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Thank you so much for requesting this! I was hoping someone might request something for WandaVision. If anyone wants this, maybe I can do a WandaVision series but Y/N replaces Vision? So uh WandaY/N 😂

(WandaVision is making me a simp for Wanda hELP I love her)

(I’m imagining that this is like a sequel to the Wanda x Y/N thing I did where half of Y/N’s body controls ice and the other half controls fire. Also, I did something a tiny bit different - Y/N makes her bracelet accidentally explode. I hope that that’s okay!)

I’ll Always Be There For You

Summary: Half of Y/N controls ice and the other half controls fire. After getting overwhelmed, she accidentally uses her powers and freaks out. Wanda is there to comfort her girlfriend and save the day!


Originally posted by wanda-witch

After moving to whatever-town-they-were-in, Wanda made Y/N two bracelets that would restrict her her powers. Y/N was still getting used to them and she had expressed concern that she would accidentally use them, so the bracelets would help in public.

Y/N stood in the house’s bathroom now while her girlfriend was upstairs. The two of them were getting ready, for Y/N was going to be taking Wanda out on a date. To say that Y/N was nervous would be an understatement - this date just had to be divine! Wanda deserved the best and Y/N was determined to give her that.

She had done and re-done her hair five times now, and was at the process of second-guessing her outfit and makeup. Y/N looked at herself in the mirror, biting her lip. Was she dressed nicely enough? Was the makeup enough? Or was it all too much? Having a girlfriend in this society was hard enough, but since they had just moved in, the couple had double the amount of pressure on them.

Y/N sighed, changed her outfit, and then forced herself to focus on something else. If she stayed in this bathroom much longer she might end up redesigning this dress completely.

Oh! The dishes still needed to be finished.

Y/N slipped her bracelets on and padded down the stairs, going to the kitchen. She scrubbed each dish and utensil thoroughly, not stopping until every spec of dirt or dust was gone. As she went to grab a rag, Y/N accidentally knocked into the flowers which sat on the counter. It made her jump, so she dropped the plate she was holding. As it crashed to the floor, it made Y/N jump again, gasping in fright.

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Marvel/The Legend of Korra crossover

a/n: Hi guys!! @biqherosix​ and I are working on this mini-series about the avengers in the lok universe! This is a little preview and the actual fic should be out soon! Feel free to leave any feedback!


Shipping Wars

Pairing: Peter Parker x watertribe!Reader

Warnings: Sam being an idiot and Nat being a fangirl

Summary: No one can agree who Y/N’s perfect match is


The Legend of Korra was the one show all of the team would watch together. Every Friday night, the whole team with the exception of Tony, who already saw the show, Bruce, who refused to watch it since Aang was dead, and Vision and Thor who both didn’t understand why humans wasted their time watching cartoons (Steve saw parts of both shows but didn’t really understand) would gather in the living room and would watch together. Of course this brought on the shipping wars.

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My Sunshine


Originally posted by darkherolovercroissant

Pairing: Bucky x Avenger!Reader

Summary: a song shared between you and Bucky when you’re both at your most vulnerable.

Word count: 1,753

Warnings: A bit of angst and hints at depression. Aside from that, lots of fluffiness.

Listen to my favorite version of this song here!

A/N: Hi friends! This is my first ever attempt at writing any sort of fanfiction and boy, is it nerve-wracking to put this on the internet. It’s short and sweet and nothing revolutionary, but I hope you love it regardless! If you don’t, that’s fine, too. Just please be kind! Happy reading!


The first time the sweet song had fallen from your lips, you’d held Bucky close and ran your fingers through his hair as you sang the lyrics softly into his ear. The clock on the bedside table read a mere 1:45am but you didn’t mind. You never did. Bucky had held you just as close, it not closer, his arms wrapped around you and his head buried in the crook of your neck as he struggled to find his way back from the nightmare that had tormented him just moments ago. 

“It’s alright, Buck,” you’d said softly. Your heart cracked in half as you felt his heavy, ragged breaths hitting the skin of your shoulder, noticed the way his entire body trembled against yours. “I’m here. You’re here. Everything’s okay.” Oh, what you wouldn’t give to take every ounce of pain and fear from his soul. 

You’d quickly gotten into a routine and memorized those few words that you knew brought Bucky comfort during his darkest times. You’d often wondered if it was enough, if there was anything more you could do to bring at least a little peace to his tired soul. You’d tried almost everything you could think of. That’s when the idea had come to you; you’d never tried singing to him.

Hesitantly, you began singing the first song that came to mind.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…

Your voice was smooth and soft despite your lack of confidence. You continued to run a gentle hand through Bucky’s hair, your other hand drawing lazy little patterns on the bare skin of his back. Slowly, his muscles began to relax. The feeling nudged you on.

