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#mcyt fluff
sugarrbbee · 2 days ago
feral boys + wilbur with a tattooed fem reader? or a reader who’s into like crystals, tarot or plants?
Tattooed Reader
Tumblr media
Includes: Dream, George, Sapnap, Karl, Quackity, and Wilbur
Pronouns: Gender neutral
Notes: I didn't really have a place for pronouns
Kinda obsessed with them, but not in a weird way
Dream just thinks the tattoos make you look really cool
He thinks those tattoos were literally made for you because they look so good
Dream definitely absentmindedly traces them
Like he'll sometimes zone out and everything while tracing them and once he catches himself, he kisses the tattoo and moves on to trace the next
I can so see him getting a tattoo and having you help him choose what and where to get it because he thinks you some kind of tattoo expert just because you have some
George has definitely thought about getting a tattoo himself and every time he sees yours, it makes him want one more
But he's also scared it's going to hurt and that just throws him off the idea
And honestly why get a tattoo and go through that pain when he can just look at the ones you have
Wait I can see him doing it one time on a whim and he just comes home and shows you as he says "Look, I'm just like you"
George may or may not have gotten a tattoo you had or one likes yours
He definitely did
Sapnap wants to know the meaning of every single one of them
Even if the story is something like you just liked the design
I can so see him getting a matching tattoo with you
But nothing too matchy, especially not like each other's names
He finds getting other peoples names tattooed on his body weird and just would never do it
He'd get something simple though like a little matching symbol
Sapnap also needs to know the best area to get a tattoo and it won't be super painful
I can't stop thinking about you showing Karl a complex tattoo of yours that has so much design
Then he shows you his tattoo and tries to make the process of getting it sound complex too lmao
Being serious, he really likes your tattoos
I feel like he would also absentmindedly trace it
Especially if the tattoo was on your hand or forearm area
Oh my gosh he'd so kiss the tattoos too
Idk why and he doesn't know either, but he just likes to kiss them
My mind immediately went to him asking to color them in with washable markers and idk why
Please if you let him he will literally get so happy and try and make it look so good
Besides that, he wants to know about them
Like why you got them and which one was your first tattoo all the way to which is the newest
One time he drew something on your arm and jokingly said you should get it there permanently
To his surprise, you did and man was he shocked
But also touched because he was the one who drew what was now on your body permanently
I don't think he'd be super opinionated on the tattoos
Like he knows they're there and he's told you they look really nice and certain clothing just goes well with them
But like that's kinda it
If you ever wanted to get another tattoo though, he will be there to hold your hand and even help pick what tattoo to get
If you ever got a tattoo that represented him he would for sure cry
Especially if it was something like his handwriting and says 'I love you'
I'm writing an imagine on this now
@pastelpeaxch @pixviepie @nightmarefox15 @dazedgxth
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cartisbestie · 2 days ago
PHOTO BOOTH , dreamwastaken !
Tumblr media
summary ! a month into the relationship, you two have your first kiss in a photobooth !
˚. ਏਓ warning(s): (y/f/c) = your favorite chapstick, kissing i think that it idk👹 oh and not proofread
Tumblr media
“look! it’s a photobooth! can we go in?” you turned to dream with a smile on your lips.
it’s been a month and eight days since dream had asked you to be his girlfriend. and in that month, you two became closer than most couples do at the early stage. you loved it. he treated you in the most amazing way no one has treated you. royalty.
and the best part yet is that he asked on your birthday! how fun! his humor is another thing you loved about the tall blonde.
“i guess.” he sarcastically responds, dragging you towards the booth that (thankfully) didn’t have people waiting in line.
dream pulled the curtain to the side and moved to the side so you’d be the first one in. after you, he followed and sat himself next to you. it was funny how he had to be slightly slouched since he was taller than the photo booth.
“how’s the weather up there?”
he laughs, “you’re so cringe, stop.”
dream pushes the button in the middle of the screen. it begins to countdown so the two of you quickly get into a cute pose. your head was on his shoulder with his head laying on your head. he smiled looking into the camera like you are. the next pose was cute as wel.
his and your cheeks were smushed together, your hand cupping his jaw feeling the stubble that tickled and made you laugh. your laugh of course made him laugh also. the photo captured you two laughing. the next photo was the one you least expected. his arm wrapped around your shoulder, bringing you closer to his body.
the robotic voice started to countdown. on one, dream leaned in capturing your lips in a soft yet passionate kiss. your lips tasted like (y/f/c) and the cold minty breath from the gum you were chewing on before. a few seconds later, you two separated with a giddy smile on both of your faces with photos now printed out.
“that was the most horrible kiss i’ve ever had.” you joked, wanting to see his reaction.
“sapnap’s a better kisser.” he simply replied.
Tumblr media
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mcytcat · 22 hours ago
i wanna ruin our friendship ~ mcyt x !gn reader
Based off the tiktok trend from last year and the song Jenny by Studio Killers*insert swag here*
Tumblr media
Request: no
Warnings: none (at least I don't think so, so if there is any please let me know)
Notes: this is my first actual post here, I am new to tumblr and I know I suck so please be patient. If you have an idea for a oneshot/headcanon yada yada yada let me know. <3
mcyt-the colour their name is
✩ dream ✩
dream, darling, your my best friend.
your mine too
why are you talking so formal???
but there's a few things that you don't know of.
and what's that
why I borrow your lipstick so often
I don't wear lipstick lol
what's gotten into you??
I'm using your shirt as a pillow case
you mean the merch I gave you cuz you got cold at my place, it's comfy right
I wanna ruin our friendship
we should be lovers instead
I don't know how to say this
cuz your really my dearest friend
I'm coming over.
»»———-  ———-««
♡ sapnap ♡
sapnap, darling, your my best friend.
well mines dream
sucks to suck
but there's a few things that you don't know of.
why I borrow your lipstick so often
I'm so confused
I don't wear lipstick
I'm using your shirt as a pillow case
which one I'm missing a few??
I wanna ruin our friendship
I was joking when I said dream's my best friend
did I do something wrong??
whatever it is I'm sorry
we should be lovers instead
is this a prank??
I don't know how to say this
cuz your really my dearest friend
y/n I like you too
I just didn't know how to tell you because you mean so much to me I didn't want to ruin what I thought was a good friendship
this better not be a joke
if it is I'm never going outside again a swear to god
»»———-  ———-««
☾ george ☽
george, darling, your my best friend.
y/n, darling, you are my best friend too.
but there's a few things that you don't know of.
what is it??
why I borrow your lipstick so often
I don't wear lipstick...
I'm using your shirt as a pillow case
when did you steal my shirt???
I wanna ruin our friendship
what do you mean??
I thought you said I was your best friend??
we should be lovers instead
I don't know how to say this
cuz your really my dearest friend
call me.
»»———-  ———-««
✧ karl jacobs ✧
karl, darling, your my best friend.
hey y/n
aww your mine too
but there's a few things that you don't know of.
oh, what is it???
don't feel pressured to answer though :)
why I borrow your lipstick so often
I don't really wear lipstick.
are you talking about my chapstick??
I'm using your shirt as a pillow case
which one???
I wanna ruin our friendship
y/n please, your my best friend, I can't loose you
we should be lovers instead
this isn't a joke right
I don't know how to say this
cuz your really my dearest friend
y/n, I've liked you for a long time I just didn't want to hurt you or our friendship.
could I come over??
I'll bring taco bell :)
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smol-cherry · a day ago
◇"You look so pretty like this."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
◇A/N: We love me posting two hours late!! <33
◇Character(s): Revivebur.
