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#mcyt x reader
lavenderjacobs · a month ago
helo i hope your doing okay..i saw a tiktok of when karl fell asleep on stream and woke up and got really..i don’t wanna say embarrassed so i’m gonna say flustered and i was wondering if you could do someone about the same situation but the reader falls asleep on the ppl you writes for(not all of them of course) stream and waking up a little embarrassed? i linked the video and that was so long omg i’m so sorry <3
summary: it’s late. you’ve had a long day. but you still agreed to come hang out on their stream. which eventually leads to you falling asleep on them. 
wc: 0,5K
a/n: thank u so much for requesting! i loved writing this, it was a lot of fun :] (and thanks for showing me that tiktok hehe i loved it, karl’s adorable omg) ALSO this was my first time writing Jack i really enjoyed it :)
Tumblr media
. Wilbur
. as soon as he notices, he just holds you a bit tighter, pulling you closer to his chest
. would totally shield your face from the camera bc he doesn’t want chat to notice
. he just wouldn’t bring it up at all and if chat mentions it he’d just go
. “chat don’t be mean, they’ve had a really long day and it’s understandable that they’re tired. regardless, they look very cute when they sleep so who’s complaining really...” 
. he movements become way more slow and his tone becomes softer when he talks
. when you wake up again he giggles at how cute and disoriented you look
. “chat look who woke up! little sleepyhead! little baby sleepyhead!!”
Tumblr media
. Karl
. he gasps when he sees that you’ve dozed off in his arms
. suprised pikachu face
. he shuffles closer to the mic, trying his hardest not to wake you up with his movements
. “chat! chat! y/n just fell asleep! can you believe it? they’re so cute what the honk” he wispers into the mic
. he’ll probably end up waking you up accidentally and feel really bad
. “i didn’t mean to wake you up baby i’m sorry!” he says while pouting and hugging you tightly
Tumblr media
. Dream
. oh the benefits of being faceless...
. the amount of times you’ve sat in his lap while he streamed, resting your face on his shoulder, while he plays with your hair on the rare occasions he has a free hand
. he loves having you there with him, streaming can be stressful but feeling your steady breathing and heartbeat calms him down
. there’s something so special about it to him, being able to look down and see the most perfect human being ever, yet nobody knowing you’re there
. “why am i talking quiet? i- am i? i don’t think i am guys”
Tumblr media
. Georgenotfound
. poor george
. he’s absolutely clueless on what to do
. when he notices his eyes immediatly flash to the camera
. pure panic in his eyes
. chat thinks it’s incredibly funny but he’s actually freaking out
. “okay i’m just gonna- i think i’m just gonna wake them up chat i- what? no? THEN WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THIS IS MESSED UP-”
Tumblr media
. Sapnap
. Sapnao will literally go through hell to make sure you don't wake up
. "guys if ANYBODY does something stupid and wakes y/n up i will not hesitate to stab a bitch"
. literally is afraid to move
. if one of his chaotic friends wakes you up (whether that is by accident or not) their days will be counted.
. "i will literally kill you i'm not even kidding."
Tumblr media
. Jack Manifold
. *pogs at the camera*
. acts all funny and joke-y about it but is screaming on the inside
. "that moment when they fall asleep on you and you don't know what to do ha ha ha am i right chat? ha ha ha"
. after he has had the time to take the situation in, he actually melts a bit
. "i think this is sweet actually. this is just very pog. NO I'M NOT A SIMP- CHAT PLEASE"
. when you wake up by him screaming he just blames chat.
. "NOW look what you've done guys >:("
Tumblr media
taglist: @oh-mcyt @sunshinee-nana @marvelsmurphy
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cherios · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
author's note(s): this took absolutely too long but shoutout to @basilly and @inniterhq who helped and gave most of the ideas for donos and responses and shit. anyways it's 2 am im tired and need a shower but by the time you see this i'll be in my bed after having a nice shower and everything
cw warnings: light cursing, and anything else i can't think of rn
Tumblr media
y/ntookdream donated $250 !
tell chat about the time you ate all of my sushi. I'm still upset about that, just so you know.
it’d start off as a joke-
you randomly donating large amounts of money to your boyfriend when he was streaming mostly because you couldn’t be in the room with him because of how much you were a distraction
and then it became a routine
in the random times he’d stream, you’d join and call him out on something new
“No, I'm not telling them about that. suck it.”
y/ntookdream donated $300 !
piss baby. chat. your streamer isn’t taking accountability for his actions and needs to be canceled.
“gu- chat! what the hell you fucking traitors don’t side with them. I didn't do anything wrong.”
y/ntookdream donated $350 !
chat, don't listen to him. I love you. get this trending on twitter to end his career
“you know what. new limits 1,000 dollars y/n go do some work.”
y/ntookdream donated $1,000 !
haha can’t get rid of me b word. i finished my work already cLaYtOn
the chat always finds it amusing when the two of you start going at it like this
“they’re crazy chat.” he sighed as he went back to running around the smp
after a few moments of silence dream was certain he got rid of you until he got another text to speech dono
y/ntookdream donated $2000 !
i’m back my bank tried stopping me from giving my money to my own boyfriend. can you believe that chat? who do they think they are?
“babe stop giving me money.”
the chat would ofc break out in awhs whenever you two used nicknames on each other because why wouldn’t they
y/ntookdream donated $5000 !
more you say?
“okay stream i’m ending it here before y/n dumps out their life savings.”
y/nfoundgeorge donated $100 !
“then go eat something.”
y/nfoundgeorge donated $200 !
idk what to eat. chat halp.
and then chat does
they just start spamming common american foods despite you living in the uk with george
y/nfoundgeorge donated $600 !
besties we don’t have burgers and fries here. shut your american butts up.
“okay n/n that’s enough.”
and then he has to set the donos to a thousand as well, in attempts to stop you
y/nfoundgeorge donated $1,000 !
never. chat you suck
george shakes his head smiling as he rolls his eyes
y/nfoundgeorge donated $ 1,500 !
Look at my pretty pretty boyfriend all cute and s word
His face heats up as he pretends to not see the dono and take this moment to self promo
“At least i'm getting the money- while you're at it, subscribe and prime now”
y/nsapsbeloved donated $500 !
Just got finished playing valorant feeling like a bad bitch
“Thats my sexc partner-”
y/nsapsbeloved donated 800 !
Shut the f up. Okay be quite
Chat is eating this interaction up ofc since the two of you are always acting like strangers near each other
y/nsapsbeloved donated 900 !
Omg we’re making our way to the thousand mark omg chat so exciting
“Y/n quit donating or i swear to god i'll make you sleep on the couch
y/ninity donated $ 450 !
I miss you stop streaming
Quack would laugh and roll his eyes
“I just started streaming and you’re acting like we didn’t see each other five minutes ago
y/ninity donated $ 700 !
Okay and what about it
So then he’s forced to play along
“Guys im SO famous- i could use this money to buy a taylor swift concert ticket”
y/ninity donated $ 1,000 !
Wow is taylor donoing to you? Didn't think so
And now he’s worried
Do you know about his plan to get married to taylor swift after her first concert in La
y/njacobs donated $ 370 !
Come give me a kiss pls
“Why didn’t you just text me babe?”
y/njacobs donoated $ 450 !
Too much work
Not wanting you to keep donating a shit load of money he gets up goes in the other room and just snatches the phone from your hand
“Wha-what are you-”
And then the next thing you know it’s in his pants
“Thats TOS if you take it out”
wilbursy/n donated $ 560 !
Hi babe <3
First time you donate its very cute and hes like aweee
wilbursy/n donated $ 1,000 !
Love me m...f
Then second time he's not having it
He would then tackle you while everyone is clueless on stream
And then he comes back with a phone in hand with a very strong grip and you try to wiggle it out and hes just streaming as usual like nothings happening
Quackity and tommy just on call questioning everything
“So how’s everyones day?”
Tumblr media
@heyskeppy @inniterhq @basilly @yamturds @dysfunctionalcrab @siriushxney @sqpnap @tinyegg @ttakinou @charnease @o-0i @i-mmunity @b3l0v3ds @alice-blue-skies @the-swageyama-tobiyolo @mitzimania
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basilly · a month ago
finally together || cc!feral boys x reader
Tumblr media
request: feral boys reaction to meeting you for the first time irl. youve been in a long distance relationship and finally get to see each other. maybe they hold hands for the first time or hug and maybe someone even kisses you for the first time ( ˘ ³˘)
includes: feral boys
note: i usually don't write for dream & sapnap but i wanted to attempt it and ty to @inniterhq for aiding me and us making the best hcs ever
pronouns: none mentioned
cw: swearing
not edited
Tumblr media
. gives you the biggest and tighest hug ever
. like bone crushing hug
. tears would prick his eyes
. he wouldnt even hide his tears though, he's just so happy
"clay, babe, i need to breathe-" "no. let me hug you, breathe later." "???"
. insists carrying all your bags, not letting you lift a finger
"here-" "no i got it." "y/n, hand it over- let me carry it." "no!"
. forces it out of your grasp
. asks you about every detail of your flight
"did they give you snacks? did you run into any problems?"
. would buy out a whole airline if needed
Tumblr media
. has the huge embarrassing signs
"welcome back from prison"
. also screams your name with it-
"Y/NNNN!" "sapnap- what sign is this??"
. bear hug :3
. stays there for a good 5 minutes just whispering things in your ear
"hi- you're here now"
. his little giggles the entire time as well
. offers to take your bags but doesn't put up a huge fight
. he would insult you lovingly <3
"by the way, you look awful." "gee thanks it's not like i had to be fashionable at the airport." "nonono but it's okay- you're like,, sexy shit."
"you smell awful- you need a shower." "what the fu-"
. if you were wearing his merch-
"you look so sexy" "you're only saying that because i'm wearing your merch."
Tumblr media
. we know how bad he is at prank calls-
"hey uh i got into a car accident- i'll get someone to pick you up." *hangs up* "HELLO?? GEORGE??"
. while you're worried sick and looking around the airport, he would sneak up behind you
. jump while pressing onto your shoulders-
"AURGJDFJSKF- can you show me where the bathroom is?"
. you're in shock but manage to smack the back of his head
"you idiot! why would you do that?!"
. he just laughs his arse off but quickly pulls you into a hug
"i'm kidding love, i'm glad to have you here"
. thats the most you're getting for pda LOL
. your bags, your problem
. this man can barely run, do you think he can carry your bags?? /hj
Tumblr media
. he would pick you up from the airport with a huge cheesy sign and all
. the moment he sees you, he drops everything in his arms and sprints
. picks you up and swings you around, not even caring about the stares at you
. although they are "awwh"-ing stares
"wow. you're here- like actually here."
. presses kisses all over your face, painting your face in little kisses
"you're so stunning. gorgeous. i can't believe it- you're all mine and here."
. will not be able to leave you alone for a bit, holding your hand, linking pinkies, touching feet, etc.
. also insists on carrying your bags even if he's struggling a bit
Tumblr media
. would run up and tackle you-
. def end up on the floor laughing
. but once you're up he's pressing kisses to the top of your head
. would you bring his hoodie to wear immediately
"here-" "what- why did you bring it here?" "i want you to wear it, duh." "now??" "yea!"
. would say he would grab your bags then forget them
"uh quackity?" "yea?" "where's my bags?" "oh shit-"
. cue fast and furious but w/out the cars
. be super out of breath after (we all saw that treadmill stream aftermath LMAO)
Tumblr media
@salinesoot​ @bozowrites​ @dilucs-cum-sock​​ @somemothgoingferal​​ @strawberrymilkgeorge​ @emira-a @wavesol @kai-was-here​​ @b3l0v3ds​​ @truthfulsyncerity​​ @forutheworld​​ @losingvienna​​ @luluwinchester​​ @cr0wbonezz-wr1ting-inc​​ @dreamiewrites​​ @a-simp-for-block-people​ @dysfunctionalcrab​​ @ella-ivanov​​ @akasuki​ @bioluminescentfrog​​ @brainsanalysis​ @momo-has-a-gun​ @korylyzed​ @sleepysoupi​ @notgeoreg​ @ialexabsuniverse​ @disastrousdream​​ @inniterhq​ @bugthegremlin​ @spoonz​ @god1ngs​ @sabinanotfound​ @stuffforreferences​ @crybabyjabby​ @totem-awooga​ @mack4676​ @esylwen​ @notphilosopherstudentblog​  @oh-mcyt​ @l0ver0fj0y​ @luvjoyed​​ @yamturds @chubbity @ttakinou @dreamzluvrr @dropkickedanorphaninselfdefense @yoshirikuxd @mayhapskarlwillmarryme @cherios @qnfs @fantasy-innit @honknap @lmfaosoph @afamous-simp​ @queennightsetz
Tumblr media
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punzobee · 4 days ago
engagement photos hc’s
cc! dreamwastaken, punz, sapnap, corpse husband, wilbur soot, quackity, karl jacobs, georgenotfound x gn!reader
warning: like… one swear word ?
Tumblr media
posts two, one on twitter & one on instagram
the photo on twitter is you and dream facing one another, but you’re holding his mask, covering the side of his face
while your face is shown, and the hand holding the mask has a beautiful engagement ring on it
the one on instagram is you standing in front of the camera showing your ring, while he’s in the back with his mask on, posing randomly
the caption for both is corny
“ achievement made… engaged ! ”
he took a few
1 - you’re resting your head in your hands, the ring visible
2 - you’re holding his jaw gently with the ringed hand, he’s smirking
3 - and then a cute / normal one of you two while you’re holding up you’re hand
it goes to both platforms
meanwhile he’s freaking out in the caption
“ i’m engaged to the loml holy shit ”
it would be a selfie of you both right after he proposed, you both cried
“ we both cried but at least they said yes ”
and a photo of you and the ring would be next
turns off comments for it all, just wants to keep it happy, because this is the happiest he’s been
tweets on his private about you wearing the ring, and him re-realizing he’s engaged
he will walk into your guys’ room, seeing the ring, and he’ll freeze for a moment before smiling wide
he zoomed into the side of his neck, easy to see what it was but his face was still hidden
your hand is around his neck, gently, but the ring is shown
it barely makes sense but everyone gets the memo- and are freaking out
then he posts a photo of just you, smiling at the ring
“ life is getting good, thanks to my FIANCÉ ”
he’s happier, everyone can hear it on streams and see it through posts
cute af
he took a photo of you reading, without you knowing, and your ring was visible
he posted it, feeling happy to share the news
“ my life is complete ”
he could go on and on with photos of you and the ring, feels so happy about it and wants to scream or show how much he loves you
he’ll fidget with your hand and ring when he’s nervous, it keeps him calm, makes him know you’re always there
the photo is chaotic,, to say the least
it’s blurry, and it looks like your smacking him with the ringed hand
it fits his content well, but he also posts a calmer photo with it
you’re smiling with him while holding your hand up
he’s so happy and eventually talks about it on stream
it’s a photo of your guys’ hands
he’s painting your nails on the hand that has the ring, a pretty pink that matches his nails
it’s a pretty smart photo
he gets so excited to post it everywhere
“ y/n said yes AHHHH ”
makes a tik tok with you too, you’re both dancing to the music he used in the tik tok, with the caption “ post proposal ”
happy is an understatement
he posts about you, but doesn’t say too much about your guys’ relationship
but he posts a selfie with you to show off the ring
you both act shocked, eyebrows raised and eyes wide as you point to your hand
“ engaged?! but seriously they said yes this is amazing ”
dnf stans call it fake bc they’re bitches
he’s really excited and happy, and for him to post it on social media, everyone knows how much this means to him
he freaks out about it on stream
dream jokingly argued with you on stream, when in all seriousness he congratulated you two and is so happy for you guys
Tumblr media
tags: @midknightmemories @acidtabletz @brainvomitqueen @sticksdoesart @dreamzluvrr @sbi-is-my-onlysanity @meatonfork
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fandomlit · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
gif cred belongs to @fairytailqueenlucy
requested by anon “Hi! Can you please write a Technoblade x F Reader? You can do anything with it, just please make it fluf!!”
a/n y’all,, more rqs like these pls, i had too much fun
imagine technoblade liking you and philza teasing him for it
“do the voices ever talk to you about y/n?” phil asked curiously as he and technoblade read their respective books in the living room. he waited for some kind of reaction from the piglin, but the hybrid just gave him a skeptical look. realizing he probably thought it was another attempt to get him to talk about his feelings for you, phil quickly added, “just curious.”
“sometimes,” techno grumbled, looking away from phil again. “they talk about everyone.”
phil rested his head in his hand, his attention still drawn away from his book. “what are they saying about me right now?”
“they think you’re ruining a perfectly good book.”
phil let out a laugh, turning his gaze back down. “message received.”
“ranboo!” their gazes snapped back up to see you had finally come down from your room, just as ranboo had entered from his quest for more iron.
“whaat?” the boy groaned, obviously tired from his morning adventure.
“kneel down, tall boy,” you giggled, finally coming into view of the two men. you were still in pajamas; a pair of shorts and a way too big shirt you had stolen from phil ages ago. phil thought to himself how cute you looked, then smugly looked over to see the slightest blush on techno’s fair skin.
ranboo sighed as he knelt down to your level, making bored eye contact as you shook your head at him.
“you have cobwebs, kid,” you teased, beginning to pick the silky webbing out of his hair. “you were in a cave, weren’t you?”
“yeah,” he sighed, ducking his head forward so you could continue without problem. “my anvil broke this morning.”
“i see,” you hummed. “you know what this tells me though?” ranboo opened his eyes curiously. “you’re not wearing a helmet when you go mining.” ranboo groaned as you began to lightly lecture him.
“what are the voices saying now?” phil spoke over to techno quietly as you and ranboo continued to converse.
techno kept his gaze locked on you. “two things. one, she’d be a great mother.” phil nodded in agreement, looking back to the endearing scene before them. “two.. she needs a new sleep shirt.”
“oh?” phil hummed, turning to his friend completely with a teasing grin. “like one of yours?”
“shut it.”
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slut4dream · a month ago
three’s a party | dream & georgenotfound
summary: your boyfriend and his best friend fuck you at the same time.
warnings: nsfw content — graphic descriptions of sex, threesome, double (vaginal) penetration, degradation, humiliation, mild sadist!dream, spanking, dream is mean, minors dni!
pairing: dream and georgenotfound x f!reader
word count: 3,655
a/n: a self indulgent threesome fic i felt like writing. there is no plot whatsoever. it’s just porn
George had been in Florida for about a week now. For the most part he stays in his room, sat in a Discord call with Dream, not much different to his life back in London. You're not sure if they're aware that they can just hang out with each other in the living room. Gamers.
The times you do see George are filled with friendly small talk and him sneaking glances at your bare thighs when you're wearing nothing but one of your boyfriend's oversized t-shirts, or occasionally your cleavage when you're in a tank top because the heat is unbearable. Yes, you've noticed the way he stares at you, and you can't help but stare back.
George is hot. You'd be lying if you said otherwise. He has pretty, dark, long hair and a sweet, gleaming smile that takes up his entire face and a cut jawline and kind, dark eyes. You certainly wouldn't mind being underneath him. It's no wonder he and Dream are best friends. Birds of a feather and everything.
You're shameless in the way you purposely bend over in front of him when you're wearing a miniskirt because oh, you're such a klutz and somehow you managed to drop your phone on the floor. Or you'll "accidentally" brush your ass against his crotch when you squeeze past him in the kitchen. Or you'll puff out your chest so that your boobs look perkier, living for the way his cheeks flush scarlet and his eyes turn round every time. It's just a little teasing, just to keep him on his feet, nothing more than that.
At two a.m. one night, Dream drags you into his lap with an unforgiving grip and smashes his lips against yours so hard you almost get whiplash, kisses you with such force that it leaves you forgetting how to function. When he presses his tongue into your mouth your entire body turns numb, completely pliant for him.
He pulls away suddenly, only to grab your jaw tight and force you to look at him. His eyes draw a circuit from your eyes to your nose to your lips and back to your eyes, all with a scrutinizing gaze that makes your shiver. Your heart hammers in your ears at the terrifying flicker in his eyes, one that makes you question every decision you've made in your life.
You're in for it. For what exactly, you're not sure, but he's pissed.
He sighs, an exhale filled with frustration. You want to curl up into a ball and hide.
"I heard you've been acting like a slut in front of my best friend," he says. His voice is eerily calm and your heart drops to the pit of your stomach, but simultaneously there's a dull throb between your legs from his voice alone.
You shake your head. "I don't know what you're talking about." You try to sound as confident as possible, failing miserably when your voice quivers.
"Don't lie to me, baby. George told me everything," he chastises, creeping his hand up along your thigh until it reaches your ass. He massages it softly, then out of nowhere he brings his palm down against your cheek with a harsh smack, making you jolt in his lap. "Just can't keep it in your fucking pants, can you?"
"H-he was looking at me too," you say. It's pathetic, the way you throw George under the bus instead of taking responsibility. Dream probably knows already though. He probably wants you to apologise, but there's no way you'll give in so easily.
"Of course he was. You've been putting on little shows for him," he says. "Lucky for you, he's on his way right now. Since you're such an attention seeking slut."
"W-what?" you ask as your boyfriend tosses you onto your shared bed and leaves you sitting there in anticipation. For some reason you don't believe him. What is George on the way for?
"Oh, come on now. I know you're smarter than that. You want George to fuck you. Be grateful I'm letting him because my other option was not letting you cum for three days."
You gulp, dropping your eyes to the sheets you're sitting on because you physically can't look at your boyfriend. It's a little surprising, actually. Dream can be possessive. Never unbearably so to the point where you feel trapped, but he likes to have you all to himself. The fact that he even considered letting George have his way with you is almost uncharacteristic of him. You're certain if it was anyone else he wouldn't have even thought about it.
A second later there's a quiet knock on your bedroom door that draws a small gasp out of you. Dream opens it and a blushing George stands there, face filled with a youthful innocence, shoulders forward like he's unsure of himself. He looks cute, a little disheveled, probably from sleeping. His eyes land on you and immediately dart away in another direction.
"Hello, George," Dream sings, then without another word he looks to you expectantly. "Strip."
You're frozen however. It's not that you don't want to do it, it's just hard to move with the presence of the two men in front of you. Nerves hit you out of nowhere and suddenly you're embarrassed.
"Don't go all shy now. You had no problem acting like a whore in front of him earlier," Dream taunts. "Now strip."
That's enough to snap you out of your daze and you scurry to shrug your hoodie over your head and drag your shorts down your legs, leaving you totally naked because you don't like to wear underwear unless you have to go somewhere which... really doesn't help your case.
"Wow," George drawls in a teasing tone, shifting from one foot to another, still hesitant in the way he grazes his eyes over your nude body. All of your confidence from before has completely vanished into thin air as though a different person was the one in control when you came downstairs in a thin, semi-see-through tee and hard nipples when you knew George would be down there.
You're unsure what to do with yourself while the two boys drink you in so you draw little shapes in the mattress to distract yourself, ducking your head to avoid their eyes.
"On your back," Dream says. With a gulp and a simultaneous surge of adrenaline you oblige quickly, leaning backwards until you're sprawled across the mattress. "George, play with her tits."
Your cunt throbs with anticipation as George settles next to you and Dream lowers his head between your legs. Beside you George blinks at you, red splotched on his cheeks, staring at you with something both tender and hungry at the same time. You nod as if to give him permission, and George's mouth latches onto your neck and his hand lands on your breast. You can't hold back the moan that bubbles out of your throat already, and while it's embarrassing, you're too focused on the way Dream starts to flick his tongue lightly against your clit and slides a single finger into your hole.
George presses tender, almost chaste kisses along your neck and your collarbones, sometimes grazing his teeth against your skin. He lacks a lot of the confidence you're used to from your boyfriend, not because he's inexperienced, quite the opposite actually, but because he's pretty much an outsider right now, an intruder in yours and Dream's relationship. His mouth trails lower and lower, hands massaging your breasts, until he rolls his tongue over your nipple right as Dream does the same with your clit like they're communicating telepathically. It's so much, so good and they've barely even started.
Dream adds a second one of his long fingers then, pushing it in until he's knuckle deep, smiling against your cunt when you whine. He snakes his free arm around and rests his hand on your stomach to stop the way your hips squirm. There's a warning glint in his eyes when he stares up at you, but it's not like you can help it when he's making you feel this good. He alternates between flicking at the bud, flattening his tongue against it, lapping at it, all in a perfect, methodical pattern that makes your head spin. Ever so often he'll spit only to slurp it back up with a ridiculously pornographic sound.
George's mouth doesn't help. His lips are warm and wet wrapped around your nipple, while your other nipple is occupied by his fingers as they pinch and roll it. There's something almost clumsy about the way he fondles and gropes at you, perhaps nerves, but for some reason it has you in a fucking puddle. You arch your back in an effort to bring yourself closer to him, grabbing a fistful of his hair and tightening your grip whenever the pleasure is too much.
Your moans and whimpers are constant from all the stimulation at the same time. It's almost overwhelming– having an entire other person, a second pair of hands, a second mouth on you. Dream is incredibly skilled when it's only you and him, but he can only do so much on his own.
Dream curls his fingers where they're inside you, pressing them against your sweet spot effortlessly because he knows every part of you better than you know yourself. You cry out when he does, darting a hand to his hair also, threading it into his waves and tugging at it absentmindedly. It spurs him on and suddenly he doesn't hold back the expert movement of his tongue in order to bring you closer to the edge, no regard for how sensitive you're quickly becoming. He's slamming his fingers in and out of you at a relentless pace, peering up at you to watch the way you squirm and whine and kick your legs and descend into heaven.
"Fuck, Dream," you moan, the pressure in your abdomen building every time he swipes his tongue. George's mouth and hands working your tits travels straight down to your pussy, only intensifying the heat in your stomach even more until you can barely take it.
"I'm close," you whimper, scrunching your hand in your boyfriend's hair, but your grip is anything but harsh– your muscles are weak, their ability to function replaced by a heavenly bliss that spreads all the way to your brain and makes it short-circuit. When he hears your words, Dream begins to move his wrist at an impossible speed, pounding the sensitive spot that's deep within you over and over so fast you can barely comprehend it. All you can process is the wet, squelching noise from your pussy and the heat in your abdomen finally bursting with almost no warning.
Everything inside you curls as your climax washes over you. The moan you yell out is obscene and you're clenching around Dream's fingers that haven't slowed, arching your back from the overwhelming pleasure. George pulls away from your now-sensitive nipples with a pop, leaving gentle kisses across your scorched skin as if to help you recover. He notices the way you tremble and strokes his fingers along your arm and your heart swells.
Dream pushes himself off the bed, eyeing you and George with something ravenous as he tugs his t-shirt over his head.
"Let's see... George, you want her mouth or her pussy?" The way Dream talks about you like you're not even in the room makes you weak in the knees. You're worthless– nothing but a toy for them to use right now and you love it. You're not even sure whose cock you want in which hole, you're already too hazy from your first orgasm that you don't care. However, amongst the cloudiness of your pleasure-infected mind, one thing becomes clear.
