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#mcu spiderman

Pairing - Peter Parker x GhostSpider! reader x Harry Osborn

Summary - As a new year at MidTown High starts, Three people are determined to make this their year. Peter Parker is happier than ever this year but both his and his alter-ego’s happiness is short lived as a new enemy and new feelings are just over the horizon.

Y/N L/N had no intentions of enjoying the hurricane in her life that was moving to a new city but she ends up doing it. And she has a secret, just like Parker.

Harry Osborn has it all but at the same time nothing at all. He tries hard to please his father but always ends up failing. He’s gave up but what if he gets the perfect opportunity.

Warnings - None

A/N - So i’ve been working on this ever since I finished the first one but it took almost a week to do it so I’m going to publish chapters for these weekly. And just let me know what you think of it. 

Love, v.

Chapter 1 , Prologue , Before you begin 



The night was breezy and I was almost done with my homework. I peeked out of my window and looked outside, a cold breeze chills my bones. Suddenly, a red-blue figure swoops past me, for a minute I’m shocked but as my consciousness gains control, I put on my suit. Homework can wait, meeting Spider-Man can’t, I glance out of my room where down the hall my parents are, dad on laptop and mom on the phone, no one would notice if I went out, and with that I shoot a web to the apartment in front of me and follow Spider-Man.

I follow him completely incognito because I really would love to catch the famous Spider-Man offguard. Maybe I could even catch him removing his mask. But as I follow hiding in between chasing him, a green creature overtakes me, I barely see him but the green stands out of the monotonous buildings. I see him take Spider-Man. But I know how in the movies superheroes like to handle things themselves, but incase this Spider-Man’s a nutjob, I take a deep breath and follow them to the terrace of a tower. I don’t take notice of the tower, I’m too concerned of how suddenly the lights are out, thankfully I’m already in the same place as them and the night vision doesn’t hurt too. But as I look over to our hero, I face palm myself, because that dumbass obviously doesn’t have night vision as the hideous & if I may add very ugly creature, grabs him. While I use the darkness to my advantage to get out of hiding. I see Spider-Man being held the edge and then I lose it. 

I shoot a web at the monster and pull with all my might “No one does that to my idol.”

As spider-man is released onto the safety of the terrace again. I let go of the breath I didn’t even I know I was holding back. 

“WHAT THE-” spidey shouts.

“2 insects to deal with, eh?” The monster says & I can feel the frustration in his voice. 

“Nice to meet ya too.”

I web spider-man and jump out of the terrace and land on the ground. Good ol’ ground. And tug spider-man to hide in alley.

I peek out of the alley as he says “Who are you?”

“Fair enough, I’m GhostSpider and I’m just like you.”





I almost collapse at her last sentence. As much as death doesn’t scare me, this did. I didn’t want this. As much as I should thank her I can’t resist the urge to say

“I almost had him” I mumble

“Excuse me?”

“I almost had him”

“You know, a thank you would suffice, if I wouldn’t have been here you could have been killed.” she looks out as the power comes back on.

“I could have done it but these webshooters, although I wasn’t talking about our made-up names. The back-story I mean how did you get these powers, the suit, & ofcourse your real-” I turn to see that she has disappeared. “Identity” I finish and look out of the alley and change into Peter Parker, don’t want to attract any more goblins.


The next day as I’m at the locker I stare at Y/N just opposite from me, something about her made my spider-sense tingle that first time and since then I’ve been wondering why as Ned startles me

“MORE LIKE YOU. WHAT DO YA MEAN.” He shouts, I texted him last night

“Ssh. Keep it low, Don’t want everyone to know, do we?”

“Oh ya, sorry.” 

“But Ned, seriously, did you forget the part where I told you I nearly died?”

“No, I meant to ask you but just that other part caught my attention more. And besides she did save you.”

Y/N finishes taking books from her as I stare at her and ignore Ned. 

“Hey, are you even listening to me-” “Oh you’re staring at her, Peter, C’mon.”

This isn’t the first time he’s caught me staring and he isn’t happy about it.

“What, no.” I didn’t mean to stare at her, neither did I mean to ignore my bestriend. I don’t like this, where is MJ?

