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includes: dream, sapnap, karl, quackity. (sapnap and quackity having the same prompt, sorry! i just found it the easiest to write and the most fitting for them!)
A/N: includes cursing, a little steamy not definitely not too bad!! i just got a *little* carried away lol. wrote the majority of this on a plane after taking a really nice trip to london <3 good memories <3
DREAM: when you didn’t say “I love you” back to him…
My frantic fleeing in and out of the room collecting my belongings could be explained by the fact that I was running late for the plans I had set for the day and I had only gotten myself half-ready to leave. I still took time to let Dream, who was currently working while floppily slumped in his chair, know that I wasn’t going to be home for the rest of the day to keep him company, (or to massage his tense shoulders that looked more and more stiff the more he stressed himself over the work he was in the middle of), “I have plans for today that unfortunately doesn’t include you. In case you forgot.”
”Hey, sexy,” he hummed at me as a greeting, giving his words a sensual rasp, “yeah. Thanks for reminding me that I have to share you with the world.” His eyes were still occupied with the work-related documents on his computer screen, but his voice was attentive to me as ever as he emphasized every word, his sulky voice giving away that he was now pouting at the thought of not spending the day with me.
I smiled at his tantrum, “Awww. Lucky for me that you’re still all mine.” I didn’t even comprehend to realize how true my words sadly were, since he hadn’t gone outside much ever since it had become an every-day-fear of his to be recognized. I had become one of the few people to have every part of him to myself.
He nevertheless shrugged my comment off and spinned around in his chair to face me. A feisty, approving smirk took over his face when he realized the significance of the outfit I had put on, something a little more skimpy than I would normally dare to go for. He looked like he wanted to recite a prayer to restrain himself from committing any inappropriate actions, but instead he settled for a compliment. “Fuck, that looks so good on you. I love it. I love you,” he shamessly told me.
Instead of repeating those three little words back to him, I uttered him a quick “thanks” and felt my cheeks heat up under his predatory gaze.
He also now looked like he really wanted to pick at me for not returning the affection and those words the way I know he’d like for me to, but he didn’t. “Cute,” he instead mockingly muttered to himself about my visibly flushed appearance, “very cute.”
He turned himself around in the chair to face his computer again, but didn’t have too much time to pick up where he had left off before my phone chimed next to him from where I had left it on the table. It peaked his interest enough for him to glance at the screen to see who was trying to reach me.
“It’s a text, from Sapnap…,” his voice carried a hint of distress, “okay.. why is there a heart emoji?”
He was getting not only frustrated but also a little jealous. Great. Frustrated Dream is already a handful. Add jealously to the mix and it’s a whole nuclear explosion.
I removed my phone from his sight to exclaim what was the root of the sudden turn of his sour mood and saw that I indeed had received a text from Sapnap. With a little, friendly heart emoji.
“He has no business to send you that stuff. You know that no one could ever appreciate or love you like I do. I really love you the best”, Dream muttered. Damn.
”Okay, tough guy,” I joked while letting out a little giggle at his possessive act of the unwillingness to having anyone to compete with, my love being at stake. Not that anyone ever could beat him at it.
He didn’t budge too much again at my lack of response, but instead typed away on his computer. My busy man. Okay, so, case closed for now.
When I eventually had gotten myself ready to head out, I took quiet steps approaching Dream and he didn’t budge again, even when I walked behind him and lowered my hands to rest on his shoulders in a rubbing manner. I heard him hum contentedly at my touch though.
“I’m leaving now,” I notified him, “you can call me if you need me. I mean need me as in if you accidentally drink bleach or something. Not need me as in if you’re horny and desperate.” We’ve been there before.
“Okay, mom…,” Dream rolled his eyes as he got to recall the memories of his past very desperate shenanigans, but then got serious again as he turned his head to give me a fondly look, “seriously, you take care of yourself, okay? I love you. I’ll be right here when you get back.”
“Yeah,” was my blant answer to his statement again.
He remained silent for a few seconds, until I heard his chair squeak as he turned completely around yet again in it to slowly divert his unimpressed gaze at me. I had to let my hands fall from his shoulders. I didn’t get to stray too far away from him until his voice stopped me in my tracks.
“No. Stop. Stay. What is this?” he demanded, “why can’t you just say it back? Just say it: I. love. you. Like that. Please.”
I shrugged my shoulders and put on an innocent face, “it’s overrated anyway. I think we should come up with other ways to declare our love for each other.” Totally a lie, a bold one, but I wanted to work him up a little more.
“What?!” his face was bewildered, “since when are you so anti-love?!”
I racked my brain for more excuses. That’s what they really were, excuses. Fake ones. Because I really love this man more than anyone I ever will. I have a lot of making up to do to patch up his probably shattered heart after this joke is done with. “I just don’t feel like saying it sometimes,” I lied again.
“Stop this”, he fake cried pulling me so close to him that he was able to bury his face on my clothes and wipe his ‘tears’ on them, “is this some sick joke?”
I smiled to myself. A perfect time to put an end to this. “It is,” I finally unveiled the grand reveal.
Dream’s fake cries stopped so abruptly like a cut-scene, it was almost comical. He looked up to me rolling his chair away and hissing annoyingly, “right.”
He let out a, just a little irritated, sigh to linger in the air but still found the grace in him to take my hands into his own and place kisses on my knuckles, even though he had nothing to be sorry for.
“I’m sorry, baby. You’ve been acting so cocky lately that I needed to bring you back down to earth to remind you that I have power over you as well,” I teasingly told him, “and that I got the power to make you beg apparently.” I felt kind of powerful though to know how much he apparently needs my love and affection to function.
He gave me a final scoff of scoldment while still fiddling with my hands.
When I was eventually getting ready to walk out of the door for real this time (my god, I was so late), he called out to me, “you forgot something again.”
I quickly padded over to where he was still sitting, expecting him to demand here and now to convince that I really love him the most, but instead he pulled me down to his lap by my hand and took a firm hold of my jaw, guiding his moist and already parted lips hungrily to mine.
“Not sure if you deserve this, though…,” he teasingly muffled through the kisses and the mess of our tongues colliding together, “… after that, oh so funny, little stunt of yours. Well, we’ll see how much fun you’re having when you’re lying underneath me and the only thing that smart mouth of yours can recite is my name and how much you love me. Making sure you’ll never forget it again.“
His hands were moving at the speed of light all over my body, I couldn’t keep track where they had been and where they were possibly going next. I felt all the little squeezes and strokes leaving hot trails on my body.
“You’re always good to me,” I breathily let hot praises slip out of my mouth without even thinking through them first, “I really do love you.”
I could feel his mouth shape into a grin flattened against mine after finally hearing those words. Except that the next second it resembled more of like a perverted smirk as he used his hands to tilt my head back and guided his trail of kisses down to my neck.
”Mmmm,” he straight up moaned against my skin, making me shiver from the vibrations, “I know you do, baby. And you love everything I give you. Don’t wanna give it to anyone else but to my girl.”
Before things could escalate any further, I stood back up with shaky breathing and legs while he was very still cockingly man-spreading on his chair and letting his gaze roam up and down on me, on all the places he had just intimately traced with his hands, “damn, I know you’re not a piece of meat, but I just wanna take a bite of that.” Honestly, screw all those fantasies of being treated like a princess, I just wanted him to treat me like the actress out of his dirtiest dreams.
I still somehow managed to come up with a response with seduction dripping from every word I spoke, “I guess you’re in for a treat, or in this case a full-course meal, when I get back home.”
He had finally let me leave, but not without grabbing a handful of my behind, in his unnecessarily large hands, and rasping out, “I think I like my meat raw when it comes to you.”
I just so wanted to take his ego and shove it into a drawer to keep it restrained until I’d come home ready to play with it again. He always somehow makes even my wildest dreams come true, so I was now dreaming very wildly about the night ahead of us.
SAPNAP: when you appear wearing something revealing…
All I could hear while attempting to finish my own daily tasks were Sapnap’s yells and yaps at his friends and at the game he was currently in the midst of trying to finish.
“I’m not dying here in the middle of zombies who are not even sexy! Oh, shit! Guys, help!” he shrieked to his team-mates who were on the other side of the call, making his voice crack in the process, that caused him to blush to himself.
Sapnap’s full attention was so occupied by the game and his friends’ commands that he was receiving through his headphones, that he didn’t seem bothered by anything going on around him. Or by anyone.
Not even by me leaving my clothes a mess on the floor and changing into something way more skimpier and tighter. Might as well call it lingerie. I felt a little silly being so exposed and standing awkwardly by his desk waiting for him to even notice I was there.
Sapnap must’ve finally sensed my presence next to him, because he gave my figure a hurried side-eyed glance, as if he also sensed that I wanted his attention. Or something from him.
”Oh, shit!” he yelped out loud in shock after noticing my lack of clothing, hurriedly reaching to cover his camera to protect me from being seen until he realized he’s not even live-streaming nor his camera is not on. His face broke out into a little lopsided grin at his own nonsensicality.
“That ashamed of me?” I joked. There was not an ounce of insecurity running through me right now, not when I had him silently examining my body in appreciation, making his eyes do all the talking as they lingered in certain areas a little too long. ”Fuck,” he quietly muttered to himself in response to liking what he was seeing. I felt a little chilly from the cool breeze in the room and just wanted his hands to warm me up.
“No, nothing’s happening,” he tried to keep his voice nonchalant while convincing the other boys listening that there was no particular reason behind his exclamation, ”my girl’s just messing with me. Thinking it’s funny to sneak up on me.” Well, that’s not the whole truth. I was also hoping to mess with him in ways that I didn’t want the others to know about.
His voice may had deceived him, but his face didn’t. The absolute sinful smirk implied that he was thinking about something else as well. There was something sensual in the way that he was now resting his chin on his hand, rubbing his jaw in the manner of thinking. I wonder what plans he has for me. I don’t know if I was anticipating his words or actions more.
“Yeah, sorry, I know it’s a little risqué…,” I nervously admitted referring to my appearance when he still hadn’t spared me what he was actually thinking of my little surprise, other than just smirking to himself.
Sapnap’s eyes had lost their usual emerald green shine and his pupils now were dark with lust. Whenever he decides to gaze at me like that, it still has the power to make me nervous and fidgety. There was nothing I could really fiddle with, so I set my hands on top of his chair.
“No, it looks so fucking good,” he finally spoke, “turning me on, baby….” He pretended to adjust his pants on the crotch while making other lewd gestures with his hands that really made it seem like he has plans for me. Very inappropriate plans. My god, I’m so glad no one else isn’t seeing this.
We were both well aware that he was still on a call with his friends who couldn’t help overhearing every word he was exchanging with me. Should I feel embarrassed about it? Probably. But I didn’t have time to plea for the ground to swallow me whole until I heard the rumble of other voices through his headphones.
I first heard Karl’s bubbly but confused giggles at Sapnap’s comment that was unrelated to what was happening in the game they were still in the midst of playing, “man’s in a whole another world,” I heard him tease.
“Yeah, what are you doing.., Sapnap?” Dream laughed nervously as well, “is the game really turning you on? Is it my character that’s making you act up?” Now they were just teasing. They all definitely had connected the dots in each of their own heads that I was actually distracting Sapnap. I heard Karl burst into laughter again at Dream’s comments.
“Shut up,” Sapnap called them both out, “you guys are dumb. And definitely not as sexy as the person I’m currently with and looking at. Y’all have fun being single.”
Sapnap then regained his composure so he could hang up the call and shut down the game. We watched the screen go black with in anticipation in the air. I was expecting him to be so worked up at this point that he would’ve immediately gotten up from his seat to lunge at me, but instead he pulled me down on his lap.
He whistled lowly as I was lowering myself slowly to sit down on top of his awaiting thighs. “God damn,” he croaked to himself, lowly enough that I wasn’t sure if it was for me to hear, “this fucking body of yours…”
“And I thought the game was supposed to be your priority for the day” I giggled, recalling his earlier enthusiasm for it that he had now apparently replaced with the interest to explore my body, “now you’ve just left everyone hanging and probably lost all the progress you made.”
“See if I care,” he mumbled, “I have other priorities now.”
He spent a few seconds staring into my eyes to test the waters, until taking further action and rushing to make our lips collide with each other as if the world depended on it. He worked with his tongue to thoroughly claim mine. I would change the shape of my mouth if it meant that he could then somehow have more access to it. I didn’t want there to be any parts of me left that would not ever have the chance to feel him. I wanted him everywhere.
He breaks the kiss to teasingly ask me, “but really, where’s your shame? Just coming to interrupt me like that? You really didn’t need to pamper me like this.” Yeah, I know he really could’ve not asked for a better kind of interruption than me appearing half-naked in front of him.
I squealed a little when his chilly hands came in contact with my thighs to knead them eagerly. I flirtily replied back to him, “I think I left it somewhere in our bed. Wanna come with me to try and find it?”
His hair was sticking up a bit from when he must’ve ran his fingers through it during the game, further dishevelling it. I began to toy with it, but my fingers had a little teasy way themselves when I gently pulled at the strands, trying to convince him. I just wish he’d make my heart and body happy already.
I think I somehow thought it into existence because he stood up, scooping me up as well, and started hurriedly guide us to the bedroom, “don’t mind if I do, baby. But I think I’d rather find something else. Like that one spot of yours that I know always makes you feel good.”
Yeah, I don’t think there were any knots in my body that he couldn’t untie. I felt like a puppet in his strings as he carried me to the bedroom and laid me down, arranging my body just the way he liked. I’d call that success.
KARL: when you dodged/wiped his kisses off…
Karl had just simply laid his hands to rest intimately on my waist and attempted to lock our lips in a habitual kiss when I had decided to possibly ruin his entire week and mess with his mindset by dodging and then eventually wiping off his kiss that he looked so eager to give me. His face had resembled a beaming little kid who had entered a candy store, but as I had ducked my head down to dodge him, his face had sadness written all over it as if when he’s now being told they don’t have his favorite candies. Poor boy.
He came up with a response quicker than I had expected him to recover from the rejection. “You wanna try that again?” he huffed, narrowing his eyes at me.
His voice didn’t sound stern but his hands told a different story as he tightened his hold on me almost possessively. The tone of his voice and his choice of words caused a little playful yet tense atmosphere to form between us. His gaze held me as a captive. Not a chance he’d let me get away, until I’d given him a good enough of a justification for my actions.
“Do what?” I mentally cringed at how stupid I was sounding now. There’s no way he thinks I’m seriously avoiding his affection. I literally eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. I feed off of it. I breathe it.
“Am I not kiss-licious anymore or what?” he asked now pouting his lips. I laughed at the ‘totally-made-up-by-him-just-now’ word. And just like that, the sides of him switched. Now it was turn for his soft side to come out. He had loosened his hold on me, now holding me like a delicate flower he still didn’t want to let go of.
“You are,” I convinced him and placed my hands on top of his own soft ones, “babe-“
He removed his hands from my frame in one swift move and went to cup my cheeks with them instead, still touching me softly like I had a ‘fragile’ label stuck on me. I felt the pillowy material of his hoodies’ sleeves against the skin of my face. I think he had just pulled on his sweater paws to avoid his possibly cold hands giving my face a cold shock. So cute.
His next move was pressing a nice, warm kiss on my cheek. I wondered if he felt the heat on my cheeks that was radiating off of me. His hands had somehow lustfully wandered to my waist again. Now there was also a little moist imprint of his lips on my cheek. Double cute.
“Now, there you go. Was that so bad?” he questioned me agitated. I shook my head and played it innocent, “of course not. Why would it be bad?”
Still, nevertheless I wanted to see how hard he would work for it, so I went to wipe my cheek where his lips had just been, until I felt his hands leave my waist and use them to block me from raising them. So I tilted my head to the side just down enough for me to wipe my cheek on my shirt-covered shoulder instead. It worked.
“What?! Why?!” Karl was baffled. He took a few steps back, to very dramatically in true Karl fashion, crouch down and put his hands behind his head to collect his thoughts for a few seconds and then softly coaxing the truth out of me, “did I do something? Something else than just trying to, you know, kiss you like I do every day? If you want some space, that’s okay, but I just want to know if we’re fine?”
He was now bouncing around on his feet, refusing to calm and settle himself down until he was given an explanation for my odd behavior.
I could see why he was so stressed, because I usually was never the one to turn him down. I wanted to find the humor in how fast his mood went from 0 to 100 but the genuine concern in his eyes and voice made me also realize how I was really cared for and loved in ways I had never realized before. He was still willing to cooperate in assuring that I’m okay and still into him, even when I had acted cold. That’s the key word. Acted. Because none of this was real and I was still very much joking. Which he was still unaware of.
I innocently smirked and batted my eyes at him, “I’m fine. And my kisses are always free estate. Especially if the asker is as handsome as you.”
Now my words had registered in his brain and I could see a flash of an expression on his face that told me that he probably knew I wasn’t being serious to begin with. He must’ve figured out that there wasn’t anything wrong, that I wasn’t rejecting him for any particular reason, other than just trying to be funny.
He whispered a “we’ll see about that” under his breath and then snarled more audibly to me, “come here.” Karl’s hands effortlessly found their familiar spot on my waist again, transferring us into a romantic atmosphere once again. He leaned in for my lips and I could feel his heavy breaths hit my face. He really must want this. Want me. Just for me to bring his movements to a halt by dodging him, again.
He startled when his lips touched nothing but air and he felt me pulling away, again, taking my body heat away. “You just did it again!” he complained, “alright! That’s messed up.”
His hands went to the drawstrings of his hoodie, making his dark nail polish give a stunning contrast against the skin of his neck. He pulled on the drawstrings tightly, making the hood create a cocoon around his head, shielding his face from any touch or even wisps of air. All that was left of him for me to somewhat see were his eyes peering at me and a few strands of hair that fell into his face.
“Alright. It’s only fair and square that you cannot kiss me either then. No matter how much you want to,” he then announced, raising his bets, his words a little muffled by the fabric covering his mouth.
We just stood there for a while with me trying to bite back a smile at his head swallowed by his hood. I hope he always stays young and playful like this at heart.
It didn’t last too long though, when he finally came out of his hood for some much needed air, exposing his now ruffled hair. I went to smooth it down with my hands.
“My frustrated boi,” I teased him.
“Yeah, I’m your boi,” he squared up his posture and then a wild blush took over his face at his own over-exaggerated action, “a kissless one, though” he uttered under his breath.
”Cute hair,” I pointed out the disheveled state of him. He immediately reached to ruffle his hair and tame the strands sticking up to which he reacted to with a little grin. I admired him, “and hey, cute smile too.”
He looked up to meet my eyes slyly, “thanks! You gave it to me!” We both giggled at that.
“Anything else?” he continued, “anything else catching your eye?” He hintingly kept pursing his lips at me, involuntarily making my eyes bore into them and how plushy they looked. Oh yeah, he definitely kept frustratedly biting and nipping on them earlier. Life’s too short to pretend you don’t want to kiss a pair of lips that look like they’ll make you forget your own name.
So I finally gave in, “hmm, I think your lips look like they need something. Any ideas what that could be?”
Karl hummed, “we have the whole day but I don’t know if that’s enough time for every idea I have,” his voice changed drastically to a low grunt, “but the marks you might have by the end of the day… good luck trying to wipe them off. Not sorry for them, by the way.” So he’s still going at it.
“Get on it then, pretty boy.” I taunted him. I didn’t look very taunting nor intimidating though with a smile on my face.
Karl’s cheeks nonetheless got a little rosy after hearing the name I had just called him, “stooop…,” but he didn’t stay embarrassed for too long until he was dominating the turn of events again, “So now I’m pretty and irresistible, huh? Pretty enough to take you somewhere else and show you a pretty good time?”
We both broke into giggles and reached out for each other to become a tangle of wandering hands and hungry lips. I even swear I could feel and hear him moan a little against my lips at the long-awaited physical closeness. Soon we were craving more and to my relief, he slipped his hands under the hem of my shirt. I did the same to him, which earned me another low moan from him. I did the power-move of sliding my hands down to the waistband of his pants next, which was his snapping point, because from there on things got heated.
Sooo, keep him on his toes and push his buttons a little in the future as well. Noted.
QUACKITY: when you appear wearing something revealing…
Alex’s face after he got the first glimpse of me revealing my lack of clothing to him was almost… bitter. He knew that I knew better than to taunt or tempt him when he was busy doing something that didn’t allow him to do anything about it, or do me. He finds it frustrating. Like now, when he was immersed in another round of a game he spent majority of his time playing and listening to the banter of his friends who he was on a call with. And here I was, trying to get him to act up when he had everyone listening to his every word.
