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{Unfortunately I wasn’t able to draw everyone’s interactions with Akui and Darling but I can summarize them}

Rose: He pretty such already adopted both Akui and Darling as soon as he saw them

Owner: He didn’t talked to them but he’s gonna try to get to know them better

Jonny: He was actually chill with them and respected their feelings

Jyles: He is extremely concerned about the amount of power they have but he can tell that they have trauma based on their actions/behavior

Echo: He respects their feelings and quickly understood they have trauma so they tried to avoid the minefield

Bendy: He confused Darling with Jazz which lead Akui to nearly beat up the cartoon before Jazz stepped in to explain to Bendy why he and Darling are not the same

Phon: He just called them his new “Warp brothers”

Don: He’s very weary of them so he didn’t talked to them unless Rose made him talk to them

THQ: He nearly got yeeted out the window when he tried to hug them but managed to convince them not to

Kid: He instantly recognized the signs of abuse and pretty much told them that he understands their behaviors and that he will kill however hurt them


Warped: He remembers looking at a file named “Project Akui” and just knew that they are going through serious problems.


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Man, everybody writing just said “you ship? Suffer then” huh

You ship Dreamnotfound? Dream is being manipulative and possessive to a terrifying degree, to the point where he’s being controlling of George and stripping him of his power for the sake of “protecting him”.

You ship Dreamnap? Sapnap finally was forced to face his insecurities about Dream not caring about him, and was forced to by Tommy, who has caused him quite a bit of trauma (Mars, anyone?) and was crude and cruel while telling Sapnap that Dream didn’t care about him. When Sapnap confronted Dream about it, he was pretty much entirely ignored. Also, don’t forget THE PET WARS. THAT FIRST BETRAYAL. NEVER FORGET THE PAIN

You ship Georgenap? How’s it feel for Sapnap and George to finally be working together, finally be on the same side, finally be fighting against their closest friend who has spent so long manipulating them, but they’re both still trying to come to terms with how far Dream has fallen and how they don’t recognize him anymore? Because I know it hurts me for fuckin sure

You ship Dreamnotnap? ITS NOTHING BUT AGONY.

You ship Fundywastaken? How’s that cheating thing going for ya? Let’s see how the wedding tomorrow goes, hot damn

You ship Karlnapity? All three members are desparately trying to choose whose side to stay on. Karl seems to hold no loyalty to anyone or anything, Quackity has shown more attention to ressurecting his dead abuser than supporting his fiances, and Sapnap is going through THIS.

Tldr nobody is happy and everything is pain

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so like i read one specific post that talked about tommy and how he hasn’t been selfish and then when he does something considered “selfish” he gets like condemned for it and how he deserves to be a little selfish and it just made me remember this quote from taz: balance

“Have we not… earned a little wrath? Given what we’ve been through, we haven’t earned that?”

and just like you could replace wrath with so many things but just replacing it with selfishness works so well in the narrative of tommy having been ultimately pretty selfless

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yesterday he said that no, nothing matters to him and he doesn’t give a fuck about anything nor anyone. this has always been his motivation; he wants chaos to reign and doesn’t care what side wins or loses, what matters is that havoc is seen and he’s satisfied enough with just that.

maybe he cut off george and sapnap just so the others in l'manburg can’t have anything to use as a weakness against him, so he does that. or something else idk, man’s was hungry and decided “aight time to do a bit” and dethroned georgeifjwjdjwjdnw. i think he’s realized that as long as he still has someone, especially his friends standing beside him, he has a weakness so he wants to cut that off as soon as possible.

he’s manipulative, a puppet master. he is pulling the strings and is making the pawns fight against each other. in the end, if not resolved, there would be nothing but leftover ruins on his land and i think that’s what he wants. everything is slowly going according to plan, and depending on what happens tomorrow on friday, his plan might be in motion and he’s sitting back as he fans the flames. all he needs is to further ruin everyone’s relationships with each other, the start of it being tommy’s most probable exile tomorrow.

anyway if you’re scared for tomorrow’s events clap your hands //claps hands//

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I am not buying that Dream is an antihero.

He’s convinced himself that’s he’s acting with the best interests of the server in mind, but that means EVERYONE on the server. He’s said time and time again he considers L’Manburg to still be a part of Dream SMP, but the walls benefit literally no one but him.

George was right, they don’t stop anyone from attacking him, and Dream built them before even TALKING to anyone on the L’Manburg council. The walls are literally for him and him alone. They are actively working to DEVIDE the server.

He’s just straight up lying, he said he was on team chaos, “team kill everyone” but in Quackity’s stream he’s working for what’s best for everyone?

Wilbur already said Dream was chaotic evil, a “villainous stereotype”. He’s not a antihero, his interests serve him, and he’s doing eveything he’s doing for selfish means.

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Dream: i DREAD the holidays because of santa's FAT ASS
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Literally the only reason I was watching Quackity’s stream is because I wasn’t tired so I was gonna see what stupid shit he was up to, and the second I open the stream it was plot. So, naturally, I stayed for all of the Plot Bits, and now I am going to sleep.

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well i got onto the website to preach about Tommyinnit’s smile cause it’s 12:32am and yo girl is already soft but i dont have the energy for anything more than the simple

Tommyinnit’s genuine smile>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Aight big brain time.

So considering the, ahem, events that went down today regarding george being dethroned. It’s obvious that a war is going to start over this. So that got me thinking about Tommy being exiled, because Dream said that if Tommy wasn’t exiled, he would enclose L’manberg, and obviously, a war would spark from that. What I’m saying is there’s already a war starting, so what’s the point of exiling Tommy if there’s gonna be a war anyway. Also-maybe Mexican l’manberg will team up with l’manberg to overthrow(?) Dream.

Also on an unrelated note, Dream is the one who wanted Tommy exiled, but like, he’s not a part of l’manberg? So why did he have a say in Tommy’s punishment?

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