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#mcyt x platonic reader
wrenqueenisboss · 2 days ago
imagine living in the prison with dream
imagine being forced to hear his screams. sure he's done horrible things, but what Quackity is doing to him- no one deserves it.
imagine talking with sam every day. he visits your cell because he knows you are lonely. you've been there for so long. you didn't do anything wrong- you were framed. but the sentence must be fulfilled, apparently.
imagine writing letters to ghostbur/revivebur. smiling when at the bottom of each letter - and on the the envelope - there's a little smear of blue from ghostbur.
imagine writing to Phil and Tommy. they visit you every two months, and their visits never fail to make you smile.
imagine niki visiting you. she brings you the newest treats from your bakery.
imagine writing to techno. imagine your surprise when you wake up one day to find yourself in the syndicate's portal room. because to keep you safe, he had planted an enderpearl for you years ago, before you were captured and taken there.
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tvmmys · 2 days ago
Tubbo the gulabo reaction when I say I hate him?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
★ ── summary : how does tubbo reacts to you saying that you hate him?
★ ── warnings : my writing
★ ── notes : ahhh i’m sorry for a late post and here’s your req! i hope you like it!!!
Tumblr media
─── ❪ 🍧 ❫ TUBBO ( enemy ver. )
❥ ─ okay well i had many ideas for this but
❥ ─ i won’t tell you all of them cuz i can’t summarise all of them
❥ ─ okay so anyways 
❥ ─  if you ever tell him you hate him then i think he might laugh and all but in the inside he’d be hurt 
❥ ─ well for the laughing part i think it’s pretty obvious cuz you know, nobody wants their enemy to know that they’re hurt because of them
❥ ─ and uh for the hurt part 
❥ ─ he just didn’t want to show his emotions 
❥ ─ also also he’d most probably say i hate you back to you
❥ ─ and one more thing
❥ ─ he’d probably hit you
❥ ─ like really bad
❥ ─ and um if you’re wondering about what’s happens after this thing
❥ ─ then here :
❥ ─ um he’d probably start to be distant towards you
❥ ─ and
❥ ─ he’d stop being mean to you
❥ ─ not fully though
❥ ─ well
❥ ─ in conclusion
❥ ─ if you’re tubbo’s enemy and you want to be his friend then just say you hate him
Tumblr media
★ ── notes : well i guess this was it :) i hope you like it!
Tumblr media
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wilczachannn · 7 hours ago
⊱ ⸾⤻🆃𝐇𝐄 𝐀𝐋𝐓 𝐅𝐑𝐈𝐄𝐍𝐃, ᴄᴄ! ᴛᴏᴍᴍʏɪɴɴɪᴛ ‧₊˚ :
Tumblr media
𖠳 ꒰ 𝘪𝗇 𝘸𝗁𝗂𝖼𝗁 ໒꒱ ⋆゚₊
ⵌ tommy introduces you to his friends.
𖠳 ꒰ 𝘨𝖾𝗇𝗋𝖾 ໒꒱ ⋆゚₊
ⵌ platonic // fluff.
𖠳 ꒰ 𝘸𝖺𝗋𝗇𝗂𝗇𝗀 ໒꒱ ⋆゚₊
ⵌ a few nicknames (twat, bum.), alt! reader kinda?, hand holding.
𖠳 ꒰ 𝘢/𝗇 ໒꒱ ⋆゚₊
ⵌ there are probably a few spelling mistakes, not proof-read, sorry :'D
Tumblr media
you have no idea how it happened. one minute you were in your room finishing some homework and another you were outside with tommy walking towards a park. the fact that tommy didn't say anything about hanging out didn't really surprised you, you could probably say you were used to it by now. tommy barging into your room at 3 am wasn't something new. he always laughed at your confused sleepy face once you saw him, then he would grin at the smile you gave him, knowing that he will not let you sleep and you have to wake up to go hang out with him.
but it was far more complicated than tommy thought. because whenever you had top go out you would always dress up, not only to look better than others, but for yourself as well. it always made you happy to be yourself and dress the way you want, let's be real here, who wouldn't? finding your style was a pretty cool journey, and you loved every second of it. tommy loved seeing you do your makeup, sure, it took a lot of time, but he loves to see how passionate you are about it, how you don't care if it's a perfect line or if the wing is bigger than the other one., the only thing that mattered to you is that you represented yourself, not others. for tommy it wast really enjoyable to watch, sometimes he would ask you to do your makeup on him, you would always agree only second later tommy would add that you can do it on stream. the only problem was that you've never been on his stream as in chat never heard your voice or even seen you, usually you were just sitting on your chair, massaging tommy something funny and watching his reactions was the thing you enjoyed doing sometimes.
back to you being dragged by tommy. you quickly noticed how excited he was for something you didn't know yet.
"remember when you said you wanted to meet my friends? well, as your best friend i got you a chance to met them, because they're all here in uk, and i think you sould be very grateful, not a lot of people get to met them." tommy said proudly, a big grin shortly followed his statement. you sarcastically rolled your eyes.
"i have never even said anything like that you twat." you punched his arm playfully, when he tried to do that to you you dodged his attack and smirked at him.
"oh come on, at least act happy in front of them..." the boy pouted. you couldn't help but smile at his actions, in reality you were thankful for everything he did for you, ever since you two became friends, he always knew what you liked most. he noticed the little thing about you, one of them being how you prefer [type of tea/energy drink/coffee] over [other type of tea/energy drink/coffee]. how you prefer silver jewelry over golden jewelry, and other stuff about you.
"no no tommy, i am happy, seriously, thank you." as you took his hand in yours. your silver rings where a bit cold so he winced a bit at first when they touched his hand, but after a few second he got used to it. hand holding was also one of the thins you enjoyed doing together. you didn't know why but it brings you comfort. some friends from collage stared teasing you about it, however, you didn't care at all. it was just something you did with tommy that always helped you both to feel calm. "is that them?" a nod came from tommy.
when ranboo and tubbo saw the two of you tubbo was the first one to run up you.
"you're [name] right? the cool one? tommy always talks about you!" tubbo beamed, hugging you. although you don't know him at all, you paused for a moment before returning the hug.
"i hope he said good things then."
"wait [name], since when were you all dressed up?"
"ever since we left my house and only now you realized it you bum?"
Tumblr media
𖠳 ꒰ 𝘵𝖺𝗀𝗅𝗂𝗌𝗍 ໒꒱ ⋆゚₊
@bbh-a3sth3tic ,, @ttakinou
@lavenderjacobs ,, @oh-mcyt​
@that-enby-mf ,, @joyfullymulti
@mcyt-sh1t ,, @luluwinchester
@kitsuneglasses ,, @beepbopbee
@angstyx ,, @sunniewrites
@oddf0x15 ​,, @icarusthefoolish​
@etheriaaly ,, @clxwnkid​  
feel free to join the taglist, here!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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forefinn · a month ago
incorrect quotes because i haven’t done these in literally months
Tumblr media
y/n: goodnight moon.
y/n: goodnight tree.
y/n: goodnight ghosts that only I can see.
Tumblr media
y/n: violence isn't the answer.
tommy: you’re right.
y/n: *sighs in relief*
tommy: violence is the question.
y/n: what?
tommy, bolting away: and the answer is yes.
y/n, running after them: NO-
Tumblr media
y/n: oh just so you know, it's very muggy outside
phil: y/n, i swear, if I step outside and all of our mugs are on the front lawn...
y/n: *Sips coffee from bowl*
Tumblr media
y/n: english is a difficult language. it can be understood through tough thorough thought, though.
ranboo: You need to stop.
Tumblr media
y/n: remember when you didn't try to solve all your problems with attempted murder?
techno: Stop romanticizing the past.
Tumblr media
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mothra-mcyt · 4 months ago
☾ How the mcyt's hugs feel ☽
》 Dream 《
Depending on how tall you are he will either lay his head on top of yours or onto your shoulder
Whenever he hugs you it feels like time stops for a few seconds and like nothing and no one can hurt you in that moment
Won't let go of you and stop the hug until you let go first
》 Sapnap 《
Wraps his arms around you very tightly to make you feel safer and more protected
Also has a higher body temperature than most people which makes his hugs even better in the winter
Before he hugs you will definitely ask you for consent because he doesn't want to make you uncomfortable in any way
》 George 《
At first his hugs are a little awkward because he pretends like he doesn't really know what to do
But if you're really feeling bad his hug will feel very gentle and caring
It feels more like he doesn't want to upset you more
Also very aware of your reaction to if you get uncomfortable in any way because of his hug he will stop
》 Badboyhalo 《
Always asks for permission first and only gives you a hug if he knows you really okay with it because he doesn't want to force you to do anything
If you guys don't know each other well his hugs will be more gentle
But if you guys know each other well he will give you a tight hug while he's telling you how much he cares for you
》 Wilbur Soot 《
If he's tall enough he will definitely lay his head on top of yours and if you're around the same height he will lay his head on top of your shoulder
Also really likes hugging you from behind because then he can look down in front of you to see what you are doing
Somehow always knows when you need a hug
》 Technoblade 《
I gotta be honest for the first few seconds it probably feel very awkward and he just keeps his arms at his side because he doesn't know what to do
If you manage to stay through these very uncomfortable few seconds though he will wrap his arms around you thinking to himself "This is fine yep. This is absolutely fine."
