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#mcu x reader
lesbian-deadpool · 16 hours ago
Bruce: Since when do you carry a switchblade?
Y/N: It’s a long story, Bruce.
(Flashback to Y/N looking at a switchblade through a shop window)
Y/N: Neat.
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tokkiotears · a day ago
my type - pt. 2
Tumblr media
note: italics are flashback/memories.. alright!! part 2 is here, im really enjoying writing this so far . its hard for me to write rly long parts but maybe we will get there one day lol; for @sapphireplums happy late bday darling
pairing: druig x (f)reader
summary: after telling kingo that the two of you are dating, druig asks why you had ever stopped being friends a few centuries earlier.
warnings: fake dating, slow-ish burn, not proofread!!
wc: 1.5k
“Hey man, I don’t wanna argue - I just came to ask…” You could make out Kingo’s voice pretty well from inside the bathroom, but the conversation dimmed and turned to mumbles that you could no longer comprehend through the door. . Now adorned in Druig’s clothes, you stood and fiddled with the hems. Checking your appearance in the mirror, you sighed. What was Druig thinking? You were going to have to explain to everyone that it wasn’t true and that you really were single - all alone for yet another year.
“Happy thoughts,” You say to your reflection. You open the door slowly, peeking out.
Druig is nowhere in sight, which is both a disappointment and a relief. As quiet as you can, you sneak into the hallway, towards your own room. It is just down the hall thankfully, but you have to pass many of the other Eternals rooms to get there. With the lack of light, you end up smacking your foot into the baseboard. A very audible thud echoes through the house. Your face contorts, a silent scream escaping.
“What’re you doing?” The voice behind you is unmistakable. Druig. You turn with a pained smile.
“Going to my room.” You whisper, wondering why he isn’t keeping his voice down. He shakes his head, pursing his lips together.
“Nah, come on.”
“But-“ His hand slipping in yours is what silences you, causing your heart to thud. You swear it's loud enough for him to hear, but his lack of reaction makes you think maybe he can’t. Once you’re back in the confines of his room, he turns to speak to you.
“Kingo has probably already texted Sersi and Sprite, likely even Ajak - and the others will have heard by morning. If they think we’re together then they will think something is wrong if we aren’t sleeping in the same room,” His accent is so mesmerizing to listen to that you almost don’t comprehend what he’s saying, “Is your foot okay?”
Looking down at it you can see it's slightly red, and still stings a little. But after all, you’re an Eternal. It’ll pass soon enough. You nod and Druig turns to grab a small throw blanket and a pillow from the bed. You extend your arms to take them, but he ignores you and tosses them onto the floor as if for his own use.
“I’ll sleep on the floor,” You say softly. “I’m not kicking you out of your own bed, Dru.”
His head is hung low as he chews on his lip. His lack of response lets you know that’s not gonna happen.
You motion towards the bed, “We can both sleep on the bed?”
His head turns up and his eyes are now on you. He looks unsure.
“It’s not like this would be the first time,” Your tone isn’t suggestive, but an attempt to keep him from sleeping on the hardwood floor and guilt eating at your conscience. His lips pull into a faint smirk, but he doesn’t object.
A few hours into the night, you’re still unable to find sleep. Druig is breathing softly beside you, you could make out the rising and falling of his chest with the faint moonlight spilling in through the window.
Carefully, you remove yourself from the blankets and make your way to the window. It is a large clean-cut rectangle stretching from the ceiling nearly to the floor, lined with wispy chiffon curtains. Slipping into the windowsill, you let yourself relax. The cold walls feel fresh against your skin, giving you a sense of clarity.
Sometimes, it felt numb. Being an Eternal. Endless life.
Daily life felt as if it were reduced to monotony. Love was bitter, you either found it with a mortal; doomed to die before your eyes. Or hope that within the few other Eternals you were paired with that you’d somehow be so lucky to fall in love and be loved in return. It was fulfilling to help the humans grow - but many of them seemed destined to self-sabotage.
You press your fingertips against the glass, watching fog form around your fingertips as a response to your body heat. The rustling of blankets causes you to look towards Druig, his figure lazily writhing in the sea of blankets to face you. His eyes hesitantly open to make out the silhouette of your body in the window.
“Hey,” You whisper with a melancholy smile. Even from this far away, his eyes are a piercing shade, glowing in the moonlight.
“What’re you still doing awake, doll?” The raspiness of his voice conveys his lethargy well. The comforter is haphazardly draped over his abdomen and you can’t help but admire his picturesque-ness. Even after thousands of years of knowing him he somehow still managed to render you awestruck. You tried to suppress the flutters in your stomach that bloomed at the nickname.
“Why’d you tell Kingo…” You trail off, gazing out the window at the snowy hills. You glance back at him.
“I know it bothers you that they ask,” He was awake now, scooting to the edge of the bed and tossing the blanket aside. “I figured two birds one stone. I get to spend more time with you for a bit and they stop annoying you.”
Audibly, he sighs. Druig meanders to the windowsill, taking a seat across from you. All you can offer him is a smile. You don’t notice when he intertwines his legs with yours; Only when his fingers graze over the skin on the back of your hand. “What happened in Brazil?”
The party raged on for days. The famous Carnival. 1800 is a year to celebrate apparently.
The heat of the day was dissipating slowly into a comfortable warmth, yet the crowds only grew more sweaty. Glass beads, tinsel, feathers, they all littered the streets. You remembered when you first got wind that there were extensive festivals going on here - it was something that you and Druig couldn’t resist.
Luckily, you had snagged a small wooden chair on the edge of the alleyway. It was nearly morning and you were on your reserves to keep partying. Every now and then you’d see a pair of golden eyes - Druig taking over a person in order to find you. He couldn’t keep up with how fast you moved in these crowds. You spotted a young man, with a curly head of hair.
“Y/N,” He greeted in his mother tongue. His eyes beamed a bright gold.
“I’m ready to go home if you are,” You pant, desperate to peel the layers of sweaty clothing off and bathe in the springs. “Come get me.”
The boy scoffs, a mischievous smile on his lips. Then, his eyes dim and he returns to what he was doing before Druig took over. You spotted him in the crowd, mop of dark hair covered in glitters. His smile was so bright and his demeanor so happy. Something in the back of your head nagged at you. It had before. ‘Look how happy he is!’ ‘You’re holding him back.’ ‘You could never make him truly happy.’
A group of happy youth pulls him into their vicinity - forcing him to join their dancing. You give him one more look before you turn and melt into the crowd.
It was difficult to avoid him in Brazil, really in most of South America. You’d avoid those glowing eyes, even if they weren’t his. Somehow you had convinced yourself that he was better off without you.
“Y/N?” Druig’s low voice broke through your thoughts. No surprise there. “Lost in your own head again?”
You rest your head onto the window pane. “Mhm.”
The forest in the distance is bristling with movement, caribou wandering through the snow.
“I thought it was time to stop holding you back. That’s why I left Rio.”
Druig’s dark brows furrowed. “Holding me back?”
His hands grew firm against yours. You used to be able to read him so well, but now you could hardly tell what mood he was in. You missed the days where you’d surprise him with the first editions of his favorite novels and handmade trinkets. Druig rested his head on your clasped hands. Gazing at him, you say still. Admiring the way his midnight stands of hair shine.
“Cmon let's go to sleep,” You murmur. His hand is desperate to stay on yours, but he lets go momentarily. When he slips into his previous spot on the bed, and you yours, his hand ventures towards you from under the blanket. First, it grazes your hip and then finds its way back to your palm.
The shivers that ran down your spine soon dissipate as the heat from his body warms your own.
Is this friendship that has evolved over thousands of years, or is it something else?
✑ taglist : @dontbedumb3 @rexorangecouny @emptyloverofmine @who-even-is-galileo @justifymyfeelings @jelly4m @measure-in-pain
if you'd like to be added let me know xx
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plxviofiles · 2 days ago
falling for ya
Tumblr media
wanda x fem!reader, FLUFF. comedy!!
warnings: one swear word, a gun, idiocy sypnosis: stupid grocery store visit. stupid friends. not-stupid love of your life. word count: 1.1K a/n: posting another fav of mine that i wrote a while ago bc I have homework and a movie to go to so I can't write a kate fic after watching episode 3 of hawkeye :/ also i rmbr this was probs inspired by @missmonsters2 she’s one of my fav writers!
a/n 2: does ur heart ever go <wanda3 because yeah. same.
“This is utterly ridiculous,” you deadpan.
Wanda nods in agreement but wasn’t able to muffle her laughter.
Sam and Bucky are huddling in one supermarket trolley. Tony stands dangerously on the tiny rod in front. Steve is driving it with his super soldier pinkies. Natasha is throwing random items like “miscellaneous meat” and “blue cheese ice cream” in the trolley.
You decide that you are going to bring the Avengers to shopping with you one day. Your best friend assures you that it is a good idea.
Now it isn’t looking like it is.
“You shouldn’t be laughing,” you mumble.
“I’m sorry,” but the smile on the girl’s face suggests the opposite, “But it is pretty funny.”
You look at the five idiots that look happier than they have ever been since the day you got them avengers plushies for Christmas.
“I suppose.”
Wanda catches the small smile on your lips, and she smiles subconsciously.
You snap out of the little trance you’re having, and you march over to the rowdy group. Soon, there are two ears from different men in each hand, and a disgruntled Natasha following close behind. Wanda smiles again.
She thinks its sweet of you. You probably knew this would happen, but you let them come anyway.
“Listen, knuckleheads,” you scold the pouting group, “It’s one thing to ruin your reputations, but it’s one whole other thing to ruin mine. People treat me like normal here. Don’t ruin it.”
The adults stand in a straight position and salute you, before bowing. Your eye twitches. Tony and Natasha fist bump because they have a death wish they know they have annoyed you again.
“Just go and get things that are actually on our list please,” you sigh, taking out the blue cheese ice cream, pretending not to hear the assassin whine.
Wanda watches the whole scene with quiet giggles. You narrow your eyes at her with playfulness.
“You’re enjoying this a little too much, Maximoff,” you note, glaring at the four boys when you see them looking at the pad section of the grocery store ironically and for no reason whatsoever instead of helping you with the groceries.
Natasha will have been looking in the knives section, but the small warning about slashing her motorcycle tires that you sent her on text steers her towards the pasta section instead.
“I just think it’s funny, that’s all,” Wanda defends herself, putting a bottle of milk in the trolley.
You snort a little, “Oh yeah? What else do you find funny?”
Wanda thinks your snort is cute. Then she realises she spaced out.
She clears her throat.
“You know, usual things, like sitcoms and comedies,” she says, a little embarrassed.
You hum at her answer, looking over the labels on a new soda you want to try.
“What about you, what do you find funny?” Wanda asks conversationally, wanting to know more about you.
“Romance comedies. I like Mamma Mia,” you tell the girl with a little something, a little excitement in your tone.
“I love that movie!” Wanda exclaims, happy at finding something small in common with you with little effort.
“The sequel was nice as well. I had a crush on young Donna,” you giggle.
Wanda laughs, suddenly forgetting about the grocery list, “I think everyone had a crush on young Donna."
“My crush on you will always be bigger though,” Wanda seems proud at her attempt to flirt.
You actually smile wider, and you lean forward to kiss the girl on the cheek, shocking her pleasantly.
“Same here.”
Soon, everything is ready, and the small part of the Avengers that came with you are sad to leave.
With your girlfriend squeezing your hand with an encouraging smile, you smile painfully at them.
“You guys can come here again with me. When I need to,” you say almost shyly.
They smile at you sincerely, then they help you pack the groceries into the car, contentment clear on everyone’s faces at the day’s events.
“I’m proud of you,” Wanda puts a hand on your thigh.
You focus on the road, not letting your contentment show in your features, “I know.”
Wanda knows though, she always does, and she gives you a kiss on the cheek.
The group in the back are arguing on what seems to be politics (you absolutely have no idea) , and you heard some sobbing and knife sharpening. Suddenly you’re grateful that you’re the one driving.
You notice Wanda’s lips twitch upwards at some of the sentences she catches with her ears.
You think that she’s cute.
Yeah, she’s definitely the cutest person ever.
“Your thoughs are loud, любовь,” Wanda grins teasingly.
you raise an eyebrow, “I see no reason to hide my affections.”
Wanda bites her bottom lip with a dreamy look on her face.
You doubt that there’s honestly anything more adorable than her.
Then Wanda realises.
What the fuck.
Oh wow.
She gets up out of bed, her face sweating a little.
It’s only been six months.
She shakes her head at her doubt. She would not have thought of this if she wasn’t sure.
She was still nervous though.
She opens your door with ease. You didn’t lock it.
She stands in front of your bed, burying her face in her hand, thinking.
You awake to gentle calls.
You get up and pick up a gun, immediately pointing it to the person.
Wanda panics on reflex, and you sigh. You put the gun back in your drawer.
“Mind telling me why you’ve decided to give me an unwelcome surprise attack at 4 am in the morning?” you say groggily.
“I just…. uh…I have something to say.”
You open one eye for a bit before closing it again, “You do realise you could’ve chosen to wake anyone else if you had something to say? Even Tony is awake all night. That man never sleeps.”
Your tone isn’t irritated just rather sleepy.
Wanda fiddles with her fingers a little.
“I have something to say to you.”
You open both eyes this time, concern running through them.
“Is everything alright?”
Wanda smiles at your concern, and a flash of guilt overtook her features before she finally blurts out.
“I think I’m in love with you.”
Wanda feels a strong urge to run.
You blink twice.
“I love you too. Now get in bed,” you mumble simply.
You sink back into the comfort of your pillows and make grabby hands at your girlfriend.
Wanda stares for a second before registering your words, then she grins widely.
She slides into your bed and your legs found its way to hers, tangling them together.
She finds her way to your chest and lays her head there.
The sound of your heartbeat is a welcome lullaby.
