mrspandas · 2 days ago
he has no idea what he‘s doing to me
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Why don’t more people rewatch Oli videos on 2x speed because WOAH
It’s like the same speed that my brain goes at all times
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i finished all 3 life series and c!desert duo is my entire brain rn
just ,,,, THEM
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Help I wrote fanfic for a mcyt series and now I keep seeing posts on my dash about it
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My feed needs more mcyt self indulgence. So says I someone who’s fallen back into it.
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the-unaligned-player · 4 days ago
A general sentiment I’ve seen for if The Plan™️ doesn’t work is that he’ll break and cry, lamenting the pointless suffering, wanting the sudden rush of guilt to stop, wanting his life back.
I disagree with that.
I think c!Dream will be frustrated and shocked of course. He did everything right, and it all turns out to be a waste because the world doesn’t want to get better, it wants to get worse/stagnate. But he won’t break down in grief or sadness, just anger at the server and the waste of time and effort.
I don’t think his mask of amorality will break because it’s not a mask, it’s just who he is. He’s not going to suddenly regret everything he did just because it turned out to be pointless. He made the best decisions he could with the knowledge he had, any guilt he’d feel would make no sense and be unproductive.
I don’t think he’s gonna try and reconnect with his old friends because quite frankly, why would he? They’ve made their stances on him quite clear, and it’s not like they were ever friends. Friendships aren’t something that you rush to drop at the first sign of turbulence after all.
I don’t believe the result of The Plan™️ failing will be some redemption arc, healing arc, or whatever you wanna title an arc where c!Dream “Becomes a Better Person™️”.
I think it’d result in him in some way giving up on The SMP as a whole. Whether that be by purging the server, tending to himself and his people, or just leaving the server entirely.
It won’t result in him being broken or better, just more contemptuous of the server as a whole.
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i love you "punch a tree to collect wood" i love you different types of wood i love you different door and trapdoor designs i love you different caves systems i love you strip mining i love you digging straight down i love you different ore textures i love you different biomes that make you forget that theres other places in the world i love you nether biomes i love you bastions i love you nether fortresses i love you lore i love you end fortress i love you endermen i love you enderdragon i love you end cities i love you elytra i love you megabuilds i love you hole in the ground houses i love you minecraft mobs i love you farm systems i love you crazy redstone i love you hardcore worlds i love you smps i love you singleplayer worlds that have been going on for years i love you body language i love you punching to handshake or high five people i love you mini games i love you youtubers that have made this game their whole lives i love you roleplay servers i love you building tutorials i love you redstone tutorials i love you memes i love you so many different playstyles i love you literally infinite things to do in game i love you minecraft
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Greetings, friends and enemies! If you're here on this side blog, you've likely read one of my MCYT fics! Congratulations?
Anyway, in case you were wondering, yes I did only make this blog because it's also the name of my pseud on AO3 and I want a place to rant about my AUs and MCYT pieces. Also I may or may not have wanted to have a side blog specifically for a challenge I was part of. ANYWHOZZLE.
Have fun, stick around, we'll see how long this party lasts together. Enjoy!
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Tumblr media
┌────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──────┐
This is a re-upload from my Wattpad and AO3 accounts. If you wanna check the out, you are more than welcome :) [you can find links to my accounts in my pinned post on my account]
Hopefully more posts soon:)
•Pairings; Dream and George
•Setting; 1900’s
•Words; 5786
└────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──────┘
The dirty blonde quickly looked behind him for any servants, seeing the great white building in front of him. Vines grew around the great building but was neatly kept by the gardener; his favourite flower, roses, being also very neatly kept outside in almost perfect circular bushes. The house was old, or so his father had always told him, a house that had survived many generations. The walls held secrets of his ancestors, secrets that no one would never ever hear. He liked that hint of mystery about it.
After seeing that the coast is clear, the male squeezed through a little hole that he had found a couple days prior in the hedge that surrounded his old home. In all honesty, he had no clue how or why it was there, nor when it was cut out or first formed however he was definitely going to use it. He had seen the woods that were behind the house, curious as to what it was like to walk through one. All the poems and books he had read made it seem wonderful... peaceful. His father would never let him do something as ruthless as this, it was too dangerous apparently. Not to mention that no upper class would take part in such an activity.
But not today.