》 Karl jacobs 《
Is very scared to make you uncomfortable so he always makes sure that you're alright with him hugging
Likes giving tight hugs a lot more but if you don't like them he will make sure to hug you gentler
His hugs feel very warming and whenever he does them it feels like happiness just spreads through your body
》 Quackity 《
Laughes or giggles everytime he hugs people because it makes him really happy
He doesn't really like silence so will say comforting things while hugging you
"Awww this feels nice." "Don't worry you'll be alright." "I'm here for you."
》 Philza Minecraft 《
Usually isn't one to initiate a hug but if you ask him for one he'll almost ever give you one
"Awww mate of course here you go."
No matter how tall you are if you are young he will give you headpats while hugging you
A little more gentle than the usual dad hug but definitely still feels like a dad hug
》 Tommyinnit 《
Physical touch isn't really his love language but whenever you ask him for one they feel amazing
I feel like he's also the type to give you pats on the back
If he notices that you're feeling sad he won't let go of you until you let go first because he wants to comfort you
In content mode he will tease/jokingly make fun of you but if he's himself he will say more encouraging stuff
》 Tubbo 《
Hates and loves hugs at the same time (felt) so there's gonna have to be a strong bond between you two for him to accept the hugging
His hugs feel very trustable and immediately make you calm down if you were anxious before
They will also feel a lot more special because they don't happen often
》 Ranboo 《
Most likely will be taller than you so he's able to just make you feel so small when hugging you
If you're the same height though they will still feel just as good
Definetely lives up to his words saying that he gives good hugs
Whenever he hugs you it just feels like nothing else matters and like all your problems and worries are gone now and nothing can hurt you
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angstyx · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Better than the Queen
CC!Dream x Reader, CC!Tommy x Reader (platonic)
Word Count: 930+ words
Summary: Dream reveals you as his girlfriend and Tommy talks to them
TW: cursing
Requested?: [Yes] [No]
Part two // ty for so much support on this fic! <3
Masterlist // Rules for Requesting
───── ⋆✩⋆ ─────
Tumblr media
“Dream! I bet you never had a girlfriend before, I’m sure I have lots of women who want to be mine!” Tommy laughs as Dream rolls his eyes. They were voice chatting while Tommy was streaming a game, most likely Minecraft. Dream wanted to show you off so badly, to prove Tommy wrong that in fact he does have a girlfriend but was that the right decision to make? By now he was getting slightly annoyed at Tommy for his taunting.
You walked up the stairs, a water bottle in one hand while some snacks in the other. Clay was in his room for a while now. He never left to get something to eat so you decided to bring him some food up instead. Knocking on the door, you waited for a “come in!” before heading inside.
“Hey babe” You smile at him as he kisses your cheek. “I’ve brought some food for you.” You place the items on his desk and was about to head out when you hear a loud voice. “Is that a woman? Dream who’s in your room?!?” You look at your boyfriend to see his eyes widen and body tense up. He quickly turns around on his chair so he was facing his computer and checks discord. He didn’t mute himself.
He silently curses at his mistake as you walk towards him. “Is everything alright babe?” You hear a quiet voice coming from his headphones but you could only make out the words, “Dream,” “who is,” “room,” and “woman.” You quietly put the words together and gasp, “Babe did you not...” You gesture towards his computer that was on the discord tab. He silently nods. You sigh, Dream didn’t introduce you to anyone except his close friends yet so whenever he’s streaming or making a video with people that didn’t know about you, you had to be quiet.
You hear the same voice coming from your boyfriend’s headphones again, this time you could hear it clearly, “Dream! Can you tell the person in your room if I can talk to them!” You raise an eyebrow at Clay, who looked at you for your answer. You thought about it, you could just say no and Clay would just tell whoever he was chatting to that no-one was in his room and nobody would know about you... but what’s the fun in that?
You smile at Clay and nod your head. He unmutes himself and replies back to the person who you still didn’t know the name of, “Fine, be nice to them tommy.” You giggle at your boyfriend as he gets up from his chair and hands you the headphones. Sitting down, you unmute yourself, “hello?” “HELLO ARE YOU DREAM’S GIRLFRIEND?” You wince at how loud the person was as you turn down the volume on Clay’s computer. “Er yes.. who are you?”
Since you were on Clay’s computer, you could play Minecraft. Waiting for it to load, you hear the person reply, “My name’s Tommy! You can also call me big man or wife haver!” You were about to question his choice on names when Minecraft finished loading. “Cool.. I’m going to join Minecraft right now... wait what’s the dream smp?”
You heard banging from big m- er tommy and then shouting, “You don’t know what the fucking dream smp is?!?” You shook your head, “I only know a little about it.” You hear Tommy laugh as you roll your eyes. “Dream’s the creator of the world and you’re his girlfriend and yet he never told you anything about it? Impossible” Clicking on the world that was called “Dream Smp”, you spawn in.
“TommyInIt has joined the world.”
You look down at the corner of your screen to see Tommy join in as well. “Let me tour you around then!” You raise an eyebrow at his enthusiasm and realize that he can’t see you. “Cool,” you replied, oh were you in for a ride.
While being toured around, you saw some people. Some of them you recognized while others you had no idea who they were so Tommy helped you by telling you their names. You and Tommy had also made some jokes during the tour, making both of you guys laugh. He showed you the places where the most well-known events happened and even gave you history on them as well. Overall, you thought the tour was a success since you didn’t do something you weren’t supposed to do.
At the end of the tour, you two ended up at Church Prime. “Come over here and ring the bell!” You walked over to where Tommy was and rang the bell a few times. “What’s this for?” You questioned. “When you’re streaming and you’re not reaching your sub count, you ring the bell here and subs will appear!” He replied back. You freeze. “Wait.. you’re streaming? You never told me!” Tommy’s laugh could be heard. “Sorry about that, I forgot to tell you.” You sigh, at least you didn’t say anything that would be clipped.
“Is dream there?” You turn around, dream was laying on his bed scrolling through his phone. “No, he’s on the bed. Why?” “I didn't want him to hear me say that you’re my new favorite woman.” You laugh, “Really? Even better than the queen?” You heard of his 'obsession' with the queen so you decided to tease him. Tommy was quiet as he thought about it.
"Actually yeah! You're better than the queen! Pog!" You laugh at his answer, totally not expecting it at all. "Really? I guess I'll take that as a compliment then."
───── ⋆✩⋆ ─────
Part two ♡
Taglist: @thenotsohottopic @0-0littlem0-0 @alec-lost-bee @bi-narystars @707xn @sakurapartridge
Send me an ask or dm to be added to my taglist! :)
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hestiia-vesta · 26 days ago
scary dog privileges
summary: tommy with a scary alt best friend
platonic cc!tommy x gn!alt!reader
disclaimer: okok- so this is my experience with being surrounded by atl ppl and being alt as a teen too. not everyone is like this, but it’s through my experiences.
disclaimer pt 2: tommy and ranboo are a bit ooc, my apologizes on that. this was the first time i wrote in a year(?) and my mind started to wander while writing. it’s no excuse for cc! to be ooc, so i’m going to keep that in mind now- make a note. thank you <3
© hestiia-vesta 2021. all rights reserved.
Tumblr media
okay, so we all know that tommy had like- four different shirts-
so when mans met you- he was so confused like
why do you have so many clothes???
taking long to get ready? never heard of them-
he has like- 3 outfits total probably
okayokay so- y’all probably met in like college
you moved like across from him and his mom probably made him go make friends with the new kid
but he probably didn’t want to- saw a glimpse of you and said nope
he walked back into his house
i mean- you were dressed in all black, chains and accessories, piercings and tattoos, with giant platform boots (like- grunge ?? alt??)
i’m making you 5’4 get over it <3 /lh
you were like 5’4 with an addition of 4 inches
but you most definitely scared him
you probably glared at him too-
you def have some trust issues- very introverted
tommy’s mom deadass pushed him out the door
“Go introduce yourself Tom” - Motherinnit
tommy slowly made his way over to you
confused british boy- like why are you so >:( when your parents are very :]???
“Hello.. uh-“ “Y/n” “Hello Y/n I uh.. like your chains-“ “Thanks…”
very awkward first meeting
Tommy made his way over to you- as slow as he possibly could. He could feel himself sweating- he was terrified of you. Looking at you, he lets out amumble of curses under his breath- you look like you could kill him in an instant. As he got closer, his shoulders tensed up as you looked at him. Tommy could feel you staring into his soul. He pulled at the collar of his shirt, swallowing dryly as your glare hardened.
The blond male stared at you- or more so your aesthetic. You were wearing all black, these giant boots that could stomp him into the ground, your chains and accessories reflecting the sun- glaring at him, your makeup making you look even more approachable, and finally your many tattoos that were all stick and pokes. He let out a shaky breath as he stood in front of you.
