3, sorry for the long wait
pairings : steven grant x (platonic)reader, marc spector x (platonic) reader, khonshu x (platonic)reader, jake lockley x (platonic)reader, layla el faouly x (platonic)reader
TW : medicine (pills), language, spidey stuff, marc being overprotective, casper being a fanboy, just general angst(?), violence. let me know if i missed anything
you contently woke up with jake, him having his hat down over his eyes while one of his arms held you close to him.
last night was you two just catching up, and munching on the amazing bread that grace made.
you yawn silently and snuggle into jakes chest as he continues to sleep peacefully.
he told you that he disappeared for a while after the incident because you saw him killing all those guys.
he thought you were scared of him.
but after hearing you ask for him over and over, he pushed that thought to the back of his head.
and he was glad he did, because now everything is almost how it was before.
you heard a phone start ringing, and it made you jump and jake woke up when you did in surprise.
you look down to the nightstand and see that the guys’ phone was now lit up with a picture of layla and her contact name, while the green button pierced into your eyes.
you were about to reach for the phone when jake blocks your hand and shakes his head.
you purse your lips as it stops ringing, seeing that there are over 10 missed calls from her and many texts.
“i thought marc would have talked to her- he said he would” you glare at the mirror on the nightstand.
“well spector is known to be a pathological liar-“
“i am not” marc tells you, and you look back at the phone to see that layla is calling again.
you see marc and jake shaking their heads at you, and when you go to reach for it, jake grabs your arm again to prevent you from doing so.
“well isn’t someone going to answer?” you ask rhetorically, and you see no movement.
you scoff. “forget this” you mutter, shoving jakes hand off you to web it down to the bed, and you scramble to grab the phone before he can yank you back with his free hand.
“no- hey! come fix this!” jake exclaims as he tries to get his hand off the bed, and gets even more annoyed when you shoot a web out at the other one too.
“y/n, te vas a arrepentir de eso” jake says darkly and you just smile at him, besides you don’t even know what he even said.
you pick up the phone and answer it right before it goes to voicemail again.
“MARC?!” is the first thing you hear.
you pull the phone from your ear for a second, then decide to speak. “marc’s not exactly available right now” you say into the phone and wave to jake who’s still trying to yank his hands off the bed.
“oh- y/n!” layla starts surprised. “sorry for yelling, that was for marc.” she apologizes and you chuckle.
“it’s fine” you say, and you hear her sigh in relief.
“i was calling to say that i’m in the elevator now, so that he can explain all the shit he’s been dodging whenever i talk to him” she rants and you nod, even though you know she can’t see you.
“oh, alright.” you begin. “i’ll see you in a minute then”
layla laughs. “see you in a minute” and then she hangs up.
you look back at jake, who was just sitting still while glaring at you.
you roll your eyes, tossing the phone on the bed and yanking the webs off his hands like they weren’t even stuck in the first place.
“marc, i would summon the suit, laylas in the elevator and she’s mad” you say to the mirror while jake continues to just glare at you.
“oh my god, she’s here?!” he then fronts out of reflex, and he looks around frantically.
“you have to hide me” he tells you, getting up and grabbing your shoulders.
“no, just go face your fears.” you shove him towards the door, and as if on cue, layla is knocking at the door.
you dramatically gasp and put a hand to your chest. “now who could that be?” you ask sarcastically and marc flicks you in the forehead and walks towards the door, muttering curses and then opening it, only to be met with laylas fist to his stomach.
marc groans as he backs up, layla stepping in and kicking the door closed.
you look at both of them with wide eyes, and they soften when layla comes towards you.
“oh, there are bruises all over you..” she observes, referring to the still fading bruises littered on your cheeks.
she takes your face in her hands and she turns to glare at marc. “is this why you refused to answer me?” she asks marc, who’s still recovering from the punch.
he just nods regretfully, and layla turns back to you, brushing a stray strand of hair out of your face.
“are you okay?” she asks and you nod, earning a sigh of relief from her.
“no thanks to marc i’m guessing?” she asks, but you furrow your brows.