The blonde ran, a tight grin on his face as he passed multiple trees, their branches swaying in delight as they watched him run, eager to see more of the hidden world that he had just discovered, a young Icarus feeling his first scent of freedom, the fresh summer air brush through his dirty blonde waves.
He soon saw an opening in the distance, a great flower field soon coming into view as he halted.
He had never seen anything like it before...
Flowers of all sorts, wild of course, growing freely in a field of tall green grass, all different colours and sizes. Large poppies and huge Daisies, bigger than he had ever seen, dandelions and buttercups also being seen in the mix. He would have never been able to see anything like it in his garden, these flowers didn't have anyone looking after them; watering them daily and making sure that bugs weren't eating them. They simply swayed in the wind, dancing as the warm summer heat blessed their petals.
And then he saw him.
A brunette male in the distance holding a rather large basket. It looked rather worn out, parts of the plaited wood sticking out from the sides. He wore a beige shirt, worn from age, that was meant to be laced at the top, however the laces lay loose against his chest. They also wore some dulled blue trousers, they really looked more grey than blue though the colour was still visible. It was much different to him, a white shirt and dark pants. It definitely had a lot more colour in it than the other males which stood in front of him. The fabrics also looked very different to one another.
He walked up the the male, a smile on his face as he greeted him "Good evening, what a lovely day it is."
The male turned around, looking rather startled by the sudden male that had approached him. He looked Clay up and down before his eyes widened as he took a step back, his head slightly bowed down before he began to speak "Good evening, are you lost?"
"Of course not. I'm out exploring" Clay said confidently as the other straightened out a little, his brow raised at what the other said.
"Pardon? Your doing what?"
"Exploring. I'm exploring. I saw the woods out of my window so I decided to explore it."
The other looked at him with doubt, scanning him up and down once again to make sure that he wasn't hallucinating.
"Well it's not often you see a wealthy man explore some... woods... alone" with that the other turned around and began to walk off, leaving a slight trail in the long grass behind him "I recommend you head back from where you came from. Good day."
Clay turned his head to the side, confused for a moment before following the other like a new born puppy would. "Why should we part ways when I just got here?" He questioned, the other not turning to look at them, instead continuing to walk through the field, a small trail being left behind them in the grass.
"Because if someone finds me with you, I'll be in great trouble." He slowed down before looking at Clay, taking in every detail of the others face. "Your not from around here, aren't you?"
"I'm from America. Florida to be exact. My family moved to England not so long ago." Clay explained as he watched the other nod as he continued to walk, this time picking up his pace.
"American Hm?" They mumbled before stopping at the edge of the forest opening, turning around to look at the dirty blonde. He had beautiful brown eyes that seemed to glow when the sun hit them, melting into this golden brown colour that Clay could only compare to dark honey. His dark hair and eyes surprisingly complimented the others pale skin well. Were all British people so pale?
"Please leave, I'll forever be in dept if someone find me with you... especially if you claim to be an American" they begged as they put the basket on the ground for a moment in order to let their shoulder rest.
"Why would you be? Besides, no one knows I'm here so I doubt anyone would find out." That response clearly didn't make the other any calmer as they picked up the basket in a rush, beginning to walk fast on the small track in the forest, Clay being persistent and following closely behind. It was clear that the brunette had no interest in him, desperately trying to distance himself however Clay wasn't going to walk away from a newly made acquaintance.
"What are you thinking! If someone sees me with you they will think I'm kidnapping you. Do all Americans don't think like yourself?" Although the other had raised their voice, it was delicate, his thick accent present. It was different compared to the multiple people he had met throughout his life, having deep and heavy voices when raised. However the male seemed to have some sort of sweetness to his tone, even when angry.
"It's fineeee, father won't realise I'm gone. He will just think I'm wondering the gardens again" the blonde tried to explain but the shorter brunette clearly wasn't going to have any of it, remaining unconvinced.
"Please just go sir, it would be best for the both of us." However Clay did not leave, continuing to follow the shorter brunette through the forest, being amazed by how beautiful everything was. No garden could even compare to it, a variety of trees and bushes, all different sizes and colours. The woods were so alive yet so still, every movement being heard in the echo of the darkness. He couldn't hear the others footsteps much surprisingly, almost as if the other was gliding along the path, nature accepting its presence in its grasp.