To outsiders- it was a little comedic, an uneasy, terrified 6’1 boy staring down at someone who was 5’4- with an added 4 inches- that was glaring up at the boy in front of them. Tommy cleared his throat shakily, ignoring his fight or flight response. He mustered up the courage to talk to you.
“H- hi..” He cringed at his shakey voice cracking, “I’m Tom Simons… it’s nice to meet you..?”
“Y/N.” You huffed out. Tommy flinched at the harshness of your response.
“It’s nice to meet you Y/n…” Tommy fiddled with his hands nervously, “I uh… I like your chains-“
“Thanks…” You stopped glaring at the boy and stared at him awkwardly. The both of you stood in awkward silence, just staring at each other- cringing internally at the stiff air around the two of you. Unfortunately for you, that was the start of a very chaotic- but very wonderful- relationship.
it took the two of you to become friends with each other
both your parents and his parents nudging the two children to get to know each other
“Be a good neighbor- make friends with them! They're a wonderful child, Toms.” - Motherinnit and Fatherinnit
“Go be friends with him! It’ll be great for you to have a friend your age, and even better that they live across the street!” - your parents
pushing past the fact that Tommy was terrified of you and you not knowing how to interact with a real person
the two of you became inseparable
it actually took you a while to get used to his loud voice-
tommy felt as if a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders- his fear for you vanished
he’s always telling his stream and friends about how he has “scary dog privileges”
which was true
if tommy was out walking in public- y’know hanging out with you-, you could be seen walking behind him glaring at everyone who looked at him wrong
if you could, you would fight anyone who had the courage to tell him off for being loud in public
you almost bit off someone’s finger once-
whenever the two of you hang out and he gets a message or call from his friends- he always sends a blurry image of you and says “sorry I am with my scary friend right now.”
his camera roll is filled with blurry images of you doing the most normal shit while your all dressed up
his socials also have many blurry photos of you with a caption like “i am with my scary friend- they are very scary.”
tommy sends your burry photos to his friends with the same energy as his captions
Tommy was sitting on a bench, he was at the park- the two of you were hanging out. The blond was ranting loudly to you- something about a green bastard and The Blade. You stared at him confused- you weren’t very caught up in the Minecraft community. Just as you were about to interrupt him, he got a text message. It was Quackity, telling Tommy to join vc.
“You can answer it, y'know.” You stated bluntly. Tommy looks at you unsure but you kept gesturing to him to join the call. Tommy looked to see who else was in the call, it was Quackity and Karl. Tommy grinned and joined the call. putting his phone on speaker. You could see the mischievous glint in his eyes, you eyed him suspiciously.
“Aye Big Q!” Tommy yelled, “I can’t talk right now, I am busy. I’m with my very scary friend. Say hi, scary friend.” Tommy grinned at you as you deadpanned at him. You glared at the boy as his friends made a loud commotion.
“Hi, scary friend…” You say dryly, maintaining eye contact with the boy next to you. You flinched as the noise from this phone became louder.
“Tommy- Tommy! Is that the fucking person you keep sending photos of!? They’re real?! Oh my fucking god!” Quackity screamed while Karl freaked out in the background. Tommy bursted out laughing at his friends’ reactions.
“What did you need, Big Q?” Tommy questions his screaming friend.
“We were talking about the video Quackity plan—“ Karl was cut off by Quackity yelling, “That doesn’t matter! Put your friend on the phone! I want to talk to them!”
You had an amused grin on your face and shook your head. You plan on staying as a mystery until you feel comfortable enough to reveal yourself. Your voice and hands are already in his streams- that would be enough for now.
“No- I don’t think I will.” Tommy laughed as Karl made sounds of disappointment while Quackity screamed once more. Tommy quickly said his goodbyes in the middle of the chaos and hung up as fast as he could. The two of you stared at each other before Tommy bursted out laughing while you let out chuckles.
his friends and followers get no explanation of your presence on anything and are left so confused
he talks about you all the time on stream
sometimes you join him on stream- you sitting on his bed occasionally showing your hands to hic chat
you’re usually throwing things at him during his streams
you’re voice is very quiet, barely audible on his streams but enough for him to hear
although you’re a mystery to his fans- they adore the friendship between the two of you- often finding themselves laughing at tommy’s misfortune as he once again got hit with a pillow
“Okay! OKAY!” Tommy laughed before he was able to tell his story, “So, my scary friend yesterday almost bit someone’s hand off!” He yelled as he continued to cackle. You sat up quickly, knowing exactly what he was talking about. Grabbing a pillow you stood up to stop him from telling the story.
“Someone came up to me and started telling me off- talking about how I was annoying and shit! Just spitting out their hate towards me and- AND MY FRIEND TOLD THEM OFF! They started to roast the shit out of the person and when the person started pointing, my friend literally almost bit their ha—“ Tommy cut himself off with a scream as you slammed the pillow on him repeatedly.
The chat was going crazy, some laughing at Tommy’s misfortune, some freaking out about you being there, and some freaking out about the story with an occasional ‘that person deserved it’.
you’ve actually met some of his friends- ranboo and tubbo
tubbo though you looked cool and immediately started a conversation with you
it was one-sided
tubbo did all the talking while you were slightly glaring at him- body tense
ranboo stared at the two of you panicking for his friend
he thought you were going to strangling tubbo-
tommy was laughing his ass off in the background
once you got used to the other two- you relaxed and indulged into converstation with them
tubbo was absolutely ecstatic
ranboo relaxed from all his panic
the four of you were absolute chaos—
tubbo and ranboo joined in on the blurry photos of you
everyone else was so confused
like ???
who is this person?
why are they everywhere?
you do admit though- the memes made out of the images made you cackle.
Tubbo excitedly was speaking to you about how he’s heard so much about you and how cool he thinks you are while you were glaring at him- not a harsh glare, a soft glare? Ranboo stood a few feet away from you and Tubbo- he was terrified. You look like you would beat up anyone- you look like you could beat him up! Right now he was anxious for Tubbo, you looked like you’re about to strangle the short brunette.
“Tommy- Tommy! Shouldn’t we do something?! They look like they're about to kill Tubbo!” Ranboo whisper-yelled at Tommy. Tommy bursted out laughing as Ranboo got even more uneasy and panicked.
Ranboo tensed up as you turned to look at him. Tommy thought it was hilarious, Ranboo- who’s 6’6 was terrified of his friend who’s 5’4! Tommy laughed harder, hunching over, holding his stomach.
A few hours later, the four of you were seen joking around and causing so much chaos. Ranboo and Tubbo joined in on posting your blurry photos on their socials and sending it to their friends. The only thing they said was ‘With the scary friend’. Whenever the three streamed together- you were either heard off camera with a barely audible voice or throwing things at the three of them, sometimes you shot them with a nerf gun.
Ranboo and Tubbo definitely enjoyed spending time with you. Tommy was enjoying the fact that his friends were getting along. He was also proud of you for socializing with the other two— but you don’t have to know that.
tommy probably has stolen some of your accessories
he probably unknowingly wears some of them on stream and fiddles with them
you definitely have some of your clothes at his house
he also has some of his clothes at yours
the both of you basically live at each other’s house-
overall, tommy couldn’t have asked for a better friend
he was extremely grateful that his parents made him become friends with you
maybe in the future he’ll have you on stream with him
but for now he was contempt with having you all to himself
he was proud to have a friend like you
their siblings, your honor :]
Tumblr media
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thek1ngtalks · 4 months ago
— Tommy's Love Language is Gift Giving —
Tumblr media
So I saw this Twitter post
And it was a picture of Tommy hanging his name outside his door
And I thought: "what if Tommy made some and gave them to Y/N"
So here it is
Tommy really likes making things
He's oddly good at detailing and just keeping things neat
But he has the worst taste in colour schemes
Can't put one together to save his life
But anyway
Tommy enjoys making these because they aren't too hard but also not easy
He likes the process
So he sometimes ends up making random letters that he has no use for
And maybe he made one once for Wilbur
But it was only because he just happened to get all the letters
It wasn't a gift he gave often but when he did it got him really nervous
Enter: You
You were like his first friend in his class.
though the desk were all spread apart for covid, you were the closest to him
And he maybe thought you looked cool if you wear clothes like Wilbur
If not he bumped into you in the hall and accidentally insulted you
(It's not unrealistic if you've done it before)
So when he apologized you two just end up talking and hit it off
And when he found out you shared classes he was just ":O" and then ":D"
Then you guys got really close and he wasn't sure how to express his appreciation about you
So he went through his letters and somehow managed to gather all the letters
And he just put them in a box and shoved it into your chest before he left for the bus after school the next day
Your heart just melted but you absoloutely made fun of him for how flustered he got the entirety of the next week
Tommy also showed you how to make them
And when you first appeared on his stream it was an irl stream and you helped him make some words
Which include:
And my personal favourite
"Fuck You"
He absoloutely have the last ones to you as a joke but you seriously hung them over your bed
You posted a picture on Twitter and everything
He retweeted and showed off his "Ranboob" which was dumped in the trash
Ranboo in the comments: "DD:"
Anyway that's it. That's the small post for the day I'm going back to my actual writing I still have things to do ajdkds
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myntrose · 3 months ago
summary: Being adopted by the protector of the SMP granted you a life of delicacy. It was when the deity realized that you were no ordinary child, and one with remarkable gifts.
word count: 694
cw: child!reader, reader is adopted by Dream XD, slight gods/goddess/deity!AU, based of Flower Child (but you don't need to read it to understand the plot :DD), reader had earth powers
Character: Dream XD x p!gn!reader
There was no way of knowing how his life would have come to this. Change wasn't a huge thing for XD, with chaos being the base of his existence. Even so, never would he have seen himself acting as the parental figure to you, a mere human child.