He wasn’t even looking at me anymore, but instead he had buried his face in his hands, dramatically sighing, “here we go. Stop pulling this kind of shit on me.”
Lies. I knew he liked loved when I initiated intimacy, but he still apparently had a reputation to uphold that doesn’t let anyone catch him simping.
What he didn’t know right now was that there was another layer of me. Literally. I stripped from my robe as well. It got him to sprint out of his chair on his feet, “yoooo! Chill now! You ain’t gotta show all that!”
There was literally no one else seeing me except for him. I laughed at his paranoia (and maybe the slight possessiveness) that he’d have to share this intimate view of me with someone else.
“What are you doing? What are you actually doing? I can’t believe this…. I can’t believe you’d do this right now when I’m fucking… trying to play my game and do my thing…,” he playfully ranted, his voice nearing a whisper by the end when he had recalled that his friends were still very much within earshot on a call.
“It’s okay to take some time off to simp,” I teased, but he brushed me off.
He picked my robe back up from the ground from where I had dropped it and handed it back to me, “oh my fuckin’ god…. I could’ve been on a fuckin’ video call! Can you put this back on now?”
I know he was now really letting his slight possessiveness and jealousy get in the way of his wants and needs. I knew it.
I quickly wrapped my arms around his neck before he had time to distant himself and very brattily pouted my lips, “so, you don’t like it?”
He took a hold of my hands around his neck and whispered me almost apologetically, “no, no, you know I do, baby. I’m just messing,” and sealed the deal by placing his lips on my cheek for a sweet kiss.
”What if I say I’m just messing with you as well and that I actually dressed up for Karl?” I joked.
His eyes narrowed to slits as he took my sarcastic words in, “don’t fuckin’ play like that. I don’t want Ka- or fuckin’ any of them, I don’t care, to come in this picture of, you know, us.”
Is it wrong that I found that little outburst attractive? I didn’t obviously let him know that, but instead soothed him with a “they wouldn’t dare. Especially knowing that they’d have to get through a very tall, muscly man like you first.” I don’t know if that made matters any better or just aggravated his mood even more.
“I just don’t fuckin’ want to share you, okay?” he sneered back.
I now blushed so furiously that I had to divert my gaze down and away from him and that mouth of his that just 1. had said things that made shift gears in me to very hot and bothered, and 2. that I so wanted to kiss.
I didn’t have much time to examine the floor though, when Alex had taken ahold of my jaw, lifting it up and now we were eye to eye once again. The air had notably thickened between us with unsaid words and lust. I didn’t want to let this flame burn out, and thankfully it didn’t when Alex broke the silence, “you liked that shit, didn’t you? Knowing that I want you so bad that I fuckin’… struggle to even find words for it?”
I flashed him a coy smile, but my god, I think a park could’ve hired me as a statue right now, because it really seemed like I had lost my ability to move and talk, or just be an alive human being. He was always honest and straightforward with me, but when you combine that and his bold statements, in this case about how much he wants me, it still has the power to intimidate me.
He smirked almost arrogantly when he took notice of my flustered being. He’s hot, and he knows it. Period. That’s what must’ve been going through his mind right now.
He taunted me more by softly running his thumbs up and down my cheeks and not taking his eyes off of me. Not by any chance. “Yeah?” he inquired me cockily when he had figured out the effect of his words, “yeah?”
“Shut up…,” I tried to argue back, but couldn’t hold any power nor strength in my words. Not when he was acting like this. My thoughts were a little unholy right now, but so what? I’m sure so were his.
Alex observed my still flushed state with a smirk plastered on his face, raising his eyebrows in amusement. Somehow making him look even more attractive. Tell me, who gave him a permission to come around in my life with a face like that?
I wanted to hear more and see where this could lead us, but instead the next thing we both heard was Sapnap’s voice from the call he was still in, “bro! Quackity, what’s happening there!?” Oops.
“Umm… I know!” Karl exclaimed, “it sounds like he got a present, but it was already unwrapped!” Well, shit. I heard all of them burst into laughter. Great. They really must’ve overheard Alex telling me to put my clothes or in this case, my robe, back on.
I figured they actually must’ve picked up on every word we had exchanged. These boys’ sense of humours were so unhinged, I’m afraid we’ll never live this down.
“Oh no! His virgin eyes!” Sapnap yelled, “we didn’t protect them enough and now he has lost his innocence!”
Alex released me from his arms and stomped back to his computer and muttered into the call, “okay, fuck you and….yeah. Fuck you all,” and hastily hung up. He had totally digged himself deeper into a hole by not confirming nor denying if he actually was as innocent as everyone thought…
I hurried over to him and captured him in my embrace again, rubbing my face affectionately on him. He really was the window to my soft side. It was always there, but it could ever only be seen through him. We didn’t bathe in the tender atmosphere for too long when he brushed his hair aside and sighed out, “okay. Now you have me. Is this what you fuckin’ wanted?”
“Yeah,” I brattily admitted, “but seems like you wanted it too, Mr. I Don’t Want To Share You With Anyone Else.”
He rolled his eyes and shook his head briefly at the past reference, keeping his gaze off of me, but then almost like in a drunkenly haze set his sight on me again and commanded, “Yeah, hold that thought and tell me would you like to share what I’m about to give you. Let’s fuckin’ see it then.”
Spoiler alert: I didn’t want to share what I saw or felt that night with anyone else.
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All the power
C!Dream x Fem Reader
Warnings: Knife play, Fear play, Mentions of minor cc, Degrading, dubcon (if you squint), unprotected sex, size kink, power play, choking.
This is indeed my first smut so please don't bully me for it. i worked really hard too. its a shorter smut, but give me your feedback :)
You sat at home, waiting for Dream so you could confront him. but you couldn't sit still, the anger you felt towards Dream and the sympathy you felt for Tommy all added up against your lover Dream. you looked out the glass pane, seeing snow fall and cover the ground with a thin sheet of white. you knew Dream was power hungry, but to continue torturing Tommy even after he got what he wanted, Tommy's discs, was a dick move. 'Hon? i'm home!' Dream yelled from the front door, you walked into the kitchen, grabbing a plate and putting the chicken from the furnace onto it. 'oh hey Y/N, how was your day?' Dream said, discarding of his netherite armor. You stayed silent, keeping your eyes down. 'Take your food, i'm leaving' you said coldly, grabbing your sword from your chest 'huh? wait why?' dream questioned, panic rising in him. 'why didn't you tell me you were torturing Tommy?' you snarled, walking back over to him an d pointing your finger at his chest. 'why the fuck does it matter?' he replied, looking down at you, he was truly a tall guy, towering above you. 'You think you'r better than everyone don't you Dream? you think you'r a god, everyone should be at your mercy just because you'r the server owner huh?' You spat, anger visible in just how you stood. 'oh cmon darling, don't do this' Dream coed, fake sweetness dripping from his voice as he grabbed your hips. 'I've already talked to Sap. I'm staying with him, i'm done being a part of your little mind game, no more power over me' you turned away, heading for the door before you were pushed against the wall facing Dream. You'r heart stopped, You're breathing became quicker, Dream, your lover, was threatening you with a pocket knife at your throat.
'Oh baby' he smirked, loving how quickly he could make you obey him. 'try to run from me, I dare you' he growled 'i have all the power darling, over Tommy, Everyone on this server, and you, ESPECIALLY you' you wanted to fight back, but fear stopped you, so you just stared at him, terrified. 'Your constantly at my mercy y/n, i could kill you anytime I want to, but whats the fun in that. i'm a god here y/n, without me, you'd never be happy' he dug the blade into your skin, not enough to break skin, but enough to make you fear for your life. he pulled the blade away, picking you up and setting you on the crafting table, smirking at you, he grabbed your throat, squeezing tightly, making your mind fuzzy. 'Oh and y/n, its so easy to make you mine, make you obey me what with how small you are. you know i have all the power, over you and your mind, you body is at my disposal whenever i please, you know it' he growled, squeezing tighter. 'l-let me go' you croaked, voice hoarse as his hand was still wrapped tightly around your throat. 'so wet for me, you love being man handled by me, don't you, slut' Dream chuckled, his fingers feeling you through your pants, your trembled in his grasp. 'you think you have freedom don't you darling, you'r so dependent on me and my cock, i'll make you feel so good you'll never want to leave' he pulled down your pants and underwear. his fingers rubbing harshly at your sensitive bud. you gasped when you felt his callused fingers. you wished you had the strength to stop this, you wished he didn't make you feel so good, but really, you knew everything he said was true. slowly, he slid two fingers into you, making your eyes roll back. the pain of his dry fingers was quickly overpowered by a tingly sensation as his fingers grazed against you'r g-spot. a low moan tore from your mouth, tears threatened to spill. 'you gonna cry just from my fingers? go on y/n, cry like the dumb little whore you are' he growled, pulling down his pants and boxers, his cock slapped against his stomach, his tip was an angry red color, his veins were prominent. because of his height, he was leveled exactly with your heat, making it easy to slide into you.
He started slow, watching drool pool at the corners of your mouth before speeding up. he smirked 'So much prettier when u keep ur fucking mouth shut, what's my name y/n' he hissed 'g-god, you'r m-my god' you cried weakly. he slapped you harshly, making you moan loudly, louder than before. 'such a disgusting pain slut, MY disgusting pain slut, try to fucking deny me again' he watched as tears finally began to fall. 'i-i'm sorry, m'yours! all yours! I'll never t-try to deny you again' you sobbed. your moans were pornographic, his cock drilled deeper into your core, making you see stars. 'what happens between me and Tommy is none of your business, know your place, slut' he said through gritted teeth. 'D-dream! m'gonna-!' before you could finish you were cumming around his cock, sending him over the edge too. he gave a few more sloppy thrusts before pulling out, watching his cum drip out of him. he grabbed a wet washcloth, wiping you up, and laying you down on the your bed. 'did so well for me love, my pretty girl' he coed, playing with your hair, you gave him a dopey smile, forgetting all about Tommy and leaving Dream. sometimes you hated him, but god your manipulative boyfriend was so god damn perfect.
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squishycheekanon · 2 days ago
Vampire!Techno x reader
Probably cause grandpa was a dick.
Warnings: 18+, swearing, future NSFW. It’s short but it’s setting the scene.
Reginald Davis. Your grandfather. A rich, strict, cold, old man who never told you that he loved you. Never even told you that he liked you. He died at one hundred and two years old, last week.
“Way to drag it out grandpa. Stubborn old man.” You grunt with a shake of your head while looking up at the huge manor. It surely was something out of a fairytale, old and parts of it covered in ivy. Brick and stone lacing every wall, if you didn’t know a better way to describe it. Honestly you’d say it looked haunted.
You climbed the stairs up to the porch like area that sat just under the main balcony. The entrance sure was grand, the pattern on the door almost looked like snake skin. The wood swirled from top and bottom to the middle right where the door handle is. Fancy.
You walked inside holding a box of your things, you couldn't help but gaze in adoration for such architecture. The entrance was equipped with a high ceiling and a set of stairs leading up to the second floor.
To the right there was a strip of windows that were in the living room to the side of the fireplace that sat smack bang in the middle. They had the perfect amount of light shining through for some ambience.
It had character you had to admit, the foundations, massive fireplace, some of the walls even had stone on the inside. It gave you The Georgian Era vibes, you could imagine dances being held here. The sheer whimsical music being played as people danced and clapped to the rhythm.
It echoed around you, the remains of what once was. You were told by your late parents that you’d only ever been here twice in your whole life. The first time was when you were born, they came straight to this house after your mother was released from the hospital.
The second time was your first birthday, they celebrated vigorously and everything was perfect until the day after. Your parents packed up everything in their life and whisked you away to a different part of the country.
To this day you never found out why, “Probably cause Grandpa was a dick.” You scoffed shutting the door behind you with your foot before dropping a box of your things on the floor.
It needed a good dusting for sure but so far so good. You wandered around the first floor simply getting familiar with your surroundings. Leaning against the kitchen door frame you examined what needed to be done to make it a suitable living space.
“Wow gramps did you just like not eat?” You cringed finding no evidence of a fridge, microwave or oven. The kitchen looked like it belonged in the 40s it was that old, it needed a serious makeover.
As your eyes flittered over the disgusting wallpaper choice you couldn’t shake the feeling that something was watching you. A shiver rolled down your spine, spreading throughout your body setting your nerve ends on fire.
You practically jumped out of your skin at the sound of your phone ringing, your thumb swiping to answer your best friend’s FaceTime call.
“Hey shithead. You good? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” He laughed running his gel slick hands through his hair styling it.
“Yeah. Yeah no I’m fine. Where you off to?” You asked watching him get dolled up to go out as you ascended the stairs to the second floor.
“Meeting Jess for a bit then I thought I’d come help you unpack. How’s the house, find any murderers yet?” He grinned watching your annoyed facial expression grow on the screen just as you reach the top of the stairs.
“Shut the fuck up Dylan.” You shook your head pushing your grin aside as you pushed open the door to the first room. It was dusty and filled with books, you coughed a little fanning the air.
“You okay?” Dylan asked pulling out different outfits from his closet.
“Yeah, guess Grandpa never dusted his office.” You cringed leaving the room as quickly as you entered it and moving on to the next one. You kind of felt like Alice searching for the door to wonderland, and you knew you’d found it when you reached the master bedroom.
“Curiouser and curiouser.” You mimicked the character studying the room to find not a spec of dirt or dust.
“What?” Dylan chuckled at the quote. Watching you inspect every inch of the house had been entertaining to say the least add in your sharp quips and quotes, he was finding his interest piqued more and more by the second.
“Can’t believe you’re moving in there.” Dylan shook his head pulling on a black denim jacket.
“Yeah well when life gives you expensive lemons-” You looked at Dylan with a bored expression on your face before wandering over to desk. It was covered in papers, an organised mess. You picked up a worn leather book.
“What? You make expensive lemonade?” He grins.
“Okay I’m hanging up now. See you later.” You pressed the red button and continued flipping through the book at the desk finding nothing of value so like any curious overly nosey person you checked the desk drawers and found one to be locked. A smirk pulled at your lips, nice try grandpa.
You pulled out one of the bobby pins from your hair inserting it into the lock, within a matter of seconds you had it open. Hmm. Your fingers scrambling inside the drawer to find something of interest, all of the contents dumped on the desk.
“Nothing.” You sigh sitting down on the desk chair, as you leant back something caught your eye. “You sneaky old bastard.” Excitement jumped through you at the thought of finding something. You grabbed the letter opener you had spotted earlier and dug it into the side of the draw, the bottom popping up to reveal a hidden book inside.
“What else are you hiding?” You wondered your eyes glancing around the room with determination in your eyes.
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deceptxcon · a day ago
hi! may i request something where wilbur and reader get into a fight but the reader is really quiet and only says things back quietly while wilbur is yelling and the reader flinches away from him?
no need to write this if it makes you uncomfortable:)
- 💌 anon
'' a silent apology ''
PAIRING: wilbur x reader
DESCRIPTION: wilbur and you get in a bad fight about wilbur's reoccurring absence due to his work. wilbur then gets a bit too mad..causing you to flinch.
AUTHORS NOTE: grrrr the amount of angst i'm getting rn is so good dhbfshf ur asks are always amazing 💌 anon eeeee :]
You really didn't want to cause a ruckus. It pained you every time to see Wilbur get so amped up, flailing his arms..so drowned in anger that he couldn't take control of what he said or did.
All you could do was look up at him and let that familiar burn in your throat take over. Your eyes stinging as they were laced with tears, how could Wilbur not notice how much he was hurting you?
"It's like I can't get a fucking ounce of space!" Wilbur rolled his eyes and crossed his arms, turning his back to you as he took a shaky breath. You could see his neck clench as he bit down on his teeth. And without warning, Wilbur turned towards you quickly, bringing his hands up in front of you. "You're always quiet. You never say anything, why won't you talk to me?" Although his voice was raised, and his hands hardly ever touched you, you flinched. Your head tilted to the side, swallowing hard as you keep your eyes on the ground. Wilbur clenched his jaw and brought his hands down immediately.
Wilbur didn't say anything, and neither did you. The both of you didn't have to.
Wilbur had finally grasped what he had said and done through the argument. His breath was slightly quickened as he took a step back, giving you well-deserved space as he looked down, hand rubbing at his jaw. "Shit, Y/n," He mumbled. Wilbur didn't know whether you had a bad past, or just got scared easily. And he wouldn't be so quick to dismiss the second option. Wilbur was temperamental and defended his options for all that they were worth, but it wasn't worth it. He wasn't going to throw away all he had with you just so he could keep his word and keep it branded. He wasn't that cruel. "Is it me, Y/n?" He asked, glancing at your frightened state. You weren't shaking, but you were scared. Fights that you and Will had never lasted long, but lasted in both of you guys' heads, contemplating what you said to each other and regretting it. You shook your head, denying Wilbur's response. Even though he felt a wave of relief wash over him, glad he hadn't hurt you in some way, his mind still pondered over what drew you to flinch. Whether it be an absent companion or fear in itself.
It wasn't long before the silence was broken by a whimper. Wilbur's eyes flickered towards you as you slowly fell on the couch behind you, your hands wrapped around your waist as you kept your head down. Hair is bound to fall on your face if you kept up with your position. Wilbur felt his body become less tense, more in touch with the moment. The boy sat next to you as he kept himself distanced, not making a move until you did. Respecting that you were overwhelmed with the situation. That was until he found you moving toward him, shoulder to shoulder, knee to knee...you simply rested your head on his shoulder as you fumbled with your hands. Wilbur melted into your touch, the warmth of just the two of you enveloped each other. Sound accompanied by soft breaths and the click of your clock.
"Sorry doesn't seem to cut it, but I am very, very sorry," Wilbur repeated the term for what seemed like a constant, but every time he said it, he meant it. His voice hardly above a whisper, his tone soft and unwavering as he looked down at your figure. "I shouldn't have yelled, and especially making you feel like you weren't safe around me. I want you to know that I would...I would never touch you." Wilbur finished. The boy looked in front of him, his eyes neutral and his face rested. Although nerve was defined by the race of his heart and the pulse of his temple, he knew your response was the way you quietly reached for him and held his hand. The silence of your hugs and the softest of a muttered I Love You. Even though you weren't quick to speak. He knew every touch, every glance and kiss was worth more than an audible response.
You hugged him, your head in the crook of his neck as Wilbur gently wrapped his arms around you. His eyes fluttered shut as he took in your touch.
A silent apology.
- deacy! <3
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lyssys · 2 days ago
hello!! for the h/c event, would it be possible to get something with ghostbur and scenario 1 (him as character A, reader as character B) with 'it's okay to cry' and 'i'll be here when you wake up'? if it's something you'd consider in spite of canon, i would be so happy if the idea took place after ghostbur was hypothetically freed from limbo (the how of it doesn't matter; i'd like to imagine he could somehow be rescued without anything bad happening to wilbur, no matter how unrealistic that is, since i really just want them both to be okay). if you'd rather not do that, then perhaps some of his past trauma from l'manberg or doomsday surfaces to cause the nightmare instead? either way works, as long as we can give him the love he deserves. ;v;
thank you so much, and congrats on 600!
ohhhhh my god i love this idea so much, ghostbur my beloved!! the subtle angst of not knowing how he's back or if he's gonna disappear soon just makes it so much better... the unknowing of it all. wow :( thank you for the request!
The Hurt/Comfort Drabble Event!
Event Masterlist Here!
Summary: ghostbur has a nightmare and y/n comforts him. dialogue: “it's okay to cry", 'i'll be here when you wake up”
Word Count: 1k
Getting Wilbur- ahem, Ghostbur- back was the best thing that ever happened.
Everyone was still uncertain how or why exactly he’d been released from limbo, especially since the actual Wilbur still roamed the Earth somewhere, but to most people, he was a welcome sight, no matter how much of a shock it was. He himself seemed uncertain, from the second he showed up on your doorstep in the middle of the night- he had been confused and scared and just desperately searching for anything familiar when he found your cottage in the same exact spot as it was when he left. When you finally stuttered out “W-Wilbur?” You were shocked when he responded, in the same soft, gentle voice you remembered from your ghosty companion. “Ghostbur.” And you immediately pulled him into your arms. You couldn’t believe he was back.
He had done his best to adjust to life again, despite everything he had gone through. The two of you lay low from everyone else in the world, avoiding the conflict and just staying cozy and safe in your little cottage, knitting sweaters and picking flowers and baking bread and snoozing in fields of soft grass while Friend and other sheep grazed around you. Ghostbur loved the feeling of the sun hitting his face again after so many years. 