His gaze soon diverted to the others basket, noticing that it was filled with brown mushrooms, a small light blue handkerchief covering them.
"Mushrooms?" He questioned.
"Yes, mushrooms. For stew." The other responded, Dream soon realising that the path underneath them had grown wider, some small stone details becoming visible. Soon enough they arrived at a small cottage, vines growing on all sides of it. It seemed mainly of wood though the colour itself looked far from it, a more dulled down grey. The based seemed to be made out of cobblestone, its cracks filled with soft green moss. It had a few windows and fences around it, nature also nestling itself onto it. It looked like out of a dream. It was beautiful.
The brunette continued to walk to what Clay figured was his home, turning around as he grabbed onto the rusted door handle. "You should really go. I'm completely fine by myself and don't want to be associated with the upper class. Now if you'll excuse me, good day."
He walked into the house, beginning to close the door as Clay put his foot in between the door, making the old wooden door bounce off his shoe. The other didn't continue to try closing it after that, seeing as he didn't want to damage Clays shoes, nor the old heavy door that was nicely carved, age making those carvings smooth and worn out. Instead, he stared at the taller male, practically begging for him to go.
"I promise father won't find out about this. I'll keep it a secret" he promised. The brunette sighed as he walked away from the door, allowing Clay to easily walk in and close it behind him, beaming at himself from the small achievement.
"It's really not a good idea to give you my trust..." the other mumbled as they walked over to a small wooden table to place the basket down, looking through the mushrooms to make sure that none were too bruised up.
The inside of the house was just as equally beautiful as the outside; canvases scattered around the room, many flowers and herbs being seen in the what he gathered was a kitchen. It was definitely a lot different to the one he had at home; he wasn't even allowed to go into the kitchen since he would disturb the staff. The bed was on the other side of the grey walls, a small stool with a small flower pot that held the large daisies that he had seen earlier however their stems were cut short. Clay also noticed the paints in a crate, neatly ordered. This whole house wasn't even the size of half of his room...
He walked over to one of the paintings, soon noticing how they all seemed to show fields of grass and flowers, all different colours. However as realistic as it all looked, some of the colours or shadings seems rather... odd. The grass was a light yellow-green in some places while some poppies seemed to have black shading rather than a very dark red. It wasn't all like that, only certain areas he would notice this trend and as he looked at other paintings, they all seemed to be either the same or slightly less off coloured. It wasn't much noticeable overall though. Was the other painting some sort of abstracts?
"Your a painter?" He questioned, looking back in the direction of the brunette who had now pulled out a very old looking pan. He looked up at Clay, looking at the painting before going back to doing his own thing. "Yes, I do paint. Not as good as the stuff you see perhaps?"
"Oh no no no" Clay shook his head quickly as he spoke "it's really amazing! Really! It's so realistic and beautiful. It's just that..."
"Just that...?"
"The colours seem a little off sometimes... unique shading."
To that the other laughed, their laugh felt so warm, Clay just couldn't help but smile even though he wasn't sure what made the other laugh all of a sudden.
"Yeah, there is a reason for that. Lets just say I can't see the world the same way you do." He explained as he walked over to Clay, looking at the painting that the other was currently looking at. "I only see blue and yellow. Or so I've been told."
How could one only see two colours? What did the other colours look like to him then...?
He walked over to the crate where the paints were, picking up green and asking "what's this colour?"
The other looked at the crate and then at the paint that Clay was holding "well, I know it's green since that's the slot green is usually in. However, for me it does look like a dark yellow."
Clay gaped at the paint. It was obviously green to him. Did the other really not see the same as him?
The other smiled as he took the paint off him, placing it back onto its designated spot so that the other could know what colour it was. They walked back towards the kitchen, taking a bucket that was filled with water and pouring some of it into the old pan, taking the stems and top layer of skin off the mushrooms, cutting them into strips before putting them into the slowly heating up water. Clay had never seen anyone cook before but it did seem complicated. How the other had to remember all the steps to do in order for it to be just right.
Eventually they turned around to look at him, looking him up and down before asking "what's your name?"
"Clay. Clay Flores"
The brunette nodded as he turned back around to check up on the mushrooms, stirring them with a clearly aged wooden spoon.
"Are you going to tell me your name?" Clay questioned as the other simply smiled.