You make me happy, when skies are gray…

Eventually, Bucky’s breaths became more steady. He even began to mimic your actions, dragging his cool vibranium fingers along your shoulder blade and down your spine. A small wave of relief washed over you. You don’t exactly know why this song was the first one to come to mind. Of course, you’d heard it before, but it’d been many years since you had. It was a comforting little tune that made you smile. Bucky made you smile, too. Bucky was your sunshine. 

You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you…

Please don’t take my sunshine away.

A small smile crept across your lips as Bucky pressed a feather light kiss to your neck. With it were the words he was too exhausted to say. Thank you. You wasted no time in pressing a responding kiss to his temple. Always. Still cradling Bucky to your chest, you reached over and grabbed the discarded blankets, pulling them up around the two of you. Thankfully, it didn’t take Bucky long to fall back asleep. When he had nightmares like this, you were torn between being heartbroken and being furious enough to burn the world to the ground for what it did to him. Now that he was snoring softly in your arms, you let some of that anger bubble to the surface. Hot tears stung your eyes and you let them fall as you tightened your arms around Bucky instinctively, as if nothing could touch him if you held him tight enough. And because that didn’t feel like enough, you found yourself glaring daggers at the wall over Bucky’s shoulder, willing it to turn into a Hydra agent or something of the sort just so you could tear it apart. You made a mental note to spend a long while in the gym the next day. A punching bag would have to do.


This morning, the weight of the world seemed to be pressing your body into the mattress. The most you could bring yourself to do was roll over and stare blankly out the window of your and Bucky’s shared bedroom. Outside, the sun is high in the sky and it shines brilliantly, covering the grounds of the compound in a warm glow. It has to be at least noon. 

Life as an Avenger, in all honesty, was heavy. Of course, this life had given you a sense of purpose and a team that had quickly become your family. But just like everything in life, the highs came with lows; and the lows were crippling. The weight of the responsibility, the risk, the loss. Sometimes, it was more than you could bear.

Eventually, you drag yourself out of bed. You know that isolating yourself won’t help your cause, and when you’ve had these off days before, hanging around with the team always seemed to lift your spirits. A big bear hug from your boyfriend never hurts, either. So, you pull on a pair of sweatpants and one of Bucky’s shirts and venture out of your room to find your friends. 

As you wander through the halls, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the reflection of the windows. In addition to your baggy clothes, your hair sits atop your head in a disheveled ponytail. Your appearance most certainly matched your mental state; at least you wouldn’t have to force a smile and lie when someone inevitably asked if you were okay. They’d know you weren’t with just one look at you.

Your heart sinks a little more when you walk into an empty kitchen. Where you had expected to find the usual midday chaos of the team, you instead find everything in its place. Steve isn’t burning something on the stove. Nat isn’t sitting next to Wanda at the counter, laughing at something Sam says. The only thing that catches your eye is a bright pink post-it note stuck to the wall behind the sink. You pluck it from its place, a tiny smile breaking across your face when you read Tony’s chicken-scratch handwriting:

Quit putting coffee grounds in the disposal!!!

“Y/N?” His voice startles you even though you know it like the back of your hand. You turn to face Bucky, noticing the worried look on his face. He knows something up. He always does. You were no early bird like him, Sam and Steve, but you weren’t one to stay in bed past 9 o’clock, either. You were also pretty adamant about putting yourself together before you left your room, too. 

“Hey,” you say weakly, returning Tony’s sticky note to its place. With nothing to keep your hands busy, you cross your arms in front of your chest and try to avoid your boyfriend’s lingering gaze. 

“Another bad day?” he asks, his voice gentle. You swallow the lump in your throat and nod. At this point, it’s all you can do. Tears are already brimming in your eyes and you don’t want to hear the way your voice would waiver if you tried to speak.

“Come here, sweetheart.” Bucky extends his hand to you and when you take it, he pulls you to his chest. His arms wrap around you immediately and that’s all it takes. Those tears are falling down your cheeks freely now, leaving little spots on Bucky’s shirt. His flesh hand strokes your hair and quiet tears eventually turn into small sobs.

Despite Bucky constantly validating your feelings, you struggled with being weak around him. Considering all he had endured, your occasional breakdowns seemed pathetic to you. But Bucky didn’t see it that way. He didn’t mind. He never does. He pulls away from you now for brief moment, swiping your tears away with the pads of his thumbs. He offers you a small smile and when all you can offer in return is another choked sob, he scoops you up in his arms and makes his way to the couch in the common room. 

