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earthtooz · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝘗𝘈𝘐𝘙𝘐𝘕𝘎 : c!technoblade x gn!reader, howl's moving castle au! alternatively, wizard!techno x enchanter!reader
𝘚𝘠𝘕𝘖𝘗𝘚𝘐𝘚 : a love potion gone wrong reveals some... hidden feelings a certain wizard has for you. 3.3k words, fluff with a lil angst </3
𝘞𝘈𝘙𝘕𝘐𝘕𝘎𝘚 : mentions of kissing, one suggestive joke but it's not explicit at all, love potions... yah!
𝘈𝘜𝘛𝘏𝘖𝘙 ‘𝘚 𝘕𝘖𝘛𝘌𝘚 : this is my present for my beautiful @blxux's birthday!! i'm sorry to say that this definitely isn't my best work,,, but i did have a lot of fun writing it! (i’ve been working on this since the crack of dawn blux and i'm still not happy with it, i'm so sorry 😭) a lot of this story will be based on howl's moving castle, aspects from the movie and the book! ofc it will still make sense without knowledge of the media but hey, i won't stop anyone! enjoy <3 this isn't the last you'll see of technohowl ;)
Tumblr media
the marketplace was bustling with many individuals, the voices of merchants booming over the chatter of the curious crowds who eagerly seek the stalls for their desired products.
you were included in those who keenly scanned the displayed items, looking out for a specific ingredient; for a potion you'd been wanting to brew for the longest time.
however, fortunately for you, you managed to beat the busiest hour, and was now eager to return back to your abode, with new ingredients sat snug in your basket.
but just as you enter a small, less bustling avenue, you crash into someone who turns the corner the same time as you. thankfully, a hand grips your wrist just in time and you recover rather quickly.
"i'm sorry i wasn't looking where i was-" you begin to splutter out before meeting the familiar face of a pink-haired wizard you know too well. he flashes you an extravagant smile. "technoblade?"
"are you alright?" his concerned voice asks as he fixed the blue and pink diamond patterned jacket that draped over his shoulders.
"i'm okay, thanks to you. i didn't beat you up too badly, did i?"
"no damage, no bruises, i'm okay."
"what are you doing here?"
"i could ask you the same thing. i see cherry blossom honey and sweet elixir in that basket of yours. just what are you up to?"
"if you must know," you weaved the handle of your basket through your arm, "i'm making a love potion-"
technoblade raises his eyebrows curiously, the corners of his lips twitching up into a smile and you know he's not going to let you off the hook. you silence him.
"no. it's not for anyone. don't give me that look. besides, you know how dangerous love potions can be, i'm brewing them for practice sakes."
"what do you need practice for? you graduated madame sullivan's school ages ago."
"yes, unlike you, mr runaway."
you laughed, "so, what're you up to?"
"i was going to the markets for a stroll, maybe grocery shopping, but now that you've caught my attention with a love potion, i can't help but be intrigued with tagging along."
"fine, but once we get back to my place, don't be stupid."
"am i ever?"
you gave him a pointed look, "like the one time you swallowed a star and gave up your heart in exchange?"
"yes, but," technoblade's hand hovers over where your sternum is, "you gave it back to me, did you not? besides, who are you without steve?"
"literally, yes i gave it back to you. what can i say? got tired of mister-eats-helpless-girl's-hearts here and had enough of angry grandmas chasing after you in the street," you shrugged nonchalantly, making a reference to the old days when technoblade was... quite the character.
he practically devoured the bachelor's lifestyle, living as a restless young man who couldn't help but want to make someone fall in love with him before briefly leaving their lives. before that, techno was a promising wizard who trained beside you as an apprentice with madame sullivan but one day he left without a trace, no note, no letter. next you heard of him, he was charming anyone and everyone.
apparently he also dyed his hair pink and bedazzled himself in ridiculous amounts of jewellery. you didn't believe it until you saw him next.
it wouldn't be two years later until you reunited with him, in a crazy 'castle' that he calls home. steve was the very personable fire that kept the whole machine running, you later found out that steve was the star technoblade had saved from death by merging his heart. the rest is history.
the walk back to your home is short. you make small conversation with the wizard, often filling the silence in between as people rushed past you in the streets. the sun was beginning to dip below the horizon, painting the sky in lovely hues of orange, pink and yellow.
once you arrive at your home, you're quick to drop off your goods near your brewing table, where the book you discovered earlier today printed with countless recipes laid open on the exact page. techno takes off his cardigan and hangs it on a coat hanger nearby, rolling up the sleeves of his loose, white shirt.
"would you like some tea first?"
"i can make it, that way you can set up whatever it is you need."
with that, he slips away into your kitchen, familiar with the layout of your home. you hear the clanking noises of him preparing tea and soon enough, the teapot begins to whistle it's shrill song. just as you finished your alchemy stand.
"now, i need you to take a seat and don't mess around. love potions can be very dangerous, even inhaling its fumes has consequences and we don't want that for you now, do we?" you instructed. techno obliges, taking a seat in an antique chair in the corner of the room, crossing his legs.
"what about you?" he asks.
"it won't have any effects on the user."
"i won't take the risk then."
you gather all the required ingredients as described by the book, measuring the exact amounts for everything. as dangerous as a love potion was, it wasn't technically difficult to make. truthfully, that was the most alarming part, that even reckless enchanters could create this and it would have the most dangerous effects on whoever they intended it for.
around half an hour later, the potion nears done. you drop in the final sprinkles of dying stardust and the luxurious red of the concoction fades into a soft, glossy pink. when a pink smoke begins to emit from the bottle, you immediately screw the cap over it and open a window to let the fumes that managed to escape out, before they could effect technoblade.
"i think i'm done," you muttered, holding up the glass vial to eye level and inspecting it.
it was beautiful, you had to admit. no other brew you could think of had the same, alluring pink mixture, swirling with seductive danger. it was as if you were looking into aphrodite's soul.
you bring it up to technoblade's face and he makes a face of pleasant surprise, inspecting the vial closer. you notice that the pink was the same colour as his pink hair, all you had to do was add glitter to his locks and the wizard would become a love potion himself.
not that he needed one at all to assist with making people fall in love with him.
you're never going to let him down for that.
"it's beautiful," he comments, observing you as you secure the vial in a rack, "what're you going to do with it now?"
"honestly? i have no idea. i don't have a use for it, probably keep it in my storage of forbidden potions-"
comically, just as fate would have it, you didn't register anything that happened next until it was too late because how on earth could this happen to you? it was ridiculous enough that you wanted to laugh but it was too late to do so, because without giving you any time to register that it happened, a shrill 'sqwauk' came from outside and the sound of a collision with your glass beakers filled your senses.
shatters of the dainty material reverberate through the room and your heart drops immediately when you see the pink substance on the floor, its dangerous fumes rising from the puddle into a large cloud that fills the room. you look at technoblade who is just as shocked as you and you know that it's too late to try and prevent him.
there's no time to fret over your destroyed alchemy set and the feathers that the menacing bird left behind as evidence to its crimes as you shove technoblade back into the arm chair and he simply obliges without complaints.
"i'm sorry, but i need to do this," you muttered guiltily, retrieving a bundle of rope from a nearby supply closet. they weren't supposed to be used to tie... a man... down but hey, they were the best you had.
"there's nothing to be ashamed of," techno mutters in a tone far too lucrative for your liking. you smack him on the head as you use your magic to tie him to the chair with tight knots.
you've heard about many messy experiences with love potions. most commonly, it could end with obsession, dangerous attachment or reckless passion and you did not need to experience that with technoblade. no matter how attractive he was to you, you would never ever consider something as scandalous as a love potion.
not only because the brew could never replicate true love and intimacy, for it was impossible, but you hated forcing him to act against his will.
however, for a man that just inhaled a love potion, he's rather calm about it as technoblade's ruby red eyes watch you frantically pace around the room, trying to figure out a cure.
"what's got you so worked up?" he asks light-heartedly, attempting to ease the tension in the room.
you weren't having any of it though, "shut up. just, shut up."
flicking through every page possible in the book, you were desperate to find some sort of remedy but only despairing further when you couldn't find anything, not even close and you want to cry.
"y/n, please calm down. i can feel your stress all the way here."
"how are you okay right now? you know the effects a love potion can have! they're dangerous and not to be meddled with- oh goodness, i shouldn't have ever let you come back with me."
"if it makes you feel any better," he begins, only continuing when you turn around to meet his eyes, "you're not the worst person to fall in love with."
ignoring the way his sentence made butterflies erupt in your stomach, you groan in frustration. "the potion is already kicking in. i might be too late."
"no, i'm speakin' from the heart. we've been friends for a long time and i trust you."
technoblade looks at you with sincerity swimming in his irises, his lips coaxing a gentle smile to appear on his expression and you fear you might lose this side of him forever. so, you'll spend your last, valuable minutes with him before who knows what.
you sit down on a smaller stool beside him with your alchemy book in your arms.
"i'm sorry," you muttered and he shakes his head.
