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#mcu rewatch babey

It’s great watching Infinity War deal with the sheer amount of characters and try to fit everyone in because you get situations like Peter happening to say that they’re the Avengers which the Guardians only knew about because they met Thor literally that day and that’s what leads them to gain their trust, and Steve knowing to go to Wakanda to fix Vision because he knows the younger sister of the king who’s been hiding his boyfriend, like there’s at least five layers of reach in order to get any interaction between anybody

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Obviously they really wanted to give Thor a makeover for Ragnarok and for most of the time it’s really dramatic and plot relevant (the destruction of the hammer! the slicing out of the eye! even the scene where he gets his hair cut is plenty dramatic!) but then when it comes time for him to get rid of the cape they just. rip it off and that’s that.

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Based on the wording and timing at the beginning of the film, Wakanda’s advancement only became a secret sometime after WWII, which is definitely recent enough to have some kind of record about it, and as much as I know that they definitely would have erased any evidence of their technology, I also love the idea of conspiracy theories in superhero universes

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