"I want you both inside me. At the same time," you say, dizzy even at the thought, but God, you've never wanted anything more. George's breath audibly catches in his throat and Dream cocks an eyebrow at you, chuckling with what sounds like disbelief.
"Fucking whore. What, one cock's not enough for you?" he asks, scoffing pathetically. It's rhetorical, but you find yourself shaking your head no anyway. "Fine. Let's see if your tight cunt can take it."
Thrill sets into your liquified limbs as George and Dream strip in front of you. Two cocks stare at you, both flushed pink and hard and for a moment you're rethinking your decision. George is big– not as big as Dream, obviously, who's six foot three and has a dick that's very much proportional to his height and makes anyone look small. Comparison aside though, George is surprisingly packing. Seeing his dick and Dream's up close has you a little worried, you won't lie.
"Why don't you get comfy, George?" Dream says, and you scoot over so George can settle onto his back on the mattress. "You, get on top of him," Dream orders, staring directly at you.
You shift, straddling George with shaking legs. His eyes connect with yours and there's something reassuring about the way he stares up at you, a contrast to Dream's commanding attitude. George's hands fall on your hips to help steady you as you grasp his cock and line it up with your entrance. Slowly you sink down on him, throwing your head back and sighing out in relief in sync with him. He slides into you with ease seeing as you're soaked already, and you lower yourself until you're sitting right on his pelvis.
Dream kneels behind you and George, grabbing you by your shoulders and suddenly bending you forward with force so that you're chest to chest with George.
"This what you wanted, slut?" Dream spits, prodding the head of his cock at your hole where George already fills you up. He pushes in and immediately you hiss from the sting of him stretching you out. It hurts a lot, which you should have expected– they're both so huge, but you weren't exactly worried about the logistics when you were daydreaming about getting fucked by two guys at the same time.
"F-uck– be gentle," you plead, shaky, mouth falling open at the brand new sensation. It's like he gets bigger the deeper he goes, struggling to fit inside you without having you gasp. Once Dream's lodged pretty much fully inside, he starts to move slowly, testing the waters. It's a little less painful now that he's stimulating your sensitive spot instead of just sitting there, but still there's a spike of pain that doesn't go away even when George starts to thrust up into you too.
"Oh, fuck..." you drawl. The pain is far outweighed by the feeling of two thick cocks rubbing against your walls, reaching every inch of you and making you feel more full than you've ever felt in your life. It's got you moaning so fucking obscenely it should be humiliating, but fuck if this sensation isn't totally addicting that you don't even give a shit.
George is still peering up at you, eyes blown out and wide with pleasure and disbelief. You can't quite believe you're riding him either, and also getting fucked by your boyfriend at the same time. You're not sure how you being horny led to this, but you're certainly not complaining.
When there's a lack of protest from you, Dream decides to pick up his pace. George follows, sliding in when Dream slides out, the pair of them falling into a rhythm that ensures you're filled up at any given moment. It's like you're being torn apart in the best way possible, the stretch so mind-bogglingly delicious you could cry.
It doesn't take long for you to turn into a mindless, mumbling mess, letting out sounds that consist of incoherent whimpers, babbles, and gasps as your brain goes into overload and all you can do is cling to George's shoulders for dear life.
"You like that, you desperate slut? You like getting filled up with two cocks?" Dream grunts, thwacking his palm against your ass and it's so harsh and so unexpected that you think you may have actually passed out for a second. "Answer me."
The only answer you can possibly give is a barely audible "mhm", and even that takes far too much of your energy.
"I can't fucking hear you," Dream spits and you earn yourself another smack.
"Y-yes, feels s-so good," you whimper out in broken syllables. Tears start to well up in your eyes from both the terrible agony and the euphoric pleasure all at once, like you've been lit on fire and tossed into a pool of ice water. The whole time you remind yourself at least he's letting you cum. At least he's not denying you. It helps. You swear it helps.
George moans so sweetly underneath you. Though he moans with reserve, he's high-pitched, practically whining, which is different to your boyfriend's growls and moans that come from deep in his chest. His hair is a tousled mess and sticks to his forehead, his mouth agape, his dark eyes struggling to stay open. When they are open they're filled with such awe and bliss that it makes everything worth it and the pain ebbs away.
"Fuck, baby, you're so fucking tight," Dream mutters under his breath. You can only moan in response. "Taking us like the good cockslut you are."
The tightness in your stomach grows more intense with every thrust in and out of you, not made better by the way George digs his fingers into your hips and Dream twists a hand into your hair, yanking your head back. You're barely holding onto reality anymore, mind dumb from the drag of each cock against your tight walls.
A few more thrusts and it's over– it's your fall from grace as you let out a euphoric scream, your body turning taut as both boys continue to pummel into you, never faltering even despite the clench of your pussy. Your orgasm hits you hard, washes over you like a tidal wave that makes every fibre of your being turn numb save for the utter bliss that sets in. Your legs are convulsing, your arms rendered useless as your head drops against George's chest and you're not sure if everything is black because you've lost your vision or if your eyes have rolled all the way into the back of your head. It's unlike any orgasm you've ever had– you're so much more sensitive from being stuffed full, and it hits deep in your lower stomach.
The way Dream's breathing is starting to become ragged tells you he's losing his grip on dominance. George's eyes are screwed shut. He's close too. They're both right on the brink of climax and your pulsing cunt is now nothing but a hole as they give careless, rough thrusts with their only purpose being to cum.
George does sooner than expected. In an instant he halts to a stop inside you, tossing his head back and thrusting himself as deep as he possibly can, spilling his seed inside you with a yell, rutting his hips in spasms against you even after he's finished. He looks pretty when he orgasms, just like you figured, lips in a perfect O shape, eyes begging for mercy. You give him a loopy smile, a replacement for telling him how well he did because you physically don't have the strength to speak and also George's throbbing cock rubbing against Dream's spurs Dream into a relentless rhythm that has you moaning so loud it's humiliating.
"Oh, fuck," Dream growls, giant hands falling to your hips with a harsh grip. "I'm gonna fucking cum."
You open your mouth to encourage him, to beg for him to cum inside you, but all that comes out is a whine. You can't even keep your eyes open at this point, so when Dream finally lets loose you start floating, sighing out with relief in unison with his guttural moan behind you. His hips surge forward and he buries himself balls deep, emptying everything he has inside you in warm spurts, cock twitching nonstop as he stuffs you with his cum.
George pulls out of you slowly, almost as if he's afraid to, as does Dream not long after him, and the empty feeling that's left between your legs is brutal– especially knowing you'll probably never be filled up like that again. Dream sits back so he can watch the concoction of both his and his best friend's seed drip out of you.
"Fuck... George, come look at this. So fucking hot," Dream rasps.
With caution, George lifts your limp body and slides out from underneath you so he can admire the sticky, creamy mess he and Dream made.
"That's... wow," George mumbles. There's something about the way they stare at you like you're an art display, and to them you're certainly akin to one. Dream reaches forward, places his hands on either of your thighs and spreads you out.
"George, get my phone. On the bedside table," Dream says. There's a shift in the bed and George grabs the phone. "Take a photo."
A click echoes through the room and dear God you can only imagine what they did to you. You don't have a single doubt that Dream's going to spam George with that photo, whether it be as some sort of blackmail or a reminder for whenever he gets out of line.
"You know, I don't have a single regret about flirting with George," you say as-a-matter-of-factly. Yeah, it's dumb, but what are you if not a brat?
Dream stares at you amused, eyebrows raised, almost like he can't believe what just came out of your mouth.
"Oh, baby, you never learn, do you?"
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chippedaxe · a month ago
axe! axe! axe!
awesome thought i just had!
belly bulging!
could you do reactions to seeing your belly bulge?
•─────⋅☾ ☽⋅─────•
Title: Belly bulge mcyt hc's
Warnings: NSFW at the cut (Minors don't read that), belly bulging, bit of size kink, cockwarming, bit of breeding,
Pronouns: They/Them, non gender specific anatomy (mentions of holes)
Synopsis: The dsmp members react to seeing your belly bulge from their penis <3
Word count: 1k
Note: Thank u for the request, beloved 🪴 anon <3 ALSO TY SM FOR CALLING ME AXE. Most people call me my other name that I prefer (and it is my name but I also want people to use Axe) and I appreciate it sm ^^
•─────⋅☾ ☽⋅─────•
c! Dream
- He's thrusting into you missionary style and that's when he sees the lovely sight, his eyes give a bit of a glow through the mask and he grins. He stifles for a moment to admire his master piece and you're left there wondering what's going on "are you alright?" you ask with concern.
- He thrusts slowly and that's when he sees his cock move inside of you, he bites his lip and thrusts into you a little bit harder so that there'd be a more visible shape in your stomach "Ah! D-Dream!" you gasped as he suddenly thrust into you roughly.
- Dream grabbed your hand and gently placed it over your stomach, he then let you press down and feel his cock moving inside of you "your belly bulge is so fucking hot.." Dream sighs in pleasure and continues to happily stretch your hole (and stomach) <3
c! Sapnap
- You noticed the way your belly bulged while Sapnap bent you over and fucked into your sweet hole, you moved your hand down to feel his cock moving inside of you, you gasped and scared Sapnap slightly "why'd you gasp? You okay, baby?" Sapnap checked up on you.
- You move his hand down to feel the bulge "What am I feeling?" Sapnap asked, he slowly moved his hips in you and that's when he realized "Shit.. That's pretty hot" Sapnap cursed in your ear as he kept thrusting.
- He didn't remove his hand from your stomach as he kept fucking you, his cock moving in and out of your belly, you whined and cried on the bed. Sapnap is so big compared to you, or at least his dick is <3
c! George
- You were riding him roughly on the bed and that's when he noticed something, George grabbed onto your hips and made you pause your actions. He inspected it and his eyes lit up 'is that.. my cock?' he thought to himself "what is it, baby? What's wrong?" you asked.
- George roughly snapped his hips up into you as an experiment, he hissed when he saw the sight of his cock moving inside of you "you've got the sweetest belly bulge.." George praised.
- You look down and yelp when you see the most noticeable bulge in your stomach ever, you hesitantly bring your hands down to feel it inside of you, you gasp at the feeling of it. George thrusts in you and you moan out of surprise, the bulge moving against your hand "woah.."
c! Eret
- She ordered you to ride her while she sat on the throne and sat there like a pretty fucking doll, his hips would thrust up into you every so often but it's only when you'd slow down the pace.
- You gasped when you felt their cock suddenly go in even deeper, you looked down at yourself and tensed up when you saw the huge bulge in your stomach "aw baby, you just got so tight around me.." Eret moaned softly.
- You grabbed Eret's chin gently and you directed her face towards the bulge in your tummy "that's your penis" you told them "my penis? wow, I'm really stretching you out.." Eret bit her lip "Anyways, why don't you stop sitting there being pretty and you keep riding for me, okay?" Eret tapped your cheek and made you start riding him again.
c! Karl
- You sat on his cock while you two were just chilling out, you would shuffle your hips every so often but you mainly just remained still on his lap. You yawned and looked down to see yourself, your eyes widened when you saw the huge bulge "what the fuck?" you cursed.
- "what is it??" Karl automatically gets extremely worried at first "what's this bulge in my stomach??" you hesitantly poke it and that's when Karl lets out a soft moan "I think.. I - I think that's my penis" Karl tells you.
- you gasp "really?? it's so.. big!" you start riding him to see how the bulge moves inside of you "That's so cool!" you smile in excitement "woah.. don't stop- please!" Karl whined, you had just started fucking him after cock warming him for a whole hour so now he was really sensitive "yeah.. fill my stomach with more of you <3" you bite your lip.
c! Punz
- "you're so fucking good to me, doll." Punz curses "thank you! Thank you- I'm gonna cum!!" you squealed, you were on the edge of cumming but Punz suddenly stopped and made you lose that pressure in your stomach "what?? I thought I was a good pet..." you whined.
- Punz just blinked for a few moments before suddenly grabbing your hair and thrusting even harder inside of you, your eyes travelled down to see what he was looking at and thats when you saw the enormous bulge! It was moving inside of you so harshly!
- Punz went even faster towards the end "Gonna fill you, okay? Make your belly even bigger and bulgier!" Punz groaned into your ear before cumming inside of you, his load shooting out into your hole "I.." you panted tiredly "I don't think that worked.." you gulped.
- Punz pulled out of you and then pressed down on your stomach, you both watched as his cum pooled out of your hole "see?"
•─────⋅☾ ☽⋅─────•
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oldblackandwhitetown · 6 days ago
⍟𝕯𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝕾𝖆𝖕𝖓𝖆𝖕 𝖜𝖔𝖚𝖑𝖉 𝖇𝖊 𝖑𝖎𝖐𝖊...⍟ | SAPNAP
Pairing: irl!Sapnap x gn!reader
Summary: a headcanon of the sfw and nsfw things Sapnap would do if you were dating.
Words: 1.3k
Warnings: fluff, swearing, NSFW +18 minors dni.
A/N: I’m editing this from my phone so I can’t put the keep reading thingy so sorry if it’s too long.
Tumblr media
Let me start by saying that this man is clingy af.
He will literally be attached by the hip to you and won’t let you do anything without following you around like a lost puppy.
He’s really needy, every day you have to give him his good morning kiss or else you’ll have a very grumpy Sapnap.
And he won’t let you live it down.
“Sap, can you please pass me the milk?”
“I could but I won’t”
“Why’s that”
“... You didn’t give me my kiss, Y/n!”
“Oh my god!”
He would also give you space if you need it.
Like yes he loves being with you all the time but he understands that you need to have some time for yourself.
And although he’s not exactly thrilled about the idea, he doesn’t complain.
Sapnap is the type of boyfriend who would do anything for you no matter what it is.
Just like Dream he would help you if you’re struggling with an assignment or project.
Although he most likely will get someone to help you because he doesn’t quite understand what you’re doing.
If you had an stressful week or a bad day he already has the bath set up for you with all the things you like.
He would cook dinner for you, asks Dream to help him when he notices is not as easy as he thought.
He lets you ramble about whatever is bothering you and sometimes would give some comments.
“I can’t believe they said that to you”
“What the fuck!?! What happened then?”
“I knew she was a bad person, I told you love”
Overall he would be there for you when you need him.
If he’s the one having a bad day then his super clingy mode would activate.
Lets say he just finished editing a video after two weeks of working on it.
He’s exhausted but he still needs to make an appearance in Karl’s stream.
So before he hops on the call with the guys Sapnap goes to your shared room to cuddle you to dead until it’s time for him to leave.
“You okay there, dear?”
“Yes jus’ tired”
Sapnap would definitely share his ideas with you.
He’s always talking about this video idea that has stuck in his head and how excited he is to do it with the boys.
He would always ask what you think and if you want to help him, although you might not understand what he’s talking about 80 percent of the time.
He would rant about you all. the. time.
Wether is on stream or on call with his friends he will hundred percent talk about you at some point.
“Guys you won’t believe what my partner did the other day...”
“Chat my s/o bought me food the other day and I didn’t even had to ask for it. I’m so lucky to have them”
“Did you know that Y/n used to do covers on YouTube when they were younger?”
“Oh yeah! That reminds me of something Y/n did the other day.”
He’s literally simping for you so hard.
The boys are kinda tired of him always talking about you.
Dream is the most annoyed since he not only has to put up with him on stream or when they’re on a call but he also lives with you guys so he has to listen to him all the time and see you two making out on the couch.
“Yeah! And Y/n-“
“Sapnap shut up, we get it you love them so much”
Dream loves you too tho.
We all know Sapnap can get easily annoyed and toxic at any time, mostly when something didn’t go the way he wanted.
So you have to comfort him and calm him down.
Sometimes you two just watch a movie or cuddle while he tells you why he’s so upset.
Other times tho...
it can be pretty interesting how he deals with his anger.
NSFW under the cut! Minors get outta here.
We saw how in the las MCC Sapnap and the rest of the boys were complaining about the whole ace race and hole in the wall thing.
He was too passionate about it that he got so upset and couldn’t calm down.
He need you in that moment and not for something wholesome.
He ended the stream and went straight to your room.
Sapnap found you laying on the bed scrolling through TikTok not aware of what just happened.
“I need you. Now.”
You looked up at him giving him a cautious glance because of his tone.
“What’s wrong?”
“I don’t what to talk about it. Just get on your knees and hands, baby”
You did as told once you understood this was not the moment to be a brat like you always are.
To say he pounded into you like there’s no tomorrow was an understatement.
He didn’t care that Dream was a few feet away from you guys.
Sapnap is a very vocal guy and his best friend being in the room next door was not going to stop him for moaning and making those beautiful noises he always does.
“Fuck baby you feel so good around my cock”
“You like that sweetheart? Like when I fuck you hard and nice?”
You could barely talk.
You only nodded and cried for how good he was fucking you.
“Look at that, you cannot even talk! Am I fucking you good that you’re gone stupid huh?”
And that only made you more turn on.
The next day Dream complained the whole morning about how loud you two were.
You didn’t care tho, you were still in shock of what happened the night before.
And now picture this.
I love dom!sapnap with my heart but if there’s something I love more is sub!sapnap.
The mere thought of him being at your mercy is just...
Like yeah, dom!sapnap is demanding, harsh and rude sometimes but sub!sapnap...
That baby is whiny af.
He would whimper and cry at the sight of you taking your clothes off.
He would beg, like beg.
Get on his knees and cry for you type of beg.
“Please, please Y/n just touch me. I need you!”
“Oh, pretty boy, you need to do better than that to get something out of me”
And he so would.
I feel like he would be so desperate to be good for you that would make you cum as much as you want before he can get his release.
“D-Do you like that? Am I doing good?”
“You’re doing so good, sweets. You’re such a good boy”
He loves validation and praise (*cough* he has a praise kink, *cough*).
He also loves being called good boy, is one of his favorite nicknames.
But like I said before Sapnap is really needy so he would get frustrated at some point if you don’t give him what he wants.
The after care with sub!sapnap is something that you take really seriously.
He’s so lost in subspace that you have to be really careful to not do something that might upset him.
But once he’s back the only thing he wants is lay on bed with you.
Giving him a blowjob or a handjob would be his favorite thing.
Lets say he’s been filming a video and it’s taking him so long to get it done due to the guys goofing around.
But he’s been needy since the morning and the fact that he couldn’t be with you in that moment is killing him.
When you checked up on him to see if he needed anything you could see the pleading look in his eyes.
You knew exactly what he needed so you decided to do what any caring partner would do.
You blow the fuck out of him.
Did he enjoy it? Hell yeah he did. Did he care that his friends could hear him moaning? Not a single bit.
Not wanna get into too much detail cause I might or might not be doing a whole ass hc of this specific topic, so...🤭
Tumblr media
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sanguinescorpios · 21 days ago
stream sniper
dream x f!reader
summary | dream is on an important stream and too busy to give you attention. unfortunately for him, you’re feeling needy.
warnings | smut, thigh riding, voyeurism, dom!dream x sub!reader, edging, cockwarming, orgasm denial if you squint, this is filthy
word count | 2.8k
it started out innocent. you had been missing your boyfriend; between your school work and his editing, you rarely got to spend time together despite living in the same house.
you admit, you were a needy partner. you liked to be attached to clay’s hip at any chance you got, and he just let you. during recordings, during editing, even during streams; you were always there. it didn’t matter if he couldn’t really pay attention to you or if you had to sit on the couch behind his set up, you just enjoyed being in his presence.
this one, however, was slightly different than the average stream. you could count on one hand the amount of times clay had refused to let you be present for a stream and every time he had, it was a trainwreckstv stream.
it was fine, you always said, you understood. of course he wouldn’t want you there for a stream like that. he had to focus a lot harder on how and what he said on train’s podcast because the demographic and content was so drastically different from his own, and you would only distract him. it wasn’t personal. still, you couldn’t help but feel bitter about it. you missed him; final exams week had just ended and the idea of spending worry-free quality time with him was what got you through it. so you did what your totally logical brain told you to do: walk in anyways.
the door creaked as you opened it and you cringed internally. your sock-clad feet tread lightly as you moved forward into the room, praying your boyfriend wouldn’t notice your presence.
he did.
being a faceless creator, he didn’t even own a camera to accidentally have on, so you were safe on that front. the look on his face, however, told you that you were not so safe after all.
“i thought we agreed on you not being here for this stream?” he asked after tapping the mute keybind on his keyboard. he spun around in his chair with an abrupt kick from his heel, trying and failing to veil his annoyance.
“we did...but i missed you.”
he rolled his eyes, still ticked off but not so much that he was willing to turn you away. he missed you as well, he couldn’t deny it. not having you in his arms for so many hours was excruciating, though he tried not to think so dramatically. clay waved you over to him, the corners of his lips curling up at your attire.
“is that my shirt?” he asked, and you nodded. placing his large hands firmly on your hips, clay kept you close to him while he took a closer look at the oversized red t-shirt. it hung loosely on you, two sizes too big and ending mid-way down your thighs. clay couldn’t help but notice your lack of pants, too.
swooping his head down, he pressed a kiss to your exposed thigh. you brought your hands up to your face, heating up by the second, and giggled.
“no pants, hm?”
you gave him another non-verbal response, bashfully shaking your head while looking down at him through your fingers. he tsked you before pressing another kiss against your skin, inching closer and closer to where you needed him most.
“naughty girl,” he remarked after a few more kisses.
“aren’t you on a stream right now?”
clay glanced behind himself at his monitor, watching as the grown men on the screen argued with each other over some nonsensical issue. returning his gaze to you, he shrugged.
“yeah, but it was getting pretty boring.”
without a warning, clay clumsily pulled you into his lap and spun the two of you back around in his chair. after giving you one more kiss, he placed his headphones back on his head and returned to the conversation on his computer.
“yo, dream, you’ve been pretty quiet, man,” train noted, just in time.
“yeah my cat was acting weird, so i was gone for a minute.” clay placed a hand on your thigh and squeezed, a stupid grin on his face. this was gonna be one hell of a night.
you hated to say it, but you regretted crashing the stream. the conversation was painfully boring and dragging on, but there was no way you could leave now with the hold clay had on you. one hand lay around your middle and the other was firmly gripping your thigh. with his calloused fingers rubbing circles into the crease between your leg and your torso and his confident voice rumbling in your ear, you weren’t sure if you’d make it to the end of the stream. maybe he was teasing you, or maybe you were just needy. either way, you were gonna need a little more attention than this.
you stretched your neck in order to meet clay’s gaze, hoping he’d see the desperation in your eyes. instead, he gave you a soft smile and a kiss on the nose before turning back to the screen. he expected you to turn back as well so when you didn’t, he took notice.
reaching to mute himself, he gave you a concerned look.
“you alright, baby?” he asked and you shook your head no, “what’s up?”
“need you,” you admitted, barely concealing the whine that threatened to escape your throat.
clay’s eyes darkened ever so slightly, making it feel like the air had just been sucked out of the room. he was thinking, debating what to do next as he bounced you on his leg. the pace was punishingly slow and you grit your teeth to hold yourself together. 
“i’m a little busy, pretty girl,” he began as you let out a whine, “you’ll have to take care of yourself for now.”
you weren’t sure what that meant until you followed his gaze down. oh. oh. he wants you to...use him. okay. you raised yourself off his lap and he gave you a confused look, but it disappeared as soon as he saw you slipping out of your panties and was replaced by a smug smile. 
climbing back onto his leg, facing him this time, you let out a puff of air. fuck, he felt good. your already dripping center pressed against clay’s jean-clad thigh, the rough fabric intensifying any amount of friction you could manage. you wanted to move so badly, but clay’s tight hold on your hips kept you stationary. you looked up at him with big eyes, silently asked for permission. finally, he nodded.
you immediately began rutting your hips against his thigh, resting your hands on his shoulders to stabilize yourself. fuck, you thought as you felt the sturdiness of him underneath you, his shoulders. small mewls and whimpers escaped you as you increased your pace, chasing a high that you weren’t sure you could reach on your own.
train had clay talking about his sudden success, which was a fan-favorite topic as everyone either hated or loved him for it. the only catch was that, being the nature of train’s podcast, the focus was less on the money and more on the, well, you know.
“think about it, dream. there are people out there fucking themselves to the sound-to the thought of you. isn’t that crazy?” you heard train ask, though it was muffled by clay’s headset. 
clay looked down at his lap, on which you were grinding your bare clit like a bitch in heat, and then back up to his monitor.
“not really.”
you nearly moaned at his words, but hid it by sucking a bruise into clay’s neck. clay hissed at the feeling and tried to push you off, but you were unrelenting. you swirled your tongue around the section of his skin to soothe the pain. pulling back to admire your work, you were met with a now aggravated clay.
“y-yeah i’m alright man,” he started, glaring down at you, “my cat just scratched me.”
you rolled your eyes. great excuse, asshole.
you began to lean back down towards his already bruising neck, but were instead met with a strong hand gripping your jaw, turning you to face your now dually frustrated boyfriend. something had shifted, the air felt thicker and clay felt sharper, all softness void from his demeanor. the look in his eyes was made of steel and flickering between your own gaze and your mouth, brows furrowed and tongue dipping between his lips to swipe across them. the little voice in your head was screaming “danger”, but danger didn’t look so bad in that moment. danger looked good, danger looked worth the risk. danger looked like getting the best fuck of your life. 
ignited by the heat building in your core and the near-paralyzing look clay was giving you, you continued your previous actions. rutting your hips against clay’s thigh with fervor, you smiled proudly at him. the roughness of his jeans sent shivers through your body, you had to be soaking him and you were only getting wetter by the second.
your chin raised, a smug smile plastered to your features, and that challenging glint in your eye - you were such a fucking brat and clay lived to put you in your place. his hold on your jaw tightened before sliding down to rest on your throat, squeezing until your eyelids began to flutter and your thrusts grew sloppier. the knot in his stomach twisted tighter at the sight. fuck, clay thought, you were something else. something that needed to be taught a lesson.
clay muted again, taking advantage of the ad break to pull down his sweatpants and pull out his cock. he pumped it a few times, precum leaking from the tip and sliding down his length. your stomach flipped at the sight, never not taken back by his size. clay grabbed you by your hips and spun you around so that you were facing his pc, facing everyone on the call that you had nearly forgotten he was still on. then, he began to tease his tip at your entrance. 
“this what you wanted, pretty girl? wanted me to treat you like a slut? wanted me to fuck you with everyone on the call?”
you moaned at the feeling of him circling the place you needed him most. the heat was still heavy on you from your previous actions and your body was no less frenzied than before, you wanted your release more than anything. knowing that all of those people were there didn’t help your crazed state. you felt dirty and you liked it.
you lifted yourself over him without a second thought, slick and sensitive from the buildup of your long-awaited orgasm. a moan slipped past your lips at the stretch, feeling every inch of him against your walls as he bottomed out. instinctively, you let your head fall against clay’s shoulder, overwhelmed by how full you felt. god, he felt so good. when you went to move, clay’s strong hands gripped your hips and held you in place.
you whimpered against his neck, trying and failing to get some sort of friction going. when that didn’t work, you opted to clench around him, but clay simply tsk-ed you.
