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#mdzs fic

I don’t do smut requests anymore! but your request did get me thinking, and while I don’t do smut, I can do yearning

The first time he’d seen Wei Ying’s first tattoo had been a pure accident, even if it hadn’t been an accident that Lan Zhan had been looking at him. The skin surrounding the lotus on his bicep was still red and probably sensitive, only showing when Wei Ying pulled himself into one of those long stretches that left his shirt riding up around his stomach and his sleeves pulling up at his arms. He’d only meant to sneak one, quick glance before he would go back to the group project their professor had assigned them, but the lotus caught his eye and he’d been caught by Wei Ying.

“Jiang Cheng got one too,” Wei Ying explains, pulling the sleeve back to where it had been resting at his elbow as if he expected Lan Zhan to scold him for it, but he reaches out to stop him instead, fingers gentle as Wei Ying lets him look at the flower.

He doesn’t think about how he wants to trace over the lines with his fingertips, doesn’t think about how he wants to brush his lips against the irritated skin. “You’re supposed to keep it covered, are you not?” Is the only thing that comes out of Lan Zhan’s mouth as he sits back, “It may scar if you do not care for it properly.”

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From my MDZS juniors transmigration/time travel story. Sizhui POV. 

“Young Master Wei, thank you,” says Uncle Ning, relief written all over his face. “A-Yuan, he just—disappeared in front of my eyes in a flash of light! I went and patrolled the perimeter just like you taught me but I couldn’t find him!”

“Did you see anyone lurking around here?” asks Wei Wuxian. “Maybe a man who looked like Lan Zhan but wasn’t?”

“Who are you talking about?” asks a woman with sharp, bright eyes. “And how on earth did a Lan child end up here?”

“It’s Su She’s fault,” Jingyi declares with a conviction that far exceeds the situation. At this point Su She was colluding with Jin Guangyao and Xue Yang to frame Wei Wuxian for—well—everything, but the man didn’t actually engineer Jingyi and Sizhui’s arrival here. As far as they know. Still, Sizhui allows himself the tiniest drop of petty satisfaction. He is Hanguang-jun’s son, after all.

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waking up in the middle night and not finding you

★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★   ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★   ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★

.。*゚+.*.。  Lan Sizhui ゚+..。*゚+

  • Sizhui would be a light sleeper so he’d know when you’d leave the bed
  • he’d think that you needed something and expect you to come back soon
  • but when you take longer than anticipated (5 whole minutes, how dare you)
  • he sleepily gets up and leaves the bedroom to find you
  • when he walks quietly to the kitchen, he sees you holding a mug of something and staring out the window
  • he’d be so quiet that you wouldn’t realize that he’d found you until he walked up to you and hugged you from behind
  • you almost drop your mug in surprise but settle into his arms easily
    • “whatcha drinking” he asks softly against your neck, closing his eyes as he takes in the scent of something vanilla-y and you
    • “sorry for waking you” you apologize to him, but he shakes his head against your back
    • “can you make me some?” he asks you suddenly, in the weird silence of dusk
    • you nudge his head gently with yours
    • and that gets a laugh out at him
    • “you don’t like drinking things randomly, A-Yuan”
    • you don’t hear as much as you feel his shrug from the way his arms flop cutely
      • “wanna stay here with you” he replies

.。*゚+.*.。 Lan Jingyi  ゚+..。*゚+

  • the moment he realized you weren’t in bed with him, Jingyi would freak the f-out trademark
  • would not like it
  • would bolt out of bed and go around the apartment like a loss puppy 
  • when he goes out to the kitchen and sees you drinking a glass of water would bound up to you
  • and you’d hear him coming from a mile away
  • so obviously you’d turn around and he’d just run into your arms
    • “why’d you leave me” he’d pout cause he’s a baby
      • but his voice still sounds a bit gravely cause he’d just woken up from sleep
        • so you’re quite torn
    • “i wanted some water” you tell him and show your cold cup
    • “if you were thirsty you could have just stayed in the bedroom” Jingyi teases you
  • you roll your eyes at him and slap his butt when he tries to run away
    • “go back to sleep, i’ll be back in a second” you tell him
    • “i’m not sleeping without you!” he says as he bounds back to the bedroom, feeling better now that he knows where you went
  • you take a bit of time to finish your remaining water and wash your cup before going back to the bedroom
  • when you enter, the lights are low and just as you thought Jingyi’s fast asleep again
    • what a liar, you think to yourself but you don’t mind him
  • you shake you head at him and turn the lights off before climbing into bed
    • it’s forgivable, when he pulls you close even in his sleep

