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#mdzs conversations

Wei Wuxian, comes up to Lan Wangji and hugs him tightly

Lan Wangji, confused: Is this a fight? Are we gonna fight?

Lan Qiren: This is…their handshake.

Lan Wangji: I don’t like it.

Lan Qiren: No one does.

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thinking about how su she points out that lwj basically would never get kicked out of the lan sect, which lwj refutes but dude…. you injured 33 elders and still get to be hanguang-jun…. the punishment was harsh but the privilege is still so clearly there

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@thornhands asked:

I have just finished my first round of (rather rushed) watching of The Untamed and now have feelings about Nie Huaisang. What are your feelings about him? 

Anonymous asked:

post-canon NHS alarming everyone with the realisation that they have been playing to this vapid twinks tune for YEARS and not a single one of them noticed ANYTHING


everywhere we fancy the truth belongs

Characters: Niè Huáisāng, Wèi Yīng | Wèi Wúxiàn

Additional Tags: Guilt, Scheming Niè Huáisāng, extremely heavy handed bird metaphors, actually I’m really not sure what to classify this as, it’s the one where they get drunk and talk about things in a garden, like I said I was going to write six months ago, nothing bad happens to the birds! everyone distrusts me so much!, no birds were harmed in the writing of this fic!

Part 4 of set your old heart free

“Wei-xiong,” Nie Huaisang says with a faint smile, and opens a small door in the cage. The canary hops from his hand onto a twisting nearby branch and then flutters its wings to fly away.

Wei Wuxian notices, idly, that all the birds are quite small, small enough that the vast cage lets them flit as cheerfully from perch to perch as any wild thing. Nie Huaisang never could bear the idea of clipping his pets’ wings to keep them near.

In which two old friends play a game of truths.

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jiang cheng: take the rest of this tea. i like it sweet and that wasn’t sweet enough for my tastes
nie huaisang, while batting his eyelashes: so you like tea that tastes like me?
jc, turning to the side to try and hide a grin and failing miserably: …..shut the fuck up
nhs: that wasn’t a no
jc: only because that was kind of adorable and i hate it

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JC and WWX tell-no-lies curse AU

- The Cultivation world thought they were sick of Wangxian pining, wait till they see WWX and JC pining at each other (in a brotherly way). Every fucking discussion conference they make brotherly eyes at each other, pained noises and just in general be insufferable (also breakdowns but that only the close ones know) because they want to be brothers again but think the other doesn’t (which is an amazing level of obliviousness and seriously that was not something anyone expected the Jiang family would get a reputation of)

- Finally LWJ and Jin Ling are so sick they get help from NHS to at least get them to talk to each other.

- NHS being NHS goes an extra mile (because he is sick of both of them and wants them to suffer but in a good way) and arranges for them to be cursed.

-The curse binds the two people with a rope which will unbind only when there are no lies or unspoken things about each other between them.

- It loosens slowly as the truths come out. And will tighten if they tell untruths. Only way to unbind is truths or if both the people die. (If there are other ways, well no one tells WWX and JC about it). But since JC is JC and may actually take the option of dying than dealing with feelings there is an added protection of can’t-physically-harm-each-other or self for just in case!

- Obviously JC and WWX are outraged and horrified but they are literally marched into a room in Unclean Realm (neutral zone) by NHS, LWJ and JL and told to sort their shit. They can’t come out unless the rope unbinds- all their meals (and alcohol) would be served outside the door, there is a bathtub and ancient times equivalent of toilet inside, good bye.

- They take a fucking month.

-JC had to admit his sacrifice to the wens and insecurities about being abandoned, unloved as well as fear of trapping wwx in a relationship he didn’t want and WWX had to be real about his hurts, trauma and all the complicated dynamic of duty and love he had with the jiang clan.

- Also both had to admit that they wanted to be each other’s brothers again.

- The rope didn’t unwind completely even after everything was said and they were very confused about it.

- It finally disintegrated when both of them were talking to each other about one of their several traumas and JC pulled WWX in a hug.

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i’m so confused when people portray lan xichen as like. spacey or somehow confused? he’s canonically well spoken and intelligent! he outwits wei wuxian, he deduces meng yao’s identity from small clues in his letters, do you think those are things that somebody who doesn’t pay careful attention could have done?

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An unbetaed snippet of post-CQL canon Yunmeng reconciliation, which is mostly extremely morbid and blunt conversation after beating each other hard enough that they’re too tired for their usual conflicting modes of emotional avoidance.

EDIT: now edited and posted on AO3. :D

CW for past suicidal ideation. Part of my “let WWX express some of his cynical humor and creepiness more often” and “let WWX find out about JC’s own sacrifice goddamnit” agendas.


Jiang Cheng stares blankly into the trees, their trunks slowly disappearing in the deepening darkness of twilight. Wei Wuxian’s back is warm against his and heaving for breath just as heavily. He thinks his ankle might be broken, but Wei Wuxian is probably worse off.

“You’re an asshole,” Wei Wuxian says thickly.

“Hypocrite,” Jiang Cheng mutters without heat, and Wei Wuxian manages a snort between his gasps.

“Yeah.” After a moment, he adds, with an echo of the old Yiling Laozu in his voice, “You know that if you ever do something like that again, I’ll probably find a way to do something worse than I did before.”

“If I do what, save your life by pulling the same fucking sacrificial shit that you do?”

“I swear to every god out there that I will bring you back as a fierce corpse and kill you myself,” Wei Wuxian says in a pleasant, albeit still somewhat breathless, tone. “I will dismember your carcass and make Jin Guangyao look like a fucking amateur.”

“Good thing Mo Xuanyu’s core isn’t worth shit, then,” Jiang Cheng replies. All of his attention is focused on the feeling of his brother’s bones and muscles moving against his own spine.

“You’re an asshole.”


There’s a pause. Somewhere distant Jiang Cheng hears the panicked yells of what’s probably the juniors they left behind a few li back. Then Wei Wuxian sighs. “We’re really fucked up.”

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and things are more complex than just “this action was purely bad” or “this action was purely good”…. for example wei wuxian saving the wens was a Good thing to do, but that doesn’t mean the way that action affected his family was Good or didn’t hurt, and the way him saving the wens affected and hurt his family doesn’t mean saving them was a Bad thing to do. actions have many outcomes and many impacts, not all of them only good or bad. and more times than not, two people arguing both have parts of their argument that are good and bad, and both have things to apologize for. I think its Wild that people can come away from mdzs in any of its forms not having understood anything about the fact that it was trying to tell them something about the concepts of good and bad, and right and wrong

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Wei Wuxian: Hey, do you know anyone who can teach me how to play the flute?

Nie Huaisang: No, why?

Wei Wuxian: I wanna wander around the Cloud Recesses at night and annoy Lan Qiren.

Nie Huaisang: Technically you don’t actually need to know how to play it for that.

Wei Wuxian: Nie Huaisang?

Wei Wuxian: You have opened my eyes!

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<p>: <b>Wei Wuxian:</b> We saved our best idea for last!<p/><b>Lan Sizhui:</b> If it's our best idea, why did we leave it for last?<p/><b>Wei Wuxian:</b> <p/><b>Wei Wuxian:</b> Because we didn't know it was our best idea until all of our other ideas turned out to be terrible.<p/></p>
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Lan Qiren: You should’ve come to me for your punishment!

Lan Qiren: I’ve been waiting for you in the Yashi for half an hour!

Wei Wuxian: Yes, I saw the light was on and I thought you might still be there.

Lan Qiren: But you didn’t come in!

Wei Wuxian: No, I saw the light was on and I thought you might still be there.

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