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#mcu x reader
lesbian-deadpool · 2 months ago
Y/N: Okay, so let’s go over this one more time.
Y/N: If something breaks?
Peter: We try to fix it before Tony finds out!
Y/N: Yes! And if that doesn't work?
Peter: We blame it on Loki!
Loki: Honestly, fuck you guys.
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aphiandhephi · 25 days ago
Y/N: *Holds a knife to Loki’s throat*
Loki:…Oh no
Y/N: You haven’t kissed me in three days and it fucking pisses me off
Y/N, shrugging: I know it turns you on.
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lesbian-deadpool · 2 months ago
Y/N: As a genuinely smart person, I'd like to let you know that we are all made of atoms.
Y/N: And atoms can't touch anything.
Y/N: So really we've never touched anything in our lives.
Y/N: So to answer your question, no, I didn't punch Bucky in the face.
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fandomsuntied03 · 4 months ago
Bucky *screeching*: YOU MEAN A LOT TO ME!
Y/N: wh-
Y/N:why are you screaming??
Y/N: I-
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canumoveurseatup-no · 2 years ago
Coloring Book Adventures
Summary: As a way to stay abstinent, you color in coloring books to distract you when you feel sexual urges. That’s until your father’s gardener comes to play.
Pairing: Bucky x Black!Reader 18+
WC: 6.9K (i got sooo CARRIED AWAY I AM SORRY)
Warnings: PURE SMUT, innocence kink (is that a thing?), this might get nasty so watch out, loss of virginity, Daddy kink, mentions of extremely religious parents and religion in general, masturbation using a hair brush handle, unprotected sex (just use condoms guys, thanks)
A/N: If you like it all I ask is that you leave verbal feedback, thank yooou
Tumblr media
You have always been sheltered. Your parents always wanted to hide the real world from you and fed you lies to scare you away from things so you didn’t do them. They’d tell you things like sex would kill you if you didn’t do it with the man you were married to, or your fingers would turn blue and fall off if you tried to please yourself. It sounded absurd but you believed it. You were homeschooled so you never got a real education or made real friendships. You didn’t know why they didn’t let you out like other kids but that’s how you grew up.
That’s how you got here, still in your pink and lilac room coloring in your coloring book while laying on your stomach. Your mother forced it upon you when you were 16. She told you to color in it whenever you felt those tingles in your private parts, that way you would keep your hands busy so you wouldn’t touch yourself. You got those tingles quite a bit, that’s why there were two stacks of coloring books in the corner of your room that you finished cover to cover. You rubbed your legs together as your colored and dropped your head a little against the book and sighed as the friction started to feel good. You were 20 and had no idea what you were doing but it felt really good. Your heart beat started to pound in your ears as you moved your hips back and forth, you started to feel an intense feeling and stopped yourself, heavily breathing in and out through your nose. You realized what you were doing and scolded yourself as you continued to color.
“Y/N!,” you heard your father’s voice on the other side of the door with a knock.
“Come in!,” You hummed. He came in and saw you coloring and shook his head, knowing what that meant. He hated seeing you coloring because that meant you were feeling “urges to sin”.
“Come downstairs. The gardener is coming today and I want you to meet him so you can tell him what you want in your corner of the garden,”
You squealed enthusiastically and hopped up out of bed. Long forgetting your urges. Your lilac dress bouncing with you and your dad told you to not do that around the gardener, “Yes, sir,” you nodded. He led you down stairs and brought you outside with your mother so you could decide and be dead set on what part of the garden you wanted. You chose the the corner in the far back that was hidden by a small wall of shrubs.
“Hellooo, Mr. and Mrs. Y/L/N? I’m Bucky the Gardener,” he called from the other side of the gate.
“Yes! Come on back, Bucky,” your mother’s sweet tone called back. She has been wanting this garden for years and was finally getting one. He came back and the tingles in your private area took you by storm but you couldn’t go color now, you had to talk to the gardener. His hair was half up and half down. His Henley had a few soil spots here and there and his jeans had a few holes on the calf part and green grass marks on the knees. His hands were dirty and you could tell he previously just came from another job.
“Sorry I’m late, I had to finish a job on the other side of town,” he apologizes and your parents wave him off telling him it’s okay.
“This is our daughter, Y/N. She will be here all day while we’re away at work. She’s quite shy and reclusive so if you don’t see her much that’s why. But she’ll guide you and tell you what she wants for her part of the garden,” your father greets you to Bucky himself and you bashfully smile. Bucky’s eyes linger on you and your body for a while but lucky for him your parents didn’t notice.
“We left the layout on the kitchen counter. We’ll be on our way. Y/N, be good and stay out of his way,” your father lightly warned. Bucky watched your doe eyes peer up at your dad and the way your bottom lip hung open as you nodded with a “Uh huh. Yes, sir,”
Oouuu. Bucky thought, the way that word seeped from your lips was sinful. There was nothing sexual about it, but coming from an innocent looking doll like you, he loved the way it sounded. Your parents led Bucky inside and kissed your cheek, before heading out for work and letting Bucky get started.
You stood there awkwardly and watched him look at the layout your parents had designed. You didn’t know what to say as you’d never really had any other human contact than with your parents or the lady at the grocery store down the road. You didn’t want to bother him but you didn’t want to hide away in your room either. He looked up at you and smiled before pointing at the layout, “What part will be your section?,”
You padded your feet over to him and simply pointed to the corner you wanted on the paper, “That one,” you stated. He hummed and nodded, eyeing you up and down again before smirking.
“What would you like in your section, baby doll?,”
Your eyes glistened at him and you smiled, “Petunias and peonies,” you smiled excitedly and started bouncing but catching yourself as you remember what your father said, Bucky caught sight of your jiggling bosoms anyway, “They’re the main flowers that I like to color in my coloring book,” you smiled sweetly and Bucky arched a brow.
“Coloring book? You like to color or something?”
You shrug and bite your lip innocently but Bucky’s thoughts went the opposite way, “My mother forced me to color when I was 16 so I would resist the urge to participate in the sinful acts of masturbating, and intercourse before marriage by keeping my hands busy,”
Bucky gave a small “huh,” in amusement. He knew this would come back to bite him in the ass but he knew soon you wouldn’t need that damn coloring book anymore.
Bucky had been around for two weeks and you were enjoying his company, thinking it was pure but his intentions were not. Though you enjoyed his company, you found your mind clouded with him and you having to color a lot more than usual. Every night before you showered your panties would glisten back up at you and you were confused as to why so much would be in there after a coloring session beforehand. You couldn’t talk to your parents about it because they would scold you for even thinking about those urges so much. So today, while you sat with Bucky in the garden as he worked and laid down the foundation for your mother’s section, you sat on the bench behind the shrubs in your corner and colored.
“I can’t tell my parents that I’ve been experiencing these urges a lot more than usual. They’ll be upset with me and say that I’m a child of pure sin,” You pouted as you colored a peony. Bucky raised up and sat back on his heels as he peered up at you. From his position he could see a sliver on your white panties that had cherries decorated all over them.
“You’re not a child of sin, Y/N and having urges won’t make God hate you. Touching yourself won’t make God hate you. Hell, Having premarital sex won’t make God hate you, baby doll. Didn’t you ever learn in church that God loves all? Even sinners?,”
You frowned at Bucky’s words, they went completely against what you’d been taught the past two decades of your life, “Even if that is true. My parents would disown me,” you sighed and continued coloring. Bucky crawled near you and took his gloves off. Your mother gifted him gloves so his hands wouldn’t get all dirty gardening as he’d have to touch things within the house. His clean hands rested on your knees as he spread them.
“Then they are not true followers of Christ,” he whispered, “Your parents should love you despite your urges or when you decide to act on them,” his hands ran up and down your thighs and they shook.
“Mr. Bucky, sir. What are you doing,” you tilted your head like a confused puppy. He took one of your hands in his and smiled, leading it to your panties.
“Slide your hand in your panties, I’ll show you that your fingers won’t fall off,” he chuckled a bit, remembering the absurd lie your parents force fed you.
“I will be damned by God! I can’t,”
Bucky shushed you and rubbed your cheek, “God never damned anyone, Y/N. Trust me,” he slid your skirt up and led your hand to the hem of your panties. His head and the actions you were participating in were shielded by the shrubs. You pushed your hand into your panties and felt how lubricated you were.
“It’s really slippery,” you muttered shyly.
“What were you thinking about to get yourself all slippery, baby?” His voice had dropped lower
“Y-you... b-but please don’t tell my mother and father,” you pleaded.
“This is our secret,” he smiled. He pulled your panties to the side and saw that you indeed were slippery and he cursed under his breath, “Here,” he led your fingertips to your clit and guided your hand to rub yourself. Your breath hitched and your hips jerked,
“W-woah,” you laughed in embarrassment, “What was that?,” you asked.
“Oh baby, that’s gonna be our best friend,”
Bucky told you to rub harder and you did, your thighs shaking and clenching and you bit your lip hard as you tried to stifle moans, “Mr. Bucky, w-what’s happening?,” your voice has gone shrill as the intense feeling from all those days ago came back.
“Just keep going, baby. It’s gonna feel reeeaaally good,” he encourages but you stopped. It was getting too much for you to handle, “I caaaannn’t” you whined.
He pulled your hand out of your underwear and sucked on your fingers, humming at the taste and closed his eyes, “It’s okay, baby. We’ll get you there,” you sat there and watch him suck on your fingers. The way his tongue swirled has you pushing them a little further in his mouth. He grabbed your wrist and pulled your fingers out, kissing your palm.
“We’ll take this slow like we’re coloring a picture. Start around the edges and work our way inward to make the whole picture,” he assures you and you leaned forward whispering.
“Please don’t tell my parents,” you pleaded. He smiled up at you and agreed.
“I won’t tell if you don’t,”
Every other day consisted of adding more color to create “the whole picture” as he put it. You were in your bed room and you were laying on your back with your legs spread open, your white knee highs complimenting your beautiful, brown skin. Bucky had told you to remove your panties and he laid in front of you on his stomach.
“I’m gonna use my mouth to touch you here, okay baby doll?,”
He could tell you were nervous, you kept checking the door but you knew there was no chance your parents would show up. Their jobs called for all their attention and time.
“Yes, Mr. Bucky,” you sighed. His hand had rubbed over your stomach to try and calm you. You rested your head back against your pillow and peaked down as him as he kissed your thighs.
“Daddy,” he corrected, “If you want this you’re going to be a good little girl and call me Daddy, okay?,”
His request was weird to you but you went along with it as you did want this and you wanted him to enjoy this as well.
His index finger rubbed up and down your slick entrance and he smiled, “What a gorgeous little pussy. To think you or anyone else has never played with it. God really blessed me to be the first,” he kissed your clit and you sighed. He nipped more around your thighs and trailed his hands up to your breasts, pushing your shirt and bra up as he toyed with your nipples. This stimulation was different than the one you had been getting down below but it felt good nonetheless. He raised up and and took a nipple on his mouth. You gasped and arched into him
“Oh Lord, please forgive me for I have sinned,” you whined.
“We’ll pray and repent afterwards, baby. Just focus on right now,” his teeth tugged on your nipples and you squeaked at the shocking sensation. He kissed his way back down to the place he called your pussy and licked you, causing you to tremble. He attached his lips to your button and started sucking, causing you to sit up in a flash, “Whoa! O-oh God,” you called out
Bucky internally laughed at your reactions and sucked harder. You placed your dominant hand on the back of his head and used the other to hold yourself up. The slurping and sucking sounds filled your room and you were consumed with feelings you knew weren’t right but you didn’t want to push him away.
“D-daddy?,” your chest was heaving and your eyes were rolling, “Daddy it’s happening a-again, I can’t take it,” but Bucky only sucked harder and you fell back on the bed moving your hips against his mouth, “P-please, I can’t take it,” you yelled and pushed his head away, your glaze covered his lips and caused his beard to shine and you felt your face heat up. He crawled over you like an animal and mashed his lips to yours. You had no idea what you were doing but tried to keep up. It was sloppy but Bucky thought it was cute so he went along with it. You tasted yourself on him and you surprisingly weren’t thrown off by the taste. Bucky pulled back and smiled down at you.
“Let’s get you cleaned up and on those knees so we can pray,”
You watched Bucky as he worked hard in the garden and you colored on the patio. Your lip was being gnawed at by your teeth as you realized you needed more than coloring to satiate yourself. “Daddy,” you called out to him. He stood up from what he was doing and look at you, squinting due to the sun.
“Can we add more to our picture today?,”
He smiles at you and shakes his head, “Not today, baby doll. Your pops is already worried because I’m a little behind,” he dusted his gloves off by clapping them together.
“Hmmmmm,” you gave a high pitched whine and sat back in your chair with your arms folded, “But I’m getting slippery again,”
He darkly chuckles at you and shakes his head again, “We can add as much color to our picture tomorrow that you want. Just let Daddy finish and be a good girl and keep coloring,”
You reluctantly nodded and went back to coloring but you were so frustrated, that the pencil point kept breaking. You groaned and slammed the pencil down on the patio table gaining Bucky’s attention, “What did I say, Y/N? Be a good girl and keep coloring,” he scolded.
“But I don’t wanna color these stupid pictures!,” you huffed and he furrowed his eyes at you before storming over and grabbing your cheeks in a bruising grip.
“O-ow!,” your voice octaves higher from the pain and your eyes started to water.
“Shut up before I really give you something to cry for,” he growled. Your breath hitches and you tried your best to keep your bottom lip from quivering. You didn’t like for him to be upset with you. He was your first friend, your first sexual experience, your first everything thus far other than him taking your virginity. So beyond all of that, you valued his presence and his attitude towards you, so him being stern with you stirred a feeling inside your body that had you tingling but scared at the same time.
“I literally just told you that we can spend all the time tomorrow coloring our picture. You don’t want your mom and pops finding out you’ve been sinning, right babydoll?,”
“R-right, Daddy,” you nodded in his tight grip. He kissed your nose and whispered to you to calm you down.
“Okay then. Be a good girl and be patient. I’ve got to get caught up or else your parents will start suspecting something and we don’t want that. You want to keep me around so I can make those tingles and urges go away right?,” he was speaking to you so sweetly you couldn’t help but agree. He let go of your face and kissed your cheeks where he had just been grabbing. He took your colored pencil and sharpened it for you and placing it back in your hand.
“Now, color me a pretty little picture and Daddy can show you some new things about your pussy tomorrow, how’s that sound?,” his smile was intoxicating. You were like a little kid in a candy store as you excitedly bounced in your chair. “Yes, please!,” your smile practically beamed at him. He kissed your temple and straightened himself up before putting his gloves on,
“Good girl,”
All night you were vibrating with excitement. You couldn’t wait for your new adventures with Bucky. He liked to call them your coloring book adventures. You were so happy someone was finally teaching you about your body and helping you understand these urges and with Bucky here, he helped you learn more about God that your parents purposely left out so you avoided certain things all together.
