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#mdzs hc

So if we’ve read MDZS we are probably pretty much aware of the (in)famous incense burner extras. 

I know there are various problematic elements to these but for the moment I’d like to just consider the mechanics of the incense burner as a plot device. 

From a storytelling perspective I would really like to know… how did the burner get there?

Hmm, let’s see… who would (a) have the opportunity / aptitude (no idea how much it takes) to capture dreams and store them in a magical item, (b) have access to plant hide said item in the Lan storerooms for the couple to find?

I thought about this much longer and harder than I should, and I concluded that LXC and NHS conspired together on this. Different motives, different abilities. One could totally create an item to capture dreams, had access to the storerooms, and very much ships these two, but probably would not be creepy enough to do it of his own volition. The other is great at convincing people to do things that maybe aren’t in their best interests, and is also always on the lookout for new porn and/or potential blackmail material.

The whole thing happened when everyone was young and oblivious in Lan disciple boarding school, and was forgotten when the Wen clan shit all over everything, but somehow the incense burner was saved from the fires and waits there as a reminder of bygone days. I don’t know if MXTX has another explanation for how the burner got there, but until I hear about it I’m going to go with mine :3

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A/N: Part 5 yay! Hope you enjoy!

Lan SizHui:

  • Just like XXC, Lan Sizhui is an angel
  • So he also probably didn’t get drunk on purpose
  • And even when he was drunk, you probably couldn’t even tell
  • It was one warm night in Gusu
  • After a long harrowing night hunt with the juniors, everyone had decided to stay one night in Gusu to recuperate
  • So to celebrate the end of the night hunt, the juniors decided to have drinks (even though it is illegal in cloud recesses, Jingyi was able to convince sizhui)
  • You were a junior as well, from the C/N clan
  • You were really close with the junior quartet (yes, Zizhen too give my boy some love), having befriended them during the many inter clan night hunts
  • You were closest with Zizhen and Jingyi, since all three of you were closest since you shared the same sense of humour and all enjoyed playing around the most
  • SizHui and Jin Ling were slightly more of a mystery to you
  • Jin Ling was just kinda bratty, and although you two were close friends, you also argued a lot
  • And SizHui generally didn’t speak to you
  • Not because he didn’t like you, no, it was because he liked you a little too much
  • He had a huge crush on you
  • And so, he never really knew how to approach you, let alone ask you to court him
  • So being drunk was the perfect excuse
  • The five of you had gotten some emperors smile and were now drinking it in a common room you had rented
  • And now you were surrounded by four drunk boys
  • Jin Ling and Jingyi were definitely very drunk, arguing over some pointless thing
  • Zizhen was in a corner, crying his eyes out (he was 100% drunk as well)
  • And Sizhui sat next to you, downing his fifth of sixth  cup, nothing but slight red cheeks to show his drunkenness
  • You had only had a single cup, since you didn’t really like the taste
  • Whenever you and Sizhui were alone together, you would generally be in comfortable silence
  • Now that he was drunk however…
  • “Ah-Y/N,” he started, soft and gentle voice slightly wavering, “We are friends aren’t we?”
  • You looked at him puzzledly, before nodding
  • “Well, I-”
  • Whatever he’d been about to say was cut off by a loud Jingyi, as he sat down right between the two of you, effectively separating you
  • Then he turned to Sizhui and said
  • “Are you finally gonna ask her to court you?” Then with a huge shit eating grin he added
  • “Zizhen, Jin Ling! Sizhui is asking Ah-Y/N to court him!”
  • Jin Ling turned to them, but made no move to come over
  • Zizhen however immediately smiled and came over to where you were sitting
  • “Really? I knew you wanted to Sizhui, but I never thought you’d do it so soon!” he exclaimed, coming to sit with them as well
  • By now Sizhui’s face had reddened so much he practically looked like a tomato
  • You tried to catch his eye but he seemed to be doing everything in his power to not look at you
  • He was really embarrassed and although he had been meaning to ask you, this was not how he had meant to go by it
  • “Well? Are you gonna ask her or not?” Zizhen mumbled, clearly impatient
  • Sizhui looked like he was about to implode
  • You knew you had to do something to save your poor friend
  • And so you did
  • “If Sizhui wants to ask me something, he can do it whenever he wants to. Stop pressuring him”
  • You could see Sizhui relax, even if it was only a bit
  • Jingyi and Zizhen however in turns annoyed and let down
  • “Fine then… Come on Zizhen.” Jingyi muttered, getting up along with Zizhen and going to whisper to each other on the far end of the room
  • Which left you and Sizhui  alone
  • The comfortable silence that you had was now long gone
  • Somehow, Sizhui was the first to break the silence
  • “I’m sorry I put you in an uncomfortable position…” he said softy, almost a whisper
  • “Nonono! It’s okay!” You you scrambled to say, tripping over your words in a rush to get them out
  • Only then did he truly look at you, and you could see something a little but like hope in his eyes
  • “Was Jingyi telling the truth or…” you muttered, unsure if you should continue the topic
  • Sizhui looked away, blushing more now, but he managed to nod all the same
  • And that was all the confirmation you needed
  • Since he wasn’t looking at you however, you had to grab his hand to get his attention
  • “I would like that. To, um, c-court y-you i mean. I would like that a lot…” You mumbled
  • Now it was your turn to blush
  • But the smile that appeared on his face after he’d understood what you’d said was so bright that you almost entirely forgot your embarrassment
  • You just looked at each other, sharing a tender moment, until
  • “FINALLY!”
  • Jingyi and Zizhen (and even Jin Ling) congratulated you on your courtship for the next hour, until they all passed out from drunkenness, and you and Sizhui were finally able to share your first kiss