“If you didn’t mean to then let’s see how you’d react this.” “Hey, Y/N, here.”

he calls out to her as she grins and walks up to us

“Hey, Ned, Peter. Good morning.” 

“Good morning” I croak out I don’t know why this happening. I don’t like it. I just don’t.

“Did you see the power cut last night?”

“Pretty crazy.”

“But it’s all part of being in New York. Right, Peter?”

Peter, who? oh Peter, me.

“Yeah, yeah. Did you complete the chemistry homework?” The perfect small talk

“Oh, um, almost. What about you Ned?” Y/N says, the conversation lingers on studies for a while. As Harry walks past us, Y/N calls out “Hey Harry.” waving to him to come join us. 

“Hey y’all. Hi, Ned, Peter, Y/N.” 

as Y/N and Harry go to their first period together. I turn to Ned and he’s staring at me 

“Okay, but just let’s talk about this later.”

Ned looks like he’s going to burst and as I hear my girlfriend say “Talk about what later?”

“Uh, We were talking about how we’re going to Peter’s place to, you know, do a Boys’ night thing. Right, peter?’

“Yeah, yes.”

“So shall we?” MJ and me head to our first period together





Y/N suggested that we walk to class together as we have the same period. But now both of us are too awkward to say anything. But I gotta say something, I’m Harry Osborn. I don’t get awkward. Do I?

“So are you a dog person or a cat person?”

“I don’t know, I’m pretty much in the between. What about you?”

“I’m a cat person. Even have a cat.”

“Cool, can I see it sometime?” 

“I have it as a lockscreen. Here.”

I show her the picture of Midnight I have & she’s looking at the picture and I’m looking at her looking at the picture. Midnight is my cat since almost and I love her, she roams about the penthouse quite freely but comes back to me whenever she wants to sleep. I named her Midnight because she’s jet black in colour.

“Wow, she’s beautiful.” So are you. Harry, stop it. Please. 

“You can drop by, you know, to meet her.” 

“Yeah, to meet her?” She smirks and I know that I’ve not been as sly as I thought.

“Something like that.” We enter the classroom and sit next to each other as the teacher begins the Biology lecture. 

Afterwards, we exchanged numbers. 





As we sat in the cafeteria and me & Peter were discussing Chemistry’s homework, Ned & Betty joined our mini group where Harry sat scrolling on his phone beside me. 

“Ned, where’s MJ?” Peter calls out. 

“Harrington’s talking to her. Here she is.” As MJ joins us, she sits besides me (where formerly peter was) and kisses Peter before sitting down. So yes I admit I crushed on him a bit for a day on my first day but I’d hate to come ruin the friendship we all shared so I backed off. Also, Harry had taken up my attention lately. I mean he has the blue eyes I’d die for, he thinks he’s playing it cool but he’s clueless that he’s not, he’s a lot beneath his facade somewhat like what he displays is just the tip of  a iceberg. But I’m just observant. Ain’t I? 

Peter’s talking about Mr. Harrington being a pain in the ass but I feel a tap on my shoulder.

Flash. MJ’s ready to step up and bust his teeth right out of his face. But he puts up his hands in surrender. “I’m just here to invite Y/N to my party this weekend. You know, in case, she’s having second thoughts about the crowd she’s hanging out with.”

“No thanks, Flash.” MJ interrupts before I can speak. I squeeze her hand and give her a look, I got this.

“I’m not having second thoughts, Flash. But I’ll consider coming to your party.”

I smile at him as he goes back to his own table.

“What the hell, Y/N?” 

“Okay, so hear me out, yes, I’d like everyone’s attention, please.” Peter & Ned stop talking, Betty and Harry look up from their phones and Jason, well, he stops eavesdropping to conversations and is glad to be part of one.

“So we’re going to crash a party, tomorrow.” I say nonchalantly buring my fork in the apple that was on my plate.

the table is then alive with different excuses from everyone but in the end I was able to convince them all. So we’re going to a party.





I can’t actually believe MJ wants to go to a party. I guess that’s the kind of convincing Y/N’s capable of. I, in the duration of me & MJ dating, could never convince her to go to a party but I guess crashing Flash’s party and watching the look on his face sounds fun so that must be the reason. 

