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#mdzs hcs

genderfluid jl hcs

Love this hc, for my sake I’ll be using mostly male pronouns sometimes female 💕

  • kinda knew when he was younger that sometimes he wanted to be a she sometimes, but also jc probably scared the living shit outta jl
  • plus jl didn’t know how to articulate that as a child, so he kept it suppressed
  • sometimes ljy can get away with calling jl a young mistress or princess, but he absolutely hates it when ljy calls him that when ljy calls him that when he’s male
  • gets a little annoyed when being called young mistress/princess at any time, really, except when it’s used a term of endearment
  • loves the fact that she can pass as a guy or girl (bc imo jl is quite androgynous looking)
  • will sneak out at night dressed in a more feminine-presenting way and get away with it
  • puts actually a lot of effort into presenting female, and looking as different as she possibly can look bc if it gets out that the jin’s sect heir “crossdresses” (which is false, but the gossipers don’t know that) it will be very bad press
  • voice is harder to pass off but it is doable
  • jl has never told anyone abt being genderfluid bc it’s not like he has friends to spare lmao, and bc it’s very personal
  • plus being genderfluid really wasn’t a thing back then, at least not publicly out as genderfluid
  • hates staying at the cloud recesses because it’s very hard to sneak out there and he isn’t gonna risk it on other sect territory
  • zizhen is the first to find out when he caught jl sneaking out of lanling (zizhen’s insomnia means that he wanders quite a bit)
  • oyzz completely accepts jl, though they don’t rlly talk about it. sometimes oyzz will cover for jl if someone gets sus
  • “Ling” is a unisex name so she goes by a Ling if anyone asks
  • has actually made contact with ppl in her sect w/o them realizing
  • cue the one jin chan asked her on a date while jin ling was presenting feminine, and a horrified a ling slapping him before running away

probably gonna do a pt. 2 where the lans find out lmao

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He’d definitely try to come off as “oh yea I’m genderfluid”, but freak out a little beforehand. Jl knows that they’ll probably accept him (and if not, he’s gonna slap em and leave). But jl really really likes his friends, so he really hopes they’re cool with it.

(Btw, should I do genderfluid!jl hcs? Everyone seems the like it and I’m in love with the idea lol)

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but….if I did make a JATP AU it would go like this:

  • Jingyi & Zizhen & Jin Ling are the dumb ghosts, bc… it’s true
  • I know this contradicts the ask from earlier, but Zizhen would be Reggie, a Ling would be Alex (but more tsundere, yk?), and Jingyi, Luke.
  • And ofc, Sizhui is Julie bc mom friend tm.
  • But like… i can’t decide if jl or oyzz would play bass or drums respectively! bc I hc oyzz would play drums! And jl plays bass! honestly it works either way, let’s just keep goin
  • omg waittt is wwx the parent who died???? OMG HE IS
  • Background story is lwj trying to bring wwx back? Or the ghost trio accidentally meet this weird ghost (cough it’s wwx, lsz’s dad the weird ghost) and have no idea who he is
  • Until oyzz sees a picture of mystery ghost in lsz’s house, and wait a second… OH
  • Oyzz has the mean homophobic parents, jingyi has the ones on the brink of divorce, and jl is just sad lmao.
  • Actually,,,what if jl’s parents were alive,,,and he visited them,,,like what if he was HAPPY?? 0-0
  • okay, one more time for clarification:
  • jl plays bass
  • oyzz plays drums
  • ljy is their lead singer and plays guitar
  • lsz plays the piano and sometimes sings, but he’s a little self-conscious abt his singing
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I got a similar ask once, but it was abt Father’s Day or smth lol. Anyways:

Birthdays are usually small-ish celebrations (except for Jin Ling’s, bc JC spoils that kid) 

Mother’s Day… Sizhui can’t even lmao, but he does go out to see WQ’s and granny’s graves since they were the closest things he had to maternal figures. Jin Ling also goes to visit his mother’s grave… (or a shrine for her or smth, idk if that’s in canon). Zizhen spends time with his very alive mom (unless this is the au where his mom got eaten by a spider) and Jingyi… he hangs around lsz since lsz cause lsz is basically a mom friend lmao (that was a joke, please don’t hurt me).