“you’ve been naughty, baby,” he started, “now you’ll sit here like a good girl and keep me warm until the stream’s over.”
what? you thought to yourself, the panic setting in. he can’t be serious!
“no, no, no, no, i’ll be good!” you begged. you’d been practically edging yourself for what felt like hours now, you needed him to let you release.
“i know you will, baby. now sit still for daddy, okay?”
time passed immeasurably slow. your mind was racing with thoughts, trying to focus on anything but clay’s cock throbbing inside of you. you tried your hardest not to squeeze him too often, despite how much relief it brought you. clay was feeling the heat too, your warm, velvety walls gripped him impossibly tight and he was beginning to regret choosing this punishment. you needed the lesson, but god was he suffering for it.
when the stream finally came to an end, the first thing clay did was thrust up into you. you yelped, gripping his arm in surprise at the sudden movement. he started up a steady pace, pounding up into you and rubbing harshly at your clit. the feeling was intense, especially after how long you’d been teased and forced to wait, and you found yourself moaning wildly because of it, unable to control your noises as he spun you around in his lap once again.
“had to-make me-punish you-during a stream, huh?” he taunted between harsh thrusts, grabbing you by your hair and forcing you to look at him. “had to choose today to be a little slut?”
you let out a near-pornographic noise, your eyes rolling back into your head as he hit your most sensitive spot.
“i asked you a question.”
“i’m sorry, daddy. i - ah! - i won’t do it again!” you wailed, head falling back as you felt your release fastly approaching.
clay grunted and forced you to look at him again, pushing his thumb into your mouth and letting you drool around it.
“look at me when you fucking speak,” he ordered.
he picked up the pace in frustration, wanting you to apologize appropriately. you distracted him, you should know how much he hates that. you should also know how much he demands your eye contact, getting fucked or not.
you coerce your eyes open and look at him, not concerned about how absolutely wrecked you must look right now. mascara running down your cheeks with tears from over and under stimulation, eyeliner smudged around your blown out eyes, lips red and sore from kissing on his neck, you were a mess. a hot one, if you asked clay.
“i’m sorry, daddy. i’m sorry, i’m sorry, i’m sorry!” you continued to babble around his finger as his thrusts somehow grew harder and harder, the pace excruciatingly pleasurable. you were going to cum, you knew that much, but you needed permission.
“gonna cum, daddy!” you warned, feeling the burning knot in the pit of your stomach begging to unravel.
“cum for me, baby. make daddy proud.”
and make daddy proud you did, cumming hard around clay’s cock and feeling yourself spray his stomach with your juices. did you just? oh my god, you did. the embarrassment only made you feel hotter as clay continued to fuck your hole past your orgasm. you whined from the overstimulation, but he couldn’t have cared less.
clay’s moans went from low grunts to higher, breathy gasps, the closer he got the lighter his noises became. his brows were furrowed tightly and his eyes were blown out, the darkest shade of green you think you’d ever seen. the muscles in his arm pulsed as he gripped your waist tighter, completely using you as his own personal fuck toy. he was almost there, you could feel it in the way he gave his all but couldn’t keep up the organized pace he had before. you needed him to cum, not just because you were close to being worked up all over again from the stimulation, but because you wanted to make him feel good. in that moment, making him cum felt like your life purpose, your only purpose. you didn’t just want him to cum, you needed it.
“please give me your cum daddy, wanna feel it inside me,” you begged, taking matters into your own hands, “need you to make me yours.”
at that, clay groaned out a loud string of profanities and came inside of you. he painted your insides, you could feel him everywhere. you sighed at the feeling, warm and full and satisfied. clay let his head fall into the crook of your neck as he breathed through his cool down, pressing soft kisses to your neck and shoulder and mumbling praises and ‘i love you’s’. it took a moment for either of you to actually speak, just relishing in the moment and enjoying each others company.
“you gonna move anytime soon, bud?” you finally asked with a giggle. clay simply shook his head and buried it farther into your neck, humming out a ‘no’.
“wanna make sure it stays in for a while.”
you giggled again at his confession, pressing a kiss to the side of his head and ruffling his hair.
“okay baby,” you paused and pouted, “i’m sorry for interrupting your stream.”
clay sat back and gave you a soft smile, pressing his finger to your lips and turning your frown upside down, literally. he shook his head and gave you a sweet kiss, pressing his own lips tenderly to yours.
“don’t apologize, it was worth it.” a cheeky smile spread across his face and you rolled your eyes, the endearing air around you severed by your boyfriend’s childishness. you loved it, though you’d never tell him.
“you think anyone was suspicious of us?” you inquired, hoping to god no one had picked up on your quiet moans while the stream was still going.
“nah,’ clay lied.
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cherios · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
inspired by basils post here !
do they like him?
Tumblr media
yes and no.
Dream would probably get along with your dad and they’d bond over sports
while you’d listen as your mom gushed over how pretty he is
except he’d more than likely make some kind of inappropriate joke and your little siblings would laugh but your parents would just be like 🧍‍♀️
and then you’d have to drag him off to the side while they cleaned up so you could reprehend him about it
“Why the hell would you say that!” you whisper yelled looking behind you to make sure no one was there
“It was funny.”
“No it wasn’t and my parents sure as hell didn’t think so either”
“you saw your dad smile a little bit and then stop when he saw your moms face it’s okay to admit it babe.”
“Clay i’m gonna fucking kill you.”
for sure.
George would be very respectful and your mom would just be babying him all night
and ofc he wouldn’t complain
your dad would just tell him to treat you right and vice versa because the both of you are perfect for each other
“That so earned me brownie points.” he tells you getting into the front seat of the car
“They love me. I’m that boyfriend who’s gonna have an everlasting impression on them and if we break up they’ll only talk about me.”
You laughed rolling your eyes
“Ok i get it they love you.”
Oh hell yes
this man was written by both a man and a woman so your parents love him
him and your dad will sit in the living room yelling about basketball and during commercial breaks he’d come check on the two of you in the kitchen
“You guys need any help?”
Your mom would shake her head telling him he was the guest and shouldn’t lift a finger
to which you scoffed and reminded her you were a guest as well but you were helping her cook
she’d just lift an eyebrow at you before giving Sap two bears and sending him back to the living room
“Are you sure you guys have to go so early? I’m making apple pie.” your mom questioned as she tried getting you two to stay longer
“ooh apple id love to-.”
you elbowed him in the stomach before he could continue
“Mom it’s almost midnight and he has work to get done.”
“But but but-“
Karl Jacobs
He’s a gentleman and they are head over heels in love with him
he helps you and your mom while your dad sits at the counter having a conversation with him
dad’ll whip out the picture album and show off all your embarrassing pictures and karl just takes pictures of them on his phone for later
“you guys obviously hate me.”
your mom would laugh and just kiss your cheek
“You looked so cute when you were younger baby.” karl gushes pointing at a picture of you in your dressiest outfit with your siblings
“I’m not cute now?”
“Y/n cut it out.” your father rolled his eyes flipping the page
karl just sat there not knowing what to say
“i-n-no that’s-.”
“Kar i was just kidding chill out.”
he’s a little asshole and they know it
but ofc they play along
“so alex.”
he’d look up from his piece of chicken
“You’re gonna be in law school, correct?”
oh god you knew where this was going
“Yes sir I am.”
“Lawyers make good money, yes?”
he nods raising an eyebrow
“But they make this money because their never home right?”
his eyes widen as he looks for you for help
you shrug
“Um well yes but i’ll always be h-home and uh I c-cook.”
“Well that’s a good trait in a man.”
your dad nods and goes back to eating leaving your boyfriend mighty confused
he’s basically their child
your mom is offering him things every five seconds while he politely declines and keeps talking to your dad about politics
“Where’d you get that one? he’s so sweet and kind and dreamy and his ha-!”
she stops
“you’re married and also ew. you’re half his age.”
“i have no problem being a milf.”
after dinner he washes the dishes and you dry
“my mom called herself a milf and was hitting on you.”
he nearly drops the plate eyes widening
before a smirk grows on his face and he lifts an eyebrow going back to cleaning
“am i really that attractive i’m getting all the y/l/n ladies?”
Tumblr media
taglist : @spacenova @heyskeppy @inniterhq @basilly @yamturds @dysfunctionalcrab @siriushxney @slutshies @tinyegg @ttakinou @charnease @w1lbursu1t @o-0i @i-mmunity @b3l0v3ds
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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serend1p1ty-0 · 13 days ago
Golden Tradition
[c!Technoblade x Reader]
Warnings: Fluff
All of this is written in and is meant to be taken as c!Technoblade. There is no reference or inclusion of the streamer/Youtuber.
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
"I have something for you," Techno says one day.
You're lying down in a meadow, head on his lap and relishing in the way his hands work and press at your head, giving you a gentle massage. It's impossible not to lean into his touch.
You hum in question, opening your eyes and reaching up to brush some strands of strawberry pink hair away from his pale features. The apples of his cheeks turn rosy and your stomach flip flops, thinking how you of all people could bring the Blood God to his knees like this. He pats your shoulder, urging you to sit up and you stick out your tongue playfully before throwing yourself up. His laughter sounds like home.
He digs in his pocket briefly, and brings out an enclosed fist. Techno holds out the other hand, asking for yours. You give it to him wordlessly.
He takes a deep breath, and finally relaxes his hand and lets the item fall into your palm. Your eyes widen when you find it's a pure golden wedding ring, a thin chain looping through it that sparkles the same color. It's beautiful, in a word, and as you look closer, you can see intricate designs and symbols (none of which you can identify) are carved into it on the surface.
"Piglin gold," Techno says softly, and his words and voice bring you out of your trance. Your mouth falls open comedically and he laughs at your dumbfounded expression.
Piglin gold was extremely valuable and was definitely more rare than this world's deepest emeralds. The residents of the Nether were terribly stingy with it, considering the time it took to even make it in the first place.
"It's been passed through my family for generations," he explains, "I suppose you wouldn't understand the importance of this action."
"I don't," you whisper, keeping your eyes on him, "Tell me."
"When your parents pass, they give you a set of rings that came from your ancestors," Techno begins, "Ancient ones from the very top of the family tree."
He reaches down, gathering up your hands in his. He's warm and coupled with the sun and strong breeze, it only makes your heart want to leap from your chest.
"Once you find the one you trust and want to spend your life with, you give them one of the rings," he looks at you, red eyes light and adoring and full of love. "One day," he whispers, "When all of this war and conflict is done, I will marry you."
The trees rustle as the wind weaves through the leaves and all you can hear is the rush of your own heartbeat in your ears. Emotions hit you one at a time, realization and happiness dominantly.
"Techno," you say his name, dropping the ring onto your lap and reaching up to cradle his face in your hands. He lays his own over yours and closes his eyes. You smile, tears pricking your eyes at your own joy. "I'll say yes," you promise, "No matter if you ask once or a thousand, the answer will always be yes."
He laughs, warm and inviting and you want to sink into it.
"I am a bit disappointed," you say, scooting next to him and nuzzling yourself into his side where he eagerly folds you into him.
"Why's that?" He hums.
"I'll never meet your parents," you answer simply, looking up at the sky. You note a cloud seems to look awfully like a set of eyes.
"You wouldn't even be able to understand them properly," he points out.
"I don't care," you insist, "You'll never meet mine because you know how they feel towards hybrids."
Silence overtakes the two of you, but it's not uncomfortable. You always feel safe by his side. It didn't matter that you were an accomplished warrior yourself or that you could easily protect yourself. Techno made sure to the best of his abilities that not a single hair on your head would be harmed.
"Do you think they would've liked me?" You ask, noting that the ring on the chain was a few sizes larger than your own ring finger.
Techno looks up at the sky, then down at you and smiles. He slides a hand over your neck and kisses you sweetly like he'd lose you in the next moments if he pulled away. It makes your head spin and your weak little heart glow. He murmurs his answer against your lips.
"I daresay they would've loved you, darling."
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earthtooz · 10 days ago
𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐛𝐞𝐭 - 𝐝𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦𝐰𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐤𝐞𝐧
high school!au, (slight) football!au
Tumblr media
pairing: dreamwastaken x fem!reader
synopsis: dream accepts a bet from his friends to date you. he thought it was going to be easy but he didn't expect to fall head first in love on the way.
warnings: fluff to angst to fluff, happy ending, swearing, SLOW BURN but it's WORTH IT [9k words]
♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
dream didn't think falling in love would be this easy.
he's listened to his parents tell him how they fell in love, how they met and every little thing in between. so he believes in romance and is willing to go as far as claiming that there are such thing as soulmates. especially since he's already discovered some of them.
platonically, there was sapnap, george, badboyhalo and those were only a few of many.
then there was you.
before you, he didn't think he would be finding his romantic soulmate any time soon. he had dated a considerable amount of people, some lasted weeks, some lasted a few months or so but dream wasn't devastated to let some of those people go.
in fact, dream wasn't really invested in finding someone just yet. he had school to worry about and a career that he had to consider soon. romance wasn't a concern.
in a happy accident, he met you.
dream would like to think the universe was kind enough to let you be his other half, moulded together from the life of dying stars and separated at birth, despite spending a lifetime together. he doesn't think his infatuation for you could've been constructed from this mere lifetime alone.
you felt familiar.
and he was sure you were created by starlight itself. he didn't know how he got so lucky and managed to have you as a lover but, he's not complaining.
dream's learnt to never take you for granted the hard way and it's a miracle how you still accepted him as a lover after everything.
he looks away from you abruptly when you glance to look at him beside you. you laugh at his behaviour before scooting a little closer toward him on the ledge of stone where you two resided, legs dangling over the wall of the beach. the sun was setting and the sky had painted itself pink, the golden rays projecting onto the earth to bask all of its inhabitants in a radiant glow.
he couldn't help but think that the only reason the sun shone so brightly was to conceal the blinding jealousy it felt from how dazzling you were. even then, it wasn't enough.
"you okay there?" you asked. dream nods with a hum, glancing back to you.
you both ignore the loud chatter from your friends a few metres behind you as their laughs muted in the air.
"yeah, just thinking," responded the blond. you then laid your head on his shoulder.
"what about?"
placing a gentle kiss to the top of your head, his lips lingered there and the way his hand searched for yours gave you your answer.
alyssa had secretly taken a film photo of the two of you in that moment. it then became both of yours home screen as dream kept it, framed in his room.
dream was just trying to eat his lunch that day when his friends felt like being dicks as they bet each other to do the most random shit, like stuff sausages up your nose then eat it. he had a few laughs from it but didn't think much of it since he wouldn't be targeted.
but of course, he was wrong.
he heard quackity, sapnap, george and karl whisper between themselves, clearly scheming. though dream had heard his name being tossed around, he didn't pay any mind to it as he kept talking to punz.
"dream!" quackity announces, obnoxiously tossing a football between his hands. he threw it at the blond who caught it right before it could hit him but he dropped his sandwich in doing so.
"what," the blond mutters in between bites, obviously not happy. the beanie-clad boy snickers wickedly, mischief clear in his eyes; but he always looked like that.
"oh ho, ho, ho, you're not ready for this one."
"i'm not gonna take part of your stupid bets."
"no no, you're gonna want to hear us out for this one," sapnap intervenes before they start snickering again. "go say it, george."
"okay fine," the british boy says with fake reluctance. "dream, if you date y/n, we will give you $100 but if you last for four months, you'll get $200"
"that's a bitch move," sam says. "you can't force dream to date someone he might not like."
"he does like y/n. he's always staring at her with heart eyes, it's getting weird at this point," argues karl, placing his empty, chocolate milk container onto his lunch tray.
"i do not," dream says at the accusation and the four look amongst themselves, giving each other a smug look.
"we're helping him make a move!" sapnap adds.
"yeah right," mutters sam, turning back to dream. "it's up to you."
dream ignores the way how strangely appealing dating you sounded to him. he doesn't suppose it'd be too bad and suddenly, he's very intrigued.
he's had the chance to talk to you before, many times actually. you were very good friends with karl, tommy, technoblade and alyssa so there was mutual connections but you also had a few classes together. you didn't always talk to each other in them but you each managed to slip in a few words.
you were nice, confident and rather funny. he can't think of a moment when he didn't enjoy hanging around you.
this'll be easy because at least it's with you. he doesn't have to actually be in love with you.
"200 bucks but also paying for y/n and i's first date and it's a deal,"
"LET'S GO!!!" quackity screams and dream chucks the football at quackity's gut.
after lunch, dream leaves the cafeteria first, not even waiting for his friends to catch up as he speedwalks along the halls of the high school, squeezing past crowds of people. he finally stops at your locker, where you were trying to pack your books for last periods. the blond leans against the locker beside you, catching you by surprise when you close the door to see him standing there.
"hey," he greets with a big smile.
"hey there," you say, returning the grin and his heart skips a beat.
being friends with you came naturally.
you two walked together to any classes you shared and he tried to stay by your side for as long as possible, sometimes lingering outside your classroom with you whilst you waited for the previous class to pack up. dream honestly, begun to miss your company in the electives he didn't have and looked forward to whenever he could spend time with you, causing for him to bounce in his seat and glare at the clock for not ticking by faster.
one day, when he was already waiting in class with a vacant chair beside him reserved for someone specific. karl and quackity sat together at the table behind him, dream turned around to talk to the both of them, participating in the jokes exchanged that added to the chatter of the school.
the second you sauntered into the classroom, dream notices and lifts his leg off your chair. the way you're bouncing towards him in excitement makes him smile as you easily slid into the seat beside him. he doesn't even get a moment to talk.
"boy do i have some good news for you," you began. "so... i have two tickets to a tech convention next weekend and well, if you're free and since you're into that kinda gadgety stuff, i was wondering if you'd like to go with me."
"wait no way! that's insane!"
"yeah! apparently there's a shit ton of ai, vr games, whatever."
"that'd be fun! can't wait," dream says, a little blush encompassing his cheeks as you beamed at him. when you were distracted, he turns around to quackity and karl who gave him shit-eating grins. he scrunches his nose at them as quackity passes him a little sticky note.
damn you had to wait for her to make the first move?
the blond discards the note, throwing it back at the pair who are cackling. but they were right and he was irked by this.
"hey, are you free tonight, though?" he asks, already knowing that you were going to say yes. friday was the only day after school where you didn't have any activities on.
"yup," you say, popping the 'p'. "but isn't normally game night with 'the boys'?"
"what's one missed game night going to do?"
he doesn't regret his choice. dream takes you to his favourite pizza place and offers to pay for whatever you buy.
there isn't a moment throughout dinner that either of you aren't smiling, cheeks flushed wildly as you both laugh with each other, whether it be from you choking on your pizza or dream dropping his on his lap. you keep having to order water from how sore your throats are getting. he's never felt more comfortable around someone so quickly before.
the night ends with him getting your phone number.
he's really scared to text you.
his fingers hover over the keyboard of his phone as dream bites his nail in contemplation. it's not like you would jump out of his screen and jump scare him, he knows that, but still, the prospect of texting you was terrifying.
start with a hey, how are you? no that's so lame... just saying hey doesn't make me seem interested... hello? hi? why is this so hard? maybe, what's up?
he goes with the last message and quickly presses send, tossing his phone on his bed to try and convince himself he doesn't care but not even three minutes later, it vibrates and he's never scrambled so quickly to reply to someone.
y/n: hey dream :) nothin much rn. kinda bored trying to do homework but i'm going insane math can suck my ass how was football practice?
dream chuckles underneath his breath, trying to recover from the frenzy that his heart had entered in preparation of talking to you. he replies.
dream: uh it was kinda boring actually
y/n: don't you have a tournament soon? might wanna listen up buddy
dream: okay 'buddy' damn sounds like you're having so much fun wanna call?
he didn't know which part of his brain was brave enough to ask that and soon enough, a facetime notification from you had popped up on his screen.
dream quickly glanced at the nearest reflective surface and when he deemed himself presentable enough for you, he accepted the notification.
"hello!" you greeted and dream wonders why he ever felt anxious about talking to you.
"hey," he greets, rather breathlessly for a reason he didn't know why.
you end up calling for five hours, right until you both had to go to dinner and even after dinner, you call for another three hours. he shows you his cat patches and boasts about her for a good chunk of time but you don't mind, so long as he makes you promise you get to meet her. he learns about your aspirations, what you want to do after high school and remembers you like stargazing and picnics.
dream also learns that you too, play minecraft and grew up with it.
"wait no way, i refuse to believe that you play minecraft as well," dream says and you're laughing from the other end.
"of course i do! i was raised on this game dude, except i don't have a fancy monitor like you and just play on my laptop. surprisingly, it has pretty good fps," you mentioned.
"do you wanna play together right now, then?"
"sure! let's beat the game!"
he gets the homework answers from his friends that night instead of actually having time to do it himself.
his friends realise he's in deep in his feelings before dream.
everyday, without fault, dream's face would light up whenever he would see you in the hallways and as you always greeted him with a huge hug, he would become incredibly flustered. as he often walked with sapnap and george around the school, they get a pretty good laugh about it and tell the rest of their friends.
it was entertaining for sure, seeing dream, a normally very confident, outgoing man turn into putty by your hands.
but even then, he denies the way his heart flutters in excitement whenever he sees you and would immediately ache without you in his presence. dream would deny how comfortable he felt being so impossibly close to you and how his skin felt like electric whenever you touched it. he denies it all.
"bro, when are you actually gonna get the balls to ask y/n out?" sapnap asks. "it's been like three weeks."
"i'll do it, i'll do it! i promise! just... gotta make sure she likes me first," dream says, an obvious lie.
"are you scared?" his best friend asks and by the way dream doesn't meet his eyes, he knows that he's right.
"what if she says no?" dream whispers. as much as dream was the centre of attention for all the jokes about being in love with you and sapnap always claiming that he had a thing for you, they weren't anything more than truthful jokes... for now. but now, he realises his friend had truly taken a liking to you, as much as dream will always deny it, it's there.
dream was genuinely terrified of you rejecting him.
"then she says no," shrugs sapnap. "i doubt she will but you'll never know until you try."
"yeah... you're right."
a considerable silence falls for a few moments.
"you really like her, huh?" asks the darker haired.
"i don't know how i feel."
"you're just in denial man, it's okay, she makes you happy- i can see that. and you make her happy. you both deserve to be happy, together."
there's a hum of consideration before dream finally looks at his friend with a cocky grin, "geez sap, when did you get so sappy?"
"real funny, jerk."
dream laughs as his friend shoves him and he takes a moment to consider his words. sapnap was right, he had been denying his crush on you. "i'm gonna ask her out today," he says assertively, more to himself than to sapnap.
dream asks you after school. you say yes and his heart does a lovely little flutter when you place a kiss on his cheek as a goodbye.
he practically skips the way home and cannot wait for next week.
seven days couldn't have been more excruciating as he waited for the day to come but leading up to it, you two had become inseparable. dream even dragged you to sit with his friends, aka, almost every guy on the football team, excluding some. it was semi-nerve wracking.
they were all like (almost) 6-foot tall guys who kicked leather balls for fun, they didn't give you a reason to not be scared of them.
but you had a lot of fun with them. they were definitely chaotic, that's for sure but their loudness was enough to distract you from how close dream always sat to you, thighs pressed against each other and how he always had his arm around you somehow. whether it was actually curved around you or laid haphazardly on the bench you sat on, his warmth was a constant reminder of his presence.
it took you a lot of willpower to keep functioning.
"the cafeteria chips suck today!" karl flops, sadly putting a chip in his mouth.
you reach over to grab one and he's too late to stop you, "if you don't want them i'll have it," you suggested, eating it. "wait they're kinda good! what are you complaining about?"
"stop eating mine! get your own!"
"i don't have any money, besides, i like teasing you."
"karl, you literally just said they're bad," george says in your defence.
"yeah but i bought it with my hard-earned money so i get to eat them!"
"i'm just playing with you, dude, you know that," you said to the brunet who pouts.
"do you want me to buy it for you?" dream offers. you shake your head, rejecting his offer which he surprisingly seemed pretty bummed about, causing for him to give you puppy dog eyes, paired with a small pout.
you ignore the smile that tugs at your lips, "what, are you five?"
"dream! you can buy me chips!" sapnap exclaims to which dream flips him off. "what the fuck, bro? i thought i was your number one bitch, you whore!"
you choked on your water, coughing violently in between laughter. dream pats your back reassuringly which didn't really help but you appreciated it.
"y/n, you stole my man!"
dream rolls his eyes.
"hey, y/n, you're coming to the big finals match, yeah?" punz asks, changing the topic to one much more civil. dream looks at you curiously, he had yet to talk about this with you.
all eyes and ears fell upon you and you were sort of nervous at all the attention. "they kinda... ran out of tickets too quickly so, no? i'm trying to see if i have friends who have spare tickets but as of right now, no."
"what?" the blond wheezes. "i've got some spares, there's no way you're not coming."
"c'mon, i'm not taking no for an answer, just say yes," he pleads.
how could you deny him now?
the way your face lit up with excitement when you and dream had walked into the fair grounds made him beam with pride, especially knowing that he picked a place where you were going to enjoy your time together. he already knew tonight was going to go very well.
he caught up to you and grabbed your hand, intertwining your fingers. you sent him a small, intimate smile that felt like it was only for him to see and it told him that you trusted him.
"what would you like to do first?" you asked, the two of you just sorta walking wherever at the moment.
you go on rides first. some are three dimensional, with cool special effects, some are smaller rollercoasters and some are slower, more scenic rides where the two of you got to point out cool shit and laugh together. some times, you go on rides two times and memorise when they take the photo, just to get some cool memories.
one photo, he made a kissy face at you, in another, you had made bunny-ears on his head and in another, you both made different hand signs at the camera.
waiting in line with you was never boring. as you took a plethora of snaps to send to your friends as updates, the line seemed to go a lot quicker than usual. he attached himself to you like a koala, even waddling when you had to move up, closer to the rides.
next, the sun had begun setting and the two of you were hungry so you ate some classic carnival food and decided that the best way to spend the rest of the night was mess around with the prize stores to see how many people you could finesse.
you two were quite successful, not going to lie. you'd won a small bag of sweets which you shared, a grape-fanta flavoured lip balm which, you're not going to lie, actually was surprisingly moisturising and didn't taste too horrible. you pocketed it for later use.
and you both had won quite a few stuffed animals. you somehow managed to snag a green teddy bear in a pile of stuffed toys, each a colour of the rainbow and gifted it to dream because he likes green. he, on the other hand, had won you several stuffed animals which you had to carry in your arms. even though it was a little bothersome, you still strutted around the fair, boasting your prizes to everyone who saw.
dream got pouty because he couldn't hold your hand anymore.
but he couldn't stop laughing when you dragged him towards an empty photo booth and immediately slid in some coins that came to a dollar in order to work it.
after choosing the settings of how you'd like your photos, you got into it.
first photo was a nice, standard one of the two of you smiling at the camera.
second photo, you bombarded the screen with your stuffed animals, holding them close to your face.
third photo, neither of you were aware even happened as you glanced at each other. you tried to hold back a smile and so did he as he looked at you through relaxed, lidded eyes.
as he watches the mischief and happiness shine unabashedly in your eyes, he then realises just how attached he's grown to you.
in the spur of the moment, he leans forward and places a delicate kiss on your forehead and the camera flashes again.