“no actually-“
she sighs. “i know, he probably saved you from whatever, but i’m still mad he didn’t even tell me!” she begins to raise her voice, but keeping a soft look on her face while she looks at you.
“i could’ve helped!” she exclaims, and she gently lets go of you to walk back to marc.
she hits him in the shoulder while you stand there gaping at the exchange from a couple feet away.
marc was just taking the hits, barely putting effort into shielding himself.
he knew she was angry at him- and trying to get her to stop smacking him just fuels the fire.
“do you see her face?” she points to you who freezes on the spot.
“you couldn’t be bothered to tell me! what else happened?” she demands and both you and marc exchange looks before he sighs.
“i will explain everything, just stop hitting me” marc says and layla hesitantly nods.
marc moves to sit at the table in the kitchen, layla following and doing the same, and eventually you walk over too.
“layla, i’m.. sorry i didn’t tell you anything” marc apologizes and layla softens her expression.
“you know i don’t like secrets” layla tells him, while you sit down beside marc.
“just as long as nothing too serious happened, we won’t have trouble” she says more sternly while you and marc wince.
“actually.. it’s kinda serious” you cut in, and layla gives marc a look.
“well then, what the hell happened?” layla grits out at marc.
he sighs and sends you a quick glare. “she was kidnapped” marc says quietly, and layla puts a hand over her mouth in shock.
“oh my..” she can’t get too many words out as she looks to you in a worried manner.
“are you okay?!” she exclaims, and you nod quickly. 
“yeah, yeah, i’m fine” you assure her and send her a small smile.
“we also have some.. interesting news” marc says and layla nods as if saying, ‘go on’.
marc takes a breath and looks to you for a split second.
“we know who y/n’s birth parents are” he starts.
“oh- that’s-“ layla starts but is interrupted.
“but- first off, they are both dead” marc says quietly and you nod, looking down at the first mention of your parents.
“and the second?” layla asks, and marc hesitates in speaking but does so anyways, moving to hold your hand under the table.
“y/n’s father.. he’s..” he takes another breath. “let’s just say he tried to release ammit” he says, not wanting to say his name.
layla looks between the both of you in shock. 
“he’s.. he’s her father?” she asks quietly, both you and marc nodding.
“how could such a sweet girl have such a terrible father?” she asks, and send you a small smile.
“you look at me” layla orders, so you do.
“knowing who your dad is doesn’t change who you are” she pauses. “got it?” she asks and you nod quickly.
“good, now forget about him, alright?” she says and you nod, while marc sends you a pleading look.
“i certainly will try” you assure her and she nods, turning to marc with a glare.
she takes one of marc’s ears into her hand, yanking him towards her while he lets out a chorus of ‘ow’s’.
you watch the interaction with a smile, leaning your chin on your fist.
“see? was it really so hard to just tell me what happened? huh?” she pulls on his ear harder, and marc lets out a groan of pain.
“no- no, it wasn’t” he starts. “no more secrets- let go” he takes her hand off him and sits back up straight to glare at her, who is smiling.
he looks to you who is entertained, and he scoffs.
“you guys are so mean” he mutters, and you snicker.
you notice a change in demeanor and it signals that steven is now fronting.
“hello layla, lovely morning isn’t it?” he ask sarcastically, rubbing his sore ear as layla smiles in pride.
she nods and you make a face. “it’s ‘innit’” you correct steven and he shakes his head.
“it’s not, don’t feed into stereotypes” he complains, letting go of your hand to swat you in the shoulder.
“anyways, what are you guys hungry for?”
you steven and layla all peacefully ate breakfast together.
and it was right when you all finished that khonshu appeared, layla being a bit confused at first when you turned to look at thin air.
“you two are needed in libya-“ 
“no” marc interrupts, shaking his head from the mirror.
khonshu sighs and shakes his bony head.
“it’s either you go there, or they come here” he says and marc groans.
“are you kidding me? i cant leave y/n here by herself” marc says, and you make a look at the mirror.
“you can and you will” you squint your eyes at him.
“what’s he saying?” layla asks, knowing full well that you’re talking to marc.
“just that he doesn’t want to leave to libya with you” you shrug.