Thank you for reading!

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A/N: Pt 4! I am in love with XXC. Its just a fact. So I hope I did him justice! Enjoy!(Also its pretty long sorry)

Xiao XingChen:

  • This one is very different from the others
  • We all know Xiao XingChen is an angel so he probably thought he could drink a lot without getting drunk
  • But he was wrong
  • So now he’s drunk
  • And Xiao XingChen is 100% a giggly drunk
  • You were travelling with him and Song Lan
  • Song Lan had (Unwisely) left the two of you alone at the inn you were staying at, while he went to buy something
  • And XingChen wanted to have a drink with you
  • Now you were also a travelling cultivator who’d once belonged to a sect but had left
  • You shared the same ideals as the two men so they’d invited you to doing their expeditions
  • And you had
  • So you were now very close to both of them
  • But you and XingChen were slightly closer
  • Because he was in love with you
  • And (Surprise!) you were in love with him too
  • But you’d never said anything because he was so sweet and you didn’t wanna ruin it
  • And now he was drunk and Song Lan would probably blame you
  • You had tried to stop him!
  • But he’d been able to convince you that he could take it
  • And now he was drunk as was practically laying on top of you
  • He wouldn’t stop giggling and acting like a child
  • “Ah-Y/N!” He said between giggles
  • “Your hair is so prettyyyyyy”
  • Que more boyish giggles
  • “Look! Your face is all red! Are you drunk Ah-Y/N?”
  • His face was now so close to yours and you were getting stares from the other people in the inn
  • You decided to get your drunk friend out of there
  • “Come Ah-Chen, lets go to our rooms”
  • He didn’t protest, but he clung to you as you dragged him up all the while giggling and poking at your hair and cheeks, uttering words between giggles
  • When you finally got the the rooms, you sat him on his bed and gave him some water
  • After drinking it he sat quietly for a but before getting up awkwardly to go sit next to you on your bed
  • Once comfortably seated, he leaned towards you and
  • “Ah-Y/N… D-do you like Zichen?”
  • You were slightly bewildered, but you didn’t do anything about it, choosing to answer his question simply
  • “Of course. Both you and Zichen are my greatest friends.”
  • His boyish grin was back as he giggled again
  • “I’m more than just your friend Ah-Y/NNNNNNN! I love youuuuuuu! Do you love me too Ah-Y/N?”
  • Even in such a drunk state, he was so cute
  • And for the life of you you couldn’t tell if he was being serious
  • “O-of c-course Ah-Chen…”
  • The look on his face was priceless
  • “Really?” He practically yelled before crushing you in a hug, burying his face in your hair and muttering sweet things to you
  • You just lay there, trying to process what had just happened
  • Had all that been real or was it just a side effect of the drinks?
  • Just then, Song Lan returned from his shopping
  • The look on his face said it all as he stared at you
  • “What happened?” He muttered putting down what he’d bought
  • Xiao XingChen was off you in a heartbeat, a huge smile on his face and rosy cheeks as he told Song Lan what had happened
  • “Ah-Y/N said she is in love with me!”
  • Song Lan looked at you surprisedly before grinning at you
  • It wasn’t often that you could see Song Lan grin
  • You felt really embarrassed
  • “I love her and she loves me too! Isn’t that great Zichen?”
  • Song Lan nodded gently at the drunk man before gently ushering him into bed, you trying to calm your beating heart the entire time
  • Until
  • “Ah-Y/N! Come sleep with meeee!”
  • Seeing the look on your face, Song Lan couldn’t stop laughing