Your parents were impressed with how much Bucky could get done in one day. He still had a while to go as the lay out was intricate but they were so happy that their vision was coming to life. Your father had left for work again and you handed him his coffee while kissing his cheek goodbye. You handed your mother her daily breakfast croissant and her earl grey tea as she rushed out the door, leaving just you and Bucky. He advised you give him a good hour to do work around the the garden and to make sure your parents were long gone. They worked an hour and a half away from the home so he just wanted to make sure they wouldn’t come back in the means that they possibly forgot something with the end result of catching you two.
The hour ticked by slowly but you waited in your bedroom on your bed. Legs spread under your yellow pleated skirt, you took your panties off which left your smooth, wet pussy. You wore your white ankle ruffle socks and a long sleeved white shirt, you were ready for him to show you new things about your private parts that no one else would teach you. You were so caught in daydreaming about what he could possibly have left to show you, that you didn’t hear him come in, “Baby doll,” he snapped his fingers.
He finally got your attention and looked around the room, “Do you own a hair brush?,” you hummed in confirmation and pointed to your dresser. There was a pretty, pink hair brush with a handle that was perfect for his plans. He cleaned out the hair brushed and when into the bathroom. You heard the water running and frowned in confusion about what he was doing. He back back in the room with the handle of the brush wet and clean and slipped off his boots and jeans, “Sit up for me, baby,” you sat you and he climbed in behind you. He pulled you to sit back and you molded yourself into him. Like a perfect puzzle piece, like the perfect color that was missing from a picture in one of your books.
“You know how Daddy has been making you feel good with his mouth since we started?,” his breath fanned across your ear and sent chills down your body. You hummed and he continued, “Well today Daddy is gonna show you how good it feels to have something inside that little princess pussy,” he spread your legs and hiked your skirt up. He spread your lips and felt your slick on his fingertips. He groaned in your ear when he felt how wet you’ve become. He starts rubbing your clit and you tense against him, “O-oh Daddy,”
His chin rested on your left shoulder as he used his right arm to play with your little bundle of nerves. He rubbed faster and you dug your nails into his thighs, moving back and forth against his finger, “Daddy is gonna slide a finger in now,” once he feels how much wetter you got, he pushed his middle finger in, thrusting and swirling the finger in you, “Oh my goodness,” you huffed. He worked you for a few minutes before pushing his ring finger in, knowing that you were aroused enough for your pussy to finally expand to take more than one finger. He moved both fingers in and out of you and your head fell back against his right shoulder, “So... good!,” something as simple as fingers had your mind swirling in euphoria. His left hand was splayed out on your thigh as his other worked in and out of you. He curled his fingers up and you let out a moan that was music to his ears. The way it was pitched and dragged out had him hardened against your back.
“Mm, there we go. Found that special spot. See, Daddy told you he would teach some new things about your pussy. I bet you didn’t know that special spot was in there did you?,” he chuckled in your ear as your head was rested against him, “N-No, no I didn’t know,” you called out. You were panting and moving your hips but Bucky removed his fingers and you whimpered. He sucked on his fingers and savored the taste like your juices was his favorite wine. He grabbed the brush and put the bristled part in your hand before placing his hand on top of yours, “What- what are we about to do, Daddy?” Your voice was strained and tired but he kept going, “Daddy is gonna show how to please yourself in another way,” he states. The tip of the handle pushed against your entrance and with the way you were beyond well lubricated, you were ready to take it. He pushed it in to the hilt of the brush and you stifled a groan at the feeling of something being in you this far. The feeling was foreign but it was amazing.
“It’s so much deeper than your fingers, Daddy!,” you called out as he started moving your hand back and forth, “I know baby, I know,” he shushed you, “But I want you to relax and fuck yourself for me, can you be a good girl and do that?,” you feverishly nodded your head as he guided your hand to move the brush in and out of you, setting the tempo before taking his hand off of yours to leave you to fend for yourself. With one hand braced against his thigh, you used your dominant hand to push the brush handle in and out of you. “Uh huh! Uh huh, yes yes Oh my-,” you stared wide eyes at the handle as you saw your slick covering the brush handle, Bucky smiled as he watched you, “There’s so much, Daddy. Why is there so much?,” you breathed heaving
“Because your pussy likes it, baby. The more you like it, the more your pussy makes these sweet little juices. It’s okay, it’s normal. Whenever you think of Daddy and have those urges and rub your legs together and find this in your panties, it’s because your pussy is hungry for attention,” he was kissing along your neck and pulled your shirt up to pay attention to your nipples. You both have come to find out that you get a rise out of nipple stimulation. He tugged and twisted them causing you to dig your heels into the mattress. “It’s happening again, Daddy!,”
He thought it was cute that you couldn’t get yourself to cum, you always stopped yourself before you got there. He couldn’t wait until he was buried inside you and you’d have no choice but to cum. “See if you can push yourself further than usual, baby doll,” he was grinding himself against your ass and was getting himself off by your moans and whimpers. “I bet you’re so tight and warm, fuck,” he muttered. He held your hips and bucked his against you while you continued to fuck yourself. “I-I can’t!,” you huffed and removed the brush from you.
“Suck it, Y/N,” his voice was strained and you were confused about what he was doing behind you. “It’s not nasty to do that?” You question. “No baby, it’ll be good. Trust daddy and suck yourself off your brush,” Bucky’s breathing became labored as he watched you push the handle in your mouth and your lips wrapped around it. You turned your head to make eye contact with him as you twirled the brush handle in your mouth. Pulling it out with a pop, “That wasn’t bad, b-but what are you doing?,” your breathing was still slowing down and your eyes were still glazed over from pleasure.
“Daddy is just trying to make himself feel good like you were doing,” he tossed his head back and let out a loud grunt, “Fuck!,” he clenched his jaw and growled. You moved away and turned to him on your knees, pulling his underwear down, “Let me help you like you help me. Just tell me what I have to do,” you bit your bottom lip and looked at him hopefully.
“I don’t think you’re ready for that, baby doll,” he was still thrusting in the air and you grabbed his cock in your hands, it was warm to the touch and throbbing in your hand, “you said we can add as much color to our picture as I want today. I wanna help like you help me, pleeeaaase,” you tightened your grip and Bucky practically whined. “Fine! Fine,” he gasped. “You know how you had that brush handle in your mouth? Take daddy in your mouth just like that. Be careful though baby, don’t use any teeth,” his chest was quickly rising and falling as he positioned you on your stomach and you were eye level with his big cock.
“This is a cock, baby,” he takes himself in his hand and slaps it on your face making you giggle, “Even better, it’s your cock baby. You can get it whenever you want. And when we finish filling in the spaces, this will be a part of the big pretty picture,” he bit his lip and grunted, just imagining you shaking and whimpering under him, “Now show Daddy how well you can suck it. Suck it like your favorite ice pop,” that got you excited. You loved your ice pops! Especially the cherry one and his red tip resembled one so well. You leaned his cock toward you and wrapped your lips around the head, making him his and grip the sheets, “Did I do something wrong?,” you bashfully question.
“No baby, you’re doing everything just right thus far,” he urged you to get back to work and your took him back in your mouth. As you sucked you watched his reactions and gauged what you were doing right. You started bobbing your head and Bucky’s mouth dropped open, “Aw God!,” he tried not to buck his hips up but he did anyway causing you to gag which in turn made him whimper. “Baby, I’m gonna need you to go down further. Daddy is almost there!,” he begged.
He held your head and guided himself in your warm, slippery mouth and you hollowed your cheeks, loving the feeling of him in your mouth he was so thick and veiny. You closed your eyes and moved your tongue side to side as he held your head down, “Breathe through your nose,” Bucky’s tone was strangled as he was about to cum. You did as he said and it helped a little with the gagging. “Such” thrust “a good” thrust “fucking” thrust “girl!!,”
Bucky came down your throat and you panicked a little, coughing around him causing some of his cum to come out your nose. It was so much! So much. You raised up off of him trying to catch your breath. You had spit and cum running down your chin and cum running down on your top lip. Your eyes watered as a hot wave of embarrassment ran down your body.
“Don’t cry, baby! You did so good, so good,” he sighed.
“You promise,” you held out your pinky and he wrapped his around yours and he kissed your lips despite his cum, “Yes, baby. I promise. You looked so fucking cute choking on Daddy like that. Never had my cum come out of a girls nose like that. It made Daddy’s high so much better,” he assured you.
He kissed your forehead and smiled at you, “Let’s get you cleaned up and you can sit in the garden and watch me work, hows that sound?,” with your tear, cum and spit stricken face, you smiled and nodded. Bucky loved every second of it.
The next day Bucky told your father that he’d be working on your corner next and would spend most of the day getting his measurements correct for the bed so he could lay down the petunias and peonies and have them grow efficiently. Your parents loved his work ethic and how he communicated so well with them about what he was working on. They knew for sure they’d be paying him extra for his excellent work but what they didn’t know was that they already did. With you.
Once they left for work, you sat on a bench in your corner coloring with your book on the little table as Bucky scanned around the garden, making sure he was organized before he started in your corner. He had been working hard for a few hours before taking his gloves off and taking a break. He took his shirt off and you started at him, still coloring, but outside the lines.
“You’re outside the lines, baby doll,” he pointed out to you. You looked down and slammed your fists on the table, “Oh shoot!,” he sat beside you and looked at the picture, “You got distracted. Sorry,” he whispered as you felt his hand on your thigh. Today, you wore a red pleated skirt and pink ruffle socks with your white low top Keds and a white, short sleeve button down blouse. His fingers slipped in your panties and felt how you were slick with arousal once again.
“Keep coloring, Y/N,” he deadpanned, “I’m gonna teach you not to get distracted. So keep coloring and we fill in another section of our picture before we get to the last part to make the big, pretty picture, yeah? You want to make the bigger picture, don’t you?” He nuzzles his nose against your cheek, your curl tickling the tip of his nose as you had your hair up in your twin puffs and left two curly pieces down by your ears.
“Y-Yes, Daddy,” you trembled. He cupped your pussy with a firm grip and growled in your ear, a gasp got stuck in your throat and your eyes remained on the picture of a half colored petunia. “Then be the good girl I know you can be and keep fucking coloring,”
Your hand started moving the colored pencil across the paper and your other hand braced the book and yourself against the table. His fingers spread your arousal over your clit and you bit your lip as you tried to keep coloring but you slowed down. He spread your legs wide and slapped your pussy causing you to yelp in short pain. “I said,” he gripped one of your puffs and pulled your head back, “Keep. Fucking. Coloring... you have been doing well these past few weeks. Don’t start disappointing me,”
You didn’t want to disappoint him, so you muttered an okay before going back to color. You picked up a green colored pencil and your hands shook as he pushed two fingers inside you. Your jaw dropped but you willed yourself to start coloring the leaves on the page, “Stay inside the lines,” he demanded. You softly nodded your head and whimpered. Trying to focus on coloring. You just had to will yourself to treat it like it was one of your urges, just focus. But you were way past that. It would never be liked again. He went faster which causes you to breath and color just as fast, “I don’t wanna disappoint you, Daddy. But I can’t focus,” your hand trembled as you tried to keep on coloring. He removed his fingers from you and held them to your lips, “Open and suck. Lick yourself off Daddy’s fingers,” you did as he said and hummed, as you were used to the taste of yourself now.
“That was all you get for a while. I want you boiling over like a pot of water on a stove. I want you getting ready to explode before you beg for me,” his whispered in your ear before getting up to get back to work, leaving you staring at his back.
You had been tense for two weeks as Bucky had been denying you any form of contact. You felt yourself ready to explode and your parents noticed a change in your demeanor, “Y/N, what has been going on with you lately? You haven’t been talking and you’ve always seem zoned out,” You mother asks before heading out to work. Your father had already left and Bucky was standing by the kitchen island drinking a cup of orange juice, smirking over the rim.
“Nothing, mother. I just think I won’t be needed coloring books anymore. I’ve been praying really hard and the urges have passed,” you lied through your teeth. You never lied to your parents, but ever since Bucky has been around, you made a whole 180 change. 
She smiled at you and seemed overly proud, “That is good to hear. Remember, stay out of Bucky’s way, okay?,” she kissed your forehead and left in a hurry, leaving you and Bucky alone yet again. You could feel his eyes on you and they were burning holes into your body. 
“Come spend the day with me, babydoll. I’m almost finished your section and I want you to see it. You’ve been hiding,” his voice taunted you but you agreed. He grabbed your hand and it almost felt as if your arm was on fire as this was the first bit of contact you’ve had with him in weeks. He takes you outside and you gasp as the bed of petunias lying beautifully in the fresh soil.
“Haven’t gotten around to the peonies yet, but it’s all coming along great,”
“It’s amazing! Oh my goodness, Daddy!!!,” you jumped in excitement and ran over to the bench to just sit and adore the light purple petunias. The cement blocks surrounding and hold the bed up were a cute light pink and you just sat and stared at it, loving every bit. He even changed the shrubs and they were now berry bushes.
“I’m glad you like it,” he sat beside you and rested a hand on your thigh. You sighed in content and stared up at him. He stared back and you both wore smiles that soon faded as you climbed into his lap to straddle him.
“I want to complete the full picture,” you mutter. He smiles at you and attaches his lips to yours and with the practice over the past few weeks you were able to keep up. He lifted your skirt up and pulled your panties down, in a rush, he pulled his down as well, his cock standing at full attention and you were practically dripping. He trailed kisses down your neck but made sure not to leave any marks, there would be a time in the future for that. 
He used one hand to keep you up right in his lap and the other to start teasing your clit. You dropped your head down on his shoulder and moaned as you rolled your hips into his hand, “Please, Daddy. I want the bigger picture,”
“I’m just trying to get you ready for me so it doesn’t hurt, baby. Daddy isn’t like your brush handle or his fingers. He’s a lot bigger,” He pulled your tank top and sports bra down, sucking on your nipples as he plunged to thick fingers in you. You bite down on his shoulder and your eyes roll back in your head.
“You’ve been so patient. You’ve been praying for Daddy to finally give it to you haven’t you?,” 
“Uh huh,” you barely nod as your thighs starts to shake, “Daddy, please I’m ready, I wanna feel you. I wanna finish the picture!,” you begged.
Bucky had stood up and placed you on your back on the cushioned bench and had one knee on the bench while the other was planted on the ground to give him balance. He tapped his cock against your clit and you whined, pleaded yet again. He ran the length of his cock against your wet pussy and you were jerking your hips up. He took himself in his hand before aligning it with your entrance. 
“Lord, forgive me,” He muttered. He knew he was about to ruin you. But it was okay because you wouldn’t want anyone else and neither would he. He was made for you and you were made for him.
He slowly pushed himself in and had one hand bracing himself against the back of the bench as he guided himself into you with the other. You held your breath as it was uncomfortable to have something so big in you like this, “Breathe, baby,” he instructed. You let out a breath and the discomfort started to subside. “O-oh” you gasp once he’s filled you to the hilt. 