Bucky gets you both settled, laying back across the length of the couch and letting you adjust on top of him. His arms find their way around you again, his metal hand moving up and down your spine in a soothing rhythm. You let your eyes flutter closed at the feeling of being totally surrounded by him; the faint smell of his cologne, the feeling of his muscular chest under your cheek, the sound of his heart beneath your ear…

Something else mingles with the steady thumps of his heart. A low sound that reverberates in his chest and drowns out all the horrible things that plaque your mind on days like these. Before long, you realize he’s singing. A soft, sweet tune that you recognize immediately. You try to stifle your sniffling in order to hear the words fall from his lips, even though you already know them by heart.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

Bucky’s voice isn’t perfect by any musical standards, but to you, it’s the sweetest sound. It puts you at ease immediately. The world itself seems to pause as he sings. His hand never stops moving along your back.

You make me happy when skies are gray

Your finger absentmindedly traces little patterns on his chest as you listen to him intently. Nothing matters in this moment. Not the responsibility, not the risk or the loss. There is only you and Bucky. 

You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you

Please don’t take my sunshine away

Bucky is silent for a moment, letting the last words of the song linger in the air around you two. He’s the first to break the silence.

“You’re my sunshine, you know,” he says matter-of-factly, like it was the most natural thing. You look up at him then, tucking your hands under your chin. Your cheeks are still damp, but thanks to Bucky, you’ve since stopped crying. He tucks his arm behind his head and looks back at you, and you swear you can see his love for you right there in the blue of his eyes. You smile at him. The grin that spreads across his lips is enough to piece you together again.

“There’s my pretty girl,” he coos, hooking a few stray strands of hair behind your ear.

“Thank you, Buck. For being here when I feel like I’m falling apart.” You wish there were words worthy enough to express how much you loved him, how much you appreciated him. How grateful you were that fate had brought the two of you together.

“You don’t have to thank me, Y/N. For you, I’ll always be here.” There’s another beat of silence before he speaks again. “Both of our tunnels have been dark. But it looks like we’ve both found the light at the end. I know I did.”

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Originally posted by sgwbeag

Summary: For [F Name] [L Name], Manhattan was nothing but a hellhole. She got out and wasn’t ever coming back. When a set of cut-rate superheroes tears the city apart, however, her grandmother sucks her back into that familiar life of loneliness and angry customers. Even worse, one of those superheroes has decided to use [Name] in another crazy plan to “help” his best friend. Unfortunately for everyone involved, Tony’s plan just might work-if only for a few months.

Challenge:  “#1 AVENGERS ULTIMATE CHALLENGE!!!!“ by DancingBubbles on Lunaescence Archives.

Ratings/Warnings: T (foul language, sexual references, dead parents, difficult relationships with family members, some language that might border on verbal abuse from a family member, angst, contrived coincidences, and a generally unresearched depiction of paraplegia)

Pairings: Bruce Banner/Female!Reader; Tony Stark/Pepper Potts; Past!Bruce Banner/Betty Ross

Notes: I was actually asked to answer this challenge. The only two requirements (well, for the most part) were that it be a certain amount of chapters, and that the reader be a civilian. I’m happy to report that I won…but there was only one other entry so it’s not really something to brag about. Seven years since I finished this, and I wince over it. It’s not quite to Old Shame levels because I’m still pleased to have completed a story and I’ve definitely written a lot worse (lookin’ at you old Digimon 02 OC fan fic)…but it’s also really bare bones compared to my present writing style. There’s a lot I would change–but after having tried to give this light edits in 2020, I’ve decided after chapter 22 I’m too embarrassed to look at this story any more than I already have, so from that point on you’re gonna get all my typos and poor paragraphing decisions from 2013. Sorry! You also get some bad paragraphing decisions from this very year prior to that. It’s definitely something I’m working to improve.

This was written (and completed, I believe, but I can’t check that right now) before Avengers: Age of Ultron came out.

Chapter 1: Meet Cute

Seven months prior, an alien army had swarmed into the island of Manhattan. Cars burned, buildings turned to rubble, lives lost, all in the name of no-one-knew-who. Of course, the story was that some extraordinary "beings” had stopped the attack, and even if that was true…well, life had changed. People had to learn to move on–without work, without cars, without family members. The invasion had been avoided, sure, but that didn’t change the fact that most people, the ordinary people, got their lives ripped apart that day. Some, even, that hadn’t been there during the attack.

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Summary: Reader and Bucky have been dating for nearly a year, and on the night of her 25th Birthday, he doesn’t show up at her party. Leading her to the realisation that their relationship isn’t healthy and it’s time to end it, even if it hurts her. Based off ‘The Moment I Knew’ by Taylor Swift because RED is so underrated. Link to listen to it!