But he was still haunted by memories.
He tried to sleep, he loved to lay together with you and close his empty eyes and rest his “body”, his mind. As a ghost, he couldn’t really fall asleep, only shut his eyes and close down his mind, but the longer he was back on Earth again, the closer he came to the real thing. 
But with sleep came nightmares. 
He was still plagued by thoughts of his limbo- of the dark, dank train station where the train would never come, the flashing red sign that lit up with words every couple of years. Who’s Ghostbur?, he would constantly see, lighting up in bold red lettering. He sat for years, his back against the damp wall, his knees pulled to his chest, head buried in his arms to block out the light, his bones aching and frozen in place from not moving for so long, his fingers bleeding from scratching tallies and memories he didn’t want to forget into the wall. Sometimes he would have nightmares about memories he had nearly forgotten, about the original Wilbur he was a part of, about explosion and war and fear, about burning. About his own death. Burning, burning, burning, pain, fear, you told me it wouldn’t hurt. I’m scared. 
Ghostbur shot up out of bed. 
“Hnnng, Ghosty?” 
He said nothing. Your eyes open slowly, searching for the ghost who had jolted up in bed. He was sitting up next to you in the dark room, tears streaming from his empty, wide eyes. Even in your sleepy, dreary state, you knew what had happened, what he needed, and lazily sat up with him. He was still silent, even seeing you sitting with him. Although he wasn’t hot nor cold to the touch like a human would be- a ghost didn’t have a real body and, although you could touch him, he felt translucent, it felt like you could fall through him- he was trembling, shaking with fear, as his hands came up to wipe at his eyes.
“Hey, Ghosty. It’s okay to cry.” 
“I- I'm sorry for waking you."
"Stop, it's okay. I'm just worried."
"I- I keep seeing it.” He didn’t have to explain, you knew what he meant by it. Limbo. He kept having nightmares about his limbo, and even past Wilbur’s memories, his death, and the pain of a ghost being ripped out of limbo and brought back to the surface. 
“C’mere.” You pulled him into your arms, letting him drop his head to your shoulder and fold in on you, feeling the way he was shaking and breathing heavily, his skin paler and more unsaturated than usual, his empty eyes dull, lacking the shine he had when he was happy. Blue leaked from his hands, staining you where he gripped the back of your shirt tightly. 
“I keep having these- these nightmares. I don’t even think I fall asleep. I just keep closing my eyes and seeing it all again. Explosions, death, fire, and, and that train station. I can smell the air, feel the cold dampness in the air… it all feels so real again. Like I’m back there. Like something went wrong and I’m back there again. And the fear is real too.  It’s so scary, why is it so scary? Why does it still hurt so much? Why does it keep coming back?” He sounded so broken, so scared. 
“It was horrible. It was traumatic, Wil. I’m so sorry you’re still having nightmares about it. But you were so strong. You got through it all. Everything is okay now, see?” You took his cheeks in your palms and lifted his head to look into his eyes, locking contact with him. “You see me? You’re here with me, you’re back, you’re not there anymore, and you’re not going back.” 
“B-but what if- we don’t know how I got here again, what if I-”
“No.” You lay down, pulling the ghost down under the blanket with you in your shared bed. “Don’t think like that. You’re safe here, Ghostbur. You’re back, by some miracle, and you’re not going back there. You’re with me, and I’ll kill anyone who tries to take you away, okay? I love you, Ghosty.” 
Finally, that little smile graced his cold lips again, as he snuggled down under the soft wool with you. “I love you, too. I'm sorry I woke you up.” 
“Don't worry about it, my love. I'd happily wake up any time of night to see you next to me. Try to get some shut-eye, even if you can’t fall asleep, okay? Think about me, and Friend, and laying out in fields with the sun on your face. Think about knitted sweaters and fresh bread and flowers. And everyone here who loves you.” You gave his cheeks one last kiss each, before pulling him into you and squeezing him into your arms. “I’ll be here when you wake up, Ghosty.” 
 You weren’t sure what exactly had brought him back, or how long he’d be back, but you’d make sure- with every fiber of your being- that he was never taken away from you again. He deserved all the good in the world. And thinking these things, you fell asleep with him in your arms.
He fell asleep later that night with a smile on his face.
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frowniing · 16 hours ago
Could you write Revivebur and (N) making out on one of the casino tables, clothes wrinkled and mostly unbuttoned and Quackity walks in, obviously annoyed by them but they just don’t give a single fuck and continue——
Tumblr media
If you wanna find the two most shameless bitches, than [ N ] and Revive are yours. For free.
Tumblr media
— Warnings = Making out — 13+ — Can be considered Smut? — Spicy — Neck kissing — Biting mentioned — Q is done with Wilbur's shit [Nothing else?]
Tumblr media
| R E V I V E B U R —
Exhaling deeply as [ N ] prodded and kissed up his neck with their hands set on his hips, keeping him from moving much.
Wil was set up on top of a casino table, his sweater and coat no where to be seen and his simple white button-up unbuttoned to his chest, his legs spread with [ N ] between them, and his mouth panting out praise and degradation.
His hands were up [ N ]'s shirt, scratching and pinching down their sides to more so rile them up than anything.
Getting annoyed by the sheer amount of attention his neck and chest was getting rather than his mouth, it was truly cruel in his eyes. Wilbur pulled [ N ] up with a hand-full off hair, [ N ] pulling up with a annoyed hiss more than pained and a whine as Wil gripped their jaw, keeping them from going back to their task.
" How about you pay more attention to my mouth, huh darling? "
Immediately melting as their mouths connected, [ N ] moaned into Wil's mouth as he continued to pull and pat at their hair. Both of them completely ignoring the sound of the glass doors opening and closing.
[ N ] let out a groan as Wil bit their lip, their hands exploring every inch of Wilbur's skin, pinching, pulling, scratching, caressing, it never felt enough.
But unfortunately for them, their moment was interrupted by an annoyed and overly exaggerated cough.
Rolling his eyes before putting on a clearly see through smile, Wil turned to look at Quackity who was looking at them with a glare. [ N ] not even minding him a glance but rather continuing to lick and bite at Wil's neck to which they were rewarded with head scratches before Wilbur slid off the table and made his way over to Alex, completely ignoring [ N ]'s whine and call of his name.
" Q! Fancy seeing you here. What's up? "
Biting back with a smile that was as sarcastic as Wil's annoyed grin was, Q's eye twitched. He was so done with this hobo.
Tumblr media
© - frowniing [previously i-tradio] , Do not take credit, or repost my work to any platform. That's a threat. Though reblogs, likes, and comments are always welcome!
Tag-List : @v0idl1nq — @wilczachannn — @nightmarefox15 — @maddenhouse [ Ask To Be Added ]
Note : The ending was shitty but yup.
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julibeeline · 13 hours ago
I love you, just you ⛄️🌪 [karl jacobs]
Tumblr media
[karl jacobs x reader]
“your boyfriend seems to be too preoccupied with tina to even acknowledge you”
warnings: angst
​​getting singled out; an expression of being excluded, isolated and neglected. something that had never crossed your mind until this very second.
“that just reminded me of that one time-“ karl’s giggle-laugh droned out in your ear as you heard him and tina making another inside joke for the 5th time in the past half hour. originally you had thought this stream was a fun idea, your boyfriend had wanted you to meet one of his close friends, in real life, in a stream, just the three of you.
it was at first, until it became unbearably pathetic for you to be stuck in a room with this atmosphere that anyone could tell was uncomfortable. just for you, though, not them.
you couldn't figure out where it went all wrong, the supposedly innocent ‘you laugh you lose’ stream really took a 180, as you now sat there awkwardly looking around the room until the next media share popped up. next to you sat karl and tina, poking one another, trying to make each other laugh; “a part of the challenge” he says.
your legs shook underneath the shared desk as you looked through chat, trying to thank the donations that the other two seemed to miss, of course they did, being too stuck up each other’s asses. subtle tears seemed to slightly blur your vision as you read what the viewers sent in chat. it only made you feel worse.
tf is karl doing?
i feel so bad?? what the fuck is going on?
someone tell those two to stfu
i thought karl was y/n’s boyfriend? not tina’s?
lmfaoo why’s tina trying so hard to get karls attention 💀
you got up from your chair, making an excuse to go to the bathroom. karl didnt even seem to notice anyways. when you entered the bathroom, you pulled out your phone and started to text you and karl’s shared best friend, quackity. ha, seems like he beat you to it.
hey you okay? whats going on in karl’s stream?
i dont know
i wanna get out of here
why are they such assholes?
they shouldnt be leaving you out like that.
especially karl
he was right, you didn't deserve this. god you wanted to break up with karl right there and then. but you didn't. instead, you returned back to the stream and patiently waited for it to come to an end. damn they were really having the time of their lives.
bro its been going on for the past hour 😐
karl doesnt even deserve y/n tbh
my respect for karl and tina 📉📉
as the stream slowly ended and tina left the house after saying her goodbyes, it became an uncomfortable silence between you and karl. the lively atmosphere stopped too abruptly, it seemed that karl had finally sensed something was wrong.
“hey baby, you okay? im sorry the stream was a bit long-“
“i think im gonna go to bed. im kinda tired” you mutter, going past him to his bed.
“o-oh okay, uhm have a good night-“
you close the door.
karl stood there behind the door that you had just closed, wide eyed. he slowly walked back to his monitor, perhaps you weren’t feeling too well? 
he had planned to edit the stream he had just done, thinking it went pretty well. as he opened up the vod from twitch, he got an uneasy feeling in his stomach. 13 unread messages from quackity on discord?
karl wtf?
its getting kinda annoying for y/n right now man
this is bullshit
what are you even doing?
youre leaving y/n out
so is tina
hey asshole?
read your texts
karl’s eyes widened as he read through the texts, guilt bubbling up in his stomach. he furrowed his eyebrows as the vod played on his second monitor, shifting his attention to it.
“KARL STOP YOURE GONNA MAKE ME LAUGH STOP POKING ME” tina’s voice played from the video. the back of his throat felt tight, panic starting to rise in him.
he continued watching the vod, occasionally skipping to other parts of it when the shame got too much to handle. the visible dismay on your face only helped it grow.
what was he even doing?
as he replayed the chat, his eyes glossed over.
hesitantly getting up from his seat, and taking off his headphones, karl walked over to his bedroom door.
he thought to himself before he opened the door. what should he say? how does he start? was it too late already?
the sight when he opened the door, somehow cracked his heart in the slightest.
you were on one side of the bed, far away towards the wall. where he usually slept with you was now empty, his spot on the bed seemed way too accessible now.
the guilt and regret slowly washed over him as he got in, wrapping one arm around your waist in an attempt to pull you closer. for some kind of reassurance for himself.
“y/n? are you awake?”
“im so sorry” 
“what?” you mumbled half asleep and sat up slowly. you were met with karl’s worried, now red eyes, never daring to make eye contact with you.
“you know i love you, right? and im really sorry, i shouldn't have left you out like that. im sorry for ignoring you and only talking to tina, im just so sorry and i don’t blame you if you want to break up, it’s just I didn’t mean to-”he cries.
“karl, slow down, its fine-”
“i love you, just you”
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womburt · 2 days ago
Hi! I saw that your requests were open and was wondering if you could write a Helsknight X reader post? :D
And if you don't write for him maybe something with any hermit where the reader is like rouge code that's hijacked the sever?
Reader with they/them pronouns please!
Knight in Sopping-Wet Armor; Helsknight x Reader
Hi Anon! I’ll admit I did not know very much about Helsknight, but I had a lot of fun looking into him while I was researching (watching last seasons Hermitcraft lol)! It was fun to reminisce
I may or may not have gotten a lil carried away, I just love the enemies to lovers trope! Also! Can we tell that my favorite cliche is cuddles?? I’ve only written it into 5/7 fics ive posted…
Anyway, hope you enjoy!
*Warning! This fic contains profanity! Don’t read if this could upset you!
Y/n was a very lucky hermit to have a neighbor like Welsknight. 
They thought this to themself as they leisurely walked toward his house, enjoying the sunshine of the day. Wels was such a generous friend, always willing to help. Which is why they often found themself at his door when they needed assistance or supplies. This was one of those times.
Stopping in front of the large wooden door, Y/n raised a fist and knocked politely, rocking back and forth on their feet. The door swung open soon after, only to reveal a form Y/n was not expecting. 
Ruby red eyes caught their gaze, narrowed and untrusting. Thick, dark eyebrows lay heavy above them, a long, roman nose settled in between them. Y/n felt their voice catch in their throat as they admired him, taking in all his features. Their heart rate picked up at the sight of him. He was frowning at Y/n, lips drawn into a thin line. 
“You’re trespassing.” He spoke up after a moment, voice low and unsettling. There was little inflection to his tone, clearly uninterested in interacting with Y/n for very long. 
They raised their eyebrows at his claim, tilting their head in confusion. 
“Me? You’re the stranger standing in Wels’ doorway. Where is he?” Y/n accused, shaking their head and matching his stare with an intimidating one of their own, or at least - as intimidating as they could manage. 
The man didn’t bat an eye at their allegation, looking them up and down without moving his head. Y/n suddenly felt very uncomfortable. It was as if he was assessing them, looking them over for any weak points. Subconsciously, they crossed their arms over their chest, hugging themself. 
“Go away.” He turned up his head, denying them a true answer. 
Y/n narrowed their own eyes defiantly. 
“Is he in there? Wels!” They asked before shouting over the tall man’s shoulder. Y/n peeked over him on their tip toes, searching for any sign of their knightly friend. 
The stranger was taken aback, raising his hands to block their view and voicing his frustrations. 
“Y/n?” Wels’ voice was quiet, seemingly coming from upstairs. Y/n made an ‘Aha!” sound of victory and shoved their way past the stranger, locating Wels’ stairs. They bumped the dark-haired man into the wall as they did so, ignoring his mumbled complaints. 
Y/n took the stairs two at a time, finding Wels on the second floor, completely unharmed. He was ruffling through chests, looking strangely calm for there being a strange man in his home. 
“Wels! Who is that man downstairs? He’s rude.” Y/n asked with a sigh of relief, sitting down on Wels’ bed. 
The blond laughed at their expression, continuing whatever task he’d been doing before they rushed upstairs. 
“That, my dear, is Helsknight.”
Before they had a chance to ask about him further, the man in question was standing at the top of the stairs, glaring at Y/n’s form on the bed. 
“Welsknight, your friend is obnoxious. Do they always shove their way into the house like this?”
Y/n rolled their eyes and flopped back on Wels’ bed dramatically, avoiding the violent look they knew the stranger- Helsknight was sending their way. 
“Wels, would you tell your friend I would not have had to shove my way into the house if he had just gotten out of the way?”
They heard Helsknight scoff and resisted the urge to pick up a pillow and toss it at his attractive stupid face. 
“Welsknight, does your friend know it’s impolite to come in uninvited?”
“Wels! Could you tell-”
“Okay that’s enough!” Wels cut Y/n off, making his way to the center of the room. 
They sat up on his bed, watching as the man put his hands on his hips, looking in between the both of them. He was smiling despite his frustration. 
“Hels, don’t be mean to Y/n. They can come and go as they please. Y/n, you’ll have to excuse Hels, he’s not thrilled to be here.”
All were quiet for a second, Y/n finally looking away from Wels to stare at Helsknight. He was already glaring at them of course, scarlet eyes watching them defensively. 
Y/n was the first to break, looking away from Hels and standing up from the bed entirely. “Okay. He’s here and I’ll ignore him when he’s rude. Anyway, I came over to ask if you had any honey? I ran out.”
Wels relaxed his posture a bit, hands falling down from his hips to hang at his sides casually. 
“Sure do! It’s downstairs.”
The blond found his way to the staircase quickly, slipping past Hels with a polite smile. Y/n followed cautiously, pausing when Hels stepped in front of them and blocked their way down. Looking up at him with a sickenly sweet smile, Y/n tilted their head. “Excuse you,” they spoke quietly so that Wels wouldn’t hear. 
Hels ignored them, instead leaning down to be closer to their level. Y/n’s breath caught in their throat as Hels’ mouth neared their ear, feeling his exhale on their skin. 
“You’re supposed to say ‘excuse me,” Hels corrected. He was quiet in their ear, sending shivers down their back. Y/n gulped and tried not to let him see how shaken they were. 
Laying a hand on his shoulder, Y/n carefully pushed past Hels, surprised by how easily he fell back and allowed them to pass. 
“You’re excused,” they teased without looking back, too busy trying to calm their racing heart.
As it turned out, having Helsknight for a neighbor was about as pleasant as Y/n had expected. 
Their usual visits to Wels’ house in the early mornings were now accompanied by the rude knight. He insisted on being a part of all their conversations, butting in to mock Y/n whenever he could. Y/n still tried to go over as often as they could manage, but they had to admit, the brunet knight made the trips less desirable. 
That wasn’t all of course. 
Helsknight had come up with a multitude of ways to make Y/n’s day-to-day routine more annoying. He hid behind trees when they walked home at night, jumping out to spook them when they weren’t paying attention. When Hels had free time, he often found himself rooting around in Y/n’s house. They’d caught him on multiple occasions and demanded he leave, but he always just smiled and ignored them. 
Most recently, the dark knight had taken to sitting around at Y/n’s megabase and pestering them whilst they built. 
He reclined against the large mass of chests they’d accumulated (an organized mess of course! Certainly not a chest monster-), head draped over the wooden crates. His helmet was on the grass next to him, eyes looking ahead at Y/n, who was perched atop their tall structure. 
“You missed a spot there.” The pale man called out, looking away from Y/n to stare at the slowly darkening sky instead. Heavy clouds were just starting to cover the sky, the sun making its departure over the horizon. He smirked when they groaned, their voice just barely audible from their height. He fought the urge to look back at them, positive they were already looking down at him bitterly.
Y/n, gave Hels a quick glare before looking at their build again. They were embarrassed to see he was right, and hadn’t just been pointing out nonexistent problems to annoy them. They bit their tongue and filled in the gap, refusing to acknowledge him any more than they already had. In the weeks that Hels had been bothering them, Y/n had learned that he fed on their anger. Every time they gave him a reaction, he smiled and did something worse. 
Turning back to where they’d been working before, Y/n wiped sweat off of their forehead and got back to work.
“Don’t you have anything better to do besides sit here and point out my mistakes?” They yelled back at him nonchalantly. They remained expressionless, trying to sell their indifference to him. 
Hels sat up a bit, eyes following Y/n as they lumbered away at their project. He waited for them to glance back at him, and frowned when he realized they weren’t going to. That simply would not do. 
Hels stood up from the ground, walking up to their build. He raised a hand to block the last of the sunlight from his eyes, standing just underneath them. He was still far out of reach due to how high up they’d built.
“Nothing’s more important to me than pointing out your mistakes.”
Y/n scoffed but kept quiet. They refused to look down at him, knowing he was standing there with that stupid smirk, waiting for them to tell him to fuck off. 
Hels’ face fell again, dissatisfied with their lack of retort. He shifted back and forth on his feet, metal-clad boots digging into the earth. He opened his mouth to sass them again when a loud crash sounded throughout the sky. 
Hels felt tiny droplets of rain begin to hit the top of his head. He grumbled with displeasure, leaving his hand in the air to guard his eyes. The knight spared a glance to his helmet which was still on the ground. He debated putting it back on, but ultimately decided against it. Too much hassle for not enough protection. 
Y/n ignored the rain, focusing on their work. They’d gotten a good night's rest in order to build nonstop, they weren’t going to let a bit of rain get in their way.
Off in the distance, there was a bright flash of lightning. It lit up the sky, revealing shaking trees that moved with the wind. The storm began to pick up, splashing harder than before. 
“You should come down from there,” Hels shouted up at Y/n, shivering from the cold. He was thoroughly soaked at this point, the droplets slipping through the breaks in his armor and dampening his clothes. Hels watched Y/n carefully, knowing they had no metal defense from the storm. 
Their clothes were stuck to their body, but Y/n kept going. Hels’ face twisted when he realized they were ignoring him. He dropped his hand from his face, allowing the rain to barrage him from all angles. 
“Hey! Y/n! I said you should get down.” 
He was shouting at that point, loud enough to be heard over the whipping wind.
Y/n ignored him still, continuing work on their project, not yet willing to call it a night. They took a step forward without looking.
Y/n’s heart dropped to the bottom of their stomach as their foot began to slide. They quickly tried to put their hands up and catch their balance, but it was too late. They shut their eyes as they toppled backward off of the base, cursing themself for choosing to build something so tall. They tensed their body, bracing themself for the crash. 