Thank you for reading!

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MDZS Headcanon #4

On Jiang Yanli’s birthday, Wei Wuxian likes to celebrate. He eats the snacks she used to make, visits the kinds of places she liked to frequent, smiles in the way that used to make her smile back. Of course, it’s not the same. It takes many years before he stops getting drunk by the end of the day.

Meanwhile, Jiang Cheng goes straight for the drinking. If he’s not with Jin Ling that day, he sits in their ancestral hall all evening. He doesn’t need to lock the doors because everyone knows not to approach.

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MDZS Headcanon #3

After the Wens burned down Lotus Pier, they threw many of the bodies into the Burial Mounds. So, when Wei Wuxian was also thrown down there, he was kept company by the corpses of many of his fellow younger disciples. The good thing was, without a single living soul around, he could let his tears fall freely. It was also this anger and hatred that drove him to climb out of this hellhole alive.

Afterwards, he returned to collect as many of the bodies as possible to give them a proper burial.

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My Mo Dao Zu Shi Couples Headcanons

Hey it’s been a while since I’ve posted some hcs and I’m back to continue my mdzs couples ones! Feel free to ask for or submit headcanons, ideas, prompts anytime. I’ll leave instructions for that at the bottom :) anyway here we go!!

Nie Huaisang x Jiang Cheng

  • NHS likes the chase, he likes pulling JC close and then pulling away until he gets what he wants. They’re constantly in this game and NHS loves the thrill.
  • JC was the one to confess, it was very interesting and somewhat aggressive.
  • They were together for over a year before anyone figured it out.
  • Together they have a lot of pets, like JC has several dogs and NHS has his bird, and probably some snakes and a cat and whatever pets his brother left behind
  • NHS is always there waiting for when JC comes back from a nighthunt on the rare occasion he doesn’t get taken a long
  • JC buys NHS new fans fairly often, some plain and some more fancy. For their wedding JC had a fan specially commissioned, it was red and gold with both their names and their sects emblems.
  • They both love to debate things and it almost always leads to rough and somewhat angry sex.
  • JC makes NHS special desserts and meals for special occassions.
  • They’re both fairly vanilla when it comes sex, NHS is the one to initiate exploration into new kinks.
  • JC likes listening to NHS sing, he finds it very calming.
  • Anytime JC tries to learn something NHS is there to support him in anyway possible.
  • There’s a lot of teasing between them.
  • They tend to be on the same page for the most part.