Warning(s): Fluff at beginning until you realise it isn’t as fluffy as you think because this is based off a Taylor Swift song so ofc it’s gonna hUrt, angst, breakup, toxic/unhealthy relationship (non abusive, simply not happy, read and it’s oddly eye opening)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader & Stark!Reader

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Cousin!Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, all Avengers/mentions of them

Word count: 3.8k


Originally posted by qu-aint

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Fandom: MCU

Pairing: Brunnhilde x fem!Reader

Genre: Feisty, but Gen

Warnings: Feisty, but no smut. Included the comic’s name for Brunnhilde’s Pegasus even though I’m pretty sure it’s another color. 

Wordcount: 616

Summary: When you agreed to fill in for you father in the New Asgard stables, you didn’t realize that you’d be propositioned by the King, the fiery and forward Brunnhilde. 


Originally posted by lokiprincess


Your hands were already filthy. It wasn’t obvious as to how you’d gotten so dirty of course. In the hours you’d spent in the stables, you’d come in contact with countless unsavory surfaces and equipment. It didn’t take long for you to realize how under qualified you were for the job. Luckily, it wasn’t your job but your father’s. He was the Stablemaster, you were merely filling in while he was off tending to things elsewhere. Your father, dirty as the work was, had risen to a respected and valued status in New Asgard. He was relied upon by many important people. So, in his absence, you had a lot to live up to.

“I need Grane,” came a voice at the entrance of the stable.

You turned around, already knowing who you’d see, Brunnhilde, the famed Valkyrie and King of New Asgard.

She was effervescent and she had a sex appeal that was dripping with raw power and confidence. You’d only ever seen her from afar; she was even more remarkable up-close.

“Oh, the Stablemaster’s daughter. That’s right.”

She knew who you were. Your heart did several flips before it plummeted into your stomach. “Your highness,” you said with a curtsy.

Brunnhilde grinned with an amused yet teasing look in her eyes.

“I will prepare Grane for you,” you added, ready to try and impress Brunnhilde with skills you knew you didn’t have.

She watched you work with a gaze that could have been described as ‘predatory’ if you didn’t like it so much. “Are you enjoying taking care of the stables?” She asked.

Busying your hands with a saddle, you replied, “How honest will you allow me to be?”

Brunnhilde was beside you, leaning against a nearby stall with a cocky stance. “I’d never ask you to lie to me, beautiful.”

She wasted little time, you’d heard as much. You basked in the attention, only pretending to be coy. Brunnhilde was rumored to enjoy a bit of a chase. You wouldn’t run too fast.

“It is not my specialty, so I feel a bit out of place. I do enjoy petting the Pegasi though.”

“Who is there to pet you?” Brunnhilde asked boldly. She waited for your response, watching as you prepared her Pegasus for riding.

“No one, your highness.” You added a thoughtful pout, nothing too exaggerated. You were putting it on, and you knew that Brunnhilde could tell. But, you wanted to stroke her ego, not appear like a woman who liked to complain. You hoped the act read the way you wanted.

“Such a shame,” Brunnhilde said, pretending that she pitied you. With one hand, she took Grane’s reins; with the other hand, she cleared a small smudge of grease from your cheek. “Such a gorgeous woman deserves to be petted and touched however she wants, whenever she wants.” Her brows raised, tongue running over her lips in a sinful suggestion. “Bedded too.”

“I think you’re right.” She was literally your king and you should have been intimidated. You should have been on your best behavior, but you were throwing yourself at Brunnhilde. Luckily, she seemed eager to catch you.

“I will be back around nightfall,” Brunnhilde said, leaning in close. She tilted your head upward so that your lips hovered close together, without touching. Her eyes were dark, darker than the gorgeous deep brown they usually were. “I’ll leave word that you’ll be my guest for the evening. You can meet me in my bath. It’s the size of this entire stable. The water is hot, clean, and inviting. Will you come, beautiful?”

“Yes,” you breathed, leaving no moments in between her question and your answer.

Correct,” the King replied.

A/N: I had this idea in my head and I wanted to get it out. I have always wanted to write a WLW stablehand story. I cannot lie. Brunnhilde presented herself accordingly.

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The Cold is Her Savior

A Wanda version was requested of “50% Ice, 50% Fire, 100% Smitten” so you ask and you shall receive! 

Requested by @capmarvelq

Summary: Y/N has a crush on Wanda, and Wanda has a crush on her. Y/N doesn’t like using her ice powers because she hates the cold, but she’s forced to when Wanda is in danger, and feelings are revealed. 


Originally posted by emcu7o

“Y/N, Wanda,” Steve said as he entered the Avengers Tower living room. The team had been sitting there, all chatting and watching the T.V. Y/N had been talking with Natasha and Wanda with Clint, but both women looked up when they heard their names. 