Friday, after school, Ned comes with me to supposedly hang out but really he was gonna help me with my problem. I mean look, it isn’t that big of a deal but if there’s even a slight chance I could be unfaithful towards MJ, I’d like to eiminate anyhow.

“Dude, maybe you should just stop talking to her.”

“No, Ned. That won’t look good. I mean I talked to her a pretty amount of time in this week and I’d suddenly start ignoring her, don’t you think she’d suspect something?”

“Look, Peter, No offense but can’t we just discuss your new friend?”

“Shut up, Ned. She’s not my ‘friend’“ I snap at him.

“Ok, ok.” Ned throws his hands up in surrender. The night flies as me and Ned have another Star Wars movie marathon. As Ned falls asleep on the sofa I walk up to the window and sigh I have to stop talking to her





Okay so first of all, it was Y/N’s idea to go to the party, But I quipped in to say I’d take her there, and I wasn’t sure now of how. Mostly because if I took one of my cars, she’d think I was one of the show-offs. But I wasn’t so I wasn’t sure of how I’d go to pick her up. Maybe just take a cycle? What, no! 

“Ugh, why is this so confusing?” I pet Midnight while she’s puzzled to see me tensed.

I end up walking to the address she texted me. 

I’m anxious as I ring the bell to the house. 

“what? No fancy cars? I’m disappointed.” She pouts before breaking in a short laugh. 

I notice her outfit a fitted and short red velvet dress, her hair is half-waves and half undone but trust me when I say she looked like a freakin’ goddess.

“Well, I was too confused in which one you’d like.” She lets me in the house and closes the door behind me. I expect to introduce myself but as she gestures me to come into her room, I pass the kitchen and other rooms which are visibly vacant. 

“They’re not home. Don’t worry. Your father keeps them busy.”

“Oh, um, I’m sorry.”

“Chill, I didn’t say that so I could get you to apologize.”

She stands in the front of the mirror curling the hair that remained. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t say this to a LOT of other girls but -  “Wow, you look stunning.”

“Ah, well, now. You’re just being modest.”





We walk to Flash’s house where Peter, MJ, Ned, Betty & Jason are already waiting for us. Normally, I hate walking but Harry talked me through it smoothly. People would expect someone with superpowers to be athletic, but I’m the opposite. 

Our plan is to walk in and probably change the songs to something WE would like.

And we all voted for MJ as she has a good taste in music. 

The party is just like any other. People scattered here and other, huddled together smoking something I don’t know the name of. A few other with drinks in their hands and laughing at something they won’t find funny sober. As we walk inside, the speakers play Don’t Start Now by Dua Lipa, we walk in pairs through the crowded hallway to the dance floor where Peter and MJ leave us to walk to the place where the booth is. We all stand in the corner, in a group, where we can a get view of MJ tackling the DJ and the taking the mic from him as the music abruptly stops. 

“AYO, this is not at all the partying you deserve.”

“WHAT THE-” Flash is clearly shocked as he stares in disbelief as the speakers blare Passionfruit by Drake.

As the crowd goes bonkers and starts cheering, Flash’s reaction changes and the he says out loudly “Yeah, MJ, you rock!”

“Can you believe him?” I scoff to Harry “He totally ruined the plan.”

“Yeah, but we still have drinks, food, music and a dance floor. What more do you need?” He extends a hand to me “Come with me?”

“But don’t say I didn’t warn you if I step on your foot.” He lets out a laugh as I take his hand and take our leave from Jason and Betty. Ned’s by the snack counter. While I follow Harry I make a mental note to myself to join Ned. Also the way, Harry holds my hand. But before I could think deeply about it, I’m dancing. 

After a while, breathlessly, we make our way to the snack counter 

“You totally ripped off that girl’s wig.” Harry says as he laughs

“Yeah but I didn’t mean to.” I reciprocate his laugh as we join Ned and tell him about our little adventure. But we’re suddenly interrupted by Flash who’s facade falls as no one he’s trying to impress is present beside him at the moment. 

“I know y’all were trying to crash, but don’t you know better than to mess with me?” 

“Please, Flash, if we wanted to ruin your day we could do it like now.” Harry shrugs
“No one’s talking to you, including your own father,”
Flash says this without sparing a glance at Harry, looking my way viciously

“You. You’re a tricky one. You’re gonna regret this.” He points a finger at me 

And I just notice the chipotle on the table and the next thing I know, Its all over Flash as he gasps. Ned is laughing as he goes over to Betty to make as much people as possible to witness this.