Jiang Cheng x Nie Huaisang x Lan Xichen

  • LXC is just the ultimate sugar daddy to his two lovers. JC sometimes gets irritated by it, but soon just goes along with it since theres no way of stopping him.
  • They’re all sect leaders so they don’t get to spend as much time together as they would like, but when they are together they are almost inseparable.
  • LXC is the most outwardly affectionate of the three. NHS and JC vary on who is more affectionate.
  • Both NHS and LXC love to tease JC.
  • JC tends to be the shyest when it comes to initiating any sort of intimacy.
  • LXC really helps make them both feel better and be more honest about things.
  • Both NHS and LXC make sure JC knows how much he is appreciated and loved for who he is no matter what.
  • They both try to get JC to teach them how to cook, but ultimately get banned from the kitchen.
  • LXC and NHS once showed up at the lotus pier unannounced with the same gift for JC, 12 puppies each. JC was very surprised and shocked, but now he loves his army of 24 doggos. One time when he went to the cloud recesses he brought all of them and WWX almost had a heart attack.
  • They like to spend time together outside, JC with his head LXC shoulder NHS resting his head on their legs.
  • Both JC and LXC like to buy NHS fans or tassles for fans.
  • LXC once tied both NHS and JC together while they slept with his forehead ribbon.
  • NHS is more of a power bottom, JC is a switch and a bit of a pillow princess, and LXC is a switch though he mainly tops these two.
  • LXC likes to make sure that both of them feel equally loved and cared for, he helps them with things, tells them how much he cares for them all the time, shares things and listens to them.
  • When they get married LXC gets two forehead ribbons, one for each of them. JC uses his to tie his hair back and NHS wears his on his wrist.
  • NHS is really into Roleplaying and JC and LXC get into it because NHS makes it very interesting and thrilling.

To on none mobile - Please the Kronk

To submit - Submit to the Kronk

Yes I’m aware they’re weird and vaguely sexual, but I promise you I just like getting asks.

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MDZS Headcanon

First off thank you to the twitter group chat Chaotic Gays of Demonic Cultivation for inspiring and helping me come up with these! You guys are awesome :)

Lan Qiren’s Beard gets Shaved Off!

  • It’s a careful operation carried out between 9pm and 5am by Lan Jingyi and Wei Wuxian
  • The two culprits nearly hand several heartattacks durimg the entire thing whenever it seemed like LQR would wake up
  • Many of the younger disciples don’t recognize LQR without his beard
  • LWJ and LXC are very confused by their uncles sudden lack of beard
  • LQR coughs up blood when he first wakes up seeing what has become of his well cared for facial hair
  • He spends every free moment trying to find out who is responsible, but wwx and ljy were very careful to make sure no one found out about their plan
  • It becomes a mystery around the cloud recesses, a legend saying that it might have been the twin jades of lan playing a prank on their uncle or the daring act of visiting disciple
  • When LQR finally finds out he is furious, LWJ tries to protect wwx as much as possible. In the end both end up copying the rules 3 times while doing handstands, while being observed by LQR himself

A picture to help visualize the situation

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My MDZS Couples Headcanons (part 3)

Lan Xichen x Jin GuanYao

  • Jin GuanYao did have feelings for Lan Xichen, but his ambitions eventually over clouded it.
  • They spent a lot of time together learning, training, and so on.
  • JGY was there to comfort LXC when NMJ died, and he supported him while his brother was greiving WWX.
  • They practiced music together often doing duets.
  • LXC trusted him wholly while JGY could not bring himself to trust anyone so fully, still he held LXC closer than most
  • LXC lets JGY ride on his shoulders so that he can feel tall (no one can take this from me)
  • LXC take initiative when it comes to spending time together and affection.
  • JGY always has something new LXC when they meet whether it be a new food, fact, idea, song or item.
  • They tend to spend most their time together talking about anything and everything
  • They also enjoy playing games together
  • JGY always has a light and sweet desert prepared for LXC after meals
  • LXC sometimes helps JGY teach/train JL when he’s there
  • LXC is very supportive of whatever decision JGY makes and is aleays there to help him when he asks