"these are way too cute," you said once you collected the prints. the third photo was your favourite and the way he looked at you caused for butterflies to erupt in your stomach. it didn't help that you still hadn't calmed down about the moment that was photo 4.
that was his favourite because he got to see you all flustered afterwards.
and he knows this is a cliché way to finish off a carnival date but he couldn't help but go on the ferris wheel with you. you two sat on different sides of the little carriage.
as it ascends and the world becomes smaller and smaller, you're marvelling the view and he's marvelling you as your smile expands with every moment. you look at him with so much endearment that it bewitches him and he decides in that moment that his heart beats for you the way lovers do. he wants to cherish you the way lovers do.
dream feels reality crashing down on him when he remembers the bet he made with his friends. he doesn't think he could ever hurt you like that.
dream sits in front of george, sapnap, karl and quackity.
he starts before he gives them any of a chance to say something.
"i can't do it," he says firmly.
"what?" george mutters.
"i can't continue with the bet," dream repeats.
"what? but you literally went out with her on a date three days ago! you looked like you had fun!" argues sapnap.
"i know! and we did!"
"then what went wrong?" asks karl.
"i can't hurt y/n like that," whispered the blond who looks away from his friends. there's a moment of silence before his friends relax, all slumping back in their chairs.
"dude! i thought you meant you wanted to call it off and ditch y/n completely!" quackity says with a sigh of relief.
"what? as if!" dream exclaims defensively. "i just meant i want to call the bet off because i... don't want to get money for liking her..."
"aww, dreamie-poo is in love!!" sings sapnap and the blond's face heats up like crazy but he doesn't deny it.
"it's okay, dream, we understand. this is actually really sweet of you," karl reassures, standing up to hug his friend. the others join in.
"yeah, remember, we made the bet because you were too chicken to ask y/n out," reminds george.
"thanks guys," the blond sighs, feeling the weight disappear off his chest as a huge smile makes its way onto his face. he felt so grateful to have such amazing best friends.
"you gotta tell us everything about the date now," demands quackity, who puts his hands on his hips in an expecting manner. the way his friends agree make this feels like an interrogation but it doesn't matter.
so long as he's talking about you, he's fine with it.
dream asks you to be his girlfriend the second that the football match is over.
the football team wasn't present at school on the day of the match as they all required a 'proper get ready day' for finals, as dream told you. some parents weren't happy with this ritual but the boys rebel anyways, too pumped up for the finals to care about whatever was going on at school.
there was a gift in your locker however, with a note.
it was dream's jersey and he gave it to you to wear to the match that night, with his name and number on the back as well.
that night, when he scours the crowd for you, he finds you almost immediately, cheering and wearing his jumper layered over a hoodie since it was a cold night. the blond tried not to stare for too long as his teammates pushed him further onto the field, not giving him time as they ran around, hyping up everyone even more.
it's harder for you to keep track of where he is but looking at the back of the footballer uniforms help. you cheer even louder when he has the ball in his arms.
dream glances in your direction as often as possible, pleased to find you sometimes already looking at him (checking him out, that football uniform did wonders) and when he meets your gaze, he'd send a small kiss in your direction which you pretended to blow away. if only you could see dream's massive pout but his helmet kind of prevented that.
when he scores the winning goal, he's immediately swooped up in the arms of his friends who chanted dream's name over and over again and the blond relished in the cheers of his names. but there was only one thing he needed to do.
the second he was put back down on the grass, he's sprinting over to you despite how much his muscles ached and he runs into your open arms willingly. you hug him tightly, despite his awkward shoulder pads and dream being really gross and sweaty.
he didn't know whether it was the adrenaline or his hormones playing with him from the exercise mixed with how fucking good you looked in his jersey but dream pressed his lips to yours.
it stuns you at first but you melt into it all the same, only breaking away when you giggle into his lips and then you hear the laughs of excitement from your friends.
the blond is breathless when you part but that doesn't stop him from going in again.
grape-fanta has never tasted so good.
his name is getting called and its his friends who are prompting him to go over.
"i know you have the afterparty to go to," you said, shooing him away. "your friends are waiting for you, mr quarterback, now go away."
"but what about you?" he questions.
"it's okay," you promised, holding his face in your hands. "you deserve to celebrate with your teammates tonight. you played so so well and i'm so proud of you."
you place a small, shy kiss on his nose and he relishes in the praise.
"go have fun with your friends tonight."
"can we celebrate tomorrow?" asks dream.
"of course, of course," you nodded, laughing as he smothers a kiss to your cheek.
you turn him around and push him towards the direction of the change rooms. "wait for me to come out before you leave."
"just go already!"
"aye aye captain!"
when the team emerges, changed out of their sport gear, you're seen waiting on the field, fiddling with a stray football that must've been left behind. they all watch as dream runs to you and they hear you shriek faintly as he tackles you into a hug.
they know first hand what it's like to have a 6''3' blond tackle you to the ground. the team approaches as you chuck the leather ball at dream who catches it without any trouble.
"dang dream, i see you gave her your jersey already," sapnap whistles and you gently elbow the blond in the ribs with a smug smirk.
"yeah, dream," you mocked before turning around to everyone. "good game tonight guys, you all played really well!"
"aww y/n!" karl coos, wrapping you into a hug which you eagerly reciprocated. sapnap and quackity do the same and you high five the rest of the team.
"you should come to the afters y/n, it's gonna be fun," sam offers with a kind smile.
"nah it's okay, you guys trained really hard this season so you deserve to have fun together. it's your win," you reject their offer, shaking your head. the others nod in understanding.
punz's eyes shine "that's really cool of you, y/n!"
"how kind. yeah we do kind of deserve it," george flaunts.
"shut up, george," quackity says.
"shut up, bench boy!"
sam holds george back to stop their bickering. "we'll wait for you in the car dream, c'mon guys, let's leave the lovebirds to themselves."
you and dream watch as they disappear and he waits until they're out of earshot to finally talk to you. "thank you for coming tonight," he whispers, pulling you close. now that adrenaline and confidence wasn't holding him together, you could see how tired he was. "you were my lucky charm."
"it's no problem, i like supporting you," you say, softly soothing him by playing with the hair at the bottom of his neck. "as long as it ends with me getting a kiss, guess it's a fair trade."
"guess it makes you pretty special to me," he shrugs nonchalantly, taking his head out of your shoulder and you scoff.
"guess so."
"would you like to be my girlfriend, y/n?" dream finally asks and you laugh at his question, not in a condescending way of course, in a way that suggested you've been waiting a while for this moment.
"of course, dream," you finally said, humming in content as he brings his lips to yours. this one wasn't as passionate but it took your breath away all the same. it was beyond perfect as you both took your time to treasure this memory.
you both separate at the same time and he's got a stupid, goofy smile on his face, along with a rosy blush dotting his cheeks.
"i'll pick you up at 7 tomorrow?" he asks and you nod eagerly. with a final kiss to your forehead, he runs off, maintaining eye contact with you for as long as possible.
somehow, there's a photo of your first kiss and dream gets it from george, who sends it to the football groupchat.
gogy: [attachment] damn why ain't dream kissing us like that every time we winnn
gogy: why does it matter >:)
punz: it's okay george we don't need him
sapnap: yeah i'm probably a better kisser anyways
callahan: ...
sam: smooch smooch
karl: thank you sam :D
sapnap: smooch smooch smooch smooch smooooch
karl: ugh gross man /p
sapnap: shut up quackity or i'm gonna curve your mom
dream: sheeeeeesh please sap i have a girlfriend now
dream mutes the groupchat as he sets the photo george sent as his home background. it brings a smile to his face every time he turns on his phone.
"so you've never seen forrest gump?" you exclaimed in shock and dream nods his head, too focused on parking correctly to look at you as he handled the steering wheel expertly. you were surprised by how well he could drive, given the many driving mishaps he has experienced and told you about. "alright well, when we go to either your place or mine, we're watching it."
"who says you're ever invited to mine?" he jokes, turning the engine off and facing to look at you. you give him a small whack on the arm and he laughs. "i'm kidding," he drags out the last syllable as you exit his car.
he mimics you and before he would let you open the boot, dream leans in and offers you his cheek. you push it away and he whines like a child.
"y/n, c'mon!" dream exclaims. "don't be mean."
"just open the back, dream," you raise an eyebrow at him but he persists, tapping his cheek to tell you what he wants. "you're going to be really annoying, yeah?"
he nods and with a fake exasperated sigh, you place a peck there and he opens the back of the car with a content smile. you grab the picnic mat and he grabs the bags of snacks you bought at the supermarket earlier, along with the spare blankets you brought.
you make your way to the beach and you roll out the mat first and assist him with what he was carrying.
eventually, your nice picnic spot was set up and you two waste no time settling into the blankets to combat the cold, autumn wind. dream presses himself to you instantly and you don't mind as you open a packet of oreos, offering him one.
you lean in to his warmth as you both stare out at the lapping sea, which was the only sound in the air, along with the singing of the cold wind.
"so, what kind of stupid shit did you boys get up to last night?" you asked, breaking the comfortable silence. he shrugs.
"we just messed around honestly, got a lot of funny videos, did some stupid shit. i think someone went streaking, some guys made out... i don't know," he answered, wrapping an arm around your waist. you leaned further into him, gazing up at the sky which was littered with a few stars here and there.
"isn't it crazy how ages ago, they could've seen all the stars in the night sky?" you asked. "light pollution."
"yeah..." he says, holding you closer.
"you got a favourite planet?"
dream had told you about his interest in astronomy so it was only natural for you to ask if he liked any planet in particular. without needing a second to think, he replies, "neptune cause it rains diamonds and has six rings, all of which, you just can't see."
"dang, that's cool."
he nods and keeps telling you interesting facts about space and you listen to him intently, resorting to lying across his lap as he pointed at specific parts at the night sky.
you talk for the entire night, getting to know each other even better that you're sure you're going to run out of things to tell each other because of how well you know the other.
it's crazy how you and dream have only been close friends for two months or so yet you feel so naturally comfortable with him. you just feel really lucky to have someone like him in your life.
you stay on the beach for three hours, changing cuddling positions. sometimes, he'd lie on your lap and you'd stroke his hair as you joked around, you would press your back against his and dream would hold you close to him as you laughed at some cat videos. this was a perfect first date.
you take several, self-timer photos to remember it. some on the beach, some you propped your phone on his car and just messed around from there. he took some flash photos of you on his phone, taking you by surprise as you just posed randomly. you did the same for him.
dream adored each and every last memory you documented, demanding for you to share the photos you took. you did the same.
for a solid ten minutes when you were back in the car, you both just pointed out which photos you liked most.
"thank you for tonight, i had a lot of fun," you told him with genuine gratitude in your tone once he arrived in front of your house. he walks out of the car and unlocks your door for you, like the true mama's boy he was but you find it very endearing.
you look up at him as you step out of the car where he's leaning over the passenger's door.
without warning, you place a hand on his face and stand on your tippy toes, placing a firm kiss to his lips. he smiles against it and happily reciprocates the action.
"you're the best," you whispered when you part and dream ignores the way he beams at your compliment, a blush making its way onto his face as he smiles widely at you. "i'll see you soon, yeah?"
"of course, you can't get rid of me that easily," he proudly reminds you.
"alright, if you say so." you walk away from him, into your house, holding your blankets tightly. before you walk in, you turn around and wave goodbye one last time which he responds in turn with a small smile.
he misses you already.
you come to his place after school every week. you'd met his family already and they all adore you. at least, dream keeps trying to tell you that but you always stress about whether you made a good impression on his parents. little do you know about how often his mother gushes about you and how proud she was of him to find someone like you.
apparently you were the best out of all his past relationships and she was rooting for you. so were his siblings because you once brought brownies for them as a 'thank you for letting me come over' gift and claimed you passed the vibe check immediately.
dream quite regularly had to drag you away from his mum because he just knows that if he sat around, you two could talk on and on forever which wasn't fair because he wanted to cuddle with you.
you were more than welcome.
as you were relaxing on his bed, reading a school book required for english, he stayed at his monitor and tried his best to do homework since you ordered him to. but you were a feet away from him and all he wanted to do was crawl into your arms.
"i'll give you cuddles when you finish the worksheet required for science," you told him, as if you knew what he was thinking. he sighs dramatically and gets to work.
"fine... darn you and wanting me to get good grades," he mutters and you giggle, flipping the page of the book you currently were reading.
dream keeps tapping away on his keyboard whilst you read word after word and it takes him fifteen minutes to complete the worksheet. once he's done, he quickly saves it, not bothering to even check over it as he stands up and practically flops onto his bed, landing on top of you.
"oof, my love, please, you're heavier than you think you are," you joked, fixing your arms to wrap around his torso. he hums into your collarbone, finally content now that he was attached to you and has no plans of getting up for the next hours or so.
when dream realises that you're still reading your book instead of paying attention to him, he takes his head out of your neck and pokes his head under your hands. you laugh softly, brushing a hand through his dirty blond hair as you left your book face down on his back.
"pay attention to me," he whines, pouting. you sigh and mark the page you were on before putting it on his nightstand.
"happy?" you asked and dream hums in content, leaning forward.
he hovers his lips over yours, "very," he says before kissing you. something tells you the mood has changed when the kiss becomes slow and purposeful. that was a big indicator of how he wanted to have some fun with you.
dream realises he loves you four months into the relationship.
he's grown to become used to you, familiar with every curve of your body, every little mannerism you make and every wrinkle of happiness that appears on your forehead. you'd been brave enough to reveal your flaws and insecurities to him as dream still praises and adore every bit of you.
and he, vulnerable enough to tell you his imperfections and how he spent years trying to fix said imperfections but then you came along and assured him he wasn't alone, not anymore, he believed it. now when dream thinks about those bits of himself, he thinks of you and doesn't know of anything more beautiful.
you would always sit next to each other during class times. he would write you little notes and pass them over and most of the time, they were cute compliments or weird comments about the class. the way you tried to stifle your giggle always caused him to smile.
dream's friends had gotten used to you sitting with them and your friends didn't mind whenever he would take a seat at your table. at whichever instance, he would always make sure that you were close to him or at least had a hand on you in any intimate way. whether it be hung around your waist or holding your hand, the blond always find a way. you never complained, loving the affection as much as he did.
you had come over to his place to spend the night and you passed the time by watching a movie (which he tried to distract you from it and was successful), spending time with his siblings by playing board games, the two of you baking cookies which ended up with the both of you being coated in food as you both threw whatever you could at the other.
cleaning up the mess was not fun but at least the cookies were amazing and were devoured almost immediately by his family.
after that, you both took time to shower individually, even though he was being a little shit and insisted on not wasting water. despite his stubbornness and inappropriate suggestions, you managed to win by getting in the shower first and dream knew better than to barge in on you but you still let him have a small victory as you brushed your teeth together. you had your own toothbrush in his bathroom that he kept safe for whenever you stayed over.
even as you brushed your teeth, he would look at you in the mirror and wait until you glanced back, to which he would make stupid faces in response. it always caused you to laugh and you're smart enough now to not choke on toothpaste.
he crawled into his bed first, opening his arms for you to slip under the duvet. he had yet to turn off his leds just yet but they were set to a dim setting so it didn't hurt your eyes too much. when dream gets to hold you close to him in his arms, he lets out a small sigh of relief as he presses you as close as possible to him.
he adored the way you fit perfectly in his arms, as if they were carved just for you.
you two end up talking for a bit, about random stuff neither of you will remember in the morning but when you tell him you're tired, he turns off his leds, coating the room in darkness. however, his room was positioned perfectly to let the moonlight seep in so there was still minimal light. you had told him that was your favourite thing about his room.
as you nestled further into his body, his heart did that lovely little thing where it skipped an extra beat or two. he wonders if you had heard it, how it still races nervously sometimes when you're around. he wonders if you could feel how much it yearns for you, in every way it could have you.
he's convinced you must've known each other in another life as well because how could he feel so much for someone he's only known for so short of a time?
dream wants to have this feeling forever. this feeling of home and sanctuary, he wants to tuck it into the best parts of himself to remind himself that good things did exist and some times, it took form of his lover whom he adored holding.
he's fallen head-first in love with you. he knows that he shouldn't have because everything that falls end up breaking but he doesn't care. he doesn't care because it's you and he'd gladly pick up the pieces as long as it was you who destroyed him.
"i love you," is buried into your hair as he finally dozes off, feeling more beautiful than ever.
in the morning, the blond tells his friends.
dream: guys i think i'm in love with y/n.
he leaves the groupchat to blow up as you ask what's there to make for breakfast.
dream's heart aches in pain when he sees you approach him a week later, with tears clouding your usually determined, vibrant eyes which stained your cheeks as you stormed towards him. anger floods through him and his second instinct is to find out who's done this to you.
his first instinct is to kiss the hurt away.
but when he tries to do just that, you take a step back. his anger fades away, replaced with confusion.
"w-what's wrong?" he asks, gulping at a horrible feeling that tugged his gut. you don't answer, trying to gather the correct words as he reaches for your hands, only for you to rip them away from him.
his heart cracks a little.
"so... guess i meant nothing more to you than just being a bet, hm?" you asked with a sad smile. your attempt of trying to keep up a brave face. his heart drops.
"y/n- no, no, no, you have to hear me out-" dream begins.
"forget it. i don't want to hear anymore of your lies," you spat.
"y/n!" he calls out and when you turn around to walk away, he follows you without a second thought. he'd follow you anywhere, even to the ends of the earth. "y/n, please! just listen to me! let me explain and then you can decide whether you want to stay mad or not!"
you still don't turn around but he's stubborn. even more so when he's scared of losing you because even though he's only a few feet behind you, it feels as though you're across the world from him and he hates it. he hates himself for being stupid.
"y/n, please stop walking away from me!" he exclaims, only getting more frustrated at your lack of response. "this is unfair!"
"oh this is unfair?" you asked, finally turning around and he flinches at the tears that trickle down your face. he subconsciously reaches up to wipe them away but his heart cracks a little when you slap his hands away, stumbling backwards. "you let me believed you loved me for months!"
"i do! i do love you and-"
"don't give me that bullshit. i'm tired of it, dream. i really am. just... go get your $200 already and leave me alone. congratulations, i guess." you muttered sadly before walking away from him again. this time, he's too stunned to follow you as he glumly watches your figure fade into the distance, disappearing when you're concealed by the entrance of the train station.
"y/n..." he weakly mumbles your name as a last attempt to try and salvage your presence.
please wake up now. please let this nightmare be over.
dream doesn't remember walking home, probably too overcome by the despair and emptiness he felt. as he flopped onto his bed, utterly defeated and drained, all he could think about was you. how heartbroken you looked and how, even now, the only thing he wanted to do was kiss your tears away and hold you until the two of you were mended.
he sends you millions of texts and calls you a million more times, hopeful each time that you would pick up. he sends a voicemail every time, probably just because he listened to your automated message for too long since he wanted to hear your voice.
dream: please stop ignoring me. i just want to talk to you again. just want to hear your voice at least one more time. you can yell at me all you want insult me, hurt me, break my heart even i just really want to hear your voice. i just really want you. i miss you.
you don't respond to any of his messages which he sent in a lovesick, frustrated haze and he ignores all notifications from his concerned friends who wanted to check up on him.
his bed has never felt emptier. a week ago, you were here and he was happy as he held you close in his arms. a week ago, in this exact place; same mattress, same bedsheets, was where he realised he had fallen head first in love with you. for you had pulled his heart under and there, it stayed. with you it will always stay.
dream doesn't get much sleep that night and when he does, it's because he's curled onto his pillows and is exhausted from his grief.
you were the same. when you came home that night, you ignored all questions from family and friends as you shut your phone off and left it in your school bag. you didn't want to see it, you didn't want to see any of dream's text which had blown up your phone. taking a glance at them hurt your heart, hasn't he humiliated you enough?
although you felt so ashamed by his betrayal, you mostly mourn the amazing connection you had with him. dream had made you feel special and you tried so hard to reciprocate those feelings, only now cursing yourself for falling into his trap.
you miss him though. with every fibre of being within you, you miss him.
he knows that you'd still go to school the next day, to act like everything was fine and nothing ever happened. he knew fully well that this would be a well-kept secret between the two of you and he already dreaded how you'd treat him like a stranger. the coldest thing you could do to him.
so for that reason, dream goes to school the next day; even though he feels like shit and just wants to stay in bed. but he needed to see you since you weren't replying to any of his texts. he's determined to try and find a moment to talk to you but you're actively avoiding him and in addition to that, you were never alone, always with either minx, niki, wilbur, anyone from the people you sat with. minx always gave him a venomous look that caused him to cringe.
but as long as he knew you were okay, he would be too.
he would glance in your direction at lunch time and his breath would get stuck in his throat when he caught you already looking. you would always immediately look away and go back to talking with your friends as if nothing happened.
he missed your presence next to him.
you're at the library one day after school which was relatively busy with some students, mostly full of seniors and club members in meeting rooms as they discussed...whatever. you were alone though, with your own table since that was how you enjoyed studying.
niki had offered to tag along with will but you rejected their offer.
studying was kind of the only thing that kept your mind off dream, as you loaded it with more information and words, the less space it had to think about him. about his stupid, pretty grin that was slightly lopsided. about the freckles that dotted his face as the green of his eyes flashed with vibrancy and determination.
you were always envious of how he saw the world.
as the clock began to approach 5:45, you were content with the amount of work you had accomplished and prepared to call it a day when the blond boy you tried so desperately to not think about showed up. he half scared you to death, catching you by surprise when you were packing up your belongings.
"dream?" you whispered, cautious of the library setting. he gives you a nervous, lopsided smile. the two of you were speechless from having missed each other so dearly and it was clear neither of you were ready for this interaction, even though he had been pursuing you ever since.
"hey," he says. "can we talk?"
"don't you have football practice right now?"
"skipped, wanted to see you."
your face scrunches up to become one of contemplation which also told him you were still weary of him.
"please, hear me out and then you can decide whether to hate me forever," whispered the blond, exchanging the words as if they were a secret. you nodded without thinking, mentally slapping yourself for agreeing to something as trivial as what he probably had to say.
he probably just needed more cash or something and you were the perfect exploit.
the walk out of the school is awkward enough and the sun wasn't so intense anymore as it bordered the time when it would begin setting, causing for nightfall. you probably should get home soon.
"alright. i'm only giving you a few minutes, now say what you have to say, be done with it and we can get back to not talking," you say defensively and it was obvious you were building your walls up to avoid any further pain. dream's shocked at what you were suggesting.
"i- uh..." he stammers at first, rubbing his neck as he searched for the correct words. "surely you had to know."
"had to know what?"
"that you were never just a bet."
you take a step back as you registered his words and believed them too good to be true. you don't say anything though and the blond continues rambling.
his heart aches to hold you, to feel what it's like to have you in his arms, a feeling which he has dearly missed.
"i'm sorry for hurting you," he confesses genuinely, a glint of sadness in his eyes that suggests he might start crying. "i never meant to hurt you."
"were we real, then?" you asked curiously and very cautiously. "you really did like me?"
"i adore you. every moment we shared together was 'real'. it wasn't because of some stupid dare and i know if you still don't want to talk to me because of this. what i did was... stupid and wrong and i hate myself for it but i just needed to let you know."
"then why did you continue with the bet?" you quizzed.
he gulps. "y/n... i cancelled the bet before we even started dating."
your face morphs into one of shock as your mouth falls. he's nervous as he waits for your reply.
with a small scrunch of distaste, you turned around and begun walking away with your hands raised in an 'i'm done with this' manner but the blond chased after you, grabbing your hand to stop you.
he didn't expect you to slap him across the face.
it hurts and stings like crazy, both of you were sure that your hand and his face would remain red for a few minutes but hey, guess he deserved it. you covered your mouth when you register what you just did; however, instead of yelling at him, you step forward towards his chest and hug him.
his heart sighs in relief and almost immediately, dream wraps his arms around you, whispering sweet apologies into your ear. you both are crying and this time, you let him wipe the tears away as he gently cradles your face. his hands trembled as he did so.
"i'm sorry for slapping you," you said with a breathless giggle as you stepped away from him. he feels a little better hearing your laugh and that there's some hope of you two returning to how you were before. "but you were an idiot for not telling me you broke the bet off earlier."
he laughs, "i guess i deserved it for being stupid. you're right."
"i always am."
there's a second of silence. "are we... okay?"
you hum in thought, "i don't know. what if you hurt me again?"
"we don't have to do anything if you don't trust me."
but you make an expression that tells dream that you've had a light bulb moment. "i'll raise a proposal. this saturday, you pick me up and we go out on a date. if you can impress me, then we're okay."
dream nods excitedly.
you two were going to be okay.
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slut4dream · 11 days ago
a king is coming | dream
summary: [a royal au] after king dream comes face-to-face with death during a bloody battle with l’manburg, his kingdom begins to have its doubts at the lack of an heir to the throne. you and dream take matters into your own hands.
warnings: nsfw content — graphic descriptions of sex, breeding/impregnation, multiple orgasms, deepthroating, minors dni!
pairing: king!dream x queen!f!reader
word count: 6,589
a/n: the title of this is a double entendre haha… please tell me someone gets it or i will cry
A sour scent curls into the air, of ale and mushroom stew. Wounded soldiers gather together, too occupied by warm, fresh food and telling tales to pay any mind to their wounds. The banquet hall is alive with a din. Drunk men sing their hearts out and roar with contagious laughter.
The battle against L'Manburg had been gritty. Many lives were lost on your side, but not in vain. Not when King Dream was in command. King Dream, who had spent weeks filled with restless nights carefully planning tactics, who considered every one of his enemies' strategies and countered each with a solution, and who was willing to do the impossible to win. In the end, L'Manburg had fought valiantly, but not valiantly enough. Dragonwood's greatest threat, but it was no threat at all.
A glance to your right and your eyes find your husband. A man rugged and scarred, with fresh green eyes that are filled with the wisdom of a hundred years, but he's still so young. The Dragon's Son, they call him, for his fiery combat skills and his fierce war tactics. So young, and he's already renowned as the greatest warrior in all the land.
Sometimes he still looks like he's just a boy, the one who used to meet you deep in the forest when he was able to slip away from his diplomacy lessons. He'd sneak golden apples into his cloak and bring them to you, and with adrenaline and sugar rushing through your veins you'd play Manhunt. For hours on end you and your best friend would take turns hunting one another down, climbing trees and crawling into caves for a chance at victory. Dream always won, whether he was hunting or being hunted. He always had a natural skill at everything. He was, quite literally, born to be king.