"No, for now you shall not know my name Clay from the house of Flores"
It had been a week since Clay had first met the mysterious brunette in the vast flower field. Since that day he had crawled through the same opening in his hedge and fled to the fields, impatiently waiting for the other to appear. On days where the other was no where to be seen, he would simply walk the small path that he had remembered the route off in order to arrive at the small over grown garden and cottage, finding the male inside.
At first the other didn't want to see him again, insisting that it was better if the two had nothing to do with each other yet Clay was persistent, going to the cottage every day and talking to the British male. After a while the Brit had actually warmed up to Clay, laughing along to his jokes and tales.
Today was like no other, Clay walking to the back side of the garden and crawling through the small opening that he had now learned to cover in order for him not to get caught, before running towards the now very familiar field. He knew his mother would love to go with him if she could, however he couldn't risk telling her about the magical place. Nor the brunette that he would meet every day. It really was a shame.
Soon he found himself outside the small cottage, knocking at the door before entering.
The smaller brunette was sitting on a stool next to his window with a canvas with paints laid out around him, clearly very focused as he looked out of the open window and into the forest ahead.
"Painting today?" Clay questioned as he walked over. The painting was no where to be finished but you could already see the rough outlines of the trees and grass that was seen outside of the window, the male now focusing on the overgrown fence that stood right outside of the window. The painting look amazing already and it wasn't even anywhere close to being finished...
It was rather satisfying watching him paint, delicate brush strokes with extreme precision. He looked so calm when he did it.
"Mhm..." the other hummed in response, painting a few strokes of a light brown in the spot of the fence before looking up at the watching Clay. "You alright?" He questioned as the other sat down on the floor.
He had learnt that the house conditions weren't like his own, meaning that his clothes could get rather messy at times however he didn't mind, wearing more older clothes that he didn't mind ruining. He had found them in one of the servant rooms, old worn out clothes that were neatly stacked up. The staff wouldn't realise that he had just taken it. hopefully. He remembered the brunette freaking out when he first got dirty, promising that he would buy a new outfit and cursing at letting an upper class man enter his house which he claimed 'was no place for such rich to be in', Clay had simply calmed the other down telling him it was nothing to worry about.
The other was cute when panicky.
"Yeah I'm alright, don't mind me" he said with a toothy grin to which the other rolled their eyes as they continued, mixing some paints together in order to try and get a darker tone. Clay hadn't helped him much with the colours since he didn't know a lot about paints, not to mention that the other didn't want much help either. He was stubborn enough to deny any help, claiming that his colours were accurate after all the years of practice. Though sometimes he did ask for a little hint now that he knew someone who could see the world in a different way to his own.
Clay sat there for a while before his eyes noticed a rather big scar that stretched over the brunettes left arm. He had never seen it before since the other usually didn't roll up both of their sleeves. He had pointed it out before but the other had shrugged it off saying it was just comfortable to have his sleeves like that.
"How did you get that scar across your arm?" he suddenly asked as the other turned to look at him, looking down at his own arm. "If you don't mind me asking of course-" he quickly added.
"When I was seven I climbed a tree, thought I saw a piece of heaven at the top... but then I fell and scratched myself badly on a cracked branch." He smiled as his cheeks slowly became a warm red colour "silly really."
"That's cute" Clay commented at the others memory, imagining a younger version of the male in front of him climbing a tall tree in hopes of seeing heaven.
He turned back to the painting quickly.
"Oh be quiet will you..."
The two lay on the grass in the field that they had met not so long ago, both of their heads next to each other as they looked up at the clouds that scattered the blue sky. It was quiet.
It had been roughly two weeks now since Clay had began to visit the mysterious British painter. He would wake up early and set out, often finding the other still in his house when Clay arrived, a warm smile welcoming him in. He would often help him with every day tasks, soon learning the different types of mushrooms and berries; what ones to pick and what ones to not. He was much slower at some tasks, having no experience however the brunet never complained, simply giggling, commenting how it was no surprise that such soft and perfect hands would have never done any task that could even cause them a single scratch. Clay would also often help getting the water from the well outside, almost falling in a couple of time although he had been warned not to lean over the edge countless times by the brunette.
Overall, he loved spending time with him.
The mysterious British painter.
His mysterious British painter.