Before they could, however, Y/n’s fall was interrupted. Sturdy arms caught them just before they hit the ground, one under their knees, and the other on their back, just under their arms. Y/n could feel a solid chest pressed up against their side, the cold metallic armor pressing their soaked shirt impossibly closer to their body. 
They were shaking, though unsure if it was because of the cold or the adrenaline. Regardless, Y/n felt themself lean into the chest, searching for human contact. Their eyes remained shut, unwilling to meet the gaze of the man they knew they would see.
“I tried to tell you,” Hels mumbled in an uncharacteristically soft voice, tucking his head close to Y/n’s. He noted their shivering and squeezed their leg reassuringly. 
Y/n didn’t answer. Under normal circumstances, they’d be scrambling to get away from the knight. They knew he’d tease them about this for weeks. But these were not normal circumstances, and despite the solid layer of armor that was between them, Y/n could feel Hels’ breaths with the way his chest plate moved. Each exhale and inhale grounded them. So they ignored the way their brain screamed at them to get away, and tucked their head into him.
Hels froze, feeling them shift even closer to him. Rain be damned, there was a beautiful person trying to bury themself in him right now. The brunet cleared his throat and spun his head from side to side, searching for a way out of the downpour. 
He set his sights on the trail he’d taken out to their megabase. It was shielded by a thick layer of treetops. Some rain was still getting through the canopy, but it was much less than where they stood now. 
Without another word, Hels walked toward the path. Absentmindedly, he stroked the exposed skin on Y/n’s knee where he held them. If the cradled person noticed, they didn’t say anything.
Silently, Hels carried Y/n through the forest, looking down every once in a while to make sure they were still breathing. Y/n remained quiet, sniffling occasionally from the cold.  
They made it to Y/n’s starter base eventually, Hels shutting the door behind himself. He kicked off his shoes carefully, trying to minimize the water he tracked into their house. Flicking on a light on a nearby wall, Hels found their couch.
He sat them on it gently, slipping his arms out from underneath them. Y/n immediately curled themself into a ball, suddenly feeling very lonely from the loss of contact. They turned to face the inside of the couch, hiding in the cushions. They heard Hels wander away, but tried not to think much of it. 
Minutes later, Y/n felt a fuzzy blanket envelop their form. They gathered all their courage and faced outward, cautiously opening their eyes. 
Hels had his back to them. He was no longer wearing his armor, nor the underclothes Y/n had seen before. Somewhere in their house, he’d found a sweater and loose pants that seemed to be his. Y/n realized he must've left them in their house somewhere during one of his previous visits. They were surprised they hadn’t noticed the clothes around the house before. 
He spun around to look at them again, a stack of clothes in his hands. Dark red eyes met theirs, and Y/n noted that the way he stared at them was unusually soft. They gulped and waited for him to speak. 
“You’ll catch a cold if you stay in those wet clothes.” He finally said, handing the stack to them and looking away. Y/n noticed a red flush to his cheeks, but did not voice their observation. 
Knowing he was right, they sighed and pulled the blanket off of themself. 
“Turn around?” They prompted in a tiny voice, having not used it since they’d fallen. Hels complied, spinning on his heel to face the wall. 
Y/n made quick work of changing their clothes, sighing in relief when they finished. They draped the blanket over their shoulders again and stood up, approaching Hels from behind. 
Y/n argued with themself silently for a minute, fingers bunching the blanket together as they tried to gather enough courage to act on their desire. Finally willing themself to move again. Y/n wrapped their arms around Hels’ middle, pulling him into a tight hug.
The knight tensed, jolting from shock. They were both quiet, neither daring to say anything out of fear the other would pull away. Cautiously, Hels laid his hands on top of Y/n’s, holding them to his body. He fidgeted and turned around so that Y/n’s was hugging his frontiside, leaning down to embrace them as well. 
Y/n sighed in relief, breathing in Hels’ scent. His hair was still damp, but vaguely they could smell his conditioner and the soap he’d used to wash his clothes. It was inviting, the clean smell and warm hug. They couldn’t bring themself to let go. 
Hels was the first to say something mumbling from above them. Y/n could barely make out what he was saying, catching only the words “rest” and “sleep.”
They hummed into his chest, still too embarrassed to look up at him. Y/n felt gentle hands leave their waist and find their shoulders, where they were pushed back toward the couch. They allowed themself to be shown the way, finding himself sitting beside the very tense knight. 
He was sitting beside them, back straight and eyes watching them carefully. Without another thought, Y/n leaned into him. They brought their legs up on top of his, tangling them together and making themself comfortable. 
After a moment, Hels relaxed too, wrapping himself around Y/n. He pointedly ignored the way his heart pounded, hoping they couldn’t hear it through his skin. Y/n snuggled into him peacefully, shutting their eyes for some much needed sleep. 
“Good morning sleepyhead! I bro- Oh my!” 
Wels shouted in surprise, dropping the platter of breakfast food he’d made to share with his neighbor. 
Y/n shot up straight at the noise, crying out when they hit their head on something hard. 
“Motherfucker!” a second voice shouted, this one much closer, and much groggier. Y/n’s face felt hot as they looked up to see a sleepy Helsknight holding his jaw in pain. 
They rubbed the top of their head sheepishly, scrambling off of the ocuh and away from the brunet, who’d yet to open his eyes. 
“Sorry! Oh my- why’re you here?” They asked Wels, trying to calm their racing heart, not yet willing to acknowledge the yawning man on their couch that they’d just been cuddled up to. 
“To think, I took care of you last night, this is how you repay me? With a bruised skull?” Hels teased with his drowsy morning-voice, that stupid smirk finding its way back to him.
Y/n buried their head in their hands, hiding from the world as Wels’ laughter echoed through their house. They’d never hear the end of this.
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clitsuckerer · 4 months ago
apple of my eye
dilf!dreamwastaken x fem!reader
WARNINGS-  dilf!neighbour!dreamwastaken cheats on his wife with you, mostly dreams pov, infidelity, no specific age mentioned for the reader but the reader is 18+ and younger than dream!!, light yandere themes, pervy dream, age gap, innocence kink, voyeurism, size kink, sir kink, dream is not the best dad or husband in this uhh, but he's good to you so, no mention of readers dad because daddy issues ig, dream n glasses is a warning in itself
SUMMARY-  dream hates his life but he loves you, his new sweet little neighbour.
WORDS- 7.7k+
Tumblr media
⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⇢✇ MINORS DNI ✇⇠⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯
Tumblr media
the sound of the doorbell broke through the chaos of the house, boxes strewn about and kids screaming down the spacious hallways.
dream and his family had just moved into this posh new house that his wife had whined and begged for, saying that they just had to upgrade from their humble old home to this more than pretentious house now that they were making more money than they ever had, always whining his ear off about how she wanted the kids to live nice and how she deserved it.
deserved it my ass, she did fucking nothing all day except whine his ear off and drink wine.
letting out a big sigh when the doorbell rang again and it had yet to be answered, dream removed his reading glasses and reluctantly hauled up off of his office chair and down the stairs, passing boxes and clutter with unhappy grumbles and annoyed grunts until he finally reached the front door.
opening it he was greeted with the sight of a middle aged woman smiling all too brightly for his grumpy mood, it was almost headache inducingly bright but the little glimpse he got of a young girl standing next to the lady made all his annoyances go away in a heartbeat.
the woman was talking but everything sounded muffled to dream, gorgeous eyes peaked up at him from behind thick eyelashes, looking at him with curious but shy eyes and his heart melted right there when you shuffled your feet and gave him a charming little smile.
you were such a sweet little thing, all dolled up in your cute dress and mary janes, lighting up his doorstep with your infectious smile as you stood with your mother holding a plate of delicious looking homemade cookies. your adorable beauty had dream absolutely awestruck.
“excuse me, hello?” dream was snapped back to reality when your mother waved a hand in front of his face, slowly dragging his green eyes away from the cute girl on his doorstep and back to her.
“oh uh- sorry, what did you say?” dream managed to stutter out in his dumbstruck state that you had unknowingly knocked him into, his eyes immediately sneaking back to you after a second of looking away.
“i said hi there, we're your neighbours! we live right next door, we just wanted to welcome you to the neighbourhood and bring you some cookies.” the woman in front of him spoke, she was very warm and welcoming though he still couldn’t tear his eyes off the beautiful young girl he could see patiently standing next to her.
“uh hello, nice to meet you,” clearing his throat, dream tried his best to tear his eyes away from you, the glint lighting up his green eyes like a teenager discovering a new all consuming crush and he damn near felt like that too. “and who are you?” the question just came blurting out, he had to know who the angel gracing him with her presence was.
“oh! this is my daughter, introduce yourself dear.” your mother nudged you toward the handsome man, looking up at him with a shy smile when you stumbled to a stop in front of his towering figure. his grumpy attitude was instantly lifted the moment your free hand connected with his outstretched one, the feel of your soft skin against his sending shock waves all throughout his body the moment your hands connected. your hand was so small and delicate in his he felt that if he squeezed even a little bit too hard you would break, he wanted to break you but not in that way so he was sure to be careful with your precious hand.
“it’s nice to meet you sir!” your voice was so pure, a happy little chirp in it despite the shyness obviously creeping up on you. it made the corner of his plump lips pull upwards into a rare smile, your softness rubbing off on him and making him forget that your mother was still present. all he could focus on was your pretty face looking up at him and your small hand being encased by his much larger one, feeling as if it were made to be held in his.
and the way you called him sir, god did it have him swooning. he had been called it many times by many different people but none had uttered it like you had, none had made him want to hear it endlessly like you.
his fond smile instantly dropped into a cold frown though when the sound of a throat clearing broke him out of his bubble, reluctantly dropping your hand when his wife stepped up beside him and placed a hand on his shoulder.
“oh how nice! you brought cookies.” the plate was snatched right out of your hand, taken off of you by his wife without so much as a thank you or even an introduction. dream had to resist the urge to roll his eyes, she’s such a fucking bitch sometimes.
his wife and your mother stood there for a bit, getting to know each other while all he could do was admire you standing in front of him, itching for everyone else to disappear so he could be alone with you. he had never felt this kind of instant attraction before, had never felt his heart skip so many beats when you would catch his eye and smile shyly at him.
apparently your mom had invited them around for dinner later that night which he only learned once his wife had started scolding him for not being ready to leave when it got to the time they had arranged to be there, he had been way too busy sneaking glances at you to listen to their conversation so to say he was in a bad mood when they arrived was an understatement. it was instantly replaced with a warm feeling though when you answered the door in your prettiest dress and a breath-taking smile that he could have sworn was directed solely towards him.
for some reason, just seeing you made him forget about his bitching wife and rowdy kids, just the brush of your dainty fingers against his when you took his coat from him had him yearning to hold your hand in his once again.
your mother had insisted that you give dream a little tour around your house while her and his wife finished up dinner and cared for the kids, which he was very thankful for as it meant he got to be alone with you for a while, he would take any time he could get with you at this point. it also happened to be a plus that he got to be away from his headache inducing family.
"and this is my room!" dream looked around your cutely decorated room, memorising everything as you jumped on your stuffed animal covered bed, landing on your stomach and bouncing lightly on the soft mattress causing your dress to ride up and expose your plush thighs and a peek of your ass to dream’s perverted eyes.
the picture of fucking you dumb in all different kinds of positions flashed through his mind, he wanted to defile you on this very bed when you turned around to rest on your back, hugging a stuffed walrus to your chest and looking up at him with sparkling eyes.
he could do so much to you right now, you were just staring into his eyes like you were asking him to make a move and he was so close to doing something, so close to ruining you while both of your families were just downstairs. he was so absorbed in the moment that he didn’t even hear his wife calling his name from downstairs until her footsteps thudding up the stairs snapped him out of his stupor.
his cock was hard for the rest of the night, he had to sit through dinner with your parents and his wife and kids with a hard on that you had unknowingly caused and the most lewd and dirty thoughts of you running through his mind, all while you sat across from him, looking so utterly oblivious to the newly formed infatuation engulfing him.
after they had eaten dinner and dessert they had gotten ready to leave, while dream’s wife and your mother were discussing more dinner plans and cooing over the sleepy children dream was saying goodbye to you, embracing you for a suspiciously long time and smelling your sweet scented hair before he went home and waited until his wife was sleeping soundly next to him to jerk his aching cock, the thought of you the only thing on his mind when he came the hardest he had in years.
it just so happened that his office window faced directly across from your bedroom window, only a few feet of space between the side of the two houses which allowed him to see almost every inch of your small room perfectly.
the first time that he saw you through your window, it was mid-morning and he was sitting at his desk half invested in the paperwork in front of him when he had looked up for a brief second, quickly doing a double-take when he noticed you through his window, laid out on your stomach and feet crossed together in the air as you read a book on your bed. as if on instinct his eyes slowly ran down the deep arch of your back, coming down to admire the plump curve of your ass through your pretty sundress. he caught himself after a second, scolding himself for checking out your ass again but he couldn’t stop himself from looking back at you, nor could he help the way his dick jumped up the second he laid his eyes on you.
his paperwork was long forgotten, instead of completing it he sat for hours watching you get lost in the pages you were turning, admiring your relaxed figure as the day passed by way too quickly.
he was finally snapped out of his trance when his office door flew open, his screaming son tumbling in quickly followed by his daughter running behind him, he didn’t even realise that they were home he was that entranced by you. dream sighed deeply when they immediately started rambling on about what the other had done, taking off his glasses and exasperatedly rubbing his tired eyes as if to get rid of the thoughts that were still plaguing his mind before he gave your oblivious figure one last lingering glance and got up to deal with his rowdy children.
you had seemed to either like letting the sunlight in or you forgot to close them because ever since that day your curtains were always open, night and day he could always see every inch of your bedroom that you spent a lot of time in. and at first it was somewhat innocent, instead of doing his work he would find himself admiring you while you did random things in your room, everything you did intrigued him to no end, he even moved his desk in front of the window so he could see you better. eventually he had started to neglect his family, spending all day every day locked away in his study under the guise of work but really he was watching you study or paint your nails or watching you dance around to your favourite songs.
you never noticed him, remaining completely oblivious to the middle-aged man watching you flutter about your bedroom all too innocently and he took advantage of that, closing his curtains until nothing but a gap remained so he could watch you without getting caught when he thought that it was too risky.
he tried not to let the guilt of watching you creep up on him, he tried to justify it, really he tried to convince himself that he wasn’t doing anything that wrong, that he wasn’t a dirty old man who was way too infatuated with watching his pretty young neighbour for it to be innocent.
when he would see you outside of his house he couldn’t help but avert his gaze, cheeks a flaming red when you would call out a greeting and send him a cute little wave. he couldn’t look you in the eye knowing the thoughts that he had about you, all the dreams and daydreams of you bouncing on his cock or of bending you over in his marital bed and making you cover the sheets in your juices. he couldn’t look at you properly knowing how many times he had fucked his hand while thinking of you, he felt too dirty.
all of the innocence of the situation, if there was any to begin with, disappeared one sunny tuesday. he had been actually getting some work done for once when he heard a faint girlish humming come from your bedroom, his head snapping up at light speed when he noticed it was you.
blood rushed to his cheeks when the first thing he was greeted by was you sliding off your dress, quickly realising that you were getting undressed right in front of him and he was just watching like a creep.
he knew it was wrong, it was so beyond wrong to watch a girl half his age get undressed without her knowledge but how could he not. you were literally right there, showing him your perfect body covered in a cute little bra and panties. his dick jumped to life when you unclipped your bra, sliding it off of your chest and revealing the side view of your perky tits to him.
how the fuck was he supposed to look away from such a tempting sight?
he couldn’t look away if he tried, utterly fascinated as you wiggled your hips and danced adorably to the tune you were humming. he ached to touch your smooth looking skin, his hand twitching towards his crotch to rub the bulge stirring underneath his sweatpants as he watched you dance around your room, tits bouncing deliciously and he swore it was just for him.
unknowingly he had let his hand slip into his pants and pull his dick out, starting to rub his cock to the sight of you naked and dancing. he was already as hard as a rock and only getting harder as he jerked his leaking cock, his hand moving at light speed to relieve himself quickly.
dream imagined it was your hand jerking him off instead of his own, he knew it would feel like heaven to have your hands wrapped around him, playing with him until your heart's content. he would let you do anything to him. his thumb rubbed at his tip gathering the pre come and spreading it down his pulsating cock, causing a squelching sound to fill his study that sounded so fucking good to dream although he wished it was your juices causing the sound instead of his.
a loud moan helplessly fell from his lips when you faced the window and revealed your perfect tits and pretty pussy to him, your eyes closed and your hands running down your body. ribbons of cum spurted from his cock and covered his shirt within seconds, his high hitting him out of nowhere and hitting him strong.
he didn’t even get a second to really feel his orgasm before he had to quickly slide to the floor when you looked out of your window with curious eyes and your cute nose all scrunched up, seemingly searching for the reason of the strange loud noise and dream could feel his heart pounding in his chest, his orgasm seconds before partly to blame though if he was being honest, being that close to you catching him jerking off not only scared the absolute shit out of him but ashamedly made his cock rise again all too quickly.
after a minute of waiting just to be safe, dream poked his head up to peek at your window only to see it empty. heaving out a sigh, he looked away from the window that your gorgeous naked body had just been gracing, trying to get back to his important work despite his still hard cock making him lose his train of thought every five seconds. even when he wasn't longingly staring at your window he was thinking of you, consumed by the thought of your perfect body that you didn't even know he had seen. it was quite literally driving him crazy, you were driving him crazy.
one day it all changed though. as per usual dream had been hauled up in his office, alone for the day as his kids were at school and his wife was out god knows where when he once again spotted you from his desk, the only thing covering your body a cute pink towel it was obvious you had just gotten out of the shower. of course dream just had to slip a hand in his pants, who wouldn’t in this situation. you look so good with your wet hair and smooth wet skin, fuck if he got his hands on you he would treat you  so good.
he froze as he all of a sudden made eye contact with you, basically malfunctioning when you waved at him as if you weren’t only covered by a tiny towel. he didn’t know what to do, he was silently panicking on the inside so when he didn’t wave back like he usually would your eyes travelled down the length of his arm, stopping at his hand that was buried inside of his unzipped pants. he didn't know what you were thinking when you stared at him for a while, once again making eye contact with the frozen man after a minute of looking intently at his still hand.
a mischievous smile grew on your tempting lips, the towel hiding you from him suddenly dropping to the floor and revealing your still wet body to his shocked self. he didn’t know if this was real or not, if he was just dreaming the most realistic dream he’s ever had or if this was a nightmare meant to torture him and any second he would wake up desperately hard and still next to his sleeping wife, still living his boring life that he had grown to despise.
you stared at each other for a while, both waiting for the other to do something first and dream finally said fuck it once he got over the shock of you revealing yourself to him, whether it was a dream or not he would not miss this opportunity. his hand slowly started to rub his dick once again to the sight of you, it felt completely different this time though maybe it was because you were willingly showing him your perfect body or maybe it was the way you started playing with your beautiful tits, either way it got his dick harder than it had ever been.
you bit your lip as you caressed your perky tits, wide eyes watching his hand pump his large dick. knowing that your eyes were glued to his dick made him let out a low moan and move his hand so fast it was just a blur to you both. the guys your age would have no shot if he was already feeling like this, like he could cum from just the sight of you playing with your perfect tits. you weren’t even in the same house for god’s sake and yet you were driving him insane. dream knew you were the prettiest fucking person alive and he knew for sure he was the luckiest man alive to be able to see you like this.
still pumping his dick, he watched you turn around and make your way to your bed, giving him an eyeful of your gorgeous ass which was enough to distract him from wondering what you were doing until you got on your hands and knees on your spacious bed and started crawling up towards the headboard.
something in him snapped when you turned back around with a little grin, leaned back on your headboard and spread your legs, your small fingers reaching down to rub at your swollen clit. it was like something took over his mind, putting him in a trance and making him get up out of his seat, his feet taking him through his empty house, out the front door and straight to your house. he didn’t even bother knocking, he was far beyond courtesies at this point. all he wanted was to finally be buried in your sweet little cunt and absolutely nothing would get in his way of achieving that.
dream stomped straight up to your bedroom, almost kicking down your door in his frenzied rush to get to you and making a beeline right to your frozen figure. he grabbed you by your ankles, dragging you towards the end of your bed earning a squeal from you before standing over you with his large imposing body, panting heavily as he stared down at you with a wild look in his dark eyes.