There was also no way that he didn't realize the abilities that hid under your child like curiosity. For gods (his) sake, he was the deity of the smp, the god of all the mortals, the Dream XD. But when you first displayed what you've had hidden, it definitely brought XD to a full stop.
It wasn't often that XD left you alone at his home, bringing you along whenever and wherever he was needed. During the times he felt that it was to dangerous for you, he had no choice but to leave you. He was thankful that you weren't as troublesome as the other children he's come across. This led to his trusting you to stay at the house, but the cherry on top was that you always preferred to stay in the garden.
The first few times he came back after his duties, he always noticed that you had some sort of gift for him when he returned. It started of with flower crowns, to small bouquets, to fruits at times as well. He started to have his suspicions when he came home to you planting a fern that only grew in winter conditions.
As far as he was concerned, you were only human. Hybrids typically took on attributes from the different part of them, yet that didn't seem to be the case for you. He could get his fellow deities to check up on you to make sure that there wasn't anything out of the ordinary, but that was out of the question. If there was anything special about you, that would mean he didn't notice it, and he really wasn't in the mood for Philza to constantly bring that up during conversations.
So, like any other right-minded person, he decided to observe you. Every time he announced he would leave, he would transform himself into various creatures, and settle himself in the garden and watch as you fit yourself into the setting.
The first thing that majorly stood out to him was the way you went to a spot that didn't have anything planted in yet. It looked as if you were observing the area, trying to piece together something in your mind.
Moments pass by, which later turned to a half hour of you just standing in the garden. The deity of chaos had it's name for a reason, so it was only a matter of time until he got bored. Maybe he underestimated what lied within his own garden, and that he's been in his own head for to long. Yea, there's no way that he wouldn't have detected anything out of the ordinary when it came to the child he had adopted for months now.
His thoughts were quickly eaten up once he realized that you were now rushing around the empty area, with small mushrooms growing with every step you take. It was as if you were giving life with every step and breath you took. With someone with XD's stature, this kind of magic was simple, and young. But he couldn't help but feel a sense of pride watching you create life from nothing.
Quickly transforming into his more recognizable form, XD quickly made his way towards you, who was holding a variety of mushrooms and ferns. Any other person would have been scared by the sudden appearance of the deity, but having getting used to his presence made him give of a protective aura rather than one of fear.
Coming up in front of you, XD put out a hand and placed it on top on your head, patting it with a sense of pride. He always knew that there was something special with the child he found months ago, yet it was only now that he realized the gifts that you carried.
"Well done, flower child. You've done and with always do me proud"
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tarosin · 4 months ago
the great adventures of y/n tommy tubbo jack and ranboo - how y/n made friends with everyone
this is an extra to the great adventures series
requested: yes/no
warnings: cursing
you were actually friends with tommy when he was streaming to a few viewers, and you even watched as his channel grew. eventually he asked you to mod for him, as he knew he could trust you and because had experience being a twitch mod. he was also the reason you began streaming. as for how you met, you were in the same classes as him in highschool, and since you were the ‘quiet’ person in the class, they sat tommy next to you. honestly, you hated him when you first met him and the feeling was mutual. you didn’t want to sit next to the rather loud teenager and he had no one to talk to anymore as his friends were on the other side of the room.
“do you ever talk?”
“i said do you ever you always do that”
“do what”
“that fucking HeH.”
“are you mocking me simons?”
“noooo why would i do that...”
“it’s y/n.”
“right, yeah, yeah, i totally knew that.”
“great now please leave me alone i’m trying to work.”
“the fuck did you just say?”
it was that moment tommy decided he was going to make you just like him, and a few years later that’s exactly what he did. by year 11 you and tommy had grown extremely close. the last day of school arrived a lot earlier than expected, everyone was extremely stressed, no one knew what to expect or what was going to happen. you found yourself hanging around with tommy a lot more as you had no idea if you would both be going to the same college, in september you received a text message that made your night:
tommy: college sent out emails telling you if you were accepted go check
*2 minutes later*
tommy: well?
y/n: i got accepted
tommy: me too
y/n: call me right now
tommy: i’m about to stream..have you ever considered streaming?
y/n: absolutely not
tommy: make an account and stream after me i’ll raid you..make me mod you know how people can be
once college started up, you were slightly nervous the two of you would drift away from each other. however this was far from the case, although you both did different subjects and he was only in on wednesdays, the pair of you would hang out together a lot more. he would be in your streams and vice versa, you would either be in his tiktoks, or you would be the one filming them.
“y/n make a tiktok we can be mutuals.”
“please god no.”
you spent so much time at his house either talking about random things, playing whatever game you could find, or streaming. he dragged you to every meet up he went on, allowing you to meet people such as niki, phil, and, wilbur. you didn’t know this, but he would constantly bring you up in conversations with dream, which eventually lead to you joining the smp in october where you would later be able to meet the likes of jack, technoblade and jschlatt. the only person you didn’t seem to see on the server was his other friend tubbo.
you had become friends with scott after being his first twitch mod and when he noticed you started streaming, he was extremely supportive, always raiding your stream once he ended his. today you found yourself bickering with scott because he wouldn’t let you in mcc despite the fact you were ‘the best minecraft player.’
“y/n, i watched you die in minecraft 7 times last night within 5 minutes.”
“oh i’m sorry mr perfect, let me in mcc.”
“fine i’ll make my own.”
and that’s exactly what you did..well you tried your best.
you started your stream as soon as scott ended and had him call you on discord after explaining to your chat what you were about to do.
“scott final chance let me in mcc, i’ll settle for access to the practice server.”
“absolutely not!”
“fuck you, ill be in it one day!”
you left the call telling chat you didn’t need that negative energy in your life.
you really have scott to thank for you making friends with ranboo, scott made a tweet explaining what you were doing on stream which caught ranboos eye.
Smajor1995: after not making it into mcc again my good friend @y/n has decided to take it upon themselves to make their own on stream!! ill also be in the stream (if they answer my calls) *twitch link*
ranboo joined your stream and was instantly met with you yelling at scott (again) to let you in mcc.
“i will ban you from mcc!”
“you don’t have the nerve... so he left the call this is bullshit watch me land this water bucket clutch down this ravine so we can find axolotls and build an army.”
*you died*
you pulled your hood over your face before sinking down your chair taking a deep breath.
you calmly got back up and looked into your camera.
“i was so close, so very close.. HEY CHAT SCOTT SENT ME A LINK TO THE SERVER!”
a few minutes later you were able to get onto the server, only to be kicked less than a minute later. the reason you were banned being ‘i watched you fail the water bucket clutch down a ravine.’
you continued your build on your server and just spent the rest of the stream talking about anything that crossed your mind, that was until you decided to copy ace race. once finished, you looked into your camera and pulled your microphone closer to you.
“so this is race ace, so scott doesn’t sue me, and basically it’s going to be this course, but i’m going to change a random section practice it every day, not tell anyone it changed. of course i’m going to tell my team we have to win, oh fuck i forgot scott was watching my’s okay he didn’t hear me he’s too busy planning how he can rig the next mcc.”
ranboo found himself enjoying your content and even noticed you in his chat multiple times.
“just a minute chat i’m just sending an important dm to my mods.”
that’s when you noticed chat paused for a minute after you sent a message, it confused you for a minute before realising ranboo made you a vip on his channel and you decided to do the same for him on your channel, from there you added each other on discord. the pair of you made friends extremely quickly, you were constantly part of his streams as you would call him on discord not realising that he was streaming.
“hi y/n, by the way i’m streaming”
“i just wanted to ask if you knew how to break into a house?”
“i locked myself out by accident and my parents are asleep come help me.”
“you are in the uk.”
“okay? catch a flight.”
chat honestly loved you and your friendship with ranboo. the pair of you only met a few weeks ago and you were already acting as though you had known each other for years.
you and jack met for the first time on the smp, which would have been fine, however you met during lore and your characters weren’t exactly the best of friends. once lore had ended, everyone said their goodbyes and left the call. a few moments later you received a discord message from jack asking if you were available to call any time soon. since you were back in lockdown, you had plenty of free time. you arranged a time and date a few days later you called jack, where you had your first proper interaction out of character.
“hello jack!!”
“oh hi y/n i just thought it may be a good idea to get to know each other, well you know considering we’re both on the dream smp.”
“yeah, yeah, i understand what you mean.”
the pair of you ended up getting along with each other, it was slightly awkward for the first 5 minutes of the call, but that was expected since you hadn’t really met jack before and were anxious to call him. however, after that the conversation started to flow and you found out the pair of you had a lot in common making it easy to come up with things to talk about. it ended up feeling as though you were catching up with a friend you hadn’t spoken to for a while.