◇Type: Drabble/Small oneshot.
◇Genre: Small angst to much fluff.
◇TW/CW: Murder/death, blood, dagger, cussing, reader being in extreme denial.
Tumblr media
You pushed Wilbur onto the ground, the grass laying ever so softly against his skin. You grabbed your dagger from it's handle and put it up to his neck, making eye contact with him.
His expression was still so relaxed and soft, smiling sweetly towards you. You hated it, you hated him.
"You look so pretty like this, darling."
You blinked rapidly, eyes widening at his comment. You subconsciously pulled the dagger back to his collarbone.
Your heart started to race and your face became hot, it must've been because of how much you hated him, you hated him so much that your entire body reacted with anger.
He was still staring at you so softly, so sweetly. You didn't understand, you had a literal killing object in your hands ready to stab him.
"You do realize I could kill you at any moment, right?" He just hummed, smile growing even more. "I'm aware."
You watched him closely as his hand traveled from the grass to the side of your face, his hands were rough but still somehow so soft.
You grabbed his wrist firmly and tried to move his arm away, but he had no plans of leaving your touch anytime soon.
Your eyes moved to anywhere but him, not wanting to give the horrible man in front of you anymore attention, at least that's what you told yourself.
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anechno · 2 days ago
‘i meant this, but thanks.’ — jschlatt x gn!reader!
Tumblr media
ღ ー summary; as you’re leaving to hang out with friends, schlatt asks if you’ve forgotten anything (:
✰︎︎ ー cw; none, just quick fluff :3
+ ー 463 words & new layout yayy, lowercase intentional!
Tumblr media
‘i don’t understand why you’ve been going out so much lately,’ your boyfriend grumbled. though he was being slightly annoying, you knew it was because he didn’t want to admit he’d miss you.
you let out a soft laugh towards him as you finished dressing up, walking towards the nearest mirror to make sure your hair and fit looked decent. quickly brushing off your clothes you twirled around to him. ‘so, what do you think?’ you asked nervously.
the tall man was sitting behind you on your bed. he eyed you up and down, causing a slight blush to form across your face. ‘i should put you on a leash…’ he mumbled. your eyes widened as a weird smile appeared, causing him to chuckle. ‘i just mean i can’t keep letting you go out looking like this.’ he explained.
you frowned, turning back around to look in the mirror once more. ‘like what?’
schlatt got up off the bed and stood behind you, wrapping his arms around you. he set his chin down on your shoulder.
'like you aren't the most beautiful thing i've ever seen,' he replied. 'if anything, i should start going out with you. don't want people to get the wrong idea, thinking you're single and ready to mingle.' he huffed, hugging you closer to him.
'i hate everybody but you, schlatt.' you pulled away from the hug, making him frown but you pat his chest in response. 'i promise you don't have to worry about people coming onto me. i'm too busy hanging out to notice strangers anyway.' you left the room and prepared yourself to exit your small home to be with your friends.
'it doesn't matter if they're strangers or not,' schlatt spoke, shuffling behind you quickly. 'i just...' you turned around to see a very huffy and pouty boyfriend of yours. you smiled softly as he let out a big sigh. 'i just want to spend more time with you, that's all.' he frowned again as you turned back around to grab your keys off the key hook. you patted all your pockets to make sure you had everything. you nodded as it seemed you did.
you put your hand on the doorknob to exit but schlatt stopped you, for what seems like the millionth time now. 'wait,' he said. you turned around to face him with a 'what is it now?' expression. 'you forgot something.'
you nodded with a slight smile. 'of course,' you replied. 'how could i forget?' you stood on your tippy-toes, planting a soft kiss onto his even softer lips. you return to your normal height with a content smile, seeing you made schlatt red and incredibly flustered. he takes his hand out to reveal your phone.
'i meant this, but thanks.'
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laniiluvvsu · a day ago
When we were kids
NOTE : I wanted to try a Wilbur x reader, soo yeaa.
TRIGGER WARNING : one curse word, sneaking out? Mentioning stalking, and a robber.
GENRE : fluff
COLORS : Wilbur = orange You = pink
NEW NOTE : Yes this is a repost! I changed it up a bit cause I wanted to see if this story could get more attention! (THIS IS MY ORIGINAL FIC IF YOURE CONFUSED)
“Reading a book on my bed at 11:23pm on a Friday night. How boring..” you muttered to yourself. It’s not like you had anything else to do-
You whipped your head to the window, body tensed, and eyes wide. “What was that..?” Almost immediately your mind started racing with bad thoughts. What if someone was stalking you? What if people found your address? What if someone was trying to rob you? “’s was probably just starting to rain..” You said as you slowly went back to reading.
“Okay theres totally someone there.” You said, body tensed once again. You took a deep breath, gathering all the courage left in you as you cautiously got up to investigate the sound.
You got to the window just to see the one and only Wilbur Soot looking up at you. You let out a small sigh of relief as your body relaxed. A small smile crept on your face when you heard the muffled sound of Wilbur calling out your name.
You opened your window and rested your arms on the window sill. “Wilbur! You scared the shit out of me, I thought people found my address or something! What are you even doing here so late!” You quietly yelled at him, just enough for him to hear. He just chuckled at you. “I didn’t mean to scare you, I just wanna go somewhere with you!” He whispered yelled back. You gave him a confused look. “You could have texted me like a normal person you know?” Wilbur let out a another chuckle. “I know, but where’s the fun in that?” He asked stuffing his hands in his pockets. You playfully rolled your eyes at him. Sure he was an adventurous guy but this was just weird. “Where could you possibly wanna go at 11:30?” You questioned with a slight annoyed tone in your voice. “It’s a surprise! Now get down here!” He called as he motioned for you to come down. You thought for a moment debating wether you should go with him or not. “Hmm fine. Just let me change first.” You replied. You were about to close your window and change before Wilbur caught your attention again. “Jump out!” He shouted. Your head immediately snapped back at him, your face full of pure shock. He wanted you to do what? I mean you’re not that high up but if you fall it will definitely hurt.“What?” You shouted back. “Jump! I’ll catch you! Like when we were kids!”
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ivyinnit · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
gn! reader with chuckle sammie boys! (platonic)
in which: all the ways the chuckle sammie boys show love to their friend, reader.
— — — — — — — — — — — — — —
word count: 867
warnings: swearing and mentions of being crushed (affectionately) but that’s all :)
song link: quickly, quickly by getsomerest/sleepwell, listen along if you’d like!
notes: this is for @ggeomagnetism !! the original request + draft got deleted but i was able to salvage some old bits of the original list! hope you enjoy <3
Tumblr media
( blue for schlatt, green for charlie, red for ted )
oh my god, they're all such lovebugs
they're all a bit embarrassed about showing affection, especially when you first get to know them
well charlie isn't that bad and ted's pretty open about it
however schlatt…he’s uh...not as open
"that was so cool y/n! can i give you a hug?” “aw, of course charlie!” “that was really nice, can i also give you one?” “thanks ted, and i’d love one.” “schlatt?” “very nice.” “no hug?” “no.” “high five?” “…fine.”
but when you all start to become good friends??
they’re all SUPER affectionate holy shit
and together????
multiply that affection by THREE
“guys, i love you, but you’re bruising my shoulder with all your pats.” “aw come on, one mor-“ “NO!”
i feel like they would all give the best hugs
cause charlie LOVES to hug as well as ted
so if charlie goes and hugs you, ted's probably gonna wanna join as well which leaves you in the middle between these two giants
and you already KNOW they're making sandwich jokes
"t-ted i literally cannot breathe." "sorry y/n, you're not getting out of this one." "in a real pickle aren't you?" "are you insinuating that i'm a pickle?" "uh yeah, cause me and ted are the bread."
schlatt would be pretty hesitant to hugging as a group at first
he's sort of hesitant about hugging in general
don’t worry though, you all encourage him a whole bunch and he gets a lot more comfy with it! and once he does….
the hugging sandwich is complete !!!