“do you know how fucking crazy you’re driving me,” his voice was dark and scary when he spoke, sending shivers down your spine. you quickly shook your head from side to side, looking at him like a deer caught in headlights, or more fittingly like a deer that’s been lured into a hunters trap.
his thumb ran tenderly over your plush lips, a manic grin tugging at his own, “hmm, of course you don’t. you’re just an obvious little kitten aren’t you.” the wedding ring on his finger sparkled against the smooth skin of your neck, his hand curling around your throat and dragging you into a feverish first kiss. you were noticeably much more inexperienced than dream but he could care less, just having your soft lips against his was almost making him cream his pants.
you were trying to keep up with his rushed movements the best you could and he applauded you for it, not even he could keep up with himself right now but then again he didn’t really mind it, and you didn’t seem too either judging by the way you whined needily into his mouth.
it was incredibly hard to pull away from your sweet lips, the taste of you was so addicting he couldn’t control himself from kissing you over and over again until the urge for air became too much to ignore for the both of you, reluctantly pulling away from you and resting his head against yours, his hot breaths hitting your kiss swollen lips.
“have you ever had your pussy eaten before, kitten?”
“u-uhm, no.” your bashfulness made his cock twitch in his pants, knowing he was going to be the first person to eat your sweet pussy satisfied him to no end. he was going to make sure that he remained the only person to ever put their mouth on any part of your body.
“do you want me to make you feel good?” his question was immediately answered with a frantic nod and an eager ‘yes please!’ so he got straight to work, his mouth was watering with the need to taste your juices.
he started at your ankle, leaving wet, lingering kisses up your smooth legs as his eyes stayed locked with yours in a sensual gaze. the light kisses tickled you apparently because you let out the sweetest giggles as he did this, which of course made him smile and chuckle against you. fuck his cock was the hardest it had ever been and he was dying to be inside of you but no matter the situation, no matter where you were or what you were doing, you never failed to make him melt inside.
finally he got to your soft thighs, laying loving pecks on the inside of both of them before he pulled back a bit to admire you layed out underneath him. you looked so tiny under him, looking up at him with a flustered face and wide doe eyes. you were just waiting for him to make his move, so eager for him to show you all that you had been missing out on, all that he had been missing out on.
holding your legs spread out for him, dream ran a slim finger through your puffy wet folds, collecting your sticky juices on his finger and rubbing your clit with the shining digits. he watched your hips buck up in utter fascination, appreciating you for a long second before he dived right into your awaiting pussy.
his eyes almost rolled to the back of his head when the taste of your sweet juices hit his tongue for the first time but he wanted to see you while he devoured you, he wanted to see your cute face scrunch up in pleasure and your gorgeous tits push up toward the ceiling when your back arched. he didn’t want to miss a second of it.
dream sucked your clit as harshly as he could before he stuck his tongue out and shook his head from side to side, his warm wet tongue bumping into your sensitive nub over and over again making you cry out and tangle your hands in his hair. you were so reactive to anything he did, even when he pushed his tongue into your tight hole you reacted like it was his dick fucking you and he loved it.
your plush thighs encircled his head despite his best efforts to hold them open, he was way too weak right now to even bother trying to keep them open so he just let you do as you please. his hips started humping against your bed as he ate your pussy like a man starved, trying to get the ache in his cock to go away. his deep groans were vibrating against your wet pussy, his long fingers coming to tease around your entrance before one pushed inside of you and started slowly pumping in sync with the thrusts against your bed.
with a loud cry of his name and a pull of his hair, your juices flooded into his eager mouth, desperately collecting every bit of your sweetness that he could as you came undone under him. dream had never seen anything as beautiful as you in all his years of living, your eyes squeezed shut, mouth wide open and your back arched beautifully.
eventually he had to pull away, not only for air but because he was on the verge of cumming from his rutting against the mattress and he really didn’t want to cum anywhere else but on or inside of you. giving your pussy one last long lick dream pulled away with dilated eyes and swollen wet lips, you didn’t look any better underneath him with your darkened face and heavy breaths. it caused a great pride spread through him knowing that he had destroyed you with just his mouth, if you were like this just because of him eating you out he could only imagine the way you would react to his cock.
he leaned back against your headboard with you kneeling between his legs, guiding both of your cute little hands to wrap around his thick length. seeing your pink painted nails contrasting against his leaking red cock made his head fall back and his hips buck up into you, your small hand jerking him off felt amazing, so much better than anything he had ever felt in his life and it was only your hand causing him this much pleasure.
“am i doing it right sir?” your voice was breathy as you seeked his approval, still breathless from your intense orgasm.
“fuck yes- you’re doing so good kitten,” his hips started moving in time with your strokes, bucking up into your hands and almost cumming on the spot when he felt your wet mouth lick at the pre come leaking from his cock. “ah s-shit!”
his hips bucked up without his control when you tried to take as much of him into your mouth as you could, accidentally shoving himself down your throat and causing you to sputter around his cock.
“fuck, sorry kitten,” despite his apology it was very obvious he liked the sensation of your throat around him, so with a giggle you kept trying to shove his cock down your small throat as far as you could. “fuck look at you, so beautiful baby girl.”
one of his large hands reached down to move some hair from your face so he could gaze into your sparkling eyes looking up at him from between his legs, your hands tugging his shaft and playing with his full balls while you choke yourself on his cock.
as much as he wanted you to keep sucking his cock, he knew that he wouldn’t last if you did. it had been so long since he’s had sex and even longer since he last had his dick sucked, plus the view of you on your knees before him, looking up at him as you licked at his dick like you were desperate for his cum- he knew he had no chance in hell of lasting more than five minutes, especially when you started moaning against him.
enjoying the feeling of you mouthing at him for a bit longer, he reluctantly pulled you off of his cock and towards his face to connect your lips in a sloppy kiss, spit gathering between you.
your body was suddenly flipped over onto your back and your legs tossed over his strong shoulders, dream coming to hover over you with one hand resting next to your head and the other guiding his cock to run through your soaking folds.
“so wet for me kitten, does it feel good?” you nodded desperately, a whimpered ‘uh huh!’ falling from your swollen lips had him leaning his forehead against yours, the sensation of his dick parting your soft folds and covering it in your slick made him feel more weak than he had ever felt, it was like you just knocked the breath right out of him but also made him breath easy as you looked into his eyes with an endless amount of trust and hazy lust. it was a weird mix but one he was more than accepting of, he had never felt this way and that's how he knew this was something unique, something to be treasured and taken care of.
you both watched as his cock entered your virgin pussy for the first time, the long and thick shaft splitting you open inch by inch as he stuffed you full of him. your tight walls wrapped around him felt so heavenly, he swore he had never had pussy that felt this good. he briefly wondered if he had been with all the wrong people or if it was just you, just your pussy that was made to be filled by him. stopping himself from jamming his cock all the way into you was incredibly hard, it took everything in him to ease in slowly. you had never taken a dick before let alone one as big as his and it showed with the way you squirmed uncomfortably under him, your hands gripping onto the back of his head tightly and your eyes squeezing shut, he knew he had to take it slow for you.
“it’s ok, you’re fine i’ve got you,” dream comforted you softly, trying to get you to be less tense around his achingly hard cock. it was weird, he had no idea where this softness came from, where this urge to protect and take care of you had appeared from because he had never been like this with any of his past lovers before, not even his wife of more than a decade had seen much of his softer side. “do you want me to stop?”
“no! no, keep going please.” a pained little whimper cut you off, pulling at his heart strings but he kept going until he bottomed out, your pussy hugging him in a vice-like grip when he was buried balls deep inside you.
nuzzling his face into your neck, dream started pumping his cock into your tight walls slowly, just enjoying the feeling of your pussy gripping him for the first time. your moans were getting louder the harder he started fucking you and he couldn’t hold his back either, there was no need to anyway so he let out all the words and moans that slipped past his lips 
he was fucking you so good, knocking the breath out of you each time he shoved his fat dick into you, and probably the sense too judging by the way drool was leaking from your open mouth, not even able to make a sound. he could barely make sense of the words that were falling from your lips among the moans sounding in the room but he could discern sir and a very slurred sogoodsogood mixed in there.
“your pussy is so fucking good kitten fuck, made to be fucked by me weren’t you?” dream grunted out, pulling away from your clinging body and leaning back on his knees so he could see your perky tits bounce with every hard thrust he gave. “huh? tell me you were made to be fucked by me baby.”
“yes sir, i-i was made to be f-fucked by you!” your voice was wavering with every word, you were barely coherent but right now you would say or do absolutely anything that dream asked you.
“good fucking girl, you’re such a good girl,” he gave a few more hard thrusts before pulling out of you with a grunt, leaving you spread out under him, your pussy empty and hands trying to grab at him. the sight of you all fucked out underneath him was enough to make his mouth salivate. he couldn’t help leaning down to give your swollen clit a harsh suck, groaning at the taste of his and your juices mixing on his tongue.
he continued to jerk his cock while he moved to rest on his back, watching with half lidded eyes as you seemed to get what he wanted you to do, placing your hands on his chest and straddling his large frame between your cute legs, one of your small hands reaching down to position his cock at your entrance and sinking yourself down onto him.
a hand came to cradle the back of your head, pulling you down so your foreheads were resting against each other and your eyes locked in an unbreakable gaze while dream propped his feet onto the bed, his hands grabbing your hips for leverage as he started ploughing his cock into your soaked pussy from underneath you.
an all consuming urge to have you scream had him fucking up into you more relentlessly, wanting to hear your screams of pleasure ring through the whole damn neighbourhood. he could care less about anything else right now, all he could focus on was your tight little cunt squeezing the life out of him each time he filled you to the brim, the obscene squelching noises caused by the good fucking you were getting being drowned out by your loud moans that were getting louder each passing second he continued to bury his cock deep inside of you.
his dick pulled almost all the way out suddenly, only his tip remaining hugged by your velvety walls making you whine pathetically and try to bounce yourself on his cock, wanting to feel him in you once again but dream’s strong hands stopped him from filling you completely despite your best efforts.
“look at you, such a desperate little kitten aren’t you,” his pupils were blown out and his cheeks were flushed as he stared up at you with a dark look glinting in his eyes, wanting to hear your innocent self beg for him to keep fucking you like a whore. “what do you want pretty girl? you want me to keep fucking your pussy, huh?”
“y-yes! please sir, pleasepleaseplease fuck me i need it so bad please.” your voice sobbed out to him, words rushed and jumbled in your fucked out state. you were so ruined for him, so desperate for him to keep fucking you that you didn’t care about how pathetic you were in that moment, you had gotten a taste of him and you didn’t ever want to let go. luckily he felt the same but tenfold, so addicted to being buried in your tight pussy that he couldn’t not give into your pleas, immediately filling you with his thick cock again and continuing his frantic pace.
he hadn’t known this kind of pleasure for a long time, he had never even looked at other women while with his wife, being way too work addicted and somewhat content in his mediocre marriage to notice or care about anything else but now that he had seen you, now that he had gotten to know your cute little self he felt like a completely different man.
you were so wrapped up in each other that you remained completely oblivious to the world around you, not caring in the haze of pleasure and infatuation that the world was still moving outside of you two.
“hello?” dream’s wife called out, setting down her keys and taking off her jacket. “honey, we’re home! where are you?”
waiting for a response for a moment and hearing none she ventured around the house in search for him, after checking all of the downstairs area and most of upstairs she came across his office, the door wide open which was very unusual. he was always so adamant about it always being closed and no one was to ever go in there. she found it incredibly odd when he would get so territorial about it, but she summed it up to not wanting her or the kids interrupting him while he worked.
she cautiously walked in, looking around the dark empty room and discovering that dream was in fact not in there. her brows furrowed as she didn’t see him but she did see a very weirdly placed desk, pushed up right underneath the cracked open window.
what a weird place for him to put his desk.
walking towards it she noticed the scattered paperwork, all of the pages incomplete which was weird for dream as it was almost dinner time and he always used to have his work finished by then. a sinking feeling grew in her stomach when she saw the photo frames containing multiple family pictures turned face down on the unusually messy desk like he couldn’t stand the sight of them, that feeling was worsened when she heard distant sounds coming from outside of the window his desk was residing in front of, the sounds unmistakable despite being muffled.
looking out of his window, she almost didn’t see it at first. from here she could see perfectly into the pretty young girl who lived next door’s bedroom window. she could see everything, she could see the small desk covered with papers and textbooks, she could see the open closet full of pretty coloured clothes and she could see your bed, the bed in which her husband of 10 years and the father of her children was currently fucking said young girl on.
she couldn’t look away, her hands getting clammy and shaky and the tears that were building in her eyes slowly rolled down her cheeks and yet she could not look away from the sight of her husband fucking you more passionately, more loving than he had ever fucked her.
the way he cradled you as you rode him killed her inside, he held you as if you were his whole world and he looked at you like he would give you the universe if you so much as even glanced at it. even when he was carelessly bouncing you on his cock he gazed into your eyes with the utmost love and admiration, he was using your body like you meant nothing to him but it was obvious you meant everything to him.
his wife had found it suspicious when he had a lock installed on his office door, even more so when he would be hauled up in there from the time he woke up to the time he went to bed, sometimes he didn’t even make it to bed, choosing to sleep on the small couch in his study or falling asleep at his desk instead of next to her.
she supposes that was the first of many signs that she should have noticed yet somehow didn’t.
now realising that this was why he spent so much time in this damned room, this was why he hardly spent any time with his family anymore, with her anymore. really she should have known, it was only instinct for men to want to taint the innocent and innocent you were, with your cute little mannerisms and sweet aura. maybe this is all he needed, maybe if he got it out of his system he would come back to her.
the tears eventually blocked her vision, the sounds of your girlish moans mixed with dream’s deep ones echoing in his now cold study, and her head.
deciding not to torture herself any further, she tried to collect herself before opening the door and picking up her children from school, she wiped the never-ending tears falling down her blotchy cheeks, took a deep breath and plastered a fake smile across her face so she didn’t alert the kids.
later when dream would come home, she would act like she saw nothing, like he didn’t look dishevelled and like he didn’t even try to hide it. she would welcome him with a kiss on the cheek as she always does, except now he leaned away from her, barely looking at her though when he did it was with a newfound disgusted and disinterested look.
had he always looked at her like that?
she would notice the little things that have changed, like how he didn’t have dinner with his family anymore and even on the rare occasions when he did he wasn’t really there, always so detached and lost in thought, or how he would lock himself in his office with you now, ‘to help her with school work’ he would tell her, god knows how your mom didn’t catch on though she guesses that's the reason you’re so oblivious, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as some would say but she does wonder if she hadn’t of seen what she had seen, if she would have even known what was happening behind her back.
everything was suddenly always about you you you, about how well you’re doing in school and how proud dream is of his little muse, he had taken you under his wing to ‘prepare you for the business side of life’. it almost insulted her that he thought she was that dumb.
she wanted to hate you, she wanted to think of you as just a stupid little girl with a school girl crush on the taken older man, but how could she when really she was the stupid one, vying for the attention of her cheating husband who had obviously fallen out of love with her. it was pathetic, but she loved him and in her defence, she really thought that she stood a chance against you.
she would continue to go out places, the thought of what dream was doing at home haunting her throughout the day and when your family would come over for dinner she would continue to be the ever so foolish wife of dream, greeting you with a welcoming smile that hid so many emotions. she would watch insecurely as you interacted with her and dream’s kids like you weren’t tearing their family apart, like you weren't tearing her apart. she felt like an outsider in her own home now, hell she felt like an outsider in her own marriage.
now she noticed the looks that you shared, the infatuated and longing looks that a married man should not be giving a girl your age, like you guys were having your own conversation through your eyes and nobody else could understand it. there were so many words she could use to describe the looks you shared but she tried not to think about it too much, because dream had never looked at her like that and she didn’t know if he ever would though she knew she would kill for him to look at her like that.
she would start comparing herself to you, to your lovely smile and alluring body. she would adjust her clothes and change her hair but nothing would get his attention. she thought if she changed these little things about herself to be more like you, to be something that dream would like, that he would love her again. except she would never be you, she would never taste like you or react like you, she would never suck his cock like you do or call him sir like you do. you were the complete opposite of his wife, all wide eyed and bright smiles whereas his wife was all bitter attitude and boring personality. she could never be on the same level as you, it made dream laugh to think that she thought any part of him could still want her after having you, after filling your sweet pussy with his seed over and over again and claiming every inch of you as his.
admittedly at first dream was mostly attracted to your gorgeous body, to your infectious smile and innocent eyes but over time he found himself obsessed with you, with the way you rambled on one minute and then the next you could barely look him in the eyes for more than two seconds. he knew he couldn’t live without you and he was more than willing to give up everything to live his life right by your side.
no, he could never belong to her again because now he was completely and utterly yours.
Tumblr media
 A/N-  hi!! this took so long to write for no reason lmao i’ll probably edit this some more later but i just wanted to get this out, sorry if there’s any mistakes <3
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sinwvrld · 4 months ago
dream calling techno to cash in that favor. cut to techno going "im occupied," hanging up and leaning in to kiss the reader. afterwards, he's just like, "oh shit dream's in prison lolol rip" reader is just like, "who cares" and kisses him again MSJDJDNJEJD i have too much rot in my brain can you tell
oh anon… your brain is so big. sorry this took SO long to write— enjoy some techno filth >:D
Tumblr media
❙❘❚❙❘❚❙❘❘❘❙ INTERRUPTIONS . . . ₊ ‧
. ˚₊ ꒱ c!technoblade x fem!reader
━━━ . ˚₊ ꒱ by SINWVRLD
warnings: afab, exhibitionism, on-the-phone sex, pet play (use of name ‘bunny’), breeding, dirty talk, slapping (not to face), belly bulge, degradation, praise, spitting.
Tumblr media
“Look at you… So obedient, darlin’……”
Technoblade rarely ever gets time off, especially now that he’s starting the Syndicate. It consumes the majority of his day, and though he enjoys anarchy, there’s plenty of other ways he’d rather be spending his time.
One of those being as deep inside you as possible.
Your skin is flushed, sticky with heat as the man above you continues to snap his hips into you without a care. This animalistic side of him is one you’ve always cherished, quite literally drooling whenever the sexual urge to breed you takes over until all that’s left is a man who wants nothing more than to fill you with his seed.
He takes pride in claiming you as his own. There’s not much left in this world that he can have for himself, especially under Dream’s selfish dictatorship.
He was lucky to have you stumble into his lap.
A moan pulls quietly from your lips as his cock nestles deep enough to graze that certain spot, walls clenching around him. Your cunt is sopping, already overstimulated from moments ago when his tongue had been lapping at your folds.
“More—“ You manage with a whimper, head lulling to the side as he shifts his hips, every drag of his cock able to be felt as he finds an angle that allows him to thrust further than his previous one.
He chuckles darkly, eyes clouded over with lust. They watch your tits bounce with each harsh push of his hips, his hands trailing up your stomach in order to grip them.
Greedily playing with your nipples, he pinches them within his fingertips before his pager begins to beep.
“Seriously—“ He near on growls out, his rhythm faltering slightly as he leans down from the couch to reach for the device. You whine dumbly, squeezing your hands around his own to put pressure on the hardened nubs of your nipples again.
You know who’s ringing— He’s already made 10 calls tonight.
“Tell him you’re busy.” You finally find your voice as he presses answer, pushing the phone-like gadget up to his ear. He smiles cheekily down at you, keeping a slow and steady roll of his hips as he continues to move inside you carefully.
“I’m busy.” He’s quick to reiterate your words, humming gently when Dream’s voice echoes crankily from the other end of the line.
Already bored of not having his attention, you push your hips down onto his cock to get more friction. Techno gives you a warning glare as a result, removing his hand from your breast only to slap it lightly.
You gasp out in surprise, mouth staying parted as you look up at him innocently. He flashes you another grin, before thrusting his hips harshly just once.
It’s enough to have you squirming, pussy throbbing with need as he keeps focus on the call.
“You had a room filled with what?” You’re unable to hear Dream’s side of the call, only a muffled voice that’s far too insignificant compared to the feeling of Techno inside you.
You can feel how much he’s restraining, fighting the urge to fuck you silly with his frenemy on the phone.
Deciding you want exactly that, it doesn’t take long to manoeuvre his hand towards your face, pushing his fingers into your mouth to suck on lightly.
A flash of red flickers across his eyes, a telltale sign that you’ve awoken his darker side.
“Yeah, yeah— I’m not interested,” he’s quick to dismiss whatever claims Dream had been making, pulling his soaking fingers from your mouth quickly. He presses his palm against your stomach, shivering when he feels the indent of his cock. “I’m busy tending to my pet bunny.”
He doesn’t wait for the masked male to reply, the muscles in his thighs flexing as he begins to piston his cock into you once again.