.。*゚+.*.。 Jin Ling  ゚+..。*゚+

  • Jin Ling has this mildly cute but also mildly infuriating habit of rolling into the other side of the bed
  • usually when he bumped into you, he’d stop and wrap his arms around you
  • but tonight, he just kept rolling and rolling
  • and very nearly rolls off the bed when he realizes you’re not there
  • it takes him a second
  • because he needs some time to reboot since he’s still half asleep
  • but he would very distinctively know that you’re not there and so would get up with eyes half closed and go look for you
  • would see your figure sitting by the kitchen island probably checking something on your tablet
    • you’re such a workaholic
  • so he’d walk up to you and lean into your space to catch your eye
  • like a cat
    • even though he’s mostly a dog person
  • you’d laugh at him and ruffle his hair
    • only nearing 2 AM is he this cute
      • “come back to sleep with me” he urges you
    • when you try to protest and want to check your work email one last time, Jin Ling doesn’t take no for an answer
    • he shuts your tablet right in front of you and proceeds to drag you back with him

.。*゚+.*.。 Ouyang ZIzhen  ゚+..。*゚+ 

  • Zizhen likes to hold your hand whenever
  • so when he’d reach out to find you in his sleep only to realize that the bed was empty
  • that’d make him wake up and he’d sit up being really confused
  • he’d notice that there was a light coming from outside and would leave the bedroom to go find you
  • he’d walk out and see you sitting on the couch, probably drinking something
  • but when he circles the couch, he catches you doing something he’d never believe
    • “is that a hot pocket?”
    • you turn towards Zizhen’s voice, meat filling half dropping out of your mouth
    • when he catches your faces he tries to muffle his laugh
    • “i mwas humgry” you try to explain in between your mouthful as Zizhen sits down besides you
    • he pitches your chipmunk cheeks from the hot pocket and steals a bite of your food
    • you end up heating up another one cause he wants to eat a full one to himself
      • and when your stomachs are warm you’d both return to bed together.
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a yoi and mdzs sort of crossover for @siggy-h

Yuri hates the new kid. He’s too polite by three and a half, always has sensible commentary, and is just nice. It makes Yuri want to take a shower.

“Excellent, Sizhui! Your footwork was a little sloppy in the  back half though,” Victor says. He looks around. Yuri can tell that he’s looking around for angel bunny suck up’s guardians. The ones who insisted on coming here with him. Yuri likes to call them silent and stupid. It’s not like Yuri needed a guardian to come with him from Russia. How much of a baby can you be?

Not to mention that tigers are a million times better than bunnies anyways.

The only good thing about bitch face and bitch mouth is they make Victor behave himself. Or something close to it.

Yuri takes a lap around the ice, skating backwards through his figures because one of the few pleasures in life is making both Katsuki and Lan Sizhui look bad.

Lan Sizhui skates backward past Yuri, heading in the opposite direction. “Nice footwork Yurio.”

Yuri skates to a stop, spraying ice in Lan Sizhui’s face. Lan Sizhui frowns a little bit and Yuri’s ready to cheer, but then the smile rebounds like Katsuki’s cheeks when Victor pokes them and Yuri wants to vomit.

Even Mila was better than this. He’d go back to Russia except he’s not a loser who gives up, unlike some people. So he speeds up into a quad flip, landing it with a satisfying “fuck off.”

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@purplehawke and I have been talking a lot of character meta lately, and somehow that ended up with the both of us coming up with very silly prompts for each other

“Young Master Wei? Are you alright?” Lan Xichen calls, still standing a few feet away from where he’d noticed that Wei Wuxian had pressed himself against the wall of an apothecary, merchant’s carts wedging him in on either side, and a dog sat in front of him with its tail wagging. He’d only meant to take a quick walk through Caiyi Town to check on things and look in on the people, but he’d stopped in the middle of it when he noticed Wei Wuxian.

“Zewu-jun!” Wei Wuxian answers, a nervous laugh catching in his throat and Lan Xichen walks forward, arms held behind his back as he takes in the sight of Wei Wuxian holding onto his sword and a parchment wrapped package so tightly that his knuckles are turning white.

Had something happened? It was rare that unsavory types passed through Caiyi Town, but Wei Wuxian surely could have handled them on his own if he’d ran into them. He’s about to ask again, mouth already working to form the question when the dog barks and Wei Wuxian jumps, his eyes going wide and fearful as he tries to press himself even further into the wall.

“Young Master Wei?” Lan Xichen tries again, cocking his head to the side and frowning just a little. Was he afraid of the dog, then? Looking down at it, and the dog looking back at him, its tail still wagging and its mouth hanging open now, Lan Xichen presses his lips together. He didn’t have anything to distract the dog with, and it didn’t seem as though Wei Wuxian had anything either, nor would he have the mind to hand it over to Lan Xichen if he asked for it.

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Later that day, as the sun blurs the sky in shades of mandarin, Wen Qing goes out to the fig tree in the courtyard with joss paper, a bowl, and incense paired with a bronze incense burner in her hands. Mianmian’s residence is no mansion, but it has a spare room for her and Wen Ning, and it is wholly preferable to a grave.