"get in here schlatt!" "please d-" "nice to have you join us big guy!" "w-why." "you're welcome."
it's something they picked up from one another and they do it all. the. TIME
whether its out of excitement, or encouragement, its just a thing
once you start doing it too, they're so proud lmao
“hey, congrats ted!” “did you just...pat me on the back?” “y-yeah?” “GUYS, Y/N JUST PATTED ME ON THE BACK!” “what the fu-” “NO WAY!” “THEY’RE ONE OF US NOW!”
movie night = cuddle night for SURE
everyone’s all close to one another and getting comfy in their own ways (ex: schlatt got his arm draped around someone’s shoulder, charlie is resting his head on someone’s shoulder (or on the top of someone else’s head), teds letting someone lean back on his chest)
if it’s a scary movie, any one of them will let you hold their hand if you get scared :,)
sometimes they all pack in together leaving you feeling pretty squished (per usual) but also quite loved
“why are you guys always set on crushing me?” “it’s how we show we care.” “yeah, and i get to ruffle your hair.” “eh, i like seeing you suffer.”
hair ruffles are a common greeting for the boys !!
which you didn’t know about so you just greeted them one day
and instead of them just saying hello back, they just ruffle your hair or pat your head one by one
and immediately you’re like 🧍
“hey guys!” “hey y/n!” “hi y/n.” “sup.” “…what the fu-”
being a guest on the podcast during chuckle week is legit so much FUN wow
you’re a bit nervous beforehand but they try to give you the best pep talk!! (it’s not perfect but it makes you smile a lot)
whoever youre sitting with defintely has their arm around you or something
they all become so protective holy sh—
“if any one of you fuckers makes fun of y/n in the comments, you’re gonna end up like prince phillip.” “holy shit!” “schlatt!” “thanks big guy…?”
holding hands is a rarity, mainly because they don’t really do it all that often
BUT !!! if you ask nicely, they’ll probably let you like nine out of ten times
honestly they’d probably start doing it more because of you
++ if you wear rings, they are FASCINATED by them and will ask like twenty million questions about it
“look, guys, y/n got a new ring.” “i like it.” “it looks really cool, where’d you get it?” “your mo-”
their nicknames that they have for you can either go in two different directions: “adorable, soft, sweet” or “what the actual fuck did you just call me”
can you guess who gives you the weirdass nicknames? (spoiler: it’s schlatt)
ted and charlie tend to give you the more of the sweet ones <3
…but the two of them can’t help but die of laughter when schlatt calls you something that is unlike anything they’ve ever heard before
“now listen here pissballs-“ “waiT WHAT?!” “WHAT THE FUCK!” “holy shi-!” “WHY THE FUCK DID YOU JUST CALL ME PISSBALLS?!” “what, it’s funny!”
yeah, these lovable dumbasses can get on your nerves
BUT, they always make it up to you in the end somehow with their back pats or hugs or the godawful nicknames they give you that have a weird affectionate connotation to them
they’re really just looking out for you and want what’s best for you
cause you’re one of their best friends
and they don’t ever want to let you go (out of their hugs or out of their lives) <3
Tumblr media
authors note: THIS WAS SO FUN TO WRITE AHHHH!!! i love these boys so very much, pls expect about a hundred million imagines/headcanons of them coming soon okay thanks <3
but back to this list, this was so cute to write!! i love this concept so much omg, pls give me more requests like this, i love it!
( request something here! )
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glactibunii · 11 hours ago
hii could i pls request cc!dream x reader where dream comforts a reader with insecurities (body image if ur comfortable with writing that!)
idc if it’s headcannons or an imagine hahaa whatever you would rather write<3
Dream x insecure!reader headcannons <3
Genre: Fluff/comfort
Pronouns: they/them
He would be so supportive first of all
He once walked in your shared room only to find you staring at yourself in the mirror looking upset
He walked up to you from behind putting his hands on your shoulders giving you a massage and kissing your neck
After he had you watch a movie and cuddle with him and Patches
Whether you were heavier or on the smaller side Dream would never let you feel down about the way you look. 
He showed his love for your figure by always showering you with compliments and praises and telling you how beautiful you looked in whatever you were wearing 
He would always want to make sure others knew you were his partner
Whenever you were in public he always had his hand in yours or an arm around your shoulder or waist
If it was your face you were insecure about then...
Hell no this man would constantly be giving you eyes and telling you how much he adored your pretty/handsome features
Peppering kisses all over your face whenever you felt insecure
Kisses on your lips, your jaw, your nose, your cheeks, kisses kisses kisses!!
Over all Dream wouldn’t tolerate you being insecure >:00 and why would he? You’re goddamn perfect!!!
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milkainnit · a day ago
I can't sleep (cc!Karl)
Tumblr media
note(s) : as i already said, im not that good of a writer so dont think its gonna be the best thing ever-
warning(s) : none
character(s) : cc!Karl
it was already 3am, you were sleeping peacefully in your room, when Karl sneeked silently into the room. you woke up, but you decided not to move, to know what he was planning to do. you heard him humming (not loudly, it was pratically whispering), and you felt your bed move a little bit. he kissed you on the cheek to wake you up, not knowing that you were already awake, and waited for you to to give him a sign that you were awake. you opened your eyes to look at his face, and lazily yawned. he whispered to you :
*k* sorry for waking you up, do you have room by any chance?
*you* why? is there a monster under your bed?
*k* no no- giggles i cant sleep without your cuddles
*you* fine, just get into the bed
*k* thank you sweetheart <3
he got under the sheets and wrapped his arms around you. now that you were both comfy, you closed your eyes again, letting Karl hug you tight, helping him sleep...
this is pretty short and not that good so im sorry about that, i hope you guys still enjoyed it :>
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cottagecorekarl · 10 months ago
♡ summary › times where the dream smp members called for you during a stream
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ dream
"hey, y/n!"
you enter his gaming room and stand beside him
"what's up?"
"if you saw a helpless child who had been exiled from his home, what would you do? a) be his friend or b) pretend to be his friend so you can manipulate him to benefit your own agenda?"
"be his friend obviously"
"well, glad to know one of us has morals. anyway... hey, tommy!"
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ georgenotfound
"i need your help. i'm colour blind and this game is racist"
"please tell me what colours these are"
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ karl jacobs
"yes, my love?"
"y/n, dream keeps killing me. can you tell him to stop?"
you gasp "dream! how could you? that's so rude. please stop killing my boyfriend"
dream grumbles a "fine" and karl squeezes your hand in thanks
im crying i love karl so much T-T
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ nihachu
she calls your nickname sweetly
"yes?" you reply
"what should i name this fox fundy gave me?"
niki likes to involve in her streams (if you're comfortable with it) because she loves you so much
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ quackity
are the first words you hear when you wake up from your nap
understandably you mumble, "what the fuck?"
"y/n! dream and george are fighting during our therapy session! tell them to stop!"
half asleep, you shuffle over to the mic and say, "stop fighting. let quackity therapise you."
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ technoblade
"tell this child to get out of my house!"
you don't even need to ask who the "child" is
"tommy! get out of my boyfriend's house!"
techno smiles proudly and pulls you onto his lap
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ tommyinnit
you're downstairs playing with the dogs when...