"you have nothin' to be sorry for."
an hour passes and the time is filled with a nice, casual conversation between the two of you, discussing things that weren't the predicament you've found yourselves in. it was nice. he always had that ability to distract you from whatever it was that was working you up and as the time passes and the moon crawls higher into the sky, you almost forget about the situation you were in.
because it's been a long time since the effects should've started kicking in and he had yet to show any symptoms of lovesickness.
"maybe you brewed it incorrectly?" techno suggests.
"impossible! i followed it perfectly and got the end result that i was looking for!" you exclaimed, opening the book again and finding the page in no time.
you read through it once more, the description, the required ingredients and the instructions- everything that you followed to the utmost precision! then a smaller passage of text on the next page catches your eye.
the love potion will have no effects if the consumer is already in love with the brewer.
it's silent. so silent, a needle could drop and it would be heard. you look up at technoblade slowly, with a racing heart that refused to believe that perhaps, he was already in love with you? no, no, that was a ridiculous notion, right?
his awkward laugh tells you otherwise.
"so... am i safe to come out of this chair now?" the pink-haired wizard asks, avoiding eye contact.
you untie all the knots, working in a torturous silence as you desperately scavenged your mind for the right words to say to him. there were none.
the second he stands up from the chair, finally free of his confinements, technoblade turns to face you with a look of distraught and devastation as he rubs his now sensitive skin. there's an electric tension in the air and it sparks the both of you alive. neither do something about it though.
he raises his hand towards you, as if wanting to touch you but technoblade stops himself halfway there, retracting his limb and returning it to his side, where it laid dormant. useless.
"goodnight, y/n," he whispers in a quick breath before making a bolt for the door.
you react a second too late, chasing after him but he had already grabbed his coat off the hanger, now opening the door.
"don't run away from this!" you begged, following him into the streets.
the pink-haired wizard spares you one last glance before he flicks his cardigan, disappearing into a cloud of smoke. just like that, he was gone.
you were going to give him a piece of your mind next time you saw him.
it was almost sundown the next day when you finally mustered the courage to face technoblade. the events of yesterday replayed in your mind constantly and you memorised the way his face contorted into one of
that slimy, little bastard, of course he'd leave you in this kind of predicament and not even bother to answer the door when you knocked, despite the fact that you knew he was on the other side.
"i know you're there, techno. come on out, we need to talk about this sooner or later," you said sternly to the door and a breath later, you heard the trademark clicking sound, signifying that his door was now unlocked.
the technoblade that greets you is a mess. he still tries to present himself, as he always does since he's big on appearance, but his hair is slightly dishevelled and he's missing a few of his piercings, an indication of how little effort he's put into himself today. you feel terrible, especially for the lack of glimmer there was in his eyes.
he still tries to smile though.
"hi," you greeted.
"come inside?"
"no, i much prefer standing outside whilst having this discussion with you," you sarcastically mentioned as you entered his cluttered abode. he shuts the door promptly behind you.
"could i get you something to drink, maybe?" he weakly asks, trying to keep up his perfect manners but techno doesn't need to keep the facade up for you.
"y'know what, fine. i'll have some tea, thank you but after that, we stop avoiding this."
the pink-haired nods, reluctantly albeit, but he agrees and his word is his word.
you take a seat in his living room, glancing around the place- as if you hadn't memorised it years ago- whilst trying to keep yourself occupied. it felt like technoblade was taking his time making your tea but nevertheless, it arrives and there' two humble cups and a teapot with intricate designs painted on.
he's always been a mean collector.
"when?" your voice is small, nothing like the demanded assertiveness you kept up when you arrived at his door a few minutes ago.
"oh, we're really starting it off-"
"-stop dodging the question."
the wizard sighs, "a while ago, started when i first saw you again after the academy."
"yeah. forgot about how much i missed you until then and you were... you were lovely. lovely is nowhere near good enough to describe you."
your cheeks heat up at his compliment and he notices how you become slightly flustered. it's in the way you refuse to make eye contact with him and how you slightly press your lips together. he's adored you for the longest time. he had grown affections for you when you were young children and a few years later, welcomed back the lovely burn he felt in his heart whenever he thought you. it seems as though nothing had changed.
"yesterday when i saw you, the only reason i wanted to come back to your home with you was to see what you were going to do with the love potion."
"what do you mean?"
"i knew you were brewing a love potion long before you told me and i was admittedly jealous. i wanted to find out who it was meant for."
you sit in silence for a little, as if unable to process his claims.
"what you said yesterday about trusting me. is that still true, even now?" you asked and technoblade blinks once, then twice before giving you his answer.
"of course."
"then tell me the honest truth."
the truth was that he'd fallen in love with you countless moons ago, and his affections have only doubled in size, never relenting to the sheer comfort that was your love.
lovesickness was a illness he'll never recover from, but he doesn't really want to either, because it's you and he couldn't ever hate anything about you.
he has to tell you that now. he can't let some stupid love potion outshine him in extravagance.
standing up from the couch with newfound confidence, technoblade offers you his hand to take and his heart soars when your touch creeps into his. it's a balm to the scab that had infected his ego as a result of yesterday's events.
he leads you up the many flights of stairs, through countless corridors that you both have memorised, and finally arrived at a balcony area which overlooked acres of free, natural plains that no one has dared to touch and honestly, you hoped the fields would remain that way.
you had fond memories of walking along these trails with techno, talking about nothing and everything as flowers begun to bloom around you, decorating your path. you remember the giddiness you felt being with him, how your heart would increase whenever your hands subtly brushed against each other's or the way you couldn't help but smile widely whenever he offered you a rose.
perhaps, just like the flowers around you, the love you had for each other began to blossom into something more.
the sun was beginning to set and the orange, pink and yellow hues of the sunset sky took over. it  reminded you of yesterday.
"the sky is beautiful," you muttered off-handedly, smiling widely as you looked up at the natural phenomenon that painted the clouds.
"nothing compared to you," technoblade says. you glance up at him, admiring at the way the golden sun glowed on his skin because somehow, it made him look softer and more alive. technoblade truly was a masterpiece and how desperately you wished to be an artist so you could capture at least a fraction of his beauty.
alas, you weren't an artist who could paint, no, you were an alchemist who severely messed up.
you hear the pink-haired inhale deeply beside you before spluttering out, "surely you must know by now."
his words are rushed and unintelligible, yet when you meet his gaze, he looks at you with such wonder and fondness in eyes. it strikes your heart in its softest places and steals your breath away, all whilst techno looks at you as if you're the only thing that mattered in this world.
"how you have bewitched me by casting an unending love spell on me that has bound my heart to you forever. although my heart is a fickle, unwanted thing, it is something i am willing to give up once more and gift it to you to do whatever you wish," technoblade confesses. "destroy it, stomp it, kiss it, it is yours. all i want is to know how you feel."
you looked away with a fond smile, gazing back at the skyline as the pink-haired anxiously awaited your answer after graciously pouring all of himself to you. he hates every second that is silent and curiously observes your every move.
"i don't want your heart," you finally said before intertwining your hand with his. "i just want you, and that is all that matters to me."
technoblade's chest bursts with affection and adoration, "i was yours long ago."
"how come i didn't know?"
"all you had to do was ask."
"ask you say? how would you feel about kissing me?"
"it would be my honour."
Tumblr media
i'm gonna regret posting this so much when i look at this later,,, still don't think it's my best work,,, but i hope you enjoyed nonetheless! like i said, hopefully i get a chance at redemption with the later technohowl fics ;) yes there's more coming.
so uh, reblogs, likes, comments, thoughts r appreciated! and if you enjoy my writing, consider giving me a follow! until then, i'll see you next time <3
- earth
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slut4dream · 21 hours ago
inspired by dream’s priv tweet
when your boyfriend wakes up with a headache and a temperature one morning, you know precisely what the next two days will entail. he sleeps almost non-stop, cocooned inside two layers of blankets that you tucked him into, stirring only when you bring him a tray of warm chicken noodle soup, ginger tea, and aspirin every few hours.
“i ran you a bath,” you say, watching his eyes gleam with child-like delight.
he slips out of the safety of his nest, his tall, wiry frame teetering slightly when he gets to his feet after being horizontal for so many consecutive hours. “join me?” he asks with naivety, and for you it’s not even a question.
you slip into the steaming water first, leaning back against the sloping edge of the tub. dream climbs in after you, curling up between your legs, his smooth, toned back pressed against your chest.
dream sighs as your thumbs rub gentle circles into his freckled shoulders, tense yet weak muscles relaxing under your hands. they’re tight from carrying the weight of the entire world. your fingertips travel to his hair, burrowing into his roots, grazing his scalp softly, slowly, carefully. his eyes fall shut, and all he knows is the way the hot water envelops him, and the way your fingers work his hair and he’s almost certain he can see heaven.
your lips are chaste as they meet dream’s pale shoulder, then his neck after that. i love you. that’s what he hears even though you don’t utter the words themselves— you don’t have to.
“thank you for taking care of me,” he whispers— his words are only for you.
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sugarrbbee · a day ago
Can you please do headcanons of the reader taking care of the feral boys when they're sick please?
