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winterseige · 7 months ago
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"The joke at Marvel is that the reason why I made Eternals is so I can go online & read the fanfiction about my own movie. I'm also going to write some on AO3 and put it up with a different name." - Chloé Zhao
interview here here
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giveamadeuschohisownmovie · 6 months ago
It just occurred to me that “Hawkeye” is continuing the MCU Phase 4 trend of the TV shows’ main villains being the dark reflection of the heroes.
Agatha Harkness was a witch who was cast out by the people around her, like Wanda.
Karli Morgenthau was a traumatized super-soldier with a strong sense of justice who wanted to battle corruption, like Sam and Bucky.
He Who Remains was a narcissistic jackass with questionable morals who started a war with other versions of himself, like Loki. 
Now we have Echo and (presumably) Wilson Fisk. Echo is a badass warrior who lost her dad, Fisk is the strong father figure who Echo looks up to. Basically, evil Kate and Clint. But we also have the added element that Echo and Fisk have Kate and Clint’s backgrounds but in reverse. Echo is a deaf person who grew up poor (Clint), Fisk is a rich socialite who thinks he’s invincible (Kate).
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murasaki-cha · 6 months ago
Top 6 moments of No Way Home in no particular order:
Stephen saying “Pleas Scooby-Do this shit”
Matt MOTHERFUCKING Murdock being a great lawyer
The Venom/Eddie aftercredit scene!
Doc Ock being literally THE BEST!
Andrew making Spiderman so bi I stan!
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moonlight-presence · a month ago
noticed u have requests open ! would it be ok to request a fic of Jake Lockley smut ? maybe it’s his first time with the reader after watching Marc/Steven have her for so long, he’s pent up and all 👀
Getting to know you (Jake Lockley X Reader)
Tumblr media
Category: F/M
Fandom: Moon Knight (2022)
Relationship: Jake Lockley X Reader
Words: 3960
Summary: Jake is jealous of Marc and Steven, so he asks them if he can "get to know you better"... You aren´t sure of this, so you ask to talk to him first. Things escalate a bit, and you end up knowing him in a very intimate way.
Warnings: Dom Jake, Doggystyle, Blowjobs, Spanking, Jealousy, Sub reader, Rough sex, Backshots, Basically Jake being really dominant and rough, You are kind of scared of Jake but not really (he is just intimidating)
Translation for the Spanish words: "mi amor": my love; "princesa": princess; "hermosa": pretty, beautiful ; "mi vida": my life; "mierda": shit; "rápido": quickly; hurry up; "Dulces sueños": sweet dreams.
You open the door of your apartment, a bag of groceries in one hand and your purse in the other. You look around and see Steven looking at the mirror in front of him, his worried eyes staring at something you couldn´t see as he mumbled something only audible to him.
You quickly realized he was talking with Marc… Well, you guessed it was Marc because they never really talked to Jake. In fact, you haven´t actually held a proper conversation with him. All of your social interactions consisted of quick words, most of them in Spanish, and then Marc would take control.
Marc never really liked when Jake took control of the body.
He was the most unpredictable alter of all of them, and that made him the most dangerous. However… If you had to admit it, you quite liked when he stared you down with that intense gaze of his… And the way he spoke Spanish, did make shivers run down your spine.
You close the door behind you and Steven almost jumps in place as he looks at you. He clears his throat, and forces a small smile, the weird gesture clearly transmitting that he is quite nervous about something.
You put down your things on the kitchen table, and cross your arms beneath your chest, your head tilting in question at him.
"Is everything alright, honey?", Steven swallows and nods before glancing shortly at the mirror and mumbling a quick "shut up, please."
"Hum…Yeah, darling, everything is marvelous. Hum, how was work?", he tries to change the subject and you arch an eyebrow.
"It was good… Steven, are you really okay? What is it?", you push further and Steven begins playing with his fingers. He licks his lips slowly and then meets your eyes, he is clearly distressed.
"Hum… I-I… Bollocks, I have to tell you something.", he says and you feel your heart tighten. Steven walks toward you and you look at him with worry.
"You are scaring me, Steven…", he grabs your hands and gently squeezes them.
"M-marc, well he didn't want me to tell you but I am going to do it because it's the right thing to do… Jake, he-", his voice suddenly comes to a halt and you see him closing his eyes and groaning. You wait a bit for something to happen and then you see his body becoming tenser, his face harder than before.
"It´s nothing. Come on, let me help with the groceries.", Marc says before moving towards the bag and making you frown at him.
"Bullshit you will! Marc, what is going on?!", you raise your voice slightly and he freezes on the spot, his muscles tensing up. You are beginning to feel more and more worried.
Marc slowly turns around and sighs before crossing his arms beneath his chest, his biceps flexing with the movement. He studies you for a bit before shaking his head in defeat.
"Jake talked to us today… About you and your relationship with me and Steven.", he finally says and you frown in confusion.
"Okay… What did he say?"
"Some fucking bullshit, that´s what he said…", he sighs and then puts his fingers on the hook of his nose. He squeezes the area a bit and then inhales again before adding, "He wants to have sex with you as well."
Your eyes widen deeply and Marc nods making his words sink into you. You never thought about that before… Fuck, you rarely think about Jake. He isn´t a part of your life, Marc and Steven are…
"I-I… What did you say back?", I ask and Marc clears his throat.
"Well, we obviously said no because the fucker barely even talks to you but he fucking insisted… He hasn´t shut up about it ever since and it´s starting to annoy the shit out of me."
"Let me talk to him.", you say and Marc immediately shakes his head.
"No way."
"Baby, let me talk to him…Please.", you add with a stern voice making Marc groan. If you want to understand what´s going on, you have to talk to Jake first.
"I don´t trust him, baby… You know that."
"I will be okay, Marc… He won´t do anything I don´t want, I promise you that.", I reassure and Marc considers your words. You can sense he is struggling to keep Jake from getting control, his breath is becoming quicker and his muscles tenser.
"If anything goes wrong or I see you getting worried, I will immediately take over. Okay?"
"Okay… I love you.", you say and he smiles at you before rolling his eyes and finally letting Jake take over. The switch is rough as the body starts tensing up and becoming more and more rigid. If you thought Marc was tense, that's nothing compared to Jake.
Suddenly you see him opening his eyes, they are darker than before… More soulless even and that makes you very nervous in a way.
"Mi amor, no time no see.", he says with a smirk. You swallow dryly and try to relax a bit.
"Marc said you want to have sex with me… Is that true?", you ask without any further ado.
Jake looks at you for a bit, cockiness on his face as he searches for an answer. You know Marc wouldn't lie to you… Or Steven, but you just want Jake to confirm it. You need to hear it from him, first.