I look to see Harry’s disappeared.





As MJ sits on the chair near the DJ booth, I lean to kiss her passionately. To which she smirks “Oh, well, someone’s in quite the mood today.”

Suddenly, my phone beeps. I ignore it at first and continue kissing her cupping her face but it keeps on continuously ringing and I pull away and check the notifications from Karen. 

The Stark tower’s perimeter is breached, Peter, by the same thing that we met that day. Should I activate lock down protocol and let Pepper know?

“Um. No, Karen, I can handle this.”

I explain everything to MJ as she nods at me “Be careful”

I swing out the of the house as Karen updates me on the whereabouts of the villain. I sigh and hope that this time a) the ‘GhostSpider’ doesn’t show up

and b) I don’t die. 

Chapter 3 on June 1st

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Okay but Peter, Morgan, shuri, and Harley being forced to sit at the kids table during Thanksgiving and nebula is at the big table but she kinda gets the feeling she’s not ready for it so she silently pulls up a chair next to Morgan and continues eating.

Everyone notices and there’s a moment of quiet but they just let it happen and let her adjust and grow into the big table just like everyone else did.

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A/N: hi everyone, and welcome to my first story on this blog!! I hope you enjoy :) I wrote this all in one sitting LOL. feel free to send a request! <3 

Ship(s): Spider-Man x Fem! Reader

Summary: A burrito falls from the sky, and because of this strange occurrence you meet a dorky man in a spider costume. 

Genre: Fluff, minor angst

Warnings: language 

Word Count: …a lot lol

This was, officially, one of the worst days ever. Sure, you’ve had worse days in the past, but even those awful, no-good days can’t hold a candle to this. Yeah, getting your expensive new dress chewed up by your best friend’s puppy was pretty bad. And yes, you had to admit that failing your driver’s test - not just once, but 6 times! - had been one of the crappiest weeks of your life. 

But nothing in the past even remotely compares to you getting separated and lost from your tour group, getting your cell phone and wallet stolen, and accidentally dropping your New York style pizza slice on the ground just to have it taken by hungry rats. Today was turning out to be a shitty day indeed. 

Keep reading

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All I’m saying is that there is no way that Tony Stark saves the entire fucking universe after looking at a picture of him and his son Peter Parker and then only leaves him a pair of glasses. Something’s about to fucking happen when Peter turns 18

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Yeah, like I said, Endgame and IW changed the game for Spider-Man, I’m sure Watts had other plans but he had to go with the plot to give the character continuity.

I don’t agree with the Sony/Disney split, I think Spider-Man belongs to the MCU. The different direction doesn’t seem that bad. I think Tom Holland is doing a fantastic job with it and I think they’re going to focus more on his interactions with the other MCU superheroes than his personal life. Maybe we’ll get to see him join the avengers again after SM3. I hope Holland has a brilliant future in the MCU.

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Jock!Tom Holland x Female!Reader

Highschool AU

@danicarosaline requested: Hi pretty!! i saw your requests are open so may i please request a jock Tom x reader! Tom is a big softy and the captain of his football team and reader is a tough ‘not taking shits from anybody’ type of person? Like Tom gets in an argument with a team mate and he’s being all nice and calm about it but reader thinks his team mate deserves a good punch in the face so she punches him and it shocks the entire team and Tom himself even though he expected it!!

Warnings: F L U F F, not sure that the football talk is 100% accurate, all I know about American football is that Tom Brady’s a quarterback, their jerseys are cool and apparently I’m supposed to cheer for the Pats? (yeah, that’s my dad’s fault), B99 references (i fucking love that show), cursing, a bit of violence ig

Word Count: 2.3k words (why can i not write short things?)

Estimated Reading Time: 9 minutes

A/N: so sorry it took so long to get this out! also, i got waaaaaay to invested in this… oopsie



Originally posted by beepbeephargrove

You ran across the field as people all around you celebrated with only one goal in mind: kiss your boyfriend.

You and Tom had been dating for almost seven months now, to many people’s surprise. The entire school thought you’d be together for a week tops, but you surpassed all their expectations by becoming the longest standing couple in junior year (not that it was hard, high schoolers change partners like discardable gloves). 