Sick Days
Tumblr media
Includes: Dream, George, Sapnap, Karl, Quackity, and Wilbur
Pronouns: Gender neutral
Notes: I wanted to include Wilbur too so I added him even though you didn't request him, I hope that's alright
Warnings: Mention of throw up and sickness (obviously)
Dream would not and I mean not accept he's sick
"It's just a little cough I'm fine"
Then the fever hits and he still denies it
"I just run hot"
And then you find him on the bathroom floor after he had just threw up in the toilet
The moment he accepts he's sick, he's turned into being dramatic
"I'm dying, Y/n. Help me"
No, he's not, but he's going to act like he is
When you led him to the bedroom so he could lay down, he ever so dramatically dropped down on the bed
You had to resist the urge to laugh while telling him you'll go grab some medicine
Once he took the medicine, after glaring at it and not wanting to take it, he wanted you to lay down with him
And you of course agreed because the poor baby is sick
He would so lay with his head in the crook of your neck and would groan due to the horrible feeling of being sick
Eventually, he fell asleep after the feeling of your fingers running through his hair comforted him and lulled him to sleep
Overall, he denies he's sick at first but once he accepts it he is very much dramatic
George gets very clingy
Like he wants to be with you constantly but he can't because you made him stay in bed while you were making him soup
The soup was for his stomach ache, you hoped it would help because it always helped you
But the second you come back with the soup he excitedly sits up only to groan because of the headrush
"You should feed me"
You were going to, thinking he was serious, but he took the bowl out of your hands saying he was joking
He would go through this process: lay his head on your shoulder, lift his head up and eat some soup, go back to laying his head on your shoulder
That process was repeated until the soup was gone
After it was gone, he set the bowl down on the table and wouldn't let you get up to take care of it
He insisted on cuddling you and guilt-tripped you into it, saying it would make him feel better
"Please, it will make me feel better"
How can you say no? That's right, you can't
The entire time he's sick he always says cuddling will make him feel better so that's basically all you do because he's clingy
He would complain so much and refuse to take medicine
"It tasted horrible"
"Just take it, you child"
That resulted in Sapnap pouting at you and taking it just to prove you wrong
But the face he made showed pure disgust
After he took the medicine he refused to lay down and went about his day like he wasn't sick
Which led to him falling asleep at his desk and you have to drag him to bed
He really didn't want to sleep but you made him
Or more threatened to never kiss him again if he didn't stay in bed
Mans laid down face first in the bed so fast
"If I have to lay down, you do too"
So expect to stay with him in bed all day as you either read, go on your phone, or do something on your laptop
He used the having to stay in bed thing as an excuse not to get up so you had to get him water, medicine, and snacks
You didn't mind though, because that meant he got comfortable while laying in bed which led to him being tired and falling asleep
But the time he was awake he was whining, groaning, and complaining the entire time about how he hates being sick
Karl woke up in the morning feeling horrible and when you woke up next to him, he told you
You insisted he stayed in bed while you ran to the store to get medicine and stuff for soup
He, knowing it was probably best, did as you said and stayed in bed
Oh my gosh when you came back with the medicine and woke him up the smile he gave you was so cute
Just imagine his messy hair and tired eyes as he smiles at you
(I'm a huge Karl simp, okay??)
"Here, take this medicine. Are you hungry, I got stuff for soup"
He got excited about the soup because it's one of his favorites
Karl demanded a forehead kiss before you left again
After the soup was made and he ate some, he asked if you could watch movies
So Karl was laid on the couch in a big fluffy blanket with his head in your lap
"Can we watch Ratoutille?"
Halfway through the movie, he started to get tired again
If you can't tell, he's super tired when he's sick
"Go ahead and sleep, baby. I'll be right here when you wake up"
He smiled as he kissed your hand and let himself fall asleep
Alex had a horrible migraine
Whether it was from staring at his computer all day or from studying and reading for law school for hours on end, he didn't know
But the migraine was horrible
All he wanted and all that would make him feel better was you
He texted you and when you got there, you opened his bedroom door slowly so it didn't creak and quickly closed it behind you so the daylight from the window in the hallway didn't cause his head to hurt more
Quietly walking over, you laid next to Quackity as he laid on the bed with his head pushed into a pillow
The second you were laid down, he shifted from burying his head in the pillow to burying his head in your chest
"My head hurts"
Pushing the hair out of his face you could see how his face was slightly scrunched up due to the pain and you honestly felt guilty for thinking he looked cute when he was in pain
"I know, my love. Did you take any medicine?"
A small 'yeah' was heard from him before he asked to just stay here and you agreed
The mix of one hand rubbing his back and the other intertwined with his hand was all he needed to fall asleep and hopefully wake up with the migraine gone
As he slept you moved the hair out of his face again and kissed his forehead before letting yourself fall asleep too
Wilbur hadn't texted you or called you the entire day
Until you received a three-word text 'please come over'
Rushing over to his apartment, you knocked on the door only to get a text that said 'just come in, I'm in the bedroom'
Making your way to the bedroom you opened the door to be met with the sight of Wilbur buried under blankets and tissues all over the floor
After asking him what was wrong, he told you he was sick
He also said how he didn't tell you sooner because he didn't want to worry you and he thought it would pass but it only got worse
Putting your hand on his forehead, you could feel he was boiling
So giving him a forehead kiss, you ran to the store just around the corner to get medicine
When you had gotten back, he took the medicine and practically passed out since he was so tired and felt so horrible
Seeing as he was sleeping, you cleaned up the apartment a little by putting the tissues in the trash, putting a bin next to his bed in case he got sick, doing the dishes, and other small things so he wouldn't have to worry about it
A little while later Wilbur had come out of his bedroom with a blanket wrapped around him and found you on the couch
"Can I have some tea?"
When the tea was made, he sat next to you on the couch and drank it, hoping it would help his throat
"Is this new tea?"
"Yeah, it's an herbal tea that might make you feel better"
Eventually, he had laid his head down in your lap
Later on, he had realized you cleaned the house for him and he was super grateful
"You're too good to me, love"
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zeroistyping · 18 hours ago
Prompt: You and Punz are dating and you moved to Florida with him. When you met with Sapnap for the first time you all understand that there is some sexual tension soooo there is threesome in the end 👍🏻😋 (she/neutral)
punz x fem!reader x sapnap - sexual tension
feel free to request!
cw: threesome (obviously), name-calling, degrading, oral sex
nsfw under the cut, minors pls DNI!
Tumblr media
Your relationship with Punz was simple- you were a couple, finally deciding to move in together, but not just somewhere but in Florida. The same state one of his best friends lived- Sapnap. You'd move far away from home, into a house in Orlando, a place you've never been before.
But who cares? Now you not only have one but two men who could constantly stare at you. Who's eyes could constantly wander up and down on your body. They both adore you- Sapnap and Punz.
What first was always just experienced through discord calls, was finally happening in real life. Sapnap could stare at you in real life. Today would be the first time you would meet each other in person. (without you knowing. You probably would have dressed up a little bit for the occasion if you'd known beforehand.).
Sapnaps eyes were glued on you and your black sweatpants with a tight top with no bra underneath. He stared and practically took off your clothes with his eyes, Punz saw that too. And some weird kind of possessiveness made itself clear in his stomach.
Was it jealousy? Was he jealous that one of his closest friends was basically eye-fucking his girlfriend without hiding it? Right in front of him?
Was it anxiousness? That you may notice it too, and want to rather go with Sapnap than stay with him?
Or maybe was it even anticipation? Maybe he wanted this to happen?
The tension in the room was thick (not bad though). You all noticed it. The flirty comments coming from all of you didn't help either.
While Sap and Punz were sitting on the couch together, talking a lot about streaming stuff, now and then looking at you, you were unpacking the last few boxes that were left after moving in. Right in front of them.
And you didn't notice how they whispered something to each other, making a plan and discussing exactly what would happen in the next few minutes. You also didn't notice that both stood up. You only noticed it when hands just suddenly grabbed your waist.
But that weren't the hands of your boyfriend. No, they felt much rougher. The hands on your waist are.. softer. Still rough but softer.
You tried to say something when Punz suddenly stood in front of you. "Hey baby..", he said while grabbing your jaw- staring into your eyes with nothing but lust, desire and hunger displayed in his eyes. "Sap and I talked a little bit, you know? And we've agreed.. that you're a fucking tease.. a slut, if you will. Walking around like that..”
You let out a shaky breath and leaned against Sapnap who still stood behind you. "But don't worry, beautiful.. you're pretty while being a slut..", the man behind you whispered in your ear before pressing small kisses behind your ear.
"P-punz..?", you looked at your boyfriend who pulled your top up without saying anything. "Look at that Sap, look at how slutty she looks. She doesn't say anything against it, she just accepts anything I do. I bet you'd let Sap fuck you, right? You would let him fuck your slutty cunt while I would use your pretty mouth."
You melted under his touch when his hands started to massage your boobs. "Do you want me to touch you too..? You could always say no, y/n.", Sapnap said in a serious tone. "Please touch me Sapnap.."
His breath hitched and a smirk found its way on his lips. "Yeah,, you're that desperate huh?" You let out a groan and just nodded as an answer while Punz was still focused on your exposed boobs.