He completely withdrew himself before pushing back in, you held onto his arms as you stared back up at him, “You’re so big,” you whine, “But it feels so good,” 
Bucky started with a slow pace and your juices flowed around him. You were just as tight, it not tighter, and and warm as he imagined you to be. And your wetness, he’s lever felt a pussy this wet, it felt like his cock was swimming, “You feel so good, wrapped around me, babydoll,” he grunted. He held your hips in one hand and started moving faster, causing your breasts to move right with your body. He leaned down and kissed you, biting your lips and swirling his tongue with yours. 
“Such a dirty girl, losing her innocence in her parent’s garden. How does it feel Y/N?,” he hissed as you clenched around him, “How does it feel to sin? To defy your parents?,”
“It feels so good!,” you cried out with so much conviction, “I want more, please, can I have more?,” You eyes were screwed shit and your mouth hung open.
He started to circle your clit with his thumb as he fucked your harder now that you were accommodated to his size. “Is it too much for you yet? Too much for that little pussy?,” he flicked your clit fasted as his head hung in the crook of your neck 
“A-a a little b-bit!,” you heaved. “Good,” Bucky growled. He was coming close to climax and he could tell you were too by the way you were writhing beneath him.
“It’s happening!,” You warned, “D-daddy I don’t think I can take it,” You shielded your face with your arm and groaned, He removed your arm and made you look him directly in the eyes, “You said you wanted to complete the picture, right? Well that’s what we’re gonna do, and you’re gonna cum for me to make it all pretty,” he fucked you faster and your legs wrapped around his waist and you started to fuck him back. He was lucky your house was isolated from other houses or your cries and moans would seem concerning.
“D-daddy, Oh my- GOD!,” the way his cock nudged your special spot and he was rubbing your clit had you leaking cum around him. Your eyes rolled far back in your head and your back arched off the bench and that triggered his own. He was done for, he pulled out and came all over your pubic mound. You were gasping for air and your legs were sore and felt like jelly. You watched as he huffed and held himself up on the back of the bench. He smiled down at you and winked.
“I think I like that picture more than any of the ones I’ve colored. Can we make more?,”
I hope y’all enjoyed this, if you like it, please let me know what you think!
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crazyfreckledginger · 2 years ago
Meeting Venom and knowing Eddie
Y/N: Okay, listen, please don't eat me, I'm sure you won't like how I taste!
Venom: *growls, tilting his head in confusion* Why?
Y/N: Why? Because um, well, fine. I'm 50% stress, 49% anxiety and 1% craving attention from people, you won't like how I taste. I'm sure my meat is... dry?
Venom: *chuckles* I meant why do you think we would eat you?
Y/N: ... Because I might be tasty, have you seen me? *points up and down their body*
Venom: *smirks* So you do want to be eaten?
Y/N: N-no!
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lesbian-deadpool · 7 months ago
Peter, to The Avengers: Hey guys, wanna play a game?
Tony: Sure. What game?
Peter: It’s called “The Avengers Or Food”. I tell you things Y/N has said, and you have to guess if they said it to us or food.
Natasha: This doesn’t sound hard at all.
Peter: You sure? Quote one: “I would die for you.”
The Avengers: 
Natasha, under her breath: Fuck.
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thewritingdoll · 6 months ago
marvel masterlist!
all pieces listed in this masterlist have been written by doll (@thewritingdoll), and are NOT to be distributed via reposting or translating on any other account or website, period. any collaborations will be credited accordingly. this is an ever-expanding masterlist; new characters to be added as i write for them (send me a request!). please support my content by reblogging them & giving feedback, thanks!
request / ⚜️ nsfw / 🐍dark / ✨ +1k notes / 💛 doll’s pick
agatha harkness
power play ⚜️
bucky barnes
frisky ⚜️✨
mind games ⚜️🐍 ✨
possessive ⚜️
primal instinct 💛
angel ⚜️
aus & series
wet ⚜️
only fools rush in: parts one two three four five
insatiable ⚜️
sugar ⚜️
peaches and cream ⚜️
let me in
gotta hold on to you
it’s not so easy
such a tease ⚜️
hold on
ducky boxers
lazy sunday morning
mini musings
another broken, pretty thing⚜️🐍💛
venus made me king ⚜️🐍💛
promise not to stop when I say when ⚜️
eddie brock & venom
test drive ⚜️🐍
loki laufeyson
rest for the restless 💛
subservience ⚜️💛 ✨
don’t count on me 💛
aus & series
midnight cathedral ⚜️🐍💛
happily ever after 💛
come home for me
night terrors
mini musings
lovely lashes
weakness lies between your thighs ⚜️🐍💛
pietro maximoff
i’m sorry you saw me shaking ⚜️💛
NSFW Alphabet ⚜️
mini musings
training wheels ⚜️💛
steve rogers
 run baby run ⚜️
red handed ⚜️
accidentally on purpose ⚜️💛
sylvie laufeydottir
aus & series
when in rome ⚜️💛
dead man’s cove 💛
valkyrie / brunnhilde
make me breathless ⚜️
yelena belova
for your entertainment ⚜️
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canumoveurseatup-no · 2 years ago
HC: You and Chris bet on the Super Bowl and he wins
Warnings: Slight Dom!Chris, 18+, yeah it’s straight up smut so enjoy
Black!Reader like always!! PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK
Tumblr media
-ALRIGHT so, you are SICK of him running his mouth about the damn Patriots.
- “If they lose I get be the dom tonight”
-Chris scoffed “Not a chance, sunshine”
-you are sitting there HEATED when they’re tied.
-the game is stressing you out and Chris is sitting there smug as fuck.
-“It’s okay babe, you’ll have fun tonight. You’re gonna put on this jersey and watch yourself get fucked in the mirror”
-okay maybe them winning wouldn’t be SO BAD??
-“WHAT THE FUCK?!” You yell at the interception in the 4th quarter
-Chris is laughing at you, bitch lmao he thinks it’s hilarious.
-8 minutes turn to 2 and 2 turns to 1 and they’re going for a field goal.
-“What the fuck. Fuck me sideways. I hate this shit. It’s rigged!!” you sigh once the confetti starts falling
-“FUCK YEAH, BABY!! What was that?! You said they were gonna lose?! LOOK AT THE SCORE AND WEEP”
-the man takes his sports seriously okay?!
-he takes a victory swig of his beer and removes his jersey.
-“go ahead and put that on, sunshine. Head to the room and I want that to be the only thing you’re wearing”
-you’re really pissed, okay. You sit there pouting at the tv and mumble some trash talk under your breath
-he grabs your chin in his hands and raises an eyebrow
-“wanna run that by me again?”
-making eye contact is your weakness he knows once you make eye contact with him you’ve submitted
-“No, sir”
-his smile is so mischievous you wanna slap it off his face.
- he pulls you up off the couch and pushes you in the direction of yall’s room
-“run along”
-you’re sitting on the edge of the bed with his horrendous jersey on, pantie-less and waiting
-you washed your face because you knew you’d end up crying it off
-you heard his footsteps on the wooden floor
-your clit was throbbing and ya pussy was crying sis 😭
-he swings the door open and eyes you giving a hum of approval.
-“get up” he waves his finger towards the dresser mirror
-“lean over like a good girl”
-you wore a pout on your face
-“you’re lucky I think you’re cute when you pout”
- he’s rubbing your clit while making direct eye with you in the mirror
-you raise up on your toes and lightly moan
-“losing the bet wasn’t so bad now was it, sunshine?”
-“n-no sir,”
-he ran his nose along your cheek, taking in your sweet scent.
-he pushed two fingers inside you and you felt your eyes shutter
-“uh uh, keep those pretty brown eyes on me. Want you to look at me as you take my dick nice and deep”
-you mewled like a kitten
-running the head of his dick against your wet slit, you knew he was teasing
-“you really think someone as small as you could take on someone like me? Think you could ever be dominant? Little girls like you always wanna get too big for their britches when they can barely take it in the first place let along try to give it out”
-he held your hips against the dresser and thrusted deep
-you squealed like an injured puppy
-“you look so good taking my dick in my jersey, sunshine”
- you really tried to keep eye contact but the way he was breaking you a part and staring right back into your eyes with those teeth biting that bottom lip had you feeling like you were about to die and go to heaven.
-he pushed you forward and tangled a hand in your hair
-“Look at you. Haven’t even fucked you like you know I can yet and you’re already tearing up,”
-“Chriiiiisssss fuck!,”
-he pulled you away and pushed you on the bed but turning you on your side
-“you said fuck you sideways right? That’s what you wanted?”
-but you were enjoying it nonetheless
-one leg he had raised up and was pistoling deep into your soaking walls.
-you looked at the way he fucked into you in your headboard which just so happened to be a mirror as well.
-Chris has a mirror kink, you heard it here first (probably not but whatever)
-he loves to watch you get fucked in a mirror, the way you look so small compared to him
-you were gasping for air and tried to push on his stomach to get him to slow down so you didn’t come yet
-“want me to slow down, sunshine?”
-you pathetically nodded your head and whined
-he only went faster and you clenched your eyes shut.
-“Play with yourself, sunshine. Show me how you touch yourself when I’m not around and you’re desperate to cum”
-your hand flew to your clit and you were rubbing circles to fast your hand was a blur.
-“Baby, I’m gonna cum,” you cried
-Chris’ moans were something else
-“Fuck fuck fuck fuuuck” his head was thrown back and his mouth hung open
-your attempts to get air in your lungs was pointless as your orgasm knocked the wind out of you anyway
-Chris’ hips stuttered at the feeling of you cumming around him
-you laid there trying to ride out your orgasm but another one came in as he pounded you harder to chase his own climax
-“Fuuuuck, sunshine,”
-he cums so much it’s leaking out of you and around his dick
-you should be embarrassed by the squelching but it honestly just turns you on.
-he pulls out as smacks your ass with a grin
-“Losing isn’t always the worst think in the world, is it Y/N?”
Bruv, I just thought of this and had to get it out. Ya welcome💕
Tags- @sideeffectsofyou @chonisberonica @majikmelanin @babybubastis @scarletlingeries @mirajanestrauss1999 @vozit
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harryspet · a year ago
sweet sister | peter parker
Tumblr media
[Warnings] dark peter parker x innocent reader, reader is extremely innocent, manipulation, male/female masturbation, somnophilia, stepcest, hj, vaginal sex but not really? 
A/N: This is based off a request I got for a innocent reader where Peter teachers her about sex. Reader is 18 and Peter is around 21. DARK THEMES SO READ AT YOUR OWN RISK
In which you’re May and Happy’s foster kid and Peter takes advantage of your innocence. 
Like, reblog and let me know what you think!
word count: 2.9k
You came home from school like it was a normal day. Walking up the steps to your family’s brownstone, clad in your school uniform, and loud music blaring in your headphones, “May!” You shouted too loudly, walking down the hallway towards the kitchen, “Did my package come?”
You stopped in your tracks as you saw three figures standing in the living room. Happy, May, and … some kid you didn’t know. Your eyebrows raised in confusion at the young man standing with your foster parents. 
“Y/N, this is my son Peter!” May smiled, trying not to be awkward. She approached you, urging you forward. Now you recognized him and your eyes widened because of how easily you missed it. He was in all the photos on the mantle but, now, he looked a bit older. 
You were not what Peter expected, at all. By May’s description of you, he thought you might be a middle schooler. His eyes trailed over you, the way you filled out your uniform … Peter snapped out of it, moving forward to hold out his hand to you.
“Hi, I’m-” Interrupting him and surprising him at the same time, you went in for a hug. Peter hesitated for a moment before hugging you back. You noticed he had a strong grip. 
“She’s a hugger,” You heard May whisper. 
You pulled away and offered your hand for him to shake. He took it, smiling, but still a little confused by the long greeting, “I’m Y/N. You look just like May! I mean, you’re very pretty like her.” Happy always went on about how pretty May was and you always agreed. 
You watched as his cheeks reddened. Was it something you said? ''Thank you very much, I haven’t heard that one before.”
You looked back at May who seemed to improve the interaction. You smiled, worrying that you had made him nervous, “Peter finally has a break from his busy schedule to come see us. He’ll be here with us for at least a week. May and I thought this would be a good time for you two to get to know each other.” 
May had taken you in two years ago but this was the first time you were officially meeting Peter. He was always halfway around the world fighting crime and could only stop at May’s work every once and awhile. You never thought you’d ever have a full family like all the people on the television did. 
“That sounds like a lot of fun,” You heard Peter say and your heart did a little backflip. Your very own big brother.  “What’s this about a package?” 
“Oh,” Your face fell, “Uhm, they’re just books.”
Peter gave you a look of inquiry, stuffing his hands into his pockets, “You like to read? What kind of books?”
You opened your mouth to make up some excuse but Happy interrupted you, “I put your package on your bed, sweetheart. Why don’t you show Peter his new room?” Right, you had taken Peter’s old room. 
“Okay!” You perked back up, glad the subject of books was over, “Follow me, big brother!”
That was easy, Peter thought. She didn’t seem to give a second thought about accepting him which was endearing but scared Peter to a certain extent. How trusting was she exactly? May had warned him that she was a little eccentric … and a little emotional. 
Peter tried to keep his focus up as he followed you up the stairs. A part of him was a little let down that you were wearing shorts beneath your plaid skirt. 
“May says you have like a sixth sense. And that you can sense when danger is near. She talks about you a lot, you know? You call it a Peter tingle, right? I thought that was a really cute name but I’m not supposed to bring it up around you apparently-” You were rambling, as usual, and had passed your bedroom but you noticed that Peter wasn’t following you anymore. 
“You made it pink,” You heard Peter say as he peeked into your room. He adjusted the black backpack on his shoulder and you couldn’t help but notice his muscles. He was like the boys you read about in your books but … he was technically your stepbrother. 
You walked toward him, “May said I could decorate it how I wanted. Do you hate it? You hate it, don’t you? I’m really sorry. It’s just that it’s my favorite color and-”
“No way, I like it!” He quickly assured you, not wanting to see what happened when you finally ran out of air. Peter walked inside and you followed him. There was no twin bed anymore but a regular-sized bed with a white canopy. 
There was a pile of stuffed animals in the corner that Peter noted, “You have a lot of stuffed animals …”
“Those are the ones they give you in family court,” You explained to him before pointing over to your bed, “I keep the ones Happy and May give me on the bed, those are my favorite.”
“I see,” You spoke so casually about being in family court that it made Peter wonder what your story was. There were at least ten stuffed animals there, “Which one’s your favorite?”
You liked that question, smiling wide, as you walked over to your bed. Peter watched you carefully as you bent over to grab a gray penguin, “I like penguins a lot. My first Christmas here, May got me this and a penguin puzzle. I’ve done it a million times now but we could put it together if you wanted.”
“I can’t imagine anything better, Y/N.”
You were going to be very fun to get to know, Peter thought. 
The family had gone out to dinner that night and had been the rest of the evening putting together a hundred piece, penguin puzzle. It was one of the best days of your life and, as you expected, having a family was wonderful. Having Peter was just an extra bonus. You wished he didn’t have to leave. 
The next day, as you walked down the steps that lead from your school, you didn’t expect to find Peter waiting for you. You ran up to him and hugged him, of course, and you savored the moment when his strong arms were around you. Some girls you didn’t know gasped and practically swooned as they watched you two. 