"WHAT?" you scream back at tommy
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ wilbur soot
"hey, y/n!"
"come here, love. i want to show chat how pretty you are"
and here is the difference between tommy and wilbur
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dreamcatcherrs · 7 months ago
when you pout at them; mcyt x reader
+ enjoy some wholesome fluff :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“no. fuck off.”
tosses you over his shoulder and runs off with you while wheezing at you screaming for him to let you down
Tumblr media
finds it pretty cute, actually :]
“you’re such a silly goose🤪”
Tumblr media
gives that pout a big ol’ smooch
“do that again and see what happens😠.”
Tumblr media
turns that frown upside down ):)
no, literally, he pushes your pout into a smile using his thumbs
“c’mon muffin, no need for that.”
Tumblr media
waits there for you to stop pouting, crossing his arms over his chest
when you don't though, and just keep looking into his eyes, he has to look away and let you win
“I swear, sometimes I wonder why I’m with you, you brat.”
Tumblr media
wilbur soot:
wilbur just starts simping over you
giggles uncontrollably and leans down to kiss you on the lips
“how come you're so cute when you're mad?”
Tumblr media
acts as if he’s disgusted by you, but really, we all know schlatt’s a softie (have you seen him with his cat?🥺)
“what the fuck is that on your face?”
Tumblr media
corpse husband:
tries to hide his smile as his heart melts, shyly looking away
“fine. you win - but only this once.”
Tumblr media
karl jacobs:
giggles loudly and pulls you into his chest
“you’re so adorable, y/n.”
Tumblr media
“stop, y/n! you’re gonna make me simp for you and the others are gonna tease me :(”
obviously he doesn't hold for long, and crumbles right into your hands
Tumblr media
boops your nose and places his hands on his hips
“you’re not fooling me with that, honey.”
Tumblr media
“don't look at me like that!”
shakes your shoulders to get you to stop pouting
and when that doesn't work, he squishes you cheeks together, at least just to get a laugh out of it
Tumblr media
grabs you by your chin to pull you closer to him so you're eye to eye with him
“good thing I’m feeling nice today or you'd be in big trouble, princess.”
Tumblr media
walks up and hugs you tightly
“don’t be mad at me, that’s not fair :(”
Tumblr media
grabs your face and shakes it with a large smile of his face (you know the one)
“stop being so damn cute.”
Tumblr media
ruffles your hair up playfully
“you’re very adorable, though I do prefer it more when you’re smiling.”
Tumblr media
just laughs at you, throwing a pillow at your face
“what are you even doing that for, y/n? you’re so silly.”
Tumblr media
jack manifold:
does the thing where he flexes his arms on either side of him, puffing up his chest and trying to look a lot bigger than you
“you’ll have to do a lot more than pouting to get me to change my mind, sweetheart.”
Tumblr media
“no. no. no. don't do that, y/n. I am not a simp.”
literally turns his back to you with crossed arms
though when you hug him from behind, his heart can't help but to melt for you
Tumblr media
hooks his pinkie with yours and swings your hands in the air
“you're so cute.”
Tumblr media
“don't do this to me. please, I beg you.”
tackles you onto the bed when you don't stop, only to hide his crazed smile into your shoulder
Tumblr media
tag list✰
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sugarrbbee · 20 hours ago
Symbol of I Love you
Tumblr media
Includes: Wilbur x reader
Pronouns: Gender neutral
Notes: Inspired by (this). How many times does it say love in this geez
When you had your mind set on something, you had to do it right away. No one could stop you, you had to do it. And this time the thing you had your mind set on was getting another tattoo. Specifically a tattoo on the side of your wrist/forearm area that said 'I love you'.
But this wasn't just any normal 'I love you'. No, it was in Wilbur's writing. You knew this was something to seriously think about seeing as it was permanent but you also knew you loved Wilbur with your entire being and you wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of your life with him.
Frankly, Wilbur felt the same way, and the endless nights where you two couldn't sleep and instead laid there talking about the future and getting married just proved it. So after seeing yet another note from Wilbur sitting on the counter along with an 'I love you' at the bottom, your mind was set on getting that tattooed.
The whole reason the note was there today was that Wilbur would be at the studio the whole day with the band, so today was the perfect day for this to happen. You had been wanting another tattoo recently, Wilbur knew this, so you texted him telling him of your plans but not of what would be tattooed.
The process was fairly simple actually. You had taken the note to the tattoo parlor with you and your favorite tattoo artist got started right away with replicating Wilburs handwriting so it could be put on your arm.
Now on your way home, along with the new tattoo on your arm, you had a smile on your face as you couldn't wait to show Wilbur. And, luckily, time had passed by quickly and Wilbur was home before you knew it.
Setting his things on the counter, he looked over at you as you said on the couch "Did you do it?" when he got a nod as an answer, he continued "Well, what did you get? Can I see it?" you waited for him to walk over and join you on the couch before pulling your sleeve up, revealing the tattoo.
You could practically see Wilbur's feelings and reactions on his face. He could instantly tell it was his handwriting, even though your skin was slightly red and it had the plastic wrap on it making it slightly disorientated. But, just to confirm his eyes weren't lying to himself, he asked "Is that my handwriting?" and he knew his eyes weren't playing tricks on him when you nodded.
The next thing you knew, Wilbur was pulling you into his arms and dramatically dragging out his words "My love. Oh my gosh" Wilbur had to blink away the tears in his eyes because he didn't want you to see them. He wasn't sad, no, he was feeling quite the opposite. Yes, he knew you loved him seeing as you made sure to tell him multiple times a day along with the little things you did for him. But this, this was a whole different feeling.
Kissing your forehead, he pulled back slightly to look at the tattoo on your arm again "I love it, I love you" leaning up, you kissed him on his lips as you said it back. Wilbur looked down at the tattoo as he got an idea in his head "Can I get that in writing?"
@pastelpeaxch @pixviepie @nightmarefox15 @dazedgxth
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cartisbestie · 2 days ago
NOTHING , dreamwastaken !
Tumblr media
headcanon summary ! how dream would post you to the song nothing by bruno major !
˚. ਏਓ warning(s): i literally suck at headcanons so beware 😍 pls spare me this literally sucks butt
Tumblr media
ok so for the first two lines of the song (dumb conversations, we lose track of time) he shows screenshots of your guys wholesome-ish(?) conversations
for example one ss was of him praising you for achieving that one goal you always wanted to achieve
another was of you two being being v over energetic
and another one was of you planning on pranking sapnap
and second to last was you two just sending adorable pictures of patches you guys took separately to each other
so now we’re gonna go onto the videos
first video is you guys dancing the song put your head on my shoulder
ik cringey right? /j
anyway he twisted you around two times before bringing you back to his chest and giving you a kiss with his right arm wrapped around your waist and the other one holding your hand holding it up in the air
the next video was dream sitting on the bathroom counter with a scrunchie holding back his hair and you situated in between his legs putting on a black peel off face mask
it took a lot of begging and pineapple pizza for him to let you put the peel mask on his face
the video showed dream trying hard to keep in his laugh because the mask was cold and the silicone brush was tickling his skin
now for the last lines of the song he put a gagillion of pictures of y’all until he reached the maximum amount of pictures
one was of you with one of you laying on the bed with a merch hoodie of his and you holding patches to your chest cuddling her
the end
Tumblr media
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bozowrites · 2 months ago
↳ When you don't give them their daily face kisses.
Members: [CC] Dream, Georgenotfound, Sapnap, Wilbur Soot, Quackity and Karl Jacobs.