You all quickly found your way to yours and Punzs bedroom with your clothes being forgotten somewhere in the hallway. "You're such a beautiful woman. You are perfect.", Sapnap said while his face was buried in between your legs, licking over your clit and smirking like an idiot while two fingers were knuckle-deep inside of you. But he quickly switched from fingering you while licking your clit to pushing his tongue in and out of you and pressing down on your sensitive spot.
You would have answered, you would have thanked him for being such a nice guy, for praising you and for pleasuring you. But you couldn't, since your mouth was busy choking on your boyfriends dick. His thrusts are merciless, showing you just how much in charge he is. That he's in charge even though another man is satisfying you as well.
He had to make sure that you knew that you're his. Punz wanted your throat to hurt so much that it would hurt days after. He wants your voice to be hoarse and his taste in your mouth for as long as possible.
And in this moment you've realized, your boyfriend is possessive. He's open to letting someone else do anything to you (with consent of course), as long as you know that you're his and nobody else.
Another thing you've realized while Sapnap was eating you out like a starving man and Punz was face-fucking you was, that you're in for a incredible and most likely never ending night.
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soft-boi-eli · 2 days ago
Yoo, may I ask for headcanons of CC!SBI meeting up with Reader (who's also a streamer) for the first time? What would they do? What kind of places would they go together? What chaos would they create at conventions and off-camera? Thank youu
Yes. I can! Sorry that this will take a bit. So when it does come out I hope you like it.
Meet up
SBI Headcannons
let's start up with the obvious. Either you're In America or some place out of England. Maybe Ireland or Scotland.
Fuck it you're Scottish.
So phil, wilbur, tommy, and techno had to take planes. The three in England waited for techno to land and when he did they hopped on the soonest plane to scottland.
Let's just say you are the one who planned it. You didn't even know that they were coming over. But since you're a teenager. You're parents knew.
So when tommy just walked into your room, slamming the door open like he owned the place. You jumped so hard. It wasn't like you were playing a horror game or anything right?
You were so your stream heard you screech and saw you fall out of your seat. You seemed ready to fight but stopped when you saw the familiar face.
Chat blew up when you literally pounced at the four. Having no friends that lived near you they were the one who knew you best.
You guys would probably mostly stay in due to the social anxiety you had. Playing games, streaming and answering questions.
When you guys do go out everyone is wreacking havoc. Going to a McDonald's or Burger King? Yelling. Just jokes every where.
At a mall? Yall carrying bags and deciding what store to go to.
People seemed so confused. Until they realized you guys were streamers and some of your fans were coming up asking for photos, autographs.
Alright let's just say you all went to build a bear.
You and Tommy kept shouting about you guys being bears. You literally dressed them as your selves.
"Tommy look it's me!" It was a bear of your favorite color, a large hoodie rested over its figure.
"Wait! That looks like you tommy!" You were quick to spot his bear, blonde, a white shirt with red sleeves covered its body.
"Oh my God look as phil's!" You were the literal embodiment of a caffeine rush.
Phil's was a crow stuffed animal with a little hat and a green over coat.
It was literally you guys building your selves or you're characters.
Techno was a pig in a monarch outfit. And wilburs was a orca with a turtle neck.
After you guys paid you posted pictures of them.
The memory was going to live forever.
The types of games you play while at your place were Mario cart, fnaf, outlast, minecraft, house, and many more games, be it horror, multiplayer, comedy.
Playing horror with most of them left them terrified while you were enjoying the adrenaline. Jumping at the scares, having fun with the others.
Yes it may have came to come to an end but you guys planned for the same time next year.
This was gonna contine and there was no stopping it.
Ahem. I apologize school has started for me. I'm trying to finish as much as I can every day. And that means less time to write but I'm still here!
Hope you enjoyed!!
Eli out.
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wrenqueenisboss · a day ago
Imagine.... (cc!dream)
Imagine being Dream's partner.
Imagine sitting on his lap as he plays a child game of Minecraft. Imagine sitting on the floor next to him as he codes. Imagine resting on his bed as he edits his newest video.
Even better, imagine playing Minecraft along side him, at your own setup. Imagine the matching desk setups you guys have. Mirror images. A pair. Just like you.
Imagine being a part of his manhunt videos. Imagine laughing as he screams in panic. Imagine shrieking as he almost kills you. Imagine being added to his team. Imagine all the teamwork.
Special bonus for Halloween: Imagine dressing up as your dsmp characters. Except, you both wear Dream's mask. Imagine posting photos of the two of you in your full-face masks. Imagine laughing together on the couch as the hashtag "#Y/nDream Halloween" goes viral.
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svpnap · 21 hours ago
hello scratch my angst request, i see you are as big of a Punz simp as i am so i am here to feed ur brain.
I’m not good with writing scenarios, but imagine Punz trying to give you soft love. Soft sex to show you that he cares a lot about you, to show how much he loves and adores you. But the reader, gender neutral if possible, can’t stand the thought of things being slow and steady when they’re in such a needy state of mind after being worked up all day long. So they spit the “stop holding back and fuck me already” or something along those lines. And yk. The rest is up to you. Or another scenario but I’m not quite sure how to word it other than the sentence “You’re still horny? Did I not fuck you hard enough last night?” -🩰
🩰 anon you always have the best ideas. this one is literally so hot & im punz brainrotting rn so perfect time. TY! (also I can still write your angst request if you want just let me know <3)
(punz x reader)
(cw: smut, choking, unprotected sex, mdni.)
Tumblr media
most of the time, punz was the gentlest boyfriend with nothing to offer, but soft touches and kind praises. he treated you as though you were made of glass— fearing if he moved too quickly you’d crumble between the cracks of his fingers.
today, like most others proved that true. punz laid you on his bed, quick to get your clothes off, in order to admire your plush body. he examined you with admiration.
he leaned down with slow movements, lips trailing from the bottom of your torso to the underside of you jaw. he fluttered small touches across your thighs, but you wanted nothing more than to be used.
you wished for him to grow needy and speed up his movements, to roughly grab your hips and slam himself into you at a ruthless pace, but alas he continued on as he was.
you didn’t mind the gentleness. in fact you preferred it, but your core was aching for relief after watching him all day. you’d worked yourself up for hours, listening to his small annoyed grunts as he streamed, watching his delicate hands flick over his keyboard. you wanted nothing more than those timid fingers around you neck.
his lips met yours in a needy, but slow kiss. your gaze flickered over his face, only to catch the view of his pinched eyebrows. your knees snapped together with a soft moan at the sight. his face was already riddled with pleasure, and you couldn’t take anymore waiting.
grabbing his jaw, you spoke urgently, your voice lightly shaking. “punz I need you inside me so bad— please just fuck me.”
you watched as his whole demeanor shifted. he was shocked, but of course he didn’t object. like the flip of a switch his touches became rough and demanding, almost as if embodying a different person.
he threw his own clothes off with speed, his hand immediately reaching for your throat, raising your back slightly off the mattress.
he didn’t bother with a condom, wanting to feel every part of you. punz was growing as needy as you were, desperate to feel you around him.
he let go of your neck, his hands now roughly clasped against your hips. his touch burned, but it’s exactly what you wanted as you felt him slam into you.
a small gasp left both of your lips in unison, the sound nearly causing you to buckle. he left to time for adjustment before rocking back into you at an unfathomable pace.
he bottomed out with each thrust, his hips meeting yours, second after second.
your mind was hazy and your whole body felt like mush, with the exception of your core. all you could focus on was the feeling of him inside you— able to make out each vein on his cock.
both of your moans grew louder, and despite you not thinking it was possible, his thrust sped up as he chased his release.
you felt yourself dancing over your own edge, begging between each breath to be allowed to cum, which of course he complied.
with gasps and murmured profanities both of you released onto one another, punz nearly collapsing on top of you.
he watched his cock twitch inside of you as he attempted to catch his own breath, the sight nearly rilling him up once more.
moments passed of the two of your trying to regain a sense of your surroundings, before he finally broke the silence.
“I didn’t hurt you did I?” you smiled gently to yourself, as it was possibly the most him question he could’ve asked.
“you did perfect.”
Tumblr media
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angstyx · 23 hours ago
dream being annoying bc he thinks hes funny drabble?
idk i am burnt out of thinking at school
Wheeze | Dream
Tumblr media
"clay... stop" Your boyfriend wheezes again as you roll your eyes. "But it's so- its so-"
He fails to complete his sentence as another wheeze leaves his lungs and you mentally slap yourself at why you were wasting your time and how you got in this position. “Clay you sound like a fucking teapot for fuck’s sake!”
There you two were: you sitting in front of clay and worried about whether he was okay or not while your boyfriend on the other hand was laughing his ass off for no apparent reason at all.
"Babe what are you even laughing about? You've literally been laughing for 5 minutes straight." Your boyfriend began to slap his hand on his desk to help his control his laughter but at last, it didn't work.
"Look- Look at this-" Your boyfriend tries to show what was on his phone what was supposedly ‘very funny’ but he ultimately fails and laughs once again. Sighing, you grab his phone to see what he was laughing about only to see that he was messaging Sapnap.