There’s no stopping now, the pager carelessly tossed onto the floor beside you both as Techno cages you in with his body, lips brushing over your own. “Did my bunny enjoy that, heh? Keeping my cock warm on business calls like a little slut?”
Nodding your head is the best you’re able to give him, twitching every time his cock rubs against your clit. It’s swollen and hard by now, pressing deliciously against his dick whenever he drags in and out of you.
His skin slaps against the back of your thighs as he pushes your legs up, holding your hips higher so he can thrust as deeply into you as possible.
The new position has you seeing stars, hands reaching around you desperately for something to grab onto.
“Fuck—“ You whimper, barely able to keep your eyes open as he picks up his pace. You can feel his cock twitch inside you, hands caressing your body and gripping at whatever skin he can.
The sensation of everything he’s doing to you makes you head spin in the most delightful way, body warm and fuzzy as he mumbles an incoherent mix of praise and degradation.
“Pretty breeding slut— Gonna fill up my bunny bitch, yeah? You want that, princess?” He knows all the right things to say to get you to the edge, cunt leaking with slick at every word he directs at you.
His breathing becomes jagged, as do his thrusts, fingers moving from rolling your nipples to rubbing circles on your clit. The added pressure makes your toes curl, legs attempting to press shut until his other hand holds them apart.
“Ah, ah— Let me see your pretty pussy, darlin’…” His voice trails off, moving off your clit to slap your cunt harshly. The action makes you body jolt up the couch, a string of moans and whines of his name tumbling effortlessly from your lips. “Such a good, filthy pet. Maybe I should have let Dream listen to how good your cunt sounds when y’taking me.”
The thought of people seeing how Technoblade brings you pleasure arouses you much more than it should, your hands gripping to his shoulders as he presses himself on top of you. Your nipples rub against his bare chest, the extra contact bringing you straight to the edge.
Your stomach tightens before the coil finally snaps, thighs becoming sticky with your own cum as you release. Your walls tighten around his thick cock as you do so, stirring on his own release as he cums deep inside you, hips jutting as he fills you with his seed.
“Good girl…” He breathes out slowly, breaths coming out as pants as he slowly ceases his thrusts, lying on top of your shaking form to engulf you in his arms.
Your highs ride out until eventually his hips stop moving, enjoying the feeling of his cum dripping from your cunt.
It takes a moment of harsh panting and quiet whimpers before he begins to speak, kissing over your face as he brushes stray strands of hair from your damp forehead. “He called to tell me that he’s—“
He’s quickly cut off by your fingers pressing to his lips, leaning your head up to chase his mouth for a kiss. “I don’t care.”
He matches your smile with a grin of his own, pushing his body up to hold his weight before flipping you over. He’s quick to slap your ass, humming as he spreads your legs and watches his cum drip from your hole.
Swooping his head down, his lips part in order to spit on your pussy, rubbing it over your folds with his finger as you shiver. He smiles, manhandling your hips back into the air so your chest is still pressed flush against the couch.
He licks over your clit, growling when you push your cunt further onto his tongue greedily.
“You’re right— I don’t care.”
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celestialmoonhills · 3 months ago
"MINEcraft" contains cc! dream, cc! george, cc! sapnap, cc! quackity, cc! wilbur, cc! karl jacobs word count 1198 pronouns she/her (all of them doesn’t say but i slipped up @ karls one tweet so sorry abt that! :() genre fluff summary he never got that protective til' somebody flirts with his girlfriend on valentines day note someone ask me out pls /hj
Tumblr media
𝗗𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗠 ⁂ it was a peaceful chill stream til' you join in shit breaks lose ⁂ he was just meeting some new people on an among us lobby having fun and he asks if you can play for one round, reluctantly you agreed i mean who would say no to this boy ⁂ everything was chill except when it was voting time dream spoken out and your voice was heard in the background ⁂ upon hearing your voice rae chanted in " is that y/n? tell her i miss her" chuckling dream said "love? come here for a bit rae misses you" ⁂ sitting on his lap you smiled "hey rae how are you?" before rae can even speak a guy named travis cut her off  (this is a random name not associated w anyone! purely fictional) ⁂ " hey there how are you doing in this beautiful day, beautiful?" knowing full on you were in a relationship with dream, you were trying so hard not to laugh but even so you didn't know what to feel it was a feeling of discomfort and it was just hilarious ⁂ you then heard the loudest wheeze you ever heard from your boyfriend it sounded sarcastic in a way ⁂ "good joke dude, good joke" dream replied only to be met up with travis scoffing " i was serious dude" ⁂ dream broke his act and with a serious voice he says "they're doing wonderful actually cuddled up in my lap so no need to ask them that" he proudly says a grin appearing in his face ⁂ from that sentence you can just hear travis mute whether it was just from his embarrassing himself or him actually thinking he has a chance to ask you out. ⁂ checking twitter you saw a current tweet your boyfriend made ⁂ chucking you messaged him "you're such a dimwit, come here love"
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝗚𝗘𝗢𝗥𝗚𝗘 ⁂ george isn't the person who actually shows his jealousy on stream ⁂ so when a guy just squared up asked you to be his valentine his mood immediately dampens, and chat notice it and was teasing him the whole time ⁂ " chat no im not-CHAT!" he keeps denying it which leads up to chat teasing him even more ⁂ even so the clip which is very obvious that he's pissed off is all over twitter and twitter was having it's own field day that day ⁂ so he can save himself from more embarrassment he just ignores chat moving on to another topic still clearly showing his sour mood ⁂ even though he streams he still thinks about that exact moment when the guy asked you of course you awkwardly said no. ⁂ ending the stream he heard a slight knock on his door opening it he sees you with your arms open, and of course, he dives straight in ⁂ while hugging you carefully play with his hair reassuring him " you know you're my only valentines right love?" reassuring him ⁂ cuddling your phone made a noise, upon opening it you saw a recent tweet he posted ⁂ chucking you glance at him " you're such an idiot" while you both smile at the moment
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝗦𝗔𝗣𝗡𝗔𝗣 ⁂ now if somebody makes a move on you, especially on valentines day it's on sight ⁂ you were just chilling with your face cam on playing minecraft with new people, genuinely enjoying the company ⁂ suddenly that comfort was gone by someone asking you out for valentines day ⁂ awkwardly chuckling you politely declined but the person won't stop bugging you about it ⁂ now when sapnap saw this he wasted no time to go to your stream and kiss your neck and i quote gave you snacks for energy ⁂ " hey darling i brought snacks for you" while kissing your temple ⁂ you felt like a huge boulder on your shoulder was lifted off when sapnap came ⁂ the person muted and didn't speak about it anymore probably embarrassed about it ⁂ checking twitter, your boyfriend besides you grinning at the tweet he made ⁂ "i love you but you're such an idiot" chuckling to yourself while he kisses your forehead
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝗤𝗨𝗔𝗖𝗞𝗜𝗧𝗬 ⁂ you too were just playing jack box with karl and the regular lineup but there was one new creator ⁂ from the start he was annoyingly obnoxious making just that wasn't made to be made ⁂ but it was jack box so you guys let it aside since you guys thought it was jokes ⁂ a question popped up saying "who's your date this 14" upon popping up you saw your name and 'the queen' in both slots ⁂ your friends thinking quackity made that prompt started teasing him on being simp but you immediately know it wasn't him since he stopped making jokes being eerily quiet ⁂ revealing who typed the prompt everyone went quiet, they didn't really know what to say ⁂ from that on quackity became more silent while you kept spamming his dms with reassurance and i love you's ⁂ upon seeing that quackity smiled instantly oh how he loves you so much and the constant reassurance just gave him ⁂ now seeing him hype up the chat still knows the energy radiate awkwardness but will mentally thank u for cheering him up ⁂ posting of you in his car on twitter titled "mi amor"
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝗪𝗜𝗟𝗕𝗨𝗥 ⁂ it was just a chill valentine stream singing and chat watching you be lovesick fools for each other ⁂ half of the chat was complaining about how sweet you both are and the half is just complimenting you both ⁂ it was all fine til' a donation catches wilburs attention ⁂ "hey baby you look great today wanna be my valentine" ⁂ you both started laughing thinking it was just a funny joke til' he keeps donating pestering u both ⁂ wil was about to stop him til' you whisper a joke in his ear "darling we're gonna get rich" laughing he gives you a slight chuckle ⁂ he did turn off donations for that stream as you both just wanted it to be chill and peaceful ⁂ after the stream you both were just cuddling and having fun til' you get a tweet from the username that was a familiar message from a donation saying "im still serious about the offer baby" ⁂ in disgust you both blocked him while wilbur cuddles you, he tweeted out ⁂ " i love you, darling, you know that right?" and of course you do
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝗞𝗔𝗥𝗟 ⁂ it all happened when you posted a selfie of you greeting people happy valentines ⁂ and of course this man started hyping you up on social media and on irl ⁂ though regardless of the support there were so many icky men in your comments and it made you think if you would just delete the post ⁂ but no karl said he'll take care of it and he did by posting a tweet ⁂ you checked the tweet chuckling " you know i love you so much karl right?" ⁂ hiding his head on the crook of your neck " i know you do love and i love you just as well" ⁂ see this man loves you so much as you guys are cuddled up watching cartoons ⁂ despite the world teasing him as being a big simp he doesn't care cause he's your simp
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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r4in-nsfw · a day ago
Karl Hcs
you can't do anything sexual to that man that wont draw a whine or moan from him.
he's so sensitive, adding on to what someone else said, he'd cum like a minute into getting a blow job then getting all scared ur gonna punish him for it.
he cries a lot, like sobbing and whining for a break as you overstimulate him over and over again.
he shakes a lot, hands, thighs, he just trembles so much.
he's the type of guy that when he cums his eyes roll back and his toes curl. it's so precious.
he cums super easily i cannot say that enough, the simplest touches will drive him crazy.
touch his nipples and he'll cum instantly, whines and begs from just that.
he likes being praised, 'such a good job for mommy/daddy, such a good boy' he'll melt and get all soft after.
he's vocal, high pitched moans and babbles will come from his mouth usually.
he gets super red i think, his chest and ears flush red, almost like he's cold and been in the snow all night/day
he stutters a lot, probably from the pleasure or cuz he's nervous
he likes when you ruffle his hair, during sex or when ur jerking him off, playing with his hair he'll just get all shy.
cock torture oh my goodness he loves when you torture his poor swollen, cock with a flogger or just slapping his cock
dumb him down, not really degrading, but he loves being babied, 'aww my dumb little pup cant handle any more huh? how sad'
'm'sorry mommy/daddy, wanna be your good boy'
if you don't have a dick he loves pegging, just getting dick in general, but pegging i think he really enjoys.
don't tell me he doesn't like choking his partner, with those pretty hands oh my god he loves it.
he's kinda rough, man handling his partner and throwing them around.
his favorite position is missionary, a classic, he likes seeing what a fucked out mess he makes you
he loves making you gag, on his fingers, his dick. he loves seeing your mouth stuffed.
he teases you for how needy you get, likes seeing what a mess he can make you with doing nothing at all. 'all worked up over me huh? i barely did anything darling'
he can get really mean sometimes, all bitchy and just wanting to ruin you when ur a brat.
he likes spanking you, all the whines and pleads you make after every spank drives him nuts.
he has lots of rules, no touching yourself without permission, ask to cum, keep your hands off my dick unless instructed otherwise.
im a big hard!dom Karl believer, but also Soft!dom Karl is also really precious too, just wanting to make you happy and make you feel good tbh.
he can put you in your place really quickly, i just think he's aa brat tamer.
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squishycheekanon · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Probably cause grandpa was a dick
A mess, thats what it was.
I look like her.
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slut4dream · 6 months ago
play of the game | dream
summary: your boyfriend cheats on you, so to get back at him you sleep with his biggest enemy– the quarterback of your college’s rival team.
warnings: nsfw content — graphic descriptions of sex, degradation, squirting, mild size kink, minors dni!
pairing: quarterback!dream x f!reader
word count: 4.6k
a/n: atp my one shots are just porn scripts
Finding your boyfriend in bed with another girl is not something anyone expects, and it's certainly not something anyone can prepare for.
The faces of the two culprits as you discovered them will remain ingrained in your mind forever— they even had the audacity to act shocked, like you had been the one to inconvenience them.
In an instant everything had turned red, and you turned on your heel and stomped out of the house, curse words flying out of your mouth in a never-ending stream, fists balled up by your sides, tears threatening to spill from your eyes. Not tears of sorrow, though, no. Tears of sheer, total rage.
You didn't even want to look at Dylan, let alone listen to him as he trailed behind you and begged for you to let him explain. He sounded pathetic, the way his voice cracked with desperation— anyone would think he's the victim. Not a thing in the world could have convinced you to stay, so you hopped in your car and sped away without looking back.
"Two years in the trash. What an asshole. The night before semi-finals too, like, you can't possibly fuck up any harder than that. And the fact that he cheated on you? I mean, that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard of. He's-"
"Okay, Lex, I get it, holy shit," you say, cutting off your best friend's ramble before your brain can explode. One more word from her and it would have. You'd been laying there for the past thirty minutes, staring at your bedroom ceiling while she went on and on about how much of a dumbass Dylan was for what he did to you. "I don't wanna talk about him anymore, alright?"
Her face drops, and her big, doe eyes blink at you with pity as she plays with the strings of her hoodie. "I'm sorry. I was trying to make you feel better."
Great, and now you feel bad for snapping at her. "I know, but I just wanna forget about the whole thing." Maybe it's not... the healthiest way to deal with it, but you know from experience that once you let yourself go, everything comes crashing down and you lose control. So you resort to pushing things away for long enough until they're not a problem in your life anymore, and that's exactly what you plan to do this time.
But your muscles are still tense with the burning anger your ex-boyfriend brought you, knowing he probably hoped to get away with it. Probably planned on buying you flowers and a glittery necklace so you wouldn't suspect a thing.
"Wanna ditch the game tomorrow and get matching tattoos?"
"What?" you spit, frowning as you sit up to look at her.
"Well, I'm guessing you don't wanna go to your ex's football game," Lex says.
"No, I meant the matching tattoo part," you say, finding yourself laughing at the absurdity of her suggestion.
She shrugs, beaming at you. "Why not?"
You stare at your fingers, twiddling with them in your lap. The last thing you want to do is go to the game. But you not showing up would mean Dylan wins, and you don't want that either.
You want him to feel terrible for what he did, and you'll do that by showing up and supporting his rival team– the Orlando Panthers. They've always been better in every way. Stronger, more strategic. He despises them for it. No matter how hard he and his team pushed themselves, they could never pull through. It doesn't make it any better that the quarterback is a smug asshole who makes sure Dylan never forgets that he's second best.
That's it. Clay's the perfect revenge. What better way to get back at a cheater, than sleeping with the enemy?
The next day, game day, you put together an outfit that you know will make people stare, and more importantly it'll catch Clay's attention. A simple cropped cardigan that makes it look semi-casual, paired with a tennis skirt that's a little short to be modest.
You show up to the game right as it starts, filled with vengeance and an indomitable will.
Your ex-boyfriend spots you as he runs onto the field, flashing his pearly teeth at you, a smile that once had you melting. Now all it does is bother you, makes your jaw clench and your hands tighten into fists. You glare back at him with daggers.
Clay is easy to spot. He's one of the tallest players on the field, and his presence takes up the entire stadium. His voice booms over the whole field when he barks his callouts. Like a magnet, he keeps everyone's eyes on him, including yours.
The game ends with a final score of 55-46. It's no surprise to you that the Panthers manage to secure their spot in the state finals, not when Dylan spends half the game gawking at the way you clap and cheer for the opposing team.
Clay's team swarms him, whooping and hollering and chanting his name, and you watch on with a strange sense of pride, or perhaps it's the satisfaction of spite. For a moment he catches your eye as you celebrate like it's your college, shooting you a wink before he's lost in the high of winning again.
Everything's working out perfectly.
You give it about twenty minutes for everyone to clear out until you head to the locker rooms. Before you enter, you reach for your phone, open your messages with Dylan, and text him: "be at the locker room in 20 minutes no earlier no later".
The locker room is empty when you wander into it. There's almost no sign of life– except for one person, of course, the very one you're looking for. Number one. Quarterback for the Orlando Panthers. Six feet and three inches of sandy blond waves, freckles, and an ego the size of Mars. His confident posture makes him radiate contagious triumph. Frankly it's intimidating as hell, but in a way it thrills you.
You puff your chest out and hold your head high as you approach him, swaying your hips just enough to make you look confident but not conceited. You don't say anything. It's better to let him notice you.
Just a few feet away, Clay's eyes land on you, and almost immediately your gaze drops to his bare torso. Tan muscles flex with every movement, glimmering with droplets of water. His towel hangs low on his hips and six faint ripples run down his abdomen to where a distinct v-shaped line dips below the piece of fabric. He's not the most buff on his team, but he's definitely not lacking muscle either. Before you can help it, your mind drifts to the thought of being pressed against him.
"Hey," he says casually, tearing you suddenly from your little daydream. He looks at you like you're familiar to him. "You're Bennett's girl, right?"
You're not even subtle when you roll your eyes, sighing as you explain the story you're going to have to explain a hundred times for the next few weeks. "Not anymore. I found him hooking up with some chick yesterday."
"Oh, shit. I'm sorry," Clay says, face softening into something sympathetic.
You shrug. "It's his loss."
Clay grins, and the impressed look he stares at you with fuels your ego, egging you on as you step closer towards him.
"Actually, that's sort of why I'm here. I had an idea to, uh... get back at him," you say as he shuts his locker door over.
"Yeah? What's that?" he asks, turning to face you and towering over you when he does. He's almost scary now– shoulders so wide, even without his gear. You have to consciously tell yourself not to shrivel up and cower in front of him, so you let your eyes wander down his chest in an intentionally obvious way.
"Well... How do you think he'd feel about his ex hooking up with his biggest rival? His loathed enemy?"
Clay's eyebrows shoot up. For a moment you panic, thinking you've come on too strongly and freaked him out and ruined your chances. But a second later the corners of his lips curl up and his eyes fill with a curiosity and you relax a little.
"What's in it for me?" he asks, but if he truly weren't interested he probably would have said no by now.
"You get to two-up him. Beat him to the state finals and fuck his ex."
He laughs, and it's the hottest thing you’ve ever heard. It's a low sound full of a type of confidence that borders arrogance. It's probably the best way to describe everything Clay does.
"That why you wore that little skirt? So I'd notice you?"
His words come almost unexpectedly. You thought maybe you'd have to do a little more convincing, push him towards abandoning any morals. It leaves you having to compose yourself for a moment before you reply, and that's when your mind formulates a devilish idea.
"Actually it was so Dylan would notice me and see what a mistake he made," you quip. That's when a grin spreads over his lips and his fingers land under your chin, immediately sending shivers down your entire body. God. If that's your reaction to a feather light touch of his fingers, then...
He steps forward, closing the gap between you and him until your back is pressed against the cold metal of the lockers. He leans in close, just half an inch away from your lips, so close, yet so far it's painful, but the way his giant figure looms over you has you frozen in place.
"Cute," he says.
"Fuck you," you breathe, so he gives you what you want, and you know it's because he wants it too. He kisses you, hard enough to knock your head back against the locker, but the way his lips melt against yours makes the pain turn into a dull tickle. Your arms latch around his neck like a reflex. His hands land on your waist, one moving straight to your ass, the other drawing circles into your hip as he pulls you in until you're flush against his hard body.
He barely has to try when he pushes his tongue past your lips– you're far too rapt by him to put up any sort of resistance. Your knees buckle, your thighs squeezing together as the pulsing between your legs grows almost unbearable. Clay works your mouth with his tongue with such fervour that you forget everything, clawing at his shoulders to keep yourself upright. You don't even realise he's unbuttoned your cardigan until he's tugging at the sleeves, pulling your mouth from his to tear it off of you.
Shamelessly his eyes drop to your chest and to the lacy green bra you chose to wear, then back up at you with a primal desire in his eyes, like he's asking for permission.
"Touch me, Clay," you mutter, near-whining when you do.
That's all the assurance needs. In the blink of an eye his lips are at your neck and his massive hands are cupping your tits and he's not holding back in fear of pushing too far anymore. His teeth graze at the delicate skin under your jaw, him nibbling at your flesh so harshly that you gasp, then you're smiling when you imagine what your neck will look like– tainted with tiny bruises from him for everyone to see.
You struggle to breathe when he squeezes your tits and kneads them in circles. A tiny moan slips past your lips as you breathe out, and it might be embarrassing if it didn't feel so fucking good.