Note: saw it for a gnehsin post and figured I'd try here :D
Tumblr media
DREAM will 100% whine and pout after a few minutes of waiting for those face kisses. Kinda reminds you of a child throwing a tantrum.
QUACKITY won't hold back. Public or alone, he is loud and showing his pain. The audacity of not giving him those face kisses.
KARL JACOBS will pout silently unlike the other two. Very visible frown on his face, looks like a kicked puppy.
Tumblr media
GEORGENOTFOUND is so goddamn petty when you don't give him his face kisses. Will act annoyed when you do do it, but if you don't? Petty as heck. Will hold a grudge.
Tumblr media
SAPNAP starts to think he's in trouble or something, like he did something wrong or said something wrong to you. Won't say anything, but is very wary of what he says.
WILBUR SOOT will try his best to ignore his fear, but it'll eat him up, so he asks if he did something wrong. Questioning every single thing he's done in the last few days.
Tumblr media
@lvyu @jacintavhulst @box-of-roses @daniellacangfhs @ranboob-and-tubbox @shy-nanya @soa--p @quivvyintheclouds @haannaa1 @lukerycyja @quivvyintheclouds @lmfaosoph @b3l0v3ds @sabinanotfound @youngstarfishdinosaur @acidtabletz @loonylovegood13 @dreamzluvrr @augustine-is-joy @cr0wbonezz-wr1ting-inc @aviiothic @the-swageyama-tobiyolo @oh-mcyt @angstyx @gods-of-the-otherside @joyfullymulti
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smol-cherry · 2 months ago
◇MCYT first kiss
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
◇A/N: More people, woahhh!! :o
◇Character(s): Dream, George, Sapnap, Karl, Wilbur, Quackity, Techno, Schlatt.
◇Type: Headcanon.
◇Genre: VERY Fluffy.
◇TW/CW: Cussing.
Tumblr media
Dream :
Has been thinking about kissing you for the longest time that he can't take it and is just like
"Can I kiss you?"
You were quite confused, but said yes.
Was very sudden and out of nowhere but very cute.
Tries to tell chat how it "really" went and how "so romantic" he is..
Very fluffy moment.
He even blushed a bit after the kiss.
Tumblr media
Honestly- Quite a shy kiss, was a little short.
But so cute..
You bumped noses and laughed it off.
It kinda became a thing where you would purposely kind of quick and fast kiss when you're both feeling fluffy and soft.
It was a bit awkward but that's what makes it cute.
Held your hand during the kiss
So adorable, you both were smiling so hard the entire day.
Tumblr media
Actually down bad for you.
Like- Dude's been planing this date for a couple months.
And tbh, you kinda did..
Doesn't really grab, just lightly puts his hands on your waist.
Peppers your face with kisses after that and just says how adorable you are.
He literally loves you so much-
It's his second favorite memory.
His first is you praising him after winning a MCC.
He doesn't talk about the MCC one because it feels more personal and he'd like to just keep that between you.
But he definitely talks about your first kiss on stream a couple times.
Tumblr media
Another fluffy and cute one.
It's all just laughs and smiles.
It's honestly just a bunch of quick kisses because neither of you can contain your laughter.
Cups your cheeks n shit because he all cute like that.
You both got pretty embarrassed.
Talks about it on stream once or twice.
He blushes sometimes just thinking about it.
Tumblr media
Asks you a bunch if you're sure and that you don't have to kiss him if you don't want to.
You shut him up by kissing him because it got annoying after a couple times.
He's a bit surprised by it but eases into the kiss fairly quickly.
Has such a huge smile on his face.
Without thinking he just says "I love you."
Not that he minded too much, he really did love you.
You said it back and he was over the moon.
Kisses all over your face after that.
Puts his hands on your upper jaw/cheek.
Doesn't talk about it on stream, too personal for him and he'd rather just share the memory with you.
Tumblr media
Kind of nervous but doesn't let it show.
Actually was a very nice and sweet kiss.
Asks if you're sure beforehand, doesn't want to make you upset in any way ever.
Holds your hand lightly.
Was a bit of a long kiss.. He just really wanted to kiss you.
Cuddles were a must afterwards.
Doesn't talk about it on Stream because It's quite personal.
Tumblr media
Was so very sweet about it.
Didn't really ask, just tried to pick up on any sign of uneasiness/discomfort.
You reassured him that It was okay though.
Holds your waist.
Tries his hardest to not scratch you with his tusks, he does.
Felt terrible about it and literally licked the blood off of you.
It was adorable.
The voices also loved it.
Tumblr media
Probably made a joke like "Stfu rn before I kiss you" and you just replied "Bet" and that's how it pretty much happened.
Was sweet about it though.
I have a feeling he'd give you an eskimo kiss just because he thinks it's cute.
Def "You're cute" is in there somewhere.
He does think you're adorable, but it can be a bit embarrassing to mention.
Jambo got jealous he wasn't getting any attention.
He got plenty of head pats and kisses, don't worry.
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basilly · 3 months ago
pretty boy || cc!mcyts x reader
Tumblr media
request: uh you said you felt like writing dabbled so might I re throw out my ideas of reader with many food allergies and/or their reactions to being called pretty/pretty boy its okay if not sorry if it seems like im pushing for the ideas too much I don't mean to sorry again -🎨
note: ok im using the pretty boy one cuz idk abt allergies too much
included: feral boys + wilbur !
pronouns: not mentioned
not edited
Tumblr media
the words came out of your mouth as a tease but dream tried to look unaffected. however, his ears were a straight giveaway, tinging red. he quickly brought up a hand to run through his hair as a defense mechanism or out of habit, he didn't know.
"thanks but you're prettier."
Tumblr media
he acts all arrogant about it- and while it did boost his ego, he definitely faltered and got a little flustered. his cheeks turn red and movements become awkward, but all with a large smile on his face. clearing his throat, he gave u a cheeky smirk.
"of course i am, that title belongs to me."
Tumblr media
this man just shuts down and becomes a full on tomato. eyelashes fluttering, eyes widening and brain losing all skills to form coherent words. hands are brought up to his face, covering his red cheeks.
"t-thanks y/n."
Tumblr media
hides his face immediately. whether it's behind his arm, in your neck, or behind his hands. the blush blooms from his nose, spreading to his entire face. his freckles are very prominent against the red pigment, his chest rumbles from erupting into a bunch of little giggles.
"am i really your pretty boy?"
Tumblr media
this little- he KNOWS how hard it is for you to compliment him because he just takes it and feeds it into his ego. similarly to sapanp though, he loves it inside. he gets all smiley and giggly, reaching out to wrap his arms around your figure.
"i better be your pretty boy- who else is there??"
Tumblr media
melts at the words but quickly his facial expression turns into a cheeky little smirk. his ears tinge the slightest red, unnoticeable if you had not been sitting besides him. he was so ready to use this moment to fluster you in the future.
"pretty boy huh?"
Tumblr media
mutual reach:
@inniterhq @dysfunctionalcrab @earthtooz @mitzimania @cherios @dreamwvrld @ttakinou @yamturds @acidtabletz
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allywritesforfun · 2 months ago
{Cutebur} Wilbur Soot x Reader
summary: we all saw that instagram post right?
pronouns: not mentioned
word count: 827
trigger warning: swearing
regular masterlist
wilbur masterlist
Tumblr media
“Hey that looks like a cool place to take some Instapics!” Wilbur called, pointing at a storage door with skeletons drawn over them.
You nodded, “That would be neat contrast. We got ten minutes to if you want to stop.”
