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#mcu x y/n

Tony: Alright ready Turn, turn

Tony: TURN

Clint: aghaahhh!

Clint: I don’t think we could turn anymore

Y/N: I just don’t its gonna fit

Tony: Oh yea well c’mon up, UP!

Tony: YES!

Tony: Here we go pivot, pivot


Tony: PIVOT!

Tony: PIVOT!



Clint: Shut up

Clint: SHUT UP!

Tony: Ok I don’t think its gonna pivot anymore

Y/N, Clint: You think

Tony: Alright lets uh, bring it back down and try again

Y/N: Oh wOAH

Tony: Ugh

Clint:…….. Uh yea its really stuck now

Tony: Can’t believe that didn’t work

Y/N: Yea I know… I mean you have a sketch


Clint: Oh you know what did you mean when you said pivot?

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Tony: *Leaning towards Steve whispering*  Steve has no idea I’m High

Steve: You’re High?

Tony: Oh shit hold up 

Tony: *Leaning towards Y/N whispering* Steve has no idea I’m High

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“Tony I’m not a child anymore you can’t tell me who I can or can’t date!”

“You know I don’t like Barnes and he killed our parents for god sake Y/N!”

“yea and?, he was freaking brainwashed!, look I’m dating Bucky and you can’t do anything about it”

Bucky put his arms around you and smirked at Tony, Tony raised his repulsors at Bucky

“Tony” you warned

He sighed and said, “Fine”

Request open

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Natasha: Alright lets do this you want top or bottom?

Y/N: Well I usually do bottom but I guess I can try top

Natasha: Ok cool you get the top bunk


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Y/N: “I see you villain!”

Y/N: “I see you!”

Y/N: “With your fucking villain moustache!”

Steve: “Language!” 

Y/N:Fuck off Steve I’m in the middle of talking to a villain”

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No Nuance November (Marvel Edition)


This is basically that thing ppl are doing where you share your “hot takes” without any context, explanation, or details…Enjoy! Feel free to call me an ass later ig

  • Hawkeye gets a ridiculous amount of hate when he’s really one of the more put-together and stable Avengers and he has alot of skill
  • Most of all of the arguments between the characters in all of the MCU come down to a difference in priorities
  • This fandom really overreacts whenever a character does something messed up. The characters aren’t meant to be role models. They’re complex. That’s the point.
  • Characters like Loki and Bucky are awesome but their images have been ruined by their stans relentlessly projecting their personalities onto them
  • Nick Fury is a huge jerk and a manipulator and people (including myself) let it pass even though they wouldn’t with any other character simply because of how awesome Samuel L. Jackson is.
  • Guardians>Avengers when it comes to chemistry
  • People hate on Tony for “never accepting responsibility” when literally he has to step up and take responsibility for something in almost every movie. If anything, in the latest movies he has a bit of a guilt issue because of how much he tries to make himself responsible
  • It’s Natasha×Bruce or Natasha×Hawkeye. Her other ships just aren’t it.
  • If you consider their individual traumas and experiences, both Tony and Steve have extremely good reasons on both sides of every argument that they have with each other
  • Avengers>Guardians when it comes to being iconic
  • Most people who say Tobey Maguire is the best Peter Parker are just blinded by nostalgia and the fact that he was probably one of the first superheroes they ever enjoyed as a kid. You’re just in love with the nostalgia, not the actual movie.
  • Both Tony and Steve are self-righteous pricks who are severely stuck in their ways and neither one is better than the other morally (I love em both tho)
  • The whole “Cap going back to be with Peggy” thing, while in itself was incredibly stupid, was not out of character for Steve to do
  • I miss the old Bruce Banner (First Avengers version)
  • People hate on Tom Holland’s Peter’s character and maturity because of the whole Irondad thing but in reality the fandom pushed Irondad more than the movies actually did
  • Captain Marvel was just okay, not great. I would put more than half of the other characters above her. They tried to force her whole “greatness”.
  • Adult Groot>baby Groot>teenage Groot
  • To be able to hate on Star Lord and Wanda for what they did/didn’t do in Infinity War, you need to be able to genuinely say that you wouldn’t have done the same if put in that exact position
  • Alot of the hate for the writers is really over picky things. They really aren’t as bad as the fandom makes them out to be. The movies are still really good
  • Last edit: I definitely love Nat more than Clint but it should have been Nat. She had nothing to lose and she finally wiped the red out of her ledger.