Now he looks distant. His gaze is focused, but not on anything in particular. There's a crease between his eyebrows, and even despite the stony expression his sharp features are in, he still looks breathtaking.
"My beloved, brooding husband," you sigh, setting an assuring hand onto his arm that rests on the spruce table. "What's on your mind?"
As soon as you speak, his broad shoulders lower ever so slightly. Anyone else would miss the way his face softens so subtly, but you notice it clear as day. You've always had that effect on him. On days when his father was being cruel to him, he'd run away to come find you and within a few minutes he was clutching his stomach, breathless from his wheezing laugh at some absurd joke you made. Nowadays when the burden of being king becomes heavy, you're by his side to help him carry the weight.
"Oh, uh... Nothing. I'm still thinking about the battle, that's all," he explains, absentmindedly stirring the stew in his bowl. It's gone cold and he hasn't even had a single spoon of it.
"The battle's over and done with. You won. Why waste more time dwelling on it?"
"Because I almost died. I should have seen that arrow coming. I was too careless," he says. His hands curl into fists and a fire flickers in his eyes. "If you hadn't been there..."
You squeeze your hand on his arm as if to warn him not to finish his sentence.
In the heat of battle, Dream had found himself surrounded by four enemies, however it didn't take long for Dream to gather that they hadn't been soldiers for long. Perhaps forced to fight against their will. They lacked confidence and style, swinging their swords only for the sake of swinging them. The Dragon's Son managed to rid of them without earning a scratch.
What he hadn't prepared for was an archer just a few feet away, whose arrow zipped through the air while Dream ripped his bloodied sword from the torso of a fresh corpse.
"Dream!" you cried with all your might, throwing your shield in front of your husband's heart at the last second and watching the harsh realisation settle into his features.
"But I was there."
No matter what you say to him, however, he'll remain stubborn. He's cursed with a mind that's cruel to him, constantly reminding him that he's not good enough, born from the impossible standards his parents held him to. He needs to be perfect, always. Even if he is perfect, there's still something he could have done better.
"I'm tired," Dream announces quietly even though it's barely after dusk. "I'm going to bed."
He stands from his chair and you don't hide the disappointment in your face as he does, hoping it'll persuade him to stay. He's already made up his mind though, and he presses a soft kiss to your forehead before he disappears from the banquet hall, leaving you to deal with the clamour.
That night when you return to your bedroom, you find Dream laying there, turned away from the door. He's still awake. His breaths are too shallow for him to be asleep. You slink beneath the sheets next to him, curling your arms around his muscled torso that's covered in bruises and scars, brushing soft circles into his skin with your fingertips. It's your way of showing him the tenderness he never received when he was young, the tenderness he always deserved.
One morning a few days later, you put on one of your more plain gowns and a cloak and pull the hood over your head, grabbing a knapsack and ensuring there's a dagger strapped to your thigh as you leave.
"If Dream asks for me, tell him I'm at archery training and that I don't want to be disturbed," you say to a handmaid that passes you by. She nods her head and you give her a thankful smile as you vanish through one of the back doors of the castle where no one will notice you.
It's a sunny day, meaning the villagers have all taken to the streets. Crowds flock to the bakery and the kiosk selling fresh fruit and you chuckle, hoping it doesn't become too violent. Children's laughter bubbles into the air and the pitter patter of their footsteps as they sprint across the cobblestone leaves you grinning unbelievably wide. There's a young busker in the middle of the street singing a sweet tune and strumming a ukulele. He gives a grateful nod and continues singing when you drop some coins into the hat by his feet. A few feet away, a barrel filled with potatoes tips over, but within seconds there are four people helping to gather them all up and replace them.
This is Dragonwood– your kingdom. These are your people. This is the reason why you sneak away whenever you get the chance, to remember your roots and to be amongst the liveliness and the... normality. Being queen is wonderful, and you wouldn't give it up for the world, but it comes with expectations, things you didn't have to think about when you were merely a commoner. You must always look presentable, adhere to certain etiquette, be careful with your words, walk a certain way, stand a certain way. Before there weren't hundreds and thousands of pairs of eyes watching your every move. It's much less freedom now, and while visiting the village is refreshing, having a constant sense of unease about the possibility of being recognised isn't exactly a replication of that freedom.
Your heart drops when the wail of a young child echoes through the air. After just a second of following the sound you spot a tiny, helpless girl, spinning in circles as if searching for something. Without thinking you scurry towards her, crouching before her tiny frame.
"What's the matter, darling?" you ask, voice as gentle as you can possibly make it. You're careful to give her space, cautious in case she's afraid of a stranger.
"I can't f-find Momma," she tells you between sniffles, smudging her tears with her tiny hands when she tries to wipe them away. You swipe your thumbs under her big, round eyes softly, drying her cheeks with your cloak.
"Where was Momma?" you ask.
The girl hiccups. "The butcher. But I s-saw a kitty and wanted to pet it but it ran away and I ran after it."
"Let's go to the butcher. Momma's waiting for you there, I know it," you say and give her a big, sweet smile. You rise to your feet, holding your hand out to the girl. She wraps her little fingers around your palm and holds on for dear life as you begin to move through the crowd.
"What's your name?" you ask.
"Freya," she says.
"What a pretty name. Do you like kitties, Freya?"
You glance down to see her nod her head with a tiny grin.
"I have a kitty. Her name is Patches. All she does is sleep." You beam at the thought of your beloved cat. Dream found her in alley one day and she followed him all the way back to the castle. He couldn't find the heart to leave her as a stray, so he rescued her and everyone at the castle has been obsessed with her ever since. She's treated like royalty, the same way you and your husband are.
"Is she fluffy?"
"She's very fluffy. And she loves cuddles and scratches."
Lo and behold, when the butcher comes into sight, there's a young woman, not much older than you, looking frantically about with so much distress in her features it's almost contagious. The moment she spots Freya, she drops her basket to the ground and sprints, gathering her daughter into her arms.
"You had me scared to death," the woman sighs, clutching the girl.
"Momma, this lady helped me," Freya cheers, pointing to you. When the mother gets a good look at you, her face drops and the recognition sets in.
"Your Majesty," she breathes, bowing her head.
You shush her lightheartedly, holding a finger to your lips. She understands immediately.
"My apologies. Thank you for finding my daughter. I didn't know what I was going to do with myself."
"It's my pleasure. Don't torture your poor mother again, okay, troublemaker?" you say, pinching at Freya's chubby cheeks lightly. She giggles, and you melt at her shiny doe eyes and her gummy smile.
"You'd make a good mother, your Majesty."
Your heart skips a beat, eyes widening like you can't believe her words. You've always loved children ever since you helped to take care of the ones in your village when you were a teenager when their parents were busy with their jobs and errands. They loved you, looked up to you like an older sister. But being told you're good with kids is different than being told you'd be a good mother. It's a good different. You'd certainly thought about it before, but you kept it to yourself.
Your mind drifts to the thought of Dream with a baby in his arms, your baby. He'd raise them with so much love and so much care, and he'd make sure they had everything they ever needed, and he'd protect them with his life. He'd be the perfect father.
You clear your throat suddenly, pulling yourself out of your daze. "I must go, but it was wonderful to meet you both. Take care of each other, alright?"
It's true, you have somewhere to be. The mother and her child wave you off as they disappear into the distance and now your mind is flooded with Freya's lovely giggle and her mother's words to you. The fifteen minute walk to the apothecary turns into ten and when you finally arrive, Madam Annelise jumps from her chair to greet you.
"Welcome back, Your Majesty," she exclaims, waving you inside. The usual smell of herbs and wildflowers intrudes your nostrils immediately.
"Good morning, Madam Annelise," you say, smiling at the aged woman who's clad in a beautiful silk dress made of fabrics imported all the way from Kinoko Kingdom. She hasn't changed even a little since you were young, and you're convinced she's immortal. She's a sorceress, so it wouldn't be much of a surprise if she was far older than you suspected.
"I have your order. Let me fetch it from the back for you," she says, disappearing hurriedly behind a curtain. You're left to wander around the shop and examine the jars of medicines, herbs, and plants that are being sold, curious as to all of their abilities. Not only is Madam Annelise an apothecary, she also sells teas and you're her biggest customer, purchasing leaves in bulk every month.
She emerges with a small woven box in her hands and places it into your grasp, opening it up to show you the contents.
"Your crimson leaves, netherberries, sourbush leaves, nightflower leaves, and silvermint, as requested."
Each herb she names you recognise but for one small bunch of yellowish-brown leaves.
"What's this?" you ask, fishing out the small cluster of the herb and holding it up to examine it. You can't seem to figure out what it is for the life of you.
"Dawnroot. Something that'll help you conceive."
The leaves nearly slip from your hands, your mouth dropping in disbelief. "Madam Annelise!"
"I know, I know, it's not my business, but I thought I'd lend you a hand. It won't expire so you can use it even in ten years."
You stare at her, rolling your eyes at her audacity. Perhaps you should be more offended than you are at her intrusiveness and her disregard for your personal privacy, but you know she means well. Besides... she might be right in the way she's not-so-subtly hinting at the fact that it might be time for you to have a child soon.
"What does it do?" you ask, admittedly curious.
"It'll aid your husband during intercourse," she explains.
"Oh, believe me, he needs no aid in that area."
She chuckles. "Very well then. Keep it anyway. It won't hurt anyone," she insists, taking the bunch from you and tucking it back in the box before closing over the lid.
"Alright. Goodbye, Madam Annelise. Thank you for the tea," you say with a kind smile, slipping the box into your knapsack as you make your way back outside.
"Until next time, dear," she calls, then you shut the door behind you.
You spend the rest of your day scouring the kiosks and seeing what they have to offer. There's a jeweller that you stumble across and you end up purchasing a beautiful dainty necklace made of gold and some gold rings from her. A boutique catches your eye, selling gorgeous garments. You have more gowns than you need for three lifetimes back at the castle so you don't buy anything, but you do stop and admire the work of the tailor inside. A fishmonger offers you a sample of their cooked cod as you walk by and you ensure they know just how delectable it tastes, offering him a few coins despite not purchasing anything either.
By the time you've made your way through the entire village, the sun is setting and you figure you should head back before Dream sends the entire army for you. As per usual you sneak through one of the three kitchen doors, head down as you make your way past scurrying chefs and handmaids, climbing several staircases and winding through the maze of hallways all the way to your bedroom.
You shrug your cloak off your body and toss it onto the armchair nearby, setting your bag next to it, gasping when your eyes land on the figure on the other side of the room. Only a second later you realise that it's just Dream and your hand moves away from where your dagger is hidden beneath your dress.
"My love," you say, mouth breaking out into a smile as you approach him. It's been a whole day without him. You miss him. He's faced away from you, stood by the window where he gazes out over the land.
Not only is the castle situated on top of a hill, it's also built to the skies, and some of the towers are tall enough to penetrate the clouds. Your bedroom happens to have a view of the entire kingdom, and from up here the land stretches all the way to the horizon where the sun dips. The rivers below are shaped like horseshoes, winding between thick, lush spruce forests. It never gets tiring to look at.
"Where were you?" he asks, steady.
You pause, considering whether to lie to him or tell him the truth even though already knows the answer. He wouldn't have asked otherwise. For some reason you can't bring yourself to tell him the real answer. "...Archery."
"You were in the village." He turns to you, searching your face. There's no anger in his features, only disappointment, which is worse. He hates when you go out alone, insisting you take some royal guards with you to the village so that you have someone to defend you.
"I was."
He sighs, blinking at you.
"Dream, I don't need guards to come with me every time I want to go on a stroll. I brought a weapon with me. I can handle myself."
Dream shakes his head, his eyes flashing dark for a moment. His hands take hold of yours, thumbs stroking over your knuckles. "I love you. I want you to be safe. You're not a commoner anymore, and there are a lot of people who want to hurt you."
He makes this speech every time he catches you after you sneak out, yet every time it doesn't fail to make your heart leap.
"I'm okay, Dream. I promise," you tell him, bringing his hands to your mouth and placing a kiss on his ringed knuckles. "Are you coming to bed?"
Something in his face shifts and his eyes turn stormy. He looks troubled, like there's a burden weighing in his mind. When is there not?
"I think I'll take Spirit out for a little while," he says and starts to turn away from you to head towards the door, but you tighten your grasp on his hands, refusing to let him move.
"What's the matter?" you ask, concernedly yet stern. "Don't think I haven't noticed that you haven't been sleeping. Is it your nightmares? Are they getting worse again?"
"No, it's... not that," he says, dropping his eyes to the floor.
"Then what, my love? You can tell me."
His gaze lands on your face, flicking between your eyes with trouble and contemplation. It frightens you a little. You're used to his overthinking and his own pessimism, but it never pains you any less to see him like this. You worry for him every time, no matter how often his mind becomes swarmed with dark thoughts.
Dream gives a pensive sigh, pausing before he speaks. You prepare for the worst. "The people of Dragonwood think that, after the battle with L'Manburg, there should be reassurance of an heir to the throne. Seeing as I almost died."
Your eyebrows knit together. "But... then I would have taken over."
"And if something were to happen to you, there would be no one else."
So, what he's trying to say is the kingdom wants us to hurry up and reproduce. That's what's been keeping Dream up at night?
"Just so you know I don't give a fuck what the kingdom has to say. It's not up to them to decide when we have an heir. In fact, why does it have to be one of our children? I can name anyone as my heir if I wanted," Dream rambles, hands flying about in exasperation. Meanwhile you're still trying to make sense of his viewpoint, struggling to do so.
"Yes, but it would be a risk to the country. Our allies may lose trust in us if our heir is of lower status."
"I took a risk with you, didn't I? You had no status. Now you're known as one of the best queens of this country's thousand-year history," he says.
"This is besides the point, Dream. Don't you want to name your own child as heir?"
"I do. But the kingdom wants an heir now, and we can't give it to them. Not until you're ready."
"Well, what if I am?"
Dream's face drops. He blinks at you slowly like he's trying to process your words. You don't have an inch of doubt about it, especially not when so many signs have been telling you that it's time.
"What are you... What? What do you mean?"
"I'm ready, Dream. I want to start a family with you."
God, you wish you could savour the way his face lights up forever. His features brighten with an uncharacteristic glee, an expression rare as diamonds, one you would sacrifice everything to see more of. He always looks so handsome when he smiles– perfect teeth bared, nose scrunched ever so slightly, the storm in his eyes replaced with an optimistic shine.
"Have you taken your netherberries today?" he asks.
"Not yet."
That's all he needs to hear to sweep you off your feet and toss you onto your bed. In an instant Dream dives forward, mouth on yours as his giant hands roam your entire body. His tongue prods past your lips, hungry for your mouth as his hands make work of the strings on your bodice. Your nimble fingers fumble with the buttons of his doublet, struggling to get them open from the sheer desperation in the way he kisses you it makes you forget how to function.
It doesn't take long until Dream's borderline tearing your dress down your arms and continues pulling it all the way along your legs until it's but a forgotten heap of fabric on the floor. He unlaces your undergarments, making a noise of dismay as he becomes increasingly frustrated with the endless layers you're wearing, his fingers starting to grow hurried in their movements and you can't help but laugh at his impatience.
He can't wait to undress you before he's kissing you again, lips moulding against yours as he strips you bare and exposes you to him in a frantic fit as though he's running out of time. You push his coat over his wide shoulders and once it hits the ground, your hands move to flatten against the pane of his tanned chest, desperate for the feel of his skin.
Dream pulls away from your mouth to comb his fingers through his golden locks, leaning back as his eyes glide over your body.
All these years, and still he's the most beautiful man you've ever seen. He quite literally leaves you breathless, and not just from his kiss. He's a sight to behold– a small dusting of freckles over his nose and cheeks; dark, unruly eyebrows; toned arms covered in tiny protruding veins. Your favourite part, however, is the scars that litter his body. You reach out and gingerly trace your fingers over the jagged lines of raised skin that you love so much, recalling the story behind each one. The one that runs across his ribs from his very first battle when he was just twelve. The one on his shoulder blade, surrounded with tendrils of black, given to him by a Wither. The burn just above his hip from a Ghast's fireball. The line in the very centre of his chest from a combat training session gone wrong– and those are just a fraction. His hands, arms, legs, back, and face are all covered with symbols of what he's been through– not losses, but rather a reminder of what he's survived.
You let your hands slide down his torso from his pecs to his abdomen, cherishing the ridges against your palms until you reach his pants. Impatient, he helps you push them down his legs along with his underwear, freeing his cock that's already half-erect. Its sheer size never gets any less intimidating no matter how many times it's been inside you.
Eyes staring directly into his, you curl your fingers around the base of his length before you dip your head and drag your tongue all the way from the top to the bottom of it. When you reach his tip, you swipe your tongue along the slit, circling the head a few times before wrapping your lips around him. He's completely hard now, at his full length.
Dream's head falls back when you start to swallow his cock. You don't take him all at once, pumping your hand up and down where you don't quite yet reach. You reel back for a moment, taking a deep inhale and spitting, letting your saliva dribble down the next time you bob your head on him. There's a rough hand in your hair a moment later, forcing you even further until your nose hits his pelvis and his cock grazes the back of your throat.
It's not long before Dream has you mercilessly choking all around him, dragging your mouth up and down his cock with no regard. He doesn't care for the way he's depriving you of oxygen and making your eyes brim with tears. He's too focused on how fucking good your mouth feels around him.
There's a salty taste on your tongue from Dream's pre-cum. Some of it drools out of the sides of your mouth as Dream continues to fuck your face and the sight of your eyes that shimmer with tears gazing up at him has him twitching in your mouth.
"Love your mouth, sweetheart, but that's not where I wanna cum," he says in a low, slightly strained rumble and pulls you off him. When he does, you're gasping, gulping lungfuls of air to make up for what you've lost and blinking up at him lazily.
He takes your hands and guides you to lay on your back, nudging your legs open so he can settle between them. Dream drops his head to your neck where his lips latch onto your skin and he starts to leave a trail of soft kisses as he makes his way down your body, nipping at your collarbone and leaving a bruise there before moving lower.
When he reaches your breasts, he sinks his teeth into the soft flesh next to your left nipple and soothes his tongue over the bite when you make a noise of complaint. His mouth is warm as it wraps around your bud and he starts to suck, his other hand working the nipple that's not occupied. Soft gasps escape your mouth as his tongue swirls over the bud until it's a hard peak. When he's satisfied, he switches over, ensuring both of your tits get the attention they deserve.
Dream's eyes flick up at you as he peppers kisses in the middle of your chest, down your stomach, and along your navel. Finally he reaches the space between your thighs, hovering torturously with a devilish glint in his eyes, fanning his hot breath over your cunt that aches for him.
"Please," you whisper. It's pathetic, and Dream thinks so too. He gives a small chuckle, then slides one of his long fingers into your hole. He pushes it in and out a few times like he's testing the waters, and soon after he adds a second.
His tongue laps at your clit softly. You're not sure whether he's teasing or whether he's trying to ease you into it, but it sure feels like the former. His fingers move agonisingly slow, a pace which is far too much prep even for a virgin.
You tangle your fingers into Dream's hair, tugging at his scalp in a "hurry up" sort of way. His eyes give you a warning look– don't rush me– before he crooks his two fingers all the way up inside you and grazes your sweet spot, making your back arch high off the bed.
He starts to roll his tongue over your clit rapidly, alternating between circles and figure eights in an expert pattern that makes you dizzy. He knows exactly what to do to effortlessly send you into a frenzy, a result of being your lover for so many years. It's no wonder why within a few minutes your thighs are trembling around his head and your stomach is tensing with an incoming orgasm.
Dream's curled fingers slam in and out of you without relent, stimulating your sensitive spot so perfectly you see stars. Combined with his mouth slurping at your clit and his tongue flicking over it, it's got your hips bucking uncontrollably, grinding your cunt against his mouth as you seek the last bit of friction you so desperately need.
"Dream, please," you say in a whiny drawl, pulling at his roots again. You're surprised when he actually gives you what you want, angling his wrist so that his fingers are knuckle deep inside you.
All it takes is a flick of his tongue and your abdomen erupts into a blistering pleasure that takes over your whole body. Your pussy clenches around Dream's fingers that never slow, him fucking you through your climax and making it all the more overwhelming. He cranes his head, pressing a kiss to one of your thighs and stroking it softly as you recover. Then he pulls his fingers out of your cunt, making a show of licking them clean of your arousal and suddenly you need him inside of you.
"Fuck me, Dream. Need your cock," you mewl, no care for how humiliatingly needy you're being.
"Patience, my love," he coos, kneeling between your legs. He looks so pretty when his lips are swollen and glimmering with your slick covering them, his hair a knotted mess from you pulling at it. Yours. He's all yours.
When he presses into your entrance, he glides right in with little resistance thanks to how soaked you already are, sheathing his entire length inside you until his tip is right against your cervix. Even after so many years of being with him, the stretch of his cock and the way he fills you out is completely unmatched. Not only is he thick, he's also long, and you feel every ridge and every vein when he starts to move his hips and create friction. It's got you tossing your head back and breathing out a moan of relief as you try to savour the full feeling. Dream's own groan comes in sync with yours and the moment his giant hands land on your hips is the moment you know you're fucked.
"God. You're so fucking tight. I don't know if I'll last, my love," he grunts, starting with slow, careful drags as he bares his teeth in a devilish grin.
His thrusts are hard, but there's reserve in the way he fucks into you like it's your first time, like he's cautious he'll break you in half. There's a fire in his eyes, a wild beast waiting to be let out, but Dream refuses to. You know he's capable of far more than this, but something about this look is more intense than you've ever seen. It's different knowing his objective is not just to make you feel good, but to plant his seed in you.
"Please, Dream, more," you sigh, hands clawing at his sides. His pace is practically torture, and who is he to deny what you want anyway?
His hips begin to pick up their speed, his thick, muscular thighs tucked underneath yours as he slowly strays away from being merciful. Every roll of his pelvis into yours as he grows more brutal prompts you to moan louder and louder. Ferocity burns in his eyes, as well as an unwavering pride– your sounds are all the praise he needs to hear, all the encouragement he needs to fuck you even faster.
His hands on your waist clamp down and switch from a gentle grasp into a bruising grip, nails digging into your skin when he presses you into the mattress for leverage. Your mouth falls open as he drives his cock in and out of you without relent, the feeling of your warm, wet walls wrapped around him almost too much to handle. His gaze drops down to your cunt where the two of you are connected and his teeth sink into his bottom lip as he watches himself slip in and out of you. It's akin to magic, the way you make his length disappear in its impressive entirety.
"God, you're gonna look so pretty carrying our heir," Dream mutters with a rasp in his voice. "All round and swollen when I fill you up, hm?"
You nod because it's all you're physically capable of doing. The way he pounds into you has your brain short-circuiting, leaving you a mindless mess where the only thing you can think about is his cock buried inside you, throbbing against your walls, hitting against your sweet spot so perfectly it's addicting.
"Can't wait to stuff you full of my cum. You'd like that, wouldn't you? Want me to fill your womb with my cum and knock you up? Of course you do," he growls, eyes rolling into the back of his head for a second.
Dream's hands migrate to the back of your thighs. Without warning he swings your ankles over his shoulders and bends forward until your thighs are pressed to your chest and you're folded in half underneath him. Shocks of pleasure burst through your muscles when he starts to hit a brand new angle inside you, his balls smacking against your skin with every stroke. Heat quickly begins to pool in your abdomen and your hands fist the sheets beneath you, gripping onto them for dear life. Any longer like this and it's over for you. You're already far past the point of being able to form your own words. Instead a string of mumbled curses and sighs of your husband's name endlessly leave your mouth.
"You close, sweetheart? Gonna cum for me?" he grunts, deliberately shifting his hips ever so slightly, making your head spin.
"Yes- mmh," you whine when he gives one particularly hard thrust and grins at the sight of you so undone like this. "Dream, I-"
You don't finish your sentence before the muscles in your abdomen coil, the band of pleasure snapping, your orgasm hurtling towards you. The scream you let out is obscene, your eyes screwing shut as the overwhelming wave of bliss renders your body limp and all you can do is lay there and take it.
"Oh, my- fuck," Dream grunts, grinding his teeth together as your cunt tightens around his cock and pulses from your climax. The veins on his arms and neck pop and you know he's on the brink too. His hips are only becoming more animalistic as he nears his own edge and starts to slip away from his semblance of control, untamed in the way he fucks you, slamming into you so fast it borders on being painful.
"Please, breed me, Dream, please. Want your cum so fucking badly," you mewl, burying your hands into his hair where his head falls between your legs.
"Yeah?" he says, gulping, his pupils flickering with severity. "I'll stuff you till your whorish cunt can't take anymore- fuck. Can't wait to give you my kids. Mark you up so everyone knows you're mine."
Now it's his voice that's a grunting, growling ramble, a flurry of curses and ragged breathing as his hips lose all their rhythm and all he's left doing is pounding into you with abandon, chasing his climax. His movements are desperate and ravenous, using you like you're just a hole. One, two, three more strokes and he's gone.
Dream turns completely still, burying himself deeper than you even thought possible as his abdomen flexes and his face curls into heavenly bliss. His cock throbs as he floods your hole with his thick, hot seed, pumping every last drop inside you, glancing down between the two of you to ensure not a single bit of it spills.
There's a moment filled with tender affection as you both catch your breaths. Dream's adoring gaze brings you back down to the ground from your blissed out state. A moment is all it is, however. In the blink of an eye, Dream flips you onto your stomach and pushes back into your drenched hole, immediately finding a merciless pace.
You fool. How could you possibly think the king wouldn't use his remarkable stamina to his advantage? He's fought in several day-long battles; what's a measly second orgasm to someone in peak human condition?
"I hope you didn't think we were done, my love." He leans down to mutter into your ear, sending shivers over your entire body when his breath hits your skin. "We have to make sure my seed takes."
A second round turns into a third, a fourth, a fifth, a sixth. Dream pumps load after load into you, true to his word, until he has nothing left to give. By the end of the night your legs are atrophied from shaking so much and you can barely see or think straight, so hazy from coming so many times in a row you think you're floating.
Dream leaves a sticky, creamy mess of his cum between your legs and watches it dribble out of you so he can scoop it up with his long fingers and push it back in, using his digits to plug you up and keep you full. That's what the beast was– his primal instinct to breed that's been pent up for so long.
He rubs circles in your belly as you fall asleep, and even though you can't read his thoughts, you know him far too well to know exactly what he's thinking. The same thing as you, probably– your future, your family. Something you always dreamed of having, and now you're going to have it. With the man of your dreams, no less.
A year later...
Tiny giggles float over the lush meadow, a sound so lovely that some might consider it magic. A gentle breeze rustles the soft grass that your feet sink into with every step. The May sun casts its rays across the sky, causing a gentle heat to settle in over the land.
A young foal kicks about on top of a hill, spurred on by a young prince's laughter. The foal jumps around, spins in a circle, pauses to wait for him to clap or cheer or babble, then does it again.