"They aren't lying, no…", he finally answers making your heart skip a beat. You try to hide your panic but Jake sees through it, "Why are you scared? Do I scare you, mi vida?"
"No.", you lie and then try to cover up by saying, "I am just curious as to why you want to have sex with me… We haven't really spoken that much."
Jake inhales deeply and nods, "That's true, yeah…But,", he moves closer to you and you do your best to calm down, "You know how fucking torturous it is to see Marc and Steven fuck you every day knowing you aren't the one doing those things to you?"
His voice drops to a soft growl, his words filled with seduction and also a bit of anger. You look at him as he stops in front of you, his face just inches away. He smells like Marc and Jake… He looks like them, too… But, they aren't the same. Fuck, you don't know what to do.
"You can just try to ignore it if it makes you uncomfortable, Jake.", you answer and his lips curl into a smirk. He lifts his hands and softly presses them on your shoulders, the action making you hold your breath.
"Oh, mi amor, it doesn't make me uncomfortable… It makes me fucking furious that they get to see your little pretty face moan in pleasure while I have to sit back and watch. We all have the same body… The same voice… The same hair…The same cock."
The last words make your cheeks heat up immediately and Jake's lips stretch wider as that cocky smirk stays on his face. You can feel his hands going down your arms, his fingertips tracing your skin with precision.
You try your best to remain composed but your heart is racing and you can feel his hot breath on your lips. It's like he is putting a spell on you, drawing you in at a quick rate. Fuck.
"You, you?", he teases, and then his hands move to your hips, you part your lips as a small breath leaves them. You can feel a warmth begin in your intimate parts and you want to punch yourself for how much you are attracted to him.
"Jake… Hum, we barely know each other.", you try to say as his fingers rub your waist. He looks at you and then pushes you closer to him, the pull making you hit his chest and gasp.
"Then let me introduce myself, mi amor… Properly.", and then his lips are on your neck, his hot breath hitting your nerves in an astonishing way.
You let out a small moan and Jake smirks into your neck and continues pressing small kisses and bites. He takes your flesh into his mouth and starts sucking on it, drawing all the blood he can so in the morning you will have a massive hickey on the area.
"P-people will see… Fuck…", you say breathless and he gently removes his mouth before giving the area a soft lick.
"Let them see, mi amor. I want everyone to know who did that to you… Who got to fuck you. You hear me?", he asks again and you whine at his filthy words.
Jake roughly grabs your blouse and then rips it open, several buttons flying everywhere as your bra and breasts are exposed before him. You gasp and widen your eyes at the sudden action but he is already dipping his tongue into your cleavage.
His mouth attacks you with licks and kisses, his hands moving to his shirt until he pulls it off of his torso quickly. Jake's hands go to the clasp of your bra and, in a quick motion, he removes the piece of underwear from your body.
Your breasts spill out and he doesn't take any time before grabbing them with both hands. You can't do anything, your heart is racing as your body is attacked by his actions. Each kiss is like a new wave of pleasure and each squeeze is enough to make you moan his name.
His name. Not Marc's, not Steven's, his.
"Those fuckers have no idea how lucky they are… Mierda, you are so fucking gorgeous.", he mumbles against your breasts. You bite your lip and don't say anything, your cheeks are bright red at his boldness.
Even Marc has never been this bold before… This is different. He is rougher than them but in the best way possible.
"F-fuck… I want to touch you, too…", you whine and Jake stops and lifts his head.
You hear his belt unbuckling and soon enough his hands are around his cock as he strokes himself slowly. You look down and lick your lips at the sight.
"Get on your knees.", he orders and you nod extremely rapidly. You don't even feel embarrassed anymore, you just want to taste him.
You drop to your knees and then Jake points his cock against your lips. He traces his shiny head on your mouth, his pre-cum filling your lips as you slowly part them and moan. You see him curse in Spanish and then he taps his cock against your mouth.
You do and then he basically shoves his cock inside of your mouth without any warning. You gasp for air and try to take as much of him as possible, your hands go straight to his thighs as you try to maintain a steady pace.
Jake doesn't allow it, though. He grabs your hair and holds it roughly while fucking your mouth. Each heavy thrust makes his head hit the back of your throat and you close your eyes and try to breathe through your nose. You can already feel yourself being very overwhelmed by him but you want to prove you can take him… You have sucked this cock before and you will do it again with skill.
"Just like that… Let me fuck your mouth, princesa. Fuck.", he whispers with rough moans. You hum around his shaft and start moving up and down, your throat opening wider in order to take all of him in.
You feel your hair being tugged forward and soon he is moving your head with his thrusts as if you are just a mouth to him. It´s humiliating, it´s primitive, and it´s turning you on in a way you aren´t very proud of.
You grip his thighs harder, his moans growing stronger as he looks down at you with pure lust. You try to stare at him too but a sudden push of his cock down your throat almost makes you gag and you whine around his shaft.
"Thought you could take this cock, princesa…", he mocks and you feel your pride being injured a bit. You are sure he is just trying to annoy you, so you manage to open your throat more and circle your tongue around the vein of his cock.
That seems to make him moan and grip your head tighter, the action making you smirk a bit. He gives you one last thrust and then pulls himself off of your mouth. Drops of saliva drip from the corners of your lips as you try to catch your breath. His cock is flushed red and standing proudly in front of you.
"As much as I love this mouth, mi amor, I want to fuck that pretty little pussy of yours… Take off the rest of your clothes and lay on the bed on all fours. Rápido, princesa."
The command in Spanish makes your core almost pulse and you nod before getting up quickly and removing your clothes. You walk towards the bed as Jake also takes off his shoes, pants, and boxers.
You take a deep breath in as you get on all fours, the coldness of the air hits your dripping core in a way that makes you bite your lip. You don´t look behind but you can hear his footsteps approaching you.
Suddenly the bed sinks as he kneels behind your ass, his hands going straight to your skin as he massages the area roughly. You lean back a bit and he gives you a small rub with his cock before pulling away.
"I am going to fuck you so good, mi amor… But, first, I think you deserve some punishment for not letting me fuck this pussy sooner, uh?", you can hear the smugness in his voice.
You try to look behind but soon a harsh slap is sent to your left cheek making you gasp. You widen your eyes as he rubs the burning area and then he hits your other cheek, his entire palm certainly leaving a mark on your flesh. You let out a soft moan and blush deeply as you realize how much you are enjoying this.
It´s such a strange mixture of pain and pleasure…
"Do you like that, princesa?", he whispers as another slap is sent to your ass. You moan again and nod making Jake slowly bring his other hand down to your dripping entrance.
