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Hey, I've been reading The Little Frost Troll and to admit, there has never been a anything more wholesome and beautiful as this And I had this question I've been wanting to ask you. You see, I've been imagining Canon Thor and Loki suddenly thrown into an alternate reality travel (I don't know how but I'll leave that to your imagination) and came across this reality, which is The Little Frost Troll story. What do you think would happen if Thor and Loki met the Thor and Loki of this reality?

First: thank you! It makes me so happy to hear you’re enjoying that sweet and wholesome (well, wholesome until the sex drive turned on) story. 😊

Second: holy troll-y I’d never thought about what might happen if Canon Thor and Loki met TLFT Thor and Loki and I am intrigued! 🤩

I bet Troll Loki would be in awe of his “tall, beautiful Æsir” version, which is ironic because I headcanon that Canon Loki has serious issues with his body image and self-esteem after it was revealed he was a Frost Giant in Thor (2011). And even though he shows Troll Loki his true skin (“I’m not Asgardian, see?” he murmurs), it still doesn’t matter. Troll Loki instantly adores his “cousin”.

“You’re so beautiful!” he gushes, tail wagging and hands clasped together under his chin. “And you can do magic! Will you teach me?”

Canon Loki looks down at this sweet little creature and his heart aches. This version has learned to love himself, has made peace with who and what he is. Perhaps he can, too.

I imagine them wandering off together, talking about their lives and their cruel fathers and being misfits, feeling like they don’t belong anywhere, redemption, sorcery, personal doubts, how they each deal with problems related to their heritage, maybe shedding a few tears together.

And meanwhile both Thors are standing to the side and having an amicable conversation that may sound like: 

“So… do you love your Loki as much as I love mine?”

“Twice as much.”

“Impossible. No one can love anything more than I love my Loki.”

“One can now.”

“Oh, really?”

“Aye, really.”

After a challenging scowl, the two slowly smile at one other, grasp each other’s arms in unified Loki Loving™

truce, and are bros forever after. 💪❤️

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a million reasons // a skyeward mix

million reasons (lady gaga) | haunted (taylor swift) | a thousand years (christina perri) | 1000 times (sara bareilles) | hold my heart (sara bareilles) | like i’m gonna lose you (jasmine thompson) | just a fool (christina aguilera & blake shelton) | used to lose you (gwen stefani) | powerful (major lazer & ellie goulding ft. tarrus riley) | stitches (shawn mendes) | iris (goo goo dolls) | mercy (shawn mendes) | when you think of me (mark wills) | unfaithful (rihanna) | wildest dreams (taylor swift) | toxic (versaemerge) | breathe again (sara bareilles) | say something (a great big world & christina aguilera) | burn with you (lea michele) | she used to be mine (sara bareilles) | fix a heart (demi lovato) | talking body (tove lo) | love my like you do (ellie goulding) | i don’t wanna live forever (zayn & taylor swift) | earned it (the weeknd) | pillowtalk (zayn) | a thousand years part 2 (christina perri & steve kazee) | love the way you like part III (skylar grey) | not afraid anymore (halsey) | [download]

the wanting comes in waves // a skyeward sex mix

sugar (maroon 5 ft. nicki minaj) | lay me down (thewreckers) | while my guitar gently weeps (martin luther mccoy) | love me like you do (ellie goulding) | i’ll make love to you (boyz II men) | touch me (jennifer damiano) | nice & slow (usher) | nasty, naughty boy (christina aguilera) | corrupt (karissa noel) | what’s it gonna be (en vogue) | sweet love (112) | wildest dreams (taylor swift) | anywhere (112) | the dolphin’s cry (live) | last night (az yet) | insatiable (darren hayes) | touch me (katharine mcphee) | making good love (avant) | crazy in love (beyoncé) | nothing in this world (keke wyatt ft. avant) | love me harder (ariana grande ft. the weeknd) | talking body (tove lo) | the naughty song (cory lee) | only girl in the world (rihanna) | sex for breakfast (christina aguilera) | rev 22:20 (puscifer) | s&m (rihanna) | so emotional (christina aguilera) | red light special (tlc) | take me to church (ellie goulding) | underneath your clothes (shakira) | replay (zendaya) | one more night (maroon 5) [download]

our love would be tragic // songs for hate fucking an enemy agent a.k.a. the skyeward aesthetic

i know places (taylor swift) | just a fool (christina aguilera & blake shelton) | love the way you lie part III (skylar grey) | problem (natalia kills) | talking body (tove lo) | crazy in love-remix (beyonce) | iris (goo goo dolls) | lay me down (the wreckers) | poison & wine (the civil wars) | i’ll be (edwin mccain) | #1 crush (garbage) | all you had to do was stay (taylor swift) | the heart wants what it wants (justin bryte & olivia noelle) | moments (tove lo) | love me like you do (ellie goulding) |  replay-acoustic (zendaya) | take me to church (ellie goulding) | wildest dreams (taylor swift) | earned it (the weeknd) [download]

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