Nie MingJue x Lan Xichen

  • NMJ is normally the big spoon
  • They prefer spending time together over giving gifts, but sometimes they will give each other small things
  • They are both very comfortable with affection and PDA
  • If either thinks the other is sick or hurt they will carry them, at first there were arguments about it, but it didn’t past long
  • NMJ teaches LXC how to dance (My mdzs hc part 2-3). Sometimes when LXC is playing his dizi NMJ will sway along to it
  • NMJ likes to hold LXC, he likes to show that LXC is his and LXC loves to be held
  • They are both pretty possessive and get can get a little hot headed when jealousy rears its head
  • NMJ gives the best bear hugs
  • There isn’t really specific top or bottom between the two of them, they like to take turns.
  • They both love to body worship
  • NMJ likes when LXC manhandles/gropes him
  • They are generally touching whenever they are together whether it be just holding holds, hugging, shoulders/sides pressed together, or light kisses on the cheek/nose/neck/ear
  • Sometimes when there is nothing particular to discuss they can get a little lost in their own world. LXC gets very giggly and playful when this happens
  • They often use endearments such as love, sweetheart, honey, and dear. LXC is particularly fond of using honey and dear for NMJ
  • LXC always tries to find ways to help NMJ relax and calm down, giving him tea, massages, playing music and so on. NMJ tries his best to show his gratitude and return the favour
  • Their relationship has a very good balance of give and take and they are always looking out for each other

3-Zuns (JGY x LXC x NMJ)

  • NMJ and LXC like to sandwich JGY between them when they cuddle
  • NMJ is the softest and most trusting of the three
  • LXC is the kinkiest and most affectionate
  • JGY is the most adventurous and flexible
  • One time NMJ bench pressed JGY and he has never been the same
  • JGY gives the best presents (and lap dances)
  • They do as much together as possible, eating, training, working and so on.
  • Both NMJ and LXC have a lot of stamina
  • Before he became too ambitious JGY honestly cared to LXC and NMJ. I think he somewhat regrets what ended up happening.
  • NMJ loves to listen LXC and JGY play duets, he finds it very calming
  • JGY likes to be in the middle when they sleep because he feel very safe tucked between them
  • They all like to be held, even NMJ although he won’t admit it
  • One time NMJ carried LXC on his shoulder while JGY was on LXC shoulders
  • They go for walks often, just talking and enjoying each others presence
  • Absolute chaos ensues if all of them get drunk together, LXC turns into loud and over-excited, NMJ is emotional and stripping, and JGY is slutty and pure salt. Together they are nearly unstoppable
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AU where (***SPOILERS FOR THOSE WHO DIDN'T SEE THE FORUM ON NOVEL UPDATES***) LSZ hadn't lost his memory of WWX and the remaining Wen clan members.

ILY ANON! This AU is one of the few things I have lined up for, like, after I’m done with the soulmate HCs but since you asked, here you go (under the read more cut, because, SPOILERS!) It’s a lengthy one. I hope you enjoy this anon~

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modern!wlj is smitten with wq. she knew she was bi, but wq showed her how rewarding a life with a woman can be. wlj heard wc got off with one of the Jin twinks, which explains why she was discarded so quickly or why he doesn’t answer her calls. it’s not that she wants him back, but milking him of his money was all she wanted to do for a living and… now she doesn’t know what she wants. working with lwj at the fast food place is not that bad. she get a good paycheck all things considered, enough to buy wq dinner sometimes. wlj already had her own place, but she rented it to others. she doesn’t have a car anymore bc she sold its parts already. she has money… but not a home. that evening at wq’s place she wonders if this is permanent or not. maybe she can threaten wc to tell his wife about his affair with the Jin twink and get something out of it. yet, she’s still mildly scared of him and pissing him off will get her in a bodybag soon enough. snitching him off to his father would also get her nowhere. she needs wc alive to live comfortably after all. she needs a bigger mouth than hers to spill that tea all over wc’s pathetic excuse of a dick. she calls su minshan and hopes for the best.

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I wrote this yesterday while crying and wasn’t going to post it but then I read this excellent meta by @hunxi-guilai (sorry for tagging you if you didn’t want to be, I can remove it if you wish) and was like ‘time to actually have feels about lqr and his nephews ig’ so here it is

no but do you ever think about Lan Qiren looking at Lan Wangji visibly falling for Wei Wuxian who was just like Cangse Sanren, same grin same mischievous glint in his eyes and would ultimately fall to the same fate as his mother had

and then thinking about the tiny toddler he had to raise and feed and tell that his mother passed away, had to drag the child away from the doors that held no one inside them, the way he taught him over and over and over what was good and bad so that he would never meet his parents’ fate and wanting to scream and shout at Lan Wangji