On wwx’s birthday (halloween) Jingyi religiously enlists the others to give everyone at the cloud recesses a heart attack/qi deviation bc why not lol

Lunar New Year is a pretty big thing. They go out to the festival and run around and have a lot of fun!! Jingyi loves this one chicken stand that comes every year and mysteriously disappears, and Zizhen thinks the lights are super pretty! Sizhui usually spends the beginning with his dads before running away to hang out with his friends. Jin Ling just likes spending time with them, though he can’t say that lol.)

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alright so in the vein of the juniors youtuber au, imagine: try guys/buzzfeed shenanigans.

  • i used to watch buzzfeed & ladylike & the try guys so much a couple years ago,, and now i’m bringin it back for mdzs
  • idk how buzzfeed works (tho i have seen a lot of leaving buzzfeed videos 0-0) or anything so most of it is just me hc-ing using video ideas from buzzfeed
  • ohhh i wanna see them do a “who knows _____ best?” i can see oyzz being really good at those. obviously, lsz and ljy win for each other. jl places second for ljy (by a couple points, so yay for him!) and oyzz places second for lsz. in their defense, the lans are too… them.
  • there’s many compilations of lsz’s background facial reactions. you guys don’t understand how many cut off laughter shots there are of lsz. he tries so hard to hold it in, but sometimes watching his friends’ shenanigans is too funny. the others quietly live for lsz laughing because he looks adorable when he tries to hide a laugh.
  • there’s a whole series that’s literally just jingyi wish fulfillment: ljy dresses up jl (w/ oyzz on makeup) for holiday parties or whatever. it’s a whole thing, oyzz will bring fancy champagne (aged up) and lsz will join & occasionally help out.
  • the one time oyzz tries on wedding dresses for fun and ljy asks him to marry him. he gives him a ring pop and their wedding date is set for April 20th, 2020. 
  • there was a whole ass video where jingyi dragged the other three to various karaoke bars in the area. jingyi wish fulfillment.
  • so obviously they can’t buy bras off amazon :/ but they can buy random articles of clothing!!
  • styling each other with clothes we bought from amazon!!
  • here’s who styles who: -> lsz -> ljy -> oyzz -> jl ->
  • it’s terrible. 
  • amazon’s mediocre-ness + the juniors’ chaotic idea of fashion + a budget of $100 each = terrible-ness. honestly, it’s impressive they didn’t end up all wearing trash bags.
  • lsz looks decently good for something jl picked out. ljy literally gets oyzz a cheap cosplay.
  • (it’s a maid costume. ljy bought oyzz a FUCKING MAID COSTUME. not like lingerie or anything tho. this is a sfw blog.)
  • jl was about to attack ljy. he usually is.
  • idk i just like the idea of wholesome juniors being youtube famous 
  • (and gay, while they’re at it. lsz is the one with the planned coming out video, oyzz answered it in an interview and mentions it every so often, ljy threw a fucking party -as he deserves- and sung “i’m coming out” by diana ross. jl never confirmed it, but has been known to say “bitch i’m gay” multiple times in past videos. censored, ofc.)
  • poly icons (but wangningxian tho 👀)
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Ty I’m doing ok!! Stressed rn bc school & misc. fandom events, but besides that I’m fine. & dw, you’re never a bother!! Asks are usually fun for me too lol <33

Wwx… losing the juniors… again? I feel like this has happened before lol but let’s do it!

So, the juniors are all at the Cloud Recesses, bc bc. Wwx is sorta watching over them, but also is planning to

Jingyi & a Ling get into a little argument, as they do, so that night JL hightails it to Meishan. To cool off, bc everyone needs healthy coping mechanisms. So the others wake up and “oH nO tHe yOunG miStrEss iS gOne!!!!!!” !o!

Which means wwx has already lost a junior, and soon they’ll all have poofed.