Tom was one of Sunset High’s best and brightest, loved by the teachers, captain of the football team, and the object of many’s affection.

You, however, were nothing like that. You hated sports (everyone knows art’s better anyway), social interactions were your personal little slice of hell, and everyone was too scared to approach you since you threatened to gut Charles after he accidentally forgot to give you back your pencil.

All in all, there was no way you two could stay together.

There was no way you could even make a friendship work, let alone a romantic relationship.

But then there was that fateful summer night…

Your mind ran at a thousand miles an hour as you rocked in the park’s nest swing. The stars looming over you were the only thing keeping you from spiraling, and after an hour of watching them, the peace in your mind was crumbling.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there.”

You sat up on the swing and looked to your right where stood a sheepish-looking Tom.

“It’s okay, I should probably leave anyway…”

“No! I mean, it’s okay, you were here first I didn’t mean to disturb you.”

You cast your eyes down until he spoke again.

“You go to my school, right? (Y/n)? We were in the same English class in freshman year.”

“Yeah, I think so… I’m surprised you remember me, we didn’t have any classes together last year…”

He huffed out a laugh and leaned against the support beam, hands in his pockets.

“It’s kinda hard to forget someone like you. You stood up to the teacher on the first day after he yelled at a kid and spent the next year having actual coherent debates about the books that most of the class never even read, let alone understood. You’re kind of amazing.”

You ducked your head once more to try to cover the blush on your cheeks, biting your lip.


He nodded and took a deep breath, then sat in front of you and pushed so the swing was rocking softly, always catching it before it hit his face.

You giggled a bit and sat criss-cross applesauce, back straight, your mother’s words permanently etched into your brain.

“So, what are you doing alone in the town’s most secluded park at midnight?”

“Oh, you know, questioning my life choices, freaking out because in three weeks we’re going back to school while simultaneously feeling stir crazy after having nothing cool to do all summer, regretting ever being born, the usual. What about you?”

“Getting crushed by everyone’s expectations, feeling constricted cause I have to set a good example for my little brothers, freaking out cause I have no idea what I want to do with my life, the usual.”

A comfortable silence settled between you.

“Do our lives really suck or is it just the teenagers in us that dramatize everything?”

He huffed out a laugh.

“I don’t know, tell me your story and I’ll let you know.”

You scooched to the side and patted the now empty spot on the too-small swing so he could lay down next to you. Looking at the stars seemed like a better idea than looking at him.

“I never really liked school, people are jerks, cafeteria food is disgusting at best, I have no friends -not that I care about that, I’m better off alone. Still, it’s better than being home. When my father isn’t working in his study, he’s berating me about getting better grades, even though I’m a straight-A student, not that he cares enough to actually know that. My mother’s usually either gossiping with her other rich friends or telling me to correct my posture, dress better, act like a lady, it’s infuriating…

"My older brother, the only person in that family that I genuinely like, left for MIT today, so I guess I’m just now realizing that I’m really… alone. I’ll have to suffer through my father’s lectures about getting high grades and act like someone I’m not so my mother doesn’t take away everything I love until I "learn to act like a respectable woman”. Jake used to get them to lay off me, but now he’s not here. Sometimes I wonder why they even adopted me if I’m such a bad daughter. It just sucks.“

You felt his hand twitch next to yours and his eyes on your face.

"Your turn.”

He took a shuddering breath before speaking.

“My parents are amazing, they really are, they only want what’s best for me, but sometimes it’s a little much. They constantly remind me of going to training, doing my homework, studying for tests, and even though they always say it’s okay, I see the disappointment in their eyes when my grades lower even by a single point.

"My little brothers look up to me a lot, and they’re always telling me how much they want to be just like me when they grow up. I know they mean it in the best possible way, but it’s just that much more pressure. I just… feel the need to always be the best at everything. The best football player, the best captain, the best student, the kindest person in that school, most helpful… it’s all a bit much.”

This time, it was you who were looking at his profile while he gazed at the stars.

“It’s okay to feel overwhelmed, Tom. It doesn’t matter that they have the best intentions, they’re still putting too much pressure on you and you deserve the chance to relax.”