She looks up, and you press a quick but loving kiss on her lips.
“Goodnight, I love you.”
Six months, and Wanda’s lips still tingle.
“Goodnight, моя любовь.”
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srquinnhexa · a day ago
Natasha: Never have I Ever had to do the walk of shame
*Yelena and the rest of them drinks. Including y/n*
*Everyone staring*:
Y/n: ... I just thought we were talking about the one where I had to take all those empty cups from my room to the kitchen when pepper yelled at me....
Peter leaning over, whispering: does he still think we didn't have sex?
Y/n: dude shut the fuck up.
Tumblr media
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xvzelenya · a day ago
Must Have Been the Wind
Pairing : Wandanat x fem!reader
Warning : Abuse, hints of rape, lmk if I miss any
Notes : this is a draft from a while ago, not prof read, and quite shitty. But here it is.. (I have exams and I’m stressed). Please get help if you are experiencing abuse from a family member or anyone at all because you deserve the help, trust me, you’re not alone❤️
Tumblr media
It was odd for the couple.
They had just moved out of the compound, wanting to live together-just the two of them-as a step up of their relationship.
It was normal, the place was beautiful, and they had decorated it to make as comfortable as possible. But the things they’ve been hearing is something they hate about this apartment.
They suspected that the noises came from the room just above theirs. The sound of glass crashing, mumbled yelling and cries, keeps them up at night. Both of them wanted to ignore it but they can’t.
Obviously, whoever has the apartment above them is in danger, possibly abused, they-so badly-want to do something about it but they never knew what to do.
Tonight is another sleepless night for the couple, staying up watching the ceiling as they cringe, hearing a loud thud and a crash, followed by a girl scream.
“That’s it, I’m going to check on that…” Natasha said and got up, having enough of the noises. She’s not annoyed by it but she can’t just stay still and not do anything, knowing damn well that someone is abused. She’s an avenger, her job is to save people and if that person is in danger, Natasha wants to help.
“I’m coming with you…” Wanda got up too, following Natasha, having the same thought as her.
They both walk through the hall way towards the elevator. Hands intertwined as they both tried to find comfort in each other.
“Should we go down first, or??” Wanda asked.
“Let’s just go straight up… if she is abused, we can’t let her get through that any longer…” Natasha answered.
The couple steps in to the elevator and pressed the second floor button. They both patiently waited for the door to close and the elevator going up one floor. Once the door opens again, they step out of it, looking around.
“that one…” Wanda said, pointing to a door, using her power to a good use.
It is oddly quite. Just a minute ago they heard a girl screaming and now it’s only silence. The two avengers slowly walk towards the door Wanda pointed earlier. As they got closer, the more they can hear a soft cry, they can tell that she’s trying to not make any noise, probably not wanting to bother the others.
Natasha and Wanda looks at each other, both asking to each other when to knock. Natasha sigh and knock on the door. It took about 15 seconds before the door finally opens.
“Oh- hi… is there anything I can help you with?” You asked, forcing a smile on her face.
“No- not at all, sweetie… It’s just- we’re knew here and we live right below you and…” Natasha stops, looking at Wanda as if telling her to continue for her.
“We’ve been hearing noises… like screams or cries, glass breaking, a really loud thud… we’re just wondering if everything is okay?” Wanda finished, looking at you, concern filling her eyes.
“Oh- everything is fine… I’m sorry about the noises but I think your ears are playing tricks on you because it’s not me, it doesn’t come from here…” You answered. The door opens slightly wider and they can see that your sweater is zipped up to your chin, which made them wonder if you’re -maybe- hiding any bruises.
“No- definitely not… we’ve been hearing it for a while now and if you’re in need of any help at all we—..” Wanda tried to explain but you cut her off.
“..— Thank you- really… Thank you for caring that is very nice of you both but, I have to go back in…” you tried to close the door but Natasha held it open.
“If- you’re okay… if it’s not you… then, did you hear anything at all??” Natasha asked.
“No I- I wish I could tell you about the noise but- I didn’t hear anything…” You tell them. They didn’t believe you though, if only you knew that they are a high trained spy and a mind reader, you’ll find it useless to lie.
“Or maybe it’s the wind? Yes- it must have been the wind! You know- the winds are strong sometimes maybe it knocks something off outside…” You smiled at them.
Natasha looks at you suspiciously while Wanda have you a small smile.
“Okay… well- we’re sorry to bother you… I’m Wanda by the way and this is my girlfriend Natasha…” Wanda introduced herself, and Natasha to you. Natasha gave Wanda a ‘what are you doing?’ look but when Wanda use her power to tell Natasha what her plan is in her mind, she nods and also gave you a smile.
“I’m Y/n… It’s really nice to meet you both but it’s late and I believe we all need our beauty sleep…” You said, which makes the couple giggle.
“Is it okay if we came here tomorrow? We can have breakfast together? Our treat?” Natasha offered. They both hoped you’ll say yes.
“That’s lovely, I would lo—..”
A bang was heard and somebody screamed your name. Wanda looks at how your eyes widen -panicking-.
“Look- I really have to go back in now- thank you so much for the kind offer Natasha but I’m gonna have to say no… thank you so much, both of you…”
Before Wanda and Natasha can say anything, the door slammed shut.
It was quite though.
Too quite.
The next night, the noise came back. But there are no screams of you, only glass breaking and a voice of a man shouting. It is mumbled though, so they can’t really heard what he’s saying.
“We should check on her…” Wanda said. Both of the couple got up, redoing the things they did last night, only to receive the same answer.
“It must have been the wind…”
It’s been a week, every night the couple went up to your room to ask if you’re okay. You have them the same answer every time but they never give up.
You never feel safe, except when they are on your door, but you NEVER feel safe.
Nobody cares, usually people would just walk pass your room and think nothing of it. People would saw you cry in the hallway but they never stopped to ask if you’re okay -which you are glad no one ever did- but when Natasha and Wanda came along, and they care about you, you feel like you don’t deserve it.
It has become quite too much for you to handle. The fact that there are people out there who cares about you makes you want to get out of the apartment and went to the police station to get help.
But he’s your father.
And no matter what, you still love him.
Until one night, he really cross the line.
The couple were watching a movie, cuddling each other, trying to distract their minds from you. They haven’t heard any noise tonight, which feels weird because they are used to it. They can’t help but wonder if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.
In the middle of the movie, they both heard a knock. Wanda quickly got up, finally racing Natasha. It’s a thing the couple always do, they always compete to open the door, wanting the other one to sit still and look pretty. Usually Natasha won, but this time Wanda did.
“I’ll get it!” Wanda said as she did her little excited walk that she finally beat Natasha.
“Hurry!” Natasha told her.
Wanda opens the door, expecting Clint visiting or maybe Sam and Bucky, or even Steve, but when she saw you, bruises everywhere, your clothes torn. You’re a shaking and crying mess, having a hard time catching your breath.
“C-can I come I-in please?” You manage to say.
“Oh honey of course! Come in… oh god what happened to you, sweetie?” Wanda asked worriedly as she gently pull you in then closing the door and locking it.
Natasha, heard Wanda and she quickly put the popcorn bowl she’s holding on the table and bolt towards the front door.
“Y/n! Oh detka… what happened??” Natasha asked, she took a step forward towards you but you took a step back, flinching a little.
“Don’t- please…” you whispered, loud enough for them to hear.
“You poor sweetheart… can I touch you honey?” Wanda asked, you shook your head no.
“That’s okay, malyshka… can you follow us to the living room?” Natasha asked, you nodded and they both walk in front of you, turning back once in a while to make sure you’re okay.
If you weren’t so traumatized right now, you would’ve blushed at the nicknames.
“Please, sit down dear… let me get you a change of clothes okay? After you change, we can ice your bruises and take care of your cuts… yes?” Wanda asked, her voice soft. You nodded and sit down on the couch, both girls left, Wanda went to her room, and Natasha to the kitchen, grabbing the first aid kit.
Maybe you should let them take care of you.
Maybe you deserve something.
You deserve help.
You’re silent as they try to heal your cuts and bruises. You didn’t say anything, not a word, not even a simple yes or no. They would ask if it’s okay if they touch you a little bit and you would nod or shook your head no when they asked if you want anything to eat or drink.
“You don’t have to say anything, or talk about anything… but just know you can stay here, okay? Just know that if you ever need a friend, you can come to us…” Natasha said, as she iced one of your bruises on the back of your neck.
You shook your head no.
“I’m not asking you a question detka, I want you to know that you can come to us, you should come to us… and we’ll help you…” Natasha put a little pressure on the bruise and you winced. She mumbled a small sorry.
“I-I didn’t want a-anyone to know about i-it… and- and the noises—..”
“Shh… it’s okay… you don’t have to talk about it now… just know that we’re here for you… you deserve to get help, honey… we can talk about the noise later when you’re all better and ready… but until then, let’s just say, it must have been the wind…” Wanda cuts you off.
The smile they both had on their faces are so gentle and genuine you feel like you can immediately trust them. You nodded, mumbling a small thank you.
“Don’t worry about it… now rest… you’re staying here for a while…” Wanda said as she adjust the pillow a little far from you on the couch. You gotta admit that it’s even more comfy than your bed -which is only a carpet and a blanket-.
For the first time in forever, you feel safe.
You’re safe with them.
I don’t know what to say..
I’m stressed, I just failed my physics exam, blablabla
I’m not suppose to be ranting rn but to, I have no one else to talk to so here I am.
also, if you are going through abuse please get help and please know that you are not alone ❤️
That’s all from me, lots of love!! -Anya
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laufeysonsbarnes · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Summary: You’ve been insecure as long as you can remember, mainly due to the trauma you endured as a child and a lot of the comments your parents and siblings threw at you. You found a family in the Avengers who loved and adored you for you, along with your skills of course. You’ve been dating The God of Mischief for a few months now, he doesn’t know about your past problems but he soon finds out after he makes a snarky comment during one of his moods.
Warnings: Insecurities, mention of an eating disorder and self harm, angst.
A/N: I don’t know why I wrote this. I wanted to hurt my own feelings. Loki is my comfort character okay? 🥺 Please don’t read this if you have any triggers! I love you all and you’re all perfect, okay? ♥ Also, not my gif above.
Word Count: 1118
Y/N = Your name.
It was another one of Tony Stark’s parties tonight and you really wanted to go. You hadn’t seen Thor or Loki in over a week since they had to go back to Asgard to deal with their father, which you understood. But it didn’t make you miss your boyfriend or your best friend any less.
For the occasion, you bought an elegant emerald green silk dress just for Loki, knowing how much he loved the color green, especially when it was on you. You weren’t really one for dresses due to underlying insecurities you had fought off for the most part. You never used to be able to go out without a sweatshirt or sweatpants but now you wore t-shirts, blouses sometimes, jeans, and shorts. Rarely you would wear a dress and tonight was one of those rare nights.
Pulling your hair into a princess braid, you smiled softly in the mirror. You had come so far and it had been months now since you had any sort of slips. You were proud of yourself. As you were admiring how far you’ve come, you heard Thor’s loud thundering voice from downstairs and smiled brightly. Pulling your long emerald green dress up a little, you made your way to the elevator in a rush. You pressed the button at least six times before it opened. Going inside the elevator, you impatiently waited for it to take you downstairs. As the metal doors pulled opened, you smiled as you saw all the Avengers and Shield agents gathered for the party.
Natasha was the first to see you and make her way to you, beaming already. “Oh my.. Y/N! You look stunning!” Natasha smiled sweetly.
“I second that!” Wanda said with a big smile and a soft giggle leaving her lips as she walked up with Vision.
“Beautiful as always, Miss Y/N.” Vision said politely beside Wanda.
You thanked them all sweetly before asking where you could find your boyfriend. Wanda instantly sighed at the question before pointing to one of the corners of the room.
“He’s over there sulking. You know how he feels about Stark’s parties.” Wanda said, rolling her eyes.
“He’ll get over it when he sees Y/N.” Natasha said with a half smirk on her lips before nudging you towards Loki.
You giggled softly and made your way over to your boyfriend, making sure to grab a drink for him on the way. Of course you asked Thor to spike it with Asgardian liquor so it would actually do something for Loki.
“Hello, darling.” You say sweetly as you walked up to your tall boyfriend. “I brought you your favorite.” You said with a hopeful tone, putting the drink out towards him.
An aggravated sigh comes from the God as he tore his eyes away from the party to the drink, not even glancing at you. He reluctantly took the drink before downing it. Whether it burned his throat or not, you didn’t know. He would never show it if it did. His ego was too big to show little things like that. A slight frown ghosts your lips before you speak again, trying to be careful with your wording.
“I take it didn’t go well in Asgard?” Your voice was quiet, almost as if you were retreating from a captor. Loki had never been mean or violent towards you. But you knew if he was in a mood not to push it. He would never mean to snap but he did have a temper, you understood that.
“No, Y/N! It obviously didn’t go well!” His voice was slightly raised but the music coming from the overhead speakers were loud enough to drown out his voice to everyone who wasn’t standing next to him. You flinched ever so slightly and nodded.
“I’m sorry, darling... Is there anything I can do?” You asked, your hand going to your necklace to play with it, something you did to help calm yourself down. It hung low, going well with your dress that hugged your curves and showed your cleavage a little.
Loki finally looked at you and when he did... You swore it was a look of disgust that washed over him and you felt that sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach start to come back. The feeling you hadn’t felt in months.
“What are you wearing?” His voice was cold and sharp. If it could, it would cut through you like ice daggers.
“W-What?” Your voice was soft and quiet, your eyes going down to look at your dress that you swore earlier looked amazing on you but now looked horrible. “What’s wrong with it?” Now you needed to know. Did it show off everything wrong with you?
“Are you trying to get all the attention? Really, Y/N? That dress doesn’t even suit you. It’s not your style. And that stupid necklace...” He growled. Jealousy, stress, internal conflict, and anger were all evident in the God of Mischief but you were too upset to notice it.
