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#mdzs fanart

這是我在這個帳戶上發佈的第一個粉絲藝術。我以前的帳戶被刪除😔😭。所以我回來了, 但在這個新的。我希望你喜歡它, 好吧, 跟我來, 或者如果你想的話, 重新給我寫博客。如果你這樣做, 我會很感激的。

Hey, this if my first fanart in this account. My other one was deleted so here I am (again). I hope you like it and well, follow me or reblog me if you want. I’ll be so grateful if you do it.



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Ok so, treid doing some grown up juniors and I gotta say: 

OYZZ is 1000% based off the TU’s OYZZ bc I love how he looks like a hopeless idiot, the manhua OYZZ doesn’t look like that at all so LKSDJLK 

He probably got dumber by spending too much time with the oher juniors HAHA

Also, I don’t really have specific statues for them but I just want Sizhui to be the tallest? You can call it on the Wen blood or idk aND Jingyi being the smallest one bc ever since I discovered has 4 cm less than the rest of the juniors I can only perceive him as TINY

And it’s not that noticeable but I gave Jin Ling a red eyeline bc slight makeup is my power move for design and I would have given makeup to everyone but I felt like Jins are the only ones pretentious?? enough to fit with that HAHA

Other than that idk, abt clothes: I used big refs with OYZZ’s bc I saw pictures of sect leader Ouyang to guide me and I also used refs for the Lan’s outer robes from the manhua  And I think I also used a illust of Jin Ling, like, from the AD I think? Not sure anymore SOBS

Now, will I fishish this drawing properly someday?  Maybe,,,,,,,

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“I’ll be fine, Zidian… Really.”


Thinking about Jiang Cheng having No One to be vulnerable with or be able to lean on so here have some smol lightning snek Zidian bbies being concerned for our fave grape jiujiu

Sorry for unfinished sketch, this is straight off my Jiang Cheng sketch page. Also I haven’t posted fanart in over a decade so pls be kind to me

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