“that’s not what i said-“
“he what?” layla rolls her eyes, and looks up at the ceiling.
you sense a new presence in the room and get confused. layla notices this and smiles while pointing behind you.
you slowly turn around, and see a literal hippo lady, and you jump back out of your chair.
you let out a gasp in realization. “that’s taweret-“ you point at the hippo and steven chuckles.
“you’re having a better reaction than we did” he tells you and marc shakes his head.
“you said we wouldn’t talk about it” marc murmurs while you stare at the goddess.
her ears flick. “hi” she waves with a smile and you hesitate in waving back, but do so anyways.
taweret turns to layla. “where to?” she asks while marc and steven are quietly arguing about something, jake staying quiet but still present.
“libya, and soon before whoever we’re facing comes here” she answers, standing up beside steven.
marc then fronts and turns to you. “kid, you gotta promise me something, okay?” he says, coming a bit closer.
“yeah, what is it?” you ask.
“i have to go- we have to go” he starts. “i don’t exactly have a choice” he turns to glare a khonshu. 
“so while we’re gone don’t leave this apartment, keep the doors and windows locked, curtains closed and all that” he begins while you nod.
“you know where the food is, so help yourself” he takes a breath.
“and call me if you need me, or just if you want to” he finishes quickly, and you purse your lips.
“i’ll be fine” you shrug. “that was a one time thing” you joke, and he gives you a look.
“sorry” you say and he softens the expression on his face. 
“it’s fine, just.. stay safe, okay?” he asks and you nod.
“you too” you start, looking to layla behind him. “both of you” you clarify.
marc backs up from you as the suit envelopes his body, the mask not on yet, the same with layla, which you’re in awe at because you’ve actually never seen her suit before.
“this is not fair. i want a cool suit” you complain, and the two chuckle.
“see you later, kiddo” layla says, both of the adults leaving towards the door.
“go wait in the car, i’ll catch up” marc mutters to layla, who nods and leaves through the front door.
marc comes back to you, and gives you a quick hug and holding you by your shoulders.
“don’t miss me too much” he says and you snort.
“speak for yourself” you retort and he scoffs, sending you one last smile, backing up again towards the door.
“lock the door” was the last thing he said before shutting it behind him, and you hear his retreating footsteps down the hall.
you sigh and look around the room, seeing that taweret and khonshu were both gone now too.
“well now what?” you ask yourself, knowing that nobody was going to answer.
you shake your head to yourself and let out a breath.
you settled for cleaning up the kitchen. 
yes, you, cleaning. it was because the guys were usually tired by the time they came back, and they would feel better if they came home to a clean house.
you’d washed all the dishes, cleaned off all the tables and counters, threw away all the pop tart wrappers you had hidden around, just stuff like that.
and now you were watching the news, pretty boring i know, but you had nothing better to do.
or did you?
you heard something outside the building, in the direction of the alleyway with your enhanced hearing.
your spidey senses ring in your head as you get up to look out the window, carefully peeling back the curtain just a smidge.
there were two people. a man and a woman, both in all black with ski masks on, pointing across the street to the convenience store.
they were totally planning on robbing that building.
no doubt.
you shut the curtain again, gathering your thoughts in your head.
you could either stay here and be the reason that nobody stopped these guys from robbing a convenience store, or you could stop them and be in a lot of trouble with marc.
you ponder your options and pick the obvious.
stopping them of course, if you got them to stay in the alley nobody would know it was you.
you make your way over to the door quickly, opening it as fast as you shut it, rushing over a couple doors down to your place.
you got in and changed into your ‘suit’ in record time.
you left, locked the door again and decided to leave out of the open window at the end of the hall, to avoid people looking at you from the lobby downstairs.
you silently pull your mask up over your mouth and nose, along with the goggles over your eyes and hood over your head.
you crawl down the walls into the alley, seeing the two people with their backs to you.
you squint your eyes at them, seeing a gun on each of their figures.
you hop down off the wall, and behind the dumpster, to which they heard your feet hit the ground.