"Y-yes…", you whisper in response as he slowly coated his fingers in your wetness.
"So wet… Is this all for me? I never saw you this wet for either of them, princesa…", he says making your cheeks turn bright red. You know it´s not true but this jealousy of him is very arousing so you play along.
"It´s j-just for you, Jake. Fuck…", you curse as he hits your ass again, this time harder than the others.
"Hum… Say you are sorry. Beg for my forgiveness, hermosa.", the nickname makes your heart flutter and you bite your lip before trying to find words.
He is already so possessive over you and it´s driving you insane. All you want is for him to fuck you but you have to be patient. You are sure Jake isn´t gonna let you off the hook that quickly.
"I am sorry…", he hits your ass again and you arch your back, a loud moan escaping your lips. This time he starts circling your entrance with the head of his cock, both of his hands now on your waist.
"For what?", he asks as he very gently pushes his head in and out of your hole. You just want to bury yourself around his shaft but you know if you do so, he will be very pissed.
"For not letting you fuck me sooner… Jake, come on, fuck me… Please…", you ask with a whiny voice making him push a little bit deeper before removing himself again.
"You sound pretty when you beg, you know? I like it… Do it again, mi amor.", he mocks with cockiness making you groan with frustration. You lick your lips and try to ignore the burning ache in your clit.
"P-please… Jake, please. I am sorry, I am so sorry.", you say again, as breathless as ever as he teases your entrance.
"Hum… Since you asked so nicely.", suddenly he sinks himself inside of you making a gasp leave your mouth, your heart quickening as he begins thrusting rapidly.
He doesn´t even give you time to adjust to his cock as he starts fucking you like an insane animal. You arch your back and look at the mattress, the blood going to your head as you try to catch your breath. He just digs his hands in your waist and uses your body to fuck himself inside of you.
There´s almost no affection, no love, and it´s something very new to you… You barely know Jake, this doesn't surprise you at all. In fact, it´s kind of refreshing to be used like this. The way he moans your name and groans as he pushes deeper is enough to drive you insane.
"Mierda… So fucking tight for me.", he says with small deep moans. You let out a mixture of a whine and scream as he hits your cervix abruptly.
Even though you have fucked Marc and Steven before, this feels so much different. He is getting deeper and deeper inside of you, reaching places you never knew were possible to reach. All you can do is moan his name and try to support your sweaty body on the bed.
"M-my arms hurt… Can I lay my chest down, sir?", the nickname kind of just slipped out of your mouth and you feel Jake push deeper, signaling that he liked it.
"You can, princesa. Just keep your ass up for me while I use this tight hole of yours, okay?", he says and you nod before dropping your torso on the bed.
You part your thighs wider to give him a better angle and soon he is leaning his chest against your back, the new position making him fuck you deeper if that´s even possible at this point.
You can feel your walls being stretched around his shaft, your body trembling as he digs his nails into your hips. You are sure you are going to have marks tomorrow but you don´t care. You have never felt like this and it´s addictive.
"Oh my God… I am close, sir. Fuck.", you moan and he moves his hands down your sweaty back before gripping your hair.
Jake slightly tugs it and then almost scratches your scalp as his fingers grip harder. You feel your skin burn at the roughness and you let out a mixture of a hiss and a moan. You hear him chuckling before slowing down his thrusts.
He begins circling his cock a bit inside of you and soon he manages to hit your g-spot. You let out a louder moan and you swear you hear him smirk before he hits it again, and again, very slowly.
"Do you want to cum?"
"Y-yes… Please, I want to cum so badly.", you confess with your cheek pressed against the bed. He lowers his body on you and then you feel his hot breath on your ear making you shiver.
"Who do you belong to, princesa?"
"Y-you…Oh my God.", you say as he quickens his pace. Your clitoris is throbbing as you feel your orgasm approaching.
"What´s my name. Who is fucking you this good?", he asks with a growl and then takes your earlobe into his mouth. He licks the skin and you almost let out a tear fall down your cheek at how good that feels.
"Jake… Jake Lockley. Y-you, sir… Please, let me cum.", you beg again as he bites your earlobe gently and then kisses your neck.
"Say it again, I want them to hear it. Fucking scream it.", he orders and you nod before swallowing down a moan.
Your thighs are shaking, your whole body dripping sweat as your orgasm almost bursts inside of you. You are trying so badly to hold it, to be good for him but it´s getting so difficult.
"Jake Lockley is fucking me this good… Y-you, this is all because of you. Sir, please!", you say again louder and he smirks into your neck.
"Good girl.", he whispers and you let out a deep moan before he quickens his pace. Your eyes close shut as your orgasm starts hitting you.
Your mouth opens in an `O´ but you don´t let out any sounds as you feel an insane amount of pleasure go through you. Jake doesn´t slow down as you begin shaking around his hard cock.
"Just like that… Cum for me, princesa. You feel so good.", he encourages but you aren´t really listening. All you can feel is a pleasure and your mind turning into a fog.
For a good few seconds, you think you lost your senses. Your thighs are aching, your clitoris convulsing as your wetness drips down your legs. Jake gives you a few more hard thrusts before removing himself from you and finishing off on your back.
You whimper softly as you feel his cum paint your skin, it´s burning hot and you let yourself drop to the bed. You gasp for air and feel your heart racing as your orgasm finally starts fading away.
Jake is also breathless, his hands going to your back before he cleans some of his cum with his fingers. You aren't sure what he is going to do, but then you open your eyes to see his fingers pointed towards your mouth.
"Open your mouth.", he orders and you do so. He shoves his fingers inside and you lick his cum off of them, the salty flavor filling your mouth.
You moan around them weakly and then swallow everything. Jakes removes his fingers and curses under his breath as he sits on the bed next to you.
You stay there curled into a ball for a while before finally turning on your back and looking at his sweaty body. Jake doesn´t speak but you can see him looking at the mirror and smirking. Fuck, you bet he is giving that smug ass look to Marc and Steven.
"What are they saying?", you manage to ask and Jake looks at you through the reflection. You see cockiness in his eyes and your cheeks heat up again.
You should be ashamed of how much you liked being fucked by him but you aren´t. It was really fucking good and kind of refreshing… You still love Marc and Steven very much but you needed something like this.
"Nothing special, mi amor… Rest.", he says before turning his torso and brushing your calves up and down. The gesture is very sweet and for the first time in your life, you see a small smile on his lips.
He looks pretty when he smiles… Maybe he isn´t so bad after all, you think as you look at his face.
"Okay…", you whisper and then bite your lip before saying, "Hey… I really liked that."