He nodded and sped walked over there. Wilbur wasn't one to take the most aesthetically pleasing pictures. He just asked someone to take a quick shot of him doing something different in his life. But since he met you, well he started caring a little bit more. You taught him a few tips and tricks to making him look like the model he is. You loved helping him out with his social media. He has enough on his plate already.
“Here, darling,” Wilbur handed you his phone as he got into position in front of the door. He fiddled with the bottom of his shirt to make sure that it was perfect while you adjusted the cameras to fit the sunlight. “What poses should I do?”
You shrugged, “It's your Insta, Wil. You do whatever you want. I am just here to make it look decent.” You bent down to one knee, trying to see if you could get neat sun rays filtered in.
You looked up at Wilbur and gave him the thumbs up that you were ready to go. He did his thing while you did yours. You two were the perfect duo. You weren't a professional photographer or anything of the sorts, but you were still pretty damn impressive; and Wilbur was pretty damn impressive to look at. 
You got up from your knee and held the camera slightly above your forehead. It was hard to see what you were taking a picture of, but the angles do matter. Wilbur looked good from all angles but some days he preferred more than his usual. You like to give him variety.
“Work it cutie!” You yelled out to him.
Wilbur smiled at the nickname and looked down for a second, just smiling. He definitely was one for praise. Every little nickname you called him got into his head and displayed itself in a child-like smile.
“Stop looking down and look at me!” You reminded him. If it was one thing that you knew about Instagram, it was the importance of showing your features.
Wilbur continued to smile and looked up at you. His blush was clear as day and he scratched the back of his neck, still calming down from the serotonin rush you gave him. You quick took a picture and brought the phone back down to review it.
It was perfect. You covered your mouth; you were so impressed. You added a quick filter and toned it down, adding a little bit of sharpness and saving it. Wilbur never needed much touch up, he was perfect in every way; it was the background that needed a little help.
You kept staring at the photo; your little angel was so sweet. His innocent smile of happiness, exfoliating his dimples. His soft brown curls swiftly covering his loved-filled deep brown eyes. Best of yet he was all yours. You tucked his phone into your pocket and walked towards him.
“What are you-”
Wilbur was cut off by you wrapping your arms around his torso. He instantly hugged you back, resting his head atop yours. You leaned into him, signaling him to squeeze you tighter. 
“Thank you for letting me love you,” You mumbled into his chest.
You could hear his heart start to speed up, ba, ba, ba. He gently ran his right hand up and down your back and nuzzled into your cheek, “Thank you for coming into my life.” He whispered, “What is this all about?”
You moved your head for that your chin was resting against his chest, looking up at him, “You are so fucking cute. Like-cute doesn't even describe it correctly. Just, whatever good words you can think of, that’s what you are. I just can’t believe I get to go to bed and wake up seeing your beautiful self.”
Wilbur pulled back slightly to kiss your temple, “I could say the same about you.”
You only nodded back. You two stood there for a minute or so, just enjoying each other’s touch. This is one of the rare moments that you two didn't care that you were out in public and looked like some basic couple from a Hallmark movie. Wilbur eventually pulled away, not because he wanted to- no, he wanted this moment to last forever- but because he knew that you weren’t about to give him up.
He placed his hand on your cheek and leaned down to place a forceful and quick kiss on your lips. You tried holding on a little bit longer, but Wilbur softly grabbed your elbows and started to walk away with you.
“I’m guessing you got a good picture?” He asked.
You nodded and took his hand in yours, “The best.”
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sleepysoupi · a month ago
iced coffee isn’t water — sbi x fem!reader
warnings! mentions of mild caffeine addiction, stress, and anxiety.
the scratching of the graphite pencil tip writing against the paper was the only noise which filled the small bedroom. along with the occasional flipping of textbook pages and tearing off a new sticky note from its pad. papers were scattered across the desk and a few which had fallen to the floor. the garbage bin under their workspace was filled to the top with empty plastic cups of iced coffee. some half empty left by the bed side table.
y/n wasn’t exactly paying attention to how long that she kept herself in her bedroom. far too occupied with the firm objective of studying for her finals. the time slipped through her fingertips, the clock on the bottom right of her laptop ticking away as the minutes passed.
though she wasn’t certain on the duration of time she spent rereading and writing new notes, it must’ve been awhile since she took a break. the words from the heavy textbook seemed to float off the pages. the small text written didn’t seem to imprint themselves into her brain like how y/n would’ve liked them too.
“h- how?!” y/n groaned to herself from pure frustration after messing up the practice test. her hands gripped at the roots of her hair, tugging at them to relieve some of the anger that she was experiencing.
just like her brothers, all she ever wanted to do was impress her dad. getting his approval was the biggest achievement. she felt like a failure while staring at the fat 5/10 that was glowing off the screen. y/n swore that she knew and studied the material, yet here she was with a fifty percent on the quiz.
the back of her hands rubbed the exhaustion away from her eyes. her eyelids felt heavier than usual, begging for sleep and some rest. instead, she rubbed her temples before grabbing the large cup of ice coffee. y/n took a long sip of the beverage, feeling the cold sweet bitterness of the liquid trickle down her throat.
her fingertips ran across the top edge of the laptop before slamming it shut. a breath of anger blew out from her lips before she leaned into the back of her chair. she picked up the pen that laid on the notebook, giving the end a click before diving back into relearning the course lessons.
none of the chemical equations seemed to make sense. none of the random coefficients, chemical formulas, subscripts and superscripts added up in her head. she didn’t understand how and why it was like that.
“i hate this,” she huffed, feeling tears starting to brim her eyes. the grip on the pen tightened as she tried to keep the pity tears from falling down. y/n scribbled across the paper in reaction, just to avoid crying over chemistry.
her eyes trailed from the scribbled paper towards the small sticky notes which she placed on her bedroom walls by the desk. on each of the individual stickies was a reason to continue her studying.
make dad proud!
be better than techno
be a good role model for tommy
dad would be proud of you!
be like wilbur
school is the most important thing
they were the same as the thoughts which were slowly tearing herself apart inside. all she ever wanted to be was enough to make dad proud of her. no more disappointed looks. no more “you’ll get it next time!”. no more being a failure. all she wanted to experience is him asking how it went and then giving her a tight hug and saying that they’re going to get dinner in celebration. she’s seen it happen with techno multiple times and a few times with wilbur. she wanted her own turn at it.
her chest rose and fell at a fast pace, y/n falling back into the deep hole of thoughts in her mind. thoughts that twisted and tugged her like a rag doll. thoughts that were debatable on being either motivational or personal degradation.
a light knock on her door ripped her out of her deep thought trance. she wiped away whatever threatening tears from her eyes, spinning in chair to face the door, “come in!”
the door knob twisted open to reveal wilbur and techno standing in the door way. both of her older brothers were extremely tall, their heads just barely hitting the top of the frame. wilbur had a pair of dark basketball shorts and a crew neck on. whilst techno wore a pair of grey sweats and a graphic tee, his long pink hair tied into a messy low bun.
they looked tired, it must’ve been late. techno held a small plate of something, she wasn’t able to get the perfect view of it.
“h- hi,” y/n mumbled, awkwardly stretching her arms and placing the pen back down on her desk.
wilbur looked around the room, it looked like a tornado hit it considering the amount of papers, clothing, and garbage that was around.