“I have strict orders to take you straight home so you can start right away on your homework,” You frowned until Peter continued, “But I think we should stop for ice cream.”
You were practically bouncing with excitement as Peter grabbed your hand and lead you down the street. 
At the small parlor, you licked at a cone of chocolate ice cream while Peter stuck his spoon into his ice cream sundae. Peter’s eyes wandered over to your mouth, imagining your wrap your lips around his-
“You never said what you liked to read, Y/N.”
You blushed, your nose wrinkling, as the embarrassment filled you, “It’s silly … you don’t want to hear about it.”
“I do,” Peter insisted, “I won’t tell anyone, don’t worry.”
You took a breath, “They’re … they’re romance novels. It’s a series one of my friends at school told me about. She thinks I’m too … too babyish. Apparently, there are scenes in it ... “
“Scenes like what?” You blushed even more. 
“Bad scenes,” you whispered and Peter pretended to think the subject was taboo, “She wants me to learn about … dirty stuff. These guys are taking us to prom and she wants … she wants us to have our ‘first times’ together. I don’t even know what that means! But I can’t tell her that or she’ll think I’m even weirder than I already am to her.”
Buried treasure. Peter had stumbled upon pure gold.
“Y/N, you’re talking about sex?” Peter narrowed his eyes at you. 
“Sex?” You spoke the word like it was completely foreign on your tongue, “I think that’s it. Sounds gross, right?”
Peter couldn’t help but chuckle, “It’s kinda gross if you think about it too deeply but it’s not meant to be gross. It’s not as scary as you think. It’s quite beautiful, actually.”
Her eyes went wide, “You’ve done it a bunch, haven’t you?”
Peter shrugged, “A few times but only with special people. If the guy who’s taking you to prom isn’t special then you definitely shouldn’t give him your first time.” Peter would have to do some research on this guy and make sure he didn’t even think about coming near her. 
You looked solemnly at your melting ice cream, “I must be a total weirdo then …”
“You’re not, Y/N, trust me. Eighteen is still young.”
You leaned forward, whispering, “I haven’t even kissed anyone, Peter. People do that in middle school.”
Peter leaned forward next, entrancing you with his eyes, “Do you really want to get some experience? Because … I could help you. I’m probably better than those trashy books.”
You raised an eyebrow, “Do brothers and sisters normally talk about stuff like this?”
“Don’t you want to be friends too?” You instantly nodded, “Then I can help you out, as a brother and a friend. But if you want to read your books-”
“No, no, you can teach me!”
And you easily stepped into his trap. 
That night, Peter slipped out of his room clad in his pajamas. Your door slowly creaked open and you sat up in your bed. You rubbed the tired from your eyes as Peter peaked in, “My room is freezing … and I can hear Happy snoring through the walls.”
You pulled back your comforter, patting the spot next to you, “You can sleep in here with me,” Peter entered all the way before slowly shutting the door. 
“Really? I can sleep on the floor …” 
You shook your head, “It’ll be like a sleepover.”
Peter moved in the darkness, climbing in beside you. You pulled the covers over him and you both lay down. Peter watched as you turned over before tiredly murmuring, “Goodnight, Peter.”
“Goodnight, Y/N.”
Peter waited a good hour before moving closer to you. In a slow movement, he had pressed himself against you, taking in the scent of your hair, as he admired the lines of your body. It was a risk but he touched your waist, his hands trailing over to your stomach. He felt the soft skin of your back as well before reaching into his pants. 
He touched himself to the thought of you and he almost panicked as you moved. You turned to your other side, not facing him. Watching your sleeping face sent Peter over the edge and he muffled his grunts with a pillow. 
He wasn’t in your bed when you awoke the next morning. 
Happy had surprised May with a romantic dinner that night so Peter and you were left alone that evening. You were brushing your teeth in your jack and jill bathroom when Peter walked in suddenly. You looked over to see him only wearing a pair of basketball shorts. 
You blushed, looking back at the mirror before spitting out the foam in your mouth. He stalked closer to you and you noticed something different in the look in his eyes, “I was thinking something, Y/N, about what you told me at the ice cream shop.”
You put away your toothbrush, turning off the sink before wiping your mouth with a hand towel, “I thought you had forgotten …” 
Peter smirked, “Far from it, actually. I was thinking about how you said you want more experience. With kissing boys and things like that, right?”
You nodded slowly, growing nervous. 
“I think the first thing you should learn is how to pleasure yourself before you learn about pleasuring someone else,” He held your hand, rubbing soothing circles into your palm. 
Peter nodded, “Sex is all about pleasure,” Peter held your hand it slowly brought it against his crotch. You felt something hard and flinched away, “It’s okay, don’t worry.” 
It was such a weird feeling. Only recently had you learned that boys and girls even had different parts. 
“Right here is where guys can feel pleasure,” Then Peter reached out to touch you. Through the fabric of pajama pants, you could feel his fingers brush against your folds, “This is where girl’s feel pleasure. Let me show you.”
He assured you that everything was going to be okay as he slid down your shorts. Before you could step out of them, Peter swiftly lifted you onto the counter and you yelped at the sudden movement. 
He took your hand and pressed your fingers against your crotch. He tried to guide you as best as he could, standing between your spread legs, “Oh my stars …” You breathed out, savoring the foreign new feeling. You wanted to run away from it and run to it at the same time. You looked at Peter with frightened eyes as he slowly moved his hands away.
“That’s it, good girl, keep rubbing,” He praised you, loving the sight of you discovering your own body. You kept going, rubbing circles over that sensitive area through your light pink panties. You leaned back, lifting a leg on the counter, so you could get a better angle.
“Is this good Peter?”
“You’re doing great, Y/N. Doesn’t that feel good?”
You nodded, practically whimpering. You looked at Peter differently than before, you didn’t see the boy you saw before. You thought about how handsome he was and how sweet he’s been to you all week. You felt the wetness growing beneath your legs and you blushed as you look down, “Peter, I-I  think I’m peeing …”
Peter gave you an amused smile, “That just means that you like it, Y/N. That you’re aroused,” Peter grabbed your hand and moved it away from your crotch. You found yourself missing the feeling and you watched as he slid off his pants and underwear. The sight of his manhood felt foreign but aroused you at the same time. 
Peter slowly palmed his manhood as he leaned into you. You practically froze as his lips touched yours. He didn’t even have to speak because as he slowly left soft pecks on your lips, you started to lean back into him. Your hands touched his neck as you started to move your lips against his. You liked it … No, you loved it, “Your lips feel squishy,” You gushed and Peter laughed, turning his head as the kiss became more passionate. 
You let your leg fall back over the counter and, as it did, Peter slowly slid off your underwear. Then suddenly, he lifted you. You wrapped your legs around him as he carried you into your room. He sat on your bed, leading you to straddle him. 
“I want to try something,” Peter said before pecking your lips again. 
You were all in. 
He laid back on your bed, and you sat on his legs, “Touch my cock,” You thought the word was silly but you could tell what he meant. It felt harder than you expected and as you gripped it on your hand, a guttural moan exploded from Peter, “Spit on it.”
“It’s okay, it’ll feel better that way,” He tried to assure you and you hesitated before pulling your hair back. The trail of spit fell onto his member and you felt gross for a moment until you saw his reaction. 
That sound he was making you even wetter. 
Peter grabbed your legs, pulling you up more until your private parts were positioned right over his, “I want you to rub yourself against me, can you do that?” Peter asked. With all his fantasies coming true, he wasn’t sure how long he’d last. 
You nodded. You held onto Peter’s chest as you slowly dragged your private parts against his. His cock was pressed against his stomach and your lips moved up and down his length. You felt it then. That pleasure and his pleasure mixing. You kept going, starting to feel something building up in your core. 
You bit down on your lips, liking the feeling of when his tip rubbed against your sensitive bulb. Your wetness acting as even more lubrication, you thought you were making quite the mess but Peter didn’t seem to mind. 
You moved faster, Peter’s groans encouraging you and your curiosity of that thing building up inside you kept you going. Your toes curled as you got the feeling of a waterfall rushing off a cliff. Your mind went blank for a moment and your body shook as that damn finally broke. 
You moaned, riding out the feeling and that's' when you felt Peter convulsing. You felt his cock twitch as white spilled from the tip of his member and onto his stomach. Peter’s head rested all the way back and you couldn’t help but smile as you realized that you had both reached your tipping points. 
“Well, was that it? Did I do sex?”
“Sort of,” Peter said, completely out of breath. The eagerness in your eyes wasn’t something he expected, “You have a lot more to learn, Y/N.”
“Then can we do it again, Peter?”
Hope you enjoyed this! Feel free to check out my masterlist for more Peter fics! There is a short sequel to this! 
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lesbian-deadpool · 7 months ago
Loki: I invited you here, because I crave the deadliest game.
Y/N: Knife Monopoly.
Loki: I was actually planning to hunt you for sport, but now I’m curious about what ‘Knife Monopoly’ is.
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cerealboxmaterial · a year ago
Tumblr media
When people tag their Fandom OC story with ‘x reader.’ 🙄 I type ‘x reader’ in the search bar to read stories with ‘x reader’ not your OC x my dream fandom. OC is NOT ‘x reader’ that’s YOUR character. Tag that shit correctly.
A fellow writer
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canumoveurseatup-no · 2 years ago
Ruin Me
Summary: teasing Thor was always fun. Especially when you worked him so much he has no choice but to ravish you for all you’re worth
Requested by: @deansbbysblog
WC: 1.8K (sorry it’s so short, it’s pretty much PWP)
Pairing: Thor x Black!Asgardian!Reader 18+
Warnings: restraints, slight cockwarming, teasing, crude language/slight degradation, masturbation, breathplay
A/N: HAPPY 1,700 FOLLOWERS!! I loved this request. So glad to be doing more Thor so thank you! Please comment and reblog.
Tumblr media
You loved teasing Thor, you couldn’t help it. He was always seen as a being who could keep his composure, but no one else saw him behind closed doors.
Whenever you teased him, you knew it was the end for you, but for now, you’d enjoy yourself. Thor let you play your little game because he knew he would be ruining you.
You both knew how could easily break out of the handcuffs without flexing a single muscle but he was letting you have the upper hand for now. Sometime you liked to be the one on top so he was letting you be the dominant one for your sake. Though it was driving him crazy to have you teasing him so much, he stayed in his restraints.
“Y/N,” he warned, “Do something, I’m begging you,” He had to admit, you had some nice tricks up your sleeve that had him trembling. The way you moved your tongue against his thick thighs up to his pelvis to circle his throbbing cock was a weakness of his.
You meticulously traced every single vein on his length and sucked the tip like it was your favorite candy. You made all types of noises while you sucked him off, moaning and slurping like a delicious hot meal. He loved feelings your spit run down to his balls, he just wanted to fuck your mouth but could do nothing about that right now.
“Be patient,” you used your hand, tightening here and there to mimic your throat, even your right pussy. That’s what he really wanted, he wanted to be buried deep inside you. There was something about the way your walls were perfectly rubbed and how soaking you got. You were never able to get as wet for someone else prior as you get with Thor, “You taste so good,” you praise.
He loved for you to praise him, “So big and heavy in my mouth,” you dove back down on him, feeling his though flex and hearing his breath hitch. You circled your clit as you fucked him with your mouth. His jaw was slack and his moans were guttural, raw and dream fulfilling. You pulled yourself up off of him, strings of spit following your lips until you wipe them away.
You straddle his waist and lean back so he has a clear view of your glistening heat. He couldn’t wait to full sheathe himself inside of it. He had to calm himself down with a pep talk, telling himself that he was doing this for you, letting you have your fun, that he could do away with you later.
“My love, please, I need you,” the way his voice rasped has your hand rubbing yourself all over your body to rile yourself up.
“Keep talking. Tell me what you want, I wanna hear it all,” you pinched your nipples and your pussy clenched at the sensation, it didn’t go unnoticed. Thor watched the way your pussy lips moved and how more of your juices seeped out of you.
“My love, I want to ruin you,”
“Is that right?,” slowly circling you clit, your tongue darts out to moisturize your lips. It’s hard for Thor to determine which set of glistening lips he wants to focus on. The ones that offer that beautiful smile? The ones that he could just kiss until your gasping or the ones that wrap him in a tight warm hug? The ones that have him convulsing because you feel so good pulsing around him.
“I want my face to be a seat of pleasure for you. To have my beard coated in your sweet juices. I want to taste you, Y/N,” he loved eating you out, he tends to overstimulate you because just can’t get enough.
He watches you dip a finger into yourself and bring it to his lips. When he opens, you snatch your finger from him and wrap your own lips around the shining digit.
The God groans in frustration and you can hear a similar rumble of thunder outside, “Are you getting frustrated? You upset with me cause you can’t get what ya want?,”
You go back to slowly tracing your clit, getting off at the sound of his moans while he watches you please yourself about two feet away from him
“Can’t wait to bury myself deep inside what’s mine,” he growled, “Can’t wait to hear you cry out because you know I’m so big and you just can’t train yourself to break me in. You love feeling that pain of me stretching you open,”
“Getting feisty,” You retorted. But what he really wrong? Not in the slightest.
He kept talking you until you were on the edge for the second time. You had dripped onto his abs, your juices were so warm, like honey in tea, he wanted you so bad. You were the remedy to the cold that was his sexual deprivation. But he was patient.
You finally gave him a taste from your dripping fingers and he was subdued for the time being. You took his heavy cock in your hands to like yourself up with him. Running the head along your opening, he was hissing, ready for you to just sink down on him. You slowly sat down on him and his eyes closed at the delicious sound of your little squeaks as his girth was forcing you open. Your pussy was starving for him and it was finally getting fed until it was full and couldn’t take anymore.
“You feel so good, my King,” your nails dig into his chest, he wants these damn cuffs off, but not yet, he wants to take you by surprise. You raised your ass up on him to sink down once you were accommodated to him. You set the pace and were so close to cumming already, he could feel it.
“Cum for me,” Thor’s tongue was caught in between his teeth, watching your juices drown his cock, making it glisten in the dimly lit room, the sound of him entering and withdrawing filled the room and was his favorite sound besides the sound of your breath hitching and cries when you cum.
“M’gonna cum,” your ass slapped down on his thighs and it took everything in him to not plant his feet on the bed and take what was his. You still yourself on him and shook as you came. He was mesmerized by the way your breasts moved as you panted for air.
You fell against his chest and began moving your hips again, wanting another orgasm. He was calling out swears into the hot air as you rode him til the cows came home.
“Love, please,” he was so cute when he begged, he knew you weren’t gonna let him cum this round but he loved to ask anyway, he loved your game of cat and mouse.
You bit down on his shoulder until you came again, tears welling in your eyes at its intensity. You kissed the bite mark you left and rested your head against his shoulder, catching your breath.
“Let’s just stay like this for a bit, yeah?,”
Thor was seething. You had fallen asleep on his chest with him still inside you and while it may be concerning for a mortal man to have an erection for this long, he wasn’t a mortal man.