“did you hear that?” you hear the woman start. “who’s there?!” she exclaims, and you hear her coming closer.
she darts over so that she’s now pointing her gun at you, and you jump up above her before she can shoot you, and you land behind her.
the man however, comes over as well and pulls his gun out.
the woman turns around, now two guns are pointed at you.
you slowly raise your hands, and your thankful they don’t shoot.
“on the ground” the man says, and you slowly get down on one knee, just to shoot a web at both the guns and yanking them towards you.
then, it was the bad guys who had their hands up.
you chuckle to yourself and turn the safety on both of the guns.
“do either of you have a phone?” you ask, and the woman nods while the man shakes his head.
“call the police, will ya?” you start. “i don’t know how long i can be out here” you finish, the woman just slowly taking the phone out of her pocket.
what you could sense in time, is the fact that she was about to chuck it at your face, as a distraction so that they could run to their getaway car.
the edge of the phone hit you in the nose, making your eyes water as you blink away tears from behind the goggles.
you immediately shoot your head towards the two people who are getting in a small black car, and you throw the guns down to run after them.
the car skids into the street, going well over the speed limit while you run out into the road and shoot a web out at a light post, swinging on it to catch up to the car.
you kept doing that, and every time they took a turn they got even farther away from you.
you try to ignore the people down on the sidewalks shouting in surprise at seeing someone swinging around on spiderwebs while chasing a car.
and you also try to ignore the many people honking their horns every time you get close to the ground.
you don’t know how far you are away from home- but as long as you get there before marc you’d be fine.
except you had no idea when that was.
the car kept going, faster and faster and almost hitting other cars while trying to get away.
you notice how the car doesn’t even come close to stopping when it comes up on a like of stopped ones at a red light and you panic, dropping to the ground before shooting two webs out, and trying to stop the car from hitting them.
the car slows a little, your feet dragging on the ground as you try to keep them planted into it.
you let out a pained groan as you feel like your arms are going to be ripped off.
you keep pulling, determined to not let this car hit anything as the tires spun while smoke formed under them.
you feel the pressure stop, meaning the car has too and you become curious.
your spidey senses ring in your head once again, but you have no idea what for, so you look around, darting your eyes around the street.
it was too late when you turned back to the car.
it was reversing towards you, and your reaction time wasn’t fast enough as it slams into you, your ribs taking the most of the hit.
you get thrown back, the back of your head hitting the concrete below you.
you lift your head up shakily and put a hand to your ribs, watching the car get away.
you sigh disappointedly, looking around at the bystanders all pointing cameras at you or just staring.
you get up, almost tripping over your feet as you painfully sprint to the nearest alleyway, trying to hide from anyone and everyone.
you clutch your side, feeling something soaking through both of the pieces of fabric.
you shakily lift your hand, seeing a small patch of blood on your shirt.
you mutter curses while you put your hand back over it, looking around and recognizing the alley.
‘this is the alley right next to casper’s house..’
you realize, and you look up and see the fire escape that connects to his rooms window.
you think about it for a second, and decide to force yourself up the stairs, slowly so that you don’t hurt yourself too much.
after managing to limp all the way up the stairs, you peer through the window and see that casper is writing something in a notebook, one of his earbuds in his ear.
you knock on the window, not gaining his attention the first time, but the second, he jumps up and looks at you with wide eyes.
you wave while still clutching your side while casper yanks his earbud out of his ear to make his way to the window, unlocking it and sliding it open.
“woahhhh, you’re the spider vigilante” he says and you chuckle from behind the mask.
“can i uh.. can i come in?” you ask and he nods slowly, moving out of the way so that you could maneuver yourself so that you’re now standing in his room.
“why are you- why are you here?” he asks quickly and quietly, going to his door to close it.
“if my mom or my sister sees you they’ll freak out” he whisper yells at you and you shake your head, taking in a wheezing breath.
“casper, you can’t tell anyone about what you’re going to see” you say and he looks nervous, coming back to you.
“are you alright? you look hurt” he ignores you and he points to your hand that’s still pressing down on your wound.
“casper” you say impatiently, and he looks at you wide eyed again.