He turned towards you and for the first time that night, you realized just how close you were.

“You’re not a bad daughter just because you have different interests. I, for one, think you are a strong and independent woman who doesn’t need to change because of some mere peasants. You’re a queen… You deserve someone that’ll treat you as one.”

Your breath caught in your throat as you locked eyes with him.

“Wanna make a deal?”

You nodded tentatively, though at this point you’d probably agree to murder someone as long as he kept looking at you that way.

“I’ll be your friend, give you something to do whenever you need it, save you from your asshole parents and remind you of just how awesome you are every day…”

“And in return?”

“And in return, you’ll say stuff like what you said before when I get too stuck in my head, save me from my so-called friends when they’re being jerks, and come to every practice with me so you have something to do and I have someone to make silly faces at.”

“I’m pretty sure there are a thousand girls in that school that would kill to have you make silly faces at them.”

“Maybe so, but they aren’t you. A lock of your hair is worth more than all of them combined.”

You bit your lip and smiled.




He pecked you softly on the lips before he lost his nerve, quick and fleeting, feather-light but strong enough to leave fires in its wake. You pulled him back and gave him a slightly longer kiss before setting your head on his shoulder and going back to stargazing, now with someone to keep you company.

Three weeks later, you walked into school hand in hand and haven’t let go since.


You jumped into his arms, ignoring the smell of sweat and how it would probably cling to your clothes.

“You did so good baby!”

He kissed you straight on the lips, not minding his teammate’s wolf-whistles, having grown used to them already.

“I had a pretty good motivation.”


“Mm-hm, my girl told me she’d bake me cookies if I won this match, and I really like her cookies.”

“Sounds like you have a great girlfriend.”

“The best.”

You kissed him again and he smiled when he felt the fabric of his spare jersey adorning your figure.

“Yo, Holland!”

You forced apart by Teddy’s call, one of the newer players. Since you went to every single practice, you knew that Teddy was being an ass lately, always wanting the glory, never passing the ball to his teammates. If it weren’t for Tom’s skill as captain of the team, he would’ve cost them most matches, including this one.

“Why didn’t you pass me the ball?”


“That last play, I was free and you passed the ball to Harrison even though he almost lost it. You should have passed it to me, we almost lost because you want to make your useless bestie feel included!”

“Johnson was closing in on you, if I’d passed it to you, we would have lost for sure. Passing it to Harrison bought me the time I needed to get out of danger. It was purely strategical, you would know that if you paid attention to your teammates instead of playing all on your own. Haz is an amazing player and I don’t treat him differently just because he’s my best friend. I’d like you to apologize to him, please, it’s not kind to insult your teammates.”

You admired the fact that he managed to remain calm and collected throughout the whole conversation, looking like the embodiment of ‘I’m not mad, I’m disappointed’. You, however, were not having such an easy time keeping your cool, hands firmly clenched at your side.

“The hell it was! You just feel threatened by me because you’ll never be as good as me, so you never pass me the ball, it’s ridiculous!”

“Okay, buddy, you need to back the hell off and close your mouth before I punch it shut.”

His eyes flickered to you and he rose a brow mockingly.

“Oh, your little slut’s standing up for you know? I always knew you were a chicken, guess my theory’s been pro-”

You cut him off with a punch to the nose, smiling when you heard the satisfying crack of his bones and his howls of pain.

A collective 'ooh’ came from the crowd, and they took a few steps back (excluding Tom of course, who was only looking at you with wide eyes).

“What the fuck?”

“I warned you, didn’t I?”

You smirked evilly as Teddy was pulled away by the coach to check his injury.

“You’re a bitch!”

“Baddest of them all, sweetheart. Have a fun time at the hospital!”

The whole crowd had gone silent by the time you turned back around, seemingly satisfied with your vengeance.


You tilted your head in confusion at the awestruck looks on the team’s faces.

“You broke his nose!”


“With just your hand.”


“Since when are you so violent?”

You were actually kind of offended at that.

“I know that I bring you guys snacks after practice, but do none of you hear when I threaten other people? It’s a daily occurrence.”

The rubbed their necks sheepishly.

“Well, you see…”

Haz started, seemingly measuring his words.