He broke free of the cuffs and tore them off his wrists. His thighs were trembling, his cock was throbbing, he couldn’t wait for you to wake up so he could fuck you up.
Your walls clenched around him as you stirred awake. You moaned at the feeling of him still inside you and you still soaking.
“Thor,” you moaned softly.
He couldn’t wait anymore, he flipped you over and pinned your hands above your head. Your legs instantly fell open with him hovering over you like this.
“Had enough of your games,” he rasps. He pulls out of you and gasps at the air hitting his sensitive tip.
You smugly smirk and tilt your head, faking innocence, “Ruin me,”
Thor moves his hips forward in a flash. Your back arches off the bed as the air is thrusted out of you.
“Has enough of you teasing me. Think you can get away with riding my cock all wild like that and leave me without a release? Only greedy sluts do that, Y/N,”
“W-well I guess I’m your greedy slut, my King,”
His hands squeeze and grope your breasts while he fucks himself so deep into you that you wanna tap out. But you deserved this, he needed this. You were a good Queen for your King, legs wide open, pussy wet and tight, womb ready to full his nut, and boy did the King have a lot of nut to offer.
He was not happy with you and you could tell by the way he wraps his hand around your throat. You become lightheaded while your hands wrap themselves around his wrists to hold him there. Your eyes were fluttering and that’s when he began to fuck you faster.
“Gonna pass out on me? Too overwhelmed to stay awake?,”
He tears his hand away from your throat and you violently gasp and scream at his clock knocking against your cervix. It didn’t take much for him to get deep.
When you seemed to catch your breath he began choking you again, each time brought you closer to cumming again.
“Gonna cum, my King,”
“Nuh uh, not until I do,” he demanded. He pushed his thumb into your mouth, your tongue swirling, jaws hollowing just as if you were sucking his cock. Once he felt like his thumb was wet enough, he ran it over your clit, back and forth, fucking you at an unforgiving pace while tears from being overwhelmed fell from the sides of your eyes.
“Wanna feel that pussy clenching around me to make me cum. You know I love it when you do that,”
He loved it when your walls clenched him in a tight embrace, almost as off they didn’t want him to leave. Your pussy was a home for his cock and your pussy knew that.
He took your hips in his hands and brought you to meet his thrusts. Your hands clawing at the headboard as you were practically screaming for him.
“Yes, my King. Fuck me just like that, just like that!,” you were whining and exhausted, but your body, mind and soul needed this orgasm.
His skin clapped against yours in a staccatoed rhythm as he came, “Oh, my love,” his voice hoarse and wanton. Sweat ran down his face from his temples.
You lay sprawled out on the bed, convulsing as you came one more time as the sun began shining in your room. Your lungs burned for air, mouth dry from it hanging open in pleasure.
Thor ran his hands over your face gently to help calm you down, placing softly kisses all over your hot skin while pulling out slowly. You whimper desperately at the loss of him despite knowing you’ll feel him again in a few hours time.
“I love you, my Queen,” lips lightly touching yours as your eyes stared into his in adoration.
“Not as much as I love you, my King,”
WHEW! Hope y’all enjoyed this as much as I did!
Please comment and reblog
Tags- @blackreaders-assemble @vozit @babybubastis @mbaku-babygirl @mokacoconut @yournonlocalpoc @spideys-wife @5hineehappiness @crawlingnightmares @warmchick @here-for-your-bullshit @sexysamsungl
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lemonade-frog · 2 years ago
Loki: I'm gonna kick your ass!
You: I'd like to see you try.
Loki: Okay. Saturday. Noon. The usual place.
You: You're on. Loser pays for dinner and the movie!
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lesbian-deadpool · 6 months ago
Tony: You really put aside everything and came all this way for me? How did you even get here so fast?
Wanda: Several traffic violations.
Natasha: Three counts of resisting arrest.
Peter: Roughly thirteen cans of energy drinks.
Y/N: Also, that's not our car.
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talatomaz · 4 months ago
Flustered | Wanda Maximoff x Romanoff!Reader
a/n: y’all have heard of having a crush on your best friend’s mum but what about having a crush on your mum’s best friend? wanda and vision are divorced in this bc i can’t deal w cheating 🤧
(feedback/positive comments are appreciated)
requested by anon: “soft mommy!wanda smut with her being your mothers (nats) best friend??? 👀”
warnings: alcohol. smut - mommy kink, strap-on, praise, fingering/oral (r receiving), light overstimulation, kinda dubcon bc wanda used her powers
word count: 3.5k
masterlist | request list | request rules
pt.i | pt.ii
i do not give you permission to repost or translate my fics on any platform - likes/reblogs are okay and are much appreciated
Tumblr media
You had always been flustered around Wanda.
She was stunningly beautiful and so ethereal that how could anyone not stare at her out of awe?
She’d even caught you lingering over her once or twice though she just simply smiled in response, believing that you’d been staring out of adoration or something along the like; whilst you were forced to tear your eyes away in mortification. Practically bolting out of the room you were both in lest she see your cheeks flushed with both arousal and embarrassment.
Besides, it was an unrequited crush. There wasn’t any way that she liked you like that nor would she assume that you liked her in that manner either.
After all, she was your mother’s best friend.
You were currently sat in your room reading a book, trying to distract yourself from the fact that your mother had invited Wanda over for dinner.
You could barely keep your emotions in check around the redhead; it was a wonder she hadn’t grown suspicious of your wariness to be around her.
You were disturbed by a faint knock at your door and with a soft ‘come in’, your Mum entered your room with a smile.
“Hey, honey. Dinner’s ready. Do you mind making some of your brownies later for dessert?”
“Sure thing, Mum. I’ll be right down.” You said, returning her smile.
“Thanks, sweetie.”
Natasha closed the door, once again, leaving you alone with your thoughts.
Okay, breathe. It’s fine. It’s just a small crush. You’ll get over it. Breathe.
You murmured to yourself as if saying the words aloud would make them a reality.
Clearing your throat, you left your bedroom and descended down the stairs to greet Wanda.
She looked up from the foot of the stairs and beamed at you, “Hi, honey. How are you?”
Even just the gentle tone of her voice and the endearment term had you feeling warm. Exchanging pleasantries as you walked, you then all sat down at the dinner table.
You barely spoke as you ate your meal, instead, you were daydreaming about the redhead sitting opposite you. It was risky, you knew. After all, she did have the ability to read minds but you seemed to forget about that as she fell into easy conversation with Natasha.
As you pushed your broccoli around your plate with your fork, you suddenly felt a jolt on your skin that made you drop the cutlery. The clattering of the metal against the plate breaking your Mum’s and Wanda’s current conversation about how Sam and Bucky were training with Steve’s old shield.
“Honey, are you alright?” Natasha looked over at you, concerned at the abrupt action.
“Yeah, um, sorry. It just slipped out my hand.” You said, lying easily through your teeth.
That seemed to be enough for your mother as she continued her previously interrupted conversation with Wanda.
You mentally shook your head, not wanting to embarrass yourself further and took a sip from your glass of water when you felt a warm tingle between your thighs.
Quickly swallowing the liquid in your mouth - to stop yourself from choking on it - you furrowed your brows at the feeling.
It was a familiar feeling but also kind of different. Often something that you felt when you were horny and playing with yourself. But you certainly weren’t doing that right now so what on Earth was going on with you?
The sensation travelled further up your thighs, directly between your legs where your growing sensitive nub was. You felt pressure being applied to your clit forcing you to fight back a moan from slipping past your lips.
You reached for your glass and took another swig of the drink in an attempt to maintain some sense of control and occupy your mind with something other than the sensation.
But when something, that could only be described as phantom-like, brushed up against your folds, teasing your entrance, you pushed your chair back and stood up abruptly.
“I’m gonna get started on the brownies.” You stated when Wanda and Natasha both looked at you with their brows raised.
“Okay, sweetie.” Your Mum replied as you gathered the plates and took them to the kitchen.
Placing them in the sink, you ran water over them as you watched the remnants wash away down the drain. Switching off the running tap, you then braced yourself on the countertop.
“What the fuck was that?” You whispered to yourself, steadying your breathing.
If only you had looked up to face Wanda. You would have seen her eyes grow a faint hue; small red tendrils swirling around her fingers.
Mixing the ingredients in the plastic bowl, you placed it on the table and dipped a spoon in the brownie mixture to taste it.
Licking your lips, you decided it needed some more sugar so you walked to the cupboard and reached up to grab the sweetener.
Your hand roamed aimlessly in the open door as you stood on your tiptoes to try to pick up the ingredient.
You stilled when you felt a pair of hands enclose on your hips.
“Here. Let me get that for you, honey.”
A shiver ran deliciously down your spine as the person behind you spoke. There was no need to turn around. You knew who the voice belonged to.
Wanda gently moved you but not before you grazed up against her and felt something hard against the small of your back.
Oh god, she was packing.
Your legs threatened to shake beneath you as you grabbed onto the marble island in an attempt to steady yourself.
Wanda turned around to face you, handing the sugar to you with a smile on her face, appearing to have been unaware of what you’d just realised.
“T-Thanks.” You took the sugar from her hand and generously measured it out before stirring it into your brownie mixture.
You were painfully aware that Wanda was still standing there, watching you as her lips tugged into a smirk.
Wanda walked up beside you, leaning against the counter before dipping two of her fingers into the mix.
Your mouth went dry as she placed them in her mouth and licked them clean. The action making you wet as you imagined her doing that under very different circumstances.
“Wanda, I’ve found the wine. You coming?”
Both of your heads turned to the door that led to the living room.
You were hot all over, a combination of arousal and embarrassment - feeling as though you’d been caught by your mother whilst doing something sinful when the act itself was not.
“Coming.” Wanda replied. She then glanced back over at you.
“I can’t wait to have a taste.” She said sultrily, licking her lips.
Your mouth fell open as you were unable to hide your shocked expression, “w-what?”
“Of the brownies, baby. Why? What did you think I meant?”
Wanda said sweetly, her brow raised in amusement and she continued to smirk at you, remaining unabashed at how flustered you were right now.
“Oh, I-um, I didn’t-”
You silently cursed yourself as you continued to fumble over your words, not able to form even one coherent sentence under her watchful gaze.
“I’m just pulling your leg, baby. I’m gonna go join your mother now.”
She finished on a cheery tone and when you saw her figure disappear from the door frame, you slumped against the kitchen drawers.
She’d called you ‘baby’ twice and yet, didn’t seem to realise how flushed the pet name made you.
Shaking your head, you willed yourself to get a grip on your feelings and to continue making the chocolate dessert.
Stop reading into things.
She doesn’t like you like that.
She’s just being kind.
Over the next few weeks, you felt yourself slowly being driven insane with how much you were lusting after Wanda.
She seemed to be over at your house much more often than before and each time, she unwittingly left you aroused and flushed. Though she appeared to have no indication of the effect she had on you.
Well, that was until you’d turned up drunk at her house late one night.
You’d been out partying with some of your friends from university and when you realised you’d had too much to drink, you had decided to head to Wanda’s house - she only lived a 10 minute walk away from where the party took place - and crash there for the night.
You rapped your knuckles on the wooden frame and greeted Wanda with a bright beam, your words slightly slurring.
“Hey, Wanda. Mind if I stay here tonight? I don’t wanna drive and Mum’s outta town.”
“Sure thing.” Wanda hurried you inside as she returned your smile.
She led you into the kitchen where she began fixing you a plate of things to eat.
“It’s some leftovers from what I made the twins last night.”
“Oh god, are they here? I’m so sorry.” You said quickly, worrying that your loud demeanour would wake them up.
“No, no. Vision has them for the weekend. Come on, baby, you need to eat to soak up some of that alcohol.”
Wanda picked up some of the food with a fork she’d gotten from the drawer and gently held onto your chin until you opened it so she could put the food in.
Scraping your teeth against the metal to pull the food off, you closed your mouth and chewed.
“Good girl.” Wanda murmured softly, her hand that previously held your chin now dropping to rest comfortably on your arm as you continued to eat.
With your inhibitions lowered, you found it increasingly difficult to maintain a calm exterior around the redhead, and soon found yourself blushing at the praise.
Something that did not go unnoticed by Wanda.
When she was happy that you’d eaten enough, she took your hand and led you to one of her guest rooms.
Using her magic, she pulled some fresh linen from the closet and quickly worked to make up the bed. Then she left you alone for a few moments before coming back with a large t-shirt.
When she came back into the room, you’d just finished texting your mum to let her know that you were staying at Wanda’s and that you’d call her tomorrow.
Placing your phone on the table, you stood up from where you were sitting on the bed and walked up to Wanda.
“Thank you. You didn’t have to-”
“I wanted to.” Wanda interrupted, “What’s wrong, baby?”
She asked when you continued to stand there, clean clothes in your hand.
“Sorry, I’m still kinda tipsy. Do you mind helping me take this dress off? I-I can’t reach the zip.”
You turned around, your back facing the redhead, hoping to get her help.
You weren’t trying to be flirtatious or push any boundaries but you couldn’t help it. Your inebriated state had seemed to lower what little control you had left.
All that could be heard in the room was the faint unzipping of the metal down your outfit. But you could practically hear the pounding of your heart in your ears as they burned red at how intimate the two of you were getting without having actually done anything.
Slipping out of the dress, you whispered a soft “thank you,” and pulled the t-shirt over your head and down your waist.
You resisted the urge to tug the shirt to your nose as the smell of Wanda’s clothes threatened to overwhelm you.
You wearing her clothes made you all warm and fuzzy inside; as if she was claiming you, marking you with this one piece of clothing.
Finally, you turned back around to face Wanda who silently stood there, the bright moonlight shining through the window, lighting up part of her face, allowing you to see how her eyes were black with lust but speckled with a red glow.
You swallowed hardly, as if now aware of the fact that you had just brazenly bared your practically naked body to her.
“Thank you for the clothes, Wanda.” You murmured, after gathering enough courage to speak.
Though, whatever steadiness you had been able to muster in your voice was surely eradicated at Wanda’s next words.
“Thank you, Mommy.”
Wanda corrected you, her hand raising up to brush a strand of hair behind your ear.
Your mouth went dry as you simply nodded, “Thank you for the clothes, Mommy.”
The moment those words left your mouth, a growl rumbled from Wanda’s throat and that was the only warning you had before her lips were on yours.
The kiss was passionate but short-lived. She’d pulled away to guide you backwards, the back of your knees hitting the bed behind you. She carefully laid you down, the soft duvet enveloping you both the moment your bodies touched it.
Then Wanda began kissing you again, this time, longer than the kiss before. Her hands roamed your body before resting comfortably on your hips. Her grip was bruising but not painful. With her flush against you, you could feel her strap through the thin sweatpants she’d been wearing when you first arrived.
You started to moan at the feel of her against you as, with each kiss, you sobered up. Instead, drinking in all that was Wanda. When Wanda ripped her lips from yours with another growl, a whine slipped from your throat before you could stop it.
Wanda smiled, her green eyes hypnotising, “I’m gonna make you feel good, baby.”