Jake chuckles a bit and leans down to kiss your legs, "Me too… Dulces sueños, mi amor."
You inhale deeply and close your eyes, his fingers continue brushing your skin and you lose yourself in that sweet feeling. It´s nice and intimate, and you are regretting not talking to him sooner.
You love Marc and Steven, and perhaps, one day, you will love Jake as well...
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the-knight-of-the-stars · 4 months ago
Some details in the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness trailer
What seems to be an army of Ultron-like robots. According to leaks, they belong to a Tony Stark varian whose Ultron program did worked and his robots did helped humanity. 
Tumblr media
Allegedly, the Iluminati.
Tumblr media
Patrick Stewart as Professor X, unclear if is the same one from the 2000s X-Men movies or a variant of him. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
What seems to be a variant of MCU Captain Marvel, who is a black woman with short hair. Allegedly, this is María Rumbeau, from a timeline were she got the powers and not Carol Danvers. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It seems that Doctor Strange and America Chavez will fall into a series of multiversal portals (America´s powers) and we can see one with Dinosaurs, witch corresponds with a leak. 
Tumblr media
America Chávez wearing the classic jacket from the comics, and what seems to be a pride pin (Let´s remember, America Chavez is canonically lgbt in the comics)
Tumblr media
Dark!Doctor Strange using his powers, or Zombie Doctor Strange?
Tumblr media
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goddesses-of-the-multiverse · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Incredible comic art by dvglzv on Instagram!
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i-is-v-tired · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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cranberryjuicedrinker · 5 months ago
Gays and Theys of the jury, I would like to present the man who made Catholic guilt sexy, all rise for the honourable
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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deathtopixies · a month ago
I will be Wanda Maximoff’s lawyer in court.
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Phase Four
Wanda: *Tenderly holds onto Vision as he fades out of her reality*
Yelena: *Plants a kiss on her sister's grave*
Loki: *Puts himself on the line, only to be tricked into a timeline where his friend has no idea who he is*
Meanwhile, Sam and Bucky:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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*Spoilers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness*
Teacher: it’s ok, music can’t physically hurt you
The music:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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xmcu-fietro · 2 months ago
text posts/tweets as xmen/wandavision characters except it’s 99% Peter Maximoff
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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giveamadeuschohisownmovie · a month ago
How the Phase  4 trailers hyped up their main heroes (TV edition):
WandaVision: Something weird is going on.
Falcon and the Winter Soldier: The frenemies must save the world from danger.
Loki: Loki is fucking around with time travel.
Hawkeye: Clint is old and must save Christmas with his number one fangirl, Kate.
Moon Knight: Steven is losing his mind and might be imagining the whole thing.
Ms. Marvel: Kamala is a regular high school girl who dreams of being a superhero.
And now we have...
She-Hulk: Jennifer Walters is hot and might awaken something in you.
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girl-of-many-fandoms · 7 months ago
Handsome Stranger
Tumblr media
Pairing: Ikaris x Reader
Summary: A night out with friends turned into a total stranger taking the reader home
Warnings: TW hints of sexual assault
The crisp London air enveloped me as I continued walking to my flat. It was just after eight at night and seeing as I wasn't in a party mood like my friends I fed them a lie, stating that I had a lot of work to catch up on for my classes; they understood and I left
But now I'm regretting that I chose to leave the pub alone, especially in a skirt as three men who could easily overpower me stood up ahead in my path. I could take the shortcut through the alley but it's best if I don't given these circumstances
Breathe Y/N, one foot in front of the other, keep your head down and speed walk past them
"Where're ya going in a rush sweetheart?" one of them called out as I got a few feet away; a large hand gripped on my bicep firmly as the owner yanked me back to the three men, he held me flush against his body as his buddies checked me out
My heart was racing and I'm sure if anyone were to stick me with a needle no blood would flow. I started weighing my options on how to escape this situation but all would end with them winning the battle
"Let her go" another male's voice cut through the dead night; whipping my head in his direction I winced as the man tightened his hold on me. The mystery man noticed and his jaw visibly clenched under the streetlight
"You're interrupting our time here with the pretty lady mate" the buff one took a couple steps forward until he now stood in the strangers face, index finger jabbing at his chest
"Now disappeare b-" the stranger twisted the man's hand behind his back before slamming the guy's head against the brick wall, successfully knocking the guy out
"Let. Her. Go" he punctuated each word as he stepped closer to where we stood; the grip on my arm vanished as the handsome stranger stood an arms length away. The two men grabbed their friend and go in their parked car before speeding off
"You alright?" he asked over the screeching of tires, his accent thick and heavy
"I'm good, thank you" he curtly nodded as his eyes roamed my face as if he was engraving my features into his memory and I shamelessly did the same to him
If it wasn't for his hands being on display and his accent, I would've mistaken him for Bucky Barnes
Catching myself blatantly checking out the stranger I cleared my throat as a means to regroup my thoughts. The man swallowed before opening his mouth to speak
"Would you mind if I walk you back to your place? Given what just happened I don't want to have you walking alone in case anyone else tries to pull that stunt again" my breathing hitched in my throat as I stared at him, the right thing to do in this situation was to decline the company of another stranger but for some reason you felt at ease in his presence
"That would be great" turning on the balls of your feet you resumed trotting in the direction of your flat which wasn't far anyways, he didn't need to know that though
"I'm Ikaris" he introduced himself as he fell in step beside me, his cologne wasn't as strong but it was just enough to have my head swirling
Dammit did everything about this man had to be attractive
"I'm Y/N" looking over at him our eyes locked making my heart skip a beat
What is going on with you? One decent guy shows up out of nowhere, saves your ass from getting raped or kidnapped and you're swooning over his name and face?! GET A GRIP!
The walk back to my flat was surprisingly calm and quiet, the only sounds were produced by our shoes hitting the sidewalk and the occasional vehicle that drove by. Our shoulders bumped a couple times along the way but I'm not complaining. Standing in front of the gate I turned to face him
"This is me, thank you for what you did back there and for taking the time to escort me home Ikaris" he smiled at me and I was a goner, unlatching the gate he held it open for me
"It was my pleasure Y/N" my name fell off the tip of his tongue so smoothly
Yep, I'm definitely attracted to my knight in shining armor
"Goodnight Y/N, sweet dreams" there it is, that damn smile
"Goodnight Ikaris, get home safely" walking up to the front door, I fished my keys from my purse and jabbed it into the lock; looking over my shoulder I was slightly surprised to see that he was still on the sidewalk waiting for me to get in
With a final wave I stepped in and locked the door, releasing a breath I hadn't known I'd been holding
He was all that circled my mind
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moonlight-presence · a month ago
The suit stays on
(Marc Spector x Reader)
Tumblr media
Category: F/M
Fandom: Moon Knight (2022)
Relationship: Marc Spector X reader
Words: 4378
Summary: You always found Marc´s suit really appealing so you ask him if you could try something new... 