Clay had began feeling a certain way towards the other. He had asked his mother if she knew what the feeling was, obviously being very careful not to mention any details about the male. His mother had given him a soft smirk, saying that she knew all about the feeling. She said it was a normal thing, a thing everyone eventually got.
She said that everyone got it when they met a special someone that was able to warm their heart, making it beat a thousand miles per hour as butterflies spread in their stomach. A warm and comfortable feeling.
It was the feeling of love.
But how could he love this man he had just met.
How could he love a man...
That wasn't even possible was it? A man loving a man.
Maybe all he was feeling was a friendship that he had never had before.
But no,
Clay was almost certain that this wasn't just a random happy feeling.
Clay was certain that it was love.
He turned to look at the brunette, seeing how the sun hit his pasty skin. It was surprising for him that although they did spend quite some time in the sun, the Brit barley tanned meanwhile Clay remained with his sun kissed skin.
He truly looked beautiful when he lay like this, his hair falling back and the sun kissing his skin.
"Am I finally privileged enough to know of your name?" He questioned, noticing how the other smiled yet remaining in their position, head leaning more towards him.
They slowly turned their head and opened their eyes, brown eyes looking back at green.
"I suppose you are Clay." He hummed before closing his eyes again and returning to his previous position, his arms resting by his side.
"George. George Davidson."
It suited him. George. It really suited George.
"It sounds like a wealthy name. It suits you"
The other giggled out of confusion, looking at Clay as he questioned "what? How does a wealthy name suit me?"
"It just does George Davidson."
"Oh stop it." George said, hiding his face with his hands. The gesture made Clay smile to himself as he turned over to lay on his stomach, watching George as he peaked at him between his fingers, causing the two of them to burst into a fit of giggles.
"Did your mother name you?"
"She did. Said she loved the name, that it was lucky. She was always positive, even with our life. Taught me everything I knew."
Clay smiled as George spoke. He loved it when he opened up to him, telling him stories from his childhood. Like the ones where he had to run away from wild animals, tripping on several occasions yet still managing to escape scar free or when he would sneak out during rainy weather and just dance to his own melody as the rain soaked his fluffy hair and dull clothes.
He wished to see the other do that one day.
"I think my mother would have gotten along with yours well. She too always looks on the bright side" he smiled to himself as the other too turned to lay on his stomach " She always told me how if she ever got the chance to run away, she would become a pirate."
George smiled, one of his brows raised "A pirate?"
"Yes, a pirate. She would be called Captain Puffy. She would sail the seven seas with her beloved ship. She even said that she would take me if I wanted to go with her. We would explore the world together." Clay looked at George who listened carefully and eagerly to his story.
"Guess you got the explorer gene from her... no wonder you went out 'exploring the woods' that day. I guess your one lucky explorer"
"oh?" Dream couldn't help but smile, feeling the sun warm up his cheeks, the grass tickling the skin that was uncovered.
"Every explorer has a treasure they love; hers is the sea, yours is nature. Your lucky that you were able to discover it so soon" he said softly.
"I hope mother will be able to get her own ship in the future....she loves the Ocean, she really does."
"I can tell. I think my mother would have liked her a lot."
Clay looked out of his window as he lay in his silky bed.
It was raining.
Heavily pouring actually.
Weather that he had soon discovered to be very common in Britain.
The rain reminded him of George for some reason, he could imagine him smiling and twirling around in it. Soft steps, the only thing being heard being his small giggles as his soaked hair danced in each twirl.
Clay sighed as he lay back in bed, looking at the sky that was still visible from the position he was in. It was grey, a dull sad grey.
Yet all he could think about was a happy memory.
He slowly got up and walked over to his wardrobe, taking out an overcoat and putting on his shoes as quickly and quietly as he could.
Leaving his room, he walked down the empty corridor, making sure not to step onto the wooden planks that caused a loud creaking sound. Its interior was dead silent, the paintings of many assessors looking rather eerie in the glow of the moonlight. White walls looked a deep grey, every step he made causing him to turn around to make sure he was alone. He didn't want to wake up the house keepers, knowing fully well he would be in trouble if they found him sneaking out. His father wouldn't be too impressed.
Once outside, he dashed across the garden to the hole in the hedge, climbing through it, trying his hardest not to touch the muddy floor as he crawled through.