The Captain smiled, pausing before continuing. “I have a mission for you two.” 

Y/N’s eyebrows raised and her eyes lit up with interest - it wasn’t so common that you’d go on a mission with not all of the team, but that wasn’t it. Y/N was going on a mission with her crush, and she was beyond excited.

Little did she know that Wanda had returned her feelings, and she had gasped and grasped onto Clint’s arm in her surprise, nearly breaking it. 

Immediately, the two scrambled up to follow Steve to the conference room. The rest of the team poorly concealed their chuckles, seeing them both so energetic. Everyone was aware of their crushes on each other, except them. 

“I think Rogers paired them up on purpose,” Natasha whispered to Clint with a smirk. 


“Okay,” Steve began, closing the conference door and turning to the two Avengers. “We need you to gather intel on this private organization. We got a tip that they’re planning something against the Avengers and important information regarding it is stored inside one of the old members’ house. His family, who seem to be unaware of what he is doing, is hosting a gala and we expect some of the members of this organization to be there. You need to find the information before they do and, if possible, take the guys back to S.H.I.E.L.D. Banner will be coming for medical, just in case, and Barton will be coming to act from the van. We need you two out there because we think the guys have powers - Inhumans, maybe.” 

Y/N and Wanda nodded. 

“When do we leave?” Wanda asked. 

“Right after you get your disguises,” Steve answered. 

Y/N grinned. 


“See anyone suspicious?” 

“Clint, we literally just set foot into the place,” Y/N said quietly into her headpiece, rolling her eyes at the archer who couldn’t see her. Wanda caught that and flashed her a smile, obviously amused. 

Y/N nearly fainted. ‘Mission, Y/N. You and Wanda have a mission,’ she reminded herself sternly. 

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. I’m gonna get cracking on seeing if I can identify our enemies,” Clint said, and they heard some shuffling. 

“You do that,” Wanda said, Y/N having joined the witch by her side so it wouldn’t look like Wanda was just talking to herself. “Y/N and I will dance.” 

Y/N stopped in her tracks, fear flooding her. She stared dumbly at the redhead for a moment. “W-what?” She spluttered, confused. 

“Dance, Y/N! We need to blend in,” Wanda said with a giggle. 

Oh, boy, did that giggle make Y/N’s heart flutter. 

“Okay,” she agreed quietly and nervously, and barely contained her excitement when Wanda led her onto the dance floor, as more classical music started playing. 

“You know the waltz?” Wanda asked, teasingly. 

As they danced, Y/N was sure that this was what heaven was. Wanda danced so gracefully, and Y/N’s cheeks burned, imagining how clumsy she was. She nearly stepped on her friend’s toes! Occasionally, the redhead would twirl her around, and Y/N couldn’t ignore the chill that’d go down her spine, nor could she deny how she felt so special and so loved.

“I’ve identified them and found out where the information is,” Clint broke in, effectively ruining Y/N’s great dream. She found herself feeling a little out of sorts. While dancing she almost forgot that they were doing something important. 

“The two guys by the bar, the one dancing with the women in the white dress to your right, and the two guys by the food table are them. I think whatever information is stored on a computer on the second floor, third room to the left,” Clint continued. 

Wanda twirled Y/N around once more before responding to him. “I can go find the information, and I’ll turn off comms to secure the cover. Y/N, you wanna keep them occupied?” She asked. 

Y/N nodded, but didn’t like the idea of Wanda turning her comms off. 

Together, the two thought up a tale and then managed to get to the two men by the bar. 

“You gentleman wouldn’t happen to know where the bathroom is?” Wanda asked. 

The men shared a glance. “Second floor, fourth door to your right,” the guy on the left answered. 

Wanda nodded, thanking him, before leaving. 

Y/N put on a smile as another song came on. She gasped. “Would one of you care to dance with me whilst I wait for my friend?” She asked. 

“Uhh, sure,” the guy on the right answered, and he stepped forward to take Y/N’s hands. 

“I’ll get drinks,” the other guy said. 

Y/N and the man danced for a couple minutes and his friend handed them drinks. Y/N sipped hers and continued to dance, while also casting glances on the room, keeping her eyes on all of their enemies. 

However, she started to feel a bit odd … It was probably nothing, however Y/N excused herself from her dancing partner for a moment to alert Clint. The dress she was wearing was actually her superhero suit (it could change its appearance quickly). The suit had a cool feature where it could analyze a liquid or food that seemed abnormal, in case of poison or knock-out gas. 

It only took a couple of moments for Clint to get back to her. “Y/N, Bruce looked it over. It’s slowly blocking your powers so eventually you won’t be able to use them until the liquid is out of your system. It only detects and works if it’s ingested by someone with powers,” he said quickly. 