“You’re laughing like crazy over a fucking meme? You got to be kidding me…” Sapnap had sent your boyfriend a meme—one that wasn’t even funny either!—and now your boyfriend turned into a teapot.
“Just great..” You mutter, rolling your eyes at how your boyfriend had wasted your time all while he was still doubled over laughing in the background. “Clay if I’m being honest, I’m truly both concerned and confused for you.”
Tumblr media
Drabble Masterlist | Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
Taglist: @thenotsohottopic @0-0littlem0-0 @bi-narystars @707xn @sakurapartridge @ryxjxnnx @boiciph3r @maxiewritesfanfic @nightwalkercrescent @missusstark @multifandomgirl-us @sophia902103 @sunnyxlove @marrymetheonott @voidgonemissing @alec-lost-bee @ttakinou @izuruus @chaoticotaku @joyfullymulti @oh-mcyt @sxltedcxramel @dawnfallx @blushingduckling @blueberrystigma @youngstarfishdinosaur @poookii @beepbopbee @sirsleeps @toodeepintofandoms @lacunaanonymoused @letskmkllml @sparkletash @saturnhas82moons
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allywritesforfun · a day ago
hello!!! it's my birthday today! so I was wondering if I could get wilbur x reader where it's her birthday? thanks !!
happy bdayyyyy! do you feel older yet? /j. thank you for requesting! kinda honored that i get to write your birthday fic!
{Birthdayyyyyy} Wilbur Soot x Reader
pronouns: not mentioned
word count: rough guess, 550 because mobile is trash
Tumblr media
regular masterlist
wilbur masterlist
“You don’t celebrate you’re birthday?” Wilbur repeated for like, the 100th time.
Today was your birthday, and the answer to his question was yes. On your birthday, you typically didn’t celebrate and you avoid social media all day. People who you don’t even know who’s apparently “family” will tell you “I remember when you we’re only as tall as my knee! Happy birthday y/n!” like hello? Do you know them now? No, no you don’t.
“I’m not a fan, Wil,” You told him. “It’s not my cup of tea.”
“Well, we’re together now and I want to celebrate, with or without you,” He crossed his arms, looking down at you, bulging out his bottom lip to form a plead.
You rolled your eyes, “Fine. 2 hours and that’s all.”
Wilbur jumped up excitedly. Once calm downed, he cupped your face with his palms and tenderly kissed you. You closed your eyes and enjoyed the feeling while it lasted. He pulled away, “It’s nothing too fancy, but get something decent on.”
“I want to wear sweatpants,” You told him.
“Then we’re sweatpants! I’m gonna dress up a little so if you really wanna look casual with me, that’s fine,” He disappeared around the corner, heading towards your shared room.
You rolled your eyes and looked at yourself in the mirror. You decided that what you were wearing was good enough and you just needed to brush your hair out a little and maybe minimal make up.
As you were about to finish up, Wilbur walked in from behind you, looking gorgeous as always. He wore a nice button up shirt and darker pants with a gold belt. Basically the complete opposite of you, “Almost ready?”
“Now that I’m seeing you, I think that I’m a little underdressed.”
Wilbur shook his head and put his right arm around you back, resting in your side, “If you’re comfortable and like how you look then it doesn’t matter. Finish up now!”
“Okay, okay!” You giggled as he tickled your side, trying to get you more excited.
You must admit, seeing him look so good and putting so much thought into this did make you excited. This was a new feeling for your birthday. You haven’t felt this excited since you were in elementary and we’re gonna have half the class over to celebrate.
You finished up and walked towards the door. Wilbur grabbed his house keys and offered his hand to you, “We’re gonna have a great time, I promise.”
Your cheeks turned a light rose color as you took his hand and he pulled you out the door. You tried walking towards the car, but Wilbur pulled you past it, “Cars are for old people, we’re walking.”
“Walking?” You asked. “You wanted me to get all fancy for a walk?”
“It’s more than a walk!” He ensured. “Where we’re going, we don’t need cars. It’s not too far, I promise.”
“You’re making a lot of promises, Soot.”
He looked back at you, “That’s the point.”
You smiled and let him lead you into the downtown. It honestly wasn’t that bad of a walk. On the way, you stayed close to Wilbur. You hung onto his arm like the gentleman he was and he proudly led you to the town square. In the middle, there were two lone scooters.
“You said you always wanted to try those electric scooters, yeah?”
You smiled back at him. You always commented on the scooter whenever Wilbur drove past them. If anything they were so interesting to you. A new form of public transportation that was always on your birthday list.
“Happy birthday, love.”
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mtchacrm · 18 hours ago
By my side
Synopsis: Maybe soulmates did exist. Maybe they didn’t. All that he knew was that you were the only person who could be his. (cc!dreamwastaken x gn!reader)
warnings: none? lmk if you need something to be tagged tho!
notes: can be read as a platonic love or romantic one — didn’t really mention anything too specific. childhood best friends continue to be successful together typa beat 😌☝️✨ not proofread b/c this was quickly written n inspired by Dream’s priv tweet.. get better soon green boy
Tumblr media
For as long as he could remember, you had always been there. Maybe not exactly by his side, but you were there. Either in the back of the classroom, working with your friends, or featured in one of his yearbooks in a club or candid photo. 

For as long as he could remember, you had been his. It started in the third or fourth grade, he couldn’t really remember. It was one of those friendships where it was such an instantaneous click that you really couldn’t remember how or why it started. All that you knew that it did start, and it was the start of something irreplaceable.
He remembers it well. Your class was sorted into two teams, having to play team tag. Once you had been tagged, you could only get back into the game if one of your teammates tapped your hand to get you back in. The team that lasted the longest without everyone getting out would win the round. He looked over to his side and saw you there for the first time, nervous and wringing your small hands.
He would learn later that you weren’t the best runner or tagger, but you tried your best and played the harder than anyone in the room.
The game started, you and him on the same team, being chased. He wasn’t the smallest of his classmates but he was smart and fast — able to twist out of the other players’ reach. He high-fived his teammates. 

He got you where you were sitting, looking defeated and sadly watching others scream in playful terror and adrenaline. He quickly realized that you had gotten out early in the round, no other teammate wanted to put you back in, choosing to rescue other teammates who they thought were more helpful.
He ran towards you shouting, “Hey! Hey! Put your hand out.” You looked up in shock, not expecting anyone notice you. “Put your hand out!” He shouted again impatiently. He was within reach now, if only you’d put your hand out towards him.

You reached out and touched his hand. He pulled you up. And for a brief moment, you smiled at each other. You both nodded and then split, determined to win before class was over.

Later, when he was out and you were one of the few players left, he watched amazed at the sheer energy you had compared to earlier. When you tagged him back in and continued running, only turning your head to look back at home and smile, you both knew that you were going to be great friends.
Tumblr media
Of course, you both were right. After class, you started talking more. It began with sitting together at lunch the same day as the tag game. Asking things like whats each other’s favorite color or looking for similarities. Then, it was making eye contact across the room to be partners on an assignment.
It was just so natural to be friends. It was like a synchronous mind that people could only wish to have. After finding out you both played Minecraft, it was a friendship that was strengthened and fortified outside of class too.
You went through everything together. Meeting Sapnap, going on MunchyMC and meeting Bad, supporting Dream through his mental health issues and goals of doing online school. God, the guilt he felt doing online school was like nothing else. He didn’t want to lose your close friendship after he stopped going to school in person. Of course, it’s been years of talking in class and after school, but he couldn’t imagine what his life would’ve turned out to be, if things ended simply because he went to online school.
You had been there for everything: Breakups, failures, hyperfixations, accompanying his family during events. You even encouraged him to learn how to code, and learned alongside him, after he contacted George, who became a good friend later.
Tumblr media
Dream had always known you’d be by his side forever. But god, he was so shocked to remember how much he needed you in his life during a recording. It was just you and him, everyone else was sent back towards spawn.
Your character turned to the side to punch him and continue running. When you laughed because he fell into a hole, he was thrown back to that PE class. The same laugh of joy, excitement, adrenaline coming from you. Dream didn’t stop running after your character in game. His smile pulled wide and his laugh brighter. Whether you’re next to him or you’re chasing one another, he knows that he’ll always have you in his life.
Tumblr media
a/n: likes and reblogs appreciated!
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dreamyteam · a day ago
Platonic! Beach trio, P! Philza, P! Wilbur & reader
Warnings: suicide attempt, hospitals, IV, reader is in pain for like two paragraphs, the word torture is in their once.
Tumblr media
Darkness surrounded you at first. It hugged you. Kept you safe. But then light slivers through. The light is just merely a line at first. But then it grew bigger and bigger. Eventually, you are surround by light. It consumed the darkness. Making it all disappear. Like a magic trick.
You woke up to a hospital room. Your head hurt to much to move it. So you simply stared at the ceiling. Counting the spots on the tiles, saying your ABCs backwards, counting to 100, then going as high as you could go.
You were bored, in pain, and just sad. You got the feeling in your neck back. So you sluggishly pushed yourself onto the bed. Looking around, you noticed a IV cord in your arm, a T.V on the wall, and some machines that looked like torture machines.