“it smells like something died in here,” wilbur sighed. he unfolded the plastic bag from his pocket, shaking it to open it fully. he walked towards the dresser by her bed. he grabbed the multiple cups of empty or half full of iced coffee and tossed it into the garbage bag.
techno balanced the plate of his forearm while he moved a few things on her desk. he made a small space to place the plate of mixed fruit, a sandwich and a few biscuits. he looked down at his sister, frowning slightly at her obviously sleep deprived self. he placed a gentle hand on the top of her head, brushing away the loose strand of hair that fell from her ponytail, “you should take a break, n/n.” he told her.
her eyes widened before she quickly shook her head, “i can’t do that! i have an exam in…” y/n paused to look at the date on her phone screen, it was 11:46 pm, “in two days, t! i cant sleep, i need to memorize al- all of this!” she exclaimed. her hands showing off the many handouts and printed lessons.
“hi!” tommy giggled, he peered from the side of the bedroom door. he had dad standing behind him. tommy waddled into the room, his hands holding tightly onto a water bottle. he made his way to y/n, handing her the water.
phil lifted tommy from the ground and hoisted him onto his hip, “when was the last time you slept?” he asked his daughter.
she gave him a blank expression. he sighed, “thats it, kiddo.” he handed tommy to techno. techno held onto his baby brother, while tommy’s hands went straight to playing with his pink hair.
phil picked up a handful of the papers, stacking them nicely onto the desk. putting the extra pens into its holder. overall just quickly cleaning her desk space. he pulled out a hoodie from her closet along with a pair of sweats, “you’re heading to bed now, after you eat and drink water. you need to stay hydrated and you need your rest.”
“but why? dad, you do realize i have a test, lik- like an exam, right?” she said, putting a heavy emphasis on the word exam. he shrugged,
“but you, your well-being, mental health, and physical health comes first.” dad explained, “eating, taking breaks, staying hydrated, and getting rest is just as and if not more important than studying itself.”
“hes right, you know,” wilbur chimed in after disposing of all the iced coffee cups, “and for your information, y/n, iced coffee isn’t water.”
she rolled her eyes at him, “we- well water is used to make coffee so like, technically there is water in coffee.”
“technically yes, but then you have to consider the milk and creamer they add, and the sugars, and syrups…” techno added on, taking wilbur and dad’s side on this argument.
y/n let out a breath of defeat, well knowing that she wasn’t going to win. she looked at the plate of food and the water.
phil placed his hand on her shoulder, “you’re gonna feel so much better after.”
she slowly nodded before grabbing the sandwich to take a bite out of it. y/n didn’t exactly realize how hungry she was until she took the first bite. the food was satisfying and delicious. her body was thanking her for finally supplying herself with actual food and fuel compared to caffeine.
“tommy, you can’t have that,” techno scolded his brother who was reaching for the berries on the plate, “it’s her food, not yours.”
wilbur laughed at the blonde, he pouted at his older brothers. his big blue eyes were glossy and his bottom lip trembled.
“oh, tommy,” wilbur cooed, “don’t cry, also why are you up? it’s actually your bed time, let’s go.” he motioned to techno to follow him out the bedroom. the three brothers left her room, to mainly give y/n and dad space but also to put tommy to bed.
she smiled to herself after finishing the plate. she cracked open the water bottle to wash down the food. the cold water trickling down the back of her throat, ridding off all the sugar from the iced coffee along with the food.
“better, huh?” dad chuckled. he sat on the foot of her bed while she ate, just to make sure that she would actually eat.
she nodded, “thank you, dad.”
“it’s my job as your dad to make sure you’re taking care of yourself. now, it’s time for you to get some actual rest, okay?”
y/n gave him a thumbs up. he placed a kiss on the top of her hair, “i’m proud of you, n/n, i always am. get some sleep, you deserve it.” he soon left her room to give her back her privacy.
happiness erupted like fireworks in her gut as she changed into the comfortable new clothes. she crawled into her bed, the pillows nice and cold to her head. blankets fluffed and welcoming. within seconds her eyes fell heavy and she quickly slipped into the desired slumber that her body was begging for.
techno and wilbur peeped into her room after putting tommy to sleep. the light on her desk was still on, but she was hidden and snuggled into the pile of blankets, pillows, and plushies on her bed. wilbur gave techno a high five,
“we seriously are the best brothers ever,” wilbur whispered to techno as he lifted the dirty dishes from her desk.
techno chuckled, turning off her desk light, “it was my idea though, so i’m just better than you.”
“oh shut up,” wilbur scoffed playfully as the two walked out of her room. techno carefully closed to door behind himself,
“you know it’s true.”
“well, do you know that you are just full of yourself twenty-four seven.”
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lavenderjacobs · 5 months ago
helo i hope your doing okay..i saw a tiktok of when karl fell asleep on stream and woke up and got really..i don’t wanna say embarrassed so i’m gonna say flustered and i was wondering if you could do someone about the same situation but the reader falls asleep on the ppl you writes for(not all of them of course) stream and waking up a little embarrassed? i linked the video and that was so long omg i’m so sorry <3
summary: it’s late. you’ve had a long day. but you still agreed to come hang out on their stream. which eventually leads to you falling asleep on them. 
wc: 0,5K
a/n: thank u so much for requesting! i loved writing this, it was a lot of fun :] (and thanks for showing me that tiktok hehe i loved it, karl’s adorable omg) ALSO this was my first time writing Jack i really enjoyed it :)
Tumblr media
. Wilbur
. as soon as he notices, he just holds you a bit tighter, pulling you closer to his chest
. would totally shield your face from the camera bc he doesn’t want chat to notice
. he just wouldn’t bring it up at all and if chat mentions it he’d just go
. “chat don’t be mean, they’ve had a really long day and it’s understandable that they’re tired. regardless, they look very cute when they sleep so who’s complaining really...” 
. he movements become way more slow and his tone becomes softer when he talks
. when you wake up again he giggles at how cute and disoriented you look
. “chat look who woke up! little sleepyhead! little baby sleepyhead!!”
Tumblr media
. Karl
. he gasps when he sees that you’ve dozed off in his arms
. suprised pikachu face
. he shuffles closer to the mic, trying his hardest not to wake you up with his movements
. “chat! chat! y/n just fell asleep! can you believe it? they’re so cute what the honk” he wispers into the mic
. he’ll probably end up waking you up accidentally and feel really bad
. “i didn’t mean to wake you up baby i’m sorry!” he says while pouting and hugging you tightly
Tumblr media
. Dream
. oh the benefits of being faceless...
. the amount of times you’ve sat in his lap while he streamed, resting your face on his shoulder, while he plays with your hair on the rare occasions he has a free hand
. he loves having you there with him, streaming can be stressful but feeling your steady breathing and heartbeat calms him down
. there’s something so special about it to him, being able to look down and see the most perfect human being ever, yet nobody knowing you’re there
. “why am i talking quiet? i- am i? i don’t think i am guys”
Tumblr media
. Georgenotfound
. poor george
. he’s absolutely clueless on what to do
. when he notices his eyes immediatly flash to the camera
. pure panic in his eyes
. chat thinks it’s incredibly funny but he’s actually freaking out
. “okay i’m just gonna- i think i’m just gonna wake them up chat i- what? no? THEN WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THIS IS MESSED UP-”
Tumblr media
. Sapnap
. Sapnao will literally go through hell to make sure you don't wake up
. "guys if ANYBODY does something stupid and wakes y/n up i will not hesitate to stab a bitch"
. literally is afraid to move
. if one of his chaotic friends wakes you up (whether that is by accident or not) their days will be counted.
. "i will literally kill you i'm not even kidding."