He darted across the field, rain pouring down on him, causing his fluffy blonde to fall down in thin strands against his forehead. The tall grass hit his body causing a wet stain to quickly appear where it had hit him. His clothes had become soaked almost immediately as he stepped outside, being far from saving.
He wondered how he would explain this to his mother.
He would think if an excuse.
He had never been in the woods at night, stopping at the entrance to the dark terrain. It was hard to see anything, both the darkness and rain causing his vision to be blurred. He felt like eyes were watching him, ready to jump out and swallow him in the darkness. All of the stories about wild animals were now racing through his head, dread and terror causing his heart to beat significantly faster.
'For George' he thought, stepping in slowly and looking rapidly around to make sure that no one was following him.
Once he noticed the path beneath his feet, his slow and observant walk turned into a fast pace jog before turning into a run, Clay pushing past some leaves as he soon got to see the shape of Georges little cottage in the middle of the woods. The cottage he had really quickly grown to love.
He didn't want to scare George, he would probably be asleep and think someone is breaking in. He knew how much outsiders scared him.
He would be carful.
As he approached the cottage, he noticed through the window that there was a few candles lit inside. Was George still awake at this hour?
He slowly opened the door, closing it behind him as he took off his muddy shoes, standing bare foot on the cracked wooden floor that he was now familiar with.
Looking around the room, he noticed the male in one of the corners, a giant canvas in front of him and paints in his hands as he stared at the forming image in front of him. Glasses of water also surrounded him, various paint brushes sitting inside, waiting to be used for the masterpiece that their owner was making.
As Clay quietly moved forwards, he began to recognise the image as his own face just that it wasn't exactly his face... it was in different colours than he was used to seeing. But it didn't look accidental, it looked like it had been done on purpose.
He creeped over to the brunette, slowly wrapping his arms around him as he felt the other jump, letting out a small squeal of surprise before realising that it was just Clay, allowing himself to calm down and melt into the touch.
"What are you doing here?" He whispered, the rain hitting heavily against the closed window as the two looked at each other in the candle lit room.
"I just missed you Georgie." Clay leaned forward, resting his head against the others shoulder as he looked at the painting in front of them "why are you painting so late? Is that me...?"
George looked down out of embarrassment before nodding, looking back up at the painting "I wanted to give you a little surprise... show you how I see you."
Clay smiled as he gently hummed in response, looking at the yellow eyes that the figure in front of him possessed. So this was how George saw him.
"Every day once you left, I could still feel as if you were here. But you weren't. When painting this, for a moment I thought you were here with me, even if you weren't." George explained himself as he leaned back into Clay's touch.
"I love it already" he admitted, softly smiling to himself "Come on, lets get you into bed. You can continue with this tomorrow."
To that the other shook his head, but didn't protest to Clays movements, standing up when the other pulled him up and began walking over to his bed.
He pulled on Clays arm for him to stop, the blonde stopping for a moment and looking back at George who just smiled as he brought him closer.
"Lets dance" he suddenly said.
"Come on, one dance and I'll go to bed." He pleaded. How could Clay say no to him, to his precious face, his delicate touch and melted brown eyes that he could see in the flickering light. "I promise."
He agreed as he held George close, looking down at the smiling male as they began to spin to their own imaginary music, the only noise being heard being the water tapping against the window and the floor beneath them creaking as the two moved across it. The woods outside watched them as they began to dance to a rhythm, both of them in their own little world.
George rested his head against Clays chest as they continued to dance around the small and poorly lit room.
Time had stopped.
They were in their own little bubble where no one could tell them what was right and what was wrong.
Whether their love was allowed or not.
They were happy.
George looked up for a moment, Clay leaning in and kissing his lips.
He thought that the other would have pulled away, felt disgusted and told him to get out but the other did no such thing, leaning into the touch and returning the gesture, his soft lips pressing into Clays.
It was just them two, no one else.
Because Clay Flores loved George Davidson,
And George Davidson loved Clay Flores.
A few months had passed since Clay had visited George on that one rainy night, sharing a kiss as the rain danced with them outside.
The two shared many after that, promising to each other that no matter how the world disagrees with their relationship, they will stick together, the only thing being able to keep them apart being death.