Shuddering at that thought, you quickly looked towards the door when you heard the door knob rattle. Sure enough, a nurse came in. When she saw that you were up, she smiled sadly at you. You just stared back. Silence covered the room, much like the darkness at first.
“You have some visitors waiting. Would you like to see them?” She asked after running some tests on you. Just some tests to make sure you were in sable condition to have visitors. You couldn’t find your voice to answer. You ended up nodding your head yes.
She understood and sped out the room to grab them. You waited for what felt like decades. Maybe time felt like it dragged on because you were stuck in a blank room, with nothing that decorated the walls. The most you had was a T.V and some machines connected to the wall.
The nurse came back with five familiar faces. Wilbur looked like he was crying for hours, Phil looked like his child almost died, which to be fair, you did. Tubbo and Ranboo eyes were so red, it looked like they popped a blood vessel and Tommy looked like complete shit. His hair was messy and his shirt and cheeks were striped with tears.
They caught sight of you fairly quick. Probably because there was nothing much in the room. But the relived looks on their faces did nothing but make you feel guilty. Phil was the first to hug you. Then Wilbur, Tommy, Tubbo and then Ranboo. They started crying when they heard your heart beat.
Then you started to cry. You all were just crying messes huh? After a couple minutes of no words and just tears, they looked up at you. You couldn’t look them in their eyes, choosing to fiddle with your hand.
“We were all so worried.” Wilbur was the first to speak. Then it was Phil saying that I nearly gave him a heart attack. Then the bench trio said nothing but moved to hug you again.
“Your so lucky, we got there in time dumbass.”
You laughed for the first time in months.
Yeah. You were lucky to have these idiots.
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earthtooz · 15 hours ago
is it too early to start requesting???
i just saw the capricorn prompt and immediately thought: c!technoblade
so, uh, yeah.... that’s my request
- playlist anon
Tumblr media
𝘗𝘈𝘐𝘙𝘐𝘕𝘎 : c!technoblade x gn!reader
𝘚𝘠𝘕𝘖𝘗𝘚𝘐𝘚 : "i don't trust many, but you? you might be an exception." 1k words
𝘈𝘜𝘛𝘏𝘖𝘙 '𝘚 𝘕𝘖𝘛𝘌𝘚 : hope this was satisfactory! i whipped this one up rather quickly and it's a scene i've wrote many times over, but i do like it a lot <3 hope you enjoy! first request for my 1k event, done :D
𝘞𝘈𝘙𝘕𝘐𝘕𝘎𝘚 : mentions of blood!
Tumblr media
it had been a rather normal day. the sun was about to set, bees were returning to their hives and your sheep bleeped happily as you fed them wheat. the crop in your hands attracted the cows that resided in the adjacent pen. you were planning on feeding them next but your plans were interfered with when suddenly, your attention is demanded elsewhere.
"y/n?" a weakened, yet familiar voice calls. you turn around and almost drop your wheat out of shock.
technoblade still has the nerve to smile, even as blood soaks through his shirt.
you drop the stack of wheat immediately before commanding the pink-haired inside, beckoning him with a gesture of your hand and he obliges, guiltily observing all the farm animals that are eating happily. he feels bad to interrupt your peaceful night like this, all wounded and bloody.
there are lanterns decorating your home, the little flames dancing from inside the candles softly illuminated the walls. unlike his abode in the tundra, there wasn't any need for a fireplace since you lived in the oak plains and the spring weather was about to turn into summer. if anything, he was beginning to sweat.
"what'd you get up to this time?" you asked, ordering him to sit on a cushioned stool as you gathered some supplies.
"got ganged by some pigmen in the nether," he muttered shamefully and he hears your laugh.
"did you hit one or something? how'd that happen?"
"farmin' endermen then there happened to be one which i killed accidentally. then i got an enderman and a horde of zombie pigs chasing after me."
you appear in front of him, this time with a box of healing potions, "idiot."
he grins at the wooden floorboards.
"where's the wound?"
he unbuttons his shirt and tucks it down to his forearms. there were multiple scratches and wounds on his skin, reminiscent of the claws of pigmen. you cringed at the gashes before unscrewing the cap of a healing potion.
"i don't wanna say that the pigmen got you, but the pigmen got you. bad," dipping the cloth in the potion, you hesitate before hovering over the wound, "ready?"
technoblade sigh, lowering his head onto his palms, "go for it."
"talk to me," you softly demanded, "talk to me about how you got out of there alive."
the hissing of skin repairing makes you cringe and he inhales a sharp breath, the muscles in his back tensing. you remember the first time you helped techno in a situation like this and how you were terrified of him with shaky hands. heck, you were too scared to even breathe near him.
phil was the one to introduce you; you'd trained under him as an apprentice when you were younger before splitting away to fulfil your desire of exploring the world. after a few years, you finally reached out through crow message to tell the blond that you were coming home and intending to settle down for a few years.
first impression of technoblade? he looked at you as if you were barely worth anything of importance, apathy glossing his expression as the pink-haired observed you, before continuing on with his day.
you kept going back to the arctic to meet phil as per his request and left a map to where you'd be staying for the mean time.
when you left that there, you thought it would only be of use to phil, not the pink-haired warrior. so when he showed up on your doorstep, bloodied, you needed a few moments to let the shock simmer before regaining your senses to let him inside.
the man who mentored you for many years revealed that techno was a secretive soul who refused to let people in.
you think about what phil told you. a lot, even as you're gently pouring the potion of healing on his skin. did technoblade trust you? well- to be fair, the fact that he's willingly sitting in front of you and allowing himself to be vulnerable was proof enough but with him, you just never knew.
"-then i climbed up a ledge they couldn't reach and just swung my sword at all of them."
"how much loot did you get out of that?"
"seven stacks of rotten flesh, two stacks of gold ingots and a few gold swords."
"that stinks."
"it's for cleric trades."
"what about the gold swords?"
"make something out of it?" he shrugs, "i don't know. would you like some?"
you giggled at his humble offer, "unlike you, i don't work well with anvils. so, no thanks."
the last of techno's wounds have been healed, leaving scars behind as proof that they were ever there. more to add to his collection, you supposed.
"sorry for botherin' you. again," he mutters, straightening his spine, pulling his elbows back to test the waters of his movement, causing for some of his muscles to flex. you look away, sorting your medicine box.
taking a seat on the couch behind you, you tell him, "never a problem, don't worry. are you thinking of staying the night?"
"is that okay?"
"no, techno, i'm not okay with you staying the night, that's why i offered," you sarcastically rolled your eyes before chuckling at your feigned hostility. techno laughs too. "i'll prepare a room for you because i don't exactly want you going home when mobs are starting to spawn."
"thank you, y/n."
"not a problem, at all. i like helping you, but it seems like you have a lot of people out for you, even in the nether."
he looks away from your gaze sadly and you fear that you might've said something out of line, so you ready the apologies until technoblade speaks up, cutting you off.
"but i have people who are willing to help too, which isn't something i'm used to-" he begins before hesitating and correcting himself, "- well, people who are willing to help with nothing in return."
"for how much blood you leave all over my property, which i have yet to strike you down for, i still don't know what you think of me."
he laughs heartily, wiping something away on his nose before meeting your eyes again. "i don't trust many."
you shivered from the way his gaze pierced into you and the tension in air shifted. suddenly, it became hard to breathe.
"but you? you might be an exception."
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heliobee · 2 days ago
part 1 | part 2
part 1 requested on my wattpad—pt 2 and 3 by anons on tumblr.
finale of BREATHING
Tumblr media
yan! c!Revivedbur x F! Reader
word count; 1187
warnings; dark themes , yandere , obsession , degradation , manipulation , emotional abuse , flashbacks , anxiety , let me know if anymore needs to be added
an; last part of the tiny series, hope you guys liked it! LOL i do condone any of these acts, it’s fictional. also, LIGHTHEARTED WRITINGS WILL BE OUT AFTER THIS ONE I PROMISE. after this req, most of my writings will have a GN reader unless requested/specified gender.
Tumblr media
SHE THOUGHT SHE COULD TRUST HIM, but she was too naive and trusting that it ended up backstabbing her in return. Her gaze fixated on the blond man that presented himself as the most caring and understanding being on this Earth—but she finally understands why he has the title of Angel of Death—an immortal man that was ruthless in all of his years of genocides and murderous tendencies. He stood only a few feet away from her, over the kitchen table and cooking at his stove top whilst the sun was just beginning to rise.
That night, Wilbur ventured off into the woods for whatever reason. And since she hadn't heard from Techno for the longest time, it began to eat at her with guilt that it could be her fault for his disappearance.
Numb, cold, empty; she didn’t know what to do. Hands limply rested on the table, chains wrapped around her wrists like bracelets of greed. And if she didn’t have these chains on her, if she didn’t feel herself giving up on life—she would’ve imagined what could’ve been happening right now if things had never changed two nights prior.
The warmth that hit her cheeks never felt so cold before.