You continued to stare down at yourself for a moment before you looked back up, catching your reflection in the window. Earlier you looked pretty, small, perfect... Now you didn’t know what you were looking at but you didn’t like it. All of those horrible feelings, the self harm, the overeating, the hateful thoughts... All of it came rushing back. You could feel the tears starting to come and you shook your head.
“I-I’m sorry, Loki... I didn’t mean to upset you. I just wanted to impress you with your favorite color. Your pendant...” You whispered out the last part, yanking on the necklace hard enough so it came off but didn’t break. “Here.” You said quietly, voice quivering as you handed him the necklace before turning and walking away.
In his hand lay a gold chain that held a gold snake with emerald green eyes. Underneath the snake in cursive, small writing was Loki. He hadn’t realized what the necklace was, he was just looking for things to be mean about. Regret and sadness overwhelmed the god as he looked up to see you no longer in front of him or anywhere to be seen. Taking one last look at the necklace, he realized you had always kept a piece of him with you. You came up to him tonight trying to lighten his mood, being sweet, loving, and caring as always and he took that and squashed it. He needed to make this up to you, to show you how much you mean to him. You’re the love of his life, the only love of his life! But how will he make it up?
A/N: Okay, this is probably not THAT good but like I said above, I just wanted to hurt my own feelings. 😩 Let me know if ya’ll want a second part. I love Loki so much. Him and Bucky are my serious comfort characters ♥
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wonderbreadbucky · a day ago
Where It Blooms - 4
Bucky Barnes x F!Reader
bucky finally gets his answer (this is all a flashback!)
Description: With the help of Wanda, Bucky finally sees what happened to you on your year anniversary of Hydra.
warnings: vivid descriptions of phyiscal and psychological torture, murder, violence both of the canon and non canon variety, blood, pain, in depth coverage of death and murder, medical things, grief (y'all im sorry, okay?) ((please let me know if I missed anything))
Word Count: 4,199
Tumblr media
(no bucky gif this time, only steeb)
One day, after a round of their painful persuasion, you were left beaten and bloodied in your cell.
They had tortured you again, your body twitching with the electricity left by their cattle prods. Throughout their torture, if at any point you began to pass out, you were injected with adrenaline almost immediately. Unable to stave off their needles, you had no choice but to take it. They would follow up often with the prod, directly into your side, even taking care to find a space in your clearly visible ribs before electrocuting you. Your screams bubbled in your throat as you struggled against the chains that left you suspended in the middle of the room. The adrenaline wasn’t your least favorite thing that they had injected you with. The worst was when they brought out the syringes with this cloudy, almost pearlescent liquid. Every time that they had used it, it had sent you into a hallucinogenic trip.
You saw your family, reaching out to you with warm smiles, welcoming you home. But any time you moved toward them, they moved ten feet back. That was the more pleasant hallucination. The worst, the worst was when you saw them, encased in a glass box, slowly filling with water as you struggled against the chains. You would scream until your voice was hoarse, throat raw and pleading for relief. You watched as each of them drowned, letting out shrieks as they floated lifelessly, before eventually drifting to the bottom. When you couldn’t move, too paralyzed with agony, a man appeared. The same one who had pulled you from your home, face scarred with your scratches. He would laugh, as he finally, knocked you out.
You had seen innocent lives taken in front of you, another one of Hydra’s tactics in beating you into submission. They would bring people in, strangers, all unaware and terrified of what was happening and where they were. When you refused to comply, that’s when they would show them to you. All pleading for their lives, screaming for their families before Hydra put the barrel of a gun in their mouth and pulled the trigger. The youngest was twelve, and that will never leave you.
They had left you that day, your arms suspended above your head. You felt the metal digging into your already bloodied wrists, thick crimson streaking its way down your arms and settling on your collarbones. You struggled for a moment, knowing too well from experience that these chains aren’t moving, and eventually let the exhaustion take over, slumping down as far as you could, and letting the welcoming arms of darkness take over.
That day, not even moments later, the Avengers raided the facility. Taking down agents left and right, they found their way to the control room. Natasha had settled at the computers and began downloading all of the information possible on Hydra’s latest activity, while Steve stood guard at the door. Glancing at another screen, Natasha did a double take at the furthermost screen.
“Uh, Steve? You might want to take a look at this.”
When he turned around, Steve had sucked in a breath. Plastered on the screen was a live feed of a cell. A woman, no older than 24, was shackled to the ceiling. Stains of dried blood, and who knows what else, dirtied the floor around her. She was unconscious, and dirty, obviously having been there for weeks upon weeks. The camera feed was titled “Project Earth”, and Steve’s stomach churned. He looked at Nat, who nodded, knowingly. Not even a second later, the files finished their upload and with the drive tucked safely into the compartment of her tac pants, they were sprinting to the cells.
When they finally found the room she was in, they both paused. The camera feed didn’t truly do the room you were in justice. Off to the side was a table filled with instruments, stained in sticky red and dried brown. Syringes once filled with an opaque liquid lie empty across a surgical tray.
They looked at each other for a brief moment, and Steve broke away. Pulling out a device from his pockets, he made quick work of removing the collar from her neck. He places two fingers against her pulse point, praying to feel something, anything. His own quickens as he doesn’t feel anything, but as he’s about to pull away he feels a faint thump against his fingertips. He sighs in relief and moves to break her down from her chains. He took out a piece of Stark Tech and began to weaken a link in the chain, and as if he knew, Stark’s voice rang across the comms.
“Cap, Nat, where are you? Facility is secure, and we have to get out of here before any reinforcements come.”
“Tony, we have a girl here. She’s beat up pretty badly.” Steve grunts out as he struggles with breaking the chain, and with one more pull, one of the links breaks and he’s catching her as she falls forward.
“Hold on, let me check the feed, F.R.I.D.A.Y-“
“On it, boss.”
Steve hears Tony take a deep breath, much like he did minutes ago, and he lets out a sigh. “She’s just a kid.”
“I know.” Steve sighs, adjusting to cradle her in his arms as he stands. “Do we have a clear path?”
“For now. Reinforcements are 5 minutes out, so you have to hurry.”
Steve and Natasha start moving. Jogging silently down the corridor, and stopping at each corner to scope out possible agents. At a stop, Steve feels her rouse in his arms.
You tense, not knowing your surroundings, or the person you’re clutched to. You look up and gasp.
“Cap… Captain America? What…?” You murmur. Steve pauses and nods for Nat to go ahead and scope out the next area.
“It’s alright, you’re alright. We’ve got you now, okay?” You nod at this, feeling a relief so sweet you didn’t think it existed. He continues forward, moving floor by floor, jogging slightly faster as he sees the wound in your forearm begin to bleed again. As he turned a corner, an agent jumped at him, sending you and him to the floor. Natasha was a few yards away trying to take down another, using her batons furiously against the man.
You slid back down the hall, too weak to do anything but whimper in pain. Your vision was blurring from the jolt, and you struggled to move. You could see the fight from where you landed. At the opposite end of the corridor, you saw more approaching.
Steve and Natasha were struggling against the numbers, calling to each other over the shouts of the agents. You could see him pause to speak into his comm, just barely making out his mouth forming the words ‘back up’. You took as deep of a breath as your broken ribs could allow, and grounded yourself against the cold tile. Slowly, you pushed yourself up. Your muscles screamed in protest, and the wounds so desperately trying to scab over began to break open again.
Bracing yourself against the wall, you finally brought yourself to a stand. Taking small steps over, you closed your eyes. You could feel the electricity in your veins as you pushed yourself off of the wall to stand in the middle of the hall. You stood strong and called to the agents fighting. They glanced to you and it was as if time stood still. You planted your foot against the tile and lifted your arms. The ground rumbled beneath you, and as the agents in front of you struggled to catch their footing, you stood strong. Flicking your wrists, vines flew in through the windows of the rooms off to your sides. Pushing the doors open with such force that they dented their walls and bent the hinges. Natasha and Steve glanced at each other.
You flicked your hands forward, and the vines creeped up the legs of your captors, wrapping tightly around their torsos and the walls echoed their pained screams as they were slated to them. More Hydra agents rounded the corner and began to raise their guns to you. You felt the wind pick up around you and suddenly, thunder could be heard over head. You felt feet leave the ground as your hair began to whip furiously against your cheeks. Rain slammed into the broken windows, slapping against the floor in a terrible fury. Your hands moved again, and suddenly the water began flowing towards the newest agents. They turned to run, but it was too late. Water shot from the pipes within the walls, and was spraying out with such a force it was impossible to penetrate. You froze the water around their ankles, and they all shouted with fear. Water droplets rose around your form, freezing into solid ice. Natasha and Steve whipped their heads to look to you. Your eyes were no longer the usual color, but instead a luminescent green. Your eyes flicked to your saviors and in a voice that seemed too old to be yours, you spoke.
Natasha and Steve hit the ground quickly, and as soon as they did, the ice flew forward with such force that no Hydra agent had any chance. Slowly, you began to descend to the ground. The wind slowed, the thunder stopped, and the pipes ended their assault. It was so silent, the only noise was the drip of water left in the pipes. Natasha and Steve slowly brought their heads up to see what you had done. You had saved them, taken down every agent in the corridor. As they stood, you finally reached the ground in front of them. As your bare feet touched the tile, your eyes returned to their normal state. You looked around, and finally your eyes stopped on Steve. He took a step forward, not sure what to make of what had happened.
“Well… That’s new.” And with that, your body dropped.
The next thing you could remember was white hot pain bursting from every part of you and the feeling of people rushing around you, steady beeping echoing in time with their words. You willed your eyes to open and saw people in white coats bustling around you, and a man commanding them around you. You heard your heart beat accelerate, feeling your breath quicken in panic. As your eyes flew around the room, taking in the people and equipment, you were afraid. You were still at Hydra, everything was just an exhaustion induced nightmare, a hallucination. Your eyes filled with tears and you were ready to unleash hell on their equipment, despite your body screaming for the relief of sleep, or even death at this point. You lifted your hand, focusing what little energy you had left when someone grabbed you. Your eyes darted to their face, and you took a deep breath.
“Y/N? My name is Bruce Banner. I work with the Avengers, okay? You’re safe now. You’re safe.”
“Dr. Banner? Bruce?” You breathed out, gripping his hand so tight you were sure your knuckles were white.
“Yes, Y/N. I’m here. We’re here to help you okay? You need to rest. You’ve been missing for three months. Your body has been under immense stress, and we need you to sleep, okay? We’re going to help you sleep.” He gripped your hand back tightly, trying so desperately to calm you. You felt the dam break and tears began to fall freely.
“Please! Please! It hurts… It hurts so much.” You gasped. “I want my Nonna. Please! I want my Nonna! My Mamma!” You wept freely, for the first time in ages, without fear of the blows that often followed your weeping.
The shuddering sobs that ripped throughout you made your ribs ache but you didn’t care. You wanted your family. You felt a prick in your arm and slowly, your sobs turned to whimpers, the whimpers faded into mumbling, and eventually you were left unconscious on the table, your grip on Bruce was the last thing to drop. Bruce took charge again, and above you sat Natasha, Steve, Tony, and Nick Fury, watching everything unfold.
Steve wiped his eyes with a cough, reaching to grip Tony’s shoulder as he hunched over with his hand clasped over his mouth. Natasha watched on, an ache rising through her as she debriefed Fury on what actually went down at the facility, and the state that they had found her in.
“Y/N L/N, went missing over three months ago from her apartment.” Fury stated.
“Any family?” Steve stands.
Fury flips through the file, and lands on the page.
“Mother, Father and Sister. Grandfather passed away a year ago, Grandmother passed away shortly after she had gone missing. Medical report says from stress induced cardiomyopathy, or “broken heart syndrome” from onslaught stress following her disappearance. That lead to pulmonary edema and eventually heart failure.”
“She died from a broken heart?” Tony lifted his head up from his hand and stood.
“It’s possible, yes.” Their attention is moved to Bruce at the door, wiping his hands on a towel. “There’s only been about 1% of patients who’ve actually died from it, but considering her age, it’s not surprising.” He sighs, taking his glasses off.
“How is she, Banner?”
“Physically? She’ll be fine. I have to wait until she’s healed to run full biological diagnostics on just what it is they did to her that gave her those powers, but F.R.I.D.A.Y is running a report right now.” He pinches the bridge of his nose. “Mentally, on the other hand, she’s not great. She’s been through intense torture, and biomedical testing to the point of a mental break. She needs to rest, and then we can evaluate from here. She kept mumbling about her “Nonna?-“
“Grandma.” Natasha cut him off. “She was calling for her Grandma.”
“Her obit says that they were close.” Fury says without looking up.
“We have to let the family know.” Tony takes a step forward. “Get the quinjet ready.”
Within the hour, the three of them had loaded up and made their way to a small farming town upstate. As they landed in the field in front of the house, they immediately could sense that something was wrong. Steve was the first to step off of the ramp, Nat and Tony flanking either side of him. The screen door was swinging from the wind, and the front door was wide open. Slowly, they moved toward the house.
The stairs on the wrap around porch creaked eerily under their weight, and as they took their first steps into the house, they knew they weren’t the first ones to come. The entry way was a mess. A table that once held mail and keys was kicked over, the contents thrown further into the house. There were bullet holes in the walls, picture frames knocked over from the force of it. Glass crunched under their tactical boots as they treaded further.
When they reached the end of the hall, they began to see a dark pool. There was a woman on the floor of the living room, slouched over in a pool of her own blood. Natasha moved from her spot to check for a pulse, but when she did, the body flipped over stiffly, flies scattered from the bullet holes in her chest and head, disturbed. Tony staggered back as he held back a gag. As he tried to catch his footing, he felt the heel of boot hit something. Looking down he saw it was a leg. Following up the body, he found a man, similar in age to the woman on the floor. Dead. It was clear that he had tried to protect his family, and was quite possibly the first to go. He had multiple bullet holes throughout his chest, all long done in their bleeding. In his hand, even in death, he had a grip on a shot gun.