Warnings: Dom Marc, Sub reader, Smut, Some fluff too, Aftercare, Missionary, Cunnilingus, Handjobs, Body worship, Role-playing, Basically Marc being dominant, kind of a religious kink (?) 
You drum your fingers to the beat of the song you were currently blasting in your ears. Your headphones were resting just around your head as you swung your legs with the melody. You mouth the words and then open your eyes to stare at the ceiling of your living room.
You were lying on the couch, your head on Marc's lap and the rest of your body nearly falling to the floor. You didn't care that much, Marc was warm and his thighs were pretty comfortable so you remained there.
The music starts fading off and you take off the headphones before pausing the next song on your phone. Marc doesn't notice this as his attention was focused on the show he was watching.
You glance at the TV and see a man in full armor battling another person. You weren't sure what was happening but suddenly your attention was drawn to the show as you observed how the man in armor removed his helmet and spat some blood on the floor. Your cheeks turned a bit pink as an inappropriate thought crossed your mind.
You remove your eyes from the TV and try to catch Marc's attention. He doesn't notice as you widen your eyes at him so you start moving your head in his lap, your hair tangling itself with his pants. You give him a slight rub against his crotch and this seems to finally catch his attention. Marc looks down at you with an arched eyebrow.
"What's your plan, beautiful?", he asks with humor and you laugh at him before biting your lip in thought. You stop moving your head and stare at his gorgeous eyes.
"I am bored... Give me attention.", you whine with a childish voice. He lets out a deep chuckle and shakes his head in humor before looking at the TV again.
"Just let this episode end and I will give you all the attention you want, baby, okay?", he says and you groan in frustration. You secretly always liked to annoy him a little bit and you were extremely bored so you decided to push it a little.
"Is the episode more important than your girlfriend?", you ask with an arched eyebrow. Marc's lips curl into a cheeky smirk and you already know he is going to say something to annoy you.
"At the moment? Yeah.", he answers making your mouth drop open. You see him smirking without looking at you and you hit his leg softly in protest.
"Okay, rude...", you joke, clearly playing along with his banter. He chuckles but doesn't say anything, his eyes still on the show.
You glance back at the screen and see the same man from earlier taking off his shiny white armor. You notice how his body is now covered in blood and bruises and his hair sweaty from the fight... You can't help but admit how hot he looks in that fucking armor.
You blush deeper as you finally realize how the armor he is wearing is very similar to Marc's suit. It doesn't have that many details but it does the trick. A thought crosses your mind and you lick your lip before looking up at him again.
"Marc?", you say and he hums, his eyes still on the TV.
You inhale in annoyance and then raise your torso so you are now sitting next to him. You put your phone and headphones down and move closer to him, your head resting on his shoulder. He leans back against your touch and grabs your cheek before giving it a small brush. You admire his profile for a bit before you finally speak again.
"Marc, baby, I wanna talk to you about something...", you whisper slowly and that seems to draw him in again. He looks at you and brushes a strand of hair behind your ear.
"About what?", he whispers back with a gentle smile. You bite your lip softly and then grab the remote before pausing the TV. Marc frowns but doesn't say anything.
"Well... I was thinking... Hum...", you struggle to find words for what you really want to say and Marc presses a small kiss on your forehead.
"Hey, is everything okay? You know you can talk to me about everything, right?", he reassures with worry and you nod before groaning with frustration and leaning back into his neck. You bury your face on his shoulder and rest your hands on his chest.
You always loved how muscular he is so you gently massage his torso as you try to find words. You really want to tell Marc what you want, but you are afraid of how he will react... What if he hates it? What if he finds it weird? Fuckkkkkkk.
"Y/N, what is it? You are scaring me.", he confesses as you massage his abdomen gently. You can't really feel his skin because of his t-shirt but it does the job.
"Okay, okay, sorry... I wanted to try something new with you.", you feel your cheeks heat up but you raise your head and look at his eyes again. His breath smells like mint and you stare at his lips.
"Okay... What?"
"I want to do it while...Hum...", your heart quickens and you actually laugh a bit because of how nervous you are. Marc can't help but smile at your reaction and pull you closer.
"Baby, come on, while what? Tell me.", he pushes further as his fingers brush your arms up and down.
"Fuck, okay... I want to do it while you are wearing the suit."
You study his face but he doesn't show any facial expressions, his eyes looking back at you with an unreadable gaze. You panic and start to regret ever saying anything in the first place.
"Shit, sorry, look never mind. It's stupid, I-"
"Okay.", he interrupts and you frown at him.
"Okay? That's it, that's your answer?", you ask with curiosity and he nods. You see him look at your lips and then lick his own, the action waking up things inside of you.
"I want to try that, too, baby... Honestly, the thought has crossed my mind before."
"It has?!", you ask with shock and he laughs and nods again. Marc pulls you closer to him and you slowly part your legs until you are sitting on his lap.
"Yup... The thought of fucking you while wearing a suit made by an Egyptian God is like top 3 best sexual fantasies of all time. Right?", he jokes making you giggle and shake your head.
"You are unbelievable..."
"You love it, don't lie.", he smugly says making you roll your eyes. You feel him push your belly against his chest and you open your mouth before pressing a small kiss on his lips.
"Are you really okay with this?", you whisper against his lips and he pulls away and then rocks his crotch against your core. You feel his unexpected boner poke you and your lips curl into a smirk.
"Does that give you an answer?", he teases and you roll your hips again making him suck in a breath.
"It definitely does... Fuck, I want you so badly.", you confess against his lips, your breaths mixing as you inhale his scent.
You tangle your fingers with the curls on the back of his head and slightly massage his scalp with your fingernails. Marc simply moans into your open lips, your mouths just gently pressing against each other, and you part your lips wider. You love it when he makes little sounds when you are touching him.
"Do you think Khonsu is gonna be mad you are summoning the suit for something like this?", you ask with a soft giggle as Marc lowers his hand down your spine. He slightly lifts his thigh making you bump into him again and a little whine escapes your lips.
"I don't care what that pigeon thinks, baby... I am his avatar, I will use the suit for whatever I want." before you can answer, he captures your lips into a strong kiss.
You kiss him back and slowly start rocking your hips again, each swing making you tremble on top of his body. Marc moves his hand towards your ass and squeezes it, the harsh grip sending waves of arousal right to your core.