Wanda planted kisses on your bare skin as she travelled down your body. Lifting her shirt that you were wearing, she softly kissed your stomach and your breasts before lightly nipping at your skin. You winced when she tugged on your nipples, the pain quickly melting into pleasure.
Your hands flew up to tangle in her hair as you lifted your hips up to try to gain some relief from the burning arousal between your thighs.
Wanda tsked at you but said nothing more as she went further down your body, reaching your thighs. With a breath caught in your throat, you slowly opened your legs to accommodate for the redhead.
Wanda placed gentle kisses on the inside of your thighs, the feeling only serving to increase your arousal. Wanda then tugged your panties off down your thighs before throwing them out onto the floor. You were surely dripping now.
Your hips had a mind of their own as they started to lift slowly, trying to get some form of relief, hoping Wanda would brush her lips further up to where you needed it most.
“Shh, detka.” Wanda soothed, resting one of her hands on your stomach, pushing it back down on the duvet.
You groaned as she slipped into her Sokovian dialect; her warm breath against your soft skin.
You whined, your hips unable to move as they were still under Wanda’s hold, “Mommy, please.”
You let out a sigh when Wanda finally latched her lips onto your pussy. She licked and sucked as you twisted beneath her, moaning at the pleasure that travelled through your body.
Your hands went back to Wanda’s hair, pulling at the strands when she gently grazed her teeth against your clit before attaching her lips to it to soothe the pleasurable pain.
A string of curses fell from your lips as you begged her not to stop, your high within sight. You started to rut your hips against her face, riding her lips as she kitten licked your folds.
“You taste so good, baby.” She hummed. The vibration of her words coupled with her eating you out allowed you to reach your peak.
“Fuck, right there. Right there.” You groaned, arching off the bed and further into her mouth.
“Come for Mommy.” Wanda ordered.
Your climax washed over you like a warm ocean wave; the tingling spreading all through your body. Gasping, your body fell back to the bed. A light sheen of sweat lining your face.
“Good girl.” Wanda praised, kissing your clit one final time before moving upwards back to your face.
Wanda brought your lips in for a kiss and you revelled in your taste on her mouth. As her lips continued to move against yours, you jolted when you felt her fingers slide through your folds.
“Shhh, baby. I just need to get you ready for my strap.” Wanda murmured, kissing your neck.
Her fingers teased your entrance. Her fingertips pushing in just slightly before she pulled them back out again.
Your legs started to close, your first orgasm leaving you sensitive. But they were suddenly spread apart again. Looking up at Wanda, you saw her green eyes now sparkled red as she used her powers to keep them open for her.
“Don’t you want to be a good girl for Mommy?”
You nodded frantically, catching your lip between your teeth.
Wanda didn’t reply and instead, thrust two fingers into you. She captured your lips in another kiss, swallowing the groan that would have fell from your mouth.
She continued moving her fingers in you before adding another. With her other hand, she gripped your chin forcing you to gaze directly into her eyes.
She placed another kiss on you and then leaned down to whisper in your ear, “Good girl.”
Your legs starting to shake as her fingers, that were still inside you, made a beckoning gesture, pressing against the most sensitive part in you. With another few thrusts and brushes against that sweet spot inside you, you clenched around her fingers as you came; your arousal drenching her fingers.
You shivered when Wanda dipped her fingers between your folds to gather your wetness and rub them over her now exposed strap. She must have somehow used her powers to remove her sweatpants without you realising.
In a swift motion, you found yourself hovering above Wanda’s hips, her red strap beneath you, ready to drive itself into you.
“I’ve heard all your dirty thoughts, baby. It’s pained me to refrain from doing anything about it. But now we can. So go ahead, babygirl, ride me. Just like you’ve always wanted.”
You were too far gone to even think about the fact that Wanda had heard about your every thought. So, instead, you reached between the both of you and lined her strap with your entrance. Then with a moan, you enveloped her in your pussy until she’d bottomed out. The both of you groaned at the feeling.
You gave yourself a few moments to adjust to the feeling of your walls being stretched before you began riding her. Wanda’s hands rested on your hips, helping you as you bounced on her cock.
One of her hands balled up the t-shirt you were still wearing; the material creasing in her fist.
“As much as I wanted you naked, you look so pretty in my t-shirt, detka. You’re mine. Do you understand that? You belong to me.”
“I’m yours, Mommy.” You muttered as your thrusts started to become more frantic as your neediness grew.
Wanda looked up at you when you whined and saw your half-lidden eyes, black with lust. Grabbing at your hips, she flipped you over so she was back on top of you.
She then started to fuck you hard, her thighs slapping against yours, the crude sound filling the walls. As she increased her pace, it was all you could do to wrap your legs around her waist to meet each thrust.
She whispered sweet nothings in your ear as she praised you when you continued to beg, “Mommy, faster. God, please. There. Right there.”
With each rough thrust, the leather of the harness the strap was attached to, rubbed against Wanda’s clit. She fucked you without cause, the both of you chasing your own highs.
“Come on, baby. Be a good girl and come for Mommy.”
Wanda pushed harder into you a few more times before you came around her strap, the orgasm almost painful as your back arched off the duvet. Wanda’s climax soon followed as she kissed you passionately, needing to feel your mouth on hers again.
When she slowed and finally pulled out, you winced at the emptiness. Wanda hummed to quieten you before pulling you into her arms as you both caught your breath.
When she felt your breathing steady against her chest, she lay you on your side and left to remove the strap and get you a glass of water.
You gulped the liquid down, relishing when the coolness soothed your throat; the sounds Wanda had pulled from you leaving it raw.
The two of you then lay in each other’s arms, a calm silence filling the air as you started to drift off.
A ping of a phone rang out disturbing you both. You reached over the nightstand to grab your phone; your heart racing when you saw the screen.
You looked over to Wanda who was laying beneath you, red hair streaked with orange tussled around her face accentuating her perfect jaw line.
Noticing you staring at her with wide eyes, she furrowed her brows. “What?”
Instead of answering, you muttered under your breath, “Shit.”
Your audio message to ‘Mum’ has been delivered successfully.
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canumoveurseatup-no · 2 years ago
Little Girls Like You
Summary: it’s little girls like you that don’t know how to keep their mouth shut unless it’s stuffed.
Pairing: Tony Stark x Black!Reader 18+
WC: 3.5k
Warnings: uuuuhh daddy kink, degradation (bc I love that shit), face slapping (bc I love that shit),  dirty talk, unprotected sex, age gap, virgin reader, cheating, basically one of those taboo adult film plots, don’t sleep with your estranged mother’s hot older boyfriend!
A/N pt. 1: I like the idea of dominant Tony so let me have my dominant Tony
A/N pt.2 : If you’re tagged please leave verbal feedback. If you like it at all please say something <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You were far from little, you were a grown ass woman for crying out loud. But Tony, the man your mother was dating referred to you as just that, a little girl. Your relationship with your mother wasn’t the best. She was estranged with you and you knew it wouldn’t be long until she became that way with Tony.
Throughout your life you realized that your mother was too selfish to even have children and that you just popped out of nowhere, pretty much an accident. She was too invested in her career which is how your relationship with her became the way it was. It was practically nonexistent. 
But Tony, he was around more than her. He was very involved with you and he hadn’t known you that long. You came back from college and that’s when she introduced you two, after she had been dating him for seven months. You saw the way his eyes lit up when he saw you and he saw the way yours did the same. Your mother was trying to kill you with this one. Had she known you were so into older men she would have never brought him around you.
It’s been about a year since you and Tony met each other and the sexual tension between you two was intoxicating but, no one else realized it because your mom was always away for work or trapped in her office budgeting everything for her business.
You and Tony were alone often but no moves were ever made. You were scared, what move could you even make? You don’t know jack shit about making moves.
Yeah typical, the shy virgin with a crush on a guy who is literally old enough to be her father, but you couldn’t stop it. With your mother always gone and pretty much out of the picture, you wondered why Tony even stayed until one day it became clear.
Your mother was out on a business trip again and Tony had just come back from work. The two of you bumped heads a lot and you sometimes would purposely annoy him just to see him irritated with you, to have him raise his voice at you.
“Y/N!” Tony called up the stairs to your room.
“Yeah?,” calling back down, watching your favorite movie and stuffing your face with chips.
“I thought I told you to do the dishes before I got back,” he came up and just burst through your door.
In nothing but a thin tank top and pink sheer bedroom shorts you covered yourself with the blanket, “Tony!!,”
“Why aren’t the dishes done?” He arches an eyebrow, he didn’t seem to care about your attire
“Because I fucking forgot. Now can you get out, I’m in the middle of the best part,”
He walked over, turned your tv off and stood in front of it with his arms crossed.
“Tony, what the hell?,”
“Watch your mouth and your tone,”
You rolled your eyes at him and got out of bed to try and push him out the way but he grabbed your arms and pushed you back down on the bed.
“I want you to go back downstairs and do the dishes like I asked you to do, Y/N,”
“I’ll do them later,” you started playing your game, intentionally disobeying him just to get a rise out of him.
“Y/N. I’m not going to ask again,” he undid his tie and snatched it from his collar.
“Well great because I’m going to say no again,”
What happens next surprises you and has your thighs clenching. He smacks you in your face and the stinging had a moan bleeding from your lips. He grabs your cheeks in his hand, squeezing them to make your face seem chubby.
“It’s little girls like you that never know how to listen. Always opening your mouth to talk back. How about I stuff it so you finally shut up and do as you’re told,”
A squeak left your lips and your eyes wide, “Smack me again,” you whimpered, “Tony, smack me again,”
He smiled at you and pushed you away from him, “Do the damn dishes and maybe I’ll think about listening to your requests,”
He slams your door and you’re left there panting and starring at the door. You stood up, your legs felt like jelly as you walked to the door and slowly walked down the steps. Tony was sitting in the living room with a beer in hand while flipping through the channels. He felt a smile creep up on his face when he heard the water running and the dishes clinking as you started washing them. You loved being a brat around him but you never thought he’d do anything about it and boy did his actions excite you. You still felt his hand making contact with your face and you zoned out while drying the dishes and ended up cutting your palm on a steak knife causing you to call out in pain. Tony stood in the door way.
“What happened?”
You held your hand on the other side of the sink and whined.
“I cut my hand,” you pouted. He walked over to you and held your wrist looking at the cut.
“Nothing we can’t patch up, sit up here,” he patted the counter top and lifted you up when he saw you struggling with only one hand to boost yourself. Tony got the first aid kit from on top of the fridge and turned on the water. He took your hand and held it under warm water.
“I told you to do the dishes, not hurt yourself,”
“I guess little girls like me gotta be more careful,”
You heard him suck in a breath before looking up at you, “Yeah, you do,” he ran a thumb over your cheek and smiled before going back to tend to your hand.
“Sorry for slapping you,” he shook his head, “You just act like such a brat and it drives me insane,”
You felt your face heat up at him calling you that. You loved to hear him call you a brat. He finished disinfecting the cut and wrapping it up and kissing the bandage.
“You’re a good girl, you just don’t like to listen,” he breathed in sharply.
You practically swooned at him calling you a good girl, you clenched your thighs but that action didn’t go unnoticed by him. He ran his hands up and down your thighs and and wet his lips with that God forsaken tongue of his.
“You just frustrate Daddy so much,”
There was no reason in trying to hold the whimpers back at this point. You looked so cute with your eyes wide and your bottom lip poked out.
“You like seeing Daddy frustrated don’t you? You like being reprimanded,” he didn’t break the eye contact, he gripped your thighs, opening them up and stepping closer. Your words got stuck in your throat and your jaw hung open not knowing what to say, you’ve never been in this position but damn you wouldn’t trade it for anything else.
“A little brat like you never been tamed is that it?”
You softly nodded your head. He smiled at you before going to smack you again, a wide smile spreading on your face and your eyes closing in contentment.
“Again.” Wrapping your legs around him absentmindedly, he did it again and you moaned loudly. “Harder please,”
The last slap had you calling out in pleasure. You’ve never been slapped like this before, who would have known you liked it so much? You loved the heat and stinging in your cheek as the blood rushed to the area.
You opened your eyes to look at him and he looked in conflict with himself.
“I can’t do this to your mother,” he muttered to himself.
“She never pays attention to you,” you run your hand down his chest, “how have you lasted so long? Why are you still here?,” You finally got the courage to speak more than a word.
“Because of you,” his tone was strong and certain, "I know it’s wrong and I know I shouldn’t want you but dammit Y/N I can’t help it. Your mother is so wrapped up in her work that we haven't been intimate in over a year and I've been waiting for her but she's never in the mood and that’s her right but it makes me feel like she doesn't want me,”
"I want you, so have me then. You want me, I want you. Take me, Tony," your voice was so gentle and you rubbed his chin with your thumb, "I've been a brat and I- I think it's time for you to handle that, don't you think?,"
He took a minute to contemplate what was happening, and in a blur, he grabbed the back of your head to smash his lips to yours. Your grabbed his collar to pull him closer and he wrapped his hand around your throat before pushing you away from him. You looked so fucking cute to him. Though your eyes were a dark brown, he could see the way your pupils were blown. You were panting and your mouth hung open. You made Tony feel things no one has made him feel. He felt so invigorated when it came to you.
"Little girls like you need to be taught a lesson,"
He smacked you again and you couldn't help but smile. His left hand gripped your throat as the right slapped you again and again until you were bucking your hips.
"Such a slut for pain, aren't you?,"
His language was so vulgar but it only caused your core to throb even more.
"Be a good girl and answer me when I'm talking to you," his hand squeezed your throat harder as he gritted his teeth.
A gasp getting stuck in your throat with a moan you frantically nodded, "Y-yes, Daddy,"
Hearing the word finally seep from your lips he couldn't help but tear the shorts from your legs. He shook his head with a smirk when he saw the wet spot on your panties. Running a thumb up and down the seam of your crotch, your thighs shook.
"Those innocent little gasps are driving me crazy, Y/N,"
You looked up at him through your lashes and recoiled, "I'm sorry, Daddy,"
He smiled and stepped closer, running a thumb over your bottom lip, "It's okay baby, you're finally putting that mouth to good use other than mouthing back to me like a fucking brat... better yet," He grabbed you by your hair and pulled you off the counter moving you to your knees, "Time to stuff that pretty mouth of yours, then maybe you'll think twice about talking to me like you're crazy,"
With one hand he undid his belt and unzipped his pants, pulling them down and his hard on bobbing up and down right in your face. The tip leaking pre-cum, you couldn’t help but lick your lips. You smiled brightly at it, finally getting some action in your life. Tony took himself in his hands and slapped his cock on your pouted lips
"Suck it like a good girl,"
You peered up at him and were nervous, "I- I never,"
He gets a mischievous glint in his eyes as he bents over to be eye level with you.
"Stupid little girls like you just need to be taught everything don't you? Always needing direction," He laughed in your face and while in any other situation you would be offended by those words, coming from him you couldn't help but be turned on.