“Shit,” Y/N whispered, because at the same time she saw two of the guys disappearing the same way Wanda had gone. 

She had to follow them, and she had to be quick.


Y/N took off frantically, but not that frantically to cause too much suspicion. As she walked to the stairs she saw the men get to the second floor, and when she got there herself, she heard a scream. 

Y/N ran forward, unable to comprehend what Clint was telling her, and burst into the room. 

Her amazing Wanda had her arms over her head, stumbling around in pain, as she stood in front of the computer. The men were on either side of her using their powers on her. 

Y/N went to use her ice power to send a fireball their way, so powerful that it’d make them both crash into the wall but would otherwise do no damage. However, nothing was happening. Whatever was in her drink must have deactivated her heating powers already. 

She had to use her cold powers, which she hated, or else both of them, plus the mission, were screwed. 

Y/N took a deep breath and with a wave of her hands, she made the floor underneath the two men pure ice. Then, thrusting her hands down and breaking her concentration, the ice cracked and both men fell through the floor to the first floor. 

Seconds later, though, Y/N screamed as she felt some sort of immense pain hit her. She stumbled, and the last thing she saw before collapsing and passing out was Wanda angrily using her powers on someone. 


“Please, Y/N, wake up, okay? I really, really need you too! Oh, god, I should have told you earlier, and now that Bruce says you might slip into a coma … I-I love you, Y/N! And … I need you to be awake so that I can actually tell you, cause I’ve had a crush on you for the longest time.” 

Y/N didn’t open her eyes, but she was able to make out what this person - Wanda, was it? - was saying. Before she could respond, though, she drifted back into unconsciousness. 


When Y/N came to, she found herself lying in the Avengers Tower medical bay, hooked up to an I.V and other machines. She tried to recall what happened … Wanda was in danger … She used her ice powers … The rest was blank. Looking around the room, she spotted the very women in question sitting in a chair. 

“Y/N!” Wanda said, scrambling to get up and leaping to her side. 

“Hey …” Y/N said, finding that her voice was croaking. “What happened?” 

“Right after you saved me, one of the guys used his powers on you. Caused you a lot of pain, even more so because your powers were deactivating, and it overwhelmed you. You nearly slipped into a coma … but it’s been a day since the mission,” Wanda answered. 

Y/N nodded slowly, although her eyebrows furrowed in confusion as she remembered something else … 

“Did you, uh, happen to confess your love to me?” She asked sheepishly. 

Wanda’s eyes went wide. “You heard that?” She asked, horrified. 

Y/N nodded again. “Yeah … For the record, I love you, too.” She smiled.

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 Hey darling ! Thank you so much for requesting! I really really love this request it’s really so adorable oof- I made it into a fic and I hope you like it! Anyways, lets get straight into into it !!



Originally posted by leahberman

Pairing: Avengers x Avenger! Reader

Warnings: Little like really little angst, Hydra, Overwhelming fluff, Half the Avengers act like literal babies around Y/N . I HAVE ALL THE AVENGERS SAFE AND ALIVE IN THIS AND AVENGER LOKI !! Ooc characters??

Summary: Sometimes even the empath needs empathy but she refuses to say it


Euphoria ; the experience of excitement and intense feelings of well-being and happiness.

A silent motion walks down the streets, a silent motion called The Empathic Soul that was involved with them, The Avengers. While the rest protected, she distracted, like a guardian of the common folk who had never seen her. They wouldn’t know, but they praised, thanked and loved. Every time there was pain, there was war, there was casualties, she was there and they just knew it. They looked around but couldn’t guess. The sudden wave of calmness replacing their sorrow and panic distracting their attention from her, their silent protector.

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Double the Surprise

Summary: Natasha and Y/N don’t think that biologically they can have children. They are happy with adopting, but they always wanted one adopted child and one biological child. When Y/N finds out she can carry, she surprises her wife - little does she know her wife also has a surprise for her.

Request from @rail-me-romanoff


Y/N left the doctor’s office, a silly grin on her face. She was shocked, but happily shocked, at the relevation she just had. Her doctor had asked about how she and her wife were doing, and Y/N had mentioned their journey to adopt a child, but she also added they wanted to have an adopted child and a biological one. She mentioned how neither of them could carry, but her doctor interferred, informing her that she could actually have a biological child.

The Avenger was still trying to process that information.

However, there was something that Y/N knew: she had to surprise her lovey Natasha.

Just, how was she going to do it?


After a phone call with Clint, the archer helped her determine a great surprise. She was at a clothing store, picking out a shirt that said “There’s gonna be a baby in this tummy!” as well as some balloons just for fun.