“has anyone told you your accent is really strong.”
“so is yours, y/n, what the fuck is that supposed to mean.”
“it means your accent is strong, duh.”
jack asked if you’d like to stay in call and join him on the smp whilst he streamed, and you gladly accepted the offer as you really didn’t want to do your college work, and you were enjoying your time with him. a few minutes into the stream jack had killed you several times.
rather than answering you he just sat laughing. he then went on to attempt to mute him microphone, he failed. however he didn’t realise this, so you sat listening to his plan on how he was going to kill you again. this time you were prepared, you sent a message to tommy telling him to log on along with your location. few minutes later tommy was by your side and helped you kill jack several times for revenge.
“you didn’t mute your mic, so i told tommy you were bullying me.”
“im gonna go...BYE JACK, BYE Y/N, ILL SEE YOU SOON!”
“i can’t believe you.”
“hey you’re the one who didn’t turn your mic off.”
“how did you know?”
“i had your stream on my other monitor.”
“ayeee you watch my streams?”
“...i’ve been a sub for 4 months.”
the two of you stayed chatting and playing for another hour. the pair of you were already so close and you had only met each other the other day. this was just the start of your friendship, soon enough you were in a laugh and the stream ends challenge on his stream, however due to lockdown rules this was done over discord leading to you accidentally leaving the call several times.
“and they’re gone again!”
*4 minutes later*
“stop leaving y/n!”
“oh i’m sorry, let me just go yell at my wifi to stop cutting out!”
a few seconds later you could be heard faintly in the background screaming at your wifi as it would continue to buffer. as soon as restrictions were over one of the first things you decided to do was go to jacks and stream a laugh you lose where there was a punishment if you were responsible for losing the last heart. however everything was apparently hilarious in person as you would constantly laugh, meaning you were responsible for losing the last heart.
“y/n give me your phone.”
“you lost let me tweet from your account”
soon enough your fans and friends with your notifications on received this twitter notification
“y/n: jack is so cool and funny he is also really tall i am not”
tubbo was actually the last person you met and made friends with, your community were convinced for some reason that you both didn’t like each other and that’s why the pair of you didn’t talk to each other. this was far from the case you were both waiting for the right time, tubbo was an extremely busy teenager and you didn’t want to interrupt him, and tubbo knew you were currently in a stressful position since you had recently joined the dream smp, also you were still meeting people so he didn’t want to stress you out. this doesn’t mean he didn’t want to be your friend, he actually asked tommy since he had been your friend for at least 4 years what would be the best way of getting to know you.
“mate they hated me when we first met, just talk to them or something. you could have met them the last time i went up to visit you, but they ended up not feeling too good and went back to the hotel room.”
“when are you next coming up?”
“how about next week, and i’ll bring y/n, i really don’t understand why you’re nervous tubbo, it’s y/n they wouldn’t hurt a fly..well hmm.”
“see you next week then!”
a week later tommy dragged you to the train station.
“uh tommy where are we going?”
“...on a train.”
“no way, really? oh my god!”
a few hours later you finally got off the train.
“ill go with my dad to check into the hotel room, do you want to come with us or?”
“i think i’ll go for a walk and stretch my legs.”
“right okay, meet you at the beach later”
you spent a few minutes walking around the beach picking up any rocks and shells that caught your eye, little did you know it would result in you meeting tubbo. once you finished putting your new collection in your pockets you noticed a small crowd of people walk up to someone asking for pictures assuming it was tommy you walked over to the boy, it wasn’t tommy it was in fact tubbo. at first you stayed silent not wanting to really cause attention to yourself. you only spoke up when some people started to make inappropriate comments towards him.
“oh sorry to be a pain guys me and tubbo have plans with tommy in a few minutes, we should go so we’re not late. bye guys.”
you smiled and waved as they walked away. you looked over to tubbo, you could tell he was still pretty anxious about what just happened and honestly if you was in his position, you would react the same way.
“we should probably move from here incase they come back and see you’re still here, are you okay?”
“im feeling better now it’s over..thank you”
“oh it’s no problem i’m, y/n btw.”
“wait you and tommy were still meant to be on the train.”
“the train was actually on time, tommy went to check into the hotel i wanted to stretch my legs, i also wanted to collect some rocks.”
“did you collect enough or did you want more?”
“im not going to say no if you wanna go collect some with me.”
the pair of you walked around keeping each other close incase the people from before returned. half an hour later, the pair of you sat on a bench close to the beach so you could show tubbo everything you decided to pick up, he ended up keeping a rock he liked to have as a memory. tubbo wrapped an arm around you as it was getting cold whilst you watched the sunset.
“tubbo i think tommy forgot about me.”
“you can spend the night at mine, i’ll send him a message to let him know.”
“are you sure?”
“of course!”
“this has to be the most unsafe thing either of us will ever do, we hardly know each other and now i’m staying at yours.”
tommy sent you a message explaining that he didn’t forget, there was a problem at the other hotel and they had to go find another one, but you’ll be fine to stay at tubbos for the night. the pair of you spent the entire night learning as much as you can about the other person. it had only been an evening but you already knew the pair of you would be great friends.
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wrenqueenisboss · 2 months ago
DSMP Angsty Imagines - React to Your Death pt. 2 --- Bench Trio
Part 2 to my series of “dsmp boys react to your death”: Pronouns used: they/them (if mentioned) Warnings: cursing, fight scene (implied), description of wounds, death, grief, threatening, weapons  Note: this is strictly platonic as the bench trio members are all minors Words: 1.1+
The list: c!George c!Bench Trio - (you are currently on this post) c!Wilbur c!Dream c!Technoblade - (coming soon!)
Y/n, Tommy, Ranboo, and Tubbo had always been inseparable. Never was there a moment when any of the four weren’t together. Just a chill day around the server? You bet they were walking around and causing chaos, mischievous smiles upon their faces. One of them had some mental shit to deal with? You’d bet the other three were right there, soothing and distracting. There was a war? Hell yes. The four would be fighting side by side, back to back. If one member of their team stumbled, the others would pick up the slack. That’s just how they were. Until they couldn’t be.
You see, the world doesn’t wait. It doesn’t pause the chaos and cruelty and destruction just so four teenagers can grow up with a proper childhood. No one puts away their swords, lowers their fists, or settles arguments. That just isn’t how life works. Yeah, it’s fucking unfair. 
It’s unfair that Tubbo became president at such a young age, that Tommy had been manipulated and exiled, that Ranboo’s own mind had been taken over, that Y/n had been put through so much over the course of their life. It’s unfair that the best friends were forced to fight in a war. A war that shouldn’t have been going on in the first place.
They gathered their gear together, helped one another don their enchanted armor, polished their weapons as a team, flashed fake smiles in an effort to lighten the god-awful situation.
“Ya know,” Y/n said as they ran the whittling stone across the blade of their diamond sword. “I’m pretty sure we’ve been through worse.”
Ranboo barked a laugh, his smile brightening both his green and red eyes. “Nah, I’m pretty sure this is the worst.”
Tubbo gave Y/n a sympathetic smile as he placed his hand on Ranboo’s shoulder. The enderman hybrid paused for a moment. “Give Y/n a break. They’re trying to lighten the mood.”
“Thanks, Tub.”
Tommy looked up from his own sword with a frown. “There isn’t any fucking point in lightening the point. We’re in a really shitty situation and that’s that.”
It was true. None of them had any real experience with combat. Well- that isn’t exactly true. All four of them had lost at least one life to violence. They’d all tried to fight back, but they were too weak for it to have any effect. They still were. Against people like Dream and Technoblade - anybody,  really - they were at a huge disadvantage.
Tubbo did what he could to break the grim atmosphere. “The only way we can have any hope of making it out of this alive is if we stick together. We fight side by side and no one gets left behind.”
Y/n scoffed, even as their heart dropped to the pit of their stomach. “You all have a much greater chance of surviving. Remember, I'm on my last life.”
Everyone went silent. It wasn’t as if that was a surprise. They were all there when their friend had been pushed into the lava, when they’d lost their second life to blood loss a few years later. Everyone knew that Y/n was on their last life, but it was still scary to be reminded.
“We're not going to let you die, Y/n. And I’ll be damned if you give up and let yourself die,” Tommy’s words were forceful. Yes, they held a kind sentiment, but his tone was all business. That’s what happens when you’re forced into war way before you should.
Ranboo nodded. “We live together. We fight together. And if we have to, we’ll die together.”
Tubbo threw his hands in the air in exasperation. “Goddammit! No one is dying!”
Oh, how wrong he would soon be.
Tommy, Ranboo, and Tubbo were right there when Y/n was struck down. Right there as the arrow pierced their chest, the tip sparkling red with their blood.
Tubbo let out a shrill scream of anguish, Ranboo froze and then dove to catch their body, Tommy’s gaze darkened to murderous malice as he let a whispered swear fall from his lips.