It was just like any other warm day, the two walking down the field holding hands as they spoke about everything and nothing, sharing a few giggles here and there as they walked, the flowers swaying past them as they did so. It was the end of summer now, autumn already showing its face in the woods, many of the trees and flowers slowly showing signs of withering.
"You can't just leave your family like that Clay" George commented, responding to his idea of running away. Although he loved Clay, he couldn't put himself against the wealthy family which loved and cared for him. He didn't agree that he was on the same level as them; that he was worth the same.
"How else would I be with you? They would never accept us." It had worried the dirty blonde for a while now, knowing how his father always wanted him to get married to a wealthy woman and have a family of his own, continuing the bloodline. If his father found out about George... God knows what he would do. He couldn't risk it. "My older brother would be able to inherit everything, he would make my parents proud."
"That's a lot to put on Noah..."
Clay smiled softly as he looked at the field around them "He had always had expectations being put on him, being the older one. He fits in well with that life. He always wanted it. I on the other hand found it difficult. But I'm happier like this, I'm happier with you."
Georges worried expression turned into a more relaxed one as he sighed, leaning against Clay as they continued to walk in silence for a while. He knew how stubborn the blonde could be, going to great lengths just to prove his point.
"You would run away for me? With me? Leave all your wealth to be with someone like me?" He questioned as he felt Dreams shoulder rise and fall as the other began to laugh.
"Any day. Since it would be for you; with you."
"Where would we even go, could we even stay here? They would find you eventually..." George was clearly concerned, he had explained to Clay many time what would happen to him if he was seen with anyone of a high status, not to mention the fact that his love interest was in fact another man; something that wasn't welcome anywhere. The results would be far from pleasant, one of them even being hurt in the process. They both didn't want to risk that.
"We will run far away, we will continue to run until we cannot see the field, until the woods around us are unknown and until we will be safe. We will find a perfect place for us." He always knew how to calm George, rubbing small circles on his head.
George smiled as he suddenly let go of his arm, running ahead of him and laughing as he spun around to look at Dream who smiled back at him, following the dancing male as they ventured deeper into the open field, the autumn sun kissing their skin.
George smiled as he turned around once again, his brown wavy hair bouncing up and down as he did so.
"If I were to run far away, would I fall off the world some day?" He questioned, the wind dancing in the fields around the two.
Clay smiled as he stepped closer to George, pressing his lips to George "nobody knows..."
"Nobody knows..." the brunette responded with a soft smile.
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lunarnatalie · 9 days ago
reminder that i am cool n swag sometimes so if you ever want to see me be cool n swag you can follow me on twitch
you dont even have to watch me if you dont feel like it just follow me and mute my notifs bc even that itself can help! but if you do happen to catch me going live and you too think i am cool n swag pls interact w me! i am a tiny itty bitty strimmer trying my best so again all the support helps
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mrspandas · 2 days ago
i’m gonna loose it over his hands like god please choke me daddy
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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0mossymeep0 · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
The Bard and his Dragon!
(Dragon eggs need heat to hatch. Oli’s attempts for breakfast result in him having the coolest pet on the server)
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rosego1dd · 4 days ago
or is dsmp where all the heat is at
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easia · 10 days ago
- @chrisrin thanks for inspiring us to start doing these! -Trafficsona time with c!Easia (canonically they are are looking for their own name so they get to borrow mine until it's found) :D !
Tumblr media
During the first two lives, their wings remain pinned to the body via bandages (green life) or armor (yellow life). At the beginning of her last life, their wings come free at last
During c!easia's first life, they don't wear any armor and instead stocks it up for the future.
They lost the first life to a zombie pit trap made by one of the first reds, her second life was taken by a friend and that betrayal won't stand for much longer.
c!Easia is an absolute menace in the water during her time being a red lifer, if you need to cross a river or enter the ocean...you had better hope she isn't nearby or that you haven't crossed them!
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stangelvve · 11 days ago
i love the running joke that tommy hates jack and all of that. but when they’re not in bit mode and the two talk about each other is so sweet. i usually miss tommy’s streams but i am able to catch jack’s and their friendship is so 🥹 to me you know???
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cool person shoutout to @soufflegirl114 on twitter & ao3! she does very cool hermitcraft/traffic life art :D
Tumblr media
(her art)
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my feed is infected with scarian oh no
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