You gently nibble his bottom lip and then lick the area, your saliva mixing with his as you kiss.
"I want to fuck you in the bed, baby.", he says making you nod and break the sloppy kiss. You catch your breath for a moment and then feel Marc grab your waist and lift you making you squeal a bit.
You quickly wrap your thighs around his waist and tangle your arms around his neck as Marc guides you towards the bed. You put your mouth on the side of his neck and start slowly applying small kisses and bites. You know how much he loves when you do that.
"Fuck... I am gonna fuck you so good, baby. Gonna make you scream my name.", he says with filthy words making you moan against his skin.
He groans and then lowers you on the bed, your back hits the mattress and you don't let go of him. Marc goes down with you until he is completely towering over your body, his messy curls just softly touching his eyes.
You buck your hips and feel how hard his cock is against you, the action making another moan leave your mouth.
"I want to feel you, baby... Come on, give it to me.", you tease making Marc curse under his breath and then lift his body from off of you.
You catch your breath and watch as he looks at you- the moonlight that pours from the window behind illuminates him beautifully, as he scans you.
"How much do you want me to fuck you in my Moon Knight suit?", he asks with genuine curiosity and you lick your lips and stare right at him.
Instead of answering, your hands travel down your body until you reach your pants. You open the buttons and then manage to slide your hand towards your panties. Marc parts his lips in wonder and observes as you start circling your flushed clit slowly, soft moans escaping your mouth as you make direct eye contact with him.
"Fuck, baby... That's the hottest shit I have ever seen in my fucking life.", he says with curses that make your arousal drip from your entrance. You give your clit one last rub before removing your fingers.
"You want to know how much I want the Moon Knight to fuck me?", you use the name on purpose and watch as Marc's eyes glow with the words. You never imagined how much this whole role-playing thing would turn you both on.
"Fuck, yeah.", he answers and you lift your back from the mattress before putting your wet fingers against his mouth.
Marc immediately takes the digits and starts sucking on them, his tongue circling your arousal as he makes sure to taste everything you gave him. You have no words to explain how hot that is, your entire body is on fire as you watch him.
"Holy fuck... I never wanted you to fuck me so badly before.", you confess and he gives your digits one last lick before removing them from your mouth. He wipes his lips and then smirks at you, mischief in his eyes.
"Do you want the Moon Knight to fuck you? Do you want this cock?", he teases and you suddenly begin seeing his eyes turning white.
You suck in a breath at the sight and nod rapidly. Marc smirks wider and you start seeing his suit transforming around his body. His face gets covered in his mask and hood and you just watch, your clit throbbing at the sight. Fuck, he always looked so good in his suit but now he looks absolutely irresistible.
"Are you gonna fuck me, Moon Knight?", you play along with a big smirk making Marc nod. You put your hands on his body and trace the half-moon blade that is stuck to his chest.
"Lay down.", he orders and you immediately drop behind.
Marc grabs your knees and then slides his hands down your thighs until his fingers find the hem of your pants. He begins undressing you and you lift your ass to make the task easier for him. You just want him inside of you as soon as possible.
Marc throws the pants to the ground and then grabs your soaked panties before sliding them off your legs. The sudden exposure makes you blush a bit but Marc simply rubs your inner thighs in reassurance.
You quickly start undoing your blouse and soon enough, you are completely naked below him. His glowing eyes look at you up and down and you can't help but part your thighs wider to give him a better view.
"You are unbelievable...", he whispers making you laugh a bit.
"You love it, don't lie.", you tease him back for earlier making Marc shake his head a bit. You kind of wish you could see his face but you don't say anything.
Marc continues massaging your inner thighs with his gloves and you throw your head back and feel how nice this feels. You wait for him to reach where you want him to touch but he, instead, goes up to your belly.
He uses both hands to massage your belly and waist, each stroke as heavenly as the previous. Marc moves to your ribcage and then he cups your breasts with your palms. You arch your back and moan softly with an exhale as he starts squeezing and pinching, very gently, your nipples.
"Fuck... Just like that.", you praise and he continues massaging your breasts until he gives them one last squeeze.
Marc's hands go up to your neck and he slides his fingers up and down your throat. You can't feel his skin on you but the gloves are as equally good.
You let out a loud groan as he traces your jawline and then you look up at him. You meet his hooded face and his white eyes, the sight making you whine.
"You look so hot... Fuck.", you say out loud making Marc slide his right hand down your body again. His left-hand stays on your cheek as he finally meets your dripping core.
"Does this feel good?", he asks and then starts circling your clit making you moan and buck your hips.
"Hum, hum.", you say and he moves his digits more rapidly.
"Words. Use them.", he orders and you swallow and try to catch your breath. He moves his fingers towards your wet entrance and starts teasing it.
"Y-yes...", you breathe out and he gently inserts one gloved finger inside of you.
"Yes, what?", he asks and you arch an eyebrow. You feel him go deeper into you and you groan before finally understanding what he means.
"Yes, Moon Knight.", you say and that makes Marc curl his finger inside of your walls. The pressure makes you whine and look at him.
You see Marc, no, the Moon Knight, looking back at you- the moonlight behind him making him look like an Egyptian God. You nearly cum at the sight as he slowly teases your entrance with his middle finger.
"Shit... Holy fuck.", you curse as he inserts another finger. The pressure builds and you rock back against his hand as you try to take him deeper.
"You are so tight, fuck. You are gonna feel so good around my cock.", he murmurs and you nod and moan.
"Y-yes, so tight, just for you. Only for your cock.", you reassure and that makes him curl his fingers deeper into you, his digits hitting your g-spot suddenly.
You moan more loudly and he does it again, your clitoris throbbing as you feel pleasure increasing inside of you. Marc puts his hand just below your belly button and starts pushing his fingers up. You realize he is trying to feel his actions inside of you with the palm of his other hand.
"Does that feel good?", he asks with a whisper and you moan again and nod. He thrusts up again and you nearly scream as a wave of pleasure overwhelms you. You are going to cum soon, you are sure of it.
"I am close... Fuck...", you warn and he gives you another thrust before slowly taking out his fingers. You breathe out and curse under your breath as Marc circles your clit with his wet fingers.
"I am going to fuck you so good, baby. You want to get fucked by a God?", the sudden question makes your heart skip a beat and you meet his glowing eyes. Fuck, you really wish you could see his beautiful face.
"Y-yes... Fuck me, please.", you ask him and Marc releases the touch on your clit and starts pulling his pants down. You weren´t sure if the suit could be taken off like this but apparently, it can. Thank you, Khonsu, for the extra help.
"Marc..", you whisper as he takes out his flushed cock. You look at how his head is a bit shiny from his pre-cum, it's so fucking pretty.