They backed away from the body’s, the buzzing of the disturbed flies, so desperate to find purchase again, is the only sound left in the room. It rings in their ears as they enter the hall way, and like the flies, they try to find their footing again. A hot knife of realization waves over Steve.
“Sister. Fury said she had a sister.”
And with that, they began to search for her. There were no other bodies on the main floor, so they trekked up the old stairs. They glanced at the walls as they moved. Flashes of their lives contained in frames, a happy family at the beach, at an amusement park, in their back yard as the father struggled to fight off two toddlers, joy crinkling his eyes. At the top, was a cluster of frames. They can see you in each of the several photos.
Holding a bouquet next to an older couple, holding you tightly between them as you’re frozen in laughter. Standing next to a young girl, similar to you in a number of ways, at your graduation. You squeeze her cheeks as she rolls her eyes. A younger version of you, on a stool by the stove, looking up at the older woman with a toothless smile. You napping on your fathers chest as a child. You holding an infant when you yourself were just barely out of diapers. They saw your life in these photos, and ached for you.
As they reached the top of the stairs, every door was closed except for one. They moved towards it, slowly, unsure if whoever had done this was still here. As they nudged the door open further, they saw something that sent an ice-cold shock through them. There was a girl, younger than you by a handful of years, laying inside of a closet. It was clear she had tried to hide. Frozen on her face was a look of abject horror, like the others, a bullet hole in her head, as her mouth hung open, blood staining her chin, falling toward where a lone knife lay in her sternum. Hanging from it, was a note taped to the hilt of the blade.
“отрубить одну голову, и ее место займут еще две.”
“Cut off one head, and two more shall take its place.” Natasha whispered.
Tony stumbled away, and into one of the untouched rooms to call Fury, and get a team of agents down here for clean up, and find any clues around the house. Steve felt nothing but heartache for the poor girl, finally free from Hydra, but with no family left. Natasha just sat on the bed, staring at the blood-stained note, trying so hard not to stare into the eyes of the teenager before them.
In a blur, agents were moving in and out of the house. The shutter of camera flash echoed in the quiet as Fury finally stepped out of the jet and onto the grass in front of the trio.
“The entire family…” Tony trailed off. Fury put a hand up and Tony stared at it in anger. “Did you hear me? This entire family was killed. By Hydra. There’s a kid in there, dead. Does that mean nothing to you?”
“Tony-” Steve starts.
“No. No! He doesn’t care! He only cares about the big picture, right? It doesn’t matter who dies in the meantime.”
“I have to pay attention to the big picture, Stark.” Fury cuts him off. “I have to pay attention to the big picture so that you all can look at the details. You need to figure out how you’re going to tell the girl. She’s awake, and she’s asking questions. Get back to the compound, now.” And with that he walks into the house.
“Dr. Banner? Where is everyone?” You were sitting up, confined to a bed in the med bay as Bruce was forcing you to eat lighter foods.
“They uh, went out to check on some things.” Bruce says as he places another Jell-O cup on the tray in front of you. You sigh and open it.
“When can I get out of here?” You say through a mouthful.
“Soon enough.”
Your next question is cut off by your three saviors entering the room. You quickly swallow, and look at them. They all look tired, war worn and sad.
“How are you feeling?” Steve is the first to speak.
“Better. Where is my family? Have you told them I’m okay?” There was silence. “Phone, I need a phone. Please. I need to call them. My Nonna and my parents have to be worried sick. I have to call them.” You try to push yourself out of the bed when Bruce stops you.
“You aren’t strong enough right now, Y/N. You have to stay in bed.”
“I have to see my family.” You shoot back.
“Y/N…” Tony starts.
“No.” You state, your voice quivering. “I know that look. It was the same look the doctor gave us when my Nonno passed. Don’t give me that look. You’re wrong.”
“Y/N-” Steve tried next.
“No! You’re lying. No. I- I- I need a phone. A car. I’m going, I need to see them. They need to know that I’m alright.” You push Bruce’s arm away, and stand yourself up. You used the bed to hold yourself as you move, but your legs were still weak. You tripped forward and Steve caught you as you fell.
“I’m so sorry, Y/N…” He mumbles. You crumple into him at the realization. They weren’t lying, your family was gone. They were taken from you. Nonna, Your mother, your father, your little sister. They were all taken from you and you had no one else left. You felt a sob bubbling up, and didn’t try to swallow it. It ripped through you like a hot knife. You curled into Steve, digging your nails into his suit as you felt your heart shatter. Your screams of heartbreak echoed through the room, tears flowing as you finally pushed yourself off of Steve and out of his arms. You start to crawl to the door.
“I have to go! I have to see them! I have to, I have to! NO!” You scream out as Steve grabs you. You felt the air rush around you aiding you in pushing him away. Your worst hallucinations had come true. “No! I have to go! Mamma! No!” You felt a prick in your neck and your sight on the door slowly faded as you wept. The last thing you could feel was your cheek on the tile before you were out. Tony wiped his eyes as he walked to the window. Steve picked you up, and placed you back in the bed, where Bruce strapped your wrists down to protect you.
Hours later you awoke again. The memories faded back as your realized it wasn’t just some sick dream. Your family really was gone. You didn’t feel anything, too numb at the thought now. You turned your head, and saw a man in the chair next to you, a tablet in his hands.
“You’re awake, then.” He spoke without looking up.
“Nick Fury. I… help the Avengers. You’ve been through a lot.” He states plainly.
“I want to know. I want to know what happened.” You found your voice. You went to move your arm, but it strained against the Velcro tie. Fury sighed and undid the restraints and handed you the tablet.
“Your grandmother passed a month after your disappearance.” He narrated as you flipped through the files on the pad.
“Broken-heart syndrome? Doesn’t that only happen in movies?” You laughed bitterly.
You thought of her, the warmth she brought to you. Your body chilled at the thought of never feeling that warmth again.
“Your parents and sister, after your rescue from the Hydra base, were visited by them.” He moved on. He tapped the screen and pictures of your childhood home popped up. Frames of your childhood were shattered in the entry way, blood stained the floors. You gasped as you reached the actual crime scene photos. You saw your parents, who despite having their moments, were loving and happy, you thought. Dead. Taken out by the same people who took you away. You felt a heat in your chest, reaching up to swallow you whole as you finally reached the photos of your sister. Your sweet baby sister who was attached to your hip all throughout childhood, the last look of fear left in her face. She was only a kid and they took her life away from her. You finally felt your body again as hot tears ran down your face for the hundredth time.
“Fury.” A voice came from the door. It was dry, firm, a voice that commanded the room into silence. It was Steve.
“Captain.” Was all Fury said as he pulled the tablet from your death grip.
“Out. Now.” The shuffle of Fury’s shoes against the floor was the only noise in the room.
“Y/N?” Steve said after several beats of silence.
“I want them gone.”
“Hydra. I want them to burn.”
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12 Days of Christmas {7/16}
Day 5: Christmas Tree Lighting @ Rockefeller Center, with Pietro Maximoff
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader, platonic Avengers x Fem!Reader
Word Count: ~1.9k
Warnings: FLUFF, some swearing, mutual pining, idiots in love
Summary: Petro is running late and you're starting to get nervous, but they you spot a familiar face in the crowd as you wait.
Series Masterlist || Series Playlist on Spotify
Tumblr media
It’s December 1st, meaning it’s now socially acceptable to openly start getting ready for the winter holidays. You never understood the outrage, to be honest. Personally, you’re already secretly gift shopping and listening to holiday music even before Halloween has passed. In a world that can be unforgiving and relentless, what’s wrong with taking a little bit of extra time to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year? You love getting festive!
However, you most certainly aren’t feeling very festive right now, despite being in the courtyard of Rockefeller Center getting ready for the tree lighting ceremony. You had debated just going to do some carolling, maybe collect some money for the Salvation Army while you were at it, but Pietro had something more in mind.
“That’s a very nice idea, draga,” Pietro had said to you in his velvety accent. “We can do all that, and maybe something a little extra?” He had suggested that maybe he and whoever else decides to tag along could do the actual tree lighting. The staff at Rockefeller Center went ecstatic at the idea. Soon, they were announcing that Quicksilver would be at the event and you couldn’t back out now. Besides, if Pietro wanted to do a little something extra, what right did you have to stop him? The crowd would absolutely love it. Pietro promises to pose for photos too.
This was all his idea, yet it is quarter to seven and he is nowhere to be found. He had texted you almost an hour ago, saying he was running just a tiny little bit late but he would definitely be on time for the ceremony. As the minutes ticked by, however, you find yourself standing with the event organizers who are growing increasingly impatient. In fact, they’re looking at you as if it’s all your fault.
“I’m sorry; he’ll be here any minute. Even if he leaves the Tower right now, he’ll get here in less than three minutes, probably.” You’re rambling, because despite your words you are anxious too. Hoping your smile doesn’t look too fake, you turn away from the staff to mumble under your breath, “If he isn’t, I’ll literally emasculate him.” You scan the crowd for any signs of his arrival, but instead, you find yourself swimming in the clear blue eyes of your favourite sergeant. He waves at you amongst the mass of strangers. You smile, because by now you probably should have expected to find him here. It seems Bucky is making a habit of pleasantly surprising you.
You signal to the event organizers to give you a minute while you practically sprint towards Bucky, who just smiles wider and wider as you approach. “Hi Buck,” you’re feeling bold, so you greet him with a hug. As soon as his arms wrap themselves around you, you realize you’ve made a mistake. He’s so warm on this cold December night that you don’t want to pull away. The two of you stand there for a moment, arms around each other. You wait for him to get sick of your clinging, but he stays put, resting his chin on top of your head. Your cheeks tingle then—no, not from the cold, but from the realization that Bucky is obviously waiting for you to be the first one to let go.
“I heard Maximoff was going to be late,” you hear him say, his deep voice causing his chest to vibrate slightly against your cheek. “I wanted to see if you were okay. And… well, if he doesn’t show up on time… I could… I don’t know.” You pull back then to look up at him, hoping you’re not swooning too obviously. Is the adoration you feel for him right now showing on your face as clear as the night sky? Bucky never looks away from you, his hand still flat on your upper back, your arms still wound around his waist. If anyone were looking at the two of you now, what would they think your relationship was?
“You would do that?” You ask him, knowing that he avoids being in public as much as he can. Just standing here in the crowd must be agonizing for him.
“For you? Anything.” Bucky seems determined to make this unfair for you. How are you supposed to not fall for him when he says stuff like that, all the while practically shining in the moonlight? “I mean, if you think they wouldn’t be too disappointed that it’s just me.” He looks almost shy, and you sneer at the thought of anyone being disappointed to see him under this grand Christmas tree, looking soft and sweet under the bright lights.
“Don’t sell yourself short, Buck. You’re pretty popular, you know?” You opt for a joke to ease his nerves. “Ever been on Tumblr?” You ask, laughing when he just looks confused and shakes his head. Then you remember the contents of some of the posts you’ve read and you hope he doesn’t look it up anytime soon, just to save yourself the embarrassment of having to explain how you knew about it in the first place. He also doesn’t seem to notice the group of girls standing just a few feet away, giggling like schoolgirls and pointing in his direction. You feel petty for it, but decide not to bring it to his attention, especially when his attention seems to be focused solely on you.
“I’m sorry I’m late, love!” A sigh of relief comes tumbling from your lips at the sound of Pietro’s voice. Even though Bucky had said he didn’t mind, you can see the tension in his shoulders ease now that the intended guest is here. Your heart warms at the thought, so grateful that Bucky would do something that clearly made him uncomfortable if it meant he could help you out. You wonder if he knows you would do the same for him, without hesitation. You hope you have the courage to tell him one day. “Although I see you’re enjoying yourselves…” Pietro looks between you and Bucky with a conspiratorial smile, and you realize that you’re still holding onto each other. The two of you pull back instantly as if you’ve been scalded.
“It’s—” You check your watch. “Three minutes to seven! Let’s go!” You hiss at Pietro, dragging him back to where the event organizers are probably about to have heart attacks right about now. He just laughs at your attempts to look intimidating. Curse you and your short stature, for which the team always good-naturedly teases you about. Actually, you’re not even sure you really are that short. You had always thought you were of average height… maybe it’s just that everyone else on the team are practically giants—well, maybe except Tony. Oof, let’s hope he never finds out the thought ever crossed your mind!
“Alright, alright,” Pietro says, putting his free hand up in surrender as he follows you. Before turning away, you send Bucky an apologetic look but he just waves it off, motioning for you to hurry up and go. Once you turn around, Pietro leans back a little to whisper to Bucky, “I’ll bring her right back, Sergeant, I promise.” With a wink, he allows you to lead him towards the tree so he can plug in the damn lights and get it over with. Bucky rolls his eyes, but he watches fondly as the two of you bicker and argue.
When the lights finally turn on at seven o’clock sharp, the crowd cheers as Pietro revels in the attention. He waves like he’s on a presidential campaign and poses for pictures with children and their families, before gathering a bunch of friendly strangers to start singing Christmas carols in the middle of the courtyard. You’re standing off to the side, taking some quick pictures of your own, likely to show the rest of the team when you get back to the compound later tonight.
Suddenly, Bucky notices you’re pointing your phone right at him. Your lips quirk up into a cheeky grin as he hears the sound of the camera going off. When you realize he’s watching, you start posing dramatically like you’re paparazzi, angling the camera in different directions, constantly snapping photos of him. He smiles despite himself, even though he’s usually annoyed when people try to take pictures of him. He puts his hand up to cover his face and turn away, but then he hears you laugh and he is compelled to look back at you. Your smile and your laugh, now that’s a sight he never wants to miss.