Oyzz suggests they go to lotus pier, bc that seems smart, and jingyi & him basically run out the door

Sizhui takes a moment to breath and question his life decisions before

So wwx wakes up, goes to see how his son is doing, and finds four empty beds. Which means. Oh no.

They’ve either been kidnapped or ran away (probably a mixture of both tbh)

So now wwx is freaking out (cue title drop, lwj help me) and they search all the main sect areas and some of the side sects and they can’t find the ducklings ;-;

Eventually they find them sipping tea w/ the very scary Meishan sect leader, which, fun!

Idk, honestly wwx needs to put a tracker on all of them

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gives me jin ling being soft for oyzz vibes 👀

summary: Jin Ling doesn’t know why the disciple in green is so determined to be his friend, and Zizhen isn’t having it.

bc we love tsundere jl. which is basically the only jl. so, yeah.

the actual fic’s plot would go along the lines of oyzz following jl around and yelling “I’m your friend!” at him lmao, bc we all know that jl isn’t very good with emotions. but if anyone can befriend jl while he’s moodier than usual, it’s oyzz :)

pairing would be lingzhen (zhenling?) bc it is just,,so good 🥺

ty for the ask (!!) , sorry for the long wait ._.

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the juniors (mdzs) play Among Us


Lan Jingyi

  • His entire strategy is calling jin ling sus and it works.
  • Never votes out sizhui. Like. Sizhui could kill someone in front of ljy and vent and ljy will pretend he never saw him.
  • Always kills jl first :))
  • Won’t kill sizhui or zizhen, but will sell out his imposter buddy if they murder sizhui. Sometimes he’ll sell himself out just to keep the ~trust~
  • Hates & loves being imposter. Doesn’t like murder, loves to cause chaos. He’s a good imposter, and a decent crewmate.
  • All in all, a true friend! Plesse be aware that this doesn’t apply to young mistresses.

Ouyang Zizhen

  • The worst imposter, but a great crew mate! Works rlly hard to do al of his tasks. When he’s imposter, he’ll pretend to do his tasks and freak out and end up murdering someone in public.
  • Before he learned how to play, he has asked “how do i vent like red did?” and got the imposter kicked out. :)
  • Lowkey pulls a nhs and plays dumb when he’s imposter. But it doesn’t work cause it’s… Among Us.
  • BUT when he’s a crewmate, it’s be gay, do tasks, watch for venting.
  • He and Sizhui often team up bc safety buddies. :)
  • Oyzz is sometimes super sus, and sometimes is super innocent (not-sus = innocent) but he would never vote out one of his friends :/ bc he loves them !

Lan Sizhui

  • Lowkey the best at Among Us 👀👀
  • Is literally the least sus player ever
  • Has nothing against killing his friends (what a cold-hearted snake, look into his eyes), but sometimes he doesn’t kill jl in pity bc jl never wins lol
  • Great imposter, great detective. No one ever suspects him bc he’s smart abt it.
  • Keeps sus ppl alive when he’s imposter so everyone will vote them out instead. :)
  • No one ever seems to see him murder?? He always closes the lights lol
  • If he’s imposter w/ another junior, he refuses to let them get voted off. He will protect you with his life if he knows for certain you’re on his team. 😈

Jin Ling

  • Never. Fucking. Wins.
  • Because ljy will kill him if he’s imposter, or get everyone to vote him off either way! Bc jl is just sus! Always!
  • His strategy is basically kill as much as possible, and if you’re caught don’t let them vote you. if everyone knows it you, just sabotage those suckers.
  • Lsz refrains from killing him bc pity. When he and ljy are imposters, ljy will either sell them both out or say jl’s sus, as always.
  • jl keeps screaming in frustration. sometimes tho, ljy will work with jl and they manage to win, assuming they ain’t too sus.
  • honestly jl’s a good imposter and a sucky crewmate, bc he’s just so damn sus.
  • bitch needs help. he’s bitch.
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developing zhuizhen goes a little like this:

  • sizhui and jingyi are friends, and zizhen and jingyi are friends, which means a lot of the time they spend together is just zizhen and sizhui pining over jingyi.
  • (dw, a ling fits into the story later. he’s currently busy being a hissing, grumpy, tsundere, much like his uncle, and is too stupid to realize he can make friends w/ ppl.)
  • at first, zizhen & sizhui are friendly acquaintances. sizhui doesn’t know if he’s supposed to like zizhen or not bc…love rivals.
  • meanwhile zizhen is intimated by sizhui bc this is like, the perfect lan disciple, blah blah blah i’m just saying sizhui has a reputation.
  • but sizhui is also very nice & plays pretty music so zizhen thinks he’s cool!
  • honestly zizhen’s standards for friends are like, nonexistent. as long as you’re not mean and haven’t purposefully murdered thousands of ppl, you’re chill. even then, the second standard has exceptions, so… huh.
  • anyways, sizhui isn’t sure how to feel abt zizhen, which is sorta understandable. but it’s not like sizhui can hate zizhen! have you meet zizhen? exactly.
  • so they eventually start talking w/o jingyi as a middleman (i’m not using that term correctly.)
  • maybe they meet at caiyi? somewhere in guys prolly.
  • they don’t talk abt politics much, which is a relief to both of them bc oyzz is plotting to give away the sect heir title and sizhui is tired of the messy cultivation world politics.
  • instead, they talk abt other things like music, baling and gusu respectively, and strangely enough, herbal remedies.
  • zizhen has been v. interested in healing cultivation, and gets really excited when talking abt it to sizhui bc sizhui is actually really attentive & knowledgeable abt this stuff
  • eventually zizhen has an “oh.” moment, as you do when you’re friends with sizhui. istg the only junior disciple who hasn’t had a crush on sizhui (not just the quartet, everyone) is a-qing. maybe. idk.
  • sizhui on the other hand thinks zizhen is sweet & v. cute, but is too useless from having to pine over jingyi for like 10 years to realize he might like other ppl =_=
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Uh yes we stan healthy communication in relationships!! And honestly, it’s understandable that he might feel that way since jingyi & sizhui are basically attached at the hip, and i hc that jingyi’s very outwardly affectionate to jl for the sake of annoying him.

poor zizhen though 🥺 he deserves better

it would probably take oyzz a hot second before he tells them abt his insecurities, bc of obvious reasons, but lsz probably notices that something’s off with zizhen.

maybe sizhui pulls him aside and asks what’s up? and ofc, you can’t lie to lsz, that’s like illegal, so zizhen spills.

and oh. oh.

sizhui immediately feels a little guilty, bc he should have noticed sooner, but he’s also glad that zizhen brought it up. zizhen asks sizhui not to tell the others just yet, bc he doesn’t want them to take it the wrong way. sizhui reluctantly agrees.

he spends the weekend overanalyzing everything they’ve done since the start of the relationship. jingyi maybe notices that sizhui is super out of it, but when he mentions it offhandedly,

so when jingyi hangs with zizhen and just talks abt sizhui acting off ofc zizhen is…concerned, but also a little sad bc when they do actually spend time together they just end up talking abt sizhui.

and oyzz doesn’t know how the others will react to this! is he overthinking it? is this just him? what if they want to break up- and oh he’s spiraling.

so he becomes more reclusive than jl before he befriended them, bc he doesn’t have the energy to be sad and around bfs at the same time. probably spends some time with his family, yk.

& sizhui is seeing this happening, and worries immensely, as you do when you’re sizhui.

jingyi & jin ling realize that zizhen is kinda sorta maybe avoiding them, and ask abt it on the next occasion the four hang out.

zizhen is sorta freaking out but sizhui manages to somewhat calm him down enough to explain everything. jingyi is more offended at himself for messing up so bad. a ling feels guilty, and also very upset that zizhen’s upset. but they wouldn’t break up with oyzz anyways, especially not for this. and they tell him that. apologies are made & they hug it out!

it’s all very soft and zizhen feels better, which, yay! and after, the other three make sure to better at balancing a relationship w/ four ppl.

hope you liked it anon! :)

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Anon dear, I am always taking asks. Btw, if you’re an anon and send multiple asks to me (there’s this one anon who sent like 3 asks within the span of ten minutes), you can mark yourself/give yourself a name. Like for example cloud anon. I’ve seen other ppl do it on their blogs and thought that it was a nifty little thing we could try out! :)