You did as told and he rested the head on your tongue, lapping up all the saliva that was there, on the head, he slowly pushed himself deeper inch by inch until he hit the back of your throat and you gagged, but he kept you there.
"Breathe through your nose," he hummed
You coughed and felt your spit thicken in the back of your throat. The weight of him felt good in your mouth and your eyes started to water, making your eyeliner and mascara run, this in turn, made Tony throw his head back in a moan.
"You look so pathetic," he smiled down at you, "It's so hot when you look like that,"
You wrapped your lips around him and stared moving back and forth with a little of his direction. With his hand tangled in your hair and him thrusting in your mouth as he leaned against the counter he looked so irresistible with his collar popped like that and his mouth hanging open. He was fucking your mouth and he loved it when you gagged on him.
"Such a good girl," he grunted.
Saliva was dripping from your mouth and black streaks ran down along your cheeks, nipples poking out in your tank top, you were straight out of a porno.
He withdrew himself from your mouth leaving you gasping and coughing. Strings of your spit on his throbbing length you just wanted to go back to sucking it. Tony lifted you back on the counter and took your panties off, admiring how wet you were,
"Jeeesus," he muttered. Running a middle finger up and down your slit you shivered at the contact.
"Guess you've never been eaten out either? No one ever broke you in?," He bit his lip as he continued to stare at your throbbing clit, glistening in your slick.
"N-no, Daddy," you leaned your head on your shoulder as you whined at the feeling of him rubbing you. He pulled a chair up and sat in it as he pulled you closer to the edge.
"Keep those pretty brown eyes on me. Close em and you'll regret it,"
Goosebumps cover your arms at the sound of his gruff voice. He leaned forward and spread your lips open and smiled, "So pink, just like a strawberry cream filled chocolate,”
He looked up at you as he dove in and started to suck on your clit, never feeling this before you had a hard time keeping your eyes on him. He was enjoying seeing you struggle though. His mouth worked on you as whimpers fell from you open mouth. You shook your head in bewilderment and wondered how something so wrong could feel so right. You shouldn't be doing this but you're too far gone to stop.
"nnnn, fuck, Daddy I-," you were cut off but him stuffing two fingers in your mouth, his ring and middle finger swirled getting them wet. He stood up and watched himself fuck your mouth with his fingers and he was entranced.
"Gonna get you nice and open for Daddy, okay?,"
You couldn't help but just nod. He withdrew his fingers and started with just the middle finger, he slowly pushed into you. The feeling was foreign as you never even fingered yourself. He twisted and thrusted slowly getting you worked up until you were begging for him to push a second one in. Once both were in you were done for. With his right hand fucking into you, he placed his left on your pelvic bone and pressed down, massaging as you could feel his fingers fucking into you. The sound of your own wetness intoxicated you.
"Look at you," he smiled in your face, "Looking all fucked out and I haven't even given you the best part. Tell me baby girl, you think you can take it?,"
You were dizzy with the feeling. You were close to cumming and you didn't know what to do. You legs started to shake and you were having trouble keeping yourself up right. He slapped you in the middle of your orgasm fit and that was the push you needed,
"Yes! Yes, Daddy I can take it, I'll be a good girl and take it!," you wheezed for air and looked up at Tony.
"Give it to me, please Daddy," you bit your lip as the tears fell from your eyes.
"You look so stupid when you cry, I love it," He planted his lips on yours as he pumped himself in his hand. The kiss was so sloppy and rushed as you pulled him closer and felt his head nudge against your entrance.
"This might not feel the best at first so I'm gonna need you to look me in my eyes so I can talk you through it okay?," He caressed your cheek and looked at you as he used your juices to get his head slick. He slowly pushed into you and you waited for the pain to hit but it didn't really come, it was just an uncomfortable pressure from something big and foreign from being inside of you. You grunted at the slight discomfort and he slowly rocked his hips back and forth while rubbing your clit. Talking you through it to make it as pleasurable as possible. The attention your clit was getting easily took away the discomfort and you started whining for more.
"More, please," you whispered as you stared back into his eyes, "Give me more, Daddy please," you buck your hips and he smiled at you before pulling out and snapping his hips back into you. You call out in a mixture of pain and pleasure and that's the begging on your end.
Tony was pounding into you relentlessly, not caring if you weren't used to this, you would be used to it now and only for him.
"Fuck, you're so deep Daddy," grabbing at the hair at the nape of his neck your eyes rolled into the back of your head
"Yeeaah," he wrapped his right hand around your throat before placing his left on your lower stomach, "You like feeling Daddy all the way up in your tummy, baby? Like that?," He pushed down at the spot and you could feel him nice and deep. "How's it feel to have me all up in your virgin pussy? Saved this all for me didn't you?,"
You threw your head back as you reclined on your elbows against the counter.
"This is what good girls get when they listen and don't talk back. You gonna be a good girl or are you gonna continue to be a stupid brat like you have been?," He pushed your tank top about your breasts, leaning down to litter your skin with kisses and bites.
You were dazed, you didn't answer which resulted in a slap to your clit, jolting you back into reality, "You're already off to a bad start, baby. Answer Daddy," he was speaking to you so condescendingly and it only pushed you closer to cumming again.
"Yes, Daddy I'll be a good girl. I'll be a good girl just for you!," The pleasure was turning you inside out as you cried.
He wiped the tears to make a clean canvas for the painful yet pleasurable slap he delivered.
"You're gonna make me cum, baby," He hummed.
Your walls tightened at his words, throbbing to feel him cum for you and because of you.
"Gonna paint those pretty pink walls nice and white. You like the sound of that?,"
You got the strength to sit up and stare him dead in his eyes, "Do it, Daddy. Cum for me,"
He rubbed your clit faster and fucked you harder. You raised your legs to your chest and he rolled his hips to hit deep in you causing you to choke on air.
"Look at you. So pretty and spread open all for me. Your sobbing is so cute, knowing you're crying for this dick because it feels so good,"
Your back arched off the counter top as you moaned out and trembled, your hips involuntarily thrusting up. Your walls pulsed against him as you came again.
"Fuck, I'm gonna cum," he grunted, his eyes screwed shut. You tiredly rubbed his cheeked and coaxed him through it.
"Cum for me, Daddy. Cum for your good girl,"
You sounded so fucked out it made Tony weak. He gave one hard thrust and came deep inside you, causing you to moan at the warm feeling. He jutted as the ripples died down and he rested his head on your chest, kissing your breasts and licking your sore nipples.
"Fuck," you laughed out and sit up the best you could. He supported you against him as he stood up all the way. He kissed along your neck and whispered in your ear.
"Daddy's so proud of you,"
You felt the heat rush to your face once again as he kept the act up.
"I'm gonna carry you upstairs, clean you up and take care of you, okay baby?," He ran his thumb on your sides and you shivered in his grip.
"Yes. Thank you, Daddy," you kissed his cheek and whined as he finally withdrew from you. A sloppy squelch sounding threw the kitchen as his cum ran down your lips.
"Don't worry about that, we have plan B stocked under the sink in my bathroom for emergencies. Though this wasn't the emergency I imagined, it couldn't come in handy any more than now,"
WHEW! okay, I hope you guys enjoyed this because I enjoyed visualizing it! Please let me know what you think and remember requests and tags are open!
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multifxndomtrxsh · a year ago
His Omega
Tumblr media
Summary: While on a mission in the desert Steve discovers one of the few living Omega currently in existence. He decides that he will become her Alpha regardless of the fact that he knows so little about her kind.
Parings: Dark!Alpha!Steve x Omega!Reader
Warnings: This is a semi Dark story! While it isnt as dark as some of my other fics there is an underlying theme of Darkness that includes, sex during impaired judgment, and bonding without consent. This also features parts of Breeding kink and if that makes you uncomfortable you probably shouldn’t read.
Notes: this is my first a/b/o fic so I apologize if it’s like wrong or something, I’ve read a bunch but I don’t necessarily get all the rules and such yet. This is also my first fic that I’ve written as a request! So this is dedicated to @my-favorite-fics-and-imagines ! They gave me an idea and I just could not refuse, I hope you like it! I also decided to kill two birds with one stone and make this my @mcudarklibrary Dark Kink of The Month Entry :)
It had been weeks since Steve had seen the comfort of his apartment back home in New York. This recon mission was taking much longer than expected, though it should have been simple. He was meant to collect info on the target then relay it back to Fury. Simple.
The problem was that every lead that he got as to where the target had been hiding for nearly 20 years was a dead end. Then he’d have to start all over from scratch. Not so simple.
He just wants to go home.
The sweltering desert sun is harsh on the alpha’s skin, leaving him desperate for the soothing cool air of the AC or a sweet cherry icy to ease the burn. Steve may be a super solider, but even he gets too hot.
The sun is beginning to set and Steve swears he’s never been more thankful for a day to be over. At this point, he’s ready to return to his mediocre 3 star hotel, where the air just barely works and the sheets make him itch.
He’s been sitting in a practically dead bar for the last two hours, hoping for anything useful to fall into his lap. He didn’t expect it to be a woman.
Hs stares down at you with shock, a bit dumbfounded by the event that had just occurred. He doesn’t stay that way for long before he’s coughing awkwardly and helping you up.
“Are you okay, Miss?” He asks with concerned eyes scanning you, looking for any threat or sign of danger.
“Yes, I- I’m fine.” When your eyes look up and meet his though it’s like everything is different and it’s hard to breathe. Steve draws in a deep breath, catching on to the sweetest scent he’d ever smelled. It was a swirl of soft and gentle. Like sweet vanilla and calming lavender.
It made Steve’s heart pound and his body tense. He realizes it’s coming from you. You begin pulling away but without even noticing, Steve’s loose hold tightens and you can’t move.
“C-could you please let go? You’re hurting me.” You squeak, tugging away from him. Steve doesn’t want to let go. No, something is telling him that he should hold on, that he needs to hold on. But he doesn’t.
“I’m so sorry, sometimes I don’t know my own strength.” He offers you a dazed apologetic smile. You attempt to smile back but it doesn’t reach your eyes, its nervous and unsure and Steve can tell you’re uncomfortable. Your eyes dart towards the door and Steve knows that you want to leave. But he doesn’t want you to.
“I’m sorry for bumping into like that, I- I’m really clumsy sometimes. But I should be heading out now, it’s getting rather late-” You begins stepping away when Steve’s hand shoots out to grasp your own, stopping you from continuing.
“You wouldn’t care to stay, pay this lonely guy some company?” He jokes lightly, hoping you’ll stay close to him the way he wants.
“I really should be going, I have someone waiting for me.” You pull your hand out of his and the second it’s away he misses it. He looks down to where his skin touched yours and finds himself feeling much emptier without you. He looks up again and you’re gone.
He doesn’t know what the plan was, but his body began moving towards the door almost mindlessly. He follows your divine scent like you were the hunt and he was a bloodhound. It’s his mission to find you. So he searches for you. But like a ghost in the night, you vanish without a trace.
(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
The saying goes out of sight out of mind, but for Steve that just wasn’t the case.
Two weeks have passed since he saw you and you’ve been the main thing on his mind since you disappeared that night. He just couldn’t forget that innocent look in your eye, or how warm you felt against him, or that amazing scent that came from you.
You were like a walking dream, something so beautiful and delicate there was no way it could be true. There was something about you though, something that separated you from every other woman he’s ever known.
So he begins researching, looking anywhere and every where for an answer to what you were. And after three days of searching through ever data base he has access to, he has a revelation.
You’re an omega.
Even during the 40s, everyone knew that the omega population was hitting a decline. Only 1 of every 30 babies born were presenting as omegas later in life. He’d never even met one before. Things were even worse now. An average of 10 babies who will present as omegas are born every 5 years worldwide.
But here you are.
When all his thoughts click into to place, his mind shifts into overdrive. Something inside of him is screaming at him to find you. To find you, and take you, and make you his omega.
So that’s exactly what he does.
Of course he couldn’t entirely abandon his mission, even with all the hormones coursing through his body he knew that. Steve is a multitasker, he’ll just have to do both.
Each step he takes holds reason, it’s powerful and certain and Steve knows he’s getting closer to achieving his goal. Everything is coming together, that’s what he tells himself, believe it or not he’s right.
It’s been exactly six weeks since Steve originally came to this desert hellscape, clearly he’s still not a fan of the heat. It’s been three since he’s seen you. But during the time since your meeting, Steve’s been a busy alpha. He’d finally gotten a new lead on his target and nailed down a location. All that was left to do was scope the place out, do some investigating, get the info, then go home. Not before getting his omega of course.
So here he is, lurking outside of what seems to be an abandoned house late at night. It looks like someone hasn’t lived there in years, but the fresh tire tracks in the dust tells him otherwise. He climbs through a broken window in the back, somehow managing to work his large frame through the small space.
Inside the shack of a building everything is dark. With his enhanced sight, he can see that the old furniture and other belongings are covered in dust and falling apart. This place seems untouched. Each of his steps sound through the hollow space.
Steve is starting to believe he got another false tip when suddenly the thuds of his steps turn into a creak. He realizes that he’s stepping on a trap door.
He’s silently hoping that the hinges aren’t ancient and extremely creaky as he begins lifting the door open. He breaths out a sigh of relief when it is and he can open it enough to see.
At first glance he could tell someone was living down here, the evidence was in the faint light leading from the far side and the newer looking furniture that was in his line of sight. As Steve continues to examine the space below him a familiar scent caught in his nose.
A scent that set his skin aflame and made his muscles tighten. A scent so sweet it made his mouth water. It was your scent. His omega. But your scent was accompanied by other one that was a bit more faint, one that was much more heady and sour to Steve. It was the scent of another alpha.
The thought of another alpha anywhere near his omega makes a growl rumble in Steve’s chest. Every part of him was telling him to get his omega far away from here to a place where it was just the two of you.
His real mission is the last thing on his mind now, no he’s much too focused on how he’s going to bring you far away from this place. With a lack of caution he drops himself through the hole and lands nearly soundlessly on the floor below. He’s stealthy, silent and careful, a man dead set on completing his task.
Steve creeps around a corner and your scent grows stronger, he’s growing more impatient by the second and all he wants to do is go. But he holds it together.
Then he hears you.
“Please come home soon. My heat is coming, I can feel it. I hate beging here alone without you.” There’s a clear tone of fear and nervousness in your voice that annoys him. He doesn’t know why something so simple is bothering him, but he doesn’t want to hear you sounding so upset. He can faintly hear a voice coming from what Steve assumes to be a phone.
“I know Sweetheart, I hate leaving you too. I shouldn’t be gone longer than two more days. You know I only leave when it’s absolutely necessary, I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t have to.” The voice of a male, most likely the other alpha, probably the target he’s forgotten all about, comes from the door that separates you and him.
“Why did you leave then? What’s so important that you’d leave me at a time like right now?” He hears you whine in a tone that has him biting his lip to silence whatever sound is trying to come out.
“One of my sources told me that some special agents might be looking into me so I had to leave town for a bit. I think it’s been long enough that they’re cold on my trail and think I relocated. That’s why I’ll be coming home soon.” No wonder Steve couldn’t track this asshole, he’d ran away when he caught wind that someone was looking for him.