“how do you know my name?” he asks and you hold a hand up, skipping your hood off so that you can get the goggles off, tossing them on the windowsill, avoiding the plants that sit there.
casper looks worried as you unhook the mask from your ears, and he gasps once he sees your face, now with a guilty smile on it.
“surprise” you quietly sing out, and he stand there while trying to figure out what to say.
“you’re- you’re the- oh my god it’s you!” he whisper shouts and you nod.
“please calm down, i need help and i didn’t think i could make it home in time i-“
“what happened? of course i can help you” he says quickly and you tilt your head at him.
“i stopped a robbery before it could happen but they got away after they hit me with their car” you explain quickly and casper gasps again.
“you got hit with a car?!” 
“yes, now keep it down” you start. “do you have alcohol and some gauze?” you ask and he nods.
“what kind of alcohol do you want? i think my dad has some vodka locked up somewhere” he jokes but you just give him a deadpan look.
he looks down embarrassed and nods. “right, yeah i have some” he mutters, leaving the room for a quick minute.
you stay put, just moving to sit on the edge of his bed, lifting your hand to see that the only blood that was shed was now dried into your shirt.
you sigh in relief that you weren’t actively bleeding, but regret it as it hurts a little to breath.
casper comes back in, a bottle of half full alcohol, gauze and a small black towel.
“i hope this is good enough, because it’s all we got” he chuckles, setting it all down next to you on the bed.
“please don’t get blood on my sheets, my mom will lose her shit” you both share a laugh and you pick up the small towel and the alcohol.
you lift up your shirt, seeing a decent sized cut right under your right side of ribs.
you hear casper gasp, and see that he’s staring at your wound with a hand over his mouth.
“are you sure you’re okay?” he asks and you nod.
“do you need help?” he asks again and this time you don’t respond, you just soak the towel in the alcohol before lifting your shirt again.
you hesitate before pressing it against the open cut, but do so anyways while biting your lip to keep from making any noise.
casper winces and moves to sit next to you on the bed, watching you carefully.
“you never answered me, you know” he says, while you keep dabbing at the dirty cut.
“i don’t need help” you say, and he snorts.
“sure you don’t” he sarcastically says, and he reaches a hand out, as if saying he could help you.
you look at him with questioning eyes. “do you even know how to do this?” you ask and he nods.
“after the last day of school, i actually have been watching youtube tutorials” he says matter of factly.
“really? and that makes you a doctor?” you ask sarcastically.
“a male nurse actually” he laughs at his own joke while you smile at him, letting him take the towel from your hand as you get a better grip on your shirt.
you’re glad he wasn’t.. that type of person to get a nosebleed whenever he sees a little above a woman’s bare waist.
casper just thought of this whole thing as helping a friend, and besides he couldn’t get past the fact that you were the spider vigilante.
well plus the fact that you had a deep-ish cut on your ribs.
he runs the towel over the cut gently and mutters apologies every time you jerk away from it.
he eventually cleaned the whole thing off, and you sighed in relief as he was using medical tape to secure a piece of gauze over the cut.
he was too focused on helping you that he couldn’t notice the fact that you were staring at him.
not in a creepy way though, it’s just that you really were grateful for what he was doing for you.
he didn’t have to do this- you didn’t ask him to- he wanted to.
he wanted to help you.
casper looks back up at you. “i think this should be good, do you need me to walk you home?” he asks, trailing of his sentence when he notices your stare.
“you should really be more careful” he says, and you see his eyes flicker from your e/c eyes to your lips for a split second.
he notices that you saw it because of the smirk that formed on your face, and his face turned beet red.
“ohmygod i’m sorry” he murmurs, getting up and moving to grab your goggles and mask, handing them to you.
“are you good to go? it’s be hard to explain to mom what exactly is going on here” you both laugh.
“yeah, marc’s going to kill me if i’m not there” you cringe and stand up with the help of casper, who had his elbow hooked with yours.
“be careful okay? please go straight home” he tells you and you nod, lifting your legs up to crouch on the windowsill, careful to not knock over any of the plants.
“we can talk about the whole spider thing when you’re better, okay?” casper says in a stern voice and you smile.