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Y/N: Mom, Dad Tony smoked Pot in college 

Maria, Howard: what?

Tony: You are such a tattletale!

Tony: Mom, Dad you remember that time when you walked in my room and smelled Marijuana

Maria, Howard: Yes

Tony: Well I told you it was James, who was smoking the pot, but it was me, I’m sorry.

Maria: It was you?

Y/N: And dad you know that mailman that you got fired?, he didn’t steal your playboys, Tony did.

Howard: ………..

Tony: ……….

Tony: Yea well Hurricane Gloria didn’t break the Poarch swing, Y/N did!.

Y/N: *Gasp*

Y/N: Tony hasn’t worked at stark industries for a year!.

Maria: *Gasp*

Tony: Y/N and Barnes are living Together!.

Y/N: ………

Tony: *Smirks*.

Y/N: Tony Married Pepper in Vegas and got divorced again!.

Tony: ……..

Wanda: I love Jacques Cousteau!.

Maria, Howard: ………

Pepper: I wasn’t supposed to put beef in the trifle!.

Clint: I wanna go!.

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“Maybe starlord with a s/o who is a really good singer and she dances with him on the ship and stuff idk I’m in need of Peter quill fluff lmao” — Request by @chaoslightningthings

Double Threat

Summary: Peter is elated to discover that his girlfriend not only dances - but sings!

(Stan the character, NOT the actor)


Originally posted by mintpilot-blog

It was a difficult day for the Guardians of the Galaxy - one that Y/N knew far too well. Like Gamora, she was a daughter of Thanos who had become from Earth and was an Inhuman. When Gamora became a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Y/N had wanted to go with her big sister, and she was able to a couple years later after escaping from Thanos and Nebula.

The team had had a tough mission - a fight that they almost didn’t win. Rocket and Drax were piloting the ship, for Peter was too tired and was patching himself up, and Gamora, Groot, and Nebula were in their individual rooms.

Y/N sat in their … Living room? If you could call it that - an area where you could just sit and relax. She was looking out the window, thinking about their day.

“You’re not hurt, are you?” Peter suddenly asked. Y/N looked over to see him entering with a radio. He loved his music.

Y/N shook her head. “No. How are you feeling?” She asked, sitting up.

“Better but sore,” Peter answered, going over to sit down next to Y/N.

Y/N smiled and leaned her head on her boyfriend’s shoulder, taking his hand. He smiled and sighed before turning on the radio, which already had song cds in there.

When the first song came on, it was from the 80’s. Y/N knew this song - it was Peter’s favorite. She felt tired and worn out after their mission, and without thinking, started to sing quietly.

After a bit, Peter perked up. “Are you … Singing?” He asked, looking over at her in surprise.

Y/N blushed. “Yeah,” she answered and couldn’t help a nervous giggle.

“Why haven’t you sung before?” He asked.

Y/N shrugged. “I’m not that good.”

“Well,” Peter said with a smirk. “I’ll be the judge of that.”

Y/N’s blush deepened before she began singing a little louder, avoiding eye contact with Peter though she knew he was smiling. Soon, Y/N became even more invested in the song, putting her whole heart into it.

“Dance with me,” Peter suddenly said softly, standing up and offering Y/N his hand as she continued to sing.

Y/N just smiled and took it. The song was upbeat, so Peter began to twirl Y/N around and sing along with her, even though his voice wasn’t that good. His attempt to harmonize just made Y/N laugh, and soon they were tired out, and despite the energetic song, the two slow danced in each other’s arms.

“I love you,” Peter murmured into her ear, almost hugging her as they danced.

Y/N’s breath caught. That was the first time “I love you” was said.

“You’re amazing. A fighter. An optimistic. You’re so kind and caring and you’re so intelligent. You’re a double threat! A great singer and a great dancer - god I love you so much,” he continued.

Happy tears almost came to Y/N’s eyes. “I love you, too,” she whispered. “You’re so strong and you light up the room. You’re so funny and you always make me feel better - you can always make me laugh.”

They continued to dance even after the song ended, Y/N putting her head on Peter’s forehead as Peter started to hum a nice tune.

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