After looking over your shoulder to see that Pietro is still occupied, you run over to where Bucky is standing. He’s still got his hand up to block the view of your camera, but then you’re grabbing his forearm and gently tugging it down. “You know, we don’t have any pictures together, Buck.” He knows he’s dug himself into a hole now, because just a few minutes ago he said he would do anything for you.
So, with a resigned sigh, he lets you pull him close as you raise your cell phone into the air. Bucky leans down a little so you’re both in the frame and pretends to be looking at the camera, but he’s really looking at you on the screen. You’re beaming, smiling wider than he’s ever seen you do. If this is what makes you happy, then he would do it a thousand times over. You press the shutter button on your phone, letting out a small squeak of excitement when you step away to admire the selfie you just took. He doesn’t like the sudden distance between you.
“Can we take another one?” Bucky asks, hoping it’s not too obvious that he just wants to be next to you. Nodding, you ask a nearby stranger to help you take one with the tree in the background. Bucky takes his place next to you, but doesn’t really know what to do with himself anymore now that there’s an audience. The stranger with your phone points the camera at the two of you.
“Come on, put your arm around the pretty girl!” The man suggests, laughing because Bucky’s just standing there, stiff as a board. Complying quickly, Bucky throws his arm around your shoulders and makes a note to thank this person later when you’re not looking—especially when you burrow into his side, your own arm snaking around his waist to tug him that much closer against you. Your warmth lingers even after you’ve pulled away to thank the kind stranger, and you let out an adorable squeal when you show him your screen.
“Look how pretty! Hang on, I’m sending this to you.” After a few taps on your phone, Bucky’s own device vibrates in his back pocket. When he pulls it out to check, the glare of his screen gives you a full view of the small smile that appears when he looks at the two pictures you’ve sent him.
It is a very pretty shot. The two of you are smiling shyly at the camera in each other’s arms, the lights adorning the tree seem to twinkle in the background, all the while little flakes of snow are falling gently around you. Bucky would stare at the picture for days after you sent it to him, marveling at how you looked under the glow of the lights, like a beautiful angel sent here to erase all the pain he’s ever experienced in this cursed life.
He also makes it the wallpaper on his phone. Tony practically has a hernia trying not to tease him about it in the upcoming weeks.
To be continued!
Up Next: Day 6 — Talent Show @ The Brooklyn Expo Center with Spider-Man (coming Dec 5th)
Tumblr media
Taglist will be in the reblog post! <3
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
REQUEST: What would happen if Wenwu actually used the reader as leverage on Shang-Chi? You write protective Shang-Chi x a hurt reader beautifully.
Imagine getting hurt during the pursuit in Macau and Shang-Chi tending to your wounds afterwards. - Part 2 (?)
(Part 1)
The four of you were surrounded by Wenwu's men. There was no fighting now, not anymore. You were left with the smart choice to follow him and hope that an opportunity arises to escape. The man that caught you had a firm grip on your sweatshirt. You could feel the skin on your shoulder burning and him pulling you did not help, although you tried to keep your face as straight and unbothered as you could.
"You alright?" Shang-Chi asked as you were boarding the helicopter.
"Nothing that I won't get over," you assured but he could see that the pain in your arm did not allow you to properly support yourself when boarding the vehicle. Without another word, he quietly helped you up.
Unfortunately for the two of you, Wenwu was right next to the little scene you played out. And every little detail he could see or hear sank deep into his memory. All intel is useful intel.
Tumblr media
You were calmly asleep in Shang-Chi's bed, your wound taken care of, when Wenwu called him, Xialing and Katy for some reason. He wished to not leave you, hurt, in an unfamiliar to you place, surrounded by people who wouldn't hesitate to hurt you again should a single word be spoken. What Shang-Chi did not have, however, was the choice. He knew his father all too well and truthfully, Shang-Chi himself was curious as to what the man will have to say or show to him. Nothing could have prepared him for what was actually going to happen.
"You care about her, don't you?" Wenwu asked as Shang-Chi was leaving the outdoor corridor with the dragon head and a small altar devoted to his mother. "I'm sorry she got hurt."
"(Y/N) has nothing to do with this," Shang-Chi answered firmly.
"But she has to do with you," he slowly approached his son. Shang-Chi's face was unreadable, Wenwu could see the movement of his jaw, how hard he was clenching it. "Understand that I need you to bring back your mother. And I will stop at nothing, son."
Shang-Chi stared at Wenwu in silence for a while. Partially in disbelief, that his father could stoop so low, and partially because he was unsure how to respond: what words could warn his father and keep you safe? A measure too much or a measure too little would result in an unwanted chain of events.
"And I will stop at nothing to make sure she is safe and sound. I'm not afraid of you."
With those words, Shang-Chi turned around and left the area, leaving his father to the calm night breeze. But just before he entered the building, Wenwu got the last word of the conversation:
"But you are, Shang-Chi. She should be too."
Although Shang-Chi stopped for a second, he did not acknowledge his father's words in any other way. He simply entered the compound, fists and jaw clenched, and made his way to the room you were sleeping in.
He got you into this mess and he will get you out. No matter what it takes.
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gxorg · 2 days ago
Late | James "Bucky" Barnes 6
pairings: James Bucky Barnes x Reader
warnings: kisses and hugs, arguing, fights, blood, wounds
summary: Y/n and her friends found Bucky.
Tumblr media
A black SUV pulled up in on the side of the road. The passenger window rolled down.
"Get you're ass in" Clint said, nodding towards the back seats, where Wanda was sitting.
I got up with Logan in my arms and got in the car, closing the car door as Sam drove away.
"Mind telling us why you're in fucking Louisiana?" Sam asked me, clearly mad at me.
"Ugh, it's a long story Sam" I sighed "I really don't want to talk about it right now..."
"No shit, you're gonna talk. Now." he said sternly, wanting to know the truth.
"Now!" he said, once again
"Sam calm down" Wanda said, leaning in towards the space in between the frontal seats.
"You wanna know why, Sam? I was fucking kidnapped. And Logan, too" I said, glaring at him. Sam looked at me through the rearview mirror of the car but didn't say anything.
Clint stayed silent too, while Wanda comfortingly rubbed her hand on my shoulder.
"Mommy, who were those men? What did they want?"Logan's weak voice asked.
"I don't know baby, but don't worry. We're okay and that's all that matters. Sleep now" I said and caressed his head.
Logan fell asleep by the time we arrived at the jet that they left in the middle of an empty field.
"Are you sure this is the right place?" Clint asked me. I didn't answer.
Of course this was the right place, I always know where my husband his. Well, apart from this last five years, but– ugh, whatever.
Walking up the stairs I turned around and I motioned for the others to stay where they were.
I knocked on the door, expecting him to open the door, but there was no response. I knocked again. No response. So I decided to sneak in and check that everything was okay.
Slowly opening the door enough for me to pass, I closed it behind me. The little apartment was silence, it gave me goosebumps. I took slow steps forward, checking every corner but I found nothing and no one.
In the mean time, Bucky had a feeling that someone just broke in his apartment so he decided not to use the stairs. He sneaked in from the window behind me. He didn't bother to check who it was, he actually didn't care. Mostly because he didn't think I would've go look for him anyways. So he threw himself at me, wrapping his metal arm around my throat and pulling me tightly against his hard chest with his other arm.
I gasped, air running out of my lungs. But as soon as he smelled my scent he let go of my throat. His other arm still wrapped around my waist. "Y/n? What are you doing here?" he asked softly but sternly at the same time.
I breathed in, "You're in danger, Buck" I said panting. I could see him through a piece of broken mirror that was in front of us. He was looking at me through it, too.
He narrowed his eyes and looked around suspiciously.
"I know why you faked your death" I said, placing my hand on his. His hand obviously bigger than mine.
I slowly turned around to face him, his arm not wanting to let go of me. "They took me and Logan" I looked into his eyes.
As soon as those words left my mouth, he clenched his grip on me and his jaw clenched too. "They're gonna pay for it" he said, staring to turn around and leave, but I stopped him before his hands left my body.
I missed his touch, even tho I was still mad at him.
"They're coming to you." I said quickly.
"Don't worry, they won't find me"
He tilted his head to the side as I looked at him with guilt in my eyes. "No, you didn't" he chuckled.
"Yes I did... And I'm sorry but--"
"Why did you tell them?" he interrupted me.
"Because they were going to hurt us! I was okay with them hurting me, but not our son" he nodded at what I said.
"You're right... sorry"
"it's fine" my gaze lowered, my head filled with the worst scenarios. What if they actually killed him this time? I'm still mad at him, but he's still my husband, he the father of my son. And I still love him, even tho I will never admit it.
Bucky noticed that I was overthinking something and he smiled softly, the corner of his lips curving upwards. He placed his index finger under my chin and his thumb brushing over my lips.
"Hey... everything will be fine" He reassured me, kissing my nose as he once used to do when I was feeling down.
"Will it? what if something happens?" I said, my voice trembling.
"It won't, I'll make sure of it, don't worry." he kissed my cheek. "Do you trust me?" he asked me.
I looked into his eyes and stayed silent for a moment. "Yes"
"Then there's no need to worry. I'll protect you and Logan, I promise"
"That's not what scares me tho"
" Then what does?"
"The thought of... loosing you again" I mumbled under my breath, hoping he didn't hear me.
A smirked took place on his lips, "what did you just say?" he asked. But he had already heard me.
I smacked his buff chest, "stop it" I said, giggling. He laughed, but that smile faded as soon as it came.
He rested his chin on my head, wrapping his arms around my small body. He kissed the crown of my head. My nose brushing against his neck.
I looked so small next to him. So fragile. And I was. I was vulnerable, I had always been, that's why I always acted like the tough one. Truth is, I am not.
"I'm scared of loosing you too, doll. And Logan as well" he sighed, closing his eyes, breathing in to take in my scent.
"I'll protect the two of you with everything I have. Even if it means that I'll never see you again" he said softly, in whisper.
I closed my eyes as a shaky breath left my lips.
"I love you doll. I really do and I still feel like shit for hurting you"
"Yeah... I'm still mad at you, too"
He let out a breathy laugh, and I smiled. He pulled away enough to look at me. He gave me a smile, one that I soon returned. He leaned down, our noses brushing, lips slightly touching.
But when he was about to close the gap, Sam spoke "Yo lovebirds. I hate to interrupt, but we have to go. And quick" he said.
Bucky let go of my waist and turned around, dragging me with him as his hand was wrapped tightly around mine. "Where's Logan? Is he safe?" he asked and I nodded, telling him that he was in Clint's safe house and that soon T'Challa was going to pick him up.
My husband turned his head towards me, and gave me a confused looked. "I'll explain later" I had told him.
Getting out of the building followed by our friends and teammates, we stopped on our tracks as our enemies were standing in front of us. Locking us in a semicircle against the wall of the building.
"Why did I accept to help you..." Clint said, obviously hinting at the fact that he could've just retire.
"Because you love us" Sam said jokingly, winking, and Clint gave him a look and Wanda laughed slightly.
"Can we please focus?" I said. And just as I said that, the fight began.
Clint started throwing arrows at them while Wanda threw the men in the air to make Sam punch or kick them.
Bucky, tried to stay as close to me as possible, trying to protect me with his body. But he got slightly too far from me, and a sharp pain crossed the left side of my abdomen. A pained moan left my lips.
I looked up, anger boiling in my veins "You're going to regret it, sweetheart." I said, groaning from the pain. I used my elemental powers to take him down. And once he was on the floor, passed out, I leaned against the wall behind me and took deep breaths as my hand held the wound on my abdomen.
I closed my eyes, tilting my head back as I rested it against the wall.
Wanda looked towards me and her eyes slightly widened. "Bucky!" she called and he followed her gaze.
As soon as his eyes fell on me, his eyes darkened and he punched the guy he was fighting with his metal hand and strutted towards me.
"Don't worry I'm fine... It's just a little wound" I said, smiling at him.
He looked at me and chuckled, shaking his head with a smirk on his face. "You're really something else, doll" he said. He took the sleeve of my shirt and easily ripped it in half.
"Oh come on! That was my favorite!" I whined with a pout. Bucky laughed.
"I'm sorry" he said, but he was not really sorry. He wrapped the cloth around my waist, blocking the hemorrhage.
Sam and the others walked towards us and told us that the fight was over. "Let's take you to the safe house" Wanda said and Clint nodded but stopped halfway as he noticed a guy moving.
"That bitch" he said, and shoot him an arrow. "Now we can go" he said, making me giggle.
a/n: I'm back!
@vicmc624 @leyannrae @livelaughlovesmilekiss @scxrletrecsmarvel @silentkiller2374 @jessyballet
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onegayastronaut · 8 hours ago
Dating Melina Vostakoff Would Include...
Tumblr media
Requested by anon: May I request a Melina Vostokoff dating headcanon please 🙏🏻
Yelena brought you to meet her mom after another mission together
She had warned you that her mom could be cold at first
Melina took your first meeting as an interview and asked you questions about your past
When you were distracted outside with her pigs, she ran a background check on you to make sure you were who you said you were
Satisfied with what she found, she took some time to get to know you better
Both Yelena and Natasha were surprised to see how quickly Melina opened up to you
Melina found herself inviting you back to her house more often and wanting to talk to you more
Allowing you to help her with her experiments
Soon after that, she'll invite you to spend the night at her place because it was too late, and she would be worried about you
Melina is not used to people touching her, so at first she'd flinch whenever you touched her hand or moved to hug her
A few months after talking to you, she found herself wanting to touch you more and would initiate hugs and hand-holding
She loves it when you get tired and lean into her before falling asleep
It took a little longer before she finally kissed you
She'll immediately try to play it off like she didn't mean it
You kissed her back, and she asked if you wanted to spend more nights with her
Despite her hard exterior, Melina is very soft and will make sure you know how much she loves you
She wakes up earlier than you most days and will cuddle you for a bit before getting to work
If you can’t sleep, she will cuddle you and read you something until you’re able to fall asleep
All you have to do to get her to say yes to you is to kiss her on the cheek and pouting
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lesbian-deadpool · 2 days ago
Y/N: Three of the four elements are represented as types of hockey. Air hockey, ice hockey, and field hockey. Fire hockey needs to be a thing.