“You’re kind of like Rosa from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. No one actually knows what you’re capable of, no one thinks you’d actually kill someone, but we’re also kind of too scared to test you, so we just… wonder.”

“Well, when you’re done wondering, go take a shower so we can go celebrate, I’m hungry.”

They all scrambled away in a chorus of 'yes ma'am’ before you turned back to Tom with a smile on your face.

“You didn’t have to punch him, you know?”

“Yeah, but I’ve been wanting to for weeks now.”

He huffed out a laugh and kissed your forehead.

“How’re your knuckles?”

“A bit sore, but I’m pretty sure that if we put some ice it’ll be good, the rings took most of the impact.”

You wiggled your hand, showing off the array of rings covering your fingers in what you deemed to be an aesthetically pleasing way.

“I love you, babygirl.”

You kissed him, smiling into his lips.

“I love you too. Now go, shower!”

You patted his butt and laughed at the look he threw you, standing next to the field while you waited for them to get out.

Their coach came to stand next to you and you smiled at him, having taken a liking for him. He was a good teacher and treated the team well.

“Coach Jeffords.”


“What’s the verdict?”

“Nurse says it’s broken but we’ll only know the full extent of his injuries after he gets examined at the ER. He’s on his way there as we speak.”

You nodded.

“You’ll be pleased to know that he’s been taken off the team and suspended for a week for unruly behavior. His parents aren’t going to press charges since they feel it’s deserved.”

You smirked evilly.

“I’d advise you to watch out for Pembroke. He’s starting to become a nuisance. If he keeps it up, he might be next.”

He nodded, fighting back his smile even though you knew damn well he agreed.

“I’ll do my best.”

“And I’ll do mine.”

“(Y/n)! Ready to go?”

You nodded in goodbye at the coach and walked over to a freshly showered Tom, interlacing your fingers.


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Teaser: During your first class of the semester, your students find out very quickly what you think of love and all games have rules. But rules were made to be broken weren’t they? 

“But can you really say love and hate are the same? I mean motivations might be similar on the basis of passion but true love doesn’t have space for hatred, there are countless examples of this in the plays. I just don’t believe they are in any way the same professor,” she said, a great deal of conviction in her eyes. 

Whispers started to circle and I could tell right now that this was going to be a lively class with lots of opinions and that was my favorite kind of class. 

Raising a brow at her I said, “Agree to disagree, love is a game and even when you win you’ll find that you lose.”

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for the both of us (p.p.) | 3

 summary: a look into peter and y/n’s past makes peter rethink everything. 

note: hi! I didn’t post last week but here’s part three, I think there’ll be two more parts! let me know if you want to be tagged in it!

part 1 | part 2 | part 3

When I woke up she wasn’t next to me. My heart sank a little before I noticed the note she left for me. 

“Peter - I woke up early and went home to have breakfast with my parents. Didn’t want to wake you, but I left breakfast in the fridge for you. Happy will pick you up later to take you to Stark Industries for your suit fitting . — Y/N”

I waited for the sinking feeling to go away but it didn’t. I just knew that there was something else I was missing, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it yet. I didn’t want to think about it, so I tried to focus on the fact that yesterday was good. She actually talked to me, it was my bed and my arms that she was in. 

She missed me, and until she said it I didn’t realize how much I needed to hear it. 

So I told myself that I was paranoid, that I didn’t have to worry about a thing, that last night meant something and we’d finally be together. 

And that’s what I told myself all day until Happy picked me up to go to Stark Industries. 

“Hey Happy, when is Y/N getting to the suit fitting?” I asked

“Oh—she’s not coming. I think she said it was Harry’s little sister’s birthday? Did she not tell you?” 

There was that sinking feeling again. 

“Oh…right..right. I must’ve just forgot or something.” I lied. 

Happy was quiet for a moment before looking at me through the rear view mirror. 

“Look Peter, I don’t know what exactly is going on with you and Y/N, but I know you guys will figure it out. “

“You think so?” 

“You guys have always found a way to work it out, and you always do it best together, so it shouldn’t be any different. “ 

The rest of the car ride was quiet. I tried to keep Happy’s words in mind as I let my thoughts flash back to before I left—a time before there ever was a Harry to worry about—and how perfect things were with Y/N then. 