Y/n’s body was carried to a cave a few blocks away from the fighting. The three boys sitting around their still form, assessing the wound. Honestly, what was there to assess? Y/n had taken an arrow to the chest and died. That was it. It was cruel how simple their death was.
Ranboo squeezed their hand, heart breaking as he realized their warmth was steadily fading. “I can’t believe they’re actually dead,” he whispered hoarsely, voice cracking with emotion. He couldn’t cry though. Another one of the universe’s cruel curses.
Tubbo was already crying. His shoulders already shaking. “We were supposed to live together. We still had so much time. They still had so much time. And now... I guess they don’t.”
Tommy was pacing the cave anxiously. His blond hair, already messed up from the fighting, had been even more wrecked by him fervently running his fingers through it. 
Everyone looked like a mess. Clothes and uniforms were ripped and dirty. There were more than a few bloodstains. Skin was bruised (badly, in some places) and   sported a tapestry of cuts and scrapes that would later heal into thin scars. Not that anyone was new to scars.
The speed of Tommy’s pacing increased before he froze completely, only looking his friends in the eye for a fleeting heartbeat. His gaze returned to Y/n’s still body before flitting about again. “They’re not dead,” he muttered.
“What?” Tubbo’s voice shook as his tears fell.
“Y/n isn’t dead. They can’t be.”
Ranboo rose from his spot at the body’s side to comfort his distraught friend. “Tommy, you’re in denial. Y/n’s dead. They were killed-”
Tommy swatted away Ranboo’s hand before it could even connect with his shoulder. “They aren’t fucking dead!” he shouted. His head dropped forward as he stared at the ground. “Y/n promised. They wouldn’t break a promise like that.”
“Y/n didn’t have a choice.” 
Tommy was too busy forming some stupidly reckless plan in his head to actually hear what one of his friends had said. But Tubbo and Ranboo recognized that look in Tommy’s eyes. Recognized the gleam of mischief, the flash of lividity, the sparkle of determination.
And deep down they knew it would be useless to try and stop him, but they tried anyway.
“Tommy,” Tubbo began. “What you’re feeling is perfectly normal, Big man. It’s, like, the five stages of grief.”
“I don’t want to hear that therapy bullshit.” 
Ranboo tagged on, not letting Tommy protest more. “You’re already going through some of them right now. Denial and anger. Now you just-”
Tommy silenced them with a hand. “Fine. I’ve passed denial, I sure as hell am still angry, but they really should add another stage to that list.” He began walking towards the entrance of the cave, back to the fighting.
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dawn-system · 15 days ago
bench trio x reader (all platonic)
pronouns: none used i think!
(this is my first ever fan fic, constructive critisism is absolutely allowed but please dont be rude)
It was just like any normal day today, waking up to the sound of complete silence, and wandering downstairs to make yourself some hot cocoa.
It stayed quiet for a bit longer, you relished in the calm morning, sitting by the window and leisurely sipping your warm drink while you scrolled social media. Then the noise started up.
See, you loved your boys, you really did. but it was mornings like these when you question your choice of moving in with the three teens, but you wouldn’t change a thing.
“So tubs, I was thinking maybe we could- Oh! Hi y/n! I didn’t know you were up yet” Tommy walked in, already full of energy even after his late stream last night.
“Hi tommy” you smiled “I’ve been up for a bit, silently waiting for the racket to start” He laughed as Tubbo walked in, definitely more sleepy than the blond.
“Anyway, so i was thinking we could do a you laugh you lose with ranboo, cause you know they dynamic” he punctuates his word with some jazz hands, pitching his stream idea to the tired boy beside him
“Yeah sounds good- hey y/n, do you have any breakfast plans or do you wanna get some McDonalds delivery?”
“Yes yes yes want mcmuffins” You said, suddenly very excited.
“Did someone say McDonalds?” Ranboo says, scaring the shit out of tubbo.
Grabbing your phone and confirming everyone’s order, you pressed the green button and began to wait impatiently for your food.
~~~time skip cause i have one particular scene in mind and i dont wanna write a whole book today~~~
“wait wha, why is chat saying ‘aww’?” tommy asks, looking through the stream chat box.
wait, that was your name.. when did you show up on stream? were you in chat? He didn’t see your user
It was then that ranboo noticed a little tuft of hair poking out of some blankets on the couch.
he nudged tubbo, nodding his head toward you, asleep on the couch.
“oh, aww!” the brunette boy cooed, picking up the pillow that fell off your head and setting it next to you.
tommy, just now understanding the situation goes “OHH thats what chats was talking abouttt”
“yeah dumbass” tubbo says, smacking the back of tommy’s head slightly, the two ignoring the tallest of the three walking over to you to adjust the pillows to be more comfortable and brushing some hair out of your face as you slept.
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technowoah · 3 months ago
Another Short Wilbur Headcanon I think about!
Tumblr media
Being Roommates With Wilbur Include:
Very calming nights no matter what.
There is little to no yelling in the apartment unless you're yelling for someone to get something for one another.
You both can sit in silence and its the most comfortable thing
You never get angry at eachother
Wilbur doesn't like fighting, so your arguments are small and only about the chores around the house.
You guys don't care about eachother's schedules. Just dont walk in on closed doors without knocking.
Luckily Wilbur had found an office to livestream so you dont have to worry about walking in on his streams.
Movie nights..just old movies with hot tea and the most blankets all over the apartment
Wilbur would sit on the floor with two blankets while your draped over the couch with one huge blanket.
Wilbur has Tuesdays and Fridays for brainstorming ideas.
You both brainstorm ideas for the dsmp lore, stories for his music, just random stories you would write for fun.
He'll run songs by you and you'll give your honest opinions on it.
Sometimes you end up re-writing songs entirely and sometimes you wont.
When you cant sleep you would reluctantly ask Wilbur to play his guitar and sing to you.
Watching Bo Burnham, Inside every night is a ritual.
Also Hamilton sing alongs in the apartment, car, street, anywhere
His twitch chat knows you very well and asks about you even when he moves to the new office.
Even though he moved you still bring him food when he streams for long hours.
You join Wilbur when he goes to practice with the rest of LoveJoy.
You also travel when he meets up with Tommy and Tubbo
Speaking of travel-
Late night drives is a must.
Just talking about your day while the cool night air flows through his car.
If you dont end up dating Wilbur
He says dates are not allowed in the house. And that goes both ways.
The closest a date can get is the front door. Anything beyond that is breaking the rules.
Going to Brighton beach often just to walk and then getting bored after a few times.
Taking a ride on the British Airways i360 and not going on it ever again.
Planning trips to the US one day
If you were from the US going back to your state for a week.
Going home and watching whatever pops up in your recommended on YouTube.
Reading on the floor with blankets, and computers.
Wilbur would be great at giving you space when needed
There's nothing too personal shared unless you wanted to share with one another.
Speaking of
You both spending nights talking about each of your childhoods
Okay but..
Living with wilbur would be like living in a cozy London pintrest board.
Taglist: @annshit @bobaducky @malfoysslutt
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forefinn · 2 months ago
What two request in one day? Can I have a platonic CC! SBI and platonic husbands finding out about M! Streamer! reader and reader’s husband that their marriage is like chaotic and wholesome (a mix of Mumza’s and Dadza’s marriage & BeeBoo platonic marriage) Like reader’s husband shooting reader w/ a nerf gun, etc. <3 Anarchy
i hope you enjoy anarchy:)
Tumblr media
you were considerably young when you got married. at nineteen, you and your highschool sweetheart got married. he was the absolute love of your life, and you knew you wouldn’t find another like him.
he apparently felt the same, because he proposed on valentine’s day. the two of you had been dating for four years, and he knew it was time.
he was just glad you agreed to marry him.
with being married so young, you didn’t exactly tell people that.
of course, over time they’ve come to know, but the friends that you’d made online didn’t.
it just never really came up before.
you’re sure if someone had asked you if you were married, you’d tell them, but because that hadn’t happened, you just didn’t say anything.
and there have been times where you’ve almost started talking about your husband. mostly it was purely an accident, but after a while, it got fun seeing if they’d ever realize.
wilbur likes to call phil ‘old’ because he’s married, you laugh because you’re younger than wilbur and you know he’d still call you old.
you and your husband had talked about when the both of you wanted to tell everyone.
your chat knew you were gay, but you didn’t know how they’d react to you actually being in a relationship.
honestly, you didn’t mind if they knew.
but you wanted to respect your husband's wishes. the two of you had talked about it briefly when you first started, but it hadn’t really come up after that.
you were streaming with tommy, phil, techno, and wilbur late at night. you were honestly super tired, but the five of you would always practice for mcc late at night.
you thought y/h/n had already gone to sleep, but he was waiting for the right moment to shoot you.
the two of you were in a nerf war, and you both refused to lose.
it was so competitive that you would shoot him when he was in a meeting with work, and now was the time to get you back.
he creaked open your door, and attempted to stay out of the view of the camera. you seemed to not notice that he was in your room.
he waited for a moment, and then shot you.
you were in the middle of telling tommy off, so it sounded like, “no, don’t do that, you gotta d- AHHH!”
you whipped off your headphones, because you thought someone had broken in. only once you saw him, you started to laugh.
chat went wild, but your poor friends, they had thought something had happened until they opened your stream.