She made sure to try on the shirt and once it fit and she paid for her items, she made her way home. However, when she unlocked their apartment’s door, she was surprised to find the lights off. Wasn’t Natasha home?

“Nat?” Y/N asked, flicking on the light switch.

“SURPRISE!” The red head yelled, popping up behind the couch. There were balloons all around and Y/N stumbled back, blinking.

That’s when she noticed the laptop sitting on the table. Sending her wife a suspicious look, she inched forward, and her jaw dropped.

It was an email from the adoption agency. They had gotten approved.

Y/N gasped, looking at Natasha. She couldn’t make out words, and instead ran (dropping her bags) and jumped into the spy’s arms. “Oh my god,” Y/N breathed out, gripping Natasha so tight as Natasha picked her up, spinning her before setting her back down.

She leaned away. “We’re gonna adopt a kid!” Y/N exclaimed, before pecking Natasha.

“Yeah. We’re gonna be moms. And we’re gonna have a kid,” Natasha agreed. Y/N could tell by the excited glaze in her eyes that the spy probably hadn’t gotten the email that long ago, and was just as happily shocked as she was.

Y/N stepped back, her own surprise completely leaving her mind. Her goofy grin she had when she left the doctor’s returned, and she rubbed her face. “Wow,” she said as the news set in.

“I got the email only fifteen minutes before you came home! Clint helped me set this surprise up,” Natasha explained.

Y/N looked around, noticing that the balloons in the apartments were the exact same that Clint had told her to buy. Looking back at them, she realized Natasha hadn’t noticed them in the excitement.

“You’re joking,” she said, as she realized Clint had been in on both of their surprises. The woman turned around before holding up her balloons.

“What are those for?” Natasha asked.

Clint helped me pick them out,” she said, before reaching inside her bag and pulling out the shirt.

She watched Natasha read it. “The doctor told me that I can, in fact, carry a child,” she revealed with a big grin. 

It was her wife’s turn to gasp. Her hands flew over her mouth. “Really?” Natasha asked, her eyes glimmering. The look on her face warmed Y/N’s heart. The former agent may be a badass, extremely intimidating spy, but in that moment, all Y/N saw was a woman who had gone through a lot of pain, who she loved, and who was on the brink of exploding from happiness.

Y/N nodded and as soon as she did, Natasha’s arms were around her. The two hugged each other so fiercely and tightly, not daring to let each other go. “We’re going to be parents to do kids,” Natasha whispered, and after a moment, she pulled back. 

“Can I be the cool mom, please?” 

Y/N laughed. “We can both be the cool moms,” she said. Even though she loved the redhead, she didn’t want to give up her pre, self-acclaimed, “cool mom” title 

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Summary: Peter calls you in the middle of the night to confess something that’s on his mind. (I’m bad at summaries I-)

Warning(s): Swearing, at most / fluff

Paring: Peter Parker x Reader

Characters: Peter Parker

Word count: 321 words


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My Incorrect Universe #78

-celebrating Christmas in Middle Earth for the first time-

Me *finishes decorating the huge ass tree Thranduil brought for me with help from Kili, Haldir and Legolas*: There! Almost done! The only thing left is to put an angel at the top! Can anyone hand me it?

Elves and Dwarves simultaneously: sure….*stay unmoving*

Me: guys……?

Thranduil *with a very serious face*: Go ahead get on top were waiting.

Me*almost in tears*: that’s- not how it works but- ᵗʰᵃⁿᵏˢ


Loki: here’s a Christmas idea I thought of, let’s hang Mistletoes but instead of Kissing (that is reserved to specific people), you FIGHT whoever is under it….

Peter*dramatically gasps*: ᵐⁱˢᵗˡᵉᶠᵒᵉ

Me: Peter don’t encourage him…..

Thranduil *immediately getting up*: I like this! Legolas discreetly put this mistlefoe plant between Thorin and I immediately!

Thorin: You want to do this! Let’s do it princess! The winner gets a kiss from your wife *points at me*

Everyone: *incoherent screaming, yelling and arguing*

Me: boys nO!

Elrond: no wait I want to see how this ends up…

Me*dumbfounded*: eLrOnD wHaT-



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Mine and Elrond’s head:


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This was a Christmas special for my special readers! Sherlock and BTS Christmas special coming soon!