I had known Y/N for about a year at the time. I was starting to see her as more than a friend and feel things for her that were definitely more than brotherly love. But out of fear that I’d find a way to mess it up I refused to say anything until I knew for sure how I felt about her. 

I was swinging through the city in the morning when I noticed the time.  Y/N would be leaving for school soon and I thought I’d stop by her apartment for a quick visit. I also noticed the flower stand outside her building already opened, so I bought some daffodils for her—her favorite spring flower—and swong myself up onto her balcony. 

I tapped on her window lightly three times before she noticed me and I went into her room. 

“Peter!!” She excitedly yelled as I took off my mask and she ran towards me to give me a hug.  “What are you doing here?” 

“Thought I could swing by—literally swing by now that I think about it—bring you some flowers before you went to school.” I said hugging her tightly before letting go and handing her the flowers. 

“They’re so pretty! Daffodils?” She asked, admiring the bunch of flowers and then looking back at me

“Yeah!” I then realized that I sounded a little too excited. “ I mean - yea…yea I remembered that you said they’re your favorite spring flower. A-and I wanted to..I don’t know..bring you something nice to start off your day.” I scratched the back of my neck nervously. 

“That is so cute and sweet! Thanks Parker.” She then kissed my cheek, making me flush a deep red. I paused for a second to process and to try to stop my breath from hitching in my throat after the fact that she not only just did that—but that she thought it was cute. Did she think I was cute? I mean probably not…but she kissed my cheek…”you’re cute” I imagined saying to her…but I was getting ahead of myself. 

“So…want a lift to school?” I asked as I felt my throat hitch by just looking at her 

“I would BUT my dad will kill me- and probably kill you- if he sees “Stark Daughter Swings through Manhattan with Spider-Man” in the papers again…but how about after school? We can go to that old fashioned frozen yogurt place you’ve been talking about. Only if we walk though-“ She laughed making my heart flutter. 

“Okay, it’s a date! Wait not a date-Unless you wanted it to be a date-it doesn’t have to be a date—“ I rambled on and on until she cut me off by quickly kissing me. I froze. 

“It’s a date. “ she said smiling at me. “Now, I’m going to be late for school so I have to go. But I’ll see you downstairs at 3!” And then she rushed out the door. 

I was still processing that she had just kissed me for the first time when I felt the heat in my cheeks rise even more. I put my mask back on and was on my own way to school. Yet, I couldn’t help the happy expression on my face that was hiding under my mask. 

The whole day I couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear just at the thought of her. I must’ve annoyed the shit out of Ned by how much I was talking about her. 

As soon as school ended for me I rushed over to her building and waited in the lobby for her. Soon enough I was met with her angelic light coming towards me. 

“Ready to go, Parker?” She asked 

“After you, m’lady.” I said making her laugh. Her cheeks flushed a light shade of pink and I mentally patted myself on the back for making her blush instead of it being the other way around. 

We made our way to the yogurt place, arms linked together. It started raining on our way there but I had brought my umbrella and we huddled close together to fit under it. When we got there, I payed for our yogurts and we sat at a table by the window to watch the rain.

“Do you ever think about how pretty the rain is, Parker?” She asked me admiring the raindrops falling on the window 

“I think you’re pretty, does that count?” 

“God Peter, when did you get so cheesy?” She  turned her gaze towards me and then looked down at her yogurt to hide how much she was glowing.

We were quiet for a second before I spoke up again.

“So, Y/N about this morning…I…I-“ I was so nervous. I wanted to tell her how I felt but I couldn’t quite understand it yet and couldn’t find the words to explain it. 

“Peter, how about we make a promise?” She said 

“Okay what are we promising?”

“To be honest when we can, to be there for each other always, to never hurt each other, and to always figure things out together? I don’t want to force you to explain things to me when you can’t explain it to yourself, so I think this just might be easier, for now.” 

I smiled at her and raised my pinky.

“Okay, pinky promise?” 

“Pinky promise.” We linked our pinkies and it was me leaning in to kiss her this time.


Things were so uncomplicated then. If I hadn’t left nine months ago, we would be together. We would’ve figured out what we were together, I wouldn’t have taken so long to realize that I loved her. But now that she was with Harry, could we really figure it out together? Is there an us to figure out? 

Was there ever an us to figure out? 

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