Bruce: Fire hockey absolutely does NOT need to be a thing.
Tony: Do you care NOTHING for the balance of the four elements!?
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tokkiotears · a day ago
tokkiotears' masterlist
Tumblr media
welcome to my masterlist! i am a multifandom author, but as of present i have only written for druig. expect to see loki, bucky, and other marvel boys at some point! <3
note: at the moment all of my stories are with a female reader!
Tumblr media
✧ oneshots ✧
sunshine & kisses ;
➢ you slip away to a nearby waterfall and druig later joins you
perfectly busy ;
➢ while waiting for your husband to arrive, a man just won’t let you be and druig gets to flex a lil
alleyways ;
➢ you've been tormented by unrequited love for thousands of years and though you never expected it, one day druig shows up at your doorstep
war and ruin ;
➢ you and druig run away in an attempt to escape the war and death in babylon. reader has teleportation as her ability
christmas surprise ;
➢ the holidays bring your large family of eternals over to celebrate. when they walk into your home and see photo after photo of you and druig, they realize something that has been under their noses for millennia
blanket hog ;
➢ late night shenanigans w the worst blanket hog on the planet
downward spiral ;
➢ after seeing makkari and druig flirting, you spiral at the pub with ikaris, moping about the man you love
every step of the way ;
➢ reader is the eternal that is essentially mother nature, able to call plants and animals to her command. after gilgamesh dies, her grief can only be stopped by the eternal closest to her heart, druig.
mother nature ;
➢ after thinking that druig had died on that island, you lose your temper at ikaris, nearly killing him. reader is an eternal with elemental style powers where she can control and manipulate elements
out-flirted ;
➢ the eternals have all met up for dinner, and you give druig a taste of his own flirtatious habits
–––– ■ ––––
✦series ✦
my type ; part 1 | part 2 | part 3
➢ during christmas vacation, you are always bugged by the other eternals to find someone to settle down with. when kingo walks in on you and druig in a compromising scene, druig find a way to stop the others from nagging you and maybe finally making you his.
the lion and the lamb ; the waltz
➢ as a princess, you must eventually choose a prince. though you can’t help but be drawn to the only man who isn’t one - but instead a boy from the stars.
–––– ■ ––––
❁ headcanons ❁
plus size reader
shy reader
–––– ■ ––––
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lene-loki · 9 hours ago
Low Key
Summary: Writing on a script for a new movie project, Tom Hiddleston struggles on writing the female perspective. He decides to talk to a real prisoner since the movie takes place in a jail. The young woman sitting behind bars is taking up Tom's entire mindspace and he discovers her story to be much more interesting than his fictional script. And soon he's determined to get her out of there.
Pairing: Tom Hiddleston x Female!Reader
Warnings: Angst, mentions of murder
Word Count: 941
A/N: This is going to be a reeeeaaaal dark story! Of course there will be more parts! I hope you like the first part and please leave some feedback and let me know if you like this idea :') Also it is not proofread, so please excuse any mistakes! With Love, Léne ❤
Y/N = Your Name
Tumblr media
"Sit down, please." The police officer orderes Tom as they walk into room with only one table with two chairs on either side and no window. Tom nods before taking a seat, feeling nervous to his core about the meeting that'll happen any second from now on. The actor keeps on telling himself that surely a women's prison cannot be that bad. It just helps a little to calm his shaking hands and the disturbingly loud heartbeat in his ears. The police officer stayed with him in the room. She is a tall woman with fiery red hair and a strict look on her face. She is leaning against the wall beside him and it somehow gives him a tiny feeling of safety. Finally the doors open and Tom has to swallow hard, not being able to move or even to blink.
When he asked on the phone the jail director for an interview with an inmate, he promised to pick a woman that would coorporate and not try to strangle him on the spot. But the young woman escorted into the room by yet another two police officers doesn't look like she would spare him when it would matter. Metal cuffs around her wrists and ankles are making it hard for her to walk on her own. The officers place her onto the chair opposite of Tom - both men keep standing on each side of the woman, not attempting to leave her side anytime soon. The moment she looks up from her lap and into Tom's face he can feel every ounce of color draining from his skin. She's as pale as the light grey-ish floor, her hair is a mess as if she hadn't washed it in at least three months and her eyes - her eyes have a deeply disturbed look in them and yet seem to disturb Tom as well the longer he keeps on looking into them. Unsure about the whole situation, she shifts uncomfortably around in the hard chair. Tom gathers his entire courage to show her a small smile and finally greets her with a simple hello. She looks confused but the emotion that stands out the most on her face is pure exhaustion. She looks so tired as if she's going to pass out in the next few minutes. "Who are you?" She asks still irritated, no strength left in her voice. Tom starts to warm up, thinking that his first impression of her wanting to strangle him could be wrong and maybe she's done something harmless. But then she wouldn't be cuffed up like this with three officers around her... He tries to silence his inner voice and only concentrates on her little nose and her big eyes, since these details make her seem a lot softer. "I'm Tom." He replies a bit too fast and adds a nervous: "Hiddleston." "Ah" She nods. "That celebrity. I think I've read something about you in an article a few years ago." Her voice growing weaker with every word she speaks. "And who are you?" She looks aghast. "You don't know me? Then why did you wanted to see me?" Her eyebrows arch in curiosity. "Oh, I wanted an Interview with any inmate. I don't know a prisoner here. It's conicidence they picked you." She rolls her eyes. "I'm (Y/N)." She sighs. "And what do you want me to interview about?" "I'm writing a script about a female prisoner and struggle with writing in such perspective, so I would like to get to know you a bit. To understand the reasons behind criminal offenses and the emotions prisoner are feeling when they do so or if they even feel anything at all-" (Y/N) interrupts him with a tired laugh. "No, thank you. I'm not interested." She gives the officer on her right side a sign and he helps her to stand up. Tom looks stunned. "Wait!" He calls out and she rolls her eyes again. "At least answer me one question." He pleads and she gives him reluctantly permission. "What are you in here for?" He asks curious. That question had been bothering him the entire conversation. (Y/N) starts to laugh since she expected that question. "Couldn't you have asked me something more creative?" Tom decides to stay silent and give her the time she needs to build up the courage to answer. And then she does. "Murder." Tom can feel his heartbeat stopping in his chest. He has too look anywhere but at her. The more he remembers her eyes in his mind, the more goosebumps he is growing
on his skin. That look of disturbance that accompany her the entire time is the look of a human comitting a murder. She took someone's life. She watched someone die from her own hands. Tom starts to feel incredibly sick. He only looks up again when he hears the door shutting. "Are you okay, Sir?" The redheaded police officer is still in the room with him. He nods absentedmindedly. "Yeah, yeah... I think so." She smiles sympathetically. "Talking to an inmate can be really bothering. Maybe it'll help to talk to a therapist about this encounter since it could be really harm your mental health." Tom thinks she overdoes it a bit appreciates it nonetheless. He thinks he'll get over that encounter in just a few days. And he is definitely planning on talking to her again. He is filled with questions and determined for answers. That young woman in there looks nothing like you would picture a murderer and he desperately wants to find out what drove her to end someone elses life.
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Not sure if requests are open? But if so, could you do a fic where the reader plays hide and seek with bucky and it becomes really scary? I think a lot of people undermine how terrifying it would be to be hunted by the winter soldier.
i sure can!! lil secret but.. this is actually my first request! i apologize if this is shitty, i hope this is kinda what you meant! i sorta added some of my own stuff, like a small lil back story etc.. but i totally agree, if the winter soldier and i were playing hide n seek I'd literally have a panic attack and die lol
SUMMARY: As HYDRA attacks New York, you attempt to flee your horrible past, desperate not to be captured by them once again. But theres a slight problem... The Winter Soldier wants to play a little game first.
WARNINGS: panic attack, pet names, dark themes, readers dark past mentioned, kidnapping
Tumblr media
One. Two. Three. Four. You inhaled deeply, exhaling with a shaky breath. Hand clamped tightly across your mouth, you crouched behind the largest tree you could find. No noise. None. you repeated to yourself, willing to attempt to stay calm as panic was filling your lungs.
The air was cold, goosebumps arising on your skin as it brushed by you, lingering on you like a kiss. The moon shimmered dimly, dark clouds threatening to cover it completely. You looked up at the night sky, the massive tree branches tangled above you like a maze. You couldn’t stay here. It wasn’t safe.
You peered around, attempting to scope out a hiding spot in the endless line of trees. The forest was cold and dark, and the wolves howled from the distance, echoing towards you.
The sound of a twig snapping sent your heart racing. Sweat was pooling down your forehead despite the chill in the air. You felt frozen, your body refusing to move as the sound neared closer.
He’s here he’s here he’s here.. your mind raced on an endless loop.
You really, really needed to get out of here. He was coming for you. Him being the unparalleled Winter Soldier. A few hours prior, HYDRA attacked New York, and in a rush to escape the crumbling city, you hurried back to your apartment in a daze to grab essentials. You didn’t want to be involved in the mess.
Not again. Not ever.
Those nights still terrorised your dreams and plagued your thoughts constantly. They were an itch that would never go away. HYDRA had taken you in years ago, desperate for a hacker to get into SHIELDS top secret files. You just so happened to be the best in the country. Years of punishment endured, beatings and abuse.
The cold, the dark, the emptiness….
The escape was a blur, but somehow you had managed it. Now you were living in New York, normal life, normal job, normal everything. That was- until you reached your apartment. Yellow crisp paper was left on your bed, a handwritten note upon it.
Hide and Seek? I’ll give you a heads start кролик. See you tonight. We all miss you dearly… Why did you break our hearts so?
Now here you were, hidden deep in the forest that lingered on the outskirts of the busy city. Scratches painted your skin, your hair was in tangles, and dirt was splattered along your legs as you ran between the trees, twigs snapping under each step.
The reality was slowly sinking into you, attempting to burst through your bubble of shock. You were not getting out of here. No!! Don’t think that way! Your mind screamed at you, clinging onto any form of hope. That’s when you heard it.
He was taunting you at this point, and you didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of your heartbeat quicking, your breaths coming in shallower by the second. But you couldn’t help it. The bark you rested on felt ice-cold, it was rough and rubbed your skin dry.
Suddenly, you couldn’t feel the bark. You couldn’t feel anything. Anything but the hand clamped against your mouth, which wasn’t your own. The glove tasted of leather, and a scream emitted your throat.
He got you right where he wanted you. Like a mouse in a trap. You squirmed and wiggled in his grasp, desperate to get away, but he held you tightly against his broad chest, his tall figure towering over you. You had nowhere to go.
“Shhhh Китти. No noises. I won fair and square.”
You keened in his grasp and a low chuckle left his throat as he pinned you firmly against the tree. His crystal eyes burned into yours, cold and sharp. He stared you down like a predator as you finally gave up and stopped squirming, determining it was useless. The wind blew strongly, the branches rattling loudly and you whimpered.
“ You promise to be quiet if I remove my hand?” he asked, his eyebrow raising questionably. You nodded frantically, your fight or flight going into full overkill.
“Good girl.” he murmured, and you shrunk against the tree as he removed his hand slowly, wanting nothing more than to become the bark itself. “Wh- why are you here again?” you whispered, voice cracking hoarsely as tears began to stream down your face.
“ Ahhh. The pretty girl speaks.” he mocked, brushing a hand up to tuck your hair behind your ear that had been freed by the breeze. You flinched, tilting your head away from his hand.
“ I came back because I want whats mine again хорошенький. I’m a greedy man.”
A sob racked through your body, as you began to heave and shake against the tree. You were going back. Back to the place you deemed worse than hell could ever be. And there was nothing you could do to stop it. “You’re so pretty when you cry dolly.” he whispered and you wailed, tears blurring your vision at a frantic pace. His hand griped your chin tightly, as he leaned in to lick the tears that continued to fall.
“Please!” you screamed, wishing this was a terrible nightmare and that you’d wake up, at your normal apartment, in your normal bed. A pair of strong arms picked you up and he slung you over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. You were too weak to fight him. Too weak to even try. Your body was slowly shutting down, the panic being too much. Black spots filled your vision, your tongue heavy in your dry mouth.
“ Oh, how I missed you my pretty pretty little кролик.” a deep voice purred with a chuckle. A whistling tune filled your ears as everything went black.
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laufeysonsbarnes · a day ago
Two Birds On A Wire
Tumblr media
Summary: You’re Peter Parker’s best friend, Y/N L/N. You’re also known as the Ghost Spider, the female version of Peter. Being the older of the two, you taught Peter a lot and he was always more ready to fight and become an Avenger than you. You knew the danger that came with it all and spent most of your time making sure Peter was safe while he lived his dream. Now you have risked it all to save him and he is asking you to come home... but you’re tired. 
Warnings: Angst, subtle mention of death, mention of murder.
A/N: This is a piece from a fanfic book with a Loki/Bucky/Peter {haven’t really decided which} love interest I dream of writing one day. Let me know what you all think. ♥  For this one specifically I envision a female main character so there are more female pronouns in it. If you all like it and want a gender neutral one let me know, I’d be happy to post it. Also, not my gif above.
Song Inspiration: Two Birds by Regina Spektor
Y/N = Your Name. L/N = Last Name.
As I held the infinity gauntlet in my hand, I felt the power surge through my veins. It hurt, fiery searing pain surging through me as I stared into the mad titan’s eyes. Nothing but spite and anger were in my eyes towards the titan. I could hear Loki’s last words in my head. “You’ll never be a God.” Thor had told me his brother's last words and I chose to stick by it. 