Clay's hands trail along your sides with purpose, sending shivers running down your entire body, until they reach your ass once more. He tugs at the hem of your skirt and you mindlessly fiddle with the zipper to help him shove the fabric down your legs without second thought.
Clay pulls away, glancing down, raking his eyes down your body with his bottom lip caught between his teeth. "Fuck, you're gorgeous."
The air in the locker room is cold– something like sixty degrees with the air conditioner blasting– but you're dying from heat from the sheer hunger in the way Clay gazes at you. He wants to ravage you, his mind spinning at the thought of how you'll take him. His cock is so hard already where it presses against your stomach, it almost hurts him. He needs relief now.
"On your knees," he utters. "Wanna put your pretty mouth to use." Straight away you're sinking to the floor, sweet eyes filled with mischief. His thumb rests on your lips, gliding over them before he dips the finger inside. You don't hesitate in wrapping your lips around it, relishing the way Clay's mouth gapes at the sight.
Hurriedly he tears his towel away to reveal his erection, flushed pink, covered in protruding veins, thick and intimidatingly long. He takes his length in his hand, pumping it a few times to smear the precum that dribbles from his tip along his cock. Then he brings it to your mouth, tapping it against your lips like he's trying to make this moment last as long as possible.
You curl your nimble fingers around his dick, gripping his muscular thigh with your other hand for leverage, and bring his tip to your mouth. Your tongue darts out, kitten licking at his head while you move your hand up and down slowly to tease. For a second you pull back only to spit, using your hand to coat him with your saliva before you wrap your lips around him. He hisses when you do, his hand flying to your hair to push it out of your face.
There's so much of him. You're barely halfway to the base before he hits the back of your throat and your waterline swells with tears. Despite how much you fight to open your airway, you just can't.
"What, can't take any more of me?" he asks, tantalising. "Surprising, considering how much of a slut I can tell you are."
You wish those words didn't spur you on as much as they do, but soon you find yourself bobbing up and down rapidly on his cock, fuelled by spite as you jerk off the rest of what you can't take with your hand, determined to prove something he already knows. You press your tongue forward, feeling smug when he twitches in your mouth.
"Oh, fuck," he whispers, low and raspy, his hand tightening its hold on your hair.
Before long you're running out of air, so you pull off of his cock with an exaggerated pop, letting a string of saliva follow you as you smile innocently and bat your lashes at him in a calculated manner.
Despite the fact that you're on your knees for him, he's the one that looks like he'll do anything for you.
Your head dips back down, but this time your mouth envelops one of his balls and for a moment you think he's about to pass out. He braces himself on the locker in front of him, letting out a low groan as you jerk him off and mouth at his balls simultaneously.
"Jesus, fuck," he breathes, swallowing hard. The praise makes your heart soar. Seeing him slowly come undone like this because of you sends you on a power trip. It's the strangest adrenaline rush you've ever had.
The noises your mouth makes are nothing but obscene. You let your spit slobber all over him with intent, twisting your hand as you work him quicker and quicker. Clay stutters out an endless stream of swears, falling apart slowly above you like it's his first time having his dick sucked. Experience comes in handy sometimes.
"Keep sucking like that and I'll come all over your face– fuck," he groans and you don't realise it's a threat until he yanks your head away from him. "Is that what you want? Or do you want me to fuck you?"
Truth be told, Dylan would lose it if he found out you so much as flirted with someone like Clay. If he knew you sucked his dick, you can guarantee some damage will be done. But if he knew you fucked him?
Without hesitating, you bring yourself to your feet, to your pathetic height compared to his, watching him devour you with his eyes. His hand moves to the space between your legs where he grazes fingers grazing over the fabric of your panties.
"I bet you're soaked already, hm?" he says. His eyes are half-lidded as he stares at you and your mouth drops open as he presses his fingers gently against you. Like a sadist, he smiles a little at your every reaction to his touches that are never quite enough, but that's just what he wants.
"Oh," he says, in a pleasantly delighted tone that ends up being condescending. "Look at that. You are soaked. And I haven't even taken your panties off."
"Clay, please," you manage, but it's more of a whimper than actual words. He presses a little harder and you jolt, curling your hands around his biceps and giving a pathetic whine.
"What? Please what?" He knows exactly what.
"Need you..."
He laughs, low and patronising. "Sit on the bench for me, baby. Gotta prep you first."
You do as told, settling on the bench a few feet away with your legs shamelessly apart for him. His massive hands are rough against your inner thighs, but still he manages to raise goosebumps all over your skin. His fingers find the band of your underwear, pulling lightly.
"Let's get these off you," he rasps. Your raise your hips a little as he tugs the fabric down your legs, leaving you entirely exposed and growing hot. "God, your body is fucking gorgeous."
His fingers move to your clit, and a moan slips out of your mouth once he starts to draw circles against it.
"So sensitive. What, your ex-boyfriend never touch you?"
He did. He wasn't bad, per se, but he was nothing mind-blowing in bed. Perhaps it's the rush of energy, the thrill of this entire ordeal that amplifies even the most gentle touches for you.
Clay's finger circles your hole, never quite dipping in like he's purposely testing your patience. His mouth curls into a devious grin as he gathers up your arousal and spreads it all over your clit, drawing a gasp out of you. "You're dripping."
Still you physically don't care enough to feel embarrassed, even though you should be at the effect this man has on you. But when he slides two of his long fingers inside, with complete ease of course, your mind switches off and the only things that occupy it are Clay and the flicker of warmth growing in your stomach.
Slowly he pumps his fingers in and out of your hole, but his movements are filled with restraint. As much as he wants to fingerfuck you into oblivion, he needs to get you worked up first. Already your pussy clenches around him, sucking his fingers in subconsciously. He chuckles and you burn up.
"Needy little whore," he whispers, before his fingers curl upwards until they find that sweet spot within you with practised ease. Your head falls back then, a quivered moan leaving your mouth as he starts to stimulate you there.
What starts off steady turns into Clay dragging his fingers in and out of you with haste. His bicep flexes as he moves his wrist, tiny veins popping up on his skin. He fucks you with such force you're shifting up and down the bench, crying his name as he pushes you towards your climax.
Your thighs tremble. Your eyes roll back into your head. Your hands grip the edge of the bench so hard you might snap the wood. The pressure in your abdomen builds, but so does something else, something deeper at the same time.
Clay notices. He sees the desperate arousal in your eyes and speeds his pace even more to something almost unbearable.
"Come on, be a good slut and cum all over my fingers," he says with a grin.
His word is all you need. A few more pumps of his curved fingers and you're hurtling towards your orgasm. Your muscles go tight, and you're clenching around him, and everything is wet because you're gushing as you come.
Clay looks ridiculously proud, even more so than when he won today's game. He's got a shit-eating grin on his face, and it takes a few moments for it to hit you that you just squirted.
"Holy shit," you breathe. "I didn't... know I could do that."
Next thing you know, he grabs you by your waist, drops down to the bench and pulls you into his lap like you're nothing but a rag doll, giving you no room to breathe. You're still dizzy from your first orgasm, and now Clay drags the tip of his cock through your folds, making you flinch when he glides it over your sensitive and puffy clit.
"Ready?" he asks, letting his dominance crack momentarily to be replaced with subtle concern.
"Yeah," you breathe, tightening your grip on his shoulders as you brace yourself.
A second later and that concern slips away completely as he pushes himself in, grabbing your hips to sink you down onto his cock slowly. He's barely inside you when you hiss out. The more he presses in, the bigger the stretch, and soon you feel as though you're being split in half.
"F-fuck, you're too big," you gasp, nails digging into his skin. It's a conflicting sensation, the sting as he splits you open and simultaneously the delicious feeling of him filling you up.
"You can take it, can't you, baby?" he says, but it's not a question. It's a demand disguised as sympathy because moments later he pulls your hips down and buries himself to the hilt inside you, leaving your head spinning from the mixture of pain and bliss.
He's so, so much bigger than Dylan and God, can you feel it. You think he might be reaching your cervix with how deep he is inside you.
With his hands clutching your hips, Clay begins to guide you up and down his cock. He's slow as he moves you, which shouldn't be too bad, but the strength he uses has you near gasping for air after only a few seconds. The backs of your thighs smack against his every time he brings you down, cutting through the silence of the entire locker room.
When his hips start to thrust up to meet yours, that's when you black out for a second.
"Oh, my God," you moan, so shameless it almost surprises you.
"Yeah?" Clay grins. Green eyes beam with enthusiasm, his hips spurring with speed. "Feels good?"
You start to reply, but a particularly hard thrust has you yelping out, an airy whimper that in no way helps the way that Clay fucks you with near-rage.
"Fuck, you're so tight," he groans through gritted teeth. His fingers on your hips are turning unholy with a force that guarantees you'll have marks there to match your neck. Deep in your abdomen, a knot forms, tightening with every stroke and every breathy noise that Clay makes. "So wet too. God, I could cum right now."
By now he's pounding into you without relent. Your sweat-slick skin is flush against his. His cock reaches your sweet spot effortlessly with every merciless thrust. It drags against your warm, plush walls so nicely that you quickly find yourself becoming addicted, mind hazy with a craving to be fucked like this forever.
Out of the corner of your eye, in your fucked out state you can just about make out a figure at the entrance to the locker room.
Dylan stands frozen, his face expressionless except for the way his mouth hangs and he blinks rapidly. You don't tell Clay to stop. You don't even think about it. He's far too taken over by a primal urge as he fucks you to even notice that someone's there.
You make sure to gaze directly into your ex-boyfriend's eyes as you give an obscene moan, grinning as you watch him stumble to leave, and everything becomes more sensitive as the success of your plan settles.
"Fuck, Clay," you whine, high pitched and needy, making his cock throb where it's inside you. You drop your head to his neck, nipping softly at his skin while his hands move to your ass and use it to keep you bouncing on his cock.
"Such a slut. Walking in here and begging me to fuck you," he grunts. "All to get back at your bitch of an ex-boyfriend, huh? Bet he never fucked you this good. Bet you never took his cock this well."
You're gripping onto Clay's toned shoulders for dear life, moaning desperately into his flesh as he pounds away at you. Your arousal drips down your thighs and there's a squelch with every drag of Clay's cock in and out of you. The knot in your stomach grows tighter and tighter until you're clenching all around him.
"I'm– ngh– I'm close," you warn him in a muffled, broken whimper. It's all you can manage right now with your brain nothing more than a fuzzy mess.
"Yeah? Gonna cum on my cock like a whore? Come on, baby. Cum on my fucking cock." Clay is breathless too. He sounds out of it as he coaxes you towards another orgasm, words mingling together as he speaks.
All it takes is a couple more thrusts of his cock until that sensation is back, before the heat in your belly erupts and spreads through every muscle in your body. Everything goes tense as the overwhelming bliss washes over you and it feels so good you're yelling, eyes rolling into the back of your head. You cling onto Clay as a surge of liquid from your pussy rains over his thighs.
Again. You squirted again.
"Good fucking girl," he groans, baring his teeth with triumph, his hips never slowing their relentless pace. In fact, the way his cock throbs against your walls has him fucking into you with even more abandon as he chases his own climax.
"Gonna fill you up, okay?" he says. It's more than okay.
"Please," you whine despite the way the stimulation borders on painful now, and exhaustion starts to settle in from your two orgasms in a row. "Want your cum."
Clay gives two, three more rough thrusts before it's game over. Then with a guttural moan from the depths of his chest and a throb of his cock, he releases his load into you, hips twitching as he stuffs you full. The warmth as he fills you up brings a wave of fatigue, leaving you trembling in Clay's arms.
For a few moments, you're both entirely still as you catch your breaths and drag yourselves back to reality. Slowly you regain enough strength in your limbs to move, to climb out of Clay's lap and land on your feet, but you feel like a baby deer when you stand because your legs are next to useless.
"Woah," Clay laughs, reaching out to steady you as you stumble forward. He stands too, helping you stay upright by your elbows. "You good?"
"Yeah," you giggle. He looks pretty, with his flushed cheeks and swollen lips, his hair a mess on his forehead, his pupils blown out.
"Think I gotta shower again," he says, chuckling. "You should join me."
There are a lot of things he could be implying with his proposition, and really you should probably say no. But you're reckless. Drunk off of him. Somehow you still haven't gotten enough of him.
"...Fuck it."
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basilly · 6 months ago
lockscreen | cc!mcyts x gn!reader
Tumblr media
⋆.ೃ࿔*:・ summary: what kind of photo of you/both of you would be his lockscreen wallpaper?
⋆.ೃ࿔*:・ includes: feral boys + wilbur !
⋆.ೃ࿔*:・ pronouns: none mentioned
⋆.ೃ࿔*:・ note: i swear this isn't me coming back to write LOL im just getting little bursts of energy
Tumblr media
hands down a photo of you and patches in matching exclusive dream merch. his two biggest supporters <3 - it's only merch you guys have, they're samples he didn't end up using. everytime he checks his phone, he has a little goofy smile that he tries to hide by pulling up his hoodie/shirt collar to his nose.
Tumblr media
one of those blurry chaotic photos of him giving you a piggyback ride. the complete calmness of the night contrasting the giggles and serotonin of the moment was one of his favorite memories, now forever his lockscreen. it makes a smile creep onto the corner of his lips everytime.
Tumblr media
george doesn't often take photos unless you make him usually. thus, his lockscreen happens to be one of the only times he does. it's a simple photo of you on the train, looking out the window or down onto the floor, but he loves it. there's something about it that calms him down with a serene background and his favorite person.
Tumblr media
if you've seen the lara-jean and peter sleeping/cuddling photo- it's that. the two of you snuggled up against each other, you laying on his chest, head tucked under his chin. the both of you had fallen asleep at movie night at quackity's and he snapped a picture to make fun of karl later- little did he know it would be karl's favorite photo ever.
Tumblr media
quackity loves domestic scenes with you- grocery shopping no doubt. butttt there was one time when he was pushing you around he let u roll down the parking lot, and as it picked up speed, you were seen screaming in fear and excitement. he had whipped out his phone to snap a couple photos, loving the pure happiness and laughter on your face.
Tumblr media
like his 'date' photos with george, his lockscreen is a picture of you on one of your dinner dates- he's like a facebook mom, telling you to say 'cheese' for the photo. you're simply too excited to eat and urging him to hurry up. it's a live photo- if you hold down, it quickly turns to you frowning that the food is getting cold. it makes him laugh everytime out of adoration and he claims he finds it adorable.
Tumblr media
moot reach: @inniterhq @mitzimania @yamturds @earthtooz @cherios @ttakinou
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dreamholic · a month ago
Tumblr media
pairing(s): dreamwastaken x gender neutral reader, georgenotfound x gender neutral reader, sapnap x gender neutral reader, karl jacobs x gender neutral reader, quackity x gender neutral reader
summary: you call them by their real name instead of a nickname.
warning(s): use of dream and quackity’s real names. the use of sapnap’s name once. use of the nickname bubs on karl’s since people don’t like that one for some reason ?
Tumblr media
DREAM: has the shock of his life when you call him clay. like karl, he thinks you’re mad at him for something he did. he tries to figure out what he did as he walks to the kitchen to you. “yeah?” he asks when he’s unable to come up with anything he did wrong, watching you clean the dishes. it couldn’t be the dishes, right? today is thursday, your day to clean the dishes. “clay, can you get patches some more food while i finish here?” he winces, having hoped you just decided to call him clay for once but nope. “okay,” he mutters, doing as you told him to but can’t help himself and asks, “did i do something wrong, baby?” he watches your expression carefully as he sets patches’ bowl on the floor. your brows furrow, looking over your shoulder at him. “i don’t know, did you?” you’re immediately suspicious of him after that but he shakes his head, “no, no i mean like— you’re calling me clay instead of babe or even dream. you only call me clay when you’re mad at me or being serious.” “oh,” you shrug, turning back to the sink. when you don’t say anything, he grows more concerned. “baby,” he whines slightly, “i’m sorry for whatever i did.” your lips twitch up, listening as he continues to whine and make promises that he’ll make it up to you. when he says, “i promise i’ll do all the house chores for a week!” you brighten up and turn to him, “really? great, thanks, babe. you can start now, i’ll go tell sapnap that you’ll do everything.” he watches in shock as you walk away to the living room, slowly registering that you tricked him. “Y/N!”
GEORGE: you have to stifle your giggles before starting with, “george, pass me my laptop charger.” he goes to grab it but halts halfway, brows furrowing. he concludes it was just a one time thing so he grabs your charger and hands it to you, expecting a kiss on the cheek or lips along with a sweet, “thanks, love!” as you always do. but he gets nothing except for “thanks, george.” and you dismiss him without another thought. he stares at you in silence and you look up at him, “what?” “don’t call me that.” “call you what? your name?” your eyebrows raise. “you don’t call me george, you— you call me love or, or gogy,” he explains hastily, cheeks turning pink at his words. you have to force your lips into a straight line, “oh? i thought you didn’t like me calling you those names since you whine all the time about it.” he huffs, cheeks turning even more pink, “y/n! don’t pretend you didn’t know.” “didn’t know what, exactly?” you can’t hide your smile this time. “that— that i like you calling me love!” you simply stare at him in silence, a satisfied smile on your lips as he soon realized, “you just wanted me to admit that, didn’t you?” “yup,” you chirp, leaning in for a kiss which he quickly dodges, “no! no kisses since you like to trick your boyfriend.”
SAPNAP: he’s busy playing valorant when you decide to do it, eyes focused on his computer screen. “hey, sapnap, what do you want for dinner?” you lean on the door frame, knowing he’s only in call with punz as he plays and neither are streaming. he doesn’t answer, making you furrow your brows. you’re sure that he can hear you, his volume is never loud enough just in case something happens, but you step forward and tap him on the shoulder anyways, “sapnap. what do you want for dinner?” he still doesn’t answer, making you huff only to hear punz ask through his headphones, “dude, y/n’s asking you a question.” sapnap still doesn’t answer. you roll your eyes, crossing your arms over your chest, “oh really? that’s how it’s going to be? nick!” he keeps silent. “jesus, fine! what do you want for dinner, baby?” you emphasize the pet-name and he finally turns around, sending you a sweet smile, completely different than his blank look from earlier. “how about some sushi?” “dude,” you hear punz laugh as you roll your eyes and start to leave the room, “you’re unbelievable.” “don’t call me sapnap again! love you.”
KARL: freezes the moment you say “karl”, trying to think of something he did to upset you. can’t think of anything so he decides to play it safe and tentatively asks, “yeah?” he’s confused when all you do is ask him to do something simple and not at all torturous. stays quiet, deciding to just forget about it but it doesn’t leave his mind for the rest of the day, not to mention he also notices the other times you continue to call him by his real name. he ends up not being able to take it close to dinner time, “okay, what did i do wrong? ‘cause you’ve been calling me karl all day and a hundred percent of the time, you call me bubs. so—” he’s confused at how you start giggling, cutting him off. “i was just waiting to see how long it’d take you to confront me,” you explain through your laughter. he stares at you before giggling in amusement and a huge amount of relief, “thank god. can you call me bubs now? because hearing you say karl directly to me makes me want to be asleep forever.”
QUACKITY: “alex, do you think i should buy this?” you tug him closer to you so he can look at your phone but all he does is stare at you. “alex? … alexis?” he simply blinks at you with a blank face. you stare back at him in confusion, “dude. quackity. do you even hear me?” he then decides to open his mouth, “who is alex?” you give him a bitchy stare, “um, you?” he shakes his head, turning back to his computer and staring at it with his jaw clenched slightly. your lips twitch at the sight, knowing he’s not really mad but just being dramatic and salty. “quackity.” “nope, don’t know who that is. why are you talking about another guy?” you scoff, “oh, sorry, honey. happy now, cutie? oh, or how about handsome? or—” “jeez, okay i get it!” his cheeks flush lightly, avoiding your stare with how quick you seemed to turn the situation on him instead of the other way. “ … i like honey.”
Tumblr media
tiktok series. library.
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florashing · 3 months ago
subtle | dreamwastaken.
You didn't plan on spending the night at your best friend's place but it was too late for you to Uber home by yourself, and Clay didn't seem to mind sharing his bed with you during the night – of course, situations like these end up notoriously platonic.
Dream, female reader.
WARNINGS: smut, use of Dream’s real name, thigh riding. MDNI.