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Loki: I admit I have flaws

Loki: I sing in the shower

Loki: Occasionally, i’ll murder people and try to take over the earth

Loki: Doesn’t mean I’m a bad guy

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Pairing: Sub Peter Parker (T.H. ver) x Dom Gender Neutral Reader 
Rating: Explicit 
Words: 955
POV: Second
Summary: You were just gonna cockwarm your subby boy Peter until you finally got through this hard level, but SOMEONE is an impatient sassy boy.
Notes: Just got Anthem as an early Christmas present and damn I suck at this game. Ngl I died like 8 times in the first expedition.
Tags: No beta we die like men, oral cockwarming, dom/sub dynamics, whipping (with a riding corp), punishment, praise, hint of degradation, Peter is sassy damn, reader sucks at video games, dildo riding, anal, anal fingering, pet names and orgasm denial 

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Tony stark was head over heels for you, whenever he see her he would always smile, you were always by his side at all times.

Everyone knew you love Tony stark, like I mean who wouldn’t, You would always blush whenever he is looking in your direction or talking to you.

“ Excuse me Mr. Stark You are known as a playboy, but do you like anyone at the moment or ever went in a serious relationship with anyone?”

He looked at the camera and said, “ Yes I am in love with someone and she has a great heart and for some reason she puts up with me, Its okay if she doesn’t want to be with me but Y/N if you are watching this I love you” He blew a kiss at the camera and walked away as more question were thrown at him

Another one that was in my draft for 2 months

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My Incorrect Universe #77

-Me last year, knowing Loki for not more than a few months-

Me: Loki when is your birthday?

Loki*doesn’t know how the fuck to treat the people he cares about nicely*: why? so that you can look up my natal chart? so that you can find my weakness? so that you can destroy me?

Me *visibly sad trying to hold back tears*: …… I just wanted to know so that I can greet you with a ‘Happy Birthday’…… It’s okay…. I’ll- I’ll leave *runs away wiping tears*

Loki *feels his heart rip into two*:I’m sorry……

-Present Day-

Loki *finally getting out of the library only to feel arms around his waist*: wha-

Me: ʰᵃᵖᵖʸ ᵇⁱʳᵗʰᵈᵃʸ ᵇᵃᵇʸ

Loki: How did you- *looks around to see the entire Stark estate decorated for him* you- you did this?

Me: Well it was my idea and Bucky and Stephen got everyone together to help plan it….

Loki: why….. I’m-

Me: ᵇᵉᶜᵃᵘˢᵉ ʷᵉ ˡᵒᵛᵉ ʸᵒᵘ…

Loki: *cries*

–Later, Loki unwrapping his gifts–

Stephen and Bucky: We brought you a card…. And a knife but mainly the card….

Loki: wow uh- *opens and reads*


Loki: you two have written 'avsvsbsnsksksnnsns I love you’ on it

Stephen and Bucky *deadpan*: and we meant every word of it.

Me *dying in the corner due to laughing too much*


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A/N: So before you read this oneshot I have a few things to say, First of all this is not my plot, This plot belongs to FRIENDS, a few months ago I made a Marvel incorrect quotes named Being siblings with tony stark if you haven’t read it here and I got the idea from FRIENDS where monica and Ross told the truth to their parents so i wanted to turn it in a oneshot, and I’ll replace Ross and Monica with Yn and tony  they are siblings, The plot is the same everything is, just the characters are changed, I DO NOT OWN FRIENDS OR MARVEL NEITHER THE PLOT  SO DON’T COME AT ME. Also Maria and Howard are alive. Oh and please join my discord? I just made it 

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summary: steve was working on a drawing of you

pairings: steve rogers x reader

word count: 276

POV: third person

quick little drabble that i started a bit ago, i just fixed it up a bit

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

y/n was sitting on the balcony, sipping hot chocolate. 

the wind was cool and snow fell gently onto their head.  while steve was inside getting changed, or so they thought.

y/n kept scrolling on social media, checking instagram and twitter before realising it was too quiet.

steve?”, no answer.

y/n decided to go inside, only to see steve sitting on the bed with his sketchbook in his lap and pencil in his hand. he was drawing you.

oh hey”, he quickly closed his book.

ooh what do we have here?”, y/n tried to take a look at his sketchbook but steve was too fast.

steveeee, not fair, please”, y/n was practically begging him, using heir puppy dog eyes. he was hesitant but gave in.

“fine”, he gave y/n his book as his cheeks were turning red. y/n’s eyes lit up as they realised he was drawing them.

steve, you have some serious talent, these are brilliant.

after flicking through his book, y/n looked into steve’s piercing blue eyes as his lopsided smile formed.


i mean it Steve, your sketches are the best i have ever seen.

you’re just saying that because we’re dating.

no steve, you are so talented, i am elated to be one of your models“, y/n said, posing as if they were being photographed.

steve bowed his head and smiled, grabbing your waist towards him.

i love you

and i love you too Steve“, they were looking at each other with loving eyes.

now, can I please continue my drawing of you, darling?“, his blue eyes held so much joy, as if he was exploding with fireworks inside.

anything for you steve.“

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