“You’ll never be a God.” I growled at Thanos, my voice rough and ragged from the battle. As the last word slipped my lips, I snapped. A force of power, coming from all of the stones in the gauntlet Tony had made, rushed over the battlefield and coursed through all of Thanos’ warriors and Thanos himself. 
The last thing I heard before the snap was a mix of Tony yelling “Kid!” and Peter’s voice “Y/N no!” Peter’s broke me the most. I was close with Tony, I mean hell, he was calling me kid. He doesn’t just call anyone kid. He had taken care of me since I was eight and ended up in Shield after my parents murders. I met Peter before Shield though, we had always gone to the same school and our parents used to be friends, along with Aunt May. Simpler times, I guess. 
Squeezing my eyes, I heard Peter’s voice in a broken state. “Y/N... Y/N, please.. Please wake up... Don’t leave me here.. Not like this.” In between his words were soft, broken sobs and if my heart wasn’t already breaking, it was now. 
I screamed at myself to open my eyes and with all of the strength left in me, I did. I opened my eyes to meet his, a broken, tired smile ghosted my lips as I looked at my best friend. “Peter...” I whispered out, my voice cracking. 
“Come on, Y/N.. We’ve got to get you up. We’ve got to get you home! You’ll be okay. Come on!” Peter pleaded with me.
I knew there was no way I was going home. How could I tell him that though? Looking at the wounds that wrapped around my whole arm, stretching up my neck, and across my face, I sighed ever so softly. I held the hand he had placed on top of my good one before looking up into his hershey chocolate brown eyes. “I’m tired...” I said quietly, tears now brimming my eyes. “The sky is overcast and I’m sorry...” Saying this, I shake my head as I look back down at my war-torn body. 
“Peter...” Tony said softly behind him, putting a hand on his shoulder in a comforting way to which Peter responded angrily and shook it off, shaking his head. 
“No!” Peter cried out.
A/N: Aaaand that’s it for now. Okay, so I have many different ways it can go for different love interests. I don’t know which way I would/will? go yet. Is Y/N dead yet? 🤔 Is Y/N ever really dead? 🤔
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spengsmoon · 26 days ago
i’ll never let you go
Tumblr media
druig x eternal!reader
you spent eternity convincing yourself that you didn’t like druig at all, but there’s a fine line between love and hate
enemies(ish) to lovers, eternals spoilers, slow burn, some angst, fluff, implied reference to smut, some characters die, fake out death scene
5k words
so i had a request about druig flirting and saying did you miss me and yes! that’s in there. but i went overboard !! flashbacks are in italics :)
Living throughout time, seeing people born and seeing people die. Living throughout moments in history that would become iconic and studied, throughout thousands of years, was never boring or tiring for you.
For most of the other Eternals, from what you had heard, they had become bored at some point. Disillusioned with living eternally, more interested in returning to Olympia. It wasn’t as though you had no desire to return home, nor did you not believe that mankind had not made many amazing advancements that meant that they were capable of living without all of you.
However, you loved everything that you had come to know. You loved the people of Earth, you loved the history that you had seen and partially contributed to. The idea of leaving this planet you had spent so long on hurt you more than it should.
Despite your love for Earth, you would give it all up to see former members of the team again. The people you considered family that had decided to grow distant. Sersi stayed in contact, and Kingo was never hard to find. But the others… God, you missed them all so dearly.
Specifically, you missed Druig. Back when you were all together you never believed there would come a day when you would say that. He was annoying and insufferable to you, constantly bickering back and forth during missions. You remembered it all so clearly, and occasionally your mind would wander back.
“What the Hell are you doing, Druig?” You asked, popping up behind him as you watched his glowing eyes return to normal. He looked like a deer caught in the headlights, clearly assuming that he was the only person awake.
“I…” He trailed off, releasing the random person he had a hold on, who ran away in confusion. “He was crying.” He answered, glancing down at his hands.
“So… were you trying to figure out why or something?” You asked, sitting beside him on the ledge he was sitting on.
“No. I was trying to make him stop crying.” He looked embarrassed, and if you were a little wiser you would have been able to pick up on why. “Shouldn’t you know this? You’re literally telepathic.”
“I can’t read other Eternals' minds, you know that.” You said, poking his head. “Specifically your thick skull.”
“Very funny.” He said, though you noticed no amusement in his voice. It was so infuriating talking to Druig, he couldn’t even pretend to be interested in something that you had to say. It wasn’t that you needed his approval or something, but it would have been nice to receive some sort of response from him.
“Why are you still awake?” You asked, trying to diffuse the quiet and nearly tense situation as you looked over at him.
“Why are you?” He retorted, turning his head to meet your eyes. “You said you were exhausted earlier.”
“I am… I just can’t sleep. I never sleep the night before we go on another mission.” You answered, surprised by your own honesty; though, if anyone asked you would just claim that it was sleep deprivation and that you would never have answered Druig’s question had you not been so tired.
“You need to sleep, your mind is your most valuable asset.” He said, surprising you with how genuine he was being. “Not that you aren’t a good fighter, but your superpower literally is-“
“I know what you meant, I really want to sleep, I just can’t.” You answered, staring at the still and quiet town below the two of you. Most civilians were tucked away in bed, it wasn’t as if there was much that they could do this last in early 1000’s Europe.
He was quiet, enjoying the crisp night air. Druig was truthfully only awake because your pacing had kept him up, but he knew it would make you feel bad if he said that so he kept it to himself. He wasn’t sure if it was the rustling that woke him, or worry that something was genuinely wrong, but he couldn’t sleep because of you.
“Druig?” His attention turned back to you, taking in the timid look on your face. “Could you… could you make me sleep?”
“I’m not sure if it can work on another Eternal, but I can try.” He said, walking back to camp with you and letting you get comfortable laying down before his eyes illuminated again.
Within a little under a minute you were fast asleep, leaving Druig to return to his sleeping area and finally get some sleep. You’d never forget the looks from the others when they noticed both of your eyes glowing for a second when you were woken up.
It was easy to think back on the good times, it was something that often controlled many of your thoughts. Thousands of years spent with Druig, and you had so few truly happy memories with him that the ones you had were on your brain more than you would have liked them to be.
There was no real dislike you felt for him, he was just as much of a loved one to you as anyone else in the Eternals. But that didn’t change the fact that you often disagreed. Druig was brash and often mean, he came off as an abrasive jerk half of the time you were with him and that made you want to spend less time getting to know him than you spent on the others.
But that didn’t mean you didn’t care about him, and that didn’t mean that there was no room for love in your heart for Druig. You did love him, you loved him just as much as you loved all of the Eternals. Or, that’s what you believed.
But when Sersi showed up at your doorstep, Sprite and Ikaris behind her, you wished that Druig had been there as well. Finding out that Ajak was dead was a shock, but knowing that you were going to find the rest of your family changed that.
You wanted to find them, but most importantly, you wanted to find Druig. You tried to push it aside, and pretend that you weren’t actually thinking these things and that they were simply thoughts that you disagreed with and didn’t want. Deep down you knew the truth, as much as you tried to deny it.
It was pretty early in the morning when you ran into Sersi — Quite literally.
“Oh?! Sersi, are you alright?!” You immediately kneeled down, helping her back up to her feet as you inspected her for any sort of injuries that the fall may have caused.
“Yes, I’m okay. Don’t worry about it.” She said, kindly. Her tone and smile were more than enough to calm you down as you sighed, looking at her. “What had you so distracted, if you don’t mind my asking?”
“I was just thinking, I guess.” You said, looking down. You had made her fall, so you supposed you owed her the full truth. “I was thinking about a few years ago, how I could hardly get myself to sleep but when Druig put me to sleep it was the best rest that I ever had.” You commented, walking with Sersi as you took in the sights and sounds of your new, temporary, home.
“Well, his powers are strong.” She said, not really understanding what you were getting at. “Unless it was something else?”
“I don’t think it was his powers, I-“ You cut yourself off, glancing back at where everyone else was patiently waiting for Gilgamesh to finish cooking. “I think it had something to do with him, which makes no sense because I don’t even like talking to him.”
Sersi smiled, understanding lighting up her face. “It’s probably just because you trust all of us, and being supported by one of us makes you feel safe.” As true as that was, Sersi believed it had more to do with your connection to Druig than him being an Eternal. At the end of the day, you and Druig were two sides of the same coin. You read minds, and he controlled them. Your powers put together could be unstoppable, but, unfortunately, the two of you refused to cooperate like grown adults.
Regardless, you nodded and agreed, heading back to where everyone was once food started making its way to the table.
It was reminiscent of this moment, sitting beside Kingo as you looked at all of the people you considered family, accepting your food.
“I’m almost jealous of Thena, being served this amazing food every day.” You said, digging into it almost immediately.
“You look like you haven’t had a decent meal in months.” Thena commented, watching as you almost rabidly ate your food.
“Yeah, do you think someone’s gonna take it?” Kingo added on, laughing when you rolled your eyes.
“I’ve been living alone for a while, the last time I had something I didn’t cook myself or order from a fast food place was like… 8 months ago.”
“Well why didn’t you just go out and eat?” Sprite asked, to which Sersi answered.
“Our dear friend here believes that it’s indecent to eat at restaurants alone.”
“Now that’s just not true.” Ikaris chimed in, “I eat at cafes alone all the time.”
“Well that’s different, Ikaris. A cafe is casual, this is higher quality than many restaurants, and good restaurants require reservations. You can’t call for a party of one.”
Everyone seemed to contemplate what you said, before Gilgamesh finally agreed.
“At least we’re all together now.” Thena said, a smile on her face as she looked at everyone.
“Not all of us.” You said, glancing down at your food. You still couldn’t seem to get your mind off of Druig, no matter how badly you wanted to think about anything else.
Sersi excused herself, and Ikaris followed rather soon after. But that didn’t stop the rest of you from catching up on what you had been doing since you had last seen each other.
The gentle moment didn't last long, however, because once Sersi returned it was as if your entire world crashed down around you. In a sense, it did. And in a more literal sense, it would if you didn’t do anything to stop it.
When she mentioned Druig you couldn’t help your excitement as all of you got into the jet, wasting no time in getting to him. But as you sat aboard the jet, the only thing on your mind was the last time you had ever seen Druig.
The entire team's morale was down, in a moment that should have been a triumph. A moment when all of the deviants were destroyed, and everyone should have been happy and celebrating. But nobody was, because Thena was suffering. And losing her to something she had no control over was too much to handle.
Your hand was within Thena’s as you sat beside her, despite everyone’s warnings to stay away from her because she could go under the effect of the sickness again. But you trusted Thena, and you trusted that she wouldn’t do that.
Druig was the first to disagree with Ajak, and despite your common disagreements with him, he was right.
“Druig is right.” You said, everyone turning their attention to you. “I love you, Ajak. But even in the history of this planet, people blindly following orders has gotten people killed. Why should we blindly follow what we’re told? Do we really have free will if we can only follow one path, and one set of ideas, even if we disagree with it?” You questioned, Druig nodding appreciatively at you for standing with him.
“We were instructed not to intervene.” She answered, “I was instructed not to intervene.”
You glanced down for a moment, meeting her eyes again. “Maybe your instructor was wrong.”
Druig seemed to reach a breaking point as he continued what he was doing before, his eyes glowing gold as the people below you all fell under his control.
You were defensive when Ikaris went after Druig, but what he said truly shocked you. “How could you say you want to kill your own friend?”
His shocked expression turned back to you. “I didn’t say that.”
“I heard you.”
“I… I thought-“
Ajak cut you both off, realization on everyone’s face when they connected what happened. For the first time, you read the mind of another Eternal.
Druig was out of the building the moment he had the opening, but you could hear his thoughts. He seemed afraid, but relieved to no longer have to follow Ajak unquestionably. He was thinking about you, about how you had gotten into Ikaris’ brain - he wondered if you could hear his thoughts.
It went silent after that, you couldn’t hear anyone else’s thoughts in the room. Only your own.
You were all free to go, to be on your own and make your own decisions. To say that didn't terrify you would be a lie, but you wanted to try. You wanted to have some sort of life on this planet that would be your home for a while.
But it would feel empty, knowing that your family would be out there - without you.
The plane landed and you were looking everywhere and anywhere for Druig, before you heard him again. You didn’t know if he knew you could hear his thoughts, and truthfully you weren’t sure why you could. But it wore off after a moment, you were right back to where you were before. Just searching for him.
After a few moments, he came out and brought you all into a room where Sersi explained to him what was going on.
“You’re okay with all of this?” He asked, finally turning his attention to you. “You’re the only one that hasn’t said anything, you’ve just been staring at me.”
“You have been staring at him a lot, no offense.” Kingo’s valet added in, your body freezing as everyone finally turned their attention to you.
“What? Did you miss me?” He asked, walking closer to where you were sitting.
“I missed everyone.” You covered, though he seemed to be able to tell that you weren’t saying the whole truth. You did specifically miss him, but you were not about to admit that.
Regardless, he wasn’t interested in the plan, and when he explained why it wasn’t as if you could blame him. While everyone else dispersed to let him decide - you followed after Druig, determined to talk to him.
Looking didn't take that long, the second you stepped into a secluded part of the village you felt someone lingering behind you. You didn’t expect to feel a hand on your waist, turning you around as your eyes found Druig’s.
“Did you miss me?” The same question, but his voice was lower and clearly flirtatious. He knew you missed him, and he wasn’t surprised when he felt your arms wrap around him.
“Yes, and I don’t know why.” You answered, completely truthfully as you held into him. “I have something I need to tell you.”
“Oh, are you in love with me?”
“What?! No, I don’t think so. I don’t know, I don’t really have experience with that. That’s not the point.” You stumbled through your sentence, sighing as the smile covering his face when he realized he got you flustered. “I can hear your thoughts.”
“What?” His face fell, and that deer in the headlights expression covered his face again - just like it had that night in Europe.