because didn’t he have some right over him? Some way of stopping him?. He tried to give his nephew all the right books and gave him all the most severe punishments and then his nephew went to visit the very kind of person Lan Qiren had tried to save him from. he was so conflicted– was he supposed to be lwj’s uncle or the Lan sect leader? He didn’t know but he tried his best to be both but he didn’t put his hand on lwjs shoulder when he saw his desperate face asking for the books in the forbidden chamber, he thinks he should have

and then Lan Wangji took the hits of the discipline whip in front of him and asked him “What is right and what is wrong? What is black and what is white?” And looked so very sure of his love that made him blind to everything, and how Lan Qiren would have wanted to shout that it didn’t matter what was right and wrong because there were rules

and yes rules sounded bad but they were the ones that had helped him when he was barely an adult and had two children and an entire sect thrown upon him

there were rules and there were consequences of thinking there weren’t any, and then he watched his nephew face the same fate of isolation that his father, Lan Qirens brother, had faced and he could do nothing about it but only watch and grieve in silence, because he’s known since he’d seen the two young boys together that history was to be repeated and that they would never escape their fate

he watches lwj raise a child, names the child after yearning and he breaks every second because it is like watching his own reflection as he picked up lxc, barely a toddler, for the first time, and watches his nephew play inquiry for hours every night and cry over the guqin as his scars bleed and stands powerless, dwelling in his own inadequacy in saving the people he loved most.

but then it’s 16 years later and Wei wuxian has come back to life and been forgiven for his crimes and though Lan Qiren hates him he lives in the same walls of Gusu that he himself does and

one day Lan Qiren is walking the grounds and he sees wangji and Wei wuxian together and his heart clenches with ready resentment, except– wangji is smiling.

not just a small barely-percivable smile but the kind that has lit up his eyes and curves his lips and lifted his face and he’s looking at Wei wuxian who is mad with laughter and suddenly Lan qiren wants to shout

he wants to shout till he is hoarse and sob till he is empty because he doesn’t know whether he should be his uncle or the lan sect leader but he so wants to be for once just lwj’s uncle and dissolve into a puddle because somehow, by some miracle, his nephew did not fall into the hands of cruel fate, and that he doesn’t care if wwx is a demonic cultivator but he made lqr’s nephew smile like THAT and made him happy and he can see lwj’s sorrrow from the 16 years ebb away and he wants to thank thank thank wwx for it but he cannot he should not, and ultimately he will not. but there is something else he can do

so later that day he calls wwx and wwx reluctantly comes there and lqr can see the trepidation and for a second he thinks of how stupid he’s being because wasn’t he the person to place himself directly against the boy in front of him?, but then he remembers lwj smiling and he takes a deep breath and then talks, more than he ever has and probably ever will with wwx.

he tells him about a girl with a perpetual skip in her step and a glint in her eye and who cut lqr’s beard and smuggled liquor into cloud recesses and it’s not the best way to say a thank you he knows, but he hopes its enough as he sees wwx’s eyes well up with grateful tears.

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but….if I did make a JATP AU it would go like this:

  • Jingyi & Zizhen & Jin Ling are the dumb ghosts, bc… it’s true
  • I know this contradicts the ask from earlier, but Zizhen would be Reggie, a Ling would be Alex (but more tsundere, yk?), and Jingyi, Luke.
  • And ofc, Sizhui is Julie bc mom friend tm.
  • But like… i can’t decide if jl or oyzz would play bass or drums respectively! bc I hc oyzz would play drums! And jl plays bass! honestly it works either way, let’s just keep goin
  • omg waittt is wwx the parent who died???? OMG HE IS
  • Background story is lwj trying to bring wwx back? Or the ghost trio accidentally meet this weird ghost (cough it’s wwx, lsz’s dad the weird ghost) and have no idea who he is
  • Until oyzz sees a picture of mystery ghost in lsz’s house, and wait a second… OH
  • Oyzz has the mean homophobic parents, jingyi has the ones on the brink of divorce, and jl is just sad lmao.
  • Actually,,,what if jl’s parents were alive,,,and he visited them,,,like what if he was HAPPY?? 0-0
  • okay, one more time for clarification:
  • jl plays bass
  • oyzz plays drums
  • ljy is their lead singer and plays guitar
  • lsz plays the piano and sometimes sings, but he’s a little self-conscious abt his singing
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I got a similar ask once, but it was abt Father’s Day or smth lol. Anyways:

Birthdays are usually small-ish celebrations (except for Jin Ling’s, bc JC spoils that kid) 

Mother’s Day… Sizhui can’t even lmao, but he does go out to see WQ’s and granny’s graves since they were the closest things he had to maternal figures. Jin Ling also goes to visit his mother’s grave… (or a shrine for her or smth, idk if that’s in canon). Zizhen spends time with his very alive mom (unless this is the au where his mom got eaten by a spider) and Jingyi… he hangs around lsz since lsz cause lsz is basically a mom friend lmao (that was a joke, please don’t hurt me).

On wwx’s birthday (halloween) Jingyi religiously enlists the others to give everyone at the cloud recesses a heart attack/qi deviation bc why not lol

Lunar New Year is a pretty big thing. They go out to the festival and run around and have a lot of fun!! Jingyi loves this one chicken stand that comes every year and mysteriously disappears, and Zizhen thinks the lights are super pretty! Sizhui usually spends the beginning with his dads before running away to hang out with his friends. Jin Ling just likes spending time with them, though he can’t say that lol.)

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alright so in the vein of the juniors youtuber au, imagine: try guys/buzzfeed shenanigans.

  • i used to watch buzzfeed & ladylike & the try guys so much a couple years ago,, and now i’m bringin it back for mdzs
  • idk how buzzfeed works (tho i have seen a lot of leaving buzzfeed videos 0-0) or anything so most of it is just me hc-ing using video ideas from buzzfeed
  • ohhh i wanna see them do a “who knows _____ best?” i can see oyzz being really good at those. obviously, lsz and ljy win for each other. jl places second for ljy (by a couple points, so yay for him!) and oyzz places second for lsz. in their defense, the lans are too… them.
  • there’s many compilations of lsz’s background facial reactions. you guys don’t understand how many cut off laughter shots there are of lsz. he tries so hard to hold it in, but sometimes watching his friends’ shenanigans is too funny. the others quietly live for lsz laughing because he looks adorable when he tries to hide a laugh.
  • there’s a whole series that’s literally just jingyi wish fulfillment: ljy dresses up jl (w/ oyzz on makeup) for holiday parties or whatever. it’s a whole thing, oyzz will bring fancy champagne (aged up) and lsz will join & occasionally help out.
  • the one time oyzz tries on wedding dresses for fun and ljy asks him to marry him. he gives him a ring pop and their wedding date is set for April 20th, 2020. 
  • there was a whole ass video where jingyi dragged the other three to various karaoke bars in the area. jingyi wish fulfillment.
  • so obviously they can’t buy bras off amazon :/ but they can buy random articles of clothing!!
  • styling each other with clothes we bought from amazon!!
  • here’s who styles who: -> lsz -> ljy -> oyzz -> jl ->
  • it’s terrible. 
  • amazon’s mediocre-ness + the juniors’ chaotic idea of fashion + a budget of $100 each = terrible-ness. honestly, it’s impressive they didn’t end up all wearing trash bags.
  • lsz looks decently good for something jl picked out. ljy literally gets oyzz a cheap cosplay.
  • (it’s a maid costume. ljy bought oyzz a FUCKING MAID COSTUME. not like lingerie or anything tho. this is a sfw blog.)
  • jl was about to attack ljy. he usually is.
  • idk i just like the idea of wholesome juniors being youtube famous 
  • (and gay, while they’re at it. lsz is the one with the planned coming out video, oyzz answered it in an interview and mentions it every so often, ljy threw a fucking party -as he deserves- and sung “i’m coming out” by diana ross. jl never confirmed it, but has been known to say “bitch i’m gay” multiple times in past videos. censored, ofc.)
  • poly icons (but wangningxian tho 👀)
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