Anyways, ljy would definitely accidentally walk in on wangxian -and be horrified, scarred for life the poor boy.

lwj and ljy have a weird relationship. lwj is a little more than a friend’s dad, but not exactly a father figure. maybe something like a strange relatabley gay uncle?

and wwx? he’s like a cool older brother who hpapens to be fucking his sorta gay uncle. duh.

everyone know that they are… sexually active, but jingyi did NOT have to have his eyes destroyed. seriously, get this boy some bleach.

the other juniors would def think that ljy has a crush on wwx, because they’re stupid. jl would be mildly disturbed, oyzz would be a little disappointed, and lsz is just. done with this bs. 

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angsty mdzs junior hcs

Because fluff is hard, and angst is right there.

  • Jingyi doesn’t flinch. It’s one of those weird things that only Sizhui probably noticed, bc who else?
  • The backstory is sad though. His parents never hit him, but there was a lot of emotional abuse (mostly his absent mother and drunkard of a father, but his dad was just an asshole, not necessarily abusive).
  • Then Lan Qiren ‘saved him’. Except it wasn’t much better then his before situation, because you can’t tell me that the Cloud Recesses is as completely good as they market it.
  • Because as much as I love forever annoyed granduncle LQR, a stone cold ‘emotions aren’t real’ Lan is much more realistic. Probably workohalics too. Too much work to do, and not enough time to do it cause of the sleep schedule.
  • Even if the Cloud Recesses genuinely did their best to treat all their students equally and with respect and not suppress their personalities, it’s still hard for Jingyi to learn in their environment.
  • Sizhui, on the other hand, thrives in it. Which gives LJY feelings of self-doubt.
  • But did you think that Sizhui was free of the angst?? Because if so, you were sorely mistaken.
  • Sizhui has had to work so. damn. hard.
  • Because he’s an outsider! He didn’t grow up there, he doesn’t know these people, doesn’t remember anything, and he sure as fuck doesn’t trust any of them.
  • Ofc, he’s a scared three year old. His guardian is still mourning his dead crush, and Sizhui is very much alone. He throws himself into learning, because he’s in debt to these people and has to do his best or else he’ll be a disappoint.
  • Sizhui thrives there because he has to, not because he just… does.
  • And honestly? It’s fine. He might not be happy at the Cloud Recesses, and he might miss home, even if he doesn’t remember where it is, but at least he isn’t completely alone. He has a father figure and a best friend, and that’s a little more than the bare minimum. 
  • Ughhh I don’t wanna give Zizhen angst, but life is life until your mom gets eaten by a spider-monster
  • Big time arachnophobe. Saw the spider choke his mom with webs, and Zizhen ran to get help. No one believed that Madame Ouyang actually got nom-nomed on (oh, the imagination of children) until they find the preserved corpse. 
  • As for jin ling, he has enough angst in canon. Leave him alone (for now).
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Zizhen is the softest junior, 11 out of 10 soft, and here’s why:

  • Canon-wise, he doesn’t have a sad/tragic backstory. (Not that you can’t be soft w/ a sad backstory, but u get the point. Even if u consider his backstory to be sad he’s still soft)
  • the most emotionally mature of the juniors. The emotional support they do deserve, but also the one that they need.
  • Plants & flower crowns are his fav, pastels are his aesthetic. Subdued colors & pretty greens are his favs
  • Dandelions & lilies are his favorite flowers
  • I hc him as a pacifist, bc fighting & war is unnecessary death.
  • A little naive when it comes to certain things but also super observant and pretty damn smart.
  • Can accidentally manipulate ppl into trusting him by just being a innocent pure cinnamon roll, he’s so very easy to trust.
  • But if he wanted to he could be v. powerful in politics. Sorta like in a jyl way. Ppl underestimate him but he notices shit and refuses to let anything morally corrpt exist. V. strong morals.

Anyways ty for coming to my Ted Talk, stan oyzz or your kneecaps will perish.

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