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Sometimes, I read fanfics about the MCU and get gutted all over again.

Because in the Civil War… they were both wrong. Tony had a lot of valuable points, and he was right. He made sense. But I also understand how scary The Accords would have been for Steve, so soon after watching his best friend being used as a weapon. Steve knew better than most how easy it was to politicize and weaponise people, he knew that to be safe from that, The Avengers had to be an NGO.

And Bucky just got caught in the middle of all this, and it makes me so mad because if only Steve had told Tony, if only Tony never saw the clip, if only all of them had sat down to have a single fucking rational conversation- Maybe the rift could have been avoided, and the clusterfuck that was Infinty War wouldn’t have happened.

I mean, if I had to choose, I’ll probably be Switzerland. Because there had to be consequences for their actions, they were hurting people, but being completely beholden to the government… I see so many ways this could go wrong. And how paperwork can kill people.

Ugh. If only they hadn’t completely demolished SHIELD. Like, why on earth couldn’t world powers create an organisation, give them all handlers, so that there would be consequences but they still had limited freedom?

This is basically a ‘Where Did It All Go Wrong????’ Rant. Because honestly?…where did it all go wrong? We needed more fluffy Avengers being a family, and trusting each other, and dealing with their traumas. We needed Veteran Support Group Avengers.

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