"Yes, baby?", he asks as he strokes himself with one hand. You look up at his mask.
"I want to see your face... Hum, while we do it.", you confess and Marc stops stroking himself. You wait a few seconds for an answer but, instead, his mask starts retracting from his face until his beautiful eyes meet yours.
"Like this, beautiful girl?", he asks with a smile you missed deeply. You bite your lip and nod with a blush making him chuckle slightly.
"You have no idea how fucking hot you look right now... That fucking suit does things to me.", you confess while he resumes his stroking. You slightly lift your torso until you are close to him.
Your hands go up to his chest and the golden blade, your fingers begin tracing the sharp edge as Marc groans. You sneak one hand towards his cock and remove his hand before putting yours around his member.
"W-what things?", he asks with a slight stutter as your thumb traces his leaking slit. You move your hand all the down and gently squeeze his base making Marc bite down a moan.
"I want you to fuck me until I am praying to every God on Earth... I want you to make me pray to you. Can you do that, Moon Knight? Can you fuck me like a God?", you tease with a mischievous smirk making Marc lick his lips.
"You are quite filthy today, aren´t you?", he asks with a teasing voice, and you stroke him faster. Marc puts his hands on your shoulders and pushes you down suddenly making you lose balance, "If you want to get fucked by a God, then I will fuck you like one."
Marc grabs your wrists and pins them down, his whole body towering over you. You almost squeal in anticipation, your whole body begging him to enter you. You can feel his hot breath against your mouth and the head of his cock hitting your entrance.
You try to free yourself to touch him but he gives you a sadistic smirk before holding you tighter. You are completely trapped under him- you have no choice but to obey his orders... A God´s orders.
He lowers his mouth to your ear and then you shiver as he says, "Now take it like the good girl you are."
He doesn´t give you time to react as his hard cock enters you. The stretch makes you moan loudly and buck your hips but Marc is faster, his thrusts begin and soon he is pounding you at a fast pace.
You have no choice but to take it, your whole body held by him. You manage to wrap your thighs around his waist and he groans at the action, the new angle making him go deeper inside of you.
"F-fuck... Holy fuck...", you moan with a breathless voice as he moves faster and faster. Marc groans against your lips and you try to kiss him but he pulls away from his face.
"Uh-uh...", he says with another smug smirk making you whine. He slows down his thrusts a bit, "Who do you belong to? Who is fucking you this good? Tell me."
"Y-You... Oh fuck, it´s you.", you tell him as your clit throbs with every slow thrust. He slightly redirects his cock and soon his head is hitting your g-spot again, the area is already swollen and sensitive enough to make you whine.
"I want you to spell it. Spell my name.", he commands and you try to process his order. He starts moving faster again and you nearly cum just from that.
"M... A-"
"Nope, try again, baby.", he interrupts and you frown a bit. Marc´s right-hand moves your wrist above your head and his left does the same. Soon, both of your arms are trapped under his left hand.
You aren´t sure how he managed to do that so smoothly but you don´t try to understand as his right-hand moves to your jawline. He grabs your face and pulls it closer to his, your neck lifting from the bed.
"Spell my name.", he growls against your lips and you suck in a breath at how hot he looks when he is acting like this. You always loved to see him dominate you.
You try to think of what he wants as Marc continues fucking you at a relentless pace. You are almost seeing stars, your whole body dripping sweat as his heavy suit touches your breasts slightly.
"FUCKING SPELL IT!", he says again with a loud voice making you moan. You feel his grip on your jawline get a bit looser and you look at his eyes, even though he is acting angry you see so much love behind them.
You take a deep breath in and try to focus. You start to think of what he means and then you look at his suit again. Suddenly realization hits you and you swallow dryly before answering.
"M...O...O....N....", you begin spelling and he smirks and drops your face. He fastens his pace and you stop spelling, your mind too fucked up to think anymore.
"You weren't done, carry on.", he orders and you bite down a moan and try to think of the next letters.
You can feel the knot in your stomach beginning to unfold, the pressure on your body increasing, threatening to explode. You are sure he is close by the way his thrusts are becoming more and more violent.
"K...N...Oh, fuck....I...Argh....", you are nearly there. Marc doesn´t stop his pace as he fucks you into nothing, "G...H...Shit...T."
"Good girl... Now, tell me, who is fucking you this good, baby?"
"The Moon Knight... Y-You... I am close. I am close. Oh, fuck...", you warn with deep moans. Marc groans against your neck and then tries to go deeper.
You are going to explode but he hasn´t really given you permission to orgasm so you just lay there and try to focus on not cumming. It´s getting hard so you speak again.
"I am gonna cum... May I come? Fuck... Let me cum."
"Who do you belong to?", he asks again with a moan. You can sense his cock twitching inside of you and you contract your walls around him. He nearly cums just from that and you smirk a bit.
"To you... I belong to the Moon Knight... I am gonna-", and your orgasm rips through you. Marc just groans your name and starts cumming as well, his seed bursting inside of you as your whole back arches.
You close your eyes and feel wave after wave of pleasure overwhelm your body. Your clitoris throbs violently as your walls pulse around his cock. It´s absolute chaos...
"Fuck...", he whispers against your lips and then kisses you again.
He slows down his thrusts and you whine a bit at how sensitive you feel. You feel the grip on your wrists get looser and soon he sets you free, your hands going straight to his sweaty curly hair. You kiss his cheek, his forehead, his nose, his lips, everything and he smiles before slowly pulling himself off of you.
He drops next to you and you see as his suit starts disappearing rapidly. You realize he never actually took off his clothes and the thought makes you giggle a bit.
"What?", he asks with a smile as he looks at you. You shake your head and move towards him, your head now resting on his shoulder.
"You must have been boiling inside of that suit...", you joke making Marc chuckle and hold you tighter.
"A bit, yeah... It was worth it, though."
"Was it?", you tease him and he smirks before kissing the top of your head.
"Yeah, definitely....", he answers with a suggestive voice making you blush a bit. You start closing your eyes for a little bit, "So, how was it?"
"How was what?", you try to clarify as you open your eyes again. Marc´s teeth are showing as he grins cheekily at you.
"How was your first time getting fucked by a God?"
"Oh fuck off...", you mumble with a blush making him laugh. You roll your eyes playfully and bite your lip before adding, "It was fucking amazing, actually... The suit definitely will stay on during sex."
"Are you trying to boil me alive?", he asks with a chuckle and you laugh a bit.
"How dramatic...Come here.", you pull him closer and kiss his lips again.
"I love you."