“Not right now, but I could hear you when we first got here. And the last time I saw you, the night Ikaris thought about wanting to kill you.” Druig sat down against a tree, motioning for you to do the same as you sat down beside him.
“Do you know why?”
“No idea.” You answered, studying your hands before looking back at him. “Look, I know a lot is going on right now and you might not want to fight. I’m not going to tell you to, you deserve to make that choice on your own. But if we lose, we die, and I would feel a lot better about it with you by my side.”
Druig was quiet, a ghost of a smile on his face. “I always thought you hated me.”
“Sometimes I hated talking to you because you can be kind of an asshole.” He seemed to agree with that, “But I could never hate you, Druig. I do love you, you know.”
His bright eyes found yours, and for a second you started to hear him thinking before a crash sounded throughout the village. You both jumped to your feet, heading toward the direction of the noise that you had heard.
“Where are they?”
You focused your mind, listening to the thought around you before you pointed. “Headed toward the river, there’s deviants here.”
The both of you started running, cursing yourself for walking so far away from camp. Once you found the civilians, Druig brought them under his control and had them grab weapons.
“This seems like a good plan.” You said, believing that having more fighters would be good. But seeing them fight, and seeing them die, your hands found Druig’s as you brought his attention to you. “They’re dying you have to-“
You were both cut off as Sersi dropped a frozen tree on a deviant, finishing your thought and telling Druig to release the people. He was reluctant, but listened regardless and told them all to run to the river.
The rest of the fight seemed to go alright until you all followed Ikaris to where he said Gilgamesh and Thena were. Until you saw Thena kneeling over a body.
This couldn’t be happening, you already lost Ajak.
Your eyes filled with tears as you looked down at them, as you realized that there was nothing you could do. You could hear Gilgamesh’s last, fleeting thought. A thought of Thena, for her to be okay without him even with her sickness.
You all agreed to burn the body, a hero's funeral that couldn’t have been given to Ajak. it hurt, but it only made you all stronger. More willing to fight in his honor, together with the people who mattered the most to you.
It was a solemn trip to where you all knew Phastos was staying, that was for sure. You were silent and alone for most of it until Druig sat beside you, equally as silent.
But one thing did draw your attention to him completely as you felt his hand on top of yours. Your fingers curled up to wrap around his, smiling as his thumb gently caressed the top of your hand. You let your head rest against him as you closed your eyes, finally falling asleep to the rise and fall of his chest.
Nobody bothered to wake you up when you went to get Phastos, it didn’t take more than a few minutes and Druig had fallen asleep as well. Had there been a deviant, it would have been another story, but Ikaris and Sersi decided that it wasn’t worth it to disturb your slumbers.
Though, Kingo had taken plenty of photos of you two practically cuddling on the plane that he was definitely going to be using against you at some point.
When you woke up you were told that it was time, and while you were nervous you knew that this needed to be done. You made your way into the ship, and a big smile covered your face when you saw Makkari. She had a lot to catch up on, but you were so glad to see her again.
After that, though, everything else seemed to be going okay. Phastos had a plan, and everything was going to be okay. You had faith in Druig, faith that he could do this. Phastos was especially grateful to have you both there, and seemingly working in harmony for once, since your powers happen to go hand in hand.
But nothing good can last, and Ikaris just had to go ahead and ruin everything. You stepped forward, the moment you saw Sersi crying. But you weren’t surprised.
“I’ve always known what you were, Ikaris.” You said, his cold expression looking toward you. “That night, that I got a glimpse into your mind. You were going to kill Druig, and you still want to.”
“I don’t want to kill any of you, but I’m willing to.” He answered, glancing toward the door when Makkari came running in. Kingo took the hit directed toward her and stood against Ikaris, lowering his guard when he finally left with Sprite.
Kingo was the next to go, and while you were upset that he didn’t chose to stay and help you were glad that he hadn’t decided to help Ikaris even though he happened to agree with him.
But you were all still faithful, and you still believed that this plan could work. Thena went to talk to Sersi, and you found yourself beside Druig again.
“Do you think I can do this?”
“I think you can, yes. But it all depends on how long Thena can keep Ikaris distracted.”
Druig smiled, something that you had grown to find beautiful. But despite his smile, you were nervous. Nervous that he was going to die, after you had just gotten him back.
“What’s wrong?” He asked, noticing that you were starting to cry. “Is it because of Ikaris?”
“No- it’s… I should have come to find you. I was so alone and I never worked up the courage to come visit and now? Now we could be about to die and I wasted so much time by myself. I’m so sorry for leaving you alone.” You said, letting the tears flow even as you felt Druig pull you against his body.
“I made you think I wanted isolation which… I did for a while. But being here with you I understand what you’re feeling, better than you know.”
The moment was cut short when Phastos said he bracelets were ready, when you all suited up and got ready for battle. But you knew your talk with Druig wasnt over, so long as the both of you survived the this entire ordeal.
You were out with Sersi, Makkari and Druig. Phastos knew that you being with Druig would be beneficial, since your powers both dealt with your powerful minds. You rose up with them, feeling the plan set in motion felt good, it felt like you were about to actually do this and put Tiamut to sleep.
But Ikaris knocked Druig down, and as you saw him blast him with his laser you felt your heart sink down to your stomach. The shout you let out was something between agony and anger, and something that sent Ikaris grabbing his head.
You knew you could read minds, but making him feel your pain physically was a power you hadn’t unlocked. You’d have to look more into that. Regardless, this gave Makkari time to grab him and start effectively beating him.
But your mind was broken on its own, your entire being felt shattered. You had spent so long pretending that you didn’t like Druig, convincing yourself that he was your least favorite person. But the thought of living in a world without him, and never seeing his cute smile again, made you feel empty and lonely. It was unfathomable, it felt like falling into an endless dark chasm that you would never get out of - oh my god… you loved him. You were in love with him, and you weren’t going to be able to tell him.
This needed to get done, you needed to protect Sersi at all costs - Druig’s fate would not be in vein, even if you had to sacrifice yourself for Sersi to ensure it.
“I’m staying with you.” You said, turning to look at Sersi who nodded and brought you with her. You both ventured closer to the erupting volcano. You hoped they would be okay on the beach, because you knew you would feel a lot safer not sending Sersi off on her own without any sort of backup.
The both of you made it rather far before you saw Ajak, but you both knew better. It was obviously Sprite, Ajak would never say something so cold to Sersi. She loved all of you, and it became clear to you that Sprite did not.
You were so distracted by how offensive Sprite’s portrayal of Ajak was to you that you didn’t notice that she was actually behind Sersi, though you wouldn’t have been able to anyway since she had made herself invisible.
Your eyes widened in shock as you dropped to hold onto Sersi, trying to stop the bleeding as you held onto her waist. You grabbed a knife from the side of your attire, standing up with the blade out as you looked at her. You were about one second away from trying to stab her before Druig hit her with a rock.
Wait. Druig?!
“You’re alive?!” You breathed out, helping Sersi up as you took in the sight of his face. A face that for a moment, you believed you may never see again. grabbed him and pulled him into a tight hug, breathing in the scent of him that you feared you would never be able to smell again.
You had little time, however, so you pulled back. When he talked to Sersi you let go of him, turning back one last time. “You were right, about what I had to tell you.” You said, before following Sersi toward Tiamut.
You stood beside her as she kneeled and started freezing the ground, you kept watch while trying to get into her mind and see how you could keep her calm. Serenity was key in this, even if it was something that would obviously make her incredibly anxious.
Ikaris approached rather quickly, and you stood in the way of his line of attack though you knew he would kill you both if need be. But he didn’t, he loved Sersi even if he acted as though he was incapable of love.
It was a relief, and as you all became a unimind you knew that you were doing the right thing. You watched Sersi, taking in the power that she had and how she was doing this on her own - saving the world quite literally.
You closed your eyes as Tiamut was frozen, until you were all released from the unimind. The moment your feet touched the ground you had the urge to run toward Druig, the only thing stopping you being Sersi.
“Go to him.” She said, an understanding smile on her face. The same understanding she had all that time ago when you admitted that he helped you sleep.
You took off running back in the direction you came from, barely being careful enough to not slip and fall before you finally found him, crashing into another hug as you realized you were both alive after everything.
He pulled back from the hug only to crash his lips against yours, your body curving into his as he held you close to him. It took thousands of years of bickering and snide remarks, but the kiss felt absolutely magical. It felt like his mouth was made for your own as you took the feeling of him in. The feeling like you were both flying as you pulled back to look into his eyes and catch your breath.
“So you’re in love with me?”
“I am.”
“Good, because I’m in love with you too.” Druig said, a big smile covering his face as you kissed the corner of his mouth before walking back to the beach where you would find everyone else waiting for you all.
It was the lack of Ikaris that caught your attention, and seemed to catch Sprite’s as well. He was dead, from what Sersi said. And despite how much you had grown to hate him, losing another member of your little family hurt. Losing Sprite, however, didn’t hurt too much. You believed she deserved her choice, just as Thena did when she decided she didn’t want her mind erased. If the only way for her to be happy was becoming human, you would be happy for her.
You all left the beach, ending up going back with Phastos while you waited until you felt ready to go back to being separated from the remaining members of your group of Eternals. You spent a majority of the next two weeks exploring the new nature of your relationship with Druig before you both had to tend to your responsibilities. These explorations included, but we’re not limited to, exploring each other’s minds, emotions, a little bit of exploring each other's thoughts, and a moderate amount of exploring each other’s bodies. Just the good stuff, basically.
But, everything must come to an end and you went your separate ways. Yourself, Druig, Makkari and Thena all decided to stay on the ship and try to find the remaining Eternals. With the promise to stay in contact with Sersi, Kingo and Phastos, you felt hopeful about your new future.
Seven thousand years spent on Earth, avoiding your true feelings toward Druig and decidedly living in self isolation may have been wasted. But as you laid beside him on your ship, cuddled into his body as you both drifted off to sleep, you knew you would never waste another moment.
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helaintoloki · 21 days ago
pairings: Druig x eternal!reader
notes: this is kinda short bc i’m still getting used to writing for the character so my apologies
warnings: angst, pining, unrequited love
summary: in which you come to terms with your life of eternal loneliness
Tumblr media
Your existence is lonely.
Having been given extraordinary gifts and near-immortality, you should have considered yourself blessed to be granted the life of an Eternal. The people of earth adore you no matter where you go, the planet’s elements bend to your will with ease, and you get to spend your time here on this world with people you consider family, so you should be grateful. What more could you possibly want?
But as you witness the laughter spill from Druig’s lips and the smile he saves for Makkari’s eyes only you’re harshly reminded of the one thing your existence is missing.
Requited love.
You aren’t quite sure when it happened or even why it did, but you had foolishly fallen in love with the man you considered to be your closest friend, never once considering the possibility that your closeness could lead to heartache down the line.
There had always been a sense of understanding shared between the two of you, a balance that kept you both from falling off the edge. When it all became too much you looked to Druig to chase away the monsters and put your emotions back in order when you couldn’t. You kept him from making rash decisions and often talked him down during his times of frustration with the humans and his inability to interfere. It wasn’t always perfect, and there were times when neither of you could see eye-to-eye, but it worked, and it was what kept you sane throughout the years. Druig was your confidant, your best friend, but he would never be yours.
He would never look at you the way he looked at Makkari, would never shower you in compliments and give you coy smiles when you melted into his touch. Though you were a friend, you would not be the one he went searching for in the middle of the night. You would forever be a second choice, but you had learned to be okay with that. You would accept his scraps, cherish the small moments shared in the shadows of the domo, savor every spared glance and lingering touch. A single brush of his fingertips against your own could satiate the hallow pit of longing in your chest for centuries— you’d take what you could get no matter how pathetic if it meant maintaining your friendship.
“Sulking so early in the evening, my dear?” His voice is teasing, smile mirthful as he pokes at your side and breaks you from your contemplative state. Brought back to the present, you are reminded of the party taking place before you. The locals play their music and dance, taking extra care to include you and your group in their festivities, though Sersi seems to be enjoying herself the most.
“I suppose I’m not in a very festive mood,” you reply with a meager shrug and a timid smile. “You go on and enjoy yourself.”
“I’ll be coming back for you,” Druig promises with a wink before heading off in search of Makkari. Your heart pounds in your chest, close to bursting at the seams as you longingly watch him disappear into the crowd.
A new presence joins you then, following your yearning gaze in silence before returning to carefully analyze your features. You huff in mild annoyance and shift uncomfortably where you stand, but the woman says nothing. “Don’t poke fun, Thena.”
“I wasn’t going to,” she replies calmly. “Gilgamesh sent me to check on you.”
“I’m fine.”
“You’re in love.”
“Is that so terrible?” You muse quietly.
“Are you ever going to tell him?”
“Look at him,” you whisper softly, swallowing to keep your forming tears at bay as you watch him and Makkari banter playfully from across the way, “he’s happy. How could I ever be selfish enough to ruin that?”
“And what of your own needs? Your own happiness?”
“We each have a job to do here on earth, a duty to fulfill, and my happiness is not a priority,” you reply solemnly before looking over to meet Thena’s neutral gaze. “You must think I’m pathetic.”
“No,” she replies carefully. “Cynical, maybe, but not pathetic.”
Her attempted jest brings a faint smile to your face, and for a moment the ache in your chest is relieved. There are times when your fellow Eternals make your world deem less empty, and for a while you feel as if perhaps your existence isn’t so isolating after all. But you know better, and you know that when the festivities are over and the moon hangs high in the sky you will be alone again, and no one will be able to stop the loneliness from swallowing you whole.
Not even Druig, who has heard your every thought and felt your every emotion since Thena approached you.
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aphiandhephi · 4 months ago
Y/N: *Holds a knife to Loki’s throat*
Loki:…Oh no
Y/N: You haven’t kissed me in three days and it fucking pisses me off
Y/N, shrugging: I know it turns you on.
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