Author’s note: hi :D this is the first piece i've written in a while so it's a bit shorter than what i usually do cause i'm rusty lol but hopefully you guys like it!! let me know what you think ! <3
Against your better judgment, you agree on staying the night at Clay's place. Too emerged in each other's company to notice the hours passing by, you miss the way the sun goes down and is replaced by the moon, hanging high on the sky after hours upon hours of loud laughters and comfortable silence. You try to act as eloquently as your best friend did when he made the proposal – shrugging as he picks up the mess that's all over his bed.
“We're sleeping in the same bed?” You watch your tone looking around his closet for a shirt to wear, too shy to look him in the eye.
“Yeah, I mean- what's wrong with that? Scared you won't be able to resist me?” He jokes, walking around the bed and tidying it.
With your gaze still looking for something to focus on inside his messy closet, you pull a long-sleeved henley shirt and shut it close, walking towards the bathroom with your head down – gaze everywhere but on his. “You're an idiot.”
You walk out of the bathroom already wearing only his shirt and your undergarments, to find the boy turning on the TV located on the wall parallel to his bed – the sudden brightness bothering your eyes for a couple of seconds. Clay sits on the edge of the bed and before he could even react, your body launches into the mattress, settling on the side where the bed touches the wall. He looks back at you – the light of the screen illuminating only one side of his face and leaving the other one completely unlit. His green eyes were even more alluring in the dark. Clay smiled down at you, head shaking slightly.
“What?! The wall will keep me safe.” You protest, laughing at his expression.
He scoffs, watching you sneak under his duvet, laying on your side to face him and the TV. “Safe from what?”
“I don't know. I don't trust your house.”
Clay scoffs again, green eyes turning away from you and to the TV, looking for something to watch. “And I'm the idiot.”
He settles on top of the duvet, making you support the weight of your head on your hand and elbow so he wasn't in the way of the screen. He wasn't completely laid down on his back – a couple of pillows propped his torso up so he was semi-sitting. A giggle escapes his lips when his head tilts to your side. “You get cold so easily.”
Minutes pass by in perfectly comfortable silence – you just wish your position was as nice. Even though Clay was on his back, he was significantly bigger than you, meaning you couldn't just lay your head down and still see the TV – he would always be on the way.
Your bent arm was starting to hurt quite a bit, so you instinctively drop your head on the pillow under it, stretching your member. The boy beside you notices the loud huff leaving your lips and it calls his attention.
“You alright?”
“My arm hurts.”
“D’you wanna switch positions?”
“No.” You answer immediately. “I'm staying by the wall.”
He scoffs then looks around, apparently scanning his brain for options.
“D’you wanna get on my lap?” He asks, not a fragment of a smirk noticeable on his face, not a single thing indicating he was joking.
The gentle smile you had on your face throughout this entire exchange drops. Clay seems to notice your immediate reaction and further explains.
“What? I'm not fucking with you.” He says, genuine eyes looking at you.
“What type of suggestion is that?” Your voice falters as you scoff, smiling at him in incredulity.
“I mean- I just thought it made sense. If I'm in your way and you don't wanna move you can just lay on top of me- it's not a big deal, friends do that shit all the time, like cuddling and stuff. It's just a suggestion, you can say no.”
The mere thought of getting on Clay's lap made you incredibly flustered, but, in the back of your head, you know that's where you're gonna end up. Your relationship with Clay was hard for you to navigate – you guys never really flirted per say, and that's why when you did, it didn't feel like much of a joke. You both always seemed a bit shy around one another when certain topics were brought up, but you always blamed it on your longing and his naivety. That's why there was little to no touching involved in your friendship, that's why his suggestion really took you by surprise. When you speak again, an unwanted shy tone laces your voice.
“I would, but I'm pretty cold and I know you would feel hot if I pull the comforter over us.” You try to reason, knowing he wouldn't like the idea of getting under the covers.
“No need for that, I'll keep you warm. Come on.” The boy says with a soft tone, patting his thigh gently.
You felt all the blood in your body flush hot to your face, so you couldn't say that he was wrong about that. With a defeated sigh, you get up and align your torso with the boy under you – his arms lazily drop to his sides to give you room to settle over him. Your head lays on his chest, both arms cuddling his sides for mere convenience, and legs draped over his. It wasn't the most comfortable position in the world, but at least now you could see the TV and he couldn't see how flustered and pouty you were. At least it was nice listening to his heartbeat.
After what felt like a bit over an hour of comfortable silence and a couple of giggles and commentary on the show you were watching, Clay shifts under you. His torso riles up a bit over the pillows, one of his knees bending and parting your legs on the way. Your entire body shivered, very well aware that your crotch was pressed flat against Clay's thigh as one of his hands lazily rests on your lower back.
Curious eyes and raised eyebrows look his way to find his very calm, almost asleep countenance still lost on the TV screen, seemingly unaware of the position he just put both of you in. Tired body moving mindlessly with no intent but to make him more comfortable.
Taking a deep breath followed by a heavy sigh, you look back to the screen to your side, head settling on his chest once again. You channel all your focus on the screen – the dialogue, the actors, the soundtrack. But it didn't matter how hard you try to immerse yourself in the storyline to escape your current torturous state, there is no show on the planet that could possibly make you ignore the warmth of your best friend's thigh pressed against your core. The boy under you nuzzled himself further into the pillows, a satisfied hum echoing from his body to yours making you realize he might be feeling how thunderously your heart was banging against your chest.
In a failed attempt to calm yourself down, you shift your torso upwards, seeking a bit of space between you and his thigh, accidentally nuzzling your head on his neck. Clay seems to mistake your attempted flee as a invitation to cuddle further into you, as he brings his thigh up again, and brings both arms to squeeze your waist, letting go gently but keeping his lazy hold on you.
Your breathing is slightly laboured as you notice the sprout of arousal manifesting in your lower abdomen, making you move once again, with the same intention of trying to create just a bit of space between the two of you. Clay clicks his tongue in impatience, shifting slightly under you, accidentally grinding you against his thigh – but that didn't seem to affect the boy at all, at least not nearly as much as it affected you. You could feel your slick pooling, painfully aware that if he rubs himself against you again he might be able to feel your arousal.
Unable to stop yourself, you shift on his lap again, wetness starting to feel uncomfortable in your underwear.
“Stop squirming.” He mumbles, eyebrows furrowing in annoyance and a slight pout to his lips, eyes so sleepy they were almost closed.
“I'm not in the most comfortable position.” You complain.
“Why not? Just get in a comfortable position, then.”
“That's what I'm trying to do!” You say, annoyance bleeding through your voice before you felt his thigh tensing under you, pressing closer. You turn your head once again to find him looking at the TV, unable to see his expression. You lay your head on his chest, listening close to his heartbeat – it's definitely faster than what it usually is. Experimenting, you circle your hips over him ever so slightly, the movement would be nearly unnoticeable to someone who didn't have their mind on the gutter – which didn't seem to be Clay's case. One of his lazy hands finds your hip, making a motion to move it back. You follow his lead, slightly grinding on his thigh for not even a full stroke before panicking slightly, and stilling your hips once again. You feel him shake with a chuckle.
“My God, what's with you today?” He says, and you're not brave enough to look up and see if he's watching you.
“I'm sensitive.” You murmur without thinking much of it, instantly regretting the words that came out of your mouth when he chuckles under you once again, the proximity of your bodies allowing you to feel his every move.
You shift above Clay again and one of his hands come to your back, fingers ghosting the line of your spine, awaking shivers in your arms – your body automatically responds by squirming, and you try your best to mask your genuine reaction with another shift of your position.
Even though your eyes are not on him, it's pretty clear by Clay's tone that he's smirking. “You're really struggling, huh?”
You hide your face on his chest, taking a deep breath. Your hands grab a fistful of his shirt, trying to get some sense of grounding, until you feel his breathing on the top of your head – lips touching your hair.
“You can move if you want to. No need to hold back, hm?” He whispers, leaving a gentle kiss to your hair.
Still facing his chest, you shut your eyes closed as tight as you can as you mentally prepare yourself to throw the best friendship you've ever had out the window. But, if you were completely honest, you've been hoping this day would come ever since you met Clay.
Extremely shyly, you make a couple of back and forth movements – his thigh tenses under your pulsing core and moves upwards, properly grinding on you. A yelp escapes your lips and you're starting to struggle to breathe from how long you've been hiding your face on his shirt.
He chuckles again, then leaves a kiss to your head before both his hands make presence on your hips. “Here, let me help you.”
Slowly, he pushes your hips up and down his thigh, forcing you flat against him, making sure to give you as much friction as possible. You fight your body's urge to twitch your hips and let him take over you, hands slightly shaky with anxiety, body begging for more of him.
You close your eyes once again, eyebrows furrowed in concentration as you lay your head back on his chest, much more relaxed now. Your grip on his shirt is tight as the tension builds on your lower stomach, skin shivering with Clay's precise manipulation of your hips. Each one of his slow, hard pushes makes you more sensitive, low moans start to gradually leave your lips.
As soon as your hips start moving on their own, a bit more faster than the pace he set, Clay's hands travel up your back – both roaming through your clothed body and his own laboured breathing becomes noticeable in your ear, Clay's cock demanding attention on your thigh. His body's response enthralled you even more, making your hips move faster without you even realizing it. One of his hands settles on the nape of your neck, massaging, provoking a moan louder than the previous ones, and you allow your mouth to stay open, soft pants leaving your lips as you circle your hips harshly on his thigh.
A heavy hand cups your ass surprising you, groping it harshly as he now guides your fast pace. Your whole body shivers and you instinctively bite down on his neck to suppress an embarrassingly loud moan.
“I know, baby. I know.” He whispers in your ear, as if you weren't already down a spiral.
The noises from the television were a very distant afterthought, enveloped by your moans and heavy breathing that you couldn't tell wether was yours or Clay's. Your eyes stay closed, the bright lights of the screen in front of you forming colourful smears behind your heavy eyelids. You try to focus on their calmness to distract you from the brutal pace your hips were being forced to keep up with, knowing well you'd feel sore afterwards.
The burning desire building between your legs made you move desperately, but you knew you wouldn't reach your climax without directly touching your clit. You separate your hips from Clay's slightly, leaving just enough room to sneak a hand into your underwear, and sit up on his lap.
For the first time since you started, you look at Clay, and all your movements cease as soon as your eyes meet his. His dirty-blonde hair was a mess of soft locks, face flushed pink and lips red from how much he has been biting down on them. His mischievous green eyes follow the path of your hand, smirk slowly growing on his lips. When his eyes snap back to yours, he nudges you with his thigh.
“Go on, touch yourself for me.”
An embarrassing two flicks of your fingers and you come undone above him – entire body shaking with your high as your hips insist on grinding harshly on his thigh. Your body falls forward as his hands find your hips again, helping you ride out your orgasm. Finding home on the crook of his neck, you whimper as sensitiveness starts to take over the pleasure, both of you allowing your hips to slow to a stop.
As you start to come back to yourself, fear and silence start to settle in. You have no idea how you'll look Clay in the eye after this – nothing of this nature has ever happened to you before, God, you didn't even fucking kiss. What the fuck was this all about? How are you supposed to act – like none of this happened? Just go back to being friends and never mention this weird, impulsive encounter again?
“This is the first time I make someone cum before ever kissing them.”
You allow yourself to laugh along with him, finding comfort in your best friend's warmth. Taking courage and a deep breath, you support your weight in one of your elbows and rest your head on your hand, eyes meeting his. You fight a smile as you reply “That's something to brag about.”
His smiles mirrors yours, pretty eyes filled with hope look at you. “Doesn't mean I'll let you go without one, though.”
And within the same second, your smile meets his.
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fxnxtical · a month ago
mcyt sleeping headcanons.
how mcyt’s fall asleep with you.
includes: cc!wilbur soot, cc!ted nivison, cc!jschlatt, cc!dream, cc!quackity, cc!tommy (p), cc!ranboo (p), cc!tubbo (p).
Tumblr media
wilbur – the octopus.
he’s got them long ass limbs, how could he not be?
but yes. whenever the two of you fall asleep together he naturally does the thing where his legs will tangle with yours
his arms are everywhere wrapped around your torso.
he craves the physical contact, so when you take a nap on the couch he just… easily wraps himself around you
will also sometimes hold your hand/play with your fingers
ted – the blanket.
i’ve mentioned this before in the fluff alphabet posts but he’s definitely the type to put his weight on you and just become the blanket
not to the point where it’s suffocating
but just enough to be comforting
also snores.
not too loud, but he definitely does quietly
schlatt – the furnace.
don’t know why, but his body just naturally runs really warm when he’s asleep
which means he usually doesn’t need a blanket. if he does, it’s a thin one
fret not, because it means you can just cling on to him and that’s more than enough heat for the night
he’s also not much of a cuddler. only in that he won’t really hold you much during the night
but he lets you lie on top of him and just kinda… nuzzle up to him for warmth
clay – the spoon.
definitely the big spoon
has an arm around your waist the whole night
usually your head is tucked just under his chin
he’s also a night owl, though, so if your sleep schedules don’t match and he finds you asleep he’ll just scooch in and hold you softly
otherwise, the two of you are cuddling, sharing quiet conversations until you fall asleep
alex – the cuddler.
doesn’t share a lot of physical affection normally, but when you’re asleep he’s all over you
sleeps facing you, so you’re just softly breathing against each other
he generally has a hard time falling asleep so he really appreciates your touch since it calms him so much
in bed is also one of the few times he’s not wearing a beanie so his hair gets everywhere
but he really appreciates it when you run your fingers through the soft strands and just kinda… scratch his scalp a little while he sleeps
tommy – the reluctant sleeper
will try his damned hardest to not fall asleep
it’s only when his energy finally crashes and his head just drops on your shoulder that he starts to snooze
also will not admit to liking cuddles
but if you play with his hair a bit while he rests on you, you can see him just comfortably lean a bit more into you
has a habit of moving around when he sleeps though, so prepare to have to adjust yourself based on him lol
ranboo – the quiet snoozer
there’s a very thin line between when ranboo is just being quiet and when he’s asleep
you can barely tell when he’s fallen asleep because for a while before he’ll just drop in volume
until you look over and find his eyes are closed
another one who doesn’t intentionally cuddle but he’ll subconsciously shift himself closer if he falls asleep next to you on the couch or something
otherwise a very calm sleeper. will probably mutter a little bit.
toby – the teddy bear.
i call him the teddy bear because he is. the bear.
you literally hold him as if he’s your personal stuffed animal and he lives for it
he likes to sleep facing you as well, and will definitely nuzzle his face either into your chest or your neck
even when you’re pretty sure he can’t breathe. he’s stubborn.
takes a while for him to fall asleep but that time is spent whispering and giggling until he passes out with a smile on his face <3
. . .
like, comment & reblog if you enjoyed!
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sugarrbbee · 4 months ago
Hey, I was wondering if you could write about the MCYT's with a super shy gender neutral S/O, who's also touch starved (fluffy affection). Not me self projecting, what? 😅
Shy Touch Starved S/o
Tumblr media
Includes: Dream, George, Sapnap, Karl, Quackity, Wilbur, Foolish, and Punz
Pronouns: Gender neutral
Notes: I hope I did your request justice :)
Please Dream dies every time you get shy or shyly ask for some type of physical touch
He has to physically restrain himself from audibly awing when you shyly ask to hold his hand or hug him
And he picked up on your internal struggle when asking for those types of things
So he can now just tell when you want to hold hand, hug him, or cuddle
Or maybe its the fact he can see you glancing at his hand a lot
Or when you reach over to grab his hand but stop before you can
Anyways, he picks up on it and saves you from the flustered state by instead asking if he can hold your hand himself or just doing it
You definitely still get flustered but shhh
You and George are the same
George is touch starved, you're touch starved
George is shy, you're shy
Perfect pair
But it can lead to weird moments where you're both longing to hold the others hand but you both stop yourselves
So you're kinda just sitting there stiff lmao
Until one time he just straight-up grabs your hand and asks if that's okay with a very evident rosy dusting on his cheeks
Oh my gosh I can see you linking your pinkies together as you're walking next to one another
That's a cute and simple form of physical touch
And the stupid smile that brings to his face is AHHHH
Anyways, little things of physical touch are definitely implemented into your relationship like little hugs at random times
He is another man that literally revels in your shyness
Sapnap loves making you shy and one way to do that is by flirting with you
Whether it's some dumb pick up line or a simple compliment, he always seems to succeed
As for the physical touch thing, he is also touch starved
But he wants to change that so he tries to hug you more and then finds out you're touch starved too
So now you're just two touch starved people who want to change that but also don't know how??
Well, you know how, but you're also kinda shy when it comes to openly be touchy
So expect a lot of little and quick acts of touch before you both ease into it and now you're just extremely clingy with one another
Mr.Physical touch with a touch starved s/o? He is literally going to solve that issue
Okay but at first he definitely keeps himself from just hugging you or reaching for you because he's felt how you slightly tense when he does it
So Karl gets worried he's making you uncomfortable :(
But then you openly ask him for a hug and he still restrains himself from hugging you too tightly, still worried
You notice and ask why and he explains his thoughts in his head and then you're the one that feels bad
After you explained the whole touch starved thing, Karl will start to hold back less and slowly ease into more physical touch
Until he gets to the point he will literally throw himself on you
Also, he finds you getting flustered so adorable
But it also makes him flustered so you're just two flustered babies
Okay so Quackity is another touch starved human being
And he gets kinda shy himself when it comes to long moments of physical touch
So expect quick things like quick hugs or little things like linking pinkies together
But besides when it comes to physical touch, Alex is less of a shy person and is more open and social
I can see him doing things in public to try and embarrass you
But obviously nothing too far
Something simple like saying something stupid too loud or threatening to cause trouble
Oh my gosh he will also openly point out that you're shy or he made you shy
Like okay, we get but you didn't have to point it out 🙄
One time you did make him shy though by saying a stupid pick up line you heard someone else use and he got flustered and had to excuse himself
The only reason he got so flustered is because he didn't expect you to do something like that lmao
I feel like Wilbur really likes hugs
So when he noticed how your arms are kinda just awkwardly paused in the air he asks what's wrong and you tell him
And after you make sure to tell him hugs and stuff were okay, he moves the hair out of your face and says "All right just make sure to ask me to stop if you'd like, love"
Pfft that made you flustered and that dumb smile got brought to his face because of it
He loves and I mean loves making you shy
It doesn't matter how long you've been together or how comfortable you are around him, you always still seem shy
And Wilbur loves it so much
But he's also kind of a shy man so when it's more than just you two, expect him to be on the shyer side
That leads to situations where you're both trying to convince the other to talk for the both of you in a social situation
At first, he thought he was making you uncomfortable by touching you so he stopped everything and asked if you were okay and if that was the case
He majorly hoped it wasn't the case because he'd hate to make you feel that way
And luckily it wasn't the case and you went on to explain how you just never really got a lot of hugs or stuff like that
Foolish went on to ask if it was okay to hug you like he was previously doing and when you said yes he pulled you back into his arms and said "Okay, just let me know if it begins to be too much :)"
As for the shyness, Noah would so take over for you in social situations when you need him to
If you ever tried to apologize for your shyness he would immediately cut you off and tell you it's okay
Foolish is a social and open guy and he sees nothing wrong with your shyness, he actually loves the dynamic between you two
This cocky little son of a gun would revel in your shyness
Because it "Cute when you get so flustered" 🙄
He is the type of guy to just open his arms and say "Come give me a hug"
Please I do not mean the "Where's my hug at" guy 😭
But when he notices your slight hesitation to physical touch he ever so softly asks if you're okay
And when you explain he says he understands but it lowkey upsets him that you missed out on hugs and stuff so be prepared for him to make up for the lack of physical touch
Also from there on, he will ask if you're okay with a hug, him holding your hand, cuddling, etc.
Punz avoids making you uncomfortable because he'd hate to make you feel that way
So he prefers to ask permission beforehand, no matter how many times you said it's okay
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forefinn · 7 months ago
incorrect quotes because i haven’t done these in literally months
Tumblr media
y/n: goodnight moon.
y/n: goodnight tree.
y/n: goodnight ghosts that only I can see.
Tumblr media
y/n: violence isn't the answer.
tommy: you’re right.
y/n: *sighs in relief*
tommy: violence is the question.
y/n: what?
tommy, bolting away: and the answer is yes.
y/n, running after them: NO-
Tumblr media
y/n: oh just so you know, it's very muggy outside
phil: y/n, i swear, if I step outside and all of our mugs are on the front lawn...
y/n: *Sips coffee from bowl*
Tumblr media
y/n: english is a difficult language. it can be understood through tough thorough thought, though.
ranboo: You need to stop.
Tumblr media
y/n: remember when you didn't try to solve all your problems with attempted murder?
techno: Stop romanticizing the past.
Tumblr media
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