“you suck.”
“it’s fair, love.”
you then put your headphones back on.
“what is happening-?” wilbur asked, but nobody seemed to really be listening.
phil was just laughing, while tommy keep repeating, “who was that?”
“that’s y/h/n. he’s my husband.”
everyone went completely silent.
“hello.” y/h/n said very loudly, and everyone could hear him through the headset.
you’d have a lot to explain later…
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mothra-mcyt · 6 months ago
Could you please do an mcyt request with y/n who loves space and stars? And sometimes likes to just talk about constellations and astronomy related things? Thank you!
☾ MCYT's reaction to a reader who loves space and stars ☽
No trigger warnings
》 Dream 《
When he first found out about your obsession with space and stuff he was very interested
Loves listening to you rant about it
Definitely takes you up onto a mountain at night to go stargazing
》 George 《
He's not very good at showing strong emotions but whenever you start talking about he puts down whatever he's doing and listens to you
Takes notes on what you talk about so that he remembers and knows what to gift you
》 Badboyhalo 《
"Oooo that's sounds interesting tell me more! :D"
Listen this man is so sweet could listen to you talk about it for hours on end and loves how happy you are when you talk about it
Even does his own research on constellations and other stuff
》 Tommy 《
Is just so amazed on how much you know about it
Has absolutely no idea what you're talking about or how it works but it sounds smart
》 Tubbo 《
Doesn't really know much himself but likes listening to you talk about it to learn more about it
If you two ever meet up definitely plans to go stargazing
》 Wilbur 《
I feel like he knows some stuff himself but not that much
Would love to know more about it and whenever you rant to him about it asks questions
If you think you're annoying him he'll be like
"No no keep talking i'm interested."
》 Technoblade 《
Probably won't show it but he's really interested and would listen to you talk about it for hours
I feel like he also does love stars a lot and really enjoys stargazing
》 Ranboo 《
So very interested that whenever you talk about it he stays silent because he doesn't want to interrupt you
You two probably have late night calls when he streams while you just talk to him about it
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wilczachannn · 4 months ago
⊱ ⸾⤻🅳𝐄𝐕𝐈𝐋 𝐓𝐎𝐖𝐍, ᴄᴄ!ᴛᴏᴍᴍʏɪɴɴɪᴛ ‧₊˚ :
Tumblr media
𖠳 ꒰ 𝘪𝗇 𝘸𝗁𝗂𝖼𝗁 ໒꒱ ⋆゚₊
ⵌ going to tommy’s house, while your parents are fighting.
𖠳 ꒰ 𝘨𝖾𝗇𝗋𝖾 ໒꒱ ⋆゚₊
ⵌ platonic // angst // fluff
𖠳 ꒰ 𝘸𝖺𝗋𝗇𝗂𝗇𝗀 ໒꒱ ⋆゚₊
ⵌ parents fighting,, mentions of divorce,, swear words,, tell me if i missed something.
for @mcyt-sh1t​ ‘s 150+ follower writing event! congrats sweetheart! :D i think the song "devil  town" by cave town goes nice with this :)
prompts : "can i sleep over? my parents are fighting again." , "how bad is it?" & "you're freezing. come here."
Tumblr media
hours, that's how long your parents could argue in a day, if not more. at first they had little arguments, not very often, like every marrige, they had their ups and downs, it was normal, until the not very often slowly, but successfully, became everyday. you weren't nervous, or atleast you didn't want to show it out to the public, because who would want to talk about they're parents possibly getting divorced? probably noone. however, there was only one person who new about your situation, that being the one and only tommyinnit, your best friend. he knew how hard everything was for you, especially mentally. so, he regularly let you come over to his house to hang out, and most of the time play minecraft on your private server. he loves to see you have fun, it was like a break from reality, and your parents which was really good for your mental health. his parents treat you like their own child, they are super supportive of your friendship with tommy and think your quiet persona helps their son calm down when he's really hyper.
yet, for the past few days everything seemed to go more wrong than you could've ever imagined. this time they were fighting over who's going to take you after they divorce, sudden panic hit you. are they serious? do they really want to just leave eachother? was this all your fault? no, of course not, [name] stop overthinking, everything will be alright, right?
"it's all your fault our marrige isn't working out! you decided to be an impatient piece of shit and ruin everything for me!" your mother yelled out, venom slipping out with every single word let out, eyes full of anger. though they couldn't see you, nor hear you, you still felt uneasy being there. being in your own childhood home, maybe it's not even yours anymore? who knows. everything started to get blurry, tears forming in your eyes, your breath started to get faster by every seconds.
slowly backing away to your room, you closed the door, running up to your bed and falling on it, instead of hitting the once soft material that usually covered your mattress, you were hit with a cold, piece of paper? how did this end up here? you thought, curiosity took the best of you, so you investigated it.
dear [name],
i know your life might be rough right now,
and because of that, i want you to remember
that you're always welcome in my house.
- big man, tommy, 16.07.21 :)
of course it's from tommy, why wouldn't it be from him? he's your bestfriend after all. it was his thing to write down the date of the day he made the little note. over the years of friendship, you learned to love his signature and his writing style. sure, the little note made you smile, however it didn't stop the tears coming down your now, pinkish cheeks.
everything started to crumble down, the happy family you once knew, you once were, is turning into nothing right before your eyes, the worst thing about all of this, is that nothing could save it. there was only one option left, tommy. standing up, you stumbled to your desk to take your phone, dial his number, and simply hear his voice. you put the phone next to your ear and waited for him to pick up.
"h-hey tommy." you said, your voice very clearly cracking.
"hello [name], sorry to inform you, but you sound like shit." tommy responded, he wasn't wrong though, you sounded worse than quackity when he was sick, but hearing tommy's voice calmed you down a little, like always.
"i know, although this isn't about my voice right now, i have an important question to ask you tommy."
"alright, ask away." was his response.
"can i sleep over? my parents are fighting again." you whispered, slowly closing your eyes, feeling your eyes get watery again.
"how bad is it?" tommy asked.
"bad enough to make me want to actually run away."
"do you want me to pick you up or something?"
"no, i think i will be able to walk to your house without anyone, but thank you." you smile slightly.
"are you sure?" tommy expressed his concern, it was unsafe to go outside at night, especially alone.
"mhm." nodding to yourself, you got back on your feet again taking a backpack from your closet, picking some comfortable clothes at the same time. you also slipped a dream hoodie on, your favourite and probably one of your most treasured out of all the clothing you own, unlike tommy who literally got it for free, you had to pay for it, however, it was worth it. "i will be there in about 30 minutes, i also promise to be safe and to not take short cuts. see you soon." you hung up.
this will be the hardest part of going out at night, the sneaking out. it may seem easy, but in reality it isn't. the most important thing is to not get caught, which in this situation seems easy considering all the yelling from the kitchen.
you didn't even try to bother pretending you were asleep in bed, they really couldn't care less about you now. always so selfish. always so ignorant.
luckily the room you were in was next to a tree, a undoubtedly big one, yet it was perfect to climb down from, and so you did. although you were really careful to not get a splinter, you tried your best to be quick. finally on the ground, the wind was strong, even so that isn't what matters at the moment, you still need to get to tommy's house safely, without any distractions on the way.
when you finally got on the sidewalk, your luck wasn't on your side anymore, it started raining badly, so the only option you had left was to run as fast as you possibly could, it was harder than you originally thought, since you hadn't sleep in 24 hours. and there you were, in front of your best friends house, wet and probably sick.
you didn't even get to the door and it already flew open, showing off tommy in his fameous red and white t-shirt, with a soft smile on his face, he stepped out into the rain.
"you're freezing. come here." he announced, taking your hand in his and guided you to the house.
as soon as you got inside, his mum turned around to see the two of you standing in the doorway, both smiling, like you always did when you come to their house.
"welcome back home, [name]." maybe this isn't the best time to lose all hope, not everything is good now, but with time everything will change, everything you know will be better, because you are worth it and not everything bad is your fault. for now you only have to belive tommy's words, when he first took a notice of your family problems.
"your parents aren't pog, please know that this isn't your fault."