“i’d want nothing more” you say and you put the goggles on so that they are resting on your head, and the mask down under your chin, hood now over your head again.
“hydrogen peroxide will help with the stain” he gestures to the dried blood on your shirt.
“thanks” you tilt your head at him, and quickly grasping the collar of his shirt and bringing his face close to yours.
“you know, for helping me out” you continue your sentence, kissing him on the cheek and letting go, throwing your legs over the windowsill to face outside.
“i’ll see you around” you give him a two fingered salute, hopping down on the fire escape without giving casper a chance to respond.
after you made your way down, him watching to make sure you didn’t fall down the stairs, he brought a hand to his cheek and sighed.
once he saw you leave the alley safely, goggles and mask on, he cleaned up the mess you guys made, putting the dirty towel in his laundry basket and hid the alcohol and spare gauze under a notebook in his nightstand.
casper sat down on his bed, thinking about the short confusing time he just spent with you.
he mentally says ‘fuck it’ and flops down on his bed, laying down on his back as he brings a pillow to his face, letting out a short scream.
he takes the pillow off his face, and gathers himself before going back to his desk, writing more to calm himself.
‘what a day’
you felt more smug than ever.
you knew full well how you made casper feel, and maybe you felt the same.
you couldn’t worry about that now, you just had to get home before anyone sees you and especially before marc gets back.
you got back fairly quick, thanks to casper.
you already felt yourself healing, which was one of the things you loved about the spider bite.
you climb back up the wall, being thankful that nobody really saw you as you slide into the window and listen for if anyone is coming in your direction.
it was clear, not a single noise on your floor, so you take that as a silent win.
you sneak back into your place, change back into your clothes in record time, being careful of the cut of course, and slipping back out into marc’s place.
you lock the door and let out a sigh of relief.
but all that goes to shit when you turn around and see marc sitting at the kitchen table, glaring in your direction.
the shock took over you and you accidentally crushed the doorknob into the shape of your fist.
you chuckled to yourself in embarrassment, and made sure the door could still open, and when it did you went to close it just to have it slam shut, making cracks in the wall and splinters fly off the wooden door.
you just let go of the whole thing after that as you turn back to marc.
not a word is said, you just freeze by the door while marc looks up at you and stands up slowly.
you stare down at the ground, your fingers messing with your sleeves.
“where were you?” he asks lowly and you don’t answer as he gets closer.
“i’ll ask you again” he starts, getting close enough to look down at you. “where were you?” he asks again.
you take a shaky breath and look up at him slowly. “i couldn’t help it” you shake your head, and you feel yourself tear up.
“i had to stop them- i couldn’t just sit here and watch as they robbed the store” you said quickly and marc’s expression softened slightly.
“i knew i could stop them and i did.” you take another breath, wiping feverishly at your eyes.
“there are police for a reason. they could’ve stopped it just as well as you” marc argues and you blink away more tears that you refused to let fall.
“but i have these.. these abilities for a reason.” you retort and marc raises an eyebrow. “to do good. and that’s what i did” you said.
marc sighs and is about to speak when he’s interrupted. “she’s right.” jake says, and you look at the mirror to your right in surprise.
“she also fails to mention that she stopped the getaway car from ramming into traffic” jake shrugs and you get confused.
“how’d you..”
“oh, you left the news on” jake points to the tv, so both you and marc turn to it, and you see a video taken of yourself pulling the car away from traffic with your webs and your bare hands.
“several witnesses argue that this new vigilante is indeed not harmful at all, and is just trying to help” a news reporter states, and a camera cuts to a lady, probably an interview.
“yeah, this spider lady just kinda swung in and pulled the car away from traffic” she starts, smiling to herself. “i’m glad she did, because if she wasn’t there, that car would’ve hit me” she finishes, the cameras cutting back to more footage.
marc turns to you, still having a stern look on his face. “i can’t stop you. can i?” he states more than questions.
you don’t answer, but that gives him plenty of information.
“i’ll offer you a deal” he says and you look up at him.
“you can’t go out by yourself” he starts, already regretting his words. “but when i go patrolling, you can… you can come with us” he says quietly and you stare up at him with wide eyes.