“Eat up, mate, you got a big day planned for you.” Philza spoke, his words hitting her like venom from a snake. She flinched but stayed silent.
Her eyes would look up at his, his gaze holding no remorse or sympathy. Only the sight of a man that’s going forward like it’s a normal day—like nothing was wrong.
“Your food is going to get cold.” He spoke once more, his hand nudging the plate of food closer to her form.
Glancing down at the food she was given, it looked like a last meal; a ravishing cooked breakfast that is hot and fresh. Maybe the two gods of death are finally ready to open the door handle for her, even so, she opens her arms to the option.
She was unaware of how long she stared at it, on how long she was silenced and still. It wouldn’t be until she would hear the front door open, she jerked back only to slouch forward in pain. She squeaked when feeling the chains tighten around her wrists, the right one feeling more painful. Her tolerance was high, but she could only recall the recent night when Wilbur gripped it until she heard a crack.
Her body froze—the sound of his voice sent shivers down her spine in ways that made her want to cry. But she didn’t know what to feel, fear that he’s nearby or relief that she can still feel emotion. Nevertheless, she felt her body shaking from terror, each foot step that was heard making her flinch. Her eyes were wide, cold sweat dripping down her forehead; her teeth chattered with the beating of her heart sounding through her ears.
A cacophony of sounds mixing together that created the most terrible melody that mankind could ever hear—she whispered to herself in desperation and the very last bit of home she had—for someone to hear her cries.
And at the entrance of the kitchen, stood the man that was sickly in love with her. How he showed that during the Pogtopia times, how she didn’t catch the signs during the start of L’Manberg.
How Fundy warned her that something terrible was overcoming his own father.
Obsession was an unhealthy trait of a human being—and Wilbur held on to that like a trophy he was proud to show off.
“My love!” He exclaimed in adoration, a small laugh escaping his lips.
She was scared to look at him—but she couldn’t help but to steal a glance from the corner of her eyes. And there he was, Wilbur fucking Soot. Founder of L’Manberg, the man who watched his nation slip away from his hands, the man who started a rebellion and ended up blowing up all of his childish dreams—because he was desperately in love and didn’t want to admit it until the end.
Standing in the crowd with her eyes on the rather small crater, she was in disbelief and horror. She felt a hand go on her shoulder, looking back, Techno ushered her away to safety.
Where is he right now? Where’s the notorious Blood God? Her rock for all these years, just gone.
“You have a knack for staring, my love, didn’t even move when I unlocked you.” Wilbur spoke with a smile, his pupils dilated into small hearts of passion.
When she was daydreaming the before, she was unaware how she watched Wilbur crouch down before her and unlock the chains that gripped her wrists. He was so close.
So, so close.
With a sudden gasp, her body reacted quickly and she lifted her legs before kicking him away. She watched his facial expression immediately change into a look of shock before he coughed on the floor.
Without thought, she jumped from her seat and tried to run. But running never does her good, now does it? It seems to be some sort of bad luck when she tries to run away—again, and again, and again. But he will always be two steps closer, and one step behind her. In a swift motion, she felt her hand be clasped with his with a twirl. Then she was dipped.
Her breathing was heavy, the hallway was dim. She didn’t want to look up at his face, but she could feel his breath hitting her neck.
“Darling,” He whispered, a loving kiss being pressed against her chin.
She began to cry again.
“Just give up—that easy.” He slowly had her stand, a hand on her hip and the other intertwined with hers.
Slowly, he began to waltz around the hall and into a room. He hummed a low tune while he danced, a smile plastered on his face.
“Did you really think Techno was going to come back for you? Did you—“ A giggle escaped his lips. “Did you think a god would actually come save you? Darling, I'm the only one you need.”
The waltz of love and war, he was the dancer, she was the corpse. Eyes lost all hope, dulled and almost lifeless. Yet, she still had tears to shed. She stumbled on her own feet, unable to keep up with the man who spun her around the room.
“Phil told me how much of a good friend Techno was to you—but I’m better !—I almost like Ghostbur, really.”
Now that,
that definitely hit a nerve. With a suddenly twist of her body, she used it to swing her arm but to no avail; Wilbur caught her punch.
“You’re so weak, now if you listen,” His voice was low and mumbled, and she couldn’t help but recoil back.
Because at the very back of her mind, she knew he was right.
“We can both have a fantasy life of happily ever after.”
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sugarrbbee · 2 days ago
hi ur the first person i’ve ever asked for a request from so sorry if i’m bad at this LMAO but can i have some wilbur x reader where it’s nighttime in the summer😵‍💫 thank u
Late Night Swimming
Tumblr media
Includes: Wilbur x reader
Notes: I'm honored to be the first person you sent a request to, and don't worry you did perfectly fine
Sidenote: I had to resist the strong urge to name this 'summertime sadness' 😭 I love that song
The summer heat never ceased to exist, even when the sun had set and the only light left was what the moon provided. The heat still raged on and it was honestly miserable. But Wilbur helped a little to make it less miserable.
He had suggested going to the beach even though it was well past midnight. And, of course, you agreed so that lead you to where you two are now, running down the beach hand in hand laughing like idiots.
Once you two had set your stuff down, Wilbur used your hand to lead you into the water. As he stopped and stood staring at the moon he said "The moon is beautiful isn't it?" and knowing the true meaning of that sentence, you smiled as you replied "Yes, it is"
As you two continue looking at the moon while standing in the water to where it was just above your knees, you got an idea and took action right away.
When you let go of Wilbur's hand he was confused and about to ask what was wrong only to be pushed by you into the water. When he resurfaced he looked at you with a face of betrayal as the water went down his face from his soaked hair "Wow, so that's how this is?" nodding, you said "Yeah, that's how it is"
Wilbur laughed, shaking his head as he used his hand to push his now wet hair back "Oh, you're going to regret that" and before you could even think of what he was implying, he had picked you up and put you over his shoulder. Hitting him you yelled "NO! WILBUR PUT ME DOWN! NO, PLEASE-"
Your sentence was cut off when he threw up into the water and when you resurfaced you gave him the same look he had given you before "Oh, it's on" Wilbur laughed walking backward in the water to try and create distance between you two "It is indeed on, darling".
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zeroistyping · 2 days ago
sapnap x fem!reader - we have to be quiet
requests are open! (pls request I beg u..)
cw: switch!reader, switch!sapnap, public sex, bathroom sex, teasing, groping, kind of possessive!sapnap, blow job in a public bathroom
nsfw under the cut, Minors? DNI :)
Tumblr media
“No puppy please we can’t do it here, you know how I get when I feel you.. I cant keep quiet when I feel how beautiful you feel.. so warm and tight.”, Sapnap said nervously while he’s pressed against the wall of the bathroom stall. You placed hot and loving kisses all over his neck. “I can also ask Clay or George if they wanna help me. I bet Clay would fuck me right on the table in front of everybody.. i bet he would enjoy fucking me in front of you, do you thing he’s rough? I bet he is..”
“You wouldn’t dare, you’re mine.”, his mood immediately changed before he connected your lips with each other’s and switched your positions. Now it was your turn to be pressed against the wall while he pressed sloppy kisses against your neck, leaving little, almost unnoticeable hickeys here and there. Sapnap bit on a specific place on you neck, so hard it left a dark bruise on it before he licked the bruised skin. You were too focused on getting pleasure and release as soon and fast as possible to say anything against the marking from the male.
He stroked your dress and whispered in your ear “you like teasing me, don’t you? That’s why you decided to touch me while our friends were around, maybe you even like the thought of getting caught? Do you want anybody to see how much of a slut you really are?”
Your boyfriends hands found their way under your black dress to your behind while yours moved into his dress pants and directly into his briefs. A dark, red blush dusted his rather pale cheeks and his hands immediately left your ass to grab a fistful of your hair and tug on it.
“If you really want this to happen right now, right here i need you to keep quiet. We have to be quiet, really quiet. Do you think we can do that? You know how i get when i feel your pretty pussy.. once we start I might not be able to stop..”, he whispered while you dropped down on the floor, knees hitting the ground and the cold from the flour welcoming your hot body.
“Of course we can, but.. can you stay quiet baby?”, you asked innocently before pulling down his pants until they dropped down to his ankles. “Let’s make a deal. If you make one sound i will stop and we will return to our friends. When you’re able to stay quiet you’re allowed to touch me.”
Of course that was a risky deal since you also just wanted to be touched and satisfied but the one thing he want the most in his life was to love you unconditionally. To show you how much he loves you with not only words but only physical affection (or more specifically sexual affection). So he had to be able to keep quiet, so he could satisfy you, right?
You licked your lips while you stared hungry at his pre-cum leaking tip. You know his tip is very sensitive so you decided to tease it a little bit. His breath started to hitch the moment your lips touched the beautiful, angry red tip. You placed small kisses on it and the grip on your hair tightened and he forced his whole length in your mouth.
“Don’t be such a fucking cocktease, y/n, come on. You can do it.”, his pubes tickled your nose as you tried to breath through it..
You sure would get weird looks when you come with red knees and teary eyes.