Luo Qingyang rescues Wen Qing and her brother from the Jin sect dungeons.

read here:

under the fig tree
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It’s the last day of November! Time for a roundup post on my NaNoWIPMo project.

I forgot to update my wordcount once I started doing heavy editing work on Being Known 3.6, but at estimate I got about 25K words written. Here are the WIPs I completed and/or made progress on. Most are fics for MDZS/CQL/The Untamed.


02 Nov 2020: Blackbird Part 1: into the light of a dark black night (3K. Madam Lan escapes after spending one last night with her children.)

11 Nov 2020: King of Thieves (4.5K. LXC erases A-Yuan’s memory while LWJ recovers from the whipping.)

27 Nov 2020: Being Known Part 3: A Series of (Un)Intentionally Supervised Dates (6/6 chapters, drunken LWJ/WWX arranged marriage AU. Chapters 5-6 uploaded in November, at about 5-6K each.)

WIP progress:

[working title] junior time travel transmigration (Currently at 6.5K. Jin Ling, Lan Jingyi, and Lan Sizhui end up transmigrated into their infant/toddler bodies three days before Jin Ling’s Hundredth-Day celebration.)

[working title] crack crossover bucky loki natasha burial mounds (MCU & SPN & MDZS/Untamed crossover. Bucky, Loki, Natasha, and maybe Castiel end up in the Burial Mounds Currently at 1K.)

[working title] Yu Ziyuan becomes Regent of Lotus Pier after JFM Dies (Mostly an outline right now! I’m estimating 5K or more)

[working title] FTH2019 Stucky fic (MCU - next on my list for writing!!)

There are lots of other WIPs where I added bits and pieces to the outline, but nothing in prose form yet. :)

Anyway, I think that’s a pretty good haul for such a chaotic month! I’m pretty proud of myself. I’ll keep chugging along for December. Thanks to everyone who’s left kudos, comments, and other encouragement. I love to hear from readers so feel free to drop me an ask!

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And here we are, at the end of this month. For around 2k words I didn’t met the 50k goal but it’s fine nevertheless. I wrote, everyday for a whole month, I created things mostly for myself, worked on fics I’m going to expand . I probably got even a little better. All while still working full time and currently battling mental health that is proving to be harder than ever. So, in the end, it’s still a success and I’m proud of it.

This fic ended up way longer, but it also belongs to one of my favorite AUs and I just couldn’t stop writing.

Just a little background that I didn’t explained in the fic, Lan Qiren finds the Yin Iron instead of Wen Ruohan and the story moves accordingly. I wrote a little snippet or two before, of this reverse au, but this one is mostly focused on Wen Xu and Nie Mingjue.

Prompt: Trail of blood

Ship: Mingjue/Zonghui (but that’s not the focus)

Word Count: 6608

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Not so angsty, because as said, LiangFeng deserves happiness.

And the boys too deserves to be happy.

Prompt: Found Family

Ship: Mingjue/Zonghui, Yue HuangShui/LiangFeng

Word Count: 1871

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18 and 19 will focus mostly on my OCs, because I love them so much and they deserve all the love! especially LiangFeng! Please go and love them, my sweet baby.

Also, I took all the liberties possible, being written during the nanowrimo kinda had me unable to make proper research (No, no, wait.. who am I kidding? I have no control and i still made research, just not as specific as I usually do.)

This two fics will take part in the Raised to a Golden Light AU.

Prompt: Forced Mutism

Ship: Yue HuangShui/LinagFeng, mentioned

word Count: 2853

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Settled onto the floor, Huaisang brushed through his hair with a fine toothed comb, pulling free snarls and spreading fragrant oil throughout. It was grounding, something he did whenever his thoughts were disquieted.

inspired by a thread (/fic?) my bff @jiggie & I have been workin on!!

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I’m low-key writing on my first ever fic, even tho I should be doing exams.

So, coming someday (maybe) to an ao3 near you, xicheng modern day, business au set in Taiwan(?):


((Mind u I know nothing about business or taiwan outside dramas n it’s a mix of my family’s own immigration story, mdzs and my and my roomate’s wild ramblings. But,, xicheng))

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So it’s canon-divergent pre-Qiongqi Path. Lan Wangji replaces some money pouches from the Lan vaults with pouches full of rocks. He takes the rabbits and he leaves through like a fallen tree at the edge of the wards. He joins Wei Wuxian and the Wen remnants at the Burial Mounds. And the people of Yilling think that he’s some sort of mountain god.

 Lan Xichen’s tries to get the other sects to help him find his brother but is turned away. Months/years after Lan Wangji’s disappearance he takes Lan Qiren and some other Lan elders to check out those rumors. They find a very happily married Wangxian and their army of children, he like asks for rabbits as compensation for Lan Wangji’s defecting form the Lan Sect.

That’s all I remember. It’s been a week and I couldn’t find it, but the need to re-read it is insufferable. Please and thank you.

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