Tumblr media
. Jack Manifold
. *pogs at the camera*
. acts all funny and joke-y about it but is screaming on the inside
. "that moment when they fall asleep on you and you don't know what to do ha ha ha am i right chat? ha ha ha"
. after he has had the time to take the situation in, he actually melts a bit
. "i think this is sweet actually. this is just very pog. NO I'M NOT A SIMP- CHAT PLEASE"
. when you wake up by him screaming he just blames chat.
. "NOW look what you've done guys >:("
Tumblr media
taglist: @oh-mcyt @sunshinee-nana @marvelsmurphy
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heartkarl · 28 days ago
wilbur x reader where the reader is jack manifold’s (or any of the brit streamers, jack is just the one that came to mind lol) older sibling and they meet during a vlog and just like instantly fall in love so the whole vlog just turns into wilbur and reader flirting
༊*·˚⤻ 𝐡𝒆𝒂𝐫𝐭, 𝐦𝒊𝐧𝐝 !wilbursoot‧₊˚ :
Tumblr media
➳❥ 𝒙𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 // 𝗜𝗡𝗙𝗢!!
Jack’s overprotective brother dynamic won’t get in the way of love at first sight!
₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ 𝒊𝐦𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐭 // 𝗦𝗢𝗡𝗚𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗞!!
heart mind, by Kodak Black!! listen along! <3
₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ 𝒆𝐱𝐭𝐫𝒂 // 𝗧𝗛𝗔𝗡𝗞𝗬𝗢𝗨<3
Tumblr media
If there was one thing you knew for certain, it was that your younger brother hated being told no. Especially when it came to requests pertaining to his usage of your presence for content's sake.
And as per usual, Jack’s constant heckling had turned out to be quite annoying, eventually leading to you agreeing to be the sole star in another one of his Vlog Extravaganza’s. Truthfully, you loved hanging with him, Tom, and Ranboo, as it was always a pleasure being graced by their Cum/Penis based jokes.
As such, you ended up being squashed between two peculiarly tall lads, while your annoying little brother cracked jokes, en route to pick up the final member of your patented Vlog Squad. And according to Jack, it was someone fairly unfamiliar to you.
Not unfamiliar to the rest of your clique, but someone you’d never met before. Wilbur immediately came to mind as the prime suspect, making you anxiously awaiting his nearing arrival. It wasn’t like you hadn’t heard of him before, but his reputation and enchanting good looks made your heart race.
So, as Jack’s car halted to a stop in front of Will’s flat, you felt the sudden urge to make sure every aspect of your appearance was practically perfect - this caught Tom’s immediate attention, forcing a sly remark of; “Y/n stop primping Wilbur’s already in love with the grind.” You playfully elbowed Tommy’s side, earning an over exaggerated “Ow you prick!”
Meanwhile, Wilbur took his rightful spot of shotgun in Jack’s passenger seat, greeting his three friends who occupied the rest of the car. But when his eyes landed on you - oh my - it’s like something burst inside of his heart, like all of a sudden his heart and his mind were suddenly in sync.
Both set on one objective, winning yours over as well. Call it love at first sight! He was completely starstruck, speechless even. Pure beauty sat a few feet away from him, and he didn’t know what to do or say.
Thankfully, Tommy’s constant need to get on your nerves kicked in, as he tried to get Wilbur to tell you off for elbowing him. “Willllllllll, they elbowed me! Cmon, do your big brotherly duties, tell ‘em off!” Wilbur spun all the way around in his seat, and in response to Tommy he stated the following.
“Well Tommy, seems like they had a good reason to.” Tommy’s mouth went agape, as he looked to Ranboo to see if what was happening was truly a reality.
You laughed, grateful for Wilbur taking your side in the altercation. He further introduced himself, offering a hand for you to shake. “The names Wilbur, Wilbur Soot. But you probably already knew that.” He was surprisingly sly for someone who plays Minecraft for a living, as your hand met his, he took the initiative of carefully placing a kiss on your knuckles.
Of course, this sent Tommy And Ranboo into a fit, as they pelted Jack, who’d been unbeknownst and focused on driving, with: “JACK JACK HURRY WILL’S TRYING TO WOO YOUR SISTER!” Manifold’s gaze immediately left the road, matching that of Wilbur’s hand in yours. Quite like a banshee, he belted. “Ay! Hands off my sister, you Tory lover!”
An insult that you didn’t quite understand at first, and one that didn’t seem to really phase Wilbur. He reluctantly released his soft grasp upon your hand as he winked at you, before turning around and giving his attention back to Jack who’d been berating him on ‘Why You’re Not Allowed To Flirt With My Sister 101’.
Tommy and Ranboo would occasionally join in on the conversation every so often, to which Will would reply with, “Yeah,” Uh huh,” or “For sure.” Until the five of you finally reached your destination. You were informed of the details a few days prior to the other few boys, so you were sort of prepared for the sort of content the boys were going to film. A lie detector’s test for all of you prominent Internet people to take, what could possibly go wrong?
So, you helped Jack unpack the equipment from the trunk of his car, allowing the other three boys to head inside the studio to set up. But of course, Wilbur was there to offer his hand in assistance, seeing as you were sort of struggling with the equipment. You graciously handed over the cameras, as he explained. “Don’t worry hun, I’ve got it.”
His smile, as well his tone of voice, sent butterflies barreling in your stomach. He was quite a bit taller, and seemingly stronger than you, and having him help you so effortlessly was weirdly attractive. And after he’d made sure Jack was completely out of sight, he leaned down to flirtatiously whisper to you.
He knew your shyness was a bit of an obstacle, and he was there to reassure you. “Don’t worry darling, no matter how much Jack might make you wanna think, I don’t bite.” An assortment of giggles left your lips, much to Will’s entertainment, as he led you into the studio where Tom, Jack, and Ranboo were already being told the instructions of the lie detector.
Jack caught sight of you walking with Wilbur, and patted the seat directly beside him. In an overbearing voice, he stated. “Cmere Y/n, sit down by your dear brother.” You rolled your eyes playfully, taking the seat where he’d suggested. Wilbur was the first to be hooked up to the lie detector machine, which you saw coming from a mile away, having him confidently sat with the wires hooked to his arm.
He was for sure going to be berated by Jack with questions about you, and - hell - he was just happy to even be talking about you. It was sort of a meta thing, by talking about you he was initially working his way into your heart, right? Right! And as such, Jack’s first question of the session was;
“Wilbur, do you think my sister’s hot?”
Your cheeks instantly tinged with colors of red and pink, while Will took no longer than a second to answer the query in question. “Yes.” A few seconds later, the lie detector proctor confirmed his answer with a thumbs up. Jack practically sprung from his seat, shouting at Wilbur. “Nope! Nope! Incorrect, the answer is no!” Tommy and Ranboo found the entire ideal hilarious, egging Jack on.
Will ran his fingers through his hair, smugly replying with. “What can I say, I’ve got good taste.”
After a few more minutes of bickering, Jack sat back down and the questions continued. They consisted of Jack and his entourage of Y/n x Wilbur haters throwing questions like, “Wilbur did you know that Y/n is a Dream stan?” “Will if you and Y/n get together can I come along on your dates?” and “Do you really wanna date someone who hasn’t memorized all of Pebble Brain?”
His answers were more or less similar, earning outrageous responses from your overprotective brother. That was until it was your turn to ask a question, and even if you’d only known him for a few hours you felt something special between the two of you. So, you confidently questioned. “Do you really wanna date someone you met just a few hours ago?”
And with every once of sincerity he had, he agreed. “Yes, sweetheart. I really really do.“ As expected, it was confirmed to be true. No matter how many times Jack was opposed to the idea of it, or how much Tommy teased you, you and Will were going to be an amazing couple.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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