You land on the grass next to your husband who has your son in his lap. Prince George, named after an old friend. Dream hasn't stopped smiling since the day he was born, and you don't blame him. He's sweet, lovely, always hiccuping with contagious laughter when he's not sleeping. He has his father's striking emerald eyes– that's the first thing anyone says when they meet him before they end up being smitten with him. George is only three months old, but all of Dragonwood has fallen in love with him.
Dream gazes out over his country, reaching his arm out and pointing his finger so that his son looks in the same direction.
"He has no clue," Dream says, followed by an airy chuckle, seeming almost nostalgic. "Everything that the light touches... it'll be his."
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mothra-mcyt · 4 days ago
☾ How the mcyt's hugs feel ☽
》 Dream 《
Depending on how tall you are he will either lay his head on top of yours or onto your shoulder
Whenever he hugs you it feels like time stops for a few seconds and like nothing and no one can hurt you in that moment
Won't let go of you and stop the hug until you let go first
》 Sapnap 《
Wraps his arms around you very tightly to make you feel safer and more protected
Also has a higher body temperature than most people which makes his hugs even better in the winter
Before he hugs you will definitely ask you for consent because he doesn't want to make you uncomfortable in any way
》 George 《
At first his hugs are a little awkward because he pretends like he doesn't really know what to do
But if you're really feeling bad his hug will feel very gentle and caring
It feels more like he doesn't want to upset you more
Also very aware of your reaction to if you get uncomfortable in any way because of his hug he will stop
》 Badboyhalo 《
Always asks for permission first and only gives you a hug if he knows you really okay with it because he doesn't want to force you to do anything
If you guys don't know each other well his hugs will be more gentle
But if you guys know each other well he will give you a tight hug while he's telling you how much he cares for you
》 Wilbur Soot 《
If he's tall enough he will definitely lay his head on top of yours and if you're around the same height he will lay his head on top of your shoulder
Also really likes hugging you from behind because then he can look down in front of you to see what you are doing
Somehow always knows when you need a hug
》 Technoblade 《
I gotta be honest for the first few seconds it probably feel very awkward and he just keeps his arms at his side because he doesn't know what to do
If you manage to stay through these very uncomfortable few seconds though he will wrap his arms around you thinking to himself "This is fine yep. This is absolutely fine."
》 Karl jacobs 《
Is very scared to make you uncomfortable so he always makes sure that you're alright with him hugging
Likes giving tight hugs a lot more but if you don't like them he will make sure to hug you gentler
His hugs feel very warming and whenever he does them it feels like happiness just spreads through your body
》 Quackity 《
Laughes or giggles everytime he hugs people because it makes him really happy
He doesn't really like silence so will say comforting things while hugging you
"Awww this feels nice." "Don't worry you'll be alright." "I'm here for you."
》 Philza Minecraft 《
Usually isn't one to initiate a hug but if you ask him for one he'll almost ever give you one
"Awww mate of course here you go."
No matter how tall you are if you are young he will give you headpats while hugging you
A little more gentle than the usual dad hug but definitely still feels like a dad hug
》 Tommyinnit 《
Physical touch isn't really his love language but whenever you ask him for one they feel amazing
I feel like he's also the type to give you pats on the back
If he notices that you're feeling sad he won't let go of you until you let go first because he wants to comfort you
In content mode he will tease/jokingly make fun of you but if he's himself he will say more encouraging stuff
》 Tubbo 《
Hates and loves hugs at the same time (felt) so there's gonna have to be a strong bond between you two for him to accept the hugging
His hugs feel very trustable and immediately make you calm down if you were anxious before
They will also feel a lot more special because they don't happen often
》 Ranboo 《
Most likely will be taller than you so he's able to just make you feel so small when hugging you
If you're the same height though they will still feel just as good
Definetely lives up to his words saying that he gives good hugs
Whenever he hugs you it just feels like nothing else matters and like all your problems and worries are gone now and nothing can hurt you
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unfoundhoney · 23 days ago
different wilburs reacting to you flinching away from them ↠
Tumblr media
↠ wilbur soot x reader ; angst , fluff
↠ masterlist
↠ @ochabby @kiritokunuwu @pyrotechnics84
↠ TRIGGER WARNING: hints of past abuse
Tumblr media
irl!wilbur ↠
Wilbur froze.
It took you several moments of shaking silence to realize what you’d done. You looked up at Wilbur quickly.
“I didn’t- That’s wasn’t-…” You struggled to find any words that would excuse your reaction.
“I-…” Wilbur took a long moment it think before he spoke. “I would never hurt you. I would never even think about laying a hand on you. You have to know that. Please tell me you know that.”
Wilbur was halfway to tears, terrified at even the thought of you thinking he’d hit you.
“I know,” you assured him.
Tumblr media
l’manberg!wilbur ↠
Wilbur held still for several long moments, dozens of thoughts running through his head. Then, he took a step toward you.
“Can I touch you?” he asked gently.
“Yes. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to-“
He wrapped his arms around you and told you, “It’s okay.”
You buried your face in his chest. “I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be,” he shushed you. “I’m sorry for whatever has been done to you. You didn’t deserve it.”
You held onto him just that much tighter. “Thank you.”
Tumblr media
pogtopia!wilbur ↠
You were quick to realize your mistake, looking back over at Wilbur with wide eyes. He was looking back at you with anger burning behind his, not directed at you but still terrifying.
“Who was it?” he asked.
“Who was it?” he demanded.
“It’s nothing, Will, please just-“
“Who. Was. It?”
You swallowed then muttered their name.
Wilbur had his things gathered in just moments, pressing a kiss to the top of your head with a promise to be back soon. You were left shaken and alone.
Tumblr media
ghostbur ↠
Ghostbur stood there confused. It took him a moment to realize why you would have flinched away from him and then he simply didn’t understand how you could think he’d hurt you.
“I’m sorry,” he stuttered. “I wasn’t going to hit you. I’m sorry.”
He held his hand close to his chest like he was afraid to move it and scare you again. You gently took it in both of yours.
“No, it’s okay,” you said. “It’s not your fault.”
You pressed his hand to your cheek, leaning into his palm.
Tumblr media
origins!wilbur ↠
When you looked back up, realizing your mistake, Wilbur was gone.
“Who did this to you?” came his disembodied voice.
“Where are you?”
“I don’t want to scare you again.”
“Please can I see you?”
Wilbur relented after a heavy moment in silence, reappearing several paces back from where he had been standing. You held your hand out to him. He hesitantly made his way over to you, melting with relief when you hugged him.
“Who did this?” he asked again after several minutes of just holding you.
“No one that matters,” you answered.
Tumblr media
revivedbur ↠
Anger flashed across his features.
“You actually think I’d hit you?” he demanded.
“No, it’s just-“
“Do you really think so lowly of me?”
“It’s not you! It’s just-“
“What? Huh? What!?”
You shrunk further into the wall as Wilbur got angrier. When he slammed a hand onto the wall beside you, you screamed and slid to the floor. You flinched again as he pulled you into his arms.
“Shh, it’s okay,” he murmured, “I’m sorry. You know I love you. You don’t have to be scared of me.”
And for some reason, you believed him.
Tumblr media
passerine!wilbur ↠
Wilbur took a step back. The last thing he wanted was to startle you further; he remained still. You looked up at him.
“That wasn’t- I-… I’m sorry.”
“Don’t apologize,” he told you quickly. “It’s not your fault.”
“It’s not yours either.”
“Never said it was.”
You blinked and seemed to understand what he meant. He waited for you to come to him, firmly planting yourself in his embrace. Once you calmed down, your hold on him loosening, he pulled back just enough to cup your face with one hand.
“I love you.”
You grinned. “I know.”
He laughed and kissed you sweetly.
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dysfunctionalcrab · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
chapter six: meeting the SBI
previous chapter | next chapter | masterlist
↳ pairing: dream x reader
↳ pronouns: gender neutral
↳ word count: 3K
description: you meet the rest of the players from the rival team as well as get closer to techno. dream comes up with a way to try and make things right.
Tumblr media
you didn’t want to overthink your outfit too much. it was only a small trip to another school, not a business meeting. after checking the weather and realising it was going to be quite sunny today, you settled on something that was just plain and casual but enough so you didn’t boil half to death
the bus ride there made you more anxious, you couldn’t stop the fact your knee kept bopping up and down as you got closer to school. you would’ve driven but techno already informed you they didn’t allow anybody but staff to park their cars in the school parking lot.
the bus ride went by incredibly slow, though you forced yourself to keep your eyelids open in case you missed your stop. however, soon enough, you were finally hopping off the bus, clutching the bag you brought with you. in front of you towered a relatively modern building, it looked so much more appealing than your school which was made of old brick and almost resembled an abandoned haunted home. inhaling sharply, you made your way inside.
already by the feeling, you could tell this place was a sophisticated, organised school. the hallways were wide and the lockers didn’t have graffiti all over them. the walls were painted white with posters stuck on them for a pop of colour. the place smelled like bleach and cleaning products. it wasnt that that pleasant but you’d take it over the smell of sweat and rotten food that always made its way into your nose
knowing you had another few minutes before their final lesson was over, you invited yourself to look around.
Tumblr media
each classroom had grey doors. through the small window, you could spot the students frantically taking down notes as the teacher stood by in front of the class with a suit
they had boards all over the next floor, pictures of various students were printed all over them, appreciating them for their efforts in certain subjects. images of each grade were put on display, a practically professional photoshoot with a homeroom teacher and their class.
your eyes scanned for the picture taken of the senior year, and of course, technos stood out more than anyone else, you tried spotting wilbur too.
“uh-hello? do you need anything?”
you turned around to someone looking directly at you with a small smile but a concerned look on their face. to be honest, you would be too if some random stranger was looking at the school pictures of you and your friends.
it was a short brunette boy, wearing a green collared t-shirt with jeans.
“i’m waiting for someone,” you informed him, gladly reciprocating his smile
“are you [y/n]?”
you nodded back slowly, only slightly puzzled that he already knew your name
“i can show you where techno is,”
“oh-yeah, thanks,” now you definitely were stumped.
“don’t worry, techno told us all that a ‘[y/n]’ was coming to pick something up,” he let you know, told by the way your eyes widened that you were confused
the boy started walking down the stairs and towards a classroom at the far end of the corridor, you got a good look at everything else as you walked by. it almost felt like a parallel universe where the student actually cared about the school. you halted to a stop when you came to a door
the boy opened it up, revealing a big classroom, where two other blonde boys sat politely on their chairs on their phones
“hey, man!”
‘tubbo’ and one of the other boys shared a small handshake, before they before glanced over to you, they both shot you strange looks.
“who’s this?” one of them asked.
“tommy, ranboo, this is [y/n], the person techno was talking about yesterday,”
“ohhh,” they both said in unison,
“speaking of techno,” you interrupted, “do you know where he actually is?”
“he told the football team to meet up here today,”
you blinked, looking at all of them head to toe, the only thing running through your mind was how on earth they all managed to get on the football team. as harsh as it sounded, none of them had a very...muscular build, not like the people on your team, well, excluding george and karl.
“you’re all on the football team? you’re all going against us on saturday?,”
“what? you don’t think we look big enough to play you guys?” tommy snapped back defensively, broadening his shoulders and straightening his back as if he was trying to prove something, you immediately regretted not thinking before you spoke. the last thing you wanted was to get on the wrong side of this team, especially not when the team captain was inviting you.
“no, no, i-,”
“he’s joking,” ranboo interfered, before you could say anything and embarrass yourself further. he put a hand on tommy’s shoulder. “sure, we’re two years younger than techno and wilbur, but we’ve got skill, not muscle.
i’m pretty sure you need both.
“pfft- obviously, skill over build, right?” you chuckled, clearing your throat quickly afterwards. if the feral boys were beaten by the SBI, a team made up of mostly skinny sophomores, that was going to be embarrassing.
“exactly, that’s how our school has been the national champions for three years in a row.” tubbo bragged
it went silent for a moment, the only sound filling the room was the sound of tubbo slowly unzipping his backpack to take out a snack. “so, are you like, dating techno then?” he asked, snapping his kitkat half
“tubbo, you’re supposed to lay off the chocolate like the rest of us,”
“what, i’m hungry?!” he chewed
“let him eat, man.” tommy rolled his eyes, focusing his attention back on you. “anyways, are you?”
you shook your head, “no,” you told him, followed by a breathy laugh. “we’re just friends,”
“you’re just friends and he’s inviting you to come and watch him?”
“that’s definitely flirting,”
“it’s nothing!” you exclaimed, shutting all of them instantly, feeling your cheeks burn up right afterwards. you barely knew techno, why did you always end up getting questioned about people you barely knew!? the silence was even louder than before as you pursed your lips, wondering if you should apologise for yelling
“sorry we’re late,” another voice chimed in, you all rotated your heads as the sound of the door clicking open was heard.
a grin found your face as you recognised wilbur, that red beanie practically lived on his head, he entered the classroom followed by another (bald) boy you didn’t know, and then followed by none other than techno.
your eyes met instantly as he walked into the room, the first thing you noticed was how his pink was in a braid instead of a bun. he approached you slowly, gesturing to the three energetic boys
“so i see you’ve met everyone else?”
“yeah,” you swallowed, feeling only the slightest bit awkward now that everyone was in the room
“i’ve got your tickets,” he said. “throwing his bag off his shoulder to pull out two pieces of paper, handing it to you. “tommy almost sold them,”
“people were willing to pay good money for it,”
you giggled shaking your head, tommy was just like you thought as a first impression. “thank you, and i cant wait to see you guys play on saturday,” you said, taking it as your place to leave.
“you’re going to leave? you came an hour on a bus to pick up tickets and leave?” techno stopped you before you could begin to move
“well i-,”
well, yes. you only wanted to pick up the tickets and go, and if you got lucky, talk to techno some more, you weren’t expecting to end up meeting his entire team. not that you regretted it, they were really lovely. but you didn’t feel like intruding on time they wanted to spend together, another hour bus ride home wouldn’t be a problem for you.
“there’s a small shack by the river that are selling smoothies for half price, we can all go and sit by the bank,” wilbur interrupted. looked at everyone else for confirmation, they all nodded their heads. they were being so nice to you and you didn’t know how to react
“guys i appreciate it but-.”
“come on,” wilbur said with a pleading tone. it genuinely baffled you with the difference of how they treated visitors at the school, it almost made you angry at your parents for not enrolling you here instead “what do you say?”
Tumblr media
you said yes, and you were glad you did.
you all sat by the riverside while slurping your freshly made smoothies. by the way all of you laughed together you felt like you had known them for ages. it felt you fit in perfectly.
you sat on the bench and took in your surroundings. the riverside was beautiful, your eyes wandered to the turquoise stream, chords of light speared from above making it glisten. you sighed contently, feeling like you could breathe calmly with all your worries and stress tucked away in the back of your mind you observed as tommy and tubbo struggled to feed the ducks. ranboo was scolding them telling them to throw little crumbs at them instead of giant chunks. wilbur and jack were having a conversation amongst themselves while techno threw away his cup, before joining you on the bench.
“they like you, you know,”
you turned to face him.
“them,” he tilted his head towards the three boys by the ducks. tommy was getting chased by one now. “we’re all very protective of each other, so that means you’re doing something right,”
your heart warmed at that, you could tell that they cared about each other very much, and that they weren’t just teammates, but brothers
“i like them too,”
techno smiled at you.
the weather, unfortunately, was short-lived, as by the time all of you had finished your smoothies, and running away from ducks, the sky had transformed into a dull grey colour. you could no longer feel the warmth of the sun on your back but a gust of cold wind which sent shivers up your spine.
it was getting late anyway, you had spent the last two hours with these boys and the afternoon was almost evening. you just wished you thought twice about deciding to not bring a jacket so you didn’t turn into an icicle on the bus ride home
“here.” techno put his arm out to you, holding a white jacket in his hands. raised your eyes brows confusedly, taking it from him opening it out.
“for your ride home, you’re going to get cold,”
it was his jersey.
it was a white jacket with mint green arms, the words ‘SBI’ was written on the front, behind in big letters was written ‘technoblade’ and the number 11. you suddenly felt flustered at the idea of wearing it
“i cant take this- this is yours,”
“well, would you rather freeze?” he questioned
you nervously bit on your lip. no you wouldn’t “you know you should just take it, he’ll end up convincing you otherwise,” wilbur told you, putting a hand on techno's shoulder as he watched you hesitate.
“okay,” you laughed, putting it on. “thank you,” instantly you felt warmer upon wearing it, the arms were a little big for you and it was a little oversized, but you loved the way it hugged you. “and uh- thank you for today, for the smoothies, the tickets, the view,”
“it’s no problem, we’ll see you at the game?”
you nodded. standing there for a second or so. you didn’t feel like leaving to go home and wake up tomorrow for knowing you’d have to return back to your own shitty school.
but of course, that was the annoying reality. so you said your goodbyes to the rest of the boys, before turning on your heel and walking towards the bus stop.
“when can we see them again?” tommy asked, you were nearly out of sight.
“don’t worry tommy, i’m sure we’ll be seeing them a lot more often,” techno promised, fighting off the smirk and hiding the happiness he felt as he watched you wear his name through the streets.
Tumblr media
you found yourself replaying moments in your head as you made your way home. techno was so much more interesting than you thought, the way he talked about his friends like they’re were family, how he would ramble on whenever you brought up a topic that he was interested in. it made you feel giddy inside.
finally, you arrived at your door, rubbing the exhaustion out of your eyes before turning the key. you were ready to launch yourself onto the couch and take a nap.
but what you weren’t expecting, was to see dream sitting on your couch, waiting for you.
“what the f-,”
“your mom let me in,” he informed, standing up.
you cursed under your breath, you’d have to remind yourself to talk to her and tell her that after having a great day with amazing people, the last thing you wanted was to be face to face with one of the people you despised.
you threw your bag on another side of the couch and took off your shoes, not saying anything else as you went to your kitchen for a glass of water.
you returned, you plopped yourself on the sofa and crossed your arms. “what do you want?”
“is that techno’s?”
you completely forgot you were wearing that. you looked down at your jacket, and without realising, you smiled
dream noticed this, he felt his gut drop
“why does it matter?” you shot back
dream cleared his throat, remembering he was here to mend things with you, not make things worse by suddenly questioning you for spending time with technoblade
“it doesn’t,” he stated. “i just really need to speak to you to you,”
“then speak,”
he carded a hand through his hair, sighing. this could either go awfully or really well
“i’m really sorry,”
you scoffed. that was it? you didn’t have many buttons to push but somehow this man had managed to smash them all at once “you’re sorry?”
“okay, i came here fully prepared but everything’s suddenly left my mind-,”
“then try again, tell me why i heard you talking to sapnap, telling him you were only using me so you stay on the team!” you yelled.
“i didn’t think you were going to hear!”
your mouth fell agape. “and that makes it okay?”
“no! no, no, no,” he was not making this look better for himself. he took a deep breath. “that’s not what i meant-,”
“then what did you mean?”
dream went silent for a moment, running his tongue over the seam of his lips as he contemplated how he was going to explain it. you could feel your heartbeat in your own ears, and your hands start to shake out of all the anger that you suppressed finally being let out. he was pushing you over the top.
“i didn’t mean it, i didn’t mean any of it.” he began. “i only wanted sapnap to hear because if i told him i fell for my chemistry partner after such a short period of time he would’ve laughed at me.”
“and i know it must’ve sounded horrible for you to hear that. but i swear to you , that’s not how it is, i’m not using you for a grade, after the deadline next week i want to keep on talking to you.”
you threw your head into your hands, groaning frustratedly. he confessed he fell for you, and you didn’t know what to feel about that. admittedly, dream did make you feel some sort of way at the time, but those feelings were replaced with fury the second you heard him with sapnap. but techno had been nothing but sweet and a gentleman towards you.
you felt like a netflix character, stuck in a dilemma about choosing two boys
“i did like you dream, only a little. but i don’t know how to feel about that now,”
dream felt his heart speed up. you did like him back at one point?
“please, [y/n], if there’s anything i can do,”
you shrugged. “i don’t know,”
“is it because you like techno?”
you bit the inside of your cheek.
“i don’t know,”
this conversation wasn’t getting any further. dreams aim was now trying to pull you closer before you were tied to techno. he really didn’t blame you for hating him so much, his friends weren’t the best influences and if he was in your position. he would be livid. his eyes glanced back down to your jersey. as selfish as it sounded, if you ran off with techno it would shatter him, and it would only get more likely to happen if they won the game on saturday.
that’s when he had a lightbulb moment.
“let’s make a deal.” he declared. you sat up straight, intrigued.
“if we win the game, you and i go on a date.”
you crossed your arms “you realise their school is national champions three years in a row?”
“then if we win, that’ll only prove how desperate i am to make things right.”
you rubbed your eyelid. you definitely felt like a netflix character now. but what could go wrong? first of all, your school would finally have its first win, and dream would’ve proven he’s not lying to you. it would be nice to walk the halls and greet him again like before instead of sending evil glares or looking away whenever you could “sure, deal,” you said
dream beamed at you, relieved that you even agreed. he was more determined than ever now to win the game.
“you realise i’m still going for techno’s sake, right?”
dream chuckled, beginning to walk to the door and put his shoes on “that doesn’t matter, because afterwards, i’ll be taking you on a date.”
“don’t get too cocky,” you told him, opening the door. he stepped outside, turning to you one more time with a cheery grin on his face.
“i will,”
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wooloo-inc · 17 days ago
could i request a hybrids x cat!hybrid reader, and their reaction to them purring for the first time- like it’s been a long day or they’re just super relaxed and start to purr from their warmth or cuddles or something ckebckdbc; also, could i be 🐀 anon?
(a/n): rat, my friend, how long ago did you request this?? Actually, don’t answer that
Tumblr media
You just arrived back home after a long day completing various tasks. The cold of the tundra didn’t make the trip back more comfortable, if anything it made you long for the heat of The Nether
Tossing your armor and bag aside, you call out to Philza wondering where he could be. Your ears perk up when he responds and you follow his voice. He’s simply cooking in the kitchen, wearing the zealous apron you bought him as a joke last year
You smile softly before hugging him from behind. He laughs as you dig your face into his shoulder, ears tickling his skin. Idly, he turns down the burner and sinks into your touch. Spinning around, he pulls you closer, briefly kissing the top of your head
Humming, you lean into him to embrace his body heat. It feels so nice against your cold skin, and the way his wings wrap around you could remind one of a soft blanket
Instinctively, you begin to purr. It starts out quiet, a simple rumble in your throat. But, as you stay in the hug longer, you purr louder, tail flicking side to side. Philza blinks owlishly, looking down at you curiously. After all this time spent with you, he’s never heard you purr. He didn’t even think you could purr!
He rubs his fingers behind your cat ears, watching fondly as you lean into his touch. You purr louder at the gesture, mouth parting slightly to show off your fangs. With a roll of his eyes he leans down and kisses you quickly. He turns back to the stove, ignoring the groan of annoyance you give
Philza is a little shocked that you can purr but really it just interests him. He becomes encouraged to learn what makes you purr and is more clingy the next couple of days while learning. No matter what type of affection makes you react this way, he’ll be giving more of it
The two of you had an eventful week so it’s to no surprise that you’re spending the weekend relaxing. It’s nearly ten in the morning and neither hybrid has moved to leave the bed. Well, they might have gotten up to use the bathroom and perhaps get a snack, but came right back
It might seem lazy to others, but for them it is the break they both needed. You’re both cuddling, Fundy holding you close to his chest. Your tail sways calmly, occasionally brushing against his own. With a content sigh, he rests his forehead against yours
In a moment of happiness, you begin to purr. You stop after a second, looking flustered by the sound you made. Fundy is a little shocked too, his head tilting in confusion. You begin to tuck your head into his chest, to hide your embarrassment when he too starts to purr. Or rather, make a noise similar to purr although it’s has more of a warble
Feeling comfortable, you start purring again, ears flicking with your emotions. Truthfully, Fundy is very happy that you were willing to purr around him. He knows that you trust him and feel relaxed enough around him to purr, which makes his heart soar. If you’re ever embarrassed or stressed out, he’ll murr nearby to help calm you down
It doesn’t take much to convince the others in the office to ignore their work. Sure, Fundy might complain a bit but even he hates paperwork. So with an early release, Schlatt finds himself wandering around the streets he owns
When passing some buildings he hears a strange noise, a mix between a sob and a choke. His mind tells him to walk away, not wanting to deal with a stranger’s problems. But, they sound familiar so Schlatt heads in that general direction
Sure enough, you’re around the corner huddled against a wall. Upon spotting him, you try to wipe away your tears and hide your sniffles. He ignores the weak smile you give and sits down next to you, already asking what’s wrong. You try to say that it’s nothing but with a glare, you finally give in
It’s been a long day for you and everything seems to be going wrong. Although your reasons are quite harmless, all together it was enough to overwhelm anyone. When you’re done rambling, he pulls you into a side hug. You’re leaning into his side, neither hybrid saying anything for the silence is enjoyable
You open your mouth to thank him, but a purr rumbles out from your throat. A little embarrassed, you lean into him more and hope that he didn’t notice. Obviously he did
Schlatt’s a little shocked with the whole purring thing, but he’s definitely curious. You’ve always been able to purr and he didn’t know that? He might tease you about it later, not now though since you’re still upset
Let’s be honest, deep down he’s probably super cocky that he was able to make you purr. He’ll boast about it to others and takes any minute he can to bring it up again. He’d pretend that he doesn’t care but actually does
Not only do you trust him enough to purr but you also sound so sweet. The purring calms him down almost instantly, maybe it’s instinct, maybe it’s because it is you. Either way he hates to admit the truth. One can easily tell he loves when you purr, his tail starts wagging and his ears bob
The front door to the cabin slams open roughly, both hybrids drawing their weapons at the noise. Philza and Technoblade instantly relax once they realize it’s just you. With some difficulty, you strip off your armor and bag aside. Your ears flick, snow falling off of your form
You lean against the door struggling to take off your boots, tugging harshly at coats, scarfs and pieces of fabric roughly. Sensing your overwhelmed state, Techno stands up to help you. He takes the bags and tools from your figure and puts things away
Once he’s done, he turns back to you, asking about the trip. However, your frame is already pressed against his own. He tries to take a step back on instinct but your arms wrap around his body and your head lands on his chest. Techno isn’t too use to affection, but he still returns the hug, although rather awkwardly with the knowing look Philza gives him
Techno’s body normally runs warm, especially as a hybrid from The Nether. The contrast of your cold skin and his, sends a shiver down your spine from pleasure. You lean against him, thinking about stealing his fur-lined cape later. Just the idea is so wonderful that you begin purring unconsciously
He’s very surprised by the sudden purring and has no idea on what to do. You haven’t let go of the hug yet, and it’s getting a little awkward on his side. Techno looks to Philza for help but the old man is silently cackling at the situation
With a huff, Tech rubs your back and waits for you to stop hugging him. The least you could do is let him move to the couch with you. It’s more comfortable than standing in the middle of the living room. Even if he is awkward with affection, the voices adore the gesture. They’re all praising you and cheering, some even encouraging Technoblade to let out his own murrs
With time he’ll get used to your purring, even seeking them out after a long day. No amount of teasing from Philza or Ranboo will get him to confess that though
He was leading around a new member of Las Nevadas with the others when you came tumbling by. You’re a relatively new recruit, having known Quackity for a while before the country’s creation.