Tumblr media
𖠳 ꒰ 𝘵𝖺𝗀𝗅𝗂𝗌𝗍 ໒꒱ ⋆゚₊
@etheriaaly​ ,, @bbh-a3sth3tic​
@ttakinou​ ,, @lavenderjacobs​
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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familyfriendlyweed · 4 months ago
ok so I remembered about the volleyball tactics ranboo did and I never see it become a fanfic so I was wondering if you could make one where reader is a streamer but is ranboo's opponent in volleyball? (if you're making it romantic then they can be in a relationship before the tournament <3)
wait no because this is actually so cool- i play volleyball on my school's team and i'm a libero!! :D so i’m apologizing in advance if this fanfic seems a bit too volleyball nerdy 
i also made the reader a wing spiker, since this position is like the most basic and quite easy to imagine, i think lmao- 
also is it just me or do ya'll also think Ranboo is like- super intimidating when playing volleyball- because y'know- just me ok
ANYWAYS thanks for requesting moon!! i was contemplating whether to make this romantic or platonic, but you can actually imagine it both ways- just Ranboo teasing the reader in a friendly (?) manner. i hope you enjoy this!!! <3
P.S. i was seriously debating on putting a haikyuu gif, but i got scared that people would think it’s a haikyuu story, so we won’t put it👍
we’re cool (Ranboo x gn!reader)
Tumblr media
Y/n stepped onto the court to welcoming cheers and applause from their school in the stands. they grinned, waving to the crowd and blowing an air kiss here and there, at which the cheers only grew louder and Y/n felt their heart give a leap of pride.
the teen took their place in the front row, jumping from anticipation slightly. their opponent was a strong team, so Y/n knew they’ll have to get more serious, as they often let their carefree nature run wild when playing volleyball (which sometimes resulted in missing a spike or not jumping high enough to block the ball).
the other team also got into positions and Y/n looked around, scanning their front row opponents. a shadow loomed over them once the person in front stood up after tying their shoes. Y/n’s face brightened as the tall guy in front gave a familiar smile :
“fancy seeing you here, Y/n.”
they grinned and extended their arm under the net for a shake :
“well, if it isn’t my favorite enderman. i’m hyped to play against you! let’s see what tactics you use.” 
Ranboo smirked as the whistle blew :
“i am quite curious to see how they’ll work on you.”
Ranboo’s team served the ball and Y/n’s easily took it, passing it to the setter. Y/n inhaled and got ready to jump and hit it. they stole a quick glance at Ranboo, wondering if he’s ready to block. he just slouched a bit and winked at Y/n with a small smile dancing on his face.
wait... did he just wink at me?!
the ball hit Y/n’s team’s grounds and the whistle blew, giving a point to the opposing team.
“what was that?!” Y/n’s libero yelled, getting up from the ground as the gym filled with cheers from Ranboo’s school.
“i- i don’t know?” the confused wing spiker said, watching as Ranboo high-fived his teammates.
“get a grip, mate! we literally just started playing!” Y/n’s teammate scolded them and Y/n put their hands up in defense, feeling that they’re practically burning from the embarassment. what the heck just happened?
“now, now, maybe Y/n just got distracted by something! don’t put so much pressure on them!” Y/n’s setter patted their back encouragingly as the teen still stared somewhere, their mind buzzing with thoughts not associated with volleyball.
“again!” Y/n’s team’s middle blocker yelled, as Y/n tried to get a grip and focus on the game.
Ranboo’s team served again, Y/n’s took it and passed it to the setter again. Y/n smiled. this was a gesture they knew - their team wanted to give them another chance. they trusted Y/n with this.
Y/n inhaled and jumped, directing their look to the perfect gap at Ranboo’s team’s grounds. the ball appeared by their hand and they hit it with all their might.
a loud BAM and a whistle were heard as the referee gave a point to Y/n’s team with a movement of his hand.
the other side of the stands, which was Y/n’s school, roared and cheered, chanting Y/n’s name.
“YEAH! LIKE THAT!” Y/n started bumping the air with their fists out of excitement. they looked at Ranboo, who was just staring at them in awe, and winked at him. the tall guy spluttered and turned away, pretending to be talking with his teammates, but Y/n could still see the small smile on his face.
~~i hate putting time skips this feels so cringy oh god can someone write this for me please~~
Y/n wiped their face with a towel, completely drained out. the game ended with Ranboo’s team winning, but the teen couldn’t complain - they had fun playing. the little looks and sometimes even winks from Ranboo made their heart beat faster and the stupidest grin appear on their face. Y/n genuinely felt as if they were back in middle school, where all those cringy little things from their past crushes made them feel as if on cloud nine.
their team exited the gym, where the refreshing cool air hit Y/n’s face and they sighed out, a content smile on their face. 
“Y/n! celebrate another good game with us?” Y/n’s team’s setter approached them.
“yeah, i’ll come.” Y/n smiled, and their teammate nodded, returning the smile, and went to the others again.
“good game, shorty.” a deep and amused voice spoke behind them. Y/n turned around, seeing Ranboo with a hand on his hip and a towel on his shoulder, looking down on them with a friendly smile.
they smiled back and punched his arm lightly :
“so! when you said you use certain tactics, i didn’t think they’ll be so intense!”
“hah! but, you’re a quick learner, so you have no right to complain!” Ranboo shot back jokingly, sitting on the bench Y/n was sitting on. Y/n giggled, nodding.
“you know, Ranboo. this was one of the most fun games i’ve played.” they hummed after a moment of comfortable silence.
“really? why’s that?”
“really? you are so oblivious! it’s because i played against you!”
“hm, maybe i’ll take it as an insult, why would you say that?” the guy crossed his arms, giving Y/n a teasing look.
“oh, it’s unbelievable how confident you are in real life.” Y/n grumbled, recalling how awkward Ranboo was while streaming.
“but... we’re cool, right?” Ranboo asked, a tinge of anxiety in his voice now.
Y/n smiled when they heard the familiar anxious Ranboo they have known for a year now.
“yeah. we’re cool.” they smiled warmly at him and he returned the smile.
“welp! i’m drained out. wanna go to my place and stream?” Ranboo asked, getting up and stretching. 
“yeah, sure!”
they both made their way to the exit and outside, where Y/n’s team was waiting for them.
“hey! you guys go on, i’ll celebrate with him,” Y/n pointed at Ranboo, “is that alright?”
their team exchanged looks Y/n couldn’t quite decipher, but then nodded :
“sure! have fun!”
they waved at the two, and they waved back.
Y/n immediately started talking about the game and how exciting it was. they didn’t miss the smallest details, while Ranboo was all ears, chuckling at Y/n’s often jokes.
“should we tell the chat about the tournament?” Ranboo asked, hands in pockets.
“with all the details?” Y/n questioned jokingly with a cocked eyebrow.
Ranboo turned to them, smirking :
“absolutely not.”
Y/n nodded :
“absolutely not.”
they fist-bumped each other and laughed gleefully, continuing to walk.
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bunnnotfound · 6 months ago
𝐒𝐜𝐚𝐫𝐲 𝐃𝐨𝐠
Tumblr media
♡︎P!Tommyinnit x small grunge!reader♡︎
♡︎Warnings : hc, Fluff♡︎
♡︎They/Them(if used)♡︎
♡︎Prompt:Hc on being Tommy's shorter grudge friend and him saying he has "Small Scary Dog Privileges"♡︎
Tumblr media
𝐌𝐞𝐞𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐄𝐚𝐜𝐡 𝐎𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫
You were the new kid at Tommy's college
Clique I know
Ngl the first time Tommy saw you he was scared of you
He knew your name yet hadn't seen you yet
People said you looked so innocent and small
Almost like a little puppy or a small dog
Like a Pomeranian
Everyone described you as cute
Yet said NOTHING on how you looked
It was around a week before you two finally met
His teacher was paring people of up for a group project
Tommy thought he was going to be in a group of three until the teacher said your name
"And last group Tommy Simons and Y/n L/n raise your hands.
Tommy's face was genuinely confused. Y/n L/n he had heard the name around like. They were the talk of the town. All good things were said of course. But he hadn't even realized they were in the same class as him. Part of him felt guilty because he knew everyone in all his classes. Even are friends with some.
Yet they had been sitting in the back corner of the classroom for a whole week. Not a glace at them. He finally decided to talk to them after school when it was time to go home.
Tapping on your shoulder he got your attention. "Y/n was it him I'm"-
"Tommy Simons I know. The teacher said your name 5 minutes ago." You continued to put your things away. Tommy's soul left his body before coming back from being shocked at the monotone of your voice but mostly your appearance.
Sleepy eyes dark "unusual" clothes and piercings. A part of Tommy was thinking Fight or Flight. But he chose to stay calm. If it was up to him he'd say you looked pretty cool.
"I figured since we're partners we might as well get to know each other!" You winced at the Brit's loud voice. Loud things in general gave to a headache. And he was walking one.
"Yeah, sure whatever." You brushed him off heading out the doors. "Yeah!" Tommy gave himself he could already tell you two were going to be good friends.
𝐁𝐞𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐅𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐬
It took Tommy a while to convince you to be his friend
But all in all it worked
A HUGE weight was lifted off his shoulders
Why be wife haver when you can't befriend a girl
You two both carried chaotic energy which was one day going to be you guys down fall
Tommy was loud and you were subtle
"Y/n look I got a gun!"
"You're aiming it wrong..."
*Y/n points it at themselves*
"Y/N NO!"
It was a mix of you two caring for each other and Tommy having to babysit you from making impulse decisions
Like the time you said you wanted a tattoo
He said no
You gave yourself a stick and poke
"Y/n I-
"You said not tattoo not no stick and poke..."
"I did say that didn't I."
Tommy's always telling his stream and friend's he has Small Scary Dog privileges
Which was true
No one's going to walk up to a 6'1 tall loud child with a calm glaring pomeranian dressed in black next to him
Tommy would rant to his stream and friend's about you all the time
They found it cute and really wanted to meet you for themselves
Yet Tommy left out so MAJOR details
But they'd eventually see it for themselves
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