"I love you too, Moon Knight.", you whisper making Marc actually blush a bit. You give him another kiss before closing your eyes and feeling his heartbeat against your head.
This was definitely something to try again...
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the-knight-of-the-stars · a month ago
***Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Spoilers***
Well, Wanda hit rock bottom. I can't say I didn't saw it coming. The "no consequences for her terrible actions because she is a white woman in pain" would be her downfall as a character from the start and now it finally happened.
Every single writer who had her in their hands could have fixed her and each of them made it worst.
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wickeddruig · 7 months ago
part two
Tumblr media
part one
pairings: fuckboy!druig x fem!reader
summary: after you drunk text druig he picks you up from the bar and takes care of you
warnings: fluff, angst, face riding, jealousy, unedited
word count: 1.3k
you were throwing your ass back on some guy you met at the bar. you didn’t know him and you didn’t really care. what you did know is that you weren’t going home with this one. after druig you decided to be a bit more picky with the guys you fucked.
not because he was bothering you, he actually let you be for the most part. it was because you don’t think any other guy could fuck you the way he could. you fought the urge to text him almost every night. wanted to know how many positions he could make you cum in, wanted to feel his tongue on you again.
you knew not very many guys could make you feel like that again because sure as hell didn’t make you feel like that before druig. you get a text and you pull your phone looking at it ‘speaking of the devil’ you think to yourself.
druig: you up?
at first you were going to say no but you were already thinking of him and the things he could be going to you. so why the hell not? you were also already drunk.
you: yes
druig: come see me
you: at a bar, come get me
if you were going to fuck him the least he could do is come pick you up. you moved from the dance floor because some bitches kept bumping into you. you waited for his response
druig: of course, beautiful
you knew he would come get you. you sent your location to him. which you would realize was a mistake later on. you got an extra drink from the bar before heading out and waiting outside. not too much longer druig pulled up. he got out of the car and helped you as you fumbled. he opened the door and put you inside, putting your seatbelt on.
“what a gentleman” you slurred
druig didn’t say anything he just got into the driver seat and pulled out. as he drove he kept looking over at you, you were completely fucked up, he obviously was not going to try anything with you.
as much as he wanted you, he knew how disgusting it would be to fuck you while drunk especially when you hadn’t shown signs of wanting to have sex with him when you were sober, even if you did that wouldn’t be right. only a fucking loser would take advantage of that moment.
he pulled into his building and helped you out of the car. he tried to get you to stand but you obviously couldn’t walk straight so he threw you over his shoulder. he closed the car door and walked into his building. he went straight up to his dorm. no one was there because it was so late so it saved you a lot of embarrassment.
he opened the room to his dorm and to his surprise neither of his roommates were there so he quickly shuffled to his room, closing it behind him. he placed you on the bed, taking off your shoes. he laid you in the bed and then took of his clothes.
getting in his bed only in his boxers like he usually does. he pulled the extra air mattress out that he kept for his siblings when they came to stay for the weekends. sometimes to visit or sometimes for the college parties.
his sisters loved college boys, he enjoyed when they stayed even though he’d literally never admit that. he set up the air mattress with blankets and pillows laying on it. he wanted to cuddle you but he didn’t want you to feel comfortable. he drifted off to sleep because he was starting to hear your drunken snores and he wanted to be well asleep before they got any louder.
you jolted awake as you heard a loud slam, you looked around at your surroundings and you noticed it was not your room. you started to panic until you realized you recognized the room. it was druigs, you also started to panic again thinking you two had sex last night until you looked down and saw that you were fully clothed. out of the glimpse of your eye you saw the mattress on the ground. you assumed druig slept there last night.
“good morning sunshine” druig said walking into his bedroom with two plates, he set them both on the table.
“good morning” you said sitting up “how’d you know i was awake”
“i’ve been drunk before, i know loud noises wake you up” he said a bit sarcastically. he picked one plate up and handed it to you. it was breakfast food.
“you made this?” you asked, no one had ever made you breakfast especially not a guy.
“i mean, it’s only pancakes and bacon but yeah” he said picking up his plate and sitting on the edge of the mattress “it’s not rocket science”
he let out a little chuckle at his own statement. he didn’t say it in a rude town, he meant it to be funny and it was. you liked his sense of humor.
“okay this maybe just breakfast but it’s fucking good” you said to him the bacon was perfect “it’s like you knew exactly how i liked my bacon”
“once when they had served bacon for breakfast in the dining hall i overheard you saying how you liked your bacon” he replied looking up at you
fuck, you thought, no one had ever done no shit like that fit you before. that was some straight out of a rom com movie type of shit. you leaned towards him to kiss him on the lips, it was supposed to be a thank you but once you kissed him he immediately grabbed you, pulling you on to the air mattress.
he had you on top of him with his hands on your hips. you already had your hands desperately gripping your hair. he moved one hand to your ass and squeezed it as he slid his tongue against your lower lip asking for entrance. you parted your lips accepting his tongue into your mouth and he slipped his touch into your mouth, both of your tongues fighting for dominance. after a few more moments he pulled away.
“sit on my face” he demanded, slapping your ass. you obeyed and slid the dress off that you had on last night.
you didn’t wear any underwear so you were completely naked. you hovered above druig’s face and before you could even position yourself perfectly. he grabbed your ass and brought your pussy down to his face.
you began to grind of his face as you felt his tongue in your entrance, he was literally tongue fucking you. you arched your back and slid your hands to his hair, gripping it tightly.
“so fucking good” he muttered while you were on top of him. his nose was pressed against your clit while he moved his tongue in and out of your hole. you had never been more grateful for a man with a big nose in your life.
you felt his tongue in your asshole for a moment before he moved his mouth to completely on your clit. he was sucking and licking, swirling his tongue every now and it was driving you insane. you were singing his name. you picked up the speed, fucking his face while he fucked your pussy with his tongue.
“can i cum please?” you could barely make the sentence out.
“come for me m’darling” he said and you immediately released not waiting a second longer. you got off of of him and leaned over, kissing him long and hard. tasting yourself on his lips.
“you dirty girl” he laughed, pulling at one of your curls. he knew exactly what you were doing.
druig laid back, catching his breath. he wanted to be happy that he just got to please you. you tasted amazing. but he was sad that he wasn’t the could possibly be tasting you. he had never felt like this for a girl. jealous of he other partners, possible partners that couldn’t (hopefully didn’t) exit. he sat there wondering what the hell you were doing to him.
part three
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goddesses-of-the-multiverse · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
“You break the rules and become a hero. I do it, and I become the enemy. That doesn't seem fair.” - Wanda Maximoff
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rachelloryn · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
D R U I G 🥰
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