Quackity figured you’d simply wave and then continue on your way. That’s how you normally acted around him and the others. But, you were so excited to see him again, since he’s been gone for weeks recruiting people. Without a second of hesitation, you run towards the group, not slowing down as you near
He takes a step back, waving his hands once he realizes what you’re going to do but it’s too late. You’ve tackled him into a hug, momentarily lifting him off the ground and spinning the hybrid around. Even when you set him down, you hold tight onto him. And then you start purring
His heart is melting at the sight and sound. He struggles to hold his normal expression, not wanting you to know how much you’re affecting him. You’re too good of a person for Las Nevadas, for him. He thinks that he doesn’t deserve you already and this affection hammers that more into his head
But, then Wilbur is patting his back in congratulations and Slime is rambling happily. You purr louder into his chest, leaning more into his touch and onto your toes. With a roll of his eyes, he tugs you closer before ruffling your hair
Quackity will ask later for you to try and purr when there’s not an audience. Sure, it’s kinda embarrassing for him but really he just wants to keep up an appearance with his group. In exchange, he’ll try to finish work faster the following days so you can spend more time around him
He’ll unconsciously pet your ears or tail while you hug or cuddle with him. His wings wrap around you both comfortably, making you purr more. The sound becomes one of his favorites, and he longs to hear it after a rough day
After a long day at the prison, Sam is ready to just collapse on the couch. He’s more than happy to see you running outside his house with Fran. The chipper dog runs on over to her owner, barking loudly at his presence. Soon enough you run over too
You practically tackle him, dragging him into a hug as Fran runs around you both. With too much energy, you chat to Sam as he walks into his house. As much as he loves talking with you, he really just wants to relax. So after a half assed glare in your direction, he falls back onto the couch, tossing his arm over his eyes
Of course, you just lie on top of him, shifting around to get comfortable. He sighs before putting an arm around your lower back to draw you in closer. The two lie there in comfortable silence, until you start purring
He is probably very confused at first. He never spent much time around cats, especially as a creeper hybrid. It took so long for him to become friends with you, even longer for the relationship to progress. Cuddling was almost nonexistent until he was more comfortable
Now you’re purring while latching onto him. Sam awkwardly wraps his arms around you, unsure of how to respond. Is he supposed to praise you or purr back? Unsure, he tries to mimic your purr, a stray hiss falling from his tongue. You lean away from him, confused by the sound and expecting him to be upset
He’s just as confused as you, no worries. His mind is running wild, every thought overlapping. Sam is totally overthinking the entire situation, like usual. Once you’re assured that he’s fine, you hug him again. Seconds later, you start to purr again. With less hesitation that earlier, he holds you closer, often petting your ears or tail
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basilly · 8 hours ago
stay | cc!dream x fem!reader
Tumblr media
alternate title: daddy dream
summary: after your son finds dream in your house he suddenly thinks dream is his dad, who are you to break his heart?
genre: fake dating to lovers | fluff to angst to fluff
note: i wanted to write something for dream so here we go! your son's name is cyprus <3 this one is super long im sorry, but SO worth it
pronouns: she/her | fem!reader
word count: 4.7k
warnings: use of 'mom' and use of 'clay' , swearing , implied one night stand
edited by: @jschllatt
Tumblr media
you jumped up, startled awake by the sudden screaming.
"cyprus? wait a minute- CYPRUS?"
you flung the sheets off your body, shaking the blond laying beside you.
"clay- clay get up!'
your voice was in a harsh whisper, hurriedly flinging a t-shirt over your body as you moved around the room. clay groggily turned over, wondering why he was being awoken so abruptly.
"what?" "cyprus is home- i don't know why but you need to MOVE."
the little pitter pats of feet became louder. you quickly dashed out the door, engulfing the little man in a hug. his blond tufts tickled your cheek, tiny arms wrapped around your torso.
"MUM!" "hey cy- where's your babysitter?"
at that, cyprus' babysitter, niss walked in.
"i'm so sorry y/n, cyprus insisted on going home and he escaped from my grasp. before i knew it, he had put in the pin and barreled through the door."
you shot her a sympathetic look, knowing how much of a handful cyprus could be. at that moment, clay had groaned again, bothered by all the noise.
"mum? what was that?"
cyprus tried to peek around your shoulder, but you quickly shut the door.
"no one honey, why don't you go unpack all your stuff from your bag, okay?" "okay!"
you stood up once more, searching around for your wallet. cyprus, although curious, listened to you. niss snickered from beside you, watching cyprus run off.
"nice shirt you got on there."
you look down, heat rising to your face. you had thrown on the first thing you could reach, which also happened to clay's black t-shirt. it was quite oversized on you, draping loosely around your figure.
"well i wasn't prepared for you guys to come back early, alright?"
you handed her the money, before beginning to make some coffee.
cyprus, on the other hand, fished his shampoo out of his bag. he enjoyed using your tub in your bathroom, so often his soaps were over there. he walked over to your room, somehow staying out of yours and niss' line of sight.
twisting the knob, cyprus dropped the bottle at the sight of the mysterious man in his mother's bed.
"cyprus? what was-"
your eyes widened as cyprus stood in the doorframe, jaw open. luckily, dream had put on a pair of sweatpants, but he was still tired. so, he laid in bed, scrolling aimlessly on his phone. he looked up, realizing what had happened.
"oh, hello-" "mum, is that-" "oookay- i think we should shut that door."
you shut the door once again, crouching down to cyprus' level. you pinched the bridge of your nose, unsure how to even EXPLAIN to cyrus who clay was.
"cyprus, that's-" "my dad! that's dad, right?! he has the same blond hair like me and he is sharing a bed with you! that's what mums and dads do right, share a bed?" "yes, but-" "I HAVE A DAD!!"
cyprus started running around, fists in the air. he whooped and cheered while you stayed crouched there, frozen.
'what the hell just happened. . .'
niss stood in the kitchen, watching the whole thing go down with a smile and a cup of coffee in hand. she tilted the cup up, finishing it before placing the cup in the sink. she grabbed her bag, waving lightly at you and walked out the door.
"good luck! see you later!" "NISS COME BACK-"
she was gone.
you sighed, waiting for cyprus to calm down. well, now you suddenly have a huge problem on your hands. cyprus bounded up to you, a large smile on your face. his big doe eyes stared at you, as if ready to plead with you already.
"can i talk to him? please?"
you felt awful inside. you were lying to your son but you couldn't break his heart. he was so excited to finally have a father. cyprus' biological father had actually left before cyprus was even born, no contact or support. he had been wanting to know about his father for a while, but you had simply pushed him off, waiting to tell him until he was older.
"ahh i don't know, he's not feeling well. maybe i should go talk to him first, you can watch some cartoons, okay bud?"
cyprus pouted but he knew better. he walked over before turning on the tv to the children's channel.
you stood up, opening the door to your bedroom. closing the door behind you, dream sat at the edge of the bed, feet planted onto the floor.
"everything okay?"
you sigh, playing with the hem of your- or his shirt.
"so. . . i think i got us into a little situation." "which is. . .?" "so my son saw you- and he thinks you're his dad." "and you told him i wasn't, right?"
the silence had told him it all. you avoided his eyes, finding the bedframe much more interesting.
"y/n- i'm not his father. you're going to have to tell him."
your voice cracked, although you were unsure why.
"i know- i just don't have the heart to tell him. the kid's gone through so much without a father, he's been waiting and i can't tell him no." "then what are you going to do?"
he pushed off the bed, unplugging his phone from the nightstand beside the bed and slipping it into his pocket.
"can you just- pretend to be his dad? just for a little bit before you can, oh i don't know, go on a realllllly long trip? then i can tell him the truth and you won't have to deal with any of it." "are you sure that this is going to work?" "yea, i know my kid. i'm going to have to break it to him eventually, i just want to give him some joy. i'll even compensate you somehow-"
clay stood there, studying your face and figure. he only sighed.
"okay, i'll do it. but i don't want anything in return." "wait- are you sure?" "yea. if he does somehow end up in the media though there isn't too much i can do with the crazy stans." "i doubt he will- i will try to keep him out anyway."
he only nodded, rubbing the back of his head.
"so what am i supposed to do right now?" "well i guess you meet him and we could go get breakfast. . .? and get ready."
dream crossed his arms, smirking at you.
"y/n i'm going to need my shirt for that."
you flushed once again, pressing your forehead against his chest.
"right, right, let's hurry up."
a little over ten minutes later of freshening up and mentally preparing yourself, you opened your bedroom door. emerging with dream, cyprus immediately whipped his head towards you, bounding towards dream.
he caught his legs into a hug to which dream responded with an affectionate head rub.
"hey bud, good to see you." "you're here! why were you gone?" "i was on a really long trip bud, i'm only here for a little bit and then i'll be gone again." "you even look like me! look- mum we'e both blond!" "i see that- this is clay, cyprus." "we even have names that start with 'c'! i love him already!" "cy, have you eaten yet?"
he shook his head no, arms still wrapped around dream. you hoped he wouldn't get too attached. soon enough, dream would be out of his life.
"let's go out for breakfast then." "okay!"
untangling his arms from dream, he raises his arms up towards him. dream had seemingly flipped a switch, immediately sweeping cyprus in his arms before ruffling his hair.
"you're a big boy huh, eating properly for your mum?" "yup!"
little giggles filled the air as you walked out of the apartment and your stomach felt bubbly.
maybe this won't be so bad after all. . .
the next couple days had been smooth sailing, although there was a small shift in routine. dream would stay over a couple nights, going back when necessary. apparently, his roommate, sapnap, had been informed about the whole situation.
or as dream says, went like this-
". . . and yea so i probably will go back and grab some stuff and then be gone for a couple days." "clay, when i said don't get the girl pregnant, i didn't expect you to speedrun it and also get a child."
cyprus, of course, enjoyed all this time. anything dream said or did, he hung onto it. it was kind of cute to see the two of them sitting together on the couch watching football or dream wiping the sauce off of cy's face.
it didn't help that cyprus happened to share the same dirty brown locks that dream did, giving them a resemblance. dream was being the perfect stand-in father, caring for cyprus, cleaning up, cooking- if his skills were good enough for it, and even paying for things.
you had even played the part of 'loving parents' even though you weren't actually married. everytime dream left to his home for more items- or even left the room, a small kiss had been pressed to your forehead or cheek.
currently, you had been in the bathroom getting ready for your work meeting in about an hour. you smoothed down your blouse, almost ready. niss was about to come and pick up cyprus while your meeting ensued.
or she was.
"hello?" "y/n- i'm SO sorry but i don't think i can make it, an emergency came up." "niss- who am i going to get to cover for you? i have a meeting in less than an hour!?" "i know, i feel awful but- maybe ask the lady next door??" "that woman is my last resort, she cares more about her cats than cyprus." "then- i don't know, dream?" "i would hate burdening him-" "ok i got to go! bye!"
and she hung up. you let out a sigh, unsure what to do. finding dream's profile, you hit the call button. setting your phone down on the counter, you brush through your hair.
"y/n?" "dream- hi sorry, are you free today?" "free? how so, cuz if you wanted to see me you could've just-"
you scrunched up your nose, trying to suppress the heat arising to your cheeks.
"OKAY not like THAT but- i have a really important meeting today and cyprus' babysitter had an emergency. can you watch cyprus for today? it's only for a couple hours." "yea sure, i'm free today." "oh thank you so much, i know this isn't really a part of our deal but-" "hey don't worry about it, i don't really mind. i'll be home anyway." "thank you again, i can drop him off in a couple minutes and he's going to have everything he needs so don't worry about anything." "alright, see you soon."
hanging up, you walk out to the main room where cyprus sat colouring in a workbook.
"ready to go bud?" "isn't niss going to pick me up?" "small change of plans bud, niss is busy so i'm going to drop you off at clay's." "wait i'm going to dad's?!" "mhm, it'll be for a couple hours and you need to be on your best behaviour."
you don't even know if he had heard the last part, cyprus hurriedly tugged on his shoes instead. he was so excited, you could tell from his body actions, now jumpy and bubbly.
one short drive later, cyprus was dropped into dream's arms.
"yikes bud, that's a heavy bag, why don't you go put it down?" "okay!"
you turn towards dream, who wrapped an arm around your waist. he tugged you against him pressing a kiss to the crown of your head.
"he's not in sight- no need to act." "what? i can't show some appreciation to my baby mom?" "uh huh, like he's your real son."
you broke away, crouching down with your arms out.
"okay cy, i have to go! do you want a hug?" "bye mum!"
you briefly hug him before dashing out the door.
"alright bud, what do you want to do first?"
you never heard of the end of that day. cyprus raved for DAYS about spending the day at clay's and meeting 'uncle sapnap'. he went on about these great stories of the sword fights they went through and hiding around dream's house. you could recall every detail by heart of his stories by how often cyprus mentioned it.
"mum can i go to dad's?" "not today bud, we have to start planning your birthday party, remember? he's also coming over tonight." "oh yea!! dad is coming to my birthday, right? and uncle sapnap?" "mm we will have to ask."
cyprus' birthday was rounding the corner and you had to prepare yourself the most. if dream ended up going, then how were you going to explain to your family that cy suddenly has a dad? especially after they saw you wrecked when your ex left you alone and pregnant.
maybe i'll ask clay about this. . .
"a birthday party? in here?" "why not-" "it's too small in here, why don't we have it at mine?" "yea!! let's have it at dad's!" "cy you have sauce on your mouth still- go wash it off please and let me talk to clay." "okay mum."
you shift your body to dream who sat besides you, sipping on a glass of water.
"i can't just ask you to have the party at your house, it's perfectly fine to have it here." "but i'm OFFERING- it won't be much of a problem, i want to pay for everything. just leave it to me." "you've already done so much-" "i'm not taking no for an answer."
you sigh, knowing there was no winning in this discussion.
"more importantly, cyprus always has a bunch of family over for his birthday- and after his biological dad left, i'm not sure how to even explain or anything, really." "mmm- well we can just avoid their questions." "what if they corner you- or me?" "i'll stick by you the entire time. be a 'devoting partner', don't worry about it."
you sigh once more, slumping your body to lean against his.
"you're right." "i always am." "you wish."
you swat his arm lightly as he let out a laugh, causing the corners of your mouth to turn up.
you knocked on the door of clay's tan coloured house, the bright blue door contrasting the rest. gift in one hand, cyprus' hand in the other. dream had seemingly gone all out, a balloon arch adorning the front of the house and lawn decor.
"cyprus! the little birthday man is here!" "uncle sapnap!"
the door opened. emerging a cleaned-up sapnap and dream.
"well i don't think he's little anymore, the big guy is five now." "dad!" "and you must be y/n, clay- and cy, of course, has told me a lot about you." "likewise, glad to meet clay's roommate."
"oh my god look at all the decorations!!"
dream really had the whole place decorated head to toe. balloons were everywhere, banners hanging left and right. all you needed was some confetti and the whole pace would be entirely covered.
"alright, let's get this party started!"
just like dream had said, he stuck by you the entire time, either an arm wrapped around your waist or slung around your shoulder. he had honestly given off the perfect adoring father image, watching out for cyprus when needed, making sure he didn't hurt himself.
he spoke eloquently to your family, you were sure they all adored dream. they laughed at all his little jokes, smiled at him. you swore they liked him more than you.
"y/n didn't tell us they were even dating you clay, she must've been trying to hide this gem from us." "i think it's the other way around, i try to keep y/n all to myself."
he pulled you closer to him, your face embarrassed and flushed. you could only mumble, looking downwards.
"mom please, you can stop gushing over him." "i can't help it! even cyprus loves him and calls him 'dad', cyprus needs a father figure in his life."
dream sensed your discomfort and fear, your body tensing with every word.
"i'm glad cy sees me like that, i love seeing him and he's really grown onto me. sorry, but i think you have to excuse us, we are going to get the gifts, i think sapnap was really excited to show his to cyprus."
he led you away and towards the gift pile. he released you from his hold before facing you and pressing a kiss to your head.
"are you alright?" "yea, i'm sorry my mom was getting after you."
he picked up a couple gifts, signaling sapnap over to help.
"don't worry about it."
you suddenly noticed how many presents there really were. there had to been at least fifty.
"wait a minute, how do we have so many gifts?" "i may or may not have gotten him a lot." "clay-" "i couldn't help it, okay. i wanted to get him a lot." "he's going to like you more than me at this point." "good."
you send him a playful disapproving look, causing him to break out into a wheeze.
"i'm just playing, you'll always be the most important person in his life for raising him."
at this point it had been a couple months into your little scheme and cyprus had quickly grew attached to his routine. he began to spend more and more time with clay and sapnap, especially after sapnap gifted cyprus a kid's sized skateboard. the two of them had been teaching cyprus how to skate, with the proper attire and padding of course.
it did give niss more of a break, allowing her to rest and take more time towards her med school. today was one of those days but you had work, unable to join cyprus at dream's house.
dream had also planned to stream that day, leaving cyprus in the hands of sapnap for a couple hours. so with his door shut and locked, or so he thought, he calmly went on to streaming.
"tommy you need to move." "but dreammm, i need your help!" "i'm not helping you-" "DAD!" "wait what, dream you're a dad?"
dream whipped around in his chair, muting his mic in the process. chat and tommy were going insane, wondering who the child was and why he called out 'dad'. cyprus had run in and somehow the sound of the door was drowned out by his headset.
"look at my drawing!" "it looks great, cy- but what happened to uncle sapnap?"
all the alarms went off his head. he wanted to keep cyprus out of the fandom's view, as a part of his deal to you and to protect him.
"mm he fell asleep on the couch!" "okay well, can you go out there and wake him up? i have to do some work, alright bud? you can't come in here." "okay. . . can you play after?" "sure, i'll play with you after, how does that sound?" "okay!"
dream guided him out, making sure to lock the door this time.
ahh sapnap- you're going to have to start paying rent after this. . .
"so. . . did you explain?" "no, not exactly. i just ignored it but maybe i'll just tell them i had family visiting or something."
you chewed on your lip, unsure what to do. the two of you sat across each other at the kitchen table, warm ceramic mugs in hand.
there is one option. . .
you didn't want to resort to leaving but maybe it was for the best. cyprus has grown really attached and if dream disappeared, then you wouldn't have to deal with the fans or the lying any further. this was already agreed upon, so what was the harm?
"do. . . do you think we should end this?"
dream's eyes widened, he wasn't expecting that. flashes of memories glossed over his eyes, the little moments of watching you and cyprus run around, teaching cyprus how to skate, all the 'family' meals.
he fought down the urge to shout no. he knew this would come to an end soon, so why did his heart ache? casting a sideways glance, he quietly responded.
"if that's what you think is best."
there was no response from you. the air that was once comforting had become tense and awkward.
inside, you don't know what you were feeling. was it regret? hurt? sadness? or all of the above and more?
why hadn't he refused? wait- no we agreed on this at the beginning and i shouldn't think like that.
"how do we do this?"
dream looked down at his reflection in his mug, index finger twirling around the edge of the mug.
"i think a week. let cyprus know i'm leaving so he prepares himself. then i can say i'm going on a long trip and i won't be back." "sounds like a plan."
the next week was full of silence. no longer did laughter spill out of yours or dream's lips, instead replaced with fake smiles and awkward laughter. cyprus tried to cling onto dream as much as possible. he was strong for a young child, trying to hide his sadness.
"alright cyprus, we have to say goodbye to clay, he's got to go now."
the tears began to leak.
"i'm going to miss you dad." "i know, i'll miss you as well bud."
dream lifted cyprus into his arms, letting him silently cry into his neck. dream felt his own eyes get glossy, whispering soothing things to cyprus.
you watched, your own nose starting to run. upon hearing your sniffles, dream moved towards you, pulling you into the hug. he rested his head on top of yours, letting the silence sink in.
"okay, well this is it, i have to leave or i'll miss my flight."
you pulled away, letting him put down cyprus. cyprus immediately dilently demanded to be carried by you, to which you obliged. he dug his head into your neck, cheeks still wet.
"bye cy, bye y/n."
dream came for one last kiss. one on cyprus' cheek and one on your forehead. your eyes fluttered shut, forehead burning but you kept the tears at bay.
and with one swift motion, the door had shut. he was gone.
softly, cyprus spoke.
"mum?" "yea?" "will dad come back?"
"i'm not sure sweetie."
after a bit of silence and hugging, you had to prepare and move on for the day. niss was coming to pick cyprus up again and you had work.
*knock knock*
"hey niss." "woah, is everything alright?" "cyprus might be down today, dream is gone."
cyprus had then walked in, bag in hand.
"oh- did you ever tell him that clay isn't his dad?" "NO! HE'S MY DAD!"
startled, you guys turned towards him.
"oh cyprus, dear- i'm sorry." "you're lying."
his eyes became puffy and red, once again the waterworks was in place.
"cyprus, i'm not lying. clay isn't actually your dad-" "NO! I HATE YOU!"
he dashed off, leaving you standing there. your heart shattered. he had never screamed at you like that before.
this was a mistake. i should've told him from the start.
"i'll go get him, you head off to work."
you gulp nervously, nodding your head before heading out the door. you were going to have to give him space.
"cyprus, come on, let's go out."
niss tried to coerce cyprus out of his spot, hidden under blankets in his bed. the five year old's sniffs could be heard loud and clear. the shake in the fabric signaled a no.
"we can go wherever you want. how about that?" "wherever?" "mhm."
slowly, cyprus dragged himself out, latching his hand onto niss'.
"alright here, put in the address cyprus, i have to take this call."
he nodded, pressing his little fingers along the screen of the car's gps.
"okay! here we go, sit in your carseat!"
niss blindly followed the gps, trusting cyprus picked some sort of park or restaurant.
"look cyprus! that plane is really close, it's like it's land. . .ing?"
she looked around, realizing she was driving into the airport.
"cyprus? why are we in the airport?" "to find dad!" "what??"
she pulled to the side of the drop off zone, turning back to look at the smiley child.
"okay cyprus, i know your mum told you that he went on a flight but he's not here." "he will be!" "what?????"
he opened his fist, revealing a small device.
"cy, what is that?" "dad gave it to me! he said when its an emergency, to push the button." "but it's not an emergency cy, and he probably won't come." "he has to! he promised."
before niss could react, cyprus had unbuckled himself and stepped outside.
well shoot, y/n is going to kill me.
your phone rang, niss' profile right on top.
"hello?" "y/n- we are at the airport." "what?"
you froze. staring at the clock, you started gathering your items. scooping them up into your arms and into your bag, you ran to the elevator.
"no time to explain but cyprus is trying to find clay." "i'll be right there."
"clay, you need to get up." "why?" "why? because you've just laid in bed for the entire morning, we need to eat."
sapnap stood leaning against the doorframe, unimpressed with dream’s response. suddenly a sort of alarm sound came from dream's phone.
"what the hell was that?" "it's my emergency device i gave cyprus- he might be trouble."
dream jumped up, grabbing a shirt and pulling it over his head in a rush. sapnap watched in confusion.
you hastily parked your car, slamming the door as you got out. your mind was running a million miles per minute as your feet clicked against the concrete standing area. you swept your gaze around, searching for cyprus or niss.
of course it was rush hour. you had to weave in and out of people, leaving you out of breath.
‘how am i going to find them in a huge crowd?’
you continued to speedwalk, head turning ninety degrees in every direction. through the gaps of people, you noticed a familiar backpack.
he turned around, seeing your face. fear set into his bones, from your anger and guilt from his previous screaming. as you ran towards him, he tried to move away, but too slow for your much longer legs.
you held onto his arm and held him back from going any further, seeing niss run up.
“so sorry y/n, i didn’t think he would know to go here-” “cyprus, what were you thinking?”
you crouch down, looking into his glossy eyes. arms by his side, he tried to look away.
“i don’t want dad to leave again. I want him to stay.” “oh- cy i know, i do too but it’s too late.”
“then why did you tell me you wanted to end it?”
an all too familiar voice was heard from behind you.
“DAD!” “what-”
standing up, dream stood behind you. messy haired and face slightly puffy, but out of breath, he was there. cyprus broke out of your hold, running to him. dream immediately picked him up, pressing a kiss into the tufts of his hair.
“don’t leave me again, please.” “i won’t, i’m here for you.”
tears from both boys were mixing in pools on the floor, while you stood there. niss nudged your arm, gesturing towards them.
“well? aren’t you going to join them?”
dream set cyprus down, pulling you into a tight hug. he buried his head into your shoulder, tears stained your shirt. you hadn’t even noticed you were crying until you felt his shirt was damp on your cheeks. you wrapped your arms around his torso, rubbing small circles on his back.
he pulled away before gently placing his hands on your jaw and placing a kiss on your lips.
“h-how are you here?” “cyrus had an emergency button, although i didn’t think he’d use it for this.”
taking a glance at cyrus, he only had a cheeky smile. you sighed, rubbing the top of his head before leaning into dream’s chest. dream’s voice rumbled from talking, picking up cyrus with his free arm, the other around your waist.
“so? what now?” “i think- you’re here to stay.”
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& Chill - DWT + GNF
A/N - guess who finally finished another draft
Word Count - 4.1k
Tags: porn lol. irl names used, threesome, sub!dream if you squint but no real d/s stuff
Summary: Dream's house is freezing. He comes home to find F!Reader and George keeping warm while watching netflix in the couch in his oversized smile hoodies.
I shuffle under the sheets, awake; but not yet ready to leave the warmth of my bed. Light trickles in through the blinds as I blink my eyes, adjusting.
It's still weird being here, in Florida. Everyone talks about growing up and moving into a house with their friends, it just doesn't usually happen. Somehow, we managed to pull it off.
I had moved in with Clay nearly two weeks ago, and George had joined us not long after. Already, living together was easy. We have our own spaces and stream schedules to keep us from getting sick of eachother, and had found little to argue about in our home.
… with the exception of our air conditioning. Clay insists on keeping the house at sixty fucking degrees despite both George and my complaints. What's the point of living in Florida just to turn your house into the fucking Antarcticic? Up to him, I guess; he's the one paying the electric bill.
I throw off my duvet, deciding to bite the bullet and freeze my ass off. Tossing my legs over the side of my bed, I head over to my dresser, grabbing a hoodie at random. I don't even need to look at the front as I pull the black hoodie over my head, drowning in the excess of fabric. I let the oversized smile hoodie Clay insisted on sending months before I moved in fall over the edge of my boxers. It looks ridiculous; but at least it's cozy.
Leaving my room, I head down to the main floor, the cold tile against my bare feet making me regret not grabbing socks. In the living room, the couch is piled high with blankets of various colors and sizes.