Well that answered one question. There was only one remaining. What was his relation to you?
“Promise you’ll be home in time for my heat?” There’s a hopefully lilt to your voice and the sound of it makes his heart race. The way just the sound of your voice could affect him is insane.
“I’m promise, honey. I love you, see you soon.”
“I love you too, goodbye Dad.” A breath of relief pours from Steve’s lungs. You’re his daughter. Not his lover. Not his omega. You’re Steve’s omega.
He hears the line go dead before you huff and sigh. At this point he’s just beyond the doorframe, close enough to see through the gap where the door was left open, far enough away that you still haven’t detected him yet.
He watches as stand from your bed and head over to the closet, leaving your back facing him. He knows it’s time to strike. Without a sound he slips through the door and sneaks up behind you, inching his arms towards you.
There is no hesitation in his movements. His strong arms wind around you, one firmly resting across your midsection and the other clamped over your mouth to silence your screams. Instantly you panic, your limbs begin trashing and you struggle against his hold on you.
Of course he’s having no trouble restraining you, but during your wild movements you don’t realize that your ass is pressing against Steve’s groin and giving him one hell of a problem. He manages to keep all his filthy thoughts a bay.
“Shh shh, calm down. I’m not gonna hurt you.” His voice is calm and cool, but it doesn’t halt your struggle. When you land a solid kick to the front of Steve’s shin he grows irritated very quick. “I said calm down!” And all at once your freeze, like someone pressed the pause button on the remote.
It almost scares Steve at first, how you could change from frantically fighting against him to being completely complicit.
“I’m going to take my hand from your mouth now. Remain calm.” His voice returns to its previous coolness as he slowly retracts his hand and turns to look at your face. In return you stare up at him with wide, fearful eyes.
“Thank you.” He starts, hoping to ease the mess of emotions he can feel radiating from you. “Now I don’t think you recognized me before, so I’m gonna tell you who I am-”
“I know who you are, Steve Rogers.” When he hears his name fall from your lips, the most devilish smile forms on his face. He wants to hear you say it again and again and again and again.
“Oh good. This makes this a lot easier. You’re coming with me.” He speaks with certainty, making it obvious that you didn’t have a choice or a say.
“Why?” You’re wide eyed stare shifts into something that resembles a glare.
“You’re father is the target of a Shield investigation. It’s imperative that I bring you in for evaluation.” Steve lies through his teeth, showing no telltale signs of being a liar.
“You don’t understand, I- can’t leave. Especially at a time like right now. My-My heat…” You trail off, tears springing to your eyes as your panic level raises again. You have never spent a heat anywhere else than your home. And never without your father.
Steve stares down at you with an arched brow of confusion. He’s never heard anyone use the term like that before. He decides to find out later.
“Come on we have to go. It’ll be daylight soon, it’s safer if we leave while it’s still dark.” Steve shifts his hold so that he was holding your hand and began pulling you towards the hatch.
“Wait! I need my things, I need to pack, I need-” Steve cuts you off before you can continue your rambling.
“Anything that you need, we can get later. For now we have to go.” Steve drags you out the room. Once the two of you are standing under the hatch he looks at you and watches as you reach out for something, a ladder.
“This is how we get up and down.” You speak without looking him in the eyes. Something about the submissive behavior that you display stirs up a hungry feeling inside of Steve.
Steve climbs up the ladder first and waits patiently for you to follow. Once both of you are back on the first floor Steve grabs ahold of you and charges through the front door that he originally avoided, pulling you along with him into the fleeting darkness of night.
Before the sun is completely in the sky Steve and you are on the Quinjet heading back to New York. Steve had informed Fury about the current situation and the fact that you were accompanying him. He did not mention the fact that you were an omega and that your scent alone was driving him wild, and that he was constantly fighting all the urges.
He attempts to make some conversation during the flight home, hoping to understand you a bit better.
“So you’re an omega. What’s that like?” Steve asks bluntly, not tiptoeing around anything. His directness takes you aback, leaving you speechless for a beat.
“Uh well I’m sure it’s not too much different than being an alpha. If alpha’s went into heats instead of ruts and were slowly going instinct.” You morbidly joke looking at your hands that were rested in your lap. There was that word again, heat. Was that the omega equivalent to a rut? Is that was you were nearing?
“Heat huh? Is that like an omega rut?” Steve’s eyes dart over to you for a moment before they return to his flying. He’d much rather stare at you though.
“They’re pretty much the same now that I think about it.” You mutter bashfully, keeping your gaze downwards.
“You mentioned yours was nearing soon…Do you need anything for that?” You freeze up once the thought crosses your mind. You’ve never spent a heat without your father and now you were miles and miles away from him.
“I-uh- It’s kind of complicated. Usually my father helps me through my heats but he’s not here now.” The thought of spending a heat without your father causes your anxiety to spike again and the air feels hot.
Steve can feel you begin panicking again and its setting little alarms off in his head. He wants to comfort you, to relieve your stress, to make you feel okay. But he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do.
“If you need anything don’t hesitate to ask. I just want to help you, Doll.” He knows exactly what he’s offering. He hopes you know too. You’re his omega, and he’ll do anything for you.
After the two of you arrive at the compound Steve brings you directly to Fury. Fury tells him to stick around because he’d be in charge of supervising you during your time with them. He doesn’t want to leave you alone with Fury, another alpha. But Steve has faith in the man, even if there are times where he isn’t certain of him.
A hour later you step out with Fury at your side. There’s a mix of relief and anxiety on your face, and the stern mask that Fury always wears is a bit off too.
“There’s a room that’s already prepared for you, someone will be down in a moment to direct you there. I just need to speak with Captain Rogers for a moment then he’ll be not far behind you.” Fury informs you before stepping back into his office. Steve shoots you a small smile before following him.
“You neglected to share a very important detail with me Rogers.” Fury glares at Steve with his one good eye.
“Yeah? Which one was that?” Steve feigns ignorance, even through he’s pretty sure he knows exactly what Fury is relating to.
“Oh I don’t know, try the fact that she’s an omega! Not to mention that she’s an omega who was hidden by her alpha father for the past 20 years, and he’s done only god knows what to her!” Steve immediately picks up the underlying meaning if Fury’s word and his entire frame goes rigid. The thought of something so horrible and sickening made his skin feel hot and his blood boil. Steve is certain he’d kill any man who’d ever even think of touching his omega.
“She’s not opening up about it but she explained her heat situation to me. I offered to order her suppressants but I don’t think she was comfortable with the idea. So plan b is to get her some omega heat products and let her wait it out until we can move forward with our investigation on her father.” Fury crosses his arms and looks directly into Steve’s soul. “Your job is to keep her safe from every other alpha in the compound. I trust in your ability to keep her safe and keep control over yourself. Don’t let me down Rogers.”
And with that it becomes official. Steve is the alpha in charge of you. You are his omega.
The next three days run smoothly. Steve keeps you company while your heat slowly begins to set in, keeping you away from contact with anyone. Alpha, or otherwise. During the three days Steve is starting to notice how little he actually knows about omegas.
He doesn’t know that the days leading to an omega’s heat were filled with painful cramps and mood swings so unpredictable they could give a man whiplash. He doesn’t know what to do while you curl up into a ball of tears in the corner of the room. He doesn’t know what to do when you’re throwing things at him and aiming to do damage. He doesn’t know what to do when you’re sitting in absolute silence, for once showing no emotion at all. That one scares him the most.
But he’s trying so hard to be there for you and be the alpha you need him to be. It’s hard though, especially when all these thoughts are running wild in his head. Filthy monstrous things that have never even crossed his mind before. Not until he laid his eyes on you…
On another note, Steve is also surprised when he comes in one morning to see you piling blankets and pillows on your bed. He watches in silence for a bit, observing as you fret over the placement of each object, tweaking and adjusting as necessary. It fascinates him and he finds it satisfying to watch.
“What are you doing over there doll?” He finally asks.
“Nesting.” You answer simply, not evening looking up to answer him.
“And what purpose does this serve?” He questions, coming closer to inspect your little structure.
“It’s a place for me to be comfortable during my heat.” You look at him finally, carefully watching his reactions.
“It looks great.” He smiles at you, the approval of an alpha sending waves of pride and satisfaction through you.
“Thank you alpha.” The phrase leaves your mouth before you can correct yourself. “I’m so sorry! It’s a habit, I didn’t mean to call-”
“It’s ok doll. You can call me anything you please.” He winks at you and you feel your face flush. He watches as you react to him, finding your innocence adorable and wanting nothing more than to hold you down and fuck you into the very sheets that hold your nest together. That’s a first. He finds himself feeling ashamed by his thoughts and quickly shakes them from his head.
He could try to ignore them as much as he pleased. That didn’t mean that they’d go away.
The true test of Steve’s strength is the day that your heat finally arrives. The second he steps into the hall he can smell your scent swirling through the air around him. It’s the most tantalizing aroma to ever grace his scent receptors. It alone has his pants tightening and skin steaming. He has to keep it together.
Gently he knocks on the door, not wanting to disturb you if you happened to still be sleeping. He gets a moan in response that makes him clench his jaw.
“Doll is everything okay in there?” He calls through the door, using every ounce of strength in his body not to break the door down and take you right where you are.
“Alpha~” You moan breathlessly. “It’s so hot Alpha. Please help me.”
Keep it together Steve, he tells himself as he pulls a chair up outside your door. He knows that this is the only place he’ll be for the next 5-7 days.
“You have your toys doll. Use those.” He calls through gritted teeth. He’d much rather you impale yourself on him instead of some silicone fake.
“But Alpha-” You whine, high and desperate. “You’d make me feel so much better.”
Steve opts to ignore you. If he continues to listen to your pleas he’ll give in and let his dark side take over. He spends the next 10 hours listening to your moans and cries of pain and pleasure, digging his nails into his thighs and smacking the back of his head on the wall behind him. Eventually you quiet down and Steve assumes you must’ve fallen asleep. He takes the opportunity to stretch his body and walk around a bit. He takes a trip back to his room which is right down the hall. He’s gone for maybe 10 minutes tops.
When he returns something feels different and suddenly his skin feels hot. Your scent wafting through the air is amplified 10x and all he can think about is you. The hard-on in his pants, which had never fully went away, is now dripping precum, soaking through the front of his boxers. Steve is certain he’s never been this hard before in his life. And that’s when he realizes that your heat has triggered his rut.
Like a zombie he stalks, forcing the door to your room open. Your scent hits him full blast, raw and unfiltered. Even alseep the scent of you in heat, the smell of your slick and pheromones could make Steve pop a knot on it’s own.
He creeps towards your sleeping form, taking you in, staring at your beautiful nude body. You begin stirring, sensing his alpha presence around you. When your eyes open and you see Steve standing before you, eyes darkened with lust and pants tented in arousal.
“Alpha~” You call for him, your heat taking over once more. “-Need your knot, Alpha.”
Once he hears those words leave your mouth there is no longer Steve. No, there is only your Alpha who needs to satisfy the building urge to give you what you need. Without a second thought he rips the clothes from his body, wanting to feel your delicate soft skin against his.
He storms towards the bed and grabs you roughly, claiming your lips in a bruising kiss. You both moan at the contact, desperately touching and rubbing on the other. Steve’s hands roam your body, taking in every inch of heated skin. His large rough hands send shivers down your spine, causing to arch your back and press your chest against his. You moan at the sensation of your nips rubbing against his chest.
“Oh little Omega, you want your alpha’s cock don’t you? Want my knot?” Steve taunts you, trailing his hands down to your slick covered entrance, lightly teasing the sensitive flesh there. You frantically shake your head yes, you want him so bad that you felt like you’d explode at any moment if you didn’t have him.
“Please Alpha! Please let me have your cock.” You beg, thrusting your hips forward searching for any form of relief.
“Okay Omega, I’ll give you what you need.” A dark devilish smile appears on his face. He grips your hips and pins them to the bed to stop your squirming. He lines his throbbing member to you opening and slides home.
“Fuck, your sweet pussy is so tight.” Filthy moans fall from your mouths as Steve penetrates you. You can feel him pulsing inside of you. Once his hips are flush against yours he begins thrusting, rocking in and out setting a grueling rhythm.
His thrusts were rough and full of hunger, each one drew a cry of pleasure from you, stroking every bit of Steve’s alpha ego. He watches as your tits bounce with every snap of his hips, watches how your eyes screw shut as your overwhelmed with pleasure, watches how your hands dig into the sheets below you.
“That feel good, Omega? Is my Alpha cock making your pretty pussy feel good?” He coos, one of his hands grasping your jaw and forcing you to look at him.
“Yes Alpha! It feels so good!” You arch once more, placing more friction onto your swollen clit and causing you to squeal. He grinds his hips into yours, the head of his cock rubbing right against that special spot, your toes curl and your lips wrap around Steve’s slender hips to keep him right there.
He leans down and once again his lips are on yours. His tongue is in your mouth, tasting you, his teeth are nipping at your lips, drawing small bits of blood then swiping away the dots with his tongue.
“Mmm Alpha!” You cry once more, and he can tell your close. He can feel it in the way your walls a tensing around him. He wasn’t too far behind, the knot at base of his cock already starting to inflate.
Those filthy thoughts from before begin filling his head, demanding that he fuck her full of his cum. That he puts as many of his pups inside of you as he can.
“I’m gonna fill you with my cum and your greedy little omega pussy is gonna take it all.” His starts spouting off at the mouth mindlessly. “You’re going to look so full and round with my pups. Your tits will get so full of milk to feed my pups, to make them big and strong like me. I’ll have to take some for myself…”
“You’ll make such a good mother, such a pretty pregnant Omega. Once you have those pups, I’ll fuck some more into you. I’ll keep you helpless and pregnant for as long as I can. My pretty little omega. My pregnant little omega.”
You don’t mind his words, too lost in your own world of pleasure to hear them or their meaning. Little did you know that Steve meant it. Little did you know that Steve always kept his word.
Continuing his vigorous pace his lips trace a line from your mouth to your jaw, from your jaw to your neck. He’s suckling on your sweet skin there, tasting you. Splotches of red and purple litter your neck, acting as the map of the path he had taken.
When he licks a specific spot, right where neck meets shoulder, an especially breathy moan echoes through the air. And though Steve has no idea why, every fiber of his being is telling him to bite down.
So he does.
The second his teeth brake skin a feeling so euphoric passes through him that he immediately cums with a groan. His knot pops into place and locks him inside you as he sprays his seed within you, filling you to the brim. He knows that you came too because of how tightly you were gripping him and the overly satisfied look on your face.
He flips the two of you so that you could lie comfortably. He looks down at you, seeing that you are completely out of it and he wonders just what he’s done. You don’t look hurt. You look happy. And that’s all Steve has ever wanted to do.
Looking down at you Steve makes a promise to you and himself. For now on he’d never let you out of his sight. You’d never leave his side. Even if he doesn’t know anything about being an alpha for an omega, he’ll learn. Because you’re his omega, and he won’t let anyone else have you.
No matter what the cost.
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