“BUT- only once a week” he says and you nod quickly.
“i can’t believe i just said that” he mutters, flinching from surprise when you threw your arms around him.
“thankyouthankyouthankyou” you chant, marc chuckling as he brings a hand up to pat your back.
“i’m still.. angry at your decision though” marc says and you cringe, pulling away from him.
“i’ll make it up to you, whatever you want” you say a bit too quickly and he laughs again.
“just.. please don’t go out without me” he starts. “i mean it”
you nod sadly. “i promise i won’t” you say and marc sighs.
“enough of this- did you get hurt at all?” he asks and you shake your head.
“nope. just a car chase” you lie.
marc seemed to believe you, and he smiled at you.
“now let’s talk about how you stopped a car from ramming into traffic” steven cuts in excitedly, and you chuckle again.
that night, you told the guys exactly what happened, excusing the part with the guns and when you got hit by a car, oh and don’t forget you going to casper’s place and telling him about your secret identity.
but everything else, you told them.
steven was amazed, being honest. you being a 16 year old girl pulling a car to a stop with just some spider webs? amazing. he also told you not to worry about the door and the wall- he’d figure something out.
jake was just plain impressed. he knew you had potential to do this type of thing, he even told you so. he believed that if you really put your kind to it, you could be a great hero.
now marc, marc was still mad. well- not mad but disappointed. he just didn’t want you getting hurt, since you’ve already been through so much. he didn’t want a repeat of the incident. he didn’t know if someone out there has been looking for you either.
you assured them that you could take care of yourself.
you can, and you will.
and it’s like what jake had told you before you all headed to bed.
“you can be such a great little hero, little spiderling”
of course you smacked him in the arm for that- but he didn’t mind.
he didn’t mind because it was you.
none of them minded.
because it was you.
A/N : again- couldve delivered the requests better but oh well. hope you all liked it and ill see you all on tuesday!! :) <3
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I had some ideas for what Jake’s suit could look like, and decided on making a mix of Marc’s suit and the comic book suit.
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I wish there were more x male reader fan fictions with marvel characters
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I always found it weird that once Steven and Marc finally talk about things in that locker room, Steven asks Marc what he is, but he doesn’t elaborate on their plural situation, instead goes straight to the avatar business. Steven doesn’t understand what is happening, it’s also not clear whether he knows what DID is, but later he doesn’t question how him and Marc can share a body, he kinda accepts that things like that can exist.
And I might’ve found some answers. Knowing how many things shown in the trailers never made it in, I went back to rewatch a few, and I found this:
Tumblr media
So I’m guessing they do address this situation (possibly rather briefly, knowing how tight-lipped Marc is and also knowing that Steven only finds things out in the Duat), but it was cut out.
You can watch the trailer here.
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Recreating this iconic pic of Oscar Isaac eating hot cheetos with chopsticks, but with a moonknight twist 😭🤚
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I said, that's my baby, and I'm really proud
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I think I’m gonna wait until few episodes come out before writing another one shot.
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Babe wake up already, stop dreaming of moon knight season 2, it wont happen anytime soon--
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I just want Steven and Marc to get along...
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dr strange after watching the fucking sky transform back to what it looked like 3000 years ago on a random ass night right after he breaks the multiverse to help some random ass kid get into college, came back from being gone for 5 years, witnessed that redhead chick break reality and hold a town captive for like a week while forcing the citizens into sitcom roles, fighting thanos like twice, and not knowing which fuckhead is messing with the stability of space and time and reality THIS time:
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You know why I love the idea that it was Jake Lockley who set Steven up on a date with his coworker? Because that implies that Jake is the fun-loving womanizer of the personalities. So we have:
1) Marc Spector, the battle-hardened American mercenary who shoots first, asks questions later
2) Steven Grant, the shy and clumsy British Egyptology dork who has an overbearing boss
3) Jake Lockley, the (presumably) fun-loving womanizer
And since this is a series about Egyptian lore, I can’t help but point out that Oscar Isaac is basically playing the entire Mummy trio (Rick is Marc, Evelyn is Steven, and Jonathan is Jake).
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the diabolic duo
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