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wrenqueenisboss · a day ago
Imagine… (Wilbur in London)
Imagine running through London with Wilbur. Imagine the joy in his soft brown eyes as he gently tugs you along, his long legs making him faster than you.
imagine racing to get to your guys’ coffee shop. Imagine plopping down into a chair as Will goes to get two hot chocolates and a dessert for you to share.
Imagine wiping away the whipped cream mustache on his upper lip. Imagine him kissing away the dot that “accidentally“ ended up there.
Imagine giggling quietly at the jokes he makes.
Imagine being with Wilbur in the beautiful city of London….
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yourlocalwriterangie · 2 days ago
Hi! Can I request a sam x Taotie hybrid!reader? Maybe reader keep causing trouble and try to eat everything they saw, so Sam start keeping an eye on them to make sure they won't do anything harm? 👉👈
(Taotie is a myth creature which is a "glutton", they can eat everything and have no sense of satisfaction)
₊˚.Keep an eye on you
a/n: I have no idea how that mythical creature looks like but uh yeah I'll try to write it as well as possible lol (Thanks for requesting btw :DD)
Pairing: c!Awesamdude x Taotie hybrid!Reader
Genre: Romantically, Fluff
Warning: Stalking in a good way?
Awesamdude request (for him exclusively) is open btw go request some more >:))
Tumblr media
"SAMMMM!" Tommy shouted, frowning. "Oh hey Tomm-"
"SAM, (Y/N) NEARLY ATE MY DISC," Tommy said cutting him off "Oh," Sam replied "Well, can't you take care of her? Just- keep an eye on her or something. DON'T LET HER EAT ANYTHING RANDOMLY THOUGH" Tommy said and then walked away leaving Sam standing alone. He sighed and then started walking, on his way to find you.
Tumblr media
"I can't control it, you know it's in my blood!" You said to Sam and then he grabbed a book from your hand. He sighs "I know, I know. But you still have to control it or it may cause other people problems," You pout a little. "Well just eat something edible like a cake or a pie" He suggested. You nodded "Alright, alright, I'll try my best then" You chuckled lightly. He sighs and then smiles. He can't really deny the fact that deeply he cares for you so much.
"Well, just try not to harm anyone or eat anything that is in front of your face," He said handing the book back to you. "Okay," He chuckled "Anyway I have a shift today I'll be seeing you around then yeah?" You nodded and then says goodbye to him.
But before he left he decided to tell you to go visit Niki's bakery so you can go eat something and maybe she can help you with controlling. You started walking to Niki's bakery but the thing is, Sam did not go to the prison after you turned around, he was hiding behind a tree. Well, At least you don't know yet.
After that, the day went all well. Nothing bad happened and Niki help you with controlling eating stuff. You and her get along very well. And all that time Sam was watching you, keeping an eye on you. He didn't want you to get hurt or causing anyone trouble or harming anyone. He was relieved to know that you were doing great work about controlling. Thanks to Niki of course.
The sun nearly set and you need to go home. You said goodbye to Niki but the good thing is that she gave you a small piece of cake so you can eat while you're walking back home. Until you bumped into someone
"Ah! sorry I was not looking where I was going-" You look up to the familiar face. "Nah it's alright" He said. It was Sam
"Sam! I thought you ended your shift late why quick today?" You asked confused. "Oh uh about that, I ended my shift early today because I think I should have some rest. But don't worry Ant and Bad are watching Dream" Huh that's weird "Uh okay"
"So how did it go?" He asked, "Oh well me and Niki talked a lot and she also gives me some pieces of cake back!" He smiled
"I have a lot of good time today it was very fun. You should come and hang out with us sometimes" You suggested with a happy smile on your face.
"Of course" He replied and you engulfed him with a hug. He was surprised at first but then immediately hug back. He was very tall compared to you but it didn't mind you.
You may act bubbly and a little bit childish but he loves the way you act. At least he knows that you didn't cause any problems today.
(A/n): I hope you like it. I try to search in Google what it looks like but uh it didn't really help so- idk anyway have a good day :))
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rae-writes · 9 months ago
Mcyt headcanons
TommyInnit, Tubbo, Philza, Technoblade, Wilbur Soot, Dream, Sapnap, Georgenotfound, Badboyhalo, Quackity, Karl Jacobs, Ranboo x reader (Separate, optional platonic/romantic) 
word count : 544
warnings : none
synopsis : Cradling the faces of the Dream SMP members 
author’s note : I just wanted to say that all of my fics, headcanons, drabbles, etc with the Mcyt people are all in-game- whether it be an au of sort or follows the main story line. I’ve always been better at writing for fictional characters so I’ll be writing for their in-game personas, although some of their real-life personalities may be involved sometimes. 
Really tries to act all big and tough 
But literally as soon as your hand comes in contact with his cheek, he’s leaning into it with a embarrassed scowl
“I do not enjoy this, alright? We’re gonna be very clear here that I do not, I repeat do nOT-“
He’s so sweet oml
He’ll see your hand coming closer to him and just lean in the rest of the way 
Could honestly fall asleep like that 
“Say, Y/n? Could we do this more often? I quite enjoy it.” 
We love our resident Dadza. 
He’s tried so hard to take care of his boys for so long but who takes care of him? When your hand gently caresses his cheek it takes him a bit to process 
Gets a bit emotional cause wow he didn’t know how much he needed this- 
“I-...thank you, Y/n.” 
tsundere, lol. 
We saw how he acted when Ranboo gave him an axe as a present- he’ll be no different with this 
Won’t even say anything, honestly, he’ll just sit there with his signature blank face 
If you listen close enough though, you’ll hear Techno’s happy piglin noises 
Wilbur Soot 
Mans has not felt like this since Sally died
Straight up melts and gets misty eyed at first contact 
Will NOT let you go for awhile 
“Y/n...stay here with me, please?”
- He still loves Sap and George deep down and no one can change my mind
Hasn’t had friendly contact with people since he left Sapnap and George 
He’ll freeze up at first, making you move your hand away until he grabs it hastily 
Covers your hand with his and cries about his two best friends 
“T-they hate me, Y/n! Please...please tell me you don’t hate me too.” 
Gets all giddy and giggly 
Pulls you into his lap so he can cradle your face as well 
Won’t let you get up unless you have to use the bathroom
“Y/n! You’re so cute, you know that?” 
Gets all blushy and turns to hide his face in the palm of your hand 
Loves the contact but can’t look you in the eye for long 
Won’t ever deny you when you wanna do it again 
“Can you...can you do that again?”
He’s just so happy that you’d want to be near him like this that he’s practically vibrating in excitement 
Will speak about this for days with Skeppy 
“AwWH, you’re such a sweet little muffin!” 
You were 100% doing this after he got into a fight 
He wasn’t used to affection after Schlatt so he just sat there in shock for a second 
Won’t say it twice, but he appreciates you so much
“Thank you for always being here...I love you Y/n.”
Karl Jacobs 
Another sweet blushy baby 
He’ll stare at you adoringly and kiss your palms here and there 
Tugs his multicolored hoodie over your body and cuddles against you
“Y/n...your eyes are beautiful. Did you know that?”
Absolutely cannot look you in your eyes
The blush on his white side matches the color of his eyes 
Trembles and stutters as he tries to form a sentence 
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akasuki · 7 months ago
Mcyt reacting to their s/o wearing their hoodie
Genre: very short headcanons (kind of)
Nothing to add, my mind is full of nihachu and wilbur rn
Tumblr media
*simp mode activated*
“You look so good, babe, my god”
Puts you on his lap and keeps you there
Tries to act unbothered but goes all soft™️ whenever he sees you in his clothes
“Wha- why are you wearing my hoodie?”
Gets really flustered
He will suddenly give you permission to wear all his hoodies
cuddles cuddles cuddles cuddles
He just giggles and doesn’t care
“You look pretty, you should wear my stuff more”
His hand would always find a way to grab your hips underneath the hoodie
It’s like a real-life jumpscare sometimes
He freezes, blushes and after a minute of staring he’ll try to act like he’s fine, totally, yeah, he’s not having a butterfly overdose in his stomach right now, who told you that?
“ *awkward laugh* I-It looks nice on you”
He is having a full-on mental breakdown inside while you are laying on his bed chit-chatting
His serotonin level: 📈
Mans has the biggest smile on his face
Traps you in his big bear hug, he’ll 100% take a photo of you in it and post it on Instagram
He’ll be normal about it, no extreme reaction
“You look cute, my little love bug”
Makes fun of you for wearing his oversized hoodie, because on you It’s big
Honestly, he’ll be more clingy if you wear his clothes
She would be the one to offer you her hoodie
When she sees you wearing it, she gets excited
“*gasp* It looks lovely!”
You’ll be both sitting in bed all day talking and spooning each other
His heart skips a beat
“Y-Y/N? Why? Are you... y-you know”
After a moment of weakness, he’ll change instantly and be tough 💪
He’ll try to ignore you, but his gaze would come back to his hoodie every time
He doesn’t care like actually doesn’t
“Oh, you’re wearing my hoodie, are all yours dirty?”
Will watch you a lot though, he finds it weirdly cute
When you tell him that it’s a thing that couples do he’s just like “ok, cool”
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