As I reach the bottom of the stairs, a head of brown hair turns from the jumble of fuzz, catching me off guard.
"Mornin'," I greet George.
"We match," he smiles back, gesturing to my hoodie and then his own. Sure enough, there's a simple white smile plastered across his chest.
"Don't let Dream see us like this," I giggle, knowing how many screenshots he'd collected of the two of us in the oversized sweaters, "he'll have blackmail material for weeks."
George laughs. "Don't worry, he's out for groceries."
I nod, leaning my head into the lounge to see the TV, open to the Netflix homepage.
"Whatcha watching?"
"Not sure yet, want to help me find something?"
George wiggles over on the couch, making space. He and I aren't nearly as close to each other as either of us are to Clay, so the invitation to spend some one on one time with him is very welcome. We are living together, after all.
"Sure," I start, before my grumbling stomach interrupts, "just let me grab some breakfast first."
George nods and I head into the kitchen, pouring myself a simple bowl of cereal before walking back to the couch to join him. He lifts the blankets as I sit, lowering them back over my legs. I'm grateful for the coverage from the frigid air.
"I found this, if you're okay with it?" he tilts his head toward the screen, looking at me for approval.
"Sure," I shrug, bringing a spoon of cereal to my mouth. I trust he's picked something good.
We settle in quickly, watching the first few minutes in a comfortable silence, as I make my way through breakfast. It isn't long until a small figure hops up on the couch, catching our attention.
"Patches!" George gasps and I watch his face melt as she climbs across the two of us with little regard.
"Hi sweetheart," I coo, moving my cereal bowl to the side table, "you here to watch the movie with us?"
She flops down in George's lap, relishing in the attention as he and I dote on her. His hand moves from under the covers to her belly, and I watch his slender fingers card through the fur, delicately maneuvering across the tiny animal. He has very nice hands. Elegant, almost, in their movements. Of course, our job demands we be good with our hands; still my brain wanders to what else his must be good at.
I try not to stare, instead deciding to slide closer so I can join in, scratching under the cat's chin. I'm not actually interested in George. I'm not. I'm also definitely not thinking about the way those hands would feel on my skin, tracing those delicate patterns across my body. How they would dip under my waistband and-
A loud noise from the TV startles all three of us, sending Patches running off.
"Aw," we say, in sync, then laugh.
George and I settle back into our silence as I cozy up beside him, not bothering to bring the distance between us back. His eyes burn into my face as I look back to the screen, trying to make sense of what I've missed. I wonder briefly if I should move. I hope my closeness isn't making him uncomfortable. Eventually, he turns too, relaxing in his seat. I decide to stay where I am.
Another few minutes of the movie go by, and George bumps my knee with his. I turn to face him; his gaze locked on the screen. Were it not for the smile tugging at his lips I would think it was an accident and ignore it. Instead, I face the television just the same and bump him back. George responds by bumping again, harder.
Is this what we're doing now? Footsies? I hold back a laugh at the childishness of it all, putting some force behind my leg against his, resisting. We both stay glued to the screen, jostling each other back and forth under the covers. Neither of us are willing to look away or back down. He hooks a leg around mine, holding it in place. I bring my other leg in, hoping I can get him off and regain control by stepping on his ankle. Somehow, it works, though not in the way I expected it to.
"Ewwww why are your feet so cold," George is the first to break, pulling his legs back and tugging the blankets with him.
"This whole house is cold!" I wrestle the fuzzy fabric back to my side, and end up pulling George along with it.
"I know," he tugs, "that's why I brought blankets."
I roll my eyes, very aware of the increasing closeness between us.
"What happened to 'sharing is caring', Gogy? You're the one who invited me to cuddle."
George turns red instantly, voice going quiet and defensive.
"I didn't invite you to cuddle, I invited you to watch a film."
"Alright," I surrender, loosening my grip on the sheet, "let's watch your film then."
I turn back to the screen, leaving it up to George to make the next move. He studies my face for a moment, then turns back to the film, snuggling up to my side.
If we weren't cuddling before, we definitely are now. George is pressed to my side, one arm snaking its way behind my back against the couch. His head rests on my shoulder. I hope he can't hear my heart pounding under the blankets.
I twist my chest away from him, hoping to conceal my nervousness while staying close to him.George doesn't seem to mind, though, bringing his other arm across my torso. Is this… are we… spooning?
In any case, it's my turn to make a move in our little back and forth game. My head reels with ideas of what to do next. I don't want to move too quickly too fast; but I'm not sure where else to go from here. Gingerly, I press back against his lap, grinding my ass against his sweats.
George's breath catches; but he doesn't respond. So I roll my hips again. This time, he speaks.
"What are you doing?"
"Just getting comfortable," I reply, voice coated in feigned innocence.
"I'm sure." His tone is sarcastic, letting me know he sees through my front; but also that he isn't mad about it. I decide to push my luck.
"Is there something you'd like me to be doing?"
George hums in response, saying nothing. His hands slide around my waist under the blankets, pressing me back against him, firmer than before. Between the fabric of my boxers and his sweats, I can tell he's already starting to get hard. Tentatively, I roll my hips again, earning an inhale from George.
His hand on my hips slips under my hoodie and I yelp at the cold touch. "Your hands are freezing!"
"Aw, poor baby," he mocks, trailing his icy fingers up my stomach. I let his hands roam, considering it a sort of pay back for the foot fiasco from earlier. I'm also not mad about having those gorgeous hands on me.
Gently, I start to rock my hips again as he finds my nipple, delicately teasing it to a point. I allow my eyes to flutter shut, relishing in the feeling of George's slender fingers as they trace my chest, exactly as I had imagined they would. Small gasps leave my lips as he rolls my nipple between his fingertips, pinching it gently.
"You're sensitive," he mumbles against my neck. I'm not sure when his mouth got this close; but I want it closer still. I sigh softly, tilting my head to give him better access. His breath ghosts across my skin, the warmth traveling down my spine and settling between my thighs, before he presses in. His lips are soft, gentle against my neck as he kisses the area above my sweater. Under my hoodie, George's fingers find my nipple again and roll it. Instinctively, my back arches, pressing my ass firmer against his hips. George's lips leave my neck as he lets out a broken cry, bucking against me.
"Who's sensitive now?" I taunt with a giggle.
"Sh-shut up."
I can practically hear the blush in George's voice and decide to take this moment of separation to flip myself around, coming face to face with his flushed complexion.
There's a moment of pause as we both take each other in. I meet George's eyes, half-lidded and even darker than usual. Somehow, this moment feels like the line to be crossed. As if everything up to this point can be ignored if we choose to stop right now. We both stare, neither of us daring to cross that line until-
Fuck it.
I raise my hand, up the back of George's head, threading my fingers in his hair and pull him in. Our lips meet with desperation, his hands find my hips again, pulling me flush against his chest, and slipping his thigh between my legs. I tug his hair slightly and he moans into my mouth, parting his lips just enough for me to slide my tongue in.
My hands roam his body and his mine through the tangle of fabric. It's clumsy and needy, yet soft. There's no method to the way we explore, just a need to touch more, feel more, do more.
George roughly grabs hold of my hips as if his hands will never get enough of me and guides me to rock against his thigh. I exhale a moan as I comply, relishing in the delicate stimulation against my clit. George separates from my lips, trailing down across my jaw and neck, nibbling where it meets my shoulder.
My hands roaming his body, tracing light patterns with my nails on his back, brushing up his stomach under the sweater. I trail up to his chest, then back down. Pausing at his waistband, I pull away from the kiss to meet his eyes. An unspoken question hangs in the air between us. A whine pulls from George's throat as he bucks his hips up to my hand.
"Yeah?" I ask. George nods rapidly, lifting his hips again. With that, I dive my hand under his waistband, quickly finding his cock and tracing a line up it with one finger, feeling how hard he is. I trace my hand back down to the base before wrapping around him. George gasps, head falling back as I begin stroking him under the fabric of his sweats, working my hand up and down slowly.
He lifts a hand to my jaw and pulls me back in to kiss, breathing moans against my lips. I swipe my thumb over the head of his cock, collecting the precum and using it to lubricate my hand along his length. George writhes under my grip, thrusting into my hand. Still, we keep each other locked in the kiss.
The creak of the front door opening catches both of our attention, heads snapping to the source of the sound. Clay stands in the doorway, finishing up a text on his phone, grocery bags on his arms. George and I stay frozen, holding our breath for the inevitable moment Clay sees us.
"Guys! I got burgers," he calls from the doorway, shouting up the stairs, "I was thinking we could cook out now that its-"
Clay's jaw goes slack as he turns to face us, keys clattering to the floor. Wide, green eyes rapidly flick between the two of us. George's hair is in disarray, falling across his eyes and curling at the ends. His lips are swollen and pink and his face is flushed. I'm sure I look a similar mess. On the couch, we are a tangle of limbs and oversized smile hoodies. My hand is still under George's sweats. There's no doubt as to what we've been doing.
I search my mind for something, anything, to say. Nothing comes.
"So..." George starts slowly, "... burgers…"
Clay nods, still staring at us in bewilderment. His mouth flounders open and shut. I think this is the first time either of us has seen him speechless. I trail my eyes down his tall frame, a noticeable bulge pressing against the blue denim of his jeans.
"We're watching a movie, did you want to join?" I suggest, offering more than just the film.
"Yeah, Dream, come sit," George adds.
"I wouldn't want to interrupt."
"You're not interrupting," I smile, stroking my hand up George under the blankets. He hisses under my touch. Clay's eye's flick down to the motion, then back up. He shifts where he stands, readjusting himself where he strains against the fabric of his pants.
Clay lets out a shaky breath, as if to give himself the confidence to respond. "Y-yeah. Okay."
He moves to sit on the opposite end of the couch as George and I. I curl back into George's side, pumping him inside his sweats. George raises a hoodie covered hand to his mouth, covering it to muffle his moans. The courtesy would be almost funny if it weren't so attractive; as if Clay didn't know what he was getting into when he sat down. I wonder what he's looking at. Is it the screen, still playing that film? Or us, his two best friends and roommates, on his couch?
I clench my thighs together, feeling the wetness there as George struggles to keep his composure under my touch. He looks over at me, taking me in up and down before reaching for the hem of my hoodie, tugging it upward. I remove my hand from his pants, letting him undress me.
"Wait!" Clay interrupts, speaking for the first time since he sat down. George's and my heads whip to face him. His knuckles are white, gripping the edge of the couch. The pupils of his green eyes are blown wide as he watches us. He swallows thickly, before continuing in a shaky voice.
"K-keep the hoodies on. Please."
George lets go of the fabric, letting it fall back down over my stomach, displaying the white smile in full. Cheeky fucker. Of course he gets off on the idea of George and I wearing his merch, wrapped in reminders of him as we touch, moaning with his branding proudly displayed.
George trails his hand down the front of my boxers, gasping as he reaches my center.
"You're so wet."
He sounds almost in awe, striping his slender fingers through my slick, coating them. I let out a sigh of pleasure as he slides a finger inside, pumping it slowly. His name falls from my lips as he adds a second, curling them. After a couple thrusts, he finds what he's looking for.
I bury my head in his neck, grabbing handfuls of his hoodie as he hits that spot relentlessly, fucking me with his fingers. His thumb presses gently to my clit, tracing small circles alongside his thrusts. His fingers are somehow even better than I had hoped, reaching deeper and curling just right. Still, I want more. I want him.
George removes his hand, tugging my shorts down my legs harshly to gain better access. Clay whimpers quietly behind us, and I hear the sound of his belt buckle rattle.
"Georgeee," I drawl, letting my shorts fall to the floor, "can I ride you?"
"God, please," Clay moans, as if it were him that was about to get fucked. George looks like he wants nothing more, still, he holds himself back.
"We don't have a condom."
"I'm clean and on birth control. So if you're clean too…" I trail off, letting him finish the thought for himself.
"Yeah," George nods fervently, pulling his sweats down past his knees, "yeah."
"Fuck," Clay groans from his seat. His cock pulled out of his jeans, stroking himself as he watches.
I turn to face him, hovering over George's lap. George slides a single finger in, before quickly adding a second. My legs wobble under me as he pumps them in and out a few times before removing his hand and lining himself up with my entrance. I instinctively rock my hips against his tip, allowing my wetness to cover him.
"Ready?" He asks. I nod. George guides me to sit, slipping inside and splitting me open. The air fills with our moans as I sink down, bottoming out in his lap. I almost wish I were facing George, just to watch that gorgeous jawline as he tosses his head back, blissed out at the feeling of being inside me; but as I watch Clay fuck up into his hand, biting his lip as he gets off on us, I feel satisfied in my decision.
"Care to join?" I tease. His eyes widen, then flick to George, who shrugs, "unless you want to stay over there getting cucked."
I laugh. George laughs. Clay doesn't. Instead, he flushes a deep crimson under his freckles, and his cock twitches against his palm. Oh. Oh. That's... interesting.
"Come here, idiot," George says with a chuckle. Dream does as told, coming to stand beside where I sit, cockwarming George. I should be used to how tall he is by now; but the way he towers over the couch makes my pussy throb.
"Make yourself useful," the brunet teases, lighthearted.
Clay's eyes flicker around the two of us as I start rocking my hips against George, trying to find somewhere to join. His eyes catch on my motion and fixate there, before he drops to his knees before us. I watch him intently as he spreads my thighs, hooking my legs over George's to hold them open. I continue rocking in George's lap as Clay stares up at me. Slowly, he leans forward, not breaking eye contact, and licks a stripe from the base of George's cock to my clit.
"Fuck, Clay," George moans behind me. I'm quick to join him as the taller man gets to work, striping his tongue through my folds and suckling at my clit. I raise my hips, and begin to bounce in George's lap, moving with Clay's mouth. The dual stimulation is maddening, building a tight knot low in my stomach.
I let my tits bounce freely as I do, chasing release. The warmth of Clay's tongue lapping where George and I connect draws me closer still. It's so much all at once. Clay latches on to my clit and sucks, hard. The pleasure is nearly overwhelming, as my hips falter. I manage to squeak out some variation of "don't stop" before I crumble completely.
My vision goes spotty as my orgasm hits, legs going limp. The sensation of Clay's mouth is too much as I clench around George. My arms scramble to stop the movement against my oversensitive pussy. One hand finds purchase in wavy hair and tugs, pulling him off me. I hear a small whimper from the man, barely audible over the symphony of George and my moans. I release Clay's hair, catching my breath.
When I finally am able to open my eyes, they meet his. Hair now disheveled, he kneels in front of me with wet lips, shamelessly touching himself as he watches me fall apart.
"Stand up," I demand, eager to taste him.
He does as instructed. Standing at his full height, I'm face to face with his cock, swollen as he pumps it with his fist. Stopping his hand, I take him into my mouth, salty precum on my tongue as I swirl it around the head. He groans above me, pushing my head down lightly with one hand as I bob my head.
"What was it you said earlier about sharing?" George teases.
I remove Clay's cock from my mouth, twisting to look at him. Despite his joking tone, he has a look of hunger, staring at the taller man's cock with half lidded eyes, his lip caught in his teeth. I guess I can share.
I stand on shaky legs, George slipping out of me with a whimper, before turning around and sliding down into his lap again. Clay steps in closer as I ride George, this time face to face. I pull the brunet into a messy kiss, tangling my tongue with his, before pulling back and taking Clay's cock into my mouth.
George meets me in the middle, sliding his lips over Clay. Our tongues meet around the tip, tangling with the taste of salty precum. I can tell George is close from the way he whines around Clay's cock, hands grabbing at my waist to move me faster, harder.
He pulls off of Clay, looking at me while I ride him.
"Can I finish inside?" he asks, wide eyed. I nod. The response is immediate.
"Fuck," George cries, gripping my thighs tightly and pressing me down onto his lap, burying himself in me as deeply as he can, filling me up. I tighten around him, milking his cock as his eyes squeeze shut and head falls back.
After a moment of pause, he releases his grip on my thighs. Clay swears under his breath as I climb off George, already touching himself again, faster. He's close too.
Now, it's George and my turn to drop to our knees, dragging our tongues across Clay's swollen cock, alternating between taking him into our mouths. He groans, pushing his hair back with one hand as George bobs his head.
"You gonna cum for us?" George moans around his cock at my words.
"Yeah- fuck- wanna cum on those pretty faces of yours," Clay groans as George replaces his mouth with a hand. I join him, and we pick up the pace.
"Cum for us then, go on," George smiles up at him. We press our faces close, looking up through our lashes at the blond.
"Fuck- I- gonna cum," is all the warning we get before Clay's cock twitches in our hands, shooting thick ropes across George and my face. I squeeze my eyes shut as he moans above us, riding out his orgasm.
A silence fills the room as the reality of what we've just done hits. I just fucked my roommates after less than a month of living together. George passes me a tissue, taking one himself, and we wipe ourselves off. What does this mean for us? For our friendship? For our living situation?
"I should probably get these in the freezer," Clay says awkwardly, moving to pick up his neglected grocery bags from the hall.
"Don't worry," I call after him, "the house is probably cold enough anyway."
He rolls his eyes, heading to the kitchen. Laughing, George and I follow to help him put the groceries away.
Maybe this different wouldn't be so bad.
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dysfunctionalcrab · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
chapter four: technoblade, captain of the SBI
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↳ pairing: dream x reader
↳ pronouns: gender neutral
↳ word count: 2.1K
description: as angry as you were, the project won’t finish itself. waiting for him to finish class, you meet technoblade, captain of the rival team
↳ note: i’m sorry if my techno characterisation is off since this is my first time writing him, luckily i have a friend who is a massive techno simp who can help me in later chapters if it’s that bad ;-;
Tumblr media
you didn’t confront dream about it
it was still unbelievable to you. you thought you’d finally made a decent friend. clearly that was a mistake on your part since he was dream. of course he wasn’t going to make friends with some person he didn’t even know existed until last week.
you just wanted to just get this stupid project over and done with, after that, you’d give him exactly what he wanted, to never speak to you again, not that you wanted to see his face ever again anyways. everything would go back to normal once you handed in your work.
unfortunately for you, there were still a couple weeks weeks left until the deadline, and that’s why you were waiting outside his classroom the very next day, dreading to see his face
the bell should be going off in about ten minutes, you thought as you glanced up to the clock. the hallways were eerily silent, but it was nice to see a change where people weren’t either screaming or fighting beside the lockers. you could’ve been doing anything else with the free period you had, but instead you just sat isolated on the bench with a book and your phone, waiting for the bell to ring.
“excuse me?” you suddenly heard an unfamiliar voice, a very deep voice, one you had never heard before. immediately, you shut your book and looked towards the source of the voice, just to see two unrecognisable boys approach you.
you stood up with a small smile, brushing down your shirt. your first thought, was that they were tall. one of the boys them was a tall, sort of lanky boy who had a fluffy brown hair framing his face, soft brown eyes and he was also wearing a red beanie, he looked like a friendly guy.
the other one. well, he was tall of course, but clearly much more muscular. and with medium length pink hair tied into a ponytail and a golden nose ring, and if anything, the nose ring made him look more masculine and intimidating than ever.
“hi,” you grinned at both of them, regardless. “can i help you?”
the brunette flashed back an equally enthusiastic grin, “we’re looking for the field, do you know where it is?”
“oh,” you said. quickly shoving your book into your backpack. “i’ll lead the way, just follow me,”
the two boys nodded at each other and followed behind, walking quickly so you got there fast because the awkward silence was loud.
“this school does love their art,”
you turned around to see that one of them had stopped, he was looking at the displays in the corridor, one arm by his side while another playing with his gold piercing.
“most of those were done by the freshman last year,” you informed, walking up to him and looking at the displays. they were odd, but undoubtedly beautiful pieces of artwork. “half of them had never picked up a paintbrush in their life so it’s kinda impressive how well they managed,” you laughed jokingly
he didn’t laugh but he did smile, which was more than enough to send a little buzz of happiness through your body. he continued to look intently at the works.
one specific one he had his eye on was a clear painting of shipwreck and the sea, the canvas was carefully painted an assortment of greens and blues which stood out. you noticed exactly who’s it was, the girl you sat next to in english last semester
“this ones really good,” he commented on it
“that one was painted last year. not by one of the freshman though,” you began to explain.
there was no reaction, so you continued to nervously ramble, “some girl in my english class. inspired by the god of the sea. you see she was really into greek mythol-”
“poseidon.” he cut you off, tracing his finger over the canvas. “violent, ill-tempered. one of the twelve olympians and a hot blooded immortal diety,”
you fell speechless.
“techno, let’s go, we need to check out the field, we can check the art on the way back,” the brunette tugged on his arm, prying him away from the displays. you also got the message and resumed.
finally after one other flight of stairs, you opened up a big grey door, revealing the sight of a giant playing field, the breeze hit your face and you closed you eyes, it felt nice. you didn’t even realise how hot you were feeling inside
“it’s definitely bigger than ours,” techno mumbled to himself.
“way bigger,” the brunette chimed in. he then turned to look at you, you had a slightly confused expression on your face. “thank you,” he set out his hand “i’m wilbur,” you shook it gently. “and that’s technoblade,” he gestured to the right, you shook technos hand too.
“i’m [y/n],” you greeted, smiling at both “so, how come, you needed to, you know- see the field?” you questioned, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear that kept being blown in front of your face
“we’re playing here for the nationals match,”
you straight away connected all the dots, feeling like an idiot. “oh!,” you slammed you palm to your forehead. “of course, the big match is in two weeks,”
techno released a low chuckle, “how could you forget?”
you sighed. “i don’t know, it’s all anyone talks about at this school,”.
not that they talked to you, about it, but in every corner and every nook of the school, people were talking about the match and placing bets on who was going to win. when you and dream were working together, sometimes he would start to waffle on about it. not that you cared anymore.
“should you not be going back to class or something, aren’t you missing lessons?” wilbur asked
“free period,” you replied. you honestly didn’t care that you were ditching dream on the project to hang out with some of the rival team players
and that was that. you let techno and wilbur get used to the field while you retreated up to the benches, pulling out your phone to pass the time as they managed to retrieve a football from somewhere, starting to throw it around.
Tumblr media
you laughed as techno tackled wilbur to the ground, you felt a little evil but you couldn’t help the giggle that erupted from your mouth. obviously though, you weren’t as quiet as you thought, since techno shot you a small teasing smile.
you looked away, face burning from embarrassment, but you heard your name called anyways shortly after.
“[y/n]!” he called. you looked at them and gestured at you to come down. you shove your phone in your pocket and hurried to them.
“you okay?”
wilbur threw you the ball, which you quickly caught. you were surprised at yourself at how fast you managed to catch it
techno raised an eyebrow. “nice reflexes,”
you looked away instantly, your cheeks heating up. you didn’t know if you were really hot or just extremely flustered.
techno and wilbur seemed like the most decent people you had come across in a while, even within half an hour of knowing them. your mind had almost, already drifted away from the boy who you were waiting for earlier.
oh no.
you turned around to view of dream angrily walking up to you with his school bag, his hair was slightly ruffled and his cheeks were flushing pink. he was probably looking for you
“where were you? i thought we were working on our project?”
“i’m sorry, i kind of- forgot,”
“you were the one asked me, how could you forget?”
techno and wilbur turned around at his tone, wondering who this man was for suddenly scolding you. they looked directly at him, techno raised an eyebrow upon seeing his face
“relax man. there’s no need to yell,” techno told him, placing a hand on your shoulder for comfort.
dream froze. feeling like everything he had to say just got lodged at the back of his throat. “techno?”
“good to see you,”
dream licked his bottom lip, and looked at you in disbelief. you only shrugged.
“yeah, good to see you too, techno,” he cleared his throat. “how come you’re here?”
“just checking out the field, i mean we have to be familiar with the place before we win,”
you held in a laugh as you watched dream furrow his eyebrows.
“well, i wouldn’t be so sure of that,” dream played it off, chuckling
techno hummed. “no, i’m pretty confident,”
a silence filled the air for a moment. you fiddled with your fingers as the two captains stood face to face with deadpan expressions, not saying a word, while you and wilbur watched nervously.
“so, [y/n], excited for the game then?” wilbur tried to ease the tension.
“oh, i’m not actually coming, i don’t know a thing about football,”
techno and dream broke out of their states, they both stopped glaring at each other and glared at you
“really? you’re not coming?” techno asked
“the tickets for our school ran out ages ago, i wouldn’t be allowed to come anyways,”
“well...” techno began “i’ve got two spare tickets, just take them and invite someone, a friend perhaps,”
dream let out a scornful laugh, suppressing it when you scowled at him.
“thank you techno, but, i don’t think i know anyone that would be willing to come with me. none of my friends really know football,”
“then, you can just come, for me,”
your breath hitched in your throat, he said it so nonchalantly and confidently you were taken a-back. dream on the other hand was not liking what he was seeing or hearing
“come for you?”
“yeah. you can watch me win,”
dream finally had enough of this behaviour, a small pit of jealousy was bubbling at the bottom of his stomach. first you ditch him for techno, and now he was inviting you to the game? how fast was this man moving?
dream stepped forward and wrapped an arm around your waist, gripping it tightly. you slapped his hand away harshly and he quickly removed it.
“thank you techno, but they’re already coming with me,” dream told him
“uh, no i’m not,” you furrowed your eyebrows.
“yes you are,” dream mumbled through his teeth, throwing his again over your shoulders. “you can keep those tickets to yourself,”
you bit down on your lip, preventing yourself from bursting.
you didn’t interfere or say anything else to make wilbur or technoblade any more suspicious. dream clearly wanted to leave now. as much as you hated it, you only nodded and let dream place his hand on your back. techno removed a strand of hair from his face and sighed. “well then, i guess we’ll see you both soon at the game,”
with a final smile to you, wilbur and techno turned their backs to you and walked away, leaving the site.
you immediately pushed his hands off of you once they left.
Tumblr media
“what is wrong with you?” dream asked you in an accusing tone. you rolled your eyes, he was being pathetic right now
“what’s wrong with me? what about you?! what was all that about?” you fired back. there was no idea why he was acting the way he did, he had no right to be the one furious with you.
“so you were seriously going to consider coming to the game for techno?”
“why not? it’s not like i have any friends here, is it?” you yelled, shutting him up instantly. you could not figure out the intentions of this man whatsoever, one day he would be normal and nice with you and the other day he would be acting like a complete douche bag.
“could you not see that he was flirting with you?”
“oh please, that was hardly flirting,” you defended. “and even if he was, so what? he seems like a pretty cool guy?”
“are you being serious right now?” dream scoffed
“why wouldn’t i be?”
“technoblade? he’s literally my biggest rival at the moment, that doesn’t seem weird to you?,”
“why would it?” you lowered your voice, “it’s not like you’re my boyfriend or anything,” you said spitefully, slinging your backpack over your shoulder, dodging dream as you retreated in the opposite direction.
dream’s words couldn’t form fast enough to say something back, he was stunned by the sudden attitude you’d brought up with him. he stood in silence, leaving him to uneasily watch you storm away, until you were eventually out of sight.
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